Sunday Sermons
May 25, 2014
You Choose:
The Ways Of The
World, Or The Way
Of  The  Kingdom  Of  God

  I AM with  you!      Do not be distracted, by the sounds and the fury and the chaos, and the rumblings of the world of man; for, if you are, you will turn your head, and you will listen, and you will ‘know,’ these things.  But if you focus, on what is real, The Kingdom from which you came, The Source of who you are, you will know truth; and you will walk in wisdom; and you will resist the temptations, and you will complete your mission; for that is truly, the most important thing you are to do upon the Earth, complete the mission, and return Home! 

“As Earth was created, it was a garden of great beauty!  There were no buildings.  There were no bridges.  There were no dwellings.  There was nature.  It was Earth.  It was pure, and simple.  Over the years this has changed; and the things created by humanity have overpowered the simplicity of Earth.  But there is something that cannot be duplicated in the creation of the things of the world: the buildings, the cars, the homes, the bridges.  A flower, springing forth from the Earth, crushed under the foot, or the wheel of progress, will spring-forth in another place.  Earth replenishes herself.  A flower trodden underfoot, in one area, will spring- up in another.  If you pay attention, no matter what happens, life, as it comes forth from Earth, continues.  But if you burn down a building, created by the hands of man, it does not ‘of itself,’ rise-up again, it must be reconstructed, by the hands of man.  A bridge, which once spanned a mighty river, cannot rebuild itself; if it is torn down, or if it has fallen down, it must be reconstructed, by the hands of man. 

“Think on this... God created the Earth, and the Earth sustains itself through the power of God’s creation.  But it is not the same with the things created from rocks, and steel, and wood, by the hands of man.

“You are created, by God.  The spirit that is you, lives, forever.  Like that which springs-forth from the Earth, you might meet resistance at one point, but you rise-up at another point.  You will not die.  You live forever; and forever you carry the lessons, of that which you have learned.  The clothing you choose to put on, after a number of years, might become tattered and torn; it could fall from you, old, crumbling with age; but the spirit that is you will not die; you live forever, because you have been created ‘of God.’  I tell you these things today, because it is important for you to ‘know,’ what you are doing.

“When I walked upon the Earth, I made a number of additions, corrections, modifications to old ways of doing things.  One of them, that comes quickly to mind is, ‘You have heard it said, that you must love your neighbor, and hate your enemy.  But I tell you, you must love your enemy.’  There were a number of things, that were altered.  I did not change them, I acknowledged them, ‘You have heard it said.’  But it was a new beginning... what you must do... to live... according to who you are.

“And in this array of modification, of bringing the higher-law to Earth, I said clearly, ‘Be ye perfect, as Our Father is perfect.’  That doesn’t leave much room for error; but it has a lot of room for practice, and trial, and ultimately... doing.  It will be easy to be distracted, by the ways of the world, because they relieve you of responsibility.  ‘Be ye perfect,’ is a responsibility.  But the world, to satisfy ‘the thoughts that you are not perfect, and cannot be perfect,’ created phrases: ‘You are only human.  What can you expect?  You are only human.  You cannot do that.’  These teachings relieve you of the responsibility... ‘of doing.’

“Slipping into a zone that is comfortable, in-line with the general thinking, and moving at the pace, of the others, does not require the same attention that it does to walk on your own, practicing perfection: loving your enemy; giving when you are asked to give; being a citizen of The Kingdom of Heaven, living upon the Earth. 

“When given the opportunity ‘to choose,’ when the question is presented in the proper manner, most people would say, ‘Oh, I’ll choose to be ‘of The Kingdom of God, living upon Earth.’  That would be my choice.’  The answer comes that way, because within your being, your spirit is answering at that moment.  That is what you would choose to do, if your spirit was ‘the leading voice,’ ‘the driving power, that moved you.’ But the day-to-day activities lure you, and tempt you, into the comfortable, less demanding ways of the world.  Go to work, pay your taxes, sleep, eat, and get-up and do it again, over, and over, and over, until the rut becomes a comfortable bed, a place of rest, demanding very little, except that you conform to the ways of the world. 

