Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
You Continue
The Creation of God

    “I AM with you.  And I come to you this day, to remind you that...

the dawning
of this New Day,
you will, once again,
continue the creation of God.

    “As from the thoughts of God there came forth the Sun, and the Moon, and the Stars, and the Earth, creation springs forth from you.

    “You are a Child of God.  And you carry within your being the heritage of creation.  So this day, let it be your intention, to create great Light, to magnify The Love of God, so all beings might ‘know,’ great Peace, through that which you create. 

    “It begins with your thoughts.  Every thing that you think...lives.  So let it be, that from your thought, from every thought you have this day, there comes into being...Love…a new creation born of your thoughts.

    “And on this day, let it be your intention to speak of Love, and Light, and Peace.  For as your thoughts create, your words confirm your thoughts, and enhance the creation. 

    “And, as you speak, let your deeds follow, so that all those around you might ‘see, and know,’ what Love looks like moving on Earth, what the Light of God feels like as it moves through you to your brothers and sisters.  And in this Way, Peace shall be spread over the Earth.  It shall be done through the Children of God, one to one, heart to heart. 

    “Know this about your thoughts, and words, and deeds, as they are created within you, they move from you into eternity.  And they are forever. 

    “This day you will change creation’s story, by what you think, and say, and do.  Therefore, I remind you so that you might be the creator of all that is good.

    “Before you begin this day, remove those things within your being that impede the flow of the Love coming from the Father.  And once you remove these things, these obstacles, these challenges, once you set them aside and let the flowing Love of God fill you with Light, you will be ready to begin the day, to begin creating. 

    “For you see, as you move over the Earth, you are the hands, and the eyes, the feet, and the legs of God.  And where you go, there goes God.  Know this.  And this day use your thoughts to create. 

    “And when you create, create great Light.  Use your words to confirm the loving Light of God that is flowing to you, and through you.  And let your deeds be the example of God’s Love.

    “When I walked the Earth, I chose to let the Father’s Words be My Words.  And I ask you to do the same.

    “Go out into this new day dawning, and bring to your brothers and sisters the Light of God that is flowing to you and through you.  And in this Way, the Light of Peace will begin to spread over Earth.  And, it begins…with your thoughts.... 

“Be at Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
July 9, 2006
Teaches On:
The Lord's Prayer, And
Establishing The Kingdom
Of Heaven Upon The Earth

    “This is Sunday, and I come to you, as promised.  I told you last week, that I would speak to you every Sabbath, which you celebrate on Sunday; and that I would deliver, ‘special messages,’ to lead you into a new week, as marked by man.  Therefore, I speak, and I say . . . 

     “As you have opened this day, with saying The Lord's Prayer, the prayer to The Creator, The Lord of All Things, it would be good to ‘know,’ the words you speak.

    “In this prayer: you say that you ‘know,’ The Creator is from Heaven; you recognize the greatness of creation; and you show honor to Our Father, The Creator of All Things.  And, this is, as it should be, always showing The Creator, honor, and respect!  And as you honor and respect The Creator of All Things: you wish, and invite, and pray for, the coming of The Kingdom of God; and you pray, that the ‘will,’ of The One, Who created these things, be done, so that it may be accomplished, according to the creation plan.  And then, when all is in balance, and flowing, and the beings who have held their ‘will,’ higher than God’s, set their will aside, and let The Love of God flow through them, they are The Kingdom of God, walking, on Earth! 

    “The Kingdom of God is brought to Earth, by the beings who inhabit Earth.  The beings who inhabit Earth can make it Heaven, or hell, or any of the measurements in-between, according to their desires, their goals, and their aims.  Therefore you see, in this prayer, you are recognizing and saying aloud, that bringing The Kingdom of God to Earth can be accomplished, when it is ‘The Will of The Creator,’ that is above all other wills.

    “We ask, in this special prayer, that while we are the emissaries of God on Earth, bringing Heaven to Earth, that we be cared for, that we be given food, food to sustain us, on our mission.  ‘Our daily bread,’ means more ‘of the spiritual feeding,’ than it does ‘of the physical feeding.’  Sustain us Father on this mission, give us, this manna of Heaven, so we might be filled, have an abundant filling, of this food of Heaven, so that we might be sustained, and remain, ‘of Heaven,’ while on Earth.

    “And so that we might remain god-like, and bring Heaven to Earth, we ask for God to look upon us, and to be forgiving, and gentle, and kind to us, as we are to our brothers and sisters, and all things, so that we might show others, how God treats creation.

    “And we ask also, in our prayer, that we might avoid temptations and obstacles, that we wish our path to be clear.  But if it is, that we are here to ‘know,’ these challenges, or to assist others around these obstacles, then we recognize that it is ‘The Will of God,’ that we assist others, or learn these lessons well ourselves.  And, if that is the case, we shall do them, with God’s name on our lips, and God’s guidance, from within.

