Sunday Sermons
The Creator
Has Poured-Out
The Spirit Of God

   I AM with  you.   And as you hear these words, or read these words,  you  feel  the  vibration  of  My  presence  with  you.   I cross  the  sands  of  time,  to  walk  with  you,  as,  all  things,  are  present…  now…  I  AM  with  you.  And if you will be still enough, long enough, you will feel Me, and you will at last, come to know Me.

“You do not walk upon the Earth alone.  You are – as the astronaut – on a mission, yet tethered to the space vehicle, and connected to home-base.  There is no place for you to go, which will leave you lost, because you are always, as the astronaut, connected to home-base.  When you take the time, to be still, you will hear the direction clearly.

“As you walk in the present, the presence of God is with you, and the direction of God is always available to you.  It is your inheritance, as a descendant, of God.  It is your privilege.  It is your gift.  The value of the gift you have been given is beyond measure, and it is also, most often, beyond the comprehension of those entrenched in the ways of the world.  The Creator… has poured-out… The Spirit of God… upon all creation!   I pause to let that settle into you…

“It is a wonder.  It is The Way of God.  Every human being, walking the face of the Earth, carries within them, their own, personal, Counselor.  And this is the highest form, of wisdom, available to each individual, because it is the wisdom of God.  The Counselor is always with you.  You will not be led astray by following the direction you receive, once you have entered the silent chamber within your being, and sat with The Holy Spirit of God.

“Those of Earth often will not understand the direction you have been given.  But just because their comprehension cannot grasp, or conceive, of the truth that you carry: does not make it any less the truth; it does not make it the wrong direction; it simply means they cannot comprehend what The Holy Spirit has said to you.  And this is as it should be, because each, child of God, must walk The Way: learning lessons, being the light, following The Light.  But you do not have to walk The Way alone.  The Creator has taken care of this matter.  The answers… are always… within you.  And The Way will be made clear for you, if you will have the faith: to walk, as you are directed; to talk, as you are directed.

“It is very much like this example.  If you find you have bumped into some legal difficulties, during your time upon the Earth, you seek legal counsel.  You do not seek the least, amongst the legal counsel.  You find the best counsel you can.  And you enter into an agreement with this attorney, lawyer, counselor, so that they might guide you, through the legal maze, in such a way, that you can benefit from their knowledge of the law, and clear-up the issues at hand.

“And once you have contract in hand, your legal counsel will say to you, ‘Do not follow the advice of your friends, or family members.  Yes, they love you, and want to help.  But in this case, I ask you, listen to what I say to you, follow my direction, and all will be well.’

This is wise advice, because… just because your family members love you, or friends love you, does not guarantee that they’re going to give you the direction you need, when you need legal advice.  And it is the same… with spiritual advice.

“Chaos and confusion will be your companions, if you seek counsel constantly from: acquaintances, friends, and family members.  They are not equipped, most times, to give you ‘the wisest way,’ using the words of the world.  You are the only one upon the Earth, equipped perfectly, to handle your mission.  God did not send you to Earth ill-prepared.  You carry everything you need for your journey, your mission.  And you are promised, guaranteed, and hold within you, your own, private Counselor, to advise you, on all things.  And this advice is for you, just for you, so you might make your way over debris, around obstacles, and continue walking in the light.  It is not necessary to have the approval, or direction, of any other, except The Holy Spirit of God.  In this way, you walk in wisdom, eternal wisdom.

“This day I bring you… a gift.  I touch you, and you feel My touch, within your heart.  And as you take a breath, you feel confidence flowing through your body; and this confidence, will lead you, to a place, where you will sit down, ask for guidance, from The Holy Spirit, and rise-up, to shed light upon the world...

“Look, over there, just behind the hill, you can see day breaking, light ascending, spreading, lifting into the sky, announcing the rising of the sun.  It is time.  It is your new day.  As the sun rises, let it be the announcement that you too are rising, confident.  You are a child of God.  You are upon the Earth.  You are connected with home-base, which is Heaven.  And you are carrying within you the wisdom of eternity, The Holy Spirit of God; and in that way, you will always know, The Way to go.   Come, let us walk into this new day, together, as one… rising… sun!” 

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 5, 2010
Of Love
Is Complete,
Whole, Perfect

   “I AM with  you.  We are one.  And today, I remind you, of the new commandment, the commandment which sits atop all other direction from God.  I spoke of this commandment, when I walked the Earth in physical form, over two thousand years ago.  I said to those gathered about Me, ‘I bring you a new command.  Love one another, for this is how the world will know you, and know, the love which you have for each other, comes from God.’

“The importance – of love – is still not fully comprehended, or understood, by those of Earth.  And there are times when you hear someone say to another, ‘Love is the most powerful, potent, energy there is.’  But the full truth is not understood yet, even by those who profess to know. 

“The power of love will bring to you: a sense of wholeness, completeness, unity with The Creator, God.  It will lead you to an understanding of the power of God, when you walk within the energy of love.  And no other energy will bring you this close to God, will connect you so closely to God.  It is the answer to every dilemma, and situation, upon the Earth; but it requires determination, and a desire, to use this power, of God, over all other powers. 

“When you are held within love, when you nurture the energy of love, when you are consumed with love… for God, the entire world knows, and sees, and is amazed at the glory, within you.  When you are in love, consumed with the power of love, you burn as a candle, in the window: constant; showing The Way; leading all who are lost… home.  You are as the fires, burning, in the hearth: crackling and popping, warming all those who will gather around; providing comfort; providing a place that is secure, when the storms are raging outside.

“This is what you are to seek.  This is what makes the difference.  This is how people will know you, and what is on your heart.  Do not permit yourself to be consumed by the fires, and the power: of anger and hatred, of retaliation, of chaos and confusion, because these energies burst forth into a conflagration, which will devour all things in its path, and will bring destruction. 

