Sunday Sermons
April 11, 2010
Which Comes
To You As A Lesson
Worth Learning And Move On

   “I AM with you.  As surely as the sun rises and sets, I AM with you. 

“Today, I wish to remind you of just a few things, so that you might carry these important words into the week, so that you might go about your mission, with a determination to complete the task, and move on. 

“Today My brothers and sisters, I wish to speak of the importance of ‘acceptance,’ accepting everything in such a way that is constructive, and useful, to your purpose, your intention, your mission upon the Earth.  Acceptance will speed you along your way, and make your life upon the Earth much easier to bear, no matter what your situation. 

“Now there are times, which are, ‘easy to accept:’ joyful times, happy times, productive times, abundant times; but I would like you to look at these most glorious times, in the light of a different form of acceptance.  I would like you to accept the joyful, the glorious, the happy, the productive, the abundant, ways, and days, as gifts, rewards, keys, for your faith, and for doing well.  These things come, so that you might accept them, as outward signs, of the glory of God, within you!  Look at it this way.  Do not look at what you consider great success in a boastful, or proud, way.  Look at it, with gratitude in your heart, that you have been so blessed.  Accept the outward sign: that you are on the right road, doing what it is you are to do, completing the mission at hand, in good form; it is working; the glory of God is about you.  And, although I am asking you to look at this in a different light, to see it slightly in a different way, these times surely – are easy – and these things can be accepted. 

“But what will take a little more effort upon your part, is ‘accepting the things of great lessons,’ the things you do not wish to bear, the things that come to you every day, which seem, possibly, to be the fault of others, or the fault of something that happened, or the fault of the way it is upon the Earth.  But actually, everything that comes to you, sometimes by the hour, sometimes daily, comes to you, as a lesson, and it is to be accepted.  The way you accept it, makes all the difference.  It can either be a time of great drama and chaos and confusion; or, it can be a simple solution, found in accepting, learning the lesson, and moving on.  It does not have to take days or years.  It does not have to take anger and frustration to work through it.  It simply takes ‘the will to accept it, as your lesson, and not assign it to another.’ 

“I will give you an example, of accepting a situation, as a lesson, and moving on, in glory. 

“I would like you to envision a situation, where you have encountered something: that needs repair; that needs fixing.  I would like you to calculate, in this equation, that the repair, the fixing of it, requires you to use a hammer and nails.  Also add that this project will not be complete, without the use of many nails – fifty, sixty, seventy – nails to complete the project.  You get the picture.

“This project is yours to do, and you begin.  You pick-up the hammer, place the nail, raise your arm, and bring the hammer down, making contact, with the head of the nail.  It does not go well.  It knocks the nail crooked, and you have to straighten it.  Slightly frustrated, you continue, working with the nail, until you get it in; and pick-up another nail, and begin again.  This time, the frustration building within you, causes you to miss the nail head, and hit your finger.  There is a delay in the project, and your frustration, turns to anger.  It then becomes a series of mishaps, one after another, until finally, you throw the hammer to the side, kick the bucket of nails over, and sit there.  The project goes unfinished.  And days later, when people are moving through the place where this project was to be completed, you explain, ‘It was too difficult.  The nails were crooked.  The hammer was too heavy.  The light was too dim.  Someone said something to you and distracted you.’  Well, you get the picture.  Excuses are made, the project goes uncompleted, nothing is settled, and there is chaos and confusion. 

“Now I want you to rewind the tape which just played this scenario, and begin again.  
“Begin again, with the thought, of accepting.  First of all, accepting the task; it is yours to do.  You’re beginning the project with a different view.  You are accepting it, not bemoaning it.  You see what needs to be done, and you carefully count-out the number of nails, you think it will require to complete the task.  You pick-up a nail, and place it; pick-up the hammer, and raise it, and bring it down.  The nail turns slightly and does not go in at a straight angle.  But accepting this, you take a different look at the lay of the boards, the way you’ve positioned the nail, and you watch carefully, keeping your eyes on what you are doing, focusing on the place where the contact will occur.  You raise the hammer, and it comes down, just as planned.  The nail goes in straight, and you pick-up another nail.  This time the song of a bird distracts you, and you look aside, the hammer comes down, you hit your finger.  But accepting the situation, you think about the song of the bird, and it fills you with joy.  You listen, but you focus on the task at hand; you do not take your eyes off of the place, where the contact is to be made.  The hammer goes up, and comes down, and the nail goes into the board.  Lesson learned.  Accepting the situation, you move along, completing the task, repairing, and the project is complete.  You put the hammer and nails away.  You thank the bird for the song.  And you move on.

“Now, although these are very simple word pictures, if you look at them side-by-side, you will be able to draw from them, the way you are to lead your life.  You can either get stuck along the way, not learning your lesson, and giving-up; or, you can accept the situation, learn the lesson, complete the task, and move on ... … accepting.

“This week, I ask you to accept the easy things, and accept the challenging tasks!  Accept them, giving glory to God; or accept them, determined to learn the lesson, which will be the glory of God.  You are going to have a most magnificent week, if you let this be your guide…. 

“Be determined, to accept, that which is yours, and move on … lesson learned.” 

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 21, 2010
Stop Judging
And Condemning Each Other,
Start Forgiving And Loving Each Other

   “I AM with you on this glorious day.  This day will never be repeated.  You are creating.  You are living.  You are present.  You are now, and now is eternity.  Know this, for it is true.

    “I wish to give you simple advice: to carry into the world; to use every day; to assist you in every way; so that you might bring upon the Earth The Kingdom of God, and all of its glory, for it is with you, and it is possible for you to do.  But first, preparation is required.  It will not happen, the Earth will not be fully restored to the garden it is intended to be, until those of Earth announce to God, ‘We commit.  We are ready.  It shall be done.’

“And, here is the first step.  Mark My words, and mark them well, as you cannot proceed without accomplishing this first step, ‘Stop judging and condemning each other, start forgiving and loving each other.’  You cannot do both.  You will either be for judgment and condemnation, or you will be for forgiveness and love.  You cannot straddle the fence any longer.  You must come down on one side.  But know this, whichever side you come down on, will be the side that you live.  It will be your experience.  It will be what you know.  

