"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
March 17, 2013
I Come From
Heaven – To Deliver
My Gift To Earth – Love

   I  AM  with   you.    As  light  breaks  through  the  darkness  of  the  night,  I  AM  with  you.    It  is  possible  and  miraculous, it  is  wonderful  and  true,  I  move – through  dimensions – to  walk  with  you.    I  reach-out  My  hand  and  say,  ‘Here,  come,  I  will  show  you  The  Way.    Let  us  walk  together  this  day,  for  the  ways  of  the  world  can  be  testing,  and  trying,  the  temperament  and  the  moods  of  the  world,  can  batter  you,  as  a  storm,  with  obstacles  flying;  but  when  you  take  My  hand,  we  walk  next  to  a  calm  sea,  feeling:  the  sand  slip  between  our  toes;  and  the  breeze  of  a  new  day,  moving  about  us.    This  is  how  it  is  meant  to  be;  so  today  I  say...  ‘Rise-up!   Come,  and  walk  with  Me!’

“I would like to give you a list of things to do, so that you might see and know, how to best make your way, through a new day and a new week, celebrating the eternal fact, that you are upon Earth, right now, with a mission, on a journey, from Heaven, to touch the soil of Earth, for a brief time, and return to Our Father, to God.

“Remember always ‘who you are, and from whence you came.’  You are created, by God!  Say it, as if you know, you mean it!  And mean it, as if you surely know it.  Say the words, every day, ‘I have come from Heaven, sent by God, to walk upon the Earth, for a brief time, to deliver my gift, before returning Home.  The gift is from God, and the gift is mine as well.’

“Once you remember who you are, the things you think and say and do are altered forever, for in this sacred confidence, in accepting your heritage, you see Earth, through different eyes.  You see the challenges, as opportunities, to do what God wants to do, through you.  You are no longer ‘testy,’ about the testing; but eager to respond, for ‘the trying times,’ are the times of your glory, when you can pick and choose, and tell the story, of how you saw ‘temptation,’ recognized ‘the dark,’ but chose ‘the light.’  These words sound beautiful, and filled with wisdom, yet when you set your foot outside of your door, you begin the testing, the challenges begin, for sure.  And it is in those times, that you need to walk with Me, for I will whisper unto thee, and say, ‘Keep your eyes upon the light, and then you will surely do what is right.’

“It is good you will walk with Me, because as I walked, I faced every temptation which comes to thee.  And therefore, as I lived upon Earth, and walked daily, in the world created by human beings, I understand the journey: better, completely, wholly.  If you feel as if someone has hurt you, or rejected you, or said things about you which are untrue, I can tell you what to do; for these things happened to Me too!  I was rejected outright.  I was mocked.  I was criticized by the elders of the synagogue.  There was gossip by the townspeople, who knew My family.  Some laughed.  Some snickered.  Sometimes My own family wondered what in the world I was doing, but that did not matter, because I stayed so connected, with Our Father, that the direction coming from Heaven held more reality than what was going on around Me, created in the world of man.

“Focus – on what it is you are to do.  Do not wonder – what your mission is.  Begin, ‘knowing,’ that no matter what other aspects of your mission are set in place – the primary one – is to bring the love of God upon the Earth!   Earth  needs  love!   Earth does not need more orators, or writers, or legislators.  The truth is Earth doesn’t need more lawyers, or doctors, or bankers.  Earth needs – people who are willing to deliver the love of God – people willing to speak the words of God, over words of their own choosing.  And this, I can surely address, because as I walked amongst My brothers and sisters, there were times when My humanity would have led Me to say one thing; but My eternal life in Our Father opened Me fully: to speak the words that God would have Me speak; to touch those, God would have Me touch; to hold those, whom God would have Me hold. 

“There are some of you who feel that you have lived your life trying to help others, that you have been good, your actions have been appropriate, you attend church, you do good deeds in your community, and still life seems ‘lacking.’  And I say to you reach-out, on a whole new level.  I loved to go to the synagogues.  I loved to hear the word of God, whether it was coming through Me, tasting sweet on My lips, or flowing through another.  God’s word upon Earth, blessing all, fulfilled My need.  Yet there were times when I walked away from the synagogue to be moving over mountains, and next to seas, and in the countryside, through gardens, and vineyards, where all of God’s creation could be seen and heard, and felt, and tasted.  For there were times, when I desired ‘the freedom,’ that God had created in the birds, and the bees, and the flowers, and the trees; for there were many synagogues, which had become hardened by the rules, and the hearts that should have been beating there – filled with love – were cold and broken.

“If any of you have had the experience, of going to a relative’s home for a celebratory meal, maybe Thanksgiving, or Easter, or Christmas, you will quickly remember the homes that were fun, and filled with light, and laughter, and joy.  But some of you remember, perhaps, going into a relative’s home, where the most important thing was to ‘obey the rules:’ don’t put your elbows on the table; don’t swing your legs under the chair; be careful not to spill anything on the tablecloth.  The rules came, one after another after another and soon the joy of coming together, and breaking bread, was greatly diminished by the rules that had been set in place.  And rather than wearing smiles and laughter, there were tight, stern-faced people, sitting around the table. 

“Do not let rules, and regulations, take the place of a loving heart, no matter where you are; and actually, that’s all you need to know.  If you make it your intention: to love, the unlovable; to love, the unclean; to love the unfed; to love those who are shunned by most of society; you will find that in the doing of it, you have ‘received the love of God, flowing through you;’ for it is not possible to let God’s love flow through you to another, without being twice blessed, in the giving, and the holding, of the love of God. 

“This is as simple, as it gets, ‘Forget everything, and love!’  It does not matter, if you use the fork in your right or left hand.  It does not matter, if you prefer vegetables over meat.  It does not matter, if you choose something hot, or cold to drink.  What matters is today, ‘Will you sit at the table of God, welcoming all who sit around you, and greet them, with love?’ 

“You might be surprised who comes to the table.  You might be surprised, how much you learn from those who come to the table.  You might be surprised... to hear sacred words, coming from lips... that others say... are unclean.  In fact, when you make it your intention to love... first... you might be surprised: you will walk over the Earth, hearing the song of a bird in a different way; you will recognize the bird is celebrating the gifts of the day; you might be surprised to notice the intense beauty of a flower, realizing the flower is the beauty of God, upon Earth; you might be surprised to feel the breeze, flowing through the trees, and knowing it is the breath of God; you might be surprised to find, at the end of the day, that your face has been washed by the tears, as you heard yourself say, ‘I love you,’ and mean it!

“Here, take My hand, and walk with Me, there is much to do, and much to see; you walk on Earth for just awhile, and return to Heaven, God’s precious child!” 

Sunday Sermons
December 30, 2012
The Presents
Of Heaven: Christ
Consciousness, Within You

   I  AM  with   you.    I  reach-out  to  you...   as  you  open,  as  you  open  the  doors,  and  the  portals  and  the  hallways,  to  your  inner-being,  the  core  of  who  you  are,  the  unique  you,  the  heavenly  you,  the  spirit  that  is  you,  the   spirit  that  animates  your  body.  And it is so easy to touch you, when you are in a state of...  prayer... especially contemplative prayer: a state of meditation, a state of releasing the things of the world, and opening to All That Is.  This is a very good description of the language one uses, when seeking trans-dimensional communication: it is prayer; it is meditation; it is silently seeking God

“Today I wish... to deliver a message that is brief... and the brevity of it is a sign of its importance.  ‘Each one of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, is upon Earth to bring Heaven and Earth together, united in such a way that the veil, parts, and it is as surely One, as you can imagine, for this is how it is intended to be; within each one of you are gifts, that you carry to Earth, for this sole purpose.’

