Sunday Sermons
July 25, 2010
Is Yours, When You
Know, The Love Of God

   “I AM with  you.  Today, I come to you, not just to be remembered from the past, but to speak to you as a brother, of the present. 

“I reach-out to you, and bring you The Wisdom of The Heavenly Kingdom.  I bring you ‘keys,’ to assist you, as you walk along The Way.  I bring you Truth, and truth will shine the light, on whatever you are facing right now, whatever you are facing, today.  Truth will illuminate the situation, or the issues, and you will see with clarity, and know how to resolve the matter: in the light of God, in the wisdom of God, in the love of God.  And, in this way… you shall find… peace.

“The desirable place, of knowing inner-peace, will be elusive, fleeting at best, until you travel the path of humility and acceptance, and come to know compassion and understanding.  For, it is within compassion and understanding that you will find the wisdom of mercy and forgiveness.  Love resides within mercy and forgiveness, for you cannot show mercy and forgiveness to another, or to yourself, without experiencing love, on a most high and powerful level.  Once you have experienced the love embodied within compassion, understanding, mercy and forgiveness you are filled with the peace of God, because you are practicing the ways of God. 

“It is impossible to know humility and acceptance, compassion and understanding, or mercy and forgiveness, without experiencing the love of God.  It is in this way that each of you will find the inner-peace you are seeking.  You cannot buy inner-peace by filling your home with furnishings, food, or gadgets.  You cannot create inner-peace by reading books, attending seminars, plays, or films.  These things might create a receptive atmosphere which will embrace the concept of peace, but to experience real inner-peace, you must know… the love of God.

“The only way to know the love of God is to be an active participant along The Way, walking with humility and acceptance, delivering compassion and understanding, embracing mercy and forgiveness, completely.  These are the things which will lead you to a place of inner-peace, where no earthly condition can touch that which you have created, within your being.  

“No matter what you are facing, it can be resolved in the light of God, in the wisdom of God, in the love of God.  The answer to every dilemma, every situation, and every distracting issue has always been, is now, and will forever be… love.  And it is within the light of God’s love, that you shall find inner-peace.

“To ‘know,’ the love of God is the goal.  To ‘practice,’ humility, acceptance, compassion, understanding, mercy and forgiveness, is The Way to reach the goal.  And it is along this pathway, that you will find inner-peace.  There is no peace, without love, and love is found within the wisdom of: compassion and understanding, mercy and forgiveness.  Seek first, this wisdom, and you will experience inner-peace, and come to know… the love of God.”

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
April 18, 2010
If You Hear
My Word & Know
It, You Will Find Love.
If You Hear My Word, And
Act Upon It, You Will Find Life

   “I AM with you, today.  I AM with you.  See Me coming, in the distance, walking, drawing nearer and nearer to you.  Feel My presence, and know Me, for time cannot hold Me in one place, I AM with you, everywhere.

“Come.  Let us gather at the river, and rejoice!  Let us celebrate love and life.  You see as I AM with you, the river, of God, is in you.  And it is there we gather, now.  Look, it is inviting.  Dip your hands into the flowing water, and splash it on your face.  Wash away the tears, in the flowing, of God’s grace.  See your face is clean and fresh.  It is new, touched by God’s love, flowing in you.  Oh the river is wonderful.  Put your feet in, splash, and feel it.  And no matter where you have been, or what journey you have experienced, your feet will be refreshed, and from this day forward, you will walk along The Way, knowing; knowing God’s love, has cleaned you, and freed you from the journey of the past so you might walk into a new time, carrying all the experience that is yours, holding it as a treasure, for it will serve you well; but releasing, all energies, that would hold you in place, leave tears on your face. 

“You have been this day, washed, in the grace of God, found in the free-flowing river, within you.  What a beautiful way to begin…the day, the week…a new time for you.

“And remember, you do not wash your face, or your feet, once, and expect them to stay clean, free from dust.  Do not expect your face and your feet to stay clean spiritually all the time, without returning to the river of God’s love.  For it is there, no matter what, you have experienced, that: you shall be made clean, you shall be made whole, you shall be made well.

“My brothers and sisters, I say these words to you today, ‘If you hear My words, and write them down, or read My words, and take them to heart, you will find love, in Me, and through Me.  But, if you hear My words, or read My words, and act upon My words, you will find life, in Me, and through Me.  There is a difference.  And the difference is “knowing,” something, versus “living,” something.  The difference is acting on what you know.  The difference is living the word.’

“Each one of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, right now, has experienced, reading: instructions, a book of directions, a pamphlet on how to do something.  And then you put the book, or the instructions, or the pamphlet, aside, and move on to something else.  But when you return to the matter, and attempt to use the item, for which the instruction was written, you must return to the words again, to remember how it is done, to see which step precedes another.  It is not familiar.  It is not comfortable.

“But if you take your instructions, the book of directions, the pamphlet on how to do it, and actually do the steps, as you read the words, it becomes easier, and easier, and soon, you have mastered it.  You no longer need the instructions.  You can use the item, with ease, because you have incorporated the direction into your being.  It is the same, with hearing, or reading, the word of God.  To find the power, in the word – you must use it – to acquire strength. 

“It is the same with almost everything you do upon the Earth, so you have many lessons around you.  You can read a book on how to swim, or play a sport, or drive a car, or prepare a meal; but until you actually use the direction, by doing it, you do not live it.  You might know how it is done; but you are not living it.  And as you live it, as you make the meal, drive the car, swim the course, you grow – in strength, and confidence – knowing, it can be done.  It is not just a direction written down, it is a direction to follow, to make life easier; and it can be done; and you can do it!

“This day, I ask you to be still, and read, or hear, the words God is speaking.  Pick-out any words…find something to hold upon your heart, and you will…find love.  But if you will put the words into action, you will find strength, power, and life, life…the way it is intended to be. 

“Read The Book, know the words, and act upon them, and you will find love, and new life.  This, I promise.” 

Sunday Sermons
April 25, 2010
You Are Not
The Body Of Dust
You Wear On Earth,
You Are As The Angels

   “I AM with you on  this  day,  as  the  birds  call,  announcing  it  is  time  to  rise-up,  and  see,  what  is  new.   And  as  you  listen  to  the  call  you  rise-up.   It  is  life,  reverberating  all  around  you.   You  are  a  part,  of  this  day,  and  this  day  is  a  piece  of  eternity,  being  created,  by  you.   There  will  be  many  “opportunities”   this  day,  and  you  will  be  asked,  to  make  choices,  this  day.   The  opportunities   come,   and  go.   But  “your  choices,”  your  decisions,  live  on.

