"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
December 23, 2012
Perfection Within,
The Spirit of God, Within You

   I  AM  with   you.    I  reach-out  and  touch  you,  and  you  feel  My  Presence.    I  whisper,  and  you  are  stirred,  moved  to  be  still,  to  open  your  ears,  and  hear !

“Today I wish to tell you... about the perfect... human being.  You have read it in Scripture, ‘ ye perfect.’  But even as you read it, doubt stirs within you.  The spirit of doubt comes calling saying, ‘You are not perfect, only God is perfect.’ or, ‘You are not perfect, Jesus is the only perfect human being.’  And I say to you clearly, right now, that is a temptation, leading you to ‘the place of doubt.’  And doubt is a very upsetting experience, a very powerful spirit, leading you... quietly... away from the light, until you find yourself in shadow and darkness, wondering what might be your course, because doubt has clouded your way, and filled you.

“The perfect human being ~ experiences life upon Earth ~ as it was meant to be.  The perfect human being ~ is aware that they are Spirit ~ come from God.  God created you to live forever, a magnificent Spirit, of great power and light; and at this moment, since you are upon Earth, you have been granted the opportunity to experience Earth, in a human form.  When you recognize this truth, you become more Spirit, and the Spirit of God animates your body, giving you power to walk upon the Earth, knowing this.  And the more you know it, and the more you confirm it in your thoughts, words, and deeds, the more powerful the Spirit becomes within you.  You find it easier: to say, ‘Yes,’ to God; to say, ‘Yes,’ to the moving of The Holy Spirit; to say, ‘Yes,’ when I reach-out My hand, and say, ‘Come,’ because you ‘know what you are doing.’  You find it easier to turn your head from spirits that plague you, and tempt you.  I say unto you, when you are in this ‘state of perfection,’ fully connected with the Spirit that you ‘are,’ and I am not saying, ‘that you wish you might be,’ or ‘that you will be, when you pass-on from you physical body,’ I AM saying, ‘...when you are fully connected with the Spirit that you are,’ recognizing the perfection of the Spirit within you, when you can do this, it is easier to turn your head from fear.  What eternal Spirit, knowing from whence they came, would embrace fear?  It would be as if you are dishonoring the name of God.  God does not tremble at fear, and neither will you.  None of the other temptations will bring you down, ever again.  You will not find yourself in chaos and confusion, when you acknowledge the power within.  And this is ‘how,’ you experience perfection upon Earth, ‘You let the Spirit from within, the Spirit of light, and love, and peace, the Spirit that was born within the creation of God, to animate and move your body!’

“You cannot entertain thoughts of anger, or meanness, or jealousy when you are fully living connected to the Spirit that you are.  It is easy to turn away from temptation, when you are connected to God.  It is well worth the work, the intention, the effort to reconnect with God, so you can have this magnificent experience: of Spirit, living upon Earth; of Spirit, animating a body for a while; to see what it feels like to move; to touch the trees; to breathe-in the aroma of the flowers; to feel the light of the sun, and the rain, and the wind.  These things your Spirit will carry with you forever, marks of where you have been, ‘I’ve been to Earth, and back again.’

“When you accept your travels upon Earth ~ as a sacred journey ~ all things change.  And speaking of sacred journeys, leads Me to speak briefly of My earthly mother and father, who are the ultimate examples of that which I just said. 

“They listened.  They awakened.  They were guided by the Spirit of God, within them.  They were guided by the Spirit they ‘are,’ to respond to the call of God.  They let their bodies be moved, by the hand of God, and they gave Me the gift of showing Me Earth, and how to live.  Some of you might have already thought about what I am going to tell you.  For some, it might not have occurred to you at all.  But think on this, and you will understand the beautiful part of living a simplistic, humble life upon Earth, because you know, within you is The Kingdom of God. 

“If you can imagine My earthly mother, Mary, being visited by the angel, being told she would bear The Child, The Messiah, The Messenger, The Bringer of The Word of God, you would think that there would have been a ‘temptation,’ to tell everybody, and as she raised Me, to treat Me in a kingly fashion, as one would have normally done following the ways of the world, of man; and, My life would have been different!  ‘This is The King.  This is the One, we have been waiting for.’ 

“You would think My father, My earthly father, would have been tempted to do the same, first, beginning with whispering to his friends, ‘Do you know what?  Can you believe this?  Do you see how lucky I am?’  And that excitement would have altered My life, and tempted My earthly parents into pride and arrogance.  But that was not the way it happened at all.  They went about their earthly life: doing what they were supposed to do, by the standards of the world around them; treating Me as a child of the time; teaching Me well, how to be good, and kind, and generous, and loving; showing Me how to make a living, by practicing a skill that you would learn to take care of yourself and your family.  They taught Me all of these valuable things, so I could experience life upon Earth, as normal human beings experience it; not being carried around in a royal carriage, but walking, and talking, and working, and laughing, and crying when I fell down.

“By honoring God in this way, My life was exactly as it was supposed to be.  And so you find, at the time of My birth, that they are obeying the laws of the world of man.  And My mother, about to give birth to Me, goes with her husband-to-be, traveling: to be listed amongst those who lived in the region; to enter their names in the book.  They did not stop acting as they would have acted any other time, or way.  They obeyed the laws of the world.  And they carried that which they knew within them.  It was something so sacred, so special... that they spoke about between themselves; but that is as far as it went.  They understood, what they were to do, and they went about doing it, quietly, knowing that they were being guided, by the hand of God.

“If you are looking for an example of the perfect human being, look to My earthly father, Joseph, look to My earthly mother, Mary, and you will see humility, simplicity, power, and light and glory, all rolled into one.  And because they were ‘perfect,’ My story unfolded, as it should... I walked amongst you... and I did what I could.

“There are a few days left before the earthly celebration of My birthday.  Think about awakening the Spirit that you are.  Begin to see the magnificent being that you are.  Open to the light that is within you, and let the power of God flow, as it is intended to, and let this new energy animate your body, as it is intended to do.  Once you know the power within you, once you know the magnificence of you: you will surrender; you will be happy; and your body will move over the Earth, powered by the hand of God.  Your life will be altered forever, and all who see you, and touch you, and know you, will be blessed.

“Give birth, again, to the Spirit, that is you, let it flow through you!  Sing-out in joy!  You are the Spirit of God, walking upon Earth!  Glory to God in the highest!” 

Sunday Sermons
October 21, 2012
You Will
Find Wisdom, And
Perfection... Unfolding...
In The Sacred Peace, Of Quiet

   I  AM  with   you.    I  AM  with  you  as  surely,  as  light  cuts  through  the  darkness  of  night.    I  AM  with  you,  and  I  come  to  say  unto  you,  you  are  the  light! 

“You are God’s perfection: unfolding; walking over the Earth; existing, in the world created, by humans, out of necessity.  But the world does not teach you, The Way of light and love; the world teaches you ‘of separation,’ and the importance of providing for yourself, first.  The world teaches you... to take care of yourself, first... so the world is jagged, and separated, and torn asunder.

