"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
November 24, 2013
This Year
In Honor Of
Thanksgiving Day
Celebrate And Use Your
Gifts From The Holy Spirit Of God

  I AM with  you.  I touch you.  I love you!  My desire is to reveal, and illuminate the potential, within each of you, for each of you carry, within you, gifts from God, called, most frequently, ~ The Gifts of The Holy Spirit; ~ gifts, ~ most of the time, left: unused; unexplored; some of the time used, but more often they sit, unused; and, how can you be thankful for a gift, you know not, that sits, unused? 

“Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, are preparing this week, for a great holiday, a holiday that opens the doors to great festivities: the end of the year; the coming of Christmas; celebrating, of sending the old year out, and welcoming the new year in;  all of these things, seem to begin with Thanksgiving Day.  It is a time when you gather with family, or you sit and think about family or friends.  You think about ‘the food,’ you have to eat, you think about ‘the material things,’ you have been given, the success you have achieved, goals realized.  There is a lot of celebration, involved with Thanksgiving; but very few ~ shine the light of Thanksgiving ~ to extend to ~ the spiritual gifts ~ they have been given, those gifts that make it possible to do all things!  Therefore, I speak to you this day, of how to celebrate Thanksgiving... in a new Way... a more powerful Way... a miraculous Way...

“Think about celebrating Thanksgiving, with gratitude for the spiritual gifts; for the richness of spiritual life, available for each one of you, if you will choose to use it.  So, I invite you, for this coming week, to pick-up your gifts, your spiritual gifts, and begin to use them, work with them!  See ‘the miracles,’ which will come forth from them.  See ‘you,’ in a different way, ~ shining, ~ glowing, ~ operating, in the spiritual realm!

“If you can do these things, your Thanksgiving will have more meaning to you: it will be multi-dimension; it will be spiritual, and physical; it will be a Thanksgiving, uniting Heaven and Earth, and all the potential held within every human being!

“This week: you will moving amongst individuals; you will be moving into situations, and out of situations; there will be events, and non-events; even when you are alone, in a solitary mode, you are going to have ‘the opportunity,’ to use the gifts, which often go unused, within you. 

“If you encounter someone who is so frustrated they tend to be angry, maybe speak harshly, or in an unkind way, to you, that is ‘the opportunity,’ you are waiting for.  That is it.  Rather than following ‘the temptation,’ that is whispered, ‘You should be angry.  You should be upset with that person,’ reject it, and search amongst your spiritual gifts.  Call forth the spirit of tolerance, and understanding.  Call it forth.  It is yours.  And the spirit of tolerance and understanding will come unto you, and you will be speaking ‘tolerance,’ and ‘understanding!’  Every situation you encounter, no matter how dreary, or frustrating it can be, gives you the opportunity to use the gifts that are yours.

“When you are tempted to be frustrated, cast the spirit of frustration from you, and call forth the spirit of patience, ‘Come, sit with me,’ and that is what you will speak.

“When you are tempted to anger, cast that spirit from you, and call forth the spirit of love, ‘Come, and sit with me,’ and then, love is what you will think and speak.

“When you are tempted by the spirit of sorrow, or grief, reject that spirit, and call forth the spirit of compassion, and understanding, peace, and serenity.  And that is what you will think, and speak.

“My words today have a goal.  I AM seeking to enlighten you to the true potential, within you.  Do not fall, victim, to envy, or greed, or anger, or chaos, or confusion, or any of the things, the list that could go on, and on, and on, tempting you, into a less than glorious life.  Use The Power that is within you, to sit with the spirits, the beautiful spirit of peace, compassion, patience, tolerance, love, forgiveness.  And this list can go on, and on, as well. 

“Use the gifts you have been given to ‘perfect,’ your week, and come Thanksgiving Day, you will have experienced a life ~ filled with joy, ~ and peace, ~ and you will be confident.  You will have much to be thankful for, because by using your gifts, the gifts given to you by God, through The Holy Spirit, you will be uniting Heaven and Earth.  And it will all happen, through you, in what you think, and say, and do!” 

Sunday Sermons
September 8, 2013
The Simple Way,
To Attain Happiness, To Be
In Balance, To Know Inner-Peace,
Maintain... Your Connection... With God

  I AM with  you.    As  this  New  Day  begins  upon  the  Earth,  I  AM  with  you.    For  it  is  in  this  Way,  that  I  can  reach-out  and  touch  you,  I  can  say  to  you...  simple  things,  which  will:  lead  you  into  a  new  understanding  of  life  upon  Earth;  take  you  to  a  different  level  of  joy  and  excitement;  renew  your  spirit;  nourish  your  soul;  and  lift-you-up,  so  your  heart  is  happy  and  bold,  ready  to  live,  as  you  are  truly  meant  to  live.

“Today, My message is very brief; for I wish for you to sit with it for a while, before you carry it into this new week.  There is a very Simple Way... it is one of the most simple ways... to attain happiness, to be in balance, to know inner-peace.  And the way, of which I speak, is... to refuse to enter into any type of conflict, argument, heated debate.  This might sound like it would restrict you from speaking in most cases, because it appears that today, in the world created by human beings, there is constant movement from one discussion, or argument, to another.  There are those who become quite talented wielding words, shooting-them-out, as if coming from a slingshot, hitting their mark, just right.  This very rarely... brings happiness and joy... and it certainly does not create an atmosphere of peace.  So, let us return to the simple.

“Refuse to argue!  And you might say, ‘Well, that’s simple.  I can do that.’  But be mindful, of this charge, this direction, because you will find, the first few hours, you are attempting to reach this goal, of non-conflict, that it is not quite as easy as you think it is.  A simple question  such as, ‘Did you see that red dress the lady had on?’ could bring a retort from you, saying, ‘Well it wasn’t exactly red, it was more rust.’  And there you go, you tend to, at that point, begin to create within your thoughts judgment, frustration, and that moves on to a different place.  So why not ignore the issue totally?  It will require a change within your being, so that you come to understand ... ... what difference does it make, if the one speaking to you believes the dress was red?  Does it matter?  No!  What matters is... what is going on with you... what are you creating... in your thoughts?   Let it go.   It does not matter. 

“If you are connected with God, if you have your connection going with God, it will not matter, if one calls the red rose yellow, or the black bird blue.  It will not matter what foods they prefer to eat, or what political party they prefer.  It will not matter! 

“What is important, and what does matter, is: what you are creating, which will live forever in your thoughts; what words you are you speaking, which roll-off of your tongue, with tone and vibration, which will echo through the corridors of all time; what deeds you are you performing, quietly, on behalf of others, on behalf of God?  This is what matters; so you see, the other is just ‘a distraction.’ 

“Do not be distracted from your connection with God.  That is the lesson!  And as long as you are there, with God in the center, nothing will topple you, unless you focus on the distraction, then, you could trip, and fall, because you have lost your balance.

