Sunday Sermons
February 9, 2014
The Call,
Rise-up, And
Walk  Into  The
Garden Of Promise

  I AM with  you!   Feel My presence as I draw nearer... nearer... to thee; for I wish to share with you, a well known, ‘secret.’  Many know the words, few know the reality of  it.  Many hear the words, few have the vision to act, within it.  It seems right, today, that I lead you ~ into a deeper understanding of it ~ ‘God is ever with you!’  This is the great ‘it,’ of which I speak, your connection with God, the great ‘it,’ the relationship, whose richness, and completeness, depends upon you! 

“I begin, with this example, used just a day ago, to show ~ how your connection with God ~ can be rich and full, ~ slightly diminished, ~ or totally blocked; for God is with each of you, in the same way, through the same power, carrying the same love for you!  And so you might ask, ‘How is it, then, if God is with us equally, that there are those: who feel the presence more, who live the presence more, who are the presence more?’  The example I give to you ~ is a speaker, ~ standing very close to three people.  The closeness, the proximity, should allow each of the three people equal ability to hear the words of the speaker; but one ~ is congested, ~ totally blocked-up, through things that are happening in the head: allergies, sinus infections; and these ‘things,’ have come together to make it that this person has difficulty hearing; one ear is blocked, and so that person has a problem hearing the speaker.  One of the other people, who is in good health, totally open, hears all of the words with clarity.  And the third is so closed-down, so shut-down, from disease and turmoil, within; that, that person hears nothing.  But it does not matter whether one hears completely, or one hears partially, or one hears nothing at all; for the word has been spoken, and it is there, for those who will hear, and heed the word.

“It is difficult to misunderstand this example; and, I used it, not too long ago, to explain, how I functioned upon the Earth.  It is written that I said repeatedly, ‘These are not My words.  These are the words of The Father,’ because that is how I spoke.  I did not speak: My mind, or My thoughts, I kept Myself so openly connected with God that the words of God flowed into and through, Me, and those were the words I spoke.  The presence of God flowed in, and through, Me, and this ~ is the way I moved, and acted, ~ I lived God, within Me, fully, one hundred percent.  And this is how I could say, to any gathered around Me, ‘You too can do what I am doing.’  It requires that you clean your inner-being, so that there is: no blockage; no dust; no debris; no stack of obstacles; no hurts; no denials; there is a clear corridor in which you meet God, and speak the words of God.

“Most of the time upon the Earth, operating in the world of man, you find that individuals are speaking the language ‘of the world,’ living ‘the ways of the world,’ and constructing barriers ~ to The Kingdom of God ~ that is within them.  And this, leaves them in a place: of solitude; a place disconnected from God; and they feel alone, and lost; but this does not have to be. 

“God speaks ~ often,  ~  every day ~ and it is your responsibility to open the door, to hear what He does say!

“For those who open the door, and hear the word, they are often called to a special task.  This is an honor, which leads them into The Garden of Promise, where the work that they do is to be fulfilled in another present, piece, of eternity.  If you are tapped, if you are touched, if you are called by God, and you feel this inner-stirring to do something, if you are called to action, it is your responsibility to rise-up, and complete the task!  And this does not mean that you will be carried, upon a throne, ahead of all others, that it will be easy sailing.  No, this means that you will bend your knees, so that they touch the Earth, and dig in The Garden, where you will give birth ~ to ~ a promise!

“Do not be afraid to walk into that garden, to toil, even though others might mock you, or question what you are doing.  Do not be afraid to answer the call, even when it appears it is not working at all.  If you will follow as you are called and directed every day, you will soon see things being pulled together, in such a way, that there is no question, the hand of God is moving, and the hand of God is moving you! 

“When you find yourself in such a position, do not question.  If God tells you to go out, when it is storming, and stand in the midst of lightening, and thunder, go, and go quickly; for it is the will of God!  If God asks that you feed thousands, and you have but a small pantry, quickly fill the pots with that which you have, and begin feeding; for it will be enough.  Do not question, act! 

“The hand of God moves in miraculous ways!  Miracles spring-up, as the hand moves by; but remember, those who have done great things, did so ‘selflessly.’ 

“Moses was saved from certain death, hidden in the house of the king, in full view, hidden, by the hand of God; yet, Moses was called to action, to do a certain task, a special task, which required him to act in a way, which would be fearful to do, for most.  And he set the people free, and he led them, where most would not go. 

“Mary, was called to carry Me.  My mother was touched, and asked to do a special task.  What she said ‘Yes,’ to do, would be a fearful thing to do for most; yet, she set fear, and doubt, aside, and said, ‘Yes,’ toiling in The Garden of Promise. 

“My earthly father did the same, setting the standards of the day aside, walking into The Garden of Promise. 

“Noah, who was asked to perform a special task, spent all that he had, and more, bearing the laughs and jokes of all who saw what he was doing; yet the call was so compelling, he toiled in The Garden of Promise, without care for the ways of the world, living in The Kingdom of God, upon Earth.

“You see where I AM going with these examples, and each of you hearing these words or reading these words, who did heed the call, could add your own example(s); for it seems, when God calls you, or God touches you and you are called, it is yours to perform a special task, it does not fit the ways of the world, so you must set your fear and doubt aside, and trust that God is leading you, into The Garden of Promise, where your work, your toil, your sweat, and sometimes your earthly fortune, will be used to nurture the seeds you plant there; and, as the garden begins to blossom, you look, and see, that you gave birth to the promise, and the possibility, for all around you to see ~ The Kingdom of God ~ upon Earth!  

“Heed the call.  Rise-up, as you are called, and walk into The Garden of Promise; for it is where your mission, your dreams, your hopes, and your aspirations will be fulfilled, and Earth will be a richer place, for that which you have planted will become a piece of The Kingdom of God, upon the Earth!”  

