"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
October 14, 2012
Let There
Be Peace, And
Let It Begin Within You

   I  AM  with   you.    I  sit  with  you.    I  walk  with  you.    I  play  with  you.    I  work  with  you.    I  have  many  things  to  share  with  you;  and  in  truth,  you  and  I  have  shared  many  things,  already.    Sometimes  you  talk,  and  I  listen.    Sometimes  I  talk,  and  you  listen.    And  in  those  moments,  we  are  drawn  together,  knowing  each  other,  loving  each  other.

“You cannot experience peace, without first being at peace within.  You cannot become frustrated by the way things turn-out, in the world, no matter what the situation, and be at peace within.  For if you are, in deed, at peace, from within your being, the situations, and everyday occurrences, happening all around you, and possibly involving you, will not be disruptive, will not bring you to a point of frustration, or confusion.  Inner peace is something that cannot be taken from you. 

“Look around you.  Who do you see, who is exhibiting the qualities of inner peace?  Very few, I AM sure, will come to mind; however, those few, who do come to your mind, will amaze you, with the ability to be at peace, when everything around them seems to be falling apart.  Why is this?  It is because they know what is important.  They know the difference between reality, and illusion.  They are connected with God, and they are at peace. 

“If you are at peace, you do not become rattled, or upset; it is not important.  What is important to you is your connection with God and maintaining that connection.  And it is to this end, that we have talked, many times, about the new teachings, that I brought over two thousand years ago.  And you might smile when you hear ‘new teachings,’ that are over two thousand years old.  But they have barely been looked at.  They have been read, but they have not been put into practice.

“Now, when I said the words, which have been repeated down through the ages, they seemed rather precise.  ‘Turn the other cheek.’  This is the reference, ‘... if someone slaps you on the right cheek, give them the other.’  And many people know this, or some form of the, statement.  But I want you to look at it in a different way.  Very few people are going to walk up to you, and slap you in the face.  And if that happened, you might remember, ‘... turn the other cheek, don’t engage.’  But what I would like you to look at, in this particular situation, is that many people... will slap you... with words, or some action, or some gossip they are spreading about you, or something that they do not intend to do, but rather ‘back into,’ an insult.  The slightest thing can bring you to a point of temptation.  Just a glance from another, with their eyes, can be a temptation to respond.  And if you extend the old statement to cover all of these things, the smallest of slights, and the greatest of gossip, you will understand that you can use this every day.  Turn the other cheek; do not engage in this energy, which will bring you down.

“Begin to look at the old sayings in a new light... and transfer the meaning to something less... than what is presented in The Scriptures, because those statements were to cover the greatest.  Therefore, if you are expected to turn the other cheek when someone slaps you, you are expected to turn the other cheek when someone baits you into an argument.  Turn the other cheek when someone is simply annoying.  Do not engage in the energy.  If you can begin to apply the guidelines given to you, for the most grievance offense, to the least offense, then you will begin to live a different life.  And you will begin to discover you are at peace, because you are not being torn to pieces, going into other people’s energies.  You would be solidly in your own energy, in a sphere of peace, unaffected by what is going on around you, because your intention is to do the will of God, which is to be at peace.

“The same is true for the other things that I said regarding behavior, social responses.  If someone is willing to argue about something, be still, do not engage.  Give them your peace, and give them more of your peace, until they too are quiet, and no longer caught-up in the energy, which is disturbing them.

“As you make your way through this coming week, ask for guidance, as you review the old things you’ve either heard, passed down through generations in stories, or that you have read yourself from The Scriptures, and begin to apply them, in a slightly different way.  You do not have to be nailed to a cross to forgive all things.  That is not your mission.  It is not marking The Way of your journey.  It is ‘the extreme picture.’  Apply it to all things, of a lesser nature, and you will begin to see, with the eyes of wisdom, and you will begin to live in peace, from within.

“In the coming years... there is the possibility... for Earth... to realize peace!  But that peace will not be dictated, or mandated.  It will be springing forth from the core of the human beings, who reside upon Earth.  If there is to be peace, upon the Earth, then let it begin with you, from within.  This is where it will come from.  This is where it will start.  And it will be so helpful to you, if you will begin to apply these guidelines, the statements about turning the other cheek, and giving, and loving your enemies, about walking a mile, if you are asked to just walk a few steps with another.  All of the things that you’ve heard, and some more, would probably come to your mind.  Apply these things... to what happens in your everyday existence... within your everyday existence, around your everyday existence, and you will begin to see that people, who are frustrated, angry, cold, fearful, doubtful, will begin to lose these bonds, that are tying them down, constraining and restraining them, when they are in your presence, because, when they are around you, they will understand the power of a peaceful presence.

“Your inner peace... will bring you health... and happiness... and the glory of God will shine about you.  This I promise you! 

“For the coming week, concentrate, give your thoughts to peace, let your words be filled with peace, and let your deeds bring forth the peace of God onto the Earth.  Be a peacemaker.  Create peace.  Establish peace within your being.  Let there be peace, and let it begin with you.”

Sunday Sermons
July 29, 2012
The Key To
Your Freedom,
To Living Your Life
Upon  Earth,  As  It  Was
Intended To Be, Is Forgiveness

   I  AM  with   you.    I  AM  there  next  to  you.    I  AM  all  around  you,  for  we  are  one. 

“Breathe deeply, and fill your lungs, with the air, of Earth; and then breathe deeply, of your spirit, understanding the eternal birth, you have experienced.  Since you are... right now, you are forever... living.  Life cannot be taken from you.  It has been given to you, and the gift comes, from God.

“In your natural state, your true presence, you are perfection, the light of God, living, being, experiencing.  Right now, feel the air around you.  Every second that ticks by is a piece, of eternity, and the peace, in which you exist, during that passing second, is how it is meant to be.  The only thing that can change the peaceful presence is... for you to introduce, by freewill choice... lesser energies. 

“You can enhance the light of God, the piece of perfection that is you, by noble thoughts, thoughts of understanding and compassion, kindness, love.  You can enhance the light further, by speaking words of understanding, and compassion, kindness, and love.  And this state of perfection can be further enhanced, by deeds of understanding, compassion, kindness and love.  And you reach this place, where you can think, and speak, and do, in the light of God, by forgiving all you have experienced, that deals with shadow and darkness. 

“For you see, once it is created, it does not matter who created the shadow, or who created the darkness, what matters is who will be the one to clean-up the shadow, and darkness, and deliver the light!  This is the only way Earth will be rid of heavy energies, as one-by-one, there are those willing to set ego aside, to set aside their desire to be right, and to go into the world, holding the light of God, delivering understanding and compassion, kindness and love, through total forgiveness... for all things.  You cannot be whole; you cannot be fully healed, if you are carrying things within you, needing to be forgiven.  No matter how small, or great, if there is something needing to be forgiven, you are carrying the burden; it has the ability to bring shadow to the brightest day; you’ll be having fun, perhaps playing with your children, or just standing in the sun, under a blue sky, a perfect day in every way, except the shadow comes upon you, with memories, of that which needs to be ‘forgiven.’  And the hold is great, and it keeps you from your glory.  In fact, it will rob you, of your glory.