“Pay attention to those around you, who seem to be quietly accomplishing great good, in little ways.  Their presence sometimes goes unnoticed.  Pay attention to those who are quietly establishing The Kingdom of God on Earth, and watch what they are doing.  They will be so busy, doing the work of God... that you will notice... they do not have time for argument, they do not seem to be in confusion, or chaos; and it is because they are holding their connection with God, at the center; therefore, they are in balance, and in peace. 

“So this is the goal, for this week:  Establish your connection with God, hold your connection, refuse to be distracted, and you will return to balance, and you will live in peace.”  

Sunday Sermons
September 15, 2013
The Simplest Way
To Achieve Your Mission
Upon Earth, Is To Walk With
God, To Live And Walk, The Way

  I AM with  you.    I  live  in  spirit  amongst  you,  and  within  you.    This  is  the  fulfillment  of  The  Promise ~ that  we  are  all  united ~ as  One. 

“It is, as a sacred symphony.  When the music is played, hundreds hear the music.  It moves into each one, and each one, feels something, to the degree they are able to bear it.    Yet all are touched by the tone and vibration, of the music.  We are all One; therefore, I can reach out to each of you, and speak to those of you who have ears willing to hear My words.

“When a talented sculptor receives the long-awaited block of marble, there is excitement, anticipation of that which is going to come, eagerness to begin; because, from within the sculptor, there is ‘a knowing,’ and the sculptor can see beyond the block of granite or marble: knowing that which lies within it; seeing it, before it can be seen; feeling it, before it is known, to any other; freeing it, with each hammer, and chip, and stroke.

“The sculptor does not begin ~ defining delicate lines ~ creating creases in an eyelid, or folds of a strand of hair.  That is for later, when the statue is there.  The sculptor takes away all that is not necessary, revealing ~ the unfinished product ~ rough, raw, in its form.  Only later comes the fine, delicate work.

“I say these things to you this morning, because I would like you ~ to think of God ~ as The Divine Sculptor, and each of you, as the piece of marble, rough, a block, no form, until the knowing hand, frees that which has been seen, only by the knowing eyes of God, held within the rough, raw form.

“When humankind was relatively young, there were precepts and laws sent to guide those who were willing: to walk with God; to be known as the holy people; to live The Way.  And these first laws, and rules, and regulations were much like the gentle tapping of the sculptor, chipping away the unnecessary part of the rock, freeing that which was held inside.  These stokes, coming from a knowing hand, did not require finesse, or delicate work; therefore, the laws were: do not kill other people; make sure it is fair and just, an eye-for-an-eye, a tooth-for-a tooth; do not steal from other people.  This was the chipping away, releasing the basic form.

“But as the hand of the sculptor moves there is a need for more delicate strokes, finer work, intricate lines, bringing life to that statue, to that piece of marble; and, to this end, the old laws were not toppled, yet refined, by an understanding, an understanding that ‘... do not steal,’ was refined to add, ‘... if someone asks you for something, give it to them.’  Give what you have to those who ask, and give them more, and let it be known that ‘the more,’ you are to give them ~ is to give with a willing spirit, ~ not begrudgingly.’  The ‘eye-for-an-eye, and a tooth-for-a-tooth,’ was refined, not toppled, adding the gentle stroke, ‘... turn the other cheek.  Do not resist.  Do not challenge.  Do not retaliate.  Do not hold grudges.’  This type of guidepost is as the delicate movement of a well-trained, highly skilled, sculptor.  This is what gives purpose, and character, to that which is being revealed.  ‘Do not kill.’  This law is not toppled; it is refined to go even further, by saying, ‘... do not be angry.’ 

“You must know these things to move into a more gentle life, to walk as God would have you walk, in the garden created by the hand of God, by the thought of God, by the will of God.  For when the last line is completed on the statue, the hand of God rises-up, and that which was released by the hand of The Sculptor moves, lives, and all know from whence it came: because of the workmanship; because of the delicate lines; because of the strong, inner core; because of the foundation.

“And do not believe that all of these things are complete once you understand: ‘Turn the other cheek;’ ‘Give what you have;’ ‘Do not be angry.’  For these too will be refined, not toppled.  The refining will come with the rubbing, the gentle preparation of the stone, by polishing the granite, the marble, until it is soft, and smooth, perfection unfolding. 

“I say these things to each of you today, because in the coming week you will be presented with opportunities to experience the old, and the new.  And you will see the change it will make within you, if you will remember.  Give-up the energies of retaliation, and turn the other cheek; the reward will be peace, confidence, and satisfaction that you have moved to a new place; and, all it required was intention and focus.  And the same will be true, with giving when you are asked, especially if you will do so with love.  And it follows through as well, with anger and frustration, because as you refine these things, these ways, these new precepts and guideposts, your life will change.  You will be happier, filled with joy, and have a better understanding of what it means ~ to live upon Earth as God intended, ~ free of strife. 

“The week is set before you.  The opportunities await.  It is your time.  You have waited for this, for so long.  You have the gifts... and the tools you need ... now live.  

“Live, and walk The Way!”  

Sunday Sermons
September 22, 2013
Listen To
The Guidance
From Within, Rise-up,
Look, And See The Unseen

  I AM with  you.    I AM always with you.    And our relationship grows closer, still: when you choose it, of your own freewill; when we establish a friendship, beyond dimensions, beyond outer-appearances, and sit with each other, within!

“Some of you ‘know, the mission,’ you have been sent to Earth to accomplish.  Some of you are ‘still seeking,’ trying to figure-out what it is you are to do.  Some of you ‘have pieces, and are fitting the puzzle together, the answer... seems close to view...

“This morning, with great love, My words are intended for those of you ~ who know the mission, ~ and who have still said, ‘Yes!’ ~ for there is much work to do! 

“How can you bring ~ The Kingdom of God ~ onto the Earth, in such a powerful way, that all who are close, see it, and recognize it, ‘as of another world, another kingdom, in their midst?’  I will tell you... now...

“Do not be dissuaded ~ by the ways of the world, ~ the words of the world, ~ the impositions of the world of man; ~ for I say unto you, ‘Many have stood at the doorway of completion, yet turned, and walked from it; because they have ‘listened,’ they have listened when other said, ‘ cannot do this!  This is impossible.  There are too many obstacles.  You are wasting your time.’  They listened to the chorus ~ of ‘the ways of the world,’ and they walked away from ~ ‘The Kingdom of God’ ~ that was just over the threshold, around the corner.

“When you are willing to move forward, when many around you say, ‘Stop,’ you will see ~ the unseen, ~ because you will bring onto the Earth the gift, the promise, the fulfillment, of what was always there!  It just took ‘faith, and trust, for it to appear,’ so all might see, the unseen!  When you are guided by Spirit, from within, you make it possible for others to see, the unseen, by what you do.  It takes faith, faith born anew every day, sometimes two, and three, and four times a day, because the temptations... will be abundant.