“Turn to God, and feel the love, and open to this energy, and take it as your own.  Use the power of God: to be the candle, in the window; to be the fire, crackling in the hearth; to be the beam of light, shining from the shore, in the lighthouse, showing The Way to all tossed on the sea.

“When you walk in love, all you say, and do, are the outward signs, of what is on your heart, and in your thoughts.  This is the new covenant, the new command. 

“It is time that those of Earth master, and come to know, that which God wants you to know… ‘Love one another… to the extreme situation, of another taking your life, love one another.’  It is the only Way.  It is living, the word of God.  And as you open… to this power… of love… you will find that your foot is more surely on the path, that you can do that which you thought you could not do.  You will be… the master of every situation, because every situation is mastered by the power of love.  You will be wisdom… amidst chaos and confusion.  You will be love… in the midst of anger and hatred.  You will be the light of God… in the midst of confusion and chaos, and you will be… walking The Way.

“This week, begin with just an hour or two, determined that no matter what comes to you, you will master the situation, with love.  Soon you will wonder why you would use any other power… energy… because this one is so complete, so whole, so rich and full.  You will come to feel God within you, and you will know The Power of Love.”

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 1, 2010
Now Is The Time,
Return To The Garden,
On Earth, As It Is, In Heaven.

   “I AM with  you.  Feel My presence.  I AM with you, to bring you a message, of great importance, to speak to the heart, of any who will hear Me.  Because of the urgency of this message, I AM sitting next to each of you.  Since it is My intention to do so, you feel Me; some of you will feel My presence, sitting to your right; others will feel Me, close to your left side; but you will feel Me, because it is time.  The message is being delivered – to millions of people – over the Earth, now.

“There does not need to be a clock, or any other instrument, invented: to give information, regarding the time of day or night; to mark a certain hour.  All eternity rings, when it is time… and the time… is now!

“Thousands of years ago, there was a decision made; one decision is still reverberating through the core of humankind.  The freewill choice was made – to move-out, from the garden, into the world, to experience Earth – and it changed the course, of all time.  It did not alter the love of God for the children; but, it did redirect the path.  And along the path, ‘ego,’ began to grow, so that the human being could manage, and function, in the world as they knew it, protecting themselves, growing in numbers, populating the Earth, moving-out, a great journey of discovery, growing in many ways.  But now, those of Earth have grown weary, of that particular part of the journey, and realize it is time, to return, to the garden. 

“This is a great important time, because there must rise-up, amongst you, those you will remember, and know.  And it is within their light, that the pathway will be illuminated, and all who desire will move closer: to The Light; to The Source; to The Creator; and find that… Earth is truly a part of Heaven, set apart only by a decision, made a long, long time ago.

“Yes, you do feel, a stirring, within you right now.  Those of you ‘remembering,’ are taking part, in a great awakening.  Begin today, so that you might know, and show The Way, not with your words, but with your deeds… living words of God.  For this great ascension to take place, it is necessary for the energy to be cleaned, returned to its normal, natural, glorious state.  And it is up to those of you who know, to do this.  Although the results will be grand, and quite magnificent, the way to do it, is simple, sweet, and pure… 

“You must be willing to be the servant of mankind, acting, as the eyes, and the ears, and the mouth, and the hands, and the heart, and the feet, of God… in all ways; no longer selecting, which time to be kind, or compassionate, or understanding.  You are now called… to be perfect, as God is perfect.  And the only thing that is required is that you set your own will aside, and open to the power of God that is surging into you.  This is the power of miracles, and it is within each one of you, to let this power, create miracles, through you.

“You begin one-by-one: accepting, no matter what is brought to you; looking at it; seeing it; knowing it.  If one of your brothers or sisters, brings to you anger, whether the anger is directed at you, or resurrected in the telling of some event, if it comes to you, it is delivered to you, accept it, because as it is delivered to you, it is then your energy... yours.   Hold it.   This is your opportunity, this is your time.  What are you going to do with that which is delivered to you?  The answer is: ‘You are going to look at it;  know it;  bless it;  forgive the energies within it that are heavy, and no longer serve the Earth in any way;  and release it… pure,  freeing all who are associated with that energy… that was delivered to you, so you might do the work of God.  You see, this is part of the miracle!  Those carrying these heavy energies, delivering them to different places of the Earth, might not be at the place where they can surrender this energy, and do anything, but what they are doing with it.  But if they give it to you, you have the opportunity: to clean, what would not be cleaned by another; to forgive… hear Me… to forgive, what could not be forgiven by another; and in the process, free the individuals associated with the energy; and free the energy.  This has always been possible, but now it is time for those of you who have said, ‘I will do this,’ to rise-up, and go-out into the world, and do it. 

“Once, I spoke words, around two thousand years ago, sending those who would go-out into the world, to deliver: the new word… the new gospel… of love.  And I said, those who are willing to do the will of God, to follow The Way, will be able to hold serpents, and not be struck.  Now, see what I’m saying… you will be holding the serpents of: anger, and greed, chaos, confusion, anxiety, and all other serpents created, in your hands, but you will not be struck, by that energy.  You are there, in a Christ-like way, to bless and free!  The serpent will be as golden particles of eternity, free energy.  It is the way, it is meant to be.  And so the mystery in those words is revealed to you.  Do not hesitate to serve those who bring you: the demons, and the serpents, and the poison.  You  will  not  be  harmed,  if  you  do  not  use  the  energy  given  to  you  to  retaliate,  or  to  rejoin  that  energy.   The secret is, you must cut the ego, and operate through the power of God.  And in that way, you will free Earth, one person at a time. 

