Sunday Sermons
July 31, 2011
When You Stand
Directly In The Light Of God,
All Is Right; And You Are Whole

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come  to  you  in  the  light  of  God;  and  the  light  flows,  and  it  is  good.    The  light  of  God  eliminates  all  shadow  and  darkness.    The  light  of  God  is  always  yours.    And  when  you  stand,  directly  in  the  light  of  God,  all  is  right,  and  you  are  whole,  because  you  are  ‘connected,’  to  Home,  you ‘know  God,’  and  you  are  confident,  as  you  make  your  way  over  the  Earth.    It  does  not  matter:  the  condition  of  your  body;  the  state  of  your  clothing;  or,  the  home,  in  which  you  dwell.    These  things  do  not  matter,  when  you  stand  in  the  light  of  God.    That...  is  where...  you  find  the  miracles...  and  you  see  Earth...  in  a  different  way.

“It is like this...  When one stands, outside, on a very sunny day, at 12:00 o’clock when the sun is high, and directly above, you will notice, if you stand in the light of the sun, there is no shadow on any side of you, because the sun is directly overhead; but if you move one way or the other, if you go here, or go there, you see a shadow.  The further you go, from the sun, you will even find darkness; and that is what happened upon the Earth, for the gift of free will, very good in its purpose, was used, by those upon Earth, choosing to experiment, to experience, to see... Earth.
“But now it is time, for the children to return.  In reality, the human race, which thousands of years ago, set its face, and walked, into the world, has now reached a point, where it has stopped, turned, and it is moving back, back to the light of the sun, weary of shadow and darkness, some willing, even to run, to reach the place, to find the space, where they are one, in a most magnificent way, with God.

“The most miraculous state... is a state... free!  When you ‘forgive yourself,’ you begin to understand how ‘light,’ you can feel.  And as you return, to stand in the light of God fully, from the core of your being, you begin to know... the importance... of forgiveness... forgiving yourself of every debt, every trespass, everything that you considered failure.  Forgive.  Forgive and free yourself.  And as you begin to free yourself, you see the significance, of living, without this burden of guilt.  And as you begin to comprehend this union with God, and the connection with forgiveness, you extend this gift to others, forgiving all, even when they do not ‘see the significance,’ forgive for them.  Bless and forgive.  This is the state of miracles, living in the light of God, fully, completely, forgiving all things.

“As I walked upon the Earth some thousands of years ago, people laughed, some mocked Me, when I would touch one, and heal them, and say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ they would say, ‘What is this?  How does He think He can forgive sins?’  But I say to you, forgiveness is the seed of good health, of happiness, of wholeness, of completeness; forgiving, clearing yourself.  Forgiveness increases love. 

“As you look upon yourself, you are to love yourself, because at the core of your being, is the piece of God, your Creator, and it is for you to love.  You will find ‘perfection, in love.’  And love is not to be confused with self-indulgence.  I’m speaking of true love. 

“Once you have forgiven yourself, and begin to love yourself fully and completely as God loves you, it will be easy for you to forgive others, and love others.  And soon you will find, as you have done all of this repair to your spiritual body, your physical body will follow.  You will live the rest of your life upon Earth, within the holy light of God, complete, full, happy!  This is a promise. 

“Stand  in  the  light  of  God,  completely,  as  if  you  were  looking  at  the  face  of  a  clock,  and  God  is  twelve  o’clock,  and  you  are  six.    Stand  directly  in  the  light of  God,  and  your  days  will  be  precious,  your  gifts  will  be  many,  your  love  will be  complete,  and  your  forgiveness  unending.    It  is  what  God  does  for  you.   It  is  what  you  are  to  do  for  yourself,  and  others.    Stand  in  the  light,  and  be  the light, so  there  is  no  shadow,  so  there  is  no  darkness.”  

Sunday Sermons
June 26, 2011
The Change, The
Miracle,  Happens
When You Act With-
In  The  Light  Of  God

   I AM with  you.    I  AM  with  you...  eternally...  for  The  Kingdom  of  God lives,  Heaven  is  real,  and  at  the  moment,  you  find  yourself,  living  the  journey...  of  Earth.    I  say  to  you,  My  brothers  and  sisters,  be  at  peace  as  you  walk  upon  the  Earth,  for  your  journey  is  rich  and  full,  packed  with  experience. 

“I too walked upon the Earth.  I said many things, some of which were greatly criticized by those who could not open their heart to the new covenant of love.  The new covenant of love has to do with: loving the one, who strikes your face; blessing the one, who curses you; it has to do with giving all you have to another, simply because they asked; it has to do with those of you, walking upon Earth, realizing... that it is temporary; and, the eternal life... is just that... eternal.

“The covenant of love is accepted by those who understand and comprehend, that one person can make all the difference, in the world, when that one person is willing: to be the love of God; to set the intention that, when they encounter hatred, it ends with them, for they will not feed it, no matter what happens; it has to do with setting an intention that, when you encounter chaos and confusion, the chaos and confusion ends, because you have no intention, of adding to it, to magnifying it.  The intention is set within the one who knows, that the light of God is what is to grow on Earth.  It is what Earth needs. 

“Chaos is rampant.  It needs... to be stopped... but it cannot be stopped: by battles, by wars, by engaging in arguments.  All of the things created, thousands of years ago, growing day by day, can be stopped... by love... simple, pure, pristine... love, the most powerful... energy... of creation!

“God has sent each of you onto the Earth prepared, filled with the grace, to walk through every situation, and to do so, in the light of God. 

“I call those of you, who are stumbling in the valleys of despair.  I call those of you, who are struggling up a mountain, yet still in darkness.  I call those of you, who feel backed into a corner, with nowhere to go.  I call to you, and I say come, sit with Me, in this verdant pasture, and let us see the glory, of God, together.

“Come sit, here.  The closer you come to Me, the more you will feel Me.  I AM Spirit, I AM in Heaven, I AM with you, for distance and time cannot keep us apart, The Kingdom of God is near.  And as many of you gather around Me, I say, be still and see, with the eyes of God.  Do not be so focused, on a very small piece, of your lifetime, or another’s lifetime, that you cannot see the whole picture.  The whole picture is the eternal tapestry of creation, and there are many threads.  Yet without each thread in place, the tapestry is not complete.  Back-up and see the tapestry of creation.  See it, as it is... as it truly is magnificent.

