"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
June 9, 2013
And Sing, For
You Are An Eternal
Child, Of The Great I AM

  I  AM  with   you.    I  AM  with  you,  and  I  AM  here  to  celebrate,  with  you.    Celebrate  who  you  are,  that  you  have  been  given  life,  eternal  life,  which  cannot  be  taken  from  you,  it  is  yours,  forever.    And  this  eternal  life,  that  is  yours,  was  given  to  you,  by  God,  The  Creator  of  All  Things  created  you,  and  at the  core  of  your  being,  God  gave  you  the  gift  of  perfection  to  carry  with  you  forever,  a  perfect  child  of  God.    And  held  within  this  ‘knowing,’  there  grows  confidence,  in  who  you  are.    For  some  of  you,  it  might  be  hard  to  imagine,  no  end;  but  I  tell  you  there  is  no  end;  you  live  forever,  in  the  love,  of  your  Eternal Parent;  and  this  is  true  confidence!

“In the world created by human beings, there is such a thing as ‘worldly confidence,’ and many of you see it, over and over again.  Perhaps most, if not all of you... have experienced confidence to some degree, or another... you have had the experience of feeling confident, in what you are doing, and how you are doing it, probably many times over and over again; for, each of you, no matter how young you are, or how old you are, you have encountered situations, or tasks, which you knew you could master, because of the training you had, and because you knew how to do something, there was confidence in doing it; in fact, most of you don’t even think about these things that you do, with great confidence, because you have mastered them to such a degree that they are daily occurrences: preparing a pot of coffee, mowing a lawn, driving a car, washing dishes, painting a picture, reading a book, singing a song.  You overlook these things, because you have mastered them to such a degree, you are so confident in what you are doing that it seems like nothing at all.  Very little effort is put forth by you to rise-up, and prepare a cup of coffee.  This comes from confidence, and having confidence makes it easy and effortless, everything flows, because you know, what you are doing, and how to do it.

“Most of you have experienced, or seen in others, lack of confidence.  A simple example would be: children in the summer, at a swimming pool: one, jumping into the water, and swimming from one end to the other, laughing as they got out on the other side; and one standing there, hesitant, finally being coerced into jump-in, struggling to such a degree, that they had to be rescued from the water.  One exhibited ‘confidence,’ in ‘knowing they could get to the other side,’ the other exhibited ‘a lack of confidence, not knowing they could do it at all.’  This simple example can be used in probably most situations.  Confidence grows, from: knowing who you are, and what you are doing, and knowing you know how to do it.It is easy to see, and with a bit of trying, it is easy to do, too.

“The biggest step, ~ in creating ~ ‘a state of confidence,’ ~ within yourself, ~ is acknowledging, ~ your eternal heritage, ~ as a child of God!

“Once you acknowledge and accept this, everything falls into place, and there is no fear, or doubt, within you.  But most of you are still at a place where you saying, ‘Wow, that is a great thing.  I hope that is what I am doing.  I pray that I am an eternal child of God.  It feels good.  It feels right.’  Those are the ones who lack the confidence to jump into the pool, and swim to the other side.  But the ones who say, ‘Wow, that’s right!  I am a child of God, and I live forever!  This is a portion, of my eternal life; and if I am here, and at this place, this is where God intends for me to be,’  this  is  confidence;  and spiritual  confidence  ripples,  into  your  worldly  confidence,  as  well.

“With a bit of practice, anyone can: drive a car, mow the lawn, cook a meal, and the more you do it, the more confident you are that you can do it, and do it well. 

“This week, I ask you to apply this to your spiritual life, so that you will be ‘confident,’ in whom you are, and it will change this lifetime upon Earth, forever!  The experiences you take Home, to Heaven, will be with you, ‘shining examples, of life upon Earth.’  But it all begins, with accepting who you are.  So let us repeat this, one more time.  It is that important...

I speak the truth...  You are a child of God!  You are an eternal being, encased in human form, for a time.  At your creation, you were given ‘a piece of perfection,’ from your heavenly Parent; and, it remains with you... forever!

“Repeat these things, sing them, say them, and live them, and confidence will be yours.  And with this state of confidence... doubt, and fear, and worry, and concern are swept away; for a child of God... should have no worry! 

“Rise-up, and sing this day, for you are a child, of The Great I AM, in every way... an eternal child ... of The Great I AM!”

Sunday Sermons
Palm Sunday
March 24, 2013
This Week,
Speak Only The
Words God Would Say

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come  to  you  today,  to  say  few  words;  but  they  will  show  you  The  Way,  a  way  you  can  begin  this  week,  and  end  this  week,  with  great  joy,  and  peace. 

It is important for you to ‘know,’ and to ‘remember,’ that those who sing your praise, for all the world to hear one day, might turn from you the next day, taking from you, all you hold dear.  I say this to you, not to make you concerned or worried or anxious, but for you to see that the ways of the world can be fickle, and they can leave thee disappointed.

“Count not on the world, trust in Our Father!  Believe in the importance of your mission upon Earth, and awaken – to know – that your mission is to be completed, using the gifts of The Holy Spirit, and rejecting the temptations of the world.

“This week, hold your tongue, until you can speak only, with words of love and compassion and understanding, words of mercy, words of forgiveness.  This will lead you to a place where you will not regret anything you have said, because you will speak only the words of God.

“Do not waste... a minute.  Do not wait... until tomorrow.  Do not put-off until later... what needs to be done, so that you might be free... to live... fully... walking in the light of God. 

“If there is someone you need to forgive, take care of forgiving today.  If there is someone you need to approach, and ask for their forgiveness, ask for forgiveness today.  If there is someone who is lacking love, who needs to be told sweet words, who needs to be encouraged along The Way, then reach-out to that person and do it today.  Do not let anything wait. 

“How sweet it is to hear the words, ‘I love you!’ But it is better to hear them today, then to wait years to hear someone say, ‘I should have told you I loved you.’  These things, these little bits, these pieces of procrastination, pave the way... pave the road... to regret.  And so I give you the key, so you will hold no regret, harbor no sorrow, so that you might live!

“When you speak to another, you reveal what is on your heart!  Therefore, before you speak: check, be vigilant, and be aware of what you are about to say. 