“I wish to talk to you today, about the importance, of knowing, that which is transitory and passing, from that which is eternal, and everlasting.  You are not the body, which is a garment of dust, wrapped around you.  It is like, the clothing that you have in your closet.  You take something out and put it on, depending on the occasion or the event, and then you take it off again.  It is an outward projection, of what you hope the world will identify, with your personality.  It marks, how you see yourself, at that time in the present.  And usually, the clothing selected from the closet, is appropriate for whatever event, or occasion, you will be attending.

“Well it’s not too much different, with the body, and the spirit, and soul.  The body, the garment of dust you have wrapped around your spirit, is uniquely appropriate, for the special event, or occasion, you are attending, on Earth.  It is why you have the body you have.  But always, inside of this body that you have chosen, there is the eternal voice speaking to you.  Often it sounds like your own voice; but it is there.  Do not confuse the two.  The body is passing.  You are the spirit that is eternal.

“More than two thousand years ago, I encountered questions from many people, as I walked upon the Earth, some earnest, sincere questions, some questions were bait, and I knew it.  But each time, My answer was, a key, a piece of eternal wisdom that could be used to find the truth, and to know The Way.  At one time, a group of elders questioned Me about the resurrection, and marriage and death.  The question had to do with one woman, and seven men…brothers, marrying one, which would pass, and then, according to custom, the next brother would marry, in an attempt to raise a family, in their line.  Now this was a question, it was not something specific, about a specific family.  It was a question to see, if this woman had married all seven brothers, at the resurrection whose wife would she be?

“It was a trick, I knew it; but, I took the opportunity to say this, ‘When you rise, after the death of your earthly body, you rise, and continue, like the angels of God.  You do not marry.  You are not given in marriage.  You are like the angels…of God.’

“You  see,  that  describes  what  you  are  right  now.   The body is passing.  It falls from you with every breath you take.  Your time upon the Earth is limited and you have chosen a garment appropriate for the occasion.  But just as you remove the clothing when the occasion or event is over, you will remove the body, when your time on Earth is done.  Therefore knowing this, the decisions you make upon the Earth, will be wiser, more appropriate.  Listen, to the voice of life, within you.  the things around you are passing, and will fade away, but you will not.  This is why, as your body ages, inside you don’t feel any different than you did at: twelve, or twenty, or thirty.  You will not age.  You are eternal, in your spirit.

“In the resurrection and when you pass, you will be, as the angels of God, this is true; but I tell you, in this time that you are spending upon the Earth, you can bring The Kingdom of God, onto the Earth, in a most powerful way, uniting, reuniting, the garden, with Heaven, again.  There were many people I encountered, during My time upon the Earth, who held answers, beyond what they…could have known by the teachings, of humankind.  And I would say unto them, whenever they said the words, ‘You are not far from The Kingdom of God.’  Or sometimes I would say, ‘You speak, and know, beyond earthly teachings.  Therefore, you live in The Kingdom of God now.’

“If you can understand the difference, your time on Earth will be easier.  I do not say you will not meet challenge, trial.  And those trying times, will come to you, just as mine did.  Each, one of you, will live your Garden of Gethsemane, when you feel, there surely must be another way.  I was on My knees, asking, ‘Father, if there’s another way, can We do it?’   The answer was, ‘No.  This is the way it must be.’   And most of you will face the same answer, at times in your life.  You will be praying, ‘Well, this is the situation, God.  I know what you’re asking me to do, but can we do it another way?  I’d really like to do it another way.’  And, you’ll hear the answer, or know it clearly upon your heart.  The answer will be, ‘No.  It needs to be done this way.’

“These times will be easier, if you remember, ‘The body is passing, falling from you, as you read these words, or hear these words; but your spirit is eternal, and every choice and decision you make, is eternal as well.’  It will make it easier to rise-up and say,  ‘Thy  will  be  done,  this  day.   And  then  do  it.’  The Earth would not be the same, if I had not done the will of God.  Even though My body, wanted something else, My spirit knew the wisdom, the eternal wisdom of God.

“The wisdom of God is available to each and every one of you, without measure.  All you have to do, is sit quietly.  You don’t even have to tell God, what you think the situation is, God sees all aspects, of what you are encountering at the time, and He does not see it, just from your perspective; the picture is complete, and the answer is clear…to God.

“Ask,  and  be  still,  and  you  will  receive  the  wisdom  you  need,  to  resolve  any  issue  before  you.   This  day  I  ask  you  to remember,  you  are  not  the  garment  of  dust,  which  is  falling  from  you,  every  second.   You  are  the  eternal  being.   You  are  of  light.   You  are  of  love.   Be  confident,  in  who  you  are,  and  let  your  decisions,  be  the  word  of  God,  and  you  will  find  peace,  no  matter  what  you  encounter!” 

Sunday Sermons
May 2, 2010
Make The Decision
To Be Taught By God, And
Your Life Will Be In Balance

   “I AM with   you   this   morning.    Time  does  not  hold  Me  in  place.   I   do   not   exist,  in  one  dimension  only,  I AM.   And   I  AM   with   you, now! 

Do  not  look  forward  to  the  day  when  you  can  walk  the streets  of  The  Heavenly  Kingdom,  do  so  now!   For  in  looking  toward  the  future,  and  planning  for  that  time,  you  are  losing  the present  piece  of  eternity,  the  piece  that  is  now!   And  if  you  look  forward,  and  miss  the  piece  that  is  now,  eternity  is  not  complete.   You  see  it  falls  to  you,  to  create  now.   And  what  you  do  with  now,  decides  tomorrow. 

“When  you  take  those  words  in,  and  really  know  them,  your  journey,  begins  to  change,  the  significance  of:  the  now,  the  present,  being…  creating…  for  eternity.

“I speak to you, My brothers and sisters, in this way, because there are many, walking upon the Earth right now, who seem to think that they are just biding time, or filling space, that what they do doesn’t matter, because they’re not that ‘important,’ their not ‘old enough’ to do this, or ‘smart enough’ to that, or ‘rich enough’ to buy this, or ‘powerful enough’ to make a difference.  This is an illusion, and a trick.  You would not be on the Earth right now, if what you were to do, was not significant.

