"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
April 15,2007
Teaches On:
We Are One
Let Us Continue
The Resurrection Of Spirit

  “I AM with you.  And, as I AM with you, I say unto you...

    “We are One.  Let us continue to rise-up together, as One. 

    “As I call to you, you come.  You answer.  And, in answering, you rise-up with Me.  You choose to follow the path.  You choose to walk The Way.  And The Way is Love.

    “As you continue to call forth your spirit, and set the things of matter aside, you create an energy within your being that raises-up all beings of eternity.  When you create a ‘thought,’ that is ‘of Love,’ you rise-up in the creation of this thought.  And this ‘thought,’ is an energy, which lives.

    “In the rising-up, you will find that you feel lighter.  This is because, when you are working to raise-up your spirit being, your physical body actually becomes lighter; and, you feel it.  There are also chemical reactions within the physical body to the spirit body’s presence in a more profound way. 

    “As we continue this resurrection of spirit, I ask you to practice this week the creation of Love…repeatedly...let it be foremost in your thoughts.  Even before you greet another, let it be your intention to greet them with Peace, and Light, and Love, no matter how you are received; for, you have gone beyond that point now.  Now, it is up to you!  It is up to create...the Love...and the Light...and the Peace! 

    “And, if you are received with less than these, it is up to you to transmute any lesser energy, sent back to you, into Love.  It is, by doing this, letting negative thoughts and words and deeds, stop, with you, that you draw the line in the sand, saying: ‘No more!  This will be no more, for I am using my heritage - as a child of God - to take this energy, which is sent to me, and create a beautiful light energy of Love.’ 

    “This is a conscious decision that you make, with purpose, and intention.  It is no longer between you, and the other person, who might be assailing you; it is your direct decision, to alter all time, to change eternity, for the better.

    “I say unto you, if you do this, the Earth will flower.  It will be a perpetual garden.  And, as you do this, you are planting seeds, the flowers of which you might never see.  Still, you are leaving seeds, everywhere you go.  And in your passing these flowers will be springing forth.  You might never smell the aroma.  You might never see the color.  But the seeds came from you.  And they will live, forever.

    “So, I say unto you this day, rise-up with Me!   Make it your intention to say...

    “No more!  No more hostility.  No more anger.  No more fear.  No more crying.  No more hatred or envy.  It stops with me; for I choose to accept my heritage, I am a child of God, and I take all energies that come to me, and create a light energy...a powerful energy…of Love.  This I do, for the highest good of all.  This I do, as a child of God.  This I do, for Love.  This I do, for God.’ ”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Take My Hand,
I Show You The Way,
Look At What I Did & Follow Me

    “I AM with you; and I say unto you, ‘Take My hand, I have much to show you!’

    “As I walked the Earth, completing My mission, doing that which The Father directed Me to do, I showed The Way.  The things that I said to those gathered around Me, were to be repeated to others, so they too, might believe, in the deep Love that The Creator, God, of All Things, holds for the children of Earth.

    “I say this to you, because, somewhere, somehow, My words have been turned slightly, and there is indication, that you, My brothers and sisters, should not really assume that you will do…the things that I did.  And I wish to say to you, set that thought aside, set it from you.  For, if I said it, I meant to say it.  And at the direction of God The Father, I passed this information to you. 

    “This information that I brought to Earth, that I shared freely in conversation with those gathered close to Me, was information that I carried…to Earth, from God…The Creator.  I ‘set My intention,’ so that I would put My personal thoughts aside, and open completely to the Words of God. 

    “Now I wish for you to look at some of the accounts that are recorded, for all to read, in the Bible.  When you read some of the passages, they hold you; your attention is ‘locked.’  But then, you set the Book down, and you do not take it any farther. 

    “I wish for you to ponder this.  Peter…called for the attention of his brothers, so that they might look-out from the boat in which they sat, to see Me, walking on the water.  And there was a moment, when Peter’s faith moved within him, in such complete commingling with the energy coming to him from Heaven, that he stepped-out of the boat, and followed Me.  And I held-out My hand, encouraging him to do so.

    “But then, his thought processes, and the teachings of  the material and matter plane, Earth, told him that he could not walk on water.  And, he became afraid. 

    “I wish for you to think.  Why would I raise My hand, and extend it toward My friend and brother, and encourage him to step-out of the boat, and do something he could not do?  I wish for you to comprehend completely, that I told Peter to ‘Follow Me,’ because he could, when he was totally open to the energies coming to him from God, from the Heavenly dimension, he would be raised-up in that energy...and walk…just as I walked. 

    “And when those gathered around Me, heard Me say other things, their faith sometimes…wavered…but still, I kept saying to them, ‘Look at what I am doing, and do it!  Follow Me!’

