Sunday Sermons
May 1, 2011
Plant The
Seeds Of Life,
And Resurrect The Garden,
Of God, From Within Your Being

   I AM with  you.    Feel  My  presence  with  you.    I  give  you  the  gift  of  My  love,  My  peace,  My  light,  and  they  settle  upon  you  in  such  a  way,  to  bring  you  life.    This  is  how  it  is  done;  for  whatever  you  give  to  another...  they  receive...  and  as  all  things  return  to  the  giver,  eventually,  you  receive...  all  that  you  have  given...  in  equal  measure.

“The things you do, as you walk upon the Earth, will always return to you.  Words that you have said to another or thought about another, things that you have done to another or for another, they will come back to you.  Those pleasant and wonderful will be a joy to receive.  Those words that were ‘less than perfect,’ possibly unkind, or hateful, will come back as well.  Yet, you can use that as an opportunity, by blessing whatever comes to you, and freeing it; therefore in this way, you free yourself.

“This is not necessarily an easy lesson to learn as you walk upon Earth, for as often as it has been said, human beings seem to miss the point somehow; that, whatever you do, comes back to you.  That is The Way.  This is why I said, firmly, boldly, and with conviction, ‘Stop judging; and you will not be judged.  Stop condemning; and you will not be condemned.  Give, give from the depths of your being, the gifts that hold the light of God, and that is what you will receive, the gifts that come back to you will be filled and overflowing with light, and love, and peace.’  This is how it is.

“I give you this example.  A man lives in a small house, a small house with one very large window, which looks-out over the back yard.  If the man prepares the back yard, and plants seeds of peace, and light, and love, and joy, seeds of goodness, that is what he will see growing, in his garden as he looks through the window.  The seeds of flowers and vegetables that he plants in his garden, will be what he sees, what pleases his eye, and fills the air with aromas, what he grows to eat and fuel his body.  And even if seeds of discontent or greed fall amongst the seeds of flowers, if he tends his garden he will pull the weeds, and not be disturbed by the thoughts that have fallen there, as seeds. 

“But, if the man rather than planting good seeds, casts debris and garbage, not caring what happens in his garden, filling it with junk, that is what he will see, that is what will grow around him.  There will nothing to feed his spirit or his soul, or his body.

“But what if the man chooses to do nothing, but just sit.  Well then, he will be looking at what others are planting in his garden.  Some will be good seeds, some will be unpleasant seeds.  But he will harvest what others throw there.

“A garden well-planted, and well-tended, will produce beautiful flowers, fragrant flowers, and good foods. 

“This... is the same... as what you are doing in your thoughts, and words, and deeds.  If you judge, judgment will be yours, because that is what you are growing in your garden.  If you condemn, condemnation will be yours, for that is what you are growing in your garden.  If you hold hatred or anger in your heart, then hatred and anger is what you will receive, because that is what you are growing in your garden.

“You must be vigilant.  You must be watchful.  You must be mindful of that which you are growing.  It will all come back to you.  That is The Way... it is.

“If you desire understanding and compassion; first, you must plant the seeds; you must be understanding and compassion.  If you desire love and kindness; first you must plant the seeds, of love and kindness.  Whatever you desire... you must first... be.  Do not wait for another to give you these gifts.  Plant the seeds, within yourself.  Be kindness.  Be love.  Be understanding.  Be compassion.

“But whatever you do, stop judging... stop condemning... others.  This is how these things will end, when one, or two, or three of you are willing to stop using the energies.  When this happens, the energies are diminished; the energies are diminished in direct proportion to the use of the energy. 

“Give... the gifts... of The Holy Spirit... use these gifts they are yours.  Live within the energy of the gifts of light, and love, and peace, and that is what you will create.  And that, My brothers and sisters, is what will come back to you.

“Once you live in this beautiful state, this precious and sacred garden, when you find a weed, when a weed is delivered to you, you can pull-it-out, and bless it.  You can maintain your garden, and your garden will grow, reaching beyond your boundaries, out, into the world.  The resurrection of The Garden, as it is to be, begins within... you, begins within... Me.   Let us begin together, this day, the first day of May... to plant seeds that we would like to see growing... that we would like to feed our body, soul, and spirit.  Reject any other.  Be the good farmer.  Tend the great garden.  Resurrect The Garden of God... from within... you.”

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 6, 2011
The Kingdom
Of God Is Experienced
On Earth Through The Gift Of Love

   I AM with  you.   I  walked  upon  the  Earth  over  two  thousand  years  ago,  and  I  walk  now,  with  you,  in  spirit,  ever  present  to  those  who  will  open  to  My presence,  to  My  spirit  with  you,  and  within  you.   I  AM  with  you  so  that  your  journey  upon  the  Earth  will  be  fulfilling,  rich,  and  abundant.   Come,  follow  Me,  in  faith,  follow  Me.

“The  gift  of  faith  will  lead  you  to  Me,  and  assist  you  in  comprehending  the  mysteries  all  around  you.   As  your  gift  of  faith  grows,  matures,  and  flourishes,  you  will  come  to  know  Me,  and  come  to  understand  the  words  I  spoke  thousands  of  years  ago,  better,  more  completely,  and  with  clarity.   In  wisdom:  you  will  know  the  words  I  spoke;  and,  you  will  wholly  realize,  that  the  words  I  spoke  were  not  My  words,  but  the  words  of  God,  flowing  through  Me. 

“I  was  sent  to  speak  the  words  of  God;  therefore,  I  spoke  the  words  of  God.   I  was  sent  to  deliver  a  new  command;  therefore,  I delivered  a  new  command.   Now,  I  wish  for  you  to  ‘know,’  the  new  command,  which  I  delivered  to  those  of  Earth.   Now,  I  wish  for  you  to ‘live,’  the  new  command.   I  wish  for  you  to  love  one  another...  for  it  is  The  Word  of  God. 

“As  The  Kingdom  of  God  is  realized  upon  the  Earth  through  the  gift  of  faith,  The  Kingdom of  God  is  experienced  upon  the  Earth  through  the  gift  of  love!

“Love is the most powerful energy.  It is the energy of creation.  It is the energy of God. 

“Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, have encountered love, at some point in your lifetime, either by giving, receiving, or mutually exchanging love. When you are living, within the energy of love, you are living within an atmosphere in which you stand taller, feel better, dance often, and sing more frequently.  This is the basic level of love.  Giving, receiving, or exchanging love is easy, and delightful, when it is mutual, when the other party is easy to love.  And, your knowledge and experience of this basic level of love will greatly assist you as you prepare to love one another, on a different level, on the divine level, as God loves.

“You attain the divine level of loving, as God loves, by ‘tending the gift of love,’ within your being.  Deep within you, at the core of your being, there is the seed of love, sown by the hand of God.  It is a gift, a treasure, with powerful potential.  But, to transform the seed into its most powerful potential, and to love on the divine level, you must: recognize and tend the seed; embrace the love of God flowing into and through-out your being; and, come to ‘know,’ the love of God, within you.  Once you initiate and participate in this ‘active communion with God,’ the enormity of the gift of love begins to dawn on you, and you embark on a new way of living, living within the love of God.  In this state of communion with God, it is possible to love another, even all others, on a divine level, as God loves, because it is not you, loving on an individual or personal basis, it is God’s love flowing... through you, it is God... loving... through you. 

“Once you enter this ‘Divine State, of Loving’ you deliver the love of God, and change the energy of Earth.  It is within this divine level of loving, as God loves, that you come to understand, and fully appreciate, that which is written, that which I did say, ‘A new command I give you: Love one another...’ .

“God has sown the seed of love within you.  It is a gift most extraordinary and miraculous.  Acknowledge the gift, tend the gift, embrace the gift, and let it flow through you, onto the Earth.  Be the open channel for the river of God’s love, and you will find that you can love all peoples, on the divine level, because God will love all peoples... through you.  

“And so it is, that The Kingdom of God is experienced through the gift of love.” 

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 6, 2011
Return To
The Simple To Experience
The Grand… And Infinite

   I AM with  you!   You  call  to  Me,  and  I  draw  nearer.   You  sit,  and  speak  to  Me,  and  we  are  in  communion.   You  ask,  and  it  is  given  unto  you.   So  many  gifts…  are  available…  and  as  you  use  the  gifts,  your  actions  are  the  trees  and  the  vines,  which  give  life  to  the  fruit,  of  that  which  you  do.   It  is  in  this  Way…  that  you  too…  are  The  Living  Word.   From  the  gifts…  come  the  fruits…  and  the  fruits  sustain…  eternal  life!

“It is all set before you; all you have to do is ‘ask,’ and it is given. ‘Living, in the eternal present, is possible, for you to do!’  But it is most easily accomplished, by… ‘returning… to the simple.’  And it is through ‘the simple acts of kindness, that you experience the grand and infinite.’  That is where you are to begin… ‘acts of kindness… creating the environment of goodness, wherein all fruits  thrive,  grow,  sustain and nourish,  all who will know them.’

“This week, each of you hearing these words, or reading these words, will have the opportunity… to perform… ‘simple… acts of kindness.’  These opportunities will come to you in many ways, and your freewill choice, at the time, will determine what is ‘created, from the situation.’  And it is possible to create… from every situation… the grand.

“I’m going to give you… four scenarios, simple, everyday scenarios. 

“You are walking down a street.  A beggar walks up, puts his hand out, and asks you for money.  Do you push them away, hurry on, reach in your pocket, and practically throw what change you have available to them?  Or do you say, ‘God bless you,’ reach in your pocket, and give them, something, of yours, with a blessing, and a smile… kindness!

“The next scene, someone comes and asks you for a favor.  ‘Will you do this for me?’  Let us say someone asks you to pick-up their children from school, because they have another appointment.  Do you respond in such a way, telling them all you have to do, but you’ll make time for it, because they asked?  Or do you say, ‘Of course, I would be so happy to do this for you.  Thank you, for asking me.  It gives me the opportunity to see your children.’?

“Surely sometime during this week, each of you will have a task, a chore, something in the daily list of things to do, and there is a lot to do.  How are you completing this task, this chore?  Are you hurrying through it, grumbling about all you have to do?  Or, are you looking at it, thanking God for the opportunity to do it, and doing it to the best of your ability, with a light heart, and a noble spirit?

“And what if, after a busy day at work, you are returning home, driving your vehicle, ‘home,’ on your thoughts, and a tired feeling on your body, and someone pulls-out in front of you, and then moves over the road, as if they do not know where they are going.  Do you drive-up upon them, blowing your horn, raising your arms, letting them know you are dissatisfied greatly?  Or, do you sit back, realize – they can’t possibly know what they’re doing – and bless them, as they go on their way?

“This… example… and the three preceding it are simple situations, which happen every day.  And this is where you begin… kindness.  It is simple, but you cannot proceed, without ‘knowing,’ these things. 

“Therefore sit sometime today, think upon them, so that you will recognize the opportunities, as they come your way this week, blessing all, who come your way, not dismissing them, disgruntled and dismayed; but blessing them, with the love of God.

“You can give… and let your gift carry a note of frustration, judgment, or you can give… a gift that is filled, with the light of God.  It is within your power to do this.  This is the beginning of using the gifts, in such a way, that the fruits are obvious every day.  And by the gifts and the fruits… you bear… all will ‘know you,’ and know you care, about The Way… you walk over the Earth.

“Remember, simple acts of kindness, create an environment, wherein goodness thrives and grows, so that all… might know… the grand, and infinite.”
Sunday Sermons
Feb. 13, 2011
The Seed
Which Will
Move Mountains

   I AM with  you.   If  you  will  sit  still,  you  will  feel...  The  Wind  moving...  around  you,  flowing  from  the  corridors  of...  all  times...  within  one  breath;  and  it  is  from  this  sacred  corridor,  that  you  feel  My  presence,  with  you.

“Today,  I  speak  to  you...  of  faith,  the  seed,  which  will  move  mountains,  when  held  within:  an  open  heart,  a  noble  soul,  a  willing  spirit.  Faith  is  a  gift,  a  gift  which...  left  untended:  will  not  grow,  will  remain  a  seed;  but  the  gift,  well-tended,  the  seed  held  within  the  heart  open  to  the  love  of  God,  will  flourish  and  grow,  stirring  the  soul  to  song,  waking  the  spirit,  delivering  the  sacred  breath  of  life. 