“Give, and give love freely.  To know abundance, in its richest, fullest, most rewarding form, you must give.  There is great delight in giving: giving joy, giving song, giving mirth, giving birth, giving life, giving love.  Give what God gives to you.  God gives you the gift of power, and many other noble gifts, so that you might use them upon the Earth.  God gives these things to you.  Continue the giving, it will bring you great joy, and it will bring the Earth to its rightful place … sooner.

“There is no student greater than their teacher.  But, when the student is taught well, hearing and embracing that which the teacher is imparting, and the student knows what the teacher is trying to teach, the student is like the teacher. 

“If you walk over the Earth, delivering judgment and condemnation, that is what you are teaching, that is what will be learned.  If you walk over the Earth, forgiving and giving … and giving … and giving … loving every day, without restrictions, then that is what you are teaching, that is what will be learned.  Know this.  Know this, it is important, and it is time to know this.  Set about forgiving, set about giving, set about loving, so you might truly be living the life you are intended to live, upon the Earth. 

“You cannot have the blind leading the blind.  Where would they go?  What would they do?  They would be two people, stumbling around, and neither seeing which way to go.  And so this is why I have often said, do not pay attention to the speck of dust in your brother’s or your sister’s eye, when there is a plank in your own.  Do not call forth judgment on your brother’s or sister’s speck, when a plank blinds you.  Instead, set yourself aside, renewing, washing, cleansing, and forgiving.  Remove the wooden beam from your own eye, and then, with great love, you can reach-out and dab the speck of dust from the eye of your brother or sister; then, neither of you will be blind!  You will both see, and you will see the light of God, because it is done in love!

“Judgment and condemnation is a dust storm upon the Earth; it blinds all who enter.  However, forgiving, and giving, and loving, calms the storm, and wipes the specks of dust and, removes the planks, from the eyes of all, as all things are possible, because God will do it through you.  But, this week you must decide.  You must decide.  Choose: judgment and condemnation; or, forgiveness, giving, loving, living in the light of God. 

“I wait for you.  I have chosen.  The Way is marked with: forgiveness, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing;’ loving, I come to show you The Way, to give you My love, so you, too, might love; I deliver the new command…love one another; living and giving all you can every day.  This is what I have chosen. 

“Come; let us walk The Way, together!”

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 3, 2010
Lives, When You Hear
The Message, Accept The Gift,
And The Miracle Is Born, Of You

  “I AM with you!  I AM with you, to celebrate the first Sunday, of the year designated by those of Earth, as two thousand ten (2010). 

    “You have just completed many days of celebration.  And prior to the celebration, some of you observed the period of Advent, going back into the Old Testament, for a while, to see, and hear, and know, so that you might better appreciate, the gift born, unto you.  And, as the New Testament opens, there are several accounts of My birth, upon the Earth.

    “A good many of you celebrated My birth, reviewing and talking about the stories and the events, leading-up to the birth, the nativity, and following through with the stories of the journey away from Bethlehem, into Egypt.

    “You read, or heard, stories about wise men and shepherds, about the manifestations of angels in dreams, and in visions, and apparitions.  You heard stories about Joseph and Mary, and the noble things that they did, in order to carry out the will of God, upon the Earth.  It filled your heart with joy.  And, as you were moved, you felt a tear fall from your eye, and roll down your cheek.  You were touched, in many ways.  And now the days… are moving… into… the new year.  And pretty soon, the stories, and the thoughts, and the pleasure, of the celebration of My birth, and the noble deeds, which surrounded it, will be set aside, as you move into the world of every-day-matters.

    “But, there is a way to keep the spark glowing!  There is a way to live, the season of Christmas, every day of the year.  And it would be a wonderful goal, for each of you, beginning with this first Sunday, to live the season of Christmas every day, carrying it through, until you meet another Christmas time, at the end of the year.

    “So I say to each of you today, you have the opportunity to play all of the roles I just mentioned: from Mary to Joseph; from the shepherds to the wise men.  Because you carry the seed of Christ Consciousness within you, there can be millions of births upon the Earth, that will bring forth the life that will show The Way.  And so, I tell you how to do this, today.  

    “For many of you, because of the time and the age in which you live, this is a period of great awakening.  And, as you feel the stirring within you, you know; there is no denying it; you feel it!  And, as you awaken, an angel of the Lord delivers this message to you… ‘Behold, I bring you great tidings; for you carry, within you, a piece of God, that is ready to be born, to be brought forth, upon the Earth!  It is your time!’ …And, as you let this message slip into you, many of you will find, that you have the faith, and the courage, to say, ‘I accept!  I will nurture this seed, within me.  And I will give birth, to the living word of God, by all that I say, by all that I do, by guarding my thoughts; yes, even my thoughts…too.  Let it be done, unto me!’

    “And if you find, My brothers and sisters, that you can take this step, and accept the seed, that is within you, then you will be, as my earthly mother, Mary, willing to carry the seed, of the living word of God; for, Christ Consciousness is within you.  It is now time for you to hold it, for you to give birth, and bring it forth, upon the Earth. 

    “Joseph cast from him all doubt, worry, and concern, about ‘what the world would think,’ and responded to the direction of the angel in his dreams…to accept Mary, and the Child, and go forth.  Well, My brothers and sisters, once you make the decision, to carry the living word, and to give it birth upon the Earth, there will be many who try to dissuade you, but an angel of the Lord will give you strength, to accept the responsibility, to be the husband, and care for the child, the living word, the energy of Christ Consciousness, that is growing, within you.  Once it is accomplished, once you say, ‘I do,’ it begins to grow, within you.  And, when it is time, it comes forth, from you, no longer concealed within you, but evident, in all you do.

    “It is up to you to protect, and guard, this treasure.  You will see signs, and hear messages, and be guided, by the angels of the Lord.  And when you are headed in the wrong direction, you will receive a message, saying, ‘turn back,’ or, ‘go this way,’ or, ‘go that way,’ or, ‘the path is over here, come, walk in it.’  For, as surely as Mary and Joseph protected Me, you are to protect the Christ Consciousness that is born of you.  And, as it grows, and becomes more evident, day by day, in what you think, and do, and say, Its presence will mature, because you gave it life.  And the mission will be accomplished, through you, and your willingness to say, ‘I will do the will of God.  Above all other things, I will do the will of God.’  And this presence will walk with you, and you will bless the Earth, in every way.