“You can ‘see,’ your brother or sister, standing next to you.  You can see their body.  And because you can see the body, it is considered very important.  You take care of the body.  You do not want to lose the good health of the body, the material body.  Yet I say unto you, the things you do to the body... that are unseen... can be toxic: when you speak with anger to another, you are spreading the energy of anger; when you are mean-spirited, when you are frustrated, when you are short, these things alter the energy all around you, and they adversely affect that which is seen.  In fact, you can see it on the face before you.  Therefore I tell you, the most important things... are the things that are unseen... they either enlighten, enhance, enrich the human being experience, or they set it into turmoil, and frustration. 

“This week, be aware of what you are creating in your thoughts.  If you find you are creating anything negative... cast that thought from you; refuse the temptation; and the same goes for your words, and deeds. 

“This week, let it be your main objective to speak only ‘as God would speak.’  ‘Set your words aside,’ they do not matter, because how you might address a certain situation is probably not the same as God would address that particular situation; but if you let God speak through you, setting your tongue aside, your words aside, then God will speak through you this week.  By the end of the week, you will have changed many lives, and your life will have been changed many times.

“This week, refuse the temptation: to be harsh; to be cold; to hold anger, or hatred; any of the temptations that will bring you down, weigh you down, refuse them outright. 

“Let the light of God lead you this week, all through the day, and all through the night.  Do not speak, unless your words are kind, loving, compassionate, and understanding.  In this Way the world will not judge you; for they will not be able to; for you will have spoken the words of God.

“There will be days in which those of the world will sing your praise.  And there will be days when those of the world will turn from you; but I will always be with you... The Holy Spirit will always be moving through you... and God, Our Father, will be reaching-out to you saying, ‘Come here, son.  Come here, daughter.  Let Me show you The Way’.”
Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
March 31, 2013
With The Son,
Forgive All Things, And
Resurrect  God’s  Creation

   I  AM  with   you.    I  live.    No  longer  burdened,  by  a  body  of  dust,  I  live.    I  AM  Spirit.    And  I  say  unto  you,  Spirit  is  the  reality:  it  is  eternal,  eternal  life,  with  My  Father,  and  your  Father;  eternal  life,  with  My  God,  and  your  God;  this ~ is  what  ‘life’  holds  for  you ~  it  is  the  promise ~  and  it  is  true.

“More than two thousand years ago, after My passion I rose-up, as prophesied, as intended by the will of God, and I moved over the Earth, showing Myself to those who would see Me, so that they too might know ~ the promise ~ fulfilled.  And I said these words, to them, ‘Do not hold onto Me, for it is My time to go to My Father and your Father, to return to My God and your God; and, as The Father sent Me forth, I send you forth, as well.’  I said these words to those gathered, to those who were gathered hiding in fear, to give them courage; they knew, what had happened to Me, and they were afraid.

“All of My time on Earth was spent walking amongst the people.  I did not isolate Myself, and send forth a messenger saying, ‘Come to Me, and worship Me, for I AM the Messiah.’  I moved amongst the people, the children of God.  I wandered the countryside, and walked the roads.  I took simple paths, and rode in the boats.  I laughed with the people, and talked about The Kingdom of God being near to them, being with them.  I told the people with Me, who would listen, ‘You can do everything I AM doing’.  I did not set Myself aside as royalty, I brought Myself as family ~ showing The Way ~ that God intends the children to live upon the Earth, to accomplish a goal, to complete a mission.  And as I saw the courage rise-up within them, I said to them, ‘Go forth.  Go forth and do what I have been doing.’  But the most important thing I said to them, so that they would truly understand the importance of forgiveness, I said, ‘Go forth.  Whose sin you forgive is forgiven.  Whose sin you retain is retained.’  And with these words, I set in place, the importance of forgiveness!

“I spoke of it often, and it was My intention to send those gathered together in fear, out into the world ~ to be the example ~ of forgiveness, for all things.  Forgiveness ~ is the key ~ to resurrection; for, in forgiveness, you resurrect life, where they had been death.  And this is how I sent them forth, the message was simple, ‘My Father is your Father.  My God is your God.  My mission is your mission.  Go forth, and forgive, over all of the Earth!’

“And so today, I charge each of you to rise-up!  It is a new day!  Live My resurrection every day!  Go forth, from wherever you are, and forgive!  Do not retain, because the burden will be heavy.  Forgive, and live.  Live, as free children of God. 

“You will have many opportunities to rise-up, to see life resurrected from death.  Where you find hatred, rise-up, and resurrect love from hatred; for love was there first, created by God.  Wherever you find anger, rise-up, and resurrect compassion and understanding from anger; for compassion and understanding were there first, created by God.  Wherever you find greed, rise-up, and resurrect charity and generosity from greed; for charity and generosity were there first, created by God.  Wherever you find pride and arrogance, rise-up, and resurrect humility from pride and arrogance; for humility was there first, created by God.  Wherever you find fear, rise-up, and resurrect courage from fear; for courage was there first, created by God.  Wherever you find doubt, rise-up, and resurrect faith from doubt; for faith was there first, created by God.

“These things I tell you, because God created ~ all things ~ good; and it is for you to go-out into the world, and resurrect that which was created by God! 

“So this day, I say unto you...  ‘I  live  ~  and  you  live.    I  AM  eternal  ~  you  are  eternal.    I  walked  upon  the  Earth  ~  you  walk  upon  the  Earth.    I  had  a  mission,  sent  from  God  ~  you  have  a  mission,  sent  from  God.    Go  forth  ~  and  forgive’!

Sunday Sermons
April 7, 2013
Set Aside
The Ways Of
The  World,  And
Deliver Heaven To Earth

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come  to  you  today  to  exhort  you  to:  go-out  into  the  world,  and  show  The  Way;  be  the  shining  example,  of  the  children  of  God,  walking  upon  Earth.