“That which is borne within you ~ is meant to be born onto ~ the Earth, so that those living upon the Earth will know, the presence, of God, through you, and in this way The Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of Heaven, will live!  It is with you now, but the veil is closed.  It will be opened ~ when those who carry the gifts ~ begin to use the gifts!  They are powerful ~ they are the presents of God ~ with you.’  Every time you love, in the face of hate, you deliver God to Earth.  You give birth to that which you bear, and it is upon the Earth.  It lives.  There will be peace, on Earth, when all of the children of God awaken, and understand the importance of what they are doing.

“Peace... this is the destiny... of Earth.  But peace will not be legislated, delegated, demanded.  Peace is not won: through war, through fighting, through aggression.  Peace is delivered... from within each one of you... willing to take just a moment of your time, because one step leads to another.  And once you begin to taste... the sweetness of the gifts you carry within... you become more, and more, willing to begin each day, with a firm resolve to deliver that which you carry from The Kingdom of Heaven.  This is not a myth.  It is not a story concocted to force you into some type of disciplinary action.  It is something that you have ... of great value... which requires your freewill choice to use.        

“The gifts of Heaven are borne by you.  The gifts of Heaven are meant to be born, onto the Earth, by you.  And in this Way, you will deliver Christ Consciousness to the world.  When there is one of you willing to do this, the world will begin to change.  And as, there is one of you willing to do it, there will be another, and another, and another.  And it will not be stopped.  And then you will hear the voices of the children begin to sing, ‘Joy to the World,’ because Christ Consciousness will be moving in such a way it cannot be stopped.  It will flow like a mighty river, and it will welcome like a serene stream.  It will echo through the valleys into the mountains.  It will be the waking dream of all, who desire peace.  And it will come, not through legislation, and not through war, but through the spirit and the soul and the hearts, of the children of God, walking upon Earth.  And the song of peace will echo: from the valleys, from the seashore, from the mountaintops, and the hillsides, and the canyons, from the deserts, and the cities.  And all the stars, and the planets, will hear the song, carried on the voices of the children of God, and there will be peace on Earth.    Peace... on Earth!”

Sunday Sermons
January 6, 2013
The Last Present
For This Christmas Sea-
son, The Promise Of The Signs

   I  AM  with   you.    Be still.    Lend  Me  your  ear,  and  you  will  hear  Me.    Be  still,  and  quiet,  and  open  your  heart,  and  you  will  feel  My  presence,  with  you,  for  My  presence  with  you  is  ‘of  faith,  and  trust.’

“As  you  feel  My  presence,  and  your  heart  is  open,  I  begin  to  live,  I  AM  truly  with  you,  and  I  AM  born  again,  just  as  surely  as  I  was  born  thousands  of  years  ago  into  flesh.

“This is the miracle that can be repeated over and over and over again.  Living, with Me, is a great adventure.  I was sent to be the example.  I was sent to Earth with a mission, and it might surprise each one of you, whether you are hearing these words, or reading these words, to know that, you too, are sent to Earth, with a mission.  You too have the opportunity to be the example of how Our Father wants us to live... live in such a way... that The Kingdom of God... moves onto the Earth... as it is meant to be.

“As we go into this new year set before us, it is time to remember some things, and if you remember these things, and let them grow within you, this year you will grow ‘in spirit,’ and ‘in wisdom,’ and ‘in love,’ and by doing so, you will discover the joy, and the happiness, of experiencing Earth... as it is intended to be... ‘as it is in Heaven.’

“By most calendars, in many countries of the world, this day brings, the end, to what is termed The Christmas Season, it is meant to be a celebration time, remembering that I: was born, and lived in the flesh; walked amongst you; delivered The Message, before returning Home.  And for those of you preparing to begin this new year, setting in your thoughts that this year will be good, it will be different, it will be filled with joy, and lightness of being, I bring you a key... I bring you... a truth... that will assist you in moving though your life, and through this year, with confidence. 

“I would like to revisit some of the important events, leading-up to My birth, and to those who came to celebrate My birth, and how they managed to do it.  For you see, it was meant that all would celebrate My birth, and in some recognition, in some way, it would be ‘a sign,’ that: those holding lowly positions, like the shepherds, would be moved by the great sign of angels, and they came, and they saw, and they knew; those who had wealth, men of learning, they were led by a great sign, and as they watched for the sign, they saw it, and they were moved, and they came, and they knew.  All of these things happened, in such a way: that the hand of God was moving; no matter what freewill choice was made; guaranteeing that My life would continue; My mission would be complete; and The Word would be delivered.

“It would not have happened at all ~ without My earthly mother ~ seeing the apparition, knowing the light, accepting the message, and going about her way to accomplish that which she had been asked to do, even in the face of public ridicule. 

“Joseph received the sign, in a dream.  This was important.  If he had not accepted the sign, and listened to that which the angel told him in the dream, it would have been totally different; but he accepted. 

“The wise men, watching for a star that they knew would appear at a certain time, were moved to journey, to come and to know, and in the process, they followed the sign.  But they were also moved by dreams.  If they had not followed the dream at the very end of their visit, telling them not to return and tell the king all that they knew, but to go home a different route, things would have been different.  You see the hand of God was moving, and as freewill choices were being made, the messengers were coming, speaking, leading, showing The Way. 

“The shepherds followed.  After they recovered from the first shock of seeing angelic beings descending over the hillside, they rejoiced, left their flocks in the field, and they came and they saw and they knew.

“The signs did not stop there.  Joseph, My earthly father, had no way of knowing what Herod was planning, yet in the dream the angel came and said, ‘Rise-up now, and go!’  And because he saw ‘the sign in the dream,’ he rose-up, and took Me to a place of safety.  And the signs did not stop there; for as the king died, the dream angel came again, ‘Take The Child, and return.’  And having great faith in the signs and the dreams, My earthly father did so.

“I could repeat My lifetime upon Earth, and each significant event would also hold the story of signs, and messages, leading The Way, assisting Me to move through the maze of freewill choices.  Today I want to give each of you ‘a gift of confidence.’  As it was done unto Me, it shall be done unto you!  Know, in faith, that no matter what others choose to do around you, the signs will come to you... and you will be led... to the place you are to be.  This promise... of your Internal Compass, the hand of God moving you... is not a promise that each step you take will be a place of great comfort, and abundance of earthly wealth, or worldly wealth, I should say.  It is a promise that you will be led to where you are meant to be, to where you are to grow, to where it is you will learn that which you are to know.  And this promise is not made lightly, for I do not deal in trickery and deceit.  I deal and live in promise... promise!  Therefore, if you accept that which I AM saying about the signs, and the hand of God being your Internal Compass, you will move over the Earth, living the days of your life, in confidence and joy, and peace, ‘knowing,’ it will come to you.  Be vigilant and watch.  Ask for the signs, and wait, knowing within your being that as you are the child of God, God will not let you go unattended on your journey.

“That is My last Christmas gift to each of you, The Promise Of The Signs, which will surely come.  And each of the signs will come to each of you in individual ways, ways that you will see, and know.  They might be dreams.  They might be apparitions.  They might be visions.  They might be strangers, walking-up, and saying something to you that ‘rings,’ and you know to pay attention, to certain things held in the greeting they bring.  It requires faith, but your faith will be rewarded; it will be rewarded, with growing confidence; and within the growing confidence, you will begin to know peace; and peace will then become your partner, your friend, your travel-mate.