     “This is, basically, the information held in The Lord's Prayer.  And actually, the veil, separating Heaven and Earth, will be very thin, where there are those who have the determination, within their being, that Heaven will be brought to Earth, through them! 

    “My lesson today would be: ‘It is within each of you, to bring Heaven to Earth, on this day!’  The only reason that it is not so, is because the hearts of those who are in  human being form, are listening to ‘the voices within,’ saying, ‘Don’t do that!  You should remain upset, with your brothers or sisters!  You should be upset, with this country which is waging war!  You should be angry, because you are not wearing clothes that you like, or eating foods that you wish!  You should be frustrated, because you have no car, and must walk!’  All these ‘voices,’ saying you should be anything, other than Love and Light and Peace, are leading you on a path, away from The Light of God.

     “This prayer is very powerful, because it acknowledges that you have The Power, to bring Heaven to Earth.  For very few, it holds this power in meaning;  and for some, who have an inkling, and are close to comprehension, you see that the strong ‘will of man,’ is to remain apart, from God.  This must be the case, if God is ever present, then it must be, that man is the rejecter.   

     “The Lord's Prayer gives witness that you believe in The Eternal Power and Glory of The Creator!  And, through The Love, Power, and Glory of The Creator, you, as a Child of God, have the ability to bring Heaven to Earth! 

     “And so it is . . . that I charge each one of My brothers and sisters . . . as I brought, God’s Word to Earth, and spoke not My words, but those of The Father, I charge each of you, My brothers and sisters, to do the same!  For therein, you will find the most glorious Peace, and a Freedom, that you never dreamed possible!  For, you truly will inhabit Heaven, because Heaven, will be within you, and surround you!

    “This is my lesson on this day, ‘You have The Power.’ 

“Be at Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
The Way
To The Kingdom
Of Peace, On Earth,
Is Love And Forgiveness

    “My Words are brief to you this morning, so that you might remember them, easily...

    “It is possible to live your life, within, ‘The Kingdom of Peace,’ Peace on Earth, as created, by you!  Your Kingdom of Peace shall be delivered, by you.  And, the surest path to peace is through pardon, through forgiveness, through Love!  Peace cannot reign, within a ‘heart held hard,’ with anger, or loathing, or judgment. 

    “It is so important ‘to forgive,’ that in the prayer we discussed last week, the prayer that has come to be known in Christendom as The Lord’s Prayer, ‘forgiveness from God, is attached to your personal forgiveness of others.’  There is a reason for this, ‘If you are holding fear, anger, mistrust, judgment, loathing, anything against your brothers or sisters, that turns your heart hard, you will not be completely open to The Loving Energy of God, you will not be in a position, to receive, fully, The Love of God.  There will be shadows around you, and within you, which keep you from receiving The Love of God, because of that which you carry, within your heart.’ 

    “Therefore, you cannot be forgiven, completely, or immersed, fully, in this Loving Energy of God, until you remove from yourself…from your physical being, these angry thoughts, these thoughts of loathing, these thoughts of hatred and envy... anything that would be holding you back from totally loving a brother or sister.  Until you remove these things from yourself, you are denying yourself, the full Love of God, the full forgiveness energy, of God. 

    “Forgiving is loving!  It is so important, that the two are connected.  Why else would it be, in the prayer of a Child to the Heavenly Father, that you would ask such a thing as ‘forgiveness, as you forgive others’? Why would it not be, that you would simply ask for unconditional forgiveness for your trespasses? Why would it be, that you would attach what the Heavenly Father does for you, to the degree of what you do for others?  Ponder this yourself.  Why was the instruction to call on The Father and say, ‘…forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…’?  Think on this yourself.  Why is it important to tie these two things together?

    “Open, to The Loving Energy of God!  Do not judge yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Always, no matter in what situation you might find yourself, go directly to The Father, with Love for yourself, asking for guidance.  And, it shall be yours!

    “I ask that you take time this week to find the answers within you.  Because once you realize that the degree of forgiveness is held within you, then you shall truly walk in The Kingdom of Peace.

    “On Earth, The Way, to The Kingdom of Peace, is ‘of Love and forgiveness!’  Hold loving forgiveness within your heart for yourself, and all beings, and you shall live in The Kingdom of Peace on Earth.


Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
The Energy
Of A New Day

    “As you begin the journey...into this New Day...

    “See The Light, breaking through the darkness!  Hear the birds, filling the new day with song.  Feel this Light, around you, waking you: so that you might see; the song of the bird, filling your ear, so that you might hear; the flowers, and trees, and grasses, fresh with the dew of morning, filling your nose...your senses...with the aromas of a new day.  All things, where you are, in your space, are waking, to a new day! 

