Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
If You Love Me,

    “I AM with you.  And I bring to you this place upon your heart... 

If you love Me, love as I love!

    “When I walked the Earth as Jesus, as Yeshua, I found it possible to love all things, all peoples, by opening, fully, to The Love of God, and letting this love energy pour through me, to all I encountered. 

    “In order to do this, it was imperative, that I set My humanity to the side, and open fully, so The Love of God could touch all people, through Me.  I ask you this day, to ponder this in such a way, that you will practice it, because it does require ‘practice.’  But you can do it, as I did it.  You can love, as I love.  But the key to this…loving your neighbor as yourself…is to set your ego aside, so that The Love of God, is the moving force.

    “I found this, easy to do: because of the way I was raised-up; because of the home that held My heart; because of the training of my earthly mother and father.  As a very small child, I watched, and I listened.  And it did not take Me long to learn.  And then, as I learned, I remembered, Who I was.  My earthly mother and father handed me the ‘keys,’ that unlocked the door, to Who I was.

      “My earthly mother listened to angels.  She was guided, by angelic beings.  My impending birth was announced to her, by an angel.  And she followed that information she was given.  This was not the only time my mother followed the direction of angelic beings.  And they led her into The Light of Truth, where she could ‘see and know,’ those things which would be difficult, to see and know, but for The Light.  My father too, was led by angels.  In times of peril, we were led to safety, because my father listened to angelic beings.  And where there was chaos and darkness, The Light of Heaven brought clarity and direction.

    “And so it was not unusual in My home, to call upon God for direction.  And even when we were not aware, of what might be spinning into existence around us, the angels came to lead us.  I tell you these things that took place in My home as I grew, so that you might understand the foundation that made it easy for me to open fully to The Love of God, to remember, Who I was.  And I say to you, you have guardian angels, waiting to show you The Way, to lead you from every shadow, every bit of darkness, into The Light of the new day dawning, into The Light, and clarity, of God. 

    “One of the things that will mark you clearly, as a child of God, is your ‘Love,’ for your brothers and sisters.  Yes, they will know you, by your Love.  And so that you might be the child of God, more completely, and more fully than ever before, I say unto you, if you love Me, love as I love. 

    “It will require practice.  But if you will, but ponder it, the more you try, the more completely it will slip into your being, your presence this time on Earth.  And soon you will find, every time you encounter another human being, this person will be bathed in The Light of God.  And the Light will shine about you, and it will flow through you, upon that person.  It is time that this Light begins flowing, more fully, more completely, onto the Earth than ever before.  And yes, it does begin with one person to another, one at a time. 

    “I say this to you today, so that this year that you have dedicated to The Light of God, will be flooded with this loving energy, flowing from God, through you, to all your brothers and sisters.  Let The Love of God flow! 

as I love,
and you shall find
great peace, harmony, balance, tranquility,
for you shall be the bringer of these things. 
And, in your presence,
there shall be
no chaos,
for you
of God
on Earth!

Sunday Sermons
The Stones
of Judgment

    “I AM with you.  And I say to you, on this new day dawning…

“Rid yourself of
the Stones of Judgment,
so that there might be Peace on Earth,
so that Peace on Earth, might begin, within you.

    “When you carry judgment within your being, you carry heaviness within your being.  It is as if you are carrying a sack of stones for every judgment you permit to live within you. 

    “I say to you this day, if you can find a way to rid yourself of just one stone at a time, you will soon be free.  And the Love of God will flow freely through you, unimpeded by this Rock Garden of Judgment.

    “Let not your heart be hardened by these things that bring you down.  The Creator desires to send loving energy to you, and through you.  And for it to flow abundantly through you, as a free flowing river, you must first move the stones of judgment. 

    “This is more important for your being, for your wellbeing, than it is for those against whom you hold this judgment, for it denies you the full Love of God. 

    “It begins within you.  Earth changes, with regard to judgment, begins within you.  Great examples have risen-up amongst the human race.  They hold love in their hearts, and forgive every trespass against them, thus stopping the flow of negative energy.  They do not permit the growth.  These examples to the human race rise-up.  Their stories reach out far and wide, so that all might see, the way to cease this negative energy, these deeds of darkness and shadow, is to let it stop with you…to let it be, that this shadow brought to your door, meets the Light of God; and to let the healing of Earth begin there.  For every challenge and obstacle, for every question of darkness and shadow that is brought to you by another can be brought to the Light through you. 

    “And I ask you to consider, if you let the Light of God’s Love flow onto every challenge that is brought to you by another, the Earth begins to change immediately, because of the energy that you are allowing, and permitting, to flow freely through you…from God.  You, at that moment, are a savior.  You are a savior!

