Sunday Sermons
April 22, 2012
This Week,
Be  Kind,  Be
C o m p a s s i o n,
Simple Steps Marking
The Way... To Perfection

   I  AM  with   you!    Let  us  sit,  in  The  Garden  together.    Let  us  watch  as  the  day  begins,  unfolds,  and  then  gives  way  to  night.    Let  us  study  together,  the  importance,  and  the  great  quality,  in  kindness  and  compassion.    Let  us  think  on  these  things,  as  we  sit,  and  pray.

“When  it  is  your  desire,  when  it  is  your  intention,  to  follow  The  Way,  at  the  moment  the  desire,  springs  forth  in  your  heart,  and  the  moment  the  intention  is  set  within  you,  you  choose  the  road  less  traveled,  the  pathway  with  fewer  who  cross  over  it.

“The  followers  of  The  Way  are  marked;  the  sign...  is  the  words;   the  sign...  is  the  deeds;  the  sign...  is  ‘of  God.’ 

“I want to speak to you, today, about the importance of the words you say, and the things you do; for they mark you; but the most important thing is that the blessings of words, or the blessings of deeds, hold great significance, create Heaven... upon Earth... for those who ‘know, what they are doing!’ 

“In kindness... you come to find joy.  In compassion... you come to find peace.  For, when you measure your words, speaking only words which seem as the gift of God to world-weary ears, you bless the Earth, and you bless all things around you; but the greatest blessing is within you, because at the moment you choose the words of kindness, God’s power and light and love flow through you, and you are the source, of kindness!  And whenever you measure your deeds, so that they are the deeds ‘of God,’ you realize peace; you are at peace with yourself, with those around you... and the most important thing is... you are at peace with God, Our Father. 

“Kindness and compassion deliver peace, they deliver joy.  Wherever you find kindness and compassion: you find laughter, smiles, dancing; you find those who know the glory of God, through ‘the gift,’ they give to each other.

“Sometimes, as you walk upon the Earth, you find that certain things are more suitable to certain age groups, or they’re more suitable, or appear to be more suitable, for a woman, or for a man, or for a child;  but delivering ‘kindness,’ and being ‘of compassion,’ does not know an age: it is appropriate for any age, for a man, woman, or child; it does not require book learning; it does not require that you come from a certain part of the world, or a country, or even a certain part of town; the only requirement... is that you make the decision... and you set your intention... to be kind, and compassionate.

“So, hopefully, now you say to yourself, ‘That is what I am going to be.  This coming week especially, I‘m going to begin, I’m going to be kind, I’m going to be compassionate.’  But then My brothers and sisters, to walk The Way, you must take it one step further; for what good will it do, you to be kind or compassionate to those who are kind and compassionate to you?  The true sign of walking The Way, is that: you decide you will be kindness; you will be compassion, without restriction, without qualification, without limitation.  Your kindness, and your compassion, will know no boundary.  And then, My brothers and sisters, with this decision, with this intention, your kindness will fall, as a gentle spring rain, touching all, no matter what their disposition.  And your compassion will come, as the sweet warmth of the sun, touching all around you.  And then, you will be perfect... in this way... as God is perfect!  These are the steps to perfection... this is The Way... for: God does not limit the rain to fall on only the just, the rain falls on all; God does not limit who feels the rays of the sun, or sees the beautiful twinkling stars in the dark sky, these things are set in place, and they are, and they bless all, because they are... the creation of God... rain, and sun, and stars.

“Think on this, this week.  Do not save or reserve your kindness, for those who have been kind to you.  Expand the circle of kindness.  Let it ring, through all that you do.  Have compassion for those who seem to have none for others.  Be kindness.  Be compassion.  And you will be as the rain, and the sun, and stars, to those of Earth.  And they will say, as you go by, ‘There, that one walking, he is a man of God.  Look, see the woman coming, the glory of God shines about her.  The little child, running there, is an example for all to see, the gift of God.’

“The gift will come, through you, to those of Earth, the minute you decide to be... kindness... and compassion.”

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 18, 2012
Take The Time
And Make The Effort
To  Walk  The  Pathway
Of Forgiveness,  And Live

   I  AM  with   you!    I  come  to  you  to  celebrate  with  you,  to  celebrate  the  dawn  of  a  new  day,  as  you  rise-up,  and  see...  night  is  over,  day  begins.    I  sit  with  you  and  await  the  arrival  of  another springtime,  where  The  Spirit  of  God  can  be  seen:  in  the  flowers,  and  the  trees,  and  the  grasses,  and  the  stream,  singing  once  again,  and  the  river,  rolling,  slowly  along.    Springtime,  it  represents:  life,  rebirth,  joy,  celebration;  it’s  a  time when  that  which  you  have  planted  as  a  seed,  bursts  forth  from  the  soil;  it  is  a  time  of  fulfillment. 

“Many of you hearing these words, or reading these words, reside in climates where it is now known, as the planting time, for many things, as winter releases its hold, upon the Earth, and spring provides warmer days, plentiful showers and rain, and the soil warms, in the light of the sun.  Small garden plots, and large fields, alike, are tilled, and turned, and fertilized, preparing: for the planting; for the coming forth, of an abundant crop; for the harvest, of good things.  But I say to you as you prepare... or think about... letting your fingers move into the soil of Earth, think about planting, or moving little pots, that once were only soil and seed, now bearing shots, possibly even small plants.  Thoughts are upon ‘life, and fulfillment.’  But think about this, you do not prepare the garden, to accept the seed that will bring forth sustaining life, by leaving, within the dirt, and its boundaries, all the old debris, from last year, and years before.  You carefully rake and clean, removing old roots, possibly some type of trash, cans or paper have found their way into your garden area.  The wise gardener... cleans the debris away... all that clutter, from last year, and years before, so that the seed, which is the promise of the plant, has room to grow, unencumbered, by: the things, of years before; the trash, of another day, another time. 

“Along the same lines... you do not prepare to take a great journey, the journey of a lifetime, by filling your suitcases with dirty clothes, smashed in with all the clean.  You pack your suitcase with clean, fresh clothing, and you put the dirty clothes into the washer, and then the dryer; but you do not mix-them-up together, and carry them on your journey.

“I say these things to you, because... it is very difficult to have a relationship, with your Eternal Parent... if you are carrying around the debris, and the trash, of the old energies: anger, hatred, frustration, confusion, hurt, disappointment, even dismay; for these things... impede your progress; they slow your approach to the table to sit with God.

“Just as you rake the debris from the garden, before you plant the new crop, and just as you wash the clothing, rather than carry dirty clothing mixed with new, on a journey... you should take the time, to free yourself, of all the clutter, and the baggage, you’re carrying around, which impedes your progress along The Way, and keeps you from hearing with clarity, what God has to say.

