Sunday Sermons
Jan. 29, 2012
Can Do
I Do; Open, And
Let  The  Power,  Of
God,  Flow  Through  You

   I  AM  with   you!    I walked, in a physical form, upon the Earth, thousands of years ago.    I delivered the covenant of love.    I fulfilled the prophecy,  so that one covenant would be closed,  and as the one covenant closed, the other opened, opened to all the possibilities of the new time,  the new age,  the new dawn. 

“I came to show The Way, for the children of God upon Earth need signs, so that they might stay the course, walk The Way, and live The Way, changing, evolving every day, into the perfect child of God.

“God is love.  God has talked, and sent direction, to those of Earth forever, teaching them: in dark times, and difficult times; how to sustain themselves; how to build-up a strong nation; how to be peacemakers, peacemakers in the new covenant of love.

“It takes a long time to establish a good garden.  Sometimes it is possible to go-out, and clean the surface of the soil, and have it look very clean and neat and orderly.  But if you throw the seeds upon that soil, the birds will come and eat it.  They will eat the entire garden before one root has sunk into the soil.  In the same manner, if you throw the seeds upon soil, poorly prepared the wind will come, and carry the seeds to another destination, scattering them; or the heavy rains will come, and wash them into the ditch.  But the wise man prepares the soil slowly, digging deeply, turning the soil, and raising the rich soil up, from the bottom, turning, and turning, and digging, and digging, until all stones, and old roots are removed, and it is strong, rich, and ready to accept the seeds, which when planted, will quickly grow roots, and reach deep into the Earth.  This takes time; it is not something to do in an afternoon, and it is something to do in earnest, with desire and purpose.

“It is the same with you.  You can polish your outer shell, the body.  You may tend it until it looks refined, and you may dress well, and be clean.  You can take it to the right meeting, or the right church.  You can stand in the center of the right group of people.  But until you’ve done the work of turning the soil, and preparing to accept the seed of truth from God, it will only fall on the surface, and be carried away, or washed away, when the weather changes, and the wind rises, and the storms come.

“Many of you remain puzzled, by My words when I said, ‘... you can do everything that I AM doing, in fact you can do even more.’  It is not difficult to understand these words.  All you have to do... is understand... that the power of God can work miracles through you.  The only thing keeping you from doing exactly as I did... is the well prepared corridor... through which the power of God flows, into and through you;  for the power of God is truly there, but impediments are in the way, for most, walking upon the Earth. 

“In order to do, as I do, it must be more important for you, to let the flow of God’s power pass through you, than it is for you to hold on to the boxes of frustration, to the mounds of anger, retaliation, holding grudges, judgment, misery, pain, and hurt.  The corridors, through which the power of God must flow, have to be cleaned-out, and this requires that you set your ego aside, so that 'your intention is to be connected to God in the most perfect way.  It requires desire.  But once you do the work, once you feel it is more important for God to flow through you, than it is to hold a grudge, win an argument, or win a war, you will find that you are working miracles in a way, that you never even imagined before. 

“When I walked upon the Earth, I stayed connected with God, Our Father.  Before I went anywhere, I said a prayer, ‘God, it is My intention to do Your will.  I AM here to do Your will.  Direct Me, and it shall be done.’  And God would say to Me, guiding Me clearly, ‘Go over there.  Reach-out Your hand, so that that man might be healed, through you.’  And that is what I did.  I moved, under the power of God.  And you see, this is not limited just to Me.  God is willing to work through any who believe!  Believe... that it is the power of God.  Believe... that you are living to give glory to God, by using the power... for good... for light!

“It is possible, for each one of you to do everything I did, because God is not limited.  But you must be willing to do the work, to clean the avenues of your soul and your spirit and your body, yes, your body.  Remove the impediments.  This takes desire first, and work second.

“And you will know clearly, when God is working in a powerful way through you, because when one brings anger to you, you will find God’s love flowing through you, quietly covering the anger, with the love of God, for God would not stoop to arguing.  God would not get into a fight, with another.  God does not speak ill, of another. 

“God does not exchange an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  God does not demand a pound of flesh for a pound of flesh.  God is patient.  If you are dealing, with another, by reacting to their fear, or anger, or hatred, God is not working through you.  You have closed the door to the power and the love of God, and you are dealing with the situation on your own, creating shadows and darkness.

“This is important for you to know, because so many wonder, ‘How can I do what Jesus did?’  I AM telling you.  I AM telling you... that God will work miracles through you... but first, you must go in and clean-up the passage ways, and then accept the power of God, and understand that what is done by the power of God through you, needs to be a song of joy, and glory, in The Creator of All Things.

“This is a simple lesson.  It is not beyond the imagination.  It is within your capability to understand it.  The only thing you have to do, is to ‘desire, to do the will of God, before anything else,’ and it is yours.  Stay connected with God, and each temptation that comes to you, will then become a test, the opportunity to show... God growing... within you.  And always remember... ‘You  can  do  everything  I  do.’  Open, and let the power of God flow through you.”
"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 13, 2011
Be The River
Of God’s Power,
Be The Tributary Of
God’s Love Upon The Earth

   I  AM  with   you.   I  AM  with  you,  as  the  river.    I  AM  with  you,  as  the  stream.    I  AM  with  you!

“Close your eyes... and see... or picture, a river flowing freely, mighty, majestic.  See the life, along the banks of the river, nourished and sustained, just being close to this life-force.  Now picture a tributary, gently moving; and see the grasses, and the land, on either side, a sanctuary, feeding all life, that comes close to it, sustaining... giving... delivering nourishment.

“If you could see these things in your mind’s eye, you have ‘an example,’ of how God’s power, and love, move onto the Earth, blessing everything, not just that which lives in the river, or in the waters of the tributary, but all things living along the banks, in the grasses, in the fields close-by.  This is how the power and the love of God work!  They touch all.

“I want you to see this, and know it.  I want you to open this morning, and feel the power of God, flowing into you; for, I AM the vessel... through which will pass... the river... of God’s love.  Open, and receive it, and let it flow through you; for as it passes through you, it sustains you, and feeds you, and nourishes you; and, as it flows from you, it feeds and sustains and nourishes all those who are close to you, and it moves out, into the world.

““Do not be ‘the dam,’ blocking the flow of the river.  Be the surging powerful river.  Do not wall-off, creating small pools, and ponds, of still water.  Be the tributary delivering the water.  As God’s power and love pour through you, this is what you become upon Earth, for you cannot ‘drink of the water,’ without being blessed, without being fed with grace.  The grace and the blessings are what give you the strength and the fortitude to face every temptation with victory, and to master every challenge, triumphant.  It is not about the temptation, it is about how you face the temptation.  It is not about the challenge, it is about how you master the challenge.  It is about... the golden opportunities... set all around you: there, for your choosing; there, for your victory; there, for your triumph.  This is how you are to move over the Earth, a magnificent viaduct, for the power, and the love of God.