“I say to you, reach-out to others, first; and all the miraculous things occurring, when you reach-out to another, will be your support, your food, your shelter; for when you are isolated, you are separated, and that is when you feel alone.  This is what the world teaches you, but it is not the truth.  In truth we are all one, connected; and whatever one particular person does... it has an effect... on all.  It might not appear so at first, but I can assure you, it does.

“You will find... your peace, you will find... your wisdom, and you will find... your perfection, if you will set yourself aside, and be still!  Feel the quiet.  Breathe... as if you know... you are one... of all around you; you are ‘of, The One.’  Let your breathing reflect this.  Feel all around you move into your body as you breathe, and then release your breath, as a blessing upon all around you; for every breath you take will be a prayer then; as you breathe-in, you say, ‘I accept all around me,’ and you hold it within yourself, and you bless it; and as you release your breath, you say, ‘I bless all around me.  I am here, so that I might be, an instrument, of God’s intention, of a most glorious, and eternal presence, knowing every experience of an eternal life, waking to the possibilities, existing in the world, yet divinely living!’  This is what you are intended to do, to understand that all around is a piece of you!  So you can reject it, or curse it; or you can accept it, and: love it... bless it... know it... as your earthly experience.

“Very few understand something that I said, reported in The Scriptures, thousands of years ago.  I do not try to remember the exact words, I simply tell you, that at one time, I was speaking ‘of light,’ trying to deliver a message, so all around Me would understand it.  You’ve heard it said, ‘Your eyes are the windows of your soul.’  I say, ‘Your eyes show the light!  You are the light!’  It is within you, no matter how brightly shining, or how dim it might be.  You are the light!  Look into another’s eyes, and you will see... light; or possibly, if they have given their light away... you will see darkness.  If you give your light... to the darkness... how great the darkness shall be.

“Very few understood what I was saying; but what I meant was you have the power of God within you, you have the light, of God, within you.  But if you turn from the light, if you distance yourself from the light, if you let it be covered-over, if you surrender your light and wrap yourself in darkness, that is what shines through.’  It might take you a while to think upon this, or ask for guidance on how to understand it; but you will know the difference. 

“Some of the most powerful beings... who came to Earth... to be the strongest form of God’s power and light... turned from the light... and these beings, who intended to be the light of God, became the villains of your history, using the power, in the opposite way, making a choice... to use darkness... as their light and power. 

“But when one, filled with the light of God, gazes into the eyes of one who has been consumed by darkness, verily I say unto you, the darkness will be peeled away... and the light... will wash the shadow, and a resurrection of light will occur!  No matter how dark, if you go in and find even the flicker of the light, the darkness will be consumed, in the light, once hidden from sight.

“And so some of you are saying, ‘I will be ‘the instrument,’ of God’s will.  I will do the will of God this week, because I understand in doing this, it is doing my will, because I intended to be ‘the perfection of God upon Earth,’ before I came.  My plan... is to work... with the divine, eternal plan.’ 

“To help you understand this, and to do this, I will say, when you are thinking of ‘an instrument,’ choose ‘a baton,’ the baton of a conductor.  If the conductor sets the baton aside, it does not move, it does not inspire the orchestra, it sits still.  The majesty, of the baton, comes only, when the hands of the conductor reach-out, and lift-it-up, moving it, blessing it.  And in the hands of the conductor, the baton touches the members of the orchestra, and summons forth the most magnificent sound.  It is an extension... of the conductor; it brings forth amazing beauty, and power, sweetness... all different, all songs, brought forth by God, using an instrument... that cannot do anything, left on its own. 

“This is what you are!  Left alone, you are the baton, sitting on the desk.  In God’s hands, you move, and there is music: sometimes powerful, and strong; sometimes sweet, and serene; sometimes majestic, calling people to sing, or dance, or march; other times tender, calling people to love; but you... are the baton. 

“Remember this... understand... be at peace... be still... and: in the quiet... you will come to know, wisdom!  In the quiet... you will come to see... that you are... The Perfection of God, unfolding, upon Earth... in front of everyone who will look, upon you!

“This is your time.  You are upon the Earth.  It is your opportunity.  The orchestra... of humanity... is assembled... the lights have gone-up... and the hand of The Conductor... is reaching for you.    It is your time!

“Be at peace!”

Sunday Sermons
October 28, 2012
Forgiveness, While
You Are Upon The Earth

   I  AM  with   you.    I AM with you to give you confidence, and courage.  I AM with you to enlighten you, so that you might take the first step.  You cannot dance without taking the first step, and it is important that you begin the dance, of eternity, now, today!  It is important to you, to free you, so that you are not held down by the burdens of frustration, and anger, feelings of hurt, denial.  In order to dance, you must take the first step.

“Forgiveness is a circular action.  And it is an eternal truth that you cannot be forgiven, if you are denying forgiveness.  And this includes, forgiving those who do not even ask for forgiveness, because it is not about you and them, it is about: your eternal presence; your bringing an understanding of Heaven to Earth.  Forgiveness is the key to all things.  Forgiveness unlocks the door, and you walk through.  And what you see is so amazing you decide never to return to the other side of that door.

“It is interesting, that, in most cases, those who seek, and long for forgiveness themselves, those who are seeking, desperately, for compassion and understanding, are the slowest, to give: forgiveness, compassion, and understanding.  Now you have heard it said, and I will repeat it, verily I will repeat it over, and over, and over, again... it is easy to be nice, and kind, and generous to those who are nice, and kind, and generous to you.  The test, the opportunity comes, when you are nice, and kind, and generous to those who are mean-spirited.  And I want you to look at it in another way.  If someone is difficult, trying your patience, mean of spirit, crass of words, what you need to understand, first and foremost is... that person is desperate for forgiveness, for understanding, for compassion... and they need it so much, they cannot give it to another.  They are the ones who need to be fed first.  They are the ones who are dying.  They are the ones who are ‘in need.’  And those, who provide that which they need, are working as the hands, and the mouth, and the eyes, and the feet of God, feeding the starving first.  When you see one such as this, it is as if they are crying-out in the desert for help, because they are lost.  It is like the lion with the thorn.  Once you remove the thorn, they stop crying-out, they are peaceful. 

“Understanding... the difficult person... is a person in pain, suffering lack, and not knowing it, then it makes it easy to forgive them outright, because they do not ‘know,’ what they are doing.  And this is why it is said in The Scriptures to be kind, and loving, to your enemies, to those causing the problem, as you see it; because therein, if you can find it within you to be kind, and compassionate, and forgiving, in those times, you are making the change necessary to bring Heaven onto the Earth.  You are forgiving, and therein, in that wisdom, you ‘know forgiveness,’ it is yours! 

