"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
September 1, 2013
Have Faith
Do Not Let Doubt,
Rob You Of Knowing, The
Kingdom of God Upon Earth

  I AM with  you.   It  is  possible  for  Me ~ to  reach-out  and  touch  you;  for,  My  Spirit  is  with  you!    And  this  is  as  it  is  meant  to  be,  for  our  spirits  to  be  forever  free,  in  the  light  of  God;  free... in  the  light... of  God!

“I believe one of the most beautiful pictures... created upon the Earth... is to see a springtime meadow, with children holding hands, and running with The Wind, in the light, of the new day.  I know ‘why,’ this picture, this scene, is so sacred to Me... because it is... as it is meant to be... for the children of God living upon Earth... moving over the Earth, holding hands... running with The Wind... in the light of God! 

“But this sweetness, this innocence, has changed.  What altered this feeling of exuberance, of faith, of trust?  Fear... unworthiness... doubt! 

“It might be simpler to understand, using this explanation; let us use the example of a man and a woman, together, hanging curtains on a window.  The project will go well, holes being drilled to accept the screws, different pieces of this part, or that part, going together as intended, as in the directions, all moving toward completion, when doubt slips in.  ‘Did we do this right?  I’m not sure I can do that!  If I use this bit will it work better?’  All of these questions, these temptations, of doubt, slow the progress, impede the progress, and things begin to fall into chaos and confusion about what goes where, and how, and when.  Now, there could be many examples, but there need not be.  The point is... ‘faith,’ is confidence... it is trust.  Faith is the key to a joyful life!  And the first drop of doubt, robs you of that joy, to some degree.  More doubt, robs you of that joy, to a greater degree.  So you must have faith, and believe, remembering the scene of the children, running hand-in-hand, in the light of a new day.

“There is no need for you to concern yourself, so much, about the temptations of the world all around you; because, in doing so, you could be distracted from the temptations, within you!  What whisper are you listening to?  Where do you place your attention, your focus?  Is it on ‘the negative?’  Is it on worry or concern?  Listen to what is going on within you!  Pay attention.  Do not be distracted by what others are saying, or doing.  Pull in your antenna, sit quietly, and pay attention to what is going on within you!  Those little voices of doubt ... cast them out!  Those little voices of judgment, whether it be of others or yourself ... cast them out!  Clean the corridors of your being!  Rid yourself, of these things that mar you, clutter your inner-being.  Free yourself of these things, and bring forth ‘faith.’  ‘Get thee behind me,’ you say to them, ‘I know who you are.’  This is important; for, if you cannot free-yourself of the doubt which is marring your faith, you will surely spend your days upon the Earth as the blind man, stumbling around the streets of the city, not knowing whether to go right or left, seeking, trying to find the way home, but caught-up in chaos, and confusion.

“Do not be so concerned about what your neighbor is saying, or doing, whether it be right or wrong, according to what you think, or believe.  Go first, within!  Remove the debris, from your own house.  Clear the clutter, from the hallways.  Throw open the windows, which have been hammered shut.  And feel the breath, of The Holy Spirit, move throughout your being, restoring your faith, with the wisdom to ‘discern the spirits,’ whom have taken-up residence ~ in the precious sanctuary ~ that is you; and once your sanctuary is clean, and free, you will feel yourself rise-up; and rather than face each day as a struggle, you will flow through each day, with joy... this I promise you... but it cannot be done, if you are carrying, within you, these heavy things which haunt your dwelling.

“Let us go within, and let us begin, today, by sitting together!  Come, and sit with Me, and I will speak to thee, and I will show you where... how... when!  We will clean, and we will laugh!  We will cast these things from you, and we will dance!  And we will, together, restore the beauty of your relationship with God, so that you might know... The Kingdom of God... upon Earth! 

“I did not say those words lightly, when speaking with those who were around Me, about The Kingdom of God being near... being close... being within you.  For, if you have come from God, God is with you!  And, if you are walking upon the Earth, God is walking within you!  Wherever you go, let it be so.  Wherever you go, let it be done, that The Kingdom of God is upon Earth, under the moon, under the sun.  Let it be, that you know, The Kingdom of God, now!  I AM with you. Let us begin, together, as one; for, this is how it is meant to be: the children of God, running over the Earth... laughing... dancing... living... in the light... and the glory... of God! 

Sunday Sermons
June 16, 2013
We Are All
As One, United
In The Father, We Are All
Children, Of The Great I AM

  I  AM  with   you.    I  AM  with  you  on  this  day,  that  many  of  you,  all  over  the  world  but  especially  in  the  United  States  of  America,  celebrate,  as  Father’s  Day.    It  is  a  day  set  aside  to  honor  fathers;  for  they  are  your  earthly parents;  and  along  with  your  mother,  make  it  possible  for  you  to  cross-over  the  threshold,  and  make  your  entrance  onto  the  Earth.    Celebrate  this ~ your  parents  made  it  possible  for  you  to  experience  Earth,  in  human  form ~  and  this,  alone,  is  enough  to  honor  your  earthly  parents;  today,  is  set  aside  for  fathers!

“The wise parent: guides, without intruding; protects, without being overbearing; loves, without being domineering; instructs, without being demanding.  The wise parent sets boundaries, and creates an atmosphere in which the child can grow, experience, and learn: without fear, without concern, without worry, and in this environment, the child comes to know trust, and confidence. 

“The child of a good parent should have no worries, only excitement for: the great adventure which is before them, the journey they are to take, and the mission they are to complete.  The responsibility of a good parent is to support the child on their journey, as they begin, as they endure, as they are victorious!

“For a most excellent example, of a good parent, I refer each of you to the parable of The Prodigal Son, and I ask you to read it, or re-read it, with a different mindset.  This time, when you read the ancient parable, read it from the heart and the soul of the father, and the message of the story will assume a different tone, a different role, one of complete love.  The father in the story of The Prodigal Son, represents God.  The Prodigal Son, represents all of those brave enough to take the journey to Earth, to experience the world created by man, and hopefully, return Home, after making the world a better place, after restoring a piece of Earth to its rightful place, as it is in Heaven. 

“After you have read the story, read it again, asking for guidance and illumination a key to unlock the door, and bring you to a deeper understanding of how to be a good earthly parent, a parent with a child who has no worries, no fears.  Read it, and remember that we are all children of God, first; brought to Earth through the portal of an earthly mother and father.  Therefore, it is appropriate for us to honor: our Eternal Parent, for eternal life; and to honor our earthly parents, for earthly life. 