“It is difficult to hear... what someone is saying... when you have your head in a basket, or your ears are closed.  These things are very important... if you wish to hear, with clarity... you must be a clear vessel.  I say these things to you now, because it is especially important, to hear them, when the flowers are bursting forth, and life is beginning anew; there is rebirth, and birth leads to fulfillment of the seed. 

“This week, take some time to sit alone with God.  Make a list.  It does not matter whether it is mental, or written down.  What does matter is that you ‘take the time, to recognize the things, and the people, needing forgiveness, and include yourself in that group.’  Begin in earnest to forgive the things of the past.  Say it, every day, ‘Today I will forgive.  Tomorrow I will forgive more, and the next day, I will forgive even more.’

“If you will do this, taking time every day, taking a step into the world of forgiveness, by next Sunday you will be lighter.  You will make your way along the path, to the chamber of God, within you, with ease, because you will have cleared The Way.  You will not be stumbling over old resentments or hurts.  You will not be bound-up, or restricted, by hatreds and angers of the past.  And you will hear, with clarity, the words of God!

“For those of you who garden this will be easy, because as you prepare your garden, these words will come to you, again and again, and you will see... and know... what you are doing.  Those of you who are preparing for a trip, maybe a spring vacation, in the packing, you will hear these words again, and you will know, as you look at your suitcase, and see the clothing, folded, placed so that the trip will be less of a burden, and more of a joy. 

“And those of you, who are willing to take the time, and make the effort, to walk the pathway of forgiveness, you will find, that life on Earth... is heavenly... and God is with you... because you can hear, with clarity.  Do not hesitate... begin today... 

“Forgive, and live.”
"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 5, 2012
Live In
The Present,
Practice Patience
For  With  Patience
All Things Are Possible

   I  AM  with   you!    I  AM  always  with  you!    If  you  will  be  still...  and  call  to  Me...  you  will  hear  Me...  for  I  will  answer!

“When  you  live  in  the  present,  when  you  live  in  the  eternal  present,  you  are  at  peace,  with  all  the  pieces,  of  eternity.     There  is  no  anxiety  or  concern,  there  is  living,  and  being,  in  the  present.  

“If  you  are  worried  about  the  past,  or  fearful  of  the  future,  you  cannot  live,  in  the  present  peace,  of  eternity!    But  if  you  are  living,  in  the  eternal  present,  you  are  experiencing  eternity:  there   is  no  anxiety;  there  is  no  worry,  or  frustration,  or  concern;  it  is  the  peaceful  presence,  of  eternity;  and  it  is  possible,  for  you  to  experience  it...  now!

“One of the ways to experience this peace, this presence of eternity now, is to practice being patient, being patient with yourself, as well as others.  And once you begin to practice, it will become second nature to you.  A ‘knowing,’ will settle within you, that there is a time for everything, and sometimes some things take time and practice to master.  But with a lack of patience, the things that require time, and practice, are set aside, and never learned, never used.

“It takes patience to teach a child how to button a shirt, or tie their shoes.  When there is lack of patience, the child runs away in frustration, and will not learn.  It takes patience to learn how to throw a ball, or hit a ball, or ride a bicycle, or swim.  Anything requiring attention... and practice... requires patience... a willingness to work, until it is accomplished... ‘Patience.’ 

“Patience works well in relationship, too.  If you are patient with another, they will finally accomplish that which they are trying to master, or you will finally accomplish: being tolerant, and kind, and understanding; being compassionate. 

“Patience provides an atmosphere in which one learns, and lives, and grows.  It is the fertile garden, in which all things are possible to grow.  They grow quickly, in the light of the sun.  The garden of patience is almost grown, before the day is done.  It is an atmosphere: wherein life is rich, and full; where all things are possible; where there is no doubt or fear or anxiety; where there is only possibility of a new day, and what you will do.

“Spend some time this week, cultivating patience within yourself.   Give the gift of patience, to yourself, when you believe you are ‘falling short of the mark, you set.’  Be patient, for in trying to reach a goal, you are already on your way to the goal; it is a process.  Be patient with yourself, and be patient with others.  In the atmosphere of patience, is found the courage to keep trying, to keep going, to keep living!  

“If you will practice patience this week, you will see a change all around you and you will feel a change, within you; because with the practice of patience, you give yourself permission to live, in the present, to experience the present piece of eternity, and therein live in peace, and harmony, and balance.  Do not be distracted by frustration, or chaos, or confusion.  Focus on being patient this week, and your reward, will be a rich garden, wherein there is life, and growth, and a bounty beyond anything you can imagine... because with patience... all things are possible!”  

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 12, 2012
Are  They
Who Are Kind,
Who  Show  Mercy,
They  Who  Are  Patient,
Blessed Are The Pure OF Heart

   I  AM  with   you!   I  touch  you,  and  you  feel  My  presence,   a  presence  that  is  eternal,   just  as  you...  are  eternal.    I  come  to  you,  and  I  tell  you  things,  bring  you  messages  of  wisdom,   lessons  from  The  Heavenly  Kingdom.    And  they  fill  you  with  joy  and  light,  and  they  encourage  you:  to  do  the  right  thing;  to  be  as  God;  to  be  patient,  and  kind,  and  considerate;  to  understand  that  waiting,  in  sacred  silence,  is  a  gift  to  all  time,  because  you  do  not  create  negative  energy  by  coercion,  manipulation,  or  force  to  do  what  you  think  is  the  right  thing  to  do;  you  sit,  patiently  waiting,  ‘knowing,’  that  eternity...  is  a  long time...  and,  in  the  end,  all  will  be  fine!

“I  speak  to  you  today,  of  ‘understanding  the  importance,  of  being  kind,  showing  mercy,  being  patient.’  As I walked upon the Earth, I said many things to individuals, and to small, or large, groups gathered around Me.  Some of things were put together in what is almost a prayer... ‘Blessed are they....’  If you read these words, contained in the Bible, you will find that I did not say, ‘Blessed are those who judge others;’ ‘Blessed are those who criticize others.’  I did not say, ‘Blessed are those who gossip, or bring bad news, about another.’  I said, ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for righteousness,’ for the right thing to be done, longing for the right thing to be done.  I said, ‘Blessed are the merciful,’ because they will be kind until the right thing is done.  I said, ‘Blessed are the pure of heart,’ because within them they will refuse to take part in judgment, criticism, chiding, or gossip.  These things are important!   

“In the world today, the world in which you live, at the present time, it seems it is considered ‘news,’ to speak ill of another, to carry gossip from this place to that, to let another’s private life be torn apart on a public screen or stage.  This does no one good.  It brings all who take part... to a lesser position... into shadow.  You never feel ‘clean,’ when tearing another apart; and it is quite easy to do, living in your world today.

“I ask you to pay attention to what you are thinking, saying, and doing, especially this week.  If you will pay attention to what others say to you, or what you choose to say to others, you will notice, that ‘judgment, criticism, and gossip,’ have become the majority of the exchange between individuals, living on Earth, at the present time.  There is very little exchange about... noble thoughts and ideas.

