Sunday Sermons
April 29, 2012
How To: Walk
The Way... On Earth;
Know, And Serve God, Better

   I  AM  with   you!    I come to you today... to tell you something of monumental importance... to help you, walk along The Way, unimpeded by obstacles... within, so that you might truly be a light, of wisdom, to those all around you.  And what I’m going to say, while it is of great significance, is very simple at the core.  A child can accomplish it.  It only takes determination, and desire, to walk upon the Earth as God intended you to walk upon the Earth; and all it takes, to do it, is the desire to do so.

“If you will, for a moment close your eyes, and envision five human beings.  Keep in mind, while you are setting these examples of humanity into place, that every human being, walking upon the Earth, has its origin in Heaven, the dimension of perfection, where all is right, with eternity.  With this remembrance, set within you, now see five noble human beings; and see them walking, upon the Earth, with a tube, going into their head and coming out of their feet.  See them, moving with grace, gliding rather than struggling.  See them aglow, just moving; sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  See them interacting in a way which shows respect, moving... always aglow.

“Now I want you to stop the action of these individual beings, and put them in a row.  And you see they are still connected from above and below.  See God’s love, and God’s power, flowing into them, bringing light and love. 

Now... what happens to impede this flow that’s there naturally?  God does not give all love to some, and no love to others.  God does not decide, ‘this one is deserving, and that one is not; therefore, that which I give unto them, will be measured.’  No.  Each human being has the ability to accept, and to know, the complete love and power of God. The only thing that can impede this... flow... from the dimension of perfection, this gift of Heaven, is by what is inserted within the portion of these connecting tubes, within the body of the human being; within the mind, within the thoughts, within the words, within the deeds.

“If you have your five beings, standing in a row, now picture something.  Picture other human beings, coming to each one.  Let us say, they come up and say something... oh, of mean spirit, or do something, or gossip.  Each time, envision the tube of the person, the human being you have in a row, being impeded with a slight pebble, or maybe a boulder.  Every contact with another human being offers the possibility of making the dam, holding back the flow of love and power, more substantial, or less substantial.

“If you understand what I AM trying to say to this point, you are beginning to see... as it is meant to be... what can you do, to assist your brothers and sisters, in unblocking a dam, removing the residue?  Imagine this, and you will begin to see the power, and the glory, of: prayer, and of blessing, forgiving. 

“See this same line of beings, standing there with God’s power and love, flowing through them, and you will begin to see now that some are still aglow, and the brightness of some is diminished.  This is not because of what God is pouring into that tube into each one.  It is because of what each one is experiencing in their existence upon the Earth. 

“Step one, to assisting, is this: ‘Imagine, that there are one or two or three willing to take the love and the power that is flowing into them, from God, and send it... to another human being... magnifying the love and the power of God, with their own intention to love that person, to bless that person, possibly even to forgive that person, using the power and the love of God.  See this.  See those beings, standing in a row right now, and one, or two, or three people gathering, to use the love and the power of God, to focus it onto that person.  And now you begin to understand how God’s power, God’s love, can be magnified, and used, for the greater good of all.  You are giving more than they would ever get on their own, by channeling that which God has given to you, to another.  This can be done without words.  You see, it’s all set in place, by the hand of God, by the intention of God, by the creation of God.  What we do upon the Earth determines how much love, and how much power, flows onto the Earth, through the inhabitants of the Earth.

“If you have a good picture of this, if you are beginning to see the importance... of blessing another, see this... see a group of people, approaching the five beings you have in a row, saying, and doing, deeds of kindness.  Just by a kind word, your brother or sister can remove a pebble, or a little rock from the dam, impeding that life-giving flow that power which makes you grow.  Sometimes, the right words of support, and love, and understanding, and compassion, are the impetus, for that human being to touch the stone, which will tumble the dam, and miraculously make The Way clear, for that one to know, more fully, The Great I AM.       

“Although these examples have been rather simplistic in form, it is My understanding, that each of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, can better visualize, the power of blessing another, of being kind, and loving, and supporting of another. 

“This week, make it your intention: to be the source of additional love and power, coming from God; to be that which is necessary for another to remove a pebble, or a rock, or a boulder, from the dam they have constructed, so that they might live, in the free-flowing river of God’s love and power.

“Every word you say... is important.  Choose your words wisely.  You will find, as you attempt to deliver grace and blessings: you will say less, and love more; you will say less, and deliver more; in truth, you will say... less.”

Sunday Sermons
July 22, 2012
Well, And You
Will Be At Peace, Standing
Directly In The Light Of God

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come,  to  sit,  with  you,  to  speak  to  you,  to  share  wisdom  with  you...  wisdom. 

“I  begin  with  a  question.    ‘How  many  of  you,  hearing  My  words,  or  reading  My  words,  this  day,  are  at  peace?’

“Those of you, who say, ‘Yes, I am in peace.’ are living life as it is meant to be lived upon Earth.  Those of you, who are trying to find an answer, an answer which best suits your situation, but clearly delivering the message that you are ‘not in peace,’ are living in chaos and confusion; and it takes its toll, it has a measure, it is exhausting, debilitating, and devastating. 

“I say this to you, because ~ if you are not in peace ~ as much as you will protest ~ I say that it is ‘of your own choosing.’  If you are not ‘in peace,’ it is ‘the situation, that you have chosen.’ 

“Be still, and take a deep breath.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Feel the air around you.  Everything that you are experiencing right now, in this moment ‘of stillness, is what is,’ occurring.  The minute you introduce ‘judgment, frustration, anger,’ or any other of the ‘heavier energies,’ you begin to ‘feel out-of-balance; you are listing, from one side to the other, and it is disruptive.’  The resolution to this situation stands directly behind your ability to accept that, that which you are experiencing is ‘of your own choosing.’  And for most of you that will take... some real soul-searching.  It will take a desire to set old patterns aside, and accept, that which is being told to you.  You always have a choice!  There is no excuse: you choose to be at peace... or you choose to go into chaos; you choose to be at peace... or you choose judgment, you choose to be at peace... or you choose anger and retaliation; but choose you do... and your choice... makes all the difference.

“As I say these words to you this morning I realize, that some of you will say, ‘No that is not true.’  But for the few of you, willing to accept, that your choice is what is making the difference, I celebrate; because as you accept, and change, and ascend, and do the work of God holding peace, Earth changes, ascends, and reflects the work of God. 