Sunday Sermons
January 19, 2014
The Bread
Of Earth Sustains
Your Body, The Word
Of God Sustains Your Spirit,
Nurture Both, And Be Whole

  I AM with  you!   My spirit is with you forever.  If you will embrace this truth, you come to feel My presence with you, this is the miracle of being in spirit.  I will guide you, but to hear Me you must accept that I AM with you.  To hear God you must accept that God is with you; and, this is possible ‘in spirit.’ 

“In the physical form there are those you love, those whom you want to keep close to you, to be with you, to laugh with you, and dance with you, to sing with you, and walk with you, to live... with you.  But sometime, in the physical form, you must be parted.  It might be for hours, it might be for days, in some cases, it might be for years.  And while you are separated, living apart, physically, from the one, or those, you love, your heart is filled with them, the memory of them: there is a scent, and it reminds you of them; someone laughs, and you remember them; your love for them fills you, and you feel their presence, even though they are far from you.  This is how it works, when you are ‘in love, loving, caring, feeling, knowing,’ because the power of love extends beyond your physical form, and moves out into the world.  You cannot contain the power, the flow, the energy of love.  This in itself is a miracle, love created within one human being, given as a gift to another, received by another, uniting one, or two, or more, together, within the love created.  But, today I wish to tell you about the ability to feel, and love, and nurture, and grow, once the physical has passed, and it is ‘spirit,’ with you. 

“You will often hear individuals say, regarding a loved one who has pass away, ‘I feel them with me more today, than ever before.’  And they are speaking the truth. 

“Remember this... when I was walking upon the Earth, over two thousand years ago, I could be with those I loved, I could spend time here and there, I could walk from city to city, town to town; but, in the spiritual form, I AM not bound by the laws of nature, as you know them upon Earth, I AM free; and, as I AM spirit, I can be with thee, in very special ways, ways that I could not exhibit, when in physical form.

“It is possible for you to live your life upon the Earth, right now, as you know it, and be connected with the spiritual realm, with Heaven, with what is known to Me as The Dimension of Perfection, where all is right, and eternal, and flowing.  While upon the Earth, I spoke about this many times, but it was overlooked, dismissed, or completely misunderstood, ‘The Kingdom of God, Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection: is close to you, is near to you, is within you, is with you.’  Living completely is living both physically, and spiritually!

“You do not live by bread alone.  You live by every Word that comes to you from the mouth of God.  This is what sustains you.  This is what keeps you going.  This is the light, in the darkness.  This is the hand of God moving you.  This is the song, when hope is departed, from you. 

“When your body is healthy, you can do much, you can accomplish much, you can eat the fruits, and the vegetables, and drink from the waters of Earth, and do amazing things.  But if your connection with Home Base, with God, The Source of all things beautiful and eternal, fails, you are missing a vital piece of life, your spirit withers, and is but an ember.  But when you take the time to be still, and quiet, and reflect on the visions, and dreams, and messages, on the whispers coming to you, carried on The Wind: then, you will ‘know,’ where to go; then you will be led to see, that... around the bend, that once unseen... will be revealed to you. 

“Let the beginning of this week be something new.  Eat.  Feed your body.  Be still, and fill your spirit, with the food coming to you from Heaven: visions, dreams, messages, a knowing, a feeling, sacred.  In this Way... you will live... whole, and complete.  There will be nothing missing from you.  Your life will be sweet, for even in the shadows you will know where to go, and even in the darkness you will see the glow, the glimmer, the light, revelation of the day, coming from the night!”

Sunday Sermons
February 23, 2014
To Be The
Light Of The World

  I AM with  you!   And today, this morning, I reach-out, and I touch you.  I whisper in your ear, something I want you to remember, something I want you to hear.  ‘You are meant to live upon the Earth, for a very short time, and to be the light, while you are living there.’   

“This sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Yet, most of the children of God, living upon Earth, forget it.  Within them they know it; but getting caught-up in the ways of the world, they forget it.  There are a few who remember, and who shine as a city, sitting high upon a mountain, reflecting the light of the sun, and the glory of God.  Some choose to hide their light, under a basket.  Some take it deep within a cave, where it can be seen by no one.  God has chosen, and made a decision, the light of Heaven is to shine upon the Earth, through the children of God!  That is The Way it is meant to be.

“Today, let it be your decision to continue the plan of God, to let your light shine, to be as a city, high upon the mountaintop, reflecting the glory of God.  It sounds beautiful; it sounds poetic; yet, it is possible.  It is how it is meant to be.

“Today, set your intention, and set it in such a way, that you feel your light begin to shine, immediately; because the truth is, you choose, every second of the day, to be the light, the shadow, or the darkness.  And nothing anyone else does, can stop you, from doing so.

“You often hear someone say, ‘They made me so angry, I did not know what to do.’  The truth is, you choose anger.  What if another’s actions stirred you to bless them immediately?  What if you chose the light of God, over entering into their energy?  Do you think it would make a difference?  The answer is, ‘Yes, your light would shine, in their darkness!’

“You have options.  When you are ‘tempted,’ to sorrow, or sadness: because something is ending; because someone has left you; because someone has returned Home; choose to celebrate that which was!  Sing, and dance with joy, remembering days of light!  And your light will shine, and eliminate the shadows, and the darkness, of sorrow and sadness.

“What if you are ‘tempted,’ to doubt your ability to accomplish your goal, to fear possible failure, or what tomorrow might bring?  How could you change this, from sorrow, and sadness, into the light of God; by: refusing to accept the mantle of doubt, and fear; lifting your head, and knowing your God is near; accepting The Kingdom of God is with you; and walking without fear, or concern, into the day, shining, as that city of light upon a hillside, or a mountaintop. 

“I could go on and on, listing examples; but surely, you have grasped the idea.  There is nothing that comes to you, to tempt you into shadow, or darkness, that cannot be eliminated, and illuminated, by the light.  Choose the light.  Choose to forgive.  Choose to be kind.  Choose understanding and compassion.  Choose any gift ~ of The Holy Spirit of God first, ~ over the energies created in the ways of the world.  These things, no one else can do for you.  You must choose, and in choosing the light, you will begin to shine!