“When this is your intention and purpose, then this is what you will become.  And there will be no need for words, for your very presence in a room will deliver the power of God to Earth, and all those around you; and all you need to do... is walk... to be; and many will be healed by the power of God and the love of God, flowing through you; for, they will be... in The Presence of God... in you! 

“There is an example of this... in a story in the Bible... speaking of one of the miracles.  It is the one of the woman, who had been bleeding for years and years, who was weakened, and because of her weakened state, every germ or disease that came close to her, plagued her, because her resistance was so low.  She was inspired to come to Me, because none of the doctors that she had sought-out to heal her, could do any good.

“I was on My way, having been called to go to the bed of a child.  I did not know the woman was coming to Me.  I was moving over Earth, a wide-open viaduct for the power and the love of God, strengthened by the hand of God, inspired by the breath of God, fueled by the desire and the intention to do the will of God. 

“This woman, weak and weary, made her way through the crowd, which could not have been easy; it was a challenge, but her desire helped her conquer the challenge, and moved her forward.  She touched the back of My cloak, ‘knowing,’ that if she could get close to Me, she would be healed.  And the minute she touched My cloak, she was healed.

“I did not see her.  She did not ask.  I did nothing, except provide the power of God; I was the willing vessel, delivering this gift to Earth.  And the woman’s faith, following divine inspiration, was the instrument of her healing.  The power, of God, moved through Me to her, and I did nothing. 

“Understand this, as it is within you to do as well.  Sometimes you will find, that the more words you say, the less effective you are.  Your words often serve division, separating and isolating; but walking into a room, with the power of God, within you, is healing to all; because it does not deliver what you think or believe it should, it delivers what God knows is good, for each individual close to you.  It is, as the river, nourishing all that is along the bank.  It is as the tributary, feeding all that is in that sanctuary.

“The river cannot deny life to the bank, nor the tributary withhold nourishment, from that which is in close proximity to it.  Be the river.  Be the tributary.  Be the power and the love of God.  Connect... with God... and live... and you will provide life... for all, around you. 

“This is how you can ‘feed the hungry,’ by giving them the love of God.  This is how you can’ clothe the naked,’ by wrapping them in the cloak of God’s light.  This is how you can ‘quench the thirst, of those longing for something that will satisfy and fulfill their thirst.’  You can deliver these things, without speaking, by being the river, and the tributary of God’s power and love upon Earth!

“Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 20, 2011
The Gift Of
Freedom Is Yours,
When You Use The
Key, Of Forgiveness

   I  AM  with   you.    I  ask  you  to  move  closer  to  Me,  as  I  AM  coming  to  you,  I  ask  that  you  meet  Me.    Let  us  walk  this  path,  together.    Let  us  come  to  see,  together.    The  path  will  lead  us  to  freedom...  eternal  freedom...  a  gift  that  is  precious...  ‘to  be  free.’

“Many of you hearing these words, or reading these words, will this week, celebrate a day, set aside, for thanksgiving, giving thanks to God.  And I hope today, to help prepare you, in some way, to experience a Thanksgiving... that is real... and unique... and sincere.

“Being ‘thankful,’ has nothing to do with how much you have to eat, or what you have to wear; it does not have anything to do with ‘things.’  For I tell you this, ‘You can have clothing, and be locked in a prison, and your prayer would be ‘to be free,’ rather than to have clothing.  You can be served food and drink, yet be locked in a prison, and your prayer would be to be free, rather than to have food or drink for, if you are locked in a prison, your spirit is diminished, clouded, heavy.’

“I tell those of you who feel heavy and burdened, sick and in dis-ease...  ‘You  are  in  prison,  and  it  is  time  for  you  to  use  the  key!    Yes,  you  hold  the  key  to  the  door!    You  can  set  yourself  free,  but  you  must  go  within,  and  find  the  key.    You  will  find  it,  hidden,  in  the  corridors  of  your  inner-self.    The  name  on  the  key  is  ‘Forgiveness.’    If  you  will  pick-it-up,  and  use  it,  the  door  will  open,  and you  will  fly,  as  a  bird,  once  locked  in  a  cage,  soars  into  the  heavens,  celebrating  in  song,  singing  of  thanksgiving,  all  the  day  long!’

“You can have clothing, and food, and shelter, and drink, but as long as you remain in your prison: you are lacking, there is no joy, and there is no thanksgiving.  This year, your Thanksgiving will be different, if you begin today, to prepare The Way...

“Today, take some time to set yourself aside.  Think of one thing from your past, one thing that you are carrying around with you: maybe there is resentment; maybe there is anger or frustration; maybe there is hurt, dismay; maybe it has caused anxiety or worry; whatever it is, pick one thing, and work this day to forgive! 

“It might serve you well to... pick something small, something not so... devastating.  Pick something small, and write it down, whatever it is, write it down.  And then, begin, this day, saying, ‘I forgive all things about this situation, this incident!  I forgive all people involved in this situation or incident, and I forgive myself!  And finally, I look at it differently, as a lesson, as an opportunity, rather than a challenge, or an obstacle.’ 

“All day, repeat, ‘I forgive... I forgive... I forgive... .’  And, I promise you, at the end of the day, forgiveness will have worked its way, into the fiber of your being.  And once this is accomplished, you must go back, and do more, and more, because the door will only slightly move, until you have forgiven all things... all things!  And it is in the way, using the key of forgiveness, that the door will begin to open, and you will see the light, and you will know, you have been prisoner day, and night, prisoner... when you could have been free... all the time.

“The key is forgiveness, and: it requires determination, concentration; it requires love; it requires focusing on the eternal presence of God; it requires ‘knowing,’ that you an eternal child of God; it requires remembering what you are doing on Earth; it requires commitment to carry-out your mission, to do the will of God, upon Earth. 

“And once you sit with these things for a while, you will begin to grow ‘in wisdom,’ and slowly, one-by-one ‘thoughts of things you need to forgive,’ will come to you.  And it will become easier, and easier to do; because forgiveness, will be ingrained in you, it will become a part of you.  You will no longer point to what ‘they did, to you,’ but you will stand-up in the light, of what ‘you are doing, for God.’  This is the answer.  This is The Way! 

“If you begin today... come the time ‘of celebration,’ come the Thanksgiving Day, you will feel lighter, in every way. 

“It is time to go to work.  You have been ‘in prison,’ too long!  You hold the key!  Now, it is the day to sing the song, and be free!” 

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 27, 2011
I AM Born
Again, Through
You, In What You
Think, And Say, And Do

   I  AM  with   you.    Feel  My  presence,  with  you.    For  each  one  of  you  who  will  embrace  Me,  I  live  in  you,  we  are  one.    I  will  walk  with you,  and  I  will  speak  with  you,  and  remind  you,  of  that  which  you  are  to  do.

“By a miracle set in place by God, Our Father, you give birth to Me every day.  I AM born again, through you, in what you think, and do, and say, when you embrace Me, and My presence.  And I thank you, for the knowing... and being willing... to speak My words.