“There is comfort in mediocrity, because once you have resigned yourself to live in a certain way, to be complacent, about what is going on around you, it is comforting to know, to look around, and see, that you have company, that you get-up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, get-up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, and find yourself in a comfortable repetition.  This is ‘the distraction,’ that keeps so many from fulfilling the promise, from delivering The Kingdom of God to Earth. 

“Listen to the guidance, from within!  It is the only Way... to do it... to fulfill your mission, to actually see... The Kingdom of God... flowing... onto the Earth!  And if you will begin to pay attention to what is happening around you, you will find others doing the same thing, truly walking to the rhythm of a heavenly symphony, being guided by the voices of angels, finding comfort in the direction, written by the finger of God.  That which makes ‘no sense,’ ~ in the world of man ~ is an everyday occurrence in ~ The Dimension of Perfection; ~ for, that which is to be moved, will be moved, when you arrive at that place.  In fact, mountains will crumble, if that is what is required, for you to move forward.  The sea will part, if that is what is required, for you to move forward.  And the voices ‘of dissension,’ will be quieted, if that is what is required, for you to move forward.

“Close your eyes to the ways of the world, and look, and see the unseen!  Close your ears to the words of the world, and listen to the voices of angels.  Move at a pace that is regal, and poised, and you will open the door, and the promise will be there!  Seek, and you will find that it has been with you, all the time.  The unseen ~ is more powerful ~ than the seen; the words of angels, more stirring, than the poetry of man; the promise, more fulfilling, than all the gold and silver, you can hold in your hand. 

“Rise-up... and look... and see... the unseen!”

Sunday Sermons
September 29, 2013
Are Just A
Belief ~ Away,
And Today, I Will
Show You The Way

  I AM with  you.    I  move  from  one  dimension  to  the  other,  with  ease;  for,  I  AM  totally  spirit  now.    And  in  this  state,  it  is  My  choice,  of  how  I  reveal  Myself  to  you;  but  no  matter  the  choice  I  make,  the  apparition  I  deliver,  I  AM  with  you!

“There is a unique understanding, compassion and understanding, on the part of all of us in-Spirit-form, for those who are noble, and say they are ready: for a human experience; to make a difference; to begin to return Earth to The Garden, it was always intended to be!  And it is fitting, and proper, that this reparation, this reconstruction, be done by those in human form, because the world of mankind was created by those in human form!  When you come to understanding the history of it, the line of it, you will come to comprehend... that it is not only good... but imperative... that beings in human form... begin to bring about the restoration of The Garden; so there might be an understanding, a ‘knowing,’ of what happened, and a celebration, of ‘the choice,’ to return Earth ~ to The Way ~ it was always meant to be!

“Today, I wish to share a few things with you, and it is best that these things not be shrouded in parables or stories, but that they be set forth outright; and accordingly, I will speak to you this morning.. as if I am preparing an outline for a speech, or a book, or a movie... 

“Number One... You are a child of God... The Creator of All Things, The Source of All Life, eternal life; for you shall never die!  You will change clothes, so you are properly dressed for the event you are attending... and this clothing... is the body of Earth, of stardust and moonbeams, the dust of Earth.  Do not lose track of who you are, for it will make your mission upon Earth more difficult.

“Just as you cannot deny DNA in your physical heritage, your lineage, you cannot deny your spiritual DNA, which will be, and can be, traced directly back to God; therefore, let your life reflect this knowledge, a knowing of this.  Who are you?    Who ... are ... you?    And hearing that question, your first answer, should be, without hesitation, I am a child of God!

“If you ask someone where they are from, they will say a state, or a county, or a country, or a city; very rarely will you hear, ‘I am from the Dimension of Perfection, Heaven.’  But verily, I will say unto thee, that is exactly where you are from!  And it is holding this wisdom, this knowledge of your lineage... that will bring you to a point... of walking upon the Earth... in a totally different way.

“When I lived upon the Earth, I walked amongst many; but I never said, ‘I AM your king, you must bow down to Me, and you will see Me do miracles, that you cannot do, because I AM Lord, over you.’  I did not say these things, because I knew: I was walking amongst My brothers, and sisters, who, given the opportunity, could do everything I was doing!  I said this over and over again, but no one believed Me.  I spoke words that moved people to tears with knowing, with receiving the truth, and their heart was singing from it, in such a way, that their physical body was moved to tears; but I clarified what was said, twenty – thirty times a day, by saying, ‘These are not My words.’  I was speaking words, as I was directed by God, The Creator; and, all of the universe was responding, because all of the universe... recognized the vibration... ‘of God!’

“I kept My connection to The Dimension of Perfection, My connection with Our Father, Our Creator, open, all of the time, knowing that, that is The Source of instant miracle working.  The power of God moving through Me, healed, and made those whom were broken, whole, once again.  If you search, you will find accounts that say clearly, ‘the power was moving through Me.’  I did not do these things on My own, wake-up and know this.  I did not say I was doing them on My own.  The power of God was moving through Me, in such a way, that miracles were frequent, and abundant.  All that was required was faith, on the part of any who would reach-out, and accept, that which was there, in their presence.

“Your life, upon Earth, will change, in such an amazing way, if you will just embrace these simple truths of who you are, and where you can from, and that you, truly, can do everything I do, because it is not you.  Left to your own devices, you could do pretty well.  But with the power of God, surging through you, there is nothing you cannot do; because you see, if you surrender, and become the tool, then ‘exactly what is meant to be done,’ shall be accomplished, because God will use you: to create the miracle; to bring forth the healing; to feed thousands with a few fish; to walk on water, so that you might calm the fears of others.

“Number Two...  Another truth, for those of you who are: still with Me; still able to bear what I AM saying to you this morning; still willing to see Me, as your brother, rather than a being who wishes to stand above you, apart from you, and lord over you; I will say more.  Once you are able to reach the position of letting the power of God flow through you, it is ‘your responsibility,’ to keep your corridors and hallways open; for I will tell you, the power of God is there!  The only things that hinder miraculous events from occurring, when the power of God is with you, are the dams, the blockages, the barriers, and the obstacles, you have placed in the way, many of them holding the names of: fear, and doubt, shame, and guilt.  Anything less than total light, and understanding of who you are, will clog-up the passageways, and inhibit the power delivered through you.  Some passageways are so blocked that the power is there, but there is no outer-appearance of it, at all. 