“Many of you will encounter, along your journey upon the Earth, situations in which you are uncomfortable, feel pain, meet sorrow.  You cannot change the situation, for it comes to you: through choices made by many others... sometimes; sometimes the situation in which you find yourself was created by you, with others helping; but no matter what you do, the situation is.  The Way to alter, and change, the situation, is by being still, and going within, understanding the importance of what you are doing.  And the glory comes, when you refuse to engage, to react.  For in reacting, you are acting within the energy that is.  But if you stop, and forgive, and pardon, and love, and understand, and are compassionate, if you are at peace within the gifts of God, you do not react... you act... from the glory of God.  And in this way, the hand of God touches every situation that is, and from it... All That Is good and holy brings lessons... valuable lessons... so others see and know.

“Somewhere right now, there is a child riding a bicycle, and there is a woman behind the wheel of a car, and in seconds the two will collide, neither at fault, one looking one way, and one the other.  Yet the outcome would be... a situation that is most uncomfortable.  How do you deal with the death of a child, and the grief of one driving the car that struck the child?  You cannot alter the situation.  What you can do is stand in the noble light of God.  And God sees.  And in the strangest of ways, this situation... is good, because the light of God touches it, and each one involved, has the opportunity: to bless rather than curse, to love rather than hate; to embrace the light of God, and bring it into the situation.

“That is an extreme case.  But right now, there are other things happening.  Somewhere, there is a group of people, gossiping about another, spreading stories which are not true, or magnifying a small truth into a great lie.  It is the situation in which one finds themselves, sometimes.  And you cannot change it, once it happens.  But you can bless it.  You can master what you do.  The one caught in such a situation does not have to react in fear and anger.  It will only make things worse.  But if you stop, and let the light of God, flow through you, blessing those who curse you, and loving those who hate you, you change everything; because then, you are the lips of God, you are the hands of God... upon Earth.

“I speak to you today, so that you understand.  You will encounter situations, and you cannot change them, by engaging and reacting to them.  The change, the miracle, happens, when you choose, of your own free-will, to act, within the light of God. 

`“Look around you and you will see it.  Those acting in the light of God are at peace.  They move... slowly, yet with intention.  They are sure of where they are going, and they know what they will say.  They will always say, ‘I love you.  I forgive you.  I am sorry.’  And they will always... be at peace.

“Today, take a little bit of time, and back away from what you are focusing your attention on, and you will begin to see a bigger picture.  Some of you will be ‘blessed’ to see a portion of The Divine Tapestry.  The trees will no longer look the same.  The birds will no longer sound the same.  And in the process, you will never be the same, because you will always... be... at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
June 12, 2011
Heed The Directions
Received In Prayer, And
Move Forward, With Confidence

   I AM with  you.    I  AM  with  you  –  to  encourage  you  –  to  move  into  the  new  day,  into  the  new  week,  with  confidence,  looking  ahead,  living  in  the  present,  optimistic,  filled  with  the  joy  of  life,  ‘knowing,’  what  you  are  doing.   

“I remind  you:  you  are  bringing  The  Holy  Spirit  of  God  into  the  world  of  humankind;  you  are  resurrecting  The  Garden,  so that  it  might  know  its  full  potential,  as  God  intended;  you  are  living  in  The  Kingdom.   That  is  what  you  are  doing,  when  you  are  in  light.

“No matter where you find yourself, as you hear these words, or read these words, you are on the journey, a piece of the journey, you are living the journey of your lifetime, and it is a piece of eternity.  Some of you might be in a place of joy, happiness.  Some of you might find you are bit tired today, the weight of the world, can be a burden to carry.  Some of you might be lost, confused, and in chaos.  So hear Me, as I say these things.  It is time to rise-up, and walk into the new day.  If you are hesitant, if there is something holding you back, from your forward progress, ‘know,’ that it is time to recognize, and see, that this is not helping you; it is confining and restraining you; it is limiting you.

“It is not meant for you to live in fear.  That is why you are given gifts, the gifts of The Holy Spirit, so that you know what to do when you encounter fear; but it is not required for you to live in fear.  Use wisdom, use compassion or understanding, use the gifts of The Holy Spirit, to assist you in seeing clearly, and recognizing, ‘fear, freezes you,’ it is as a concrete weight upon your feet, holding you in place, denying you forward progress.  See what is holding you down, or back, and free yourself of it.  You have the ability; you have the gifts; but, you must use them.

“When you see a farmer, plowing the field, preparing to plant, you see one working, moving forward, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.  But if the farmer keeps looking behind, twisting from one side to the other, the rows are no longer straight, and the way is difficult and confusing.  You must carry the lessons from the past – to assist you – in your daily activity, so you can avoid the stumbling stones, the obstacles, so that you can see the challenge, and know what to do.

“Your past and the past of others, is a valuable tool, as long as it does not impede you.  You want the knowledge of the past – to help you – succeed, using the lesson, not desiring to go to the past, to live in the past, using the past to help you move into a new day, with confidence.  And this is what using the gifts of The Holy Spirit will do for you.  It is time to move forward.

“There is a game that is most popular in the United States of America, and the game is baseball.  You have a certain number of players, and you have coaches that assist the players along the way, umpires watching, people making sure that the rules are obeyed, and the game is fair.  And you have one person that comes to the plate, and it is his or her turn, they are ‘at bat.’  And the ball is thrown, and contact is made with the bat, and the ball flies into the air, success!  And the runner begins running forward.  The runner does not ‘stop, and look around to see what’s going on.’  The runner should no more than take a glance to see where the ball is going.  The runner runs, as the coaches, as those who see clearly what is going on, give the direction, ‘Keep going, keep going,’ or, ‘Stop.’

“This could be applied to your life.  Sometimes you are so busy, sometimes you have knocked the ball high into the air, and it’s time to move forward.  That is when you pray, and ask for direction, and you will receive it, because God sees all things.  And if you stop to look around, you will not move forward in a timely fashion.  Listen, as the runner listens, rounding the bases heading for home, to cheers, adulation.

“Sometimes, when you are in the thick-of-things, you must count on those who can see clearly, which way to go.  And there is no clearer direction, than that which comes to you, from God!  And you can be sure when it’s time to stay on-base you will not be told to run. 

“When it is time to go forward, you have the tools you need.  There is no need to get stuck in chaos and confusion: when you are carrying the gifts of wisdom and understanding; when you have fruits with you that will sustain you; when you use such things as love, and kindness; when your wisdom comes from The Holy Spirit.  You will encounter obstacles and challenges, but you will not be stuck in the energy that fuels them.  You will see, and know, and continue on your journey.

“So I say to you this day, if you feel stuck, if you are in-a-rut, if you don’t seem to be able to move, pray!  Close the windows and the doors, and do not listen to the cries of the world, for the way they will tell you to go changes, person to person, rule to rule, regulation to regulation, standard to standard; but the guidance you receive in the quiet, solitude of prayer, will tell you when to run, or when to stay on base.  And it will be clear.  You will ‘know,’ that it came from God.  And, in this Way, you know, your path will be made clear.