“It is that simple... yet it requires ‘determination... to do the will of God.’  Come to Me this week, speak to Me, for I will tell you.  I walked upon Earth, I know ‘the temptations;’ but I will be truthful with you, and I will say, ‘Choose God!  Choose light!  Choose love and understanding and compassion!’

“Do not be deterred, if at first you are not as successful as you might hope to be, because: you are breaking the barriers, the boundaries, the restraints; you are breaking the mold; you are creating new energy, rejecting the old; you are saying, ‘Yes, I will go into this new time, doing the will of God.’ 

“And as you practice, you are doing it!  Even if the desire is there, and you fall short, over and over again, the desire carries you through, and creates an energy, a new energy, which lifts the Earth. 

“Remembering that all things are connected, we are all One, will help, because then you will see that every action, every intention, is actually lifting you.  And there will come many, knocking on your door, tempting you; but know this: another cannot make you unhappy... you choose unhappiness, over the light of God; another cannot make you angry... you choose anger, over the light of God.  I could go on and on, but you do get what I am trying to say to you.  I am saying it simply, so that you might understand it... ‘You choose that which you experience!’

“I leave you with this.  When you walk outside, in a clear place, a lot, a field, a pasture, and you stand there, when the sun is directly overhead, the light falls upon you.  No matter where you look, you do not see a shadow, because you are ‘directly in the light.’  The light is upon you.  The light is flowing over you.  The light is permeating your body, and there is no shadow; but once you step out of the light, you see the difference, you cast a shadow.  And the shadow grows, or diminishes, depending on the position of the light, and where you are standing at the time.

“This week, stand directly in the light of God!  Make sure, as you look around, you see no shadow.  Choose the light!  These things are your choice.  Choose well, and you will be at peace, standing directly... in the light of God.”

"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
May 6, 2012
You Can
Talk To God,
And Hear God Too,
Guiding You Along The
Way Into Every Day Miracles

   I  AM  with   you!    I  walk  with  you.    I  sit  with  you.    I  talk  with  you.    These  things  we  do,  together . . .  so  we  might  know  one  another . . .  better!

“I bring you ‘Keys,” to unlock mysteries.    I bring words... to soothe your soul.    I deliver the love of God, as you walk upon the Earth;  but I say unto each of you:  you can speak with God;  you can hear God  talking to you,  directing you,  showing you The Way!  These things,  you can do,  on your own,  as I did them,  while I walked upon the Earth!    I did them,  for a reason,  as an outward sign,  to everyone...  who would hear,  and know,  what I was doing!

“You are not upon the Earth to stumble, and fall... you are upon the Earth to rise above all things... so that you might call... anyone who will hear you, to hear... that which God wants them to hear, to do... that which God wants them to do... and when you do these things, you see miraculous occurrences... you participate... in miracles. 

“Once you understand that God’s love flows to you... and through you... unimpeded, you realize the importance of keeping yourself ‘clean,’ so that you might realize, and deliver, the full glory, and the full power, of God... touched... and kissed... and magnified... by your own gifts!

“Today I want you to sit, and think, for just a little while, about the difference, your presence might make, if you freed yourself of the pebbles, and the boulders, and the dams, that you have constructed, and erected, within your being, by taking part in shadowy energies.  Actions, thoughts, or words, dripping with greed, or barely touching it, block The Way.  Angry words, angry deeds, block The Way.  Thoughts of disappointment, or sorrow, or grief, block The Way.  Pride, blocks The Way.  And we could go on and on, reciting words, which describe thoughts, words, or deeds, which are not ‘of the light,’ which were not created within The Kingdom of God; and every time you take part in, using these energies... in some way... you put a block... in The Way.

“Now, just as you put the blocks there, it is just as easy to pick them up... to dissolve them... to resolve them... to bless them... and forgive them... and once you begin to do this, you will feel The Presence of God, within you, more profoundly!  This is when you will begin to notice... that miracles... are happening all around you.  And in truth, what is happening, all around you, are... the outward signs of The Presence of God... flowing upon the Earth... through you!  People are drawn to you; people sing in your presence; there is ‘light,’ wherever you go, because you are living upon the Earth, in such a way, that God is living upon the Earth, every day, through you!  People can see God, through you; people can hear God, through you; and people will better know God, through you; but to deliver the full impact... you must set aside... all of these things... that are blocking... The Way.

“I will say something to you that might be surprising, yet it is true, keeping yourself pure, and open, to the glory of God, will change everything; trees will glow; flowers will sing; birds will dance on the wing.  And to take part in this miracle... of living upon the Earth every day... you must understand that, even if you wake-up a little sad, or grouchy, or grumpy, this is something that needs to be tended to immediately, or it will bring a shadow, it will cast a shadow, over the day.
“Once you understand this, then you can begin to practice, and with every day that you practice, being The Light of God, you will have more, and more, and greater success; and you will find... that miracles... are the everyday... Ways... of God!

“You have the ability, within you, to bring others peace, when they are in chaos; and delivering that peace, and resolving the chaos, is a miracle!  You have the ability to bring joy, and happiness, to one who is caught in misery and despair; and resolving, and dissolving, the misery and despair is a miracle!  You have the ability to take the hand and walk awhile, with one who is alone, and feeling rejected and dejected; and dissolving, and resolving, the loneliness and the power of rejection, is a miracle!  You have the ability to deliver a gift to one who feels lacking; and dissolving, and resolving, lack and need, is a miracle! 

“You have The Power of God... within you... deliver it... and be... the miracle!”

Sunday Sermons
May 13, 2012
Day, Today,
Celebrate The
Gift Of Life You
Have  Been  Given

   I  AM  with   you!    I  come  to  you  this  day,  because  I  was  born;  I  experienced  birth...  into  an  eternal  presence...  at  the  will  of   My  Heavenly  Parent,  therefore  I  live  eternally;  and,  I  come  to  you  today,  to  remind  you  also,  that  I  was  born...  into  an  earthly  presence...  passing  through  My  mother,  through  the  gates,  thereby  receiving  the  gift...  of  earthly  life.   

“There are various ways that a good many of you will be celebrating Mother's Day  today.  Some of you have purchased cards, or flowers, or other gifts.  Some of you have gathered memories, or photographs, recalling earlier days, when you were young.  Whatever the memories, or the gifts, or the cards say, is a reflection of your feelings, your emotions, expressing gratitude for the gift of life; for, when you break it down to its simplest form, a mother: gives life... sustains life... supports life.  This is the same, regardless of the relationship between the child or children, and the mother, the mother is one who gives life, or one who sustains the life given, and supports the life in progress.