“That which you give away is yours, more than that which you hold, or deny to others.  You do not know love, until you give love away, then you know its value, it is yours.  You do not know forgiveness, until you give it away, and then you know it, it is yours.  You do not know compassion, until you give it to another, until you give it away, and then you know it, it is yours.  And as you do these things, you are washing: the stains; the soil, of the world; the debris of years, sometimes centuries, from another, and from yourself. 

“There is another story in The Scriptures about ‘a great feast,’ a banquet, and people are invited to the feast, the banquet.  And they come in to share in the glory, the celebration of the harvest, the eating of the fruit, and the drinking of the wine.  But, entrance is not permitted to those who are not clothed properly, not wearing the garment appropriate for the celebration, and they are turned away.  They cannot enter.  There is no celebration, because they are not properly garbed.  When you are carrying ‘the marks, of unforgiveness,’ for denying others compassion, and understanding, these are like spots, on your garment.  And others can see them clearly.  I put it in everyday terms, thusly, ‘Oh, you have some ketchup on your shirt;’ Oh look, there is some grease;’ ‘Ah, I see mustard there.’  You would not wear such a garment to a great celebration.  You would put on something that was clean, smelled fresh, without wrinkles.  And this is the same thing: when you are willing to forgive another, you are cleaning their garment, and in the process, you are shining as well.  When you distribute compassion, you are wiping the soil, and the debris, of the world, off of another’s shoulder, and you are shining, as well.

“Put in these terms, it sounds enticing.  Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, are even looking for the opportunity to go out, and do this.  You’re charged, and ready to go, ‘I can forgive all things today.  I see.  And I want my garment to be clean, and I will clean another’s.’  You are ready to go!  But one thing you must know, if you have an reoccurring thought, about another, about a past ‘insult, or injury,’ or about something they did to another, even, that is a sign you need to go back, and work on forgiveness.  These things are not sent to you as a nuisance.  They are sent to you as a: ‘heads-up;’ ‘you need to take care of this;’ ‘there’s a spot on your garment.’  And others see it! 

“If you will address the thoughts as they come to you, one by one, you will be free.  And once you have freed yourself, once you have forgiven all things, you know forgiveness, and it is yours.  It is given, when you give it, because you cannot give it, without knowing it; therefore, once this is accomplished, forgiveness is totally yours.

“Another gift... which comes with giving forgiveness, and compassion, and understanding, is... you free yourself of the burden, of frustration, and anger.  It will be totally gone, because there is nothing to be angry about.  Living in the flowing rivers of forgiveness there is no anger; therefore, if there is no anger, there is no sickness, as it is the energy that is the major cause of illness and stress! 

“Take these words to heart, because it is time to start.  The first step, the first step to learning the dance, is to forgive all things, which come to you, with a genuine wholeness, which is thorough, and true.  The more you forgive, the easier it is to do.  And when you have practiced the ‘art of forgiveness,’ enough, you will be looking around for more of it to do, because it is so fulfilling.  You will feel your heart growing, opening, expanding.  You will feel as if you are walking above the Earth, rather than upon the Earth.  And I say this to you... it is on that day... that you will totally understand... what it means to be... ‘in the world, but not of the world.’ 

“Do not look to others for your example.  Look to Me.  Look to Me, and I will guide you, where those of the world will not.  When they lament, and cry-out... be the light of God, and forgive the lamenting, and the crying.  When they raise their fists in anger... be the light of God, and forgive their anger.  When they wander around lost in confusion, and chaos... be the light of God, and forgive the confusion, and chaos. 

“The world needs such beings.  The world needs forgiveness.  Let it be your intention this day, that, that which the world needs, will be provided by you.”    

Sunday Sermons
November 4, 2012
When You Are
Able To Forgive, You Will
Begin To Live, Upon The Earth

   I  AM  with   you.    I  draw  near  to  you,  and  you  feel  the  air  move  about  you.    It  is  with  great  anticipation  that  I  reach-out:  to  touch  you;  to  hold  the  hand  of  your  spirit;  to  caress  the  soul;  to  let  you  know  how  strong...  and  how  bold  you  are...  to  have  left  The  Kingdom  of  Heaven,  The  Dimension  of  Perfection,  to  journey  to  Earth,  on  a  mission  for  God.

“While you, the real you, the unique you, still resided in The Kingdom, The Dimension of Perfection, you looked around to see, what you could do.  And your attention settled upon Earth, and all the good things that you would accomplish, in order to bring The Kingdom, The Dimension of Perfection, onto the Earth once again.  The purpose... you chose... is noble; for, those willing to go-out and do-good... are noble.

“And so your journey began: entering Earth, through the portal ‘of woman and man;’ letting your presence be known, crying-out, ‘Here I am.’  And, as is the way of Earth, you quickly began: to grow, to be able to move, to look-out and see what was around you.  Your growth depended, on those around you who took care of you: your mother, your father, perhaps grandparents, aunts and uncles, members of the community; your growing and your knowing, was largely connected with the popular teachings of the day, or perhaps just the way your family interacted with each other.  Everything around you impacted your growth, and your collection of information, forming the book of instruction or direction, according to how you were taught.  But as I say this, as I remind you, of your initial point of instruction, I must say, the most important direction... will always be... that which comes from Home Base, from The Creator, from the angels sent to guide you on your mission.  Your connection with God ~ is the primary source ~ of teaching, and learning, and knowing, and growing.  And when there is conflict... between the teachings of the world... and the teachings of God...  there is no question, which way you must trod.

“Sometimes the connection with God gets clogged-up, blocked-up.  And in those times you feel alone, wandering in shadow and darkness, using information which does not seem to work any longer, because as soon as you put it into practice the world is changing, and it no longer applies.  In these times, it is important to find a quiet place, to turn-off the televisions and the computers, unplug telephones, and set yourself aside, to be still.  And, even when doing this, it might be difficult at first to make that connection again, because of all the debris and the baggage, clogging the portals, and the passageways.  But connect you will, because, verily I say unto you, there is no clogged passageway from Heaven; this grace, this love, this glory, and power, flows, without question, and without measure, to you.  The only difference, in those receiving, is the construction... they began... with frustration, and anger, and worry, and greed, and all the other negative energies created in the world.  They block-up the passageway.  So let us begin today, to remove the debris.  And if you turn inward and look at it, you might become dismayed, saying, ‘I did not know there was so much.  Look at that stack.  I can’t get through that hallway.  The passageway is clogged.’ 

