Sunday Sermons
Oct. 4, 2009
The House Of God
Shall Be A House Of Prayer
For All Nations, Jesus Teaches On: Prayer
Churches, Oneness, Faith, And Forgiveness

  “I AM with you this morning.  I sit with you, and we are together.  I know you.  Remember Me.  I touch you.  Reach-out to Me.  I call to you … hear Me … we are one.

    “When I walked upon the Earth, more than two thousand years ago, I often quoted passages from the Old Testament, from the old ways, from the old books.  It was My heritage and contained words to live by at that time.  It was what was recorded for others to read, and know. 

    “It is written in the Old Testament, and I spoke the words, which are also recorded in the New Testament, something God wanted known, ‘My house will be a house of prayer for all nations.’  Simply stated, encompassing all the people of Earth.  This is God’s idea of what a church is to be, if it is to be The House of God, a house of prayer for all nations, coming together, as one, with belief, and faith, in God. 

    “When you pray to God, it does not have to be lengthy, going over and over the issues, and situations, which have created this reason for prayer; because God ‘knows, what you need; it is not necessary to set your perspective of what happened before God. 

    “What is desirable, and good, is to pause and pray, call on our Father and say, ‘Thank you!’  Make it simple.  And, when you pray, pray as if it is already yours.  I say unto you, if you have the faith, and know, that which you ask for will be given unto you, you also have the wisdom, within you, to know, what is appropriate to ask for.  So, approach this communication with God, your Father, with reverence.  Ask, and it shall be given unto you. 

    “When you are in need, with faith and confidence, state what it is you need, and then go about your way, knowing that God will take care of you.  And when you find yourself in need, and enter into prayerful communication with God, make sure that you are clean, that you have forgiven all things, all trespasses, all debts.  For, it is important that you do not ask God for something, on the one hand, yet on the other hand, deny others that which they seek from you.  Let us say, simply, appropriate prayer requires a good faith effort on your part, much like washing your hands, before you sit at the banquet table; in other words, forgive all things, before you go to God on your own behalf.

    “This morning, I have said unto you three things: first, that ‘The house of God will be a house of prayer, open to all people, united as one body;’ second, I have said unto you, ‘When you pray, pray with faith, knowing that what you ask, will be given to you;’ and, third, I have said unto you, ‘Do not ask, if you are denying others.’ 

    “These three things are very important, and they go together, whether it seems that way or not.  In fact, they are tied together in The Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father, the prayer I have given you to say.  For, the unity, of all the children, of Earth, is stated simply with ‘Our Father.’ The prayers, asking for what you need, are represented in the words, ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’  And the part about forgiving, all trespasses and debts, is stated clearly, ‘Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ 

    “I say these things to you, because we are all one, united in God.  Whether you pray in one way or another, whether you home is in the northern hemisphere, or in the southern hemisphere, we are all united as one. 

    “This week, when you stop to pray, be still, and encompass all things, all people, feel that, and know it, because it is so.  This week when you pray, leave out all of the reasons, the excuses, the acts that went together to create the situation, and simply say: ‘Father, give us this day, peace;’  or, ‘Father, give us this day, our daily bread;’  or, ‘Father, give us this day, love.’  Every situation, actually, can be prayed upon, or about, with very few words.  Reduce the situation to the real need, and then say it, as if you know, and have faith, that it will be given unto you.  Forgive all things, all people, so that your hands are clean, when you raise-them-up in prayer. 

    “Think upon this, this week.  It will assist you in knowing how to sit with God, the Creator of all things, your Parent.

“Be at peace.”    

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
June 28, 2009
I Lift-You-Up,
So  You  Can  See

   “I AM with you this morning.  Feel My Presence, in the peace, of morning.  It is a new opportunity.  It is time to rise-up… and create…a new day! 

    “I bless you, with peace!  And as you are still, breathing-in the air of Earth, exhaling…in wonder, you feel…the peace, expanding and growing.  You feel joy within your being, growing; a sweet joy, the true joy, of living, upon the Earth. 

    “It is ‘an honor,’ to be upon the Earth.  Therefore, each day, embrace the gift, embrace the opportunity.  No matter what mission is set before you, it is…an honor.  It is an honor for you to be on Earth; but greater still, it is an honor, that you are doing.  You are doing something, in honor, of The Creator, God. 

     “Now, looking at this new day before you, with this ‘knowing,’ that it is an opportunity for you ‘to do,’ in honor of The Creator of All Things, it all changes, to something grand, and glorious. 

    “No matter what is set before you, it is your ‘opportunity.’  Embrace it.  It is yours.  It is honor.  It is giving.  It is love.  And ‘love,’ is the energy, of The Way. 

    “Come.  I lift-you-up.  Where are you going?  I lift you up, so you can see.  I lift-you-up, so in ‘the knowing,’ you will have the faith to follow Me.  Come. 

    “It is time to create, A New Day, in honor, of The Creator, of All Things. 


Sunday Sermons
July 5, 2009
Using The Gift
Of Knowing, Enhanced
With Understanding And Tolerance

   “I AM with you.  I AM – with you – and you feel My Presence.

    “My brothers and sisters, I have something helpful - to deliver to you - a message - that will assist you along The Way, and bring you great peace; for, it is important for you to know, that when the gift of knowing, is enhanced, with understanding and tolerance, you will achieve wisdom!

    “If I did not say another word to you, that would be sufficient to carry you through the week, through all the days, you walk upon the Earth. 

    “It seems to be prevalent, among those of Earth, to use that which you know, to gain that which you want or desire; oftentimes, the gift of knowing is used to manipulate and control.  But when you use the gift of knowing, in The Light, and for The Glory of God, it completes the work of God.  You become the sower, and the reaper, because you gather-in a bountiful harvest, to fuel your spirit, and satisfy your soul.

    “There is satisfaction in attaining wisdom.  Because you see with the eternal eye, hear with the eternal ear, and speak with the eternal tongue of God.

      “What God began…creation, your work is to complete, a segment or a portion, of that, which began with God.  And when you use the gift of knowing, enhanced with understanding and tolerance, you are paving The Way, so others might see, and know.

    “This week, practice, and you will see a difference.  You will see Light, moving into places of shadow.  You will see The Glory of God, all about you.  And others will see it too.  Wisdom will be the crown upon your head.