    “As the bird flies from tree to tree, or from place to place, it does not carry any baggage with it.  It does not carry a wallet, or a pocketbook, or a sack of groceries.  It goes into the new day, into a new space, unencumbered.  And this is what I would like to speak to you about today, so that you might a bird sings…with joy, and go into this new day, unencumbered.  Just as you would not pack soiled clothes and linens in a suitcase to go on a journey or a voyage, do not begin your new day with thoughts of another day.  Begin this new day, fresh! 

    “To assist you in walking through a beautiful day, begin it without a thought, of yesterday, set it aside.  Prepare to experience something new, and exciting.  Do not fall to the shadows of fear, anxiety, or concern; for they will bring clouds over your day, and you will bring that energy into the day.  Reject the temptation to carry thoughts that are heavy into this new day, that you wish to create…and that you will create...for eternity.  This day is very important, as all days are important, as all hours, or minutes, are important.  Eternity is filled with opportunities, and challenges, golden opportunities to create Light, wherever you go.  And this is true about this day.  The energy in your day is in your hands.  You are The Master, of your day.  Nothing anyone, or anything, can introduce into your daily space, should effect your energy! 

    “This sounds like it is not possible to do, when you introduce the energy of others.  However, I do instruct you, that it is not only possible, but it is a ‘Golden Opportunity.’  For, if your day was to pass you by, and you sat in a chair, with nothing coming from another human being, you would find it very peaceful; but you would miss opportunities to shed Light, or to share the Love, that is flowing through you, with another. 

    “So this day, think of yourself as a fountain, from which is flowing The Love of God.  And, over everything that is introduced into your day…let it flow!  Let it pass from you to another.  This day is your journey, your story…of how you met the challenges, and opportunities...of this day, beginning.

    “I see before you now, a day most glorious, because you have already started your day knowing shadow and heavy energy, from Light, and an energy that is filled with joy.  You have already chosen, numerous times, you have already picked, Light, over darkness. 

    “Now, walk into your day unencumbered.  Do not be swayed.  Carry into this day,  The Love of God that is flowing through you.  If you see a temptation, send it from you, so that you might be, The Brilliant Light of God. 

    “This day is to be glorious for you, for you have already chosen your path.  You chose The Path of Light.  Recognize the opportunities.  Remove the obstacles.  And shine your Light.  For this day, My sister, My brother, you are to be...

“The Glory of God.”

Sunday Sermons
This Is How
The Light Of Peace
Will Settle Over The Earth

    “I come to you this morning, My brother, My sister, to say words that will lead you into a week, a day, into the next hour, or minute, or second, words that will lead you  into a new age, and a new time; for the time has come, to hold, Peace!

    “From the peaceful heart, there rises-up a joyful song.  Give yourself unto The Energy of Peace.  Set all else aside, and feel Peace.  Let it be your desire to know Peace, from your core being.  The Song of Joy comes from the lips of One, who ‘knows,’ Peace.  Feel The Peace of God as it flows over you! 

    “Remove the obstacles that you have set within yourself.  Remove all preconceived notions of how things should be, and just be, where you are, at this time, in great Peace.  Disconnect from the turmoil, and chaos, of the world, and set your intention, on receiving the energy, that is coming to you from God.  Be at Peace, within this energy. 

    “Focus on Peace, and from you, there will glow The Light of Peace.  As long as you can hold this Light of Peace within you; you will summon those around you, they will be drawn to The Light of Peace.  And, as they gather, The Light of Peace will grow brighter, and larger, and move into those areas of darkness, and there shall come over the land A Great Light!  And it shall reach into the corners of shadow; and all shall be illuminated; and within The Light, there shall be Peace.  And from the peaceful hearts, there shall rise-up, a song of joy! 

    “This is how Peace will settle over all the Earth.  It shall begin with One…with each one who feels the call...who knows The Light...who will open to the energy that is pouring from the Heavenly dimension onto the Earth.  Connect with this energy.  Feel this energy within you, as you connect.  It is strong.  It is powerful.  And, it is sweet.  It is Peace!

    “From the peaceful heart, rises-up The Song of Joy.  So, let it be your intention, for the coming days, to...  
“Hold Peace!”

Sunday Sermons
The Key, To
A Bright Future:
The Power, of Thought,
of Creation, Is Within You

    “This morning, I sit with you.  Reach, beyond your skin; reach from the core of your being, to take My hand.  Feel My Presence with you!  I sit with you this morning to speak to you on …

The Power of Thought.

