"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 11, 2009
You Are
The Light
Of The World

  “I AM with you.  We are one.  Feel My presence with you, as this day has begun.  And it will be a day of great joy, and peace, and light.  For, as I sit with you  . . . 
I say to each of you  . . .  ‘You are the light of the world!’

    “Before your body was formed, God gave you the light of life, eternal life, and this light will remain with you forever, as it is forever yours.  The light, you carry, at the core of your being, can be diminished by denial, by refusal, by the act of ignoring it.  Yes, it can be dimmed by you; but, it cannot be extinguished, for it is a piece of God!

    “You carry the light.  Each person, inhabiting the planet of Earth, carries the light of God.  And when each individual makes the freewill choice to call forth the light, in its full glory, Earth will be: a ball of light, showing The Way; returned to its rightful place; no longer in shadow, or darkness.  But it requires each individual piece to be ignited fully.  And this will be your choice.

    “The Time of Great Light, a period of enlightenment, will settle over all the Earth: when each individual decides to call forth the light of God, and let it shine, as it is intended to shine; when each individual makes the choice, to bring forth the light of God, into the dimension of Earth.

    “It is a great honor to be assigned a mission upon Earth.  And you do God an honor, by calling forth the light, by bearing the light, by holding the light.  Your gift to God is bringing forth the light.  But it is your choice. 

    “Most of you are aware that a lamp, or another fixture for lighting, can sit in a room, and the room can be totally dark, until a switch is turned-on, and the light receives the power of electricity.  And then, the light illuminates the darkness.  This is exactly how it works with the light that you carry within.  For you are filled with energy.  Energy is flowing through you all the time.  When you choose to open to the energy of God, fully, turning from darkness and shadow, and choosing to do the will of God, by calling forth the light, it is like turning-on the switch in a darkened room.

    “This week, think of yourself, as the light.  Know that one person does make a difference.  See: that even in a dark room, one candle brings forth the light; one switch turns on a lamp, and the light, coming from the lamp, moves through the room, and the room is no longer in darkness.  Everywhere you go, you carry the light of God. 

    “I said these things as I walked the Earth two thousand years ago, and I repeat them today, as I AM the light of the world, My brothers and sisters, I say also, ‘You are the light of the world.’ (NIV Matthew 5:14)   And when each of you remembers this, and calls forth the light at the core of your being, Earth will be illuminated.

    “It is possible.  All you have to do is to call forth the light of God, and let it flow through you, into the dimension of Earth. 

“You are the light of the world.”   

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 18, 2009
The Kingdom
Of God Is At Hand,
It Is Near To You, It Is Yours

  “Feel My presence with you, now. 

    “I place My hand upon your shoulder, and from it you draw My strength.  I AM with you, know this.  You are not alone, know this.  Know this, and be at peace.  Know this, and enjoy your time upon the Earth.  Know this, and be in The Light of God.

    “The things I say to you this morning, I say briefly so you might hold on to these thoughts, these truths, and carry them into the week with you, remembering them in their simplicity.  For I tell you, ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand.  The Kingdom of God is near to you.  The Kingdom of God, My brothers and sisters, is yours.’

    “My destiny was to fulfill the prophecies.  And this I did.  But what was expected in the fulfillment of prophecy, many did not comprehend, understand, or recognize, when it was fulfilled in their time.

    “With My coming upon the Earth, I brought The Secret, The Way to conquer all enemies, to sit upon the throne, to know the ways of God.  For hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of years the ‘chosen ones,’ chose war, many times.  And, it was quite obvious, and is quite obvious, and will always be quite obvious: that war never settles anything; that fighting does not resolve the issues; that discord does not bring peace.  The only way to put your foot upon the enemy’s head is to be at peace, and to refuse war, and give only love.  There cannot be a fight, or a war, or discord, without two parties.  It takes more than one.  I brought all the answers from God, speaking the words from God.  They did not recognize the answers, the words, because they were so far from God. 

    “I came.  I fulfilled.  And the old way, the old covenant, was accomplished, done.  And in My presence upon the cross, and in the rising-up, the key was turned, opening the gate to a new time.  And I said unto them, ‘I AM The Way.  Come, follow Me.’ for any could walk through that gate, leaving destruction behind, walking into balance, and harmony, and peace, with love as the new covenant.  Remember this, love is The Way.  The old ways do not bring peace.  I brought you the truth, I brought you The Way, walk in it. 

    “Do not waste your time storing-up treasures on Earth, as Earth will pass away, and the treasures will become encrusted with rust, tarnished, some treasures torn apart, some stolen, hidden.  They will be scattered on the wind.  They are a distraction.  The Kingdom of God is waiting for you, and it is all about love.

    “I say unto you, this will mark those who love Me, that they love their brothers and sisters.  Love, as I love you.  Serve; do not seek to be served.  Love; do not seek to be loved.  Give; do not seek to be given to.  For each time you serve, is a light.  Each time you love, another light is ignited.  Your place of glory within The Kingdom of God is real.  It is eternal.  Waste not your time on storing-up illusionary treasures.  Be still, and accept the gift of eternal treasure, which is life with God, The Creator of all things.  I say unto you, this most important thing, ‘Love each other, the way I love you.  It is the only way.  It is the truth.  And within this love, is real life.’

    “The gate is thrown open.  The Light will illuminate the path.  I AM The Way, I AM the truth, and I AM the life.  Come.  Turn away from illusion, and walk into The Light, and the eternal truth of your Creator.  Walk into your eternal heritage; for it is at hand; it is near.  Once you turn and walk into The Light, Heaven will be with you, for Heaven is in you.

“Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 25, 2009
Those Who
Do Not Love You,
Follow Me Along The Way
Into The Kingdom Of God, Today

  “Feel My presence with you: it is My intention that you recognize the energy around you is slightly different; it is gentle, yet powerful; it is confident, yet open and loving; it is My presence with you.  Feel the difference, and know, so that you will always know, and feel Me. 