      “I assure you…I did not say these words lightly…I said that ‘You too, will do great things, in the name of God!’  I wish for you to ‘know,’ this.  And I wish for you to look around, at your daily miracles, all that you do.  And then I wish for you to remember, that if you hear a voice within you, asking you to…move at the direction of Spirit…be assured that The Holy Spirit of God is raising a hand and extending it toward you, just I as did toward Peter.  And when you hear the call, rise-up and follow, because, if you are asked to do it, you can do it.  Hold your faith, and open to the gifts that are coming to you from God.

    “The miracles that come from you might not have anything to do with walking on water.  But, that particular scenario is what I want you to concentrate on, and to think about.  When you hear, the whispered words of Spirit, do not doubt, for you would not be asked to do something that you could not do.

    “I say to you, ‘You are a child of God.’  And I ask you to open to the voice of The Holy Spirit, calling to you, guiding you, and leading you home.  For, you see, this is the voice that led Me.  I wish for you to ‘know,’ the joy, the fulfillment that is your future, your heritage. 

    “Know that I love you, and all the things I said, to those gathered around me…are the truth.  And I said them, so that those of great faith, would open to the energy coming to them from God, and accomplish great things, in His Name.

    “I AM with you.  I reach out My hand, and I say: ‘Come.  Follow Me.  This is The  Way, and it is filled with The Light and The Glory of God.  Come, my brothers and sisters, let us walk into The Light.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Your Mission,
Y o u r  Purpose,
Your Goal, Your Life

    “I come to you this day.  I touch you with My blessing.  And I wish to speak to you  about your mission, your purpose, your goal, your life. 

    “You came to Earth, from Heaven.  You came into a physical body, from the spiritual body of God.  And, as surely as your physical body bears the stamp, DNA, a marking of whom you are, and what you can be, your spiritual body bears the mark of your mission, your purpose, your goal, your life!

    “This is true.  And just as your DNA, sets-out the things that might happen, or occur, in your life, because of your physical composition, so your spiritual DNA, sets-out that which might occur in your spiritual life, and thus effect your physical life.  Just as you can trace your roots, through your physical DNA, you can trace your roots, through your spiritual DNA.  You came to Earth from Heaven, with a mission, imprinted upon you, held within you, a mission, that would be a banner, for your extended stay on Earth. 

    “Your purpose, in coming to Earth, is to be, a representative ‘of God,’ bringing The Love, and The Light, and The Peace, of God, The Creator of All Things, to Earth; and to do so, while carrying-out your mission, so that your mission would be enhanced, with The Glory of God.  This is your purpose, for taking a body, for being a resident of Earth, for a while.

    “And, just as your ‘mission,’ is emblazoned upon a beautiful banner, that waves above you, and your purpose is to accomplish your mission, and to do so, in The Glory of God, your ‘goal,’ is ever before you.  There are minor goals and major goals.  And as you meet, each of the minor goals, you are urged on, by a fire that burns within you, a ‘knowing,’ that you carry in your being, to proceed, to continue, to strive to reach the major goal, and these components, make-up the life, that you lead upon Earth. 

    “It sounds rather lofty and beautiful.  But, I am sure, about this time, as you either hear these words, or read these words, somewhere within you, there is a feeling: that your mission might never be completed; that your purpose might be lost, in the actions that you, of your free-will choice, have taken; that your goals have been missed; and, that your life is just not what is written on the banner, hanging limply behind you.

    “And I say to you, release those feelings, for they are heavy, and will weigh you down, and fool you.  They will trick you, into not completing your mission, into thinking you have thrown away your purpose, and turned your head from the goal.  For I say to you, your life is precious.  Your guardian angels are ever with you.  I walk beside you, and I am ready to take your hand. 

    “I say, to any who feel that they have let their mission slip through their fingers, that is in error.  For no matter where you are, in your lifetime, be it beginning, or close to the end, you still have that banner, flying above you. 

    “I say to you today, connect!  Set some time aside, and ask, in sacred silence, ‘What is my mission?’  And, if you are in a quiet place, with your attention focused, on hearing the answer, it will come to you.  And you will find, that it is not far, from what you had hoped you might accomplish, when you were younger.

    “And as you hear those words, you will draw new life into your lungs, your physical lungs, and your spiritual lungs.  And you will be touched by a blessing, from your guardian angel, and from The Holy Spirit of God.  And you will find the strength to pick-up the banner, and hold it high.  For your purpose, on Earth, is to be ‘of Love and Light.’  So, open to The Love, and The Light will glow, and shine from you. 

    “Your goal, your major goal, will be reached, because all the turns and distractions you have made should be, at this time, ‘blessed and released,’ energy wise.  But, gather-up, all the knowledge and information, all the lessons you have learned in your lifetime.  And some of the greatest lessons that you put in your sack, might come, from the times that you feel you slipped. 