    “The Creator of All Things had a thought.  And from that thought sprang forth the energy that created Earth, and the sky, as you know it, and the planets, and the Sun, and the Moon, The Thought of Creation, The Power of Thought.

    “Creation continues.  Once the thought was held, and released, it gave birth to something new: earth, water, trees, rocks.  Once the thought of creation was sent forth from God, there was no bringing it back.  So, it continues.  It continues through you as well.  You carry God’s creation forward.

    “The Power of Thought – is that – when you think, or focus your attention mentally – you create an energy form – that will exist in eternity, forever!

    “This is powerful.  This is something to consider.  Therefore, I say to you today, ‘Be mindful of your thoughts.  Let them be ‘of Light;’ for then, you will be, the creator, of Light’. 

    “Tarry not in The Garden of Darkness.  For Earth, and the world as you know it, and the dimension in which you presently reside, knows enough darkness.  It is now time for those who feel The Eternal Flame of Light within them, to bring their thoughts forward into creation, so that your world, Earth, the dimension of matter, will be raised-up on the Thought Creations of the Children of the New Dawn.

    “As you create, you lift-up Earth, or you place a shadow over Earth.  With very little effort you will find that you can alter, modify, or “bless,” all things that pass through your mind.

    “Remember…Earth…and all you experience in the dimension of matter, came forth from ‘a thought.’  And although you cannot see it from where you are, the same thing is happening when you send forth thought forms, new energy created within you.  They move from you, and exist forever. 

    “So, I give you today The Key to a very bright future.  The Power of Thought is within you.  Create great Light!”

Sunday Sermons
On: Creating,
The Eternal Word

    After morning prayers, during meditation, we heard the song of an angel; and it opened our hearts, to the Words, that were to come to us from Jesus, on this Sabbath morn...

Ho-ly, He
comes to me…
Ho–ly, Ho-ly, He speaks to me…
Ho–ly, Ho-ly the Words
that come
to me,

    “This morning, I will speak to you on creating...

The Eternal Word.

    “Every word uttered, rides into eternity, on the tone and vibration of its creator.  And, it lives, forever. 

“Know this, as it is true.

    “As much as ‘thought,’ is created, and lives, ‘the words,’ that come from you, live.  Be mindful of the words that are created, spoken, that come from your lips.  Once they move from your lips, they are caught on The Wind of Eternity.

“Know this, as it is true.

    “Spend this day holding your tongue, until it will assist you in speaking the Words of God; for, as surely as you ask, they will come to you, and flow through you, and move into eternity, from you. 

    “Verily I say to you, in this way, the Words of God will be received on Earth, blessed by your energy, and sent into eternity, as living witness, that you believe.

“Know this, as it is true.

    “In every conversation . . . listen . . . not only to the words that are spoken to you by another human being, but to the Words coming to you from the Majestic Being of All That Is; for therein will be The Key to Eternal Peace...

    “There will come to you, the Words of Wisdom, from God.  This I say to you today, because the creation of words is tearing asunder the dimension of Earth.  It is time for the Children of God to open their ears to that which is Holy.

“Know this, as it is true.

    “I ask you to speak the Words of God.  Set aside those things that are tempting you to respond in lower vibrations and tones.  Do not employ the vibrations of fear, or anger, or greed, or envy, or jealousy, or hatred, or any of these things.  The list is long, and heavy.

    “Choose today: that, through you, there will be a resurrection of Light; that you will bring forth, into eternity, the Word of God; that It will pour into you, be blessed by you, and reborn within you.  So that the Word, that is uttered by you, shall ride on your tone and vibration into eternity, living forever, and singing the praises of God.

    “Open your mouth.  Sing the Words of God!  They will come to you in Light, and they will bring you the energy of Love, and they will touch all beings, of all time, with great…


Sunday Sermons
On: Hearing,
The Word Of God

    “The Father sent Me into the world of mankind.  And I was instructed, to take Myself apart from the world, often; so that, in the quiet, I could hear, The Words of God.

    “I come to you this morning, to bring these instructions, this ‘Holy Direction,’ to each of you, as well; so that you might share in this connection, as I did while I walked on Earth. 

    “For, as your days are occupied with the tasks of the world, the necessary steps of cleaning, preparing foods, doing your work, My days were often occupied with things that were necessary to do, with tasks that were necessary to be fulfilled or completed.  But within My being, I ‘knew,’ that to receive direction from the Father, I was to take Myself to a quiet place, so that I might ‘hear,’ that which would lead Me, and guide Me, while I was on Earth.

    “And in those times, in the orchards, in the countryside, on the mountain top, in the desert, I closed my eyes to the world, and I opened My heart, and My soul, to Heaven.  And when I opened that door, The Glory of God came fully into My being, and I rose-up filled with The Light of God: ‘knowing,’ the Words to say; ‘knowing’ The Way to go; ‘knowing,’ that I came from God to walk on Earth to fulfill a mission that was Mine, to lead My brothers and sisters to The Truth.

