Sunday Sermons
Nov. 6, 2011
Live By
Standards, Or
Live Enlightened By
The Kingdom Of God

   I  AM  with   you.   I  AM  here.    I  AM  now.    I  AM  eternal...  and  so...  are  you. 

“If today, you feel alone, or lost, in darkness and shadow, give Me your hand.  If today, you feel isolated, and separated, by the energies of anger, or frustration, chaos, fear, doubt, pride, grief, misery, give Me your hand. 

“Come, I call to each of you.  There is no limitation, no restriction, no boundaries separating us.  I will be your light.  I will lead you to the path, and we will walk along The Way together.

“It is time... for those of you who are waking, and who are willing to make the journey, the most amazing journey, it is time... to cross over.  And those of you, who are ready, feel a sense of urgency, something prompting you, from within, to act... because you ‘know.’  There is a great crossing, at the end and the beginning of every age.  Some run into the new time, with great enthusiasm, eager to embrace this new life upon Earth.  Others lag behind, unwilling to release that which is holding them, the energies of the old time, because there is comfort, in what is familiar.  And no matter what you choose to do, at this turning of the age, it is fine.  You make your choice, and live in it. 

“But today I call, those of you, who feel, and are beginning to acknowledge, and know, this sense of separation and isolation, are beginning to see the shadows and darkness as something you no longer desire to be with.  This is the prompting, this is the sign, you are ready.

“You are ready to give up the energies of the ego, the energies that keep you in separation and isolation, the energies that have protected you, or so you thought.  It is time to put them down, and pick-up the amazing tools of The Holy Spirit, because that is what is to be used, in the new time. 

“Let fear go from you, and use hope and trust.  Set anger aside, it never served you, and use love.  Reject judgment outright, and become familiar with, as you use often, compassion and understanding. 

“You will find as you exchange one energy for the other, that the energies you used in the past, burdened you; but the energies, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, lighten you, and enlighten you. 

“It is time to cross over.  It is time for you, those of you who are willing, to realize and comprehend Heaven... is now.  It is with you.  It is within you.  And it is possible to walk upon Earth, knowing Heaven, knowing God, in a totally different way.  These things are possible, as it is how I lived upon Earth, it is how the miracles, which God desired to be performed, were performed, as I walked upon Earth.  And it is possible, for you, to do the same.

“There are many good, wonderful people, living in the world, and hoping, and praying, that Heaven is somewhere, out there, beyond them, a place with gates and doors, which perhaps will be open to you, when the time is right.  I tell you, Heaven is with you now!  And for those willing to believe this, to accept it, to see it, Earth changes.  You see Earth living.  You begin to live, and you see your body, as a temporary garment, which is permitting you to move over Earth, to experience Earth.

“I call to you today and say, pay attention to the signs.  They will be coming to you this week, the following days, in rapid succession.  Be observant, and be vigilant, because as you see the signs, you will know, the time has come, for you to be the living word of God.  Speak of what you are doing.  Speak of what you are experiencing.  Speak of the wonders, of putting fear aside.  Speak of the freedom, of no longer using anger and frustration.  Speak of dropping the chains of misery and grief.  Show yourself to the world, and let them see, what God has done for you!

“I repeat, ‘You are the living spirit of God!’ 

“I pause, so that that will settle within you.  The spirit of God is within you.  The spirit of God is within everything God created.  It is time to dust yourself off, and realize who you are, the majesty of who you are.  And ‘in the knowing,’ and ‘in the remembering,’ you will see.  It is time to cross over.  The procession, which began years ago, is well underway.  To experience life, as I knew it upon Earth, you must... come... with Me. 

“Slip the bonds of the world, and ride the wings of The Holy Spirit, into the new dawn, into the new time, for it is your time.  It is the time of all of the children of Earth.  See it growing, and see it knowing, the resurrection of The Great Garden is in your hands.  You can hear the trumpets sounding.  It is time.  The great resurrection will come from within the children of God upon Earth.  Come.  Give Me your hand.  I will be your light, moving into the new land.”   

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 30, 2011
It Is The Will
Of God, That You Be
The Living Word... Of Love

   I  AM  with   you.   This is a great day, a day rich and full with opportunity, for it is the summoning forward, of those who are ready.  It is time, and I call you forward... 

“Come, stand-up, for you have heard the will of God.  God... spoke the word... the word is love... and in the speaking of the word, love... is created.  It is the will of God... that you be... the living word... of love! 

“Therefore I say, ‘Come, stand-up, there is a great mission, and you are to be a part of it!  The goal... is the eradication of judgment, anger, and hatred, for these are lethal energies... every time one chooses to use these energies, one creates an environment, in which is spawned: hurt, bitterness, misery, and resentment; and this tributary... spills into a sea of chaos and confusion.  It is a toxic concoction, unfit for consumption, yet it is the cup, from which the children of Earth drink... daily.  It is time for the children of Earth to be healed.  It is time for the children of Earth to be made whole.  This goal... might appear unachievable; the mission... might seem to be a mountain, insurmountable; but I say to you, the goal is achievable, and the mountain is surmountable!  It requires desire, and commitment, to be the living word of God, that is love, because love... is the power... of God.’

“It is time to decide, whether: you are going to use the energies of ego, which are as swords of separation, and isolation; or you are going to meet judgment, with compassion and understand, and you are going to meet anger and hatred, with love. 

“It will begin, in a quiet decision, a solitary commitment, by one, to do, and to say, and to think... only ‘of love.’  A great transformation, occurring within each one of you, will be the power of God flowing through you, in such copious amounts, that it will inundate every corner, every aspect of shadow and darkness, wiping forever from the Earth, the tools that once were used by the children of God.  And in this Way, Earth, and the inhabitants of Earth, will be healed, and be made whole.  The garden will be restored, the mission complete, the goal achieved. 

“It might seem daunting, but it is, really, very simple.  It requires dedication and commitment; but the most important component, of achieving this goal, is love.  Today ask yourself, are you ready to set aside ego, severing forever the tools of isolation and separation?  Are you ready to let God work through you, to dedicate your eyes, and your ears, and your tongue, your heart, your feet, and your hands to the work of God?  For once these decisions are made within each one of you, it begins, and Earth will ‘know,’ a light it has never seen before, coming from all the children of God, healing, and making whole forever, that which was meant to be... The Great Garden of God.”  