“It is beautiful.  It is miraculous.  It is The Way God wants everything to be cleaned-up, and brought back into the circle of oneness… Oneness with God.  The children said, ‘We will do this, Father.  Let us clean-up the garden, and restore it to the beauty.’  For Earth is The Garden of Heaven, and you are the workers, sent, at your own bidding and request: to clean that which is brought to you; to be the savior; to be The Christ; to be perfect, as God is perfect. 

“The message is being delivered.  ‘All, who will hear, rise-up.  The time is now.  Go forth, and create miraculous things, and free, all those of Earth.  For, your actions will reverberate, through the corridors of all time… 


Sunday Sermons
Aug. 8, 2010
Go Forth
& Deliver The
Good News About
The Kingdom Of God

   “I AM with  you.  As this new day begins, let us begin… together: to celebrate the day; to walk into the week; to sing the songs of love; and spread the good news, concerning the kingdom, of God.

“As I walked upon the Earth some two thousand years ago, there were those who rejected outright the message I delivered.  There were those who demanded more miracles, grander miracles, to inflate their small seed of faith, so they might believe, that which I said.  And there were those who embraced the message I delivered, such as the people of Capernaum.  They heard the message, and loved Me; and I healed the sick; and I nourished their hungry spirits with the words of God, flowing through Me; and we were as one… in community… at peace. 

“The people of the town wanted Me to stay with them, to teach them more; and they asked Me not to go, when it was time to leave.  But I told them, ‘I need to go to other towns, to carry the good news, about the kingdom of God.  But I do not leave you empty, for you are full.  You carry the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God with you, in you, because that is what you desire.  As I leave you to go forth,’ I said to them, ‘practice what I have taught to you, and you will do, all the things, I do.’

“When you are no longer interested in indulging the ego, but more desirous of magnifying The Spirit of God, magnifying the gifts you have been given; then, you are, truly, in a state of perfecting, that which God has given to you.  And it is a wonderful place to be. 

“Be watchful.  If you entertain thoughts of greed, your nature will be of greed.  If you feed thoughts of envy, your nature will be of envy.  If you wander into the shadows of hatred, or anger, your nature will be of hatred, of anger.  And these are not the gifts, from God; they are the product of ego, and they grow, as you indulge the ego. 

“Seek to magnify The Spirit of God, within you.  Use the gifts of God.  They are: compassion, mercy, understanding, forgiveness, love, light, peace, balance, harmony, serenity, tranquility.  Nurture such gifts, as they are clearly, of God.  And in this way, you will grow, and that which comes from you, will spread over the Earth, and you will perform the miracles, of God, because you are, of God; no longer indulging the ego with transient whims or fancies, but living, through the gifts, of The Creator, God, your Father and Mother.  This is the state of perfection you are to seek!  And then, rise-up, and go forth, and let God speak through you, so that you too might deliver the good news, of the kingdom of God, because the kingdom of God is not about punishment and anger.  The good news is that the kingdom of God is all about love, the most powerful, and potent, energy created.   The kingdom of God is all about love! 

“That is the message… I delivered over two thousand years ago… and it is the message I bring you today… and every day… 

“Open your ears, and hear Me! 

Go forth and deliver the good news.  And the good news is…

…God loves you… each… and every one!”

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 15, 2010
The Goal
Will Not Be
Reached, Until
You Begin.  You Will Not
Know That Which You Carry, Until
You Are Quiet, And Journey Within.

   “Feel My presence!   I reach-out to you, and I AM with you, for all things are held in ‘the present;’ and it is in the present, where I come to you.   I AM with you.   And as you hear the words, or read the words, you know, this is true.  The only thing required, for this communion to take place, is that you be willing, to acknowledge the place, the space, where we meet.  The place is where you are, right now.  It is a piece of eternity.   I AM.   And I AM now with you!

“And today I speak to you about: missions; goals; accomplishments; the journey of life, what it is all about.  But to know these things, you must understand first, that God is not held, and constrained, or confined, within: a building, or a temple, or a synagogue, or a mosque.   God  is  all  things. 

“To be with God is to be still, and know.  You can feel the presence with you, and it is mighty, and powerful. 

“God is Spirit.  And Spirit is not confined to the illusionary walls, constructed by the hands, of human beings.  God is Spirit and dwells within the heart, and soul, and spirit, of every human being. 

“And God is heard, and known, by those who will be still; for it is in the stillness that you are infused with all that you need.  It is in this sacred communion you are fed, and nourished, and come to know.

“You cannot ask, ‘What is my mission, what am I to do upon the Earth?’ and have the answer come, so fully and compact that it is set before you, complete, done.  It is better to say, ‘God, what do You want me to do this day?’  Because, it is in the doing, in the completing of each minute, hour, and day: that you prove, that you accept, that you accomplish.

“The goal cannot be reached, the goal will not be reached, until you begin.  And you will never “know,” the gifts that you carry, until you are quiet, and journey within. 

“You see your mission is not the accomplishment… it is the journey… to accomplishment.  It is every step.  And when you are willing to say, ‘God, which step do I take today?  Which direction do I go today?’ you are not limited to preset instruction, on… ‘Go here.  Go there.  Go right.  Go forward.  Go backward.’  You are then ‘adapting,’ moving yourself along the path, even when freewill choices have been made by others.  Left to your own devices this would be impossible, because you would have a vision of what was to be accomplished, not taking into consideration, what others were doing, all along The Way.  But once ‘you commit,’ once ‘you surrender,’ and take each step, one at a time, you are then moved by the hand of God, Who knows all things, Who makes the last minute adjustment when someone else decides to go in another direction.  Your course is always on the mark, when you ask for God’s direction, you cannot fail. 

“Do not concern yourself about ‘knowing, everything you need to know about your mission.’  The most important thing is ‘the surrender,’ ‘the commitment,’ to the will of God. 