    “You see, you can feel me, now, because in eternity, there is no time; nothing is impossible; all things are possible in eternity.  And, at the core of your being, exists: the eternal one that is you; the eternal one that is My brother, or sister; the eternal one that is of God, from God, carrying DNA of The Eternal Parent, God.  Knowing this changes all things.  Knowing this brings a sense of wellbeing, and trust, and faith that what is not working-out right now, will be worked-out.  It is the Divine Plan.  Those who “know,” are patient to let it work-out, as it is intended to work-out.

    “The atmosphere to make this possible, to make all things come together, is the atmosphere ‘of love, unconditional love.’  For when there is the atmosphere of love, there is no fear, there is only trust, that there will always be love.

    “Therefore today, My brothers and sisters, as I was sent forth, I send you forth, with this anthem.  It is not enough to love those who are kind, and sweet and gentle, and loving to you.  For that is actually…worldly.  Who would not love someone who is kind, and sweet, and gentle?  It does not require much.  But what I am asking you to do this week, requires an intention and a desire to bring about The Kingdom of God upon the Earth…now…in the present time.  And this is possible, by going forth this day, with the intention to love beyond the measure, or the comprehension, of the world.  For this will mark you.  This will set you apart.  This will make a peacemaker.

    “I send you forth to go into this week: to love those who mock you; to love those who betray you; to love those who spit upon you and curse you; to love those who would kill you.  I send you forth to love those most difficult to love.  Because, if you will do this, you will stop: the mockery, the cursing, the hatred, the anger.  You will stop it all.  It requires only, the desire to do so, to be the first. 

    “Be the first, to extend your hand to those who would not do so to you.  Be the first, to invite to your table those who would not invite you.  Be the first, to offer all that you have to those who would deny you.  For this is the sign, this is The Way.

    “I send you forth, this day, to be the light of the world.  I send you forth, this day, to walk upon the Earth, in such a way, that all those you pass, will turn their heads and say, ‘There is the holy one, the one of God, the one who is awakened, the one who is enlightened.  Let us go with him/her.  Let us follow, into the light of a new time, a new day.  Let us all follow The Way.’

    “I send you forth, as I was sent forth, and within you is The Power of God.  Be undaunted.  Do not be fearful.  My eternal brothers and sisters, it is time, and you are ready.  Rise-up.  I give you My hand.  Take it, and follow Me…into The Kingdom of God…today.”

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 1, 2009
Spirit Is Life
And My Words
Are (Of Spirit) Life

  “I AM with you, right now, in the present, I AM with you.  And if you will be still, and feel the air around you, you will know I AM with you.  What you feel is My love for you.  What you feel is Spirit.  And as I breathe upon you, The Breath of Spirit fills you with life.  For, you are dead, holding no life, until The Breath of Spirit fills you.

    “I speak to you today, so that you might understand what it is to live.  There is no life without Spirit, for you are first, foremost, and eternally Spirit.  And it is a full and engaging life, filled with endless possibilities, wonders, delights.

    “Right now, each one of you reading, or hearing My words, is engaged in a mission.  The mission is your choosing.  Some of you find yourselves on a mission of service, service to your brothers and sisters, service to God, most assuredly. 

    “If you are numbered among those who are occupied in such a way as to provide service to others, accept this blessing fully, and embrace it, as there is no more noble calling than to be one who serves.  For, the one who serves is lifted-up.  For the one who serves must have something to give, to offer.  You would not be the provider, or the server, unless there was something within you, of value to give.  Your mission is noble. 

    “You might say, ‘Well, here I am, occupying a place of service to others.  What do I have to give, really?’  So I say this to you today, because it is important to all, but most especially to those of you who are in occupations of service to others.  ‘You have the gift of life to give, life more fulfilling, life rich, true life.’ 

    “The words I speak to you today are Spirit, inspired by, and created of Spirit.  The words I speak to you today are life.  As I speak these words, of Spirit, to you, they give you life.  And this is how you minister to those in your care, speaking…the words of Spirit, and delivering…life.

    “If you question this, or do not fully understand what I AM saying to you, I speak of the importance of Spirit, the importance of comprehending that the body does not live without Spirit.

    “It takes just one example, that if you have not experienced, you have at least seen, or read about.  I want you to envision this.  Two people fall in love.  It is a love in which both are open and receptive to the feelings coming from the other.  When two people fall in love, they speak words to each other that are filled with the emotion of love.  The words are of Spirit, delivering life.  They have thoughts of each other, about love, intense, powerful thoughts, and feelings.  And those feelings moving from one to the other is Spirit, the power of Spirit, delivering life.

    “These two people, the examples for today, after experiencing this exchange of loving words of Spirit, and thoughts and feelings, are altered physically.  They look happy.  Their walk is no longer slow and burdened, but has a spring to it.  They look younger.  They feel better.  And people say, ‘Oh, they look that way, because they are in love.’  I say to you, they look that way, because they are…in Spirit.  Life has been delivered to them.  It is the life of Spirit.  This is how it works.  Understand this.  If you can remember, recall your own feelings, or have seen it in another, you will know it is a physical alteration, because of the living word.  And it is powerful, more powerful than any medication upon the Earth, because it delivers true life.  And true life is Spirit.  The body will fade away, will pass away, but Spirit exists eternally and forever. 

    “You might recognize what I AM saying to you, to some degree, some of you lesser, some of you more fully, because of your own experiences.  You can also add to this, that if one of these two people is ‘in love,’ but the other does not welcome, or is not open to, the love, it does not have the same result.  It is the same with you and God, with you and Me.  If you are not open, you do not get the full benefit, of the living word.  I can whisper it to you.  I can settle the concept within you.  The message is delivered in a myriad of ways, but if you are not open to it, the life carried within the words, within the Spirit, does not fill you.      