“Now you might ask, ‘Well, what should I do about this?  What can I do about it?’ And I say, first, do not criticize, chide, or try to correct another, when they are taking part in gossip, or judgment, or criticizing others.  The way that you can make the difference, is when another comes to you this week, during the course of the day, bringing a story, or a statement, or a criticism of another, change the subject, immediately.  You might have to do this three or four times before the message is clearly received.  In a rather indirect, but most positive way, the message will be: I don’t choose that topic; I choose for you to look over there and see the sun setting; I choose for you to hear the song of the bird; I choose for you to drink-in the aroma of this beautiful flower.  In this way, you are substituting light for shadow, without criticizing, without judging; you are simply redirecting the topic of conversation. 

“I also ask for you to remember, and prepare you not to be surprised or shocked, when you realize that ‘it is very difficult not to take part in gossip, or judgment, or criticism.’  In fact at some times, it will feel as if it wants to burst from you.  The temptation is great, but once you ‘master the practice, of speaking, thinking, and acting, only in the light of God.’  You will find the rewards, the results, well worth the effort.  You will be living, and operating, in the light of God.  And you will be, by your actions, thoughts, and words, reducing the negative energy that is created upon the Earth, especially within ‘the things, of the world.’

“This week, say often, say many times, to yourself, or sing it aloud, ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness!’ for you see, in this search for righteousness, they will do the right thing, and they will do the right thing unto others.

“Say often, and sing it aloud, ‘Blessed are the merciful.’  It is a precious gift when one is merciful to you; it is priceless, when you are merciful to another.

“And study, the Words, ‘Blessed are those who are pure of heart,’ for that is what you will become by the end of the week, if you refuse to go into the energies of judgment, and criticism, chiding, and gossip.  You will feel good, and you will know it was worth the effort; but do not be surprised at the effort it takes, because these energies permeate, the atmosphere, created in the world.

“I stay with you this week.  I walk with you, and we will bless the world together.  We will touch Earth with peace, and mercy, and kindness, and compassion.  Together we will refuse to be pulled into the energies... which bring us to a lesser place... than what we were created... to understand... and to live in.

“It is time, for The Glory, of The Human Being, to shine beyond anything anyone thought possible; it is time to reach beyond: your skin, your bones, your body, your blood vessels; it is time to let that which glows within, shine–out, into the world. 

“Blessed are the merciful.  Go forth, this week, and ‘Be kind... patient... merciful... and you will truly ‘know... a pure heart... is within... you!’”  

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 19, 2012
Your Mission:
Bring The Kingdom
Of Heaven To Earth, Be
The Living Word Of God

   I  AM  with   you!   I  come  to  you,  I  move  down  the  corridors,  of  all  time,  the  corridors  of  no  time,  the  corridors  which  hold  past,  present,  and  future,  all  converging  in  one  place,  the  eternal  place,  the  eternal  present;  for  this,  is  truly  how  it  is.

“When you are a child: you focus on something you want to do, or a gift you wish to receive; the days are long, sometimes seeming as if your birthday will never arrive, Christmas Day is far in the future; you see things, with limited vision.  But the parent, watching over you, sees  into the future, sees the importance of the present moment that you are experiencing, yet is not limited to that one minute in the life of a child; but broadens the scope into adolescence, and adulthood, and sees into the future, in the mist, of dreams and hopes and prayers. 

“While living as human beings upon Earth, you are as children, able to see, on a limited basis, that which is before you; but your Eternal Parent, watching over the sacred moment you are experiencing, is not limited but sees the great scope of all eternity, sees how things merge, and mingle, and mix, sees the importance of experience, yet comprehends the eternal present.  This is truly, how it is. 

“My brothers and sisters, once you comprehend the significance of the eternal present, you will glimpse eternity; and with that glimpse, you will grasp a thread, and hold it, and that thread will lead you, into the Divine Tapestry, the story of eternity, all precious moments, coming together, merging, as one.  It is not beyond your comprehension.  It is simply a different way of looking at what you are experiencing. 

“When the seamstress is creating a garment, it is important to focus attention, on the detail of the garment, stitching it together in just the right way.  Yet, somewhere in the mind, there is a hope or a prayer for the way it will turn-out, the complete garment to be worn.  And it is the same with the eternal tapestry.  No matter where your piece, your section, your thread, is being woven, it is important; for without that stitch that is you, the tapestry is not complete; it does not hold all that it is to hold.  It does not matter if your stitch is one, or twenty-one, or a thousand and twenty-one, every stitch is important. 

“Those of us who have passed through the veil, and are seeing things in a heavenly, delightful dimension, see... beyond the limitations and boundaries of where you are upon the Earth; but I tell you, it is not impossible for you to see, and know, and feel, Heaven, as you walk upon the Earth.  This is done every time you connect with your Eternal Parent, with God.  When you let God flow through you, when you let the power of God move you, over the Earth, when you let the words of God roll from your tongue, when you let the deeds of God be done, through you, you are no longer limited; you are the living word of God.

“This my brothers and sisters, is how Earth will be restored to its rightful place, to its seat of glory.  The world will not ‘know peace,’ by the hand of force; the world will not be kind and considerate, by legislation and law; the things that will alter the course of the world, will come from the spirit, and the soul, and the heart, of every being walking upon the Earth.  The change must come from within, on how you see things, how your brother sees things, how your sister sees things.  And all this is possible, because within you, there is The Holy Spirit of God, and when it is time, the Spirit will rise-up, and the world will begin to change, not from force, not from war, not from legislation, not from social demands, it will come forth from the heart, and the soul and the spirit.  This is the Divine Plan of God.  If you look for it, if you are discerning and open your eyes, you find it in the pages of the Bible.  Verily I say unto you, you will find it in the pages of every sacred scripture penned by the hand of man; for it is true, The Counselor is within you!  It was set in place, the decision was made... ‘They will be lost, unless We send One to guide them, from within.’

“Each one of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, this day, will come to know in a very special way, with the passing of a very few days, that you hold the wisdom of God, within you!  But, for this wisdom to move upon the Earth, you must give God permission to work through you.  Hearing these words, you might say, ‘That sounds, unholy, blasphemous possibly, to many.’  But it is the truth.  God is waiting to work the miracles through you; but first, you must give permission... for what God can do... through you!  

“The time has come, the winds have changed, and nothing will stop what is to be, for the threads are being woven in a new section of the tapestry.  The time is now.  Let your heart speak to you, let your soul lift-you-up, and let the fires of your spirit be rekindled, for it is time!”

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 26, 2012
I Remind You
Who You Are, And Why
You Are Upon The Earth, So
The World Might See God, In You

   I  AM  with   you!   I  come  to  you  this  day,  and  I  enthusiastically  say,  ‘I  love  you!    I  Am  with  you!    I  support  you  on  your  journey!    I  encourage  the  completion  of  your  mission,  upon  the  Earth!    I  AM  with  you!’   

