Sunday Sermons
June 21, 2009
Father, Is
Living Love,
Love - For - All

   “I AM with you.  I AM with you as this day begins, anew; a life experience, to be created, by you.  And on this day, you have the opportunity – to be – living love.   

    “Many of you hearing these words, or reading these words, are living in a land, which has set aside this day to celebrate: the father; the image, of the father.

    “Well, it is often the case, that days set aside to honor certain people; or certain groups of people; or certain events, - whether they be family events, or historical events that shape a new world - many times do not carry celebration, or happiness, for certain individuals; they are reminders of … something missing … something lacking. 

    “So, I say to you today, if this day of celebration is not usually one that you elect to take part in, I want to give you a different picture, of what this day should mean, to each one of you.

    “If, in your life experience, it has come to be, that you really do not know, what “The Perfect Father,” would be like, you have an example.  You have an example in a story that has been told, over the ages, in many different ways.  You can find it in books; you can find it in the Bible, if that is a book of your choosing.  You can find it, using any source, the story is that important; but the message, somehow, is missed, often, missed totally.

    “The story of which I speak, usually bears the title, The Prodigal Son.  I think, the better title is –  The Perfect Father Living Love

    “So today, what I would like you to do is to remember this story; and, from this day forward, celebrate the message in the story ... The Perfect Father ... Living Love

    “As a reminder, I will speak to you of the story.  It is a story of a man, with two children.  The man, the parent, the father: takes care of the children; provides what they need; shows them how to live, by example.  Then one day, one of the children, one of the sons, comes to the father, and says, ‘I must go-out and experience the world.  What I am having here is not enough experience for me.  I desire my inheritance, now; so I might go forth, and see the world.’ 

   “The father, being living love, divides all that he has in equal portions, and gives the son wishing to experience the world, his due share, without criticism.  Without anything, other than love, he gives him his inheritance, and sends him into the world, and then goes about his life; surely, every day, praying for the son, who has gone on his way; surely, every day, praying for the other child, the other son, who has remained with him; loving, living love.

    “The son goes forth into the world.  And it does not take long, for the inheritance to be gone; because he lives life to the fullest: throwing parties; preparing grand feasts; and entertaining those who come around him, desiring to share in his good fortune.  And as the days go into months, and the months go into years, the son, traveling the world, carries less and less of the inheritance, from the perfect father.

    “He gets into some scrapes, and has some life experiences, and finds it nothing like what it was at home, in the presence of living love.  He finds it lacking.  He finds it lonesome.  And one day, it occurs to him, as he sits alone, destitute, with no friends, that he can go back home, and be in living love, near to the perfect father.  And he begins to make his way, slowly, back home. 

    “Now the journey does not seem so dismal; because, as difficult as his situation is, he is on his way home.  The light is calling him.  And at home, the father and the son, who chose to remain, are going about their business, doing what needs to be done, living in light. 

    “But as the son who wished to experience the world approaches home, and the presence of the father, word is carried back to the father, ‘There is someone coming from afar.  We do not know this stranger.  He does not look familiar.’

    “The father goes to the door and looks out.  And, even though, the vision, the individual, the being coming toward him, is battered and wounded, he recognizes his son, coming home.  And he calls-out, ‘Quick.  Let us prepare a feast.  The one who left is returning!’  He sends-out people to gather his son in, and assist him the rest of the way.  And, after he is washed ,and prepared for the feast, it is set before him. 

    “See this vision, and understand the story.  There is no rancor in the father, when the son returns.  There is no questioning period about what he did with the money, or where he has been.  There is only the living love!  As loving as it was at the departure, it is even more so, at the return. 

    “This is what it is all about, My brothers and sisters.  If you are missing this example in your life, I give it to you.  This is what this day is all about ... providing ... living love. The feast has not so much to do with what they are eating, and what is set before the child returning, as it has to do with feasting on love, feasting on the ability to return home, feasting on unconditional love, no questions asked, arms always open.

    “If today, you are thinking: ‘Well, I don’t really have that much to celebrate.  I don’t remember my father.’ or, ‘I’m preparing to be a father; but, I don’t know how to do it.’ or, ‘I am a father, and I hope I did a good job.’  Any place you find yourself can be enhanced, with remembering, with receiving and accepting, this vision – of the perfect father – living love.  Take it as your own, so that from this day forward, you will “know,” … the perfect father … is living love … unconditional love … for all.   

“Be at peace.” 

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 22, 2009
Of The Normal,
Into The Miraculous

   “I AM with you.  I set My presence with you, as we are one. 

    “This morning, I speak to you, of stepping-out of the normal, into the miraculous; out of the mundane, into the heavenly experiences, that you might be missing; for, they are all around you.  I encourage you to take the step.  When you have the faith, the courage, and the obedience, to move as Spirit directs you to move, you will never return to the way it used to be; because, it will be lacking. 

    “With courage, and obedience, you will ride the wind.  You will step onto the wings, of The Holy Spirit of God; and, with faith, you will soar, ‘knowing,’ all that you need to know, and then more, much more.  Because it will all be open to you; because you will be, The Breath of Spirit.

    “The Breath of God will move into you.  It will be what compels your lungs to breathe, in and out.  It will be what compels your heart to beat.  It will

    “When you move with The Hand of God, you are delivered to places you might not go – left to your own devices – because you are set in situations to be The Living Word of God.  And this day I say unto you, if you are ready to have the most spectacular journey; then, it is time.  And when you find yourself set down in a situation, with chaos around you, breathe-in, and know God is with you.  Open your mouth; and the words of God will flow through you, to calm the storms, soothe the seas, and deliver peace.  

    “I say this to you, ‘Do not speak words of discouragement.  Speak words of encouragement.  Do not speak words describing what will happen, if this takes place, or that takes place.  Speak of the wonders of God.’  Speak with a faith that does not seem possible, yet it is. 

    “When you find those gathered together, who turn on others, take your place, with the others.  Do not join a pack of wolves, devouring that which they have been chasing.  Be the good shepherd.  Protect the flock. 