    “This week, use the gift of knowing, with generous portions, of understanding and tolerance, for all of your brothers and sisters.  And in this quiet, reflective way, you will surely achieve wisdom.

    “I AM with you, and it is time, let us begin the journey into a new week.  Let us begin…attaining…wisdom!”

Sunday Sermons
July 12, 2009
You Are
The Garden,
Bear Good Fruit

   “I AM with you on this day.  Feel My Presence with you, for you are My brothers, and you are My sisters; and I reach through all time and eternity, and touch you.  I walk into your presence.  I AM with you!

    “Hear the birds of summer singing, their songs, ringing, in your ears.  Look about you this day, as you walk, along The Way.  See: the trees, bearing fruit; the vines and the berries; the gardens, lush, and full.  See, and know.

    “As you walk amongst the trees, and the orchids; the vines, along the roadside; and the gardens, tended by the hand, of mankind, you will notice, here and there, that amongst the trees, thriving and healthy, you will see, occasionally, one scarred and diseased, withered, it does not bear fruit, like the healthy trees.

    “As you walk past the canes, the berries, the vines, you will see that some vines are healthy, rich and full, the blossoms, bursting into berries.  Occasionally, you will see a withered cane, or vine, bearing no fruit, or dried-up fruit, as withered as the vine it clings to.

    “As you look into the gardens, occasionally you will see, some plants are dry, while others are green.  Some bear little or no fruit, while the healthy plants are rich and full.  See, and know.

    “You know a tree is a peach tree, when it holds peaches, when the peach is the fruit that it bears.  You know a tree is an apple tree, when the apple is the fruit that it bears.  You know the cane is raspberry, or blackberry, when the raspberry or the blackberry is the fruit it bears.  And in the garden, you can tell.  The bean grows on a plant, a bush.  Yet, the potato is underground.  You can tell the potato plant from the plant which will bear beans.  You know the tree, and the vine, and the garden, by the fruit.

    “My brothers and sisters, I tell you, the world knows you, by your fruit.  When you are healthy of spirit, the fruit that pours forth from your heart is bountiful, and rich, and good, filled with light, a pleasure to behold.  But when your spirit is sick, and out-of- balance, and diseased, that which pours from your heart, is the same.             

    “You are the orchid of God, the vine of Earth, the garden.  Your garden is to be rich, and bountiful.  Your harvest is to be plentiful.  But know this, ‘The world will know you, by that which pours forth from you.  The world will know you, by the fruit that you bear.’

    “Therefore this day, My brothers and sisters, I touch your heart, I sing to your soul, I stroke your spirit, and say, ‘You are healed.  You are whole.  From this day go forth, and be the healthy tree, bearing fruit, for all to see, and come to eat, and taste, that which you bear.  Be the healthy vine, whose berries shine, in the sunlight, glistening with dew, bringing words from God, that are fresh, and new.  Be the garden, which will feed your brothers and sisters, with the manna from Heaven, delivered to you.  For, you are the tree, and the vine, and the garden, tended, by The Hand of God.’ ”  

Sunday Sermons
July 19, 2009
I Send You
The Words So
You Might Speak
With Great Wisdom

   “As the song of the bird fills the air, I am with you, feel My Presence, in the song of the bird.  I AM with you, as the light of a new day, enfolds all about you, illuminating the darkness.  I AM with you.  (Scribe’s Note: Around 7:15 am the song of a bird can be heard in the background as Jesus begins delivering his weekly message.)

    “As I walked the Earth, some two thousand (2,000) years ago, I said many things, spoke many words, delivered many stories and messages, directly from God, to those who could not hear, who had turned a deaf ear.  I spoke often to those who could not hear, because their head was filled with rules and regulations, of what was appropriate to eat on what day, and how to put this or that piece of clothing on, or how to clean the house, this way or that.

    “I came, not to cast those rules and regulations away; but to speak, and say, the words of God, so that all upon the Earth, who could hear Me, would know, that the most important thing to do, is to embrace the energy of love, flowing constantly, to the children of God. 

    “There is some misunderstanding, that when I spoke, I spoke only to those who were with Me, directly with Me, to those I chose as My inner circle.  And I say, this is not so.  I chose a group of people to be close to Me, so I could send them out from Me, enlightened, walking the countryside, with the only rule and regulation being: ‘Love all, and love your enemy, and those who threaten to do you harm, even more than your biological brother, because they need it more’!

    “Most of the time, the words I spoke, were not mine, they were the words Our Father wished for Me to deliver to Earth for Him.  And I had to keep Myself free and clear, pure, so I that could hear, clearly, what God was telling Me to say.  And sometimes, the words our Father wished for Me to say might not have been the words I personally would have chosen to speak at that time.  But I ‘knew,’ they were the words of God, and were to be delivered at the time they were received.  And, this I did. 

    “I spoke often, sometimes to crowds gathered, sometimes to those who had been mocked, or set aside.  I walked amongst the children of God upon the Earth.  And I brought words of enlightenment, to those I chose to gather close to Me, so they might know, and carry the word, to others. 

    “But, I did not mean, in any way, that only those close to Me should know the word, or hold the gifts.  And I say this to you, because the words I spoke are for you, for all, excluding no one, including all.

    “There are some of My words written in scriptures used today.  But I tell you, I said many other words, but the ones in scriptures, are the words that so profoundly affected the thought patterns of those close to Me, that they remembered them, sufficiently to write them down.  They had impact.  They held power, when they were delivered.

    “They were not meant for, or isolated to, just a few.  They were delivered to the children of Earth.  And that is why I said often, we are all united, we are one.  ‘I AM in the Father,’ I said.  I said this many times.  I AM in God.  And you are in Me.  And I AM in you!

    “This broadens the inner circle, including all who will hear.  ‘Will hear’…implies there is a choice…and there is.  But I say to you, now, ‘Hear!’ 

    “‘How can you hear, when the world is so busy?’ you might ask.  And the answer comes.  ‘Take yourself to a quiet place, and be still.’  Soon, the word of God, flowing to you, will replace anything you could construct, or conceive.  It will remove all doubt, and it will wash you ‘free of judgment.’  It will be a pronouncement, ‘of great love,’ upon any situation you encounter.  But you have to open.  You have to be still.  You have to be willing to hear.