“Then next time you are ‘tempted,’ to anger, or frustration, remember no one makes you this way.  It is your choosing.  Choose forgiveness.  Choose understanding.  Choose The Way of God.  The next time you are ‘tempted,’ to sorrow, or sadness, reject the temptation, and choose the light of God.  Do not close your eyes.  Look, and see, and believe that God is ever with thee!

“You are meant to be the light!  Your days will be filled with joy, they will be bright.  Your light will stand as a signal to all, and from the deepest shadow, or the very depths of darkness, they will see the light, and follow.  It is God’s will ~ that you be the light ~ of the world!  Reject the darkness, and choose the light, today.  It will change your life, and you will know true happiness.  Therefore do not delay, it is waiting, and so am I.  Let us go into this day, and this new week, together, shining, the light of God!” 

Sunday Sermons
January 12, 2014
With Nature, And
Read The Signs, For
God Is Speaking To You

  I AM with  you!   We  are:  walking  into  this  new  year,  together;  watching  for  signs;  reading  the  clouds;  knowing  the  sky;  feeling  Earth.  I  AM  with  you! 

“Signs... ... ... are with you... ... ... as well!

“There are still places upon the Earth, where individuals... watch... for the signs.  They do not rely on clocks, and watches, and radio or television announcers to tell them of impending rain, or snow, or drought.  They live so closely connected with the Earth, that they read the signs, without calendars, without radios, without computers.  They ‘feel, the Earth,’ as she stretches, and moves.  They know Earth.  This is how they plant their crops, and harvest their crops.  This is how they prepare for the seasons.  This is how they live... ‘in rhythm... with the Earth.’

“There are also places, upon the Earth, where individuals read the spiritual signs.  They are vigilant, and watch.  They see them and know.  And just as Earth annouonces it is time to plant the seeds, the spiritual signs, tell them: when it is time, to move; when it is time, to have a child, perhaps; when it is time to change direction, and go back from whence they came; when it is time to be still, and listen, more intently; when it is time to fall on their knees, with gratitude in their hearts, and sing songs of joy, and thansgiving. 

“Blessed are the individuals who live, in rhythm, with the Earth, hand-in-hand with God!

“As human beings... walked farther and farther, from The Garden... they had to rely more and more, on that which they created to assist them.  And there were various gadgets invented to assist in timekeeping, and other like chores and tasks.  But what has happened is, the human being has become so attached, and attracted, to the gadgets they have conceived, they have lost their connection with Earth, and the rhythm that is Earth.  They are more at home... in skyscrapers, with steel, and glass... than they are walking... through the tall grass... of a meadow, or sitting, by a stream. 

“Human beings have also lost their ability: to read the spiritual signs; to turn right, when the inner-voice is guiding them to do so, even when the parade of humanity is turning left.  And many miracles, go unseen, because of: this lose of sight; the blindness... to the spiritual signs, all around... because man has become so enamoured, with gadgets, and devices, that he no longer ‘sees the signs, from Spirit.’  And what has happened, as a result of this blindness, this lose of connection with Earth, and God, is a feeling of isolation... a feeling of hopelessness... doubt.

“Today, I come to you, and say, ‘Give Me this day.’  I only ask for one day, because that is all it will take to turn you around.  Take this day, no matter if it is raining, or snowing, or very hot, leave your isolated dwelling, and walk... out... into nature!  Do not hesitate to go over, and touch a tree.  Do not hesitate to bend down, and observe nature, as a bug crawls across the leaf of a flower.  Slow down, as you drive over the bridge, and walk to the river.  And in these places, with nature all around you, seek... also... that your blindness, to the world of Spirit, is healed as well; and the shell, that has formed over your eyes, is peeled away, and you can see... that... which is unseen by most.  Be still, and listen, and you will hear, the whisper. 

“Take today to live, as you are meant to live, connected with Earth, connected with God.  You will receive a message, ~ or a sign, ~ and you will feel more connected, with Earth ~ and more connected, with God.  If you will do this today, you will see, and know, that The Way is not isolation, The Way is communication, with God.

“We just finished a period, a season of the year, which is spent, a good bit of it, celebrating My earthly birth, and all of the signs, and all of the messages, and all of the dreams and visions, surrounding what is termed the miracle of My birth.  Do not tuck that information away, and set your sights on the ways of the world.  Remember, those things did not end at My birth, or as I was an infant.  They continued through My life!  How did My earthly father know it was time to leave Egypt, and return to Israel?  A vision, a dream, in which an angel, brought a message.  And based solely, on the dream, My father took My mother, and Me, out of Egypt, back to Israel.  And we lived in Nazareth.  The dreams, and visions, and directions, and messages from angels did not stop.  We were moved, by the signs, emotionally, and literally. 

“And this is what ~ I want you: to awaken to do; ~ to see, and read the signs, so that you might experience a magical existence upon the Earth, where there is nothing to fear, for God is whispering, ever near! 

“Be at peace this day.  Connect with Earth, and listen for God!”

Sunday Sermons
December 29, 2013
My Consciousness
Within You; Giving Birth To
The Kingdom Of God All Around You

  I AM with  you!    I AM, truly, with you!    I AM in The Wind, which touches your hair, gently; I AM in the song of the bird, which thrills your heart; I AM in the leaves, in the trees, in the streams and the rivers; I AM all around you, and I AM in you; we are One. 

“Many of you are still wearing the smiles of Christmas; for many of you, your hearts are warm, the memories sweet; for many of you, this year, received the seeds of love, and compassion, and understanding, and gave birth to the true spirit of Christmas: I was born, within you,  you came to know Me better, and because of this creation, this Christ Consciousness, within you: bridges were mended; obstacles were moved; forgiveness was given, and received; understanding and compassion were spoken with truth; and, The Kingdom of God lived, upon Earth, because you were moved to say, ‘Yes!’