    “So I say to you today, be open to the love of God, for it is flowing to you.  Be open to My love, as it is coming to you.  Be open to the guidance of The Holy Spirit.  And once you are in this relationship with God, you can bring the miraculous gift of true life to all you touch, depending on their degree of openness to you, you will deliver abundance of life.  Those of you who are serving others, once you open fully and embrace the love of God, in your altered state, you can pass your gift to others. 

    “This is how it begins, one, to one, to one.  And it does not take long before an entire area is touched, and brought to life, resurrected by the living word.  This is the power.  This is the secret.  This is the connection to God.  Serve ample portions of the living word, and you will grow, and you will live, and all around you will spring to life.  The Garden of Eden will be reborn, and resurrected, within you, and live, all around you.

“My words are Spirit, and Spirit is life.”

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 8, 2009
The Christ
Of The New Age,
Shall Come From Within, You

  “I sit with you, right now.  Feel My presence with you, as it is My intention for you to do so, so that you might know Me better.  For in truth, in eternity, there is no time, all things are open, and happening now.  Open your heart, so you might feel My Presence with you, now.

    “It is important, this day, for you to wake-up, for you to turn-on-the- light that you carry within you, so you might see clearly, what is happening. 

    “Do not be fooled, or misled, or distracted, as so many were at the beginning of the age, some two thousand years ago.  These people knew, they waited for the signs.  But, they were misled.  They assumed…how the signs would be delivered…and their thought process brought them to an erroneous assumption.  So many of them missed the teachings of the new age, the new time, because they turned their heads from the simple, to embrace stacks, and stacks, of rules, and regulations, because the rules and regulations which bound them, felt more comfortable, than the freedom of truth, the freedom of simplicity, the freedom of love.  They were so bound-up in their rules and regulations, in their extremely limited knowledge, that they could not release them, to embrace freedom.

    “Now, we stand at the edge of a new age, a new time.  And it is the same.  There will be many who totally miss the message, and the messenger, because this time, the messenger will not be in the form of one delivering many, the messenger will come in the many, delivering to The One.  The Christ figure of this age will be in each one who is awakened and enlightened by their will to be so.  And the message, and The Words delivered, will not come from intelligence, institutions, or rules and regulations, limited by what human beings know at the time.  It will be, as it was before, the message, the direction of God, will come, in The Words of God, through the lips of those who are willing to set their egos aside, recognizing that eternal wisdom is available for all, if one will but open to it.

    “Release those things that have bound you, restricted you, and limited you, and awaken to the coming of the new time, taking place, within you.  For within you is the eternal corridor, the pathway, the connection to The Creator of All Things.  And it is through this vast corridor, into each one of you walking upon the face of the Earth, that The Word will be delivered.  And those, who are willing to stand-up and speak The Word, will bring it forth into the dimension of Earth. 

    “This is as it should be, and as prophesied, ‘They will all be taught by God.’  And to ensure that this is the case, The Holy Spirit will fill each one of you.  This Way ensures that each person understands, from the core of their being.  It is time for the enlightened ones to rise-up, and deliver the message, ‘Earth is Heaven, a piece of Heaven which will be restored, because it cannot be stopped, it has begun.  Therefore, those, who are ready to walk into The Kingdom of God, rise-up, it is time!’

    “I tell you these things to assist you.  If you are not lifting-up, you are being lifted-up.  And you feel lighter and happier, when you are lifting-up.  When you are being lifted-up, as strange as it might seem, you feel heavy.  It is within each one of you to lift-up.  And you get to this stage by understanding energies, and how they work.

    “Some of you might say to Me, ‘Well, Jesus, if we are so misled, how do we know which energies to work with?’  And I say this to you, so you will always know, because you are always choosing which energy to work with, even if it is a thought process, or making a simple statement, or performing an action, or a task, or a chore you perform all the time.  ‘You have a choice about which energy you are going to use to complete the thought, the word, the chore, the task.  Now, if you choose to work with certain energies which tend to have a heavier vibration, a slower vibration, you will get tired, worn-out, sometimes exhausted, because that particular energy, by its very nature…feeds on you, the energy drains you.  But then again, if you select the energies which have a higher vibration, joyful energies, energies filled with light, you feel lighter, and happier, about the thought, the word, the chore, the task, because in this particular situation, it is the characteristic of that energy…to feed you.  The slower energies, feed upon you, and the energies vibrating at a higher rate, feed you.’  I do not need to explain to you how it might feel, experiencing one and then the other.  So, you will always know, from this day forward, which energy you have selected to use.  It is your freewill choice.  But it is time for you to act in such a way, as to let all know that you have this basic knowledge, this wisdom of eternity, ‘I know The Light; therefore, I choose The Light.’  And you will ‘know,’ those who know The Light, because they will be joyful, and happy, and filled with The Light. 

    “I say to you, to each of you, whether you are hearing My words, or reading My words, ‘From you…will come the next Christ figure…It comes, from within you.’ 

    “It is time.  And you are ready.  To those of you compelled to rise-up and follow Me into the new day, the new time, I say, ‘I AM walking with you.  The only command is love.  That is it.’ 

    “As you are called, so you shall call others.  It is time for you to call-out to all who will hear your words, filling the Earth with the promise of fulfillment.  It is time for you to say, ‘Come, rise-up, and walk with me.’ 

    “Say these words, know these words, for they are now yours to say, ‘I am the resurrection.  I am the life.  I am The Way.’ Let God’s Love, and Light, and Power propel you, into the new time, bringing forth The Will of God, so that the veil is lifted, and Earth is restored, as The Garden, in Heaven, it was intended to be.

    “Now that you know, use the energies of Light, so that you might be fed manna of Heaven, and lift-up all those who come to you, for you truly are the life, of the new time.
It has been written on your heart.  If you are upon the Earth at this time, it is yours to do.  The messenger comes, from within you.  Rise-up and follow, it is time.  Come.  We are the resurrection.  We are the life.  We are The Way.  Let it begin, anew, today.  Come.”
Sunday Sermons
Nov. 15, 2009
Keep Your
Lines Of Communication
With The Heavenly Dimension
Open, With Prayer And Meditation

  “Feel My presence with you.  My sisters, My brothers, feel My presence.  Time is not a barrier.  Place does not set you aside, or confine you.  Condition is temporary and fleeting.  As I come to you today, those hearing My words, or reading My words, know Me, better.