“Each of you has a mission.  The ways of the world will often distract you from your mission.  You cannot relieve yourself of the responsibility of your mission, by announcing that... ‘ are only human.’  If it is yours to do, you have the ability to do it.  Once you embrace who you are, and the mission that you have come to Earth to do, there will swell-up, within you, a confidence, that you never knew before.  There is a phrase upon the Earth, a saying, ‘That is a man with a mission.’  ‘That is a man on a mission.’  And there are other varying ways of saying the same thing, but the implication is that person knows what they are going to do, and they are going to do it.  That needs to be your motto as well.  ‘I am on a mission, and I am going to do it.  If I am here to do it, I am able to do it, I am capable of doing it.’  Do not succumb to ‘the temptation,’ and ‘distractions,’ which tell you, you cannot.  For I say unto you this day, if it is within your thoughts, and dreams, if it is in your heart, if you feel it, then you know it, and if you know it, it is yours to do.

“The world, around you, might not recognize it, might not believe it can be done; but you will recognize it, because you ‘feel,’ the urging, you ‘hear,’ the prompting.  Now, pay attention, and rise-up.  The world exists around you... but The Kingdom of God, exists ... within you...

“Be ye perfect, as Our Father is perfect.  Be ye perfect, in love.  Be ye perfect, in kindness.  Be ye perfect, in generosity.  Be ye perfect, in willingness to perform acts of kindness.  Be ye perfect, in joy.  Be ye perfect, for you are on a mission, and it is yours to do.”
Sunday Sermons
May 11, 2014
God Provides
Mother Love, Father
Love... Eternal... Love
For Every Single Child

  I AM with  you!     I move through the corridors of all time... the corridors, which are familiar... to your spirit.  I reach-out, and say to you... I AM with you!

“There are many interesting things, about the relationships within a family.  There are many interesting people and stories, and these stories conjure-up the thoughts and the memories, of this time or that time, this place or that place, this one or that one; but one of the most important things about family is... that ~ it is within the physical family ~ that you come to understand ~ ‘who you are, ~ in this lifetime upon Earth.’  What is your history, what is your heritage?  Many times you are moved to trace back, through the generations, to find more information, to establish ‘who you are, and from whence you came.’  And this is important.  You find that some little thing you do, whether it be to tap your toe in a certain way, or to move your hand through your hair in a certain way, actually comes from someone,  possibly a hundred years before you.  It is surprising, and amazing, to follow the chain, of the family generations. 

“The most important thing that you need to remember – about physical family – is that – it is something to respect!  It is easy to see where this member or that member of a certain family, might disagree, might pull-apart, might not see each other, or even talk to each other, yet there is still the connection, that string of DNA, that will always be there, connecting you, to those of the past.

“It is also important to see in action that ~ this circle of family ~  continues to be a circle, within a circle, within a circle.  Today especially  is set aside to honor mothers.  Mothers, your parents, provided the doorway for you to enter into a lifetime, a journey, upon this Earth.  You walk, through that doorway to experience life, on Earth.  This is deserving of respect. 

“Many years ago, the idea of ‘respecting your elders,’ was instilled in all children.  Why is that?  Well, the reason is that ‘you could learn from those who had already walked along the path.’  The elders held, within them, wisdom, of the age.  So there was respect, and in that respect ~ was the possibility of the younger generation finding wisdom in the thoughts, and the memories, of the older generation, ~ before ~ it faded away.  And then the responsibility would fall to the younger generation to thoughtfully review  the information they had been given, sieve the wisdom from the thoughts, and carry only the best things forward.  Family, functioning properly, prepares you, for the world,  knowing your roots, carrying the gems, the precious wisdom, of yesterday, into the present day.

“Family is so important ~ that it is often re-created ~ over and over again.  The first thing that children do, when they are given a bit of freedom, is to form ‘a family of friends.’  You are creating the family that you would choose to be with you, by your circle of friends.  Circle... isn’t it interesting how it is often called ‘a circle of friends’?  It is uniting, it is creating your own family.  And you can look around at your circle of friends, and see, a lot, in them, that is in you,  their likes, and dislikes.  There are certain things that draw other people into your circle of friends, your family of friends.  And it is repeated over, and over again.  Your ‘work family,’ look at where you work, and you will begin to see, that it is functioning as a family of workers, united in one place, with a similar goal.  And so you can look at some of your co-workers, and see, and learn, what you are doing in this work family, because it is all necessary to produce the product, the work product.

“You create ‘church families,’ where you go, on certain days, to sing of glory, and praise, so that you might honor God, your Eternal Parent; but this is also a circle of people united in one goal, one thought, one theory... a family of faith. 

“You create family, after family, and then there comes a time to create your family... the continuum... of your family, through you, and the children you bring forth.  You then, become the door, the threshold, the entrance to the world!