“It is the gift, so sacred, that most do not stop to think about it, beyond the purchasing of a card, or the making of a card, or the gifts, or the flowers, or the telephone calls; but if you will take some time today, to sit in quiet, and understand the gift you have been given, your heart will be filled to overflowing with gratitude, because without the gift, your earthly experience would not be.  That, in and of itself, is enough for celebration, it is worthy of a thankful heart, no matter what your situation.

“There are many attributes, which each of you could write down, which you would attribute to a mother; and, it may surprise you to know, that most of you would have a similar, yet different, list.  Maybe the order would be different.  Maybe the personality of the mother would bring forth, ‘song and dance,’ in one list of attributes, when another list would contain, ‘serene, tranquil, and in-balance;’ yet many of the attributes would be the same.

“What I would like for you to do today, is make some time, to sit down, and write the word, ‘Mother,’ and list the attributes which you connect, with the giver of your earthly life.  Many of you will have to limit your list; but, do so, because this is the purpose, this is the reason I AM asking you to do this... just as people say, about their land of birth, ‘...this is my motherland, my mother country.  It is where I come from.  It tells you a bit about me, my background, my history.  It has taken care of me, and I love the place of my birth.’  You will hear words, containing, ‘mother,’ that describe, a ‘mother lode,’ a great find, something rich and full.

“I want to focus your attention on words that you associate with, ‘mother,’ because I AM going to ask you: to be those words; to mother; to sustain, and support, the life of those around you; to be kind and considerate; to be filled with wisdom; to be understanding and compassionate; to have arms which will embrace all, having room to hold all who come, having patience to listen, when others have grown weary of the tales. You can provide, for all those around you, what they appear to be missing.  You can fill-up the bottle marked, ‘lack,’ and provide.  You can sustain life.  You can support life.  You can be the mother lode of all the desires, the needs, the hopes, the prayers, of all around you. 

“Today, especially if your relationship with your mother seems more ‘a work in progress, than something to sing about,’ turn toward what you can do to provide for another, what seems to be ‘missing in your own life.’  In that way, you will not only ‘experience,’ what you are seeking, you will be ‘the source,’ of what you are seeking. 

“This day, be grateful for the gift of life... and let that be enough!  Let that be enough to carry you into a new day, wherein: you support life; you sustain life, all around you; for, in this Way, the gift you have been given, years ago, will blossom, and grow, and the experience of birth, and living upon Earth, will be the glory it is meant to be.

“Be at peace this day, and remember... to be grateful... for the one who gave birth, and moved from being a woman, to a mother!”

Sunday Sermons
May 20, 2012
This Week, Try
This Simple Way Of Living,
Reach-out And Bless Others, With
The Presence... Of The Love... Of God

   I  AM  with   you!    I  reach-out  My  hand,  and  I  bless  you.    I  open  My  arms,  and welcome  you.    I  anoint  you,  with  the  sacred  sweetness,  of  peace.    And  as  I do  this  unto  you,  I  ask  you  to  do  it  unto  others.    The  world  needs:  such  blessing;  such  welcoming;  such  sacred  sweetness...  of  peace.

“This week I encourage you, to go-out into the world, and touch another, with a blessing, holding your tongue, listening, more than speaking; for in so doing, you will be blessing another, and you will be receiving gifts, through the power of God flowing through you.  Wisdom will settle within you.  And you will begin to understand, the importance of: reaching-out and blessing, listening, rather than speaking.

“This week I ask you to open your arms, welcoming those who come to you, gathering the sheep, dispelling fear and doubt, by the presence of God within you.  There will be no need to speak, for it will all be said: within your gathering arms, within your tender presence, within the love of God. 

“This peaceful presence... will be the balm... of sacred sweetness, and the world needs it... much.  You do not have to walk too far, to hear many people pronouncing and announcing and proclaiming, what someone else should think, or say, or do.  Release and reject the temptation to do this, for you will sound preachy, and the teachings will be empty.  Resist the temptation to tell others what they should think, or say, or do.  Rather, when they come to you, or you encounter another, let the experience be... one... ‘of God’s presence, with you, blessing, loving, welcoming, and peaceful.’

“Many of you have taken instruction such as this to heart, and you have been trying: to listen rather than speak, to love rather than curse, to bless others.  And today, I come to you to encourage you to continue, because in the practicing, you are doing it.  Practice; and, you will begin to live, live fully, live completely.  If your desire is to do something, you are already doing it, you are trying, you are practicing. 

“I come to some of you to encourage you to try this week, ‘Try this simple way of living.’  Now, as you begin, you might fall to the temptation, of disappointment, or believing that it is not possible; but the more you try, the more you are willing to hold your tongue, and open your ears, you will find the gift is wisdom, you will find the gifts is knowing what is on another’s heart.  And it is more important for you to know what is on another’s heart, than try to convince someone, of what you believe, or you think, or you feel, or what you think... you know.

“I will stop here.  I could go farther.  I could say more, but this is the important part of the lesson.  How will you do, how will you fare?  Remember, reach-out with a blessing, open your arms, welcoming, and the sweet presence, of the love of God, will permeate the air, the encounter, the situation.  This is what the world needs.  It is time, and those of you who have the desire to do this, are the ones who are chosen to fulfill it.  It was part of My mission, and I will guide you through it, as I lived through it, as well. 

“Today, make some time to walk with another, and as you walk, walk slowly.  Today, make some time to dance with another, and quicken your pace, so the dance will be filled with glory... and fun... and joy! 

“You have this time upon the Earth, make the best of it.  Bless the Earth! 

“I AM with you, let us go forth together, to reach-out, to welcome, to bless!”

Sunday Sermons
May 27, 2012
Do All Things
While  You  Are
Connected To God

   I  AM  with   you!    I  hasten  to  your  side.    I  move  through  the  veil.    I  speak,  and  you hear  Me... ... ....   Be  still.    Open  to  the  love,  to  the  powerful  presence,  of  God.    Open  more.    Open  wider,  so  that  you  might  more  fully,  embrace...  the  sweet  presence  of  God...  with  you.    Breathe-in  deeply,  and  fill  your  lungs.    Be  still,  open,  and  fill  your  spirit,  with  that  which  is  yours,  a  gift,  a  gift  of  eternal  life...  unending...  presence!