“Fathers, love your children!  Children, respect your earthly fathers!  And, let us all honor our Eternal Parent, for the gift of eternal life!  The gift is Mine... and the gift is yours... we are all as One... united in The Father... we are all children... of The Great I AM.

“Happy Father’s Day!”
Sunday Sermons
June 23, 2013
Some Very
Practical Ways
To Walk Into The World
Shining With The Light Of God

  I  AM  with   you.    The  Eternal  Truth  is  that  you  are  surrounded  by  ‘the  unseen;’  and  once  you  open,  and  see  with  your  heart  and  your  soul  and  your  spirit,  that  which  was  once  seen ~ will  melt  away  ~ into  the  mystical,  miraculous  unseen;  for  therein  is  the  truth.    Awaken  this  day,  and  walk  into  the  unseen,  and  see  with  your  soul!

“I say these words to you because ~ it is possible for you to walk upon the Earth, so connected with The Creator of All Things that the things of the world do not: distract you; impeded your progress; or tempt you into frustration, or other actions, thoughts, or words ~ which separate you from the love of God.  Separation is a lonesome place to be.  In separation you will never know the truth.  But I say unto you, those who are willing to see the unseen, will see the truth and know, and they will be set free, from the burdens of the world.

“Today I would like to give you ~ some very practical ways ~ to walk into the world, and shake that dust from you, so you shine as a beacon, showing all around you that there is no excuse, there is only acceptance of the light of God; and once you hold that light, and let it shine, Earth is changed; one child ~ shining ~ changes all things!  Even the light from a match can be seen from a long distance, when there is darkness.  And that solitary match, that little light, draws many.  Remember this.

“And now... to the practical points...  How can you make this coming week better, miraculous, holding perfection?  And this I tell you...  first, I would like to tell you a very brief story, about two people, moving along a thoroughfare, together in a vehicle.  They drive past a building.  Outside, in front of the building, there is a sign.  One person is looking away, but the other reads the words on the sign.  And the vehicle and the two people continue along the thoroughfare. When they reach their destination, they do whatever it was they took their trip, or journey, to do, and get back into their vehicle heading home.  And along the way, they pass the same store, the same sign; but the one, who had not read the sign the first time by, is now the one who reads the sign while the other is distracted looking-out the window in another direction.  When the two people arrive home, one asks, “Did you read that sign?” and they each pronounce what they read on one side of the sign.  And each party says of what the other read on the sign, ‘That is not correct!  The sign said...’ thus and so, pronouncing what they read on the sign.  And a rather heated argument begins, about who is right, which one is correct about what the sign said. 

“Now, some of you hearing these words, or reading these words, will say, ‘Why were they arguing at all?  That’s a rather ‘silly,’ use of your time.  Who cares what the sign said?’  But I say this...  it is a living example of what you should know, for ‘the truth,’ ~ is ~ there was something different written on each side of the sign!  It all depended upon your position, your perspective.  Each one was correct, neither was willing to ‘stop the argument,’ to consider ‘all,’ the possibilities; and, if they had, they would have realized both were correct in their observations.  Furthermore, and I can assure you of this, if that sign had been two or three stories high, with a different message written at each level, on each side, you would have had many different people in the same argument, holding their positions, correct by their observation, but in error by their judgment.

“I leave you to decide ‘the lesson of The Sign,’ and remember it, for it will serve you well.  It is a living example.  Remember ‘The Sign.’

“The next thing I want to tell you has to do with the ability, the desire, to just ‘be,’ to do your part, and just be.  ‘Be the light of God, without worry about what the other one is choosing to do.’ 

“If someone comes up to you, and asks for something, they might want you to do something, or give them something, or loan them something, whatever it is, they are asking you to do, you have the option, the freewill, to make a choice.  Do you give it, or do you hold it?  Presented with this question, most of you would say, ‘Well, I will give it.’  But the decision is yours.

“Let’s turn that story around.  What if you ask another for something, and what if they say, ‘No’?  You now have an opportunity.  You have an opportunity to bless the situation, and move along your way, move into the day.  They have chosen of their own freewill, and you should have nothing to say about it.  That is a God-given right, freewill choice.  And I leave that with you as well.  Think about it.  Think about asking and receiving, giving and blessing, forgiveness, non-judgment.  And if you ever experience a time when you ask for something, and you are told ‘No,’ close your eyes, and ask God, for God will always give you what you need.  The door is never closed.

“And the last example is permitting those around you to exhibit their ‘talents,’ to the fullest degree, enjoying the talents of others, without envy, without wishing that you had their talent, or in some cases denying them the ability, or the opportunity, to display their talent.  Permit: those who can sing, to sing-out; those who can dance, to dance; those who can write, to write; those who can paint, to paint; those who can console others, to do it well, and with confidence.  Use The Gifts of The Holy Spirit you have been given to encourage the talents of others... charity.  Encourage others to be their best, without envy.

“These three things will assist each of you this week.  Use only The Gifts of The Holy Spirit and The Fruits from those gifts will be abundant.  You will be happy!  Reject the idea of retaliation, or holding a grudge, or being upset with someone for using their freewill.  Be God-like in your perspective.  See everyone around you as a child of God, working their way through their earthly experience the best they can; each uniquely a piece of The One. 

“If you get upset with what another says, or does, you prolong that energy.  You are actually assisting them in that use of darker, or shadowy, energies.  See this for what it is.  The longer you hold the grudge, or the judgment, or the anger, or the frustration, you are actually assisting another to hold darkness, or shadow.  But if you can find within you the faith, and the trust, to stand in the face of another who is less than God-like, at that moment, and bless them immediately, you stop the energy, right there.  It is then one acting-out, and in balance, you are correcting the situation.  In other words, you are not adding to the darkness or shadow, you’re blessing them, and freeing all of those around you, actually you are freeing all eternity.  In this every day way, you play a huge role in cleaning-up the energy of Earth, and more properly put, of the world, because Earth holds perfection at its core. 

“The goal is to clean-up the world, so The Garden is restored, and all the children hold hands, as One.  It is one experience, many facets.  So as soon as each one is willing to be a part of the whole, and not set themselves apart, there will be a universal experience of Oneness. 