    “There will be times when this is not easy, not popular, does not seem the thing to do.  There will be times, when the crowd, or the gang of people, are calling-out against someone, and you feel that the ‘someone,’ has done wrong.  It is clear, you will think, that they have broken this or that law.  I will say to you, at those times, always remember, the story, that you have either read in the Bible, or heard repeated, remember the story about the woman caught in adultery.  Now, this ‘righteous crowd’ grabbed her, at an embarrassing moment, and pulled her out into the streets, and set about calling-out, that she had broken the law.  And in fact, they were correct; but the manner, in which they were living-out the law, was not. 

    “I did not take My place amongst those, standing to uphold the law.  I took My place, standing with the one, who had broken the law.  And that is where you will always find Me, at the side of the one set upon, turned against, reviled; because, that is where I AM to be. 

    “Understand this, so you might take your position in the right place.  Understand, that what you say, caught in a similar situation is, ‘Go, and be at peace.  Sin no more.’ And be done with it.  Bless and release, and move on The Breath of Spirit.  For, I tell you, there is a temptation to hold the law too close to your heart, to let it rule you.  That is a temptation.  I say unto each of you, ‘Let your heart rule the law, and you will find that you are more forgiving, more loving, more patient; you are kinder…you are…like God.’

    “Remember these words this day.  Hold them close to you, and prepare: to ride the wings of The Holy Spirit of God; to be taken to places; to be shown things; to hear the whispers, as you move.  A new world awaits you: if you will rise-up; be moved by The Hand of God; hold love in your heart; speak the words of God, and speak them, gently. 

“This day, and all the days of your life, be at peace.”

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 15, 2009
On The
Forgotten Parts
Of Prayer: Being Open
And Listening: With Faith,
Courage, And Willing Obedience

   “I AM with you.  And as I move closer to you, you feel My presence profoundly within you.  You feel the tone and vibration, of the words, I say to you. 

    “My brothers and sisters, most of you have forgotten how to pray.  You know the beginning, the asking part, the pleading part.  But you have forgotten the most important part!  And the most important part requires: faith; courage; and a willing obedience, to accept the answer; and, complete, the project at hand.

    “God sends, answers to prayers, always.  God answers, every prayer, in all the ways possible, to reach you.  The holy angels of God bring you the messages, from The Creator of All Things: leading you to go this way, and that; whispering the answers; or showing the signs; or touching another, to bring you, the message. 

    “Oh, My brothers and sisters, how different your lives on Earth would be, if you would just open to the answers, sent from God, as demonstratively, as you send forth your prayers, your pleadings, your supplications.  If you would listen, with the enthusiasm, carried in the words of your pleadings, you would know better, how to proceed, you would know better, The Way. 

    “This day, I ask you, each one of you, to practice being still, and being open to the many ways, God sends answers to your prayers. 

    “When I walked upon the Earth, some two thousand years ago, angels accompanied, were present, or directing, the important issues of My time upon the Earth.  God sent the angels: to assist Me; to make My way easier; so that I might accomplish God’s will, upon the Earth.  And My brothers and sisters, it is the same for you.  You can lead a life – directed by God – every minute, of the day.  But it requires faith, courage, and a willing obedience to follow.

    “As an example, when it was time, for the prophesies to be fulfilled, God sent forth the angel, Gabriel.  And in quite an extraordinary vision, Gabriel announced to the young woman, Mary, that she was to bear a child, and name the child Jesus.  Now, you have heard this story so often that the remarkableness of the story wanes a bit.  But if you had a vision, and in the vision, the angel was telling you, ‘You are going to bear a child; but be not afraid, it is The Will of God, that you do this.’ first, you would consider a number of things.  How would this affect your life?  What was to happen?  The questions would bombard you.  But because of faith, courage, and a willing obedience, this young woman did not offer excuses, about why it would be rather inconvenient at the time.  She just said, ‘Thy will be done.’ and got-up and proceeded to act, as God directed.

    “It took a willingness, to do, and she did.  Can you imagine the story, if she had chosen…excuses? 

    “Likewise, God sent an angel to Joseph, saying, ‘Do not worry.  Proceed as planned.  Marry the woman.’  This too, required faith, courage, and a willing obedience.  He too could have pulled a myriad of excuses from the pockets of his robe.

    “The angels of God delivered a message, heralding My birth, ringing-out over the hillsides, and the country sides, announcing My birth upon the Earth.  And here again, in the shepherds, hearing the songs, and receiving the message, it required faith, courage, and a willing obedience to go see.  They obviously had an excuse, to not leave their flocks in the fields; yet, they rose-up, and went.  The wise men, visiting Me from afar, were told in a dream to go home another way.  They did as directed.  And the course was safe, because The Hand of God was moving, carrying messages, on the wings of angels, whispered in dreams, seen as signs in the sky.  And those who were open, those who had faith, and courage, to follow the signs, and a willing obedience, ‘knew.’

    “Joseph was touched, one night, not too long after My birth, in another dream.  ‘Rise-up and go quickly!’  There was no excuse.  There was no waiting, for another day.  Joseph rose-up, and took us to safety.

    “God answered, and will always answer, prayers in many ways: through whispers heard in stillness and quiet; through signs, obvious to those who are looking, and open; in dreams, vivid, the ones you really remember, that stand-out, as they carry The Words of God; and, often, by a friend, or another, walking up to you, saying something, that confirms what you have seen, or heard, or know.  Saying, ‘Yes, this is confirmation, proceed.’ 

    “Angels surrounded My presence, upon the Earth.  They were always with Me, ministering to Me, and vigilant to My needs.  They were The Messengers of God, with Me.  And I say unto you, they are with you, every day!  They hold the answers to your prayers.  And they arrange things in such a way, that the answers come: in signs, or in knowing, or in the voice of another; but you can be sure, it is set before you.  This is part of praying.  Do you see? 

    “Your petitions, your prayers, do not need to be lengthy.  They do not need to be repeated, over and over again, stating how needy you are of this, or that.  You simply need to say, ‘God, help me.’  And then, thank God, because your answer is on the way to you, before your prayer, as brief as it might be, is over.