    “And I tell you this morning The Truth is that you are a Child of God! You are My brother, you are My sister, and God loves you, as God loves Me.  This I say to you, so that you might hold it in your heart, and take yourself aside, and listen; for, direction will surely come to you.

    “Just as you would lead a child of yours, the Father will lead the Children of Heaven who are on Earth.  Do not doubt this.  Seek the counsel of God.  Open, and you shall receive, just as I received, instructions for your lifetime on Earth.  And these instructions, and directions, will bring you ...

“The Peace of God!”
Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
How To Pray,
Prayerful Silence

   “I AM here.  And this day...I wish to speak to you...on Prayerful Silence.

    “There has been much confusion about prayer.  And it is good to state here, that the Children of God call, and ask about their needs, just as the Earthly children tug on the hands or the coattails of their parents when they are hungry, or cold, or tired. 

    “But there comes a time when the children of Earth grow up.  And then, the food for their soul, their being, their body, are the remembered words that came from their parents on how to live…instructions for a lifetime.  And although the children of Earth might not have thought, in their infancy, or adolescence, to ask certain questions, still their parents provided the answers in things that were told to them, or shared with them, or shown to them.  It is in this Way that the Heavenly Creator – God – touches the Children of God as well. 

    “The most productive time spent with time of quiet, silence...periods where you are not asking, but waiting for that which you truly need. 

     “This confusion about prayerful communication with God was evident thousands of years ago as I walked Earth.  And, when I was asked about it, I provided a prayer of communication, one that would open the door, asking briefly that needs be met, but ultimately, that the Will of God be done, in all things.  And that being said, there was silence to follow. 

    “I tell you this so that you might be fully open to the things which God wishes you to know.  For these things do not change, these things ‘of God,’ as the world of matter  changes constantly its rules of procedure, or etiquette, or arithmetic, or grammar.  All things change in matter.  But that which comes from God, to you, is for you, and it will lead you to the Light.  But first, you must be in a place where you might hear.

    “If you are in your home, and your home is filled with noise, with televisions, and radios, and arguing, and fighting, and the sounds of cars going by, you very rarely hear the hum of a bee, or the gentle call of a bird, or the breeze as it moves past your house.  But if you set about, one by one, turning off the television, and the radio, and the voices of dissent, you begin to hear all that is happening around you.

    “It is the same with the world of Spirit.  When you come to pray, to be with God, by all means greet the Creator, and then be still, for there is nothing that you can say that will be…new(s).  When you sit with God, God reads your spirit.  There is no need to say that you are hurting, or that you are fearful, or that you are any of these heavier things, because God sees this. 

    “What will be the most amazing miracle for you, will be to hear the Words from God!  And they will not be heard in noise, in chaos.  The Words of God will come to you from within, as a quiet Voice.  And to hear, you must be still.

    “Be still, and hear the Word of God!  It comes to every being who will open.  And with this Word, or Words, that come to you from the Holy Spirit of God, will come ‘wisdom,’ and ‘a knowing,’ beyond the knowledge of humankind, because you will know it from The Spirit of God.  It will not be something that you have been taught, or that you have read in a book.  It will be wisdom passed to you from The Holy Spirit. 

    “The most meaningful time spent with God, will be the time of prayerful silence.  Find a quiet place.  Open.  And you shall receive, for you shall be led, by the Voice within, which will come to you, as It was promised.  And that Voice will lead you to the Light.  And in the Light, you will ‘see,’ and ‘know.’  And therein...find…


Sunday Sermons
How You Can Do
Everything Jesus Did, And
Even Greater Things, In the Name Of God

    “I come to you this morning…to speak Words…that will lead you into a new week.

    “This morning, I wish to speak to you, about one message…that I left…with those who would listen…while I walked the Earth.  And, it is the message…that you too…can do…great things…in The Name of God.

    “I did not utter these words lightly, or to entertain, or to suggest something that was impossible for human beings to do.  I spoke The Words because they are The Truth.  You can do ‘all’ that I did, as I walked the Earth in the form of a human being.  Do not miss the importance of this message.  Do not set aside the things that I did, in The Name of God, as exercises that only I could do.  This was not the point…that I was to be set aside…that My life was something only I could live. 

    “You too can follow The Way that I walked, The Way that I thought, and prayed, and spoke.  You too, might say, ‘Your faith has healed you.’