    “As I speak to you, feel your feet.  They will become warmer and more relaxed.  As I speak to you, feel your heart.  It will become warmer, and open to the possibilities of eternity.  I say these things because, since there is no barrier, to each one of you I will be speaking directly, washing your feet, in the warm waters of God’s Golden Love; and, caressing your heart, implanting My Love.  I will implant My Love, and as a small mustard seed, it will grow-up to be full, and rich, and abundant.                                                       

    “I sit with each one of you today, just as brother talks to sister, or brother talks to brother.  There come days when it is time to: be still; open; and accept.  And upon the Earth right now, the time has come.  If you can get yourself to a place which is peaceful and quiet, you will feel: the washing of your feet; the planting of the seed; the opening of your heart. 

    “Today I speak to you of simple things, because basically, what is necessary is to pray…often.  In fact, your life can be a living prayer.  Prayer is communication.  Now, if you are to do your mission, well, it requires that you maintain the avenues of communication, and that you do so in such a way that you can communicate with those who desire to assist you all along The Way.

    “I guess the best example of this would be, when upon the Earth, you send brave and noble human beings out into space, on a mission, gathering information, opening the doors for those to come…after.  And those who go into space do not go alone.  They are tethered to the ship, and remain ‘in communication,’ with those at home base.  And when all things are working, and all systems are ‘go,’ the mission goes well.  It is only in times when those on the mission are cut-off from home base that there is a feeling of doubt, fear, frustration, or worry…‘What do we do now?’  And the first thing they usually do, is try to reestablish the connection with home base, so the instructions are clear and precise, so the mission is not carried-out in worry or concern, or in simply acting and reacting. 

    “And this is what I say to you, My brothers and sisters, today, ‘Your establishing and maintaining communication, with your real home base, heaven, in prayer and meditation, will lead you throughout your mission upon the Earth, in a way which inspires confidence, faith, hope, and trust in others.

    “Sometimes you might say, ‘Why am I going through this, God?  I have, pretty much, offered You my life.  Yet, these obstacles keep appearing, and reappearing, and sometimes, they seem insurmountable.’ 

    “Well, My brothers and sisters, I say to you, that ‘At those times, when your obstacles seem like giant boulders, you are to be the example.  How do you remove, go around, or climb over the obstacle?  It is at those times that others are watching, closely.
It is not difficult to walk through a sun-filled day, confident, when everything is going your way.  What brings attention to The Glory of God is when others see you, in what they consider to be a stressful situation, and you rise-up and walk through it, as if you are walking on water, with the grace and the ease of an angelic being.’ 

    “I do not sit with you, wash your feet and caress your heart, to tell you that your mission will always be easy.  I do tell you that The Truth will always be available to you, just as it is right now.  The answer to your prayer is just a call away.  But I do want to say this to you, ‘Do not expect total revelation of where you are to go, and how you are to do it…all of the things that go into what might be considered more an operations or business plan, because this is just not the way it works.’  You are dealing with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of freewill choice decisions, being made by the second, by the minute, hour or day.  And this is why I say, ‘Keep the communications open; because, you will be led, step-by-step.’

    “Those of you who have made a long trip, a journey, let us say in an automobile, will understand the importance of this…when you remember how comforting it was…when the driving directions were very specific.  How difficult it would have been, if you looked at the directions, and the only thing from the starting point was…‘And then you’re home.’  ‘Well, how do I get there?’  You would wonder, or say aloud.  And I say to you, ‘You get home, by following daily, sometimes hourly, directions; because, it is all changing.’ 

    “Creation continues and moves, getting faster, and faster, and faster, as more, and more, and more, is created.  And you are the noble being who accepted the earthly assignment to bring more light to Earth, so it can reassume its rightful place, and the veil can be lifted, and vision and clarity restored.  We would not send you forth on such a mission, without very good direction and instruction.

    “Learn to read the signs.  And, even if you feel you should turn right; but the answer comes, ‘Go to your left,’ accept it.  There could be a detour along The Way.  It could be because of need, of yourself, or another.  You might find it necessary to go a few extra steps, if you follow Spirit; because, when you go left, when you want to go right, you might find another in need, or in fear, or in pain.  Your physical life, your mission on the freewill planet Earth, is a living board game, and nothing is stale or stagnant.  Your freewill choices and those made by countless others, can, and do, affect the guidance you will receive from the heavenly dimension.  Do not get frustrated that it is not clearly set before you.  Have faith, and trust, that the answers are clearly set…within you.

    “The most important thing you can do during your journey, during your mission upon the Earth, is to keep your lines of communication with the heavenly dimension open, with prayer and meditation.  Ask daily, ‘God, what is it You want me to do today?’  Sometimes the answer might surprise you.  Still, it is your mission.  Accept it, and move. Soon, you will find that you are praying as you breathe, because every breath is a prayer. Every  breath  is  a  prayer.

    “Today I have not given you a long story, or told you parables, to assist you.  Today, I have told you, I AM washing your feet, caressing your heart, and planting a seed.  I speak to you directly, because I can do it.  And guess what?  You can too!  You can speak to God, directly.  You can speak to Me, directly.  You can speak to The Holy Spirit, directly, because we are all united, as one.

    “Today, I wash your feet, and plant the seed, and hold your heart.  Look.  Feel it.  Know it.  The seed is already growing.  I love you.”

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 22, 2009
As The Age Turns
You Come From God,
And Your Mission Upon
Earth Is To Speak The Words
Of God, And To Bring The Love
And Light Of God Onto The Earth

  “I AM with you.  I speak to you.  And the words I speak are The Living Waters of Life.  Come.  Fill your cup, and drink; for, I deliver, unto you, Eternal Truth.