“Number Three...  “If you are still with Me, and if you are willing to do the inner-work, necessary, to clear the hallways of the debris that has mounted-up there, then I say this to you.  You can walk into a room, and leave behind, twenty, thirty, or more, who are healed; whether it be ‘of body or spirit, heart or soul, and have people, still, question you; be astounded; but be unable to believe; their hearts are hardened, in the ways of the world.  Yet, if you walk ‘knowing, who you are,’ this will not phase you, this will not affect you. 

“Number Four...  “The most important thing you can do, as you walk upon the Earth, is to maintain your relationship, your connection, with The Source of all life, with God, Our Father.  And it is imperative that you approach, or communicate with The Creator of all things, as: a Father; a Parent; a Mother; The Source, of your life!

“Number Five...  “If you are still able to embrace what I AM saying to you, I will tell you this...  Just as every child of God upon the Earth, is just that, a child of God, there are that many ways: to create, to live your life, to experience Earth.  You must ‘choose’: to be happy, to be angry, to be sad, to be greedy, to be callous.  And in the choosing, it is important to remember, you also have a choice: to be love, to be generous, to be compassionate, to have understanding.  And further, do not assign ‘your choice,’ in such a way, that you lay the fault for your choice upon another.    You choose!   And you do!    It is up to you!

“Number Six...“One more thing, it is important for those of you, who have still been able to follow Me, to open enough to embrace these things I AM saying to thee, to know this...  As you walk upon the Earth, those who begin to see, and know, find ~ that they move energy, ~ they can understand the healing properties of flowers, and leaves, and roots, and rocks, and water.  There are many who will come to know, and understand, how certain things can be mixed together to become powerful potions, miraculous healing coming from the stamen of a flower.  These things are brought about, upon the Earth, by those who know the properties in the green kingdom, and the mineral kingdom, the kingdoms of fire, and water.  You can do amazing things, knowing how to move energy, and how to utilize what is there.  But if you want to take it to a new dimension, a new level, open your inner-connections, and maintain your communication with God.  Then you can use... what is available for you to use... in a mighty, powerful, and miraculous Way.

“Number Seven...  “If you choose to try this living, eternal experiment, you will need to be ‘ministered to,’ to have your faith renewed, when those around you doubt, when you seem alone; and, that is when the angels come, and sit with you, and show you The Way, and remind you, of who you are, every day, directing you, assisting you, ministering to you.

“These things I have spoken to you are valuable tools.  And if utilized, will assist you in the construction of a perfect lifetime upon Earth.  You see, you are upon Earth, right now, to do something very important!  And that very important thing ~ has to do ~ with restoring The Garden to the way God intended it to be!  Now, the ways you might do it will vary, from one individual to another: but you are still Spirit, upon Earth to accomplish something, for God, if you will let your ego get-out-of-the-way, push-it to the side, and for just a day, try ‘being the tool, in the hand of God.’  You cannot miss with this, for whatever God intends, shall be done, if you are willing to be ‘the instrument,’ that is going to bring it through, to the third dimension. 

“So, if you want to experience miracles, put yourself right in the middle of the hand of God, and say, ‘Use me!’  And then, prepare to see, to know, to live, to witness, to deliver ... miracles ... sent from The Dimension of Perfection, to those of Earth, through you!”

Sunday Sermons
Octber 6, 2013
There Is
Great Wisdom
In Knowing: When
To Speak, And When To
Hold  Your  Tongue,  ~  Pro-
claim The Glory Of God, ~ With
Acclamation, ~ Without Accusation

  I AM with  you.    You  are  ready  to  begin  a  new  day.    And  with  the  gift  of  each  new  day:  there  is  opportunity,  there  is  adventure,  there  is  another  leg  of  the  journey,  there  is  another  horizon  just  before  you.    It  is  the  new  day...  come!

“When I walked upon the Earth, I spoke, as directed, by God.  My words delivered ‘a new message.’  I did not cast down the old ways.  I did not demand... that those who were following the old laws... change what they believed... to fit into what I was saying.  I spoke, so those who had ‘ears to hear the new message,’ would recognize... that which they were looking for... and ‘know,’ I was with them!  The things I did, and the things I said, often did not ‘fit,’ the rules and the regulations of that time; because, I was delivering ‘a new Way.’ 

“And as I spoke, it was easy to see that some felt ‘threatened,’ by these new ways, these new proclamations; but it should not have been so, because the old can stand next to the new, without denying the glory of the old, without denying the glory of the new, different ways for different times. 

“I walked amongst those who did not follow the old ways at all.  I lived amongst those who did, and I honored their ways.

“I say these words to you today... because it is important for you... to live The Way, as you are guided to live, from within!  I say these words to you today, so that you might not be threatened, by the ways of others; but joyful, for the ways revealed to you, so that ‘it fits, exactly, into every fiber of your being,’ The Way for you!  I promised this, before I returned Home, saying: that I would ask The Father, and The Father would send the Counselor, not to just a few, not one Counselor, to stand-up in front of all, and say, ‘This is The Way,’ but a Counselor, who would be within you, so that The Way would slip into your being, because it was part of you, especially designed for you!  And as God would have it, and as it is possible for God to do, each individual teaching... would lead each individual being... to the same place... ultimately, coming from different directions, heading in the right direction!    This  is  important! 

“I gave many comparisons about the importance of the inner-teaching, defining... that which is new... that which is old.  For it is important for those who have embraced the old teaching to live it as they know it, to live it, from within; and for all those around them, to acknowledge that is their right, their freewill to live as they are guided from within.  And the same applies to the new, the one who embraces the new.  I say the new, but verily, it is only new for a specific time.  It is actually the old, unfolding, moving into the ultimate creation.  But you cannot demolish one, for the sake of the other, because it will ruin the flow of creation; therefore, it must all fit, in the right place, at the right time.

“One who has been dancing the steps of an old rhythm, knows the steps, and knows the rhythm, and the dance is good.  But when the rhythm changes, and those who are ready for the new rhythm begin to dance, the ones who are attached to the old dance find it difficult to move with the new rhythm; for, the old rhythm is within them.  Yet the dance, and the new rhythm, fit some perfectly.  But it is not right to tell those who are dancing the old rhythm... to stop... to be replaced, by the new.  It is to look at each, and see, and know, the importance of both. 

“Those who have been drinking the old wine like the taste, enjoy the feeling of it, flowing over their lips, and down their throat.  It is comfortable.  It is a taste they know.  And when the new wines are bottled, and brought forth, those who have been enjoying the old, find little desire to even taste the new.  They say, ‘This is fine for me.  That can be fine for you.’  It is important, and it is known by the wise, to watch, and see, and not judge, but to see the growth, to see the blossom, of the new.

“It is good to know your heritage.  It is good to know from whence you came.  It is good to see it all, and then embrace, as you are taught, and move forward.  This is ‘Wisdom.’  And this is the wisdom of God ~ that the teacher of The Way, be within each of you, ~ because in that way, it is easy to accept, because: it is in your fiber, in your being; it is coming from the core of your being, moving throughout your body; it is the right taste, the correct rhythm. 