“The first thing you do... is to pay attention to the thoughts that are coming to you, at that moment, the moment you set your intention to do the work necessary to clear that connection to God.  Oh, there comes a thought, a transgression, when you shoved someone, as a child, or perhaps you pulled someone’s hair, or maybe you slammed a door in your sister’s or brother’s face, but that picture is coming.  But there’s a chance for grace, there’s a chance for redeeming that situation, and the key is forgiveness.  Forgive it.  See it.  Look at it.  It’s energy.  And it is your opportunity to transmute that negative energy to productive energy, energy of light, energy of teaching what is right.  And so you begin the forgiveness dance, moving from this one to that one, forgiving, forgiving, forgiving; sweeping all the negative things away.  And you look towards the passage, and you can see light, maybe a glimmer at first, but you realize, the fight is not on the outside, it is on the inside.  It is having the courage to go within, and sit quietly, looking at things that have been, without judgment of yourself, or others, just looking, and seeing, but seeing with the eyes of God.  If the picture you see is someone yelling... at you, screaming at you, possibly cursing at you... look at the picture, and know, the one screaming, and yelling, and cursing is in need of help.  That’s a sign.  They need blessing.  They need for you to look at the situation, and let the love of God pour upon them... through you.  For what you cannot do, God can surely do... through you.  In fact, there is no limit to what God can do... through you; but it is possible for you to limit what God can do, when God cannot work freely... through you.

“See, and know.  See every situation, and bless it, and release it, as a lesson.  Soon, as you sit, and you are willing to look, and see and learn, the connection is restored, fully, totally open.  And you feel this light, and this love, of God, flowing to you.  This is how you are to move over the Earth.  This direction, which comes to you, from The All-Knowing, will guide every step you take. 

“Once you have freed yourself, and the connection is restored, let it be your intention to keep it that way, to maintain it that way, because the directions and the instructions, coming from the world, change, constantly; what is correct one day is incorrect the next; what is medical news one day is something ‘not to use,’ the next day.  But I promise you, when you take the time to sit with God, and ask, ‘Show me The Way,’ you will be guided, every day!

“This is how your journey upon Earth is meant to be.  It is meant to be ‘a free course, moving along the path, seeing the light along The Way, accomplishing your mission and returning Home.’ 

“There is no need for distress, or worry, or sickness, or illness.  All of these things come from separation from The Light.  Forgiveness ~ is the key.  Forgiveness ~ will open the door.  Forgiveness ~ will create an environment wherein the truth is illuminated.

“That which you hold dear and sacred, you exhibit to the world.  When you see someone, dressed in finery every day, driving a very expensive vehicle, and living in a mansion upon a hill, you know... that which they value.  When you see someone, clean, wearing clothing that is taken care of and possibly mended, walking from neighbor with a smile, attending to that which they need to attend to, living in a home which is surrounded by flowers, and an open door, always available, to any who need entrance, where windows are open, beckoning The Wind to move into the house, and bless it, you know... what this person values.

“Make it your intention... to value... that which is the true treasure, the eternal treasure; for you can amass wealth, you can drive the finest cars, and wear the finest clothing, and still... be poor... of spirit.  You will notice if you begin to look around you, those whose connection with God is clear and free, where they are sure of their direction and where they need to be, there will be a song, coming from their lips, their eyes will dance, they will exhibit happiness, contentment.  Look for these traits in others, and make it your intention to create that environment and atmosphere for yourself.  It is all up to you.  It has nothing to do with what others do, or say, for it is never really about... what is going on between you and others.  Your health, your happiness, your joy... has everything to do with your connection with God... and your ability to follow your plan... to complete your mission... and to return Home!

“It is that simple!  The world will tell you it is difficult, and hard, and harsh, and mean to live upon Earth today.  I tell you, it is miraculous, glorious, and joyful, and it can be thus, all along The Way, if you focus, on what it is you are to do, just for the day. 

“I AM with you, for I have walked upon the Earth, and I have moved amongst those of the world.  I delivered the message, and returned Home.  I know the temptations, I know the joy, I know the frustrations, and I know the glory. 

“It is time, for the world to change, and since it is time, it will be accomplished!  Let it be accomplished with you doing your part, following the direction, from Home Base, keeping your connection with God, wide-open, putting one foot in front of the other, always knowing The Way!” 

Sunday Sermons
November 11, 2012
The Miracle
Of The Way ~ Let
God Love ~ Through You

   I  AM  with   you.    Speak to Me, and I will answer thee.    Open to what I say to thee, and you will walk with Me.    I will not give you the answers ~ you expect to hear ~ as they are most often ‘the answers of the world.’    When you speak to Me, I will give you wisdom.    I will fill you with light!  And the light will illuminate all things, and that is where you will live, and abide.    You will be the living light, of God, upon Earth. Speak My words, and you will be God’s word, the living word upon Earth! 

“I have reached-out to you many times.  I have brought you the answers, many times.  And I repeat again today, those things you need to know, so you can live in health, and happiness.  For this I assure you, if you are not happy, and filled with the love of God, you are not ‘in the light of God;’ you are in a state of disease, and you are not whole, as you are meant to be, in the eyes of God.  So if some of you are feeling this way, I tell you, this is how you change it all, this is how you move it, going in the correct direction, back to the light.  Actually it is simple.  All you have to do ~ is desire to do ~ what is right ~ in the eyes of God.  Listen, to what God says to you, and then shun all other things.  Make no excuses, for what you did not do, just set your face toward the sun, and do, what God asks you to do, now, in the present, today!

“Forget the past for right now, and think about today, as we start this morning, today! 

“Many of you are trying, trying diligently, to love your enemies.  For I say to you, it is easy ~ to love those ~ who love you.  Who cannot do this?  It is not so easy ~ to love: those who are being hateful, or difficult, ~ those who act in such a way that it is threatening to your emotional and physical wellbeing ~ those who are destructive.  But I say unto you, that ‘is the message,’ and that is what I meant to say two thousand years ago.  Today I do not say it to you in a parable; I say it so you can clearly understand it.  ‘Love those who persecute you.  Love those who gossip about you.  Love those whose intention it is to hurt you.’  There is no mistaking that.  That is what Our Father sent Me to say, and I said it many times!  Sometimes I dressed-it-up, so that it would be more attractive; sometimes I sweetened-it-up, so it would be easy to swallow; but as one age ends, and another begins, I say, ‘Very few are making it their daily habit to, ‘Love those, who hate you.’  And this is the will of God.  This is what you are to do, to change the energy upon Earth.

“When your feet are sunk firmly in the world of man, it is difficult to understand this, and most throw their hands up and say, ‘I just choose not to do that.’  It is as difficult to understand, as when I brought another message. ‘If someone asks you for something, give it to them, and give them more.’  Now I will tell you, today, in simple words, so there is no confusion, with each parable, in any different way I said it: sometimes I would say, if they ask you for your coat, give them your coat, and your shoes; sometimes I would use different pieces of garment; I meant to get the attention of those listening to Me, saying, ‘Don’t give them just what they want, give them more!’  I was hoping, that what all who heard Me, with the ears of their hearts, and souls, and spirits, would know, what I say to you today.  What I meant, fully was, ‘If someone asks, give; and the ‘more,’ I want you to give them is ‘love.’’  When someone asks you for something, don’t give it, in such a way, that is not filled with love.  Be happy that you have it to give.  See it as an angel of God, coming and saying, ‘Would you give me this?’ and you are delighted, because you have it to give, a gift.  And once you give what has been asked of you, open, and let the love of God fill you, fill you with love, so that is the ‘more’ you give them.  You give them what they ask for, and you also give them a feeling ‘of love.’  You do not look down upon them for asking, you raise-them-up in the love of God.