    “You see, as much as you enjoy telling the stories of My birth, and all the things that led-up to it, and followed it, you have the opportunity to do the same!  And what a grand year this will be, to give birth…yourself.  It requires that you open.  It requires that you be still, so that you might hear the message, or see the message, or feel the message, or know it.  And once you accept the message, that Christ Consciousness is within you, and make your intention known to give birth to this consciousness, then miracles will occur, all around you.

    “This is the year.  Many of you are awakening.  You feel the stirring within you.  It is time.  It is time for you, to: give birth; bring the living word of God, onto the Earth; and, be at peace.” 

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 10, 2010
See The Glory
In Your Spiritual Gifts, And
Use Them, For The Glory Of God

  “I AM with you on this day.  And on this day, I ask you to see the glory in the gifts you have been given, the multitude of gifts, which have been bestowed upon you, by God, Our Father.  They are many: and they will serve you well, during your journey; they will assist you in accomplishing your mission; and they will bring you much joy, as you walk upon the Earth.  Do not overlook your gifts.  Do not hesitate to open your gifts.  Embrace each gift that comes to you, and use it well.

    “Today, I would like to ask you to be still, and envision, the examples I set before you… 

    “First, see a child, a little girl, in the midst of a birthday party.  A big box is placed in the middle of a table.  And, when it is time, the child approaches, unties the ribbon, takes off the lid, and sets it aside.  Then, after looking around at those gathered, she reaches in, and takes out the gift. 

    “The gift has been asked for, and prayed for, for more than a year.  It has arrived, inside of a big box, tied with beautiful ribbon.  The child embraces the treasure, and then quietly takes it away, to set it on a shelf, in a room that is now perfect, that is now complete, with this most wanted gift. 

    “There are times, when you receive a gift, one that you have wanted for a long time, and you want to cherish the moment of its arrival, just as the child, embracing it, holding it close, and then setting it in a place, which has been reserved for it, for a long time.  The gift will serve you well, just as it completes the room for the child.

    “Now I ask you to move ahead to another scene.  This time it is Christmas morning, and a boy, about eight years old, comes running down the steps, and stops…still…mouth open, eyes wide.  The joy that the child is feeling virtually lifts him off the ground, as he moves toward the bicycle, parked directly at the front of the Christmas tree. 

    “There is not time to change clothes, the coat, the hat, the gloves, and the shoes are put on directly over the pajamas.  And the boy wheels the bicycle out the front door, down the sidewalk, jumps on, and experiences freedom, and new adventure.  It is a gift that will bring much joy, and teach responsibility.

    “And now, see this vision…a vehicle, a car, a new car…there it sits in the showroom, a couple are looking at it through the window, deciding if it is time.  Should they do it?  Can they do it?  A myriad of questions are floating in and out of their thoughts.  Still, they consider it a gift to each other, from them, something they have wanted, for a long time.  And they think, today is the day, for the gift.  So, they go in, buy the car, and drive it home…a gift, from each of them…to the other.  It is a day of great joy! 

    “And as the months and years go by, the car…is still a treasure.  They take it in, and have maintenance done, and purchase new tires, they wash it, clean it, and keep it in good running order, so it can serve them well.  And, if you flash back to the boy with the bicycle, he too parks his treasure in a safe place, maintains proper air pressure in the tires, and keeps the chain oiled, and the bicycle clean, taking care of the gift given, so he can ride another day.  And the little girl, with the cherished gift, placed upon the shelf, takes it down, and it brings her joy, to share the gift with those who come to play with her, or talk to her, or see her.  Then, it is placed back on the shelf, for safe keeping.

    “I show you these examples, and probably, some of you hearing these words, or reading these words, have already inserted something different.  Maybe it was not a bicycle.  Maybe it was not a car, or a vehicle.  You personalized the example, inserting something which brought you pleasure, joy, or taught you responsibility. 

    “Well, My brothers and sisters, God has given you many gifts.  And they are to be used, and taken care of.  They are to be lifted out of the boxes, and embraced, and then put in a place of honor, for you to use and share with those who would appreciate the beauty of the gift given.

    “And when you accept the gifts, and embrace the gifts, there comes a responsibility to learn how to use them, and then to use them in such a way that the glory of God flows upon the Earth each day.  There is also a responsibility to take care of the gifts, to maintain them, just as you would a new car, or a bicycle, or any other gift that you might receive, that you cherish.

    “Some of you are opening your gifts, embracing your gifts, using your gifts, and maintaining your gifts.  More of you are ignoring your gifts.  And there are others, who are abusing their gifts.  I ask you today to sit and be still, and think of all of the gifts you have been given.  And then, decide that you are going to use them, and when you use them, it will be for the glory of God.  If you do this, it will change Earth.  Even if only one of you does this, it will change the energy upon the Earth.  And, you will alter eternity, by using the gift.

    “Today, think about the gifts.  And, as you open each one that God has given to you, know that another gift is always waiting to be opened.  For, the more you open, the more gifts are given.  It is not quite the same, as the birthday party, or Christmas Day, or anything else.  Upon the Earth interpersonal gifts stop at a certain time: the party is over; the day of celebration is done; the gifting is complete.  But you see, the gifting from your eternal Creator, your everlasting Parent, does not end.  The more spiritual gifts you open, the more spiritual gifts there are to open. 

    “I ask you, today, to embrace the gifts bestowed upon you, by the Creator, for they truly will assist you on your mission, and bring you great joy, as you walk upon the Earth. 

    “Let the never-ending party, begin, today!  Untie the ribbons!  Lift the lid!  Embrace the gifts…as given!”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 17, 2010
The Pathway
To Wisdom Begins
When You Decide: To Be Still,
Go Within, And Be Taught By God

  “I AM with you.  In truth, I AM always with you; but when you acknowledge My presence, I speak to you, and you know Me.

    “Today My brothers and sisters, I deliver words which will guide you through the week to come.  The words are simple, yet the message, and the lesson to come, will profoundly change your life, as you know it today.