“The transformation of the seed takes place within you!  You will bear the fruits.  The gift of faith will bear fruits, within you, from a seed there will come life, and you will believe!
“In faith... you will believe... in God. 
“In faith... you will believe... in the power of God. 
“In faith... you will believe... in the power of God, within you.
“In faith... you will believe... in the sanctity of the mission you are to do.
“In faith... you will believe... in the guidance, expressly for you, carried by
The Holy Spirit of God, within you. 
“In faith... you will believe... no obstacle can impede your progress along The Way. 
“In faith... mountains will move, because you believe!

“You carry within you, the Word of God, seeds, seeds which will flourish, as they are tended. 

“Tend the gift of faith... and believe.

“As you believe in God... God believes in you.  

“Today I speak to you of faith... ...


Sunday Sermons
Feb. 20, 2011
Faith At
A Different Level,
Believing In What God
Can Do ... Through You

   I AM with  you.   You  can  feel  My presence,  if  you  will  open,  and  receive  Me,  for  I  AM  still  moving  over  the  Earth,  present...  with  you.

“I  speak  to  you,  again,  of  faith;  for  it  is  the  seed,  which,  well  tended,  will  bring  abundant  gifts! 

“It is time for you to understand, at a different level, the gift of faith.  Today, I wish for you to sit, and be still and quiet.  Today I wish to lead you... into a deeper understanding... of the gift of faith.  It might surprise you to know that each of you carries the seed.  It is a gift.  But the gift has already been given.  It is a treasure.  But in order, for this, treasure to... multiply itself... it must be tended.  But before it can be tended, it must be recognized!  You must know the value, of that which you carry within you; you must ‘seek... to use... the seed of faith.’

“There is something you need to understand.  The seed, the gift of faith given to you, in some of you still dormant, in some of you it is growing and thriving, still most of you do not comprehend that this gift was not given to you, so that you might... recognize... God.  That surprises you.  The  seed  was  given  to  you,  so  that  you  might  recognize...  and  believe...   in  what  God  can  do  through  you,  how  God  can  help  you  in  your  mission!  

“It is wonderful and beautiful to say, ‘Oh God, I do believe in You.  I know, I feel, I sense Your presence, and I know it.  Therefore, I embrace the seed, the gift of faith...  I believe.’ 

“Believing in God... is good.  But the intention of the seed of faith is to lead you into believing... in what God can do through you... for without moving into this new space, this new understanding, this deeper communion, with the gift, and faith in God, you could stand in one place, be still.  You would not grow.

“God did not give you the gift of faith, so you could stand in one place, glorifying God.  God gave you the gift of faith, so you could move forward, over the face of the Earth, glorifying God in all that you do!  It is a gift which qualifies you: for action, for service, for living... to its most complete and fullest intention. 

“Faith... is the seed... which brings forth all the other gifts. 

“To assist you, in a deeper understanding of faith, I promised, and sent, a powerful Counselor.  Once I returned fully in My light-body to The Kingdom of Heaven, the announcement was made, ‘Those of Earth, need constant guidance, something which will fill them, with the energy and the promise to move forward, guided from within!’  And it was done.  This is what enables you to take your seed of faith, your belief in God, and move forward, believing... that God moves within you, and will move you.   And  The  Spirit  is  within  you.

“This is faith at a different level... believing you can do... all things, all things which God intends for you to do.  This is the level of faith you wish to achieve.  And you can do it. 

“Be still and listen, for The Spirit within you is calling to you.  Listen and hear, or feel, or know, for The Holy Spirit says to you...

I  come  to  you,  The  Eternal  Breath,  riding  The  Wind,  able  to  lead  you,  where  you  have  never  been.   I  will  take  you,  through  the  doorway,  into a place  of  miraculous  things,  happenings,  events,  if  you  will  hear  Me...  and  follow!

“In times of doubt, be still and listen.  Call upon... The Counselor within you, for there will be times, upon the Earth, when you have faith there is a God; but, lack faith that you can do what you are being asked to do.  These are ‘the times of challenge and trying.’  These are the times when you say quietly, ‘Guide me, from within.’  And you will hear and know.  Those gathered around you might not understand what you are saying you will do.  They might not understand The Way you wish to walk.  They might not comprehend the words you are saying to them, explaining your desire, your mission, your goal.  But you will understand it, because The Holy Spirit is speaking to you from within you, for you, not for Joe, or Cathy, or Sally... directions... for you.

“There are pieces of this eternal wisdom, which have settled into the common day speech of those of Earth.  If you speak the language English, I AM sure you have heard, advice such as, ‘It’s a gut feeling.  When I have this gut feeling, I know I must do it, even if worldly advice would say, ‘No,’ I feel it in my gut.  I know it’s right.’  Loosely translated, that means, you are getting guidance from within, you just haven’t recognized where the guidance is coming from.  It’s not coming from the lining of your stomach.  It’s not coming from any internal organ.  It is coming... from the wisdom of The Holy Spirit within you. 

“Along the same lines, you might have heard, ‘Follow your heart, do what your heart says for you to do, in this particular instance.’  And the same thing applies to this statement.  Correctly said, it’s, ‘Listen to what The Holy Spirit is telling you from within.’  Listen to the guidance from within.  Every person in the world, if asked, will give you advice.  And if you begin to try to take the advice of ten, or twenty, or thirty people, you will become confused.  You will walk in circles.  It will be confusing to you, because it is ‘their advice.’  And their advice might apply fully to you.  But you can be assured, The Voice of The Holy Spirit within you, will lead you where you need to be.  And it’s not the lining of your stomach.  It is not the vessels and the veins in your heart.  It is the breath of your spirit, filling you... with life.

“And when you find that you are sitting, listening to the guidance from within, and acting upon it, because you know it’s right for you, ah... then... you are living faith at a higher level.  This is faith.  This is faith in God, working through you to accomplish something.  And in this state of faith, there is no stopping you, for you cannot contain, The Power of God, once you connect, and say, ‘I will.’ 

“This seed of faith is the most wonderful gift.  But its true potential can only be achieved when you: see it, feel it, know it, tend it and let it grow within you, and acknowledge and praise the glory of God, through what you do.  It is not passive, this gift of faith.  It is given to you, so you might be active in every way: so that you might actively open your eyes, and see Earth, The Way God sees Earth; so that you might open your hands, and feel Earth, The Way God feels Earth; so that you might move over Earth, blessing it, with the words of God flowing through you. 

“This is the potential of the gift of faith.  This is the power of the seed within you.