These things I say unto you this day, because they will enhance your time upon Earth.  Be at peace, as you go into this day.  Open your heart, and love.  And this will mark you as a child of God, outwardly; the spirit shining through the temporary body, revealing to all who you really are; for you are first, and foremost, a child of God!  You have been permitted to have an earthly experience.  Choose wisely, that which you think, and say, and do.” 

Sunday Sermons
June 30, 2013
Some Very
Practical Ways
To  Master  Your  Own
Thoughts, And Words, And Deeds

  I  AM  with   you.    Be  still.    Open  your  heart,  and  be  still.    And  because  it  is  My  desire  to  touch  you,  with  the  love  of  God,  that  is  what  you  will  feel.    Open  your  heart,  and  be  still,  and  you  will  feel  Me  growing  stronger,  stronger  still.    And  in  this  realization,  your  faith  grows,  your  trust  expands.    It  expands  through  the  veil,  and  the  very  fact  that  you  are  trusting,  ~  parts  the  veil,  ~  and  you  see,  ~  the  unseen. 

“The unseen ~ is more powerful than the seen; ~ for, it is enriched, with the power of God.  The power of God is love.  And this love is evident, in the relationship, between God, and all the children, the eternal children, of The Eternal Parent.  It is one of the things ‘missing,’ in the way situations are handled, with worldly standards; for the world teaches force.  The world teaches coercion and manipulation to force one person or many people, to do the will of another... by force.  This is not freedom.  This is enslavement.  And when you find yourself in this situation, you do not find yourself in a state of healthy mind, body, spirit, or soul.  The opposite of that is total freedom, given to all of the children of The Eternal Parent, because eternal wisdom ~ is ‘knowing,’ ~ that the power of love ~ is the most important, sacred energy one can use, utilize.

“Today I want to ask each of you, through every encounter of the day, to alter your mindset, so that your thoughts, and words, and deeds, reflect a ‘godlike position.’  For, it is time for those who are willing to accept the gift ~ to awaken ~ to the perfection that is unfolding within you. 

“Your earthly parents are doorways, thresholds, portals, whatever you wish to call ‘the passageway, of your birth upon Earth.’  Your Eternal Parent, The Creator of All Things, is just that, your Parent, your Eternal Parent, and it is through The Eternal Parent that you have been given the power, and the gift, of love, and freewill.  Practice using these powerful gifts, and reject the ways of the world, which lead you into shadow and darkness.  You can operate in the world, using the light of God; and it will surprise you, and amaze you, to see, that which used to be a challenge, a temptation, fall from you, when you see it for what it is, and clearly state, ‘Get from me.  I am a child of God!’ because, you see, this is your royal heritage. 

“Do not be ‘tricked into believing, that your body, your lifetime upon Earth, is all that is;’ for it is nothing more than a snap of the fingers, and it’s done.  But you are not done.  That experience is over.  You have a finite period of days, in which to accomplish your mission, and then you are called Home.  If you find yourself walking upon Earth right now, you can be assured ~ you are an explorer from The Heavenly Dimension, on a mission, upon the Earth, ~ and the mission has everything to do with cleaning-up the world, and all the ways the world deals, with situations and people.  And the way you clean-it-up is to begin with your thoughts, and words, and deeds. 

“Give-up the idea ~ of controlling others, ~ or forcing them to clean-up ‘their thoughts, and words, and deeds’; and focus on ‘yourself;’ for, that is how it will be, when every child of God walking upon the Earth simply decides to have: kind thoughts; loving words; gentle, careful deeds.  That is it.  It is that simple.  Do not be tricked into thinking it is any other way.  You cannot control another, ~ but by force; ~ but you can master your own thoughts, and words, and deeds! 

“Many of you are longing for Me to continue to stack one stone on top of another, to tell you, ‘... do this, do that, do this, do that.’  Why?  Why make it confusing?  The simple truth is ~ you have the power, ~ within you. 

“Master your own thoughts; leave the thoughts of others to them.  Master your own words; leave the words of others to them.  Master your own deeds; leave the deeds of others to them.  And soon, you will see: you will see yourself as a master, living eternally; you will see that accomplishing your goal is within your reach; but you cannot do it, until you master your thoughts, your words, and your deeds!”  

Sunday Sermons
July 7, 2013
Some Simple &
Practical Ways To
Realize The Kingdom
Of God Upon The Earth

  I AM with  you.    I walk atop the waters, I ascend over the mountaintops, I AM comfortable on the ocean floor, and I AM knocking at your door.  Wherever you are, I will find you, and I will knock, and wait, for there is eternity, and I AM patient. 

“We are one.  It is true.  And if you will forget all things, release your mind, your thoughts, so that you might absorb this, you will slip into eternal wisdom, and from there, you will grow. 

“Embrace the truth, that you are child of God.  Embrace the truth, that I AM your Brother.  Embrace the truth that I AM in you, and you are in Me.  And then, prepare for this truth: if we are one, you know at the core of your being, all that I know.  It is just ‘blocked,’ with: doubt, hesitation, frustration, and a lot of chaos, and confusion. 

“And so today, I wish to speak to you in such a way, that you will understand, and comprehend, that which ~ The Creator of All Things, your Parent, ~ wants you to do.  These things are simple, they are very practical, but they are overlooked. 

“It is not necessary ~ to read one book ~ to know the ways of God.  And what I AM about to say might shock most of you, but it is not necessary to read The Scripture to know the ways of God.  It is not necessary to study theology to know the ways of God; for these things can often lead to confusion, if they are not read, and studied, with ‘a loving heart.’

“The first step is to be vigilant about ~ ‘what you are thinking!’  Do not let random thoughts lead you here or there.  Your thoughts should be of good, of light, of peace, of beauty, of compassion and understanding.  In other words, your thoughts should be ‘of God.’ 

“Be vigilant about ~ ‘the words you say!’  Do not be careless, or callous, with your words.  Your words should be sweet and tender, loving, carrying compassion and understanding on every syllable.  On every movement of your tongue, should be the name of God.  Your words should be ‘of God.’

“Be vigilant about ~ ‘what you do!’  And in this way you will avoid careless transgressions, for your deeds show who you believe you are.  The way you act, announces, what you are thinking, and enhances the words you are using.  Your actions, your deeds, should be ‘of God.’ 

“And once you’ve reached this state, a state of loving, a state of perfection unfolding upon the Earth, opening and embracing the truth of God, then you are ready to read The Scriptures, to study the theology theories.  And in this state, your eyes and your heart will be open ~ to the true meaning, ~ to the understanding, ~ and you will be enlightened.