“Do not idle, in place!  Move… and do… and be!

“There comes ‘a time,’ to put away the tools of learning, as described by those of Earth: the books, the teachings, the rules and the regulations, so that you might ‘be taught,’ the things that you need to know.  If you are a carpenter, preparing to build a house, a recipe for sponge cake, will not be of any service to you, in completing your task.  That is not to say that the recipe in itself is not good or useful.  It is very useful to the cook, seeking something delicious to serve for dessert.  But it is not so useful to one preparing to build a house.  Now, this analogy can be applied to almost anything; substitute them in any way you wish.
Something a fisherman uses to catch the tuna to feed many, will not serve the artist, seeking a paint, or a pencil.  And the paint, or the pencil, will not serve the fisherman.  It does not make, any of these things, less than good, it just happens to be that they are not what is necessary to complete the task at hand.  I bring these to your attention so you will know this,  the  only  way  you  will  receive  personal,  individual  direction,  uniquely  designed  to  lead  you  where  you  are  to  go,  is  when  you  will  sit  in  quiet,  and  ask  for  guidance,  from  God!

“This is what I did as I walked the Earth some two thousand years ago.   God  was  My  Guiding  Source,  The  Energy  that  propelled  Me,  moved  Me,  taught  Me.  And it is to be the same,  with each of you.   What a different world you would experience, if each one of you would be taught be God! 

“This day, I ask you, to find a quiet place, and be still for a short time.  Ask a question, a simple question.  And then, make it your intention…to follow this…guidance.  In fact, go into the whole process, saying, ‘God,  today  I  begin  being  taught  by  You.   It  is  my  intention  to  do  Your  will.   Teach  me,  and  I  will  speak  Your  words,  do  Your  deeds,  paint  Your  masterpieces,  sing  Your  songs.   I  will  create,  in  the  name  of  God,  and  it  will  be  good!’

“Make  the  decision,  to  be  taught  by  God,  and  your  life  will  be  in  balance.   You  will  be  in-harmony  with  all  around  you.   You will  not  struggle.   You  will  not  be  in  chaos  or  confusion;  because  no  matter  what  the  world  tells  you,  you  are  to  do,  you  will  hold  the  answer  on  your  heart,  you  will  be  able  to  march  to  your  drummer,  sing  your  song,  paint  your  picture.   You  will  live,  in  the  now.   And  your  understanding  and  comprehension,  of  the  now,  will  be  the  bridge  to  tomorrow,  and  tomorrow,  and  tomorrow.   Don’t  wait…  for  Heaven,  live  it…  now!” 

Sunday Sermons
May 9, 2010
Day, 2010:
Mothers, Teach
Your Children To Be
Open  To  The  Guidance
From The Holy Spirit Of God

   “I AM with   you   this   day.  This day, I speak with special affection, and attention, to the mothers of Earth, ‘Teach your children, in such a way, that they are open to the guidance from The Holy Spirit of God, and support them, as they journey, upon the Earth.’

“To be – a mother – is to experience a unique connection with another, one that you have known, before their birth upon the Earth.  In your role, you feel the stirring of life within you, you feel … growth, and you come to love that which you cannot see; but you know it is within you.

“It is easy to care for the one you carry within you; it is contained, confined, and held; you feed it, by what you eat.  All is well, within you.  But there comes the time, for that which is held within, to be born, to walk the Earth, to complete a mission.  You are the doorway to Earth.  You are the portal between Heaven and Earth.  And through you, the precious children of God, make their way, upon the Earth.  The door is open, and they are born.

“I speak to you today because there are different ways to assist your child, your children… 

“It is important, that you know the difference: between training, and teaching; between direction, and guidance. 

“Sometimes, you will find the ‘temptation’ to train a child, to do this, this, this, and this; one step leading to another, to accomplish something, let us say: tying a shoe, or putting on their clothes, or performing any other task.  But it is … better … to teach; teach the ‘how,’ with the ‘why.’  And this requires, more time, and effort, because it is easier to say, ‘Do this, because I say to.’  When you teach a child, completely, and fully, they understand, and comprehend, the goal.  This does not mean that they will always do, as you say to do it.  It means they might find a different way to do it.  But in the teaching, rather than training, they comprehend, and understand.

“It is the same with giving direction, and guidance.  You can direct, say: ‘Do this, or do that.  Go here, or go there.’ implying that is the way it should be done, that is the way you do it.  Then, there is guidance: showing; guiding, from one place to another; letting the child experience, so they might know, and grow, in the knowing of it; guiding with love, all along The Way.

“Encourage your children, to do the things, they love to do.  The temptation will be to lead them into things which will provide ‘means,’ to do the things they like to do.  The Earth is full of people, who are doing … things they don’t like to do, working: to make money; to buy things; to fill a house; to buy a car; to get more clothing.  It is time for the mothers to begin, to teach the children, to be guided by The Holy Spirit of God, so they might be at peace, so they might be happy, upon the Earth, so they might be playful and joyful! 

“The ‘old ways,’ are not working well.  They have created a society, which is depressed, angry, lonely, and unfulfilled.  Today, I say ‘Think about what you are doing, and the responsibility you have chosen.’  I ask you, and encourage you, to choose teaching over training, and guidance over direction. 

“I bless each one of you this day, and I ask you to open to The Holy Spirit of God, which will fill-you in such a way: that you will know; that when you speak to your child, or your children, you will be speaking the words of God, upon the Earth; when you touch them, they will feel … God … with them. 

“This day, make it your intention, to understand the difference, and choose to teach, and guide, and love, as God loves!”

Sunday Sermons
May 16, 2010
Open, And Receive
The Holy Spirit Of God,
And You Will Know The Way

   “I AM with   you   this   day.  I am with you, all days.  I am with you, in all ways.  I AM … with you.

“Some two thousand years ago, I walked upon the Earth.  A distinct mission was given to Me.  And I performed My mission, as I was led, by The Power of God, flowing into and through Me.  This is what moved Me, what propelled Me, what filled Me with life, a life force, of eternity, a power to do, what I was to do.