“This day, I exhort each of you, go-out into the world; it is all waiting before you; this is ‘the opportunity,’ you have longed for.  Make it count.  Sing your song.  Let every step, be a dance of joy.  Walk confidently, into this new day, into this new year, for ‘the signs,’ will come.  Be vigilant, and you will see them!”

Sunday Sermons
January 13, 2013
God’s Gift
To A Traveler
On  Earth,  Your
Internal Compass,
The  Hand  Of  God

   I  AM  with   you.    Be still.    I  sit  with  you.    I  walk  with  you.    I  yearn  to  play  and  laugh  with  you.    I  kneel  with  you,  when  you  feel  lost  and  alone,  and  I  take  you  by  the  arm,  and  lift–you–up,  and  lead  you  Home.

“Your  body,  your  physical  body,  is  animated  of  your  Spirit;  and  you  move  over  the  Earth.    You  can  feel  your  heart  beating  within  your  body,  and  you  know  you  are  physically  alive.    And  when  you  feel  the  presence  of  your  soul  and  spirit,  you  know  you  are  spiritually  alive.    The  words  you  say,  and  the  things  you  do,  and  the  places  you  go,  are  the  animation  of  your  Spirit,  an  outward  sign  of  the  inner  you.

“Sometimes, you require guidance... and your thoughts might reflect on a traveler... journeying over unknown territory, traversing uncharted seas, and you recall ~ a compass ~ something to show you the way.  In times when you feel lost and alone, it would not be unusual for you to pray for guidance, for a compass.  And I say today, to each of you hearing My words or reading My words, you possess an Internal Compass, which is the hand of God.  But to rely on your Internal Compass requires that it is in good shape.  Have you lost it?  Have you misplaced it?  Have you put it away?  Is it broken, in disrepair?  Have you traveled down darkened alleyways so many times that you cannot see?  To rely on your Internal Compass ~ requires for it to be in use ~ not lost, not hidden.  To reply on your Internal Compass requires that you maintain connection with Home Base, with God.  You must clear away the cobwebs of fear and doubt, and worry and anxiety, because they clog-up the workings of your Internal Compass.  Think on it, and you will understand clearly what I AM saying, for a broken compass is of no use to the traveler, to the one who journeys over unknown territory; and, if you lose it, it is of no use, as well. 

“Do not lose your connection with God.  Do not break your Internal Compass, by stuffing it with fear and doubt, with greed and envy, with hatred and anger, for it will be of little use.  Let your intention for this year be that your Internal Compass will be your treasure: you will care for it; you will hold it dear; so it is not lost, or taken from you.  And with this intention set firmly within you, you will be guided through this year, and you will take each step with confidence.  You will be ready to do that which you are meant to do.  You will not fall into complacency, moving in circles in one place.  You will set your foot upon the course, and head-out, into territories that are new, and exciting.  You will sail over uncharted seas, with the breath of The Holy Spirit, filling your sails.  And when you seek direction, your Internal Compass can be relied upon, and it will tell you where to go, and you will be at peace in the going there, and the doing of the task.  And this connection God, and use of your Internal Compass, will give you confidence, so that your main objective is to do that which God sent you to do.  You will no longer seek to please others, because that often leads you right into conformity, into the circle of staying in one place.

“You have a mission.  You have a compass.  You have the opportunity.  It is all before you.  Do not let it go from you.  And as you feel the stirring within you, and the desire to rise-up, and go forward this day, I say to you one more thing.  Even when your compass is clean, and the hand of God is moving you, the ‘temptations,’ will come to you.  And I ask you to pay attention.  Do not pick-up the temptation, and use it to clog your compass.

“You might be set, and ready to go, to fulfill your mission, and someone will come up to you, and plant the seed of doubt.  ‘Are you sure you know what you are doing?’  Be prepared to say, ‘Yes,’ in confidence.  ‘I am sailing into uncharted seas, but I am confident in where I am going.’  And in this state, as you move along, pushing that one temptation aside, another might come up, and say, ‘What are you going to do, if you lose everything, as you search for this one thing?’ And therein the seed of fear is planted, unless you reject it, having confidence that you ‘know,’ where you are going, because you are being moved by the hand of God.

“Your history books are filled with the names of individuals... and individual stories... of courage, bravery, those willing to do what no one else would do, those willing to consider, what no one else would accept, and those willing to go, where no one else had gone before.  This is exploration.  This is discovery.  This is creation continuing, opening-up the new frontiers.  As it happens in the physical world, it happens in the spiritual realm, as well.  Be daring, and bold. 

“Go to the Scriptures, and read.  You will be surprised, if you read with new eyes and an open heart, what you will learn, and the lessons I brought, because you will find that I was speaking words that no one had heard before.  It required confidence, to say, ‘Turn the other cheek.’ when the rule, and the lesson, was, ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’  When I said, ‘If someone asks you for something, give it to them, and give them more.’ I was speaking in terms that were not understood, and certainly not accepted easily, because people worked hard for what they had, and they held it dear, and they gave to those they loved, but they would not consider giving to a stranger, and they would not consider giving to one they did not like, or could not love.

“These were new frontiers.  I was directing a course onto uncharted seas.  I was saying to everyone, ‘You have the ability to be a miracle worker.  You are not wandering the Earth accidentally.  Yours is The Kingdom of Heaven, and it is near to you.  It is with you.’  Read the words of the Scripture, and hear them, and think about their newness, because they were delivering a message that was rejected by most, and which was diametrically opposed to what they had been taught, for hundreds and hundreds of years.  But I delivered the words that God sent Me to deliver.  I did what God sent Me to do.  And I went wherever My Internal Compass directed Me to go.  And this is ‘exactly,’ what you are to do.  But you cannot do it, if you have lost your Internal Compass, if it is broken, or in disrepair.

“So I encourage you to spend the days of January: working on your connection, so that your compass is clear; cleaning-it-up, so it is not in disrepair; getting ready for the adventure of a new year; and, being able to do so in confidence, because the direction will be clear. 

“I AM with you as you go into this new week, as you experience this new month, of a new year.  And before you go any further, I encourage you to take care of that which is of great value, and which will lead you, bring you confidence, so you can: say boldly, what God wants you to say; go with confidence, where God wants you to go; and, do courageously, what God wants you to do. 

“You possess the gift of a traveler of Earth, one who journeys into unknown territory, and it is the gift of your Internal Compass, which is moved by the hand of God.  Go forth, in joy, and glory, and you will be the story, of creation continuing, in the light and the glory of God.”

Sunday Sermons
January 20, 2013
Child Of God,
Walk Over The Earth,
In Revelation, And Glory

   I  AM  with   you.    I  AM  with  you,  most  assuredly,  and  many  of  you  hearing  My  words,  or  reading  My  words,  are   more  closely  connected  to  Me   now,  than  usual,  as  you  are  still  remembering  the  celebration  that  marks  the  end  of  each  calendar  year,  as  you  know  it,  with  My  birthday. 

“Most of you are reluctant to leave those days of sweet memory behind; yet, behind they are, for you cannot live there, you must rise-up, and grow.  I did not stay at My birth place.  I did not reside there, for those to come, and find Me, who were called to do so.  I moved on, with the guidance of My earthly mother, and father, walking into My lifetime upon Earth, for there were things to do, places to go, people to touch, just as you are doing.