“Thousands of years ago I walked in physical form.  I said many things, but I can assure you, that which I spoke, came from God The Father... and I said it often... ‘These are not My words, but the words of God, I AM delivering unto you this day.’  And my brothers and sisters, those of you hearing these words, or reading these words, you have the same ability! 

“Verily I say unto you, if you are thinking about it, if you have awakened to the touch of God, you will speak the words of God forsaking your own.  For no matter how eloquent a speaker you might be, your words will not hold the wisdom, of God, Our Father.  As it was the same for Me, I say it is the same for you.  The words I spoke are remembered, because they were, and are, of God!

“There are some misconceptions about some of the things I said.  It might even be... correct in saying... there are many misconceptions about the words I spoke.  And there was one time, when I said, ‘If you will lose your life, for the sake of Me, for My sake, you will gain it.  For the one who is willing to lose their life, lives.  They gain life.’  I spoke sometimes, in a way that, those who were willing to hear, and ready to hear, would accept, and know what I was saying.  The words often left others baffled and confused.  This did not mean that you had to... put yourself on a cross, and suffer death of the physical body, to follow Me.  It was so simple, it meant that you are thinking, and living, more in your eternal, spiritual body, then caring about the physical world.  And once you remember this, remember that you are an eternal child of God, you gain life, eternal life.  I showed you The Way.  It does not matter what anyone says or does to you. What matters is what your spirit is willing to rise-up and say to them, to do to them, to deliver to them; for in this way, you are the messenger of God, to those of Earth.

“I wish to give you an example, of what your life should be.  And that example exists, and lives today, in My earthly mother, Mary...  a very young woman, prepared to move into her adult life, as she was betrothed to Joseph, a very holy man.  It was already done; Joseph had come and asked for her hand.  It was set.  It was all in place, and in her dreams a life unfolding, about this, and that, and the other.  But then one day, she saw light forming in such a way that she had not seen before.  But she did not run, she embraced the light, and moved closer to the light.  And in observing the light, with an intent eye, she saw, beyond what her physical eyes would reveal.  She saw with the eyes of her spirit and her soul, and the angel... moved toward her... and told her... ‘Mary, do not be afraid.  God is with you.’  She heard the words. 

“The words must have been a surprise and a shock... for God was saying... that she would give birth to a child.  She did not offer excuses.  She did not say, ‘Can you wait a few months, it will be more appropriate then?’  She said, ‘Let it be done unto me, according to Thy will.’  That is what I mean by: ‘losing your life, for My sake;’ saying ‘Yes’ to the extraordinary, to the unbelievable, to that which is, possibly, not convenient, when trying to fit it into a schedule; being willing to say ‘Yes’ to God, to the messengers from God.

“And when the vision was gone, the angel... flying back to the throne of God, and the light slowly diminishing... there was a very young woman, standing confident, ‘knowing,’ her mission, ready to act, within the love of God.  This is your example.

“Once  you  embrace  the  light,  once  you  see  the  angel,  once  you  hear  the  words,  you  begin  to  live,  because  you  live  with  intention  and  purpose.    And  nothing  can  distract  you  from  your  mission,  because  it  is  holy,  and  ‘of  God.’    And  as  you  move  over  the  Earth  each  day,  God  is  working  through  you,  in  this  way.    In  this  way  you  are  assured  of  success  in  completing  your  mission,  because  you  are  being  guided  by  the  hand  of  God.    And  as  your  mission  unfolds,  you  smile,  remembering  you  knew  it  all  the  time!

“My  brothers  and  sisters,  do  not  be  hesitant,  and  do  not  be  afraid,  for  I  AM  with  you!”

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 4, 2011
Opportunities, To
Be The Light Of God,
And Joseph, An Example
Of How To Walk ‘The Way’

   I  AM  with   you.    I  bring  you...  peace...  which  settles  over every  soul  and  spirit  and  heart,  when  you  are  confident,  and  have  faith,  that  you  will  be  led,  by  the  hand  of  God.    This  is    The  Way...  to  live  a  life  of  peace...  upon  the  Earth...  not  being  distracted  by  the  temptations,  of  the  world;  yet,  waiting,  open,  and  trusting,  that  all  that  comes  to  you  is  yours...  it  is  yours  to  master...  no  matter  what  the  situation.    And  if  it  comes  knocking  upon  your  door,  you  have  the  tools  within  you,  and  you  will  receive  instructions  sufficient  to  master  every  situation,  in  the  light  of  God.    This  is  the  promise  of  God!    It  is  the  promise  of  faith,  and  it  is  fulfilled  within  commitment,  and  trust.

“I wish to tell you a story.  Some of you will recognize it as I go along, as one you have heard before; but listen... with an open heart... so you might hear... and know....  It is a story about Joseph, the man who taught Me: how to live, in the world; how to make a living, in the world; yet showed me strength of character, every day, as he trusted in God, and the ways of the angels, he was an example, of character, and strength, and great love.

“The story, which I wish to share with you, begins, before My birth.  And I will take you into the hillsides, to a place where living was hard, taxing, strenuous, sometimes difficult; but always doable, for those who loved God, and stayed in the light.

“Joseph... the man, watched Mary... a young woman, as she interacted with the community.  Most often, he watched from a distance, seeing her: laugh often, sing much, share what she had, show kindness to others, and he was always amazed, by the light, coming from her face.  He soon ‘fell in love,’ with this young woman, and his love was based on her character, on her caring, on her gentle ways. 

“So he did, as custom dictated, and went to her father, and asked for her hand, proving that he was capable of taking care of a wife, and the children that would surely come.  He told him of his means, and way to make a living, and convinced Mary’s father, that he would be a good match, for his daughter. 

“And it was announced.  They were betrothed.  The future seemed bright.  The woman he loved would soon be living with him.  They would make a family, and they would build a home, wherein God was at the center of all things. 

“But then, an ‘opportunity,’ presented itself, which seemed at first as betrayal.  Mary was found to be with child, and Joseph had not had relations, with this young woman.  His heart sank... ... ....  He could hardly breathe... ... ....  His eyes, once looking toward the sky, were downcast... .... ....  And he wept, for days!

“Joseph was a good man, so he chose, in his mind, not to embarrass the woman, or humiliate her, or put shame upon her, but to quietly go about what was the practice, divorce her, and move into the rest of his life.  These things were not appealing to him, and he was eating of ‘the apple of temptation,’ feeling betrayed, frustrated, confused, hurt. 

“And then, in a dream, the angel came, and said to him, ‘Do not be afraid to take Mary into your home.  This situation is ‘of Spirit.’  Mary shall give birth, and it will be a Son, and you are to name Him, Jesus.  And He will do much, and He will wash away all iniquity.  He will be ‘forgiveness,’ living, walking, accomplishing the mission God sent Him to do; but directed every day, by the words, by what you say, and do.  Joseph, this is ‘of God.’  Take Mary, into your home!’

“Joseph woke from the dream, and his commitment to God brought him to a place where there was no doubt, no fear.  All the temptations of the world were washed from him.  He went immediately, and brought Mary to his home, and they were together.