“Set aside ‘the temptation,’ to point-out to others that what they are thinking, or saying, or doing, might be incorrect, wrong, or in error.  When you are given this opportunity, quickly go within.  Go within and check your thoughts; ~ for the most important relationship you have ~ is your relationship with God!  I say these words to you because this is The Way I lived, as I walked upon the Earth.  I was in constant communication with Our Father; therefore, the words that were hurled at Me, the curses that were cast upon Me, the ridicule, the hate, the jealousy, the judgment ~ did not rattle My exterior, ~ because My interior was at peace, ~ in the lap of God. 

“Therefore, I offer you, each of you, an assignment for this coming week.  Let your thoughts be ‘of love,’ even when you are tempted otherwise.  Do not speak at all, unless your words are ‘of love, and kindness.’  And ‘let your deeds reflect thoughts of love, and words of kindness.’ 

“If you will do this: you will be living the words, contained in The Scriptures; you will be living the lofty thoughts contained in the studies of theology, divinity; you will be Living The Word of God, rather than studying, repeating, or parroting, the word of God.  This is the goal! 

“And if you succeed, you will realize how it feels to live in The Kingdom of God, while you are walking upon Earth.  And if you succeed, all of those around you will have a realization, of what it feels like to be in Heaven, while upon Earth; for, your very presence, will announce Its coming; for you see, ~ The Kingdom of God ~ is near!”

Sunday Sermons
July 14, 2013
"The Way"
To Restore The King-
dom Of God Upon The Earth
And Be The Messenger, Of Peace

  I AM with  you.    I  walk  upon  the  Earth,  with  you.    I  move  over  the  mountains  and  seas,  to  come  to  you.    I  reach-out,  to  you,  from  the  corridors  of  all  time,  and  no  time,  to  bring  you  a  message.    And  the  message  is  ‘of  peace.’

“Even to say the word ‘Peace,’ brings a feeling of contentment.  Say it!  ‘Peace!’  It touches your heart and your soul, because it carries The Power of God.  It is a greeting.  It is a prayer.  It is fulfillment.  It is peace. 

“There is much ~ you can do ~ to create an atmosphere, and an environment, of peace.  But to do this requires: choosing; making a decision; carrying an intention into action.  And it is something you choose every day, if you are operating in the world, dealing, with other individuals. 

“When you are confronted, by: anger; frustration; aggression; at that second, you must choose.  It happens that quickly.  Even if you are an observer to a situation, the energy is so strong, and so forceful, that, even if you are observing another, it has an effect on you.  And though you might not be the aggressor, you ‘feel,’ this energy.

“I would like you to imagine, briefly, that you are sitting at a desk, in an office, and someone comes in, very upset, irate, slams the door, and begins yelling, raising their voice, pacing the floor.  You have already made a decision as soon as that individual entered your office, because you felt the energy; you did not have to wait for the yelling to begin; it flooded over you, with the opening of the door; and, it is a forceful energy.  In a split-second you decide, whether: to engage, and react; or to take the positive position, and let the love of God fill you, so that is your choice, you disconnect, and you are filled, with the love of God, filling yourself to the top, and then overflowing, in the face, of a tirade. 

“Hearing these words, many of you would say, ‘Well, that’s what I would choose.’  But caught-up in the action, it very rarely is what is chosen.  Yet, if you have the faith, to make that choice, set ego aside, and do it, you  stop  that  force  of  darkness  right  there!    And that is power!    That is The Power of God! 

“This is what I AM asking each of you to do; for you see, this is what is necessary to begin cleaning-up the Earth!  First, there must be peace.  And peace must come from within.  And it begins with the desire to do so.  But do not be fooled into thinking that just because you say, ‘I desire peace,’ it is done.  This is an active role; and when you choose to be a crusader for peace, you will be given many opportunities to do so; but it requires vigilance, and knowing what you are doing.  You will not back into it.  You will not stumble over it.  You will actively participate in delivering the peace of God to the world, and this requires intention.  It requires that you set your ego aside, and realize, in the face of darkness and shadow, the strongest position is within the love of God.  And in the love of God there is peace.

“I will not tell you it is easy.  I will tell you that once you can accomplish delivering peace to chaos, aggression, anger, confusion you will know true power.  Once you engage with anger, even frustration, you become a victim of that particular energy.  And the exchange between two, or three, or four, is magnified.  And even when you did not intend to do so, you have created darkness and shadow, and you have made it stronger.  Reaction causes the energy to be magnified.  But once the decision is made to act, using the love of God flowing through you, it is stopped.  And once it is stopped, it begins to diminish.  And with no reaction, the one who is carrying this negative energy begins to slow down, unwind, and often times slump into a position, unable to move, weeping, because they are exhausted.  They have been drained, and rather than being the aggressor, they find themselves in a pool of tears, the victim.

“Think about the power of that!  Think about never having to experience frustration, or chaos, or anger.  This, My brothers and sisters, is within you.  It cannot be taken from you.  It is the love of God, creating peace, within you.  This is The Secret, of the Powerful Presence; it is knowing God, and The Way; and it is possible for each one of you to do it! 

“Now, if you are willing to do it, if you are willing to let the love of God fill you, so that you will not choose to react, but be an ‘actionary’ for the power of God, surely you can see that there will be one, or two, or three, or more, willing to do this also, for the intention sets the course.  But there must be a few willing to stand-up first.  There must be those who are willing to be the messenger, to be the leader.  And then that which was on the heart, the desire of others, will be fulfilled, because they will see another, functioning, as the messenger of peace.  And it will, all of a sudden, seem possible to them too!

“This is what God wants you to do.  Reject the act of reaction.  Choose action.  Choose to act using the love of God, and you will be the instrument of God’s peace, upon the Earth.  And this choosing, by one, will undo, much, of the darkness and shadow created in the world.  You will see it happening before your eyes.  This I promise you.  And you will know ... within your heart ... that it truly... is The Way!” 

Sunday Sermons
July 21, 2013
How To Pray:
In Such A Way That You
Receive The Grace Of The Prayer

  I AM with  you.    Feel  My  presence  with  you.    Turn-off  the  thoughts  of  busyness,  and  be  still;  for  I  AM,  truly,  with  you.    I  speak  to  you  today,  about  the  importance  of   knowing  how  to  pray,  in  such  a  way,  that  you  receive  the  grace  of  the  prayer,  of  the  petition,  of  the  song.