    “The example of walking on water, and calling-out to Peter, to follow Me, was clearly written.  He walked on water, until he ‘thought,’ he could not.  And then, he began to slip beneath the water.  He rose-up from his seat, and moved toward Me, filled with The Love of God.  But the heavy energy of doubt, slipped into place, blocking The Loving Energy of God, and diminished that Energy, to the degree of doubt that was created within him.

    “The things that are called miracles on Earth…come from God.  It is God’s Energy and Love, The Healing Power of God, that moves into and through a being…that causes these extraordinary events.  God’s Healing Energy, God’s Loving Energy, God’s Powerful Energy…All that comes from God, pours over you. The only measure, that you will be denied, is the measure created by you…the heavy energies you use, or create, to block…or to sieve…The Loving Energy of God.  The more ‘open,’ you are to this Energy, the more amazing your life will be. 

     “It is possible to do all things in The Light of God, because it is God working through you.  But to achieve the desired level, that is often referred to as ‘The State of Miracles,’ one must set aside every particle of hesitation, or doubt, or greed, or fear…any thing that is heavy…and move toward The Light, in full trust and faith, that it is God that is moving through you. 

    “Even the smallest bit…a particle, the size of a grain of sand…that much doubt, will block a portion of The Loving Energy of God, or The Healing Energy of God, or The Power, or whatever Energy of God is flowing through you, it may be impeded…by you…but not by God.

    “And it is the same when you reach-out and touch.  God will come through you to another.  And when the other - has faith - and is open, to that which is coming to them…straight from God, and to them…through you, the amazing State of Miracles grows grander.

    “To do, what I did, you must free yourself of the heavy energies of Earth, and move into The Light of God, where your faith and trust is open, where you ‘know,’ God will work through you, where you recognize that you are connected to Heaven as much…verily I will say to you…more than, you are connected to Earth. 

    “It is only when spiritual beings are in the form of human beings, when they are walking the Earth, that there comes the temptation to move, more and more, into the things of matter.  And then, you perform things that are more and more of matter.  But the very instant, that you move, closer to Spirit, you recognize a change. 

    “The closer you move into The Light of Spirit, you recognize a change. 

    “I say to you, that you can touch your brothers and sisters, with The Light of God’s Love, when you set aside judgment and ego. 

    “And, when you reach-out your hand to them, you do not think of what they are, or who they are.  But you reach-out your hand, and you say, “God, I am ready.”  And you hold your tongue, until the Words of God, are firmly set within you. 

    “What I am saying to you…is…until you are ready to let the words you speak, be the Words of God, and the deeds you do, be the Deeds that God would have you do, and the thoughts you create, be the Thoughts that come to you from the Heavenly Dimension, you will be diminishing the Energy of that Dimension.  But, when you turn, surely, to the place where you will say, ‘I am Yours.  I am in The Light of God,’ then you shall do the things that I did.  And you shall do even greater things, in The Name of God.

    “The Key, the secret, that I share with you is, to do these things, you must be completely ‘of God.’  Set aside the heavy energies of Earth, and rise-up with The Energies of God.

    “This, My brothers and sisters, is how you bring Heaven to Earth, how you create ‘The State of Miracles,’ how the Earth will awaken to the Energy of Heaven.  This, My brothers and sisters, is how you shall do, even greater things, than I.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
T h e  S i g n s,
The Answers, The Way

    “I sit down with you this morning, so that I might say these words…

     “Read The Signs!  Find The Answers!  So that you might know The Way!

    “The Way…is clearly marked.  The Way…is found by seeking.  And the signs…will show - will indicate…those things required for you to find The Way.

    “At the beginning, of every New Day, there is great promise of that which is to come.  And, it surely will.  As a second moves into a minute, and a minute moves into an hour, and an hour moves into a day, the day will come in sequence, and will bring you opportunities, lessons, times of dancing and singing, times to be quiet and thoughtful.

    “What I say to you is this…in every human being’s life, they will find…signs.  Just as surely as you find signs along your pedestrian walkways, and your vehicle roadways, and in books of teaching, and in many other places, as surely as you see and find signs in your worldly life, there are spiritual signs in your spiritual life. 

    “These signs are all about you.  And when you begin to notice, and to read the signs, then, and only then, will you begin to find the answers.

    “These signs, that will show you The Way, will be presented: sometimes, through another human being; sometimes, with an encounter you might have with an object.  The signs vary.  But they each bring instruction…lessons. 

    “These things that happen, repeatedly, over and over in your lifetime, happen over and over, and come to you in repetition, because there is a lesson to be learned.  And when the lesson is learned, you move on.  There is no more repetition, because you have learned the lesson. 

    “And it is the same with your spiritual life.  The signs will come over, and over, and over again, to assist you…so that you might find The Way.  And when you begin to see the signs, you will begin to seek the answer.  Once you have read the sign, or signs, around you, you will begin to seek the truth.  And at this time, when the signs manifest themselves to you in such a way that you cannot ignore…the message, then go within.  For the answer is within you. 