    “Your life can be just as directed, as My life.  In fact, that is the way it is supposed to be.  My brothers and sisters, I ask you, beginning today, without looking back on what has happened, and maybe how you missed some message here or there; but, begin today, with a positive approach to knowing, ‘The Way is set before you.’  God is sending angels ahead of you.  You have angels around you.  And they carry The Words of God to you, so that you might ‘know.’  This is the part of prayer that most of you are missing.  The ‘answers’ are illusive, because you are not open to the signs, you will not accept The Words, or you choose to excuse yourself, from the obligation.

    “Think on it.  Think upon as many parts of My life as you remember reading about, or hearing about, and how they might have changed, had the one receiving the message, whether it was a sign, or a vision, or a dream, chosen not to follow. 

    “I say these things to you now, because the time that you are experiencing on Earth, right now, is the time of Lent.  It is the time you are: to be more introspective; to think; to ponder; to pray, and ask for wisdom.  Include: being open and still; being observant for the signs, being willing to accept the answer, when it comes.  Because, verily, I say unto each one of you, angels are amongst you.  Their work is for you, and their direction to you is divine.”

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 29, 2009
All Things
Are Possible
With God In You

   “I greet you with the morning light, and I say unto you, I AM with you.  I AM with you this day to free you of all the ‘ifs,’ ‘ands,’ and ‘buts,’ that keep you from moving forward, from accomplishing your mission.  I AM with you today to encourage you: to rise-up; to not be restrained, or confined; to hear The Word of God; to follow, as you are called; to ride The Breath of The Holy Spirit, with confidence, with faith, with courage, with obedience, to the plan, The Divine Plan, that is written upon your heart and soul.  I AM with you today to encourage you: to be; to be all you are, right now! 

    “Do not limit yourself to the things you think you can do.  ‘Believe all things are possible to do, with the power, and the love, and the glory of God, flowing to you, into you, and through you.’  When you embrace this reality, your life will be different, things will change: doors, once locked, will be opened for you; pathways, once hidden, will be revealed for you; roads, once impassible, will be made passable for you; the impossible, will be made possible, for you; for, you believe. 

    “Therefore, tarry not in the threshold of this new day dawning.  Breathe-in The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God, and with faith, and courage, and obedience, walk into the new day, and all the rest of your days believing – believing all things are possible – with God, in you. 


Sunday Sermons
April 5, 2009
It Is Time.
The Power, Of
God, Is Within You. (or
The Parable Of March Madness,
Ending, With Faith, Courage, And
Willing Obedience To Do God’s Will)

   “With the coming of the new day, the new dawn, the new time, I greet you.  I extend My hand to you.  And I say, ‘Rise-up, and come!  Look out, and see.  Look out, in faith, knowing, you will have all you need; for, an angel of God, stands with you, to strengthen you, so that you might ‘know,’ the power of Heaven, as you walk upon the Earth!’ 

    “I call you forth, and say, ‘The time is now!  Come!’

“Do not have concerns about if you can this, or if you can do that.  Do not fall to the ‘temptations,’ of those who will say, ‘You cannot do this’ or, ‘You cannot do that.’ 

    “For verily I say unto you, ‘your mission,’ is written upon your heart.  It is for you to do.  It is actually, God, working through you.  And God can do all things.  Therefore, God can do all things, using you.  God can do all things, through you.  It only requires: faith, when you feel the stirring; courage, to rise-up and walk, or speak, or do; and obedience, to the power moving in you.  This is what is required, now!  This is the time of action.  And it falls upon each of you, my brothers and sisters, to do.

“When I walked the Earth, some two thousand years ago, I gave words, directions, instructions.  For those who gathered around Me, I gave the instructions for them ‘to do’.  I gave words they could bear, to assist them in ‘doing.’  And I said unto them, ‘You can do all that I do.’ Acknowledging, at that moment, it was God, and is God.  It is God in Me.  It is God in your.  When you set pride and the ego aside, you will see that, that which you are to do, upon the Earth, is the work of God.  And when it is time, and you are to use your talents, and your gifts, to accomplish your mission, in the name of God, it shall be done.

“Do not tarry in the doorway, saying, ‘I cannot do this.’  For, you are, at that moment, pronouncing you do not wish to do.  For, as you are called to do it, God will do it, through you.  Therein, is where the miraculous events occur.  It is not your attempt to try to do something upon the Earth.  It is your willingness to let God do something, upon the Earth, through you.

“It is time.  And there will be angel, walking with you, that will strengthen you.  And you will rise-up.  And ‘God’s Will,’ will be done, through you.  This is the eternal truth.  And anything else is an illusion.  Anything else is an excuse.  For, if it is yours to do, it shall be done, through the power of God, working in you.

“Today many of you will go to your churches, the ones that you feel comfortable in, that are your community of faith.  And you will celebrate a day, that is now referred to as Palm Sunday, a day of victory, a day of triumph, a day I knew, was the beginning of the end, of ‘My mission,’ upon the Earth.

“I tell you, no matter what you do, an angel of God will accompany you.  I tell you, no matter what you do, a temptation will accompany you.  I encourage you to listen to the angel of God, encouraging you, strengthening you.  Reject the voice of temptation, pulling you away, giving you reasons why you should not act. 

“The time is now!  The Will of God is flowing, in such a way, as miracles will abound upon the Earth, for The Glory of God.  People will be ‘awakened,’ in this way.  And there are those amongst you, who are to rise-up, and be ‘the sign.’  Do not hesitate this day.  Do not listen to the temptations, who will say, surely they will say to you, ‘You cannot do it.’  But, I tell you, you can do it!

“Remember, it is much like a game of basketball.  The ball moves from one person to another.  The beings, the people, the individuals, playing the game, move from end of the court to the other, waiting for the opportunity to shot the ball, to score.

“Now, those of you who have played this game, realize it requires movement.  It requires that when the ball is finally in your hands, that you do not hesitate, that you act with faith, courage, and obedience to that moment, that pivotal moment, to send the ball into the air, toward the basket, at that time.  For, if you hesitate, you miss the opportunity.  And you must wait again, until the ball is in your hands.

    “Those of you, who are familiar with this game, realize this.  Those of you, who are not familiar with this game, can surely understand these words. 