“Walk  into  the  world,  bringing  a  piece,  and  the  peace,  of  Heaven:  to  those  in  need;  to  dark  shadowy  places;  touching  children  and  women,  and  men,  with  the  simplicity,  and  the  magnificence,  of  God’s  love.    I  urge  you,  as  you  walk  in  the  world,  do  not  be  distracted  by  ‘the  ways  of  the  world;’  because,  as  you  adopt  these  ways,  you  are  marked,  as  ‘one  of  the  world.’   Choose  rather  to  carry  the  light  of  God,  wherever  you  go,  so  that  you  are  marked,  as  ‘one  of  the  children  of  God,  from  Heaven,  touching  Earth,  with  your  blessing.’

“It is not right, for you to swap evil for evil, curse for curse.  It is good, for you to bless all things, upon Earth.  And to do this, you must ‘choose to do it,’ because it will not come naturally, at first; you have been so immersed, in the things of Earth; but making the choice to do so, is the giant-step forward, a leap, a bound, over a barrier which has held you back, and denied you the pleasure of feeling, and knowing, you are ‘of Heaven, experiencing Earth.’

“Do not take part in gossip, or accusations hurled at others.  Do not judge others.  Refuse to join-into these energies, which are dark, and heavy; rather, when you hear something like this: bless it, clean it, free the Earth of the evil, or the curse.  Do not allow your tongue to do evil.  Do not allow your lips to speak in deceit.  Rather keep yourselves pure, and above these heavy energies, floating on the lightness, of that which God sends you to counter the shadow, and darkness.

“If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you are one of those ‘called to walk into the world, exhibiting Heaven upon Earth.’  And you cannot be set, in the ways of God, if you are clinging to the ways of the world.  The world is loud, and harsh; but the tones and the songs of Heaven are sweet, and pure, and uplifting; they do not curse another, they support another.

“For anything you encounter this week, God has sent you ‘a balance, from Heaven.’  If you encounter greed, the balance is generosity.  If you encounter lust, the balance is purity.  If you encounter anger or hatred, the balance is love.  If you encounter judgment, the balance is understanding and compassion.  If you encounter fear, or doubt, or sorrow, there is a balance; but this takes ‘practice.’  And as you practice, you will become confident, and the more confident you are you will find that: you are patient with yourself and others; you are quick to deliver God’s love.  This is how the world is changed; it is not changed, marching from here to there, shouting angry epithets; it is changed, humbly moving from place to place, serving those around you, touching them, with the ways of Heaven; leaving your footprint upon the Earth, in such a way, that everyone turns, and says, ‘There goes a child of God; humble, in The Way; magnificent, in The Glory.’

“This week ~ take these words with you ~ and go forth into the world: as a noble child of God, on a mission from Heaven, living life on Earth, to the fullest measure.  Deliver the blessing!” 

Sunday Sermons
April 14, 2013
How To Know
True Freedom, In Union, In
Your Relationship, With The Light
Of God, And Be The Light Of The World

   I  AM  with   you.    Listen!    Listen  to  the  song  of  the  bird,  singing  of  The  Way,  taking  to  wing,  and  flying  away,  showing  you ~ freedom.    This  is  what  I  want  you  to  experience  today,  freedom,  freedom  in  the  light,  of  All  That  Is.

“I wish to give you three (3) examples of ‘relationships, with The Light of God,’ for they are each unique in their own way.  Some would say, ‘Experiencing one form of light will lead you to desire a closer union with the light.’  And this is sometimes so.

“For one wandering in darkness, lost in shadows, to see a light, even if it is some distance away, is uplifting, a source of encouragement.  It is a light shining in the darkness!  And most always, the one in darkness will follow the light.  This seeing, and acknowledging the light, and moving closer to it, is one form of union, with the light.  You draw near, and you notice the difference of looking into the light, and then letting your eyes fall all around, seeing how one small candle can illuminate the darkness.  And this is beautiful, and comforting, to the one who had been lost.  But sometimes that particular experience can be unfulfilling, as you turn around, and are distracted by the things of the world, leaving the light behind, wandering into darkness, only to have to find the light again; it seems illusive, even though you know it is there; but it contimues to call you, out of dark despair.  So the one understanding, and coming to know this type of union with the light, this relationship with the light, is never quite ‘whole, in the light.’ It is something they know, but can easily be led away from ~ depending on ~ which way they are moving, or turning, or what has caught their attention and focus.

“The second example, of union, or knowing the light, is of those who embrace the light, once they have found it.  And they draw nearer, and play in the rays, and are comforted by, the warmth it provides.  They dance in the light and rejoice in the light.  They call people to the light.  They live in the light!  It keeps them they feel, safe from the darkness, all around them.  This is one union, or relationship, with the light. 

“But then there is the third example which, today, I wish all of you hearing these words, or reading these words, to come to know, because it is freedom!  If you will ~ acknowledge the light, within you ~ rather than searching for the light, all around you ~ you will then ~ be the light of the world.  Turn that flame-up, within you, and what you experience will surprise you, because the light, burning within you, becomes all that you ‘see,’ and all that you ‘know!’  Imagine this! 

“In your experience upon Earth, you have encountered a light, or a candle, in the darkness.  You see what it can do.  You have also had the experience of dancing, or playing, in the light created by ‘party lights,’ let’s say; and you know what that can do;  transform a regular room into something of great beauty; and all within that light: dance, and sing, and enjoy life to the fullest, for the moment.  But take this a step further, and imagine yourself ‘within the flame, of the light of God;’ for, if you are within the flame, you do not see what is going on around you at all.  All you see is the golden light!  You are the light!  Therefore, everywhere you go, you see golden light: you do not see a shanty town; you do not see a grand palace; you do not see someone crippled, and in pain; you do not see someone driving a fancy car; you do not see someone caught breaking the law, as that civil authority has set it; you do not see anything; but you know, the light, that you are!  You are blinded to the things of the world, because the light is coming from you; you see only light; and in this way, you cannot judge.  You do not know whether you are shining light: on rich or poor, on sick or healthy.  You know, only, the light; and there is no judgment.  You know nothing, but the light. 

“There is a huge difference, between: being drawn to the light; living within the light; and acknowledging that you are the light!  Think on it.  This is how you can judge no one, if you do not see!  The legal system in The United States of America has a symbol, Lady Justice, wearing a blindfold, holding  scales balancing truth and fairness... without seeing... just holding the balance. .. and it is the same... when you are the light!