“Use the gifts.  Use the fruits.  They are yours for a reason...  so that you can walk through your daily life, completing your journey, with confidence.  It is not necessary to live in fear.  It is not necessary to live in doubt, and chaos, and confusion; but it is necessary to use that which you have been given, so that you might grow in wisdom and confidence. 

“It is time to move into the new day.  Stand-up, and follow Me.”

Sunday Sermons
June 5, 2011
The Gifts, Live
An Abundant Life,
And Know, It Is Eternal

   I AM with  you.    When  you  call  to  Me,  I answer  the  call.    As  one  bird calls-out,  from  the  branch  of  a  tree,  the  greeting  song,  another  responds,    ‘I  am  here.    I  am  with  you.    You  are  not  alone.’    I  call  to  you,  and  say,    ‘I  AM  with  you.    You  are  not  alone!’

“You are on a journey, walking over the Earth, and I did the same thing, a little more than two thousand years ago was the date of My birth.  As I arrived upon the Earth, there were those who came with gifts.  The stories talk of the wise men, who traveled from afar, bringing gifts, following a star, an outward sign, which is continued today, when greeting a child just born.  Those around them, wishing to show support for their journey say, ‘I love you.  I give you a gift.’  This is the way you begin life on Earth, with those gathered around you to show you love and support. 

“If this is carried on upon the Earth, it is only a glimpse, a glimmer, of what is given to you by your Eternal Parent.  God says, ‘Here you are, a shining star!  My child, you come from Me.  I support you in all you need.  Here are the gifts.  Go forth.  Be free.  Live!’

“Right now, if you are hearing My words, or reading My words, you are living a life on Earth.  And you carry the gifts, marking your birth, not the earthly birth, your eternal birth.  And these are the ‘treasures,’ which will give you assistance, for moving over the Earth peacefully, in harmony with All That Is. 

“For the giving of a gift to be complete, it must be received; you must accept the gift, and use it, for when you use that which you have been given, something is born in the using of it.  If you have been given a violin, and you play it, the fruit is the song it sings!  If you have been given a shirt, or a dress, the fruit that comes from the wearing of the shirt or the dress is the feeling of joy and confidence it brings.  And when you use the gifts God has given you, the fruits are the blessings upon Earth, which spring forth every time you use a gift.  For in the using of the gift, the fruits of joy and happiness, compassion, understanding, peace, love, balance, harmony, all of the good things that you can imagine, blossom in the garden you are creating.  This is ‘The Life.’  This is ‘The Abundant Life.’  This is ‘the life,’ I spoke about.

“Many of you will remember, from the reading of the words, some of you will remember, by being told the words, but I did say, that ‘You can do everything I am doing, and even greater things.’  I did say this.  I could say it, with confidence, because the things that I did, were done through the power, and the love, and the glory of God!  And this same love, and power, and glory – from The Creator of All Things – are available for you to use! 

“Once you use the gifts, you begin to feel confident.  Your faith, in God’s ability to work through you, grows, and so does your garden.  It is sitting down under a tree, and realizing... remembering... accepting... that God can do all things through you!  And where there is the hand of God, there is an abundant life... life!

“Do not think that the ‘piece of eternity,’ you are living right now, upon the Earth, is all that is.  It was important that you know... that there is more.  When I said you can do everything I am doing, there was no exception, no little star indicating ‘see below,’ ‘You can do almost everything I do.’  That’s not the case.  You can do it all, by letting God work through you.  And when your time upon the Earth is done, you will experience passing, from the body of dust, back to reality, using your light body to move over eternity.  This is why (when) I died of the earthly body, and rose-up, and visited those I loved, those near Me, so they could see, so they could see the light body, and all the glory, so they would ‘know,’ there is more, of the creation story, than you remember sometimes.

“Today, hold ‘My promise, as the treasure it is.  You can do everything I do.’ 

“Receive the gifts, bear the fruits, and live an abundant life, without fear... that life ends... living... is eternal.” 

Sunday Sermons
May 29, 2011
Know The
Difference Between
“What Is,” And “All That Is”

   I AM with  you  today.    I  AM  with  you,  eternally,  for  life...  is  eternal.    It  is  the  portions,  the  pieces  of  life,  which  change. 

“You would not desire to stay a child forever, anymore than you would want to be an infant forever.  You would not desire to be an adolescent... when you could embrace the joys, of adulthood... walking over the Earth with the knowledge that you’ve gathered, during the time that you grew from an infant, to a child, to an adolescent.  It is an opportunity; it is growing; it is experience; it is living the life you were intended to live upon Earth.  And it is the same with your eternal life.  There are stages of living.  And while you are in one stage, it seems just the perfect place to be.  But once you move on to another stage, you look back and see, that at the present time you’re in just the perfect place to be.  It is the process... of life.  And I confirm for you that life is eternal.  It is the change of the period, the piece, the portion of life, which is altered, and modified.  But these periods, within your eternal life, are what bring to you... the essence... of all... life!  

“Today I encourage you, to be still so that you might know the difference, between ‘what is,’ and, ‘all that is.’ 

“I ask you to release your hold, on human standards, so that you might embrace the ring... of ‘heavenly standards!’  Do not fall into the excuse, of saying, ‘...well, I’m only human.  It is human to get angry, when someone speaks to you this way.’  And I say, see that for, ‘what is,’ and begin to explore how you can take that particular situation... and create from it, ‘all that is,’ by shining the light of God, upon that situation.  For, once you try it, once the situation is illuminated by the light of God, it no longer is, ‘what is,’ it is, ‘all that is;’ for out of it will come the lesson, and the glory.  But you must be willing, to live another story.  You must be willing to set aside the hold you have on accepting, ‘human standards,’ as the standards to live by, and embrace ‘the glorious standards, of God.’  It is up to you to make the change!  And when you begin to work this way, to live this way, you would never want to go back to do it... any other way.  It will bring you joy and peace.  It will bring you confidence to ‘know,’ that no matter what comes your way, you are going to meet it, with: understanding and compassion, forgiveness, light!  You’re going to use the eternal wisdom of God to move through it, and make it better, for your presence.

“I will give you an example... of, ‘what is.’  Let us say, due to some situation, maybe you’re just tired when you get home, but let us say, you neglect cleaning your house, you neglect picking-up the clothes, you neglect washing the dishes, you neglect taking-out the trash.  You are living in neglect, because you are tired.  That is, ‘what is.’