“And for those of you who experienced this, or even a piece of this, I say to you this day, do not let it die, do not let it wilt; for you have given birth; and giving such a birth ~ brings responsibility ~ to care for that which is born of you.  It is as if you have given birth to a child, and that requires care and attention.  It is as if you have created the outline, and planted the seeds, of a magnificent garden, and this, too, requires care and attention.  You have given birth, because of desire, and intention, to do so, and now, that birth requires attention, so it might grown, and live, and be abundant in grace and glory.

“In the few remaining days, of this year, set aside some time, every day, to bless that, which is born, of you.  Call upon the river of God’s love ~ to irrigate, ~ and to bring the waters of grace.  Baptize ~ that which is born of you ~ in the water of God’s love, ~ and set your intention ~ to take care of ~ this glorious responsibility ~ that was created, of you.  Set your intention: to be more loving; to be kinder; to be more compassionate; to be happier; to be more joyful; to be thankful, for every single day; for, ~ it is in this Way ~ that your new coming year will prosper, and you will grow abundant in joy and contentment, and be at peace, as you walk upon the Earth; for it is possible to bring The Kingdom of God onto the Earth; and for those who realize this, they are blessed, with the opportunity to do so!

“Think of this.  Begin to imagine, within your heart, The Kingdom of God, springing-up all around you, lighting The Way, for all to see, that which is born of you!  And because you are ‘of The Kingdom of God,’ let your thoughts, and words, and deeds proclaim the glory of God!  This can be your gift to Earth, for the coming year; but to do so, requires desire and intention, and a commitment to live one day at a time, focusing on that which is born of you, so it does not whither, or become parched, or be choked-out by weeds of neglect. 

“Let us begin by preparing for the new year, starting today!  Pray each day, and then pay attention to that which is born of you!”

Sunday Sermons
January 5, 2014
Awaken, And
Have Faith In Being
Guided By The Hand Of God

  I AM with  you!    I AM always with you; for the lines of communication are always open; we can speak, and our thoughts mingle, and create.  This day, I bring you good news, and the news is: you have all you need to complete your mission, upon the Earth, once you awaken, and realize your true mission, then, you have all you need! 

“I will give you one example, which is especially fitting since tomorrow, most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, will acknowledge the Epiphany, considered the twelfth day of Christmas, when the Three Wise Men made their appearance, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  I was blessed for their coming, and they were blessed for making their sacred journey. 

“They brought gifts.  We did not ask them for gifts, they came bearing gifts; and, it is possible they did not know why they had chosen each significant gift; but one of their gifts was especially useful, giving us the means to make the journey into Egypt.  Most of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, will remember, that it was after the Wise Men departed that my earthly father, Joseph, received a message from an angel in a dream, saying to take Me, and My mother, and flee into Egypt, because Harod was about to kill the children; and we were to stay in Egypt until given the word to come out of Egypt.  Because of the visit, and the gift, we had the means to do this, without concern.  This is how it happens, when you are walking with the hand of God guiding you.  What you need is given to you, or brought to you, or a sign appears, so that you might find that which you need.

“Therefore, let your gathering, or preparation for your journey of this year, be more concerned with: keeping your communication with Home Base open; making sure that you speak to God, and you can hear God speaking to you; making sure that you are open to the wisdom of The Holy Spirit, when the world would say, ‘No,’ you are ready to rise-up, and go; when you recognize My spirit with you, and you hear Me, as we are One.  In this way, you are ready for your journey.

“You will weather every storm, you will climb every mountain, there will be no sea that can separate you from your destiny, when you are walking guided by the hand of God.  The storms will be calmed, the mountains made low, and the seas dried-up, so that you may reach your appointed destination.  All of these things, I promise you. 

“Therefore, as you prepare to take every step into this new adventure, this new year, check Home, often; so that you might: know where you are to go; speak to whomever you are to speak to; and perform the deeds of Heaven upon Earth.  It is in this Way, that you will rejoice with each step, each bit of progress made, because you will ‘know,’ what you are doing.  Do not be concerned about the ways of the world, because they will distract you here or there.  Keep your eyes upon the sun, and feel the warmth, it will lead you Home.  Keep your face toward the sun.”

Sunday Sermons
December 15, 2013
Open, And
Use  The  Gifts
Of The Holy Spirit
You  Have  Been  Given
And Follow The Will Of God

  I AM with  you!  I AM always with you.  I was born, amongst you; therefore, I AM familiar with the ways, and the workings, of the world; they are not foreign to Me; they are a part of Me, a piece of Me; and they are within Me in such a way, that I can deliver My peace ~ to you, ~ as you create ~ your piece, of eternity, on Earth.  You ~ can create ~ a miraculous lifetime upon Earth, if you will hear My words, and follow... . 

“For today and the rest of this week, I want you to saturate yourself in the understanding, and belief, of the importance, and the role, the angels of God played, in My birth.  Even prior to My birth, they paved The Way, they set the path straight. 

“These things are not to be ignored.  These events are not to be held special, never to occur again.  These momentous memories ~ are the things ~ your dreams ~ are made of; ~ and by paying attention, and receiving the word of God and the guidance of angels, ~ you too, ~ can walk upon the Earth, in confidence in all you do.  One way to assure this confident walk upon the Earth, is to dust-off that box of gifts from The Holy Spirit of God; remove the top, take them out; and use the gifts, you have been given!

“The gift... that enhances your vision and allows you to see, to see an angelic being, coming to thee... is that one of yours?  If it is, use it!  The gift to ‘know something,’... to be filled with ‘the knowing of God,’ to see the birth of an infant, and ‘know... .’  This gift, is this one of yours?  If it is, take the knowing, into your heart.  Do not dismiss it, by saying you have a gift of being ‘intuitive, being able to know things, see things.’  Understand, it goes deeper.  It is ‘Knowing.’  It is not guessing.  It is not being lucky.  It is ‘Knowing!’  A gift from God.  Do you have dreams that are so strong, and bright, and powerful, that they prompt you to recite them the next day?  These dreams... could be coming to you with something important.  Pay attention to what they say.  Could this dreaming be a gift... communication from God?  Use the gift... and ask for wisdom to know... what the dream is telling you!