“I want each of you to strive to see the light, this is good; but do not let that be your only step; take the next step, into living in the light, feeling the glow, and the warmth, of the light.  And once you come to know the light of God in this Way: follow; sit; be still; and in the silence, reach-out, and turn-on the light, within you!  Breathe in deeply, and feel it flicker, and then burst into a magnificent flame!  And then, you will come to know, that everywhere you go, you are the glow, you are the light; and your eyes will be sealed to the ways of the world; and you will walk in the light of God, all the days, of your journey, upon the Earth.  This is how it is meant to be!

“From other dimensions, we see the children of God upon Earth, as points of light: some are walking around dull, a flicker, or an ember barely visible; some are in full flame, easy to find; others come and go.  It is meant ~ for all of Earth ~ to be aglow ~ with The Lights ~ of God!

“See the light.  Live in the light.  Be the light, and you will be at peace, and you will know freedom, in a Way, you have yet to know.  Come, walk with Me.  Let us glow!” 

Sunday Sermons
April 21, 2013
Live (This
Part Of) Your
Eternal Life, In The Light,
And Be The Light Of The World

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come  to  you  today,  as  the  light  pierces  the  darkness,  of  the  night,  and  begins  to  illuminate,  all  things  hidden  in  darkness.

“God  is  light!  And  the  light  does  not  ‘know,’  the  darkness.   The  light  can  illuminate  the  darkness,  but  it  does  not  know,  darkness.    You  are  ‘of  God;’  therefore,  the  light  of  God  is  within  you,  and  it  is  possible  for  you  to  be,  to  know,  complete  fulfillment  of  the  light;  yet,  you  cannot  know  the  light  completely,  if  you  choose  to  walk  in  darkness  and  shadow.

“When I walked upon the Earth, some two thousand years ago, I was an example, of light, complete, whole, and perfect, The Light of the World.  This is how I could say unto you, ‘You can do all the things I AM doing.’  But to do the things I did, and do, you must re-establish your connection fully and completely, operating in the perfection of the light.  For when you are walking this way, the darkness and the shadows of the world created by human kind, cannot extinguish your light, you are the light.  The only way your light can be diminished is if you reach-out, and take the hand of the shadow and darkness, and then the brightness of your light begins to flicker and fade, and become an ember.  But that ember is always there, ready to be ignited, when your heart and spirit care so much... that they wish to fuel your being... with the light of God once again.

“I have repeated this to you many times, but I must say it over and over again, because I hear the words fall quickly from your lips; yet, in gazing upon your light, I see that it has not truly come to be an ‘understanding,’ within each of thee.    You  have  eternal  life!    This is why we say, ‘Live, and give the glory to God!  Live, and sing, and praise God!’  Why, why?  Because you have been given the gift, of eternal life, and once you are born into eternal life it cannot be taken from you.  You live!  And the life you have been given is eternal.  Therefore once you accept and embrace this truth, the next step is to ask, ‘What is eternal life?’  Eternal life is living completely, and wholly, in the perfection, of the light of God.  And you are the light of God.

“God revealed to each of you... what eternal life is... this is a gift... so many miss, do not see, even when reading words, written... about Me, it has evaded many; but God revealed life eternal, by asking Me to walk upon the Earth, ‘Go show them.’  And therefore, you saw.

“When you are completely in the light, you walk upon the Earth unconcerned about what you will eat, or what you will wear, or what you will do, because it is all there, life abundant for you.  You know; therefore, you live.  You live fully, completely, wholly. 

“So what did I do as I walked upon the Earth?  Surely, there was darkness and shadow around Me, but I did not take it within Me, I did not hold it, or claim it.  No, I proclaimed the light of God.  I proclaimed the good news that, ‘Look at Me, and you will see the example, of what you are to be.’ 

“I did not ask for those around Me to serve Me, to praise Me, to sing about Me.  I said to everyone, ‘Let us do this, for the glory of God, so others might come to know God through Me.’ And I could easily say, ‘ others might know God through thee.’

“The great, those who know the light, do not ask to be served, to be held up.  Those who know the light... seek to serve... and I gave an example of that too: ‘Do not strive to be first in line, to have others wait on you, and serve you, to take care of you.  Be first in line to serve others, because in serving, you come to share the light and the love of God, with others.’

“Seek... complete communion with God... by being in the light.  Darkness or shadow cannot throw a net over you, and drag you to a place where they will embrace you, and take all you are.  Darkness and shadow can tempt you, but you can only become ensnared, in the darkness and shadow, when you ‘choose,’ to go there.  This will be difficult for many of you to accept, or embrace completely; but when you are enlightened, you will understand, that you must choose to take the hand of darkness and shadow, and be led away from the light.  And still, in all of this, in the choosing, the light, that is yours, is always there, though barely visible, as an ember.  You see... this gift of eternal life... can never be taken from you. You can choose a journey, going here or there, but the light goes with you, because it is you.  To know the perfection... and the miraculous... light... of God, more fully, re-establish your connection with God, and understand The Power, that is yours.

“Reject judging others, reject judging yourself, and begin living in the light, your light, the light of God.  You are the one who can make all of the difference in this portion of your eternal life.  It is yours to choose.  Choose the light.”

Sunday Sermons
April 28, 2013
Do The Inner-
Work To Die Of
Self, Pick-Up Your
Cross, And Follow Me

   I  AM  with   you.    I  come  to  you,  and  speak,  so  that  you  might  better  know  The  Way. 

“There is a passage, written in Scripture, that very few understand.  And it has to do with words I said, not as a command, but as an invitation, of how you can walk The Way, how you can be followers of The Way, and experience ~ the mystical aspects ~ of truly living, upon the Earth.  The only way you can do this, and do it completely, is to ‘die of self.’  When I said this, I do not believe there were many who understood what I said, completely.  Yet I said it, for those who were ready... for those who could understand... for those who were willing... to take My hand. 

“And the invitation, went forth, ‘Come.  To follow Me, you must die, of your ‘self.‘  Pick-up your cross, and come.  Follow Me!‘

“And I explain to you right now, what that truly meant; for in the understanding of it, there will be no hesitation, you will rise-up, and walk The Way.  Some attempt this walk, but give-it-up, because it appears to be more difficult than they first imagined, but that was only because they were missing a ‘vital piece, of the direction.’  When I say you must die of your self, I mean that you must severe ego,’ those things within you, which lead you in the direction of shadowy and dark energy. 

