Sunday Sermons
You Can Do
All Things Using
The Blessings Of Earth
To Magnify The Glory Of God

   I AM with  you..   You  are  never  alone.   Reach-out to what is available to you, and take it within you, and live… for, many of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, are still sleeping!  It is time for you: to rise-up; to awaken within the light; to see, and learn, so that you might ‘know,’ the experience of living, upon the Earth.

“Perfecting… the experience... of living upon the Earth… is what you are to do!  It is that simple.  Using the power of God, that is yours to use, connecting with the creation, of God, is yours to do.  Connecting the two in such a way, that your soul magnifies the glory of God, is the beginning… of a most miraculous life… for it is at that point, that place, where the two energies come together within you, to be the source of a new and powerful energy created within you, and by you, is born.  And when you live… within this powerful flow of energy… you do live in the world, experiencing the lessons you are: to learn, or to teach, or to adjust, or to modify; that you see and realize success.

“It is meant for you to walk upon the Earth, not as a punishment, not in grief, or sorrow, or mourning, but to come to the realization that you have a power within you, which is The Source… of all you need. 

“I say unto you, ‘Nothing comes to you… that cannot be mastered… by you!’ 

“Today the message is simple, yet profound, ‘Use the gifts of Earth, to the fullest potential, by seeing, the creation energy, within them.’  God, your Creator, did not create, without extending All That Is into the creation.  Therefore the creation is ‘of God.’  To use these things of Earth, recognizing this creation, this powerful, potent energy, is truly amazing, the results profound.  But to reach ‘perfection,’ to recognize miracles, you must be the connecting point!  Open, the corridors of your being, and connect with God.  Then you are running, and operating, on all cylinders, fully charged.  And the most amazing thing is… you continue the story of creation, by using: these things of Earth, the powers of Earth created by God, and the power of God within you… to create… new… energies.

“Your soul is to magnify the glory of God, to find the connection is within you.  And then, what you set out to do… will be perfected in the light and glory of God.  This is not some lofty ideal, or a plan written by a hand, thinking it sounded: good, promising, hopeful.  It is The Promise!

“It has been written, as a direction, ‘Be ye perfect, as God is perfect.’  While I walked upon the Earth, I said with full knowledge of what I was saying… meaning it… to its most grand potential, as I spoke to those gathered with Me, ‘You can do what I’m doing.’  I could have further added, ‘Open the eyes of your soul and your spirit and see this.  You can do what I’m doing.’

“But I say to you, to do, the way I do, requires… connection… with the light… of God.  It is not hidden from you.  It is all within you.  But it will not operate fully unless you throw open the doors, and make the connection. 

“This week, each one of you will have the opportunity, to use what has been given to you to use, fully, completely, so that you are continuing the creation, in what you think, and say, and do. 

“I ask you to find a quiet place, to be still, and ask, that you receive revelation, and wisdom, on how to proceed, with your feet fully planted within Earth, and the door to the Heavenly Kingdom thrown open wide.  It will amaze you, because you will find that you are no longer struggling to accomplish something.  What you will see is that God is doing, through you.  Give God: your hands, your feet, your eyes, your ears, your mouth and your tongue, your heart, and your thoughts, for one day at a time.

“And when you walk the Earth in balance and harmony with All That Is, you will be living… in the state of miracles.  You will be perfect… as God is perfect.  And you will do even greater things, than I did. 

“These things, I not only tell you; these things I promise you.”

Sunday Sermons
The Mysteries of Heaven
Are Revealed: The Root, The Vine,
The Branch, And The Seed, Are All One

   I AM with  you.   Feel My presence with you.  I come to you through the corridors of time, for time cannot separate My love for you.  In truth there is no time.  Time is the illusion of Earth.  There is eternity, eternal birth.  Feel Me, as I draw even nearer to you.  You know Me, as I know you.  I AM your Brother.  I AM your Brother, of spirit, your eternal Brother.

“I speak to you, and My words reverberate throughout your being, and touch the core, the core of your spirit, and you know Me.  For in truth, you know Me better than you know your physical family, your earthly brothers and sisters, for you know Me, in spirit.  The dust of Earth will fall away, revealing the eternal spirit of All That Is, revealing The Eternal Spirit that is you, that is Me, that is all created by God, for we are One.

“I AM the vine.  You are the branches.  The root, the source of eternal life, is God.  The roots, the vine, and the branches are one.  And from the branches, spring forth the leaves, and from the leaves, comes the fruit, fruit to feed those of Earth. 

“The fruit, knows the vine, knows the branches, and knows the root, of its existence, for the fruit bears the seed, of the root of God, within it.  We are One.

“I AM in the Father Creator, you are in Me, and I AM in you.  Just as the root, and the vine, and the branch, we are One. 

“When the fruit, falls from the vine, it carries the seed from whence it came, to spread the kingdom of the root.  An apple does not spring forth from a seed, which came from the fruit of the lemon tree.  For the seed knows from whence it came.  And the seed from the fruit of the lemon will yield a lemon tree.

“If someone hands you a dried seed, and says, ‘Plant it,’ you do not know… what gifts the seed holds within… until you plant it, and water it, and watch it grow.  And then, the scent and the fragrance of the leaves give you a clue.  And you wait for the flowers… more clues.  And then comes the fruit… revealing the mystery that was held within the seed… placed in your hand, months ago.  But you cannot take the seed, and say, ‘Grow-up to be… an apple tree,’ and have the apple tree come forth, if the seed came from the lemon.  You must be patient, plant what you have been given, and watch the mysteries unfold before your eyes, so you will see.

“I say these things to you so that… those of you, who hear these words… will know them.  I say these words to you, so that those of you reading these words… will know them.  What is given to you… is yours.  Your seed might be… the seed of an apple.  Another might hold the seed of the lemon.  Your seed is yours.  Do not tend another’s seed, by saying, ‘You should raise-up an apple tree,’ tend your own garden; because the mysteries of Heaven will be revealed to each of you, at the appropriate time, at the appropriate place.  When you are ready, it will come to you, for you are the branch, and it is for you to know the vine and the root. 