“I fulfilled the prophecy, and set about My work, of establishing The Kingdom of God upon the Earth, more completely and fully, through the work of the children of Earth.  I called-out, ‘Come to Me,’ and those who were stirred from within rose-up and followed Me.  I with walked with, talked to, and shared stories amongst, those I loved, who gathered around Me, to listen, and hear, so they might know The Way.

“Those days are as precious pearls, their numbers few, strung together, a glorious time, when it was My destiny, to walk upon the Earth.  Although My time was short, much was done.  As those gathered around Me listened to what I said … they began to do … what I did.  And each time, they did … they acted … they performed the works of God, their faith grew, and they were encouraged, recognizing that it was God, working through them, and their joy was unconfined.

“As My time drew near, My time to return Home, to complete the task, to bring the mission to a close, to accomplish it all, they began to feel … alone, even when I was still with them.  Because they were not living in the present, they were fearing the future, of no longer having someone with them that would tell them, show them, guide them.  Once it was accomplished, they became afraid.  But you see, I had told them, ‘Do not be afraid, for I must return to The Kingdom of God.  I must speak in your behalf.’ 

“The Spirit of God is in everything created.  However, it was so obvious that those of Earth needed a counselor, each one; individual guidance … was necessary to bring peace and strength, courage and confidence.  And so I told them, ‘I will ask, and God will send you … a Counselor.  The Holy Spirit of God will come to each of you, and live within you, and show you The Way.  And when you ask, the answer will be yours, uniquely your answer, your direction, and your guidance.’ 

“These things were necessary, because I told them, ‘Watch for the signs.  You will know the ones who believe, because those who believe: will cast-out demons, in My name; will heal the sick, in My name; they will do all manner of miraculous deeds, in My name; because they believe.  This is a sign.’

“I knew that to do this, they needed guidance, confidence.  Therefore, once I returned, The Father, God, The Creator Mother of All Things, sent forth The Breath, The Life, The Holy Spirit of God, pouring-out, on all flesh, each one, individually.  The Spirit was no longer flowing only, but living strongly.  The Spirit was poured-out upon all flesh.  It is yours, today. 

“The signs are the same.  You will know those who believe, because they will cast-out the demons, heal the sick, and perform all manner of miraculous deeds in My name.  They will not be complacent.  They will be active, moving, as God moves, as The Spirit moves, as I move.  We are not stagnant.  We are created to live.  We are eternal.  And The Holy Spirit of God abides with you, dwelling in you, so that you might have confidence, so you might be at peace, so you might … perform … the miracles, so The Glory of God is known, upon the Earth.

“Watch for the signs.  Be open.  Acknowledge and welcome The Holy Spirit of God into you every day, because the more you welcome, and open, the stronger you will feel The Spirit within you.  And The Spirit will move you, and you will speak, and The Words of God will echo in the trees, and be carried on the breeze, to touch the hearts and the souls, of those in need.

“I say to you this day, rise-up, follow Me.  It is good.  It is time, and you are ready.  If you are stirred, or moved, to rise-up, come, walk with Me.”

Sunday Sermons
May 23, 2010
The Breath Of
The Holy Spirit
Says...I AM...Here

   “I AM with   you.   Feel  My  Presence  with  you.   I AM not just an  echo  of  the  past,  I  AM  not  only  the  promise  of  the  future, I  AM  the  present,  always  …  with  you.   I  live;  therefore  you  live,  for  we  are  one.   I  AM  with  you,  not  to  command  you,  but  to  show  you  The  Way,  so  you  might  walk  into  your  glory,  which  is  the  glory  of  The  Creator,  so  that  you  might  walk,  in  The  Light,  of  All  That  Is.   It  is  your  heritage  to  do  so.   Therefore  I  AM  with  you,  to  show  you  The  Way.   I  AM  the  song  of  the  present,  the  song  of  the  new  day.   The  words  are  on  your  heart.   The  melody  –  comes  in  the  sound  of  the  birds,  the  breeze  in  the  trees,  the  rolling  water,  of  the  oceans,  and  the  rivers,  and  the  streams.   I  AM  the  song  of  Earth.

“When I walked upon the Earth some two thousand years ago in the physical form, I was led, by the will of God.  I did this freely, so that the creation plan would continue, through Me, spilling onto the Earth, through Me, loving those of Earth, through Me, having the power of God upon the Earth, through Me.  And I tell you today remember, the same will be done through you, the power of God upon the Earth, through each of you.  It is the way it is intended.

“As I walked upon the Earth, there came the time for Me to summon those, to call those who would gather ‘round Me.  And I called them and they came.  Understand, what was happening, that a stranger might walk by, say, ‘Come with Me,’ and another would rise-up, leave family, and work, and all things familiar – behind – and follow the stranger, into a new day.  It was an inner stirring, a spiritual knowing.  I was the sign, and their eyes were open and they saw.  Those I gathered about Me as I walked upon the Earth in physical form, listened, as I spoke the word of God.  I chose to do this, so that the word of God would flow through My lips, onto the Earth, becoming … of Earth.  If I held the words inside of Me they would have not been brought onto the Earth plane so fully, so completely.  And you can do the same.  When you are stirred to speak the words of God, speak them and they will be delivered, born, upon the Earth, through you. 

“These things I taught those I gathered around Me.  They were filled with Spirit.  In My presence they grew in the light of God.  They were beginning to know The Way and walk in it.  Miraculous things became every day events: feeding multitudes with small portions, raising the dead, healing the sick, banishing fear, delivering love. 

“I told many, I come to show you The Way.  Here, I say unto you, ‘Take, and accept, My yoke.  Let us be yoked together, so My strength is your strength, so that when you go into the new day, you do not carry your burdens alone; I carry them … with you.  And when we are yoked, when we pull together, your burden is light, because I AM The Light.’

“Continuing My days upon the Earth, those I gathered about Me grew, as they knew, the word of God was flowing, and the power of God was growing, within them.  Yet as My time – to return Home – grew near, and I would tell them of it, I could see in the eyes, of those growing in the ways of miracles, showed fear, began to doubt, knew concern and worry.  It was at that time that I knew, even those who are willing to step forward, read the signs, and follow, can be tempted, to doubt the power of God within them, if they do not have a reminder, if they are not yoked to one of power, who knows The Way, and takes their burden, freely.