     “Now, you are ready to continue your life, your banner, bearing the statement of your mission, your purpose inflated, filled with confidence, eager to go to the next goal, your major goal still before you.  And, all that you have learned, packed in a sack that you carry, for future reference.  No matter where you are, in your life, you are ready to proceed to the major goal. 

    “I say to you this day, ‘Stop, and take stock.  It is never too late.  And all that you feel is failure can be your valuable treasure of knowledge, learning, and  experience.  And with the blessing of God, and on the wings of The Holy Spirit, and with Me at your side, let us begin anew.’  See it, as you close your eyes, the banner, flying above you; your purpose confirmed within you; your goal, ahead of you; and, your life, renewed.

“Be at Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
How Can I Be
More  Like  Jesus
When  I  Must  Attend
To The Things of The World

    “I AM with you on this day.  And on this day I would like to answer a question, that I hear repeatedly; it comes from men, and women, and children; it is in earnest, when it is spoken; the question, to which I am referring, is this…‘How can I be more like Jesus; how can I draw nearer to The Holy Spirit, when I am living in the world, when, every day, I must attend to the things of the world?’

    “This is a question, repeated, many times, said in many ways, depending on the speaker.  And the question, I just presented as an example, is familiar to you. 

    “I AM here this day, to dispel any thought, that it might be more than one can bear to walk The Way, to speak the Words of God, rather than one’s own, and to Love all brothers and sisters, to be at Peace, wherever you are.

    “Begin in this way.  Begin with the little things.  Take each hour, as it comes to you, and look for the opportunities, to be one with God, to see something, in a totally different light.  There are, I am sure, five, six, or maybe twenty, opportunities an hour, for you to see something differently. 

    “An example might be, for a parent observing a child, running in through the front door, slamming the door behind them in such a way that it bounces back open again, and the child continues on to their room, like nothing has occurred.  This presentation, this example, any parent reading these words, or hearing these words, would recognize.  And immediately, the options are set before you.  But I tell you, the option that makes the way, clearer, and more peaceful, is to bless the child, and close the door.  And when the opportunity presents itself, to speak in words simple, plain, and truthful, speak to the child about the importance of how to enter and leave a room.  But it must be done, when things are calm, and at a time when the child will look, and see, what you are saying.
    “And this does not change so much between the earthly children of God, and The Creator.  No matter how many times you run into a situation, and leave it slightly ajar,  moving hurriedly through it, not paying attention to what you’re doing, The Creator blesses you, and sets about…closing the door, fixing the energy...loving creation.

    “Actually – The Way – is simple.  It is to hold the energy ‘of Peace, and Love.’  It feels better!  It creates less heavy energy.  And it is a more appealing way to walk through your day. 

    “The answer – is to be – the example.  Let your actions be the words.  And it must begin with the smallest of things, of issues, of occurrences, for there to be a complete understanding within you.

    “The smallest disturbance can be blessed.  And so can be the disturber, because there will come a time, when all is more peaceful, when the right words will settle on a calm heart.  And they will be taken in, because they are calm words, filled with truth, and love.

    “I say to anyone who asks the question, ‘How can I walk closer to my Creator, holding the hand of Jesus, in the light of The Holy Spirit?’ … Study each of the hours of the day given to you, and look at the many ways you are given.  Begin there.  Begin building a strong foundation.  Understand the importance of the little things, the minute. 

    “This is a very important lesson.  And it is My answer to that question, posed by so many.  ‘Pay attention, to the little things.  Bless the disturbance, and the disturber.  And wait, for the opportune moment, to say the things that you would have said in haste, and in anger, or at least, in an agitated state…save those things for when you, yourself, hold Peace, when you are more open, to the energy coming to you from God, so that you can…lead...with Truth, and Light, and Love.’ 

    “You will find, if you work on these little things, the energy around you changes very quickly.  You will find that you are walking in Peace and harmony.  And all who come close to you will enjoy your tranquil state, because you will be…creating balance.  You will be ‘blessing and releasing,’ anxiety, anger, and frustration as you do; and, ‘creating,’ a State of Peace.  It is so important to ‘hold your energy, and be at Peace.’

    “Before you move your foot, and go along the path, put yourself in a peaceful state.  You are the creator, of this ‘area,’ around you.  And it is very important to all that you desire to do this. 

    “I say to you today, because you are beginning a new year.  Just a few days have passed into this year marked as two thousand and seven.  And if you can remember this, just a few times, it will alter your year greatly, and you will feel more peaceful.  You will be happier.  And those around you, will feel your presence, and hear your words ‘of Love.’

    “Be at peace.  I AM with you.  You are ready.  Look for ‘the opportunities’.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Live Every Day
For The Joy And
The Glory Of God

    “I AM with you!  I pass to you ‘Joy and Love!’ 

    “This day, I wish to speak to you about your ability to alter situations that are ‘of shadow and darkness.’  I AM with you today, to say: ‘Live every day, for The Joy and The Glory of God!’