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 18, 2011
My Family
Are Those Who
Hear The Word Of
God, And Act Upon It

   I  AM  with   you.    I  AM  closer  than  you  can  imagine.    I  love  you,  more  than  words  can  say.    I  speak  to  you  when  you  call  Me.    I  guide  you,  along  The  Way.    And  that  is  not  the  only  thing  that  you  are  given;  My  presence  is  just  one  of  the  ways,  that  you  can  be  helped  as  you  are  upon  Earth.    You  have  been  given  the  gifts  of  God.    The  Holy  Spirit  delivers  these  gifts  to  you.    And  those  that  you  were  not  given  outright,  upon  your  creation,  you  can  ask  for,  and  receive.    Nothing  of  The Kingdom  of  God  is  held  from  you.    In  wisdom  you  come  to  know  what  you  need,  and  what  to  ask  for;  and  out  of  love,  it  is  given.

“I have repeated, and repeated, the message.  Hear My words, ‘You hold within you The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, they are the keys that will unlock the doors.  They are the answer to every situation.  And by using the gifts, you come to know the ways of God, for they are the ways, of The Kingdom of God.  They will open every door, and lift-you out of every situation of the world.  You have all you need.  The only thing required is the desire to use them, to choose them, over the tools of shadow and darkness, to refuse to be ensnared by the ways of the world, choosing first The Way of God.’

“You cannot feed one, who will not eat.  You cannot teach, one who will not awaken.  You cannot show, one you will not see. 

“No matter how much you prize the things of the world, at some point you will realize, that these things can be stripped from you.  You can build the grandest home that human beings have ever seen, and prize it over all things, yet it can be taken from you: by fire, by theft, by some type of natural disaster, or you might lose it, because you lose your wealth.  There are many ways this magnificent edifice can be stripped from you.  You might think it is yours, you might prize it as yours, but it can be gone, in a matter of hours.

“You might prize, the way your body looks, beautiful, young; but this too is fleeting, and will change.  You might prize greatly, the coins you have saved, the money in whatever form your country calls it to be, whether it is dollars and cents, or pounds... sterling.  You can hold it, and treasure it, but it is only worth what the bank, or the country, says it is.  One day it is worth a great amount, the next nothing.  You can call it yours, but it can be taken from you. 

“The only thing you have that cannot be taken from you... is your spirit... which is eternal; yet it seems to be ignored by most people, choosing to build on the things and the ways of the world, rather than to magnify the glory of their spirit, which came from God, and which is your eternal treasure.  Better to magnify the spirit that is you, the real you... the you... that will know all time... eternity.

“I tell you these things because... it is time for you to create... for God.  Create on something that cannot be taken from you.  Create for eternity. 

“There was a time, when I was with My friends.  Oh, I must say the truth there were many times when I was with My friends, but one time that is recorded, still listed in Biblical teachings, when I was speaking, and someone said to Me, ‘Your mother and your brothers are outside, they are calling you.’  And I turned quickly to them, because of the lesson I had been trying to relate, and I said, ‘My mother, and My brothers, are those who hear the word of God, and act upon it.’  And this is true.  This is the family of God that will eat, that will awaken, that will live, that knows the difference between the ways of the world, and The Way of God, the riches of the world, and the abundance of God.  It is not reciting the words.  It is not writing the words down.  It is not drawing pictures of the words.  It is ‘living, the word.’  And when you choose to live the word of God, Earth changes, the world changes, and you recognize the family of God upon Earth. 

“You are ‘known,’ by what you create.  You are known by what you do.  There is Joe Smith, he is the banker.  There is Mary Jones, she is the real estate agent.  There is Claudia, the jeweler.  You are tagged by what you do, by what you create.  You are known, by that which you create.  It is time to awaken and be fed by the hand of God.  It is time to use the things of the world in a way that is different.  It is time for the young man, who is strong and powerful, to stop using his strength to force an issue, or to win a fight.  It is time for the young man, who is powerful, to use his strength to build for those who have no strength, to clear the land, and build the houses.  You see there is a big difference in how the strength and the power are used.  It is time for those who have the gift of amassing monetary wealth, to use it, to feed others, rather than hording it, or dressing themselves with ornamentation, living in fancy dwellings.  It is time to use... all that you are... for the glory of God.  It is time to begin strengthening that which you have, which cannot be taken from you, your spiritual body, feeding it, and magnifying the glory of God by what you do upon Earth.  This is how you use The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  I speak of it and I speak of it.  But today, I encourage you to use the gifts that you have been given, whenever possible, because these are the things that will strengthen your spirit, these are the ways to bring The Kingdom of God to full life upon Earth.

“It is all possible, but there must be some who are willing to rise-up and say, ‘I choose The Way of God over the ways of the world.’  As soon as one rises, another will follow.  But it is time.  The trumpet is sounding.  Awaken to the call.  Come to the table and eat, for the hand of God will feed you.  And choose the tools of The Kingdom of God to use, when creating upon Earth.  The Gifts of The Holy Spirit have been delivered, they are yours.  And Earth will change when the children of God begin to use the gifts!

“This week, use the gifts you have been given, use the power of God within you.  You are known by that which you create.  My family, My mother My brothers My sisters, those whom I gather near Me and love, are those who hear the word of God, and act upon it.  Choose, this week, to act, and you will truly know freedom... power... and peace!”

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 21, 2011
If You Know
The Word, You Will
Live The Word, From Within

   I  AM  with   you.    As  the  sun  rises  to  greet  the  new  day,  I  AM  with  you. 

“I AM with you to speak about... ‘Living The Word.’

“You know, there are many who hear the word, or know the word, and the word of which I speak, is... love.  I came to Earth some two thousand years ago to deliver the loving word of God, telling people: ‘Do not judge others... love others... live... the new word.’ 

“And the only way that you can be successful in living the word... is to live it... from within yourself.  You cannot stand on a street corner... and read-out the word, waving your finger in the air, and telling others of their wrong ways, and their wrong doings.  That shows that you can read the word; but it does not show that you know the word, because if you know the word, you live it.  If you know it, you could not choose any other way, other than to be... the living word.

“It is glorious; once you begin to do this your life changes, no matter what your circumstance.  If you are living the word from within your being: you are happy and content; you know God at a personal level; you are a shining example; nothing can distract you, or dissuade you; temptations come, but you see them clearly, because you are living the word, you say, ‘Go from me.  I choose to live the word... of God.’

“Therefore I say to you, this week, choose to make the change, from within yourself.  Earth will not change by demand, or order, or confrontation.  Earth will change when every single being upon the Earth decides they are going to live the word of God from within, and that they are going to be the living example of the love of God.