“And this... is what I wanted to say to each of you today... ‘Be mindful of that which is coming from within you.  The Holy Spirit of God ~ will lead you ~ into all truth, all truth, as you are able to bear it, as you are ready, as you are willing.  And it is important that you have ‘understanding,’ and permit others around you to experience the same inner-teaching, inner-truth; because in that way, all peoples, all children of Earth, will be walking to a rhythm that is just right for them.  And somehow the hand of God will choreograph the entire dance upon Earth.  And in ultimate glory, all beings will converge upon the same place, the same spot!’

“Do not fight amongst yourselves about who is right, and who is wrong; for, if you are being guided by The Holy Spirit of God, from within, it all will fit! 

“Be at peace this day!  Let your inner-rhythm move your step.  Let the words of The Holy Spirit move over your tongue: be tolerant, be understanding, be patient, be compassionate, be the light, be the glory, and you will experience the joy of God!”         

Sunday Sermons
Octber 13, 2013
Be Will-
ing To Change
Your Prospective,
And Understanding,
Harmony, And Peace,
Will Be Your Reward

  I AM with  you.    I  move.    I  cross  the  barriers  of  the  dimensions.    I  seek  you;  therefore  I  find  you,  wherever  you  are.    And  when  you  turn  from  the  distractions,  of  everyday  life,  to  see  Me,  we  share,  we  are  in  communion,  we  are  close,  we  feel,  and  know,  we  are  One!

“Stopping ~ the chores, the tasks, the assignments, temporarily setting aside worldly responsibilities, ~ to find peace, in the true reality, ~ requires the desire to do so; and that desire is rewarded: with fulfillment; with a richer, deeper understanding; with love!

“When you are in the company of one, or few, or many, individuals, who are in-sync with the ways that you operate, hold the same values, come from the same background, enjoy the same heritage of food, and clothing, mannerisms, patterns of speech, you feel comfortable.  But when another, or a few, or many, from a different place, with different patterns of speech, with different habits, and clothing, come on to the scene, or move into your area, things seem out- of-balance for a while.  There could even be suspicion.  Who are these people?  What is their intention?  What is their purpose?  Why are they here?  Questions ~ which seem to have no answers ~ for a while!

“Rules and regulations are usually set in place to establish a code of behavior, which operates, for the good of the whole, all of the people.  Something as simple as establishing driving rules and regulations, create thoroughfares, which allow traffic to move in order, giving some permission to go at one time, and others permission to go at another time, so that the roadways are not: blocked, and clogged, and dangerous, to maneuver.  Governments set rules and regulations, for the good of the whole; but they also set rules and regulations, so that the least might not be trampled, by the more powerful.  Households set rules and regulations, so that there might be peace within the boundaries of the home, each one knowing what is acceptable, and what is not, down to what might seem the smallest of things, like: closing a door, so the heat does not go out of the house, or the heat of the summer might not come into the house; using an ‘inside-voice,’ and an ‘outside-voice,’ in the appropriate place, at the appropriate time; learning to give another a chance to speak, holding your tongue until it is your turn to speak.  Churches, institutions of faith and belief, also set rules and regulations: appropriate dress; appropriate behavior; some, when to sit and when to stand; who can partake, of what piece of the celebration, or who can sing, and lift their voice in praise; who is qualified to speak from a pulpit, or lead a congregation. 

“I could take your entire morning, listing places, listing situations, listing different forms of government, countries, whatever you might think about, that could be lumped into that category, and it would take a very, very long time, but it would all boil down to this... Rules and regulations are good, in their place, to achieve order, equal opportunity, fairness, justice.  But without compassion, and understanding, and love, rules and regulations, and codes, can bring about tyranny, fear, oppression; they can bring about isolation.

“For the one who ‘knows, love:’ it is possible to know the rules, and the laws, and the regulations, to abide by these things, these concepts; yet, be comfortable, in reaching beyond these barriers, to deliver ‘the gift of love, to seek compassion, to have an understanding!’

“If you are willing to ‘change your prospective,’ even in the slightest degree, you ‘see something,’ you were unable to see, before you: took that step; made the decision to change your prospective.  You can stand at the front door of a building all day long.  You can know the façade of the front of the building, well.  You can know what time the door is opened to the public and what time it is locked.  But until you are willing to go around to the back door, that portion of the building remains unknown to you, unseen by you.  And the same is true about the words that come from other people.  If you are so ‘locked into your position, your belief, your thoughts, on how something should take place,’ you will not be able to change your prospective, and slip temporarily into the position of another.  But once you are willing to do this, to alter your prospective, ever so slightly, to set all of the things you think aside, and listen, with compassion, and an open heart, The Wisdom of Understanding is your gift.  It is something that comes to you, because you are willing to move, you are willing to bend, you are willing to stretch beyond your comfortable confines, to know the heart, of another!’

“This practice... takes: determination, desire, and a will to experience freedom, beyond the confines, of that which is comfortable to you.  The reward is understanding; the reward is harmony; the reward is peace; because ‘the love,’ from within the one who is willing to stretch beyond that which they ‘know,’ to visit the comfort-area of another, brings confidence, brings harmony, and brings peace.  And from the experience, you walk away ‘confident, a peaceful presence, in a chaotic, or confused situation,’ because you were willing: to bend, to bend-over and hear the words of another; to bend, to bend-over and experience the ways of another; to bend so you might move and sway; to bend, so you might see better, that which is before you; and all you had to do was ‘change your prospective.’

“This week, this coming week, you will all have an opportunity, some of you many times a day, some of you, possibly only once a week, but I can assure you, you will have the opportunity to reach beyond the boundaries, and barriers, of your comfort zone, to find compassion, and understanding, and the result will bring balance, and harmony, and you will know peace, because peace will be borne by you, within you! 

“Bend.  Move.  Stretch.  Do not be afraid.  You are bigger, and grander, and more magnificent than you can imagine when you remain in your shell; but once you are willing to break free, and see, you fly, your wings unfurl: you are a butterfly, a bird, a flower, unfolding. 

“In the true, eternal reality, you are the perfection of God, unfolding, minute by minute, hour by hour, unfolding ... perfection!” 

Sunday Sermons
Octber 20, 2013
Your Connection
With God, Let The Love
Of God Flow Through You,
And... You Will Be... At Peace

  I AM with  you.    I  AM  with  you  today,  in  Spirit.    I  AM  with  you:  as  you  rise-up;  as  you  pray;  as  you  awaken;  as  you  begin  to  move  through  the  day;  I  AM  with  you!

“When there is ‘Peace,’ all around you, there is beauty, and balance, and harmony.  All things seem right.  And even small disturbances are easily set aside, because of the atmosphere of peace, wherein love does abide. 