    “This is how you are intended to live your life on Earth…in joy...bringing Glory to God.  Whatever you do, do it for The Glory of God.  And you will find yourself in a constant state of joy, and peace.  You will find that the song that comes from your lips is laughter.  And it will not be difficult.  It will not be rehearsed.  It will come from the heart, and the soul, because your heart and your soul will be free, because you will be doing the work of God.

    “This is the greatest freedom you shall ever know, when you make it your intention to do the work of God.  Because then, the Hand of God, blesses all that you create. 

    “God wishes you to be joyful!  And you might wonder, when you hear that word, ‘How can I be joyful, all the time?  There are circumstances and situations that I meet that I have been told, will be a challenge.’ 

    “And you might add to that, ‘And, I accept these challenges, and walk through them.  But am I to do this also in joy?’  And I understand the statements, and the questions involved in this. 

    “But I say to you: ‘If you make it your intention, and your purpose, that all you do, be done for The Glory of God, you will truly be able to hold a state of joy, true joy, not the loud, raucous, planned and rehearsed revelry; but true peaceful joy.  And when you reach this state, I tell you it will be contagious.  For all around will see how you do, and what you do, and the end result is a peaceful, joyful life for you, and all around you.

    “Do not be dismayed when you are met head-on, with those who are carrying a negative energy, with those who make it their intention to be difficult, to be trying, with those who stand in your way, and make signs toward you, or perhaps call you names, or perhaps buffet, and spit upon you. 

      “For in your heart, you ‘know,’ ‘the answer is Love.’  And you recognize where they are.  They are ‘caught in confusion,’ or they would not be acting in such a way, for their actions show they are ‘not creating for The Glory of God.’  Therefore, the direct(ed) decision is…you will love them.  Send to them some of your joyful energy, because you find them ‘in chaos,’ and ‘in shadow.’

    “Do not be pulled into their shadow, by reacting in such a way that does not reflect The Glory of God.  Instead, stand fast in your light.  Refuse to walk into their shadow.  But send the light and joy of God to them, by your prayer, that they be blessed with peace and joy, and go on your way.

    “I say this to you because your daily encounters vary, your challenges vary.  But there is one thing that will remain constant; it is ‘The Love,’ that God has for you.  Therefore, draw upon this Love that is flowing freely to you, and make it your intention to use this energy, so that you might create spaces upon Earth, dedicated to The Glory of God. 

    “And as you do this, true joy, the joy of a peaceful existence, of knowing that you are the child of God filled with love, this joy will grow, and spring forth from you.  And it will truly, and in great measure, affect all those around you and those you encounter.

    “Whether you remain to see, or not, you will have left ‘The Seed of God’s Love’ wherever you have gone; leaving seeds behind you, moving forward, perhaps never to see the orchids of joy that rise-up in your passing.

    “This day I say, unto you, ‘Live every day for The Joy and The Glory of God’.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Be Not Afraid;
These Are Not My Words,
They Are The Words of My Father

    “I AM with you!  And I come to say to you, something that is of importance, especially in the world today, I say to you...

    “Do not rush into the world in dismay – walk calmly into the world – unafraid. 

    “I say this to you, because it is as important to live, and act, the words you speak, as it is to speak the words. 

    “Many things fall into the path of those who desire to walk with Spirit, that need to be set aside; and, you can set them aside, if, before you make a move, you will open to The Holy Spirit!  And it is through the guidance of The Holy Spirit, that you will ‘know how,’ to walk around, or move, out of your way, these things that seem to impede your progress.

    “I say to you today, sit still.  Do not be in a hurry.  Make it a walk, ‘of intention.’  And let it be your intention, that as you are walking, you are speaking to God, and being guided by The Words of God.

     “You know, so often, it is written that I said, ‘These are not My words.  They are The Words of My Father.’  It is written, because I did say this; and, I said it quite frequently!  And I would like you to try to do this same thing, for just a few days, at first; and see, how peaceful your life will be.

    “You will not be tempted into discussion by others, whose purpose might be ‘other than productive,’ because you will hear The Voice of God.  And The Voice of God will bless them, and then urge you, to go on your way.  You will not be caught-up in frenzy, or needless motion, because you will be led by The Hand of God, at a calm and steady pace, a pace that allows you to enjoy all that you are passing, all that you are seeing, on your adventure on Earth.

    “I say this to you today, so that you might use the days ahead, to walk gently into your day.  Be at peace.  Do not dance with chaos.  Listen to The Words of Spirit, and they will fill your soul with happiness. 

    “I say this to you, so you too might let The Father’s Words be your words this coming week.  And let the wings of The Holy Spirit guide you on your Way.  Your week will be peaceful.  Your week will be calm. 