“Just as a seed knows from whence it came, you too know from whence you came.  You are the seed of God!  And that which is to come from the seed of God, are the fruits of The Holy Spirit of God.  So that each of the children might know their way better, the Creator of all things poured-out The Holy Spirit upon all flesh.  So it is in this way, that you will find the truth… you carry The Holy Spirit of God… within you!  You carry the seed of God within you!  And in the quiet, you will know from whence you came.  Do not let another tell you, that you are to bring forth apples, when you know, at the core of your being, the seed that is planted within you is to yield lemons.  The wisdom of God is within you!  Those of you, who have ears, hear this!

“And if you open the ears of your soul, and your spirit, and your heart, you will hear and know.  You can read all the words written, by the hand of mankind.  You can read the words, and ponder the words, and talk about the words.  But to know, and to hold close the wisdom of God, does not require you to read what others have found-out, or studied, or theorize.  The promise of God is: the wisdom will be given you to comprehend the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, because you see, the seed: knows The Branch, knows The Vine, and knows The Root.  We are One.”  

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 7, 2010
Be Not Afraid,
I AM With You, And
Your  Personal  Counselor
Is With You Today, And Forever

   I AM with  you.    Be  not  afraid.    I  AM  with  you!   How often I said these words… to those… who gathered around Me, during the time I walked upon the Earth, some two thousand years ago.  I said the words, with great love, to encourage their confidence: so that they might shine… with the glory of God, so that they might be great… with the glory of God.

“Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, feel strongly… that: if, you were walking with Me those thousands of years ago, if you had come upon Me, as you walked a dusty road, or passed Me, in a small street, in a little town, you would have ‘known Me,’ you would have seen something in Me, you would have followed Me, and listened to what I said… you would have loved Me.  And those of you who feel this way, possibly also feel that it would have been easy, much easier, than it is for you, in the present time, since you would be walking with me, in the physical presence; but what I say to you today might surprise you…  it  is  easier  for  you  now! 

“You say now, that you would know Me then… but that might not have been the case.  How willing are you today… to stand-up, not aggressively, but confidently: stating that which you ‘know,’ from within your being to be… the truth for you; stating clearly, simply, that this is the way I will go, because this is The Way, that God is leading me?  If you hesitate to do that, in the present time, how do you think you would do it: when there was a death threat, when mobs might stone you, when you would be an outcast, when you would be labeled… a heretic?  I say these things so that you will sweep-away the thought, that it was easier, two thousand years ago, than it is today.

“My life upon Earth… began… when an angel said, ‘Be not afraid,’ and a young woman, whose only confidence rested in the power of God, within her, was not afraid, but was willing to let her soul magnify the glory of God. 

“I turn your thoughts, into that direction, because… it is important for you to understand that the confidence that you seek, and desire, and in many cases are longing for, is the confidence you will find when you connect… with The Holy Spirit of God… already with you! 

“Do not doubt this, for it is written in the holy books.  And I say to you today, I did say it, because I saw ‘the lack of confidence,’ in those who were brave enough: to risk death, to gather close to Me and around Me.  As strange as that might sound, holding that bravery, and love for Me, they lacked confidence, often. 

“I called-out to them one night, as I walked passed them, as they were in the boat, and I was on the water, ‘Take courage.  Be not afraid.  It is Me.  I AM with you.’  After the passion, and I was, walking the Earth in My light body, the glory of resurrection, those I met, I said, ‘Be not afraid, I AM with you.’ 

“Be not afraid.  The world cannot harm you, if you understand… the power of The Peaceful Presence… is within you!

“Be not afraid, often the first words, you will hear, when an angel of The Lord, comes: to whisper in your ear, to make a declaration, to deliver a message, or… to be part of a glorious vision.

“Today I ask you to pay attention to what has happened because you are the ones who benefit, from My experience upon Earth.  It was so clear, that the atmosphere and the energies of Earth confuse… and delude… many.  And therefore God, who loves each one of you, has blessed you with the presence, of guidance, with you from within, at all times. 

“The Holy Spirit is with you so that you might not ‘trip,’ into the pools of illusion, scattered all over the Earth.  The theories of the world… change.  What adds-up… one day… is in disarray the next.  You experience it, in many ways: one statement means something one day, five or ten years later it means the opposite; what is good for you to eat one day, is declared toxic, a few years later; what is dogma one day, is myth the next.

“If you hang your hopes and aspirations, and the balance, that you are seeking, on the transitory teachings of the world, you will lose your balance and fall, because it changes, as human beings change.  But if you stay ‘centered,’ listening to the guidance that is your personal Counselor from within, you will not lose your balance.  You will be ‘a sign,’ unto all.  You will be ‘a light in the darkness.’  And you will be ‘strength,’ in chaos and confusion, because in the end, these things are illusion.  You carry the truth within you.

“I ask you this week, to think of the young woman, who said, ‘Yes,’ to an angel, and My life, as a human being, began… upon the Earth… because she was not afraid, because she said to God, ‘Let my soul magnify your glory, God.  This is my intention.’  And her intention became her song.  And I ask you this week, to let my earthly mother’s song, become your song!

“Her close walk with God did not keep her heart from breaking, or keep tears from rolling down her cheeks.  She experienced the things of Earth, just as you; but her soul was settled in the serenity of The Spirit.  And although the world rocked around her, in turmoil, she stayed in balance.  She held her connection… with God.  This is where confidence… comes… into your life, in full measure. 

“Many of you will fool yourselves, by saying, ‘I will be confident, if: I have “x” number of dollars in the bank; the vehicle that I rely on for transportation is in good shape; my house is paid for; and, my children and I are healthy.’  But, the institutions, regulating money, are not guaranteed.  Your vehicle, although in good shape, could be crashed into, by a car, out of control.  Some type of virus could spread through your neighborhood, and those who were well, become sick.  There is no guarantee, as you move over the Earth, that what you believe is stable will remain stable.  Where there is sunshine one day, there is rain the next.  Where there is abundance one day, there is lacking the next. 

“But I say unto you with great promise and joy, ‘If you will connect… with God… and let your soul magnify the glory of God… you will have all you need,’ because it will not be you, or the world, performing, and acting, and gathering, and doing, it will be God, moving through the world, over the Earth, using you!  And the will of God will be done, through you. 

“You can be confident of that.  I assure you.  The will of God will be done.  Therefore let it be done through you, and encourage others to do the same.  Call-out to them, and remind them…

“‘Be not afraid.  I AM with you’.”