“It is in this atmosphere, where The State of Miracles exists, fully and completely; for when God says, ‘Roll back the sea!’ the sea will move; and the power will come through you to do these things, because it is the will of God.  And when the time is right, God will say, ‘Nations, love each other!’  And because of your ‘commitment’ to speak the words of God, the love will pour through you, and the sea of hatred will be parted, by words of love.

“These things do not occur by following a fore-drawn plan.  They begin to happen when you reach-out and take the hand, of God. 

“Miracles begin in your heart, in your thought.  It is the journey… to seek.  It is the stillness… which will bring you the strength.  It is the communion… with our Father, which holds the answers to each step to take.  And as you are willing, to take each step, more and more is revealed to you.  The examples of this are all around you.  It is in the way you teach your children.  You do not say to your child, ‘Dress yourself,’ when they do not know how: to button, or use a zipper, or even find the clothes.  But as you show them The Way, one step at a time, there comes the day, when the child: finds the clothes, puts them on, and walks out the door, dressed and ready for a new day.   

“The New Day is now.  The chest, holding the clothing, is before you.  If you are quiet… and ask… God will tell you, what you need to know, to begin, step by step. 

“So do not concern yourself about where the journey will end, commit yourself… now… and let the journey begin.

“God is Spirit.  God is eternal.  And God has placed you, where you are, specifically.  You are not in your place by random choice. 

“When this settles within you, and you realize this: then… you will be ready; then… you will know your worth; then you will know your value.  Then as the artist, standing before the canvas, you will pick-up the brush, make the first stroke, and say, ‘Live.’

“This day, I live in you.  This day, I AM with you.  Come; let us live together… now… in the present: that holds the past, and is the promise, of the future…


Sunday Sermons
Aug. 22, 2010
Is Understanding
The Heart Of Another

   “I AM with  you this morning.  I AM with you today.  I AM with you, now.  I come to you so you might feel and know My presence, and know, within your heart space, of My love for you, of Our Father’s love for you, and of the infinite wisdom that is yours, embodied within The Holy Spirit.

“The trickery, the illusion, begins to settle within you, along with the feeling: that you are alone; that you must make your way, by yourself; that others do not seem to care, what trials or tribulations you are facing.  But this is not true… how can you be alone, when I AM with you?  And there are angels to guide you, many of them, who look upon you, and see the situation, and know your heart, and are ready to provide you with the gift of compassion.  Do not put so much stock into the thoughts, the words, and the deeds of the world; but cast your eyes upon tomorrow, today, and yesterday, ‘knowing,’ that I AM with you! 

“Open to the present, miracle, of My presence with you, and you will feel, and know, compassion.  In its simplest form, compassion… is understanding… the heart of another.  It does not require that you agree, or that you want to go along with the same ideas.  Simply stated, it means that you are whole enough, to understand the situation, as it is, for another.  And that is a most magnificent gift, because it blesses both the giver and the receiver, many times over.

“The world responds to situations in certain ways.  When someone appears to have failed in something that they are trying, a project, there are many, of the world, who will rise-up, making loud statements of: what should have been done, what could have been done, what wasn’t done.  And then faced with this same situation, many would rise-up in mockery and scorn, belittling the one who tried, but appears, with all outward signs, to have failed.  But there are a few, who will walk into the situation, with uncluttered emotions, place their hand upon the shoulder of the one, who is caught in this situation, and simply say, ‘I understand, how hard you worked.  I understand how you tried.  I understand… your heart.  And all these things will be put back together in a different way, once you sit for a while.  Let us sit together.’  This is compassion. 

“Within compassion… there is no need to say what was wrong, to find the fault, to make judgment.  Within compassion there is no need for scorn, jokes, to belittle another, caught in the light of a project that didn’t quite work-out.  In compassion… there is an open heart, which permits the freedom for another, to say, in their own words, what they think needs to be done, how they are being guided.  And once they open their heart within the atmosphere of freedom, they find they knew the answer all along, there just needed to be a space, to speak it, to bring it into the third dimension more completely and fully.  And compassion provided the playing field.

“To speak the words of God, The Creator, The Source of All Life, and to know them, and to encourage others to know them, falls short, if it is a list, involving: commands and demands, fear and judgment, anger.  But when you speak of the love of God, with the vital component of compassion: the ears of the deaf are opened; the hearts of those sealed with ice, melt; and, the hands, once clinched, are free… to love, and to touch, and to hold the gift. 

“This day: think, speak, and act, in a compassionate way.  It is the ingredient, which will bring freedom, joy, laughter, and a spiritual growth beyond any you can imagine, for yourself, and for all those around you. 

“This week, provide compassion.  It is something the world is lacking.”

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 29, 2010
Is A Gift
Of God, It Is The
Open Arms Of God

   “I AM with  you.  I walk into your midst… to be with you.  I AM not… of the past.  I AM the present… holding the past, and the future, for they are both enfolded in the present.  And it is in the present, we are now.  Live the present, guided by the lessons of the past, creating the future within your hands with thoughts, words, and deeds, as the future is created in the present.

“It is good to be able to read, to comprehend.  It is good to know the rules and regulations of society.  It is good to live according to the laws, of your government.  And it is good to operate your lives in such a way, that the commandments of God are observed.  But better, than each of these, is to have mercy, within your heart; for those who are merciful: hold wisdom, confidence, and love. 

“To repeat a rule, or a regulation, or a law, or a commandment, and then, observe it, requires that you pay attention to what you are doing.  But to utilize the gift of mercy… in such a way that you create an atmosphere of love, from a situation that is brought to you… requires wisdom.  It requires you to step outside of what has been written, or said.  It does not give you… a set rule.  ‘Mercy’… is the open arms… of God.

“Mercy has no boundaries.  It is not held within a box.  It is as the wind.  And once released, once given, once requested, once bestowed, it moves in such a way, as to embrace all, who are close to the act, of mercy.