    “At the core of your being is a seed, sown by the hand of God.  And when you acknowledge the presence, of the seed of God, within you, the spiritual soil, holding the seed, is stirred with your desire, and the seed brings forth life.  The embers ignite.  And when the breath of The Holy Spirit moves, the spark becomes a flame; from embers burst forth life.

    “All you will ever need, every direction, every instruction, on how to proceed, and accomplish your mission upon the Earth, is carried within you.  You will face many times, where it will be necessary for you to make a decision, for you to choose.  There is no need to wander around in chaos and confusion.  There is no need to wonder, ‘Should I go here, or there?’  My brothers and sisters, the only thing you need to do, when you have a question, face a challenge, or obstacle, is to be still, and go within, sit with God, and be taught.  And every time you stop and go within to find answers, the flame within you, grows; and it becomes a source of confidence.  You will not be led astray by the wisdom of God.  Once you begin to practice living this way, your life upon the Earth will be glorious, and filled with wonder.

    “The path to wisdom begins, when you decide to be still, and go within.  For, it is within, that you will be free to hear, and know, and see, all that God wants you to see, and know, and be; for, in quiet, you will hear, the still small voice, of God, within.

    “This week, many opportunities, many challenges, many obstacles, will be placed before you.  Do not join in chaos or confusion.  Recognize the challenge, then be still, and ask for guidance.  You will marvel at the answers, as they flow to you, leading you here and there, as you make your way around, or over, or through, the challenge placed in front of you. 

    “This is wisdom, I AM speaking to you.  And this is the way wisdom will be growing within you, every minute, every hour, every day.  All you have to do is to be still, and say, ‘God, I am here.  Please show me The Way.’  And, angels will guide you. 

    “Be still, and go within.  The answers are there.  It is the way to begin.  The pathway to wisdom is open to you, and to all who choose to journey, within.”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 24, 2010
Live In Love,
And You Will Know Me.
When I Come, Will You Know Me?

  “This day, I AM with you.  This day, stop, be still.  If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, stop, and be still.  Since it is your intention to commune with me, feel the air about you, change, altering in My presence.  Our union is alive, it has life, because you will hear Me, and you will speak to Me.  We are committed: in our communication; in our communion; in our union.

     “I AM with you, and you see Me.  Do not be surprised when I say to you, that you see Me.  For verily, I say unto you: you see Me; and you see God, Our Father; and you see The Holy Spirit, all around you.  Be vigilant, and watchful. 

    “You see, I will not appear to you as you expect.  Just as I was missed, some two thousand years ago, by most, I AM in the mist, and in the clouds, and in the faces, of all who are in need.  I AM in the trees.  I AM the wind.  I AM the flowers.  I AM the soil beneath your feet.  Breathe in deeply, and you are filled with life.  Breathe in deeper, I fill you with life.

    “There is something important for you to understand, when I walked the Earth in physical form, I could do what God would do; but I could not do, what God would not do.  You are not limited by what you can do.  You can do what God will do.  And in this way, others will know God, through you.  God is open, willing to give you all that is.  Be like God.  Be as God.  Be ye perfect, as God is perfect, and God will be living upon the Earth, through you.

    “This week: ‘opportunity,’ will come to you: be loving, and watchful; for, if you will not go out of your way to help a stranger in need, you will not go out of your way to help Me.   If you will not willingly, and repeatedly, forgive family members, any transgression, you will not forgive Me.  If you will not give, all that you have to give, when one reaches-out asking for help, you will not give what you have to Me.  You see, I will not come to you, as you expect Me to come to you.  I will come to you, most often, in the faces, and in the form, of need, whether the need is: mercy; peace; forgiveness; food; clothing; money; love.  Whatever the need, see Me there.  For I say to you, if you know it is Me, and give unto Me, that is good; but when you see Me … in the need of your brothers and sisters … that is holy.

    “This week, each one of you will have the opportunity.  I will knock on the door, and I will be ‘in need.’  Be vigilant.  Will you know Me, when I come?  Remember, I will be within the faces, of the daughters, and the sons, who are living upon the Earth.  When I come to you, will you know Me?” 

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 31, 2010
Gives Birth To
The Miracle Of Love

  “I AM with you..  If you will be still, right now, you will feel My presence with you.  You head will be light, as it is filled, with the love of God.  Let the grace flow through you, and you will be at peace ... in peace ... you will be … peace. 

    “The joy of living in peace will be the source of miracles; for, when you are in peace, kindness, mercy, understanding, and forgiveness flow from you, freely.

    “Kindness gives birth to the miracle of love.  And, in the state of love, much is accomplished for the glory of God.  Seek first, to live in The Kingdom of God, now.  You will find it, when you create, and nurture, kindness … within … you. 

    “What you feel right now, as you hear My words, or read My words, is the energy of peace, and it is rich, and full.  It carries with it kindness.  It sings a song, and the song is a song of mercy, of understanding, of forgiveness.  I say these things, and repeat these words, so they will settle within you, falling into a fertile place, a garden, your heart.  Take these seeds I give you, and walk with them this week, and they will grow, and flourish, and you will bless the Earth.

    “If you take care of these, what might be considered smaller things, greatness will follow.  If you shower your brothers and sisters with kindness, the garden that is within them will be brought to life.  As a gentle rain coaxes life, from a withered garden, so your words of kindness, mercy, understanding, and forgiveness will be the shower, onto the heart that is dried-up, withered, and cold.  And this gentle rain of kindness will accomplish far more than thunder and lightning.

    “And from: doing these small deeds; a smiling face; a gentle word, a garden will be coaxed back to life.  And the mountains will see, and jump with joy.  And the trees will know, and raise their arms in glory.  And the rushing rivers, and gentle streams, will sing the song. 

    “This is how miracles begin, setting the stage; and, it comes from within, you, the desire to be the rain, of kindness, mercy, understanding, and forgiveness.  Bring forth the gardens of Earth, in this simple way, and the mountains will walk, and celebrate the day.

    “My brothers and sisters, this week, when you are tempted to speak harshly, be still, until you tongue, is filled with the wisdom of God, and then lose it, so that the gentle rains will fall, upon the withered gardens, of Earth.” 