    “I say this to you, because I know it is true.  I have seen the chaos, and the clutter, and the clanging, and the banging.  And in the end, it was all for naught, because what was to be, came to be.  So, put your Faith in God and your hand in Mine; and let us walk,
together – into The New Day – unafraid!”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Your Mission:
To Bring The Energy
Of The Creator To Earth

    “Feel My Presence, as I AM with you!  It is My intention and purpose, that you feel My Presence; and as you acquaint yourself with My Presence, I ask you to prepare to ponder, and to think and pray on, what it is I have come to say to you this day…
    “If God, the Creator of all things, ‘knew,’ it was in the highest good of all to work amazing miracles, and move mountains, and set the seas rolling backwards, and bring the sands of the desert to be drops of water, to bring all the fish up into the sky, and the birds down into the sea, any of these things, could be done.  And all beings on Earth would say, ‘Be still!  This is the power and the energy of God!  Let us pay Him homage.  And let us bow down, and let this day be sacred, for we see the works and the wonders of God!’  And this you know is true.  But God, in the eternal wisdom that is Love, ‘knows,’ this is not The Way. 

    “When the beings that inhabit the Earth dimension seem lost, and going in wrong directions, God, the Creator of all things, sends forth messengers to assist in redirection, in establishing a path that is easier, and clearer, and more enjoyable, for it is filled with the fruits of God.  I was such a messenger.  And you are such messengers.  This is important to remember – ‘Every being that moves through the dimensions into the Earth plane, has a common mission.  And that is, ultimately, to bring The Light and The Love of God into the Earthly dimension.’

    “My life, although not ‘well marked,’ was filled with what might be considered ‘the ordinary.’  But I will tell you, the daily life on Earth is anything but ordinary, when you ‘know,’ you have the ability, or better said, ‘the mission,’ to open fully to The Light of God, and let this Love flow through you into the Earth plane, so that it might be more saturated with The God Light.  Your daily life is anything but ordinary.  It gives you the opportunity to bring The Light of God…to Earth, to make, what you consider ordinary, extraordinary…by your very presence.

    “Now, I could have established Myself on a grand stage, and worked miracles from the first hour of the day, to the coming of night; and all of the peoples would have come, from all over the Earth, bringing themselves to see the miracles.  And they would have bowed down.  But this was not the Will of God.  The Will of God – was for Me to channel this energy – at appropriate times.

    “Actually, for the life that I lived, what would be considered ‘miracles,’ were relatively few, because that was not the important message.  And things could have gotten very mixed-up that way.

    “God wants you to complete your mission, of your own volition, of your own choosing; but, with the guidance of your angels, of The Holy Spirit, and the Words of God, coming through you.  I set My words aside, and let the Words of the Father flow through Me. 

    “I did not shun standing-up, and speaking the Words of the Father.  But I did not seek out the bright lights, the popularity, the applause of My peers, I sought to walk the Earth – open to the Loving Energy of God, Who is My Father and your Father, My Mother and your Mother, My Creator and your Creator – to let this Light saturate, so that God might be present on Earth through Me.  And I asked those who walked with Me, to do the same; to go out and be love; to touch those who were sick; and to let The Love of God flow through them, so that the Will of God might be on Earth, as it is in Heaven.  And if the Will of God was to have the sick rise-up, so they did.  And if the Will of God was for them to bring the lessons to Earth in the state that they were in, so they did. 

    “I was functioning – so that The Kingdom of God would be on Earth, as it is in Heaven – establishing The Kingdom…on Earth.

    “I say this to you so there is no confusion.  ‘Know’ this:  ‘If mountains are to move, and seas are to rise-up, it shall be done, if it is God’s Will.  But God wishes, for those who have journeyed to Earth on a mission, to open fully, so their mission can be complete, in The Light of God.’

    “It sounds easy.  But it must be repeated, almost daily, so there is remembering... ‘You are on Earth to bring The Light and Love of God to this plane, so it might ascend, and be what it is intended to be.’  And it shall happen, because it is the Will of God.  It is your honor to be in such a place, as to be an instrument of that happening.  So your ordinary lives are anything but ordinary.  Every day is extraordinary.  And I urge you to pay attention to that.

    “Open fully to what is yours.  Yours is a heritage grand, marvelous, eternal.  You are a child of God.  Your mission is to bring The Energy of The Creator here to this Earth; and then, open to the Will of God, and only the Will of God.  And follow it.  Do what is asked of you to do.  And when God’s Will is done through you, you shall see miracles. 

    “The miracle is that you are a child of God...walking the face of Earth…and you know it.  Be at Peace.  Open, I AM with you!”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Trying Times
In The Garden Of God

    “I AM with you on this day, every day, for all time, I AM with you!

   “I AM with you on this day to say: ‘Beneath the blanket, the robe or the cloak of adversity, of challenge, there beats the heart of a champion, whose soul and spirit is brilliant, whose desire is to rise-up!  And when the decision is made, there rises-up from the blanket of adversity and challenge, a champion.  And this champion… stands in The Light…and is free.’