“Earth begins to change the minute, even one of you, sets your intention to do this.  And if two of you set your intention to do this, the change begins to grow, but it comes from within.  It is God... moving upon the Earth... through you.  This week, set your intention to begin living the word, where it all began, from within.”

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 7, 2011
To Be Healed...
To Be Whole... You
Must Forgive All Things

   I  AM  with   you.    I reach-out to take your hand.    I approach drawing nearer to you,  so you might feel Me,  and know,  I AM ever with you.    Time is no barrier, between us.    I  AM  with  you.

“I speak to you today of the importance, of forgiveness.  If you are to be healed, if you are to be whole, it is necessary for you to forgive all things.  Verily I say unto you, it is possible, for you to set the intention, that you will always forgive all things.  You can say, at this moment, on this day, ‘I forgive... all things... all things, even the things in the future, of which I know not, I forgive, and I forgive fully.’

“Some of you hearing these words or reading these words, will find it easy to forgive.  Some of you... will doubt... your capability to forgive, because of the atrocities, you have borne.  However I say unto you, ‘Forgiveness is a lifeline for you.  No matter what has been done to you, forgiveness is the key to your freedom.’ 

“If you will forgive, from your heart, truly forgive another, you will free yourself.  You will free yourself from anger, for if you are a forgiving person, you are not an angry person.  Anger will no longer be with you.  If you are a forgiving person, judgment no longer tempts you, because you forgive all things, ‘knowing,’ it is in the hands of God, from beginning to end.  If you are a forgiving person, you free yourself, of carrying... resentment... because you have forgiven all things.  And if you are a forgiving person, you free yourself of the burden, of holding a grudge.  Some of you have known resentment, or held a grudge, for a very long time.  You might not even notice the energy is within you.  Some things you carry, you get used to.  But I tell you as you begin to examine, within your being, searching, seeking, in places covered-up, and hidden, you will begin to feel lighter.

“Forgiveness... is the seed of miracles.  Let it be your intention to forgive all things, as this is what God desires of you.  This is why it is in The Lord’s Prayer, ‘...forgive us, as we forgive...,’ because you hold forgiveness in the palm of your hand.  As you forgive, you are forgiven; as you forgive, you are freed; as you forgive, you become lighter; as you forgive, you love.   As you forgive, you are love.   As you forgive, you live.

“Some of you will feel so light you will be giddy, never knowing that you could feel so good while living upon Earth.  And it all begins with forgiveness.  Seek, seek today, go within, find every spot, even the smallest resentment or grudge; pull it from you... using... forgiveness.  Do you realize that nothing, anyone says, or does to you, can hold you down, or keep you bound, if you forgive all transgressions, everything? 

“Forgiveness: it is powerful, it is Godlike, it is saving.  Practice this week; begin to examine the interior of your being, with the intention of forgiving everything.  You will find at the end of the week, you’ve not been angry one time.  You will find also, that judgment is falling from you, you no longer have resentment, and those old grudges are gone.  You’ll feel lighter.  You’ll dance, you’ll sing.  And all of these things will happen to you, because you have been willing to forgive.

“Forgive, and live!”

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 14, 2011
The Key To
The Mysteries Of
The Kingdom Of Heaven

   I  AM  with   you.    As  you  awaken  to  all  the  possibilities,  of  living  upon  the  Earth,  knowing  who  you  are,  and  understanding  that  Heaven  is  all  around  you,  and  within  you,  above  and  below  you,  I  AM  with  you. 

“This morning My words will be brief, because it is more important for you to sit with them, in quiet, and ask for the wisdom to understand the mysteries of Heaven.  And God will teach you.  God will teach you things that are not recorded in books, or passed down from generation to generation, slightly altered or changed, not on purpose but just in translation and in applying modern language to ancient ways.  God will teach you, and in this Way, you will ‘know.’

“The keys... the keys that will unlock the mysteries of The Kingdom of God... are not kept in secret from most, and given only to a select few, the keys are passed-out amongst all of you.  The only secret is ‘you must know how to identify, or recognize, the key, you hold within you.’  You must be willing to be still and quiet, and go to the inner chamber, passing through the corridors within your being, and sit with God.  And you will begin to understand, and comprehend, that which you cannot... accept, when applying the rules and regulations of the world, because they do not apply.  And in most cases, they do not apply... at all.

“I want you to... see a picture, in your mind’s eye.  See a wall, with a big, massive door, a door that is strong, able to withstand the assault... of many. 

“Now see people coming, approaching the door, trying to open it, push it open, pull it open, throwing themselves against the door, banging against the door, doing everything to force entry, to get the door open.  And one by one they fall into a heap.  Scattered all around the door, are weary, worn bodies, trying, yet failing, to gain entrance, to pass through the door. 

“Then see one approach, holding a key, insert the key in the lock, turn the key, open the door, and walk through, effortlessly, moving through the door, without sweat or perspiration, or broken or weary bones and body, because they hold the key which unlocks the door. 

“The others, lying limp and tired, also hold the key.  They just have not recognized the key... yet. 

“This is how it is to be.  Sometimes, trying to understand the ways of God... are beyond... human comprehension.  They will try, and they will work, and they will struggle, and they will obey all the rules and regulations that society has put in place, which prescribe a holy life, banging and trying to gain entrance, to understand these mysteries.  And then there are the ones who sit quietly, and are willing to accept the ways of God, because they have found the key.

“The key is a gift you were given a long... long... time ago.  It is free will.  When you use your free will, to actually, give it back to God, and commit every day, to doing the will of God, the key takes form, and you understand... that your struggle is not necessary when you are holding the hand of God, which has given you the key. 

“If you’re struggling, with comprehending the ways of God, be still, and God will speak.  God will speak to you in such a way that you know, and you recognize.  It might be totally different from what He is speaking to those next to you, or many miles away from you.  It will be a lesson... you can understand.  It might be in the form of a picture, or a parable, or it just might come, in the simple form of a knowing, given to you, by the hand of God.  Do not struggle any longer, it is not necessary.  You hold the key within.

“God does not withhold... from the children.  But the children...  must be still... so they ‘know,’ what they hold, within!  And in the quiet, God moves and speaks, and you are blessed beyond anything you can imagine, as the mysteries... unfold, within you, and all around you.  It is that simple.

“In parting I want to share something with you, if you will see this in your mind’s eye.  Imagine a grand painting, a tapestry if you will, the size of a large wall, in a large room.  And upon the painting, or tapestry, whichever you have chosen, is the story of creation, all there for you to see... beautiful, rich, mysterious and wonderful. 