“Today, take some time to sit with whatever is a piece of your shadow or darkness.  Be still, and visit the time, whether it be sadness and sorrow, or anger and pain, or frustration and confusion, or any other combination of heavy energies, be willing to look at it, and know it, and forgive it, so it might be the lesson, of your freedom. 

“It is your choice, and you can choose.  Your right to choose will never be taken from you.  But when you choose forgiveness, you choose life, as God meant it to be.  There is nothing that has occurred in your lifetime upon Earth... that can be worse than my final days upon Earth.  Yet, I gave you the example, the only way I could free Myself, and in so doing free all of the children of God, was to be willing to say, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’

“Comprehending forgiveness at this level... requires that you understand... you are to forgive, even those who do not think they need forgiving, who think they stand in the right, who think, and believe, their actions are justified.  Your forgiveness, of any transgression, makes it possible, for that one individual, to experience a lighter presence.  And every time you forgive the transgression, repeating it, until it is done, that individual experiences a lightness of being they’ve never had before.  In fact, they finally get to a place, where they, too, can begin forgiving.  It will help you to remember that it is really not between you and another individual, or individuals.  It’s between you and God.  What are you willing to do, for God?

“The mess, the shadow and darkness, it’s all there, you see it.  Do not close your eyes to it, any longer.  If you will make the decision today to just clear-up, or bring the light, to one incident of shadow or darkness, you will personally, within your being, feel lighter.  And it will be the impetus that will spur you on, to do it again.  And as you do it, again and again, that chain upon you, which has kept you from forgiving before, will break, when you find... it is wonderful... to be the one forgiving.

“Do not be stiff-necked.  Do not be too strident.  Do not stand firmly, locked into your place, where, from your perspective, you are standing in ‘the light of righteousness;’ because as you stand there, stiffened, your body reacts to your spiritual inability to move, and you develop back pain, and neck pain, and shoulder pain.  You find it difficult to climb steps, or to go down steps.  You are ‘locked, into place,’ standing in perceived righteousness.

“I give you the key to freedom, and the key has a word written upon it, and the word is ‘Forgiveness.’  One deed of forgiveness every day, and you will be at peace, very soon.  Know this: ‘Your freedom... is achieved... by unlocking the bonds, and the chains, and the restraints, which are holding you in place, by using ‘The Key, of Forgiveness’.” 

Sunday Sermons
August 5, 2012
You Choose
The Energies You Use,
And They Determine How You Feel,
Choose Wisely, Choose From The Gifts
Of The Holy Spirit, And Ride The Wind

   I  AM  with   you.    And  you  feel  My  presence.    It  is  as  if  I  have  draped  My  arm  over  your  shoulder,  and  pulled  you  closer,  so  you  might  know  Me  better. 

“There is not one amongst you, whether you are hearing these words or reading these words, whom cannot hear Me, or feel Me, or know Me.  The dimensions do not restrain My movement.  I AM with you now.  My eternal presence is with you.  I guide you.  I show you The Way.  And it is easier, and you feel lighter, when the directions are clear, and the path is open.

“I repeat, a message today, because as often as I say it, there are still many, of you, who find it difficult to do.  There can be ‘an excuse,’ that the patterns, the things you have done all your life, are heavy, and you feel more comfortable, using what you know; but I say to you, that is an excuse! 

“Your lifetime upon Earth is but a blip, a snap of the fingers, compared to the eternal life you live.  Do not be mistaken, you live forever!  Remember it, and do not just ‘say it,’ begin to ‘understand,’ the dynamics, of living forever!  And then you will not reject the idea, of something new, and you will embrace the challenge... rather than refusing to face... a struggle. 

“When some of you were very young, you were given a bicycle, and at first it was difficult, very difficult to ride, without falling.  However, the more you practiced, you grew in confidence, and soon you were riding... the wind in your hair, and you were free... to go where you could not go before.  The boundaries of your world, as you knew it, before you could ride, were no longer there.  You could travel blocks, and see things.  The adventure was sweeter, the journey quicker.

“And it is the same, when you embrace the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  At first you will have to practice to stay upright, but soon, you will find you are riding the wind, going to places you’ve never been, because your boundaries have been widen, the places you know, your experiences, getting broader and broader, riding The Wind.

“But these experiences can be limited, by your choices.  If you choose anger or frustration, retaliation, judgment, that is where you will be.  And it is heavy.  It is like being caught in a tornado.  And once you choose these energies, and the tornado begins to spin, nothing seems as it is.  Words get caught-up in the energy, and never seem to land in the right place.  No matter what you are trying to say, it seems incoherent.  And the same is true, for what you are trying to listen to, for what is being said to you, the words go into this vortex of heavy energy, and spin around, and are dumped at your feet, in quite a mess.  This is struggle.

“But when you choose, one of the tools, the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God, to use in a situation, the outcome is different.  Sure, there is a challenge, to practice, and learn, how to use the gift.  It does not come easily: to stand in the face of one raising their voice; to stand in the face of anger; to stand in the face of accusation.  But once you begin to practice, employing love and understanding and compassion, in the face of ridicule or anger, you begin to see the power of God working.  And it brings you a sense of completeness, a wholeness of being, which you have never known before.  You walk away from the situation... glad, happy, fulfilled, and satisfied, that you were the presence of God, in the face of confusion, frustration, or anger.  And you stopped the heavy energy there!  It did not go further, it did not travel farther, it stopped with you.  The more you practice this, the quicker you will find, you are riding on The Wind, and nothing disturbs you.  This is important.  The time upon the Earth has come when there should be many, standing-up, ready to do that, which God wants you to do, to be as you truly are, in your great magnificence, an eternal being, upon Earth, blessing, rather than cursing!

“This week, practice, more.  I realize that this lesson is a repetition, a message I deliver over, and over again.  But I tell you, if I repeated this message a hundred times, a hundred Sundays, it would not be enough.  I remind you; I encourage you; you will each face a situation, an incident, or an individual, within the day, and you will be given ‘the opportunity, to choose.’  Which energy will you use?  The choice is yours.  Choose wisely, and you will ride The Wind, going to places you have never been, and your life will be a magnificent journey, with no boundaries!” 

Sunday Sermons
August 12, 2012
Wisely, Be The
Light, Not The Judge

   I  AM  with   you.    I  whisper...  to  you...  and  the  words  settle  upon  your  ears,  as  a  sweet  song,  so  welcome,  so  loving,  so  nourishing,  so  nurturing.    This  is  My  intention,  to  whisper  words  of  guidance,  so  you  might  be  filled  with  peace,  and  move  into  the  new  day,  the  new  week,  the  new  time.

“You  are  explorers  upon  the  Earth,  going  forth  every  day,  continuing  God’s  creation...  in  what  you  think,  and  do,  and  say.    You  are  continuing  the  work  of  God...  by  what  you  do! 