“This week, sit with this gift.  Tend it, and watch it grow, within you.”

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 27, 2011
The Kingdom
Of God, Is Realized, On
Earth, Through The Gift Of Faith

   I AM with  you.   I  AM  with  you,  so  that  you  might  know  God  better,  and  have  a  deeper  understanding  of:  who  you  are;  and  the  wealth  of  your  heritage,  as  a  child  of  God.   You  cannot  fully  comprehend  the  importance  of  your  presence  upon  the  Earth,  until  you  grasp  the  significance  of  your  mission,  until  you  realize  the  magnitude,  and  value,  of  the  gifts  you  carry  within  you.

“Deep within you, at the core of your being, there is the seed of faith, sown by the hand of God.  It is a gift, a treasure, with powerful potential.  And although the gift of faith begins as a seed, when well-tended it becomes the source from which your vineyard, orchard, and garden will grow, and flourish, and produce an abundant harvest. 

“Faith is a gift which will lead you to do great and amazing things, things you would not imagine doing on your own.  Faith in God is good; but, faith in God, acknowledging The Creator, accepting the presence of All That Is, is only the beginning, the first step into the expansive realm of faith.  Once you initiate this active communion with God, the enormity of the gift of faith begins to dawn on you, and you embark on a new way of living, having faith... in what God... will do... through you.  And this awareness will change your life, forever.  Awakening to all the possibilities set before you, and willingly becoming the instrument, conducting the power and the strength of God, takes the gift of faith to a different level, a level of immense proportions.  Living life within this measure of faith brings a knowing that The Kingdom of God is with you... now... in the present moment.  It brings the eternal presence of The Kingdom of God into your eternal present.  Once you have the faith to live within... The Kingdom of God... now, the abundance of the fruits of Spirit will fill you, and sustain you, all of your days. 

“You bear the seed, tend it, and walk into The Kingdom today.  Eat of the fruits, drink from the vines, and live life to the fullest, for the present is a piece of the divine, a portion of the eternal plan, written by the hand of God.  Faith in what God can do through you... will lead you to do great and amazing things.  It is within this level of faith that you will come to understand, that which is written, that which I did say, ‘You can do even greater things than I do... .’

“Within the gift of faith, you can do all things, because God will be doing all things, through you.  And so it is, The Kingdom of God is realized... through the gift... of faith.”

Sunday Sermons
The Gift Of
Hope Springs Eternal

   I AM with  you.   As  the  birds  begin  to  sing,  announcing...  the  start  of  a  new  day,  I  AM  with  you,  in  such  a  way;  for  it  is  My  intention...  that  the  words  I  speak  to  you...  are  the  beginning  of  a  new  day  as  well.  

“Feel the peace around you.  Let the day... enfold you in such a way, that you wear it well.  Become the day.  Feel yourself awakening... to the possibilities... of a new day dawning... for you. 

“What would you do, if you had an entire day, to do exactly what you would like to do? 

“You do.  It is this day, and it is yours.  What will mark the day as ‘special and unique,’ is as you create your day, you are actually creating the gift you will give away, when sun sets, and the moon rises.  The day you create, what you do with the gift of this day is: your gift... to God; your gift... to eternity; the gift given and received. 

“Bless  that  which  you  receive,  and  let  it  flow  from  you.   Bless  this  day,  and  receive  it,  and  let  it  flow  from  you. 

“As you walk into the day you’re going into an adventure.  It is one leg of your journey, and you are prepared for every minute of this day.  As you move over the Earth you will find... if you take the time... to be still... that you have so many gifts within you.  Some are quite familiar to you.  You use them all the time.  They’re gifts you know.  But there are many gifts, down there, at the bottom of: your case; your suitcase; your toolbox, let us say... perfect... the box that you carry within you... that has all the tools necessary, for your journey and your mission.   

“One of the gifts of The Holy Spirit, or tools in the perfect toolbox you carry within, which will give you great assistance, when it seems as if you are stalled, stopped, held in place, unsure of where to go... is the gift of hope.  It is often misunderstood.  You do not spell the gift of hope, ‘w-i-s-h.’   You do not spell hope, ‘i-f.’ 

“Hope is powerful, often misunderstood, and sometimes, very frankly, the word is misused.  Hope is that energy, burning within you, which gives you the courage and the confidence to know, ‘There is hope in this situation.’  Be still.  Be quiet.  And as all things unfold, it will happen.  Soon your sails will feel the rip of The Wind, and you will blow over the sea, moving.

“This week, I would like you to... pray, and ask for guidance, about this gift called hope.  Yes, it is related to faith.  Yes, it is related to trust.  But hope is more.  And once you find it, once this powerful gift is revealed to you, you will see, that those who... pick-it-up, and use it... understand that there is an omnipresent potential for success, for extraordinary, miraculous, glorious things to happen.  It is a gift of great value.  Hope truly does spring eternal.  It is what gives you courage, confidence.  It certainly does give birth to: patience, tranquility, a calm disposition.  And while you are coming to understand hope, you will find that your ego is subsiding, and God is working through you.

“With this deeper comprehension of hope comes the realization that you can do all things... as God will do all things... through you.  Therefore you put your hope... in God, and be still.  There is peace... in hope. 

“Call forth the gift and use it and you will begin to understand: the omnipresent potential; the extraordinary success; the feeling of delight in accomplishing that which you know is right for you to do, in the light and the glory of God.  This week... become familiar... with hope.”

Sunday Sermons
The Presentation
Of  The  Gifts  Of  Spirit,
Receive,  Accept,  And  Use  Them,
For The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At (Your) Hand

   I AM with  you.   Feel  My  presence.   I  grow  stronger,  as  you  open,  and  say,   ‘Yes.   Come.’   I  AM  always  with  you;  but  the  invitation  from  you  is  sweet, and  our  communion  is  complete,  as  you  call  to  Me  and  say,  ‘Come.’   My  answer  will  always  be,   ‘I  AM  with  you.’

“I speak to you today, of the gifts you carry... for God has already given the gifts.  You carry them, within you.  However, the presentation is just not complete, until you receive, ‘receive... in a special way.’  The reception has nothing to do with taking a gift, and sticking it someplace, or carrying it about with you, not really using it completely, or at all.  There is ceremony, there is thought and commitment, there is pronouncement of witness, in receiving the gift.  And you carry... more than one gift within you, each of you.