“Now, see yourself, sitting on the floor, in one particular spot, staring straight into one small portion of the painting, or the tapestry.  You are limited to what you are seeing in front of you, and it might not make any sense to you at all.  You might be staring at a blade of grass, or a caterpillar, or a piece of a butterfly wing and the knee of an elephant.  But as long as you are very close to the situation, staring and focusing your attention on just one spot, you do not see The Divine Plan, unfolding... right before you.  But if you slowly stand-up, and begin to move back, step, by step, by step, you see the big picture, and it all comes together, it all makes sense. 

“Well, I tell you this, if you will stand-up today, and step back, going within your being, moving back, to the core of your being, you will begin to see, the greater picture.  You will see the glory of God in creation.  But you cannot see it, when you are focused on one particular situation, in one particular day, of one particular year.  You must make the journey, back, within yourself, and sit with God.  And I promise, each of you, that if you make this effort, today, God will touch you, in such a way, that for the rest of your life upon Earth: you will think... as God thinks... you will speak... as God speaks... and you will live... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... as God lives! 


Sunday Sermons
Aug. 28, 2011
The Garden
Of  Your  Heart
To Accept The Seed,
To Accept The Word Of God

   I  AM  with   you.    When you begin... to understand... the eternal present, you begin to realize... there are no barriers of time... you reach-out to Me... or I reach-out to you... and we know each other.  It is faith, living eternally, within you, within Me, within all that is holy and wonderful... faith. 

“Today I reach-out and touch you; feel My presence; feel My hand upon your shoulder; rest your head in My lap; for I speak words to you, so that you might grow, so that you might grow and bear fruit, for the seeds are yours.

“There is something... necessary for you to do... to prepare a garden.  It does not matter whether you plan to grow flowers, or fruits, or vegetables, the necessity is still there... the preparation of the soil.  If you prepare your garden well, whatever is planted: will grow there, will thrive there, and it will mature.  If you choose flowers, the flowers will spread, and be plentiful.  If you choose to grow an orchard of fruit, your trees will be lush, and they will hang heavy, at the time of harvest.  If you choose to grow vegetables, you will have all that you need, and more, to eat and pass-on to your neighbors, and friends, and family.  These things will happen, because you have prepared the soil to receive the seed.

“My brothers and sisters, the seed is the word of God.  You, your hearts, are the garden.  You must tend your garden, and prepare it, or the seed, the word of God, falls upon you yet, the results are limited, because of the state, of your garden.  It might not be tended thoroughly: there might be rocks; there might be thorns; there might be weeds.  And these things, keep your garden from being the masterpiece it was intended to be; they keep your garden from maturing, and bearing fruit, so others might see, and know.

“Thousands of years ago, when I walked upon the Earth, I spoke a parable, and the parable had to do with the sower, and the seeds.  In the parable I talked about the seeds falling on the path; at that time, I said that they fell on the path, and they were trampled, or carried away by the birds.  I talked about the seeds falling amongst rocky soil, where the seeds grew a little, but soon withered-out.  I talked about the seeds falling amongst thorns, and bramble, and weeds, pointing-out that soon, these thorns, and bramble, and weeds grew-up, with the shoots of the seeds, and choked them out.  But then there was the seed that fell upon the fertile soil, and everything grew.  It was rich and lush, sustaining not only the garden, but feeding many, with the fruits it bore.

“When those who followed Me, who were with Me most often asked, ‘We don’t understand that, why are you speaking in parables?’  I said, ‘Well, let those who hear, hear.’  I spoke, so no matter what level you were standing-in, or sitting-in, or living-in at the time, you could comprehend a piece of that parable.  And the people that I spoke to understood, very well, the common sense of broadcasting seed, and preparing a garden, because life was hard, and you counted on your garden to sustain your family, to feed your family.  They knew the importance of the garden.  They knew they wanted the seed to be on fertile ground... but I did not tell them more... than that.

“I speak to you today and say, your heart is the garden!  Take some time today to review, and to cleanup your garden.  If there are pebbles, or stones, or boulders... of: anger, mistrust, frustration, anything that you feel against another, against yourself, or even against a set of circumstances or situations, sit down, and take them out of your garden.  It is time... for forgiveness.  Forgive all things.  And if you find it difficult, sit down and ask for help; I tell you, every time you ask, use My name, take Me with you, let us go to God, Our Father, The Creator of all things, and I will stand-by-you, and you will say, ‘God, give me the wisdom to forgive this.’  And you will find that the hand of God assists you, in picking-up that boulder and moving it.

“If you find that your heart is choked-out with weeds of disappointment, or grief, or sadness, or bits of frustration here or there, it is still important; pull-up the weeds!

“I will not tell you that preparing a garden is a clean task.  Watch someone prepare a garden.  It tosses dirt everywhere into the air.  Shake the weeds.  Get the soil off the weeds.  Toss them aside.  Use your fingers to feel the good earth of your heart, and clean-it-up, so that when you hear the word of God, the word falls upon your heart, as seeds from the hand of The Sower, and the seeds fall on a heart that is a fertile garden, prepared by you.  And then watch it grow!

“When well tended, ready to receive and embrace the seeds that are the word of God, you will grow, and your ability, as a child of God walking upon the Earth, will be to feed not only yourself, but to nourish and sustain others you meet, all along The Way.  The condition of your garden determines what grows there.

“Today take some time... to find the rocks, and the pebbles, and the stones, to pull-up the weeds, and clear-out the thorns and the brambles, and make your garden a fitting place to accept the seeds of the word of God.”  

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 4, 2011
Use The Gifts
Of The Holy Spirit,
The  Power  Of  God,
To Clean-Up The Garden

   I  AM  with   you.    I AM with you... and it is joyous... wonderful... exhilarating... and complete!  Feel My presence with you now, as it lifts-you-up!  Breathe the air of Earth, and ‘know,’ it is an experience, which will not last forever; yet, the real you, the authentic you, the you that is ‘of Spirit,’ and ‘of God,’ is eternal, and you will remember the experience, and you will know the joys, and the wonders, of Earth... created by God... as The Garden. 

“This is why you are upon Earth... to restore and to clean The Garden... so it is the precious and sacred jewel... that it was always intended to be.  “You are upon the Earth to clean-it-up, not to add to the litter, and the abuse.  When you think about it this way, it becomes ‘a badge of honor,’ to be upon the Earth, to clean-up the energies of darkness and shadow, not add to them.  And to ‘empower you,’ to do this, you have been given gifts, created in The Kingdom of Heaven, glorious... wondrous gifts... gifts that will lift you out of any situation;  you know them as the gifts of The Spirit, the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  They are your tools... to use... as you clean-up... The Garden!  They are ‘your choice,’ when it is your intention to be part of the power that is cleaning-up Earth.