“Do not be tempted, into remaining in the sweetness of the memory of My birth, because you will find it difficult to model your lifetime after Mine... if your only association with Me... is of a child in the arms of its mother, father close beside, and family and relatives and friends, coming with gifts to celebrate.  In reality, My birth was anything but that; there were a series of miracles that made it all possible; there were a number of angelic apparitions, which held it all together; and there were messages, and dreams, which kept it, as it was intended to be.

“If you sit, and ask for assistance in knowing, how it all came about, you will quickly see, that there was great difficulty to overcome.  My life on Earth began with such, with an angel appearing to My earthly mother, saying words that seemed impossible, and surely they were impossible for many around her to believe.  Visions, and dreams, and promises, one after another happening, and all of it, held in place on a delicate thread, that each one being touched, or visited, would say, ‘Yes,’ yes to the angels, yes to the dreams. 

“There was danger in My life, the threat of death at the very beginning.  There was movement from here to there.  Do not be tempted to believe, as many on Earth now think of My birth and life on Earth, as idyllic, up until the very last act. 

“If you have problems, challenges, issues, situations in your life, right now in the lifetime you are living upon Earth, know this, so did I!  If you are ridiculed, so was I.  If you are hungry at times, so was I.  If you long for those around you to understand you, or to be compassionate for your position, so did I. 

“These things need to be said, so that you understand, as you walk through your lifetime, that I made the same walk.  Thousands of years might separate the type of city, or town, I was in, from the type of city or town you are in; yet, our walk is the same.  If there are those of you who feel that you were uprooted during your childhood, and pulled here or there, and never settled, never feeling like you were home, anywhere; I say unto you, I began that way too.  If there are some of you who feel that there are many people against you, who would do you harm, or who would want to do you harm, I say, lived that way on Earth too. 

“If you say, ‘I’m from such humble beginnings, how can I achieve greatness?’ I say unto you, that was Me, too.  I say these things to you, so that you will not use your roots, your beginnings, those around you, your family, so you will not use these things, or these people, or these situations, as an excuse, because almost any excuse you begin to create, I could have done so, as well. 

“It is time to move forward!  The birth is complete!  The Child is delivered!  Now, it is time to grow!  And I say this to you, because it is the same for you, right now.  Every Christmas you can mark, as My Presence, renewed, within you.  Let Me be born anew, within you, and let it happen every year, so that you do not forget, or so that you begin again, a new life.  And let us walk into this new lifetime together, experience what living in the world is all about, knowing from whence you came, and setting a path, which will lead you over the Earth, your journey, marking The Way, with the words you say, and deeds you do.

“It is a very rare gift to be born, and to live upon the Earth at the turning of the age.  They are often marked with battles, wars raging, and much pain and suffering.  But just as a woman labors to give birth, so too do those present upon Earth, labor, at the turning of the age.  And out of the chaos, and confusion, a child’s cry, breaks through all other sounds, sounds of a new baby being born, a new time, and it is time, for growth!

“When My earthly parents carried Me into the Temple as a babe, to fulfill their obligations under The Law and Covenant, of The Hebrew People, there was an elderly man there, by the name of Simeon.  Simeon knew, and followed, the rules and regulations, but he also watched for the signs of the new time, the new teachings.  He was open to The Spirit of God, and The Holy Spirit spoke to Simeon, and promised that he would not die, until he saw The Messiah, of The Lord.  And Simeon believed.  Simeon did not entertain doubt.  Simeon ‘knew,’ that what The Spirit of God spoke, deep within him, was the promise of truth, and he waited.  And the day I was taken to the Temple, Simeon looked, and saw, anew.  My mother says he took Me in his arms, and held Me close, a promise fulfilled.  My father reports that there tears, rolling down the face of an old man, as he said, ‘God, I am now ready to go.  Your promise is complete.  I am holding The Messiah!’  My mother says, the words he spoke were profound, and as a whisper, ‘This Child,’ he said of Me, ‘... is to be the revelation to the Gentile, and the glory of Israel.’ profound statement, promising change.

“I ask each of you today... to please pay attention to what you are doing... to set your intention... to let your words and your deeds of love... be revelation to those who have no idea, what revelation is all about; deliver love to those who have no idea, how to love; reach-out and touch those who are labeled as ‘untouchable;’ for, in this way, you will reveal The Power of God to those who do not know God, for God will come to them, through the revelation of you!  And in so doing, you will bring glory to your house; for I hold each of you close to My heart, My chest.  I wrap My arms around you, and say unto each of you, in a hushed breath, ‘You are the fulfillment of a promise, a messenger come to Earth!  You are to be the revelation!  You are to be the glory! 

“I send you on your Way ~ walking the path ~ each day telling your story ~ the story of a Child of God ~ walking over the Earth ~ in revelation ~ and glory!”   

Sunday Sermons
January 27, 2013
Be Kind,
Do Not React
To Another, Act In
The Light Of God, And
Be The Light In The Darkness

   I  AM  with   you.    I  AM  with  you  as  surely  today,  in  Spirit,  as  I  was  with  those  in  physical  form,  some  two thousand  years  ago.    Actually,  I  AM  closer  to  each  one  of  you,  right  now,  than  I  was  with  those  of  that  time,  because  it  is  possible,  for  each  one  of  you,  to  reach-out,  and  know  Me,  to  know My  Spirit;  for,  I  AM  in  you,  and  you  are  in  Me! 

“My desire is to guide you, into the path that shows The Way; and so today, I suggest to each one of you, as there is a week set before you, let it be your intention to fill the week with thoughts, and words, and deeds of great kindness, in every situation.  And it is possible to do.  Each one of you has the ability to show kindness, no matter what the situation may be, so there is no excuse not to be kind, unless you just do not want to do it.  Therefore, understand this, the only thing that will keep you from being kind, in every situation, is the desire to join-in, to get even, to dance in the energy another has created.  The only thing necessary to complete the task, and be kind, is the desire to do so.  Set your intention, and then, when the opportunity comes, seize the opportunity, with great joy! 

“It is your time, the stage is yours, shine the light, be the grace of God, and let the truth, echo, through the corridors of all times: ‘It is possible to be kind... in the face... of anger, frustration, chaos, taunts!’ 

“Every situation presents the opportunity for you to be kind to another.  All it takes is positive action, demonstrating your intention ‘not to react, but to act in the light of God.’  It is that simple.  You set the intention to act in the light of God, and you reject reaction to the temptation. 

“Now, I understand, listening to the instruction, and even being willing to take the direction, is easier than putting it into ‘practice;’ but once you begin to practice, you perfect ‘the act of kindness.’  And the world needs kindness.

“When The Creator of All Things, Our Father, saw the needs of the people, the children of Earth, God sent laws, commandments.  And these laws were sent through Moses, a list of what to do, or better yet, mostly what not to do; but it was a list, none-the-less, a beginning, the foundation, so the people would come together; and, following these laws... would set them apart from others of the time... so people would look and see, ‘...there, there goes a man of God; there goes a woman of God.’  The laws were set in place: honor and respect God; honor and respect your parents, your earthly parents; do not kill, or steal, or lie; do not commit adultery; do not enter into greed; do not desire, or be envious, of that which is another’s.  These laws were set down, so the people would have a firm, strong foundation, so that they could be the light.

“And then, God sent Me, saying, ‘It is time for you to go!’  And I accepted the honor, of bringing grace, and truth, that would be as salt and pepper, seasoning, to the law; for, once you know the law, the law begins to live when you know the law in grace, in truth; and combining the law... and the grace... and the truth... brings light!