    “The time is now!  It does not happen very often, as the procession of years, and years, and years pass.  But then, at a designated time, those upon Earth are called forward.  And it is at these times, that you are called to pay attention, and choose.  Something is about to happen.  You must choose.  And, My brothers and sisters, as time is kept upon the Earth, I say to you today, it is time.  You must choose!  And at the core of your being, ‘you know’ the choice to make.

    “For many years, Earth has operated on the powerful energies of force, aggression, fear and anger.  There have been wars in this and that country to resolve issues.  But I ask you now, ‘Has any of this death and desolation resolved the issues?’  The answer is ‘No!’

    “By aggression and force you can quiet the people, for a while.  You can take over this land, or that land.  In fact, it also applies to business and commerce.  You can take over this company and that company.  But, unless it is all resolved in peace and tranquility, and peace and harmony, it does not hold, it is not ‘true peace,’ it is ‘occupation,’ by the more powerful.  It is ‘domination!’

    “It is time now to make a choice.  The world does not need more anger, frustration, aggression.  The world needs love, and light, and peace. 

    “Now, many of you hearing My words, or reading My words, at this moment, feel something stirring within you.  Yes, it is time; you are to rise-up!  You hold the power of God, within you, and you are living upon the Earth.  And bringing the energies of love and light upon the Earth, will make the necessary changes.  It is time, and it is possible.  But you must choose.

    “It is the time of change, and it is exciting, for one age is ending, and one age is beginning.  And when it is to begin, in light and love, it is a time of fulfillment.  My brothers and sisters, I tell you today, you should be encouraged by these words!  You are preparing The Way, for the time of fulfillment.  Yes, the honor is yours! 

    “Now, I will tell you something that I encountered as I walked the Earth, two thousand years ago, I did meet with some dissention, and those of you who choose, to bring forth The Love and Light of God upon the Earth, will meet with some dissention too.  But I will give you the answers, and will always have answers ready for you, so that your life is one of peace.  From the core of your being, you will experience, a peaceful life, upon the Earth. 

    “As I lived the life of a human being to carry out My mission, as sent forth by God, I set aside the desire to use My own words, words of limited knowledge, the knowledge I had gained as I walked upon the Earth: to use The Words of God; to deliver the message of God; to bring forth The Light of God upon the Earth; and, to magnify The Power with Love. 

    “There were many times, when I would rise-up to speak, in the temple, or walking the streets of the town, when I would speak the simple man, the simple woman, would hear the words, and recognize the profound truth, and they would be moved.  Others, in places of power, would often say, ‘Who is this man?  What gives you the right to speak in such a way?  You are the son of a carpenter.’  And I said, ‘These words I speak are not My own.  I AM delivering the message of My Father. I come from The Kingdom of Heaven, and the message I deliver is eternal.  You see Me.  But it is the intention of God that you see, and know God, through Me, through the message, through the words I speak to you.’ 

    “When I said these words, many did not understand.  But some did.  And I speak them again today, so you will understand, that this also applies to you.  There will be many who try to limit you, and the possibilities, by saying, ‘Who do you think you are?  You are the son of John Smith, the builder.  What gives you the right to say these things?’ 

    “At these times, your answer should be sure, because, those of you who are awakening, to pave The Way into the new time, know your true identity.  You came from God, The Creator of all things, and your mission, upon this Earth, is to speak The Words of God, to bring the love and the light of God, onto the Earth.

    “It is that simple.  Nothing else needs to be said.  They will hear and know, or turn from you and go upon their way, walking farther and farther away from The Kingdom of God.  For you see, The Kingdom of God is within you.  And the way you bring it upon the Earth is by proclaiming, and confirming, and affirming, the message of God, the message that you are to deliver, the way you are to deliver it.

    “You see, you can use everything I said.  You can do everything I did.  You can be everything I AM, for I AM in you! 

    “This week, try, with great intention, to bring The Love and Light of God to the Earth, by everything you think, and say, and do.  And if anyone questions you, or the authority that you have to say such things, stand in your resolve, in ‘the knowing,’ and say, with confidence, ‘I come from God, and my message is love.’ 

     “My brothers and sisters, I wrap you in light.  I AM with you this week.  Let it begin with you, right now.  Choose.  Because the time of choosing…is now, and every being walking the Earth, right now, has an important mission.  The time, of fulfillment, is upon you.  You come from God! 

“Be at peace.” 

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 29, 2009
The Kingdom
of God Is Within You,
And It Is Within You To Do
The Things of God Upon the Earth

  “I AM with you on this day.  Everything is, as it is.  And you shall see…everything is as it is…when you embrace reality, spirit, eternal wisdom, and The Kingdom of God; for The Kingdom of God is within you; and, it is within you to do the things of God upon the Earth, so that Earth, too, will awaken, and embrace the Spirit, fully. 

    “I wish to repeat something to you today, something I said to those gathered around Me, as I walked upon the Earth, some two thousand years ago, something which was recorded in the history of humankind. 

    “As you know, it was often My practice to speak to God, Our Father.  This was My lifeline.  And I called for help, and direction, with great frequency.  And I received instruction, and guidance, from God, daily.

    “One time, when I set Myself aside to pray, and had gathered those around Me, whom I loved, they asked of Me, ‘What can we do for You, Master?’  And I looked at them, and said, ‘Who do the crowds say I AM?’  They responded, one saying, ‘Some think You are John the Baptist, returned.’  Still others amongst those gathered, replied, ‘The crowds say you are Elijah, returned.  Still others believe that you are one of the ancient prophets, come back to walk amongst us.’

    “Upon hearing this, I became still.  No one moved.  Then I said, ‘Who do you think I AM?  What do you call Me?’  And Peter answered, for all gathered, ‘You are, Christ of God.’