    “I speak to you in this way, because I wish for you to understand, that this ‘time of trying,’ comes to every woman and man, and yes, to children too.  All those walking Earth, face challenges.

    “And it is important to understand, in the face of adversity, chaos, or misunderstanding, that this is a ‘Golden Opportunity,’ that has befallen you, and you are to seize the moment, to go within, briefly, and say: ‘I am a child of God.  Be with me, and guide my way.’  And then, one foot in front of the other...the journey begins...the rising-up to the son.

    “I tell you, verily, as this champion rises-up, the cloak of adversity, of challenge, slips from the shoulders, cascades to the feet, and forms the very steps you trod to climb to The Light of God. 

    “Look about you on this day.  A blanket of snow has covered the Earth.  Yet, beneath the soil, the new growth of spring has already begun to rise-up.  It shall break the soil of Earth, and rise-up through the snow, to stand in thelight, and be whole.

    “And I say to you, you children are the flowers of this new spring.  Rise-up, and let all adversity fall from your shoulders, and blossom in the Light of God. 

    “On this day, I extend My hand and I say … Accept it.  Rise-up!  You are the flowers in The Garden of God, and springtime is upon us, rise-up!”

Sunday Sermons
An Example: Faith
In The (Electric) Light
(or, You Have The Power)

   “As you have the Faith, to call My name, I walk into your midst, and I sit with you.  I AM present with you because you believe, and your faith is the spark, that kindles our relationship. 

    “I AM with you on this day, as I promised.  And I wish for you to sit back, and listen to an example I would like to present to you, so that you might use your understanding of the physical world, to better comprehend the spiritual world. 

    “I use as an example, something that those of you who are hearing these words, or reading these words, will recognize, most certainly, if you are beyond the ages of eight, or ten, or twelve.  The example I use with you today, is the example of electricity...the way you walk into a room, and extend your arm, and, with a flip of your finger…bring forth the light.

    “If you will think on how many times you do this, with confidence, stepping into a dark room, extending your arm, and flipping a switch, ‘knowing,’ you shall bring forth the light…then you will see…where I am leading you.

    “Sometimes, those who have the confidence to step into a dark room, extend their arm, and flip the switch, are met with darkness, still.  And this is what I want to speak to you about today.  How is it that those who walk with the faith to know that they can bring forth the light, find themselves standing in a dark room?

    “You know within you, with your comprehension of the physical world, that something is short-circuited; or perhaps the light bulb is burned out; or perhaps there is a storm brewing some place beyond your city, or within your city; perhaps there has been an accident along the route, and a car has run into some line that brings this light to your home, to your dwelling.  But immediately, you begin to search for the answer.

    “Often, when you come in, and go to flip a switch, and there is no response, you find a new light bulb, and you replace the old, with the new, the one that has been in use for so long that it needs a replacement.  And once this is done, the light is again upon you. 

    “But sometimes that is not the answer.  And even though your training has taught you to replace the bulb, it does not bring forth the light.  If you are aware of a storm, or weather that could disturb the flow of the electricity, you wait for a while.  But usually this wait, this time that you are waiting for the light to return, is not spent idly. 

    “You will pick up the telephone and call the source of the electricity to find out if they know: that you are without light, and how long this might take to restore the light, and what you might do to speed-up the return of the light.  But you call for help, ‘knowing,’ – that since the source can always provide the light – there must be an interruption along the line.

    “These examples could go on and on, depending on what country you are in, or whether you are in a city, or in a rural setting.  But My friends who hear, and read, these words, use this physical example for your spiritual comprehension of the flow of The Power of Light coming from The Source, from God, from Our Father. 

    “Sometimes your home is filled with light.  Sometimes you walk down a hallway, and you walk into a room that is dark, and you are the bringer of the light.  Sometimes there is an interruption.  And you must wait until the light is restored.  And it is the same with your spiritual life.  Knowing that you can bring forth The Light is operating, on Earth, using your gift of Faith.  Showing The Light to others, and living in Light, is extending that Faith. 

    “But, when the time comes, when you walk from room to room in your home on Earth, and you stand in a room that is darkened spiritually, do not run from room to room calling, ‘The Light has been taken from me!’  Be still.  Contact The Source of this Powerful Light.  And in communication with The Holy Spirit of God, learn what is impeding the flow of Light.  And then pray, for the lines to be opened, and The Light to be upon you.

    “Do not live in chaos and fear of the darkness.  Live in Faith, and confidence, that you have The Power of The Light within you.  No matter where you might be, in a room filled with Light, or a room that is dark, hold the Faith!  You ‘know,’ The Source, bring forth The Light.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Open the Windows
Of Your Soul, and Receive,
The Breath Of Eternal Spring

    “I AM with you.  And as I come to you, you know Me, you feel My Presence settle about you.