Sunday Sermons
Use The Fruits
Of The Holy Spirit,
To Magnify The Glory Of God

   I AM with  you.  I AM, in truth, always with you.  I reach-out to you, and ask you to hear Me, feel Me, know Me, for I AM.

“Do not let your heart be troubled.   Do not be worried.   Do not be concerned.   Be not afraid.

“Open to the power and the glory of God that is yours… and live.  God… created… you!  You do not have to pray, ‘God make me worthy.’  for God made you, worthy.  You are worthy; therefore, you live; and you live, so that Earth might fully ‘know,’ the glory of God.

“Throughout all time many people, many very intelligent people, have asked the question, ‘Why do we live?  What is the purpose of life, upon Earth?’  I give you the answer to this question, which has echoed through the hallways of time… ‘You live… your life upon Earth… so the glory of God… can be magnified… upon the Earth.’  That is ‘the purpose,’ of your life upon Earth.  Life on Earth is brief, when you think about living eternally, but it is long enough for you to: visit Earth; use the gifts God has given you, for the glory of God upon the Earth; and return to The Kingdom, ‘knowing,’ your gifts, and how you used them for the glory of God.

“And although this answer sounds very simple, it is profound.  You might say, ‘Why would God need any of us to magnify this magnificent glory, when God could send it to Earth, in full?’  And I give you this answer, ‘Because each of you carries the gift of freewill, you may use your gifts and talents anyway you wish, much like an artist, picking-up the brush, preparing to… touch the canvas, in the act of creation.  There is a unique, and authentic, stroke, for each artist.  And this is what is accomplished, by those, children of God, upon the Earth.  Each one, is given the honor, of brushing the Earth, with their gift.  And so it will be, a magnificent, glorious place, created by God, and tended and magnified, by the children of God.  This is why it is important to use your gifts.’

“If you get distracted by the ways of the world, it is certainly possible for you to: create a magnificent home for yourself; work very long hours, and amass quite a fortune; wear fine jewelry and clothing; and exceed, all levels that you had hoped to accomplish, while you gather things, and watch your stacks of money and coins grow.  But in doing this, that is where your concentration, your focus, goes.  It might be very good work.  Your home might be beautiful, and have great dedication purpose.  But when it is time for you to go back, from whence you came, you cannot takes these things of the world.  You must leave your house and your clothing and your money.  And if that is what has been the focus of your concentration, you return, to The Kingdom of God, empty… gifts… unused. 

“If you focus… on the gifts of God… the fruits from the vine of The Holy Spirit of God, you will be tending the garden, as is the plan. 

“If you have faith, that what you are called to do, will work, because God loves you, the power of God will move through you, and God will work miracles, using: your hands, your feet, your eyes, your ears, and your heart.  As you use these fruits, of The Holy Spirit, your eternal spirit, grows in the wisdom and the knowledge of these gifts.  And when it is time for you to return to The Kingdom, you return full and rich.  You carry back… the memory… of using the gift of: faith, and trust, and hope, compassion, mercy, kindness.  You do not have to leave these things upon the Earth; they are within your heart and soul and spirit; and they will return with you.

“Do not let fear rob you, of knowing… the glory of God.  Do not let doubt… rob you, of growing… in the glory of God.  Do not let anxiety… rob you, of showing all around you… that God, truly, is working miracles, every day. 

“This week, with every opportunity that comes your way, use the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  Let these ‘gifts,’ of compassion and understanding and patience, replace, the ‘temptations,’ of frustration, anxiety, worry, concern about how this or that will work-out.  If you will practice… it will slip into your nature easily, and you will begin living… the life… you were created to live, upon Earth.  And when you return, to The Kingdom of God, you will say, ‘God, look!  Look at what compassion created!  I’ve brought it home, so You can see it.  Oh, look what kindness did!  Here, this is what kindness created.  And, I’ve saved the most glorious to show You last… look what Your love… created… through me!’

“You can take it with you, when it is created, using the fruits of The Holy Spirit of God!”

Sunday Sermons
Speak What Is Written
On Your Heart By The Hand Of God
And You Will Deliver Peace To The Earth

   I AM with  you.  I  bring  you  love.   Feel My presence, for we are as one.  I  AM  your  Brother,  know  Me,  for  there  is  much,  I  have  to  tell  you…  I draw nearer to you, and you feel My presence.  You feel My approach, and open, for you cannot deny that which is within you; and that which is within you… is created… by God.

“Most of you are beginning, making preparations, opening the doorways, to a series of days, and festivals, which has come to be known as ‘the holidays.’  Before you enter this time… be still… be quiet… know from the core of your being, the importance of what you are doing.  You are: celebrating gratitude, singing a song of thanksgiving, and preparing, in a special way, to welcome the peace of God upon Earth.

“Today I wish to offer some advice, which will assist you greatly, and shepherd you through, what some consider ‘the busy days,’ peacefully… 

“When you open your mouth, and speak, you are announcing to the world: what you are holding upon your heart, and in your soul; what you are creating, in your thoughts; and what you are delivering to Earth.  Therefore: be mindful, of your heart, and your soul, and that which you hold there; be watchful, about what you are creating with your thoughts.  In this way, the words you speak, and that which you deliver to the Earth within the words you speak, will be blessed… you will deliver to Earth… peace.

“My history, upon the Earth some two thousand years ago, began, when My earthly mother, just a young woman at the time, let her heart and soul magnify the glory of God.  And in the glory of God is where she lived.  That which was created in her thoughts, reflected, the glory of God; and when she spoke, she delivered peace, to any who would hear her.  Her words were clear and simple, ‘Do unto me according to Thy will.  Let it be done.’  And My story began, upon the Earth. 

“Watch, for ‘the signs,’ of your awakening.  It does not matter whether an angel of the Lord appears to you, or whether your awakening is the stirring from within, watch for the sign.  Watch for the sign, so that your soul and your heart will beat in unison with the will of God.  And from this glorious song, reverberating throughout your body, your soul and your spirit, your thoughts will be filled, with the sacred symphony, and your words will ring-out, with the music, ‘Thy will be done!’  Once this settles within you, once this is what you are creating, through the glory and the power of God, within you… your words will be changed… because you will be delivering: the peace of God, the light of God, the love of God.

“My mother… guided Me well, during My early childhood, into and through adolescence.  She did so, by being watchful and vigilant, with: what was written on her heart, and soul; what was in her thoughts, created there; and how she spoke, what she said.  She did not speak often, but when she spoke, I knew, it was a sign.  And they were words that God would speak to Me, if God were holding My hand, at that time, in a physical form. 