    “I ask you to think of it, every moment, every minute, every hour that is marked by a challenge, you too, just as I, have the opportunity to say, ‘Father, forgive them.’   And, at that instant, you open your arms, and let the Love of God flow through you.  For it is in this Way that you follow My example.  For it is in this Way, that you, and the entire human race, are raised-up.

    “I say this to you, so that the stones of judgment might be set aside, so that you are risen-up in the opportunity to let the Love of God flow through you, so that the only stones around you might be those at your feet…on which your brothers and sisters might climb up with you, to receive the Light of God. 

“Set the Stones of Judgment aside,
so that there might be
Peace on Earth.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Stepping Stones
to Spiritual Strength

    “I AM with you on this new day.  And I remind you to...

Stand in The Light of God’s Love...’

so that you might be a joyful song.  Stand in the Light of God’s Love, so that you might feel support, and the nurturing, to give you strength to move into this new day.

    “Stand in the Light of God’s Love.  And when you do, you begin to see every challenge set before you as a golden opportunity, as a stepping stone to strength…inner strength… spiritual strength.  And, it is in this strengthened being, that you find health, happiness.

    “As you desire, from time to time, to work on a healthy body, to achieve a strong physical body, you might find yourself drawn to calisthenics, exercise, a regime that requires you to move in such a way as to strengthen the muscular frame of your body, to push it, to walk one more mile, to climb five or ten more steps, to push, to pull, to climb, to jump, to walk, all of it, endurance tests, to strengthen your physical body…a little a time.

    “And sometime in the training of the physical body, you find there is a bit of burning, a bit of pain, exhaustion, perhaps…sweat.  Because you are endeavoring to gain strength…you must work at it.

    “And I tell you this, as it is the same with your spiritual body.  If you will transfer the ideas of strengthening your physical body to thoughts of strengthening your spiritual body, you will comprehend more completely, and more fully, that challenges are really golden opportunities, stepping stones to a strengthened spiritual being.

    “And as there is work and effort in gaining and maintaining a fit and strong physical body, there is effort in gaining and maintaining a fit and strong spiritual body.  This is important to say to you, so that you might understand. 

    “When you finally reach a point in your life where you are…enlightened to the importance of a good, healthy physical body…you begin to see the importance in exercise, in maintaining these muscles that hold your body in shape.  And when you stand in the Light of God’s Love, you begin to comprehend that every challenge set before you is truly a golden opportunity, a stepping stone to a strengthened spiritual body.  It is not something you merely…say.  It is something that must be done. 

    “So on this day, as you welcome its arrival, stand in the Light of God’s Love and ‘know,’ that every challenge, be it small or grand, is a golden opportunity…a stepping stone…to strength. 

    “Begin with whatever is presented to you.  And see it as such.  And then you will recognize what you are doing.  And you will see the growth, the strength.  And in this strengthening of your spiritual body, you will find that your physical body will fall in line with the growing strength of that which is within.

    “Grow in strength, so you might spread ‘The Light of God’s Love’ that is flowing into you.  Use this Light.  It is for you, and all beings.  And remember…remember this…every challenge is a stepping stone to strength…a golden opportunity to… 


Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Tones and Vibrations:
Creating the Atmosphere
of Peace, and Light, and Love

    “I AM with you on this new day, and all others.  And on this day, I ask that you ponder this message… ... ...

The atmosphere
of Peace, and Light, and Love,
of Healing, and all other miracles,
is created by the tones and vibrations
that set the stage for that which is to come.

    “On Earth, it is the usual practice, to mark certain gatherings, certain presentations, certain accomplishments, such as…weddings, funerals, plays, great productions…by setting the tone for that particular event…by setting a stage.

    “And when you enter these places of ceremony, or celebration, the atmosphere is set, in such a way, as to assist you, in focusing your attention, on that which is to come. 

    “The lights might be dimmed or bright, depending on the specific effect desired.  The music might be soft and tender, or stirring and lively, depending on the effect desired.

    “What I am asking you to ponder is this: the vibration created within you, reaches from you, and creates an atmosphere, all about you.  It prepares those approaching (you), or the places that you enter or leave, in a certain way.  The vibration, radiating from you, is assisting all around you…to focus.  And the tone, emitted by you, confirms the vibration, coming from you.  You set the atmosphere about you, by that which is created within you. 

    “I ask that you consider the creation of The State of Miracles, The State of Peace, and Light, and Love.  And that you lay the cornerstones of this great State, by sending forth your vibration, this vibration that comes from within you, where you hold the seeds of this beautiful State you are to create. 

    “This State of Miracles will exist when the atmosphere is ‘of Peace, and Light, and Love.’  And as the tones and vibrations set the foundation of this glorious State, let them come from you.  And, let it be, that you touch others with this message, so that the city might be erected…not of stones, and wood, and mortar, but of tones and vibrations…of the noble thoughts and deeds, carried within every man, woman, and child.