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 7, 2010
The Disease
Of Anger, Will
Be Eradicated By
The Antidote Of Love

  “I AM with you.  I AM present.  And in My presence, we are united, in communion, as one.  In oneness we are whole, and holy, while we are wholly doing the work of God.  And I say unto you, there is much work to be done.

    “There is a plague, upon the Earth.  Its name is anger.  But today, I bring you good news.  I bring you the antidote.  It is the love of God.  It is the only remedy, for this disease, which covers the Earth, reaching into: cities; rural country sides; and, isolated villages, from the oceans to the mountaintops.  Sometimes anger it is apparent.  Sometimes it is silent.  But it is present, upon the Earth.

    “The signs are often evident, and easy to spot.  Those caught in the grip of this disease are sick of body, soul, and spirit, in some way or another.  There is no joy, no peace, no serenity. 

    “The words one says, while held in the grip of anger, are coarse.  They are not the words one says, when they are held in the hands of God.  It is obvious.  It is clear. 

    “It is time to eradicate anger.  And with the doing of this, the greatest healing upon Earth will begin to take place, one person at a time.  It will grow to miraculous proportions.  And those who are healed will know the love of God.

    “Today, I call upon those who hold the power of God, who are strong of body and spirit, to rise-up.  Know this day is upon you.  Know it is your destiny.  You can eradicate this disease.  Rise-up, and first, wash yourself in the river of God’s love, casting from you every particle of anger left within your body.  Free your soul, and liberate your spirit, by standing in the light of God’s love.

    “Any who will rise-up, and step forward, will be greatly blessed, and you will be given all you need; for, you are being asked to go, and give the antidote of love, freely, with no charge.  It is time for this disease to be brought to an end, for there is no healing, within the power and the energy of anger.  No good will come from anger. 

    “Therefore, today, I bring you this opportunity.  When you see anger, open to the love of God, and let the power pour through you.  And then, let it flow toward the one, or the many, carrying this disease.  For I tell you, the love of God is a powerful force, which will cure all carrying the disease; and, they will be healed.

    “Recovery is sure.  And it is possible, now.  Anger can be eradicated.  It will be no more…ended.  And Earth, will be forever, a peaceful place.  But, to do this, there must be a few, who are willing to set their will aside, and do the will of God.  It will not be popular.  It will not be easy.  But it will be filled with honor and respect. 

    “Hear Me, those of you who hold the gift of the power of God within, and are willing to rise-up in this mighty effort.  Hear Me, I call you today.  I ask you to come.  And, as you heed the call, you feel the stirring within.  It is a sign.  It is your time.  Rise-up, and let us begin…now.  For healing cannot take place in the atmosphere and environment of anger.  So, let us go forth, and prepare a place.

    “This I promise you today, wherever the eradication of the plague of anger is accomplished, these places will be sites of miraculous healing.  It will be a sign.  And people will come, and circle around.  Communities will be established in these places of peace and healing, and they will be encampments, of enlightenment, upon the Earth. 

    “Begin today!  It always begins with one, willing to walk The Way.  See, I send an angel ahead of you.  Follow.”

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 14, 2010
Ask, In Quiet;
Seek,  In  Peace;
Knock, In Confidence;
And It Shall Be Given Unto You

  “I AM with you.  And as you open to My presence, you feel Me, as we draw nearer, as old friends, sitting together: to talk; to touch; to share. 

    “Today, I speak specifically to those of you who are: in despair; in frustration; in disappointment; in sorrow.  I speak to you, to show you The Way.  Therefore, hear the words I say. 

    “No matter where you find yourself, God is with you.  If you are sitting in a prison, with cold, stone walls, God is with you.  If you are lost, alone in a city of thousands of people, God is with you.  If you are trapped somewhere, perhaps a victim of: a fallen building; an overturned vehicle; or, a slip of the foot; God is there with you.  Know this, for it is true! 

    “As I walked the Earth some two thousand years ago, I set myself aside often, reconnecting with God, asking for guidance, direction.  And it came…in quiet…the answers came, from within Me, and I knew The Way.

    “I want you to try this, this week.  But, to get good results, it is important to take yourself to a quiet place, to be still.  Turn-off the noise; shut down the chaos; for, you will not hear, or see, or know, if you are running here and there, and there is noise, everywhere you go.  

    “I give you this one example.  If you are ill, of body, you seek a physician.  You make an appointment, go in, sit with the doctor and you say, ‘This is how I am feeling, these are the signs, this is the ailment.’  Then, you sit, and wait, for the diagnosis, hoping there is a cure, a remedy, something to make you feel better.  But, when you have this important appointment with a physician, it is done in a place…of quiet.  You set yourself aside.  You take time to sit down, say what is wrong, and then listen to what the physician is telling you.

    “I ask you to do the same with God, Who can heal all illness, Who holds the cure for every malady and disease.  The only thing missing is you will not: make the appointment, and be still, and sit and listen.  This week, as you go about your routine, take some time to sit in consultation with – The Divine Physician – God.  And when you go to this meeting, present your petition, and be still, so you might: hear the answer; receive the diagnosis; and, embrace the cure.

    “These things I tell you will not be as productive, if you will not take the time to be still and quiet, and go about it in a thoughtful, contemplative way.  For I tell you this, as it is written, it is true.  All you have to do is ask.  Just remember the word, as you spell it:   A   S   K.   A:  Ask, and it will be given unto you.  But, you must be still, so you can see it, or know it, or hear it.  S:  Seek, and you will find that which you seek.  What are you seeking?  Follow the signs.  They are at your service, and ever present, for those who are still, and watchful.  K:  Knock.  Knock upon the door, and it shall be opened for you, showing you the path; and the light will illuminate The Way.

    “What I AM saying to you, is to use these tools, in such a way that will enhance your reception of the guidance, the direction.  Do not take chaos and noise into your meeting with God.  Be still, and in the quiet you will know.  This I promise you.
    “This week, ask in quiet, seek in peace, knock in confidence, and you shall receive that which you need.  Be at peace.  Be quiet.  Be still, and know I AM.” 