“For those of you, who are thinking, or wondering, what you might do, today, to make a difference in the world, I say, ‘Wonder no more!’  To those of you who are asking, ‘When will my life upon Earth get better?  What can I do to make my life better?’  I say, ‘Worry no longer!’  For today, I remind you... who you are... and what you are doing. 

“Each of you, hearing My words or reading My words, are upon the Earth right now; and you are upon the Earth, through the authority of God, God the Father, God the Creator of All Things.  You have come from the heavenly kingdom to perform a mission... a mission for God; and many of you have forgotten.  You have gotten wrapped-up in the things of the world.  You’ve gotten tied-up, bound, restricted, confined, to the worries, and the workings, of the world; but wonder... and worry... no longer... for I AM here to set you free!

“You have come into the world, so that the world might see the light of God through you, through your deeds.  If you are wondering what you can do to make the world better, the next person you meet, show them kindness, the next opportunity you have to be angry, be in love with God, the next chance you have to give to another, give as though there is no ending to the bounty.  Be the love of God, one deed at a time, and in that Way, all will see the glory of God the Father, in the good deeds you perform, one... at a time. 

“For those of you who feel your life could be better, I say unto you, make the life of another better, and your life will be instantly improved; for you cannot give unto another, without receiving; for we are all one in God.  This day I tell you, miracles will appear before your eyes, if you will think only, of good deeds.  Let the light of God shine, in all that you do, and then everyone around you will see the glory of the Father, in what you are doing upon the Earth.  The light of God will shine, in your deeds.

“You will be as the city set upon the mountain.  You cannot hide... a city... set atop a mountain.  You will be the light... unto the world.  You cannot hide... one candle... glowing in the darkness. 

“Think about this.  Give, love, and be the light of God! 

“The city set atop the mountain, beckons to you, in its very presence.  It does not proclaim, the greatness of God, in words.  It is, the greatness of God, in its presence.  It does not proclaim its greatness, for the greatness of God shines through it, needing no proclamation, needing no word.

“The light shining in the darkness beckons you.  It gives you comfort.  It shows you The Way home to safety.  The light, shining in the darkness, does not proclaim, in words, the greatness of God.  It is the greatness of God in its presence.  The light, shining in the darkness, does not proclaim its own greatness in words, because its greatness is the greatness of God, shining through it.

“When you are doing the work of God, the Word lives, there is no need to speak, only to be, and do, and love, for the glory of God. 

“Let your light shine in the world this day, performing deeds of kindness, and the glory of God the Father will shine through you for all the world to see and know. 

“You see, this is what I meant, when I said, ‘When you see Me, you see the Father.  When you know Me, you know the Father.’ 

“And so it should be with you, as well.  When your brothers and sisters see you, they should be able to see the power of God’s light, shining in you.  And when your brothers and sisters come to know you, they should be able to see... God... in what you think, and say, and do. 

“This unravels the mystery, and it is eternally true, they shall know God, through you!” 

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 4, 2012
The Old Testament
Fulfilled, The New Testament
Revealed, The Living Testament
Of The Holy Spirit, Of God, Within

   I  AM  with   you!    I  AM  with  you,  eternally.    When  you  focus  your  attention  more  on  your  soul  and  spirit,  than  you  do  on  your  body,  you  will  come to  know  Me  better,  for  the  body  is  fleeting,  an  outward  sign  of  a  limited  time,  you spend  upon  the  Earth,  as  the  person...  you  know...  now...  today...  in  the  present  piece  of  eternity.    But  you  are  not  limited,  restrained,  or  confined,  to  the solitary  identity  to  which  you  cling.    It  is  time  to  know  your  soul,  and  your  spirit,  and  in  this  way,  you  will  bring  the  wisdom  of  God...  to  your  present  day...  to  your  present  piece,  of  eternity.

“Creation  lives,  moves,  changes.    It  is  not  stagnant.    Do  not  confine  yourself,  and  limit  your  growth,  open...  to  that  which  is...  and  creation  will  continue  within  you.    It  is  important  to  know  the  time  of  each  thing,  the  time  of  each  man,  the  time  of  each  woman,  and  child,  and  understand...  the  beginning  and  the  end,  of  certain  times...  are  really  not  the  beginning  and  end  of  anything,  except  a particular  piece  of  eternity,  a  piece  that  is  significant.

“It is similar to the clothing you wear, when you are two or three, it is significant.  If the clothing is not torn or tattered, you do not throw the clothing away, which you wore when you were two, or three, or four.  It is usually set aside, to give to someone else, of the appropriate size, or age, as you move on, to a larger garment, one more appropriate, for where you are, at the time.

“When I came to Earth, from the heavenly kingdom, I had a purpose, a mission.  It was blessed and sacred, beyond what many can even comprehend, for I was the living word of God, announcing that the old times... are over, the new times... beginning.  Yet there were many who were not prepared to accept the new day, nor were they willing to accept Me, and the new way.  They did not understand.  It was not My intention to abolish the law or the prophets of the Old Testament.  It was My destiny: to fulfill, the word, of the prophets; to fulfill, the letter of the law; to close the door, to one time; and, to be the threshold to the new, to be a living door, through which all would pass into the new age, walking into the New Testament, going, through Me, to the new time.

“I brought a new law, a law which was simple... love.  And in this environment: each one was to be a prophet, following the guidance of The Holy Spirit, from within; everyone, being taught by God, in such a perfect way, that they could understand, and comprehend... that which God was saying... to them.

“It was a situation very much like the clothing of the young child.  The clothing was not to be torn asunder, or trampled upon.  The clothing, of the Old Testament, was set aside, with honor, while the new time, that which is referred to as the New Testament, was the garment of the new age, of each man, woman, and child, showing growth, showing a living creation. 

“For you see, honoring your past should not restrict you, or confine you, to live in your past, it should give you the confidence to walk through the doorway, into a new day.

“I brought the new law, in one hand, as I fulfilled the words of the prophets and every letter of the old law, in the other.  And so it was accomplished, and those of Earth could move on, learning new things, growing... as the children... of God. 

“But there is, within you, often, the temptation, to make rules and regulations, to keep people in line, to have them conform... to the law... as you see it.  But I tell you, the most important law... is the law of love!  It is more important to deliver ‘love,’ than to ‘memorize the law,’ because a loving heart will never lead you against God.  You will be in good standing.  You will be happy, confident, and in-balance, with All That Is. 

“Knowing this... knowing the importance of the commandment of love, will serve you well.  Knowing who you are, knowing you are a child of God, will serve you well.  If you will focus, on being the living word of God, on being the loving word of God, there is no need to focus on anything else... because it will all fall into place. 