“It was for this reason that I said, ‘I will ask, and God will send, a powerful Counselor for each of you.  Do not worry, for I must go; I must return, My mission is … soon accomplished … but yours is just beginning.  Spread The Word, show The Way, deliver The Message, the heritage of eternal life, belongs to all the children of Earth.  But they must be freed.  And they must know.  And they must awaken to the power of God, individually, in their own time, and from their own place.  And the only way to do this – is to magnify The Spirit of God – so that it is borne, within each, individual being, walking Earth.’

“I said that this would happen.  It was My intention that it be done.  And once I returned to The Heavenly Kingdom, once I moved through the veil, and returned to reality, it was accomplished.  And The Holy Spirit of God, was sent: to be The Light, to show The Way, to confirm The Power. 

“I speak to you today, of what occurred, in physical form, thousands of years ago upon the Earth, because I want you to understand it continues … in each one of you, that same story … continues.  The signs come to you.  You feel a calling and you rise-up, walking into the new day on faith, not really knowing where you are going, or what the mission will bring to you.  The nobility is in the rising-up.  The joy is in reading the signs, and knowing … the time has come.  The promise … is that you will not do this alone.

“This day I ask you to be still for a few minutes, acknowledge, The Holy Spirit of God that is in you, and those embers … will jump … stir … and ignite … as The Breath of The Holy Spirit says, ‘I AM here!’

“Feel The Flame within you.  Feel the safety, and the strength, of the yoke, as I say, ‘Here, let Me make your burdens lighter.  Walk with Me, and know the will of The Creator of All Things, because you say, ‘Yes, I will be.  I will live the present eternity, knowing, the power of God stirs me, and I awaken.  I see the flame’.’

“Today begins a new day.  Sanctify the day, with a commitment.  Stand-up and know it.  I walk with you.  We … are forever … united … as one.” 

Sunday Sermons
May 30, 2010
Go Into
The World
And Proclaim The
Glory … That Is … God

   “Feel Me, and know My approach.  Feel the peace, and know My presence.  Feel the power, of My peaceful presence, with you!    

“I AM with you.  I move over the Earth, carrying that which is necessary, to heal the world-weary soul, to mend the heart, and make you whole.  This is possible, because you are whole.  At the core of your being, you are what God intended you to be, the eternal being, of God.

“Right now, as you hear My words, or read My words, you are on a mission upon the Earth.  You are walking, in the form of a human being, for a reason, to accomplish something.  For some of you, it might be to accomplish something which you believe to be rather minor, small, yet of service.  And some of you feel you are being led to do something enormous, grand in scale and scope.  But no matter what the size of your mission might be, it has eternal importance; for by completing your mission, you are altering eternity, as you do so.

“God showers blessings upon the efforts of those upon Earth.  A mother and father try to take care of the physical needs of their children, the best they can, and God blesses their efforts.  They use the things of the world to purchase food, which they prepare and serve, so that the children might grow, and be healthy.  Sometimes they use their funds to buy seeds, to plant a garden, and serve the food, in the hopes that the food will nourish the children, and they will grow and be healthy.  And God sees the efforts, and the way they use that which is theirs to provide for others.  And the children grow, and are healthy.  God blesses the effort.

“But the money of Earth, and the things of Earth, cannot purchase spiritual food.  It is not possible.  When you see, or feel, the importance of Spirit, the things of Earth begin to pale in significance, and their place of importance … is less … than it was … the day before.  

“When it is time, for you to go-out, into the world, to accomplish a mission, which will bring The Kingdom of God onto the Earth, in a more profound way, you do not carry a purse, or a money sack; you walk in faith, knowing, that the power of God is in you.  And because you have surrendered to the power of God, the power of God will work through you.  And in this case, you are the power upon the Earth, and all that you do is beyond the wealth of Earth, because it is ‘of God.’  It is important to understand the difference.

“As I walked upon the Earth some two thousand years ago, those gathered around Me, whom I loved, had different assignments.  One or two would procure lodging.  There was one to hold the money bag.  There were two or three to find the food we needed to keep our bodies going.  It was a small community, with a common goal, and a united effort.  And the blessing of God was upon each one of us, for the effort set forth.

“But then, when it was time, to do the things of The Kingdom, to part the veil, so that The Kingdom of God was flowing fully upon the Earth, I sent them forth, with nothing, except the cloak they wore, and the sandals upon their feet.  They did not carry coins.  They did not carry extra clothing.  They went as they were, because their mission was not of Earth.  It was not to feed the physical form.  They went as ambassadors of The Kingdom of God.  And as they surrendered to this mission, God filled them with power, and all they needed.  It was God working through them.  It was God upon the Earth.  They were the blessing ‘of God.’

“During your days upon the Earth, you will be required to function in both ways.  At times you might be called to find a dwelling, rent a lodging place, or times when you might sew fabric, or purchase garments to wear.  There are times when you might visit the market place, or turn the soil to plant a seed, to feed your body.  And in these times, you call for the blessing of God upon what you do.  But when the day comes, and you feel a stirring within, to begin to feed your spiritual essence, your light body that lives eternally, you must surrender, and be filled with the power of God.  The only preparation required, is that you surrender, and go in peace; for in surrendering, you inherit the heavenly kingdom.  And then every thought you have, every word you say, every deed you do, will be of God.  God will be upon the Earth through you.  These are the things which create ‘a state of miracles.’  And it is within each of you, to create thusly.

“Today, when you must perform a function, a daily chore or task, pause and ask the blessing of God upon it; but spend some time today, surrendering to the power and the will of God, so you might know  another way, The Way of Spirit. 

“As I sent the twelve, out into the world, on a mission, carrying nothing, except the power of God, I do the same, for each of you today,  ‘Go into the world, and proclaim the glory, that is God’!”

Sunday Sermons
June 6, 2010
I AM With You.  Be.
And Know The Power Of
Being ... A Peaceful Presence

   “I AM with  you  this  day.  Feel  My  Presence;  and  know,  The  Power,  of  a  peaceful  presence.  

“As  you  prepare  to  begin  this  day,  look  around  you,  find  ‘The  Peace,’  and  focus  there. 

“Notice the majesty, of a tree: still, unmoving.  The tree is being, as God intended it to be.  If you will notice, it is a powerful, peaceful, presence. 

“Look at the sky, you will see, the power, of a peaceful presence.  It is all around you, it is over you. 

“Notice all things growing: content, in being’ not attempting to move to another place; accepting the glory, of where they are; in the great creation plan. 