“In grace, you find kindness.  In grace, you find truth.  The grace of God is pouring upon you, and through you; and the intention is for it to pass from you, onto the Earth, so the Earth knows grace.  Truth comes from God to you, and it will pass through you; and the intention is for it to pass from you, onto the Earth, and through you, the Earth will know truth.  ‘Kindness...’ kindness provides the environment, which welcomes grace and truth.

“I AM with you, and I intend: to be with you; to assist you this week; all of you who are willing to rise-up and say, ‘...this is the week, I dedicate to kindness,’ will feel My presence with you, in a most profound way, because you will have many opportunities, throughout every day, to reject the temptation to enter into an energy created by another, and embrace the opportunity to act within the light of God, delivering grace, delivering truth, delivering kindness.    This is the next step.    Knowing the law is one thing, ‘ this, do that;’ ‘... don’t do this, don’t do that;’ but the law can be cold, and harsh, without grace, without truth, without kindness.  These acts of kindness will set you apart, as much as the law set the people of Moses apart, from those of the world, because the world can be desolate, harsh, dark, and gloomy, until the light of kindness appears.  And I can assure you, no amount of darkness can extinguish the light, emanating from your heart, when you set the intention ‘to be kind.’

“And there was darkness... abiding in the world, created by the children of God.  The darkness expanded... inundating cities, and countrysides, and peoples, until over the hillside, there appeared the light.  At first a flicker, then to the delight of the lost, the light burst forth, over the hillside, sending beams, and streams, of warmth, showing The Way, out of the darkness, into the light, of a new day. 

“Go forth, and bring the light to the darkness, this day, and this week; and I can promise you, it will be a day, and a week, of your finest hours upon Earth.  Go forth, and ‘be the light’!” 

Sunday Sermons
February 3, 2013
You Choose The Energy
You Use, So Choose Wisely,
Use The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

   I  AM  with   you.    I come to you: with great joy; without hesitation; without limitation or boundary.  The only limitation or boundary... set between us... is that which you are creating, from within your being.  Do not doubt ~ that I have the ability to reach-out, and touch you.  Do not doubt ~ that you have the ability to reach-out, and speak to Me, and touch Me, as we are one. 

“Do not set limitations.  Do not imprison yourself, setting boundaries for this or that or the other.  You are to be free, and to enjoy, fully, the gift of freedom.  It is important for you to: be whole; know, who you are, what you are doing, where you are going; finding strength in your connection with God, first, before trying to show the way; for, without clarity and balance, within, you will stumble, and fall, and have to rise-up, and begin, walking, again.

“I speak to each of you today, about the importance of being whole, within yourself.  The first step to freedom, to being able to run, to play, to enjoy the Earth, requires that you are connected with God, and know who you are.  The God connection is first.  You cannot stand in the face of anger or hatred or frustration or chaos or confusion, if you are not sure of, who you are within, your being.  And the day you are whole, and know who you are, these things that come to you, that would tempt you into falling, no longer hold any power over you; you set them aside, and continue on your way: you are no longer a victim... to envy; you are no longer a victim to anger; you are no longer a victim... to sadness.  Know, who you are, and know your value... is within you!

“Once you make this connection, and know who you are, you repeat it to yourself, ‘I am a child of God.  I am here on a mission.  It is my mission to do, and I am well equipped to do the mission; for God would not send me to do something for which I am not well equipped.’  If you can take that step, you are on your way.

“The next step is to realize, and to make sure, that you are whole.  And to be whole, you must forgive, completely, all things of the past, and be prepared to forgive all things in the future, so that your present ~ is a present of peace, and balance, and harmony.

“These things I have said to you before.  These things we have discussed before.  Many of you have called to Me... and we have talked... about the importance of choosing energies; for it is true: to be sad, you must choose sadness; to be lonely, you must choose to be lonely; to be frustrated, you must choose to be frustrated; to be angry, you must choose to be angry; to be in chaos, you must choose to be in chaos.  You have other gifts, within you, to balance ~ any situation ~ giving you the opportunity: to choose clarity, over chaos; to choose kindness, over anger; to choose charity, over greed; to choose the joy of understanding, over sadness; to choose to connect with God, over being lonely.  You have what you need to counter any temptation; but to be able to do this, you must admit to yourself, and accept, as the eternal truth, that these negative energies that plague you and hold you down, are within you... as a result... of the choices... you make.  And the beauty of it all... is you can free yourself, of each of these energies, through the act of forgiveness, for yourself, and others.  Cast the negative energies  from you, and you will be free!

“This is good to hear, as you begin February, for most of you began January with noble thoughts, high and lofty goals, intentions of doing all that was necessary to ensure a perfect year.  And through most of January it was the course.  The Breath of The Holy Spirit filled your sails, and took you into uncharted seas, with confidence.  But then as the month went on, the temptations began to gather, like storm clouds over the horizon, and your vehicle, your vessel, your body, your soul, and spirit, knew temptation.  Renew yourself and prepare for this new month; for every encounter, every pathway, into negative energy, holds the promise of ‘a valuable lesson.’  Everything that comes to you holds promise, when you choose wisely. 

“This entire month is going to be a month of glory, if you will walk into each day, whole.  Begin each day... whole... filled with forgiveness for yourself, and others.  Even before they knock on your door, let forgiveness be on your tongue, ready to pour-out upon those of Earth. 

“These words will serve you well through February.

“Decide now.  Set aside your bag of excuses.  Make it ‘your intention,’ to reach into that valuable box of gifts, The Holy Spirit has packed full of grace, just for you; and use the gifts you carry to balance the negative energy that comes to you; because, hatred and anger cannot stand when it is inundated with the energy of love, and compassion, and kindness.  In this scene, this scenario, hatred and anger melt away, and you have delivered God’s love to Earth.  Chaos, and confusion, cannot stand, when inundated with the energy of clarity; they melt away, and you have delivered God’s grace, and the gift of clarity, to Earth.  Greed cannot stand, when inundated with charity; greed will melt away, and you will have delivered charity to Earth.  This litany could go on and on, but there is no need, as soon as you see, and realize, that for every temptation into darkness, and shadow, there is a balance energy, which you are to use, for your good, and the good of all!  So you see, this is why... you hear, ‘...there is no excuse.’  You are to bring balance.  You are to bring harmony.  You are to bring joy.  You are to deliver compassion, and understanding.  It is a great responsibility.  It is also a great honor, and it is an honor, which you are worthy of carrying.   

“The month of February... will be a month of love... in all ways... if you begin each day: connected with God; determined, and setting your intention to choose wisely, from the gifts of The Holy Spirit, with every encounter made, during every day; when you set your goal to be balanced, so that you might deliver peace, and harmony, reign all around you. 

“I AM with you.  It is a new year.  It is a new time.  You hold all the keys to success.  And the keys are in the box.  And the box holds the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God, within you.  Go forth in joy!  This is your adventure!  It is your time!  It is your honor!  It is your responsibility!

“I will be with you, every step of The Way.  Call for Me, and I will come to you, and I will say, ‘Stand still!  Let us open the box, so that you might choose wisely!”

Sunday Sermons
February 10, 2013
Accept The Responsibility
Of Your Heritage, Your Mission,
& Leave The World A Better Place
Because Of Your Presence, Within It

   I  AM  with   you.    Feel My presence, and be at peace!  Let all anxiety and frustration, pass from you; for you... are living... ‘the present piece, of eternity.’ 