    “Hearing these words, I told them the mystery.  And I said to them, very clearly, ‘The Son of Man will suffer.  I will be rejected, by the elders, the priests, and the teachers of the law.  I will be killed.  And I will rise-up, on the third day.’ 

    “There was not a sound amongst them, as they let the words roll into them, trying to understand them.  I could feel this, and I said unto them, ‘Anyone who wants to come after Me will do the same.  They will pick-up their cross, every day, to follow Me.’ 

    “Every day, you will have the opportunity to go one way or the other.  Those stuck in the laws of the old time, will not be free to walk into the new.  For each day of creation, there is a new message, a new time, a new prophecy.  You must be open, and have faith, that God will send you direction.  Then, you must have the intention, and desire, to follow. 

    “Once you know this, once you embrace the truth…then you see…that if you cling to the ways of the world during your lifetime on Earth, the things the world tells you need, must have, or do, then you will surely lose yourself.  To save yourself, the being you are created to be, you must lose yourself in Me.’ 

    “Think on that for awhile, and then pray, asking for divine guidance, for inspiration, and understanding of these words.  For, it is true, if you struggle to save yourself, your earthly life, you will lose yourself, your true identity.  If you lose yourself in Me, you save your identity.  If you can do this, if you can live, by the direction, and instruction of God, as you walk upon the Earth, you will be free! 

    “At some point in the conversation, some two thousand years ago, I said to them, very simply, ‘There are those standing here, now, who will not taste death, before they see The Kingdom of God.’  And I left that thought with them, to see how God would teach them, each, in their own unique way.  For you see, once you give-up your earthly life, your ego, and set it aside, with the full intention and desire to follow the path, as directed by The Hand of God, you move to a different beat, a different rhythm.  You are not swayed by ‘the things of the world.’  You embrace the spirit of eternity.  It is at this time, that you truly are ‘in the world, but not of the world.’  And, for those who accomplish this, they know, and see, The Kingdom of God, without tasting the sting of death.  They know it is within them.  And they know it is within them to: do the things, say the words, and create the thoughts, that will bring The Kingdom of God, more fully into place, in the third dimension of Heaven, known, as Earth.

    “I speak these things to you, with the same fervor, enthusiasm, and holding the same encouragement, as I did to those, thousands of years ago, because ‘now’ is the time!  Choose!  Which way will you go? 

    “I will show you The Way.  The Way is filled with light, and truth.  But you must release that which you are holding, right now, to take My hand, and follow.  It is not ‘The way of the world,’ it is ‘The Pathway that leads you into The Kingdom of God.’  And you can experience, know, and see, The Kingdom of God, now; because, it is within you!  But, it requires, that you choose it, over all things!

    “This day is your opportunity.  I give you My hand, and I call you forth, and I say, ‘Come, brother.  Come, sister.  Let us walk together.  The time of choosing is upon you.  I give you My hand.  Let us walk into the new day.  It is filled with light.  And it is The Eternal Way into The Kingdom of God.’ ”

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 6, 2009
Spirit’s Gifts,
Open The Door,
Accept The Message,
And Embrace The Mission

  “I AM with you.  I AM with you always.  Speak to Me, and I will answer you.  The choice is yours, throw open the door, and embrace the gifts, or close the door.

    “It is time to choose.  I can assure you, that you have been given all you need to accomplish your mission upon the Earth; for God, Our Creator, would not send you forth, unprepared.  There are so many things waiting for you.  Miracles will happen every day.  But first, you must decide to open the door to the possibilities.  Once you say, ‘Yes,’ it begins.

    “Opening your gifts, when the time comes, is a great joy.  Hearing the guidance you need, and embracing the instructions, builds confidence.  Accepting the ministering hands, and touch of the angelic beings sent to guide you along The Way, fills your time upon the Earth with wonder.  These things will happen for you.  But first, you must choose to allow it, to permit Spirit, into your life, in such a way, that every day is filled with miracles.

    “My time upon the Earth began with many miracles, almost at every turn.  When my earthly mother was visited by Gabriel, she had to: acknowledge the light; accept the message; and embrace the mission.  And these things, she did; therefore, she was part of a great journey.  She was able to affect the destiny of Earth, by saying, ‘Yes, God’s Will be done, through me.’

    “My earthly father, the one who guided Me, showed Me the ways of the world, he too was required to choose.  Angels came in dreams, delivering direction, on how to proceed.  He had to accept the message, and embrace the mission…for it to happen…at all.

    “It was the same for Me.  I had to listen, and follow direction, and move over the Earth, with the guidance of Spirit, bringing, one step at a time, the Kingdom of God onto the Earth.  My brothers and sisters, this is The Way.

    “You will be the vehicle, the vessel, the instrument of God’s Will upon the Earth, only, if you will: be still, ask for direction, heed the instruction, and embrace the mission.  You have gifts and talents that will make it possible.  They are yours.  But first, you must choose to open the door to: Spirit; the voices of angels; the touch of God; the guidance of The Holy Spirit.  Once you say, ‘Yes,’ it is done.  Once you accept, the signs will come to you, and all eternity will be changed, because you will be co-creating…with…God.

    “This week, let it begin in earnest.  Today, be still; and make it your intention to listen, so you might hear the direction and guidance. 

    “Open the door.  Accept the message.  Embrace the mission, which is yours.  I give you my hand.  We will walk together.  There are things to do.  Come, My brother.  Come, My sister.  It is time to choose.”

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 13, 2009
Be Still,
And Watch
For The Signs,
Heed The Message,
And Choose The Way

  “I AM with you.  I AM in your presence, now!

    “Today, My brothers and sisters, I ask you to read the signs of change, all around you.  In the short time you have lived upon the Earth, you have learned to read the signs, so you might ‘know,’ that which is preparing to happen. 

    “You look-up into the sky, and see clouds of gray.  You breathe-in, and notice there is a difference about the smell in the air you are breathing, and you know, rain is on the way.  You hear, in the distance, rolling thunder, and assume, it is time to take cover, for a storm is heading in your direction.  You notice buds, springing forth on trees and bushes, once dormant, under a blanket of winter snow, and you say, ‘Spring is almost here.’