    “I am speaking with great love, and passion, and urgency today; because, today, many of you are holding the ball in your hands.  And it is time.

“I speak to you, and say, ‘You have a mission.  You have a goal.  You have the opportunity.  And the angel of God is with you: to give you strength, to do, whatever it is you are to do, to make it possible for God’s Will to be done.

“The Power of God is within you.  You have ‘A Mission,’ to do.  It is time, and you are ready; because, you are being moved, by The Power of God.  This is how each of you My brothers and sisters, can do all that I do.  For it is, in truth, The Power, of God, in you. 

“Rise-up!  It is time!”

Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
April 12, 2009
I AM Risen.
We Are One !
Therefore, You
Too  Are  Risen.

   “I AM risen!  We are one!  Therefore, you too, are risen!

    “I AM resurrected.  We are one.  Therefore, you too, are resurrected.

    “I AM The Way.  I AM The Truth.  I AM Life.  We are One. 

    “This day, I reach-out to you and say, ‘Let us celebrate life, eternal life, beyond the burdens, beyond the restrictions, beyond the confines, of the things that are holding you down.’ 

    “Do not live in the past.  Live in the present, resurrection.  Rise as the phoenix, from the ashes, and move into eternity.’  For I say unto you these words, ‘This day, I AM risen.’  And I show you this way, so that you might not be caught in the bonds of fear, so that you might see The Life, and walk The Way.

     “The Holy Spirit of God is with you, and in you.  There is no situation that will not be resolved, in The Light of The Holy Spirit, within you.  You hold every answer.  You are not doomed to the past.  You are liberated to the future.  Your eternal future is every present second, every present moment, every present hour, you experience.  Be free!

    “I say to each of you, My brothers and sisters, hearing this Word, or reading this Word, ‘I show you The Way, and The Way is Love.’

    “If you love Me, do what I do.  Love beyond all measure; and, follow The Holy Spirit, leading you from within.  I tell you today: you are risen; you are resurrected; you are The Way; you are Life.  The phoenix does not fall back into the ashes, but soars into the heavens.  The babe born does not crawl back into the womb, but moves out to experience life, anew.  And once risen, once resurrected to the new life, you do not go back to reclaim the shackles that held you in place, no matter what they are. 

    “This day say, ‘I am risen; and, I know The Way.  The Way is truth.  I am resurrected.  I am reborn.  I am free.’ 

    “This is the Easter message.  ‘You are resurrected, in Me.’   Now, let us not tarry.  Let us move with great joy, into life, anew… 

“We are one.  We are risen.” 

Sunday Sermons
April 19, 2009
I Move
Within You,
Stirring The Embers,
Rekindling  The  Spark ...
Igniting The Flame ... That Is ...
You ... At The Core Of Your Being

   “As  the gentle, spring breeze caresses the branches, and leaves of the trees, I move into you.  I move within you: stirring the embers; rekindling the spark; igniting the flame; on The Breath of Spirit, calling your name.  Your name lights the fire, on The Breath of Spirit. 

    “Brightly shining is the flame that is you this day.  For that is the core of your being.  The core of your being is The Light of God!  And it is shining, as it has been stirred.  You have awakened, in The Light.  And as you open your eyes, I AM with you.

    “Today I ask you to sit and be still, to feel My Presence, with you.  There is great need for peace; not the false peace, carried in mere words, the true peace, born within your being, borne within you.  Today I say it is time to reconnect: with The Light that is you; The Peace that is you; The Presence of God within you.

    “Today I do not encourage you to go by one, or a caravan, on a mission into the countryside, calling-out the praises of God.  Today I do not encourage you to go by one or two, speaking The Word from the street corners of the city.  Today, I encourage you: to go within; to sit with Me; to reclaim…peace.

    “For that which you are to accomplish – is to be accomplished –  in peace.  And for there to be peace, it must come from your core.  Therefore this day, I say unto you, ‘Be still, and sit with Me awhile.  Feel My Presence.  The world needs more peace.  Let it begin, within you.’

    “As the gentle, spring breeze caresses the branches and leaves of the trees, I move – in you –

Sunday Sermons
April 26, 2009
The Timeless
Tapestry Of Eternity
Is Sewn By The Hand of God
(Be Ye The Perfect Hand Of God)

   “On this glorious day of new life, I AM with you.  And today, I speak to you, of: new life, continuing life, the mending of life, eternal life. 

    “The timeless tapestry of eternity is sewn by The Hand of God, each thread woven, with incredible intricacy, delightful simplicity.  Open your eyes, so that you might see, this timeless tapestry of eternity, as it unfolds.  And you will come to understand, that God’s Hand moves over all things.  And there is nothing, that the children upon the Earth can do, that will not be rewoven, re-stitched, renewed…mended…by The Hand of God.  For: every place there is darkness, God will create light, for God is light; every place there is chaos, God will create peace, for God is peace; every place there is hatred, God will create love, for God is love.

    “All things are possible, in The Hands of God.  From every thing…God creates…the beauty of eternity.  And the lessons, set into the tapestry, bring forth all that is.  It is all united, by The Hand of God. 

    “This day, I say unto you, My brothers and sisters, ‘Be ye perfect, as God is perfect’.  Weave your tapestry, with perfection, going to all places, in your lifetime.  Where you find darkness, move your hand, and create light; for you are light.  Where you find incidents of chaos, move your hand, and create peace; for you are peace.  And for all the places in your tapestry, that hold hatred, move your hand, and create love, for you are love.  Stitch, and mend, and weave the tapestry that is your lifetime, in such a way, that all things come together, that it is one, and it is one, for The Glory of God.

    “Do not hesitate to run into every day, eager to see what comes your way.  Go forth with great joy, knowing to all things, you can bring the creation of light, and peace, and love.  For, you truly are a child of God.  And that which God does can be done, through you. 

    “This day, set your goal, to weave your tapestry, for The Glory of God.  Do so with great light.  Do so with great peace.  Do so with great love.  For that which you are sewing will be united, into the grand tapestry, the timeless tapestry, of eternity.