“This morning, I speak briefly to each of you.  There has come a time where those of you who are willing to awaken, to the word, to the stirring within you, to stand-up, to rise-up, to move over the Earth with new wisdom, taking responsibility for what you are creating, and for the energies you are using, without regard to what others are doing, or saying, or thinking.  It is time for the children of God to take responsibility, for what you do, individually, without pointing the finger of blame to another situation, or certain individuals.  And today I bring you a key, on how you can accomplish this state of peace, and do the work of God upon Earth; for the work of God upon Earth... is to create peace... where there is chaos, and confusion, and anger, and hatred.  There is no greater work, than to allow the power of God to flow onto the Earth through you, for that is how God has chosen it to be. 

“If it was the will of God: God would crack open the heavens, and direct immediate response, commanding that all bow-down, commanding this, or commanding that;  but  God  is  love,  and God is determined that the best way the children, upon Earth, can understand and grow in love is to be love.  Let the love of God pour through you, so you might come to ‘know love.’  God is determined the Earth will be flooded with love, through the children.  It is your birthright.  God has created you; God has created love; God has created Earth; but God will send His power, of love, to Earth, through each of you, and that is the miracle!

“But, to be able to do this, to deliver this full power of God to Earth, you must free yourself of all that is clogging-you-up, anything that is keeping you, from allowing God’s love to flow freely through you.  These things must be moved, so that you are whole, complete, emanating the divine light of God.  It is possible, and that is what you are being called to do; for when you are the light, those who are seeking the light will be drawn to you, and then there is nothing you need to do except let the love of God flow onto whoever is called to you.  It is that simple.  It is that sacred.  It is that sweet.

“To reach that place, requires work.  It requires that you know how to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit; for from the gifts of The Holy Spirit, there will come the fruit.  And it is time, to use the gifts, and bear the fruit.

“Each of you today, probably many times today, and continuing into the week, will encounter, certain situations, or individuals, which will present an opportunity, an opportunity for you to ‘choose,’ what energy you are going to use.  In each scenario, you will have the option, to choose to use a gift of The Holy Spirit of God, such as patience or tolerance or understanding; or you will choose to use the energies of shadow and darkness, anger, frustration.  But make no mistake, you will choose; and in so doing, it is necessary to accept the responsibility, of that which you choose to use.

“Let Me present this example.  There could be many, but this is the easiest.  You are sitting on a bench, in a park, a most pleasant day, watching people ride bicycles, walk, children laughing and playing, all seems right with the world.  And then an acquaintance walks-up, sits down, and begins telling you a story, about what Jack, or Jane, or Sue, said about you.  And the more they talk, the more uncomfortable the situation; and you find yourself, growing impatient, aggravated, angry, as the story unfolds, more and more disturbing, and distressing.  But if you stop, for a minute, and realize, as the story began, there was the opportunity, and you chose an energy.  It was your decision.  You could choose patience.  You could choose tolerance.  You could choose to stand in the light of God, and ‘act,’ with the love of God, rather than ‘reacting,’ to negative energy.  But the ways of the world have taught this procedure: if someone brings you this tale, this story, this gossip, you ‘choose,’ to get angry.  And if you get angry, the next step is to say, ‘I am angry, because Joe, or Sue, or Jack, did this to me.’  That step has led you, to the perspective, that Joe or Jack or Sue, has made you a victim, by something that you perceive they perpetrated against you, so now you have moved to the role of ‘victim.’  And in your state of victimhood, you excuse the behavior you have chosen to use, because of your blame, your fault-finding, your judgment.  You have come to the place where you are not responsible, for your actions, because you are the victim, of something perpetrated by another; so your use of the negative energies, of anger, and frustration, hatred, and confusion, you feel are justified.

“This is the way of the world.  And when you look back on it, think about how many times, you have placed yourself in the role of the victim, to excuse a behavior, which you say was caused by another.  But I say to you this day, no one can make you angry!  At a point, you have the opportunity, to choose patience, or tolerance, or understanding, or whatever is available on the table, arrayed with the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God.  There is that option.  But there is another option, on another table, and it filled, with shadowy energies.  It is dominated by energies of darkness.

“Each of you walking upon Earth faces these choices, sometimes hourly, sometimes by the minute, and it is important that you begin to see what you are doing, because if you are not creating light, where there is shadow and darkness, you are adding to the shadow and darkness.  So I give you this key today.  Many of you are really trying to overcome your dependency on ‘reacting,’ in anger, or frustration, or impatience.  And your prayer to God is usually, ‘I am so angry, help me.  I do not want to be angry.  I am so upset, because ‘so-and-so-and-so-and so’ did this, or that, or the other.’  I say to you today, change your prayer.  Ask for wisdom, and make it clear.  ‘Why have I ‘chosen,’ anger?’  You see, this changes everything.  If you say, ‘Why am I angry?’  You will quickly go back down the road of, ‘I am angry, because so-and-so did this to me,’ creating a victimhood again, and you’re back in the same old place.  But if you change your prayer, to, ‘...why did I choose?’ whether it’s anger or frustration, or just being impatient, or short, or brusque.  Take that step to add, ‘Why did I ‘choose,’ anger?’  And you will begin to get answers, which will surprise you; but the most important thing is you will begin to understand, that you ‘chose it,’ it was not dumped on you.  And in the maturing, coming to understand that you have ‘chosen,’ the energy you are experiencing, you will begin to look-over the table of gifts, and you will decide, ‘...why did I choose that?  I don’t want to choose that.  I want to choose patience.  I want to choose tolerance.’  And you will begin to move over the table of gifts, wanting to experience... the grace of God.

“This week, when you encounter situations, instead of following the way of the world, and placing yourself in a state of victimhood, choose the gifts of The Holy Spirit, and place yourself in the state of empowerment, for the good of God, for the glory of God.  Act in such a way that you are praising the creation of God, by knowing what you are doing, by making an effort to choose... wisely!

“The table is set for you.  The cups are filled to overflowing.  There is not one thing you will encounter this week, which cannot be blessed, by using, by choosing, the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  And as you move through the week, you will become more confident in your ability to make the right choice; but it takes practice, and it takes one willing to say, ‘Why did I choose anger?’ 

“In this simple step... you begin to accept the responsibility... for what you are thinking, and saying, and doing.  It will bring peace, where there is chaos.  And it will bring light, where there is darkness.  And this will be possible, because one, of the children of God, made the decision, to choose wisely!”

Sunday Sermons
August 19, 2012
Be Quick
To Forgive,
Refuse To Judge

   I  AM  with   you.   I  bring  you  good  news.    I  bring  you  direction.    I  bring  you  guidance.    And  I  touch  you,  with  love.   

“I  speak  to  you  today,  of  ‘the  noble  act,  of  forgiveness.’

“When it is your intention to forgive, you are surely ‘perfection unfolding.’  You are ‘God-like.’ 

“When it is your intention to forgive, in the single act of forgiveness, you are using the energy of almost every gift of The Holy Spirit of God, because: you cannot forgive without loving; you cannot forgive without understanding and compassion; you cannot forgive without patience and tolerance; you cannot forgive without knowing that it is God’s will for you to do so. 