“Some of you are awakened; some of you are waking; but it is the responsibility of each of you, to receive the gifts you carry, with commitment: to use the gifts, to assist you in your journey; to use your gifts to bring The Kingdom of Heaven, more fully onto the Earth.  That is how it is to come upon the Earth, through you, through the children of God.  This is why I sent those who followed Me, approximately two thousand years ago, out on their own.  I sent them out saying, ‘Go.  Go and tell those you meet, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and heal, and cleanse the lepers, and drive-out the demons; for this is how the people will experience The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.’

“And just as The Kingdom of Heaven was to be experienced, through the hands, using the gifts, all of those years ago, it is the same today.  It is not often said, but it is most assuredly true, that ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.’  It is present, in what you are willing to do, in the name of God.  It is the same, today, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  But, to see, and to know, and to feel it, and to walk amidst its glory and miracles, you must be willing to use your gifts, resurrect them from the dusty corner, and receive them with the honor they are due.  And it is most appropriate to do this: in quiet, in peace, in sacred communion between you and God. 

“I send each of you... forth into the world... today.  I ask you to walk and look around.  See, if the world could use a piece of Heaven, wherever you set your foot.  And in the seeing of it, you will know it.  And then, before doing anything else: return to your room; sit quietly, and begin receiving that which you carry.  Ask God for guidance, so that you might use your gifts for the glory of God.  And once this is complete, once the presentation is complete in the reception of the gifts, rise-up again, and walk the same path, touching all you meet along The Way, blessing them.  And then, as you are guided, go to one, and then another, saying, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand;’ because The Kingdom of Heaven is in your hands, upon Earth.  Knowing this, wherever you go, there will be a change.  Wherever you go: you will touch those who need healing; you will cast from them, the energies that are binding, and holding them down; you will deliver them from demons... that are holding them captive; and, you will set the people free.  And it will all be done for the glory of God, through your willingness, to use your gifts.

“Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, are ready.  Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, are awakening to all the possibilities.  Go forth.  Use your gifts.  The Kingdom of Heaven... is... at hand.” 

Sunday Sermons
How To Create
The Kingdom Of Heaven
On Earth...  Using The Gifts
Of The Holy Spirit  To Deliver
The Living Word Of God To Earth

   I AM with  you.   I  AM...  always  with  you.   There  are  those  amongst  you,  who  call-out  and  say,  ‘Come  to  me.’   And  I  say  to  you,  ‘I  AM  with  you.’   There  are  those  of  you,  who  call-out and say,  ‘Show  me  The  Way.   Give  me  a  sign.’   And  I  say  to  those  amongst  you,  ‘I  have  delivered  The  Way.   I  have  delivered  the  sign.   Open  your  eyes  and  see.   Open  your  ears  and  hear.   Open  your  heart  and  know.   For  those  who  want  to  see,  will  see,  and  those  who  want to  hear,  will  hear,  and  those  who  want  to  know,  will  know.’

“Thousands and thousands of years ago, the will of God was made known... to a man... most of you upon the Earth know as... Moses.  The will was clear.  The will was simple.  It had to do with a set of commands, codes, setting into place the desire of God, The Way those upon Earth should live.  And basically it had to do with: respect for your creators, your spiritual Creator and your physical creators; and a way to live; and a way to act, not taking from others, basically, not taking their lives, their fortunes, their families.  It’s a simple set of rules to follow, for any who will see, and hear, and know The Way of God. 

“Some looked upon these codes, and said, ‘I will do this.  This is the will of God.’

“And then God moved on... to something else... and that something else was... what I delivered unto you... more than two thousand years ago... a New Way to live.  You see, God is drawing those of Earth, back, closer into His power, into the energy of creation, into the energy of love.  Step-by-step you are making your way back to the garden.  And all along The Way there are signs saying, ‘Now it is time, for you to do this.’  And for those who care, for those who desire, for those whose intention it is... to work in the sacred power of God... they see, and they hear, and they know.

“The will of God... is for you to love your enemy...
The will of God... is for you to do good to those who hate you...
The will of God... is to bless those who curse you...
And the will of God... is for you to pray for all of those
           who mistreat you....

...these are steps closer... to God....  And, they have nothing to do with forcing others to bend to your will; they have to do with your desire and intention to live within the glorious will of God.  And they bring you closer... to the garden.

“Most of you can repeat... these four codes... you can say the words... but do you live the words?  Do you love your enemy?  Do you do good things for those who hate you?  Do you always bless those who curse you?  Do you pray for any who mistreat you?  Or do you retaliate? 

“For those of you wondering how you can do these things, four things... the will of God... on four things... I say unto you, ‘The only way you can do these things, is to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit, the gifts God has given you, at your creation... when you were truly born... of Spirit.  You cannot love your enemy, if you intend to do it, by doing it... in the ways of the world, for the ways of the world tell you to use force to subdue your enemy.  But if you sit quietly with God, and use the tool, of the love of God, and you open to the gift of God, and in opening the gift of God, open your channels to the power of God, God will love through you!  But you have to be willing.  You have to have the desire to do the will of God.  And then, it is necessary to use the gift, the gift of The Holy Spirit, the gift you have.  You see what I’m saying to you is there is really... no excuse.  You have within you the ability to love your enemy.  What is missing is: the desire, the intention, and the will to do it.  And the same things can be said about doing good to those who hate you.  There is a tool for that.  God has given you all you need.  It is: understanding, patience, tolerance, compassion.  These things... will lift-you-up.  They will give you what you need... strength and confidence.  And in the power of these sacred gifts, you will find it easy to bless those who curse you, and you will find it an honor to pray for those who mistreat you.

“You see to do things any other way, is to support: ego, personal satisfaction.  It is to continue in the ways of the world, which lead to separateness, loneliness, and feelings of abandonment.  You cannot feel alone, when you are walking within the light and the power of God.  There is a sacred feeling of contentment, of balance, and harmony, and tranquility, when you know, at the core of your being, you have just mastered the energy of a situation, in such a way, that you let the love of God pour upon your enemy, caring not, if the world perceived it as your enemy won, or you walked away from a fight, caring only that you opened to the will of God, and it was done, accomplished, because you were willing... to do the will of God.