“Just as when My mother began My physical life upon Earth, those thousands of years ago, when it was time, what was written on her heart, and created in her thoughts, was delivered through what she said to Me, in Cana.  Just as her pronouncement began My life upon Earth, her pronouncement also began My public ministry.  She knew it was time.  We were at a wedding feast, and she came to Me, and she said, ‘My Son, they have run-out of wine.  There is no more wine for the celebration.’  And I looked at her, and I said, “My time has not yet come.  Why have you asked this of Me?’  You see, even though she had not formed it as a question, I knew she brought it to Me, so that I might act accordingly.  What was written on her heart, by the hand of God, was when My public ministry… the ministry of miracles… would begin.  And as this was created in her thoughts, she came to Me, and the announcement was made.  I paused, and I thought, and My thoughts mingled with hers, and I recognized ‘the sign,’ had been delivered.  She knew it was time, because she was in communion with God… totally… fully… completely.  And the wine… was brought forth… from water.

“I say these things to you today, so that you might spend the coming week, not in chaos and confusion, hurrying here and there, but moving over the Earth, as a peaceful presence, feeling your heart open, knowing your soul, letting the glory of God be the center of your thoughts, and delivering to Earth, through the words you say, peace!

“If you listen to your heart, and speak, as you are directed by The Holy Spirit of God: you will fulfill prophecy, you will deliver signs, you will magnify the glory of God.  God’s will, will be done, through you!  What great joy!   What great promise!   What great peace!

“You do not have to worry, about what you are going to do.  It is already written on your heart, let it through.  You do not have to worry, what to think about this or that.  Let what is written on your heart fill your thoughts.  You do not have to worry about what to say.  Open your mouth, and speak the words of God. 

“Today… tomorrow… eternally… ‘speak… as God would have you speak…’ and in this Way, ‘you will know peace.’”

Sunday Sermons
Awaken, See
The Signs, Commit,
And Follow The Way,
As The Three Wise-Men

   I AM with  you.  I  AM  with  each  one  of  you.   And  I  call  to  those  of  you  who  are  waiting,  and  watching,  for  The  Sign,  which  will  call  you  forth… 

“For those of you who are ‘awakening,’ you will see the sign.  The ‘awakened ones’… will follow the sign.  And those of you, willing to make the commitment ‘to walk The Way,’ will see… and be blessed… by the miracle… of life… eternal life!

“It is appropriate today, to remind you, of a story, because most of you, who follow the Christian path upon the Earth, will be observing, on this particular day, the First Sunday of Advent.  Advent commemorates a time of watching, waiting, and preparing, for that which was ‘promised,’ and ‘prophesied,’ to come…

“This week, I would like you to hold in your thoughts, remember in your words, and carry-out in your deeds, the story, of the individuals known, in unison, as The Three Wise-Men.  For the purpose of today, is to create an environment, where you will desire, in such depth, and completeness, that you will commit; and with the commitment is born the miracle.  The three individuals, of whom we speak, were learned, knowledgeable in the ways of the world, but they were ‘thirsting,’ for eternal wisdom.  They were seeking.  And within them their souls were stirring… and together… they began to walk, and talk, and seek.

“In the awakening, they sought the sign, and in the seeking, they found it.  And when they saw the sign, they gathered the things they wished to carry with them; they carried their gifts, with them, and began to follow, the sign, making the commitment, to continue along the path, until they reached the place, where they were to be.  You can be assured that there were many temptations, along The Way to deter them: cozy inns; warm, inviting food; but they kept going.  They followed The Star.  They focused on the sign, which was leading them along The Way.  And when they came to the place designated by the sign, and The Star was shining, over the place, they stopped, and they brought forth their gifts, to be offered, and used, for the glory of God.

“This story has been told so many times, that it is easy to lose the meaning, the richness, the lesson.  So I set ‘the lesson,’ forth, for you today to carry into this week… If you are feeling a stirring within, to seek beyond the knowledge of the world, it is time! If you are waking, seeking wisdom, it is time!  If you have awakened, and you feel The Presence in the strongest of ways, it is time!  Make the commitment.  Open the eyes of your soul, and you will see; each of you will see… the sign… this week.  For some, it will be significant, great in size, so you cannot miss it.  For others it will be small, leading you, toward the beginning of the path.  No matter its size, the sign will be there, for any who are watching, and waiting, and preparing. 

“But it will all be… standing in place… as a stagnant pool… if you are not ‘willing to make the commitment to follow the sign,’ just as the three wise individuals did.  And if you make the commitment, the sign will lead you to the place; and it is there, at that place, where you will use the gifts you are carrying, for the glory of God. 

“This is how I wish for you to use that story this week, ‘Use it, as a rallying call… to rise-up… be watchful and preparing… working with your gifts… shining them, so they are worthy to be used in the light and glory of God.  And when the sign is sure, go forth, because it will lead you to the place of miracles.  This I promise!’ 

“And each of you willing to do this, will be… as The Three Wise-Men, undeterred by the things of the world, making the journey, for the wisdom, of eternity, knowing, The Way, to go!”

Sunday Sermons
Be Still, Watch, And Wait,
For The Sign, Prepare For The Time

   I AM with  you.   I  tread  the  corridors  of  time,  and  I  AM  with  you.   No  doorway  blocks  this  passage.   The  key  is  desire,  and  I  desire  to  touch  you. 

“I AM with you; for in reality, there is no time; there is eternity, and eternal presence.  There is comfort and peace in knowing this.  There is comfort and peace in knowing… who you are.  Therefore I say unto you, I AM with you.  I come to you to remind you, that you are already in The Kingdom of God.  Earth… is ‘of Heaven.’ 

“Separation from God, and absence of The Light, can all be changed, by desire, awakening, remembering.  Remember… you are upon Earth… to assist, in the restoration… of The Garden… created by God.  God did not create The Garden and cast it… from Heaven.  God created The Garden… in Heaven.  It is time for The Garden to be restored, to its rightful place, and the veils lifted.