“If you think, of the word, ‘mercy,’ you immediately see a picture; you know what it looks like.  You see hands reaching-out, praying; and you see other hands reaching-out, bestowing.  If you say the word, ‘mercy,’ it feels as if you are singing, and the song is coming from your spirit, born of God.

“Mercy is a prayer, and mercy is a prayer answered.  For whom amongst you, if given the opportunity… to ask for justice or mercy… would plead for justice; for mercy is sweet… and loving… compassionate and kind. 

“Mercy is the song of angels.  Mercy is the gentle spring rain that falls on the newly planted crop.  Mercy is a brilliant sun, shining brightly, warming the Earth.  Mercy is the cry of a baby after a difficult delivery.  Mercy is the light of God, once the eyes are closed to the life of Earth.  Mercy has no boundaries and limitations.  The garden of mercy springs forth from the seeds of kindness and love, gentleness and compassion.  And its beautiful vines and flowers cover the laws and regulations, reaching toward the sun, glorious in the rain, abundant in the harvest of kindness.

“This week you will be given many opportunities to be merciful.  Some of you might find yourselves in a situation to seek mercy.  Others of you might find yourselves in a position to bestow mercy.  Be merciful, for as you bestow the gift, you will be given the gift.  Be merciful, as you pray for the gift, you will be given the gift.  Be merciful.”

Sunday Sermons
Be Kind,
Be Loving,
Be Forgiving,
And Be Prayerful

   “I AM with  you.  As  a  new  day  dawns,  I  AM  with  you. 
I reach-out to you and say, ‘Come.  It is time.  I will show you how to walk The Way, how to move over the face of the Earth, connected, with Our Heavenly Father.  I will be with you, and you will know, because you will feel My presence; but to connect with Me, you must be still, and quiet.  Turn away from the distractions of the world, and open to all that is of God, the goodness, of the Earth.  Open, and feel My presence with you, for your life upon the Earth is meant to be good, and filled with the richness of knowing that God loves you, having faith that God will provide all you need.’

“There is no great secret.  There is truth.  And you carry the truth within you, for it is written upon your heart by The Hand of God.  Open your heart. 

“I tell you this, all you need is: to be kind; to be loving; to be forgiving.  Be prayerful, trusting, having faith, that God will direct you, in all things, providing that which you need to complete your mission upon the Earth.

“If you are kind, loving, and forgiving, if you are prayerful, trusting, and having faith in God, your life upon Earth will be good, and that which comes from you will be good, because it will be of God.  That which is created within your thoughts, and brought upon the Earth through your words and deeds, will bless the Earth.  You will bring light where there is shadow and darkness.  And the only thing required of you is: to love one another, to forgive one another, to love yourself, to forgive yourself.  And then, when questions arise, take yourself to a quiet place, and be still, be prayerful, trusting, knowing, God will direct you.

“That is it.  It is that simple.  But it is in doing these few things that the world will be changed, greatly.  For you can read all the books written about the spiritual life, about the mystical life, about religions, about theology.  And you can know all there is to know, but you cannot walk The Way: until… you love, until… you forgive, until… you pray.

“All the knowledge, that you hold, can be worthless, without love, without forgiveness.  Without these things, speaking the Words… is a noise, spoken from the memory, but not from the heart.  The only thing you need to know… is that God wants you: to love one another, to forgive one another, and ask for direction, when you are in need.  That is it.  You need do nothing else, but be loving and forgiving, and maintain your connection with your creator, God, through prayer.

“If you will do this, your remaining days upon the Earth will be filled with goodness, and you will be the light, where there is only darkness.  As this week begins, make it your intention to be kind, loving, forgiving, and prayerful, and it will be the beginning of the week, which will change all things forever, for the good.”

Sunday Sermons
Seek The Simple Life,
Performing Good Deeds,
And Speaking Kind Words

   “I AM with  you.  This morning, I speak to you, of simplicity.  It is important.  The garden of simplicity is pure, uncontrived, uncomplicated, and beautiful, in its form. 

“The world can be, a challenging place to exist, and one must be: aware, watchful, alert.  It is easy to be drawn into a temptation, because they can seem complicated, multifaceted, involved.  But when something is simple, you see it.  It is there, as it is.  This is what you should seek this week.

“In the seeking of simplicity, you will be less likely to be caught in the trap of temptation, because temptation rarely has the appearance of simplicity.  It is convoluted, complex, hiding this and that, so you might be tricked, into shadow or darkness. 

“This week, seek the simple life of performing good deeds, and speaking kind words.  And let that be all you do, because the reality of it, is that is all you need to do, to be filled with goodness, and speak with kindness.  In that state, in that simple state, you will reject the complex arms of temptation, because they will not be good, and they will not be kind.     

“This week, be still, and be simple.  Listen to the words of The Holy Spirit of God, without question.   

“You can hear many things, and not know that which you hear.  To know something requires that you hear it, and put it into practice; therefore that is what you know.  You can hear a song, but not know how to sing it.  You can see a dance, but not know how to dance it.  You can breathe-in, and sense, the magnificent aroma of a cake, baking in the oven, and not know how to bake one.  There are many things that you can experience, and not know.  But when you see, and hear, and breathe-in goodness: be still, pay attention, learn goodness.  Listen to goodness, and hear it.  Pay attention to kindness, so that you might know it.  Choose words that are kind and loving, over words, others might find demanding. 

“This week, be good, and kind, and the miracles of simplicity will spring forth all around you.  Goodness and kindness are seeds, from which miracles grow.  This week return to simplicity.  Reject the complicated, and resolve to be good, and kind.  It is The Way of miracles, and it is easy to attain; but, it requires determination, and a heart set with the intention, to aim for the simple life, and to accomplish it in the environment and atmosphere of goodness and kindness.  It will mark you, as one who knows…The Way.”