“If you are hurt, by what another says, that has to do with ego; cut-it from you.  It is not important what another says.  What is important ~ is how you act ~ in the love and the light of God.  That ‘box of hurt,’ is stacked in the passageways within you, and it diminishes the flow of: the power of God, the love of God, the light of God.  Now understand this, that which flows from The Creator directly to you, and within you: has no measure; there are no brakes to stop it, or wheels to move it forward, faster and faster; it is a constant, even flow.  The only thing that can impede it ~ are the boxes ~ that you have stacked within the passageways of your inner being, and they have to do with ‘ego.’  ‘Judgments,’ come from ego.  ‘Anger,’ comes from ego.  ‘Hurt,’ comes from ego.  ‘Sadness,’ comes from ego.  ‘Greed, and envy, and lust,’ all of these things, come directly from ego.  And they must ~ be cut ~ from you, so that you can be in complete communion with The Creator.  This is ‘dying of self, and understanding the power of God within you, and the completeness of it.’  And this cannot be recognized until the passageways are unclogged, and you are willing to be, as you are meant to be, free at last, of all that has held you back.

“You will not encounter many, human beings, in your lifetime upon Earth, who are willing to do this; but when you do encounter such a being, you will notice it immediately, because the glow, the light, the love of God, is not only flowing within them, but it is obvious!  They seem to glow, to shine.  Their smile is a bit wider than most, their laughter a bit more tender, and inviting.  You will recognize it, because ‘what you have stored within you ~ is always obvious ~ in the words you choose to say, and the deeds you choose to do.’

“Pick up your cross, and follow Me, I said.  What does that mean?  Does that mean that you too must fall under the whip, or be abused, publicly humiliated?  I wasn’t speaking of that at all.  I was speaking of ‘knowing,’ what your cross is.  You have a mission on Earth.  You are to do certain things, and these certain things, include, first, to clean-up The Garden, God created, begin its resurrection!  That is what you are to do first!  Your ‘cross,’ has to do with, ‘the things that appear to be your temptations.’  Pick-them-up and know what they are.  Once you rid yourself of ego, you will be surprised, that there are no temptations.  That’s what the temptation is about.

“If you ‘fall an easy victim to gossip,’ joining in groups here and there, pay attention to this ‘tripping stone,’ pick-it-up and refuse to harbor it within you.  Know it.  Cast it from you.  These things, these things that tempt you, whether they be: invitations to assail others, or to assail yourself; harsh judgments on yourself and others, these things are impeding your progress.  But as you pay attention, and clean-out the boxes from your passageways, your inner passageways, and become aware, of that which has been your cross, you will find as you walk, you cast the cross from you, rise-up, and find you are resurrected, and taking on a new life, life free. 

“These words I say to you are simple words; but it is the only way you are going to be able to live life upon the Earth, as it is meant to be.

“And these things will set you aside.  You will be different; because you do not give safe harbor to shadowy dark thoughts.  And if you do not harbor shadowy dark thoughts, you words will not give birth to these thoughts, and your deeds will not fully act-out the words.  These thoughts will not be in you, at all.  You will be filled, with the love of God; and, that is all you will be able to think about, and talk about, and do great deeds about.

“This is important because there are so many of you trying to do good deeds, without doing the inner-work, and you stumble and fall.  Why?  Why would you stumble and fall doing good?  It is because you are out-of-balance, within.  You cannot help others, when you are floundering yourself.  The only way, to walk The Way, successfully every day, is to go within.  Open your eyes!  What thoughts are you thinking; what comes to you, in the night, or in the day?  These are signs!  If these thoughts are not totally of love, then pay attention.  They are keys.  Once you rid-yourself of these temptations, you will be free, but first, you must know, what’s going on, within you.  And next, you must be willing to do something about it.

“Most of you have addressed these issues, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes very seriously, but still, did not cast them from you totally.  They were all tucked in a box, pushed-back in a passageway somewhere, so you thought no one would know.  But you see, you know!  What are your thoughts?  What things reach-out to grab your attention?  This is the true secret, and this is where you begin.

“If you want your walk along The Way to be sacred, and filled with miracles, mystical things happening all around you, you cannot neglect the inner-work.  And you will know when it is done.  Every thought that comes to you will be sign unto you. 

“Accept these words as a glorious promise; for, as you begin your inner-work, you will find that you notice little spots that didn’t seem obvious before.  And you will realize, ‘Oh my goodness.  That happened ten, twenty years ago.  I thought I had taken care of that.’  And maybe to some degree you had, but bits and particles of it remain, ingrained in the passageway, of your inner being.

“It is time to begin the work.  And the important work is within you.  You are the only one who will know when it is done.  And the key will be the messages, the whispers, the things that come to you, within.  This is what I meant, when I said you must ‘die of your self.’  Ego, once it is removed, the temptations live no more.  You have ascended beyond that.  You are living at that time, and only then, as God meant you to live upon Earth.  It is a goal worth seeking.  It is accomplished, by any of the children of God, who desire it.    Now  come,  and  follow  Me!” 

Sunday Sermons
May 5, 2013
Go Forth
And Deliver
The Perfection Of
God ... To The World

   I  AM  with   you.    I  reach-out,  and  touch  your  hand,  and  it  is  natural  that  our  hands  enfold,  one  wrapping  around  the  other,  until  we  hold ~ each  other ~ in  this  sign  of  friendship,  and  trust,  and faith. 

“Your perfection ~ is God’s perfection ~ and the more you open ~ to the perfect love of God ~ flowing to you without measure ~ the more you are filled with the perfection, of God. 

When you are willing to use the gifts that you carry within you ~ for the glory of God ~ the perfection of God ~ radiates, from the gifts you are using.  And in the using of the gifts, in the flow of the perfection of God’s love, the world ‘knows,’ a perfect God, through you.

“The measure of God’s love flowing to you, and through you ~ is diminished ~ by shadow and darkness retained within you.  It is that simple. 