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 21, 2010
The Place
You Need To Be,
Is In Stillness, Next To Me

  “I AM with you.  Feel My presence with you … now.  You do not have to wait to experience reunion with Me.  We are in communion … now. 

    “I AM speaking to you!  I AM speaking to you, from the core of My being.  And as you hear these words, or read these words, you recognize these words, from the core of your being; and, they are welcome within you, as is a gentle spring rain, upon the budding garden of Earth.

    “The only place you need to be – is in stillness – sitting next to Me, for I will speak, and you will hear, tender wisdom.  And within your ear, the sensations move, as hearing, you are blessed with truths, which were held locked, within you.  Sitting next to Me, gives you the key to open the box, the door, the portal, to eternity, and all it holds.  You can experience The Kingdom of God right now!  It is not necessary to taste the sting of physical death, the dying, the decaying of the body, to return to The Kingdom of God.  You can experience, and see, The Kingdom of God, without tasting the sting of death; all you have to do, is to be still, and breathe, and say, ‘I am.’  Once you have done this, the echo will come back to you, and you will hear the voice, welling-up from within you, reverberating throughout your body, soul, and spirit … ‘I AM.’

    “In quiet, you will come to know your destiny, better.  For in reality, your destiny is written, within you.  There is no need to search the libraries, and opinions of the world, to find what it is you are to do.  You know it!  Perhaps it has not been fully revealed; but there is an inkling, of what it might be; you have a feeling.  Do not be disturbed, or distressed, if there is only ‘the feeling,’ or vague idea.  It is there.  It is there, within you, just as it is in a great painter, who looks upon an empty canvas, feeling (s)he knows where the painting is going, imagining what it might look like, once all the pieces are put together.  But, as every artist will tell you, once they begin, the painting begins to paint itself.  And this, my precious one, my beloved, is what I want you to recognize today.  You do not have to know the entire plan.  You only have to be willing to say, ‘I commit.  It is strongly within me.  I place my foot upon the path, and I am ready to go.  Move me, God, and I will go, walking to the rhythm of your breath.’  Once you make the commitment, the signs will come, and the doors will open for you, just as when the artist puts the first stroke of paint on the canvas, it begins.   

“It is the same with the musician, feeling notes, beginning to take shape within their thoughts, a note here … a note there.  But once the musician commits, saying, ‘I am going to write this song,’ the symphony is born, one note at a time.  In reality, it is inspiration, which brings these notes into creation.  But first, there must be the commitment, the will.  And in the commitment, there is the important step of surrender, setting your personality, your ego, aside, so that you might move, at the time, and the pace, and under the power, of the will of God; for, it is then that you become the vessel of God.  And the vessel of God will not be stopped, because there is a divine destiny, waiting to be complete.

“It is your destiny.  You are the vessel.  It is all there.  But it is not to be done in haste, or at the bidding of others.  It is to be done at the pace, of the divine plan, held in the hand of God.  You see, as I walked the Earth, I moved when I was guided to move; said what I was guided to say; did what I was guided to do.  I was not motionless in between these activities.  I carried on a daily life, doing what I needed to do to sustain Myself.  I ate at the proper times, and slept at the proper times.  But, I was not moved by the opinions of those around Me.  I was moved by the will of God … within Me.  My destiny, as it was written by the hand of God, was not the destiny which those who loved Me would script for Me.  They wanted Me to go on and do great things, as they thought great things would be.  As it turned out, I completed My destiny, as written only for Me.  And, it was good.

“My brothers and sisters, I give you these words, so you will be at peace, so you will find peace, next to Me, as you walk with Me, now, into eternity.  Let us walk, together, today.”

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 28, 2010
I Give You
My Power, Know
What You Are Doing,
And Do It For The Glory Of God

  “I AM with you.  The day begins, and I AM with you.  I have something very important to say to you today.  I wish to speak to you about: “knowing,” what you are doing, and doing it for the glory of God.  Because, once you are able to do this: the way you do things will be altered; the way you say things will be changed; and your days upon the Earth will be peaceful, and good. 

    “Your thoughts, words, and deeds are: a reflection of what is on your heart; an outward sign, of that which you carry within, of that which you are creating in the workshop of your mind.  And, in the workshop of your mind is where we begin.

    “Most of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, have probably noticed, or observed, a public building being erected, or the construction of a private residence, at some time or another.  You have either driven past the building sites, or walked by them, seeing the progress, until, at last, the work looked complete.  And then, as everything seems set in place, you notice there is energy in the building, in the house.  You see lights, or you hear the sounds of a heating or an air conditioning unit; but there is no mistaking it, there is a source of power in the building.  Not too long after you notice this, you might attend, or read about, or be invited to, a dedication, for the public building, or a blessing, for the private home. 

“Well, my brothers and sisters, think on this a while.  And, it will not take too long for you to realize, that your mind is certainly as important as a public building, or a private dwelling.  Your mind is where you live.  Your mind is where you work.  Your mind is where you produce.  Your mind is where you create.  And your mind is worthy of your attention.  You have an ever present source of energy to fuel the work you will do within the workshop of your mind.  It is the power of God.  And once you choose to use this eternal energy, you will never lack the power to do what you are trying to do.  If you will dedicate your mind, this special space, to the glory of God, asking for a blessing on you, and all you do, you will open the door to a new day!

    “And once you have set this in place, you will discover that, knowing what you are doing, involves, every day maintenance, quality control, making sure that the tools and materials you are using to make the creations you are delivering to Earth, are: of the highest caliber and quality; stitched together with truth, and love, and light; and, are held firmly in place, with kindness, and forgiveness.  All the noble traits – that you can think of – are ready to be used by you.  And, if you take the responsibility to make these daily, quality control checks, you will make sure that you are not stitching anything with threads of anger, or hatred, or constructing a bookcase with nails of greed, or chaos, or confusion.

    “Everything – you say, or do, – begins in your thoughts.  Make sure your thoughts are powered by God, the eternal energy of The Kingdom of Heaven, and you will be happy!  But it takes practice.  It takes practice, and knowing where you live, and what you are creating.  This week, I ask you, ‘ Please take some time, beginning today, to be still, go sit someplace by yourself, and begin to think about what you are creating, what you are producing, what you are delivering to the world, and ultimately, to eternity.'