    “It is very much, like a telephone call being placed to one you love, a family member.  You dial the right number.  And they answer.  You ask a question.  And they respond.  But depending on where you are standing, and what those around you are doing, you either hear clearly, or you receive a garbled response, or you have no idea of what they are saying at all.  There could be much noise, all around you, and what they say to you, you do not understand; because, those close to you are making noise and talking.  It is disruptive.  The telephone call does not work very well.  And the question you asked, goes unanswered, because of the noise and disruption.  

    “It is the same thing, with prayer.  You know the number.  All you do is ask, ‘God, help me.’  It rings Home, and God answers.  But what is going on all around you, keeps you from hearing the response, with clarity.

    “When you place that call, for help, take yourself to a quiet place, where you can hear the response, and feel it. 

    “Some of you are operating with half-answers.

    “I AM going to give you an example.  And I want you to think about this, this week.  Let us use the telephone call to a family member:  You are at some place, a gathering, a group of people.  There is talking in the background.  And you are going to let your family member know what you are doing, and ask for instruction, hoping you can stay a bit longer; but still, out of consideration, asking for guidance, in that regard.  You make the call.  Home answers.  You set forth your petition, ‘I am here at this party.  Can I stay a bit longer, or do you need me at home?’  And because of the noise, you hear, ‘Hello.’  [followed by garbled reception of transmission…] And the next word you here is, ‘…home.’  [followed by more garbled reception of transmission…] And the next word you hear is, ‘…now.’  You hang-up, thinking you have the message, ‘Come home now’. 
    “Actually, and in reality, the message, coming to you from home, in complete sentence form, was ‘Hello.  All’s well here at home.  Enjoy yourself, go ahead and enjoy yourself now.’  A totally different message was sent; but, because of poor reception, garbled by noise and distractions, the telephone caller is left operating with the wrong answer, or an incomplete answer. 

    “My brothers and sisters, this happens with prayer, often.  Those calling Home, for help, frequently only hear certain things.  The noise and distraction interfering with the reception: can be coming from within, your own worries, concerns, doubts, fears; or, it can be coming from all around you, in the sound of a television blaring, music playing, people arguing and fighting.  But because of the noise and distraction interfering with reception, you either do not hear, or hear only part of, the answer  

    “As God spoke the words to Me, and I delivered the message to you, you can do the same.  In fact, this is what you are to do.  And you cannot do this, when there is noise and distraction all around you, and within you, because the message will not be clearly received.  This week practice this.  Do not ask for help while you are driving a car, at rush hour, with the radio going, and the children in the car arguing, from the front to the back, and the horns are blowing, and the lights are changing, and the traffic is irregular.  Go home.  Go outside, or go into a room, close the door, and be still.  And, you will ‘know,’ because that, which you receive, in quiet, will be complete, the answer will be clear.

    “Remember, I AM with you.  I AM in you.”

Sunday Sermons
July 26, 2009
It Is Time, To
Love One Another,
Be The Peacemaker

   “I AM with you this morning.  Feel My Presence, as it draws nearer.  And as you open, and embrace My Presence, feel the love, growing stronger.  Feel the energy around you, growing sweeter, delivering and settling upon you, the true peace, the eternal peace, of the Heavenly dimension.

    “As you feel this energy, wrapping you, enfolding you, and holding you, breathe deeply the air of Earth, and exhale The Love of God.  For every breath you take, is a prayer, bearing witness that you are upon the Earth.

    “Angels are moving, amongst those of Earth, in great numbers, passing through crowds, and corridors, and hillsides, over rivers, and seas, and deserts.  They are carrying with them … the ultimate energy … love.  And as they carry this ultimate energy of love, and move amongst those of Earth, even the one, with a closed heart, is touched; because, this energy they are carrying, and delivering, is floating over Earth, like incense, moving-out, inhaled by many, touching all.

    “It is the time.  And The Spirit of God is descending upon those of Earth, through the holy angels, delivering … the message, so it will become one with those of Earth, in a most profound way.

    “You have heard, that it was said, ‘…an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand,’ and so on…  But when I walked the Earth, some two thousand (2,000) years ago, I brought a new message.  ‘If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn the other to them.  If someone asks you for an article of clothing, such as a shirt, give them your coat too.  If someone forces you to walk a mile with them, walk two.’  When I delivered this message, I coupled with it, the ancient law, ‘…eye for eye, tooth for tooth…’ placing the new, above the old.

    “Do not be led astray, or into confusion, with these two.  Understand, from whence each has come, one from the oldest of times, the other, from the most current time.

    “Do not excuse the ignoring of the new command, by referring to one meant to guide those in the old way.  For, I brought the good news, the new message … of love, to stand atop all commands.  For it was time.  It was fulfilling the prophecy that at such a time, those of Earth would be ready to hear, and embrace, the new law.

    “‘Why are they so different?’ you might ask.  Well, if you are a parent, if you have observed parents, or, if you own parents did this when you were young; no matter what your position, you will take this in, and understand the two laws better.  When your child is fighting with a sibling, the first thing a parent does is say, ‘Stop fighting.  Don’t hit your brother or sister.  Stop kicking your brother or sister.’  And then, once the children have stopped fighting, then, the parent says, ‘…love your sister or brother.’  It is not the reverse.  While the children are fighting, the parent doe not say, ‘…love your sister, love your brother,’ and then, later, ‘…stop fighting.’

    “It is the same with these laws, that seems to be causing confusion.  At the time the first was delivered, there was fighting, how to handle this or that.  And, when someone did something that was against the law, or not acceptable or appropriate, often the punishment went beyond what was necessary.  And it was an acceptable thing to do.  Such as, someone hits you in the face, and you get angry, and you cut their arms off.  And, this was accelerating the injuries.  So the law had to come down to those fighting, ‘…eye for eye, tooth for tooth.’  That was all they understood at the time.  ‘Stop fighting!’  Justice for one time!

    “And when the older law seemed to catch on, it was then time…for, ‘…love your brother, or love your sister…,’ because, the children had stopped the fighting.  It is that simple. 

    “Yet today, upon the Earth, you still hear, ‘…eye for eye, tooth for tooth…’  So then, what you ‘know,’ is that the person is operating in the Old Testament, the old time.  It does not mean that you need to remain in the old time.  I brought the good news, the new time…love. 