“These things... will bring your faith... to a new level... make your walk, more confident! 

“So, let Me sum-up these pieces and parts of My birth, showing just how the gifts of The Holy Spirit were used to make My birth, as it is recorded, miraculous.  My mother talked to angels,’ and followed the will of God.  My father dreamed dreams in which he received the angels’ direction, and followed the will of God.  My aunt ‘knew,’ within her, and followed the will of God.  The Wise Men searched and found the truth, and followed the will of God, paying attention to the dreams, and the angels, guaranteeing My freedom.  The shepherds were awestruck at the visions from Heaven, the parting of the veil, hearing the songs of angels, and they followed the will of God.  When I could walk... I rose-up... and listened... and dreamed... and knew... and followed... the will of God. 

“These things that I did... you too, can do... if you will listen... and follow... the will of God!”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
December 1, 2013
The True
Spirit Of Christmas,
Prepare To Give Birth To
That Which You Carry Within

  I AM with  you!  I come to you, today, to deliver words meant to instill, within you: courage, faith, hope, and trust. 

“Many of you are in the process of preparing for what is called the ‘Christmas Season.’  This time usually begins with a day of Thanksgiving, and does not end, on your calendar, until January 1st of the new year.  It is a time of great celebration; but the true meaning of this time is lost, even in those who desire, and set their course and intention to experience the time in a different way.  The ‘spirit,’ seems to elude them, ‘the true spirit: of birth, of conception and birth, of bringing upon the Earth new life!’  

“Most of you, hearing or reading these words, are in the process of conception and birth, the creation process.  Some of you might have conceived and, at this time, are carrying a child, a child which you are nurturing within, until it is time to be ‘born, of you.’  Some of you have conceived the words to a book, and you are nurturing these words, until it is time to be born of you.  Still others of you have conceived plans for a building, the notes of a song, the words in a poem, and you nurture these things, and hold them within, until it is time to be born of you.  At this point you can insert anything, which you have conceived, which you are nurturing within, and when it is time, will be born of you.    This  is  creation!    It is ‘God's creation,’ continuing, through you!

“I want for you to hear My words, in such a way that they instill in each of you ‘the courage to nurture that which you have conceived,’ in such a way that you will not be distracted, that you will carry the gift, and give birth.  And so, as an example, I want for you to close your eyes, so that this might slip into your being fully.  No matter whether you are man, woman, child: a little boy, or a little girl, I want you to imagine that you are a girl, a young girl, between fourteen and sixteen years old, and one day, while you are sitting, quietly, an angel appears to you, and says to you, that The Holy Spirit will fill you, and you will give birth to: a child, who will show The Way, for all to see, and know; a child sent from God, to walk amongst man.

“At first, this seems that it would be a miraculous event, and many of you would say, ‘Oh, I would be so excited!  That would be wonderful!’  But I want you to understand the impact of such a message on a young girl, whose hand had already been given, she was betrothed to a man... she was waiting... for marriage.  Her life was set, in a ‘close community,’ a community so small, that they knew everything that was going on in every house, and sometimes in every heart, and head.  What kind of news would this be?  What would this mean... that you would give birth; that this child would be ‘of The Holy Spirit?’  The questions would tumble through your head, one right after another, driving you to distraction.  What will my betrothed think?  What will my family say?  What will the community do?  How will they accept me?  And the answer to every one of these questions, had they been asked, by this young woman, would surely have been ‘you will be ostracized, they will turn their heads head from you, they will not believe you!  But this girl, not much more than a child, said quietly ‘Let it be done unto me, according to Thy will.’  And she set the stage.  It required courage, but more than courage, faith, trust, hope.  In her faith, she trusted.  She trusted the word of the angel, knowing it was a message from God.  And because of her faith, and her trust, she gave hope to all mankind!

“‘Let it be done unto me, according to Thy will.’  What does this mean?  It means that you are willing to live in such a way that God's breath, God's word, God's hand moves you; and you do not question it!  It is in this Way, that miracles, will be done, through you!  But you must be willing: to watch for the sign; to accept the message; to set aside your own freewill, to do the will of God; and, to set your face toward the light.  You must be willing to set aside being ostracized by others; you must set aside being judged by others, because these distractions will keep you from conceiving, nurturing, and giving birth to that which you carry within; for you see, the seed of The Holy Spirit is within each of you.  It is there; you have conceived; the gifts are there; nurture them, without regard to what others say, or do.  Set your face into the light, and prepare to give birth, with great delight, for that which you carry is to be born ‘of you,’ a gift to Earth. 

“Be at peace this day.  Be at peace.  Do not fear.  Do not be afraid.  Listen to the message from God.  Nurture the message from God.  And prepare to give birth to that which you carry, within you!”

Sunday Sermons
December 8, 2013
& The Christ-
mas Story: Open-
ing, Embracing, And
Using,  The  Gifts  From
The Holy Spirit Of God, Such
‘Faith,’ Is The Hope Of The World

  I AM with  you!  I reach-out and I touch you, and you feel My presence!  You feel My love!  It enfolds you, and holds you, and all the cares and worries, ‘the temptations, of the world,’ slip away,  no longer relevant.  This is the reality, of walking with Me, of believing, of faith, faith so mighty and real, that it gives you the courage to believe.  Even when the world says, ‘No,’ you believe in such a way, that you can sing-out, ‘Yes!’  And with the song of that solitary singer, the energies of belief and faith and courage, roll over Earth; pronounced, given birth; therefore, they live! 

“I have come to you with messages about: the faith, of My earthly mother, the trust, the ability to hear the words of angels, and act, according to the will of God.  Such faith... is the hope of the world!  But today I wish to speak to you about the faith of a man, Joseph: My earthly parent, the one who guided Me in the ways of the world, the one who taught Me a trade, the one who showed Me what to do as I walked amongst man.  He too, shared the common thread, of faith and trust, to such a degree that it wove a beautiful garment around him.  Every belief, every piece of faith, becoming a stitch in a garment that protected him from the doubt of the world and enhanced his glory and his faith in God.