    “This is your day!  That which you create, will come from you.  Open to: The Love of God, The Light of God, The Peace of God.  And let it flow through you, with great abundance; through your hands, through your body, as you weave today, the timeless tapestry of your life upon the Earth.

    “Be at peace, My brothers and sisters.  Be perfect, as God is perfect. Mend … all … that is torn.”

Sunday Sermons
May 3, 2009
It Is Time
To Rise-Up,
To Say The Words,
And To Do The Deeds, For
The Great Commission, Lives

   “I AM with you.  Let great celebration spring forth, and let your voice carry a song, a song holding the prayer, of thanksgiving. 

    “Today I come to you, eagerly crossing space and time, reuniting, in a special way.  And I ask you to throw open your arms, and greet Me, as I AM your brother, as we are one. 

    “And if you will hold open your arms, and embrace Me, you will feel My Presence.  You will feel My Being.  And you will know…I AM.

    “For as God sent Me to Earth, this day, I send you forth; as, with great promise I brought The Word, so it might live; I send you forth, with great promise, so The Word, might continue to live…in you. 

    “I AM with you.  And this day, I re-enforce The Great Commission, to send forth an ‘Army of Love,’ over the face of the Earth.  I call to you, and I say to those who believe in The Living Word, ‘Rise-up.  It is time for the tide to cover the Earth with great peace.  Rise-up and go forth, celebrating all that you know.  Let The Word of God flow, through you, and speak of love; for that is the command that rolls the tide, it is Love.’

    “Today, I bless you, for the faith, and the love, and the courage you hold.  For your hearts are full, and your beings are light.  Today I say to you, ‘Be not afraid.  Rise-up, it is time.  For those of you who believe, it is time!’ 

    “It is no longer the time to sit, and pray.  It is the time to rise-up, and say the words, and do the deeds.  For I say unto you, these ‘signs,’ will accompany those who believe… 

Those who believe will not be afraid.
They will be filled with wonder, eager for each new day. 

They will not be sad.
Their hearts will sing forth, and their lips will proclaim the joy,
    that they know, from the core of their being.
They will cast-out demons, and free their brothers and sisters,
for The Power of God will flow through them.
They will reach-out and touch the sick, the infirm,
and bring The Healing of God:
to those who are crippled;
to those who are stricken with disease;
to those who are riddled with afflictions of any kind.
They shall move over the Earth in song,
in Love, in The Power, and The Light of God.

    “These things, I tell you, because it is time.  It is time for those who call Me, Brother, who call Me, Lord, who call Me, Master, who call Me, The Son of God, who call Me, The Living Word, to act in faith, and do, as I have commissioned you to do. 
     “Walk the face of the Earth, so others, might know Me…through you.   For I tell you, all things will be done, when you use The Power of God, for The Glory of God! 

    “Speak My name, and it shall be done…for you...for you have faith!”  

Sunday Sermons
May 10, 2009
A Mother’s Day
Blessing, For All
Mothers Of Earth

   “I AM with you on the glorious day of great celebration.  And, I say to each one of you, who has held the seed, carried the miracle, and given birth, you are blessed; for, you have brought forth life upon the Earth.  You have joined with God, and creation continues!

    “To each one of you, this day, I say, ‘Thank you!’  With the song of angels, rising-up, echoing between Heaven and Earth, I say unto you, ‘Thank you.’  Where ever you are at this time, I say, ‘Thank you.’  Whether you are surrounded by family, or alone; whether you are filled with happiness, or riddled with questions to which there seem to be no answers, I say to you, ‘Thank you,’ and ‘I bless you, in a most special way.’

    “Today, while I congratulate, and bless, all mothers, I speak with purpose to those of you who feel alone, who are fearful about your decision to bear, and bring forth a child.  I touch those of you who are afraid, feeling pain, sorrow, and rejection, and remind you, of my earthly mother, Mary. 

    “She was a young woman, when she was asked, by an angel of God, to stop what she was doing, so that she might bear a child.  The timing was ‘not the most convenient,’ and she ‘knew,’ it would surely place her in a position to be the subject of gossip; and, to be rejected, by the man to whom she was betrothed.  Still, when she was asked to bear a child, her answer was, ‘Yes.’   So, to all of you who are fearful, in honor of My earthly mother, I give you the gifts, of a Brave Heart, and a Loving Spirit, so that you might do The Will of God, in all things.

    “And, while I congratulate, and bless, all those of you, who see the great accomplishments of your child; today, I speak with purpose to those of you who feel shame and embarrassment, or possibly frustration and anger, regarding situations having to do with your child.  I touch those of you who are angry, embarrassed, or frustrated, and remind you of my earthly mother. 

    ”She was told that I was the Messiah, The Promised One.  And she believed the words the angel Gabriel delivered unto her.  She had great faith; but she was not prepared for Me to be scorned, set upon, ridiculed, and rejected.  She was not prepared for Me to be hated, and attacked.  Still, when she was asked to bear humiliation and shame in support of Me, her answer was, ‘Yes.’  So, to all of you who are embarrassed, frustrated and angry, in honor of My earthly mother, I give you the gifts of Faith, and Trust, and Unconditional Love, so that you might do The Will of God, in all things.

    “As I congratulate, and bless, those of you surrounded by your children, and grandchildren; today, I speak with purpose to those of you who stood at the side of your child, when the verdict or results were read, and the words spoken drained the life-blood from your body.  Whether the verdict was a sentence at the hand of humanity, or at the hand of disease, you knew, the end was near, and your knees weakened.  The woman, once able to carry a heavy load, sank beneath the weight of the burden to great to bear.  Today, I touch those of you who are, weary, sick, and broken, and remind you of my earthly mother. 

    “In all her days, she could not imagine what she was to endure.  And, as she watched me, dragged from one court to another, sentenced, mocked, spat upon, beaten, ridiculed, and nailed to a cross by the world, her heart broke into a thousand pieces.  She was not prepared to watch, as the child she carried, nurtured, and loved was brutally murdered.  Still, at the foot of the cross, she stood guard, sending Me her strength, holding My eyes within her gaze, until the last breath was drawn, and it was accomplished.  Because she said, ‘Yes,’ she stood with Me on Earth, and remains with Me in eternity.  Because she said, ‘Yes,’ her shattered heart was mended, by The Hand of God. 