“When you take the time to call Home, when you set yourself aside, to speak to God, do so long enough to hear the answer, to receive the gifts, to know the glory of the union with God, communion with God, to know the comfort of a child, in the company, of a most magnificent Parent.

“Who amongst you would run into a laundromat, wearing dirty clothing, ask for assistance in washing the clothing, but then run out the door, before help is given to you?  Who amongst you would go to a teacher, asking for help with an assignment, and leave paper and pencil on the desk, scurrying away to another appointment, before receiving help?  Who amongst you would walk into a butcher shop, put your money on the counter, and ask for a fine cut of beef, only to run out the door before you received your change, or had your package of beef under your arm.  In most every day, worldly situations, when you go to get assistance, to make a purchase, or ask for guidance, you stay long enough to pick-up the goods you bought, or to listen for the guidance.  Do the same with your prayer life.  How do you pray?  Is it a litany of requests, filling the air around you, so busy asking that you do not take the time to hear the answer?  Do you ask in a hurried prayer, and then pick-up the telephone to call someone, or turn-on the television, or turn the music up louder?  This needs attention, because communication with God can resolve all issues, and it brings you to a place of wisdom, brings you to a place of confidence, it brings you to a place of peace, and acceptance.

“When you ask God a question, stay quiet long enough to receive the answer; when you seek, be persistent in your search.  Do not ask, and then shrug your shoulders, saying, ‘I didn’t hear anything.  I did seek an answer, but it evaded me.’  Be persistent, and willing to wait for the right time, for the right place, for the proper ~ time ~ and place.  And when you knock on the door of God, do so anticipating the wonders that will be revealed to you, when the door is open.  This is available, this communication, the answers, the revelations.  It is all available to every child of God, and each of you, every one of you, whether you are hearing My words, or reading My words, is a child of God.  The Eternal Parent is waiting for each of you to take enough time, to sit down, and say, ‘Hello, Father.  I am here for some guidance.’  And then, tarry a while, with your Parent.  Listen, with an open heart, with a willing spirit, and know, that the answers will come, at the proper time, in the proper place.

“When you sit and talk with another, a friend, a parent, or a child, if you are talking all the time, you do not give the other a chance to say what is on their heart, what is in their mind.  The perfect conversation is an exchange, one speaking, one listening; but listening is the most important part of conversation.  You know what you want to say, but how can you know the heart of another, if you are not willing to listen to what they say?  This is the art of conversation, and it works with God, in the same way.

“I urge each of you to try praying in this manner, try it this week.  Be willing to mark-off some time from your calendar, and go sit, not in the middle of a crowd, but in a very quiet place, and ask.  Go to God, seeking the answers to your questions.  Knock on the door, and say, ‘I’m here.  Come, sit with me, God.’  And I tell you: the smile of God will embrace you, and draw you nearer, and you’ll feel the arms of God, enfold you, and tears of recognition, will wash your face. 

“Be willing to stay long enough in the company, in the presence, of God, to hear the answers, to find what you have been seeking, and to marvel at what is revealed to you, when the door is open. 

“This week, go and sit, in the presence of God!”

Sunday Sermons
July 28, 2013
And See, A Simple
Way To Understand
The Eternal Present

  I AM with  you.    I  move  through  the  veil,  and  you  feel  a  flow  of  fresh  air,  stirring  around  you.    I  reach-out  to  you,  and  you  feel  My  touch,  a  gentle  caress,  and  you  know  Me,  for  we  are  one.

“I share something with you today, which will be of great assistance, as you walk along The Way.  Today I give you ‘a simple way to understand the eternal present.’ And the simple way to understand the eternal present is to consider just for a moment, and remember, your past, your present, and the future days that are yours.  Right now, if you will breathe deeply, and realize fully, living, in the eternal present of right now, here stop, do not think, just be, pay attention to what is going on around you, listen, feel, know with every breath you are taking, this is living, as it should be. 

“Let’s take this a step further.  The past ~ the past is always with you in the eternal present.  The past has the ability to be a burden, a heavy load, or a great and divine lesson, assisting you to ‘experience with joy, the eternal present.’  And to reach this plateau, all that is necessary is for one to be willing ~ to bless the things of the past ~ to forgive all things in the past, releasing the negative energy, and the connotations, of certain, particular, situations, and blessing them, being thankful for the lessons they carry.  In this way, you ‘change the energy of the past,’ and it comes to you in the present, the eternal present, as fuel, as energy of wisdom, as energy of growth and potential.  But to reach this place ~ this sacred place ~ you must be willing to turn around, and face the situations, which have been your burden. 

“The only way to change the past ~ is forgiveness, and blessing, ~ so that the energy is free to fly with you.  You cannot change the acts, you cannot change the deeds, you cannot change the words of the past; but you most assuredly can alter the energy of the past, blessing every situation, freeing the energy at last, using it, as a valuable lesson. 

“I promise you this, if you will be willing to take one situation, even one instance, look at it as a lesson, set ego aside, and forgive all things, associated with that situation, you will be amazed that you  instantly  feel  lighter!    And oh then, when you bless it, you feel the glory of God, because you are a child of God, using the situation to be a lesson; your own private parable, ‘This is how it happened, and this is how I came to know forgiveness.  And blessing it, I came to know God, better, more personally, intimately.’ 

“When this is your past, your eternal present is filled with joy, and the future holds promise!  And you see... all of this... is held within... your eternal present!  And how can the future be anything but bright, and filled with joy, if you realize ~ you are a child of God ~ and all the potential you hold is to be focused on... love, and light, and peace?  Focus... on delivering... love ~ and light ~ and peace!

“It is really that simple: setting ego aside to forgive, and bless, realizing who you are, a child of God, no less! 

“And in this state of realization, you will come to ‘know,’ that the most sacred food that you could take within you... is this, this, of which I speak to you, this is the manna from Heaven: knowing the ways of God, and walking in them, forming your path... by these golden stones of wisdom, following the light... into a new day filled with promise.

“Awaken, and see, do not say to Me that, ‘The harvest will be here in four months, and then we will eat.’  I say to you... look up... look around... and see!  The harvest is with you, now!  The harvest is within you, now!  Awaken ~ walk ~ live ~ forgive ~ bless ~ and be!”