“It is important to remember, or better yet, to remove this man Joseph, from the feeling of a story, or a fairytale, regarding My birth; because the story has been told so many times, those of you, living upon Earth, have placed it in a category wherein the people involved really had ‘no choice.’  You read the words as though everybody ‘knew what was happening, and it was easy.’  And I AM here to say, it was not!  Each one in the story could pick, and choose.  God did not strip them of freewill.  God blessed them, with grace; and they used their gift of faith, to enhance their situation.

“There came a time when Joseph, realizing what was taking place within the body of his betrothed, made a decision.  And even that worldly decision was based on kindness; therefore, you ‘know,’ that Joseph was a kind, and compassionate, human being.  He decided that all things would be done ‘quietly,’ so as not to disgrace, Mary, any more than she was already, ‘disgraced,’ or so he thought.  But in a dream an angel came to Joseph, and explained: that this was not disgrace, this was ‘grace, full, rich, deep, and glorious;’ that all was as it should be with God; and, a miracle was about to take place.

“When something ‘new,’ happens, those around you are reluctant to release the old, the old ways, the old words, the things that worked in the past.  But the ones who forge the new way, who bring the new word, are often alone; except, their relationship with God is stronger.  This was Joseph’s decision, a dream, the voice of an angel, giving him direction.  Now Joseph could have risen-up the next morning, and said, ‘That was a strange dream,’ and set about his course, following the plan he had set, to separate from Mary and go on his way; but this is not what he did.  He cast aside the standard of the world, and moved, according, to the words spoken to him in a dream; and our earthly family was forged, within that fire of faith.

“These things did not stop; for My earthly father listened to the angels, and acted upon the guidance, and the dreams.  He did not think, ‘I best stay, it’s not convenient,’ when he was told to rise-up, and take the mother and Child into Egypt.  It was inconvenient, it was a journey; but Joseph, My earthly father, looked at it as ‘a journey of faith.’  He followed, setting the ways of the world aside: to take the hand of God; to hear the voices of angels; to keep Me safe; so that the Divine Plan, could unfold, according to the will of God. 

Sunday Sermons
December 22, 2013
On How To
Celebrate Christmas:
Open, And Use, Your Gifts
From The Holy Spirit Of God

  I AM with  you!    When  your  intention  is  ~  to  hear  Me,  and  be  with Me,  ~  we  reach  the  glorious  place  of  communion,  and  we  are  united,  and you  feel  My  presence  with  you!    This  is  such  a day;  you  are  ready,  and  you feel  Me; and,  in  this  coming  together,  you  know  Me,  as  I  know  you!

“I have spoken to you ~ about all of the miracles ~ surrounding My birth.  I have touched your heart, so that you might come to know, better, My young mother, and her willingness to subject herself to ridicule and shame, because an angel of God had called her name.  And she listened, and followed.

“Every one of the individuals involved in My birth, to a major degree, had to say, ‘Yes,’ for the next step to occur.  Imagine the courage... the faith... and the trust in God... required to say: ‘Yes, I will give birth;’ ‘Yes, I will take this woman into my home;’ ‘Yes, we will travel a long distance, to see, with our own eyes, what God has done;’ ‘Yes, we will leave our sheep in the hillsides, and follow the angel voices;’ ‘Yes, I will rise-up in the middle of the night, and take the Child to Egypt;’ ‘Yes, we will not go back the easy way, or report to Harrod, we will find a new way to go home;’ ‘Yes. yes, Thy will be done!’

“The story is so familiar to each of you... that only a few words need to be said... and you go there, you know it, you are familiar with it.  But today I give you new insight on how to celebrate Christmas... ! 

“Each of you carries within you ~ gifts ~ of The Holy Spirit of God, seeds, if you will.  And you must say, ‘Yes,’ acknowledge the gifts, ~ open the gifts, ~ and use them, before they come to fruition through you.  You must say, ‘Yes,’ and be the first one to forgive, the first one to embrace, the first one to love.  You must say, ‘Yes,’ and take those who have ridiculed you, and mocked you, into the sanctuary of your home, your heart.  You must say, ‘Yes,’ to be willing to go where you have not gone before, so that you might see.  You must say, ‘Yes,’ rather than fear, and listen to angels sing to thee.  You have the ability to give birth.  But it will take courage.  The world will not understand.  But when your heart, and your intention, is so set, it will not matter.  An angel will come forth, and take your hand, and say, ‘Come.  It is time.  See the signs around you.  It is time to give birth to that which you carry within you.  And all of Earth will be changed, because one child was willing to say, ‘Yes.’ 

“And in so stating...

the flicker became a flame,

and there was light!”

Sunday Sermons
January 26, 2014
Watch For
The Signs, And
Live In The World,
By The Signs Sent From God

  I AM with  you!   I reach-out, and I touch you, and you are stirred to rise-up, and go to a place of peace.  I call your name, and you look, and you see.  And in answering, you begin to know Me, and how we can be so connected, while I AM ‘of spirit,’ and you are upon the Earth, in human form, for a while. 

“Watch for the signs! 

“As I walked upon the Earth some two thousand years ago, I learned to read ‘the signs,’ the signs of the community.  They were often rules, or regulations, but they were signs.  They marked the way the community would move in that day, what was accepted, what was not accepted. 

‘We watched for the signs, the weather: when to plant, what to plant, when to harvest.  We watched for verbal signs, for ‘the energy signs,’ reading someone’s mood, you might say.  Was there turmoil beneath the surface?  Was there anger, fear, doubt?  Was there love, enthusiasm?  You can feel it, in the air.  The example is quite clear.  When you walk into a room, you immediately ‘know,’ whether you are welcome there.  And so, I too learned to read the signs of society, family signs, signs between individuals.  And you have done the same.  This is how you move, through the world.