“Once you... come to understand... this beautiful state of being – being connected to God – is the first thing you will endeavor: to do, to maintain, to sustain.  For once you experience, even a fleeting moment, of this connection with God, while you are walking upon the Earth, you recognize perfection, God’s presence within you; therein, is your perfection.  No matter how fleeting the moment might be, you recognize it, and it is peace.  Sometimes, you are distracted; your attention is drawn away from that peace, by things that are occurring around you.  And it is then, that you focus on the things of the world, and leave the sweet lap of peace.  But I tell you, you do not have to do that.  All that is going on around you, will go on around you, whether you interfere, or join-in, or are drawn into that circle; it is better... to stay connected to God... so that you might hear... and know... and be taught... to grow!

“It is during these times, of connection to God, that new teachings will come to you!  And it is within this close communion with God, that you receive ‘the courage,’ to be a risk-taker, to be boldly confident... in the new teaching... in the new way... in the new time... in the new day.

“This is why The Holy Spirit is with each of you: to whisper within the new teaching, as you are ready to accept it, as you are ready to embrace it, as you are ready to be confident in it. 

“When I walked upon the Earth I delivered new teachings, and they were quite radical.  The laws had been set in place, laws to live by, laws from God; but yet there was... more... for those who were willing, and ready, to hear, and know.

“Some of the most astounding teachings, which I was given, at the hand of The Father, The Creator, The God of All Things, were teachings such as: ‘turn the other cheek;’ ‘give to whomever asks;’ ‘be kind and loving to your enemies’, these things were radical, ‘if someone asks you for your shirt, or your jacket, give them more.’  These things were quite unusual; but you see, what made these things possible, was that, if there were those who were willing to reconnect, to know the sweet presence of God within them, to know the power of the presence, they would be willing: to give, as God gives; to love, as God loves; to be at peace, as God is at peace; to move through the world, yet not be... of the world; to remember, they’re of Heaven... first.

“The state of peace is what you are seeking, and it is found, in great abundance, when you stay connected to God.  You will not be tempted, toward any lesser, when you are fully connected with God.  You will look upon those, who at one time might have caused you anguish, or anger, or pain, or disappointment, with the eyes of God; calming their anger, bringing them peace, without saying a word. 

“I say unto you today, do not be distracted, from your connection with God, for it is the source of courage: to be willing to embrace new teachings, given unto you by The Holy Spirit of God; to be a risk taker, and put these new teachings into action, even when the world says they are foolish... ‘not practical.’ 

“This connection with of God will sustain, and maintain, you, as you boldly go, into the world, carrying the confidence of God with you.  And if you look around, you will notice there are others too: walking the streets, driving along the highways, attending town meetings, going to school.  You will notice them, because you can see the radiance about them.  They are connected with God, and the things of the world, do not confuse or baffle them, because they are confident, in that which they are receiving at the hand of God; because what they receive at the hand of God, is what they are ready to hear, and know.

“This week, set your intention... to walk, connected to God... to breathe, to speak, and to act, yet remain connected to God, and you will truly... have a glorious week... doing all things... while you are... connected to God.”

Sunday Sermons
June 3, 2012
Stay Connected
With  God,  Choose
The Ways of God, Over
The Ways Of The World

   I  AM  with   you!    I  place  My  hand  upon  your  shoulder,  I  draw  you  unto  Me,  so  that  you  might  hear  clearly,  what  I  AM  saying.    I  whisper,  yet  the  tone  and  vibration  of  the  words  I  AM  speaking,  are  heard,  miles  and  miles away,  because  I  AM  speaking  to  your  heart,  from  within  you,  touching  you  with  wisdom,  not  the  wisdom  of  the  world,  but  the  wisdom  of  the  eternal  Kingdom  of  God.

“Every day you make choices.  And the choices you make are outward signs.  You choose... to store-up, and save, and hold dear, the things of the world; or you choose... to store-up, and hold, as sacred, the things of eternity; it is impossible to serve two masters.  You either serve the ways of the world, or you serve the ways of God. 

“When you serve the ways of the world... first, it is very difficult to accomplish your goal, serving the ways of God, as well; but when your choice is to serve the ways of God, first and foremost, the result is, that you are blessing the world and Earth, with your presence, and the power and the light of God.  So put that way, whom amongst you would choose the ways of the world, over the ways of God?  Yet, you do it, every day... without thinking... of what you do, or say.

“When one comes to you in anger, frustration, or chaos, when another’s actions, or words, seem to be the root of your problems, you are not to enter into that energy.  There is no excuse: for retaliation; for exchanging angry words, for angry words; because when you do this, you are fighting... arguing with... and cursing... yourself. 

“We are one!

“In interpersonal relationships, the choice of the children of God upon Earth to argue, to be angry, and to retaliate, is toxic; and there is no escaping it!  It does no good, except to bolster the ego, and divide, and separate, and injure, and hurt.  There is no winner... in an argument.  There is no glory... in defeating the purpose of another.

“When you understand what is going on: you would not choose anger, over love; you would not choose retaliation, over compassion.  When you understand energy, and know what is really going on, you deliver God’s love; usually you do this in silence; and this requires that you cut-out ego, from yourself, and see yourself, as one, united; for, when you hate another, you actually hate yourself, and when you hate yourself, you hate the piece of God, that is within you.

“I choose this day to say these things to you, because, where you are upon the Earth, you are coming into a month that is considered the coming of summer: a time of freedom, and flowers, and sun; a time of fun.  But there can be no flowers, no summer, no fun, when you are locked in combat with another, choosing to feed ego, rather than serving God.  So you ask God, often, you say, ‘God, what is it you want me to do, what can I do for You today?’  And I tell you, what God, The Creator of All Things, will always say to you, ‘Love.’ 

“Choose your communion, your relationship, with God, over all things, and you will no longer be tempted into... trivial arguments... or major differences... because they will not matter.  When you know what you’re doing, what matters most, is that you deliver the love of God, and the light of God, to every situation.  When you are concentrating on your connection with God no matter what another says to you; then, you begin to understand the power of God’s love.  You begin to understand that life upon the Earth is temporary and fleeting, but you will live forever.  What you do not say, becomes more important than what you do say; and the interpersonal relationships, which have been a thorn in your side, will no longer be an issue, because you are no longer interested... in what another is saying to you... you are more interested in serving God, and delivering the love of God, to that person, no matter what they do; and you declare to God, to eternity, and all who will look and see, what your choice, for that moment, is to be.