“Many of you right now, by custom, or the ways of those around you, are observing a period you entitle Lent, a period of forty days, which, should be, a time when you get to know Me, better!  A good way to observe the period of Lent, the forty days, would be speaking to Me, setting yourself aside, so I might sit with you, and speak with you, a time when you would ask Me, ‘What was it like living, when you lived upon the Earth?  What would you like to tell me, as I live upon the Earth today?’  This is ‘the type of thing,’ that you can do, that would enhance your present piece of eternity; constructive, positive.  But many of you are spending this period of Lent, denying yourself certain things; but I want you to think on this... ‘What good is it to deny yourself chocolate, when you are unkind to others?  Would it not be better to focus on purposefully being kind to those around you, to opening your heart, to being love?  What good is served by denying yourself, reading a book, or watching a movie, when your daily actions are in the company of the spirit of meanness?  Wouldn’t it be better... to free yourself, of the spirits of shadow and darkness... and open your heart to love?’

“Sometimes, concentration on denying yourself something, for a period of time, bolsters the ego.  You feel you have accomplished something, at the end of the forty days, and you are ready to celebrate My resurrection.  But this is not quite the way it should be.  You see, if you wish to celebrate My resurrection, on Easter Sunday, spend the time of Lent, preparing The Way: walking as I would walk; loving all who come to you; loving your enemies; loving those who hate you; giving, what you are asked to give, and then giving more; walking, with the one who says, ‘Walk with me,’ and then going ten steps more; turning your cheek, when you are insulted.  If you will spend Lent, in this positive form of following Me, you will truly be ready to celebrate Easter morning.

“It might not seem to fit, into the words I AM saying to you today, but I AM going to say this anyway, and you can deal with it as you wish.  Many of you, speak often, of words I said, as I walked upon the Earth, thousands of years ago.  And it is often reported that: if you ask, for a new car, in the name of Jesus, and have faith and trust, you will receive it; if you ask for a new house, or pockets filled with money, in the name of Jesus, you will receive it.  I say to you, that is not... the way... it should be, that is not what I meant.

“If you will take yourself back, thousands of years ago, and imagine, walking, in a group of people, heading to hear Me speak, you will look around, and see what life was like.  You were not driving your car, a few miles across town, to enter an air-conditioned building, and on the way in, possibly stopping to buy souvenirs or food, then taking your comfortable seat in the auditorium, to listen to what I would say.  If you were walking, when I walked, your day was often difficult.  You were dirty, from the dust of the thoroughfares, the roads.  You were hungry, because there was not enough food.  You were concerned that the soldiers might come and take your land, or the few coins that you had saved, or possibly one of your own children to press into service until your debt was paid.  There was disease, and life was short, and difficult.  Therefore, when I said to those around Me, ‘Ask in My name, and you shall receive it,’ I was referring more to asking for the food to sustain your spirit, your soul, and your body, asking for things necessary to survive.  But My words have been twisted and turned.  Pleas and prayers have turned into requests for luxury items and comfort, rather than prayers for support to stand erect, to feel the sun on your face.  Try to understand the time, and walk a bit in the sandals, of those to whom I said the words.  My words were not ‘Ask for anything you would like to have, and you will get it.’  My direction was ‘Ask for what you need to sustain you through difficult times... .’ and I was speaking more ‘of soul and spirit,’ than ‘of body.’ 

“Do not forget My Message... concentrate on the commandment that I brought, focus your attention on the letter ... of the law ... of love.  It is meant that all of the children of God: be prophets, be the living word, be The Way.  Take the forty days of Lent, and do something positive.  Open your heart..., to the guidance of The Holy Spirit..., and you will truly be ready to celebrate a resurrection... beyond anything you can imagine... today...   

“Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 11, 2012
The Greatest
Gift... You Can Give
Your Children... Is The Gift
Of  Love... The  Seed  Of  Confidence

   I  AM  with   you!    I  reach-out  to  take  your  hand,  so  that  you  know,  I  AM  with  you.    I  reach-out,  and  call  your  name,  so  you  hear  that  I  know  you.    And  it  is  a  joyous  day,  when  we  walk  together,  knowing  each  other  well! 

“It is a miracle that you believe, that you believe, I can touch you through the corridors of time, that there is nothing to keep Me from you, or to keep you from Me.  The only things that will impede our friendship, our eternal connection, are the walls and the locked-doors and the obstacles, you might choose to place in The Way, such as ‘doubt,’ that you can hear Me, or ‘confusion,’ about what the world says, especially when they say, ‘You are not worthy to speak to Jesus.’ ‘You are not holy enough - to hear - the voice of God.’ 

“Do not doubt!  You hear Me!  Sometimes you hear with a knowing.  Sometimes you hear with the sense of balance and harmony, when you are at peace, with all things.  Hearing can be done in many different ways, but the result is the same, a closer connection with Me, and an unchanging confidence, in knowing, you are a child of God, God who created all things.  And knowing this, will keep you, in balance and harmony, and you will be able to complete your mission, with a sense of confidence, going, where you are to go, and doing, what you are to do.  The love of God provides this confidence in you, when you open to it, and let it flow through you.

“Love is the seed of confidence.  It provides an atmosphere in which all things seem possible.  And living, in an environment of love, provides an earthly experience, beyond anything you can imagine. 

“Knowing the importance of love, and how it enhances your existence, will lead you into comprehending the importance, of loving, without hesitation, all of your children: whether they are your biological children; or children you have embraced, and taken in your home to love and care for; or the children of the town in which you live, or the state in which you abide, or the country which you call your own, or the world, which is yours. 

“The most precious gift, you can give a child, is to love them, in such a way, that they have a sense of confidence, in the love you are giving to them!  More can be done, in an environment of love, than in any other atmosphere you might desire to create. 

“Resist the temptation to push or prompt your child into this, or that, or the other, hoping they will excel beyond all other children, pushing them into reading, or writing, or math, or some type of physical activity.  Begin... with love... and then, whisper to them every day... ‘I support you, in what you want to do, in what God is directing you to do, upon the Earth.  I love you, and I support you, and I will always be here... for you.  Nothing will alter my love for you!’  Saying this repeatedly, just as God says it to you, will give the children of Earth the confidence to do, what is written on their heart to do.  It will free them from the chains of: performing; going into a career or profession that is the desire of the parents, or grandparents, or society.  Once you free your child, of these chains of confinement and restraint, they will soar to places you cannot imagine, because they will be sailing into uncharted seas, walking confidently into unknown territory, led by the hand of God; but to do this, they must begin with a sense of love, for confidence, which springs forth from love, will not be shaken.

“There is a parable, in The Book; it speaks of a father, with children.  The story is entitled, The Parable of the Prodigal Son; but it is, actually, a parable about perfect love, how to love, as God loves!  The father in the story... loves... loves beyond all things, loves to the point where he can give his son, all that he is asking for, knowing what the son intends to do; yet, having the understanding, and compassion, and wisdom, to realize that the path the son is to walk, is his to walk.  That father does not run after the son, or try to stop the son, when he makes his intention known, to leave home, to take his fortune, and go away.  The wisdom... of the father... is strong, and pure, and filled with light, knowing ‘all will be right, in the end.’