“These things I say to you... are signs along The Way.  They are not forced upon you.  They are set in place for those who are ready to see... and hear... and know... because for the few who are willing to see, and hear, and know these signs, they will be the living words for others.  It must begin... in small ways... but once it begins, it cannot be stopped, because it is at the core of each of you, all of the children of God.

“You have the gifts, they are given unto you.  And it is The Way... that you will be able... to put into the action the will of God.  If you can love your enemy, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you, you are living the will of God.  And even though you think it’s only... you, it is anything but, only you.  It is you... living... the will... of God.  It is God... living... on Earth... through you.  And make no mistake about this, you will be noticed.  And there will be, at least one, if not many, who will say, ‘That is good.  I want to do the will of God in such a way.’ 

“That is how Earth will be changed.  That is how the garden will be resurrected.  That is how you become the living word of God. 

“This week I ask you to consider these four things set before you.  Some of you are shaking your head right now, as you hear these words, or read these words, saying, ‘I cannot love my enemy.’  I say to you, ‘You can love your enemy, if you use the gifts of The Holy Spirit.’  And the same applies... to the other three.  You can always find an excuse, why you will not do it.  But the eternal truth is... you carry the tools, within you, to do it, if you want to do it, if you have desire, and intention to do it. 

“For those of you who are ready to see... and hear... and know... I say...

‘Follow Me.  Let us use the power of God.  Let us become the living word of God.  And let the anthem of this week, ring-out from your heart, and all that you think, and do, and say.  Love your enemy.  Do good to those who hate you.  Bless those who curse you. And pray for those who mistreat you.  And you will have delivered... the word of God... to Earth.’”   

Sunday Sermons
April 3, 2011
How To
Love One Another,
How To Love Your Enemy

   I AM with  you.   Feel  My  presence  now,  as  I  sit  with  you,  as  I  rest  My  hand  upon  your  shoulder,  and  draw  you  nearer  unto  Me,  I  AM  with  you.

“For  those  of  you  who  are  ready,  and  willing  to  hear  Me,  I  bring...  a  most  amazing,  and  incredible  message,  a  message...  that  will  change  the  ways  of  the  world...  bringing  them  in  alignment  with  The  Way  of  God...   “Love  one  another!   “Love  your  enemy!

“I say unto you, ‘Stand before the one, who would strike you, with strength and confidence.  And when there is one, who would... slap your cheek... do not retaliate, but turn the other.  To do this requires that you strip from you, the self-serving... retaliation, and stand as a vessel, of the power and the love of God.’  This is an outward sign.  And you prepare yourself to do this, by using the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God, with every opportunity. 

“You know the ways of the world.  You know what the world teaches.  The world teaches... that: if someone pushes you, you push them back; if someone hits you, you hit them back; if someone uses force against you, you use force against them.  But I wish for you to... set what you know, from the ways of the world aside, and remember... The Way of God.  It is written on your heart, by the finger of God.  And The Way of God... is to love your enemy.

“Those of you who are ready... to take this step... can only do so, because God is calling you in a special way, teaching you, every day, of the significance, and of the power of love.

“You can see it often, sometimes it is in a cartoon, or in a movie, where a person of much smaller stature is very angry, and upset, and their arms are spinning and churning, trying to strike at... a giant... of an individual, before them.  But this larger person, puts out an arm, rests their hand on the forehead of the one out-of-control, and holds them in place, until the other is tired, and cannot raise the arms once ready for battle.

“It makes sense when you see this picture; because, no matter how wrong the assailant, the smaller one, is, it just would not appear right, for the giant to pick-up the smaller one, and throw them aside.  It would not be a fair battle.  It would not seem right.  I wish for you to see, those perceived as ‘your enemy,’ in this way; for no one strikes-out in anger and hostility, unless there is a hurt, a pain, something wrong, at the core of their being; and this makes their spiritual identity, their spiritual body, small, and weak.  No matter how much noise they make, no matter the thunder, they are still small.  The power of God... is mighty, and glorious, and can bring peace; but it is to come one person at a time!  This is why... the message is so important... to love your enemy!  For hatred to stop, for killing to stop, for war to stop, requires that one person have the spiritual strength to stand as the vessel of God, and let God’s power, and love flow through them onto the Earth, to be the giant, holding the other, of lesser stature, at bay, until they grow tired, of war, and hatred.

“The power of God’s love can heal... the wounds... hidden deep, perhaps deep into generations.  It is a key to bring peace upon the Earth.  It is not a sign of weakness, to resist the temptation, to magnify the energies... brought to you by another.  It is an outward sign of your belief in the power of God.  And this is why the message is active rather than passive.  It is not the message of ‘run away from your enemy.’  It is the active message to ‘love your enemy.’  And only those who understand the ways of God can do this.  But more and more will do it.  As those who are willing... to stand as the vessel of God... come forward, the example is set.  Those who are willing to step forward will be the living word of God.  Love your enemy.  Love your enemy!  And what this really means is... be the vessel, and let God love your enemy, through you. 

“I ask you to think on this, this week.  Many of you hearing these words, or reading these words, have heard, repeated many times perhaps, ‘If one strikes you on the cheek, turn the other.’  Most have not understood it.  It certainly does not follow the teachings, of the ways of the world; but it is elementary... in The Way of God.

“You have experienced, by reading, or living perhaps, the history of the world, when one force rises-up to dominate another, there comes, from the points of Earth, other forces... to combat the first force.  And there comes force, upon force, upon force.  But all of this... is just holding something down... forcing a decision; but it is not... healing the wound... which started the whole thing in the first place.  It is the band-aid... that will come-off.  It is a temporary... fix.  But it erupts again, and again, and again.  The only thing... that will bring peace... is the power of God’s love.

“For those of you willing to hear these words, sit with Me this week.  I will bring you insight.  There will be revelation, and you will come to understand the significance... of the new command, in its deepest form; you will come to know, The Way of God; and God will teach you, how to love your enemy.  And it is not through weakness, or running away.  It is through confidence, and courage, and strength.  It is by standing before those who would assail you, as the vessel... for the power and the glory, and the love... of God.”

Sunday Sermons
April 10, 2011
How To:
Resurrect The Garden,
Bring About The Ascension
Of Earth, And Set Things Right

   I AM with  you.   I reach-out to you, walking through the corridors of time, kissing your forehead, taking your hand, reminding you of the precious land, your home country, The Kingdom of Heaven.   I remind you this day;  The Kingdom of Heaven  is with you.