Sunday Sermons
When You Encounter
Difficult People, or Situations,
Focus on the Positive, Resurrecting, and
Maintaining, My Powerful Light, Within You

   “I AM with  you.  And as you hear My words, you feel the change, and you know My presence. 

“I speak to you today, as Earth is experiencing ‘the change of seasons,’  I  speak  to  you.   And as I speak to you, the topic ‘of change,’ is in My intention, and thoughts… 

“Each of you hearing My words, or reading My words, is a vessel, a vessel, created: to carry the light of God; to be the instrument, delivering the power of God.  You have the ability: to choose to use the light, and the power of God; to change the Earth… forever… one person… one challenging situation… at a time.

“If you resort ‘to struggling, with challenges,’ whether they be brought to you by another person, or embodied in a situation, ‘dealing with the issues as you can define them, using the knowledge that you have amassed during your time upon the Earth, will not bring about the change you desire.  But ‘if you face each challenge,’ be it a person, or a situation, ‘opening to the light of God within you, and the power of God within you, the light will illuminate the truth, and the power of God will move, and miracles will be the result.’

“This requires your intention.  It requires your desire to do the will of God, first.  It is not always easy, but it is always possible.

“When you encounter a situation, fraught with challenging issues, do not go into the energy delivered to you, created by another, or others.  Maintain the light of God, flowing into and through you, and you will be creating a peaceful presence, a powerful presence; but it will be, of God.  Left to… ‘choices of will,’ human beings can find themselves in a tangled mess, a web of intrigue and personal agenda.  But if you will stop, and refuse to join the energy which is already created, and simply ‘be the vessel of God’s light,’ the energies, of frustration and confusion, chaos, anger, discontent,  will stop,  right there,  because you choose not to magnify the energy, but bring the light of God to the present situation.

“It will take some practice; and it certainly will take desire, but it can be done. 

“The power of God can change hearts, heal bodies, mend souls, and ignite the spirit.  And these things will be done through you.  This week I invite each of you… try it… surely you will encounter someone who is a bit disagreeable, or a situation that just seems unbearable.  When you are given this ‘golden opportunity,’ maintain the light of God.  Bring-out the positive in the situation, and focus the light of God, rather than joining the energy created.  When it’s your intention to do the will of God, to be the light of God, to hold the power of God, you create a state of miracles, an environment, and an atmosphere, in which all things are possible.  And you will enjoy it!  And you will be in joy, because of it.  And Earth will be a lighter place, because you were willing to be still, resurrect the light of God within you, and let it shine.

“It will not be fast, but it will be effective… one person… one situation… one light... one power… One God.”

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 3, 2010
How Do You Pray,
What Do You Say, And Where
Do You Go, To Speak With God

   “I AM with  you…  on  this  day…  

“The New Day is beginning… the shadows of night… are illuminated… by the rising sun.  It is the outward sign… that a new day… is with you… and I AM with you, as well. 

“Listen to the call of the birds.  Listen to the peacefulness, as it all begins to stir, and awaken.   

“You will always find this peace, when you take the time: to set yourself aside, to sit with God; to be filled with the Spirit of God, so you might ‘know,’ what to do. 

“And it is in this ‘state of peace,’ which you presently experience, that I ask you three questions… 

“How do you pray?      What do you say?      Where do you go, to speak with God?’

“These are important questions, because the answers will change the way you live upon the Earth, during your lifetime.  You have so many options and choices.  And choosing… is important.  It indicates, and is an outward sign of: what is on your heart, where you are, how you are growing.  And God gave you the gift of freewill, so you might know at the core of your being that it is your right, and heritage, to choose.  It is not your right, or heritage, to deny another to choose; but to support the gift given, by the hand of God, to each and every one of you… the right to choose, the option to choose.  And that which you choose is the outward sign of: what is written on your heart, held within your soul; what sparks your spirit.

“I would like for you to consider, modifying the way… you connect with God… 

“How do you pray?  Do not confuse praying, with gathering with likeminded individuals, once or twice a week, to sing songs, and be joyous, and hear passages from the Old Testament, and the New Testament, and other sacred books.  That is a time of joyful celebration, of that which you believe.  It is not necessarily, a time of prayer.  It is a time of public celebration, praise, worship.  It is like attending a party, with family and friends, it’s a celebration.  But, how do you pray?  What do you say?  Where do you go to speak with God? 

“I will give you an example, and as with most examples, you are limited to the choice of the one speaking.  So, My example today will be that each of you is a parent.  Just set your ‘vision,’ that way.

“You are a parent, sitting at home.  The phone rings, or the computer says, ‘You have mail.’  And you either hear an excited voice, at the other end of the telephone line saying, ‘Hi.  Just wanted to call to say I love you.  I’ve got a lot of things to do, I’m really busy today.  Good-bye.  I love you.’  Or the email pops-up saying, ‘Just a quick note to say, I love you.  Gotta’ run… off to a meeting… smiley face, lol.’

“And as the recipient, of these quick messages, you smile, and whisper on your heart, ‘I love you too!’

“But then, comes the rare gift… the knock at the door.  You open the door, and there is a child… your child, (or a family member, or a dear friend).  They walk in and say, ‘Let’s sit for a while.  I just want to spend some time with you.’  They don’t say, ‘I’m really busy and I have to leave in a hurry,’ letting you know, very quickly, that they’re making time for you.  They don’t begin talking about other people, and who’s doing this, or doing that… marking time.  They say, ‘Let’s just sit together.’  And for a few hours: you sit, or perhaps move your communion outside, to walk in a garden; you breathe the same air; you feel, and exchange energy, and vibration; and occasionally, the tone of your voice or their voice, moves back and forth, saying simple things.  After a while you begin to share: a funny story, a remembrance, some experience.  But most of the time, it is just: the visit; the being together; not rushing away, but being comfortable, within a space, created by: love, desire, intention, fulfillment, completion.  It is the coming together.  It is a prayer. 