    “I speak to you today, so that you will be “knowing,” what you are doing, and doing it, for the glory of God.  Because once you are able to do this: the way you do things will be altered, completely; the way you say things will be changed, completely; and your days upon the Earth will be peaceful, and good.” 

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 7, 2010
From Inner Peace
And Stillness, Spring Forth
Noble Thoughts, Words, And Deeds

   “As you open your eyes to the light of a new day, I AM with you.  I AM with you, through all time.  I AM present.  I AM now! 

     “Today, I wish to speak to you about the importance of quiet; not just sitting still, while your mind races within from here to there and everywhere; but quiet, from the core of your being.

    “Inner peace and stillness is a pool of new life, from which spring forth noble thoughts, words, and deeds, worthy of The Kingdom of God.  If you can sustain inner peace and stillness, you have it, you hold the key, you know.  If you can sustain inner peace and stillness, you will no longer be the victim of reaction, your actions will spring forth, from peace and stillness, and they will be good.

    “It is time, and the great change is about to take place.  The winds are rising-up, and The Breath of The Holy Spirit is moving over the Earth delivering the announcement: ‘It is time!’  An end of one thing brings the beginning of something else; it is ‘creation,’ continuing. 

    “The ways of the world are proving to be less than productive, even to the most practiced in these ways.  One catastrophe is spilling over into another.  And control of this, or that, is getting more and more difficult to maintain.  It seems everywhere you look around the world, something is amiss.  And it is at this point, that heads begin to shake, because there does not seem to be a solution.  But I tell you, there is a solution:  it does not come in the ways of the world; and it does not come easy; for, to make the change, you must give-up the old, to accept the new!  And many will find this impossible to do, because the old, no matter how much it is crumbling about you, is familiar, and even in its pain – it seems comfortable – while change, brings the unknown. 

“What you must understand is this, ‘Whether you accept the change, or not, the change is upon you.’  It will happen.  It is happening right now.  How do you move into a time of change without suffering, without being afraid?  You do so ‘in quiet.’  No matter what situation you are facing right now, it holds the opportunity of change.  And, you can accomplish more, and move gracefully into this new time, if you are ‘in peace.’ 

“Right now, as you hear these words, or feel these words, or read these words, your spirit is settled, comfortable, quiet; and, it is in times like this: when the truth is revealed to you; when you ask, and it is given to you; when you seek the truth; when you knock on the door, and it is opened by the hand of God.  This is such a time, and you are in such a place, right now, where the great change is to occur.  The procession has begun! 

“A new time, a new life, a new gift, a new door, opened by the Creator of all things, and it is yours to experience.  But how you choose to experience it … is up to you.  Today, I give you a key, ‘All the answers are yours.  A golden opportunity is yours. The unlimited horizon is yours.’ 

    “As you walk into this new week, hold these words close to you, and let them echo within your heart, and soul, and spirit, ‘Inner peace and stillness is a pool of new life, from which spring forth noble thoughts, words, and deeds, worthy of The Kingdom of God.’ ”  

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 14, 2010
Are Those, Who
Hear The Word Of
God, And Act Upon It

   “I AM with you.  In the sacred silence, before the sounds of the day can be heard, I AM with you.  I bring you My peace.  I bring you answers to questions you have long asked.

“Who are you?

“You are a child of God, and your eternal heritage is The Kingdom of God. 

“Why do you have life upon the Earth? 

“You live upon the Earth: to take part in the great resurrection, of the garden; to restore Earth to its rightful position, in The Kingdom of God.

“Blessed are those who hear the word of God, and act upon it; for, they ‘know,’ The Kingdom of God, without tasting the sting of death, because The Kingdom lives, in them.  They live, in the eternal present.  They live, in the present eternity.

“The word of God is spread over the Earth, as seed, from the hand of the sower, carried on the wind, delivered by The Holy Spirit to each one.  And how each one: receives, embraces, tends, and nurtures the seed, determines – the life – of their garden.

“Some, receive the seed, hear the word, and quickly dismiss it, rationalizing, theorizing it completely out of existence.  And the seed, the word, is crushed, by the heel of doubt.

“Some, receive the seed, hear the word, and sing with joy, carrying the light, living The Way, until the time of trial and testing comes to them, and then the seed withers, amidst the rocks and stones of worry, concern, and anxiety.

“There are others, who receive the seed, hear the word, and it grows within them.  With each passing day, they flow in the current, of the power of God, and they taste the sweet gifts of The Kingdom, for a time.  But slowly, the temptations, of the riches and the pleasures of Earth, begin to choke-out, that which is growing in the garden.  Soon, it becomes untended, uncared for, and they are drawn further and further away, seeking wealth, comfort, pleasure in the world, leaving behind a garden … choked.

“Still, there are others, who receive the seed, hear the word, and act upon it.  They live, in the present eternity, in such a way, as to bring the light of God, flowing onto the Earth, establishing The Kingdom, in a portion that is their garden.  And in the light of God, the garden grows.  And from the flowing waters, of God’s love, the garden is fed, and it matures, and it feeds the hungry.

“The word of God comes to you!  It comes, often!  It is carried on The Wind.  It is delivered to your heart, and soul, and spirit, by The Holy Spirit of God.  How you embrace the word – determines – how well your garden will grow.  Be mindful.  Do not doubt.  Have faith.  Do not let the seed wither, amidst the stones and the rocks of worry, concern, or anxiety.  Do not be tempted to surrender your garden, and walk away, seeking the riches of the world.  Be still, and know, the word of God is yours.  It will show you The Way, so you might walk in it.

“Hear the word of God, and act upon it, and you will know Heaven, without tasting the sting of death, for The Kingdom lives in you.  Live today, in the light of God.  Live eternity, in the present today, for you are the children of God.  Your eternal heritage is Heaven.  Hear the word of God, and act upon it!”  

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 28, 2010
Send God A Sign,
You Will Live In The World
And Embrace The Ways Of God

   “I AM with you.  Feel My presence around you.  I will not leave you, because that has been accomplished.  You will not experience My departure.  You will only experience My return, My presence.  And as you experience Me, I say unto you, God has delivered, that which I requested: The Holy Spirit abides within you; each of you holds the Spirit of God.  It is not something which is stripped from you, or taken away, or denied you, at any point.  The Spirit of God is within you.  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  Know these things, for they are true.