“Forgiveness... it is sweet; it is rich; it is a nectar holding, heavenly ingredients; it is a healing elixir; and, ‘the act of forgiveness,’ is sacred, holy, and divine, for in forgiveness, you move closer to God; and the more you forgive, you begin to understand the teachings, and the lessons of God.  The more you forgive, you become eager to do it, over and over again. 
“Forgiveness... the world needs this, for there are: too many, demanding, exacting equal measure, still living ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,’ when the new law is ‘turn the other cheek;’ too many, screaming-out in anger, when the world needs quiet; too many, shaking their fist, when the world needs open hands and arms.

“If you find you are moved to forgive, this is wonderful.  Begin the practice of forgiveness, and begin it soon, because it is needed.  But do not be ‘tempted,’ in the act of forgiveness, to question, asking, ‘Why did you do this?  How many times have you done this?  What made you act in such a way?’  This type of chiding, and judgment, belittles forgiveness.

“Be quick to forgive, refuse to judge. 

“The greatest example, of forgiveness, is the father image, and if you wish, you can use the image of a parent, for it can be a mother as well as a father, in some case it is a grandparent, but it is a ‘parental figure,’ represented in the parable of the prodigal son.  And this parent figure ~ is representative of God ~ and how God treats the children upon Earth.  The parent figure in the parable of the prodigal son, does not question the son, when he asks for that which he thinks is due him.  He gives it to him, knowing full well what is on the mind of his son.  He does not bar the door to keep him in place.  He sends him on his way to experience life.  He does not chase him down or drag him back.  He does not wag his finger, or point his finger.  He does not raise his voice.  He does not threaten with punishment.  He sits patiently, waiting.  And when the son returns, the father does not say, ‘Where did you go?  What did you do?’  The father prepares a feast, in celebration. 

“This story has many lessons, and at each, and different times of your life, it means something new.  But today, I would like each of you to see it ~ ‘as forgiveness, perfected’ ~ because, in the parable of the prodigal son, the father does not have to forgive.  The father never judged at all!  In wisdom, the father knew, and practiced: love, compassion, kindness, patience, tolerance.  And in the practice, in the using of these gifts, the father was rewarded with the son returned home.  And the son, at last, had peace of mind, back in the lap, of the one, who created him.

“Forgiveness does, what most things cannot do: it mends, and restores, and makes whole, that which appeared to be broken to pieces, and each one of you can do it.  The only requirement is ~ that you love God ~ more than: your position; your attitude; what you think should happen.  It requires that you release, and let go, of perceived injustices, hurts, and pain, and do what God wants you to do.

“In many cases, this will require practice.  But I promise you, with the first forgiveness will come grace, that will lead you to more and more, because as you are upon the Earth, within each of you, there are many things, waiting... to be forgiven, waiting... for one, willing to forgive.”  

Sunday Sermons
August 26, 2012
I Speak To You
Regarding Judgment,
Forgiveness, And Freedom

   I  AM  with   you.   I  bring  the  peace,  of  Heaven  to  you.    I
reach-out  My  hand,  and  touch  you,  with  the  grace  of  God.    As  I  move  closer,  you  feel  The  Wind,  moving,  encircling  you,  lifting-you-up.    I  AM  with  you!

“Today I speak to you, regarding: judgment, forgiveness, and freedom.

“Regarding judgment... 

It is written in scripture, ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged.’  It could not be clearer.  The words could not be plainer.  It is stated exactly.  For if we are all ‘in each other,’ what we do to one another, we do to ourselves.  And you can tell the level of respect, one has for oneself, by how they treat others.  If you do not wish to be judged, then you should not judge. 

“There is a difference between ‘knowing,’ and ‘judging.’  In knowing, there is wisdom.  In judging, there is bondage. 

“You will find that... in judging another, you not only condemn them... you bind yourself. 
“The one... who judges... wears the cloak... of chains; and these chains... bind you... to the seat of judgment.  The one who knows, sits on the throne of wisdom, and sees, with the eyes of God, eternally, sight... not limited... to one issue, one occurrence, one individual.

“For the one who ‘chooses judgment,’ their life upon the Earth is difficult, because they carry the chains, they are bound to the chair, and with each judgment, they are locked, more firmly, into place, unable to escape.

“Choose knowing, over judgment, and you will free-yourself, and you will deliver grace.

“With regard to forgiveness... 

“The heart which refuses... to forgive another... is hard.  It is heavy.  It does not know love.  It does not give love.  It does not receive love.  Forgiveness is a ‘key,’ to freeing yourself, from previous, or present, judgments. 

“To be forgiving, forgiving from ‘the heart,’ not just in words, requires that ‘you choose,’ to do so.  And it is not limited to situations wherein another comes to you and says, ‘... oh, I did this.  I need your forgiveness, please.’ for that is often, easy, one is humbling themselves before you, and you extend your heart, and forgive.  The times when forgiving rises to a special, unique, and glorious place, is when you find it possible, and you choose to forgive, those who are not seeking forgiveness: forgiving, someone who speaks harshly of you; forgiving, someone who takes from you; forgiving, someone who causes you bodily pain; forgiving, someone who twists your heart.  In these times, when you rise to this place of nobility, you are forgiving those, who do not know, what they are doing.  And I can assure you, those who cause pain and injury, by whatever means, do not know what they are doing.  They are bound-up, in the energies of fear, or anger, or frustration, greed, jealousy, the list goes on and on.  But you can be sure, that they are not held in the light; therefore they are in darkness and shadow; and therefore, they do not know what they are doing.  But if you will be still, and seek guidance from the light of God, you will know, what you are doing, and you will remember My words.  And they will become your words, ‘Forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.’  And just saying these words... will free you... because you have chosen forgiveness.

“Regarding freedom... 

“You cannot be free, while you are chained to the seat of judgment.  It is impossible.  And the more you judge, the more firmly you are locked in place, for all to see: where you are, what you do, what you believe. 

“With a simple act of forgiveness, you unlock the chains, binding you, and free yourself.  You free yourself from past judgments, and you free all those you judged.  Freedom, from anger, is yours.  For in forgiveness, you break the chains of judgment, and you are not angry, you are free.  You no longer hold animosity, or hatred, within you, all is forgiven... judgments turned into knowing.  You are free.  You no longer are the host for frustration, dissatisfaction, you are free, because you have forgiven, and you know, rather than choosing to judge. 

“Freedom!  You will know freedom, when you choose forgiveness.  You will know freedom, when you reject the temptation to judge.  It is that simple. 

“This week, practice!  Choose knowing, over judgment; choose forgiveness, and you will choose freedom, for yourself, and others.  It is in the choosing, and the choosing is yours. 

“This week, choose wisely, and know freedom.” 