“But what if you recognize, what the neglect is doing, and even in your tired state, you begin slowly cleaning-up the mess you have created: washing the dishes, picking-up the clothes, sweeping the floor, opening the windows, even the door.  It looks better.  You are on your way to, ‘all that is.’  And the final touch is finding an old vase, pushed to the back of the cupboard, filling it with water, and flowers.  And with that final touch, a loving gift, you alter, ‘what is,’ and change it, by what you do, so that it is, ‘all that is,’ glorious and clean, with the fragrance of the flowers of Earth.

“The same can be said about... the things you eat.  In your tired state, you begin to... not care too much... you grab this or that, make it do.  Your meals are, ‘what is.’  But when you recognize this, and you see it, you are quickly on your way towards, ‘all that is;’ and you begin to use the talents that you have, to enhance your meals with vegetables, and spices, and herbs, so that you are no longer just... consuming food... you are dining with delight.  And in that process, you have made a difference.  You have changed, ‘what is,’ and created, ‘all that is,’ tasty and good, bringing you balance and harmony within your body.

“It is the same thing with... washing your clothes.  Let’s say, over a few weeks, you created spots on your pants, and you’ve got a bit of butter on your shirt, or your socks are soiled, from walking through the mud.  The clothes you are wearing have the spots of your life.  That is, ‘what is.’  But if you see it, and are willing to change, on the way towards, ‘all that is,’ you gather-up the clothing, some soap, water, put them in the washing machine; and, because of your willingness... to do, to act, you create... a closet full of clean clothes, free of all the spots of yesterday, ready to go-out into the new day.

“You see, in these simple ways, you can see very clearly, ‘what is,’ has been changed by your willingness... to create something better...  you are on the pathway towards, ‘all that is.’ 

“And it is the same, at a spiritual level. 

“Do not accept the situation upon Earth, as the standard, the human standard.  See it, for what it is, and be willing to pick-up this standard that I hand you today.  It is the standard of: God, The King of Heaven, The Holy Spirit.  And upon this standard, you will see, clearly displayed, all the gifts of The Holy Spirit, and intertwined with the gifts, are the fruits the gifts will bear.  This is to be your standard.  This is what will lift Earth to its proper place.  Every situation you encounter this week, can be, ‘all that is,’ if you reject: frustration, and chaos, and confusion, sadness, worry, and concern, anxiety, any of the emotions, that you have been ‘taught,’ are the norm, in favor of: love, kindness, understanding, compassion. 

“If you will walk into the situation of, ‘what is,’ willing to lift it to, ‘all that is,’ the world begins to change around you.  The change begins at your doorstep.  You no longer have to seek, because you are!

“This week, see, ‘what is,’ filled with the possibilities of, ‘All That Is,’ and you will truly be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
May 22, 2011
I Promise,
And Guarantee,
An Abundant Life

   I AM with  you.    As  surely  as  the  sun  rises,  and  the  new  day  breaks,  promising  the  gift...  of  life  upon  the  Earth...  I  AM  with  you.    I  AM  with  you,  as  the  birds  awaken  to  the  glory  of  this  new  encounter,  a  part  of  the  journey,  they  have  yet  to  experience. 

“I  AM  with  you.    I  AM  with  you,  delivering  a  reminder...  a  guarantee...  of  eternal  life...  riches...  wealth...  abundance...  beyond  what  you  can  imagine. 

“The world cannot promise, or guarantee, that by filling your coffers with the money of the world, you will know wealth.  The world cannot promise, or guarantee, that by draping your body with necklaces, and watches, and rings, and fashionable pins, that you will shine, brilliantly.  The world cannot promise, or guarantee, that by hanging in your closet the finest wardrobe, that you will be well-suited for every occasion.  The world cannot promise, or guarantee, that by gathering boats, and cars, and airplanes that you will travel the right path, going in the right direction.  The world cannot promise, or guarantee, that by building a castle in which to live, you will know comfort, peace, and contentment. 

“But I do promise you... and I guarantee... that by using the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God, which have been given to you, as precious seeds, you will bear the fruits, and they will be many, and the fruits you bear from using the gifts, the precious seeds, will sustain you, fill you with life, and provide abundance, of all that you need.  You will have what you need to know wealth... true wealth.  You will shine, brilliantly, in joy and contentment.  No matter what you have on, as clothing, you will be well-suited for every occasion, because happiness will be your companion... and you will love... all around you.  You will always be on the right path, because you will know The Way, and you will know where you are going.  And no matter where you rest your head, you will find peace, comfort, and contentment.

“The world cannot promise or guarantee these things... but your Eternal Parent can... and does promise... and guarantee... this: life, of eternal abundance, which is not something of tomorrow, but gifts for today... joy, patience, all of the things produced by compassion and love... all of the good of the world... is yours.  It is yours to hold, and to give.  It is yours to plant, and to harvest.  It is yours.  It is a promise.  It is a guarantee.  It is life, more abundant that you can imagine, and it is, already, with you.

“This day, rise-up and open the gifts!  Plant the seeds, so that you might harvest the fruits, that you are producing.  It is all... within you.  Abundant life... is your!

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
May 8, 2011
Live Your Life
In The Garden Of God,
Knowing What You Are Doing,
Choosing The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

   I AM with  you.    I  AM  with  you,  in  the  garden.   There  is  eternal  life  in  the  garden.    There  is  eternal  life.

“Today I wish to speak to you about the portion of your eternal life, you are experiencing right now, here, on Earth, in the month which is May, on the day which is the eighth, during the year which is recorded as 2011. 

“Like any good parent, who passes the important things of life onto their child, and then stands back and lets the child live, and love, and experience, and learn and grow, your Eternal Parent, does the same; only the things given to you, by your Eternal Parent, are beyond the scope, of what you can imagine, right now; some of it is hidden behind the veils.  But I promise you this, your Eternal Parent has prepared you, for all that you are to experience, just as any good earthly parent prepares their child to experience the world, Earth, and a spiritual aspect, of living, their life, knowing The Way.

“God has given you everything you need.  You have life.  God has given you the gifts, particularly suited to assist you in living your life.  And to guide you, with direction and how to use the gifts you have been given, each one of you, My brothers and sisters, has been given a personal counselor, The Holy Spirit within you: whispering, ‘Do this.  Do that.  Go here.  Go there;’ suggesting, ‘Use the gift, of compassion and understanding, rather than intolerance, and anger.’ 

“You have what you need.  Now, what is important is that the commitment come from each of you, that you will live, in the garden of God, knowing what you are doing, choosing the gifts of The Holy Spirit, choosing to act in the light of God’s love, rather than reacting to the judgments, accusations, and condemnations of the world.

“You have all you need. 

“For those of you who truly understand that this is only a portion of your eternal life, life, as you know it upon Earth, will become easy.  You will no longer struggle, trying to accumulate: the wealth of Earth, the things of Earth; because you will understand, struggling... in accumulating these things, only leads to struggling... to maintain, and hold-on to these things.  The things you wish to hold-on-to, you cannot see; but, you see the fruits that come from these precious things.