    “I come to you on this day, with another example, something for you to carry into the new week, spread before you, something that will be familiar, as it is almost springtime where you live on Earth.  I ask you to consider this example... 

    “You are about to complete the cycle of the seasons, known as ‘winter,’ on Earth.  And during this winter time, you are often held within your home, more so than during the time and passing of the other cycles of the year.  It is a time…for inward...growth.

    “And so you have spent most of the winter in your home.  The windows have been shut down.  The fire has been going, or the heater has been on, keeping you warm, as the winds of winter howled about you.  You felt protected.  You felt warm.  And when you would open your door, or go out into the winter wind, you felt it cold and frigid.  You felt warm and protected as you returned to your home, closed in.  But as welcoming as your warm den has been during the winter, it is time for a change. 

    “And I say to you...throw open the windows.  See, the wind has modified to a breeze.  Feel the freshness, as it comes through your windows.  Throw open the door.  Draw in this new, fresh breeze of springtime.  Let it move through the home that has been shut down, closed off.  Let it refresh you body, soul, and spirit.  Draw it in.  Feel the difference.  Even the most amazing times, spent within the walls of your home during the winter, grow stale.  The air is not what it was at the beginning of the winter.  Be cleansed in the springtime breeze.  Feel it move about you, the welcoming touch of spring.

    “Here is another example, too.  The seeds of the flowers have been held beneath the Earth that has been cold and frozen; the seeds of the grasses, buds of the trees held tightly within, protected, shielded, from the cold winter.  But as you look out and see the tender shoots of the grasses, the first evidence of the springtime flowers, the first buds on the branches of the trees, understand that you are also breaking the soil of winter.  Open your doors!  Open your windows!

    “And now I ask you to transfer what I have just told you to your spiritual life as well, for you do not stay dormant, or stagnant, in that which you ‘know.’   But as you spend your years on Earth, The Holy Spirit leads you into new insights...into a richer, deeper life, and understanding…walking closer with God.

      “So as you begin this springtime on Earth, open the windows of your soul, so the fresh Breath of The Holy Spirit can bring new life to that which has been dormant.  Try it now, with purpose and intent, open the window to your soul and feel the Love flow into you! 

    “The Holy Spirit is always with you.  But when you open yourself to the gifts of God that are flowing to you, with purpose and intent, just like you go over and open a window to your home, or the door to your home, there come to you the most amazing gifts. 

“So on this day,
as you are preparing
on  Earth  to  walk  into
springtime, I say to you,
open the windows
to your soul,
so that
might enter,
and bring to you,
a new life, filled with the flowers
of eternal springtime!  And be at Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
‘Miracles,’ Are
The Flowers, Born
Of The Seeds Of Faith

    “On this day, I AM with you.  On this day I wish to say: ‘Miracles are the flowers, born of the seeds of faith, carried on The Breath of The Holy Spirit, and nurtured in The Garden of God.’

    “Miracles are every day occurrences, consistent with living in The Light and Glory of All That Is; for it is in The Light, that you ‘know,’ your physical being will pass, but your spiritual being is eternal.

    “In The Light you ‘know,’ you are on Earth to complete a mission, for The Glory of God.  And when you are distracted from your mission, by dis-ease of body, soul, and spirit, this is when you must speak with God, ask for help, pray for guidance.  Set yourself aside; and, in silence, prepare to speak with God. 

    “And then, pray, in this way: ‘God, I am distracted from my mission.  I am experiencing dis-ease of my body, soul, or spirit.  I wish for healing.  But if it is the great plan, that I am to carry this dis-ease, while completing my mission, so be it.  But if I have contracted this dis-ease of body, soul, or spirit, because of the environment, or atmosphere, or just living on the Earth, then it is that I ask for healing, so I might be whole, and balanced, so I might continue serving You, and completing my mission.  I wish for healing.  But, my intent and my purpose is, ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven.’  On this day, this I say, and this I pray.  So be it.’

    “And, in faith, you are a flower, tended by The Hand of God.

    “I say to you this day, remember: ‘Miracles are the flowers, born of the seeds of faith, carried on The Breath of The Holy Spirit, and nurtured in The Garden of God.

“Be at Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
April 1,2007
Teaches On:
Find Strength
By Going Inward,
Find Joy In Who You Are,
Find Peace In Completing Your Mission,
And, You Will Find, Within You, The Voice Of God

    “I AM with you.  And on this day, I ask you to remember: ‘The tumultuous applause that greets your entrance onto the stage, will soon die down, and the play will begin.’  As I rode into Jerusalem, thousands of Earth years ago, it marked the beginning of the end of My Earth time.   Oh glorious entrance, fading, as it begins!  