    “Think of that, this week.  It will bring clarity for you, understanding these two commands, and putting them in their proper place, and actually seeing, that the one that seems very harsh, was actually meant to curtail, to stop, the fighting, so the brothers and sisters could then be told, ‘It is time to love one another.’

    “And now, the beautiful messengers, the powerful messengers of God, are moving.  You feel it in the air.  Some of you see their presence there.  And the incense they’re carrying with them is free-flowing, causing all those of Earth, to inhale, the ultimate energy, love.  Draw it in.  Bless it with your own love, and send it forth; for, it is time ... for the ultimate energy … love, to be inhaled by the children of Earth.

    “Be at peace this week.  Be a peacemaker this week.  And everything, and everyone, you touch; will be illuminated, with the ultimate energy, with love, sent from God, through you, to touch the Earth, with all you do…

“I love you.”

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 2, 2009
Speak To Me,
And I Will Answer,
Pray Often, And Proceed
On Your Mission With Faith

   “Today I speak to you about your mission, your goal, your purpose, and how you are to proceed, so it too, might be accomplished, just as Mine.

    “My brothers and sisters, I AM with you.  And I know of the things of Earth, for I too have passed over its beautiful valleys, stood in awe of a majestic sunrise, and found peace, as the setting sun marked the end of the day.

    “Some of you might say, ‘Well, You knew Your mission.  You knew how to proceed, and what to do.  God led You, the entire way.  You moved, by The Hand of God.’  And then, at the end, even if it goes unsaid, there is the voice within you, telling you that you do not know The Way, you are confused, or lost. 

    “My brothers and sisters, if you acknowledge that I knew My mission, and followed the plan, then surely, this understanding will lead you to see, that within you, lies the key. You too, ‘know,’ your mission, and the directions unfold, before you, as you move, one step after another.  It is the same for you, as it was for Me.

    “Some of you know fully, your mission, your goal.  Others know a piece of it.  And some of you are still waiting to hear, to remember, to awaken the knowing at the core of your being, and remember your purpose.

    “Now, for those of you who know, I say, ‘Proceed along The Way, and go, travel in good faith, knowing you are on a mission, for The Glory of God.  And what is not revealed to you at the moment…will be revealed to you…at the appropriate time.  Keep moving in faith.  This is, as I did it, walking in faith.’  But I add to that, ‘Pray often.’  Do not just pray once a day, or twice a day, pray throughout the day.  Even for the slightest question, ‘How do I do this?’ God will answer. 

    “And I say to you, especially to those who know a piece of your mission, ‘Hold-on-to that piece, embrace it, and move.  Walk along The Way, knowing it shall unfold.  Speak often to God.  Take yourself to a quiet place, and ask, and it shall be given unto you.  Do not hesitate to continue along The Way, because you do not see the entire picture.’ 
    Remember that part of the beauty of a sunrise is watching it appear in increments, knowing it is coming; but waiting to see The Glory.  That is how your mission is also.  So rather than thinking, ‘I only have a piece, and I need more,’ see your mission as a sun rising: giving you what you need, shining for The Glory of God.       
    And pray, often.  Do not limit your prayers to once or twice a day, either.  Speak often to God, of even the smallest of things.  If a friend comes to you, with disturbing news, or unkind statements, speak to God, before you respond.  If you are having an issue about anything, ask, and you will be led in the right direction.  Walk, watching your sun rise, and soon it will be noon.  Your way will be filled with light, and you will know.

    “To those who feel lost, who say you have no inkling of your mission, I say to you, ‘Be still.  For it is within you.’  This night, celebrate the setting of the sun.  Celebrate all you have done.  And then, go to a very quiet spot, and say unto God, ‘I celebrate all that I am, and I look, eagerly, toward tomorrow, to the day you will reveal the plan.’  And put your head on your pillow, and go to sleep knowing, fully, in faith, that when it is time, your sun will begin to rise, and you will see it breaking on the horizon.  That is the sign…that is the clue…that it is time…for you!    

    “For you see, My brothers and sisters, all things come at the right time.  And sometimes, everything is put on hold, in the face of freewill choices, and this and that.  But it proceeds, and it is all gathered-up into The Divine Plan.

    “You will find great comfort in building your communication with God; because then, you will know.  You will begin to exercise patience and understanding, knowing that: your time will come; your sun will rise; and, you will follow, with faith.

    “These things I say to you today, so that you might speak with God often, and be led by The Hand of God, all the days of your life.  Because as I speak to you today, these things that I say, are The Way I moved, The Way I lived, at a particular time, when I was upon the Earth, where all things are limited, except The Power of God, The Love of God, The Light of God, The Peace of God.

    “For God will touch a limited world, and all things will be possible.”

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 9, 2009
Pay Attention
To What You Are
Doing, Reject Temptation

   “Feel My Presence.  I AM with you, right now.  As the new day is breaking, I AM here, taking your hand. 

    “And My brothers and sisters, today I wish to say to you, ‘Pay attention to what you are doing.  Reject temptation.’  For, the ways of the world will try to turn you from your mission.  But your mission is holy, and the only way for it to be wholly completed, is for you to pay attention, and reject the temptation(s).

    “The temptations will come to you from those closest to you, sometimes.  Very often, temptations will come from your family, friends, those you love.  The temptation will come for you to stay in your place, to conform, to be in-line with their vision.  And you see, as I say these words, I know them to be true; because, I walked the Earth, just as you walk the Earth.  And those who tempted Me, to ignore My mission, were those who loved Me, very much.  At a gentle, early age, I was guided to remind my Earthly parents, that I had a mission, it was ‘of Heaven;’ and, ‘I must be about it…’ I told them. 

    “I had to remind My friends, as they struggled with the words I said, telling them, in no uncertain terms, that I would be with them for a while, show them The Way, and then…die, rise, and return to My Father, and your Father, My God, and your God.  But they did not want this to happen.  They wanted to keep Me with them.  So I had to say to them, ‘I must be about My mission, or it will not be complete.’

    “Often they did not understand.  Because you see, the vision of the world, would have considered Me a success, if I had stayed in one town, and practiced the trade of a carpenter, from Nazareth.  But the vision of the world is so limited.  And if you are not watchful and vigilant, it will bind you.  For you see, My mission had to do with hanging on a cross, and dying, and rising.