“When you hear someone speak, you are hearing more than the words they say.  You are reading what is written on their heart.  If they are speaking the words of love and compassion, and understanding, they are passing to you the wisdom of God, and it is a blessing... to be in their presence.  If they are speaking words of hatred, anxiety, frustration, fear, doubt, anger, you are reading what is on their heart, and it is the perfect time: for you to bless, for you to forgive for them, for you to make their world a better place, by being compassionate, loving, and kind.  And in this situation, ‘theirs’ is the blessing, just being in your presence.

“The words that you hear another speak are the outward signs of what is written on their heart.  This is how you will know.  God does not judge.  God does not condemn.  God picks-you-up, and holds you in His lap, and says, ‘There child, you are Home safe.  You are with Me.’ 

“Do not be tempted to judgment.  The words you hear another say, are either a blessing upon you; or, you accept the words you hear, and give the blessing to the other.  This how it is to be, this is the plan of God: that the children, who are walking upon Earth, resurrect the garden, the garden as it was meant to be by the God that you know, as The Creator of All Things. 

“My brothers and sisters, I say this to you so that you might know, and find, your way.  Spend your days in peace.  Do not make noise.  The world does not need noise.  The world needs: a peaceful presence, a hand reaching-out to touch another, a hand reaching-out to welcome another, a hand... reaching-out. 

“This day, as many of you hearing these words or reading these words will recognize, you are celebrating as Mother’s Day, a day in celebration... of an earthly parent.  Celebrate the gift of life, in a way that shows you know what you’re doing.  Reject anger, and hatred, and greed, and frustration, confusion; reject chaos.  The things you choose... mark you; they are the outward sign of what you carry on your heart.  And, as your earthly mother gave you life, upon Earth, your heavenly, your Eternal Parent, has given you eternal life.  Just as your earthly mother has prepared you for life upon Earth, your Eternal Parent has prepared you for eternal life. 

“So My brothers and sisters, I say to you this morning, there is no excuse!  You have what you need.  What is... important... is that you choose from the gifts of The Holy Spirit, the gift of confidence, and that you rise-up, and in loving peace, move over the Earth, blessing all things.  It is time for the garden to be resurrected, but the resurrection is to come from within each of you, each of you!  Do not wait for another to do it.  Do not wait for someone to love you.  Love first.  Do not wait for someone to be kind to you.  Be kind first.  Do not wait for someone to apologize to you.  Extend the hand of reconciliation, forgiveness, love and pardon first.  Do not wait.  Be first!

“It is time for you to live, in the garden of God, knowing what you’re doing.  And in doing this, the days that you spend, walking upon Earth, will be filled with joy, peace, happiness, and in balance. 

“Be at peace.  Be quiet.  And move over the Earth knowing what you’re doing.  In this way, you will bring honor to your earthly mother, and you will be the light of the heavens, shining, for your heavenly Parent.  Do these things in peace, and you will truly, have a joyful heart.”

Sunday Sermons
May 15, 2011
By The
Fruit, You
Know The Tree

   I AM with  you.    I  AM  with  you  this  day,  and  you  do  feel  My  presence,  as  you  hear  the  words  I  say  to  you.    And  as  you  hear  the  words,  they fall  upon  you,  as  seeds  upon  fertile  ground,  blessed,  by  The  Holy  Spirit  of  God, touched,  by  The  Hand  of  God,  delivered  unto  you,  by  the  Son  of  God.    For  this day  I  speak  to  you,  again,  of  orchids  and  gardens,  of  trees  and  fruit.   

“I  speak  to  you,  of  these  things,  because  it  is  important  for  you  to  know  and  remember,  ‘The  good  tree  does  not  produce  rotten  fruit...  nor  does  the  rotten  tree...  produce  good  fruit.    It  is  by  the  fruit  of  the  tree,  that  you  know  the  tree.’  You do not pick-up a lemon, and stand beneath the boughs from which it fell, and say, ‘This is an apple tree.’  Because you hold in your hand the lemon, the fruit of the tree, you know the tree is a lemon tree.  And you smell the fruit, and you know the possibilities, of the fruit, and you bless the tree.  By the fruit, you know the tree.

“I would like each of you to think of yourselves... as a tree.  When you are... in good health, you produce good fruit.  When you are... caught in a disease, or pestilence of some type, your fruit might: have spots, show signs of decay.  But you can be sure, that the fruit produced, when you are under attack as a tree, by pestilence of some type, shows the ‘signs,’ of what you are going through, as the tree.  Once again it is clear and true, by the fruit, you know the tree.  You can look at the fruit, and know the condition of the tree. 

“And the good gardener, the good farmer, the good husband, notices the trees under attack, and takes measures to spray the trees, and treat the trees early, so come the next growing season, they produce good fruit again, and the fruit is a sign, that the tree is healthy.

“There are some trees, that are rotten at the core of their being, and there is no measure... that the one tending the garden or orchid can take, except to uproot the tree, and remove it, from the community of trees around it, so that others are not infected, by this disease.  But this only happens when the tree is rotten at the core. 

“My brothers and sisters, if you still are holding the vision of yourself as a tree, no matter what pestilence is plaguing you right now, I can assure you, not one single one of you is rotten at the core.  It is impossible, because at the core of your being... you are ‘of God.’  Therefore, every tree, in the orchid, in the garden of God, can be saved, can produce good fruit.  It might take a few sprays of love and compassion but the power and the love of God will flow into each one of you.  And whatever you are enduring, whatever disease is plaguing you, will be cured. 

“Not one of you is rotten at the core; therefore, each one of you is capable of producing good fruit.  And that is the good news!  That is the eternal news!  Good fruit, from good healthy trees.

“You are to tend your tree.  Watch for what is happening.  Test the fruit, you are delivering.  See it.  It is something you are producing.  Every day you are giving fruit.  If the fruit is good, if it is joy, happiness, if it is a peaceful presence, you know you are healthy and thriving.  If you are producing fruits: of confusion, sadness, frustration, greed, anger, hatred, you ‘know,’ your tree is under attack.  And all you have to do at that point is to open to the power of God, and let it flow through you, curing all pestilence, freeing... you, the tree of God, to produce good fruit.  So, just as others know the tree by the fruit it produces, you can tend your tree, and recognize the fruit you are producing.  When your heart is filled with love, and kindness, and compassion that is what flows from your mouth.  Your words... just as the fruit... reveal... what is filling your heart.  Your actions reveal... what is filling your heart.  See this.  See your words, and your deeds, as the fruit you are producing.  And while you see this, do not judge yourself; heal yourself, by opening to the power of God available to you!  And as you recover, you will notice that the fruit you are producing, once again, is healthy, beautiful!