“This is true; and it is important for you to know it, deep within your being.  Today... is the present piece of eternity... and you have the opportunity, ‘to create, this piece of eternity,’ which will live forever.  Ponder this.  Do not say, or think, ‘What would I do?  Wonder what I would do?’  Know... that it is within you... to do it.  And if you will sit, and ask, ‘What is it I am to do, right now?’ you will be filled with ‘The Knowing.’  For some of you, it might seem easy to accomplish, for others, a rather lofty goal, might come to you.  If this is the case, do not brush it aside, labeling it a ‘day dream,’ thinking of something you ‘could do, if everything was right for the doing of it;’ for these things, that come to you... are yours to do... yours to master.  Sometimes it might be ‘noble thoughts;’ sometimes ‘the temptations,’ might come; but if they knock on your door, if they are with you, then they come to you for a reason.  And the reason is... you have to ‘accept the responsibility... of what you are given to do, and do it with a happy heart; or see quickly it is a temptation, and cast it from you.’  No matter what your scenario is at this moment, it is yours.  And the way you protect, all that is sacred around you, is to accept the responsibility of a mission, or accept the responsibility of casting temptation from you.  Once you look at it, and see it, in its simplest form, you realize, it is rather much like a game.  It is set before you.  What are you going to do?  Your outcome, the way your day, ends-up, depends on the choices you make throughout the day. 

“For those of you who are willing to accept the responsibility, of being a child of God on a mission to Earth, I tell you this, this week is going to be unique, in a most magnificent way! 

“Do not think that statement is for the one sitting next to you, or standing behind you.  It is for you!  The promise: ‘If you accept the responsibility, the week will be most uniquely magnificent.

“The Spirit of God is upon you!  The Spirit of God is flowing into, and through, you.  And because you are upon Earth, God has anointed you to step forward, move onto the Earth, and complete a mission, a mission that is yours.  No matter how small, or how grand, the mission might be it is important.  And it is a way to correct the wrong-doing, and the muddled ways of the world, creating a space, upon the Earth, dedicated to the glory of God.  If each of you upon the Earth right now, decided that you would focus, on making the world a better place, then that is exactly what will happen!  The world is not going to magically disappear, leaving Earth as it is intended to be.  The ways of the world will melt away... through the work, the intention, and the acceptance of responsibility, of the children of God, upon the Earth.

“You have been anointed, by God!  Now whatever comes to you... is your mission to do.  Let it be done in a holy light, with sacred hands, and a tongue that holds only good words, for all those around you. 

“Deliver the gift of joy!  Be quick in your generosity!  Give praise, in place of criticism!  Refuse to judge, what another is doing, for you know not their mission!  Let your presence, upon Earth, be known, by the light that shines from you, in all you do! 

“If you intention for this week, is: to think, and say, and do, only good, then that is what will happen!  But it will require... that you ‘restrain yourself, be vigilant of what you are thinking, saying, or doing, and be willing to master, your own energy.’  You will be surprised at the results!

“You are to be the balance of God!  You can balance any energy!  You can offset: hatred, with love; greed, with generosity; lust, with purity!  For every ‘way, of the world,’ there is a balance, held within ‘the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God,’ and these, are your treasures; these, are your keys, these show The Way.  So, for all of those of you who are willing to stand-up, and accept the responsibility of your heritage... rise-up... and say unto yourself... ‘The Spirit of God is upon me; the Spirit of God flows into, and through, me; God has blessed, and anointed, me; and I accept the responsibility, of my mission’!”

Sunday Sermons
February 17, 2013
Set Your Goal
To Be At Peace, And
Set The Way To Peace
To Begin With Forgiveness

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come  to  you  and  remind  you:  that  you  are  alive;  that  you  have  eternal  life;  that  you  are  meant  to  be  free!

“One cannot be free, while they are shackled, chained, tied into place, and tied into knots, with worry, concern, anxiety, fear, hatred, frustration, and anger.  You cannot be free, and carry these burdens, for each one is a heavy chain, locking you in place, denying you the glory that is due you.  For I say unto you, if the love of God is flowing to you, and you know enough to feel it moving into you, then, you should know, that nothing can keep you from feeling the peace of God, except the constraints, and the barriers, and the burdens, you have piled in the way.

“This is My promise to you, to each one of you, hearing these words, or reading these words; you can walk in total peace over the  Earth, unaffected, and unassailed, by the chaos, and confusion of the world!  And the way to do this is: to free yourself; to unlock the chains; to take the step; to actively participate, in forgiving, and forgiving, and forgiving.  There is no end to it.  You cannot forgive once, and be done with it.  If one thought squeezes into a place big enough to attract your attention, even for a moment, that is a sign.  Go there immediately, and take care of the issue.

“The time is now, as you are meant to walk upon the Earth in peace.  Peace is appropriate at any time.  You are a welcome participant, in celebration, when you arrive in peace, peace. 

“You are a welcome participant when you arrive at a ceremony of remembrance, or commemoration, when you are walking with peace.  Peace is the goal; to know peace, and to walk upon the Earth.  And, it is yours.  The only requirement is that you think enough of the goal, you desire peace sufficiently, to set ego aside, and forgive, no matter what it is, forgive it.

“For those of you, working in this area, freeing yourselves from the bondage of negative energies, you have found, that in the first forgiving, that it is easier in the second, and the third, and the fourth.  And pretty soon, you wake up knowing, that this day, it will be important to forgive... all things.  And since that is in your mind, as the temptations to remember past trespasses come to you, it is easy to set them aside. 

“You are to be the living word of God, and the living word of God is ‘of peace, and light, and love.’  Be mindful, as you walk amongst your brothers and sisters.  Remember the old saying, ‘Physician, heal thy self.’  For you cannot move, being the light and the living word, if you have areas of sickness within your being.  For any of you who drive a motor vehicle, you will recognize that, if your car, if your vehicle is sluggish, and not working correctly, you take it to a place to get it checked-over, repaired.  And when you drive it out of the repair shop, it is moving better.  It is accelerating when you need acceleration.  It is stopping without hesitation.  It is moving you comfortably, down the avenues you are meant to traverse, with ease.  And this is the same way you should move over the Earth, comfortable, at ease.  Take care of your spiritual body, and then you will not have to be concerned about your physical body.  Be at peace, and health and happiness abide therein.  Peace.

“Do not concern yourself about what your brother, or sister, are doing.  ‘Physician, heal thy self.’  Be at peace.  Break the chains.  Free yourself of the burden.  Come to see, that when you carry a grudge, carry bad memories, carry anger, you are carrying a time bomb with you.  You cannot be at peace, if you are walking apprehensively, never knowing when something is going to explode.  Free yourself through the act of forgiveness.  And in the forgiving, always remember to forgive yourself, first.  And then set a course to forgive all others.  And watch, as you do so, your level of peace, and joy, and happiness get higher, and higher, exceeding your expectation, soaring into the sky, shining, as a beacon, a light.

“This week, set your goal, to be at peace.  Set The Way to peace to begin with forgiveness.  And all through the day, mark the times that you need to say, ‘I forgive this.  I forgive you.  I forgive that. I forgive myself.’ because, every time you say it, you get lighter, your burdens fall from you, and you move with ease, confident, happy, joyfully... at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
February 24, 2013
The Good News
The Kingdom Of God
Is Truly With You . . . Now

   I  AM  with   you.    I AM with you as the sun rises to begin a new day.  And as the sun breaks the horizon, in the distance, you might hear the song of a bird, announcing the good news: a new day is born, rise-up and celebrate, there is opportunity, and promise, held in this New Day dawning.

“Do not be ‘tempted,’ to turn your head, from the celebration of a new day; do not be tempted to hang your head, in: shame; or worry; unworthiness; hopelessness; for these things drag you down, and burden you, so heavily, that your shoulders become stooped, and your head drawn towards the soil, of Earth. 