“There are women and men, walking Earth today: who ‘know,’ who they are; who practice the gifts they have been given; waiting, watching for the sign; preparing for the time, when they are called forth, to use their gifts, for the glory of God.  They are not in chaos or confusion.  They are at peace.  Be at peace.  They are not distracted, by others, who might have been awakened months or years ago.  They are not distracted by those who seem to… be well along the path of completing their mission.  They are not distracted by those who are still in sleep, slumbering.  They know… who they are.

“I refer again, to the three individuals, referred to in biblical teaching, as The Three Wise Men.  And I compare, the men and women, who know who they are, to The Three Wise Men.  They waited, until they saw the sign.  And only when they saw the sign, did they follow the star, fulfilling the prophecy, and delivering the gifts, to be used for the glory of God.  They did not… start the journey before time.  They did not say, ‘Let us see if another sign will come, then we will be sure,’ because they knew… what they were looking for, would stir them to move, in such a way, that they would not be still.  Therefore they waited, and the sign came, and they rose-up, and they delivered the gifts they carried.

“I say this to you so you will not be caught in chaos and confusion.  Be still.  If you are listening to these words, or reading these words, you are being stirred to awaken.  Do not be distracted by what others are doing around you.  Be content and peaceful, knowing full well, that you are ‘a descendent of God,’ and when it is time for you to fulfill the prophecy, you are upon the Earth to fulfill, you will know it.  If you remain at peace, you will be touched in such a way, that you cannot deny the calling.  But the temptation will be when you see others, either asleep, or in action, for you to think, ‘I should still be sleeping; or, I should know what it is I am to do.’  This is not the case.  For each person upon the Earth, there is ‘the time.’  So I say unto you today, ‘Be still.  Be at peace.  Practice using the gifts you have been given, and eat, and fill yourself with the fruits of Spirit.  Reject: frustration, anxiety, worry, fear, doubt, hatred.  Reject these energies.  You will know them, because at just the thought, or the saying, of it, it feels heavy.  Focus on: light, and love, and peace, compassion, mercy, understanding, forgiveness, pardon.  You will know the energies, which are the energies of abundance, because when you think of them, you feel lighter, when you speak them, there is a song, and when you deliver them to Earth, there is a reward.  Earth is lighter, and you feel blessed beyond anything you can imagine, because through you, has come the blessing, to Earth, and you are twice blessed.’

“Be at peace, and know this, ‘No matter who you are, or where you are right now, you are the son, or the daughter, of God.  If you rely, on your knowledge, you will accomplish much.  But if you rely on the wisdom of God, you will accomplish all things, because it will be God working through you.  Eat of the vine of The Holy Spirit, and you will be filled with wisdom.  Practice the gifts you have been given, and wait in patience, until you are called forth… to use your gifts… for the glory of God.  For what is time for another, is not always time for you.  But of this you can be sure, God loves you, and you are… uniquely, a piece… of The One, a citizen of The Kingdom of God, and you are of service to God, by being on Earth.

“When the time comes for you to return to The Kingdom, from whence you came, there will be a great celebration, and the signing of your name, in the corridors of all time, for the work you have done.  Be at peace.  Watch for the sign that is yours.  But wait, until it is your time.  Be… at peace.’”

Sunday Sermons
Awaken, & Say,
Let It Be Done, Unto
Me, According To Thy Will

   I AM with  you.   I  touch  you,  and  you  feel  Me.   I  whisper  and  you  hear  Me.   I  call  to  you,  and  you  rise-up.   Together…  we  go…  into  the  new  day,  into  the  new  time,  into  the  new way.   For  as  surely  as  I showed  The  Way,  some  two  thousand  years  ago,  in  a  physical  form,  speaking,  and  touching,  and  loving,  ministering  to  all who  would  hear  Me,  I  delivered  The  Word  of  God,  and  I  deliver  The  Word  of  God  today!

“I did not speak My words, I spoke the words of God.  I do not speak My words, I speak the words of God.  And I say to each of you, you can do this too!  You do it every time you reject the temptation, to enter into an argument, or discourse.  Every time you choose peace and love, over confusion and chaos and anger, you choose the words of God. I say to each of you, bless the Earth by speaking the words of God!

“It is time.  It is time, for those of you who are in slumber, to awaken.  It is time, for those of you who are awake, to be vigilant and watch… for the sign… is upon you.  Today, I bring you The Sign.  For if you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you are feeling, a stirring within you, a call to action.   It  is  time!

“You are no different than your heroes, those you place in a high position: because of what they have accomplished, because of their willingness to put others ahead of themselves.  There are people all through the history of Earth, whom you will pick-out and say, ‘That is a great women, or a great man!’  I ask you today, to look for those of whom you can say, ‘That is the living Word of God.  That is what it looks like.  That is God’s Word in action.

“Today I ask you to, ‘Bring forth the gifts you carry.  Prepare to deliver to Earth the gifts God has given you.  Prepare to do this, even when it does not seem like the thing to do, when the world is telling you, ‘No,’ Spirit is saying, ‘Yes.’   Be  like  Mary: a young woman, promised in marriage; a simple, young woman, in the eyes of the world.  The apparition came, the angel spoke, and even when this young woman did not understand, how such a thing could happen, she found the faith, the gift of faith within her, to say clearly, ‘Let it be done unto me, according to Thy will.’  I say to each of you today, make that statement, and mean it.  You carry gifts within you, and there will come a time when you are to deliver your gifts, just as Mary carried The Great Gift… and when her time came, she delivered… The Living Word of God.  My brothers and sisters, you carry gifts within you, and if you will deliver the gifts you carry, you too will deliver… the living word of God… that is yours to deliver.’ 

“Do not question how it will happen, merely say, ‘Let it be done.’  And do not be fearful, about what the world will think.  For you see there was a man at that time, who was betrothed to the virgin, Mary.  His name was Joseph.  When it was obvious she was with child, he was concerned, ‘What will the world think, this is not right?’  But being a just and kind man, he was going to take care of the situation ‘quietly,’ without making a scene.  Even with those good intentions, God had other plans, and sent an angel, to talk to Joseph, as he slept.  The vision came in a dream, and it was clear direction.  The angel told Joseph, ‘Do not be afraid.  This is The Hand of God.  Accept the woman, for she is pure.’  And casting away, what the world would say, Joseph took the hand of the angel… and the hand of Mary.  I say unto you, be not afraid.  Be like Joseph, willing to accept that which is yours to do, no matter what the world says.