    “This day I ask you to ponder…the atmosphere, of Peace; and Light; and Love; of Healing, and all other miracles, is created by the tones and vibrations that set the foundation for that which is to come.

“Be of Peace.  Be of Miracles.  Be of Faith.  And,
send forth your tones and vibrations
to create.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Angelic Anthems, Tones,
of the Heavenly Dimension

    “Feel My Presence, as I AM with you.  And, as I AM with you, I wish to impart this to you: angelic anthems...are the tones...of the Heavenly dimension.

    “I bring this to your attention, on this day, so that you might take the time to ponder these things that I have come to you to say.

    “So often, the sounds of angels are attributed to angelic songs, anthems, that roll through the Heavens, words that are fit for the angels to sing, but the words are usually designed by the mind of human beings.  What I AM here to say to you today, is that the angelic anthems are tones. 

    “When you enter into a chamber of the Heavenly dimension, you are met with the vibrations, and the tones, of angels.  And, although they might be associated with words, these tones have many properties, hold…significance…are important…have a purpose. 

    “The Heavenly dimension is a place, a space, of great Peace, where beings move within their energy, back and forth, unassailed, permitted to move through this space…as they are…energy beings of Light.  And this Heavenly dimension is a delight for all beings that enter.  The vibration is comfortable, comforting… …Home.  And the tones, struck by the angelic beings, set the sound that soothes the Spirit.

    “These tones are important to all dimensions, as they move from the Heavenly dimension, and into other places, through spaces, into set times.  The angelic choirs strike the tones that hold a balance, and harmonize other tones coming to them.  They hold Peace.

    “The tones coming through, from other dimensions, are entwined with the angelic tones, that are of purpose and intent, set at a certain frequency, to vibrate and move with the incoming tones, to calm them, and bring balance to all space around them. 

    “This is important to know, for the angelic choirs set on high, balance the tones of the human race, and all other beings of time and space.  They hold the Heavenly dimension pure.

    “I say this to you so that you might have the ‘knowing’ that, as the vibrations, that come from the human race, reach-out and continue in time… …as the vibrations of the human race move into each human being, and back and forth between them, so do the tones of the human race.

    “When you find yourself in a place where the vibrations are of Peace, and Power, and the energy in the air is charged with The Glory of God, you ‘know,’ you have found a place to lift you, to assist you, in your ascension back to the Father.

  “But, let us connect also the tone, the sacred tones that hold harmony and balance. This is why, when the vibration of man, and the tone of man, is of Peace, and Light, and Love, the two dimensions will draw closer, as the tones of the angels harmonize more easily with the tones of the human race.

    “I speak this to you today because there are many of you in place on Earth now, who know that it is incumbent upon you to speak of Peace, and Light, and Love.  You know that the words coming from you carry more Power than the thoughts that you have within you.  And although the thoughts are important, and hold a vibration all their own, they are touched with the tone of your voice, giving affirmation and confirmation to the thought that vibrates from you. 

    “Let it be, on this day, that all who hear this message make it their intention, to have their thoughts vibrating Peace, and the words, and the songs that come their lips, affirming in a tone, that will reach the angelic choirs in the Heavenly dimension, and call on them in a special way. 

    “Let it be on this day, that the angelic choirs do not so much strive and intend to bring balance and harmony to the tones coming from the human race, but that they intend to combine with the human race, and lift all tones to a new place, a new Glory, a new high.

    “Angelic anthems are the tones of the Heavenly dimension.  But there are tones coming from Earth.  There are tones that enter the Heavenly dimension.  Let us this day recognize, and make it our intention, that these tones of Heaven and Earth are combined in Peace.

    “I say to you, when you recognize that your tone is the affirmation and the confirmation of your thought creation, then it shall be as angelic anthems.  And the tones, of Heaven and Earth, shall meet at the portals, and shall weave a new song…of angels and man…and Glory to God.

“Use this day with great thanksgiving,
gratitude in your heart, and a song on your lips. 
It is your tone, the harmony of the human race,
the tones of Earth, let them ring-out, and
reach the Heavenly dimension,
in a beautiful song of
Peace, and Light,
and Love.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
L i v i n g  in
The Light Love

    “I AM with you.  On this day, I wish to speak to you…to fill you with a desire to spend your time on Earth…

Living in
The Light of Love.

    “When The Light of God is unimpeded, it flows through you freely, and it shines, on all that you do.  Living in The Light of Love will alter your entire time on Earth.