“This is every important, because each of you encounters this type of issue every day.  The message I AM bringing to you is not just for one, or two, or a few.  It is for each and every one of you, hearing My words, or reading My words this day.  Can you stand in the face of one who is angry, who is yelling, who is putting you down, who possibly is pushing-you-around, physically?  Can you stand in the face of this behavior, and deliver the love of God; choosing, of your own free will to do this?  Can you do this?  I will tell you, if you do it once, you will understand what true power is; because it is an outward sign, you are no longer choosing anger, and retaliation, over God.  At that moment, when the decision is made, all eternity sees and knows, you have chosen God, over anger and retaliation, and the results are miraculous.  But to do this, you must know... what you’re doing...  ‘You  are  saving  the  world,  in  which  you  live.    You  are  saving  a  brother  or  a  sister.    You  are  saving  yourself.    You  are  delivering  love,  rather  than  choosing  anger.    And  you  see,  this  is  The  Way,  this  is  The  Way  of  eternity,  of  The  Kingdom  of  God,  you  focus  on  what  is important!’

“When the words or actions of another, seem to be the source of your anger or frustration, know this: it is ego, and it is your choosing; and at that moment, that moment of retaliation, you choose to continue the energies of another, and this type of relationship is toxic.  To run from it, will not cure it, for it will live forever; yes, forever!  But if you choose to serve God, and you stand, firmly, in the light of God, you will dispense the power of God: and you will be blessing, rather than continuing; you will be cleansing, rather than continuing, the energy.

“The choice is yours!  And the choice is important!  Which will you serve?   

“If you choose the ways of the world, the ways of separation, the ways of anger and retaliation, you will not be fully in the light of God; and this course leads to destruction, and illness, disease, and a pox on all humanity; the poison of it, even sinks into the Earth, itself. 

“But if you can take a deep breath, and set your intention to serve God, to do what God would have you do, you will know ‘Power!’  For... true power... is not in anger; it is never found in retaliation.  The Power of God is yours, and it is real, and it is potent.  Bring The Power of God to every relationship.  Love... beyond... what you can love; love, with the love of God.  Detach... and feel The Power of God... flowing into you, and through you.  Focus it on the one whom brings the test, the challenge, the golden opportunity, for you to choose, once again, to be in the service of God, The Creator of All Things, The Bringer of Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
June 10, 2012
You Are The
Light, Of God,
Upon The Earth

   I  AM  with   you!    I  reach-out  and  I  touch  you,  yet  you  feel  Me,  before  I  draw  near  to  you, for  that  which  you  experience  is  My  light.    My  light  precedes  Me.    You  feel  it.    You  know  it,  before  you  see  Me.

“It is the same with each of you.  People feel your light, before they really see you.  The light, that you carry, that each one of you carries, within you, is illuminated, in the eyes; you can peer into the soul, through the eyes. 

“No matter who you are, what you have done, what you are doing, or what you intend to do; no matter what others have done to you, are doing to do, or might possibly do to you in the future, each and every one of you walking upon Earth is The Light of God, at the core of your being.   

“Some of you... know this.  Some of you... guard your light, trying to maintain your light.  Others... feel they are in shadow and darkness, for their light is but an ember, glowing faintly, beneath the shadows and darkness; but no matter what the condition of your light might be at this time, the eternal truth is, it is within you.

“You are The Light, of God!  But it is important that you stay connected with God first, and foremost, because God is The One, who will sustain your light, and maintain your light, as you free the passageways, move the obstacles, the challenges, and make straight, The Way of The Lord, God’s Light will pour into you, it will stoke the furnace, and the flame will leap higher, and they will see you, and know you, by The Light of God within you, permeating your body, glowing from you! 

“Do not look to the world... as the source... of maintaining your light.  Trust in God to maintain your light.  This is a connection that is very important.  Look into the eyes of those you encounter during the day, and you will begin to notice, varying degrees of light: sometimes, so faint, it is difficult to find it; in some cases, so difficult to see, that the faith you have, in God’s presence within them, is all that you can count on, to know The Light is there.

“For any of you who will acknowledge The Light, it is important to know, that part of your assignment... is to be The Light!  And for a very few of you, your assignment is to be consumed by The Light... so others will see and know The Way through you; for this is how some will come to know The Light; in fact, this is the only way some will come to know The Light, by seeing it within you, for in their shadow and darkness, they have forgotten, they carry The Light, until they see one glowing... until they see one knowing... of The Light.  And this sight of one walking upon Earth, being The Light of God, beckons to them; and as they draw near, their light is called forth. 

“When you understand, that you are possibly, the only source of light they will see... it becomes more important... to be The Light: in the face of anger, in the face of hatred, in the face of greed; because at that point, you understand what you are doing for God; it has nothing to do with the other person; but it has everything to do, with you, and God.  What are you willing to do for God?  If you are willing to be The Light, be The Light!  And if you are willing to do this, you will understand, that the being before you, whether it is a woman, or a child, or a man, whoever they are, if they are caught in the grasp of a mean spirit, if they are being controlled by anger, or pride, or frustration or confusion, they are in the possession, of an energy.  They are acting-out... what that particular energy... is instigating within them.  And you can shine The Light, without saying a word. You can bless them, without saying a word.  You can hear what they’re saying, and mark it, as a cry for help.  And you can bless, for them.  Do not be surprised, if those you find it necessary to ‘bless for,’ return to you, over and over again.  Do not be tempted to think, ‘Oh no, here they come again.  I could do without this visit.  I really do not have time for this today.’  Connect with God, and understand, it is The Light of God they are seeking, and the only place they are finding it is, within you.  When you look at it that way, it is an honor for them to come to you; for, at that point in eternity, God has chosen you... to be the portal, of light... which will shine on them for a moment, or for the brief time they are in your presence.

“I do not tell you this is easy!  At first, it will be difficult; but every time you have an encounter, and determine you will be The Light of God, it becomes easier, and easier; because you see your function, as necessary, you see yourself as an extension of God, and it no longer is between you, and that person.  The only thing remaining is, ‘I will use my light... for the glory... of God.’

“So this is how you maintain your light, as you walk into the world, you trust and believe that God will fill you, and fulfill you, and sustain and maintain the glory of your light, that is the extension of The Breath of God!  You will move into the world, knowing... that your power, and the brightness of The Light, has nothing to do with the world, or the things, or the people around, it has everything to do with your connection with God.

“Shine!  Shine brightly, as God wishes to touch many, through you.  Be The Light.  It is fueled by The Breath of God, and they will know you, by your light, through your eyes, and they will be blessed!”

Sunday Sermons
June 17, 2012
Look To
The Light, The
Kingdom Of Heaven
Will Be Revealed Unto You

   I  AM  with   you!    I AM eager to spend time with you to teach you, concerning the mysteries, and to show you The Way; therefore, I AM with you.  When you are still, and you call Me, I AM with you, in a most profound way, and it is then, that you say, ‘I feel you, I know you, and I know you are with Me.’