    “And this vision, appeared to the eyes of the world to be failure, when in fact, it represented honor and glory.  Even after My Great Passion, and rising, again, those I loved tried to hold Me in place, crying, seeking Me, afraid, and alone.  And I had to say unto them, ‘Do not hold Me.  I must return to Heaven.  But as I go to Heaven, you go forth, and continue My work.’ 

    “I spoke to them, and said, do not bind yourself, and do not bind others, with your limited view of what you, or they, should do.  It is tied up, in the words:  repent, forgive; bind, or loose.  For you see, you can tie-up and bind, your brothers and sisters, by refusing to forgive, and in the refusing of the forgiving, they are bound.  But in the glory of the forgiving, they are loosed.  You can bind yourself, by listening to the temptation(s).  But when you acknowledge the temptation, it is brought into The Light, and the chain, holding you, is severed, and you are free.

    “For, as you are upon the Earth, you have a mission.  You have a mission, just like I had a mission.  Therefore, to complete your mission, your sight must be on The Light of God, for the world will not know you, but God knows you, and your mission, and it is holy. 

    “Pay attention to what you are doing, and follow.  For God is your teacher, and The Holy Spirit is your counselor, and I AM walking beside you, as I know the walk, as I was upon the Earth.  Free yourself, to do your mission.  Free your brothers and sisters, to do their mission.  You can do this, by loving.  And when you believe you have loved to the highest level, to your fullest capacity, I say to you, ‘Love more.’ so that you might be the nutrient, that will assist them, in bringing forth the gifts, the fruits of The Holy Spirit of God.

    “I would like to speak to you, in a way that you might see more fully, giving an example that you might carry with you this week.  For, there are many trees in the orchard of Earth that are not bearing fruit.  If you pay attention, you will bear fruit.  If you pay attention, others will bear fruit. 

    “I tell you this story:  There was a man who had some property, and he bought some small fig trees, and planted them, on a hillside, knowing that they would produce figs, for his use.  The man had a gardener.  He came one day, sometime after the trees had been planted.  He looked at the trees, and called the gardener over, and said, ‘You are going to have to cut these trees down.  They have not produced figs.  Not one fig have they produced, yet they are soaking up the nutrients of the ground, drawing life from Earth, without producing fruit.’  The wisdom held in the gardener spoke, and the gardener said, ‘Master, let me work with these trees awhile.  Let me replenish the soil.  Let me make that place rich, so they might bear fruit.’

    “I would like you to think upon this, this week, because you are as the fig tree, planted upon the Earth, drawing energy from the earth.  Pay attention to what you are using to nourish your tree, your presence, your being, so that you might produce a bountiful harvest, of beautiful fruit.  Sink your feet into the earth, and draw-up the energy. 

    “For, I say unto you, ‘You will be taught by God; your counselor is The Holy Spirit, of God; and, I AM, The Gardener.  I will give you what you need, so that you might be sustained and nourished, and bear fruit.  And as you are sustained, encourage all your brothers and sisters around you, all the other trees around you, so that they too, might bear fruit.’

    “Do not bind them, by the vision of Earth, as it is limited.  Loose them, by the eternal vision of Heaven, which knows no bounds, and knows no bonds.

    “This week, pay attention to what you are doing, and bear fruit.” 

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 16, 2009
Your Cross,
And Follow Me,
It Is The Key To Freedom

   “I AM with you on this day.  I AM not far away from you.  I do not stand above you.  I sit next to you.  I sit amongst you.

    “Today, My brothers and sisters, I wish to say to you…that you must love…first.  Beyond all other things, first, there is love.  And The Way of Love will lead you to freedom.  For at the end of each day, if you can say, that you loved, beyond all measure, then there will be no shadows of darkness to separate you, from the love flowing to you, from God.  And in this way, you are free!  When you love first, there is no regret to tempt you into shadows; when you love first, you will not be tempted by confusion; for, all these things are set aside, as you carry-out your ‘intention to love...

    “Love makes The Way clear, the path straight, and easy to follow.’

    “The next thing I wish to say is, if you wish to follow Me, if your desire is to follow The Way, into Heaven, I say clearly, ‘Pick-up your cross, and come.’

    “Now, in most cases, your cross is nothing like My passion and death.  You will not be asked to endure this.  But in every case, for each one of you, My brothers and sisters, there is at least one cross to bear, as you make your way, toward freedom.

    “For some of you, the cross is not so heavy.  For others, the cross is very heavy.  And, as you rise above one, there might be another added.  For some of you, the cross might be ‘doubt.’  I say, ‘Pick-it-up!’  Do not leave it over in the shadows.  Pick-up your cross of doubt, and follow Me.  For in the walking, with Me, you will exchange your cross of doubt, for the gift of faith.  And all along The Way, as you carry your cross of doubt, there might be others who come from the crowds along the sides, or walking near you, to say, “…here, let me help you with that for a moment.  Let me share with you, my story, of how God lifted my cross of doubt, from me, and gave me, the freedom of faith.’ 

    “So, in your willingness to pick-up your cross, and follow Me, you will find you gain freedom; because, as you carry your cross, God will reach-out and say, “…here, I will help you.  Accept the gift, of faith, and come, follow My Son!’

    “For some of you, your cross might be ‘fear.’  This is a heavy cross.  The cross of fear can keep you in places, not knowing which way to go…afraid to go one way or the other…and so you remain, there, in fear.  But I say to you this day, if you will pick-up your cross, and come with Me, God will exchange your cross of fear, for the gift of knowing truth.  And along The Way, others will come to you, and say, ‘I will help you with that cross.  Here is my story.  For once I, too, carried the cross of fear.  But, as I carried it, I asked God to take it from me; and God reached-out, and exchanged my cross of fear, for the gift of knowing, truth; and, I was set free!’

    “For I tell each of you, if you will pick-up your cross, and then rise above it, saying, ‘God, Thy Will be done.  I am your faithful servant.  I wish to do Your Will…’ you will find, that these heavy burdens are lifted from you, no matter what your cross might be.