“But the times I wish to speak to you about today, are the times when there is turbulence around, when it can be difficult to find a peaceful corner, when things which once seemed stable, tremble, and begin to fall apart.  It is in these times, when your heart needs to be connected with God, in a mighty way!  It is in these times, when your Spirit should soar to the door of Heaven, knocking gently, restoring precious communion, communication with God!

“As I have said before, it is relatively easy to be loving and kind, compassionate and understanding, to those who are loving and kind to you.  The ‘opportunity,’ arises when you find yourself surrounded by chaos, by angry voices, by frustrated spirits, by sinking souls.  And it is in these times, that you can do the most good!  And I will say unto you, in truth, you will find it easy to do, if you are connected with Our Father, with God, with The Creator of All Things!  When you are surrounded by angry voices, actually when you are confronted by only one angry voice, you will find it possible, and fulfilling, to act with tolerance and patience, every single time, as long as you are connected with God; because when you are connected to God: you see, you know, you hear, you bless; for the one caught in anger, is the one who needs patience, blessing, and the love of God.

“During times of turmoil, and chaos, you will be... a sanctuary of peace... if you remain connected to God, if you are not distracted by what is happening all around you; for, when God is flowing, freely, through you, it is possible for you to calm the angry seas, to restore peace, where there is chaos!

“For those who desire to bring peace, and balance, and harmony, it is necessary to know that peace, balance, and harmony must first be established within your own being!  And when you find yourself in that state, as a peaceful presence, with God’s loving power flowing through you: there is no force upon the Earth that can rip that from you; no voice raised in anger, against you, can distract you, from the peace of God; no chaos and confusion, rumbling around you, can distract you from the presence of God with you!  The only difference in the experience is how connected you are, and how much you desire to do ‘the will of God.’   Once these decisions are made, the connection is in place, and your course set firmly in your intention, you will be the peace bringer; you will be the peace keeper!

“Remember: the one who is caught in anger, needs your patience, and tolerance, most; the one who is caught in chaos, and confusion, needs your compassion, and understanding, most; and, ~ what you need most, ~ is to maintain your connection with God, and keep yourself open to the love of God, ~ let it flow into you, and through you, freely, because that which passes through you, becomes ‘a piece,’ of you, and that piece of you, restores ‘the peace,’ in you! 

“Be at peace!”

Sunday Sermons
Octber 27, 2013
And Walk
Into The World
Created By Man Delivering
The Gifts Of The Kingdom Of God

  I AM with  you.    It  is  one  of  the  most  amazing  things,  regarding  eternity;  and  all  time:  past,  present,  and  future,  being  yours!    Where you are, at this moment, you might find it difficult to comprehend ~ eternal life, ~ because it seems everything around you has a beginning, has an end.  But once you begin to accept this reality, your life changes immediately, because you realize the body will fall from you, but the spirit rises-up.  The spirit is the real you, the authentic you, the eternal you!  And when you move into the ways of the world, carrying this wisdom, with you, your perspective changes; it is not the same; you see what is really happening, as it is, and go along your way.

“And it is to assist you in moving along your way, or more appropriately put, moving along The Way, I wish to address three (3) issues with you this morning:  ‘Loving,’ loving beyond the ways of the world; ‘Praying,’ praying in a way not taught by the world; and ‘Acting,’ completing your mission, in a way unknown by the world.

Loving: many of you are ‘trying,’ to love.    Many of you are trying to love your enemies, those whom you perceive doing ill toward you.  But I say it is easier to let God love, through you, than to use all of your energy, trying to do something on your own.  The ways of the world teach you to ‘stand-up for yourself, stand on your own two feet, be the source of that which you need.’  I say, you can love by letting God love through you!  Give up trying, and struggling, and simply open to the love of God, flowing through you!  And when you encounter those whom you find it difficult to love, set the things you would think, or say, aside, and make direct contact with God.  Open to the love of God, and ask, at that moment, that you be used as a conduit for God’s love, flowing to that individual, or possibly, even, individuals.  They will feel it!  It might not be apparent at first, but they will feel it!  And you will grow in faith, knowing that you delivered the love of God, while setting aside your own ego; and, that person ‘felt love!’  This is the only way to do it without depleting yourself; and you can deliver love to every portion of the Earth, in this manner!

Praying: praying for help, guidance, assistance.    How many times have you heard others say, ‘I prayed, and I did not hear an answer, I did not receive guidance, I did not get what I asked for.’?  How many times have you felt that way?  It is because you are going about praying in the wrong way.  Don’t set your intention so firmly that, that is what you pray for, that is what you plead for.  Rather, be willing to say, with faith and courage, ‘God, you see this situation.  Send me that which I need.  Guide me in that way, so that Your will, will be done, through me.’  That is way you pray, ~ so that the will of God ~ will be accomplished, through you!  You might be tempted to ask for certain things, but those certain things might not be what you need to accomplish your mission.  Therefore, The Eternal Parent, holding eternal wisdom, gives you what you need, not what you think you want.  In this way, every single prayer will be answered by God, and the result will come through each of you.

“Take Action, on your mission.    Once you are open to God’s love, and God’s love, and power, and light, is flowing, freely, through you, and once you know how to sit with God, and accept what God is telling you, setting aside the things that you want, the things you desire, embracing the gifts of God, ~ then ~ you are ready to move into your mission.  But it is very important for you to ~ understand that ~ you have what you need to accomplish your mission!  Embracing The Holy Spirit, the wisdom of The Holy Spirit, will enhance your gifts, in such a way that you will be astounded every day, because you will be using your gifts with the wisdom of God!

“When the chosen few around Me, you call apostles and disciples, were sent-out to accomplish certain missions, they went!    And because of their faith, they were able to heal, to cast demons from people, to make the world a better place, because they were confident in what they were doing.  But when this faith, this confidence, began to slip, they turned-around, or came running-back to Me, saying, ‘Why can’t we do this, we did it yesterday?’  And I said, unto them, ‘You need to be confident, in that which God will do, through you!’  They spent many days: vacillating between confidence, and lack of confidence, doubt; questioning whether this could be true, whether God would work miracles through each of them.  No matter what I told them, they still found it difficult to believe.  But after My return to The Dimension of Perfection, I did follow through with what I said I would do, and God sent The Holy Spirit!  Because when you receive The Breath of The Holy Spirit, and know it, and welcome it within you, then there is confidence, there is courage, there is faith; and from these things comes wisdom; and from wisdom, comes the ability to perform the miracles of God!

“Take these three (3) things with you into this week.    Alter your perspective about loving; let God love, through you!  It will change your life, and the lives of those around you.    Alter your perspective about praying; let God give you what you need, for God knows this, better than you.  It will change your life, and the lives of those around you.  Open to The Holy Spirit, so that, that which you carry within you will be glorified, so that you can rise-up, and walk into the world of man: knowing how to love, knowing how to pray, knowing how to act in such a way, that your mission is accomplished, every single day!” 