“It is all so simple, yet to understand, requires faith: faith, that what you are being told is right; faith, that what is being revealed to you, is true; faith... in Me.   If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, at the very least, you are interested in Me, interested in My presence, with you; and the pathway, from being interested, leads into knowing better; and knowing better, leads to faith, in what you have come to know.

“Come, and sit with Me, for I wish to tell you something, which will assist you in coming to a place of great faith, in God, in Me, in The Holy Spirit.  Ultimately, you will come to know Me, just as you will come to know God, and The Great Spirit, for you are already on the pathway, out of interest, into seeking; and, those who seek, will find, that which they are seeking.

“I tell you Heaven... is with you... right now!  As you hear these words, or read these words, Heaven is with you!  All you have to do – to realize the glory of Heaven – with you, right now, is believe; for it is true!    For a brief moment, be still.  Close your eyes, and say, ‘Heaven is with me, right now.’  Now, close your eyes again, and say the same thing, except – once you say the words, breathe-in deeply, fully, expanding your lungs, until they are full – silently, repeat the words again, ‘Heaven is with me... right now.’  Then, slowly, release the breath you have been holding, within you.    How do you feel?

“Most of you will say you feel as if you have moved a step closer to something which has eluded you for a long time.  Some of you will say, you feel as if you now have a piece of the mystery, regarding Heaven and Earth; and, are eager for more.  A few of you will find, you can sincerely say, ‘I ‘know,’ Heaven is with me, right now!’     I tell you, if this were not so, there would be no miracles, no visions, no messages; for miracles come from God, visions are gifts, a glimpse into Heaven, and messages are carried, on The Wind, to those who will listen, and hear. 

“Once you can accept that Earth is held within The Kingdom of Heaven, all things are possible!  If you do not question how you can speak to a parent who happens to be on the other side of the world, why do you question that you can speak to your Eternal Parent, who happens to be on another side of Earth, just a dimension away?  God is not distant from you; God is near, and with you.  Just because you may not be able to see The Heavenly Kingdom right now, does not mean that it is not near to you.  Some things are with you, yet invisible to the eye... until you are in the light, seeing within the light... until they are revealed in the light.  And then, when you are willing to see, within the light, the light reveals things, you did not know, were right next to you.

“Have you ever been walking outside, believing you were seeing everything there was to see, when all of a sudden, you looked, and saw swarming insects, revealed in the light of the sun?  Before the revelation of the light, you did not know the insects were around you, near to you.  Yet, held within the revelation of light, you did see, that which you had not seen... before... the light. 

“I tell you, it is the same with The Kingdom of Heaven, The Kingdom of Perfection.  It is with you.  It is near to you.  All you have to do is look, and see, what is revealed to you, in The Light!

“It is time for a better understanding of Heaven.  If you are interested, you are already on the pathway.  And the pathway, from being interested, leads into knowing better; and, knowing better, leads to faith; and faith will lead you into a better understanding of Heaven, and God, and Me, and The Holy Spirit.  There is an entire Kingdom, near to you, and it will be revealed to you, if you are willing to look, into The Light!”

Sunday Sermons
June 24, 2012
The First Step
To Clean-Up Earth,
Learn Jesus’ Lesson... It Was
Said, An Eye For An Eye... But I Bring
You A New Law, Turn The Other Cheek

   I  AM  with   you!    I AM with you: to speak words of  encouragement;  to  let  you  know  I  support  you  on  your  journey;  to  guide  you  in  the  right  direction,  so  that  you  might  understand  the  mysteries,  and  in  the  understanding,  be  less  tempted  to  move  into  energies,  which  do  not  feed  you,  but  feed  on  you. 

“I  exhort  you...  to  seek-out...  and  use:  the  gifts  of  The  Holy  Spirit;  the  energies,  of  light;  the  tools,  of  the  holy.   

“It  is  important  for  you  to  ‘know,  what  you  are  doing’....  If you walk into a room, that is disheveled, debris all around, trash on the floor, everything hanging here and there, and you intend to clean-it-up, and make the room livable, once again, filled with light, and a joy to behold, you do not go into the room, and magnify the mess, add to the debris.  If your intention is to clean-up the room, you do not go along with what has been done, you alter the course, and you clean-it-up.  You stoop to pick-up something that was thrown down by another, without questioning ‘who did it.’  You take cloth, and water, and soap, and wash the walls, where another wrote, and marked, and defaced, without questioning who did it, for your ‘intention,’ is to restore the beauty of the room; therefore, you do not continue in the same pattern.  You mark your course, with the intention, to go against the grain, and you restore the beauty, and it becomes livable, and a joy for all who enter.

“Although this is not a remarkable example, it does turn your head to look and see... the first step to cleaning-up Earth... to bring it to the full glory and joy God intended it to be; for if you stand upon the Earth, and insist others pick-up their own mess, it will not happen.  The garden will begin to grow and flourish, when there is one willing to bend, or stoop, and undo that which has been done by another.  It is important that you understand the very basic and simplistic meaning, of the first step you should take, if your desire is: to assist in restoring The Garden, to bring forth the beauty, and to remove the debris.

“Two thousand years ago, and a bit more, I delivered a message from God, regarding retaliation, addressing confrontation and aggression.  You might say My entire life upon Earth was living that message.  It was not understood, nor was it embraced.  It has gone ‘unlearned’ by the children, living upon Earth.  And I say to you, you cannot advance to a new understanding, a higher knowing, until you learn this lesson!  And at first you might say, ‘There is too much sting and bitterness to that lesson.  I will love God, but I cannot address this lesson.’  And I say to you, ‘If you want to know, better, the ways of The Kingdom of God, if you want to take active part in delivering The Kingdom of God to Earth more fully, you must study, and know, this lesson!  For if others attack you, you must not magnify that energy, no matter how tempting it is, no matter how skilled you might be: in the ways of the world, or the sword, or the pen, or the spoken word.  It is time for those energies to be put down, to be inundated, by the light.  And the only way this will happen, is if there are children upon the Earth willing to stand-up, and remember the message I delivered.  For I said, without changing the laws of the past, I said, ‘There are those of you who remember, it was said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’  And every time I said that... I paused... so they would recall, ‘...Yes, that is the law.  It was said.’  And then I said to them, ‘...but I bring you a new law.  If one strikes your cheek, turn the other cheek to them.  If one desires to take you to court, regarding your tunic, on the way to court give them your cloak as well.  If one presses you into service to do certain things, go beyond.’   And this week I ask you... to sit, and pray, and meditate, and ask for guidance, and wisdom, regarding this lesson; it has everything to do... with balancing energy; it has everything to do... with changing the course of the world; it has everything to do... with being willing to appear weak. 