“These things that bring you down, these burdens, that are heavy, are your chains.  The good news... is... that, as they are ‘your chains,’ you are the one who can free yourself from the chains!  You have ‘imprisoned yourself,’ with worry.  The key is faith, use it!  Unlock the chain, and set yourself free!  There is a chain of woe, and lamentation, grief.  And there are keys, within you.  They are understanding, and compassion, and faith.  Yes, faith again.  You have the keys, use them, and set yourself free!

“I could go on, continuing down the list of heavy, burdensome energies, providing a key for each, from the list of the gifts of The Holy Spirit of God, which balance every woe, every concern, every lamentation.  There is nothing that occurs to you, or around you, that cannot be balanced by something, a piece, of The Kingdom of God that is with you.  Therefore, I say unto you, ‘Take responsibility, for where you are choosing to stand.’  Stand in the light!

“Do not place yourself in a situation where you are ‘the victim;’ place yourself in the situation: where you are ‘the champion;’ where you see doubt, for what it is, yet reject it; where you see worry, for what it is, and reject it.  For I say unto you, if you ‘know,’ who you really are, then the only thing you have time to do is to sing-out the good news, that... The Kingdom of God... is here, now... and there is no need for the children upon Earth to wait... for anything.  Celebrate now!

“There was one particular day, during the time when I had already begun My mission upon Earth, many refer to as the portion of My mission that was ‘the healing time,’ and on this particular day, hundreds of people came.  They found Me.  I was in Judea.  I had just finished working, walking with those who loved Me, and I was reclining at the house, the home, of one of the apostles.  And a great stream of people began to flow into, and through, the house, each one saying, ‘We have been seeking You, and now we have found You.  Please heal me.’  Every person... was healed... by the power of God flowing through Me... igniting with the faith... they carried within them, to make the journey, to make the statement of faith; and, they were healed!    It was a long day, and I touched the last one, I departed, and went out into an isolated and deserted place, far-out, where there was quiet and peace.  And as I set Myself aside, I could hear the direction, of Our Father, saying to Me, ‘Son, it is time to move, to go to another town.’  And just as I was hearing, with clarity, the direction that was coming to Me, many people... found Me again... and asked Me to stay with them.  They believed.  Each one of them had faith, and believed.  And as they had believed, it was done unto them.  And as we talked, I told them, I must leave you, I must depart.  I must go to another town, for there, too, I must proclaim the good news of The Kingdom of God.  And I said further unto them, this is why I came here, this is why I AM upon the Earth... to proclaim... The Good News... of The Kingdom of God.  This was done in Judea.  These words were said in Judea, but they were repeated many times, over and over again.

“You see, the people of that time, some two thousand years ago, were chained to the old ways, to the harsh ways, some of them dark ways.  And God sent Me into the world to be the light, so that those who had faith would be joyful, happy, singing, because the good news... was then... is now... and forever will be... that God loves!  God loves beyond what you can imagine, now.  But once you are fully in The Kingdom of Heaven, you not only imagine the love, you live in the love; that love is you, and everything.  And when you are filled with love... nothing is impossible! 

“A small example of what love can do, for anyone... is to see, let us say, a woman... walking around, lonesome, wanting someone to be with.  And a year later you see the same woman, looking beautiful, happy, filled with light, and she introduces you to her new husband.  This gift of love, in even limited measure, fills one with such light, that the change is unmistakable; for, with love, all things are possible!

“But the primary message I wanted to deliver to each of you, today, has to do with going-out and talking about The Good News, of The Kingdom of God.  It is with you right now.  Heaven... is not a place... thousands and thousands of miles away... it is right here!  Yes, there is a veil; but the veil can be pierced, and opened.  ‘You can live ~ in The Kingdom of God ~ while you walk upon the Earth; but you must know what you are doing, to do so.’

“Each of you could tell Me, or give Me, many reasons: why you cannot be joyful; why you feel everything around you is sad and sorrowful; how bad you feel, because no one seems to love you, or trust you, or understand you.  But I say unto you... turn away from these things that are egocentric... and let God’s love pour through you... to another.  For, when you give a gift to another, you see the joy in their face, but you also seem to feel more joyful, in the giving of the gift.  And it is the same, ‘living, in love.’  When you see someone who is a bit down... and you bring laughter to them, and see their eyes light-up, and the tears dry-up... you are happy, happier than they are, at that moment.  That is the love of The Kingdom of God, flowing through you, onto the Earth!  And these... are miraculous things... that happen... every day!

“The Kingdom of God is with you, and it is time for you to rise-up, and deliver this good news!  When you encounter someone who is burdened, do not commiserate; commemorate The Kingdom of God with you.  When you find one who is burdened with anger, do not support, or add fuel to the fire, speak... of the love of God; and the fire of anger... will flicker and die, and the flame which shows The Way, will rise-up; out of the flames... of that which once was anger... will come love! 

“This is a new time... for any of you who know... that The Kingdom of God is with you... now!  Refuse to be sad, and mournful!  Sing in joy, for what you know; for if you know this, you know you never die, you just reach a point, were that which has been a burden to you falls from you!  You live forever... and it is time to realize this... and share it with others... as it is the good news... of The Kingdom of God!  And as it was My mission, it continues to be My mission; to touch any who will listen; to walk with any who will open to My presence, and I say...

“Come.  Let us begin this week, with the intention to sing-out the good news, for The Kingdom of God is truly with you, now!”  

Sunday Sermons
March 3, 2013
Rise-Up, And
Answer The Call, And You
Will Live In A State Of Miracles

   I  AM  with   you.    Come.    Come,  take  My  hand,  a  new  day  is  dawning.    Come,  take  My  hand,  you  will  be  free.    Come,  take  My  hand,  you  are  awakening.    Come  see  the  Earth,  and  walk  with  Me.    Come  take  My  hand,  the  world  around  you  is  receding,  as  you  can  see.    The  day  is  coming,  when  great  things  will happen,  The  Kingdom  flows,  eternally.    And  as  we  walk,  we’ll  be  as  flying,  o’er  all  the  Earth,  for  all  to  see,  the  things  of  the  world  no  longer  hold  you,  your  faith,  and  courage,  have  set  you  free.

“I say these words to you today, because they remind Me of a song, I remember singing, upon the Earth.  Of course, it was in another language, so there might be missing some of the strings, and the seams, and the delicate connections, bringing the words into poetic, flowing verse.

“It is a song, calling the children of God, to have faith and courage, to rise-up, and to greet the new day, walking hand-in-hand with The Father, with The Creator, with The Source of All That Is; and, in so doing, seeing Earth, as the miraculous place, it is intended to be!  It is a song worth singing!

“It also reminds Me of a time, when I was walking, out in the country, close to a lake, a sea, as we called them then; and, I looked over, and as you would always find in the morning light, fishermen, who had been out fishing most of the night, were sitting in their boats talking, laughing, if their catch had been full, quiet, if it had been a long night with no catch.  It’s a beautiful sight, watching the sunrise, reflecting light, from the body of water, adding a new dimension to the scene.  And that particular day, as I walked, people were beginning to gather.  I could hear them behind Me whispering, ‘He’s the One,’ ‘He brought the miracle,’ He healed this one,’ He healed that one.’  They were murmuring amongst themselves.  And as the crowd grew in number, following behind Me, so did the sound of their voices.  I could hear each one, even if they whispered.  I wanted to speak to them; and I did not know if I could speak in such a way that they could hear Me.  I looked around for a place to stand, a place of elevation; but I could not find it.  And then, I saw the boat.  And that is when I made My way to Simon, most of you will know him as Peter, and I asked him for his help; for, if I could use his boat, to set Me out on the sea, just a bit, away from the land, the people could come, and sit around, or stand on the sandy beach, and listen.  And the words would be carried on the water, in the air.  And those that were standing there would hear the word of God.  And he complied with My wish, said, ‘Surely.’  And so he, and a few men, steadied the boat, so I could get-in, and stand in the boat, after it was pulled-out, just a little bit from shore.