    “For you see, I walked the streets carrying a cross.  And even in My time of passion, there were people who tried to help Me, along the way, with: something to drink; or, a cloth to wipe My face; or a stronger shoulder, to lift the burden, from Me.  Still, it was Mine to bear, until I reached the place, where I was raised-up, because the cross had been accepted.  It was the ultimate altar.  And your cross can be your altar, too, where The Hand of God, passes over you, exchanging your burden, for freedom.

    “This week, if you wish to know freedom, be moved by The Hand of God, and none other.  Be filled with The Words of God, and none other.  Begin one hour at a time.  Because, in doing one hour at a time, you will come to see, how often you choose to do your will, rather than The Will of God.  Repeat the words, over, and over again, ‘God, Thy Will be done.’ 

    “Chase away negative thoughts.  When your thoughts are not of light, send them from you.  For if you are entertaining thoughts that are anything but light, you are not entertaining The Love of God.  This is a sign; I give to you this morning, ‘Hold only thoughts of light.’  In this Way, you will be filed, with The Light of God.  You will be doing, The Will of God, in your thoughts.

    “Hold your tongue, until your heart is filled with love.  And then, when you prepare to speak...speak only the words of love…and none other.  And then you will be filled with The Words of God.  You will be doing The Will of God in your thoughts, and in your words.

    “Before you step into action, check what it is you are about to do, so that all your deeds might be done, in The Light, and The Love of God…and none other.  For if any deed is not purely in The Light and Love of God, be still and send it from you.  In this Way, you can continue through every day.  In this Way, you will be sure you are doing The Will of God.  And when you put your head, upon your pillow, after completing a day, done by The Will of God, you will know freedom.  There will be no regrets, no sorrow, no frustration or confusion; because, the entire day is The Will of God.

    “This, My brothers and sisters, is The Key to Freedom: ‘It is the key to setting aside burden, the only way you can set it aside, is to pick-it-up, and rise above it!’

    “It is much similar to keeping your house orderly and clean.  The desire to have an orderly, clean house is not enough.  You must pick-it- up, and keep it clean. 

    “This day, I say unto you, ‘Pick-up your cross, and follow Me.  It is truly the path to freedom.’ ”

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 23, 2009
Follow Me
In The Way Of Love

   “I AM with you.  I AM with you today, not exactly as I was with those I gathered unto Me some two thousand years ago; but I assure you, I AM, profoundly, with you.

    “Today, My brothers and sisters, My words to you will be brief.  And I ask, that you take them upon your heart, so that you follow Me, using these words as your guidelines; and, that you go out, and do the same; for as I commissioned those who gathered around Me, many years ago, I commission you.  I commission those who gather around Me … now.  ‘Listen to My voice.  It rings throughout all time, and it is speaking to you.  Listen to what I say to you!

    “I come unto you, as The Good Shepherd.  I come into the world to gather the flock.  I come into the world, and I walk amongst you, and I speak ‘the words of love, and forgiveness, peace.’  And those, who are ready to hear the message, stop when they hear the words, and they follow.  They follow because they recognize the voice of The Shepherd, just as the sheep on a hillside recognize the voice of the shepherd.  And just as it is upon a hillside, where the sheep will not follow another voice, other than the shepherd, I say unto you, those who love Me, will not be led astray.  They will not answer, when they hear the voices calling for protestations, for anger, for judgment.  They will not be tricked, and led astray by those voices.  For those who are My flock, My sheep, will hear My voice, and resonate to the tone and vibration, to the message ‘of love, and peace.’

    “Those who follow Me will be led into a verdant pasture, gentle sloping hillsides, and an eternal presence, with God.  I speak to you, to those who say to Me, ‘I love You.’  And I say, ‘I love you.  Through all time, I AM with you, right now.  If you love Me, feed My sheep.  If you love Me, take care of My sheep.  Lead them, with a voice of peace, and love, so The Light will shine from you, so they can always see you, so the tone and the vibration of the words of peace, and love, catch their heart, and stir their soul and spirit into action.  Serve My sheep, for they will know, and remember the call … the words … the message.’

    “I send you, this day, to be amongst My sheep, as you are … one … and the same.  My voice has stirred you.  Now, I say unto you, ‘Let your voice be heard, and let it be peaceful, and loving.’  I say unto you, ‘I breathe upon you, The Holy Spirit of God.  Feed My sheep.  Take care of My sheep.  Because it has been written, walk amongst My sheep.  Whose sins you shall bind, they are bound.  Whose sins you shall release, they are set free.’ 

    “Walk amongst your brothers and sisters, and forgive all things, because in the forgiving, you set free.  Go out and forgive sin, wrongdoing.  In all ways, forgive.  Forgiveness is the first step toward healing.  In this way, take care of the sheep.  I send you forth, to do these things, because you say, you love Me.  And as you walk, and feed, and tend, and forgive, and bless, I AM with you. 

    “I AM eternally with you.  I AM the voice of The Good Shepherd, summoning the sheep to come, and follow Me, into verdant pastures … into eternity … 


Sunday Sermons
Aug. 30, 2009
Your Heritage,
Living Waters Flow
From God, Our Father

   “I AM with you.  I AM with you, on this day, to speak words, to assist you in walking through the week set before you.  For, when you awaken to the reality, and embrace your heritage, your walk upon the Earth will be altered.  It will no longer be the same.  Any chore, any task, any work, or play, or fun, you experience, will no longer be the same, because you will ‘know.’ 

    “You will remember, and you will know, who you are, and that which propels you, through your day, will be The Breath of The Holy Spirit.  And you will accept the wisdom, and the love, and the power, and the gifts, flowing to you, and within you, in such a way, that they will flow from you, blessing Earth.

    “These words are simple.  These words are the truth.  Yet, it is difficult for many of you to accept.  But, as I said many times, when I was walking in a physical body upon the Earth, ‘God is My Father, and your Father, My God, and your God.’

    “Take a few minutes, and really hear The Word, as I did not say this lightly, or without purpose.  And so it is, that I ask you to repeat these words, through the coming days, over, and over, and over again…

    “God is my Father, my Mother, my Creator!

    “I ask you to do this, because, in this way, the message will soak into you.  Every time you say it, you bring the truth more firmly into the earthly dimension with you.  And My brothers and sisters, it is time for you to ‘awaken to this truth;’ because, this truth, will make your walk upon the Earth, a delightful journey. 