    “Living in The Light of Love is not a passive life.  It does not mean that you sit, while the Hand of God performs the task.  Living in The Light of Love means that you open your body, soul, and spirit to the energy coming from God, in such a way as to receive this loving energy, and let it pass through you, so that you might focus it on whatever task is at hand.

    “It means that you are operating within the Light that God sends to you, so that you might see, so that all about you might be illuminated with this Light of Love.  And when you are functioning in the world of matter, fueled and enlightened by this powerful source coming from the Creator, you, and the entire Earth, will be the provider and the recipient of this beautiful, loving Light.  There is a need for this Light to shine brightly over the Earth at this time. 

    “If you will be still, and with great purpose and intention, call forth the energy of God, and ask to be filled with this power, you will feel it flowing to you.  And when this energy, coming from God at your request…at your prayer…travels through time, to reside in you, you will feel The Presence of God.

    “When you rise-up every day, let it be your prayer, that you be filled with The Light of God, so that you might carry The Love of God into the world of the human race.  There is nothing more important, that you could ever do, than to deliver this Light to all who live on Earth.

    “No matter what you encounter throughout your day, it will be greatly modified, and brought into balance and harmony, when you focus this energy toward it, into it. And I speak to you, with regard to this, whether it is a situation, or an encounter with another human being, whether it is something from within yourself, or about you, or around you.

    “Living in The Light of Love transforms all things, and lifts them to a new place, because you flood the energy of that second, of that moment, or hour, with the Love of God.  Therefore, it cannot be the same, because it is enhanced, it is enlightened, by the Creator.

    “If you are faced with a dilemma, or a situation that involves another, who might be in a chaotic state, or be infused with darkness, you have the opportunity to shine The Light of God on the situation, or your brother or sister. 

    “And I tell you this, and make it My Promise to you, if you will call on this Light, open the doors and let it flow through you, and direct it to any situation, or person, who is out of balance in any way, they shall be brought into harmony…they shall be brought to Peace.

    “You shall be the provider of Peace, as it flows through you, you shall do the work of God on Earth.

    “Living in The Light of Love requires that you open fully to the energy coming from God, and that you have the faith, and the trust, to let it flow from you; that you have the faith, and the trust, to ‘know,’ that which is coming to you, from God, will change all things.

    “You are a child of God.  And you have the opportunity to live in The Light of Love while you walk Earth.  I was the example that God wishes you to follow.  God wishes you to reach out and do.  Do The Will of God.  And you shall 'know,' The Will of God, because you shall shine the Light.  And in the Light, all will be illuminated.  And you will see, with the eyes of your soul.

    “When you are living in The Light of Love, you no longer desire to argue, or enter into a discussion, to prove a point…to best another.  You enter the conversation with The Light of God.  Have faith, that when you open your mouth, the Words of God will calm the angry seas, will calm the fearful mind, will calm the crying, the calls for help, the disturbed.  For what you cannot accomplish alone, can be accomplished by shining The Light of God.

    “This sounds very simple.  But it requires faith and trust.  It requires that you be at peace and in harmony with all things about you. 

    “To live in The Light of Love is my prayer for you.

    “On this day, I wish for you to try this, in earnest, with a willing spirit.  For everything you do, it matters not if it is small, or perhaps grand, focus, with great intent, The Loving Light of God.  And you will be amazed, when you reach the end of the day, how you feel “lighter,” more loving, more like a child of God.  

    “I ask you to follow Me.  I ask you to do The Will of God.  I ask you to open to the gifts coming to you from the Creator.  I ask you to Live in The Light of Love; and I promise, in The Light of Love, you shall find...


Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
The Sovereign
State of Being

    “I AM with you, feel My Presence.  I AM with you to bring words: that will assist your journey; that will open your being to the Presence of God more completely, so that you might feel the Love of God, flowing to you, and through you.  And, to this end, and for this purpose, I say to you…

    “As you reside on Earth, at this time, you recognize certain people, or groups of people, who head states.  You recognize the authority of certain groups, or a person.  There are certain countries that recognize a king, or a queen. 

    “Whether it is one, or a group, who heads a state, this head of state creates certain demands: like the payment of taxes, and/or restrictions upon movement in and out of particular areas.  When you reside in a state, headed by one who is in authority, you accept the rules set forth from the being who accepts the responsibility of holding the sovereign state in order.

    “As you accept to live in this sovereign state, you take it upon yourself to become a good and worthy citizen of this state.  And you show honor and respect to the one who has stepped to the fore, to take the responsibility of shepherding the sovereign state.

    “When you live on Earth and in matter, there are many such states where there is a turning over of certain responsibilities, and a handing-over of authority, so that one can control the many in a way that is for the good of all.  And the subjects of the sovereign state pray in earnest for the head of state, that they might be good, and generous, and loving, and kind in their ruling.