“Today I want to encourage you ~ to begin to recognize ~ the spiritual signs, ~ the signs that surround you; ~ and when you read Scriptures, or books, which speak of the time thousands of years ago, watch for the signs that you will see in the words, which evaded you before.  My life was marked by signs: some of them, prophetic; some of them, of the time; and just as an angelic vision in a dream led My father to bring Me out of Egypt, you too, have visions and dreams which will bring you from one place to another, so that you can begin your missions!

“Reading the signs: learning how to move; learning how to move into the world created by human beings, and being guided by the signs sent from Heaven; living in the world, living by the signs of God; it is freedom, that you cannot imagine, until you are willing to surrender, and follow the signs, written, by the hand of God!  This takes practice; it takes trust; it takes faith; but once you begin, you are surprised, and amazed, to see that the signs will lead you to the place you are to be! 

“Do not let confusion, keep you from practicing, from learning to read the spiritual signs.  Doubt will rob you of your glory, if you are not mindful.  So you might ask, ‘How will I know?’  But once you connect with God, and you are walking with God, you will know.  You will know when there are voices of darkness and shadow, trying to distract you, or lead you off-course.  They just do not feel the same.  They feel sneaky, or underhanded, or they feel agitated.  Pray for the wisdom to discern the spirit, and follow the signs!  This will come... with practice! 

“And I promise you this, I promise you this today.  If you will say, ‘I am going to follow the signs, I am going to read the signs, I am going to practice,’  and begin, even if you are misdirected, you will be ‘corrected.’  If you are willing to do it, the spirits of light that watch over you, the hand of God that guides you, will not let you go astray, will not lead you into darkness, even though you stumble, or trip along the way.  So, go with confidence, and start today; because, as soon as you begin, then you will begin to see the miracles, the miracles that you missed, when you could not read the signs.  I assure you, I AM with you.  And I promise, you will be led by the hand of God; The breath of The Holy Spirit will move you, and you will sail over the seas, be they calm, or tempest tossed, and you will know The Way.  Watch for, and begin to follow, the signs, today!”

Sunday Sermons
February 2, 2014
To Act ~ In The
Light of God ~ And
Change The World, Forever

  I AM with  you!   As the Morning Star rises, just before the breaking of dawn; as the songs of the birds, can be heard, announcing, ‘It is time.  Rise-up, and greet the new day;’ as all things begin anew; right now, I AM with you! 

“Today, you will have ‘hundreds of opportunities to make a choice,’ and ‘the choice you make, will alter the ways of the world, will change your perspective.’

“Upon hearing this, you might think that, that is a bit overstated, but I tell you, it is not.  Choosing to react or to act, changes the course of the world, changes the course for you, as an individual; these choices change everything.

“I AM not saying you cannot alter the course once it has been taken, and go back to center, for all things can be made right, if you will follow, and walk into the light.  What I AM saying, is that ‘your choices make differences.’  And these differences reverberate through the world of mankind, through the corridors of all time, and effect the way you live upon the Earth.  Therefore, if these choices, have such a staggering outcome, ‘you should pay attention to what you are doing.’  And this is My message to you today, ‘Pay attention to what you are doing!’

“I AM going to give you a few examples, so that you recognize, very quickly, that which I’m trying to convey to you. 

“For some of you, your morning pattern is to rise-up... and turn-on a television.  By doing this... you are opening the door to a number of things.  Know this, when you rise-up, you are a blank slate, a canvas, open, ready to be brought to life; but, if you turn-on the television set, and the news is blaring about a war-torn area, a place filled with tension and strife, that is how you begin your day  Now, immediately upon hearing what is coming to you, from the television, you have a choice.  Do you ‘react,’ and begin to be anxious, or concerned, or sad, or angry?  Or, do you ‘act,’ by simply blessing the entire situation.  Refusing to react to what you are hearing, and choosing to act in the light of God, alters your day!  You will begin your day being anxious, and worred, and angry; or, you will begin your day, knowing that have blessed a situation that is out-of-your-control, or so it appears.  However, if you choose to bless that situation, to stop for a moment, and send loving thoughts, and prayers to that situation, you have altered that particular energy spot, for the good.  Think upon that ... the power... of One!

“The same would apply to turning on a radio, or a CD player, or your phone.  What is the first thing you hear in the morning?  And how does it effect your entire day?  If you are choosing action, rather than reaction, you have an opportunity to bless something; and that is not void, or vacant; it is ‘a positive action,’ which will reach that place through ‘your intention.’  You are making the world a better place, incrementally!  You choose!

“By the time you have gotten dressed, and left your home for work, you have had ‘many opportunities:’ to react, or act; to react to what another is doing, or saying, or to act in the light of God; and these choices... change the course of your day; but there is something else to remember, these choices... made wisely, to act in the light of God, free you! 

“Let us say, upon arriving at your office, there is someone who is very upset, very agitated, possibly from the same television show that you had turned-on, and began hearing, or seeing, in the morning.  They are frustrated, they are angry.  Now, you can choose to react... to what they are doing, and you find yourself drawn into that energy, getting agitated yourself, getting worried, getting concerned, going with their energy, their energy... that they accepted, and helped create... earlier in the day.  But what if, rather than choosing to react, you choose to act, seeing the energy, knowing the energy, but choosing to bless the energy in the light of God, and move through your day.  Then you have done something very important; you have changed the course of the entire office!  The energy carried within that particular individual had the opportunity of either being magnified, or stabilized.  If you did not magnify it, you have made that work place a better place.  And by choosing to bless, and bless, and bless, throughout the day, you are decreasing the anxiety, the worry, the concern; ‘your presence,’ has made a difference, and ‘your choice,’ has made a difference!

“What if someone comes into your office, very angry, saying that, ‘... this, and this happend!’  You have a choice.  Do you react to their anger, by getting angry yourself; or, do you choose the light, to hear what they are saying, with no judgment involved, and bless the situation?  The course of the rest of the work day is made better, and placed in light, when you choose to act in the light of God!