“Read the story, and you will see, as the son returns, he is not chastised by the father, his actions are not called into question, he is not judged, nor treated less kindly, nor is he placed in a lowly position.  He is embraced... as a warrior... coming back from the great battle!  What that son learned - in his journey into the world - cannot be taught by words, yet the love that he received at the beginning of his life gave him the confidence to return home, knowing full well, he would be embraced.  This is the confidence you want to build in your children, and it can be erected within them, only through love!  Let them know that they can go forth from you, and journey into the world, and experience the things ‘of the world;’ but they can always, in confidence, and without hesitation, come home, and taste the love again!

“Read the parable, and take it as your own.  See the father... as God.  See the prodigal son... as you... and your children... and all the children upon the Earth.  And understand, what God is asking of you; be God-like, in your love of your children!  As you let them go forth from you, they will return to you, with confidence... for they carry the seed of your great... constant... love!”

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 25, 2012
The Prayer
Of Heaven: It
Is Time To Restore
The Unity, And Beauty,
In The Relationship Between
God, And The Children Of Earth;
Reconnect With God, Let His Power
Flow Through You, And Onto The Earth

   I  AM  with   you!    Sit  quietly,  and  feel  My  presence.    I  reach-out  to  you:  to  comfort  you;  to  bring  you  the  truth;  to  speak  words  of  wisdom;  to  assist  you;  as  you  walk  along  The  Way. 

“I AM with you, so that you will know, you are not alone.  I AM with you, so you will understand, you do not need to explain the experiences, at hand.  There is no need to describe that which you are encountering, each day, this is what I see, and know, it is your lifetime upon the Earth, playing-out, one scenario at a time, as you move along The Way; and for each minute, of every day, I AM with you, ready: to tell you things, to show you things, to reveal, to bring you new wisdom, so that you might be enlightened, as you walk over the Earth.

“Many of you, who have reached a point in your life, where you know what God wants you to do, experience challenges and obstacles.  Some of them distract you temporarily, some distract you momentarily, but I AM with you, to assist you, in moving the obstacles, to seeing the lesson.  I say to you, today, all inhabitants, of the Kingdom of Heaven, are supporting you in what you are doing.  You are upon the Earth for a very important mission, assigned to Earth, by the hand of God, and thereby your heart... holds instructions... on what you are to do each day.

“The most important thing you can do, every day, is to stay connected to God, to stay so connected to God that you feel the presence of God within you!  And then... as you feel the presence of God within you... you will begin to understand... and comprehend... that the power of God is within you!  And once this ‘knowing,’ settles into the fiber of your being, the power of God works through you!  It is sacred.  It is beautiful.  It is miraculous.  And it is time, for each of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, to remember, your mission is not to become embroiled, or entangled, in the energies of others, because that is the distraction, of the moment.  Your assignment is to stay connected to God... in such a way... that you feel the power... moving, into and through you!  This is what is intended to be. 

“The intention of God is not to demand, and force, those of Earth to do, as commanded.  The intention of God is for each individual being upon Earth to experience the great love of God, in such a way, as to let it flow freely through them onto the Earth, blessing the Earth, every day, rejecting all temptations to be distracted, using coarser energies. 

“This is the prayer of Heaven... that those of Earth will awaken, to such a degree, that they cannot see, anything, but the light of God, flowing around them, moving around them, bringing life to Earth in a different way, bringing Earth to life, in a different way. 

“God’s power is with you, but for it to flow freely, you must be willing to clean the corridors, open the doors, and say, ‘God, Thy will be done.’ 

“Once you accept the power of God... and the intention is made... to do the will of God... you will experience Heaven upon Earth!  Miracles will abound... all around you... and you will bless the Earth... in the name of God.  This, My brothers and sisters, is what I ask of you... especially this week... do this simple thing...

“Reconnect with God, and feel the presence of God with you.  Let the power of God flow through you, and it shall be done, according to the will of God, because of you!

“Amen I say to you, when you are in this state, you will truly be at peace, not just for the minute, not just for the hour, not just for the day.  You will experience peace, in every way.  You will breathe peace.  You will sleep in peace.  You will work in peace.  You will create peace.  You will be... the piece of God... upon the Earth.

“I AM with you.  Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
April 1, 2012
Walk With
Me, Let Us Sing
A Song Of Celebration

   I  AM  with   you!    I come to you today, to take your cheeks, in My hands, to turn your head, toward the light and the promise, toward the new day.  Do not be tempted to look away, and peer into shadows and darkness.  For today, I desire to turn your head toward the light, where you see the truth, embodied in all that is beautiful and precious and holy, in all that is created by God.  Today I wish to turn your head... toward the light.

“Sing a song of celebration.  Sing a song of joy.  Sing a song of anticipation.  Sing a song of completion, fulfillment.  Sing a song of creation, and beauty.  Sing a song, of all that you see, of light. 

“Today I ask each one of you, to set aside anything that seems to be a challenge.  Some of you might be facing one challenge; some of you might be facing two or three; and others still, a multitude, beyond what you can see.  But today I ask you, to set yourself free, and come and sit with Me.  For today, I want you to look... and see... the beauty of Earth. 

“God, The Creator of All Things, intended Earth to be the sacred, holy Garden, a place of exploration and joy.  Today I wish for you to look at a tree... and see... more.  I did not say glance at the tree, or halfway notice it.  I want you to look intently, upon the things of nature.  Study them.  Look, and see.  See what God has created.  See the ability of the tree – to change with the seasons: quiet in the winter, singing in the spring, amazing in the summer, glorious in the fall.  I want you to look at the grasses, and the gentle green shoots of plants, and bushes, and shrubs.  I want you to walk into nature, leaving your cares and your challenges behind you.  I want you to sit with Me and be refueled, so that you can sing, in anticipation, of the completion of the task, rather than, dwelling in sorrow, on the work involved, the challenge it presents, the difficult nature of those you might encounter along the way.  I want you to know, that every single challenge – will be completed, one way or the other.  And today I exhort you, to sing in celebration of that which is yours to do, anticipating guidance, of how to do it, and then doing it with a song in your heart, knowing it shall be done, and soon you will be on your way.  This is what I wish for each of you to do today.  So, I invite you, to come and sit with Me.

“For in the walking into nature, and in the looking at the trees, you will hear My whisper: in the call of the birds; or, the sound of the breeze.  I will be with you, and reveal Myself to you in many ways; but first, you must set aside... the challenges, for just today... and come, and walk with Me.