“How many times I hear this question!  ‘Why am I on Earth?  I forget.  What is my mission?  What am I to do?’  These questions come, in the secret prayers of the children of God... over and over again.  And I say to you, My brothers and sisters, each of you has your own unique mission, something that you decided to bless Earth with, all on your own, something special, that only you can do.  And it is yours to do, it is written on your heart.  But I tell you, there is something that you, united with the angels of Heaven, and the enlightened beings of Earth will do, because it is your unified mission.  It is the mission that unites all beings, whether you are in the heavenly kingdom totally, or representing the heavenly kingdom upon Earth right now.

“You are to assist in the ascension of Earth.  You are to resurrect The Garden of Earth.  You are to set all things right. 

“It is very much... like telling your parent, your earthly parent, ‘I’m going to go clean my room up.  My friends came over, and we made a mess in there.  I’m going to clean it up, just for you.  Wait ‘til you see how wonderful it looks.’  These words might come from a child to a parent on Earth.  And I tell you they, most assuredly, came from each of you, spoken with confidence, to your Spiritual Parent, before you came to Earth.  You see, those of Earth, gathered together, you might say, you and your friends, and made a mess.  And it’s only proper and fitting and right, that the mess be cleaned-up, by those who created it.  This plan is so perfect.  It has nothing to do with force and control, dragging a child to the room, and standing there, so that they clean the mess up under threat of force.  It is waiting patiently, ‘til the children... know it is time... to clean-up... the mess.

“You have the opportunity to do this, with every choice you make every day.  First you choose the energy around yourself.  You begin to understand... how to ‘master energy,’ how to get things to flow in a beautiful way, celebrating... God, showing... God; much like learning to play an instrument, and then playing it so well, you thrill everyone around you.  But you know the instrument, no matter how majestic it might be, cannot play itself.  The flute sits silent.  The piano doesn’t ring with the chords, and the vibrations, and the tones.  The trumpet does not sing-out.  None of these things happen, until someone decides, of their own free-will choice, to use the gifts, and to bring forth, the music held within the flute, and the piano, and the trumpet.

“Every time you choose, to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit, the gifts of: faith, and hope, and love, and compassion... the gifts of lightness... you bring forth a symphony of the ages, that rolls through the corridors of all time, pleasing God, thrilling the angels, filling the enlightened beings of eternity, with joy; for there is one, who is bringing forth the gifts, and using them.  And you can most successfully use the gifts.  It only requires that you want to, that you have a desire to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  And they are perfectly designed to help you, to help you... clean-up Earth.  They will help you experience a lightness of being. 

“Maintaining a lightness of being requires: intention, desire, and practice.

“Every time someone hurts you, in some way, whether it is to push you, or to try to get you to fight with them, or perhaps it is simply a temptation to... get you to respond to something they want you to respond to, tempting you into an argument, whether it is verbal or physical.  Aha!  Don’t think, ‘Oh no.  Here it comes again.’  Think, ‘This is my chance.  Let me get out my gifts of The Holy Spirit.  What is here for me to use?’  And instead, of joining in the fight, whether it be verbal or physical, use the gift of understanding... and know... God wants peace! 

“How do you bring about peace with someone who is being difficult? 

“You stand, with confidence in the power of God, and you let God... love them... through you.  Focus your attention, on letting God love through you.  For sometimes it can be very difficult to love someone: who is not acting very right; who is saying the wrong things; who is being aggressive.  But it is very possible, to let God love them, through you.  It requires something though.  It requires that you have faith and confidence, in the power of God, and you are willing to be used as an instrument of God, rather than going into the energy created by another.

“If you choose to fight with another: you are giving-up your energy; you are surrendering... to whatever is controlling... that other person.  When someone misbehaves, or acts-out, it is often said that they are ‘out-of-control.’  Well, it doesn’t take a very big step forward, to think, ‘Well who’s controlling it?  What’s controlling it?  If they’re out-of-control, where is the control?’  It is the energies of shadow and darkness. 

“Every time you encounter such things, such behavior, such people out-of-control, you can ‘master the energy,’ by refusing to go in, to the shadow energies.  This is how you will assist Earth, in the ascension, how you will clean-up The Garden, for you will be the balance.  Where there is one energy you will balance the energy.  God will work through you.  And if everyone is willing to do this, all of the negative, heavy energies, such as greed, and hate, and anger, and all the fruits, created by that, such as misery, and despair, and sadness, and grief... they will disappear, because you will be balancing these energies.  Nothing will be out-of-control anymore, because the love, and the light, and the peace of God... will be blessing... these energies.

“It’s not often easy; it’s much like making the decision to clean-up a messy room.  It requires action.  It requires knowing what you’re going to do, and the determination to do it.  But still, it is the children of God... resurrecting The Garden... brining about the ascension of Earth... and setting things right!

“It cannot be done... through force, and control.  It is to be done...  through the power of a peaceful presence: confident, in the light of God; joyful, in the song of angels; happy, just to be. 

“This day, be happy!  Breathe-in the air of Earth, and know you are there for a reason.  It is your opportunity of a lifetime.  Resurrect The Garden.  Bring forth the light of God, through all that you think and do and say.  It is your time.  It is your time to shine.  It is your time to remember.  You are eternally...  a child of God.” 

Sunday Sermons
April 17, 2011
How To:
Bring About Real Change,
From Within, Use The Gifts Of
The Holy Spirit, To Be (Ye) Perfect

   I AM with  you..  I AM with you... to assist you... to give some guidance, on how the things that you do every day will be made easier, in every single way, if you take the time to be still, and go about them, using the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God.  These are your tools.  These gifts... are yours... use them!

“When you encounter, a situation, which needs: changing, or modification, or alteration of some type, be still; because, the change... is to begin within you.  Many of you hearing these words or reading these words, have experienced situations where... you have chosen to change something, by trying to: control, manipulate, or force... your opinion on another.  Now at this point, it really doesn’t matter whether your opinion is correct, or incorrect, what matters is for you to recognize, that it is not fully taken-in, understood and appreciated, when you try to force the situation.  Many people have tried to ‘force,’ a change on one, usually a parent on a child.  And sometimes, when you are trying to ‘control that child,’ the child acts-out, falls on the grounds, and begins to cry, yell, scream, calling attention to the situation.  They do not want to be controlled, or forced.  It is unpleasant for the child, and the adult.