“Left to ‘the ways of the world,’ that would be the end of the story, for Mary and Joseph, and I would have not had the honor, and privilege, of being raised upon the Earth, by a man so committed to, and trusting in, God.  I would have not ‘known,’ a man whose life was dictated by the angels, who ministered to him, trusting that he was receiving the word of God, and moving into the world in accordance therewith, even when it seemed to be in direct opposition to the ways of the world.

“And that was not the last encounter Joseph would have with God’s holy messengers.  My earthly father was visited many times, touched by angels, saying, ‘Go here, go there.  Rise-up, and take the woman and the children, there is danger!’  And every time, he had the faith... to act, in the light of God... not to question, and not to stay awash in the energies of the temptations.  He was able to overcome... betrayal, confusion, doubt, fear, indignation... without attaching... shame, misery, guilt, or other such energies, to the situation.  What altered ‘the matter,’ was the man’s ‘faith’... that if it came to him, he would master it, through the direction of God, and angels, ministering to him.

“And as My life upon Earth unfolded, his life unfolded as well.  And I saw him, as he moved, and talked, and laughed, and worked.  And I can assure you, his life was filled with distractions, and temptations; but I can also assure you, that he ‘did not, bite the apple.’

“He relied on God!  He was the light of God!  He obeyed, without question, and this led him to a good life, confident, always, that he was doing the will of God.  And My brothers and sisters, your life can be the same! 

“I concede, that you might have, in the present or past, experienced things that were distasteful, issues, that left on their own, could convince you that you were ‘right,’ in being angry or upset, being sorrowful, or held in the grip of grief.  But that is not The Way. 

“The Way is to encounter each situation, by bringing the light of God, to light-up every corner of it, to be ‘the beautiful and glorious power of God, upon Earth,’ to use the tools of The Holy Spirit, every time, you have an opportunity to do so.  The first time, the second time, the third time might take some work, practice.  But I promise you this, the more you commit to doing it, the easier it becomes, and you will find you are laughing, singing, joyful, because you are confident, that no matter what comes to you, you will be the light of God!  You will impress... God... upon people you don’t even know; and you will amaze people who know and love you, with the love of God, coming through you. 

“I saw it, in My earthly father, and I hold him up today, still blessing him, for the things that he did, and the words that he would say.  And My sisters and brothers, you can do the same!  Listen to the angels, whether they come to you in a whisper, in a tree, in a cloud, in a dream, or in a vision, full and rich.  They are standing ready, to give direction, to minister unto, those of you, who will say, ‘God, I wish to do your will, today.  So, let it be.  Amen’.”  

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 11, 2011
The Way
Into The Age Of
The Holy Spirit Of God

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come  to  you  in  a  special  way,  as  you  prepare  for  a  day  to  celebrate  My  birth,  upon  the Earth.   As you walk through this time, referred to as ‘Advent,’ I have been speaking to you about: ‘visions;’ ‘the gift, of knowing;’ ‘paying attention to dreams;’ and, ‘embracing the words, you receive from God, and the angels all around you;’ for, these things, made The Way clear, for My birth, and life, upon Earth.

“Being open: to visions, to the gift of knowing, to dreams, to words of guidance and prophecy, creates... the atmosphere... wherein miracles abound, thrive, producing wonders and amazement, far beyond that which human beings are capable of doing on their own.  I say this to you today, because My birth upon the Earth would have been impossible without those who are willing to be led by the signs.  They followed.  They were led.  And I was born, and lived, so that I could complete My mission upon Earth. 

“Understand today, as important as those who were involved in My arrival upon the Earth are to the total picture and the story of the Nativity and Christmas, so are you... to the continuation of creation... and the miracles which will abound around you, if you ‘open to,’ that which is available to you!

“My mother saw the vision, and heard the words, and embraced them, and followed.  My father was open to that which came to him in dreams, and heard the message, and followed.  Elizabeth was open to the gift of knowing, and her husband too... accepted the vision of the angel, and in this way, he knew, his wife would give birth.  All these things are of great importance, but so are the gifts, given, unto you! Use your gifts, and you will be led to see the visions, hear the words, understand the dreams, and accept the messages which come to you.  In quiet, when you are still, you will awaken and come to know.  In quiet... you will rise-up... and follow.

“After My birth, there were three wise men, they came from the East, and they were intelligent.  They held vast knowledge, of the world.  They studied the stars.  It was a very important science in those days, astronomy, knowing the patterns of the stars and where everything was going, they could read the sky, and know, what tomorrow would bring; but these men did not limit their knowledge to that which was just around them, they opened their minds, so that they might be filled with the knowledge of different civilizations and cultures.  They also knew, that the changing of the age, would be marked, by a sign.  And they knew, by the gift of knowing, that the sign would come in the heavens, in the skies about them, when the planets were aligned in such a way, that a light would be created, because of this alignment.  And they knew they would follow this light.  The light seemed as a star; but it did not act as a star; still, they followed. 

“There was much preparation for the trip.  They talked about it.  ‘Should we go?  Is this it?  Is this the sign?  Will this light, will this star, lead us, to The One who is talked about in the prophecy?  Will we be led to see... The One, The Deliver, The Ruler... of Israel?’  They asked these questions amongst themselves, and decided... that they would not ‘know these things’... if it were not for them to do.  So they set aside their doubts, and they prepared for the journey.  They gathered gifts, because they knew it would be appropriate, something within them was saying, ‘These gifts are significant, they are signs.  Gather with you, and take them, each one, selecting which will be your gift.  The gifts are to be gold... and frankincense... and myrrh....’  These things they ‘knew!’

“‘The gift of knowing,’ was within each of them; but they were also open to dreams, and that which they knew and read in the dreams.  The dreams were clear signs to them, just as the stars and the moon and the sun in the sky; for, the dreams were the heavens, within them, giving sure path information, just as the stars and the sun and the moon marked the changing of the days, and the months, and the year, they knew, and they watched, and they were vigilant, and they were open, and the sign came, and they all knew it!  As the planets aligned, there was a light created in the heavens, that could not be denied, and it began to move, and they said, ‘Come.  Let us follow, this star!’

“The journey was not easy, but still they came.  They made it all the way to Bethlehem.  But first, they stopped in Jerusalem, asking questions, and directions, and then, when word reached Herod that they had come into the city of Jerusalem, seeking The Child who was to be The Ruler of Israel, he called them.  He summoned the wise men, the Magi, and he said to them, ‘When you find this child, return and tell me, where I too can find Him, for this is the fulfillment of the prophecy, and I wish to go pay Him homage as well.’  And the three men left. 

And shortly thereafter, they arrived at Bethlehem, and were welcomed by My mother, and My earthly father.  And they set before them, three gifts: gold... frankincense... and myrrh! 

But before they could depart, they had a dream! And within the dream... came the message, strong and true... ‘Do not return to Herod!  Return home a different way!’