“See the water, of a lake, river or a stream, content, in the movement, peaceful, the presence of God is within the water.

Today, there is no greater gift to give your brother’s and sister’s, yourself, and your God, than carrying the piece of God within your being in such a way, that all who encounter you this day, recognize ‘the power, of a peaceful presence,’ within you. 

“And if you can do this today, you will deliver unto others the same glorious and wonderful feeling you experienced just a few minutes ago: as you looked upon the tree; as you looked into the sky; as your eyes settled upon the waters.  In that brief time, and for that fleeting moment, you recognized ‘The Power of a Peaceful Presence.’

“You have the opportunity to give this gift to others…be as the tree…and the sky…and the water… Be content with where you are… Welcome the presence of God within you…and move over the Earth this day… delivering – the power of a peaceful presence – in all you think, and do, and say… 

“Let it be so...”

Sunday Sermons
June 13, 2010
Your Heart
Is Opened By
The Key Of Love,
All Things Are Possible

   “I AM with  you … now … today.   You hear Me, because you have opened your heart … to The Way.   Time does not lock Me, or hold Me.   I speak to you, and we are in the present time.

“When your heart is opened by the key of love, all things are possible.  You are no longer limited to the transitory knowledge and intelligence of Earth.  You are free to slip those bonds, and fly into eternal wisdom, riding on the breath of The Holy Spirit of God, which has been sent to you to guide you.  Therefore I tell you this day, do not be locked in place.  Do not let: fear, worry, concern, anxiety, hatred, anger, or rejection, lock you in place.  I speak to you today, and you receive the grace…to handle every situation you face…and to move into a new – and glorious day – where all things are possible.

“I would have not said it, when I walked upon the Earth, unless it was, and is, true. ‘You have ‘the capability’ to do everything I do, I did, and that which is yet to come.’  But first you must unlock your heart, with the key, of love. 

“You   are   spirit   first!   You  are  created,  by  God.   You  are  ‘of  God,’  a  child  of  God,  first.   It is a misconception to believe that you are ‘only human,’ flesh, limited.  You are spirit, first, foremost, and forever.  To walk upon the Earth, you had to be born of water.  You were born of woman and man, and you entered Earth, through the birth of water so you could experience Earth.  But I say unto you it is transitory, temporary.  When you are called to do something, or you feel the urge within you, or you awaken to the stirring, of your spirit, do not say, ‘I cannot do this.  I do not know how to do this.  My Earth history tells me, it is not possible for me to do this.’  Do not say these words because you are – temporarily – in the body of a human being. 

“There comes a time, when The Holy Spirit of God settles upon you, and the rebirth occurs.  Your spirit sparks, and you remember.  Once this occurs, you are moved by The Hand of God.  Your mouth no longer utters the current knowledge of Earth, but speaks the gentle wisdom of God.  Your feet are no longer locked in step, with the rhythm, of the things that are popular at the time.  You dance, on the breeze, out-of-step with all, but God.  You are transformed, and you begin to experience The Kingdom of God as you walk upon the Earth.

“I say these things to you because you do not have to wait until you experience death of the earthly body to know The Kingdom of God.  It is time to awaken!  It is time to experience something new, something that is carried within you, borne within you, so that you might know it, when it is time. 

“Awaken to the spirit that you are, and spend the rest of your days upon the Earth, being an open doorway for The Kingdom of God to pour upon the Earth, so all might know God through you.  It is that simple.  If you will unlock your heart, God will do the rest, through you.  Miraculous things will occur.  And whether those around you believe them or not, it will not change the truth.  Miracles will abound, all around your presence, because the doorway, between Heaven and Earth, is you!

“You  hear  Me,  because  your  heart  is  open.   You   live,  because  your  heart  is  filled  with  love.   Open  the  doorway – and  let  God’s  love – flow  upon  the  Earth – through  you.    So  be  it...  


Sunday Sermons
June 20, 2010
Day 2010:
Perfection Is
Achieved In The Heart

   “I AM with  you, today, a new beginning.  As the birds sing, of the glory of God, I AM with you.  As you start this day, as this day begins, I wish for you to contemplate, something very important, important to each of you, in such a way, that it will bring peace to your heart to hear it.

“There is no need – to struggle – to attain perfection!  Perfection is born, within the desire that is on your heart.  This is the reason, why a parent, can receive, a handmade gift from a child, and see, it is a priceless treasure.  They can do this, because they know, that the perfection of the gift…began in the heart of the child…began with love.

“This is something very important to know, and to carry into this day, and into the week.  When something is done, with purity of heart, with a desire, to do good work, with the thought, of pleasing God, loving another…it is perfect…in its conception.

“There are things, made and created upon the Earth, that some see, as perfect, which are not perfect at all.  And there are some things, and people, which are perceived, by those of Earth, as imperfect, which are actually, and in reality, perfect in the eyes of God.  I speak to you today of these things, because in most places upon the Earth there is a celebration, today is noted, to honor Fathers.  Fathers have the opportunity, to instill this, in their children, so that this idea of perfection grows upon the Earth.  It’s not in how others perceive it; it’s how it is in your heart.  Perfection is on your heart.

“If you strive to do something, and to do it well, for the highest good of all, then you have achieved perfection, even as you begin.  And this is the energy that is carried through the project.  It is perfect in the eyes of God, no matter how it ends-up appearing to those of Earth.

“If a child is making a little chair or a stool, to those of Earth, one leg might be a little longer than the others, and one seat edge might protrude a little too far to this side or that; but in the sight of God, the desire that compelled the child, to create the chair, is the note of perfection. 

“This day, think about this.  Think about what is on your heart, something you want to do, and then dedicate it, to the glory of God, doing it out of love for another, or many others, and before it is complete, it is perfect.

“This is perfection that all can attain.  This is something that might finally obliterate the idea that you cannot achieve perfection because you are ‘only human.’  Well I say to you today, you are anything but ‘only human.’  You are an eternal being, a child of God, wearing the cloak of humanity, for a brief time; and during that brief time, you are capable of perfection, because perfection…is in your heart.  Everything you do can be perfect, in the eyes of God!

“Listen to the song of the bird.  The bird sings-out, not trying to impress those of Earth, but for the glory of God.  Go forth and do the same.  Sing, think, speak, and do…for the glory of God, and perfection will be held in all you do.” 