Sunday Sermons
August 4, 2013
Keep It
Simple, And
Grow In Wisdom,
Do Everything – I Did

  I AM with  you.   I  reach-out,  and  as  a  gentle  Wind – passes  over  you, – you  feel  Me!    I  AM  with  you! 

“Receiving answers ~ to your questions is not a complex mystery, ~ when you are willing to be still, and ask, ~ because then, all the complex reasoning and ponderings fail, and fall away, as you are embraced in the arms of eternal wisdom ~ simple truth and answers ~ come... expressly, and especially, for you.  This, My brothers and sisters, is prayer! 

“Prayer does not need to be caught-up in lengthy dissertations about circumstances and situations.  Prayer is a child of God, sitting quietly, asking The Eternal Parent, a question, and being willing to be still, and quiet, long enough, to receive the answer.  It is that simple! 

“Some of you might ask, ‘If it is that simple, why do I not feel I have the answer?  Why do I feel like, I ask the question; yet, I do not know the answer?’  And I say unto these, ‘Because you are not still enough, because you are not listening, with an open heart.’  Many of you will recognize this: you ask, you get your answer, and then you doubt:  ‘Well, it can’t be that, that’s too simple;’  ‘Why, I know that, so it surely can’t be that;’ you desire to hang ‘a complex tag,’ on a simple solution, you are rejecting simplicity, seeking the complex.

“The next time you sit quietly and ask, pay attention.  Some of you might hear, with a scent, a beautiful aroma might pass over you, and that is your answer.  Some of you might hear, with a knowing.  Some of you might feel.  Some of you might hear.  Some of you might see the vision, and know the answer clearly.  The answer comes to you in the form ~ of utilization of the gifts ~ you have within you; and the answer ~ will be simple.

“Try it, and see.  And do not overlook the answer, if it doesn’t seem to fit the patterns of the world, because, in all probability, it will not.  If the situation is such that you are asking for direction or guidance, the answer might be found ‘outside of the box,’ you have created.  Accept what you get, and then watch it unfold.  You see, that’s the miracle.  Take the step, boldly, and with confidence.  Use the answer you have been given, with confidence, and watch the miracles unfold around you.  Reject ~ the temptation ~ to squeeze your ‘other-worldly answer,’ into conformity, falling-in-line with the ways of the world.

“When I lived in human form, and brought a message ~ that was totally opposite of how the world was operating at the time, ~ it was rejected.  I did not find many who were willing to ‘turn the other cheek,’ when they had been operating clearly on the standard of ‘an eye-for-an-eye, and a tooth-for-a-tooth.’  Very few ~ found that they could embrace ~ this new teaching.  They were calling-out for help, all around Me, men and women, and I gave them the answer; simple, if someone is cruel or mean, physically aggressive with you, turn the other cheek.  Do not respond.  Do not react.  Do not jump in the cesspool of negative energy.  Hold your ground in the positive light of God’s love.  Yet, it seemed impossible for those around Me to do; but, it was the answer!  And it is still the answer today; and most cannot accept The Way, because it is so opposite of what the world teaches, but it is simple.  The only thing required, is that hardy dose of ego, which comes with the human form, needs to be set aside, so you are ‘willing,’ to turn the other cheek.

“The same thing could be said for almost everything I said to people, the things that I was teaching.  These were simple rules, guideposts, directions, coming from the Dimension of Perfection, an attempt to show those upon Earth how to hold-on to their positive energy, the light, the glory, without getting drawn-into negativity.  This is more important than ‘saving face.’  It is ‘saving spirit.’  It is saving your soul, so it can sing.  It is rejecting the ways, the teachings of the world, and embracing ~ the glory of a kingdom that is yours; ~ all you have to do ~ is see it, and know it, accept it, and grow with it, and into it!

“I never asked anyone to bow-down to Me, to hold Me up, to think I was special.  No.  I washed the feet.  I sat with the poor.  I sat with the sick.  I sat with the rejected.  I walked with the lost.  And I knew how it felt to be insulted, to be misunderstood, to be the object of scorn.  Yet these things fell from Me, because I remained ‘in the light.’  And as I was in the light, I encouraged all My brothers and sisters, ‘Come.  Come here!’  And I told them, I AM not special.  ‘You can do everything I AM doing.’  I gathered those who were willing around Me, and I said, ‘Look, this is how you do it.  ‘Go.  Go-out, and see for yourself, what you can do.  I will stay here, because you see, as God works through Me, God works through you.’  And I sent them from Me. 

“I sent them out into the world, giving them guidance.  Giving them a difficult assignment, ‘Take nothing with you, just go, go two-by-two.’  And, they went.  I did tell them, ‘When you find a home that will take you in during your mission in one place, stay there, because if that door is open to you, in friendship, in generosity, it is a good place to be.  If one begrudges you their hospitality, if they will not take you in, freely, and with joy, turn quickly from that place.  Shake all of the dust of that place from you.’  And why did I say that?  So they would clearly understand ~ the importance ~ of energies.  What I was saying to them was, ‘Do not put yourself in a place of negative energy.  Abide in a place of light.  And cast-out evil spirits of fear and doubt, and pain and anguish.  Heal the sick.’  These things have not changed. 

“Every one of you ~ has the ability to do ~ everything ~ I did, ~ with no exception.  The only requirement ~ is you maintain a beautiful, simple, pure energy about you, ~ shaking the dust of the world from you, so that you are a clean, and pure vessel, a conduit, for all that God can do!  Yes, without hesitation, I say this to you.  God’s power cannot be limited; but what God can do through you, most assuredly, can be limited, by spots, and specks, and lumps of negative energy, of: fear, and doubt, and concern, anxiety.  Be free of that.  It requires a bold spirit; but once you walk into this ‘state, of acceptance,’ confidence grows within you, and you understand.  You walk as an angel, upon the Earth, totally unaffected by what the world is saying, because it is your experience, of Earth, and none other.

“And I say to each of you today, once you walk-out into the world, which some of you will do today, and some of you will do tomorrow, going to this place of work, or that place of work, you will encounter negative energy.  Maintain your light!  Do not ‘react ~ to another’s energy,’ but ‘act ~ within the glory of God that is flowing into, and through, you.’  Simple, but it requires a willing heart to do it, for one who is wise enough ~ to be more concerned ~ about saving the spirit of joy and happiness, saving the soul for the symphony of the song, ~ rather than, saving face. 