“Many times while I walked the Earth, especially after meeting with crowds of people, blessing them, or even being the vehicle and instrument of miracles, from Heaven, I would say to those who followed Me, ‘Come.  Let us go into the hills.  Come and walk with Me awhile.  Let us be refueled, nourished, so that we might find joy, in what we are doing.’  Therefore I ask this of you today, ‘Come with Me.  Let us walk into the hills.  Let us sit quietly.  Let us be thrilled, by the song of the stream.  Let us find joy, in a plant unfolding before us.  Let us fill our hearts with the song of spring.  Come; let us sing a song of celebration.’”

Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
April 8, 2012
Follow Me,
And Deliver The
Kingdom Of God To Earth

   I  AM  with   you!    Feel  My  presence  with  you.    I  come  to  you  as  I  came  to  those  disciples  and  apostles.    I  walk  through  closed  doors,  and  locked  windows,  and  stand  with  you.    I  will  find  you,  and  I  will  touch  you,  and  the  sorrow  and  the  hurt  and  the  disappointment  you  carry  will  be  healed.  As  I  live,  you  too  shall  live.    It  is  The  Promise.    It  is  your  heritage.    It  is...  that  which  is real,  and  true.    It  is  life  abundant,  flowing  to  you,  from  God.    And  this  flowing  water  of  life...  does  not  stop...  has  no  end...  delivers  forever! 

“I  walked  upon  the  Earth,  born  through  woman.    I  laughed.   I  loved.    I  grew.    I  tasted  the  things  of  the  good  Earth.    I  drank  of  the  wines  of  the  fruit  on  the  vine.    I  experienced  Earth,  as  intended  by  God.  And  as  I  walked  upon  the  Earth,  I  was  taught  by  God.   

“Today  I  wish  to  remind  you,  as  I  was  born,  you  too  were  born.    As  I  walked  upon  the  Earth,  you  too  walk  upon  the  Earth.    As  I  saw  need  and  want,  you  too  see  need  and  want.    As   the  time  of  My  physical  death  approached,  I  was  concerned,  until  seeking  the  wisdom  of  The  Father,  and  then,  all  was  right.   As  the  time  of  your  physical  death  approaches,  you  too  will  seek  the  wisdom  of The  Father,  and  all  will  be  right;  for  death,  of  the  physical  body,  is  not  the end: it is  the doorway  back  Home;  it  is  the  threshold  to  eternal  life;  it  is  the  completion  of  the  course,  the  time  upon  Earth;  and,  when  it  is  done,  you  rise-up!

“Many  of  you  hearing  these  words  or  reading  these  words,  will  remember,  often  I  said,  ‘...these  words  are  not  Mine,  they  are  the  words  of  The  Father,’  because  I  held  my  tongue,  until  the  hand  of  God  loosed  it,  and  the  words  of  God  filled  it...  with  wisdom.    This  is  what  you  are  to  do.    Speak,  when  God  moves  you  to  speak!

“My  path  was  directed  by  the  finger  of  God.    And  as  directed,  I  walked.    In  this  way,  I  encountered  all  I  was  to  encounter.    And  this  you  can  do  as  well!    Ask  for  direction,  in  prayer,  and  then,  follow  it,  with  care,  moving,  one  step  at  a  time,  making  sure  you  are  there,  where  you  are  to  be.

“If  The  Father  said  unto  Me,  ‘Reach-out  Your  hand,  and  touch  that  one,  so  they  might  be  healed,  through  My  power  flowing  through  You.’  I  did  so.    Now  hear  Me,  and  ‘know,  you  can  do  this  too;  but  you  must  be  connected  with  God  in  such  a  way,  that  the  power  of  God  flows  through  you...  every  day,  unimpeded...  by:  doubt,  anger,  frustration,  hurt,  misery,  sorrow.    The  time  for  these  things  is  passed.    It  passes,  when  you  recognize,  and  realize,  that  you  are  the  eternal  child  of  God,  and  you  have  purpose  to  your  presence  upon  the  Earth. And  ‘in  The  Father,  you  will  know  your  purpose;’  and  ‘through  the  power  of  The  Father,  you  will  complete  the  mission;’  and  ‘through  the  love  of  The  Father  you  will  be  blessed,  and  bless  all  you  encounter  upon  Earth.’ 

“As  you  celebrate  My  resurrection,  and  continued  life  in  The  Kingdom  of  God,  on  this  day,  I say  to  you,  ‘Rise-up,  and  follow Me...

“From  the  rubble  of  despair,  want,  and  need,  you  will  rise-up,  and  the  resurrection  will  be  in  compassion.    From  the  rubble  of  poverty,  you  will  rise-up,  and  the  resurrection  will  be  the  deliverance  of  understanding,  and  generosity.  From  the  rubble  of  chaos  and  confusion,  you  will  rise-up,  and  the  resurrection  will  be  the  deliverance  of  the  wisdom  of  God.    From  the  death  of  shadow,  and  darkness,  you  will  rise-up,  and  the  resurrection  will  be  the  deliverance  of  love,  and  peace,  and  light,  and  the  eternal  life  in  The  Kingdom  of  God.    For  I  say  unto  you,  ‘The  Kingdom  of  God  is  with  you.    For,  if  I  AM  in  you,  and,  if  you  are  in  Me,  and,  if  we  are  in  The  Father,  where  else  can  The  Kingdom  be,  but  in  the  present  with  you.’    All  beings,  you  encounter,  will  experience  Heaven  upon  Earth,  if  you  will  deliver,  that  which  is  flowing  to  you  from  God  Our  Father.

“Turn  your  head  from  anger,  for  it  is  the  sword  of  death.    Turn  your  head  from  greed,  for  it  too  follows,  surely  leading  to  death.    Turn  your  head  from  judgment;  it  is  the  dagger  of  death.    Refuse  to  take  part,  in  the  dance  of  shadows  and  darkness;  rather,  be  the  deliverer  of  light.    There  is  no  excuse;  for  if  I  walked  in  light,  you  too  can  walk  in  light.    If  I  was  led  by  the  hand  of  God,  you  too  can  be  led  by  the  hand  of  God.    If  I  delivered  the  miracles  of  God,  you  too  can  deliver  the  miracles  of  God.    The  only  thing  required...  is  the  desire...  to  do  the  will  of  God! 

“This  day,  I  say  to  you,     ‘Rise-up.    It  is  time.    Follow  Me,  and  we  will  walk  The  Kingdom  of  God  together,  hand-in-hand,  one,  united  with  Our  Father,  forever!    Amen!’”    

Sunday Sermons
April 15, 2012
A Simple
Way, To Alter
The Course Of The
Ways Of The World,
Toward  The  Garden

   I  AM  with   you!    Feel  My  presence  with  you.    Feel  My  peace,  grow  stronger  and  stronger,  as  you  know  I  approach.    I  come  to  you,  along  the  corridors  of  all  times.    I  AM  not  limited,  I  reach-out  to  you,  and  I  AM  there.    It  is  the  eternal  truth,  all  that  is  existing  right  now  is  a  piece  of  eternity,  a  valuable  piece  of  eternity;  and  it  will  continue;  and  it  will  grow;  and  it  will  return,  until  life  is  born  anew;  it  is  the  eternal  circle;  and  it  is  within  you.