    “This example, of a head of state, is only that, an example, for what I wish to share with you today.  And I begin this short sermon, by setting that before you for consideration, no matter how small or how big your grasp of this might be, whether it is as a principal of a school, or a parent who is the head of a household, or a king or a queen who has set before them the charge of running an entire country…a nation.  Wherever your history, your understanding puts you, you can fit it into this example.

    “Most things taking place on Earth, in matter, require that you pay a price, follow the rules, or adjust to that which is expected of you in a particular area.  Let us continue using, as an example, a state, headed by a king, queen, or other figure of authority.

    “If you wish to speak to the ruler, or become more important, and fully part of this sovereign state in which you reside, it is incumbent upon you to get to know the ruler…the king, the queen, to obey the rules, to be a citizens in good standing.  And, when you desire to be closer to, or know this leader, this ruler, this figure of authority, you send a letter, or make a telephone call, or knock on the door for entrance.  You do a number of things to get yourself into the court of the king or the queen, so that you might have audience, so that you might know them more fully, so that you might be an integral part of this sovereign state.

    “But what I wish to tell you today is that, although in some small way this is how it works on Earth, it is totally opposite in the Heavenly Kingdom.  In the Realm of Spirit, you do not have to wait to be summoned forth into the court of the king or the queen.  When you desire to be recognized as a citizen of the Heavenly Dimension of God, you do not have to knock and pound on doors.  You do not have to wait for the invitation.  In the Heavenly Dimension when you, the citizen, the creation of God, desire to be with God… the door.   You summon, and welcome, the Creator of All Things.  You hold the key.  You do not have to wait to be summoned to the court by the king or the queen.  In the Heavenly Dimension…you open the door…and receive God.  This is totally opposite of how it works on Earth.  So, to understand, that which I wish for you to grasp this day, you must rid yourself of the rules of Earth, and open your heart, to the Love of God. 

    “There is no waiting in line.  There is no time limit.  There is no rejection.  God is waiting for you!  It is not the opposite.  Throw open the doors to your sovereign state, as you are the leader, the head, of your personal state of being.  And, since you are the sovereign head of your personal state of being, let it be known that the doors to your chamber are always open to the Love of God. 

“You are the sovereign head
of your State of Being.
Open, the doors,
and welcome

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
by the Lessons
and the Knowing

    “I AM with you.  And I say unto you: Walk with Me into this New Day dawning, unencumbered by the deeds of yesterday, empowered by the seeds of yesterday, enlightened by the lessons and ‘The Knowing.’  

    “This is My teaching for you this day, so that you might continue, placing one foot after another, on your way home, gathering all that you need to make your journey good.

    “I say to you, on this day…Love.  It is My repeated message, and the Golden Command of the new time, the new day, the new dawning. 

    “Cherish the lessons.  Hold them within you.  For they support you on your way.  The messages you receive, in the quiet of your heart, are messages and lessons, appropriate for your time of trying, for a particular period, for a particular situation. 

    “I offer, as an example:  when you come upon two brothers fighting, you do not first call-out, ‘You are to love each other.’  First, you call-out, ‘Stop.  You must not fight.  You must not strike each other.’  You give several instructions to bring peace, and order.  And then, when there is order, and the brothers are seated apart from the fight, you then say, ‘You are to love each other.’

    “I ask you to ponder this example. 

    “These words I speak to you this morning are brief, but hold much for you to think upon, as you walk through this day set before you.  And, as you walk...

with you,
just as I promised I would be. 
I ask you to walk with Me into this new day dawning,
unencumbered by the deeds of yesterday,
empowered by the seeds of yesterday,
by the lessons,
and the knowing. 
And I bless you in your efforts
and the growing.   Be at peace.

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Seeing With
The Eyes of Your Soul
Through the Telescope of Faith

    “I AM with you, and this day I say unto you:  reach beyond the confines of your body, to take the Hand of God, as one eager for the meeting.  Be still, hold your tongue, and listen for the words of Spirit to fill you with Peace.  Open the eyes of your soul, and through the Telescope of Faith, see the things of Heaven.

    “You should not be surprised to hear Me speak in such a way, or to advise you in such a way, for there are examples of this very thing within the world of matter.

    “I ask you to go beyond the world of matter, to embrace the things of Spirit, the things of God.  I ask that you not be confined to your body.  I ask this day, that you reach, and open, and be still, so that you might ‘know.’

    “I ask you to consider this: on Earth, in matter, there are many things that you see clearly, plainly.  These things, in your field of vision, are before you, and you comprehend them.  You look and see that a chair…is a chair…and it is sitting in a certain place.  You listen, and hear voices speaking, to you and to others.  You feel certain things…experience the senses.  And, some of these things you cannot see…you feel them, such as the wind, blowing your hair…such as joy…and peace.