“They actually stayed for a number of days, speaking to Joseph, talking to Me, although they did not think I could understand them, singing songs, and being filled with the heavenly power, of the light of God, flowing through Me, and My earthly mother, and Joseph. 

“They were filled, with the light of God.  Their quest was fulfilled.  They were complete.  They were happy.  And, they were filled with wisdom.  They returned home, completely changed, still very wise men, but now filled, with The Spirit of God!

“It was not too long after that, that My father was told in a dream, ‘Joseph, wake-up quickly, and take the child and Mary, and go into Egypt.’  He did not question.  But because of the visit, of the wise men, from the East, he had the gold, he had the frankincense, and he had the myrrh.  The gold would provide that which we needed as a family to make our way into Egypt, until the time was right, and he was told again, to return.

“This is how important, listening... to your dreams... is!  I say, ‘is,’ because... as it was important then, to My continuation upon the Earth, it is important now... today, to the fulfillment of your mission as well!  For, as I was led, by My Father’s hand, and My earthly father’s willingness to go, and follow, you too will be led, if you open to the signs! 

“The wise men watched, and saw the new time was beginning, and came to see Who would mark, and herald, the beginning of this new age.  And their lives were better for it.  And because they followed, My earthly life, along with that of My mother and My father, our lives were better for it, too! 

“I tell you this, because it is no different with you.  Be open to that which comes to you, and do not set it aside: as coincidence, or something funny, or something strange, or weird, or something that the world, would not tell you to do.

“If you are fortunate enough to hold The Gift of Knowing, in such a strong and sure way, that you recognize it, use it! 

“If you have visions, or hear the words, or see the signs in your dreams, do not avoid these things, these words that come to you, will lead you, where you are to do.  Use the gifts!  As My life was made better, by the signs from the heavenly kingdom, your life, too, will be better.  You will be reborn every day, following these signs.  If you have a dream, that shows you going somewhere, you know you are ready to go!  If an angel comes to you, in a vision, and says, ‘Be not afraid.  This is the time for you to do this, or that.’ hold that, as a promise, filled with confidence, that it is yours to do.

“This I tell you, so your life will be more rewarding upon the Earth.  See, and begin to understand, and read, every chance you get, those portions of the book known as the Bible, and you will see... the circumstances... and all the people... who followed: visions, and dreams, and knowing, and prophetic words, of angelic beings.  This is important, and it is just as important today, as it was at the time of My birth! 

“I say unto you, the wings of The Holy Spirit of God are spread-out, over all of the inhabitants upon Earth, willing to take you, into a new time, into a new place! 

“The birth of The Age Of The Holy Spirit is within each of you, and a great celebration is about to take place!  Pay attention!  Watch for the signs!  Be vigilant, and walk into the new day, with confidence, for you are born, upon the Earth; yet, you too... are a child... of God!” 

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 18, 2011
Let It Be
Done,  Unto  Me,
According  To  Thy  Will,
And I Will Be Born, Within You

   I  AM  with   you.    As surely, as the sound of footsteps, announce the approach of another, you feel My presence, drawing near you.  I AM ever near you; but on the day of waking, when you begin to understand how Heaven works with Earth, you begin to feel Me with you. 

“It was not My intention to mislead any of you when I walked upon the Earth, yet there were things that I said, that were not comprehended, and still, are found puzzling, by those who read The Words.  But I say to you, that I AM with you.  Feel My presence with you now, for once it is accomplished, your life will be changed, forever.

“Thousands of years ago, an aging man, entered a temple, a place which he had entered many times in his lifetime, and this time he expected to be the same as all others.  But this time, the angel came, and announced to him that his wife would have a child.    At first, he could not accept that which the angel delivered unto him.  Still, it was done, according to the will of God.  He saw the vision, he heard the words, and he was amazed!

“There was a very young woman, beautiful, beginning her life, ready for the step of marriage, and all the things that she would enjoy and experience in her lifetime, seemed set before her, as she imagined they would be.  And when she was least expecting, there came unto her the vision of great light, and from within the light, there appeared an angelic being, and the being said to her, “... you shall be with child.”  And she did not protest.  She accepted the message.  She saw the vision and heard the words, and said, “Yes!”

“There was a man, in good standing in the community, who felt ‘he had been betrayed.’  And in this state of confusion and betrayal, he had a dream... and within the dream... the angel came... and delivered a message.  And when he rose-up from sleep, he did what most in the world would not do.  He accepted that which seemed impossible... because of:  what he dreamed... the message... the angel.

“Very wise men, those who ‘knew,’ those who: studied the knowledge of the stars; could map the planets; and could say when to sow, when to do this, and when to do that, according to the signs in the sky; they had the gift... of ‘Knowing,’ they knew... there would be a sign... to mark a most significant occurrence upon the Earth.  And when the sign came in the heavens... they acted upon it: and made a journey, a very long journey, delivering gifts, acknowledging The Birth.

“A group of men, in the hillsides of Bethlehem, shared an experience of wonder, as lights descended, all around them, like a cascading, glowing river, swaying and changing, and finally, showing themselves as angelic beings, heralding the new time, the new day, the new birth, the delivery... of The New Covenant of Love. 

“This is not the beginning: of dreams, of visions, of those knowing.  It does not even include all who knew, and saw, and heard.  But these are all examples, of what it took, and the strength and belief of many, to accomplish my birth upon the Earth.  For, Zachariah, in the temple, ‘knew,’ because he accepted God’s message from an angel; and his wife gave birth to the herald, the one who would announce My coming.  Mary believed, and saw, and accepted the sign; and there was the conception, within the belief, within the acceptance.  Joseph was guided to go against the ways of the world, into the ways of Heaven, and he did so.  Elizabeth knew, before the announcement, that Mary carried a child within her.  The wise men had studied for a long time, the Magi, and they came too, to see this Child, who would be The Living Word of God upon Earth.  The shepherds were summoned.  The courts were established.  They would come from all different places.  They would be drawn, by slightly different beliefs, still at the core, of this great time, was The Child, the utterance of God upon Earth.  There were animals and people, some in grand places, and some in what were considered rather lowly stations.  And there were whispers from the angels, which kept My family in a place, where they could continue living.  The angels guided The Wise Men back home, without speaking to Herod.  My life was spared, because My father listened to the angel, and took us into Egypt.  The means to do this, having the gold, having what it took to depart, and live for a period of time, was the gift of the Magi.  It was all taken care of, the plan unfolded, but it took people in place to believe ‘in dreams,’ to accept what they heard in ‘the whispers of eternity,’ to ‘embrace angelic beings,’ and to ‘honor, the gift of knowing,’ as it is truly being taught by God. 

“And because these people set aside ‘the ways of the world,’ recognized the signs from the Heavenly Kingdom and looked into the eternal present, of God, I was born, and lived, to complete My mission.  And My message, to you today, whether you are hearing these words, or reading these words, is... ‘You can do the same!’ 