“Now, even if we go no further than these two things, loving those who hate you, and giving when you are asked, and giving more; it is impossible for you to do this, without letting God’s love flow into you, and move you, in such a way, that you let that love pass through you to others!  It is the only way you can love one who hates you.  You stand in the face of hatred, and you open to God’s love, and it pours into you, and through you, and onto those who hate you, who reject you, who defile you.  And it could be the only way they will ever feel the love of God.  And like trying to wash and clean something that is encrusted with dirt and grime, you ‘know,’ that the first sprinkle of water does not remove anything; so don’t expect the first drop of God’s love that passes through you to another, to make an immediate change; it is only when you continue to wash and scrub that the debris, and the soil, falls away, and the true light is revealed.  And what you need to do this ~ is to be ~ ‘a clear vessel yourself.’  The amount of God’s love ~ that can pass through you ~ is determined by ~ what you have blocked your own passageways with ~ the debris ~ that is within you.

“So we come back ~ to a lesson ~ that has been repeated many times, over and over, the key to all of it is forgiveness.  You cannot heal another, until you heal yourself.  You cannot save another from drowning, if you are drowning yourself.  You cannot lead another to safety on a ledge, if you cannot see yourself.  And the only way to do this, the only way to have the full power of God’s love, is to take the time ‘to forgive all things,’ because this is the burden, most of you are carrying around, this is what is blocking your entrance ways, your passageways, your doorways.    That which God sends to you, never changes; so how do you get the full impact?    You clean-it-up!

“And if you think of something, or about someone, that still upsets you, or makes you angry, or hurts your feeling, you have work to do!  You will ‘know,’ you are finished your work, when you never have a thought about another, in: anger, or disgust, or confusion, when the only thoughts you have, are ‘the thoughts of God.’   When you reach that point ~ your work is done ~ but I say, it must be done, every day. 

“If you do not wash your hands many times a time, they become greatly soiled.  They become a source of infection, disease.  And you pass it from one to the other, whomever you touch, shaking hands, from one to the other.  You must wash ~ your inner passages   ~ with the same attention you pay to your hands.

“And when you get to a point, even when you’ve unclogged your passageways by forgiving only a portion of what there is to forgive, you will feel an increase of this flow of God’s love!  There is no denying it.  If you have been carrying a burden, by not forgiving another person, or two, or three, or four, or twenty, or twenty hundred people, it has been a heavy burden, and you are not ‘whole,’ you are limping along, carrying that burden.  Some people say, ‘Start with the biggest, and forgive it.’  I say, ‘Start with the most insignificant slight.  Start there ~ and forgive it ~ to a point that ‘the thought of it,’ doesn’t pop-up again.  Forgive it completely.’ because those ‘thoughts, of things,’ that keep occurring, over and over again, are coming to you for a reason... there is more to do!  It is a sign... there is more work to do!

“And as you begin working on the inner you, God’s love begins to flow... very much like a water spigot, a faucet, that is ‘dripping’ water; that is all that comes out, until you go in there, and clean it out.  You clean the drain.  You flush it.  You get rid of the debris.  You turn the faucet handle, and water begins to flow.  Where it had taken minutes to fill-up a pan, it now is filled in seconds.  It is the same thing, and once God’s love begins to flow through you ~ you are able to give, and give more ~ because God’s love is there.  You are able to love, and love more, because it is no longer you loving, it is God loving through you.  You see, this is your purpose!  This is the source, of your happiness!  This is the source of your health!  This is the source, of being able to heal another.  It is letting God work through you!  And that’s all you have to do!

“So today, the lesson is pretty clear.  Love those who hate you.  Give to those who ask, and give them ‘more.’  Stop every negative thought of judging another that comes to you, take the time to sit down, and bless, and forgive, and release that energy, so it is, once again, neutral, and cut it from you, so it no longer is a burden.  And once this is done, you will be surprised how quickly your vessel fills with the love of God.  You will be surprised, how thoroughly the love of God flows from you to another.  This is the miracle of The Way it is to work.  This is the miracle of happiness and joy.  Do not try to do it on your own, because you will fail.  Do it ~ with the love ~ of God.  This is how you heal yourself; this is how you are made whole; this is how you heal others, this is how ~ they are made whole ~ by God... working... through you!” 

Sunday Sermons
November 18, 2012
Live Your
Life On The Road
Less Traveled, And
You Will Find Peace

   I  AM  with   you.    I come to you today to encourage you ~ to live ~ the time you have been given to live upon Earth ~ with a joyful heart ~ to experience, what this lifetime upon Earth brings to you, with open arms ~ embracing every situation, knowing it is part of your journey, part of the plan.  These things I say to you, because if you can embrace what comes to you, if you can move through the day with a joyful heart, your life will be different, it will be enhanced, you will be glowing.

“The one, who finds wisdom, or sometimes amusement, in situations that others declare ‘awful,’ is the one who is mastering the energy, seeing, and knowing, and then moving, by acting from within the light of God, refusing to react ~ to what is brought ~ but confidently acting, in the light of God.

“Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, will soon be preparing to celebrate a holiday, a time of feasting and joy, a time of gratitude and thanksgiving.  And for most of you, this entails, traveling, from one place to another; and so I want to use this source, of travel, to leave one place, making your way to another point, to make a point.  Let us say you are preparing to go to your grandmother’s house, for Thanksgiving dinner, and there are enough of you in your family that it will require two vehicles to make the journey.  The destination is the same... returning... home.  But, as some pile into one car to leave, they say, ‘We’ll beat you there!’ ‘We’ll be first!’  ‘We’ll see you there!’  And they head-off down the road, in a hurry, speeding, toward the thoroughfare, the highway, where you can move quicker, drive faster.  But then the second group, getting in another vehicle, decides that they are not going to go with all the traffic, moving faster, arriving sooner.  They are going to take a country road, and enjoy the drive, and watch the scenery.

“I want you to think about this and if you can picture it, picture the movement, picture the solitary car, moving through the countryside, leaves falling and swirling, a covered bridge to drive over, only big enough for one car, stopping to get-out, and walk close to an apple orchard, watching the sun, ride the sky.

“And now, see the other vehicle: moving, cars blowing their horns, people cutting-you-off, slamming on brakes, moving faster, but seemingly going nowhere, caught-up in a web of chaos.  And then, in all the traffic and confusion, the driver of the vehicle that is on the highway, is getting more and more agitated, while there are arguments in the car about which way to go, or when to get off, and not to get off.  And soon, they are in the middle of the fray, traveling very fast, all going in one direction, and everyone in the car gasps, as they see, two lanes over, too late for them to get properly positioned, there is the exit.  They have missed it!  They are moving with the crowd, along a wider thoroughfare, missing their exit, barreling on, with the crowd. 