    “Some things might be rather small, requiring that you reach for assistance to see them clearly.  You might have to use spectacles to see clearly what is set before you. 

    “Still, there are other examples that are not clearly before you, yet you know they are there.  There are existing very small insects, mites, very small creatures, and they require magnification for you to see them.  And knowing this…opens another world to you…a world that exists all around you, a world so minute, that you must use a magnifying glass to be aware of its presence with you.  But, when you reach for assistance, and you know where to look, you have the opportunity to see into this microscopic world.

    “And, there are other things, floating in the air about you.  They are clearly large enough for you to see them.  But, the way the light falls, the darkness and the shadows keep them from your clear vision.  Then, all of a sudden, a ray of light, comes from the sun, and explodes through the trees, and you see small insects, little creatures, flying all about you.  They were surely there.  Yet, you did not see them, until they were in the light.  Then...there they are.

    “The same is true with particles of dust, floating around in your home, or outside.  They too, caught in the ray of light, come into your vision, and you see clearly what has been all around you…all the time.

    “Now, I ask you to consider this, given these few examples, of how it is on Earth, that you can see, that which you could not see, without assistance.  Consider that it does not stop with seeing the dust float in the rays of sun, or watching the insects swirl in a beam of light, or checking-out the microscopic world through a magnifying glass.  I say to you, do not stop with these things of Earth.  Lift your sights higher.

    “Faith in God is the Telescope – you should utilize – to see into the reality of Heaven.  And, just as you use a telescope to bring the stars of the sky within your vision, you can, through the eyes of your soul, use the Telescope of Faith, to see into the Kingdom of Heaven.

    “Do not be confined.  And do not be content to stop with the things of Earth which you can see, and hear, and know.  Be willing to be still, and listen, and from within, you will be told…‘Open your eyes.  Open the eyes of your soul, for your Faith will lead you to be wholly enlightened.’ 

“I say to you, there is much to see –and your Faith –
is the key!  Now, open the eyes of your soul!
And, through the Telescope of Faith,
see the things of Heaven.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Opening to God
and Knowing The Way

    “I AM with you, on this day and forever.  And, on this day, and forever, I say unto you…to truly love all of the children of God...requires a steadfast faith in the love of God; and, an understanding of how I lived My time on Earth, as Jesus, as Yeshua. 

    “It was…and is…and shall ever be…that I came to walk with you to show you... ‘The Way.’  And, if you hear these words and you hold within you anger, anxiety, animosity, you cannot fully know The Way.  I say unto you also, if you hear these words, and hold fear, or your faith is fueled by the prescripts of man, or you fail to reach-out and let God’s flow from you to all others things, you cannot fully know The Way.

    “I say to you on this day, My way…The Way…is simple.  It requires that you set your own freewill aside, and open to the energy, to the love, that is flowing freely to you from The Father, from the Source of all creation.  And, in doing this, The Way will be fully open, filled with light, and you shall ‘know it.’ 

    “And, in this way, all anger, anxiety, animosity will fall from you.  All fear, all laws of man, will fade away.  They will not stand in the loving energy of God.  And on that day you can surely say, ‘I was lost.  But now, I am found.  I am fully on the path.  I can clearly see The Way.’

    “It is so simple.  Here.  Take My Hand.  Let us walk together.  See the path before you?  It is…


Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Being, That Which
Is Within You To Be

    “I AM with you.  And I say…unto you…on this day:
‘Speak to others, as you would have them speak unto you.  Walk with others, as you would have them walk with you.  Teach, as you would be taught.  Lead, as you would be led.  Guide, as you would be guided.  Love, as you would be loved.’

    “These things that I say unto you sound…simple.  Yet, if you take each piece apart, they will give you much information, insight, and yes…wisdom, on how to live with your brothers and sisters, in such a way, that will be productive.  And, living in this way, will bring you joy.  It will bring your brothers and sisters joy.  It will bring peace.

    “It is simple…yes.  But it works.  And how it works is amazing.  It is simple…yes.  And it works miracles.  For within your being, you know how you expect your leaders to be, how you desire your leaders to be.  You know the character you wish for them to exhibit.  Take all of the traits that you have within yourself thought about as belonging to a leader, to a teacher, to a guide, to a friend, to a child, to a parent, to a lover, and make them your own traits.  For what you desire within, is there for you to ‘know,’ what it is you are to be.  You would not have these thoughts within you, if it was not within you to be. 

    “On this day, that approaches the celebration of the time when I came to Earth to walk with the human race, to deliver messages, to tell of God’s Love, and the everlasting eternal life, I speak to you…in brief.  I speak to you so that you might take in this message that I know is of supreme importance. 