“When you stop and think about this, there must be respect for your earthly parents, if only to hold them in a place of honor for providing the doorway to the life you are experiencing now, for that is exactly what it is, a life experience, one that you would never have, but for the willingness of another to say, ‘Yes, I will be the door.’ 

“Think about this today; and then, as you mull-it-over in your mind, and let it flow through your heart, think about your Eternal Parent.  Honoring ‘Mothers,’ is a wonderful thing to do; but it is important to group mother with parent, as you would father with parent, because so often the skills are comingled.  Good parenting comes when the father can provide ‘mother love,’ and the mother can provide ‘father love.’  And you will never find that better displayed than when sitting in the lap of God; for God provides mother love, father love, eternal love for every single child; for, Our Father, Our Parent, Our Eternal Parent is The Doorway from whence you came.  Your Eternal Parent blessed you, with eternal life.” 

Sunday Sermons
April 13, 2014
You Can Do
Everything I AM
Doing, But The Best Journey
Is Made Taking One Step At A Time

  I AM with  you!     I AM close to you.  I whisper, and you hear Me.  I AM your support.  I AM your encouragement.  I AM your confidence.  I AM your brother.  I AM, with you, in all ways.  And as I walked upon the Earth, over two thousands years ago now, I made My way, showing you The Way.  And then, without hesitation, I did say, ‘You can do everything I AM doing, and more!’ 

“Before you begin this week, I ask each of you to take the time to be still, and ponder this...  ‘The best journey is made, taking one step at a time.’ 

“There are some of you who are striving, for ‘the perfection,’ missing ‘the steps,’ in-between, as if you are on a trampoline, one minute your feet firmly planted on the solid ground of Earth, and the next, soaring into the sky, grabbing, holding onto the ring; but what happens is that you go back down, only to spring-up,  and look around, to see once again, you are falling down.

“I want to encourage you today, as strange as this might sound, to ‘forget perfection, for a while, and just practice,’ where you are.  For some of you, the practice is: ‘practice ~ opening ~ to the love of God.’  That is all you have to do.  Forget what others around you are trying to lead you to, and practice ‘letting God’s love flow into and through, you.’  For in truth, the next and the next and the next step along The Way, can only be accomplished, if you are ‘a vessel, filled: with the love of God, with the power of God, with the light of God.’

“You must take one step at a time; or there will come a wave of frustration, anxiety, doubt, and fear; and you will come to realize, God does not seem near, any longer.  And in truth, it is because you have become: distracted, by the good; distracted by moving ahead quicker than you should; when you did not stay, in the place, of opening to God’s love, until you knew how to do it, and you did it so well, you didn’t have to think at all.  This is step one!

“Some of you might be thinking, ‘...well, how do we proceed, do we make any ground, by staying where we are, until we are filled with the love of God; for I seem to be filled, and then spill my glass daily?’ 

“And I say... have faith... here is the key: ‘If you will begin every day, speaking to Me, I will remind you, ‘Open the door.  God is knocking, open the door.  Let God’s love flow into you, and be filled with God’s love.’  And you will feel it.  You will feel it, moving into you!’ 

“But this is a practice you must do every day; so, setting check-points along The Way is a good idea.  So you wake-up, and take very little time, but the intention is set.  And God fills you with love, and light; but you must do this repeatedly.  Do it at noon; do it as the sun is setting; do it as you lay your head upon the pillow.  It is something that will guarantee you, ‘a most magnificent walk upon the Earth!’

“When an apprentice is learning ~ how to be a potter, ~ how to create beautiful vessels, using clay, they do not intend to make the perfect vessel, as they begin.  No, they intend to practice, the art: until their hands know the way, of the clay; they practice, until the turning of the wheel is something as familiar, as breathing; they know, how to select the clay that will work, and reject the clay which will crumble, and fall away.  And as they practice these steps, they begin to make their way, toward the ability, to craft the clay into the perfect vessel, in every way!

“It is the same with the carpenter; the novice beginning, they do not set out to build a magnificent home; frst, they must learn how to use the hammer, and the nail; they must know how to make all things level, so there is balance as they proceed; they must put their attention to the foundation, before they begin creating the roof-top.  And as they begin and study and work, they come to find that somewhere, somewhere mixed into the practice, and the toil, and the work and the intention and the desire, they have produced the perfect dwelling!

“It is the same with your spiritual life!  If you want to perfect your relationship with God Our Father, you must practice!  Don’t let your focus, be distracted, by accomplishing this or that or the other.  Open the door, for God is knocking. 