    “Nothing will come to you…nothing will be presented to you, that you are not prepared to answer.  You carry the answer to all of the questions…within you.  Listen to the still, small Voice.  Listen for Light, for Love.  Listen.  And in this way, you will find the answers to all you need.  And in this way, you will come to ‘know,’ the Truth.  And the Light will shine throughout your being.  And you will see clearly, The Way.

    “I say to you, read the signs, find the answers, know The Way.  For the signs come to you, they are lessons.  The answers are within you, they are from the Holy Spirit of God.  And The Way…well, The Way…is the Path Home.

    “You have all you need.  For God would not have sent you into matter unprepared.  God sent you forth, to be on Earth, and then return to Heaven.  And you are well prepared for the journey. 

    “Read The Signs.  Find The Answers.  Know The Way.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Be The Instrument of Peace

    “I AM…with you…in Peace!  And, I wish to speak to you this morning.  I wish to say to you this day…

Be the instrument of Peace.

    “It is good to pray for Peace, for balance, for harmony.  For, as you pray for these things, they are created within your prayer!  And they exist, as a creation…of you…the prayerful being.  And your prayer of Peace, your prayer for Peace, for balance, for harmony, moves from you, into the world, into eternity, and it is blessed, and it blesses all it touches along The Way.

    “On this day, I wish for you to consider, a more powerful approach to Peace.  For, when you move to another step, that goes beyond ‘the prayer,’ and carries you into ‘the action,’ into ‘the deed,’ you magnify the energy of that which you are creating within you.

    “Each one of you has experienced a situation, or an encounter, that has been…disruptive…out of balance…anything...but peaceful.  And, if you take a moment to recall one such situation, and only one, let it be a minor one, I ask you to think of that occurrence in a new light, in the Light of how it would have been altered, had you been the instrument ‘of Peace.’ 

    “And it will, within each of you, bring to mind…a different time…a different location…different beings.  But still, the lesson will be carried within each of you.  You will instantly see, and recognize, what would have happened, or occurred, if you had been the instrument ‘of Peace.’

    “Now, bless that time that you have just brought forward in your mind, and release it!  For the purpose in this exercise, was to show each of you The Power beyond The Prayerful Intent for Peace, The Power of Your Deed of Peace. 

    “It begins in the smallest ways, and moves you to a new place.  It expands your being.  It frees your heart and soul.  For, if you can stand in the midst of discord, and say peaceful words in a hushed tone, words of love, and harmony, words seeking balance, and bringing balance, then you will truly be - ‘The Instrument of Peace.’

    “And what I say to you this morning is: These creations ‘of Peace,’ and balance and harmony, are to be conceived within you, in your thoughts, and brought to full life, and creation, within your deeds! 

    “What golden opportunities, you have every day, to create these ‘States of Peace.’  And do not mistake the small, for being insignificant.  Every time you are an instrument ‘of Peace,’ no matter if it is a very minor encounter, or a large encounter, you have been An Instrument of Peace.  And the gift of grace, the energy that flows with creating Peace, will move through you in a most amazing way.  For surely it will bless all around you; but, most significantly, it will bless the creator, the bringer of the Peace and balance, it will bless you! 

    “I ask every opportunity...and possibility…I ask you to...

“Be the Instrument of Peace!”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
The Golden
Thread of Unity

    “I AM with you...

Thread of Unity
is carried by the hands
of Light, and Love, and Peace.

    “When I walked with you, when I was on Earth, My Prayer was that ... ‘All ...  would be ... as One!’ 

    “I wish to share a vision with you, to show you how this can be done, how this can be accomplished, without demanding ‘a sameness,’ that would seem to thwart the individual spirit; for, every human being on Earth is ‘of Spirit,’ and each one’s spirit is grand, and magnificent, created by God…a piece ‘of God,’ unique in its own right...yet, ‘a piece of the One.’ 

    “As you move through the day, you encounter different people, different occasions, different birds, and dogs, and bees.  You move through the day, and it is constant, yet changing.  If you will move through the day, with the thought and intention that you carry within your being, a Golden Cord that binds you with Love to the Creator, you can carry this Golden Cord, this thread, to each individual, and to each place, that you visit.  And it follows, wherever you go.  And although you meet one individual, and might move on, you have connected the Golden Strand to their presence, to their energy, to their being.  And although you move on, there is still this connection…that you have made.  It is as if you have taken ‘a stitch in time.’  The words, the thoughts, the deeds that were created in the meeting, live.  And they are held together with this Golden Thread.