    “And, I say to you this day: Walk with others, as you would have them walk with you.  Lead them, as you would wish to be led.  Guide them, in ways that you would wish to be guided.  Teach them, in ways that you would be taught.  Speak to them, in ways that you would wish to be spoken to.  And love…as you would be loved.

     “I leave this with you, and ask you to ponder these words during the day. 

These words are simple, but
they will bring about miracles,
they will bring about

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
The New Law
The New Command
The Covenant ‘Of Love’

    “I AM with you.  I bring you peace.  And I say unto you on this day…‘Bend your ear…so your heart might hear...the story of God’s Love for man.  So great is this Love that God has for the children who walk the Earth, that He will not let you wander, lost and afraid.  He will send you a sign, to show you The Way home.  This He does ... out of Love ... for you.’

    “And so it was, approximately 2,000 of your Earth years ago, that God, the Creator of All Things, said, ‘It is time to send a sign to the children of Earth.  It is time for another sign, so that they might be led back home.  And, at this time, I wish this sign to be ‘The Living Word,’ so that all might ‘see and know,’ so that the prophecies of the old covenant will come to life before their eyes, so they might ‘see.’  It is time, for the old covenant to end, and a new covenant to begin.  And so I send to the children of Earth, a new law, a new covenant, a new command.’

    “And as the Lord God, Creator of All Things, said these words, I was sent forth to Earth to carry the new command ‘of Love,’ to bring forth the new covenant ‘of Love,’ to set in place the new law ‘of Love.’  And so that the prophecies of the old covenant were fulfilled, I came unto Earth, born of a virgin.

    “The peoples of the Earth wanted a leader.  They were given a Child, a Child Who was held in the arms of the Virgin, protected by the man, Joseph…a Child sent from God…protected by two human beings, who were led by the direction of angels.  And so I walked amongst you, My brothers and sisters, carrying the Word of God.  It was My mission to be the living fulfillment of the prophecy of the Old Testament, so all would ‘see, and know,’ the New Time had come.

    “And, as I walked, I moved, and touched, and loved.  Yet, those who saw the fulfillment of the prophecies were few to follow My direction, My lead, My call.  For the people wanted a leader, yet they were given a babe.  The people wanted to be filled with bounty and raised-up, so all would see they were the chosen children of God, yet I told them to give away everything they had, so that they might follow Me.  The people wanted a king, who would march with armies and slay the enemies, so that they might be raised-up, yet I told them, if they were slapped on the right cheek, to give the left cheek freely. 

    “I was not what they expected.  And so the Child that was held in the arms of the Virgin, and fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament, was rejected, and set aside, because the message of the New Covenant was Love.  I did not come with grand trumpet faire.  I did not come to raise-up armies everywhere.  I came to bring the Word of God to man.  I came to live, to die, and to rise-up, so you might see the true Glory in God.  And I said to you, ‘You too can do all that I do, through God.  For My words are not My own, they are the Father’s words.’

    “I tell you on this day, so you might think of these things, and ponder in your heart, so that you too, will not miss the signs and the message, because you have a preconceived notion of what it might be. 

    “I say unto you...salvation will not come to you on chariots of fire, coursing out of the sky to slay your enemies, so that you might rise-up.  I say to you...your salvation comes in Tongues of Fire, carried on the wings of the Dove, that will move into you, and inspire you ‘to Love,’ inspire you, to hold great wisdom.  And, when you have The Light of the Holy Spirit within you, you will rise-up, before all to see, The Glory of God.  You see, this is your is...The Tongues of Fire.

“I bring you these words, so that you will cherish
the birth of the Child, and hold in your heart
the true message, and the knowledge, that
the covenant is ‘of Love.’ 
Be at Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Times of Trying,
Times of Challenge,
Are Golden Opportunities
Preparing for The New Time

    “I AM with you.  I come and sit with you on this day – that brings to a close a year – as recorded by human beings on Earth, the last day of the year marked as 2006.  And while your thoughts go backward to the times of this year, you feel an eager anticipation within you, to move into another year, another time, another space.  And this is good, for actually, you are about to embark on an adventure moving into this New Time.  

    “And the feelings that you hold within you, are very similar to one who is ready to embark on a new adventure, looking back on what you ‘know,' what you have done, where you are, feeling safe within it…knowing it…yet desiring to begin the new adventure.

    “And so it is the same, with going from one year to another.  And this year marked as 2006, has been one of great glory.  As your mind flows through the months, as they came to you, you will find many memories held within your being, many things created in this year passing now, that will be with you forever.  And this is good.  I speak to you of these things, of looking backward, so that, with your foot firmly planted in the threshold of 2007, you will carry into that space in time, the glorious lessons of the year 2006: of all the things that you have learned; of all the blessings that you have received; of all the gifts that you have been given, and have given; of all the Love that has come to you from God, that has been magnified within you, and sent forth from you.  2006, a glorious year!