Sunday Sermons
June 27, 2010
You Are
The Seed Of
The Kingdom Of Heaven

   “I AM with  you.  I come to you, and bring your lessons, lessons to show The Way, to begin a new day, a new week.  I have something to say to you, which will help the week, which will help the day, which will help you come to know The Way, better.

“Today, I say to you, to each of you, accept that which comes to you, as your own, embracing the gifts, challenges, joys, and obstacles, confidently knowing, the power, and the glory of God is with you.  In this way, you will come to know – The Kingdom – of Heaven.

“How can I tell you of The Kingdom, of the glory, of the wonder?  I can best tell you, in this way… ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is like a small seed.  It is a seed, when sown, which will grow into a mighty tree, a tree so vast, so strong, so beautiful and comforting, that it will shade all who gather beneath it, and be a home, for all who settle in it.  It will be a sign unto nations.  It will be the glory of God.  Do not be surprised if I say unto you, in many ways that - you - are the small seed.  When you take that small seed, and sow it in good earth, fertile earth, it will grow.  That which comes forth from you, will be The Kingdom of Heaven, strong, magnificent, comforting, of beauty.  You will be… of God.  You will exist upon the Earth, but you will do so in a different way.

“I give you a secret, a key, which will help you begin to live, within The Kingdom of Heaven, as you walk upon the Earth.  This week, accept all that comes to you, as yours.  Be thankful, for each thing.  It will not matter if it is: a wonderful gift, or possibly a challenge; a joyful event, or an obstacle.  Be confident in the company of what is yours.  Do not push it to another, casting fault, for challenges and obstacles.  These things that come to you – are yours.  If it is a gift, say ‘Thank you.’  If it is a joyful event, give praise, and celebrate.  If it is a challenge or an obstacle, use the wisdom of God, to embrace that –which has come to you, so that it might become the glory of God, through what you do.  No matter what comes to you, it can be made a part, of The Kingdom, of Heaven.  If a person comes to you, who represents a challenge, who brings a great obstacle, be thankful.  Accept what is brought to you, as your own.  Sit quietly, with God, for the wisdom to deal with it, to bless the situation, to create Heaven, out of what some might call, ‘a real mess.’   Do  as  God  would  do!

“Think on that, because that will speed the delivery of The Kingdom, of Heaven, upon the Earth.  When God is presented a challenge, or an obstacle, God deals with it, embracing it, accepting it.  From the challenge and obstacle, rises the glory… of God. 

    “Once you begin to do this, you will find that – although it is easy to accept the gifts and the joyful events – it is also easy to embrace the challenges and obstacles, because, in confidence, you know the power, and the glory, of God, is with you.  And it is in that state that you can take ‘the mess,’ and create the glory.  This will be the blossom, the rising-up of the shoot from the seed.  Your tree will become strong, as it reaches, beyond the confines of Earth, growing into The Kingdom of Heaven.  There will come many, to sit under the tree, to receive the shade, grown by one, who accepts that which is yours, in such a way, as to create the glory, of The Kingdom of Heaven, upon the Earth.  Accept that which comes to you, it is yours, just as the power, and the glory, of God… is yours.” 
Sunday Sermons
July 4, 2010
Let Freedom
Reign, Forever-
More, Within You

   “I AM with  you.   I  AM  with  each  one  of  you,  in a way so close, so unique, that we are united, as one.  I reach for you, and you know I AM with you.  I touch you, and you feel My presence.  There is no clock, made of the world which can lock Me in an era, or a time, or a place.  I AM with you, now.  My spirit moves on The Wind: so you might know the glory of God; so you might know the freedom of God.

“I wish to speak to you today, of a noble purpose, which requires intention.  I wish to tell you how you can make a difference, how each of you can bring the glory of God onto Earth: parting the veil, resurrecting the garden, individually.  And although this sounds grand, I assure you, it is simple.  But it requires that you enlist: your heart, and your thoughts, and your words and your deeds, into the service, of the living God.  It requires… you… to be clean, so you might hear and know the Word of God.  And this… will bring you… freedom!

“Cleanliness… is in the heart.  Some of you come from cultures wherein certain foods are listed as taboo, the belief being that they will make you unclean, sully your body.  But I say unto you, it is in the heart, where you make yourself unclean.  No food, no outside influence, no other person can defile you.  The heart is the creation point of good.  And Heaven and Earth know what is: on your heart; entertained in your thoughts; verbalized by your words; and, demonstrated by your deeds.  Today, if you will make the determination, to keep your heart pure, the doors will fly open, within you, no longer locked, or barred.  And The Living Waters will flow to you, and through you.  The words will come from God, and fill you.  And you will begin to carry-out your mission upon the Earth, one person at a time.  It does not matter: what they say to you; what they bring to you; what they say about you.  God… is within you… speaking through you, and the cleaner you are, the more vibrant the message.  It comes with clarity to those of a pure heart.

“If you wish to ‘know freedom,’ today, make it your intention, to reject creating within your heart: anger, greed, frustration, worry, anxiety, envy, and any of the other things, that are less than holy.  These things are not fruits of The Holy Spirit.  They do not grow on the living vine.  Let your heart be the garden, of: love, faith, hope, charity, compassion.  Be tender.  Dare to be sweet.  These things invite the words of God to speak through you, and the world then knows God through you.  One at a time, they will know God, through you.  This is freedom.

“No food can sully you.  No words, or thoughts, of another can injure or defile you.  It comes from within you.  Your heart is the center chamber wherein is borne the gift of true freedom.  Rise-up this day; enlist your heart in a special way.  Make it your intentions that your thoughts are at the ready, and that your words – speak what is written on your heart – and your deeds are the outward sign.

“Today, come, enlist in the service of the living God, and let freedom reign… forevermore…within you.”
Sunday Sermons
July 11, 2010
Embrace The Challenge
And The Obstacle, As THE GIFT,

   “I AM with  you.   Traversing  the  corridors  of  eternity,  I  reach-out  to  you.   There  is  no  time,  which  impedes  Me.   There  is   no  clock,  which  can  stop  you.  Your only hindrance  is that which you  believe  has the ability to hinder you. 

“I speak to you today.  I AM in your midst.  The body does not define My presence, but you ‘feel,’ My presence with you.  As any good teacher, My lessons, My teachings, ride The Wind, and bring you comfort, when you are still, sounding as a bell, calling you to remember, that which you know.  You carry, the wisdom, of all ages, within you.  This morning I say to you, tap the source.  Respond to the tolling of the bell.