“And once you do this, the love of God will be flowing into you in such a way, that whatever your next step might be, that day, it will be accomplished; but it will have, within it, the presence of God, the love of God, the power, and the light of God.  It will have the mark of the hand of God... leading you... guiding you, one-step-at-a-time, along The Way!”

Sunday Sermons
March 16, 2014
And Choose: The
Ways Of The World,
Or, The Way Of God

  I AM with  you!     I AM with you as you walk upon the Earth.  I AM you as you sleep.  I AM with you as you play and dance and sing.  I AM with you to enjoy Earth, once again, with you; for I found it pleasing: flowers... sweet; fruit of the trees and vines delicious, and tasty; the songs of the instruments caught Me-up in a state of desiring to move with the rhythm, and the breeze danced with Me as well.  I walked upon the Earth, enjoying all that was there, giving thanks to Our Father, Our Parent, for all the creations conceived by God; for Earth ~ is good, ~ and a delightful place to be! 

“And while you are enjoying... the fruits of Earth, the things of Earth... it is important not to be distracted from your mission, as you walk along The Way.  You must prepare for the day when you will be called to step onto the stage, and make your presentation: to say that which you are to say; or to do that which you are to do; to make your contribution to the continuing of creation, and to do so, for the highest good of all; for your missions, each one of your missions, are holy!

“I sought-out John the Baptist, John, the baptizer: and I stepped into the waters; and I was plunged beneath them, just like everyone else;  and when I stood-up, as the water dripped-down from Me, and I felt the coolness of the water touched by the breeze, the veil parted; and The Voice of God could be heard...  it was the announcement, it was ‘The Sign,’ that I was to wait for; and The Dove settled; and it was complete!

“The Voice was gentle, yet strong, reverberating, down the river, and back again, moving into the dirt of Earth, touching all who were there to be baptized, ‘This is My Son, with whom I AM well pleased!

“And, ‘I knew!’  It did not take prompting, or persuasion, to move Me, as The Spirit led Me, far from the people, far from the towns, into the desert.  I retreated from the world: to be taught by God; to be prepared for the mission; and, ultimately, to be tempted by the things of the world; so that I could ‘choose,’ and ‘know,’ that which I had chosen, before I set My foot upon the path, and began the ministry, I was sent to do.  I did these things, so that I might fulfill, all that I was to fulfill, and to do so in the light, and for the glory of God!

“Forty days!  For some, it sounds like a short time, a brief time; for others, it seems like an eternity, too long to be tried... tested... taught.  Yet I say unto you... ‘Until you surrender, and set yourself aside for the teaching, and the tempting ‘to the ways of the world,’ you will never know the glory of the choice; for God will teach you, as God taught Me!’ 

“The Spirit led Me far away, deep into the desert.  And the wild beasts of that region circled, and came close.  And the snakes, and the lizards, and the bugs of the desert, found Me, they were all around Me.  And I sat, on a rock, and the veil parted, and Our Father spoke.  The lessons continued day and night.  ‘This is what you do... .  This is how you will know... .  These are the words you should say... .  These are the places to go... .  These are the signs to watch for... .’  All of these things were revealed to Me, so I would ‘know,’ the importance of the mission set before Me, with no doubt. 

“And I took the words of Our Father, and devoured them, like a hungry person shown a table, a banquet table.  I could not stop eating the words of Our Father.  They filled Me.  They encouraged Me.  The sustained Me.  And from them, I drew strength.  I needed to hear that which I was sent to hear, before the mission, before the ministry, so I might complete it, in the glory of God, not saying My words, not going where I wanted to go, but saying the words of God... and walking... as I was shown The Way!

“When I was hungry, and when I was tired, when My eyes were closing with sleep, the tempter came, and began talking.  The voice was compelling, I will admit; yet, all the time the tempter spoke, I could hear the gentle, yet powerful, words of God!  They were My companion.  They were fixed within Me.  They were Mine!  And when the tempter was done, I chose!  I rejected ‘the ways of the world, the riches of the world, the luxury of the world, the power of the world, and chose the ways of God!’  And in My choosing, it was done. 

“I walked-out of the desert, after forty days and forty nights, and set My foot on the road to My destiny, with confidence, knowing God was with Me!  I never looked back, I never looked forward, I concentrated on keeping My connection... with My Teacher, My Guide, My Power, My Strength, My Father. 

“This, too, is what each of you should do... Prepare, with intention and purpose, to set your foot upon the path of your destiny; but before setting-out make your choice...  is it The Ways of God, or the ways of the world?  It is your choosing, and your choice will make all the difference, in the world!  

“Peace be with you... as I AM with you... forever!