“When you open, and receive, and begin to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit in every situation, you begin to know the ways of God, because these gifts, these energies, were created within The Kingdom of God; and that is how you move over the Earth, propelled by the power of God within you. 

“Set your intention to use these gifts, for they are not ‘of the world,’ yet they will lift you, out of every situation of the world, into a new place, into a place where you... cannot... fall victim to the powers and the energies of shadows and darkness.  You cannot do this, because when you comprehend what you are doing, when you choose to use the tools, the gifts of The Holy Spirit, you are using The Power of God, God Power, within you.  And when you stand in such light, shadow and darkness has no chance to penetrate... God.  God is the eternal power of creation, good, light, and love.  Therefore, those who walk, using these gifts, are impenetrable!

“Your life upon Earth will be free, and others will see, and want to be, as you, because as you slowly diminish the darkness, and chase all the shadows away, by the light of God that is within you, as you use the gifts, refusing to use the tools of the darker side, people see the example, and they come to know the ways of God, through you.

“If you use the gifts: you will never be held down... or impeded... by anger; you will not know the sickness and distress of grief and sorrow; lacking or need will be beyond your imagination, because you are in the light of God, God is your power, and everything falls from you, as the light moves over the Earth. 

“You are the light of God, but you must turn-on the power!  Use it!  Open the gifts, and begin today.  It is your honor to be upon the Earth, to clean-it-up, to restore The Garden.  And God will celebrate as the children work!  But you cannot clean-up The Garden, if you continue to use the tools: of anger, and frustration, and grief, and sorrow, and all of the other things, the energies, created upon Earth, the energies created to deal with the situations of the world. 

“Choose... the power... given to you from The Kingdom of God.  It is eternal, and as you use it, you will walk over the Earth, propelled by The Power of God.”

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 11, 2011
The Gifts
Of The Holy Spirit,
The Power They Hold,
The Freedom They Carry

   I  AM  with   you.    I come to you today to speak to you, of the importance of The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  And more important than speaking about The Gifts of The Holy Spirit is to encourage you to use The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, for it is one thing to know of them, or speak of them, but the majesty of the gifts is apparent only when you begin to use the gifts, and in using the gifts, you walk over the Earth, possessing the power of The Kingdom of God, and freedom is yours.

“The gifts hold much more than you can imagine, but these things are not revealed until you begin using them, and understanding them, and seeing what happens, as they become the instruments, that you use, along The Way, throughout your journey.

“When you encounter situations, situations of the world, that are tempting you, to be fearful or anxious, to be frustrated, when they are tempting you into confusion and chaos, the only resolution, that is ‘of peace,’ is to be still, and make sure your connection, your corridor and passageway, Home, to God, is clear, and free of litter and debris, so that the love of God can flow, freely, through you.  And with this light of God, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit that you carry are illuminated, and you choose love, rather than hatred, you choose compassion and understanding, you choose trust and faith and hope, rather than being worried or anxious. 

“These gifts of Spirit, and their value, grow greater, stronger, and more miraculous, with each use; but they can grow stale, if left untended, ignored.  And I wish to encourage you to use the gifts this week, for each of you hearing these words or reading these words, will have thousands of encounters, thousands of exchanges with your brothers and sisters, and with each encounter you will have the opportunity to use a gift, as a tool.  If you will do this, you will begin to understand the power that these gifts hold, and once you understand the power, then you come to the realization of the freedom of living upon Earth using the Gifts of The Holy Spirit, because you are no longer ‘the victim,’ of a creation of another, you are the co-creator with God, with love and light and peace, and all the things the gifts represent.  You are free of the tethers of the world.

“Pettiness will not bother you, because you are connected with Home, and you will see and hear pettiness, with the ears of God.  You will not be tempted to react to it.  You will be desiring to act within the love of God, and the first thing you will do is bless, pray for, release the one carrying the energies of darkness and shadow.  You will begin to understand the power you hold in freeing others of the burdens they’re carrying.

“These are mighty words, meant to fall on ears that will hear what I am saying.  Using the gifts is your key to freedom.  Using the gifts, and becoming familiar with them, is the key to understanding the power of The Kingdom of God. 

“This week, make it your intention, to hear what others are saying, or see what others are doing, but to refrain from reacting; rather, act within the light of God.  Be blessing, and forgiving, and pardon should be on your lips constantly.  Do not be distracted from the work at hand.  You are here to clean-up The Garden.  Yes, I return to that subject again, because one follows the other.  These are the tools you have been given to clean-up The Garden.  And it is not your desire to add to the litter, or debris.  It is your mission to clean it up.  Some of you are serving in one capacity, some of you in another.  But still the ultimate goal is to restore The Garden, to its rightful place, and you can do it.  You can do it in a big way this week, by using the gifts.  Use them.  The more you use them, the more fruit will spring forth from them, and The Garden will begin to grow, and to bear fruit, fruit which will ripen, and sustain the children of God upon Earth.  But there must be some of you, who are willing to come forward, and understand the work and its importance, and the opportunity you have, to deliver The Kingdom of God to Earth, through what you do, through what you say.

“The thought of this excites Me!  I walk with you this week, to see how you do, and encourage you to use the gifts.  Use the gifts, so that you might come to understand the power of The Kingdom of God, and the freedom, that is delivered to you. 

“Be at peace, and use the gifts.”  

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 25, 2011
The Key
To Joy, & Peace,
& Freedom, Is Forgiveness

   I  AM  with   you.   I AM with you, as you begin to leave one season behind, and move into another.  I AM with you to show you The Way, so that your days upon the Earth might be filled with joy and peace.  The key... to joy and peace... is forgiveness.

“By simply saying the word, ‘forgiveness,’ you feel the power of it, you feel the energy of it, you feel the love of it.  Forgiveness...  it is your key to freedom.  If you find it difficult to go back to certain situations, or even address present situations, in a state of forgiveness, I give you another key.  If you will use The Gifts of The Holy Spirit as your tools, working with the gifts and the fruits of The Holy Spirit... every day, you will find that, as you walk along The Way, it is easier to forgive, because you are using the gifts created in The Kingdom of God, the energies created in Heaven, to support your life, upon the Earth.  And this makes a difference in how you see, and understand, and comprehend.  It brings ‘wisdom,’ to the way you live.  And wisdom dictates forgiveness.