“You see, if you study, and look, at what you know of My life upon Earth, based upon the facts that are written, seeing it from the eyes of those who felt I was a criminal, that I was a heretic, then you will see... that I appeared to be a failure.  Those who were ‘after Me,’ felt they were justified, as I hung upon the cross.  Crucifixion was common, painful, and an outward sign, of one who had ‘done wrong,’ and was punished.  There was not one thing that appeared glorious, about My life  to most people, at that point.  Yet, it was at the point, that the glory of God was brought to Earth, in such abundance, that there were many willing to follow.  The Spirit was set free!  All of the retaliation and aggression was wiped away, by My blessing and forgiving!  It is one of the reasons there were so many willing to follow, in mass they began to follow, and it changed the course of the world. 

“If it had not been for My forgiveness, My death would have been... the end....  But because I was willing to use the situation, not to magnify the heavy energies, but to bring The Kingdom of God to Earth, millions of people, today, know Me; and it had everything to do, with the simple, and single, act, of turning the other cheek, because at that point, I was willing to do the work of God, paying no attention to who created the mess. 

“I was willing to stoop, and bend, and in the stooping, and in the bending, I was raised-up, in the light of God.  What are you willing to do?  The ‘temptation,’ will be to have a moment of gratification, besting another; but that will only magnify, the predominant energies of the world.  True strength, and power, comes in the stooping, and the bending, to clean-up the debris of another. 

“I ask any who care, or who are stirred at their heart... to bear this...!  Pray for wisdom, and understanding regarding this lesson, because Earth is ready, and waiting, to receive those who are willing to bring forth The Kingdom of God upon Earth!”

Sunday Sermons
July 1, 2012
I Will: Be Kind,
Be Love, Be Gentle,
Be Perfect  . . .  Today,
I Will Forgive, All Things

   I  AM  with   you!    You do not need to open your eyes, or to look around, as you feel My presence.  Because you are willing to believe, you are raised-up, to a place of knowing, where there is growth, and all things are possible.  I sit with you and I share that which I know, of living upon the Earth.  And when I speak to you, of living upon the Earth, I know, because I did, in the physical form, taking the body of a human being, just as you elected to do. 

“It seems most people think that they know My mission; they talk about why I came to Earth, and what I was to do, as I walked amongst you; however, very few recall, in their present state of humanness, that theirs is a mission: just a wonderful, just as grand, just as magnificent, as was Mine; for each piece has purpose, and glory; each piece has the respect of The Creator; each piece has the support of The Creator; for the creation is not whole, if there is one piece missing.  Therefore, each piece is of value, and without each piece, it is not one, whole, complete.

“I say this to you, because I want you to understand... the importance... of being connected... to God!  Because when you are connected to God, and when you are ‘open,’ as wide as you can open, what God knows, you know.  God lives upon the Earth, through you; and in your willingness to open, and experience God’s power, you move over the Earth differently; blessing rather than taking; creating, continuing the creation story, putting into place that which you are to put into place; supporting your brothers and sisters; being kind, loving, generous, when the world would teach you other ways, expect you to act otherwise.

“This week ponder, consider, and ask to be guided into the wisdom of kindness, moving into situations where you have the opportunity: not to best another, but to reach-out your hand, and lift-another-up; not to curse another, or to laugh at another, but to support and encourage another; not to strike back, in retaliation, but to come to understand the wisdom... of turning the other cheek.  Seeking wisdom... to understanding... will lead you... to knowing.

“Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, have lived upon Earth long enough to witness acts of retaliation, acts of force and coercion.  And, you possibly have come to the conclusion that you cannot force another to be kind, or just, or loving; but you can... be the living example... of that which you feel within your being, that is placed there by God.  Live understanding... and compassion... and let that energy be more important than being right about: this, or that, or the other.  Live love... and let that energy be more important than: getting even; retaliation; being right; having the last word; winning the race; wearing better clothing.

“Each of you, hearing these words or reading these words probably have experienced something similar to what I am going to describe to you this moment.  In your mind’s eye, I want you to see a race, a foot race, where people are running in a large circle, racing to see who can be the first at the finish line.  They’re making the final turn, and all of the runners are coming down the last stretch, the portion of the course set right before you.  It is pretty obvious who will win, when all of a sudden that person bends over, as if they are in pain, and falls to the ground.  And surprise, upon surprise, there is one, in the race, who stops, goes to the one who is injured, tends to them, lifts-them-up, and assists them to complete the race.  An act of kindness... that everyone is seeing... yet, it is not for show, at the moment, you know, what is on the heart of the one willing: to stop the race; to give-up the win; to stoop so another might begin to rise-up, and complete that which they started together.  At such a time, it is... possible... that you no longer remember who won the race.  What you carry in your heart... and see... for a long time, is that one was willing to lift-another-up.  And although it appears they did not win the race, they did, in reality... win... in the rising-up!

“Now the examples that you carry with you, might be different, but they will all be similar, in that there was one willing to give-up glory, and fame, and sometimes monetary reward, to stop, short of the goal, and help another.  This is what living upon Earth should look like.  This is what living on Earth should be, willingness to be: kind, compassionate, and understanding; and this will become easier, as you begin to remember that you are eternal.   

“The body you are in right now is temporary, something you chose to do a mission upon the Earth, more like a space suit is to an astronaut, than what is real.  The space suit allows the astronaut to experience travel into space, to be able to accomplish a certain task; but, it is not the astronaut who is inside, it is a garment that permits mobility.  And that is what your earthly body is, a garment that permits mobility upon Earth.

“Remember who you are.  Remember what you are doing.  Be kind... in the face of anger or hatred.  Be compassionate... when there is an opportunity for retaliation.  Hold your tongue... when you can speak the last word, win the argument, appear smarter, brighter, quicker of mind.  And the more you practice this, the more you will find, creating the energy of The Divine... is more important... than winning a race, or having a last word.  This week... be kind.”