Sunday Sermons
March 23, 2014
It Is Time,
God Is Waiting, Set
Yourself Aside To Be Still
And Quiet And Feel God’s Presence 

  I AM with  you!     I open My arms: to embrace you, to hold you, to give you succor.  There is such peace, in an embrace.  There is such contentment, in the holding of it.  You can feel ~ the love ~ flowing, between the bodies, and you truly feel, as you are one, for a brief time, until it is done, and you move away, and you look into the eyes, and the love remains! 

“You experience ~ this powerful emotion, ~ when you have been parted from someone you love, and there is the homecoming, and the embracing, and the exchange of the energy flowing between the two of you; and then as you back away, to look at the face, you see ~ love, ~ and you are stronger for it.

“As I walked upon the Earth, I desired an embrace from Our Parent, Our Eternal Parent, often.  And so, as I set-out upon My ministry, walking: the paths, and the highways, of the cities, and the towns of that day, I found strength in setting Myself aside, in going away, up into the hills, out into the desert, on upon the sea.  And there, away from the ways of the world, there was homecoming.  I was embraced by Our Parent, and felt the love.  And when it was time to return to the towns, and the cities, and the roads, and the paths, I stepped back, from the embrace, and I could see love, upon the face of God!  This was My strength!  This is what kept Me going!  This is what held My attention.  This is what gave Me the courage to turn My head from ‘the riches of the world, from the trials of the world,’ and focus ‘on the things of God.’

“If you do some reading, of Scripture, you will see it marked.  They say of Me, ‘He went away.  He set Himself aside.’  And while I did this, and took some of My followers with Me, I always placed them a distance from Me, as I moved on to a solitary space, as I sat Myself down, and prepared to sit with God. 

“And during these times away, during this retreating from the world: I was taught; I was sustained; I was renewed; I was rejuvenated; I was made whole, and healed, from the weariness, of the world.

“And once I felt I was revitalized, and ready to continue with ‘The Mission,’ I would rise-up, and go back into the world.  This I did many times.  This is what kept Me going, this solitary embracing of the ways, and the teachings, of God. 

“Without these times ~ walking, and talking, with Our Heavenly Parent, ~ I surely would have grown weary, and tired. 

“I say these things to you today, because you, too, need to set yourself aside: to be refueled, recharged, renewed from the ways of the world, so that your light might continue to grow, become brighter with every day, so that your joy is not diminished, and your dance not subdued, so that your song is ‘of glory,’ all day long. 

“If you can recognize ‘the temptations, and the trials, held in the ways of the world,’ it is time for you to act, upon this information; set yourself aside, and embrace God.  Held in the embrace of God, you will feel ~ The Power, ~ and The Presence; ~ and when it is time to rise-up, you will step-back, and prepare to enter the world once more; but you will carry with you the memory, of: The Words of God; The Love of God; The Power of God; and you will see Love, and The Face of God, in all creation!

“Do not hesitate to be sustained.  Do not hesitate to take the step.  Do not hesitate to reach-out, and take the hand of God; for God is waiting; and the words you will hear, will calm every fear; and the songs that fill your ears ~ will be treasures, ~ will be held, in your heart! 

“Today, you have the opportunity; God is waiting; it is time ~ to be still, and quiet; ~ and be filled with The Presence, ~ so that you might be ~ at peace!” 

Sunday Sermons
March 2, 2014
The Gifts
Of The Holy Spirit
To Enhance Your Talents
Is The Secret To True Abundance

  I AM with  you!     I AM with you today, to reach-out, and say, ‘Come, I will show you The Way!’  The Way is marked.  It is marked by: the sound of words; the glorious deeds of others, walking before you; but more important, The Way is marked, within you!  Do not let it become clouded with doubt, and worry, and fear, so that you miss the path.   

“In order for The Way to be clear, set before you, calling you, beckoning you to come, you must go within, be still, and be willing to listen.  And in the silence, you will hear the words.  When you speak the words, they might not fit the ways of the world, but they will ring-out, as an anthem, for The Kingdom of God, for The Kingdom of God is with you!

“Do not let the worries, of the world of man, fill you with doubt, distract you, from that which is yours to accomplish.  Today I remind you, you are a child of God, sent from Heaven, on a mission, you have arrived upon the Earth, and you are well into the journey.  You are prepared for this adventure, this adventure of your lifetime.  You have the gifts; you have the talents; therefore you have all you need!  Do not be distracted by what others say they need, or they have.  Do not be distract by what others suggest you might need, or that you should have.  Focus on your mission.