“Celebrate the little things; they are the glory beams of your life.  Make everything an event, because it is.  You are creating the story of your life upon the Earth, and you are not alone.  For if you open to that which is within you, you will find eternal guidance; you will find light, and love, and peace. 

“All of the things I desired to tell those whom I gathered near to Me, those whom I loved, while I was walking upon the Earth in a physical form, all these things you can know, and more. 
“Whatever you embrace is yours.  You can embrace the ways of the world, and the ways of the world will be yours.  You can embrace the ways of God, and the ways of God will be yours.  But it is very difficult to embrace both.  It is possible to live in the world, and embrace the ways of God; for, that is how it is meant to be.  And that is why many of you are waking to this now, beginning to see, and it is being revealed to hundreds, and thousands, and more.  How life upon the Earth is meant to be, is seeing the beauty, but knowing more. 

“There are many things hidden from the intelligent, the ones schooled in the ways of the world, the ones preoccupied with matter.  But these things are revealed – to those who are childlike – who, at a very basic level, accept, embrace, and live. 

“If you find yourself today in a hospital bed, that is where you are at the time, and that is where you are to make your presence known.  Your joyful presence will be the light of the room, and the floor, and the hospital.  You have a job to do there, and it is to bring, to deliver, the light of God, in joy.

“If you find yourself in a prison, it is the same thing.  If you are there, that is where you are to be.  And then it becomes your mission, your task, to bring, to deliver the light of God to that cell, to that wing, to that entire prison, and to do so with joy.

“If you find yourself going day-in and day-out to the same office, sitting in a cubicle, with no windows, and not much contact, with anything other than the office equipment you work with everyday, and the people who flow up and down the hallways, that is where you are meant to be.  That is where you are, and that is where you are to bring and deliver the light of God, with a joyful heart.

“No matter where your life course leads you, no matter what choices you make, no matter where you find yourself right now, it is where you are.  The next step is determining that since you are there, you will deliver the light of God, you will make the best of where you are.  That is living life, upon the Earth, in a special and unique way.  It is delivering the light of God, every day.  And you have the opportunity to do this.

“You can ask for signs and you can ask for miracles and you can ask for guidance and directions in your prayer and meditation.  And you will receive assistance.  But to see the grand miracles take place around you, it would be a good idea, rather than waiting for the sign from God, for you to stand-up and be the sign to God.  Make the announcement, ‘God, I'm sending You a sign.  I am ready.  I wait patiently.  Where Your hand moves me, I will go.  The words whispered on Your breath, I will speak.  The love delivered to my heart, I will pass on, to those of Earth.’  Send God a sign and you will be moved by The Hand, and you will hear, and speak The Words, and your heart will overflow with love!

“You see, I am not to leave you, I am to remain with you.  And for those of you who open to My presence, your life will be amazing.  The Holy Spirit is within you.  I AM with you.  Send the sign to God, and watch, and be vigilant, for you will see the miracles, and you will know the ways of God.  Send the signs!  It is time!  Rise-up!”

Sunday Sermons
April 4, 2010
The Promise Of
Eternal Life Is Yours

   “I AM risen.    I AM with you.    I AM risen in the light, of all that is holy.    I AM risen, in the glory, of God. 

“This is a time for celebration, for the promise – of eternal life – is yours.  Life upon the Earth is limited: to the things of Earth; to the body, you wrap around your spirit; it is limited, but you hold eternal life, within you, within your spirit; it is there.

    “Do not cling to the robe that is passing, for you hold the promise of eternity, within you.    It is your heritage.    It is yours. 

“Some two thousand years ago, I endured the passion, so I might rise-up in glory.  On the tree, of shame, the bud of life opened, promising spring, fulfilling all prophecy, opening in the light and for the glory of God.

“And that Promise, that bud, was taken from the tree, the cross, and laid within the tomb, covered, and in darkness, until it was time, to rise-up, in the light and glory of God.  And it was accomplished.  It is accomplished.  I live.  I AM risen.

“As it was accomplished, I walked, amongst those, whom I loved, whom I love, and heard their words, and spoke with them.  Some I encountered, looked at Me, but could not see Me.  They did not know Me.  But they spoke of Me, repeating, talking about the events, of the crucifixion.  Still others, looked at Me, and saw Me.  They knew Me.  And I said to them, ‘See.  I AM risen.  I AM the promise.  I AM the new life, and it is yours!’ 

“I offer this to you today.  Even though for most of you, your time upon the Earth has not been completed, I tell you, you can walk in the light and glory of the kingdom of God now; you can be resurrected, right now.  I ask you to rise-up from the ashes: of anger, frustration, fear, doubt, and other like energies.  Rise-up, as the phoenix flies from the ashes, so that you might soar into the light of this new day, holding only, within you, the most noble energies: of truth, kindness, patience, compassion, understanding, love; rejecting all things, but the light of God; and you too will experience the resurrection; you will spend the rest of your days walking upon the Earth, in the light of God.

“You will be, as the butterfly emerging from the caterpillar, which once crawled upon the Earth, released: to soar, to fly in the sun, to taste the sweetness, of that which springs forth from the Earth.  You are like the flower of spring, the tulip, the daffodil, encased within a shell, held within the Earth, until the light and the warmth of the sun draws you up, and you open, in the new day, in the new life.  You are the butterfly.  You are the flower. 

The promise is yours… ‘See, I AM risen, and in the rising, I still say to you, ‘You can do everything that I do.’ 

“Prepare for the time, because your time upon the Earth is limited.  With each passing day, the numbers remaining are fewer and fewer.  But it does not mark the ending.  You are counting the days to the beginning of eternal life. 

“You are as the babe, held in the womb of the mother, for a specific time, until you are ready.  I AM risen.  The promise of new life is yours. 

“Come, take My hand, and look, and see.  I give you the promise, eternity.  Come, rise-up, and walk with Me.  Amen.  It is done.  It is accomplished.  You are free.”