“I say to you be vigilant, and watch for the signs, so you will know, just as the wise men, thousands of years ago.  They knew the sign would come, and so do you.  They prepared, for when the sign appeared, and so should you.  And when the sign came, and they saw the star, they gathered their gifts, and began the journey, walking… far into the night, far into the day, far… following the star.  Be like the wise men.  Make your preparation, because I tell you, it will come, and you need to be prepared.  You carry the gifts, you ignore the world, and you prepare, because this is ‘of Spirit,’ and the things of Earth do not apply.

“And when it was all set in place, angels covered the hillsides, appearing to the shepherds, ‘Be not afraid!  I bring you good news!’  And there they were, looking… at this great light-show, beings from a heavenly dimension, announcing to them, on the hillside, amongst the sheep, that what had been prophesied was coming to pass.  And they left their sheep, and went to the place, and saw The Living Word of God.  Be like the shepherds.  When you are called forth, do not say, ‘I will go tomorrow, once I take care of this situation.  When you are called, rise-up and go.’

“And do not think that you will be called into these situations, and then left to fall, or fail.  Once you say, ‘Yes,’ and take the hand of God, there will be angels who will speak to you and show you The Way every day, just as they did to Joseph.  When he was sleeping, with Mary and The Babe close, the angel said, ‘Joseph, it is time to get-up and go.  Take Mary and The Child, and flee.  There is danger nearby.  We will protect thee.’  He did not hesitate.  He did not take time to do anything, but follow, as he was led; and we were all protected, because of what the angel said.

“All you have to do is say, ‘Let it be done unto me according to Thy will,’ and then follow.  If you are blessed in such a way to hear the call, and see the sign, it is time! 

“I speak to you today, because it is time now!  It is time… to say, ‘Yes.’  It is time… to be brave.  It is time… to prepare.  It is time… to go, and see, what God has given, unto the Earth.  It is time to know… that, that gift is not complete, until… you bring forth the gifts you carry, until… you deliver the gift, until… you become… the living word of God.

“There are days left before the Earth celebrates, Christmas, a great celebration of My birth.  I ask you today, to make preparation, so that, on that day of celebration… you will give birth… to the Christ Consciousness… living within you… waiting to be born… of you.   Christmas… as it is meant to be!”

Sunday Sermons
As You Watch
For The Signs, Heaven
Watches For The Sign, In You

   I AM with  you, as you watch and wait, I AM with you.  Be vigilant.  The signs are all around you.  And for those who are awake, who feel the stirring within, the signs live, and speak, and show The Way. 

“In a few days, most of the Earth, will celebrate… Christmas.  I ask you to celebrate Christmas… in a miraculous way.  Begin, in your heart, with desire.  And from desire, let your intention be known.  And once your intention is known, make the commitment, and hold your commitment, in dedication: to the journey you are taking, to the promise you are making, to The Way.

“Miracles… are seeds, waiting to burst forth, blossoming in the light, and the glory of God.  All that is necessary… is for you to recognize… the seed of the miracle, and water it: with your faith and trust, with your confidence in God.  This week there are key words, which will spur you on, spur you on… into a season: of enthusiasm and wonder; of miraculous birth; the song of angels, in the hearts of human beings being lifted to a new place, to celebrate a new time. 

“This week, remember, the young woman, the virgin, Mary: receiving… astonishing news, in the apparition of an angel; responding not in fear, but in commitment, in faith, in dedication.  Her purpose would be to let her soul magnify the glory of God. 

“This week, remember, Joseph, a man… in his middle years: willing to follow the words of an angel, visiting him in a dream; acting upon that which he received; turning his head from the ways of the world, to walk The Way of God. 

“Think of the wise men, who dedicated their time to watching for the signs.  And once the sign was evident, they did not sit still, but they rose-up, and chose, of their own freewill: to follow, to commit to The Way, to following the star, to celebrating the day. 

“Remember: the shepherds, doing their job working in the hillsides; and the apparition of angels, announcing My birth, in such a way, that the shepherds were moved: to leave their flocks, and follow; to commit, and move on the breath of The Holy Spirit of God. 

“My life upon the Earth is a continued story… of desire and intention, commitment and dedication.  It is a miraculous story… of being guided by angels, and ‘knowing,’ the reality of Heaven is different, from the illusion of Earth. 

“This week, remember, I AM in you.  Give birth again.  Speak… the words of God, as I spoke the words of God.  Live the words of God, as I lived the words of God.  And I will live… through you, in all you say and do.  It will be a Christmas present from you to you, from Me to you, from us… to the world, because to restore the Earth, to its rightful place, as The Garden it was intended to be, the change must come from within each… of you.  That is the sign… that Heaven is waiting for… the sign that the children of Earth, accept the responsibility, of who they are, and intend to set right The Garden, for all time.

“As you watch for the signs, Heaven watches for the sign… in you.”

Sunday Sermons
Be Not
Have Faith,
I AM With You,
I Will Show You The Way

   I AM with  you.   Feel  My  presence  now,  with  you.   Hear  My  words,  so  you  might  know  peace;  for  I  AM  reborn,  in  you,  at  every  celebration  of  Christmas.   The  birth  continues,  the  growth  continues,  and  life  continues…  in  you.

“I ask you a question.  Imagine you are a lifeguard, the one set on patrol, watching over waters used for recreation, for play.  You are standing on the beach, and you see two swimmers… one making their way to the other shore, in a steady pace, rolling-over to rest as they float along, and then flipping back… to stroke through the water, heading toward the other shore; and another you see is struggling, slapping at the water, calling-out for help, which one of the swimmers do you save?  Do you go in and save the one who is making steady progress to the other shore, or do you save the one calling-out for help, struggling?  Of course you answer, ‘Save the one who is struggling, calling for help.’  That… is what I do.  My journey to Earth… was to save: the lost, the displaced, the one struggling; a sure sign that God, The Creator of All Things, cares… and wants the lost sheep to be saved.

“What tender moment you will experience, when you ‘know,’ that ‘God loves all.’  And there is a special place for those who are lost.  When I walked upon the Earth, I called-out to those who were lost.  I sat with those who were lost, struggling in despair.  And I said to them, ‘Do not be afraid, have faith, I will show you The Way.’

“I remember one man who approached Me: concerned, worried, anxious, his child, he felt, was dying.  The signs were obvious.  The child was sick.  And I said to this man, ‘Do not be afraid, have faith.’  And he did have faith, and his child was healed. 