“And, just as you go-out into the world, you return, most of you, in the evening to rest, to be at peace, to sleep.  And I say to you, exactly what I told those that I sent forth, those that went-out into the world to cure, to heal, to make whole; upon their return, they gathered around Me, and told Me what they had been doing: they told and talked of the miracles; they told and talked of the houses with the open doors, and the houses with the closed doors; they shared their worldly experience, and their triumph, just as you share with each other the experiences of your day, and your triumphs; and after I heard their stories, I said to them, ‘That is good.  You see, you can do exactly what I AM doing!  Now come, it is time to take yourselves to a deserted place, a quiet place, and rest, be refueled, and be refreshed.’ 

“Some of you might remember, many of you probably won’t, where that falls in the telling of some of these stories of My existence upon the Earth; that after those who were sent-out returned, and after that time when we were going to rest, there came the great miracle of feeding thousands.  You see, life upon the Earth is supposed to be miraculous!  And at the same time, the miracles are not meant to be surprises, but the natural course of things.  A course of miracles is the natural state of the children of God upon Earth, when everything is kept simple.  When it is simple, you can clearly see the truth.  And this morning, I repeat to each of you, as a promise...

“Rise-up, boldly.  Go forth, with confidence; because you can do everything I AM doing, everything I ever did, everything I AM yet to do, can be done, by each of you!”

Sunday Sermons
August 11, 2013
The Simple
Answer To A Question
Of Faith: Be As A Child,
And Take The Hand Of God

  I AM with  you.   I  walk  with  you.    I  reach-out,  because  there  are  things  I  wish  to  tell  you.    I  wish  to  speak,  with  you,  not  at  you.    If  you  will  open  to  My  presence,  I  will  lead  you  where  it  is  you  need  to  go.    I  will  hold  your  face,  between  My  hands,  and,  lovingly,  point  you  here  or  there,  so  that  you  might  turn  and  see,  that  which  you  might  have  missed  along  The  Way.

“ I  speak  to  you  today . . .  of  ‘Faith!’   

“When you are operating in the world, it is sometimes easy to lose the magic, and the majesty, of faith; and this was happening with those who walked with Me, those who loved Me, those I gathered around Me to lead into new thoughts, new codes, new ways of living upon Earth.  And so I called-out to a child, close by, ‘Come here!’ And the child came to Me.  In fact, the child came, and grabbed onto My leg, looking at Me, with eyes which said, ‘I know who you are,’ as only a child can do.  I put My arm around the child, and I said to those around Me...

‘“You cannot know The Kingdom of Heaven, until you are like this child!’  When I spoke those words, I was not addressing the matter of the death of the physical body, and the rising of the spirit, to return to the Heavenly Kingdom... I was further guiding them... into the understanding... that it is possible to walk upon the Earth, in the body of a human being, and know The Kingdom of God!  In fact, that is as it was intended to be, as it is intended to be.  And this requires Faith, the faith of a child!

“Now, when all things are right, and in balance, in the human family, a core unit of people, related by blood, marriage, bearing children, the children have faith in the parent.  Whether it’s father, or mother, or both parents together, in a functioning family the children have faith in the parents.  If something goes wrong, they run to the parents for comfort.  If something is very right, they jump with glee, running again to the parents.  If they are hungry they have faith they will be fed.  If they need new shoes they have faith they will have shoes.  When they take the hand of the parent, they walk confidently, ‘knowing,’ that there is the protector with them, as they go out into the world, no matter whether it is: the first day of school; the first day of college; the first day they move into their own apartment; or, the first day that they will say, ‘I do,’ to another.  With all of these ‘firsts,’ they have faith... that their parents, their earthly parents, are there, supporting, protecting, guiding, holding their hand while they walk into the world. 

“This is the way it is meant to be in a functioning family.  And this is exactly the way it’s meant to be, when you have faith, in your Eternal Parent; just as a child, jumping with glee, when something goes very right, sitting quietly, waiting for guidance, when things appear to go very wrong; yet taking the hand of the Eternal Parent, and walking, with faith, and confidence.    This is as it’s meant to be.    And I will share this with each of you, this is how I lived upon the Earth!  I would step away from the crowd, I would go into a deserted place, I would climb upon a hill, or sail-out on a sea to reconnect, in a most profound way, with God, the Eternal Parent, so: that as I walked, My hand was completely enfolded in the hand of God; that every step I took had direction, as guided by God; that the words I spoke, were not Mine, but those ‘of God.’  And this ensured... I would complete My mission... holding the hand of My Eternal Parent, through all things.

“I share this message, with each of you today, because it is the simple answer to a question of faith:   

“Be as a child!  Every time you see a parent, walking hand-in-hand with a child, it should restore your faith, to some degree, and be ‘an outward sign,’ of how you should be walking with God.  Call Me, sit with Me, and I will speak to thee, and I will fill you with guidance, and point you in the right direction; but you can be assured that direction will usually be...  

“Have faith, and take the hand of God, for it is always there!  It is easy to reach-out, and take the hand of God!”

Sunday Sermons
August 18, 2013
I AM With You, And
You Are All Children Of God
Upon Earth,  So  Let The Earth
Bear The Mark Of Your Coming

  I AM with  you.   I  AM  closer  to  you,  than  you  can  imagine;  and  while  no  trumpet  heralds  My  approach,  the  songs  of  Earth  can  be  heard,  saying,  ‘Awaken,  for  I  AM  with  you,  just  as  I  promised  I  would  be!’ 

“It was a puzzle to those encircled around Me, when I told them, that as I went Home, returning to The Father, I could help them more, for there are so many limitations in the physical attributes, of Earth; but in Spirit, there are no boundaries at all.  Therefore, I walk the corridors of all time, and no time, to come to you.  And in this Way... I speak to each of you, all of My brothers and sister, no matter where you are, who you are, or what you do... I come to you.  I will seek you... until you find Me... in the quiet place, of love, within your heart!  And at that moment, your soul will sing, and your spirit will dance with delight, because that is the natural state of the children of God.  My leaving Earth and returning to Heaven did not diminish the gift of life, given to every child by The Eternal Parent.  I spoke of life, eternal life, the ultimate gift, and living forever.  ‘Knowing,’ that you will live forever should be gift enough.  Knowing you have an opportunity to experience Earth, should be gift enough.