    “You feel the warm sun on your body, and breathe in the fragrance of roses, and pronounce, ‘It is summer.’  As the leaves slowly change from verdant green to blazing colors your heart dances, at the thoughts of fall, of autumn.  And, as the brilliantly colored leaves, cascade from the trees, and the temperatures drop, and the colder rains are upon you, you know it is winter.  You read the signs, every day, and act accordingly, because you are schooled in them.  You have learned the knowledge of Earth, from the teachers, who carry this knowledge, and record it in books, so that you might see the signs, and know. 

    “My brothers and sisters, I tell you, to adapt, and move freely, through the spiritual world, which is all around you right now, you must look for the signs, and heed the message.  It is the same.

    “The signs, regarding The Kingdom of Heaven, are with you every day, just as profoundly evident as the signs of the world, as the signs of Earth.  But you must be still, and observant, or you will miss them, and The Hand of God will move on, continuing the creation story, covering the world, marking the Earth, with the signs of glory.  If it is your intention to see the signs and know, then open, and watch for them, so you will grow, in The Wisdom of God.  

    “This week, be prepared to be touched by the presence of angels.  All along The Way they will guide you, so that you might know, so that you might go, along the pathway, in confidence.  God has done great things for you.  And God sends messengers to you, revealing the greatness, the glory, the light.  But, you must open your eyes, and your ears, and your heart to see and hear, for the messages will come to you in visions, in dreams, in answers to prayers.  The answers will cascade toward you, spilling over into you, and washing through you, and you will be free of worry; doubt, will be removed.

    “As I was born, some two thousand years ago, the signs were clearly evident.  The stories had been written and told, and The Hand of God moved on.  Wise men from foreign lands watched for the signs, and in wisdom, followed to find Me.  Once they found Me, because of the signs, and the message in a dream, they saved Me. 

    “Shepherds on a hillside, looked-up and were not afraid, embraced the message, and found Me. 

    “My earthly father, destined to guide Me in the ways of living upon the Earth, accepted the signs and the dreams over and over again; the first time willing to accept Me, at what some might consider an inappropriate time.  And then, following the course of dreams and miracles, he saved Me over and over again, so that the Earth might know Me better.

    “Through a series of visions and dreams, My mother guarded over Me, held Me, knew Me.

    “As I walked upon the Earth, I maintained communication with The Creator, asking for guidance, and accepting it, so that I might perform My mission, in The Light of God.  I watched for the signs, and heeded the messages.  I opened My arms to the ministering of angels, and was better for it.

    “Today I ask you to open your heart; open your ears and your eyes, so that you might see the changes coming, and read the signs, so that you might walk The Way with confidence, ministered to daily by angelic beings, who will help you maintain your spiritual strength.  Open your spiritual doors, in prayer and meditation, so you might hear The Words of God, flowing to you.  Read the signs, so you might know The Way.  Open your heart to angels.  They are with you.

    “My brothers and sisters, it is time to choose.  It is time to awaken.  Just as you read the signs of Earth, and know the way, hear Me, read the signs of God, and choose to follow The Way.  It is The Way of miracles.  And once you choose, you will be making the journey, over the Earth, while you are in The Kingdom of God. 

    “Read the signs, and you will surely know, The Way.” 

Sunday Sermons
Dec.20, 2009
Meet Your
And Responsibilities,
In The Spirit Of Honor,
And In The Light Of God

  “I AM with you on this day.  Upon the Earth, many are preparing to celebrate My birth.  Many of you today are recognizing the fourth Sunday of the season you refer to as Advent.  It marks the observation of the old times, preparing for the coming, for My birth.  Today, I speak to you, of what it might have been like to be My earthly parents at that particular time…My mother, My father…of Earth.

    “They had both been: communicating with angelic beings; receiving, and accepting, messages from God; acknowledging the responsibility that went with the receiving, the accepting of the mission.  They were noble about what they were to do.  And this nobility sprang forth from the light of God, flowing through them.  And while they recognized the things of spirit which were to take place through them, they also recognized their responsibilities and their obligations to the governments of Earth.  For you see, My arrival was during the time of a great census taking.  And, as you can imagine, it was not a trip My parents looked forward to, to make the journey to the town where they were to report and be counted.  It required effort.

    “See in them, at this time, how they accepted their responsibilities and obligations.  I will tell you, they did so, in a spirit of honor, knowing that it was something that they would do, and that they would do it to the best of their ability, on both counts.  I am speaking of the obligation to report to a census, and the obligation, to answer to God, for bringing Me to Earth.  You see, all of these things can be tied together.  In the spirit of honor, you will meet your responsibilities. 

    “And this will make your life easier.  It will not remove the obligations or responsibilities from you.  But because you do what you are supposed to do, in the spirit of honor, and the light of God, you move through it, knowing it is something you are going to do.  And so they began the journey, the journey that would mark My coming, upon Earth. 

    “They reported to the town.  And there, after arriving in Bethlehem, Mary, My earthly mother, knew the time was near.  The journey had brought the birth closer.  It was time; she knew.  She could feel the stillness in her womb.  So, as they told Me, there were no words that passed between them, about what was to take place.  One look from her eyes, and Joseph knew, he must find a dwelling, where they could be…at peace.  This was another responsibility, an obligation met in the spirit of honor.

    “There are so many stories about the few days before, and the night of My birth, and the visits from the shepherds, and the wise men, that many do not take the time to ponder, what it must have been like to be Joseph and Mary.  It seemed with every step they took, something else would come up, a challenge to be met; one after another, they came.

    “Joseph found the place, and Mary gave birth.  And there they stayed, for a very short time, receiving the gifts, much needed, from those who were summoned by the angels, from those who followed the star of wisdom.  And still, at that time, another challenge arose.  There were those who would seek to destroy Me, and My parents had to depart again.  Following one message after another, meeting one obstacle and challenge after another, they moved, into a new time, into a new day, taking care of Me, all along The Way.