“I would ask you to do this... it is a simple practice... and it will be of great assistance to those of you who have a desire to work with the gifts.  Draw a line on a paper.  It doesn’t matter in what direction you draw your line.  That is up to you.  Divide a piece of paper into two places, one where you will write The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, all the fruits that you can think about, all the glorious presents... of Heaven.  They feel light: in the saying of them, in the writing of them.  And they will lift-you-up, and carry you, as you move over the Earth, the more you use them.  They will carry you and sustain you, they will support you and enlighten you, they will fill you with wisdom, and you will begin to ‘know,’ what living is all about.

“On the other side of the paper, I wish for you to write down, those things, those energies that are a bit demoralizing, those things created within the world, not of God: anger, hatred, mistrust, greed, envy.  The list goes on and on.  Put down everything you can think of, and as you say the words, and even write the words, pay attention to the energy of the word.  You’ll find it very different, from the lighter energies associated with The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  You find it different, because as you carry confusion, or chaos, or fear, or worry, or anger, they’re a burden.  They do not lift-you-up, they weigh-you-down.  They do not sustain you, they suck the life from you, so they might live... through you.

“If you will begin to ‘see,’ open your eyes and see, you will not choose... a tool... from the dark side.  You will choose light... every time, because it is sustaining, and fulfilling.  And the more you use understanding, and truth, and faith, and hope, and charity, the easier it becomes to forgive.  And soon you find that you have total freedom.  Freedom is: being carried on the gifts; sustained by the fruits of Heaven; no longer captive by the tentacles of the past, but free to fly on the wings of The Holy Spirit of God. 

“These things I say to you, because your freedom is at hand; but your freedom is at your hand.  You ‘choose.’  And how you choose, makes an eternal difference.  Make it your intention, all through the coming week, to look at your list, and choose wisely.”

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 2, 2011
Know Its Power,
And Give The Eternal Gift

   I  AM  with   you.   I approach slowly, with purpose and intention, drawing nearer to you.  Feel My presence, as this new day begins.  It is also, within the first days of a new month, as you celebrate the seasons and times on Earth, a month which holds: promise; a month during which you will have many opportunities, some of them in the form of a challenge, or an obstacles, embrace those, with warmth, for therein lies your promise, and reward, the opportunity to show what you know, what you’ve learned, as you grow, walking along The Way.

“Be eager to accept the New Day.  And you will be able to accept the new day, and all it brings, if you master the art of forgiving.  I could speak, on forgiveness, every day, for a year, and still not sufficiently impress upon you, the significance, and the power, of forgiveness.  It seems at the present time, to be beyond the comprehension of most, although it is mentioned often.  Within the energy of forgiveness is: peace, resolution, harmony and balance, health and happiness. 

“You can introduce forgiveness to a situation, which appears to be rapidly going out-of-control, injected with chaos and confusion, and find that things begin to become mellow, and the tension is disbursed, and it is easier to speak, without a sharp tongue, or an angry heart. 

“’Forgiveness,’ - it is used in a rather superficial way upon Earth today.  People say, ‘I’m sorry.’ or ‘they insist they have already forgiven all things.’  Most do not feel that it is important to spend time absorbing, understanding, and comprehending, the power of forgiveness.  But those few, those who are wise amongst you, begin to work with the energy of forgiveness, and find it is a gem... a crown... a robe... of protection, of resolution and peace.  Those who begin to use and understand the power of forgiveness have the ability to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit in a miraculous way.  Until you master forgiveness, the gifts of The Holy Spirit are special, unique, and wonderful; but when you master forgiveness, totally and completely, able to forgive all things, as God forgives all things, the gifts of The Holy Spirit take on miraculous portions, and you understand, what living upon Earth is really all about!

“If you believe you have forgiven all things, sit quietly, do not think about anything, do not ponder anything, just sit quietly; and one by one, instances, or situations, or people will come to your attention, little ‘taps on the shoulder from the heavenly kingdom,’ saying, ‘Address this.  Clean this up.  Forgive all this, because your time has come to rise-up, confident in the power of forgiveness, ready to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit, with all... of the power they hold... bringing forth the fruits upon the Earth, to sustain yourself, and the children.  This unique ability begins within the energy of forgiveness.’  There is much work to do in the area.  But as you begin to work, the results come... quickly, ‘quickly,’ because the desire and intention is upon your heart; therefore, it is already apparent that your desire to use forgiveness, and know its power is there.

“Forgiveness... seek to use it... seek to give it... first.  Forgiveness means that you are giving an eternal gift or blessing... simply for the gift itself... for God, and for eternity!  When you practice the art of forgiveness, you are giving the eternal gift!”

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 9, 2011
Use The
Power Of God,
The Gifts Of The
Holy Spirit, To Live
In A State Of Miracles

   I  AM  with   you.   Feel My presence as I reach-out, sending My energy forth to embrace you, so that you might know, it is true!  Crossing, making the journey, moving along the pathways of eternity, it is all possible, for as I do it, you too, do it! 

“Hear Me, for I speak to you today, about ‘the power,’ that is yours; and by using this power, you come to know life upon Earth, as it is meant to be: not drudgery; but magical, miraculous, magnificent in every way. 

“There are many who will tell you, ‘You must know sorrow and sadness and anger and hatred, it is part of life.’  And I say unto you, ‘Reject that temptation!  It is not so!’  You do not have to know hatred to know love.  Hatred does not make your knowledge of love greater.  These things are said, because they are the... simplest form of understanding... as the world knows it.  I AM asking you to step beyond that which is known, step-out of worldly knowledge, and plant yourself firmly into the wisdom of eternity: where all things are possible; where there are no limitations or boundaries; where there is the open expanse of the eternal love of God, and it is all yours!

“When it was decided that you would make the great adventure to Earth, you were not sent to Earth unprepared.  You carry within your being... a tool kit, referred to often as... the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  It is what you are... to choose... to use, when you encounter situations: that can be a challenge; that can obstruct your journey.  You are given all you need. 

“Today, I speak to you about... using the tools that are yours... to live in a state of miracles...

“When you encounter hatred: do not react to hatred; act with the love of God.  When you encounter sorrow, or misery, or grief: do not react to sorry, misery, or grief; act within the compassion, the understanding of God.  Act in the positive light and glory of God.  Reject hatred, anger, misery, grief, frustration, chaos, confusion. 