    “If you will, close your eyes and envision different groups, or individuals, or gatherings of people that you might encounter during a week.  Put together seven days, earthly days.  Spread them out…flat.  And see them as pieces of a pattern…each day.  See the groups of people, or individuals.  And for the time, have them still, and in place; encounters, all the things that would happen, place them along this pattern of days. 

    “And then imagine yourself moving, allowing God’s Love to flow through you, and making these encounters all the days that consist of the week that you have spread before you.  And as you move, visualize this Golden Thread…that you have carried, and you have caught, in each encounter…the Thread of God’s Light, and Love, and Peace. 

    “You have touched each of these:  where you have seen sadness…you have brought Light, and Love, and Peace; where you have found joy and merriment…you have enhanced it with Light, and Love, and Peace; where you have found anger…you have calmed it with Light, and Love, and Peace.  And you continue on your way, with the intention to unify your week with this thread, this Golden Thread, which is within you.

    “If you can imagine that, it doesn’t take much more imagination to see…that eventually…it is possible...for ‘All to be as One.’ 

    “If there are enough human beings, willing to carry their thread, that they hold within them, The Golden String that binds them to God, and move from group to group, catching just enough of it to leave the Light, and Love, and Peace of God, pretty soon, all of these strands will be woven between the different individuals, and groups.  They might be unique, but they will be One, in this beautiful Golden Coat, that covers the Earth, that sparkles, and shines, woven by the hands of a human being, who felt the Love of God, more than anything else. 

    “And pretty soon, the strands will begin to pull, tighter.  And the individuals, and all beings, will move closer, and closer together in the Light, and the Love of Peace. It is possible.  But first, the threads must be caught.  Much like a spider builds a web, they go-out and make their points first.  And then, the tightening begins, until it is a most magnificent creation.  It is within the human beings of construct this beautiful, Golden Creation of Unity.  It will be created by the carriers of Light, and Love, and Peace. 

    “My Prayer is that you will be ‘as One’: in Light, in The Light of the Father; in Love, created in The Light; in Peace, that will be eternal, and – created – by The Love of God – and, – the desire – of the human race!”    

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
The Manna
from Heaven, and
The Fruits from Earth

    “I AM with you.  And this morning, I wish to speak to you on…

The Manna
from Heaven, and
the Fruits from Earth.

    “Every new day dawning, there is a banquet table, set for you, tended by angelic beings.  And it is at this table that you receive the manna from Heaven.  It is your spiritual sustenance for the day, where angels minister unto you, as they did for Me, when I walked the Earth.

    “Our Heavenly Father held within the creation of Earth the seeds that would spring forth, to yield the fruits of Earth.  And in this way, the fruits of Earth are blessed by the Hand of God.

    “They were created to sustain you, while you are…‘of matter,’ while your spirit is on Earth, in the form of a human being.  When you combine the manna from Heaven, and the fruits of the Earth, you are feeding your body, your soul, and your spirit.  And you are doing this in communion with God.

    “A very full cup is handed to you each day…all that you need to sustain your spirit.  Drink from the cup that comes from the Hand of God, delivered to you by the angels of God.  Let it begin your day, and eat of the spiritual bread that is set before you.

    “Add your blessings to the fruits of the Earth.  And take them unto your beings, so that you might walk far and wide; for the manna from Heaven, and the fruits of the Earth, will fuel your spirit, and your body.

    “Carry these gifts with you.  And as you walk into the day, let it be your intention, to be the banquet table of God.  With every being you encounter: share your cup; share the manna from Heaven; and, when those who are hungry gather around you, feed them. 

    “You are the banquet table of God, and there is no end to the number that can be seated around you, for as you move, you encounter so many of the Children of God.  Some will be hungry and thirsty for spiritual food.  Some will be hungry and thirsty for the fruits of Earth.  But, within your being, you can mingle these two together, and disburse them, pass them out, for there will be no end.  As one cup is delivered to your brothers and sisters, another will be handed to you, by those angels ministering to you.  And in this Way, there will be great spiritual energy passed by the Children of God…one…to the other.

    “As you move throughout the day, you touch your brothers and sisters, in a most unique way.  And, if you will remember that you carry The Golden Thread of Unity, if you will remember that, as you move from one being to another, you have the opportunity to catch a stitch, then add to it, that you have the opportunity to set forth the banquet table, you have the opportunity to provide… manna from Heaven, fruits from Earth.

    “So let it be, that this period marked on Earth as the month of October, finds your banquet table full, and those coming to partake, many. 

    “On Earth it is harvest celebrations.  Let us celebrate fully the harvest of Earth, and the harvest of Heaven.  Let us send forth…let us pass out…the manna from Heaven, the fruits from Earth, so that all will be fed, so that there shall be...

“Peace, amongst the Children of God.”

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...