    “I say to you today, do not look to the cheering crowd, to be lifted-up, while you are experiencing life on Earth.  Find Strength by going inward!  Find Joy in who you are!  Find Peace in completing your mission!  The cheering crowd will grow weary, tired, and be still.  When you turn, during times of trial, you will find, they are no longer with you.  But, you will find, within you, ‘The Voice of God!’

    “All things of Earth are fleeting and passing.  Each man, and woman, and child, has their own mission.  They might stop momentarily to recognize one amongst them.  But soon, they are drawn to that, which they must accomplish, they must do.  And that leaves you, walking ‘The Way.’

    “I came to know this, as the human experience, when I walked amongst you, in a physical form.  This is why I ‘knew,’ that there was to be a connector between the children of God walking Earth, and the Creator, One who would be with each of you, all of the time, not just with some of you, some of the time. 

    “As I made My entrance into the city, there was great applause; yet I ‘knew,’ it was just what it was, the fulfillment of prophecy, and the beginning of the end of My time on Earth.  And with the cheers still ringing in My ears, it came to an end.

    “If you put your faith, only, in the adoration of your brothers or sisters, or the rewards of Earth, you will soon be disappointed.  But if you remember that you are a child of God, on a special mission, if you will remember that you are on Earth for a purpose, to bring The Love of God to all you encounter, then your ultimate victory will be, no matter what the atmosphere or environment of Earth might be at the time.  For you will be holding your worth as a child of God; you will be holding your ultimate victory, in completing your individual mission. 

    “As it was time for Me to leave Earth, I spoke of this clearly, plainly, to those around Me, saying that I must return to the Father, so that I might, more completely, be with each of you.  It is the Spirit reunion. 

    “As I left the life of Earth, and returned to Heaven, I promised to send The Holy Spirit, to lead each of you.  And, in My absence, promised, that if you would hold the things that I said special and dear, and that if you would love Me as your Brother, I would come and live with you; not with just one or two of you at a time, but with every human being on the face of the Earth…at one time.  And this is done…by Spirit. 

    “And so it is, by The Ways of Spirit, that you are to live your time on Earth.  This will bring you true happiness, for the ways of the world are fleeting, and passing, and changing.

    “Do not look, to the cheering crowds, to be lifted-up, while you are experiencing life on Earth.  Find strength by going inward.  Be lifted-up, on The Breath of The Holy Spirit.  Find joy, in the truth that you are a child of God.  And know true peace, by making it your intention each day, to work toward completing your mission.

    “I tell you this, because this was My purpose, during My last days of Earth, to mark each moment, on Earth, with God’s Love, and with My will, to do the Will of God, to complete My mission, and go home.

    “Do not bow to the applause of the world, be lifted-up by the Love of God; and ‘know,’ . . .

“I AM eternally with you.”

Sunday Sermons
April 8,2007
Rise-Up With Me,
As I Live, So You Too, Live
Resurrect The Spirit That You Are

  “I AM with you.  I come to you this day to proclaim The Good News ... I Live!  I come to you this day to proclaim The Good News, that your body of Earth, cannot confine, The Spirit of God, that is within you.  As I live, so you too, live.

    “You walk the Earth for just a while.  But when you shed the body of Earth, you fully walk into your state, your eternal state of being, for you are ‘of God.’ 

    “God so loves you, that I was sent to you, so that you too, might ‘see, and know, and believe.’  I was sent to you from God, to be ‘The Living Word of God,’ to fulfill all of the prophecy of the old covenants, so that I might carry unto the children of God, the new covenant, that would stand atop all of the old covenants, the new covenant that would be The Golden Dome, The New Covenant, Love One Another.

    “I came to Earth, and I fulfilled the prophecy, so that you would ‘know,’ that it was time for the new covenant.  And, as I brought it to you, it was given to you by God, so that this new covenant, between the children of God walking Earth, and the Creator God in Heaven, might stand eternally, as the One Covenant that opened the door, and showed The Way, back home.

    “I lived on Earth so you might ‘see, and know.’  And, as you walk the Earth, you have the ability to bring Heaven to Earth, to set the things of Earth aside, and fully accept The Spirit, which, in you, abides. 

    “I say to you today, as I rose-up, left my earthly body, and rose-up to be fully Spirit, you too shall pass in this way.  I say to you today, rise-up and let this day be the day that you resurrect your Spirit that is within you.  And although you might wear your body of Earth for a bit longer, it is time to begin to walk into your full Spirit being…now! 

    “Do not wait until your time of passing.  Begin your resurrection now, with Me, for I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  I came to Earth to fulfill the prophecy, and to bring the new covenant, The Covenant of Love.  I reach out My Hand to you now.  And I say to you...My brothers, and sisters, of Earth...

    “Rise-up with Me.  Resurrect the Spirit that you are.  You are a being of eternity; you are a child of God.  And, I have been with you to show you The Way.  Rise-up, with Me, ye sons and daughters of  The Eternal God; as I live, you too, live! Come!  It is time...