“The list goes on and on, but no matter, how long, how powerful, how great these energies might be, you hold, within you, the energies of Heaven; and these things bring peace, and balance, and harmony; acting, living, in the light and the power of God. 

“So let us say, you have made this decision, it is your ‘intention,’ to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit in every situation you encounter.  It is upon your heart, to reject anger and frustration, to reject these things, and act, with the God energies, with that which is created in the heavenly kingdom.  And this is good; but there is something else, and this lifts you out of ‘understanding,’ into ‘knowing, the ways of Heaven.’ 

“When you are upon the Earth, your body is fueled by Earth.  It is so planned.  The green kingdom provides oxygen, provides food.  The creatures of the sea, leap-up to feed thee.  Earth feeds your body.  And this is as it should be.  But as you walk upon the Earth, there is something else, something... that enables miracles... to take place all around you... and it is your ability to open completely and fully to the power of God that is yours, it is there! 

“Verily I say unto you, all the power of God is yours!  The only thing you have to do is open to it, and choose to use it!  Aha, now, as you open to the power of God that is yours, it flows into you!  It is there all the time, all you have to do is make the decision to open to it, set your ego aside, and connect. 

“There, now you are connected with Earth, feeling the pulse, the beat, the rhythm, the swaying of Earth, and the breath of God is flowing through you; you are a powerful presence upon Earth! 

“Now, as you move over Earth, miracles happen, and you don’t even need to know what is going on.  ‘How is this?’ you say... ‘It’s your presence.  It’s your presence, your powerful presence.  You are now, an extension of the power of God, because you have opened, and miracles happen!’

“I give you two examples...
“One, many of you live in dwellings or homes, which use air conditioning, a form of cooling the inside of the house, making it comfortable when it is very hot outside.  When you turn your air conditioning on, and let that air begin blowing through the home, it does not just cool you.  Anyone who walks into your home feels the cool air that you have provided.  This is the same with you walking around, with the power of God, flowing through you.  It does not just fuel you, and move you over Earth, it moves out of you, touching everything around you, creating a state of miracles. 

“I give you another example.  If you are outside, many of you like to camp, let us say you make a fire, to warm your hands on a cool night, and you invite people to sit around your fire with you, or they just see your fire, and come and ask for permission to come into your circle; that fire, that light, that you have created does not just warm you, it warms all who come close to you, bringing a comfort, and a peace, bringing light, and warmth, to darkness, and cold.

“At a very rudimentary level, this is the example of what you can do, when it is your intention to do the will of God... connect with Heaven... and walk upon the Earth... fueled... by the power of God. 

“I gave an example of how this works... to many... in one situation, which is termed a ‘miraculous healing.’  Some of you who are familiar with accountings of my ministry in the book you call the Bible, might remember.... I was on My way to see a child who was very sick.  The crowds were pressing close about Me.  And I say to you, ‘Yes, this did happen.’  I was walking, moving quickly, knowing... it was already accomplished... but giving the concerned father peace, I moved quickly, with intention to go help his daughter.  When, all of a sudden, as the crowds were pressing in around Me, I felt the power of God move, within Me, and I said, ‘Someone has touched Me.  I feel the power. I feel the power move from Me.’  And everyone stopped, and the woman came forward.  She was shaking.  She was timid.  She had not intended to be the center of attention.  This woman was weak; the trembling was not just from fear, it was weakness, for she had been bleeding for years, and years, and years, and nothing had been found to help her.  But she had received guidance to find Me; and as she saw Me moving through the crowd, she knew, within her being, that if she could just touch Me, she would be healed.  As she stood before Me, I said, ‘Go, your faith has healed you.’  Now, no one really understood what I was showing them, even though I told them over, and over again, but they did not believe Me, ‘Healing: has to do with faith, has to do with connecting with the Source of all power.’

“As I walked upon the Earth, I walked where I was told to walk.  The voice of God was with Me, and the power of God flowed through Me like a shaft, and I could feel it, it was so intense; and therefore, God's power was directed toward those who needed healing.  It was not Me.  It was the power of God flowing into and through Me, directly to Earth.  You see, that woman ‘knew,’ and when she came near, the power of God flowed, directly to her, and I felt the power move toward her.  And she was healed.  She was healed with My back turned toward her, not even seeing her.  It was the power of God, flowing into and through Me, that touched her, and healed her.

“For those of you who have ears to hear this, hear this... ‘You carry the tool kit, prepared in Heaven, which will address every issue you will ever face in a positive light.  You carry as much of the power of God within you, as you are willing to accept.  And if you will open to the power, use the gifts of The Holy Spirit that are in the tool kit, and feel the glorious power of Earth, moving into you, all at the same time, everywhere you go will be healed.  Yes, you are the fingers, the eyes, the ears, the hands, the feet of God!  What God wants... is limited... to what you will do for God.’  That is a powerful statement, but it is true.

“It is time, and you are ready!  This week, practice these things I’ve told you.  Everything you encounter will: receive the breath of God... through you; be blessed by the power of God... through you; be nurtured and sustained... through you.  If you will set your ego aside, connect with the will of God, and begin living in the state of miracles: those you touch, will be healed; those who touch you, will be healed.  Many will be healed, without even saying anything to you.  It is not necessary for you to know.  If upon their heart they hold the desire to be whole, healed, free of burdens, this will be done, through the power... flowing... through you.  This is how every miracle was performed.  Understand this, and you will hold the wisdom of Heaven. 

“Use that which is yours!  Reject that which would hold you down, keep you in place, and deny you your heritage.  I said clearly, and I say again today, you can do everything I do!”  

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 16, 2011
Stop Judging
One Another, And
Begin  Living  In  The
Light, And Love, Of God

   I  AM  with   you.   As dawn breaks... as light... pierces the curtain of darkness, I AM with you.  I fly to you straight as an arrow, piercing the walls and the doors that you have erected, aiming directly for the heart of the matter.  And the heart of the matter today... is the issue... of judgment.

“You should set aside the energy of judgment.  Its service to you is not good.  It detracts from your glory. 

“There are many gifts of The Holy Spirit, from which you can choose, to address every issue that comes to you, every situation, to interact with every person, to resolve all things... negative; and judgment... is not a gift of The Holy Spirit.  The result of this energy... is not ‘of light...’ it is ‘of separation and darkness.’  And it is time, for those of you who are willing to do the will of God, to stand-up, and set it aside; for, in your growing wisdom you surely see, and know, it is of little use to you, when you are in the light of God. 

“This week, set aside judgment!