“It might not surprise most of you that the car that chose a very small country road arrived at grandmother’s house, sooner than the other, relaxed, joyful, happy, singing.  And when the car that chose to go with the crowd, moving faster, arrived at grandmother’s house, there was dissension in the group, they were grouchy, and grumpy, and it was apparent that they had chosen ‘the wrong way’ to go. 

“Now, they all still arrived home, but it was ‘the quality, of the journey,’ that made all the difference.  And I want you to think of your life upon Earth that way... all of the people around you... you’re all going in the same direction.  You are all going Home.  You cannot be upon the Earth, without having the goal of going back Home.  How you choose to make your way will either enhance the quality of your ‘ride,’ your journey, or it will make it difficult, it will be filled with negative energies.  Think about it, especially through this particular week, when so many of you will be making the journey home, to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast, to celebrate with family members, that possibly you’ve been separated from for quite a while, or maybe just a matter of days, but still, it’s a glorious reunion.

“And given the opportunity ~ think about... the path you’ll take... to arrive at your destination.  I encourage you ~ to take the country road, to drive slower, so you can arrive sooner, and in better condition, filled with happy tales of what you saw, all along The Way.  Think on this, and see it, set it into motion, and then choose.  Which would you rather do?  It is your choice.  The road traveled by many at first seems easy, you can move faster.  There are many people along the road, you are all going in the same direction, and the road is definitely wider.  But often, depending on where you are positioned, you can’t get to where you want to get to, you can’t move over to another lane that is already crowded.  You can’t stop and back-up.  It is difficult to pull to the shoulder, and get out of the car, without creating a rather dangerous scenario.  Once you get onto that wide, fast-paced highway, you get caught-up in the crowd, and often miss the exit.  You move with the crowd.

“Taking the road less traveled, you move at your own pace.  You can stop, and get out, and enjoy some beautiful, sunny place.  You can pick some flowers, or just listen to the birds singing.  You can ride over a bridge built just for one, causing no issue, for anyone.  The destination is set.  How you arrive Home is your choice.  Think upon it this week, and I encourage you to take the road less traveled, and you will find peace.”      

Sunday Sermons
November 25, 2012
When You Pray,
Ask, Be Vigilant, Watch
For The Signs, And Follow

   I  AM  with   you.    I  sit  with  you.    I  walk  with  you.     Speak  to  Me,  and  I  will  talk  with  you.    Our  words  will  float,  moving  through  dimensions,  touching,  and  going  back  again,  moving,  living.    I  speak,  and  you  hear  Me.    You speak,  and  I  hear  you.    It  does  not  matter  whether  you  hear  the  words,  or  they  are  upon  your  heart,  in  a  way  ‘of  knowing,’  I  AM  near  to  you.   

“I hear your prayers that you send-up to God.  I AM with you.  I support you, as you journey over the Earth with the goal of accomplishing your mission, for I have been upon the Earth, too.  I have called-out to God Our Father, in times of need, and many times the answer was not exactly as I expected, or hoped it would be. 

“When you pray ~ that God lift some obstacle out-of-your-way, or calm some turbulence, so you can navigate clearly, ~ it is important for you to understand ~ that God will not make the obstacle disappear ~ or still the turbulence.  God will send you ~ signs, ~ and lessons, ~ so you will grow in wisdom, and see the obstacle, without fear, moving it, or around it, with the love of God.  God will not do for you, what is best for you to learn how to do, yourself; for, what parent would choose to sit and tie the shoelaces of a child, until the child is thirty or forty?  No... the wise parent teaches the child... how to tie its own shoelaces.  And although the child protests, and sometimes wails and thrashes about, wanting the parent to do it, the parent says, ‘... here, I’ll show you again.’  With perseverance and patience, the child learns to tie its own shoelaces.  Although this example is simplistic in nature, it is ‘exactly what God does, for all of the children.’  Your prayer is answered... ‘Take this from me!’... but your prayer is answered in such a way, that you grow in wisdom, and can stand-up, and say, ‘...I see this obstacle, and by the grace of God, I can move it from me.  It no longer traps me.  I am the master, of my own destiny!’ 

“You will always be sent ‘a sign,’ or ‘you will know, a way.’  And I say unto you, most often your prayer is answered, through the gift, of love, letting God’s love flow through you!  As the love passes through you, it heals you, from within.  And that which you give unto the world, verily, I say unto you, that which you’ve always been, is held in the light of God.  You see the world differently; you see obstacles and challenges differently, because you ‘know, what to do, as you walk upon the Earth.’

“When you have the answers, within you, the burdens of the world, do not bother you. 

“When you are riding in a vehicle, and one tire goes flat, it only becomes a major issue, ‘if you do not know how to change the tire,’ and get your vehicle back on the road. Without such knowledge, without such ‘mastering, of that skill,’ you would be sitting, waiting for someone else to assist you; but the wise traveler is prepared, and equipped to change the tire, and continue along the way.  This is confidence.  This is, ‘knowing, what you are doing;’ and it is The Way, you are to grow. 

“Now, ‘know this:’ if you raise a prayer to God, the answer will come to you, but it will come in a form... far better than, ‘...would you do this for me, God?’ because God will give you the wisdom, and the skill, and the grace, to do it yourself! 

“And so we come all the way back to something we talk about over, and over again, the best thing you can do ‘to prepare yourself,’ to move over the Earth, and master what is in your way, is forgiveness!  Forgive yourself, forgive everyone around you, and free-yourself of a burden you’re carrying.  If you can free-yourself, if you can forgive enough, your shoulders will relax, your back will be free, you can bend, you can move, and then, you’ll begin to recognize the signs.  They’re coming; and as you see the signs, be prepared to give-up something that you thought ~ was what you should do ~ and flow with the signs.  You receive a sign, take a step.  If you receive another sign, you might have to go sideways, you might have to turn right or left, you might have to take half a step back, but the signs will lead you, where you need to go.  And the signs will come in such a way, that they flow, according to the free-will choices made all around you by others.  This is divine guidance!  You are inspired, by the signs.  You do not run ahead, you take one step at a time.  And this is how God will lead you.  It will happen.  It always will come to you.  This is why God says, ‘ prayer goes unanswered.’  It’s just... that while upon Earth... and operating in the world... we expect the answer to come, in a way that’s most convenient for us.  ‘Would You rid me of this problem?’  Well, think on this.  Let us say, God immediately rids you of that problem.  What are you going to do the next time it comes, and the next time it comes,  and  the    time  it  comes? 

“Confidence ~ is built within one ~ willing to follow the signs, and see, and know!  And operating in such a divine way ~ requires ~ that you free-yourself of the chains of judgment, of anger, of confusion and chaos, and set or position yourself in direct communication, and connection, with God, for this is The Way, it works.  This is how you become ‘boldly confident.’  To the world, it appears that you are a risk-taker, but in your heart, your soul, and your spirit, you ‘know,’ that you are operating under the hand of God.  Divine guidance is moving you along The Way, and you are a miracle, walking upon Earth, to others.