“Remember always, each one of you is a good tree!  The core of your being... is not rotten, it is... ‘of God!’  Therefore, you are all capable of producing good fruit. 

“Be mindful... of what you are thinking, saying, and doing... for, as you receive the gifts of God, you begin to learn how to use them; and as you use the gifts of God, you are filled, with the glory of God; and from you, will come the glorious fruit; and from the fruit the garden... will grow... and all who see, will know... the good fruit... from the good tree!”      

Sunday Sermons
June 19, 2011
Honor Your
Eternal Parent, For
The Guidance Is Good
And The Gifts Are Plentiful

   I AM with  you.    I  move  through  the  corridors  of  time,  I   reach-out,  and  touch  you,  for  I  AM,  truly,  with  you.    You  are  never  alone!

“For many of you, hearing these words or reading these words, this day is a day set aside to honor fathers, an earthly parent.  And so I give you this brief example.  Let us say, a father, using the wisdom of his age, his history, his time upon Earth, passes words of guidance, direction, or wisdom, to one of his children.  If the child hears the words, but doesn’t think much about them, goes about his way, pays them no heed, in all possibility, he might: walk in error, make a mistake.  But the child who hears the words, and sits with them a while, asking for guidance, and coming to understand the reasoning, and the wisdom in the words, this child uses the guidance, and the way is made clear.  And when the challenge approaches, there is confidence, remembering the words, and taking courage, knowing how to circumnavigate the obstacles, or eliminate the challenges, with wisdom, with words of guidance.

“And it is the same, with the words of wisdom that flow to the children of Earth from your Eternal Parent: sometimes in dreams; sometimes through prophets; sometimes on the lips of another; sometimes in the song of a bird; or in the flowing stream or river; or carried on a leaf, falling from a tree, floating gently on the breeze.  You will always receive words of guidance, from your Eternal Parent. 

“If you hear the words, but do not act upon them, they will be of little value.  Yes, even great words, magnificent words, words of wisdom, will be of little use to you, unless you sit with them, unless they become you, they work their way into you, so you know them at the core of your being, so that you understand the wisdom of the word.  And in this way, you are strong and confident, courageous.

“It is this way, if you hear the word, and carry the word to the core of your being, and sit with it, praying for guidance to understand and comprehend the word, you are as a man or a woman building a house, but before you lay the foundation, you dig deep, you go down until you find rock-sturdy, ground level, and there you lay the foundation, and then you pile-up the earth around it, and continue building your house.  It is strong.  It is sturdy.  It will withstand... the storms.  “But if you take the words, and slip them in your pocket, or hold them in your hand, you are like the man that takes the building materials for the house, and just begins erecting a house, right on the top of the sand, no structure, no foundation, no rock-solid base.  And even though the two houses might appear similar, when the storm comes, the one that has little, if any, foundation will be knocked down, destroyed, because it cannot stand the storm.

“If you take the words of wisdom, however they are delivered to you, and carry them to the core of your being... bedrock... the place where you are to begin your foundation, you will find that the path is easier, because you know what you are doing.  You see, there is a difference in receiving a gift and setting it on the shelf, or putting it to good use!  And when you put something to good use you begin to know it.  You know its funny little ways, sometimes that you have to turn it this way, or that way, to get it to work.  But get it to work you do, because you know it.  And, it is useful, in your hands.

“This day I ask you to pay attention to the first message you receive; listen, but do not act so quickly.  Take the message to the core of your being, and ask for guidance, and you will begin to know the gift, to know the word.  You will be able to set the foundation straight, and begin to build on a house that is on a solid, firm foundation, which will withstand any storm, because you are confident, ‘in the knowing.’

“Just as your earthly father offers guidance – on how to move and navigate, as you are upon the Earth – your Eternal Parent – gives you guidance – on how to navigate through all time, on how to live eternally, with confidence, and courage. 

“This day is set aside to honor fathers.  Take a few minutes today to honor your Eternal Parent, for the guidance is good, and the gifts are plentiful.”

Sunday Sermons
July 3, 2011
Sing, Your Song,
Dance, Your Dance,
And You Will Know Peace

   I AM with  you.    Feel  Me.    Acknowledge  the  change  you  feel  about  the  air,  moving  gently.   

“I  AM  with  you.    To  ‘know,’  My  presence  with  you,  requires  that  you  open,  and  accept  it.    Accept  the  possibility,  and  realize  the  reality,  of  eternal  life! 

“At the core of your being, you comprehend that you are an eternal being.  You see people, perhaps your own family members, going through a time of transition, when their bodies, possibly racked with disease, finally: give-up, grow tired, fall from them.  Yet a very small piece within you, denies death... it is the truth... for the body is something you have wrapped around your soul and spirit, to allow you to navigate, the atmosphere of Earth, to have an earthly experience, to feel and know flesh; but the authentic you... is eternal... just as I AM eternal.  These things, I attempted to share, as I walked upon the Earth, some two thousand years ago.  Many times, I put the words I wished to say, in a parable, or a statement, which could be applied to many situations; doing this, so that those who were awakened, would hear, and know; and those who were still asleep, would let the words go, where it best suited.

“You arrived upon the Earth, within a package, your body; and there is ‘a set of directions,’ on how to use your body, so that you might be content, within your spirit, as you live upon the Earth.  The set of directions is written on your heart, and calls to you, sometimes frequently.  I promise you this,   ‘Your days will be spent in contentment, if you will: harken... to the words, of your heart... respond to the desire, of your heart.    If you will sing the words, written upon your heart... they will sound a symphony, of your soul, and your spirit will soar... in recognition... of the magnificent piece... the authentic you.’

“The Creator of All things, God, Our Father, our Eternal Parent, does not demand ‘sameness.;  God celebrates... ‘authenticity.’  You are a thread, in the tapestry, of the great story of creation, moving in and out, creating a scene.  Each scene is composed of millions of threads, yet each scene is not complete, without each piece of the thread.  It is beautiful and fascinating.  It is not boring, it is changing, as the threads move, twisting and winding and weaving.  It: is melodious to watch, creates music, without sound.  It is a mystery of life. 

“But I tell you this, ‘Life will no longer be a mystery, it will be a miracle, if you will allow, all those you encounter to sing their own song and dance their own dance, blessing, free will choices, and watching in amazement, as the miracles occur, even within the choices. 

“I speak to you of this today, because I would like you to sit, and pray, and understand the importance of every woman, child, and man.  Go beyond what they see themselves even, and recognize... every child of God... as a unique piece of the magnificent whole.  It is beautiful.  It is changing.  It is the same.  It is many.  It is one.  It is divine, and eternal, just as you are divine, and eternal.