“Some of you might be experiencing ~ a measure of God’s love ~  that seems wonderful, because: you do not know any better; you do not embrace any more; but to know the ‘full measure,’ of love, of God’s perfection, requires you to ~ clean-up ~ the inner chambers of your being.  By removing ‘one piece of doubt,’ from your being, you experience an increase in the flow of the perfection of God into you.  And if you continue to move ~ the debris ~ of shadow and darkness, which you have pushed into the corners of your inner being, the experience, the increase of perfection within you, is life altering. 

“The perfect being ~ is one who is filled, completely, with the perfection of God ~ and within this perfection of God there is no room for ego; for in clinging to the ego: you are clinging to arrogance, or to fear; you are clinging to hatred, doubt, frustration, greed.  Any of the energies which are ‘heavy,’ impede the flow of God’s love. 

“I say this slowly, and with intention, so that it is clearly set before you.  The measure of perfection you achieve ~ is directly connected ~ with your choice, your choosing, your intention.  If you desire to experience God’s perfection upon the Earth, you must be willing to do the work necessary ~ to free-up this flow ~ so that everywhere you go, the world knows God, through you, sees the perfection, of God, in you.

“You are not meant to be marred, by the shadow and darkness of the world.  You are meant to illuminate shadow and darkness, with the light of God, flowing through you; for in the illumination, shadow and darkness cannot stand; they are seen for what there are, and no one would choose: darkness over light, imperfection over perfection, mediocrity over perfection.

“These words are lessons enough, ‘If you will set your goal, for the coming week, to rid yourself of all the shadowy energies you have suppressed or hidden away within you, your life experience will change forever, because the places that lie barren will be filled within you, they will be filled with the perfection of God.  They will no longer be barren deserts; they will be verdant, rich, filled with promise.’  This requires that you must go back, make your list, so that you might check-off the things that you have pushed-down, the things you do not want to consider, the things you do not want to readdress, or revisit, and weed them from your interior garden.

“Once you are sure you have forgiven all things, then, and only then, will you experience perfection.  You do not have to wait a month, or a year, or a lifetime to gain perfection; for it is yours.  Your perfection ~ lies in the perfection of God ~ all you have to do is clean-up the inner-you, and it will be yours.

“This is the first step; but many of you are overlooking it.  You want to go out, and do good deeds, to accomplish great things, but all the good deeds you do, and the great things you accomplish hold the energy of you.  What is in you?  For all that is in you is held within what you do, what you create.  That is why some things you do, and some things you create, lack perfection, even when you are trying to do your best; that which you do, and that which you create, hold the energy of the inner-you.  It is that simple. 

“Therefore. let it be your intention for this week to let the perfection of God flow onto the Earth, and into the world, created by human beings, through you, that the world will know the perfection of God, through you.  You see this is why ‘all things are possible, for God;’ and when you are filled with the perfection of God, all things are possible, through you.

“Go forth, and deliver the perfection, of God, to the world!” 

Sunday Sermons
May 12, 2013
Mother’s Day;
Give The Gift You Seek
And You Shall, Surely, Find It

   I  AM  with   you.    Many of you, whether you are hearing these words, or reading these words, reside in a country where today is set aside to honor ‘Mothers;’ and therefore, I say to each of you who have given birth, who are mothers, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ 

“Today, the words I say unto you are not addressed to the mothers, or to the children of the mothers, whose relationship has been good; for, it is easy to define the word, mother; it is easy to speak of the love, and the nurturing, and the support, that is the mother’s to give, and a blessing upon the children who receive it; it is easy to speak about the honor and love the children should give back to the mother, for life upon the Earth, and for showing the way, guiding the children through the maze of ‘how to do this and that,’ while living in the world. 

“Today I want to address those who are mothers, or those who are children of mothers, wherein that relationship is somehow ‘lacking;’ because I hope today, after hearing these words, there will be no sense of lack, there will be no sadness or sorrow, there will be understanding, and compassion.

“Hear Me children, for all of you living upon Earth, had, and have, an earthly mother.  You cannot be living upon the Earth, without a mother, at some point at some place, a portal, through which you passed to spend a number of days upon Earth; and this, and this alone, is reason to ~ honor mother ~ the portal from Heaven to Earth.  And now that you are upon the Earth, that piece of your journey is complete. 

“Today, you have already heard words, from God our Father, and The Holy Spirit, The Breath of Wisdom, letting you know that if you feel lack, of anything, and I speak of spiritual things, such as love, understanding, compassion, these things you will find, within.  And it is there you must go, to begin, to open the treasure chest, and reach-in. 

“It is an easy task to speak on Mother’s Day about the glories, and the fun, and the delights, and the-this-and-the-that.  But what needs to be said, on this day, at this time, calling all mothers and children to hear, is ~ ‘God is asking you ~ to love ~ to love one another!’  And for those of you willing to do this, to go within, and open that treasure chest, and find the gift of love within you ~ it is incumbent upon you ~ to love ~ first!  Be that which you are seeking! 

“I address, directly, the mothers: who are living in frustration, because they do not ‘feel,’ they have done the best they could; those who feel they are lacking, they do not know how to love properly, they do not know how to discipline properly, they do not know how to behave properly; for those of you, who are in any, or all, of these situations, hear Me, ‘You are living in a world, that you have created, and now you are harboring resentment, and judgment, of yourself.  This day, free yourself!  Do not use ‘the excuse,’ any longer, that you did not have a pattern to go by, that you, too, were lacking as a child in this, or that, or the other, that you didn’t know how to do it!  Set that excuse aside.  Judge not yourself!  Set everything aside, release it, forgive yourself, and go forward... this day!  And begin... in little steps... be love, be light, be peace, be joy; for, these things are surely within every human being, as I know God has planted the seeds, within you.  Move forward from this day, free! 