Sunday Sermons
November 3, 2013
Free Yourself
Today,  Forgive,  And
You  Will  Come  To  Know
Living, As You Are Meant To Live

  I AM with  you.    I  move  through  the  corridors  of  all  time,  in  and  out  of  dimensions,  traveling  from  The  Dimension  of  Perfection,  a  place  which  is  called  Heaven,  coming  to  speak,  with  you!    I  AM  compelled  to  do  this,  because  I  know  life  upon  Earth.    I  lived  life  upon  Earth.    And  having:  been  born,  lived, died,  and  risen,  I  can  address  the  issues  you  carry  within,  from  a  point  of  experience.

“Almost everyone, hearing these words, or reading these words, is carrying something ‘unforgiven.’  It is extra weight; it is a burden; it is a chain; and it weighs you down!  For some of you, at first you might deny ~ that there is anything there, ~ because that something unforgiven, is small; you have pushed it into a corner, and you think it doesn’t bother you at all; but it does!  No matter how good your life seems to be right now, if you will release that burden, it will be ‘better,’ because you will be lighter; it will be done; you will be free!  Just because it is small, do not ignore it.  Take the time to sit, be still, address that small issue, and forgive, everything associated with the situation, and ‘in the forgiving,’ you will feel ‘lighter, better, healthier!’

“Most of you ‘know,’ what you are carrying, which remains unforgiven.  And although you might deny it, you must accept this truth; the only reason it remains unforgiven is because ‘you refuse,’ to do so.  And this I share with you, that refusal stems from ‘ego,’ and that joining so strongly with ego, keeps you separate, apart.

“Trust Me, enough, to sit down today, and participate in active forgiveness, forgiveness for that one or two things that remain unforgiven.  I do not say you will be able to do it entirely, in one sitting.  But you can make a beginning.  And even in the beginning of it, you will feel lighter, happier, healthier, freer.  And that taste of freedom will lead you right back to the place you have been rejecting, for so long; for, the forgiving is yours to do!  Do not waste another day of your lifetime, carrying something, some burden; for it is not necessary.  Free yourself today!  Begin; ~ for it is the only way ~ to realize life upon Earth, as it is meant to be! 

“No matter what Sacred Scripture you choose to use as a reference, as a comfort, as a guidepost, therein you will find... forgiveness... over, and over, and over again; because, it is vital to your health, and wellbeing. 

“Begin today, choosing that which has been unforgiven.  Lift-it-up!  Forgive!  Let it fall from you!  Hold-it-up, and you will begin to see, that, that which was heavy at first, becomes lighter, with every stage of forgiveness; until the last particles fall between your fingers, like pieces of sand, drifting from you, never again to burden you, once it is done. 

“Pick today, to be your day of freedom!  Use ‘Forgiveness,’ as ‘The Key,’ to unlock the prison door, and run into the light; for, it is time, and you are ready!”

Sunday Sermons
November 10, 2013
Which You
Cannot Do, God
Can Do Through You,
All Things Are Possible When
You Open, Receive, And Believe

  I AM with  you.    I  AM  speaking  to  you!    I  AM  reaching-out  to  you!   
I  AM!    There  is  not  so  much  distance  between  us  at  all;  for,  communion  with  Me  is  a  breath  away,  a  prayer  away,  a  thought  away;  we  are  that  close;  and  as  you  grow  in  spiritual  wisdom,  you  will  come  to  understand:  how  Heaven  can  be with  you;  how  I  AM  with  you;  how  you  can  reach-out  and  take  My  hand!    These  things  will  be  revealed  to  you,  when  the  time  is  right,  when  you  are  ready  to  set  aside  ‘the  ways  of  the  world,’  and  ‘believe,’  believe  the  eternal  truth;  and,  at  that  time,  all  things  will  be  illuminated,  and  you  will  see,  and  in  the  seeing,  you  will  know!

“You were sent from Heaven, the dimension of perfection; you were sent to Earth to make a difference; you were sent with a mission, and the mission is certainly possible for you to complete; for there would be no reason to send you to accomplish a mission that was not possible for you to do; but many of you find yourselves in places facing challenges which seem insurmountable; and it is at these times, in these places and in these situations, when you will ‘awaken to the possibility that miracles will happen, through you; if, you will open, receive and believe!’

“You will find, in your course of your lifetime upon the Earth, that there are people you encounter who are difficult to love, at best; yet, the instruction is clear, ‘Love your enemies, as yourself.’   And the only thing you have to do, when you find yourself in this particular situation, is to be still, receive the love, the power, and the glory of God, and believe that it can flow through you to another, changing the course of the situation for the better, and in many cases, changing it miraculously. 

“Many of you might find yourselves in positions which seem chaotic, confusing.  You may find yourself turning in circles, not knowing where to go, and no matter where you look, it seems shadowy, threatening, darkness; and, it is in these times, that you discover ~ you have the ability to accept the possibility, and in accepting the possibility, to receive God’s love, flowing through you; and in that moment, in that sacred moment, when you believe, the power of God flows through you, and The Way is made clear; your path is illuminated; you are enlightened;  because  you  believe !

“Believing to this extent, believing in such a way, that miracles happen around you every day: requires that you open, requires that you set aside the perimeters and the yard sticks of the world, and ‘accept, that which God is telling you, accept, that which God is showing you, without hesitation!’

“I will give you an example of this.  When I walked upon the Earth, I brought new messages, and you have heard many of them repeated over, and over again: ‘Turn the other cheek;’ ‘When someone asks you for something, give them what they are asking for, and give them more;’ ‘Love your enemy.’  These are just a few of the messages I delivered; but most could not understand them, because they seemed so foreign, so alien, to the ways of the world.  Yet, they were messages sent from God, from Heaven, bringing freedom to all who had ears to hear the new message, the new direction, the new guidance.

“‘Most,’ did not understand; they could not accept; therefore, they turned away; but for ‘the few,’ they realized ‘the gift, in turning the cheek, in giving, in loving, in not judging others, in staying connected to God.’ 

“This is one of ‘the signs,’ I was looking for, the entire time I was upon the Earth, watching for ‘one, who would: be willing to hear, be willing to listen, be willing to grow.’  You could see it in their faces, when they began to know.  That is what I was waiting for, because it was My direction not to say more; until, they accepted that, which they were already given. 