“You can be the aging man in the temple!  You can be the young woman saying, “Yes!”  You can be, the man, well thought of by the community, being guided to do what is right, and good, in the sight of God, without concern!  You can be one filled with knowledge, yet open to the wisdom of God, finding great events, in what you know!  You can stand with the shepherds, with the trees on the grasses, and be amazed at the wonders you will see!

“You can receive your direction every day, if you are willing.  And in this way, I will be born within you, every day!  And with vigilance, you will be guided, and I will continue to live with you!  You see, the beautiful miracle of My birth, continues, within you!  I can be born, in you, and live in you!  Read the signs, accept the signs, do not run from them!

“This is what I wish to say to you today, as you search The Book, The Bible, as you look and see, you will look and see, in a new way.  And then understand, the time of miracles is not over, the time of miracles is at hand!  Be watchful and vigilant.  Pay attention, and you will know.  The signs will come to you, and the more they come, the more opportunities you have to know, and read the signs.

“All that is required, the first step, is to sit quietly, and say, “God, I am here upon the Earth, and I am ready.  Teach me.  Show me The Way!”  And then, do not be surprised by what is delivered unto you.  It might not be ‘the way, of the world;’ but it will be ‘The Way, of God!’

“The messages will come.  The visions will come.  The dreams will come.  And the gift of knowing, will settle more profoundly, within you... . 

“All you have to do is say... ‘Yes!  Let it be done unto me, according to Thy will, God... 

“ ...and I will be born, within you!”
Sunday Sermons
Dec. 25, 2011
You Have Been
Given, The Gift, Of
Life, And It Is Eternal Life

   I  AM  with   you.    The  beautiful  and  amazing  truth...  is  that...   I  AM  with  you  forever.    If you will begin to embrace this truth, you will be led... into understanding... and comprehending... eternal life.  And to help you achieve this wisdom, I would like you, each one of you, each one of you either hearing these words, or hearing these words, to sit down, and be still; for I have brought three gifts to give you today... a Christmas celebration!  And these gifts will help you, on your journey to understanding eternal life, so that you might celebrate every day.

“I give you the first gift, and I ask you, to open the gift slowly, pulling the end of the ribbon, with a precious intention, of ‘embracing that gift which is inside.’  It is the gift of ‘Peace.’  And if you will take one deep breath, and receive the gift I give you, you will feel peace, move into you, moving all through you, finding a home, at the core of your heart.  For I tell you, the day I was born in flesh, made My entrance upon the Earth, it was in a place of peace.  You must be at peace... to comprehend and understand... the beautiful miracles, all around you.

“Quiet, tranquil, presence of peace; this is how I came into the world, in a peaceful place, on a silent night, with animals all around, and the sounds of the countryside, for a lullaby.  Peace!  It is one of the gifts I give you this day.  Cherish it, in every way.

“Oh, here is the second gift I bring, a gift suited for a king... or a pauper... or a businessman... or a carpenter... ‘Love.’  Love abides in a peaceful heart.  Love grows, when there is peace, and serenity.  It does not take much for you to imagine the place of My birth, coming to feel the peace that was there, knowing that there was great love in the air; love passing from mother to child, to a man who would be My earthly father in every way, caring for Me every day, building a home, in our hearts, as well as a dwelling, upon the Earth.  In that place of peace there was great love.  It’s the type of love that you will find, once you have opened your heart, to peace.

“The third gift cannot be held within a box, or tied-up with a ribbon or string.  It seems to have no beginning and no end.  It is the gift of ‘Light.’  For once you are peace, and once you are love, you are light!  The place of My birth had no electricity, it had no lanterns, with wicks; but there was light, from the heavens, and from within each of us.  The presence of peace and love, brought forth, the light of God!

“I bring to each of you these three gifts today: Peace, and Love, and Light.   These gifts will bring you... ‘Joy!’  And I AM not speaking of the loud, party-making kind of joy.  I AM speaking of that tranquil, serene, peaceful, joy that is known only by a heart, filled with contentment.  I have given you My gifts.  (And I ask you now,) as you hold them, as they are before you, I hope you will open each one, and take them into you; let them settle there!  This morning, if you will breathe deeply, right now, you will come to realize, that: you are at peace; you feel, the love; and you are filled, with light.  Go forth this day in celebration.  You have been given the gift of life, from God Our Father.  You hold peace, and love, and light within you.  And The Holy Spirit will deliver unto you, all wisdom, if you will open, and receive it.  You have all you need.  Now, go out, and enjoy... Earth... as it was meant to be.  And be at peace!”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 1, 2012
If You
Stay Connected
With Me, All Will Be
Right... With The World

   I  AM  with   you.    I  stand  with  you,  in  the  threshold,  of  a  new  year!   

“It is all before you... opportunity... opportunity... think of it! 

“What would you do, if... you were given a year, to do the work of God... you were given the opportunity, to bless every challenge and obstacle in your way, as a sacred lesson? 

“What if you were given the opportunity to touch every person you meet, with the love of God, only, without judgment, without criticism?  What if... this... were possible?   
“It is.    It is now.    It is now, in this eternal present, that you are given the opportunity by God, to deliver... the love of God: to Earth; to the things of Earth; to the people of Earth; to the rocks, and mountains, and trees, and rivers, and valleys of Earth.  It is yours.  And if you will sit a while, and think of it, you will be giddy with delight, because it is not just possible, it is reality, and it is yours!

Therefore, if it is your intention... to bring light... to this new year... I will tell you how to bring dazzling brightness to the year... and it is not difficult to do; it is quite simple, really... the answer is to... stay connected... with God! 

“You see, it’s not about the argument that you have with Jack, or the disagreement with Sue, or the frustration you have with this government or that government, or the problems with your children, or your family members.  It’s not about any of these things.  It’s about your connection with God; because, if you stay connected, The Power of God, The Love of God, The Light of God, all the goodness of The Kingdom of Heaven, will be within you, will flow through you.  And you will be able to... walk... over the Earth, undisturbed, and in balance, when all about you there appears to be floundering, and chaos, and confusion.

“Every day, when you rise-up, remind yourself, say it aloud, write it down, if necessary, but come to ‘know,’ this, because it is a choice you will make, sometimes one hundred times a day: with every thought, with every action, with every word, you make a choice!  You make these choices even if you are watching television, driving a car, or speaking with another individual.  You make the choice... to go into, or to react, to the energies they are creating, or to stand in the light of God. 

“God would not choose to argue with Jack.  God would not choose to be angry with Sue.  God waits, patiently, to see what you will do.  And when you begin to do this, with everything around you, you will be amazed.  Stay connected with God.  And when someone comes to you, carrying an argument, maybe wanting to fight with you, stay connected, and refuse to go into their energy.    Use  the  power  of  God,  to be at peace within yourself.  For you see, that is ‘their frustration.’  Do not be ‘tempted,’ to go into it.  Be still, and you will feel the power of God move into you, more profoundly than you have felt it before, because you are making ‘the choice,’ you are turning ‘on the light switch,’ you are ‘using the power of God.’