    “I say these things to you today, because, many of you hearing these words, or reading these words, are facing challenges and obstacles; whether they are the obstacles upon the Earth plane dealing with: work; family issues; government issues; or, whether they are spiritual,  dealing with spiritual dilemmas, seeking the truth.  No matter what you are facing, you can appreciate what My earthly parents were going through at that time, seemingly one dilemma after another.  But they made it through, in the spirit of honor, and with the light of God flowing through them.  And you can do the same, because you are the same.

    “You came from God, and you are spirit.  You are upon the Earth to accomplish a mission, just as they.  And the difference, in how your mission is accomplished, can be measured, in direct proportion, to the spirit of honor, and the light of God you will carry.  It is all yours.  And, as you go into this new week, begin to compare what you might be facing, with what My earthly parents faced.

    “Their challenges came too, one after another, just as yours.  But I tell you this, ‘You will be able to meet every challenge, every responsibility.  This week open to the loving energy of God.  Let the light of God fill you, and then be open to what comes to you, the messages of angels, dreams of great importance.  They will assist you, as you move, over the Earth.  Do not shut down the communication from Heaven, for the angels will bring you the answers, God will touch you, The Holy Spirit will fill you, and you will rise-up and move.’

    “Be at peace this week.  Do not rely on the limited knowledge of the world of mankind.  Today, open yourself, and say, ‘I am here, God.  I am ready, and I am willing.  Show me The Way, and I will walk in it.’

    “You have a mission.  You have a purpose.  And it is ‘of God.’  Be not afraid, for
I AM with you, always.”

Sunday Sermons
Dec.27, 2009
Be Not Afraid,
Be Open To The
Messages Of Angels,
Be Open To The Will Of God

  “I AM with you…today.  As you prepare to end one year, and welcome another, I AM with you.  I AM intensely with you.  Feel the energy.  It is surging, and powerful; but pleasingly peaceful, and serene.  Breathe this energy into you, so that it might become a part of you.  Peaceful power: it is potent and real; it is calm and confident; and, it is yours.

    “There is much to be said for one who is peaceful, calm, and serene.  The energy that one carries in this state is a blessing to all.  Serenity comes from peacefully accepting the will of God, and going about your mission, as directed.

    “My brothers and sisters, as you prepare to welcome a new year, I say, to each of you, ‘Be not afraid.  Be open to the messages of angels.  Be open to the will of God.  Be vigilant.  Be watchful for the signs, for they will surely come to you.  And they will come to you in a way that is easier, and easiest, for you.  Sometimes the signs come in visions, apparitions; sometimes in whispered words from the realms of angels; sometimes in feelings; most often, in dreams.  No matter, how they come to you, they will surely come.  Be open.  Be vigilant.  Be watchful.  And, be ready.’

    “Today, I wish to remind you of some angelic encounters, which altered the course of humanity.  Everything changed, because there were those upon the Earth, willing to: hear the message; accept the message; and move, on the message; as it was delivered. 

    “I remind you first, of the time when the archangel Gabriel appeared, more than two thousand years ago now, to a man known as Zachariah.  Zachariah was in a holy place at the time of the apparition.  Still, it caught him off-guard, so powerful was the presence.  He was shocked, surprised, fearful.  And the archangel Gabriel said, ‘Be not afraid.  I bring you good news.’  The angelic messenger, seeing the fear, immediately responded, ‘Be not afraid.  I bring you good news.’

    “A short time later, Gabriel appeared to a young woman, My earthly mother.  And the radiance of the angelic appearance, although surprising, and certainly startling, was not the reason, this time, that Gabriel said, ‘Be not afraid.’ when he delivered the message to My mother that she was to be with child.  Immediately, she wondered, how this could be.  ‘How can this be?’ she said.  And the angel said unto her, ‘Be not afraid.’  In other words, do not doubt.  It will happen.  And Mary understood that this was the message, and said, ‘Let the will of God be done.’

    “Not too long after that, Joseph, My earthly father, saw the angel in a dream.  And, in the dream, the words were again, ‘Be not afraid.’  But this time, there was a different connotation.  This time the message meant, do not worry about public opinion.  Be not afraid and take Mary into your home.

    “All around the time before My birth, and after My birth, angels continued coming from God, with messages.  They appeared to the shepherds, in a blaze of glory and light, making the night sky seem like the day.  And the shepherds were truly filled with terror.  And the message came again.  ‘Be not afraid.’  This time the message meant exactly what was said.  ‘Do not be filled with terror.  We bring you good tidings.’

    “And the angelic messages continued, in dreams the wise men were told, ‘Do not return to the king, his intentions are not good.’  The dreams continued to come to Joseph, and in them the angels gave directions, ‘Rise-up, and go here or there, rise-up, and take the mother and child here or there.’  Constant was the direction.  And constant was the faith, in each of the individuals involved.

    “I say to you today, if your encounter with angels happens to be the blessing of an apparition… and it might startle you… ‘Be not afraid, be open, and accept the message sent to you from God.’  If the message seems almost unbelievable in the world of matter, ‘Be not afraid.’  Because, even though it does not make sense in the world of man, it is the divine plan.  Accept the message.  Even if it does not fit the standard of public opinion, ‘Be not afraid.’  As it comes from God, it is a direction to you to rise-up, and move, into the new time.

    “As you open, and expect, and pray for, this guidance, it will come to you… surely.  Each time you will hear encouragement.  And often, you will hear, ‘Be not afraid.’  And I add to that angelic song, My words, as you go into the new year.  ‘Be still, and accept the message of angels.  Accept the will of God, and rise-up, and walk.  Be not afraid, for I AM with you.  I AM always with you.  Let us walk into eternity together.  The times, they are definitely changing, and it is glorious.  The garden will spring to life once again.  And Earth will be Heaven once more.’ 

“Be not afraid.”