    “So, to those of you who have known anguish, in honor of My earthly mother, I give you the gift of Strength, the faith and wisdom to trust, not in the fading promise of the world, but in The Eternal Promise of God. 

    “To all mothers of Earth, on this day, I bless you, and tell you… I AM with you.  I will always be with you.  I will never turn from you.  I walk with you.  I stand with you.  As my earthly mother stood with Me, I stand with you, each one of you.  And today, I ask you not to turn from one another.  Do not speak ill of each other, or direct malice toward each other.  Go to each other, and speak of love.  Do not let any one feel alone, deserted, embarrassed, or unloved. 

    “This day, I pay honor to the mothers of Earth, as they are all, each one, special, and loved by God…

“Happy Mother’s Day.”

Sunday Sermons
May 17, 2009
You Are Created
In The Image of God, And
God Is Spirit.  You Are Spirit.

   “I AM with you.  And today, I wish to celebrate, to bless each one of you, in a most special way.  For today, I ask you to sit awhile, and go deep within your being, so that you might finally recognize the child of God, that you are.  For God loves each one of you, in a most unique way.  Each one of you, My brothers and sisters, is on a mission.  And today, as we speak, some of you are caught-up in: doubt, or fear, or hesitation; some of you might simply just not know.  But today, I speak to you to confirm the eternal truth, that God loves you…you!

    “God created you.  And you are upon the Earth to complete a mission.  You are upon the Earth to create.  Now, on this particular day, I am not speaking, or limiting My words, directing them only to the parents, to the mothers and fathers, to those who have created the human body.  I AM speaking, to each one of you, destined to create, in The Name of God, upon the Earth.

    “You are first, foremost, and forever, spirit.  You are created, by God.  And for a most noble cause, and on a most noble mission, you are upon the Earth.  And your ability to move, upon the Earth, was given to you by your earthly parents.  For within them, you received a shell, a body, to house the spirit, your creative spirit.  And this enables you to act, to interact, with the things of Earth.

    “This is why you should give honor to your mother and father of Earth.  Because the body that they have given you, temporary as it is, gives you the ability to complete your mission, to be ‘of Earth.’  Yet, at the core of your being, is your true identity.  And held within your true identity, is the knowledge and the wisdom, the secret, the mission.

    “Most of you, are caught-up in the belief, that your physical body is it.  That once it becomes diseased, that life drains from it.  You fear its demise, forgetting that it is only the shell, protecting the precious fruit, within.

    “It is important this day that you awaken to this truth, and begin to know it, really know it.  It is important that you awaken to the creative spirit that is you.  You have a body, for a while, that will assist you to complete your mission.  Think of it that way.  The temptation, while you are upon the Earth, is to think the opposite … about what your body can, or cannot do.  But this day, I ask you to be still, and know, that the creative spirit that you are - can complete your mission - you can do all things.

    “This is where it begins, My brothers and sisters, this wisdom, going first to the spirit that you are, understanding that you body is passing, temporary.  To have a better understanding of this, I ask you to be still, and see this picture.  Many years ago, you would see a drawing, or perhaps a picture, of an astronaut floating in space, wearing a protective suit, tethered to the mother-ship, the space craft, by a long air hose.  The astronaut would be floating in space on a mission, sent-out to make repairs on the space craft.  All of you can identify with this picture.  But now, what I want you to understand is, that hose, connecting the astronaut in the spacesuit to the mother-ship, was not delivering the life-giving force, oxygen, for the spacesuit, it was delivering the life force to that within the suit, the astronaut within the suit.  When the astronaut returns to the space craft, to the mother-ship, the suit is removed, and the astronaut emerges, mission complete.  The suit, although not discarded, is no longer useful.  The mission is complete. 

    “You are tethered to God.  And the life force that comes directly to you, from God, is not coming for your body, but for the spirit, within your body, that is the real you!  Begin to see this.  Begin to know this.  Focus on who you are.  What will happen when you do this?  I will tell you.  When you begin to focus on the creative spirit that you are, your body will follow.  Your body will be healthy and whole, so that you might complete your mission, just like the astronaut, and return to the mother-ship. 

    “That is what I wish to say to you today, My brothers and sisters.  Begin to know the words you speak so freely.  Begin to understand.  Go within this day, and reconnect with who you really are.  Your creative spirit has a mission.  Your body will give you the ability to complete your mission on Earth.  If you will look at it this way, you will see all things, through the eyes of God.

    “Be still this day, and go within.  There is a remarkable being that is you, waiting to be recognized.  Go within…to meet…you!” 

Sunday Sermons
May 24, 2009
As You Breathe,
And Think, And Speak,
And Do, You Are Creating Eternity

   “I AM with you.    This morning, this day, this place, this hour, this minute, this heartbeat, this breath of life, I AM with you.  In the present, and for eternity, we are one.

    “I say to you, to those of you, to all of you, ‘creators,’ this day I do not direct My words to the mothers, or the father, of the physical earthly children.  This day, I direct My words to each and every one of you, as ‘creators.’

    “You do not understand, fully; and although every one of you are creating, every second, every minute, every hour, very few of you comprehend, that you are in the process of ‘creating eternity.’  You create your personal environment, the environment that signifies the presence of your family.  This environment marks your town, your city, your county, your state, your country, the Earth. 

    “Today, My brothers and sisters, I ask that you take some time to consider what you are doing.  Every thought created within your being, lives.  Your thoughts effect you, your energy, and move beyond you.  The thoughts, created by you, are eternal.  They are energy.  They have life.  And you can feel their presence. 

    “Likewise, when you speak, you breathe onto the Earth, and whoever you are speaking to, the words you have created, and they live.  They do not stop at your lips.  They touch those you are speaking to, and move beyond.  Your words carry the seeds of your thoughts.  They, more actively, have to do with the atmosphere, the environment, that is: you personal space, your family space, your town, your county, your country, the Earth.  And they are created … by you … moving beyond you; leaving the creator – you,  and moving into eternity; carrying your words, which sprang forth from your thoughts.