Sunday Sermons
September 2, 2012
The Next Step
Beyond Non-Judgment And
Forgiveness, Resolving Unsettled
Matters... By Being The Living Word

   I  AM  with   you.   I  understand  ~  how  it  is  ~  when  you   are  upon  Earth  ~  when  you  are  walking,   into  worldly  ways,    for  I  have  done  so.    Therefore,  I  come  to  you  often ~ I  answer  every  call ~  and  I  say,  I  AM  with  you.

“It is God’s intention, that you experience Earth, with all its beautiful creation: the birds, the trees, the rain and the sun, and the stars and the moon, the glory in the flowers, rushing waters, wide open seas, the beauty of a desert at night, and many, many more things; and it is possible, for you to be upon the Earth, and not be affected by the ways of the world, as the old saying goes, ‘... to be in the world, but not of the world.’

“Í have brought you many messages, and one of the most important messages, is about forgiveness, not judging, and freedom; for you cannot live freely, while you judge, even the smallest thing.  You cannot live freely, when there is still something that needs to be forgiven, even the smallest thing.  But I tell you, even as you practice non-judgment, even as you practice forgiveness, there is yet another step, which must be taken.  And this step ~ requires faith, and a desire to do the will of God ~ far beyond the desire to do your own will.  It requires, wearing the cloak of humility, and doing so, as a child of God.  For you see, what seems to be a cloak of humility upon the Earth, is actually a royal robe, showing you are of Heaven. 

“You will know those who wear this robe, because it is obvious, even through the eyes of the world: they walk with sacred dignity, not pompous arrogance; they serve others, rather than demanding to be served or have their own way; their purpose is to do the will of God; and it is obvious in the way they live and the things they say and do... are testament.  They need no words, they are the living word.

“To reach this state, of being the living word, requires humility, and a desire to take care of unsettled matters, and situations, because these too, like holding an unforgiving heart, or being quick to judgment, weigh you down.  And pretty soon one or two or three unresolved issues or matters, or situations, begin to weigh heavy upon you, the chains hold you in place, and you find, you cannot move through the day, without seeing the face, or hearing words, which remind you of something, which has happened, which is ‘unresolved,’ which remains ‘in chaos and confusion;’    This  is  not  freedom!

“If past situations, issues, or matters, come to your mind... that is a sign... to rise-up, and resolve these things!  Each of you, hearing My words or reading My words, experiences during a day, thinking about someone, or something.  Sometimes the situation was so strong, and packed with energy, that you can hear the words, or sometimes just remember that which was said.  It comes to you, over and over again.  This is a sign!  It needs resolution!  It needs determination!  Before you step forward to do the work of God, stop, be still, and go resolve the issues, the situation, and the matters, which come to you, over and over again.  Once you take the step, and you are willing to go where others might not go, to step into a place, where you might be accused, where another might find fault with what you are doing, requires... that you love God... above all things.  But once you are willing to do this, once you are willing to say, I’m going, the words I will use... will be... ‘I did not understand or know what I was doing, and I did not understand or know what you were doing; but let us resolve this matter, together, in the lap of God, so it is settled forever.’ 

“I want you to know, the minute you do this, you feel lighter.  And having the courage, to resolve unsettled matters, will bring you to a place of freedom you could not even imagine, because these things weigh you down!  And as I said, if they come to you, it’s a sign, they need resolution.  For soon, as you take care of every issue, every matter, resolving it in the light of God, you walk into a new day, free, at last, having mastered: resolving issues; dissolving chaos and confusion; freely forgiving all things; and setting it in your mind you will not judge another, anymore, because you pay the price for judgment, every minute.

“My brothers and sisters this is The Way to freedom.  A man or woman sitting behind bars, can be free, if they have freed themselves, of all matters and situations, forgiven all things, and do not judge.  They can be free while those walking around, not locked behind bars, can be imprisoned, within themselves.

“In the last few weeks, we have talked about, gaining your freedom... through non-judgment and forgiveness; and today... I give you another step.  Some of you might say it will be a bitter pill.  But I tell you, if you set ego aside, and decide the will of God is more important... then... you will take the step, make the move.  You don’t even have to wonder what to do!  Most of you have already experienced the sign, once or twice this day, what has popped into your head that was unsettling?  Each of you ‘knows,’ what it is for yourself.  Some are on a grand scale, and some are small.  But no matter whether they are small or large, they are a piece, of the puzzle.

“If you want to know freedom, go today, settle, and resolve, the matters, the issues, the situations, in the light of God, without accusation, without judging... yourself... or others.  And soon you will find balance and harmony.  Soon you will walk free, and in this state, you will find you are healthy, you are happy, and you are whole. 

“This is as God intended it to be, the children of God, walking Earth: seeing, knowing, loving, happy, and in balance.  Go today.  It is The Way.”

Sunday Sermons
September 9, 2012
Action Vs.
Reaction . . . A
Matter of Choice, A
Matter . . . of Practice

   I  AM  with   you.   I AM with you in a special way.  I come to you.  I come to you... often, to tell you things, to share with you, to give you keys to unlock the doorways, to assist you in cleaning-up the debris.  I come to you, so that you, too, might know The Way.

“I could speak... to you, My brothers and sisters... for years, on the topic of ‘judgment,’ and it still would remain.  This is true.  But I tell you, the power of forgiveness and comprehension, compassion and understanding, will soon begin to erode the force, of judgment.

“I could speak to you for years about... choosing to act in the light of God... rather than reacting.  But it would be difficult to find more than one or two, willing... to work... on these energies, to such a degree that they are mastered completely.  And because I have received questions, just on this topic, I address it again today; for: there are those, seeking to do the will of God, first, and foremost; there are those, seeking to set ego aside, and act in the light and the love of God.  And those of you, who have been questioning this ‘action,’ versus reaction, I answer today, because you are so precious, because you are working, because you are on The Way.  And I explain to you, in a similar fashion, as I have already done today, to one I love very much.

“The question came, from a loving heart, a heart willing to do ‘the will of God.’  And the question... was this, ‘How can you say ‘choose’ to act in the light of God, when reaction comes so fast, you’re not even aware that you are ‘choosing’ to react?  It is like a sub-conscious reaction, it is upon you, before you know what is happening, without making a conscious choice.’  A sincere question, coming from a sincere heart!

“And My answer... just as sincere, was this, ‘While you are ‘practicing,’ on this, while you are trying to ‘choose to act in the light of God, rather than react to something, a situation, or an individual,’ you are perfecting this, you are preparing, you are practicing.  Don’t give up.  Even the question indicates you are trying.’ 

“And as an example... the comparison came... using the game of basketball.  It is fast paced, much of the time you do not choose what you are going to do.  You are running up and down the court, flowing with the game, and it comes naturally, it is ingrained within you.  You don’t have time to think, ‘Am I going to use this type of shot, or action, or that one, or the other?’  But when the game is not afoot, when there is practice to be done, you work on a new shot, or play, or other action.  You work for hours.  Sometimes, you are in the gym alone, shooting the ball at the basket: one hundred, two hundred, three hundred times, perfecting your new shot.  Still, in the midst of a game, when the ball comes to you, you often revert to an old shot.  But one day during the game, when the ball comes your way, the natural thing to do is to use that shot, or action, that you have been practicing, because it has become a part of you.  And you score, and all watching are amazed.  But it would not have been accomplished, had you not been willing to practice, hour after hour, until the new shot, or action, replaced the old, reactionary shot, or action.