Sunday Sermons
July 8, 2012
Reject Worry,
Reject Judgment, Be
Kind, And You Will Bring
The Kingdom Of God Onto Earth

   I  AM  with   you,  and  you  recognize  Me.    I  draw  near  to  you,  and  the  memory  is  sweet.    We  know  each  other,  and  I  AM  here  for  you.  I AM here, so that you might be free, of concern, and worry.  I AM here, so that you might not get caught-up in the act of judging yourself or others.  I AM here to support you, in your journey.  I AM here to remind you to be kind, and thoughtful, and considerate.  And as I say these things to you, as I support you in what you do, as I remind you gently, of the course you wish to take, as I show you The Way, you feel Me, you remember Me, and you begin to know, Earth, as a piece of Heaven.  You bring The Kingdom of God onto Earth in a most fulfilling way, when you reject worry, and judgment, and you are kind.

“Worry... is destructive.  Nothing comes from worry, except sickness, disease, frustration.  You cannot worry about a situation, and produce a resolution.  It is as if you have jumped into a pot of simmering negativity, and cannot get out. 

“Many of you hearing these words or reading these words, might look back, and recall a time, a situation, an encounter possibly, when you were tempted to worry, or perhaps jumped right into that pot, worrying about how something would be fixed, mended, or repaired.  And probably at that time, the situation was serious, dark, showing no possibility of light, or promise.  Yet, here you are today, the situation, the encounter, far behind you: you’re standing on your two feet, the sun still rises and sets, and the moon blesses the Earth with its light.  There is nothing... that comes to you... that does not move from you.  The difference is... in how you accept... that which comes to you.

“When you are ‘tempted to worry about something,’ I ask you to remember, if you are worrying... you are not using the gift of The Holy Spirit... ‘trust.’  Replace your worry, with trust, knowing, that if it has come to you, it is yours to do.  And if it is yours to do, you have the tools, within you, to do it.  The resolution is yours to bring about, and the directions are written upon your heart by the finger of God.  If you will trust, in this ‘truth,’ you will worry no longer, for worry will drag you down, and keep you from resolution.  When the testing comes, trust!

“Yes, trust, and move forward, using that which God gives to you!  Trust will help you move through... every challenge.  It will help you move easily around every obstacle, and you will quickly be at the other side, looking back upon the trial, and more confident than ever, that God showed you The Way, that God was with you, that God had given you all you needed, and the only thing that the testing and the trial did... was bring you strength, and confidence.

“Replace worry, with trust!  And once you have reached this place, it will be easier for you to reject judgment, for what is judgment?  Judgment is calling another’s trial foolish.  Judgment is making another’s challenge more difficult.  Piling judgment, upon judgment of yourself or another, who is going through a trial, or a test, is not productive; it makes the going more difficult.  Once you see this, you would not judge yourself or others.  You would choose to be encouraging; you would choose to support another, possibly even walking alongside, saying, ‘You can do this; trust, and you’ll get through it.’  You can help another by being the light.  Go forth into the world, and be the light, not the judge! 

“There is no place for judgment, when your intention is to support, and encourage.  And this assistance, this direction I AM giving you, is for yourself, as well as another.  Your week ahead... will be totally different: if you set worry aside, and pick-up trust; if you set judgment aside, and pick-up compassion, encouraging others, and yourself, supporting others, and yourself.  It does not matter how someone got into a situation, what matters is, are you willing to support them in a positive way?

“Be kind.  The world is filled with people who read and read and read, and in the reading can recite words, and paragraphs, can commit things to memory, and seem to have the appropriate word for the situation, readily available.  The world is filled with: those who can run faster, jump higher, and those who are quick to deliver the most recent piece of information, a bit of knowledge about something that has just been discovered, but will soon change.  There are those... who can... ‘think on their feet;’ and, there will always be one who can recite, sing, dance, jump, run, better.  But what the world needs... most... is kindness, one who is still, one who is strong and powerful... in peace.  Be kind... that is what the world needs!

“If you will concentrate... on setting worry aside... if you will set your intention... not to judge yourself or another... if you will make it your plan to be kind, no matter what happens, at the end of the coming week, you will... have lived Heaven upon Earth... because that is what you will deliver.  The Kingdom of God will be around you in a most magnificent way, because you are being godlike, because you are being perfect in your trust, you are being steadfast within the energy of compassion and understanding, you are supporting and encouraging, and therefore you are calling forth the light within each one you encounter.  And as you work on these things, the direct result is kindness. 

“Be kind!  It is what the world needs.  Be kind, and you will be as a flowing fountain, where all come to drink.  Be kind, and you will be as an abundant garden, producing more and more, able to feed all who come, who are hungry, for kindness. 

“Be kind... and you will be... the living word of God, upon Earth; and you will recognize Heaven, upon Earth; and you will realize... that you are delivering... The Kingdom of God... to Earth!”   

Sunday Sermons
July 15, 2012
Take The
Word Of God
Into Your Heart,
Be The Living Word

   I  AM  with   you.    For those of you willing to be still... and open your heart to the possibility of My presence, with you... you will feel Me, and you will know Me, and we will be, as one. 

“For those ready to rise-up and answer the call, no force is necessary, no coercion is necessary, no threat is necessary; for when it is upon your heart, to do the will of God, to take that which has been given to you, and bring it to life upon Earth, you rise-up, and you walk in the light of God, and therein you realize the meaning of ‘power,’ for within a peaceful presence, resides the power of God.  Wisdom is with you there as well. 

“With an open heart you hear the words, or you read the words, pages and pages of scripture, wherein that which God has spoken to the children is recorded, where you will find My words too.  But these words, these pieces of divine guidance, these pearls of wisdom, have little value, if you but hear them, and then stuff them in a pocket, or put them in a drawer, and pull them out only when they are handy to repeat to suite the occasion.  True wisdom comes to those who are willing to open their heart, and let the words of God reside there, magnifying that which God gives to you, with your own power, with your own energy, with your own intention; and, when God’s power flows to your heart, and you release it upon the Earth, God lives upon the Earth, through you.

“Right now, the prevailing energies upon the Earth, within the world, are harsh, unkind, unsympathetic; there is very little compassion and understanding.  It seems that everyone is trying to force their will to be done.  But true power resides in a peaceful presence, because when you are a peaceful presence... you are trusting... in God.  You are not clinging to this promise or that promise made to you by another human being, you are embracing the eternal promise... of God. 

“This week, listen with your heart, take the words of God to heart, and you will feel your heart open, grow more compassionate, more kind, more understanding.  You will not try to force another, or bend them to your will.  You will let them feel the power of God, flowing through you to them; and all will be as it is to be, because as the hand of God moves, it is done.  This week, let the hand of God move you.  Let it be done through you, no matter what is said or done to you, stand within the light of God, and you will know ‘power,’ power beyond what the world represents; the eternal power... of God.”