“Forget working for world peace.  Choose to establish peace within your own being, first, and then the peace that comes from you will be sure, and set on a good foundation.  Forget cleaning-up the environment.  Rather choose first, to stop polluting your own personal environment.  Clean-up the environment within your being, and then you can address the issues around you, on a strong and firm foundation.  Before you work, outside of your being, take care of your being.  Clean it up, make it right.  And you can begin today and tonight to dissolve the issue of judgment, for it leads to dissent.  It leads to destruction.  It is a slippery slope.  And it is not the will of God.

“If you are arguing with another: you cannot do the work of God; you are not doing the work of God.  If you are in confrontation with another: you cannot do the will of God; you are not doing the will of God.  If you hold anger or hatred within your being, you cannot be in the light of God.  And if you are nurturing or feeding past injuries, hurts, or wounds, you cannot know the love of God. 

“The most important thing you can do this week is to address the issue of judgment, for once this is addressed all things of shadow and darkness will fall from you.  If you are tempted to judge, choose a gift of The Holy Spirit, choose understanding and compassion.  If you are tempted to anger or hatred, choose love, choose trust, choose charity; but reject judgment.  These things: arguments, hurts, wounds, anger, hatred,  they all stem from the slippery slope of judgment.

“Our Father... handed to Me... judgment.  The reason is... I embody the greatest love of God; therefore, I will not judge poorly.  Judgment is Mine, and I will not judge!  I choose to love.  I AM love, and if you will follow Me, you too, will embody the greatest love of God. 

“Let us do this together this week, let us begin, one by one, dissolving the energy of judgment, because it is a wedge that separates and isolates, it condemns and damns, it takes away life, it does not give life.  It is prevalent amongst the inhabitants of Earth, but it is not The Way. 

“Therefore this day begin, just with one thing.  Step by step, you will begin dissolving judgment, within yourself.  And just because you have dissolved it within yourself, the percentage of its presence upon Earth will be diminished.  And if more, than one of you, do this, it will be diminished even more.  And if one hundred of you do this, it will be greatly diminished.  And with each and every increment, Earth rises, and the children are blessed, and the will of God is done, at last. 

“Stop judging, and begin living, in the light and the love of God.  It is possible.  It is good.  It is the will of God!” 

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 23, 2011
Meet Hatred With
Forgiveness,  Do  Not  Be
Distracted  From  Your  Mission,
By The Tools Of Shadow And Darkness

   I  AM  with   you.   Here,  take  My  hand,  and  sit  with  Me  awhile.    Let  us  sit,  in  quiet,  and  be  at  peace,  so  you  might  observe  Earth,  in  all  its  glory,  Earth...  vibrant,  living,  beautiful...  singing  a  song  of  peace.    This  is  how  it  is  meant  to  be,  observing  Earth,  in  its  great  dignity,  as  created  by  God.

“You  were  sent  to  Earth,  with  a  mission,  a  goal,  and  it  is  yours.    When  you  return  Home,  you  will  report  on  your  mission,  and  all  that  occurred,  as  you  walked  upon  Earth.    If  you  will,   remember,  that  you  are  to  deliver  the  light  of  God,  you  will  understand  the  importance  of  your  mission,  and  you  will  deliver  the  light,  so  you  can  see  clearly,  as  you  sow  the  seeds,  of  love;  and  the  garden,  which  you  sow  along  The  Way,  brings  peace,  to  Earth,  every  day.    That  is  your  mission,  to  restore  The  Garden,  and  to  come  Home,  in  glory.

“Today,  I  ask  you  to  pay  attention  to  the  ‘distractions,’  to  the ‘temptations,’  to  the  ‘challenges,’  so  that  you  are  not  pulled-off-course;  for,  they  are  many,  and  they  are  set  in  place  to  keep  you  from  completing  your  mission,  and  delivering  peace  to  Earth.    The energies, the temptations, are powerful and strong; but you have all you need, within you, held within the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  Whenever you encounter hatred, loathing, bitterness, or mockery, you must transcend these energies!  Do not give them more power!  Do not let them feed upon your energy!  Face them, by delivering immediate forgiveness, and you will move beyond these tools of darkness and shadow, into a place of compassion and understanding.  By focusing on your mission, you will be eradicating the energies of darkness.  Do not give them your power.  Do not give them your strength.  Do not forget your mission and your goal.  Value your mission, and let this lead you away from them.  When faced with hatred, practice forgiveness, and this will lead you into a place of understanding and compassion.

“Whenever you are faced with anger or frustration, chaos and confusion, do not give-in, for these energies are tricky; and if you take your focus from your mission, you could become ensnared, you could give your power to these energies of darkness.  Therefore, focus on the goal, and live... in the power of God... that is with you, and within you; and you will move beyond these temptations, into a place of light, and love, and peace.

“It is important for you to know this day, that these energies... will wither and die... if you refuse to feed them!  Their growth, their spread upon the Earth, is fueled... by the power... of the children of God, whenever they take part in them, or react in-kind to them.  It is time to awaken to understand, no matter how great the temptation to answer hatred with hatred, focus on your goal, and understand, hatred is not ‘of God;’ but, forgiveness is ‘of God.’  Compassion and understanding is ‘of God.’ 

“Therefore, pick-up the banner, and let the world know, you are on your way, and you will not stop, until you have completed your mission for God, upon Earth.  Do not react to anger with anger.  Anger is not of God.  Wave your banner, so all will see, that you are choosing the power of light, and love, and peace to be with thee, to remain with thee!

“I encourage you this week, to ‘reject reaction, to the energies of shadow and darkness,’ and pick-up the banner of God, focus on your mission, and walk along The Way!  I do not say that it will be easy, at first; but I do promise, with each act of forgiveness, each time you deliver light, and love, and peace, it will get easier, and easier, until you remember who you are, and what you are doing; and then, it will just come naturally to you; it will be what you choose to do, all of the time, if you practice!

“The only way these energies of shadow and darkness will be overcome is through the children of God, choosing the tools of The Kingdom of God.  It is the great balance. 

“You do not need to fight, to struggle, to overpower, to wage war, all you need to do is use the tools, the gifts, of The Holy Spirit of God, and you will be successful!  You will meet hatred with forgiveness; and you will calm the storms of anger, through peace, and light and love; and you will move along The Way, each day, bringing the presence of God upon Earth, through all you think, and do, and say. 

“Do not forget your mission.  Keep your eyes on the goal.  Victory is yours.  It is possible.  It is within you.  You are the great... child... of God.”