“My brothers and sisters, My words to you were sincere direction, on what is possible for you to do; when you are connected, with All That Is, you can do everything, I do. 

“And it all begins, with acknowledging, the directions written on your heart, then singing the song... that is yours to sing... dancing your dance... and it will bring your spirit to a place, where it will soar. 

“This day ‘know,’ I have delivered unto you, the direction for contentment; and in a state of contentment, you will know peace; and when you sit in peace, you will know joy. 

“Be at peace!”

Sunday Sermons
July 10, 2011
I Am
To Believe,
I ... Believe

   I AM with  you!   

“I  place  My  hand,  upon  your  brow,  and  wipe  away  the  sweat.    I  AM  willing  to  hold  your  burden.   

“I  take  My  finger,  and  lift  the  tear  from  your  cheek.    I  AM  willing  to hold  your  burden.   

“I  place  My  arm  upon  your  shoulder,  to  help  you  carry  the  load.    I  AM  willing  to  hold  your  burden.   

“I  whisper  upon  your  heart,  which  needs  love.    I  AM  willing  to  hold  your  burden.   

“I  hold  your  feet  within  My  hands,  especially  when  you  have  lost  The  Way.    I  AM  willing  to  hold  your  burden.   

“I  reach  down,  for  you,  and  say,   ‘Give  Me  your  hand,  I’ll  show  you  The  Way.’    I  AM  willing  to  hold  your  burden.

“Everyone, every individual, every being, walking upon the Earth, encounters situations, from the time of your birth, until it is time for you to return Home.  Some situations are occasions of celebration and happiness.  Some situations... are recognizing... challenges and obstacles.  Today I give you a secret; I hand you a key, The Key to surmounting difficult times, times of burden and heaviness, when shadows and darkness threaten...

“When your faith is challenged,

all you have to do,  is be still, and

whisper, upon your heart,

‘I am willing –to–


“Repeat the words, as a sacred song.  They will be the key that will open the door, to the chamber held within you.  And once the door is open: you will see; you will feel the hand of God touching you, as your heart sings-out once again, ‘I am willing to believe;’ and God’s hands lift-you-up, and place you, in the lap... of comfort... and peace.  And as you nestle there, in solitude and stillness, your soul reverberates and echoes...  ‘I am willing to believe.’

“When you are tired, when you are burdened, when you are sick,  you  are  challenged.    The  obstacles  seem  to  come,  in  greater  size.   It is at these times that it is important to set yourself aside.  Find a place that is quiet, peaceful, serene.  And then, rest your spirit!  For, it is possible to sleep, and sit, and rest your body, while within you are in turmoil, and chaos, and confusion.  Stillness of the body does not necessarily mean that your inner landscape is still.  Seek to be at peace within your spirit first, and your body will follow, and then your thoughts will reflect the joining of your spirit and body, and your mind will begin to wander in the pastures and fields of tranquility.  And as that is where you mind is, your words will reflect your thoughts, and you will find that you are speaking peaceful words, thinking peaceful thoughts; and you will move slightly and realize you are still, held, in the lap of God. 

“Yes,  in  the  lap  of  God...  is  where  you  find  peace...  sit  awhile.    And  when  you  have  been  nourished,  and  loved,  you  will  recognize,  the  song  of  your  heart  has  changed,  it  has  moved  ever  so  slightly  from  the  words,  ‘I  am  willing  to  believe,’  transformed  in  the  lap  of  God.    As  you  get  down,  kiss  the  hands,  and  move  back  through  the  chamber  door,  ready  to  walk  into  the  world,  you  sing...  a new  song...

“I am willing... 

“I believe!”

Sunday Sermons
July 17, 2011
And Turn On
The Light, Within

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come,  moving  through  the  corridors  of  all  time,  reaching-out  My  hand,  to  take  yours.    I  show...  The  Way...  so  you  might  see  it,  clearly.    I  speak  the  words...  so  you  might  hear  them...  clearly.    I  live...  so  you  might  know  eternity...  with  certainty,  and  confidence,  in  that  which  you  see,  and  hear,  and  know. 

“I  did  say  the  words...  ‘You  can  do  everything  I  do!’   I  did  also  say  the  words...  ‘If  you  believe  in  Me,  if  you  believe  that  which  I  show  you  to  see,  and  speak  so  you  might  hear,  then  you  will  do  the  things  that  I  do.’    And  I  do  not  say,  ‘the  things  I  did;’  I  say,  ‘the  things  I  do,’  because  as  I  speak  to  you,  it  is  within  the  arms  of  the  eternal  present. 

“The  day...  you  believe...  beyond  any  doubt...  that  you  are  an  eternal  being...  will  be...  the  day  miracles  spring  forth  from  your  words,  and  your  deeds.    Verily  I  say  unto  you,  miracles  will  spring  forth  from  your  thoughts.    Therefore I say to you today, believe it!    Do not be trapped, in the misconception, that when your time comes to an end, on Earth, that it is over, done, finished.  There is change, as the butterfly springs forth.  I say to you there is growth, as the child becomes a woman or a man.  I say to you, you are eternal, come, take My hand.  And once you embrace your eternal... being... you will begin to grow beyond any measure that you have known.  Once you begin to remember eternity, all that has been holding you down, will fall from you, and you will rise-up to show The Way.

“If there is a great chorus, singing, making a big presentation, to the entire town, they will be trained carefully: to sing the right notes; when to breathe; when to hold the beat; when to let the great tremor rise-up, in a crescendo, and then come slowly to the end, bringing the audience into the song, into the glory, into what they are singing.  But if there is one person within that chorus who is hearing another tune... counting... a different... beat, they seem to stand-out.  In fact, often the case is, they are kicked-out, because they will not conform, or fall in line, with the song that is being sung.  However, just because they are singing a different song, does not make the song unworthy to be heard. 

“All things new... begin in the old.  And all things... old, are washed and reborn in the new.  Things change, and alter, and flow.  This is what I’m telling you.  Recognize... the eternal, authentic you!  Sit for a minute, and connect.  Break-free from your earthly body, and move into your light body, the body that holds the light of God, the body that is the light to illuminate... shadow and darkness.  Connect... with your light body... and begin to realize eternity.

“Sing the song written on your heart.  Come-out from under the table of conformity.  Rise-up... confidently. 