“And now I speak to the children, who feel: they are lacking; they did not receive the love they deserved; the discipline was harsh; they were made to do many things that they did not feel were right; that they were denied much.  I say to you, ‘Stop!’  You have ~ within you ~ the love of God!  You have seeds of compassion and kindness!  Go inward, and find these things, and begin to use them!  If you feel you are lacking love, be loving love to another person.  Be what you are lacking, and you will turn around and find, miraculously, in some cases, that you were never lacking it at all, you just weren’t using it!  It is there!  Once you begin to be ~ that which you seek ~ you will find that you have filled a space: as big as an ocean, as mighty as a raging river, as gentle as a mountain brook, as verdant as a green valley, rich as an orchard filled with fruit.  Do not permit yourself to use the excuse any longer that you are this way, or that way, because mother did not provide it.  It is time to understand ~ that your earthly mother ~ is a portal, and you passed through it ~ and you are upon Earth ~ but your Eternal Parent is where you find love, kindness, compassion, understanding, support, and nurturing; this is The Source of what you are seeking; and, the Eternal Parent is always giving it!

“Let it be your intention, for mothers and children alike, to begin this week on a different footing: no longer seeking love, giving love; no longer seeking understanding, giving understanding; no longer seeking compassion or forgiveness, being compassion and forgiveness, the embodiment of these things; in other words, set your intention to be The Living Word!  This is how it is done.  This is how you know love.  This is how you become all that you seek. 

“I give you one brief example, so it will settle better within you.  All of you can remember, at least one time, when you received a gift that was just perfect, that made you want to sing, and dance with laughter.  Just one time, no matter what it is, try to remember a piece of the feeling you had.  It was good.  It was nice.  Now, I want you to remember, one time, when you gave the perfect gift, and you saw, and you felt the joy and the happiness of the other person.  Now breathe-in that feeling, remember how it felt, giving the gift.  Most of you hearing My words, or reading My words, will be saying that the feeling, the emotion, of giving, is more rewarding, more fulfilling, than it was to receive.  Sure you were happy to receive the gift, you were filled with love for that person, and you went about your day.  But it was different in every way when you gave the perfect gift.  You felt fulfilled, because it was passing through you.  It came from God, directly to you, and you used what God gave you, to give another. 

“This is what I AM asking you to do for this week, reconnect with ‘the joy, of giving,’ because it is more blessed, more sacred, more fulfilling and enriching, to be the giver, of ‘the perfect gift.’  And I do not believe I need to tell you, what the perfect gift is, for you know it.  It is written on your heart, and it is upon your lips... 

“Today give the gift of love, by being love.  Seek, and you will surely find.”

Sunday Sermons
May 19, 2013
Your Connection
With Home Base, Rid-
ing On The Breath Of God

   I  AM  with   you.    I live.    I  AM  complete,  full,  and  I  AM  with  you.    At  the  present  time,  your  spirit  is  held  within  the  material  body,  and  you  have  donned  this  body,  so  that  you  might  fulfill  a  mission.    You  are  sent  from  Heaven.    You  have  arrived  upon  the  Earth;  and  the  mission  is  underway;  yet,  it  is  important  for  you  to  remember,  that  you  are  divine,  and  ‘of  spirit.’    Your  light  body  is  the  eternal  creation  of  God.    Therefore,  it  is  important  to  acknowledge,  each  day,  that  which  is  your  mission,  and  ask  for  guidance,  all  along  The  Way,  on  how  to  best  complete  the  mission,  achieve  the  goal,  and  return  Home. 

“It is much like an astronaut, climbing into the vehicle, the space ship, wearing a protective suit, blasting into space, listening all the time to home base, reaching the destination, and marking it so, then returning home to cheers, and faces aglow.  This is exactly what is happening to you upon Earth right now.  And today, I say unto you, if you can accept this example, then you will understand and comprehend the importance that each astronaut places, on keeping the channels of communication clear, and free from debris; so that they might have a solid, full connection with home base, so that the words are not garbled, or scattered here or there, but the directions are pure and clear.  And this builds confidence in the astronaut.  They do not want to disconnect or to have static upon the line, because then their mission is in jeopardy, each and every time.  And it is the same with you!  You are on a mission; you are where you are to be, at this time, in eternity.  Pause, and recognize the importance of maintaining a static-free connection with Home Base!

“A sign, that your connection is clear, and good, and operating as it should, will be that you are happy to be doing what you are doing, and there is confidence in the way you move.  You are sure, because you can hear, and you know The Way; and in your faith, you know The Way will be made clear; or, if obstacles do appear, that it is the opportunity for you to show you can master each and every step along The Way.  There is no reason for doubt, or sadness, or frustration.  There is no reason for a grumpy, or grouchy, spirit; because, if your connection is free of debris, you will hear, and know, that which you are to do.  And when it is yours to do, and yours alone to do, you will understand the clues, the gifts, have already been given to you, and you will master it, and in faith you do.

“This is what I wanted to say to each of you, ‘Keep you connection free and clear, and then the only thoughts, the only whispers you will hear and focus your creative power, your thoughts, upon, are from those who are with you, to make sure your journey is good, that you accomplish all that you could, in the name of God, while you walk upon the Earth.’  And this where I leave you today, in the lesson, in the words, in the story, and in the encouragement, for I AM with you every day; but this reminder is too important to go on and on, to bring in new things, to distract you, from what you just heard.

“Remember at first, you need to practice, just as you would practice riding a bicycle.  You will need to pay constant attention to what you are doing.  But once you know how to maintain your connection, it will be, in rare cases, that you are tempted to be distracted, to look this way or that way, when you should be focusing straight ahead, ever forward, on you go, listening to no other voice, but The Voice of God.  Go into the new week, riding upon The Breath of God.”

Sunday Sermons
May 26, 2013
It Is Time To Know,
You Are An Eternal Being,
The Child Of God, Upon The Earth

   I  AM  with   you.    I  walk  with  you,  and  I  talk  with  you.    I  sing  with  you,  and  I  dance  with  you.    I  rejoice  in  eternal  life...  with  you,  because,  if  you  are  hearing  these  words  or  reading  these  words,  you  are  an  eternal  being,  upon  Earth  for  a  brief  while,  and  then  you  will  return  Home;  and  this  is  what  I  want  to  talk  to  you  about  today.