“And this is the same with your spiritual practice.  Do not expect to be able to go out, and ‘act in the light of God,’ all the time, because the ways of the world are firmly ingrained within you, and you will find you will trip, and react with ‘human standards,’ many times.  But the beauty and the glory in it... is... you will ‘recognize,’ what you are doing.  And you will practice; and you will practice more; and one day, you will realize... that you are no longer ‘reacting,’ you are using the shot or action you have perfected in practice; you are ‘acting, in the light of God!’

“This is a perfect topic for this day, because the message of God was... ‘Do not judge, it is a slippery slope, into negativity, into darkness and shadow.’  And it is easy in these times, when you fall into reacting, to judge yourself, to be harsh on yourself.  And I say: ‘Do not do that, do not go there.  Celebrate in the reality that you see, and know, and desire, to act in the light of God, to do the will of God.  You are on your way.  You are practicing, alone, in that gym, shooting the basketball, over, and over, and over again, practicing the shot, until it is ingrained within you.  And one day, you will not react at all, because your practice will yield perfection.’ 

“So today, refuse to judge yourself.  Stand-up, and say, ‘I am practicing this, and soon, as perfection unfolds, I will be able to deliver, the shot, the one learned in practice.  And I will be acting totally, in the light of God, ‘choosing’ to practice, until it is perfect.’

“My brothers and sisters, this morning, this day, or whenever you are hearing or reading these words, you are benefiting from a question, asked by a loving heart.  The answer has been given to you.  Now, go and practice the shot.” 

Sunday Sermons
September 16, 2012
A Course
‘In Energy,’
Energy, And Becom-
ing A Master, Of Energy

   I  AM  with   you.   I  AM  with  you,  in-Spirit,  which,  in  reality,  is  closer   than  being  together,  in  human  form.    I  AM  not  confined,  to  a  distance,  which  I can  walk,  or  travel,  by  some  means  of  transportation.    I  AM  not  limited,  by  a  choice  of  language.    I  AM  not  prohibited,  by  social  laws,  regarding  touch,  or  presence,  or  garb.    I  come  to  you  in-Spirit,  and  settle  near  and  within  you,  and  whisper  quietly  to  you,  and  you  feel  The  Presence,  as  we  are  One.

“It was not meant, for those of Earth: to be in chaos; to hold hatred upon their heart; to seek retaliation; to be stubborn; to be mean; to be at war; to be in arguments; to deny one, or another, certain rights, or comforts.  Earth is meant to be The Garden, a place of beauty, a place of amazement and wonder; and the only way it can return to its intended  state of creation by God, is for just one of you to be willing to: listen to the messages I brought, now, well over two thousand years ago; listen, with the intention to do, as you hear; for if you read My words, and hear My words, as recorded in The Scriptures, what good do they do, what changes are made?  If you read the words and memorize the words, if you say them every day, what good are they?  How can it make a difference, unless you are willing to live the words?  I tell you I did not mindlessly utter foolish statements.  I carefully repeated the words of God, the words of God for a new time.  And as I said them, I reminded all around Me, this is for now... this... is what God wants you to do... now!  But very little has been changed, even in My coming, and saying the words.  Who is living them, amongst you, now?

“Other than being a message from God, about how the course of Earth was to change, in the new time, most of My new direction, new guidance, new laws, had to do with comprehending ‘Energy,’ how it all really works.  So we will start with just one message today, repeating it, reiterating... past messages.  It is necessary, because few are even attempting to try and see what happens; and this is not because of a stubborn attitude; it is not because of defiance; it is because of a lack of understanding ‘of energy,’ how it moves, and the course it takes, depending on the choice each of you makes.

“So let us revisit this one that is: easy to see; difficult to understand, without this knowledge of energy.  You will find it in The Scriptures.  The words might be slightly different; but the meaning is exactly the same.  You will find a place, where I say to those gathered, ‘ might have heard it said, ‘... an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,’ but I tell you, I bring a new law.  If someone strikes you on the cheek, do not resist.  Turn the other to them.  Offer them another cheek.’ 

“I pause... for you to think... on these words.

“I want you to understand something.  If someone is so bold, and so filled with the spirit of meanness, or the spirit of revenge, or retaliation, or holding a grudge, or some ancient family anger against you, if they are that bold, as to come-up, and insult you with words, or strike your face, the energy they are using is not good; it is shadow; it is darkness.  They are using the tools of evil to tempt you.  And when they strike, whether it is a physical force, or a force of words, they are using a dark energy.  And at that moment, you either join the energy they are using, by striking back, or you resist, the evil, outright, standing in the light of God, knowing exactly what you are doing.  You are changing, altering, the course of the energy of darkness and shadow.  It stops there.  And even more important, you give them the opportunity to free themselves, at that moment.  If you offer no resistance, if you refuse to go into that energy, by reacting, then the energy stops.  It does not build.  It does not get stronger.  In fact, the opposite happens.  Because you choose to stand in the light of God, and use the power of God, at that time, to stand in the light, the energy is slowed.  The progress it would make, moving into another, or further out into the Earth, is halted! 

“You must see these things as ~ a course of energy ~ to give yourself the impetus to do it, because it is so ingrained, in the ways of the world that one should retaliate, and is justly right for doing so, are difficult to override, at first.  But when you see the results, and know what you are doing, they are no longer difficult.  In fact, you look forward to the opportunity, to be the master of such energy, to be the savior of the Earth. 

“If one comes to you, with such anger, or just being out-of-balance, cursing you, speaking words which you know are not true, they are bringing the energies of darkness and shadow; and at that moment, you either join in their energy, or stand in the light of God, and master the energy right there.  The ways of the world would tell you: ‘Stand-up for yourself.’  ‘Are you going to let someone speak to you that way?’  Defend yourself.’  But I say to you, ‘Save Earth!’

“If you engage in arguments, heated, or rather subtle, you continue that energy, and the results are carried within all who take part, spreading the energy, farther and farther, wider and wider, letting it move over the Earth, letting it clog, your corridors, the inner pathways, your connection with God, making it difficult to hear God, making it difficult to be light, making it difficult to live in the light.

“When two people engage in an argument, they part, and they go away from each other, still cursing each other, still wishing the other ill.  But if there is one willing... to stand in the face, of one in anger, or hatred, without joining that argument... that energy stops, right there.  You have mastered it.  It goes no farther.  And at that point, when it looks as if you are ‘weak,’ to the ways of the world, in the eyes of the world, you actually ascend to a place, to sit in the lap of God, and to look at the situation through the eyes of God, and see what the power of God can do. 

“This is how it is done.  In fact, I tell you, it is ‘the only way, peace will come to the Earth, the only way.’ 