“How could I speak of ‘the things of Spirit,’ Eternal Life, what was actually happening all around, when so few understood what I was saying about operating in the world created by man?  If you do not embrace, ‘turn the other cheek,’ how can I show you more?  Therefore, that is where it often stopped.  But I will tell you this, if you came from Heaven, you will return to Heaven.  That sounds simple, I know; but all that God created, and released freely to go-forth and accomplish something, will come back to God.  The things created ‘in the world of humankind,’ will not return to God, because they did not come from God.  Human beings make automobiles.  Human beings build houses.  Human beings stitch together clothing, and cobble shoes.  Human beings build skyscrapers.  Human beings do a lot of things, build a lot of things, make a lot of material things; but that is exactly what they are ... ‘material things.’  And these material things will not go to Heaven.

“But there are things ~ precious, and sacred, ~ that the human being can take back to Heaven; and they are ‘the things of Spirit,’ they create; they can carry them back to Heaven, in great abundance, taking back the gifts of love, compassion, understanding, gentleness.  This type of creation... lives... forever; and you can take it with you; for, every time you speak a gentle word, a kind word, a compassionate and understanding word, you create ‘what you speak.’  And that is what will live, with you, forever.

“While you are upon the Earth, take the opportunity to create more love, more compassion, more understanding.  And in so doing, you will magnify The Wisdom of God, and it will move over the Earth!  It will be a great gift!  It will be a gift, that will live forever; and you will come to understand, that, that which you cannot do on your own, God can do, through you... all things are possible... when you open, receive, and believe!”

Sunday Sermons
November 17, 2013
And Know
The Spirit(s)
With Whom You
Are Communicating

  I AM with  you.    I bring answers to questions, and sometimes, I provide questions for the answers you have found.  That might take a while for you to understand, but it is true, just the same.  That which you do not understand can be true just the same.  Truth is not confined to the limited understanding of the human being.  The noble spirits who donned the robe of humankind, to descend upon the Earth, to make it a better place, accept these limitations, and go forth knowing, confident that they will be able to rise above the limitations and boundaries to perform the work of God. 

“It is important to remember that ~ your body is not eternal, ~ your body is limited, your body is confined and restricted; but, the spirit that is you, the spirit that animates your body and brings it to life, is eternal.  And when the spirit hears the call to return Home, the body is left, lifeless; once the spirit is gone, the body is no longer animated.

“I wish for you to take this another step.  Use this information when you are communicating with others, for most of you believe that you are communicating with the person who is standing in front of you, or possibly who is at the other end of a telephone conversation, an e-mail, or other form of written communication.  But make no mistake, your belief that you are communicating with that person, is ‘slightly off-center,’ it is ‘not the total truth.’  And once you are illuminated, and see, then you will begin to understand, communication from ~ the core; ~ and this will prompt you to listen ~ more.

“When you communicate with another, you are communicating with ‘the spirit,’ who is control of the body form.  You might be communicating: with the spirit of sadness, with the spirit of disease or sickness, with the spirit of lamentation, with the spirit of grief, with the spirit of anger, or greed, or lust.  You are not just communicating with the person you see in front of you, or hear.  You are in direct communication with the spirit that is animating that body, and therefore, the wise listen very carefully to what is coming from that body, the words that are rolling over the lips, the words that are spoken, because they are the key to the spirit which is communicating with thee.  And that always ~ alters ~ what you say.   

“Those of you for whom this message is intended, because of where you are, and what you are doing, will recognize its importance.  Some of you will disregard this message, totally, believing yourselves to be excellent communicators, without getting into this conversation at all.  But, for those of you who are stirred ‘to hear,’ I call upon you to draw near, because from your understanding of this will come wisdom.

“When you encounter one who is speaking, giving you ‘The Key,’ that they are locked in sorrow, depression, or anxiety, it is ‘the sign,’ to ‘be still, back away, and pray.’  It is not necessary for you to pray that they understand what you are saying.  What is necessary is that you open to our Heavenly Parent, our Eternal Parent, and let that power and light flow through you, directly to them; because, I promise you this, it will be exactly what they need, without words.  For, I can also promise you this, the one caught in such a state, the one living with such spirits, ‘will not hear your words, as they are meant to be.’  And the same will apply to any you encounter who are caught in a web of spirits that are shadowy and dark.  Listen; and, in the wisdom of the listening, you will come to understand, that the only thing that will be ‘the right thing to do,’ is to let the power of God flow to them, through you. 

“This is a lesson, for The Masters, for those who are willing to set ego, and the ways of the world, aside: to follow the path, to know The Way, because they will ‘know,’ what to say, and what not to say, simply because of this key, I give to you, today.  ‘Know,’ the spirits with whom you are conversing; for, the shadowy ones will tempt you, they will tempt you astray, and distract you from your communication with God.  And you know that feeling!  It is very similar to sitting on a park bench, feeling the sun flow over, and warm your body, listening to the sounds of the birds, and loving God; for the ability to experience Earth in such a way.  And then, onto that tranquil scene comes two people fighting, and screaming, and making loud noises.  You are distracted from the peace, and you focus your attention on what is going on around you.  That is what the spirits, communicating with you through another, are doing, when they are the spirits of anger, or frustration, or chaos, even sickness, disease, or depression.  The thing to do, and the only way to go, ~ when you encounter the spirits of shadow and darkness ~ is to call upon God, and let that power, flow.  But very few use this information, because very few are willing to set their ego aside, and let God work, through them. 

“Now, it is easy to communicate with one, that you recognize right away as, being filled with the spirit of joy, and happiness, love, compassion, or understanding.  It flows from them, and you know it, you know it in the way they speak.  That conversation is easy.  So, the lessons come, are learned, and mastered, when you encounter the shadowy spirits in another.

“The more you work with this, the more you will be surprised.  The benefits will be great.  And in so doing, there is another reward that you might not suspect, at first, but it will be realized the longer you work in this way.  When you are communicating with those who are happy, joyful, filled with light, all that you say goes into them, and is absorbed by that energy, that spirit.  Everything is flowing, and there are no bumps in the road.  If you will master the technique to recognize, by listening, the spirit to whom you are speaking, and immediately call upon God, and let that power flow through you to them, without speaking, then there is no way your words can be twisted or turned, because they were never said.

“I say to the few of you who are willing to try this, do not be disheartened, or dismayed, if it does not work the way you think it should work the first, or even second, time, because you have spent so many years being distracted, or tempted, into conversations with the wrong spirits, that you will tend to go there, easily; but, the one thing you will notice is ~ you will be aware of ~ what you are doing.  ‘Oh,’ you will say, ‘I know!’  Do not be tempted to judge yourself as wrong.  Be willing to say, ‘I now, know!’

“Today, I have given you an answer, to a question, which will help many of you grow.  Listen, before you speak, and pay attention so that you ‘know the spirit, who is communicating with you.’  You will know, quickly, whether it is enticing you to be distracted, tempting you into the communication, or whether it is filled with joy, and light, and happiness.  Pay attention, because it is time for the masters to awaken, and know how to communicate. 

“What spirits are you communicating with?  Pay attention!”