“It was a most amazing sight, the sun was rising, and I could see it reflected in the eyes of all the people looking at Me.  It looked like flames of love, as every eye held the reflection of the rising sun.  At this time I think I see it differently.  It was prophetic, their eyes were reflecting the rising sun.

“And as the words ended, as I always ended when Our Father, said, ‘That is all Son,’ I seemed to develop a way that the crowd knew it was done.  I would bow My head, not say another word, and raise My hand, which meant, it is time to go, and slowly they dispersed. 

“And then I said to Simon, ‘Go out farther, and drop your nets again.’  He looked at Me, he was so tired... I could see it in his face... and if I remember correctly, what he said was, ‘Master, we have fished all night.  There was little to catch, and we are weary, from dropping the nets, and pulling them back up.’  I said again, ‘Simon, go out farther, and drop your nets.’  And probably without knowing exactly why, he did as I asked.  He dropped the nets, and they reached over, in a rather lackadaisical way, thinking they were only going to haul-up empty nets again, then fold them, coil the lines, and stow them in the boat, and it would be done; they could go home, and sleep.  But that is not what happened, when they gave the net a little tug.  At first, I think that they thought the net was stuck on something below the surface of the water.  They pulled, and pulled, but the men in the boat could not retrieve the nets; the catch was so great, that they had to call-out to other people, ‘Come, and help us get these nets up!’  So then we dragged the nets, filled with fish onto the shore.  And when the fishermen had done what was their responsibility to do, Simon came to Me, and with tears in his weary eyes, he said, ‘Master...!’  Of course he said other words, but he did not need to say the words.  I realized then, without his speaking it, that he ‘knew.’  Thereafter, he was with Me, at My side, through-out most every day of the rest of my journey upon the Earth, some two thousand years ago.

“I go into great detail to recount this particular day, because I want you to begin to think of it differently, even if you have heard that Bible story over, and over, and over again.  Oh, they wrote a children’s hymn about it, saying, ‘I will make you fishers of men.  Come, follow Me.’ But I want it to say something else to you, today.  When you have been working hard, when you have been trying to do your best, and things haven’t worked-out exactly the way you thought they should work-out, ‘Do not be discouraged.  Sit quietly, and ask for guidance, and you will receive it.  And then, without hesitation, but with bold confidence, do as you are led to do, because the results will be so surprising to you.’  It will be just as miraculous as the net filled with fish where once the sea had held none.  If you have been working on a project, and you feel it is failing, and you hear the direction, ‘Go, drop your net,’ then do it, because that is a sign, that it is now, time.  And the nets that you drop will be filled, and you will know true abundance, because you will be working as the hands of God.  This is why Simon–Peter was so dumbfounded when He came to Me.  He realized, he could fish all night long, on his own, using his knowledge of fishing, and still fail, or fall short of the goal; but hearing the word of God, and moving, in response to the call... will result in nets overflowing; you will have all... you need.  You will even have extra, so that you might feed those around you.  This is the message for this week...

“Come!    Come,  and  take  My  hand,  a  New  Day  is  dawning.    Come,  you  will  be  free  to  walk  over  the  Earth,  unafraid,  with  no  doubt,  confident,  that  wherever  you  are  being  led  is  exactly  where  you  should  be.    Let  it  be  your intention  this  week  to answer  the  call  to  rise-up.    Take  My  hand,  and  walk  with  Me,  for  there  is  much  for  us  to  do,  there  is  much,  for  you  to  see.” 

Sunday Sermons
March 10, 2013
Wisdom, Come
To Me, And Fill Me,
With The Things Of God

   I  AM  with   you.    I  bring  you  words  of  encouragement,  support.    I  come  to  you – to  lead  you  into  living,  with  Wisdom –  for  The  Spirit  of  Wisdom   is  with  you;  and  it  is  you  freewill  to  choose,  or  to  reject,  Her  Presence.

“Wisdom – is The Breath of God – flowing over  you,  touching you, whispering to you, leading you to stand in a place apart from the noise and the chaos created in the world. 

“Every place upon the Earth – has been blessed – with The Spirit of Wisdom; but most of the time, Wisdom is present, yet rejected by most, choosing instead to enter into the callings of the world, over The Peaceful Presence of Wisdom.

“Once you drink from the cup – offered by The Hand of Wisdom, you will desire no other drink, for it will fill you: with purpose, with resolve, with confidence.  When you listen to that which is whispered, flowing to you from The Spirit of Wisdom, you can speak in any assembly, verily I say unto you, you can speak before the throne of God, and all that you say will be good, amazing those who hear, because it will be God, speaking, so they can hear, but they will hear, through you.    

“Words of anger – do not hold Wisdom.  Therefore, set the temptation to be angry aside, and reach for The Hand of Wisdom, for Wisdom will say to you, ‘Be still; for, these things will pass from you, but God resides within you.  I Am The Breath of God, and I Am with you.’

“Wisdom – is not found in the wails and the sobs and the crying of lamentation and grief.  Wisdom whispers, ‘Here, I Am here, take My Hand, and be still, and this too will pass from you, and you will be at peace, in the arms of God.’

“When you make wisdom your companion: you free yourself from shame, from doubt, from ever having to say you are sorry, from greed; you save yourself from anger and frustration, for these things are not found in Wisdom.  They are created in the world to distract you from Wisdom; for when the whole world is running pell-mell in one direction, screaming, and crying-out in chaos, Wisdom says, ‘Come here, be still, go this way.’  And if you do, you are not trampled under the feet of a disruptive crowd; you are moved to a place of peace, riding The Breath of God, holding the hand of The Spirit of Wisdom.

“Wisdom – is not found in foolishness.  The fool does not recognize Wisdom, because of eyes, turned toward the world, blinded by the illusion of wealth, or fame.  Wisdom – keeps your eyes clear; you see with clarity, you hear with clarity, you speak with clarity, when Wisdom is with you. 

“The most beautiful thing about Wisdom – is that it is available, ever present, yours for the accepting and the welcoming, no matter if you are a child or a woman or a man, no matter if you are two, or twenty-two, or ninety-two, Wisdom is available, for you; but you must have the courage to accept the invitation of The Spirit of Wisdom – to be still.

“You will not find Wisdom – in the middle of angry discourse.  You will not find Wisdom – in greed.  You will not find Wisdom – flowing from lips which speak of gossip, or say hurtful things about others. 

“You will find Wisdom – in peace, and quiet. 

“The Spirit of Wisdom – is waiting for you this day – flowing in the air all around you – all you have to do is say – ‘Come, Wisdom, dwell within me, and fill me with delight, so that I might ‘know,’ the ways of God, all through the day, and into the night.’  And Wisdom will come, and live with thee, and you will grow, and you will be free, and your days upon Earth will be days of glory, as you walk and tell the story, the story which holds the Words, conceived in God, flowing on The Breath of God, delivered, as a gift, to every child, woman, and man, who will open, and accept the gift, and take the hand, of Wisdom.”