“Lack ~ is created ~ within ~ your thought process.  How can you lack when you have all you need?  You cannot!  But to achieve this place of abundance, of having all you need to complete your mission, you must be willing to use the gifts, and use the talents, to make your way into each and every day.  Now, your talents will allow you to live in the world of man.  Your talents might be a dancer, your talents might be a cook, your talents might be toward medicine, or law, your talents might be toward plumbing, or carpentry.  Wherever your talents lie, that is ‘the key, to what you should do to make-a-living,’ as it is said upon the Earth, make your daily living.  But the gifts that you bear, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, these sacred gifts, you must also use, because in using those gifts you provide an atmosphere, in which your talents, when performed, bring glory to God!  They work hand-in-hand.  It is a creation conceived in the thoughts of God, as God sends the children forth into the world.  ‘Take this My child, and go forth!’

“I had talents, when I walked upon the Earth.  I was a very good carpenter.  Not enough is said about this.  I did not spend my days idly.  I worked.  I worked, so I could assist My family, all of us.  My sisters worked.  My brothers worked.  Each had a talent, that contributed to the core of our family, so that we had the things we needed.  And we were each willing to use our talent, for the good of all.  But what made these talents rise to another level was using the talents, in such a way, that our gifts of The Holy Spirit, were an inspiration every day, performing our talents in the light of God; on stage, you might say,  acting-out our life upon Earth, but in a different way, doing it for the glory of God, not for the applause, and accolades, of others.  This is the secret of life upon Earth: using The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, to enhance, your talents, your spiritual life will be rich, and you will have that which you need in the world of man to make your way.

“Take some time to examine: your list of talents; and your treasure trove of gifts from The Holy Spirit; and then ask for guidance to use them, together, ~ to bring ~ The Kingdom of God onto the Earth!

“The northern hemisphere of Earth is about ready to experience Spring, new life.  It is the perfect time to incorporate this concept, this perception, into your thoughts,~  into a willingness to try, each day, ~ to perform your talents in such a way, that The Gifts of The Holy Spirit inspire, and fill, all you do.  That is all that is necessary ~ to enjoy ~ an abundant life ~ upon the Earth!”

Sunday Sermons
March 9, 2014
Use Your Gifts
From The Holy Spirit
To Raise Your Talents To A
Level Worthy To Be A Gift To God

  I AM with  you!     I come to you and I encourage you this day, to use ‘your talents,’ the abilities that you have been given.  Practice using your talents, so that they achieve a level of competence, and move beyond.  This gift of talent is given to you, so that you might make your way in the world.  Use your talents for the glory of God, and the glory of God will shine through that which you do, and bring The Kingdom of God onto the Earth! 

“That is a wonderful thought, that: ‘that ~ which comes easy for you, which is second nature to you, which is your ‘talent,’ ~ would be the doorway, the portal, the entry point, for the glory, for The Kingdom, of God;’ yet, it is true!  

“And for those of you stumbling, and wandering about, wondering what it is you are to do to make your way in the world, you need go no father than to sit, and review the talents, the things you like to do.  For, that is ‘the key.’  That is the area in which you should move to use your talent, and when you do, you feel fulfilled, and you are happy.

“If you find yourself in a place where you are not using your talents, or you have pushed them aside, to work in a field that has no connection to your talent, you cannot be truly happy, because you are not using a most valuable part of who you are.

“Talent is what separates everyone in a productive way, it shows the uniqueness of how you see things, or what you can do with that which you are given.  And so, let’s say, a box of sand is placed on a table.  You would be surprised how many different ways that box of sand can be used, depending on the talent held within the individual who picks-up the box. 

“An artist might pour the sand out on a table, drawing fingers through the sand, or waiting for the breeze to move it, and then put what is seen, in the movement of the sand, onto a canvas; so all can see the beauty that it holds.  One who is gifted with the talent of dance, might hold the sand up in the hand, and let it fall to the table, and then duplicate the movement in a dance.  The one who has a talent in blowing glass would use the sand in a different way.  One who has a talent for setting out playgrounds, and work places, might use the sand in a different way.  And one who has talent, building houses, might use the sand in yet, a different way.  The examples could go on, and on, but you see that how the sand is used ~ depends on the talent ~ held within the participant.  And this is good. 

“But the miraculous, and the magical, and the mystical occur, when there are those who pick-up the box of sand, and in using their talents, blessed and graced by The Gifts of The Holy Spirit they bear, create ~ beyond their talent, ~ and what comes forth is a gift ~ for all to see!