“My life, upon the Earth, some two thousand years ago, began, with an angel saying, ‘Be not afraid!’  And it was all set in place… with faith… that God would take care of all that is necessary.  My life upon the Earth continued, as those who loved Me… were led… by faith, hearing often in dreams the words, ‘Be not afraid.’  ‘Do not be afraid.’ 

“And so I say to you, today, ‘Do not be afraid, have faith, no matter what your situation.  Whether you are concerned and worried about: money, health, happiness; no matter whether relationships are torn asunder; or a child is sick, or you believe you are in financial ruin, I say to you today… ‘Do not be afraid, have faith!  Out of fear, I draw-you-up, and give you a cup, drink of it, it is faith.  Out of chaos, I draw-you-up, I offer you a cup, and say, drink of it, it is hope.  Out of despair, I draw-you-up, I offer you a cup, and say, drink of it, it is love.

“No matter what your situation, do not be afraid, have faith.  If you will sit with God, a sign will come to you, and you will know exactly what to do.  But to have this miraculous experience requires you to be still, be quiet, and say to God, ‘I love you.  Help me.  Thy will be done.’  For as surely as the man struggling in the water calls-out for help, and help comes, God will come to you, in a mighty way.  All you have to do… is have faith. 

“Be not afraid.  I AM with you.  I bring you comfort.  I bring you love.  And I sit with you… in faith.”   

Sunday Sermons
The Gift
Of Great Value
Is Of Little Value Until
It Is Embraced … And Used

   I AM with  you.   I AM with you in this joyful, sacred and blessed time.  I AM with you, as you begin… to come to the end… of the celebration… of the season… of Christmas. 

“Epiphany marks the official ending of the Christmas season, and it is a fitting way… to complete… the time. 

“Christmas… begins… with the gift… of the Child… The Living Word… God’s Gift to Man. 

“And the gift… of love… is so rich and full… it touches and opens the heart of those upon the Earth.  They are moved with tender feelings, and a desire to duplicate… the gift of love… for in their hearts, The Child is born… and lives. 

“And so is born a period of gift-giving, a time set aside to give a gift, from the love felt in your heart.

“Many of you, hearing these words or reading these words, were touched, and you gave gifts, and received gifts, in love.  Some of you might have received a gift… given… with a prayer, that it would help you, with the work you do, lighten your load a bit.  Others might have received a gift given in love, to help you enjoy a talent you have.  And these gifts, if unused, are of little value. 

“If you use the gift given to help you lighten your work load, at the end of the day you are not so tired.  You have more time for family and friends, or perhaps time to sit down at that piano that’s pretty dusty in the corner, or pick-up a violin or guitar… one gift… leading to others. 

“If you have been given something to help you enjoy a talent you have, such as paints, drawing pencils, canvas, golf clubs, whatever these gifts might be, they do not assist you in improving your talent until you use them; and then, when the paints are used, the results are framed and hung on the walls, and enjoyed by many.  When the golf clubs are used by a young boy, a child becomes quite proficient, amazing with skills, which may lead to a scholarship, to the ability to go to college, to receive a degree, and to be a teacher… one gift, opening to others, and others, and others.

“The list could go on but, you understand what I’m saying.  Left unopened, unused, the gifts you receive are of little value to you, or to anyone else.  And it is the same with your spiritual gifts.

“The Babe… born… grew up.  And before I returned Home, I promised… that each of you would receive a great gift from God to guide you all The Way Home, a personal counselor, just for you, abiding within you to show The Way, a great harbinger of the gifts to come.  For if you will open, and receive the gift of The Holy Spirit of God, then, you will receive one gift after another, one gift leading to another. 

“Each of you will receive different gifts of The Holy Spirit, but each gift is ‘of The Holy Spirit,’ and designed: to assist you, to lighten your workload, or, to help you to enhance your talents.  But if it is ignored, then you do not get the benefit of the gift.  Your gift might be: faith, or charity, or the ability to understand things beyond the conception of others.  It might be that you see visions.  It might be that you have the gift, of great forgiveness.  The list does not end.  There are many gifts, one Spirit.  And the one Spirit is within each of you.  The gift is there.  The question is, will you embrace the gift, and open the gift today?  By opening the gift… you open the door… to eternal possibilities.  The gift of faith: will lead you to trust; it will lead you to be brave, courageous, noble, kind, compassionate, understanding.  It goes on, and on.

“Begin, today!  Embrace the gift of The Holy Spirit of God; and, with eager anticipation, open the gifts that are brought to you, as they come, one by one, timed precisely, for what you need.  It is The Perfect Way to end this season of love, by opening your heart, accepting the gift, and using it!”

Sunday Sermons
I Am The Vine,
You Are The Branches,
Eat Of The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit,
Within You, And You Will Forever Be At Peace

   I AM with  you.   On this very special day, when you take the time to be still, and wait, to hear My words, or read My words, I come to you… 

“I AM with you.  I AM with you, in spirit, and spirit is the reality; therefore, we are together… in reality, and eternally.

“Some two thousand years ago, I walked upon the Earth for a brief time.  As I began My public mission, I went about, calling those to Me, who would walk with Me, who would hear what I had to say to them, and who would accept the message, with an open heart.  At some point, in our walking together, during the early stages, they said to Me, ‘Where do you stay?’  I answered them, ‘Come with Me, and you will see.’

“We moved from place to place, walking, as those who would gather with us, joined.  We walked and talked, sat and prayed, and touched many.  Many came to believe, with an open heart, as they were touched and called.  I said to them, ‘Come.  Come with Me and see.’

“There was a man, named Nathaniel, who joined us.  I loved him.  He came, and spoke to Me, and I said to him, ‘Nathaniel I saw you under the fig tree.’  This moved him, to a greater level of faith, because he was not visible to My human eye, when I had seen him.  ‘Nathaniel,’ I said, ‘You now believe, because I told you that I saw you under the fig tree.  But if you will come with Me, you will see the most amazing things: you will see angels, ascending and descending from the sky; you will learn to see, with your heart and your soul and your spirit; you will learn to see, in many ways.’ 