    “In the same manner, but with more power still, are the deeds you perform, the acts committed by you.  Springing forth, from the thoughts and the words, are the actions that you commit to eternity. 

    “Very few of you, My brothers and sisters, are seeing this, with an eternal overview.  It is important, at some place, at some moment, for you to awaken, and see what you are creating, so that the atmosphere, the environment, of Earth, can be altered. 

    “It is time, and you will like the change.  Because, it will be: a change, where growth of spirit feels right; a change, in support of growth, where spiritual things will thrive upon the Earth; beginning with your personal space; illuminating your family, and those you love; reaching-out and saturating your towns and cities, and all places around you, before it moves out, out, out from you; touching eternity.

    “Today, take some time: to mold your thoughts; to master your own thought process; to reject any thoughts of shadow or darkness; and, to make it your intention to create thoughts of peace, and light, and love; rejecting all other things; knowing fully that you are creating an energy that will exist forever, wearing your signet.

    “In the same manner, be considerate.  Think of what you are going to say.  I suggest that you hold your tongue, and ask for guidance, so that your words will be the words of God.  And when you have made this your intention, speak only words of peace, and light, and love.

    “You will immediately feel a change.  It will affect your personal space.  And it will touch all those around you; first, your family, and those you love, and hold close; and then, it will move beyond, and beyond, and beyond, on its journey, into eternity; words forever, eternal, bearing your signet.

    “I ask you also, to be mindful of your actions, your deeds.  And let it be your prayer that they be noble deeds.  Open to The Holy Spirit of God to be led, to do the work of God, through you.  Be moved by the hand of God.

    “These things that you do, will mark your personal space, affect your family and those you love and hold close.  And the energy of these actions that you commit to eternity will move from you, forever bearing your signet.

    “When you begin to see this happening, within each individual being upon the Earth, it will have great meaning to you.  And you will begin to see, the energy created by each of you is eternal. 

    “Therefore, today, I ask you creators, one and all, be mindful of what you are creatingYour thoughts, your words, your deeds, live.  You have created these things.  Now, this day, begin creating as God.  See, and hear, and know, what you are doing.  You are of God.  You are first, spirit.  Now, today, create peace, and light, and love, and send these energies from you, and change the Earth…and beyond.”  

Sunday Sermons
May 31, 2009
Be Not
Afraid.  My
Holy Spirit Is
Within You.  Feel
The Presence, and Know

   “I AM with you.    I AM with each one of you.  My brothers and sisters, this day begins.  And with the beginning of each day, life anew stirs, within you.  The coming of the new day is rebirth: the rising-up and the moving around; ending the day and laying your head down to rest; then rising-up again.  It is a circle.  You complete it every day.  And within the circle, God flows into your life, in the most majestic and marvelous way.  The Holy Spirit of God is upon you, each, and every day.  The Holy Spirit of God is within you, each, and every way.

    “My brothers and sisters, each one of you, whether you are hearing My words, or reading My words, I tell you, ‘Be still, and feel The Presence of The Holy Spirit of God, moving within you, right now.’

    “Many of you speak words, having to do with The Holy Spirit of God; but this day, I bring you a blessing, and I say unto you, ‘Right now, feel The Presence of The Holy Spirit of God within you.’
    “God has poured-forth The Spirit.  It is not held from any being upon the Earth.  It is yours.  It is there.  It is eternal.  It is filled with love.  It is The Breath of Wisdom.  And it will lead you forward in confidence.  This day I say unto you, ‘Be not afraid.  Reject totally the spirit of doubt, the spirit of fear.  Be filled with The Holy Spirit of God, and embrace the knowing, that it is so.  Within you is The Spirit of God.  It is so.  It is true.  And if you are still, and if you repeat the words, ‘I am filled with The Holy Spirit of God,’ with every breath, you will feel The Presence.

    “This is a time of action, The Living Word.

    “The Living Word of God is to come from you. 

    “Be not afraid.  Feel The Presence of God within you, and rise-up this day. 

    “As you breathe, breathe with confidence.  Reject any doubt.

    “As you are filled, so you shall be led, from within.  For, The Holy Spirit of God will stir you, and you will be moved.  You will be moved, and you will know, which way to go, every single day.  And these ‘knowings’ will come to you in many ways.  There are as many ways to hear from The Holy Spirit of God as there are children of God upon the Earth.  So, My brothers and sisters, I call you to action this day.  And I say unto you, ‘You might feel The Breath of Spirit.  You might hear The Breath of Spirit.  You might know It.’

    “Be open, and you shall be moved.  Embrace and you will not be afraid, any longer.

    “Do not wait to act, until you feel compelled to perform some grand, noble deed.  For The Spirit of God moves within you every day, to do, what you might consider, the smallest deed; but, that is where it starts, My brothers and sisters.  While you are doing your busy work, and the ‘thought’ occurs to you; you remember: an aunt, or an uncle, a mother, a brother, a sister, a father, or a friend.  They pop into your mind, and you think of them for a moment.  Well, I say unto you, that is The Spirit, moving within you.  Stop what you are doing, and make contact.  It is important to do…right then. 

    “These are the little things that will lead to the grand things: one foot and then the other; one thought and then another.  When you begin to act, as you are led, with the little things, you will embrace The Spirit within you, so completely, so fully, that you will walk every day with God.  The smallest thing you do will be filled with The Spirit of God.  And, that is when the miracles will begin, within you.  Because you believe, and you act upon your belief, you bring the belief into the third dimension, within your words and actions.  It no longer remains silent, within you.  You give it birth.  It is born, anew.  And The Holy Spirit touches you, to rise-up, and move.

    “This day, My brothers and sisters, I ask you to be still.  And you will feel The Presence, more profoundly than you have ever felt it before; because, it is time.

    “It is time for The Holy Spirit of God to move over the Earth.  Wherever The Wind blows, there will be The Holy Spirit of God, moving, bringing life, anew.

    “Be not afraid!  The Holy Spirit of God is within you!  Rise-up, and live your life with confidence; and be at peace.”     