“Now some of you might be asking, ‘Well, how do we know what we are hearing within is ‘of light?’  How do we know, for certain?’  And I will tell you.  If you are hearing from within you, to be angry, to be mistrusting of another, that is not of the light.  The light will say, ‘love,’ ‘trust,’ and you can feel the difference.  You know, at the core of your being, you feel, ‘hatred,’ ‘anger,’ ‘mistrust;’ and they do not feel the same, as ‘love,’ ‘compassion,’ ‘understanding.’  And these things of the light, take one who is more connected with their light body, to see clearly, beyond... that which is... worldly knowledge... into that which is... eternal wisdom. 

“There is a saying amongst most of you today, that ‘It is time.’ Do not think... in such a small way... think globally, think of the entire Earth, think beyond the confines of where you stand; reach-out with your mind, with your voice, with your hand.  And it is the same, with spiritual growth.  Go beyond... where you are! 

“When you are ready to do this, you will look around, and you will not see many of your brothers and sisters, standing next to you.  This is because there is a temptation: to move as others move, to do as others do, to live within conformity, to ‘fit in.’  But what about that one individual, in the middle of the chorus, whose heart is singing another song?  The song will never be heard, unless you are willing to step-away from the chorus, and sing your song.  And I promise you this, you will always feel and know the difference, between: anger and compassion; mistrust and understanding; hatred and love.

“You know when you are in light.  And when you are in light, you are enlightened.  And when you are enlightened, it is time to come-out from under the table, so others might see and know. 

“There is no need to try to convince, or to argue your point, or to cajole others.  When it is their time, they will know the light, and seek it. 

“You can invite, but you should not demand others to see and understand your light.  Do not be concerned so much about, ‘... well, who will walk with me, who will be with me?  It can be very lonely, holding the light alone.’  And I say to you, if you will step forward with confidence, in a very short time you will see others walking with you.  You will not have to convince them, or argue.  There will be peace, and balance, and harmony, because they are not following, just because you demand it.  They are following the light, because that is what they are seeking.  You can stand in the light of God, and others will be called to you, like the ships, lost in the dark sea, see the light of the lighthouse, and follow.

“And if each one of you, will step forward with confidence, in the light of God, there will be so much light, that it will be impossible to be lost, because the light will illuminate the shadow and darkness. 

“And for those of you who know you are to show The Way, I ask you to turn around, and see what is behind you.  Yes, that is where you will see them.  When your thoughts are on the light, or of the light, your words, give life to the light of your thought, and your deeds follow, magnifying the light within you.

“Do not seek so much to be understood by others, as to understand the light within you.  And to understand the light within you, all that is required, is for you to... sit quietly... and pronounce, ‘I desire the wisdom to understand the light within me.’  For whatever you ask for, within the light, you will receive. 

“It is time... ... and you are ready.  The time of miracles is at hand; but first you must connect with your light body, and then move over Earth as the eternal being you know you are. 

“Look around you, and you will see.  It is time to open your eyes and see Earth differently.  It is time to open your eyes and see your brothers and sisters differently. 

“Wake-up!  It is time to see yourself differently: enlightened... eternal... the son... the daughter... the child of God.”   

Sunday Sermons
July 24, 2011
Read The Signs,
And Know The Way

   I  AM  with   you.    Experience  My  presence  with  you;  for  as  you  open  your  arms  and  your  heart,  My  presence  is  profoundly  with  you.

“We  are  all  united.    We  know  each  other.    We  are  one.

“Most of you, know the signs of the world.  In fact, the signs of the world are so universally known, that there is no need for writing on the sign.  The signs that are used to regulate traffic flow, have shapes, and colors, that most of you must know, even before you are given a license, or permission, to drive, to move along the thoroughfares of the world, in a  motorized vehicle.

“When you see a sign, you do not need to know the language of the country you’re in to realize you must, stop, or yield, or it is not permitted to enter.  These things you are trained to know.  They are visible.  They are seen.  They are signs, for the physical world.  They are signs, showing you how to obey the rules and regulations established by the society you’re in, whether it is very local, or global. 

“Nature has signs.  Some years ago, human beings lived more... in nature, in compliance with Earth.  They could look at the sky, and know what the weather would be.  They could walk upon the Earth, and feel the gentle motion of Earth, and know when she would be rising-up, or calming down.  They looked to the stars for direction.  They were more in balance and harmony... with Earth.  The signs were all around them, and they were trained to know them. 

“But as human beings moved more into... isolated cubicles, into buildings to work, and houses to live, they slowly became detached from the signs of Earth, no longer relying on their senses to tell when a storm was coming.  It seems now, you turn on a television or a computer or a radio, or some device, to listen, or read, what another is telling you is going to happen.  And slowly you rely on the machine, and another, to detect, or read the signs for you, telling you, it is going to rain, it is going to storm, it is going to be sunny.  This, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad, it is a way of detecting; yet, it is relying on a machine, or another to tell you, what the sign is, reading the sign for you.  And slowly you lose your ability to read the sign.  You forget... how to tell when it is going to rain, or storm. 

“The spiritual kingdom has signs.  They are mystical signs, some would even say, magical signs.  They are often unseen, most often unseen.  But they are as real as the sign that says: stop, or yield, or do not enter.  For when you are walking, in the realm of spirit... you feel, you sense... you know... which way to go.  You know, if you are walking, with angry thoughts, frustrated, thinking of revenge, or getting even, that you are ‘not,’ walking in the path of light.  You feel the difference between anger, and love, between frustration, and understanding.  You know the feelings, the emotions, the signs, of Spirit. 

“And you can read the signs, and know which way to go, the more you move in the spiritual realm.  If you isolate yourself in the box of conformity, letting others tell you which way to go, or what to feel, or believe, or trust, or hope for, then you are denying your ability.  You are restraining and confining, your magnificent, authentic self.

“Today, I invite you to come-out of the box, and walk over the Earth, connected to the spiritual kingdom, and you will begin to remember the signs.  You will know the minute you feel confused, that it is time to sit, quietly, asking for guidance, and you will be shown The Way.  The key... is to operate using gifts of The Holy Spirit of God.  Choose compassion and understanding, forgiveness.  Choose these things, over the heavier energies, which will slow you down, make The Way more difficult.

“Begin to remember... for you know the signs of the spiritual kingdom, and you have known them, long before you learned the rules and regulations of the world, you knew the signs, of the spiritual kingdom of God.  It is time to remember... and to know the signs again, so that you might walk confidently over Earth, moving through every day, feeling, knowing, hearing, seeing Earth in a different way, feeling The Breath of Spirit lift-you-up, kiss your cheek, so that you might fly... on the wings... of The Dove. 

“You know how to read the signs of the world, and you recognize their importance.  Now remember, how to read the signs of the spiritual kingdom, and know their importance. 

“Your life will change, be altered forever, when you move over Earth, reading the signs of Heaven, connecting with Home, knowing The Way.”