“And they did, each one of them.  They came to ‘know,’ and they did see.  They saw, because of their faith in Me, and I was right there with them, encouraging them.  And they moved with Me.  But My brothers and sisters, you have greater faith, because with the human eye you cannot see Me; yet, by the wisdom of God, you see Me with your soul, your spirit, and your heart welcomes Me.  This is a blessing.  Embrace it.  Do not let your sight be limited… to what you can see with the human eye.  Open your heart… and see… with the eyes of God, on an eternal plane.  And as you come to see… as God sees… you will not judge.

“As you walk upon the Earth now, you encounter judgment, whether it is created by another, or created within yourself.  There is no need… to join into judgment.  It is an energy… best left alone, because soon it fills you with hatred, confusion, and chaos.  I speak to you ‘of judgment,’ because it is one of the things that is most challenging upon the Earth.  It seems that it is at every corner, every bend in the road, every thought. 

“But there is a way for you to encounter judgment, without taking part in judgment.  If you will open to the love of God, and let it flow through you, the living waters and the power of God will be so majestic… that these things cannot invade you, for the flow of living water, power, light, peace, and joy will be flowing through you, and from you, at such a rate, that makes it impossible for an invasion of this dark energy.  It might swirl around you, but it will not invade you, and bring you down.

“Soon after I returned to the Heavenly Kingdom, The Holy Spirit of God was dispatched to each one of you in a most special way.  And I tell you today, The Holy Spirit… is tending… vineyards and orchards within you… from which the fruits can be picked, to fill you, to enrich you.  For everything you will encounter upon the Earth which is challenging, there is a fruit, and it is within your reach.  If you will take the fruit and eat it, it will fill you with nourishment, spiritual nourishment.  And you will have the ability to encounter grief, and deliver peace.  You will have the ability to encounter hatred, and deliver love.  You will have the ability to encounter chaos and confusion, and deliver compassion and understanding.  This divine garden, with vineyards and orchards, is within you, being tended by The Holy Spirit within you.  I invite you this week, to walk into that sacred place, to sit down… and ask… for a fruit.  It will be given to you, and it will be sweet, and rich, and filling.  For every challenge you encounter this week, there will be a fruit, sweet and succulent, potent, powerful.

“Eat of the fruit of The Holy Spirit, and you will forever be at peace, for that garden is within you, planted by The Hand of God, and cultivated by The Holy Spirit, ever present, yours for the asking.” 

Sunday Sermons
Once You
Accept The Gifts
Of The Holy Spirit Of God
Within You, The Fruits Are Yours

   I AM with  you.   If  you  will  throw-open  the  doors  of  your  heart,  you  will  feel  My  presence,  for  I  AM  with  you.   Come…  sit  with  Me… for  I  have  something  to  tell  you…

“The  orchard,  within  your  being,  the  orchard,  which  bears  the  fruits,  of  The  Holy  Spirit  of  God,  has  no  particular  place,  or  boundaries.  It is not a location, set upon the Earth, where those who thirst and are hungry, can make their way along a path, and eventually find the orchard, and the vineyards, and the peace.  No this place… is special…  You do not have to make a journey.  You do not have to travel miles.  You do not have to cross boundaries and mountains, rivers or deserts.   All you have to do is to say,  ‘I  am  here.   I  am  still.   I  thirst.   I  am  hungry.’   And with those words, the seeds, sown by the hand of God and borne by The Holy Spirit of God, planted within your being, spring forth to life.   ‘I thirst.’  And from the seeds spring forth the shoots and the sprouts.   ‘I hunger.’  And the blossoms open.  And as you need it, there is bounty, the harvest of The Holy Spirit.  It is part of your wealth, and your heritage, as a child of God.  It is the eternal banquet table.  The harvest is rich.  And the only thing required to drink and eat is to say,  ‘I thirst.   I hunger.’   And with those words, the gates to the orchards and the vineyards, within you, are thrown open.

“Once you accept the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God, the fruits are yours! 

“Once you begin… to eat the fruit… the orchard and the vineyard grow more abundant.  The more you eat, the more there is.  Such bounty you cannot imagine.  Let us say, you pick the fruit, patience.  You eat of it, and it is sweet.  It moves throughout your being, and what spills forth from you after eating this fruit, is genuine compassion and understanding, for those around you.  Patience: allowing others the time they need, the space they need, whatever they need.  And in doing this patiently, they experience God through you.  And your blessing is unique, because the gift, that you are giving others, cannot pass through you without being known by you.  Patience; patience with time, and space, upon the Earth, give you… a glimpse… of eternity.  While in the presence with patience, you are experiencing eternal time, eternal space.

“And once you have tasted, the fruit of patience, it leads you to taste the other fruits, one fruit leading to another: patience; compassion; understanding.  They go in such beautiful order… that you can taste… the fruit… and your mouth tingles with a sensation to try another. 

“You cannot eat of the fruits of The Holy Spirit, without being enriched, nourished, fulfilled, and filled with The Glory of God.  The fruits are abundant, and their outward sign, their evidence, is abundantly clear to all who are around you.  ‘There walks the one who eats from the fruits and the vines… of The Holy Spirit of God.’

“There is no particular order to what you have to choose either, just begin.  Open, and accept the gifts of The Holy Spirit, and the orchard and vineyard will spring forth, and all you need, you will have. 

“The books that you have studied during some of your time upon the Earth will give you knowledge, and they will help you, to show you the way, as you walk into the world, about what is appropriate, how you say something properly, whether you go this way or that way.  They are tools, to make your way, upon the Earth.  They are valuable tools, so that you might ‘know,’ what to do.

“And the gifts and the fruits of The Holy Spirit of God… are tools… the eternal tools… so that you might ‘know well,’ what to do on the eternal plane.  Use your knowledge and intelligence, in such a way, that they assist you, in using the gifts, and the fruits of The Holy Spirit of God.  Put your spiritual gifts, and fruits, in ‘the driver’s seat;’ and take with you ‘as a passenger,’ your knowledge and intelligence; they will serve you well, as you make your way over the Earth.  But as you make your way over the Earth, be nourished… in the garden… of God.

“This week, open.  Speak with your heart, and your soul, and your spirit, ‘I thirst.  I am hungry,’ and be still.  And the branches within you will live, and bear fruit, and you will be sustained.  The seeds… are planted… placed within you, by the hand of God.  The garden… is tended… by The Holy Spirit, ever present within you.  And I am your brother, who desires to sit with you, and dine with you, under the tree… in the light… and the peace… of All That Is… forever, and eternally… All That Is.”