    “You are walking out of that year into another, much as if you walked out of a movie theater into the bright sun of a new day.  You remember the story you saw on the screen.  And you carry some of these things with you.  Some you forget and some will fade, as time goes on.  But those ‘golden moments,’ will be carried in your being, as you move through the years.

    “It is important for you to remember that: just as in seeing a movie, or reading a book, or watching a play, it is the challenges, the  obstacles, the trying times, in each of these things that holds your interest, and teaches…great…lessons.  For although the story might have delightful parts in it, parts with no challenge, these parts seem to pale in comparison to the parts that do present challenges, that present the trying times.  Because, in the end, you see, the character has come through this trying time, has learned much; and, because of this experience, has brought to you many lessons.

    “What I am trying to say to you is, as you look back over the year of 2006 in preparation for the New Year, hold close to you the times that brought you the most important lessons.  Carry these lessons with you, because it is from the trying times, that your spirit erupts with the flames of glory. 

    “I say to you, that when you have walked through these times that present challenges, you come out on the other side…wiser… stronger.  You ‘know.’  Therefore, it becomes a part of you.  I bring you this message, so that you will hold close to you every challenge that was presented to you in the year 2006, as a gift.  And, looking back on it, realize how golden the gift was, how much wiser you are for the experience, how much better prepared you are for the journey into the New Year…into the New Time.  Rejoice, in the times of happiness and freedom…the easy times.  But get down on your knees and be thankful, for the blessings of the trying times…the times of challenge, the times of golden opportunities, for these truly are the periods that present you with a present, a gift, to carry into the new day.

    “I ask you to take some time today, to look back on these glorious gifts you were given, those of happiness, and ease, and those of challenge, and trial.  And bring forth the lessons.  Pack them firmly within your being, all that you wish to carry into the New Year, because it is approaching, second by second.  In fact, I say to you it is already here, swirling around you, as eager as you to begin the new story.

    “I bless you, in the passage of the year that is ending, and I bless you in passing into The New Time.  I walk beside you.  And as the old is ending, let us put our foot over the threshold of a New Time.  I AM with you...we are One.”

Sunday Sermons
The Father;
You Are In Me;
And, I AM In You

    “I AM with you; we are, forever, One.  In this New Year, in this New Time, ‘realize that I AM in My Father, and you are in Me, and I AM in you.’ John 14:20 NIV* (*Except: Capital Letters utilized for Devine Pronouns*) 

     “My sisters, and brothers, today, I repeat these Words, and a few others, that I spoke almost 2000 years ago, and I continue to pray that you can now bear to hear, understand, and appreciate, the meaning of these Words, I spoke, on behalf of Our Father.

    “Open your hearts to these Words, ponder their meaning yourselves, they have been recorded in The Holy Bible; and so I asked, and directed, the man and woman, who hear My voice within their hearts, and transcribe these Words for you, to record some of the places they appear, so that you too, may look at them, and truly take them, into yourselves.

    “Tumbling-out of space and time, are Words of Wisdom, Words Divine, take them unto yourselves; and make them…you’re Words...

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning.’

    “Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made.  In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.  The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.’  John 1:1-4 NIV*  

    “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.  We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, Who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.’  John 1:14 NIV*

    “‘I AM the light of the world.  Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’  John 8:12 NIV*

    “‘A new command I give you: Love one another.’  John 12:34 NIV*

    “‘If you love me, you will obey what I command.  And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever---the Spirit of truth.  The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him.  But you know Him, for He lives with you and will be in you.  I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.  Before long, the world will not see Me anymore, but you will see Me.  Because I live, you also will live.  On that day you will realize that I AM in My Father, and you are in Me, and I AM in you.  Whoever has My commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves Me.  He who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I too will love him and show Myself to him.’
    Then Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, ‘But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?’ 
    Jesus replied, ‘If anyone loves Me, he will obey My teaching.  My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make Our home with him.  He who does not love Me will not obey my teaching.  These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father Who sent Me.’ 
    ‘All this I have spoken while still with you.  But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.  Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.’  John 14:15-27 NIV* (emphasis added)

    “Some, well intentioned, have interpreted the Words I spoke for Our Father, related above in the Gospel according to John, at 14:15-27, as applying only to the disciples, whom were present with Me at what you now know as The Last Supper.  However, to so limit the Words Our Father directed Me to say is incorrect.  Our Father intended that these Words...that I delivered to Earth in human form...apply, equally, to all of His children...for all time.

“And, so it was, is, and ever shall be... 
Peace, I leave with you...
My peace, I give
to you.”
"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...