“Often, the power of God is left unused, dormant within you.  But this year, turn the switch on.  Connect.  Refuse to react, and choose to act, with the love, and the power, of God!

“Now at first, you will have to remind yourself, and sometimes you will slip, and catch yourself midstream.  But the beauty of it all, is all you have to do, is stop, and connect,  ‘God,  be  with  me,’  and you will find that your desire to strike back with words, or try to force an issue, will begin to slip away, because you are satisfied with the food, with the manna, that you are receiving from God.  You are content, within the power of God.  And the most amazing thing happens when you commit to do this.  Those who have been a source of irritation, are not at all that way anymore, because you see them, as: out of balance; not whole; needing the light of God to bring them peace.  And oftentimes all you have to do is to walk into a room, bringing God with you... and there... is peace.

“You will not have stress this year, if you can do this.  If you can only ‘try to do it,’ because in the trying, you will begin to ‘master it,’ and soon you will find, or even question in your mind, ‘Why did I ever spend my energy arguing, fighting, being frustrated with others, when the most important thing I could do, was to connect with God, and be at Home?’

“If you will do this, this year, next year, on December 31st, you will take a deep breath, and wonder why you ever thought it was so difficult, because the ease... and the pleasure... and the fulfillment... of walking upon the Earth, connected with God, will fill you with delight, and be your source of comfort, day and night!

“I am ready to walk with you.  And if you will take My hand, we will take the first step over the threshold into the new day.  And whenever you have a doubt, or are tempted to confusion, squeeze My hand, and you will know... I AM with you... forever...

“I AM with you!”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 8, 2012
An Extension
Of God’s Love, Upon
The Earth, I Deliver Peace

   I  AM  with   you.    And  today,  I  AM  going  to  tell  you,  how  you  can  be  an  instrument  of  peace,  upon  the  Earth... 

“Domination, and force, and warfare, cannot, and will not, deliver true peace, to the people of Earth.  Domination, might, for a while, create a state of cease-fire, where the bullets are no longer flying, nor the bombs dropping, nor the soldiers dying; but my brothers and sisters, this state of tension and stress, and fear, is not peace; for peace cannot be dictated.  It springs forth from within the heart, and the soul, and the spirit, of those walking upon the Earth. 

“You are looking for peace... in all the wrong places; it is within... and it is there... it will grow.

“When you are isolate, and separated, and alone, you are... not fully connected to God... you are struggling: to maintain your position, to hold on to what you believe is yours, and possibly even to take that which belongs to another.  And when you are separated, from the power and the love and the glory of God, there is true desperation, you do not feel in balance, there is agitation and stress.  Peace cannot abide in such a place.  Peace will be delivered by the few who are willing to set their will, their ego, aside, and connect, so fully with the power of God, that they deliver... God’s love to Earth... it flows through them.  That is what peace will look like, that is what peace will feel like; God, flowing through each person... onto the Earth.

“It will begin with a few, who have awakened to such a degree, that they find it easy not to enter into arguments, or get angry, or get frustrated, and this will save them from chaos and confusion, because they will move over the Earth connected to God.  It is they... who will deliver... peace.

“I would like to ask you a question.  When someone approaches you, at a gathering, and greets you, by saying, “Hello,” do you extend your hand and say, ‘Hello, I am Sue Smith,’ or, ‘I am Dr. Gray,’ or, ‘I own a construction firm in town, I am David Green?’  I ask you this question, because... how you identify yourself shows... who you think you are, and what you do; it defines how you operate in the world.  What if you defined yourself first... as an extension of God’s love upon the Earth?  When you are able to put that concept before any other form of identification, you will begin to think, and speak, and act differently, and your connection to God will grow stronger with each passing day, and with every encounter.  And as your connection to God grows stronger, you will become the peacemaker, delivering God’s love to Earth, and all who abide with her.
“I would like you to try something this week.  It is the first step toward delivering peace upon Earth.  It is an easy thing to do, but if you will do it often, through the coming week, you will be changed forever!  Yes, it will have that profound an effect upon you, and Earth, and all that you have touched in the coming week.  When you meet someone, greet them with a smile, saying, ‘Hello,’ and then, within your being, in silence, make this statement, ‘I am an extension of God’s love upon the Earth.’ 

“You do not need to say it aloud to the person.  You can say it upon your heart... but when you keep declaring it, first and foremost, before saying your name or your occupation, you will find that, at the end of the week, you are actually beginning to believe... that you are an extension of God’s love upon the Earth!  And this recognition will bring a change in how you think, and speak, and act.  You will become... peace... living, upon the Earth, because you will be delivering God’s love to Earth.  And you do not have to wait to meet someone, say it as many times as you think about it.  Possibly you might think, oh once a day, or twice a day, I will say this.  But I encourage you, say it often to yourself, so it becomes ingrained in your memory, because that is what you are, that is who you are, that is what you do.  The miracles... of God... are within you... but you must awaken to who you are, and what you do, to experience this amazing, eternal life.

“This week, take the first steps towards being a peacemaker, one who delivers peace.  Say often, say it so often you begin to ‘know it,’ and I will be saying it with you... 

‘I am an extension... of God’s love... upon the Earth.  I deliver peace’!”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 15, 2012
The Power
And The Glory
Of God... You Are An
Extension Of God’s Love,
You  Are  A  Child  Of  God

   I  AM  with   you.   

“I  AM  with  you...  so  that  you  might  know...  The  Way...  and  continue  your  journey,  every  day,  with  confidence! 

“I want you to know... The Power... and The Glory... of God! 

“I want you to realize... the power in ‘knowing:’ that... you, yes you, are an extension of God’s love, upon the Earth; that you, yes you, are a child of God! 

“Knowing these things will brace you, when you encounter loneliness and a broken heart, doubt and confusion.  Knowing these things will prepare you for an encounter with one who is in the company of mean spirits.  For when you are in the company of one, who is speaking harshly, whose words are riddled with meanness, all you have to do is be present.  You do not have to rebuke, you do not have to challenge, you do not have to correct.  For when you are the extension of God’s love upon the Earth, your presence... delivers love! 

“When you know you are a child of God, you are ready to walk in the world, and no longer be ‘tempted,’ by the things of the world.  There is a great illustration of this in the Bible.  It was after I had been in the desert for forty days, preparing Myself, withdrawing from the world and connecting with God.  But it was important, that I meet the test, seize the opportunity to show, that I realized and knew, I was the extension of God’s love upon the Earth, I was a child of God, and I had a mission. 

“You do not send one, who has just learned to walk, out to run the marathon, to face an endurance of many miles.  Nor do you send one to face the temptations of the world, without strengthening them, preparing The Way.  And so, as I came out of the desert, I was met immediately with a test, with worldly temptations.  Oh I was tempted, I was hungry, My body, My physical body was hungry.  And the one of darkness said, ‘I will give you food.’  I knew I was a child of God, and the one of darkness said, ‘If you are The Son of God, throw yourself down and the angels will catch you.’  I felt alone, knowing this was My mission, it was mine to do, and the one of darkness said, ‘Everything of Earth is yours.’  And knowing, that I was the extension of God’s love upon the Earth, that I was the child of God, brought Me to a place of confidence, and I said, ‘Be gone from Me.  I see the temptation.  I AM ready to walk into the world.’