“This day I remind you, each one of you, you’re a child of God, and The Eternal Parent will not leave one child stranded, The Eternal Parent will not leave one child behind; but being a wise, and loving parent, God will expect you to learn... to tie... your own shoelaces.  God will not give you a vehicle... you cannot master.
“Ask, and it shall be given unto you, this I promise you; but to know what you are receiving, you must be vigilant, and willing to watch for the signs, and follow.  Knock and the door will be thrown open to you, to all the possibilities available for you; but you must be willing to seek, amongst the signs, and follow!

“As I speak unto you, upon the Earth, your calendars are showing that you are approaching the last month of this year.  And this I boldly say unto you, for all who will listen, and watch for the signs: ‘This day, ask, for one thing.  And then be willing to open your eyes, and your heart, and your soul.  Do not stay transfixed, on what you think, you should receive.  Ask, and then be willing to wait for the most glorious surprise.  Watch for the signs, and follow.  I promise you this, by the end of this year, you will ‘know,’ that your prayer was answered.  You will grow in wisdom, as you recognize the signs.  And patience and perseverance will be rewarded, by every step you take along The Way.  This is My promise to each of you, today.”

Sunday Sermons
December 2, 2012
The Way
To Prepare For The
Holy, Holidays, On Earth

   I  AM  with   you.    I  take  your  hand,  and  I  hold  it  gently,  within  My  own,  and  I  say  unto  you,  ‘Be  at  peace.’    No  matter  what  you  are  to  accomplish,  this  day,  or  this  week,  or  before  the  end  of  the  year,  let  it  be  done  in  peace,  with  a  sense  ~  of  quiet  resolve  ~  that,  that  which  you  are  to  do  will  be  done,  and  blessed  by  you,  for  the  glory  of  God.

“Many of you hearing My words, or reading My words, are beginning a time of preparation, a time of celebration, and it all has to do, with: My coming to Earth; The Living Word of God, being born upon the Earth; a celebration of Christmas.  But in the event you haven’t noticed, I will say to you... ‘Stop, and be still.  Look around you.  What do you see?’ ...and in honesty, most of you will say, ‘...why, I feel a sense of panic in some people, stress.  There seems to be a bit of chaos, and confusion, too much to do, too many places to go, too many obligations to do this, or that, or the other, too many gifts to buy, and parties to attend.  It seems more of ‘a mess,’ than it is ‘preparation, for Christmas.’  And so I come today to share some things with you. 

“And as I say things to you, let your shoulders be at peace, let your body come to rest, take-out-of-your-head all of the things you ‘think,’ you need to do, and concentrate, focus on... the importance... of what is happening... why you are celebrating... at all!  I want each one of you to pay attention to the miracles all around you; open your eyes, and your hearts, to the signs that are coming to you; for, these signs lead you to where you need to go; and it was signs, and angelic visits, that began My coming to Earth. 

“If those around Me had not paid attention, or had disregarded the signs, if those around Me had run with fear from the angelic apparitions and visits, things would not have been as they were.  Do not turn your head from the vision; do not turn your heart from the message; for they will lead you where you need to go, each one:  the vision, the message, the journey.  And as I say the words, I want you to believe this, as many miracles as there were surrounding My birth, there were miracles surrounding your birth too! 

“Open your ears, and hear Me.  When I made it to Earth, I was able to do My mission.  Now, each one of you, you’re upon Earth, you’ve made it, now it’s time to ‘awaken,’ and ‘do the mission you intended to do, do the mission God sent you to do, do the mission you have the tools, and gifts, to do.’  It might surprise you when that settles upon you, but you are upon Earth, that in itself is a miracle.  Now complete the miracle, in a state of quiet resolve, to do that which God sent you to do!

“My earthly mother was visited by an angel.  My relative, Zechariah, was visited by an angel.  My earthly father, the one who guided, and took care of Me, once I was born, was visited by an angel.  The wise men, who traveled from afar, to witness, to give witness to My birth, were visited... by angelic words, poured-out-upon-them, passed down to them, through oral history, and that which was inspired and set down in books, and they followed a star.  The shepherds in the fields, tending their flocks, minding their own business, were called to give praise and celebration, at My birth, by angelic visitors.  They did not run.  They did not shirk a long journey.  My father did not avoid his betrothed.  Zechariah witnessed a miracle of birth.  Elizabeth felt the power of God, within her.  And, My mother, blessed, earthly mother, said, ‘Yes.’ 

“Zechariah was in a temple, and the angel appeared unto him, and said, ‘Elizabeth is with child.’  My mother was walking, not far from her home, just outside of her home, and she went inside, and there was a great light, that filled the room, seemed to create a huge portal where once a small window had been.  And the angel Gabriel said unto her, ‘Mary, with you God is greatly pleased.’  And there was a conversation between the two of them.  One announcing the message, and one accepting that which was set before her... believing... trusting.  And it was shared then with her, that her relative Elizabeth, was already with child, announcing, in no uncertain terms, that ‘nothing is impossible with God.’  All things are possible with God; but first, you must say: ‘Yes,’ to the angel; ‘Yes,’ to the vision; ‘Yes,’ to the message; ‘Yes,’ to God.

“Once the angel departed from My mother, from Mary, once it had all settled within her, she began to make preparation, just as Elizabeth was making preparation, preparation for birth.  But I can assure you, it was not done in panic, or frenzied motion.  This sacred preparation was done ‘in a state of quiet resolve,’ doing what needed to be done, cutting squares of cloth that had been pounded, and washed, so it was tender to the touch, smooth to the touch, gentle.  All of these things, preparing for the arrival of a baby, were done, with: skilled hands, loving hearts, and quiet resolve.

“I say these things to you... so that you will begin the preparation for the celebration, for My birthday celebration, in this same state.  Move slowly.  Measure your step.  Do not scurry, from this place to that.  Set your intention to bless this season, and all you see, and meet.  Let the holidays be tender, and filled with joy!  Remember what you are celebrating.  Do not get caught-up in chaos.  Think of Elizabeth, preparing for a child, in her later years, slowly, and with great love, and gratitude, for the blessing that had come to her.  Think of Mary, preparing for the baby, ‘knowing, she was blessed,’ accepting what had come to her, but doing so, quietly.

“If you can move through the weeks, of December, setting your intention... to be at peace, and to not get caught-up in the frenzy, when the day comes for the celebration... you will be prepared.  You will have set in place, all the things you needed to set in place, but it will be done... peacefully.  You will have gratitude upon your heart, and you will understand, all of a sudden, that the fact that you are upon the Earth is a miracle as well.  You will be thankful... for the opportunity to live on Earth.  You will be excited once more... that: you have a mission; there is something you are to do.  And this realization will be... like a birth to you... a new beginning... a new day... a new way to celebrate... the miracle, of birth. 

“So let it be, in a state of quiet resolve, that we go through December together, one day at a time, stringing the precious pearls, to form a necklace, a gift of thanksgiving, to wear yourself, showing: you know, the gift you have been given; you accept the message.