“So you might wonder, ‘Why are there not armies of people, willing to stand-up, and say, ‘Let’s try it this way.  Let’s see if it works.’  And the answer is, because, the ways of the world teach, that it is most important, to: ‘be right,’ ‘win an argument,’ ‘stand-up for yourself.’  And there is total rejection of looking to see, where this has gotten anyone.

“So for two thousand years, My message is read.  Many people know the words.  Some people repeat the words.  But I dare say, there might be a handful of people who are willing to live the words.  But I was not speaking lightly.  I was not joking.  I was delivering a message, from God!  I was saying, this covenant, this covenant of ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,’ is done!  It is fulfilled.  Now I say to you, those wishing to follow Me, when someone strikes you, whether it is a physical force, or the force of words, do not resist, do not retaliate, turn the other cheek!

“Pray and ask for guidance, as to how you can understand this phenomenon, of energy; and, if you are willing to stand completely in the light of God, and let the power of God, be that... which moves you... then, turn the other cheek, and you will begin to understand the power of God, and how the force of the world is weak, and will crumble in the light, and the glory, of The Creator of All Things.  It is all about understanding energy, and how it moves.  It is about knowing the difference between the force of darkness and shadow, and the power of God.  It is being willing to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit, first, and foremost.  And working in this way, will bring you peace, as you slowly become ‘A Master of Energy’.”

Sunday Sermons
September 23, 2012
Your Way
Through The
Course Of Energy,
Rejecting Retaliation

   I  AM  with   you.   I  reach-out,  and  knock,  on  the  door,  and  when  you  open  the  door:  you  see  Me,  you  hear  Me,  and  you  feel  Me,  more  intensely,  than  ever  before. 

“I always seek communion with you, know this!  Keep the corridors and the hallways clear, so we might be together.  As I speak... God also speaks with you... but you must be willing to be still, to unclog the passageways, so that you might feel the presence of God with you.  It is necessary for you to keep the energy around you clear, and balanced, in harmony with all things created by God, and you will feel God with you, all of the time!  And here we are again, speaking once more... of energy!

“Many of you have been working with energy, especially in the last few weeks.  You have heard The Word, and tried it.  You have tried mastering energy, and some of you have been very successful; others, have been mildly successful; and some, while not completely there, are still working, knowing within, it is working.  Do not give up the desire ~ to master the energy around you ~ to use only the tools of The Holy Spirit ~ because it is in this Way: that you maintain an atmosphere of peace, and harmony; that it is easy for you to hear, or feel, or know the presence with you; and, it is in this way that you are ‘living in the world, but not of the world.  You are living in the world, but you know you are of God.’

“You are beginning to understand ~ the wisdom in ~ ‘...turn the other cheek,’ because you see, it is all about energy; it is more important to maintain the energy, to stop the flow of negativity, than it is to join in it, and to retaliate, because the energy of retaliation leads you right back into the cesspool of: animosity, and greed, and envy, anger.  It leads you right back to the creation of an energy that is not ‘of God,’ it is ‘of the world.’  Therefore, to ascend, to rise above, this energy, requires a desire to do the will of God first, not caring what the world sees, knowing what you’re doing, for the glory of God.  This was the main objective of changing the old energy of, ‘ eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,’ for the energy of love, for the energy of the wise, stopping the negative energy with you, and dedicating your work, for the glory of God.

“I celebrate that some of you are seeing this wisdom, as it is difficult to see, through the eyes of the world, as it appears that you weak, that you do not stand-up for yourself.  But I tell you, it is more important to do the work of God, than to ‘while away your days,’ complying, with the ways of the world... ... ... ....  I pause here to see, and it is a pleasure to see, the energy, of those of you, who have tried, and see; therefore, you know, the wisdom of turning the other cheek.  No one can replace the confidence that you feel, in the ways of God, once you have been able to turn the other cheek.  It is as if someone is placing a crown upon you head at that moment, because you see, at last, what God is trying to tell you, and the ways of the world are no longer important at all.  Winning the argument seems foolish, almost trite.  You have grown into the mature being, mastering the energy, and doing it, for the glory of God.

“Just as many could see no sense, when they heard, ‘...turn the other cheek,’ they surely, could not follow Me, when I said, ‘...if there is one who is going to take you to the law, for your tunic, give them your cloak, as well.’  This might surprise you, many of you, those of you who are hearing these words, or reading these words; for you say, ‘Why does this make sense?  If there is one who is going to take me to court, over that which is mine, why should I give them more?  Will that just not create a situation where they demand more and more and more?’  And I say, listen to Me.  This too follows... the course... of energy: if there is one who desires your tunic, to the point of being willing to go to court over possession of the tunic, give them the tunic, give them your cloak.  Do anything you have to do, that is of the world, to stop the energy there.  If you will think upon it, sitting in prayer, praying for illumination from The Holy Spirit, you will see, the tunic, the cloak, are possessions of the world.  When you say, ‘...these things no longer matter to me, here ~ let us stop this energy here ~ with me,’ you have drawn the line, differentiating between the world, and The Kingdom of God, for they are opposite.

“If someone asks for something, give them that which they ask for, and a measure more; it is understanding, possessions of the world have no eternal significance at all; but what you are willing to do for the glory of God is eternal.  If you will go back into the scriptures, and read the accounts, concerning the, ‘...turn the other cheek,’ or ‘ give your garment,’ or, ‘ walk an extra mile,’ you will begin to see, it is a story... in the course of energy... knowing what you are doing... bringing The Kingdom of God onto the Earth through you, through your thoughts, and words, and deeds.

“Take this into the week with you; work with it; begin to understand, and you will grow in confidence, as you ‘know, about energy,’ as you ‘master, the energy,’ because in so doing... The Kingdom of God is with you... it is within you... and it is upon the Earth through you... as you work your Way, through The Course of Energy.”

Sunday Sermons
September 30, 2012
Come To
Know, And Use,
The Energies Which
Have Eternal Significance

   I  AM  with   you.   I  bring  you  news!    I  wish  to  speak  with  you,  so  that  you  too,  might  remember,  and  know,  the  wisdom  of  God;  for  the  wisdom  of  God  is  not  like  the  knowledge,  or  the  habits,  or  the  traits,  of  the  world.    The  wisdom  of  God  is:  eternal;  unchanging;  holding  true  from  age,  to  age,  to  age,  with  no  alteration,  or  modification.    At  the  core  of  wisdom:  you  will  find  love,  patience,  understanding;  you  will  find  a  feeling  of  wholeness,  completeness,  oneness.    These  are  the  things  which  have  eternal  significance.

“There is no material possession upon Earth which has eternal significance.  The home in which you live... is nothing.  The love created within the home... has eternal significance; it will live forever.  The home, no matter how grand, or how humble, will eventually fall to disrepair, or be torn down; but the love created within the walls of the home, be it a castle, or a modest cabin, will live forever.  The material gifts you give, one to the other, no matter how grand or expensive, or small and inexpensive, they might be, they are nothing.  The love... which brought about the purchase or the making of the gift... has eternal significance.  The love, created in the giving, and the receiving, this love, has eternal significance.  The gift will be lost, or broken, or tarnished, or after a while completely fall into a state of disrepair; but the love created... wanting to give something to someone... will live forever... it has... eternal... significance. 