“I  speak...  and  those  of  you...  hearing  My  words  or  reading  My  words,  know  Me...  better.    And  if  today  you  are  hearing  My  words,  or  reading  My  words...  you  are  a  seeker...  of  the  light,  of  the  truth,  you  are  awakening,  to  the  truth...  within  you;  and  there  are  those  of  you,  who  already  are  in  the  light,  know  the  light,  and  are  seeking  closer  relationship  with  The  Eternal  Parent,  as  you  begin  to  see...  and  know...  the  amazing  miracle,  of  life...  eternal  life!

“If you are one who is seeking the light, or if you are one who has already found the light, and your intention is... to grow within the light... I say these words to you today, because it is a simple way, to make... a magnificent change... to alter the course of the ways of the world, sending it back... toward the pathway to The Garden. 

“As I say this to you, as I give you this example, as I exhort you, to make every attempt to try, to do, what I AM going to suggest, it is important for you to realize, that as simple as it is to say it, it requires determination, and resolve, to do it.  Yet, it is one of the most important ways to begin ‘The Great Change.’ 

“You know change comes from within.  You know this to be true.  You cannot teach what will not be heard, or embraced.  You cannot dictate... or demand... love.  You cannot force this or that, for the power of force will hold certain beings in place for a while, but soon they will break free.  The one guiding power, which does not limit or restrain, but is the source of growth, is the source of life, is the power of God, which is love, and light, which is the particle of creation.

“Having said that, I will say exactly what I mean to say today, and those of you who have ears to hear Me, will hear, and know, and do... 

“I  want  you  to  understand,  that  every  word  that  is  spoken,  is  spoken  forever.    It  is  created  within  your  thought,  and  animated  on  your  breath,  and  delivered,  unto  all  time,  through  your  lips,  over  your  tongue.    Once  it  is  said,  it  cannot  be  unsaid;  and  so  somewhere  in  eternity...  every  word  ever  spoken...  is  living  now! 

“It might assist you in understanding the concept of ‘words living eternally,’ to know that every radio broadcast from Earth, 60, 70, or even 100 years ago; can be heard traveling through space far from Earth, so if you were far enough away from Earth, and you had a radio, you could hear, as if for the first time, “The war in Europe is ended!” or, “The President of The United States has just been short!” And as you hear the words, and feel the energy in which they were created and given life, you experience the energy of another time, you experience words... living... in eternity.

“It may take you a while, sitting in peaceful quiet, perhaps under a tree, to even grasp what has just been told to you.  But it is the truth.  And it is time... for the words of anger and hatred, of greed and intolerance, of all of the heavy energies, to cease fouling the eternal airwaves! 

“It is time for the change to begin, and this is how, those of you who are awakened, can do it... 

“Refuse  to  enter  into  debate  or  arguments.    Refuse  to  try  to  convince  someone  to,  ‘see  the  light.’    Take  it  upon  yourself  –  to  be  ‘a  sacred  confessor.’    When  someone  is  speaking,  and  they  are  using  words  which  heap  insult  on  certain  people,  places,  or  things;  or,  they  are  insulting  to  this  sex  or  that  sex,  this  sect  or  that  sect,  this  thing  or  that  thing,  realize  the  words  that  are  coming  forth,  are  eternal.    And  then,  take  it  upon  yourself,  rather  than  entering  into  debate  and  joining  that  energy,  to  take  seriously  your  responsibility...  to  bless,  and  clean-up,  and  pardon,  and  pour  grace  upon,  every  word  that  is  being  uttered...  so  that  as  it  flows  from  the  lips  in  hatred,  or  anger,  or  disgust,  or  misery,  you  are  blessing  it,  and  cleaning  it,  and  covering  it  with  grace,  before  it  goes  forth  into  the  world,  and  into  the  eternal  circle.

“It is more important for you to do this, than to try to, ‘set the person right,’ to make a correction, to teach, or to show, because as time has shown, that does not succeed.  The only success will come, when a few stand-up, who are willing to set their egos aside, forget that which they know from book-learning, as they have grown upon the Earth, and take it upon themselves to do the work of God... to be quiet, and clean-up that which is being spilled upon the Earth.

“Although this sounds very simple, you will find, as you go into the week, and you encounter such people, that you are more tempted to either join-in, agreeing with what is being said about this person or that person, this place or that place, this thing or that thing; or you are tempted to tell them ‘what you think is right, where they are wrong, what they should do.’  You will be surprised, how you must endure against that temptation.  But once you begin the work, of being a sacred confessor: listening, hearing, or seeing; but doing the most important things: blessing, forgiving, endowing with grace, you will see, the glory of it all, the peace of it all.  You will not be pulled into another’s energy.  You will be providing the power of God, of light, of love, of grace.  And in this way, the world, and the eternal circle, will be saved from contamination, from debris.  And in this Way, you can make a difference. 

“The great difference is between debate and oratory.  How often have you seen, or attended, a debate, let’s say a political debate?  And pretty soon everyone is talking at the same time: this one debating that, that one debating this; it is confusion; and it is chaos; and it is ego piled upon ego; and when the great debate is done, no one has changed from one side to the other, but they are more firmly entrenched in their own position.  Nothing is accomplished, except that the present piece of eternity is fouled, and sometimes debased.  It is time to see that this does not make any difference.  It adds fuel to the fire, of the difference in opinions.  And the energy doesn’t feel good, or productive.  It’s heavy.  And it is this type of energy that you can begin cleaning; as you are there in the present time you can catch each word, each syllable, every nuance, that is borne on the lips of a man, or woman, or child, and bless it, and cover it with grace, before it moves from the place.  This is the work of a master.  And you will not receive gratitude from those around you, because those of the world will not know, or recognize, what you are doing.  But the hand of God will touch you, and the breath of The Holy Spirit will fill your sails, and you will move from one place to the other, and you will leave them better, for the coming and the going.

“There will be times, when you are asked to speak to people, when you are asked your opinion, in a non-debate situation, more a place of oratory, speaking, delivering the truth of God, giving your tongue the voice of God, and blessing the Earth, with the words. 

“I will be with you this week, as you try, as you do.  Just remember the words, ‘Do Bless:’ ‘D’ for debate, ‘O’ for oratory, Do bless.  Everyone who comes to you will be better for the blessing.  Everyone who comes to you will be better for the grace.  Everyone who comes to you will see your face, glowing with the light of God.  And the more you practice, the better you will become, and you will truly be doing something miraculous.  You will gain confidence, and you will move over the Earth as a child of God, knowing who you are, and what you are doing: cleaning, removing debris, as it is born, you will bless it and set it free; this, I ask you... to do! 

“I will be with you.  Call on Me when necessary, and I will show you... The Way.”