“This same thing happens... in adult situations.  Sometimes governments try to force people, just the same way.  And sometimes, people, adult people, like the child will throw themselves down, making loud noises, and call attention to what they believe is tyranny.  It does not work: to force, or try to control a situation... out of strength; overpowering another, does not work.  So, how do you bring about a change that is real, and for the good, a substantial, long-lasting change that takes effect, and produces good results?  You do it, by: going within, and making the modifications, within yourself; opening-up the box of gifts that you have at your disposal, and finding patience and understanding and compassion.  Once... you are mastering these gifts... you become the example of patience.  You are operating in the light of God, and you are using the gifts of God; therefore, the temptations, surrounding you, do not invade your space.  In fact, your peaceful presence is powerful enough: to calm the seas, to stop the tears, to hush the angry crowds.

“This is how you ‘make a change.’  It begins within each of you.  You become the living change.  And soon you will find that one or two are following you; and from those one or two, come ten or twenty, and those magnify, and magnify, and magnify, and multiply, and multiply, and multiply.  And that is how the change takes place.  It is the unique power of ‘one.’  But the one needs to be in the light of God, for the change to be for the highest good of all.

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  Master the situation, so that you hold your tongue, and you think, and you pray, and you ask for guidance along The Way.  And all you have to remember is do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  You will find you are not so quick: to correct, to control, to force or manipulate.  Once you begin this, it cannot be stopped.  You cannot go back and change a situation wherein you were the power of a peaceful presence.  It is already there.  Peace... is upon Earth... through you.  It might take days or months or possibly a year, for you to see the results.  But soon you will find that you are peace inside, no matter what is happening around you.  Change begins within you.

“Some of you might be ‘tempted,’ simply because of your background, your history, the way you see or know things, to correct, to call attention to things, that are, perhaps, in your perspective, not correct.  I say to you with these temptations, go inside and find something that needs to be dusted-off within your being, within your presence.  That is the most productive.

“When another ‘gazes on perfection,’ the desire is rekindled, within them.  If you will work... within yourself... using the gifts of The Holy Spirit in your interactions with others; and then, in your spare time, polishing-up the core of your being, so that you might truly reflect the love of God, what happens is... your presence... becomes God upon Earth.  The perfection, of God at the core of your being, is illuminated, drawing others; they see, and they desire, that same energy, that same connection with God.  And through your example, others begin to go inward: to polish-up their presence; to dust-off, the core, of their being; and when interacting with others, they use the gifts of The Holy Spirit, so they might operate, within, the power of, the light of God.  This is how change will take place, and most you who have even given it the slightest chance, have noticed the results are quite different... and unique... and Godlike. 

“Yes today, again, I call you, ‘It is time: to perfect yourself, to practice the art of perfection.’  At the core of your being, you are ‘of God;’ therefore, at the core of your being, you are ‘perfect.’  To assist you in maintaining this perfection, you have been given the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  And once you begin to use the gifts, you will bear fruit that will mark you clearly, as a child of God... walking the Earth... bringing The Kingdom... to life... wherever you go.

“This is change... on an eternal basis.  Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  Bring about the change, from within.”

Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
April 24, 2011
Of The Old Ways,
Brings Life To The New Way

   I AM with  you.    I  AM  risen.    After  death  of  the  body,  there  is  life. 

“To  experience  new  life,  you  must  be  willing  to  let  go  of  the  old.    You  must  let  go  of  the  old,  to  experience  rebirth. 

“See the noble tree.  See the mighty oak.  It does not hold on, to the leaves of the old season, they wither and fall.  They are shaken in the winds, of the fall, and the winter.  And come spring, there comes life, evidenced, first, in the buds.  And then as the air grows warmer and the sun touches each bud, and the days growing longer and longer, the mighty oak experiences – new life – life which would not be known, without releasing the old, and letting it go.  This is the eternal process, and once you observe it in the mighty oak, you begin to have a glimmer, of your own, eternal life.  You must be willing to let go of the old, to experience the new.

“The new wines are not poured in the old wineskins.  And each season, each part of your eternal life, brings with it the new wineskin, so that you hold the wines of the new season. 

“You are the new wineskin, and the truth delivered unto you, from The Holy Spirit of God, is the new wine.  As you drink, from this cup of wisdom, you walk through a portion of your eternal life, and as you move, you, the wineskin, ages.  And when it is time, for another portion of your eternal life, the old wineskin is set aside. 

“It is the same... with the tree, and the wineskin, and you!  To experience life... in the new way... you must experience death of the old way... but life does not end. 

“My story upon Earth... appears to end, as I drew My last breath on the cross... but those who wished to see more... did see... that as the body was laid down... the spirit rose-up.  Spirit rose-up, and moved over Earth, and talked to the apostles and disciples, and those who followed Me, and said, ‘Look at Me, and follow Me.  See, this is eternal life.  I AM returning to Our Father; but I AM not dead.  I AM living anew.’

“The Kingdom of God is eternal.  The Kingdom of God is within you.  The Kingdom of God is all around you; but to experience The Kingdom of God, you must let go of certain ways, the things you have been doing that have been keeping you down.  Every time you love your enemy, you take a step in The Kingdom of God.  Every time you do good to those who hate you, you walk in The Kingdom of God.  Every time you bless those who curse you, you begin running and knowing your way in The Kingdom of God.  And every time you pray for those who mistreat you, you truly begin to live in The Kingdom of God.  When you are willing to do these things, you are letting go of the old, the old ways are withering as the leaves of fall; the old ways begin to die, so the new ways can live, within you; and, in so doing, you begin to live, in The Kingdom of God, as you walk upon the Earth. 

“The day it becomes easy for you to love your enemy, and lend without expecting anything back, you fully recognize your heritage as children of God, and your life in The Kingdom of God really begins... life anew... brought about... by the death of the old ways. 

“Yes, it is true, what I AM telling you is, if you will give-up the old ways, the ways of shadow and darkness, and say, ‘Yes,’ to love and grace and blessing and prayer, joy, happiness, you will begin to live a life, so sacred, holy, and blessed, that you will recognize you are living in The Kingdom, no matter where you are.

“I say to you today, rise-up!  Shed the withered leaves, of the past, and embrace the flowering buds, of the present day, in The Kingdom of God... upon Earth!”