“Be ready ~ and watch for the signs ~ for they will come to you.  Open your ears ~ and your heart ~ so you can receive the message ~ which is surely yours.  And once you have seen the signs, once you know the message, take one step after another, and in quiet resolve, set about completing your mission.  It is yours to do.  Celebrate the miracle of your birth upon the Earth, and be ready to go forward.  Do not run away.  Do not be afraid.  Do not be in doubt, or confusion.  Do not let the world... distract you... from that which is yours to do.  Say, ‘Yes.’  Say, ‘Yes,’ and watch as the miracles unfold, one after another, leading you to the goal. 

“Let There Be Peace On Earth, and this day, let it be your intention, that if there is be peace on Earth, it will surely begin, within you!”

Sunday Sermons
December 9, 2012
Every Day
Of Your Lifetime
Is A Very Special Event

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come  to  you.    I  sit  with  you  and  I  talk  with  you.
I  bring  you  messages.    I  offer  suggestions;  and,  for  those  who  are  willing  and  who  choose  to  do  so,  I  lead  you  into  new  territory,  new  vistas,  new  visions,  new  truth.

“Many of you today are making preparation, for what is termed the holidays.  The holidays seem to be most of the month of December, and there is much celebration. 

“Many of you will be attending, or be part of, special events, special presentations, special occasions, in the coming days.  And as you are part of, or attending, these special occasions or events, you pay special attention to the clothing you will wear, to how you will appear to others, on the outside.  You focus on your appearance.  It is important to you.

“Every  day  of  your  lifetime  is  a  special  event,  unique  unto  itself,  an  occasion,  which  will  not  occur  again.    Think  upon  that!    Before  you  begin  a  day,  think  about  it.    It  will   you,  when  you  sit  quietly,  and  come   to  the  understanding  that,  ‘you  are  creating  the  day,’  molding  it,  and  folding  it,  into  that  which  you  wish  to  present:  to  the  world,  to  Earth,  to  eternity! 

“Pay  attention  to  your  thoughts,  pay  attention  to  your  words,  pay  attention  to  things  that  you  do,  your  deeds,  for  these  are  ‘outward  signs  of  the  inner you.’ 

“Now you would not put on soiled clothing, and go to a very special occasion, without combing your hair, or washing your face, or shining your shoes.  You want to ‘appear,’ in a certain way.  You want people to notice ‘that you dressed appropriately for the occasion, and you have taken the time to groom yourself.’  It is important that you do on the inside what you are doing on the outside! 

“Prepare yourself for the special event of a new day.  Wash your thoughts.  Clean-out the corridors of the inner you.  Let your inner being sparkle as new.  Clean yourself in preparation.  Forgive all of the things that have been troubling you.  Wipe-away the doubt, with confidence in God’s love for you.  Restore the beauty, and the vitality, that is the inner you; and open the door, and see the new vista, the new view.

“Prepare yourself for a special event, a presentation, an occasion; because, your life, your lifetime, is a special event, and the words you say and the deeds you do, they are significant, outward signs of the inner you.  What is going on, within you, is exhibited in your outer appearance.

“The one who is happy on the inside, cannot be angry on the outside.  The one who is filled with light on the inside, cannot be shadows and darkness on the outside.  The one who knows peace on the inside, cannot exhibit chaos and confusion on the outside.  These things are true. 

“It is time... to take care of the inner you... to make preparation for the special event of a new day.  It is uniquely yours to create.  And no matter what comes your way, you have the opportunity, the golden opportunity, to mold it and fold it into something that is ‘worthy,’ to be offered to God, saying, ‘Here God, this is what I made from the ingredients of this new day.’ 

“You are capable, and able, to craft a gift, a beautiful gift, from every day you are given.  Treat, and honor, every day of your lifetime, as a special event; and mark your words, and deeds, as significant.  Let them be an outer sign, of a glorious, inner you!”

Sunday Sermons
December 16, 2012
Miracles Begin
In The Open Heart
Of  Any  Who  Are
Willing To Trust
And  Be-

   I  AM  with   you.    I  AM  with  you  and  I  bring  to  you,  blessings,  blessings:  pouring  upon  you;  filling  you  with  grace;  lighting  your  being,  as  perfect  gifts;  touching  your  heart,  so  that,  that  which  is  held  within  it  will  spring  forth,  and  blossom,  and  flower.    I  AM  with  you ~ as  are  ‘The  Miracles’ ~ of  God.

“Most you upon Earth are preparing for a season of celebration.  It is interesting that it is all brought about, in celebration of My birth, upon Earth; but there are times, as I gaze upon My brothers and sisters, operating in the world, of humankind, when I wonder, if they know what they are celebrating, why there are celebrating, when I see how they are celebrating.  It does not resemble ~ a sacred celebration ~ it looks more chaotic, and confusing.  The spirit of anxiety, and a nervous feeling of, ‘... did I get the right gift, or have I done enough,’ takes the place of ‘the awe-filled prayer, of the miracles that occurred.’

“The miracle of My birth, as it happened, as it is recorded, required: My mother, to say, ‘Yes,’ to a miracle; My earthly father, to push what others would say aside, and say, ‘Yes,’ to a miracle.  Think on this, and then you will come to understand and know, that you must ‘open your heart to the possibility, first.’  You must have the lines, ‘I believe.  I believe in miracles,’ written on your heart.  Many of you find it relatively easy to accept ~ miraculous things happening ~ to other people; you find it very easy to believe miracles happened, ages ago; but 'you find it difficult to believe, that miracles are your destiny, as well!

“There are a few days, before the end of this year, and you would find that ‘your entire lifetime upon Earth will be changed, and altered, forever, if you will begin to sit, and open your heart, in a quiet way, to the possibility of miracles.’  And as I say this... I can assure you... that if you will open your heart to the possibility, without trying to assign logic, or scientific explanation, to what is occurring, you will go to a different place in your understanding, and comprehension of miracles.  They do not ‘happen,’ once in a lifetime, or once in a hundred years, or once in an age; miracles happen every second of every day!  They go unnoticed, or they are simply explained away.  I ask you to use these last few days, of this year, to be open to the possibilities of: the miracles, the things you hear, the visions you see, the wisdom you finally know.  And doing this, will create an atmosphere in which, you will grow. 

“It is important for you to know this... ‘Miracles do not begin in the hands of man.  Miracles do not begin in the demands of man.  Miracles begin... in the open heart of any who are willing to trust, and believe.’  But this must come first, or you will miss all the miracles ... believe.  Miracles are flowing from The Creator of All Things to those who are open, and will believe.  Miracles begin ~ in the heart, and the soul, and the spirit ~ and from there, they pass through the hands of man.  Do not confuse it, or get it backwards.

“In this season, of a celebration, of what is termed a miracle, I ask each of you, to open your hearts, and live the miracle, for it is yours to live, and in living it, it becomes yours to give, and in giving it, it is the birth, of the miracle, upon Earth!”