“This is how, you should pray… 

“Knock on the door… and God will open it… and then… be still!  Soon you will feel the presence of God: with you, in you, all around you.  And when you are that close, there is no need to speak volumes about what is wrong, or right, or indifferent in your life.  The only thing you need to do… is to be still…. and you will feel God.  That’s how you pray.

“What do you say?  Well, you don’t have to say anything.  Your heart speaks.  And your heart is not limited to a particular language, or expression.  Your heart is not limited by a vast vocabulary, that seems to know the words, but somehow… lacks the ability to say, what is really on your heart. 

“Where do you go, to speak with God?  Do you dial-God-up, in a hurry, while you’re driving to work, or to the grocery store?  Do you say, ‘Hi, hello, I love you,’ as you’re moving from one thing to another?  Or do you: make the journey; set time aside, and go within? 

“I tell you, this week, you will feel peace, as you have never felt peace before, if you will take the time to: set yourself aside; be still; journey within; knock on the chamber door, and say, ‘I am here, God.  Tell me what I need to know.’

“That, my brothers and sisters, is how you pray.  It is what to say; and, it is where to go to speak with God. 

“Take that into your week.  Once you do it, you will want to make the visit, over, and over again.  The quick call home is welcomed, and loved; but it cannot take the place… of the visit.”
Sunday Sermons
The Spirit
Of Truth, Abides
With You, And In You

   “I AM with  you  today.   I cross…  spaces of time…  with ease.   I reach-out and touch you, and there seems to be a gentle breeze, moving about you.  I rest My hand upon your shoulder, and promise… I will guide you… through all things.  This is possible,  if you believe,  it is the atmosphere in which you…  live.

“You  are  an  eternal  being.  At the present time, you are upon the Earth.  Soon, you will be called home.  But right now, you call Earth your home.  And while you walk upon the Earth, the things ‘of Earth’ are also present with you.  But God… your Creator… has provided, for all things you will face; and you carry, within you, everything you need, to accomplish your earthly mission, as a child of God.

“But it is important for you to remember this… especially in the time upon Earth right now… ‘Chaos and confusion can diminish confidence, when given a seat, of counsel, within you.  You will surely encounter chaos and confusion, as you journey upon the Earth.  But, you can encounter  these energies,  holding the confidence,  and the power,  of God…  within you…  serving you well,  because God has given  each of you,  sent unto each one of you,  your own personal counselor.’ 

“The  Spirit  of  Truth  abides  within  you!  

“The Spirit of Truth… that the world cannot accept… or will not know… or cannot see… is yours… within you!  It is your gift from God.  And it will give you great assistance in walking through all types of turmoil and disruption, chaos and confusion.  When you feel these energies, moving closer and closer to you, be still… close your eyes to the world… and go within, seeking counsel.   And therein you will begin to feel… the confidence… of the Advocate… sent to you!   And as you take-in this wisdom, you will rise-up, and you will walk, as the peaceful presence, amidst the disruptions of Earth.

“There  is  no  need  to  be  caught-up  in  chaos  and  confusion.   Go within, and sit with your Advocate; The Spirit of Truth is with you; It is a gift…  and blessing…  from God.”

Sunday Sermons
Use The Gifts
You Have Been Given
To Magnify The Glory Of God

   “I AM with  you.   And  as  I  AM  with  you,  The  Gifts  of  God,  are  also  with  you. 

“The gifts have not been disbursed randomly, scattered amongst you.  The gifts have been given unto each one of you, special, unique, to each one of you.  They will bring you great joy.  They will assist you in your tasks and chores.  And they will… celebrate the union of God… and those of Earth… in outward signs.

“Each of you has within you, your own personal Counselor.  The Spirit of Truth is within each one of you, just as your special gifts are held within each one of you.  This is to… provide guidance… in how to use your gifts, for the glory of God.  For when you use your gifts, for the glory of God, the highest good is achieved, and all things are right.

“There will come a time when you will stand-up – to say how you used your gifts – to speak of how you used your gifts, while you took the journey upon Earth.  And it will be good, if you can say, ‘I used my gifts in a most glorious way.’

“I give you this as examples.  Let us say there is a man, who has a great talent in construction, building; and he recognizes this gift early.  And this man… also recognizes… his connection with God.  And so he begins to build, himself, a home, to show God, that he is using his gift.  And he builds the most spectacular house, and he dedicates his home, to the glory of God. 

“And as the years go by, he adds this and that, and this and that.  And pretty soon it is just the most remarkable place, and people come from all around to look at it and see it.  To see where the man with such talent lives, and prays to God. 

“There is, not very far from the same town, another man, who also has the gift, of building things, everything fits together so nicely for him.  And he recognizes this gift, as he watches others try to build as he builds, making little chairs and stools.  And in this way he learns at a very early age, that what is easy for him is quite difficult for others.  And so he sets about putting himself in a quiet place, every day, to ask, ‘What should I do with this special gift that would bring glory to You, God?’  And The Spirit of Truth speaks.  And he hears the words, ‘Whatever you do… for the least amongst you… you do for Me.’ And all of a sudden the man stands-up and says, ‘I know how to use my gift.’ and he goes-out, into the world, building houses, for those who have no shelter. 

“And as he builds the houses, he finds others in the community, who will help furnish the houses, who will help provide a place of peace, where those who once went without shelter, find a home.  He traveled far and wide, erecting structures, small homes, for those without homes, and his desire to help spread amongst others.  And they took what this man taught them, and went further out, building homes for those without.  The Spirit of Truth that had spoken, to one solitary man, was soon moving through thousands and thousands of people, as they reached-out into their community, to use their talent, the talent they had been given, to assist others. 