“How do you respond to those who are calling to you, from a different place, from a dimension beyond?  Do you give credence to the message?  Or is it dismissed, as something… almost important… but not deserving the attention, as does: the gathering of the groceries, or the dusting of the furniture, or the washing of the clothing?  You see, where you focus your attention is the outward sign of what is important to you.

“As I speak to you today, I say ‘feel’… the charge of the air around you.  It is shining.  It is glorious, as you are shining and glorious.  It is not your temporary fleeting home that you call a body, the human form.  What is shining is the eternal being you are.  And I AM speaking to you – to awaken – that which has been dormant, for a while.  Awaken, and see!  See the possibility.  Free yourself.  Rise-up.

“You are shining… you are golden… you wear the crown.  It is not an earthly crown that weighs on your head.  It is an eternal crown, showing all who look or gaze upon your beautiful ‘light body,’ what is important to you.  The gems are not stones, but noble thoughts… creations of an eternal being. 

“As you are upon the Earth, every time you stoop or bend over, lowering yourself in service to another, you rise.  The servant ‘knows,’ God.  The servant knows the value, of the challenge, and the obstacles, because it is therein, that the servant finds the strength to serve.  So I say unto you, ‘Who is stronger, the one who is serving, or the one who is served?’  And then I say further unto you, ‘The one who is serving, is the one who is truly served, because each time you bend or stoop and do the serving, the ‘eternal, picture’ shows you are serving: yourself; the piece of the One; the eternal vignette; the purity of love.’ 

“I ask you to go into this week, not thinking or responding as a human being, with limited ability to think or respond.  I ask you to go into this week… as God, seeing… knowing… loving… feeling… as God. 

“As I walked upon the Earth some two thousand years ago, and was giving notice to those I had gathered around Me, that My destiny was ultimate death of a body, I was bringing a message.  There are many who bring messages to Earth.  It is that important to The Creator of All Things, that the children are led, in the right direction.  And it was My destiny, at that time, to complete the will of God.  But as I spoke the words of what was to be, the one I loved so took Me aside, and said, ‘This cannot be, Lord, Master.  This cannot happen to You.’
“I then spoke, what others have seemed to believe were harsh words, ‘Get thee behind Me, Satan.  You are not thinking, as God thinks.  You are thinking, as a human being.’  That was close enough to what I said.  The implication was, look at the whole picture.  If you believe what I AM telling you, you do not think that the body is that which is to be preserved.  The body is that which is to be shed.  It is the vehicle to accomplish a certain mission, but it is not… the eternal… you. 

“This week, open!  Be willing to accept what is coming to you, and see the challenge and obstacle, for the gift.  Each of you reading these words, or hearing these words, will understand, by just a brief walk through your history, upon Earth.  If I ask you to say one thing that stands-out, as important, something you did, that marks the Earth as good, an accomplishment, very few of you… will record, or speak of, or write down, a time which required you to do nothing… just receive.  What you will speak about… is a challenge… that you accepted… and the gift… that came as a result of the challenge.

“Go into this week, embracing the obstacle and challenge as the gift; and this will lead you, and prepare you, to think… as God, to see… as God, to love… as God. 

“If you cling to ‘the things of the world’… you will lose that which you value.  If you will embrace the wisdom of God, you will shine… and you will begin to remember: the eternal you; the piece of eternity that you are; the majestic and noble being who traveled to Earth, from a star. 

“Go into the week in peace, and know, you are eternal!”
Sunday Sermons
July 18, 2010
On: The Way, Of
Wisdom, Held Within
Humility And Acceptance

   “I AM with  you.   Today, I speak to you.  I talk to you about, The Way… and active participation…

“Within humility, and acceptance, you will find compassion and understanding, and in this way, you will come to know mercy and forgiveness, in their fullest and richest forms.  If you desire: to walk The Way, to be active, to know, to grow in your relationship with The Creator, these things… are necessary… for you to do.

“You see, this is not the way of a passive individual or being, it is The Way of the activist, the one ready to rise-up, to make a commitment, to make a change, in the ways of the world, so that they more follow the ways of The Kingdom of God.

“When I spoke to those I gathered about Me some two thousand years ago, I talked about a new law.  I did not want to strike down the old laws; there was just: a new law, a higher law, a law of active participation within The Creator, a law leading to understanding The Will of God.  The message, the new law, was ‘Love, one another.’  And this requires dedication, and desire, to do The Will of God.  I delivered unto those who would hear Me, the Golden Rule, ‘Do to others, what you would have others do to you.  This is the sum of The Law.  This is the sum of The Prophets.’

“When you understand that whatever you do to another, you do to yourself; it is then the time, for miraculous change.  Your thoughts, words, and deeds, are the prophets of what is to come, because your thoughts, words, and deeds, will be repeated, and repeated, and done unto you.  So My brothers and sisters, I say unto you, ‘If you were standing, or sitting, with your Creator, would you want your Creator would accept you?  And each of you will answer, ‘Yes.’  This is the key.  Do you want others to accept you?  Do you want God to accept you?  Then, accept others, and accept yourself, for in so doing, God is accepting you!

“Have compassion, and understanding, in all situations, and God will have understanding, and compassion, for you.  Let mercy flow from you, like a free-flowing river, and let forgiveness ride every beat of your heart, and be held within every word which comes from you.  And that will be your prophecy.

“This week, make it a sacred week.  Every morning, slip-on the cloak of humility, ready to serve others, for those who are humble, have the deepest understanding of The Glory of God, and know that is the source of all they are, their true power.  Humility leads you to understand The Power of God, within you!

“Accept that which comes to you this week, and then deal with all things through compassion and understanding.  Pass, amongst your brothers and sisters, mercy, and give the gift of forgiveness, daily.  If you will do this, for even one day, the Earth will be blessed in so many ways, and you will have set the prophecy, that: how you acted, what you said, and your thoughts, delivered the message, of that which is to be.

“This requires action.  It requires great practice.  But at the source of it, there needs to be the desire to do The Will of God.  I have told you, what The Will of God is.  I give it to you.  Now what you give back is your gift to God.  Remember, within humility and acceptance, you will find compassion and understanding, and in this way you will come to know mercy and forgiveness.  This is…The Way…to peace.”