Sunday Sermons
June 7, 2009
Appreciate The
Gifts, God Has Given
To You, And Celebrate The
Gifts, God Has Given To Others

   “I AM with you.     See the dawn, a new day.  See the light, illuminating all about you, and hear the birds heralding the arrival.  It is time to rise-up.  It is time to rise-up, My brothers and sisters, and greet the new day.

    “And when you are filled with The Holy Spirit of God, you rise-up, eager to see, what each new day will bring. 

    “I tell you: there are days of quiet; there are days of song; there are days of sowing; there are days of harvesting; there are days of gathering together; there are days to set yourself aside, in prayer.  Each day is its own; and each day holds its own glory, and wonder.

    “Each day offers the opportunity to use the gifts, given to you by God.  Today I want to encourage each of you, to use the gifts you have been given. 

    “You have heard these words before.  But I say unto you, it is important that you acknowledge your gifts and use them, for to leave them, unused, would leave your life, upon the Earth empty, in many places.  Things would not connect.  The great picture would not appear whole.  I encourage you, this day, to sit down and make a list of the gifts, which you will acknowledge.  And, accepting these gifts, give thanks to The Heavenly Creator, The God of All Things.  Hold gratitude in your heart, for that which is yours.

    “In addition to acknowledging and accepting the gifts that are yours, I ask you to appreciate the gifts held by others, around you;  and do not expect all of your brothers and sisters to have the same gifts. 

    “Sometimes, a group of people will have the same gift.  Often times, if this is the case, they come together, united for a purpose, to use their gift in support of another, or others.  There are so many ways that the gifts come together.  But I ask you today, to be aware of your own gifts, and be eager to use them; while, at the same time, acknowledging the different gifts in others.

    “Do not insist that others follow the path, set by your own feet.  Do not insist that others, around you, live their life in such a way, that they would practice, and try to create, a gift they do not hold.  The message, in brief, My brothers and sisters, is to appreciate, all that God has given to you, and celebrate, all that God has given to others.  For as some sow the seed, others harvest it.  As some harvest, others prepare the bounty.  As some prepare the bounty, others clean-up, and prepare for the planting of a new day, a new time.  As some create the music, others find the words within their heart, and bring them forth, so that another might use the gift of singing the song.  While still, even a greater number, have the gift to appreciate the song, the one who wrote the words, and the one who brought forth the music. 

    “You see, for it all to go together: the song must be written; the words must be brought forth; the one with the gift of singing must sing the song; and those who have the gift of appreciation must come, and hear the song.  And then, that group will stand-up, and pass the word, that the song has been sung in such a beautiful way.  For each one, playing their part, is important.  And I say that you may follow this example, in almost any scenario, which springs from your imagination. 

    “It takes the gifts of the children of Earth, united, to bring forth this most magnificent orchestration, as it is to be.  I urge you to use your gifts.  I urge you to urge others to use their gifts, and celebrate the difference, so that there might be music, and song, and singer, and appreciation.

    “This day, and this week, acknowledge, accept, and be thankful for your gifts.  Be thankful for all the different gifts, held by the children of God, walking Earth, for they are unique, they are special.  Encourage each other to use the gifts, which are uniquely your own; because, in this way, they will come together, with surprising perfection!

    “It is The Way.  And it will lead you to great happiness.  Be at peace this day.  Walk into The Light, for The Dawn is breaking.   Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
June 14, 2009
The Curtain
Is Rising, On A
New Day, And You
Have A Role To Play

   “I greet you, with great joy!  I AM with you – to celebrate – this New Day, this segment, of the eternal play. 

    “You see, with the beginning of this day, the curtain is rising.  All things are set in place.  The stage is ready, for your entrance.  You have a role to play this day.  It is an unending story taking place.  No matter whom you are, My brothers and sisters, no matter where you are, you are part of the eternal play, one that continues, for eternity. 

    “Each and every day as you rise-up, it is, as if you are reporting backstage, walking in the door, and waiting, for your time, to walk, to make your entrance, to play your part.  In this play, although things are set, you can change the script, anytime you are on the stage.  The Great Director has given you the opportunity to play the role, and edit your script, as you go along. 

    “It is a golden opportunity to make the best of the role you have been give; and your role changes from day to day, giving you a myriad of opportunities to play each one to the fullest, to fill it, with all that you have. 

    “Sometimes, your role will be small.  Sometimes, it will be a supporting role.  And then…sometimes…it will be the leading role.  But it does not matter, which; because how you play the role, is what is important.

    “Some days, when you report to go onto stage, after stepping onto the boards you will see that you are to be in the background, while another is in the foreground.  But your role is significant, because the stage would not be complete without your presence.  And the way you play the role, determines how successful the scene will be. 

    “I say to you My brothers and sisters, this day you have the opportunity to play your role, in such a way, that The Grace of God, and The Light of God fills your presence.

    “Today, I urge you, to bow your head, and ask: that you, be aware, open, and alert, to all the opportunities presented to you as you are on stage; that you, don’t miss your cue; that you play the role you have been given, and bring it honor.  And then give the glory to God, for the opportunity, to play the role at all.

    “There is excitement in the air.  For all eternity – is waiting to see – what you will do with the role you have been given for this day. 

    “You have The Grace of God.  You hold The Energy of God, and The Love of God.  Walk onto the stage, with great confidence, trust.  Walk onto the stage with the determination to do the best with the role you have been given.  And when the scene is complete, the end of the day comes, the curtain is lowered, you will prepare, for rest, knowing, you did the best you could do with your role.

    “Each and every day – is a segment – of the eternal play.  And while you are upon the Earth, you have the opportunity, to play a significant role.  Seize that opportunity, with enthusiasm!

    “It is your time.  The stage is set.  You have been assigned the role.  Now, do the best you can, with what you have been given.  This day, and all week, imagine this as you rise-up; imagine that you are reporting backstage, waiting, eager, to play your part, excited, to do the scene, in the play, representing your lifetime upon the Earth.

    “I bless you!  I cheer you on!  I applaud you!  And I thank you, for playing the role! 

    “It is time.  The stage lights are on.  The audience is in place.  Walk onto the stage.”