“You hold Heaven, and Earth, within thee.  You are meant to amaze, and by your words, and actions, you are meant to turn the heads of those lost, to see the glory of God, in the simple things that you do, allowing The Gifts of The Holy Spirit to lift them to a place of ‘extraordinary!’   

“It is not a leap to say that you should use your talents, coupled with The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, every day!  It is true that you can use your Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and your talents, every hour of the day, incorporating them into anything you do.  This will bring you true happiness, and joy, because you are fulfilling your destiny, using that which was given to create that which is new.  And all of the keys are held, within you.  Wake-up, open the presents, see the talents, use the gifts, create anew!” 

Sunday Sermons
March 30, 2014
Being Taught
By God, And Deliver
The Kingdom Of God To Earth

  I AM with  you!     I bring you peace.  My light mingles with yours, and the light is magnified.  My love mingles with yours, and it is magnified.  And the power of God, flowing through Me, mingles with the power of God flowing through you, and it is magnified, and flows onto the Earth, for all to use.  It is a miracle!  It is living!  It is life eternal!  The power of God is the blood of eternity, keeping it going, keeping it breathing, keep it living! 

“When I had completed ~ My forty days of intense training ~ that time I walked into the desert to sit at the side of Our Father, and be taught: what to do; how to do it; what to say; and where to go; I stood-up, with resolution, rejected ‘the temptations,’ of the dark side, and carried light... into the world! 

“All of those days, and nights, I was told: what to do; how to do it; where to go; and what to expect; therefore, I knew it!  I knew it, within Me, before I set My foot upon The Way, I knew it!  I was told... ‘Be pure.  Do not be distracted, by the ways of the world; but keep your focus on Me... ,’ God said, ‘...for in this Way, you will be a vessel, filled with God, God’s power, God’s love, God’s light, God’s healing.  And I knew this!  I felt it... I felt the power... within Me!
“If you are empty of all the shadows, and darkness, and you are very still, some place in quiet, solitude, you will feel the power of God, moving up and down your body, you will feel it!  It will become more alive than your earthly body.  You will feel the power of God more than you feel, and know, your own heartbeat.  And when you are in this state, you are ready to begin, as I was ready.  I was ready to begin My mission, because the beginning of My mission was the beginning of My way back Home. 

“I went-out, and healed.  The stories of the healings spread, and soon they were bringing all, who were in ‘dis-ease,’ to Me.  I healed... the lepers.  I healed... the crippled... and the lame... the deaf... and the blind.  I healed all types, of disease.  I healed those labeled ‘insane,’ and I cast the demons from those possessed.  For a while I could not go any where, that I did not look around, and see, people lying on the ground, sitting in laps of others, unable to walk themselves, or being carried on stretchers, children in the arms of their parents, brothers and sisters being assisted, being brought to Me.  And I healed all who came! 

“These healings, in the name of God, created thousands of followers.  It was amazing, I could not walk-out that people did not gather.  I believe they could see, God’s light radiating from Me.  And every time I did the work of God, I went away, in quiet, to be refueled, and nourished, by God, to be instructed, and directed by God, to be filled with the power of God, so it did not diminish, as I made My way in the world.

“And then... with they had seen the glory of God, through Me, in the healings... it was time, I had their attention; and I spoke the words ‘of love.’  I spoke the words of the New Covenant.  And they heard My words, and they listened. 

“I believe it was easier for those who saw the miracles, of healing, to believe the miracles, then for those who heard the words, to believe the words, because the message, that I brought, was different.  It was different from ‘the ways of the world.’  I taught to love.  I taught to think of others, before you think of yourself.  I taught to be humble.  I taught to be kind, and generous.  And during those early days of teaching and preaching that which God wanted Me to deliver, I made bold statements, such as, ‘... you have been taught, that it is ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,’ but I tell you, if one slaps your cheek, you must give them the other.  If someone is ready to sue you, over that which you possess, you must settle with them, before you go to the courts.  I tell you, if someone asks you for something, give it to them, and give them more.’  I delivered the New Covenant, the Covenant of Love! 

“I even addressed the issue, contained in the question asked, ‘How can we follow the ways of God, which are so opposite from the teachings of the world?’  And I told them, clearly, ‘Give unto Caesar, the things that are Caesar’s; but give unto God, the things that are God’s.’    

“Pay your taxes, that are levied upon you; but even in the paying of the taxes, ~ you can sing the praise of God, ~ to be thankful ~ that you have the coin to pay.  Always rejoice in the glory of God!  Always give, as though you ‘know,’ the things of the world are not important, and God will always provide that which you need!  Show, as you live, that you truly are enlightened, in the ways of God! 