“The man who started all this, who was providing ‘shelter,’ for those who had none, never stopped to think, that he had no home for himself.  He used his talents for the glory of God.  But before he started using them, he sought guidance, and he was directed, and his ‘way,’ was made clear, and the Earth was a better place, because of the gifts of one man.

“I give you these two examples, because they are very similar to the stories you have heard from the Bible, about the ‘talents,’ the coins, left with the servants, while the master went away.  And most of you will remember the story.  They were each given one or more talents, or coin, each according to his ability.  And upon the return of the master they all had different results.  One had buried his coin, so he could show the master he still had his coin.  The other two used the coins they were given in different ways, to gather more coins. 

“It is thought provoking.  You might say, ‘Well, what is wrong, with the one who would hold the coin ‘in trust,’ treasuring that which they were given?  The other two risk the loss of their coins to gather more.’  And I say unto you, ‘Do not be afraid, if you know you are given a gift, the gift is not given you to be hidden under a basket.  It is given, to you, so that you might use it for the glory of God, without fear of losing it.  For the more you use it, the more it increases, the more there is to draw.  The more you give it away, the more you have.’

Spending your life, building your home, and dedicating it to the glory of God, is good.  But spending your life, using your talents, to help all others, for the glory of God, is a miracle!  It does not stop increasing, and as you magnify, your gift, as you magnify, the glory of God, you magnify, the good, of God, upon the Earth.  Whatever you do for the least, you do for God, in a most special way.

As you go into this week, think of how you will use your gifts.  Do not be afraid… that you will lose your gifts… use your gifts.

Sunday Sermons
With The
Love Of God,
It  Is  The  Way

   “Feel My love surround you, welling-up from within you, for I AM… as the eternal spring of life... and My honor, My blessing, and My destiny, is to show you The Way.   I  AM  with  you!

“Many things are said, and done, in My name.  And frequently these things are said and done in My name, but lack My love, and the glory of The Spirit of God: for, when you speak, or when you act, in the name of love, driven by God’s love flowing through you, and your words and actions are created within The Spirit… of God... they are filled with life, eternal life.

“How do you love? 

“Do you love in such a way, that there are: strings attached, demands, rules, restrictions?  Or do you open-up all the doorways in your being, and let God’s love flow through you, onto the Earth, without conditions?

“How do you live? 

“How do you follow the pathway?  Do you mark each step, calling-out to those who are not exactly in-step with you... that they are… going in the wrong direction?  Or, do you walk The Way, with such a sweet fervor, that it calls attention to what you are doing, because of the glory streaming from it?

“If you love, with the love of God, and you live, in such a way, that the light of God is streaming to all around you... you are living... you are the living word... of God.

“When someone in need asks you for something, even if they don’t speak it, but you notice, that the state that they are in, the condition in which they are living, is asking… for help, what do you do?  Do you reach in your pocket, and grab some change, or whatever happens to be within your grasp, and hand it to them, walking away, feeling you have fulfilled your obligation?  Or do you bless them, with your love? 

“Do you bless them, with the love of God, flowing through you?  For, it is possible to give, and curse, in the same act.  If you give because there are others looking, or because you feel… that you might feel guilty later, and all the time you are judging the condition of the person, then your gift is not a blessing... your gift is actually… the curse of judgment, and the action carries that energy; but if you see another’s need, or hear another’s need, be still, and let the love of God flow through you, upon them.  You can heal the state they are in simply, by loving them, with the love of God.  And then, no matter what you give them, be it a coin, or a sizable donation, a gift, it is… a living gift.

“You see, to hand someone some money because they ask, out of social obligation, is like giving them a drink of water; it will satisfy their thirst for that minute, but in the morning they will be thirsty again; if you touch them with the love of God, flowing through you, and give what you have freely, blessing them with whatever you can do, and letting them feel, the healing power of God’s love coming through you, you are giving them a blessing.  And this blessing is like having an eternal cup, which will not run dry, but flow constantly... because your gift... lives.  This is the living word… of God.  And it is possible for each one of you to do this. 

“It is not necessary to convince others, that what you believe is right, correct, and the way it should be.  It is better to live the word of God.  It blesses you, and blesses the Earth.  It does not bind you, or restrict you, or confine you.  If you let the love of Our Father flow through you freely, blessing all who come close to you, or those who are far from you, you are spreading the love of God all over the Earth.  You become… the extension… of God... whether it’s through your lips, or your ears, or your hands or your feet, or your heart, you are God... working upon the Earth.

“This is what I was ‘hoping to convey,’ when I said, ‘I AM The Way.  This is the only way to God.’  The Way to God has nothing to do with if you follow: ten, or a hundred and ten, or a thousand and ten, or a million and ten, rules.  You can follow each and every one set before you; but if your heart is shut down, if your doors are not open, and the love of God is not flowing freely through you, you do not… know… The Way.  ‘I AM The Way.’  That’s what I was trying to say.  You must be an open, and clear, vessel.  And then: you will always be connected with God, you will always know the words to say, and you will always know the path, because you will be walking along The Way, as surely as I.

“This is what I wish for you to do today and the rest of the week.  Set all your preconceived notions… aside, and make it ‘your intention to magnify the love of God.’  Let the words upon your lips, as you rise from your sleep, be, ‘My soul… magnifies… the glory of God….’ saying it ‘with conviction,’ rather than ‘hoping you can do it.’ 

“There is no question, God’s love flows freely.  You have the key… to unlock the door.  You have the tools… to move the obstacles that you have placed in the way.  Let it begin today.  When you see a need, bless it, and you will move over the Earth, in the light... and the love of God... and Earth will be a better place... for, the love of God, will be seen in the face... of each of you!”