“Those who loved Me, those whom I gathered around Me, questioned.  ‘How Master,’ they said, ‘can we follow what you are saying, and still live in the world?  The world does not teach these things.  The world teaches an eye-for-an-eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth.  The world teaches, guard carefully what you have, so that it might not be taken from you by a thief in the night.’  And I said to them, in so many words, what I wish to say to each of you today.  You are guarding carefully, the wrong thing!  Guard carefully... the health of your spirit... and follow it, to the nth degree: so that your soul sings; so that you are living for the glory of God; so the treasures you hold precious are the gifts of The Holy Spirit, the unseen treasures of eternity!  This is what you should guard. 

“Why did I pull a child from the crowd, and say, ‘Come,’ and then tell all, ‘...this is how you are to be’?  A child has very few preconceived notions, but a child recognizes love.  Love, love first, set all things aside, and focus your thoughts on love.  Reject the temptations of the world.  Reject the temptation to be so distracted: filling your calendars, and your schedules, with things you think you need to do; being tempted away... from communion, with The One... who created you.

“Focus on God.  Focus on love, and light.  Focus on what you can do, for the glory of God; and leave all other things to fall where they may.  For I tell you this, if you are doing the work of God, you are doing the will of God, and as you are willing to do the work of God, the will of God... will work miracles... in the world around you.  

“Do not hold a grudge.  Make sure you have forgiven every thing, everything!  I tell you, if someone continues to trespass against you, in a habit of repetition, saying, or doing, the same thing, over and over again, I tell you, you must forgive them, over and over again, to free yourself.  It is opposite of what the world teaches.  Hold no grudge, in other words, leave the ways of the world alone, and focus on the Way of God!

“So many times, the question would come up when I was walking upon the Earth.  ‘When will the end come?  When will The Kingdom of God come upon the Earth?  When, when?  How, how?  You see, it was believed that this great happening, this event, would crush the preconceived wrong-doers, and raise-up the believers, in a rather royal fashion.  But this was not to be, how The Kingdom, of God, would be delivered to Earth. It was never intended to be thus.  The Kingdom of God ~ will be delivered to Earth ~ through the children of God!

“There will not be a time when you turn to each other, and say, ‘Here it is time.  Look, The Kingdom of God is here.’  There will not be a time when you can say, ‘Listen, listen The Kingdom of God is here.’  For, I tell you The Kingdom of God is within you!  And it will be a most magnificent occurrence, when each child of God is determined to deliver The Kingdom of God to Earth!  Can you imagine... can you even consider... what it would be like, to live upon Earth, amongst your brothers and sisters, with each one: focusing on God, and love, and light, and peace; opening the box of the gifts of The Holy Spirit, and choosing to use these gifts, only, rejecting the energies created in the world?  And I say unto you, you are correct in your assumption, it would be Heaven, upon Earth! And that is how it is meant to be! 

“Each one of you has the ability, while you are living your short time upon Earth, to deliver ~ The Kingdom of God ~ to every person, every place you journey.  Open, the eyes of your soul, and see, what is happening around you.  The Kingdom of God ~ is not something far away ~ it is within you!  You are blessed.  You are upon Earth.  You are children of God, upon Earth.  Let Earth ~ bear the mark ~ of your coming.  Let Earth bear the mark of your thoughts, creating love, and light, and peace.  Let Earth bear the mark of your song, singing that which God wishes for you to sing, rather than speaking in ‘the ways of the world.’  And let Earth bear the mark of your deeds, so that as you move over the Earth, all who see you... will say... ‘That truly is a child of God, and blessed is The Way!’ ”

Sunday Sermons
August 25, 2013
The Simple Truth
Of God’s Love For You

  I AM with  you.   I  AM  with  you,  as  the  bird  calls  from  the  branch  of  the  tree.    I  AM  with  you,  as  the  gentle  morning  breeze  moves  the  leaves  with  its  breath,  and  the  flowers  dance  with  delight,  within  its  embrace.    I  AM  with  you,  as  the  shadows  of  the  night,  fade  with  the  coming  of  light,  and  the  birth  of  a  new  day.   I  AM  with  you,  in  spirit,  closer  than  you  can  imagine!

“That I AM with you, right now, in this present moment, is simple, yet amazing.  Some of you might find it easier to believe that the continuing creation story is complex, and difficult to understand, consisting of many tangents, and uncountable facets, shining so brightly at times, evasive at others.  Some of you have sought truth, by scouring through ancient transcripts, and modern books, looking for the key, which will show you The Way.  Some of you have sought wisdom, from the words spoken by others, you consider more scholarly and worthy of respect.  Some of you have walked into the desert, or sat high upon a mountaintop, waiting to hear the words you long to hear.  But I tell you, you will find, all that you seek, within; for, that which you seek is written upon your heart, and your soul sings the song, of sweet promise, to any who will be still.

“Today I speak to you ‘of the Truth,’ as, you need to hear it, and once spoken, the truth will settle upon you, as a tender caress, and flow into your heart; and the hand of God will move you to a place of understanding, that – that which is within you – you have carried from the Dimension of Perfection to Earth; and, that which you carry within is precious, it is sacred, it is the whisper of God: telling you how to rise-up, and bless all of the Earth, with your presence; telling you how to walk The Way.  But to hear the whisper of God, one must be still, and quiet, and open to that which will be delivered in silence, bringing the hungry child to tears, with the realization of truth, and of love... infinite, love... perfect, love... simple, love. 

“Love is found, within truth.  Truth is found, within love.

“Be still, and listen to the song of your soul, for it is singing the words written upon your heart.  And the words are simple, for in simplicity, you will find eternal wisdom.  God’s creation is simple, God’s creation is love.  And to understand God’s creation, and God’s love, one must release the complex ideas, and concepts, developed through rumination, theorizing, speculation, and conjecture, to embrace the simple truth – of God’s love, for you – for all of the children upon Earth – for all of creation!  My brothers and sisters, understanding is, simply, embracing the truth of God’s love!  It requires no degree, or years of study, to know the ways of God; for the ways of God are written upon your heart, and your soul knows the song! 

“Be still, and listen, and you will hear, and you will ‘know,’ that all you are seeking... you already hold... within!  This week, take some time, every day, to be still, journey into the corridors of your sacred being, cross-over the threshold, and enter the chamber, where you will hear the whisper, and smile. 

“Hello, God.  I hear You, and Your whispered Words fill me, with joy, and my life is complete, in Your Love!   Hello, God!   I am here!”