    “Further, I say this unto you, ‘Just as the living waters flowed from within Me, and flow from within Me in the present, living waters flow into, and through you!’  Take a few moments to embrace this truth. 

    “For all those who thirst, I call unto Me, and the waters flowing within Me, and from within Me, will be poured-out upon you, so that you too, might be filled, and satisfied, thirsty no more.  This I will always do.  But what I wish for you to understand is, the living waters flow to you, too.  You too have the ability to thirst no more.  You too have the ability to shower upon others, the living waters. 

    “Living waters, eternal life.  It is all, within you.

    “If you will sit quietly today, and begin every day, for the rest of this week, acknowledging your heritage, as a child of God, embracing the gifts that are yours, by your birthright, and being filled to overflowing with the living waters, miracles will happen all around you!  For just as the living waters flow through Me, they flow through you.  Feel their presence, living waters…the bloodline, from your spiritual parent.  Let the living waters flow through you.  Let the living waters flow from within you, onto the Earth.

“Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 6, 2009
Baptized By
The Holy Spirit,
Being Taught By God

   “Feel My Presence; for I AM walking with you.  If you will be still, you will feel My Presence with you.  It must be this way, because … I AM … with you!

    “Breathe in, slowly, filling yourself, with life, and you will know, I AM, with you.  

    “In physical form, I walked the Earth, some two thousand years ago.  And those I gathered unto Me, knew Me.  They felt My Presence with them.  They knew God, and The Power of God, through Me: they saw the miracles; they ate from My hand; and they were comforted in My arms.  And, because of these things, they believed in Me.

    “I say to you, this day, ‘You are more blessed than they, for you believe: without seeing a physical form; without eating from My hand, passing you the bread and the cup.  You believe in Me, and you are comforted in Me.  You do not see My physical form; yet, you believe. 

    “No one can tell you to believe, and it be so, because, belief springs from the core of your being, the place where you go, when you are still.  And, it is there, in that light, in that piece of God that you are, eternally, that we have recognition, understanding, love.  It is your ability to contact this center, this core of your being, which is the doorway to believing.  It is a gift.  And it requires that you do something to accept the gift, given to you, by The Hand of God.

    “Those who knew Me, were baptized by John.  They were baptized in water, as an outward sign, saying, ‘I believe.’  Baptism is an outward sign of faith, someone’s faith.  Whether you step to the place of baptism on your accord, moved by your own power, or whether another carries you there, you arrive at the place of baptism through faith, either your faith, or another’s faith.  Yet, when you are baptized by The Holy Spirit of God, there is a power that pours into you, that is eternal.  It brings to you…inner strength…it is another step along The Way.

    “Baptism by The Holy Spirit is: a badge; a reward; another level…of believing.  It gives you the ability to move-out into the world, with confidence, knowing, at the core of your being, that God is with you.  And although this is amazing, when it is pondered, and considered, and finally known, there is yet something grander which comes to you.  And that is: the ability to move with confidence; being led, by The Holy Spirit of God; being taught by God! 

    “Concerns, worries, doubts, and fears fall away from you, the day you awaken to the truth, and know, you can be led by God.  It requires only, that you be still, and ask.  And then, riding on The Wings of The Holy Spirit, move in that direction, with confidence.  One day your direction might be to go to the right, the next, it might be, to turn to the left.  One day it might be stop, be still.  The next day, it could be, move forward with enthusiasm. 

   “You see, The Way, is never boring or dull.  It is a glorious adventure, a journey directed by God.  And it is yours.  It is within you.  All you have to do is accept, and follow.  It is so simple, that many feel it must be made more difficult.  The temptation is to think it must be harder than this.  How can it be so simple?

    “It requires surrender.  It requires an inner stillness.  It requires faith.  It requires believing, without seeing, the physical form.  And it is all, within you. 

    “There is no better preparation, for walking into the world every day, than slipping on the coat of confidence, passed to you on The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God.  No matter how many degrees you might carry, from the institutions of higher learning created by man, no matter how many hours you have spent toiling, preparing for the task at hand, it all pales, in comparison, to the preparation, of simply being still, and asking … God.  For in this way, you have eternal guidance.  It is not the fleeting ‘knowledge,’ of man.  It is the eternal ‘wisdom,’ of God.  And it is all, within you!

    “As I sent forth those around Me, some two thousand years ago, I send you forth today.  And I ask you to try, one hour at a time, moving over the Earth, riding The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God.  It is a ride of joy.  It is a ride of peace.  And it is a ride of love.  Go forth … and ride … The Wind.” 

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 13, 2009
Let Go
And Get
Into The Flow
Of Living Waters

  “I AM with you.  Breathe deeply.  I AM with you.  In the present time…now… I AM … with you!

    “The present is where the action is.  You live, and it is the present time, of all that is.  You live, and it is the present piece, of eternity.  But many upon the Earth do not live at all; they exist: in fear, and doubt, worry, concerns about this, or that, or the other; trembling from things that happened in the past; dreading the future; totally missing the present, and all the gifts it holds.

    “The soothing balm of the present is peace.  It is yours.  If you will breathe deeply, and feel the current around you, being still and quiet, you will experience the present. 

    “Very few, who exist upon Earth, experience the peace, you just felt; yet, it is available to all. 

    “Today, I wish to speak to you about the importance, of letting go, of getting in the flow.  Often, when you see a river, or a stream, a body of moving water, you are drawn to it, innately, you are drawn to it, whether it is your eyes, gazing upon it, whether it is the desire to sit next to it, or possibly, to jump into to it, to swim, to play.  No matter what compels you, you are drawn to the river.  Often, societies have proclaimed that “…along the river banks.  That’s the place to set-up camp!”  Cities built alongside rivers seem to thrive.  It is a life giving force.  And from ancient times, this feeling remains within you, the understanding, the importance, of free-flowing water.  So you are drawn to it.  You eat the fish from it.  You play in it.  The water from it sustains you when you are thirsty, and is used to water the crops to feed you.  The creatures of the Earth, the blessed animals, seek it out.  It is a place representing life…living waters.  Yet, most drawn to the living waters are content: to stick their toe in, it feels good; to watch it moving by, how interesting; to take food from it, and to taste the fish; or, to use the water to nourish the garden, and make it grow. 