“Many of you will say, that you ‘know,’ you are a child of God; but I do not believe this is so.  I know it is so, that you are a child of God; but I also know that you have not fully recognized, or realized, and come to know, ultimately know, that you are a child of God; for if even a handful of you, knew this, to the degree it is important to know it, then you would act, as a child of God.  Your days would be different; you would walk amongst God’s creations, of Earth, as nobility; noble of thought, word, and deed, because you would understand, fully, that The Source, of your eternal life, God, hears, and knows, and sees, that which is written upon your heart.  It cannot be any other way.

“I pause... to let you reflect... on how you would have handled every situation you have encountered recently, if you truly knew, you were a child of God.  And I remind you, when the one who knows their eternal heavenly heritage, encounters those who are gruff, or angry, they bless them; their attempt is to heal the pain of anger, or frustration, or drive-out the spirit of meanness.  The one who knows they are a child of God does not choose to join-in such an exhibition, but chooses instead to let the glory of God, the love of God, the power of God, and the presence of God, to move through them to settle some peace upon that individual, or individuals. 

“Blessed are the peacemakers, those who seek the company of God.  For those who remember, and who know, and acknowledge, their heritage, when they see someone in need of clothing, or feeding, or bathing, or shelter, they provide it, without question.  There is no question of, ‘Will I need this?’ before it is given away, because they know, whatever they need will be provided.  They are connected, they talk to The Eternal Parent every day, many times during the day, and they know, they are secure in eternal life. 

“All of eternity is waiting, for the children of God to acknowledge: who they are, what they are to do, and be excited about how they choose to do it. 

“In reality, very few are given the opportunity to live upon the Earth.  It is a sacred privilege!  But it is a privilege that is not used to its full potential, by most of the children of God.  It is time for you to hear these words, and begin to reflect on what you are doing, what you are saying, what you are thinking.

“All of God’s creation, the hills, the seas, the valleys, the trees, everything created by God, is waiting to stand-up and sing, with joy, for every child who recognizes their heritage, and the responsibility that is theirs.  Do not rush into this day.  Sit quietly.  Speak to God, speak to your Parent, and say, ‘God, is this true?  For, if it is, I am more related to You, than I could imagine;’ and let God tell you the story, of how creation is continuing, through you. 

“Into the hands of the children, God has placed the creation story.  It is yours.  What will you do, with creation, today?” 

Sunday Sermons
June 2, 2013
You Are
An Eternal Being,
Know This, And Be Still

   I  AM  with   you.    I  speak  words  to  you  today  to  remind  you,  in  a  way  that  will  open  you  to  the  possibility,  that  you  are  eternal.    Do  not  mistake,  this  truth;  do  not  place  it  in  a  realm  of  probability;  hold  it  as  the  treasure  it  is,  an  eternal  reality. 

“This ‘knowing,’ comes to those who are willing to be still, and let this sacred reality, move over you, and into you, and all around your sacred being, so that when you rise-up and walk, you do so, with a dignity that was not with you before, you knew.

“God is our Eternal Parent.  God knew you, before you were walking around in flesh, in human being form.  God honored you, by sending you to Earth, for a while.  You were ‘eager,’ to go, on such a treasured journey.  But most of you have ‘forgotten,’ that this time on Earth ~ is for you to experience Earth, in an earthly form ~ and then return Home, where you no longer need the garb, the garment, the body, of flesh.  And when you return Home, the Spirit that is you, the
Spirit that lives forever, will hold the experience ‘of life upon Earth,’ and all that it brings to you.  Your time upon Earth is recorded, and you can see it, much like you will go to your theaters to see a movie today, when you return to Heaven, that which you did upon Earth will be on display, another earthly experience, by one of the children of God.

“Most of you will say, ‘I know that this body is temporary, and my spiritual life, my spirit life, my eternal life, is with me.  I know this.’  But without seeming unkind, My response, at this important time, is ‘most of you do not.’  You say you do, you hope you do, you think you might, but you are not in a place, where you can say, with conviction, with authority, ‘I live forever.’

“It is time for you to realize ~ eternal life ~ is with you!  When I walked upon the Earth, I said often, ‘Heaven is at hand.  Heaven is near.  Heaven is within you.’  I said, in many ways, what I AM saying to you today, but I chose My words carefully, so those listening could accept what I was saying, to the degree they could bear it.  Today, I AM saying it to the ultimate degree, without mincing words, without dissecting them, and picking them carefully, so that the message is crystal clear for those who will hear, ‘You lived with your Parent, your Eternal Parent, before you were born onto the Earth.  And your time away from your heavenly home is limited; for, as you were sent forth, with God’s blessing, you are to return one day, in glory, going Home.’

“I would like for you to begin to think about shedding the human body, as something glorious, and wonderful, not as something to be feared, or hidden under a rug, or ignored, because you are ‘not sure of the outcome.’  So today, I AM telling you the outcome, so you no longer hold fear or doubt; but so that you spend every day upon the Earth, doing something for the glory of God, doing something every minute for the glory of God, because soon, you will return Home.  You do not die when the flesh falls from you; in fact, you feel liberated, you return to your natural state, a magnificent ‘light body,’ living in the dimension of perfection.

“You were born ‘of perfection.’  You have been given the honor of living upon Earth, so that you might bring this ‘piece of perfection,’ onto the Earth, bless Earth with the presence of God, within you; and once you have done this, return Home, joyfully, to hold the Earth experience, forever, within your sacred being. 

“And this is My message to you today, ‘The promise ~ is eternal life!’  Let this day be a day of rebirth for you, so that, after this day, everything that you do upon Earth: will be a gift to God; will be a painting of life upon Earth, worthy of hanging in the grandest halls, of an eternal museum.  Live your life as if you ‘know,’ Who you are, and from whence you came, for God knew you before you assumed the human form.  God honored you by sending you forth to Earth.  God anointed you, before He sent you forward.  And God will glorify you, upon your return.  As I was sent, from God to Earth, to return Home, you too, are sent by God, to Earth, to return Home.  You will never die.  You are eternal.  Live the rest of your time upon Earth, knowing this.  And if just a few of you can do it ~ The Garden ~ will begin to flourish, again; and it will be majestic; and it will rise into the heavens, and take its place, amongst the stars. 

“Earth ~ is a heavenly place ~ of peace!  All creation is waiting for this revelation, brought about by the children of God.  Let it be so!”