“The temptations, if you pay attention to what I said, or comprehend what you will read in the Bible, were temptations of ‘worldly things:’ food; a temptation toward vanity and pride, having to prove who you are; and then, all that the world has to offer.  And you see, My mission was not about what the world had to offer.  My mission is about delivering The Kingdom of God to the world.  It is backward from what the tempter was offering.  Know this, and you will be confident.  You will understand, and you will come to realize the power, the power in saying, just saying it.  When you say, ‘I am an extension of God’s love upon the Earth,’ you cannot walk in the world without forgiving, all those around you, and yourself.  You are delivering God’s love.  It will change your life and it will change the lives of those around you.  You cannot walk into the world, saying, ‘I am a child of God,’ and deliver anything but compassion and understanding, kindness. 

“If you will use these two sentences, these... two powerful tools... you will bless the Earth, and all around you will see, that you are walking upon the Earth, moving into the world, but you are of The Kingdom of God, that you are... delivering love, that you truly are... a child of God.”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 22, 2012
Another’s Intentions,
Criticizing, Or Gossiping,
Will Lead You Directly Into
The  Darkness  Of  Judgment

   I  AM  with   you.    I  reach-out  My  hand,  and  say,  ‘Come,  walk  with  Me.’    I  sit  down  beside  you,  and  say,  ‘Come,  talk  with  Me.’    I  put  My  hands  on  your  aching  head,  and  say,  ‘Come,  rest  with  Me,  when  you  are  sick,  or  tired.    I  AM  there,  with  you,  when  you  are  in  need. 

“I AM always with you; for, as I have returned to The Kingdom of Heaven, I remind you: The Kingdom is at hand... it is with you... it is near to you... but you cannot see it, because your eyes are sealed, with the seal of the world; but once you remove the seal of the world, you see... as God sees... The Kingdom of Heaven... in all its glory, with you, present, now, today!  But to experience Heaven, upon Earth: you must free yourself of the things that weigh you down; you must fly on the wings of The Holy Spirit, and use only The Gifts, as you encounter each situation of the day, as you meet each person, along the way.  For this, and only this, is The Way... to see Heaven... and walk upon the Earth.

“I will tell you something... so that it might help you... to avoid the heavier energies.  You know, judgment is heavy and harsh.  You know also, that when you are judging another, you feel heavy and harsh, you are not light, you are not compassion and understanding, nor are you kindness.  Judgment – is as an anvil – heavy – an unmovable object.

“I want you to be mindful of the slippery slope, into the web of judgment.  Questioning another’s intentions, criticism of another, gossiping, or listening to gossip about another, will lead you directly into the arms of judgment, and that is not where you want to be.  As you move through these steps, leading to the doorway of judgment, you find you feel heavier, and heavier, as you go.  Once you know this, you can begin to practice, and stop short, thinking this instead: ‘I wish to be connected to God, not connected to this story, or that story, about another.’  These things are tempting you away from your connection with God; they are distracting you, from your purpose.

“I want to paint a picture for you, so that you understand this clearly.  Let us say that there is a gathering, of all faiths, in a large city.  Everyone is coming together in communal worship, forgetting their differences, coming to sing the same song, so God will hear them united.  The plan for this has gone on for over a year, and it’s finally fulfilled.  The people have all gathered in one large stadium.  It’s going to be a glorious event. 

“But there is one woman, who walks in and takes her seat, dressed appropriately, ready to sing, and then, her eye catches a young man, coming in, in blue jeans and a tee shirt, and her mind quickly raises a question, ‘Didn’t he know any better?  Didn’t he have any better clothing?  What is he doing here dressed that way?’  And in falling into the hands, of this shadowy energy of questioning another’s intention, she’s been distracted from her connection with God.  Her light is dimmed.

Another person is sitting in this congregation, and their eyes fall on a woman, approaching hesitantly, looking for a seat.  And the man thinks, ‘What is she doing here?  She has chosen a profession that is unclean, yet she comes amongst us.’  And in giving-in to the shadowy energy of criticism of another, this man is distracted, from his connection with God.

“And still, in another place in this large gathering, there is another woman, who is sitting there, and her eye falls upon a gentleman, who is coming in, shoulders back, head high, going to the front of the gathering of people, to find a seat, and she quickly recalls the town gossip, and how he not only cheats his wife, but all of his customers and patrons.  And at that moment, she too is distracted from God, giving her energy to the shadowy energy of gossip.

“Each of these things will lead quickly to judgment, and it takes away from your time with God.  It affects many parts of your life... and in so doing you do not feel light, or bright.  It’s like putting a basket... over your light.

“I share this with you.  Over two thousand years ago, when I walked upon the Earth, I came, not to change any of the law, not ever, I came as the fulfillment of the law, so that that age could be closed, and another opened, unchanging it, letting it stand as it was, a time of its own, a time of great people upon the Earth, a time of great teaching and learning.  I did not come to change the law.  I came to fulfill the law.  Yet there were those, who, like the three people we just spoke about at the gathering of worship, took part in shadowy energy, which led them to quick judgment.

“There I was, sent from God, to deliver the covenant of love.  But there were those, in the synagogue, along the highways, and on the hillsides: who questioned My intention, ‘Is He from God, or is He from the devil?’ who criticized Me, ‘Look, He sits with the tax collectors, and the prostitutes!’ and they gossiped about Me, ‘See, He drinks wine, He works on the Sabbath!’  These things were in their hearts, and whispered from their lips.  And these shadowy energies, led them into judgment, harsh, and dark.

“I share these things with you, so that you might free yourself, free yourself of the shadowy energies, so that you might avoid the dark energies, so that you might recognize it when it comes tapping on your shoulder, so that you might immediately say, ‘Get thee behind me.  I know who you are.  I choose to be connected to God.  I choose to reject the shadowy energies, which lead to the arms of judgment.’

“You will be – amazed – at the freedom, at the lightness.  You will be amazed at the happiness that fills your heart, and the song that will fall from your lips, because you will not become entangled in the lives of others.  You will ride the wings of The Holy Spirit.  You will soar amongst the stars, and you will shine as brightly as the sun. 

“Walk  upon  the  Earth,  knowing  you  are  a  child  of  God.   Understand  there  will  be  temptations,  but  know  this,  you  can  walk  through  anything,  you  can  encounter  anything,  or  anyone,  and  not  become  enmeshed  in  the  energies,  or  the  lives,  of  others,  simply  by  using  the  gifts  of  The  Holy  Spirit. 

“Choose  compassion  and  understanding  and  kindness,  over  questioning,  and  criticism,  and  gossip,  and  you  will  free  yourself  of  judgment...  forever!”