“Once you begin to understand, and can differentiate between, ‘possessions, of the world,’ and ‘gifts, which are of eternal significance,’ you will be able to read The Scriptures with new eyes, with ‘the eyes of wisdom.’  You will begin to understand the passages, which did not make much sense to you before.  Let us refer to the passage, where I was speaking to other people, and I said, ‘...if someone asks you for something, give them more; give them that which they ask for, and more.’  You will begin to understand that, that which is changing hands, is nothing; but the compassion, or understanding, kindness, and love, created in the giving of it, has eternal significance, and that is what is important.  You will begin to understand where it is said, in fact, where I did say, ‘...if someone is willing to take you to Court for a possession, let us say a tunic or a cloak, then give them the tunic or the cloak, and give them something else as well.’  This does not make sense ‘in the ways of the world;’ but if you look at it, searching for that which has ‘eternal significance,’ you will understand the passage better; it’s the energy created within the thought, the word, or the deed.  If you can alter the energy exchange immediately: you are saving the energies of Earth, you are acting, as if you ‘know,’ what you are doing.  You are protecting Earth, you are stopping the energies of greed, or anger; and with you, there is created the understanding, and the compassion, the tolerance.  With you it goes no further.  You change all things, and you create something that has eternal significance.

“If you read... My words... you will begin to comprehend that which you could not understand before, reading them with this new wisdom, searching for the energy that has eternal significance, which will live forever.  You will not find this in hatred, for love eventually will inundate the energy of hatred, and it will be no more.  Love will be eternal.  The energy of greed will be inundated by the energy of generosity, and compassion.  Greed will live no more; but generosity, and compassion, will hold eternal significance.  All things of darkness and shadow... will fall... and there will be light.

“Take the time to look, and to see!  Take the time to be mindful of what you are thinking, and saying, and doing!  This week, take the time to seek, and to use, the things, which have eternal significance; and in a matter of days, you will be seeing through the eyes of God, you will be living in wisdom, and your days will be blessed, with love, and light, and peace!”

Sunday Sermons
October 7, 2012
Perfection, Being:
The Instrument Of God’s
Love; The Vessel Of God’s Light

   I  AM  with   you.   I  reach-out,  and  you  feel  My  presence;   because  you  are  seeking,  you  feel  My  presence.    I  wish  to  share  something  else  with  you  today,  another  piece,  of  the  puzzle,  another  key,  to  unlock  the  mystery.

“You and I have shared some moments together.  Sometimes I have talked to you: about the importance of loving all, without qualification; about loving your enemies, loving those who persecute you; loving, lettering God’s love flow into you, and through you, onto all things of Earth.  I have talked to you about giving, giving freely, and when you are asked for something to give even more.  This too, is letting God’s love flow into, and through you, onto all the things of Earth, without qualification, without compensation.  I have talked to you about the importance of maintaining a peaceful presence, even to the degree that, if someone wishes to take you to court over something, you stop, before you get involved in that energy, and give them what they are asking for. 

“Now, if you take each of these situations, and look at them, through the eyes of the world, they do not make sense.  Carrying through with each ideal plan, would probably make you look foolish in the eyes of some.  The understanding of these things only comes when you no longer are locked in the third dimension: of ‘this for that;’ of maintaining your position, of ‘being right;’ of being ‘locked’ in rigidity.  These things cause the human body sickness.  You tighten-up over things, and you feel pain. You lock yourself into a position, and your body reacts, because your body wants to be free, to move, to stretch, to stretch beyond even the limits that you can imagine.

“By confining yourself to the things of the world: you imprison yourself, you are no longer free, you are locked into place; but the minute you release, and you free yourself, through acts of forgiveness, and kindness, and generosity, in the face of mean-spirited people, you begin to understand; just one step... leads you into a promised land... that you could not imagine... before.

“So this is why, God does not let the sun shine on just the good.  The sun shines on all things, whether they are good, or bad, or indifferent.  The sun is doing perfectly... what it is created to do... without qualification, without thinking who is doing what to whom.  The sun shines, and its brilliance touches all.  This is perfection!

“The rain does not fall on the field of the man who is kind, and not fall on the field of the man who is unjust.  The rain falls on all things, and this is perfection, doing, what it is intended to do.  And this My brothers and sisters, is wherein you too, will be perfect, as God is perfect.

“Leave things as they are.  Do not try to move this or that or the other.    Just  be  perfect,  as  God  created  you  to  be !    Let the love of God flow through you onto all, without regard, without qualification, without seeking compensation.    Just  be,  the  love  of  God.    Just  be,  the  light  of  God.    And no matter what is happening around you, when the light flows through you onto Earth, they feel it.  And the rain of generosity: when it flows into you, and through you, onto all around you, no matter what their position, they feel the rain of generosity.  They feel the light of God’s love, and you are perfection!

“When you read the Scriptures, talking about giving, and turning the other cheek, when you read them again, understanding what I meant, by saying,  ‘Be  ye  perfect  as  God  is  perfect,’  you will be enlightened; for God does not hold love from anyone, God does not hold grace from anyone, it flows equally to all.  The only difference... is some accept it, and some reject it, and some block it, with barriers and obstacles... but God is perfection... in letting the love flow, and the light flow.    This  is  what  it  means  to  be  perfect.    Therefore let this love of God flow through you unhindered.  Do not set boundaries.  Do not build walls, so that your love touches one, and not another, because it is not about what they are doing to you, it’s about your willingness to do what God intended you to do:  to  be  an  instrument  of  God  love;  to  be  a  vessel  of  God’s  light;  to  move,  as  God  would  have  you  move  over  the  Earth,  blessing  all  things.    And once you begin to do this, you will feel as if you are floating, over Earth; and, in truth, you will be.  You will no longer be bound, or locked into place, by heavier energies; and, as you move, you will be releasing others, other things, other parts of Earth,  to  the  freedom  of  God’s  light  and  love,  to  the  wisdom  of  peace,  to  the  gift  of  generosity,  to  the  perfection  of  God.

“This week, even if you remember for only a few minutes a day, it will make a difference... ‘Open,  and  let  God’s  love  flow  through  you,  without  making  any  judgment  about  whom  it  is  falling  upon.    Just  let  it  flow  through  you;  and  if  you  do  it  once,  you  will  desire  it;  and  these  moments,  these  precious  moments,  will  turn  into  hours,  and  soon  you  will  spend  days,  being  the  pure  vessel  of  the  love  of  God.    Let  the  sun  shine  through  you  onto  all  things,  all  peoples,  all  places.    Let  the  rain  fall  through  you  onto  all  fields,  of  all  countries,  of  all  peoples;  and  there  will  be  a  great  harvest,  and  there  will  be  no  hunger,  and  the  light  of  God  will  fill  all  things  you  touch ...  perfection  ...  through  you!”