“This has a personal effect on you as well.  Let Me say this, so you understand, and hold this as something you can count on.  ‘When you choose to act, rather than to react to anger, you free yourself!’  You do not have to go home at night, and think, ‘I wish I had done that differently; I wish I had handled that better; I wish I had not said what I did;’ because, in chosing the light, and not reacting, there is no bitter pill to take, there is no after-taste.  There is comfort, and confidence, that you acted in the light.  There is no regret, at the end of the day, into the night.  And, this is very freeing!

“At the present time, it is the way of the world, that most individuals will react, thinking it is their responsibility to stand-up for themselves, or for another, and enter into the fray; but this: magnifies the anger; magnifies the situation; and takes days for the dust to settle, and possibly years for the injuries, or the hurts, or the anger, to go away, if it ever does; but in choosing the light, you free yourself of all that, with no regret!

“You cannot alter what another is going to think... say... or do!  You have the opportunity to alter the entire situation by what you choose to do! 

“Now, approximately two thousand years ago, I came to the Earth to deliver a new covenant, to change the course of the human race, to alter it, in such a way that love... would be placed above... rules, regulations, and restrictions.  ‘Turn the other cheek,’ would replace ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.  Giving to another what they asked for, and doing it willingly, and lovingly would replace the idea to hold close what is yours:  ‘What is mine is mine.  What is yours is yours’.’  These things ~ changed the course of the human race, ~ or they were meant to; and all throughout My lifetime upon Earth, there were choices being made to react, or act.

“Individuals made the choice to end My life, because of the things I was saying, and doing.  They were angry.  They were in fear.  They were in doubt.  They were clouded with darkness, and shadow, and all they could feel inside was that I needed to be silenced, murdered.  How did I act?  I had a choice.  And My choice has altered the course of the human race, and freed Me of any regret!  I could have argued, but their minds were set.  The better thing, for Me to choose, at that moment, was to act in the light of God, no need to argue, they were determind, and the course was set.  So I spent My time blessing them, and sending God’s love to them, rather than reacting to them.  I did not embrace the energy they created, I did not embrace their hatred, I inundated it with love!  I could have hurled insults and accusations back at them.  I could have called upon the angels to retaliate.  I could have crushed the cross; but I saw it as a throne; and if I would sit upon it, and bless, and forgive, in the face of hatred, and murder, the course of humanity could be changed, forever; the example set ~ the goal accomplished ~ with no regret!

“This is what I want you to see... ‘Set aside the temptations: to retaliate; to have the last word; to be stronger; to push, to shove back; and, stand in the light of God, quietly, and bless the situation.’  That is how you change the course of the human race, one being at a time, willing to stop, in the midst of chaos and turmoil and confusion, and let God’s love flow onto the Earth!  And, at the end of that day, there will be no regret, there there will be only comfort, and peace, and confidence that you did not magnify the negative, as you concentrated the power, of the positive, presence of God, upon the Earth!

“The rest of this day is yours.  Opportunities will come your way, you can be sure.  And your choices to react, or act, will certainly, and most assuredly, change the course of the world!”

Sunday Sermons
February 16, 2014
Choose To Be
Closer To God, Stand-
ing In A Place Of Peace

  I AM with  you!   I settle My hand upon your shoulder; I whisper, and you hear; I AM with you!  And as we draw nearer and nearer to each other: your sight, becomes clearer; your hearing, more defined; your knowing, filled with clarity.  It happens all the time, for it is a product of our relationship. 

“As you spend your days upon the Earth, it soon becomes apparent that there are those who are able to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable, they feel welcomed; they are no longer afraid to say that which is on their mind, to speak from the heart, or the head, ‘knowing,’ they will given this opportunity.  This is freedom.  And when you encounter those who are able to create this atmosphere, you will find others gather around.

“One of ‘the temptations,’ in such an atmosphere, is to ‘correct, or modify, or argue with,’ statements made by others.  This comes with the territory; yet, it presents ‘opportunity.’  When you come to the realization, that you have created an atmosphere, where those around you are comfortable to sit, and talk; you will find the temptation is to enter into debate, or to argue, or to set straight, what does not appear to be ‘right,’ to your ears.  Cast this temptation from you, and know this: if you are one... who finds it possible to create such an atmosphere of freedom... do not smother, do not impede, listen; for in the listening in such an atmosphere: you know the heart of the speaker; you know their passion; you are able to see their glory; or you are able to provide understanding for their story, the life they have experienced.  And as you begin to realize the wealth, that you are amassing, in this wisdom ~ of silence, ~ you would have it no other way; for you see, in this way, you know the person, and in the knowing of them, you come to understand their ways; and doing so permits you to draw nearer to the ways of God!

“Do not fall victim to the temptations to become ensnared in the energies of others.  Hold-fast, above all else, your relationship with God, and let others speak what is on their hearts, and in their heads.  Listen.  Listen to God, instead of entering into exchanges, or debates, or the correction of others. 

“After a while of sitting, and listening, and blessing, you will find there are those who seek-you-out, for your wisdom; and you will wonder, ‘Why are they asking me?  I didn’t say a word.’  That is just it!  You did not feel compelled to enter into their energy, because you are so absorbed in your energy exchange with God, that anything else seems a distraction; and it is.  The ways of the wise ~ have to do more with the ways of God ~ than the ways of the world.  And when you are so entrenched in the ways of God, you find, amazingly, that you ‘understand the ways of the world, fully;’ you just refuse to be distracted, by them.

“You will find there are those who come to you, and say, ‘Thank you!  Thank you for letting me speak, for hearing me out; for in the speaking, I ultimately came to the truth, without concern, comfortable in the speaking, grateful in the ability to do so.’

“You will not find many places, many people, holding this ‘energy of freedom, this atmosphere of freedom;’ but when you do: it is sweet; it is sacred; and you know, you are nearer to God, nearer to The Source, of power and light; you ‘know,’ that you are standing in a place of peace!”