    “But I say to you today, rather than existing from that which the river provides, why not try living within the river.  Let go, and let the river carry you, experiencing every bank, every shore, every rock and different current, moving with the fish.  Today I ask you to consider, getting off the bank, and getting into the river.  It will carry you where you need to go.  You have existed from the riches of the river.  Now, it is time to live within the river. 

    “It is possible.  The invitation is open.  It is there.  All you have to do is let go, and get into the flow.

“Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 20, 2009
I AM The Way,
If You Believe In Me,
You Will Rise-Up, And
Live In The Light Of God

  “I AM with you.  Feel My Presence, now, with you.  I AM with you as surely as I was with those who accompanied Me, and gathered around Me, some two thousand years ago.  And, The Holy Spirit of God has been poured forth upon you.  The Holy Spirit of God is presently with you.  Feel Our Presence, and know Us! 

    “I say unto you, there are many, many people, who read the accounts of My life, who call Me Master, and Lord, who do not know Me at all.  They speak the words.  They tell the stories.  But they are only words, and only stories; for, they do not know Me.  You cannot know Me, if there is one who is hungry, and you do not feed them.  You cannot know Me, if there is one who is without clothing, and you do not clothe them.  You cannot know Me, and deny your brothers and sisters: kindness, or generosity, or love.  Because what you do unto the least of these, you do, unto Me. 

    “For you see, this is how the world will know the enlightened ones of God.  The followers of The Way do not curse each other, they bless each other.  They do not deny each other, they feed, and give drink, and clothe each other.  Those who follow The Way do not worry.  They are not fearful.  They do not speak of their concerns.  They do not live in chaos.  The followers of The Way ask God, and receive.  The followers of The Way seek, and know.  This is the outward sign of the enlightened children of God. 

    “If you know Me, if you are filled with The Holy Spirit of God, if you carry The Light without shadow or darkness covering it, you will know The Way. 

    “It is all there, within you.  But you must rid yourselves of shadow and darkness, so your light is bright, so you can hear clearly, so you can see.  Once you are able to ask God, and hear, and know, then you will be truly awakened.  For without knowing, and seeing, and hearing in The Light, in The Eternal Light, you are as the dead.  True life, springs forth, from The Light of God that is, within you.  Know this.  For this is why I said, ‘I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  I AM The Life.  I AM The Light of the world.’  And: ‘we are one.  I AM in you, and you are in Me.’

    “Wake from the dead, and live in The Light.  Once this awakening takes place, and you are enlightened, and following The Way, do not be tempted to judgment.  If any speak to you of judgment, close your ears, and turn your eyes from them, so that you will not be tempted.  Do not judge; for, in the judging of another, you are creating your own judgment; for as you judge, the tongue of judgment is in your head. 

    “These things I say unto you, because it is time.  It is time to quit reading words and speaking words you do not believe.  If you believe … in Me … rise-up from the dead … and live in The Light of God.  For I say to you this day, there is no reason to worry, fear, doubt, or to live in chaos or confusion.  And, if that is the case, it is a sign that you are living in shadow or darkness.  For The Hand of God takes care of the birds, and the flowers, and the trees, and The Hand of God will take care of you.  If you will hear, and see, and know the truth, the truth will set you free.  Rise-up from the dead, and live, in The Light…of God.” 

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 27, 2009
Be Free
Of Judgment,
Forgive All Things In Love,
Forgive All Things And Live

  “I AM amongst you.  I AM present, with you.  Be still, and feel My Presence, as I AM here…now.  And this day, I speak briefly to you, in answer to so many prayers, prayers calling-out, in hope, and trust, to be relieved, of the energy, of judgment.  And My brothers and sisters, with the greatest love that I can send to you, I tell you how to do this.

    “Judgment is an energy, a temptation, which can become an aspect of your personality, through the process of freewill choices.  Judgment is not an affliction, it is a temptation.  And it is possible, through desire and constant practice, to turn from temptation, and embrace light.  It is possible; but, it requires practice.  Once you understand that engaging in the temptation of judgment inhibits your forward progress along The Way, you will be more eager to practice turning from it.  You see, the goal is to be in the free-flowing love of God, constantly, to be communicating with The Creator, constantly, so that you become the hands, and the eyes, and the feet, and the tongue of God, upon the Earth, blessing all things, seeing the possibilities, understanding creation.

    “When you engage in judgment, it hinders your progress, your communication with God, your mission; because, you cannot be engaged in communication with The Creator, and beings of great light, while you are entertaining aspects of another’s situation, or an event.  You are giving time and space to the energy of others or other things, so you are distracted from your goal.  Understand that judgment is something that you elect to do.  When you really put your effort into it, you will realize, that the temptation of judgment, although with you constantly, especially on Earth, is a choice.  And when you begin to practice rejecting that temptation, you will realize that you have an amazing communication with God, and beings of light.  You will be walking, more fully, in love.  And you will be living to the fullest; because, you will not be in another’s space and time, you will be in your own space and time.  You will be living, your present moment, in The Light of God.  And this is your gift to God.  God gives you the opportunity, and you turn from the temptation, and walk into The Light.

    “This, My brothers and sisters, is the key.  And so many of you call-out each day, ‘Please help me rid myself of this judgment, it is keeping me down.’  You call-out, because you recognize, at the core of your being, it is an impediment; it is not serving you well at all.

    “So today, I say unto you, pay attention to your own situation.  Do not be tempted to go into another’s energy.  Speak to God.  Open to God.  Communicate with the beings, of the Heavenly Dimension.  Walk the Earth, connected to God, and you will be less tempted by judgment.

    “Judgment hinders your progress along The Way, because it takes from you energy, and time.  You cannot be efficient in what you are doing, if you are concentrating on another’s situation using the energy of judgment.  Spend your time blessing and delivering The Love and The Light of God.  Some of you are blessed with the gift of power, which means that you can magnify greatly, that which is sent to you, to bless the Earth more completely, more fully.  Some of you are blessed with many other gifts, such as love.  Add to your mission, using your gift(s).  Reject the temptation of judgment.  It is an inhibiter.  It is a temptation.

    “As you walk through this week, remember to be efficient.   Communicate with God.  Reject the temptation of judgment.  Forgive all things in love.  Forgive all things, and live.”