“And remember, the world will embrace the miracles, of healing, they will sing the praise of those, who do that which they cannot do; but the world finds it difficult ~ to embrace the teachings ~ of The Kingdom of God, ~ for they know it not! 

“Embrace that ~ which you are being taught ~ by God!  Begin every day, by setting yourself aside, and asking for direction; and then, take the lessons into the day with you; for your day will be easier, if you read the signs, and act upon them; but it will be more difficult, if you ignore the signs.  For those whose eyes are open, the signs are visible!  

“Today, begin your day in quiet; ask for direction; and the wisdom to see the signs, and to read them, using the language of God; and you will make your way into the world, delivering the light of God; for the awakened children of God are to be different:  The Way you live is to be different... .  The Way you act, and think, is to be different... .  And the words you say, are to be different! 

“Today, I say unto you: ‘Go into the world, and deliver The Kingdom of God!’ ”

Sunday Sermons
April 6, 2014
Celebrate Life,
Upon Earth, Today,
For The Memories Of It
Will Fuel Your Spirit, Forever

  I AM with  you!     Oh happy day!  I AM with you, to watch the way you live, today.  I AM with you, and enjoy: your life, seeing you, hearing you.  Living upon the Earth is cause for great celebration, and the experience will remain with you forever.  You will remember ‘the sights, and the sounds, and the tastes, the aroma, the scent of flowers, the breeze, moving through your hair, the rain, kissing your face.  All these things are yours, for eternity!’  And eternity ~ really is ~ forever! 

“I AM sure most of you ~ do not think about the experiences of Earth, ~ remaining with you forever.  Most of you think about ~ just getting through a day, ~ finding your way, praying for grace, trying to make a place for yourself, in the world of man.  But today, I want to give you something that will lead you, deeper, into the understanding of life, after your life upon Earth.  It is filled with everything you experience upon Earth.  You do not leave, that which you experienced, as you leave your cars, and your houses, and your jewelry, and your clothes.  The things you cannot see ~ are the things that will remain with thee, ~ forever.  You are creating a library.  You are stocking a warehouse.  You are making memories to bring Home.  Therefore, be mindful, of what you are thinking, and doing, and saying.  Live life as the great celebration it is!

“Find a patch of grass, or a meadow, and dance.  Kick your heels up into the air, and dance, with joy!  Listen for the song of the bird, and sing along, with joy!  Pick a fruit, or a vegetable, and taste it, with joy!  Pick a bouquet of flowers, and breathe-in the aroma, with joy.  Go-out into nature, and experience the rain, and the sun, and the wind, and revel in the experience, with joy.  Splash in a stream, and watch the drops of water, fly-up into the air, sparkling, caught for a brief-second in the light of the sun.  See the water dancing, in joy.  Sit on the shore, feel the sand with your fingers, and watch the water lapping, moving toward you, foamy, filled with life.  These earthly experiences are but a few.  There are so many waiting for you. 

“There is no excuse not to enjoy your life upon Earth, because it is brief.  And once it is done, you will come Home.  If you truly understand this, and what happens, when you drop the body, and return fully to spirit, you will comprehend, and understand, that the memories, and experiences, are your treasures; gather them, while you can.

“I know that most of you do not think much about My ordinary, private life, as I walked upon the Earth.  When most think of Me, they ususally think of Me praying, or healing, or preaching; but I want to share with you ~ that I enjoyed living upon the Earth ~ I filled My warehouse; I crammed My library, filling it with experiences, of laughter, and good times, and celebrations.  As I grew-up, I attended all the Jewish festivals.  I took part in My community.  I laughed.  I was a son, a brother, a member of a community.  I was a friend.  I was a relative.  I danced at the wedding feasts, and ate and drank of the fruits of Earth.  I laughed with My friends, and sang with My friends.  I kicked-up the sand, and still have a memory of the smell of a dusty road.  I can remember the wind on My face, and the taste of the salt in the water, when we were out on the sea.  I can remember well, cleaning a fish, fresh from the catch, and the joy of sharing it with friends.  I remember the scent of herbs, and flowers, the luscious taste of figs, and dates, the song of the laughter of a child.  I lived in joy, even though I knew I had little time, and much to do!

“I speak this to you today, because I want those of you, who are facing something that you might, at the moment, dread: ~ whether it is an operation; whether is something to do with work; whether it is the end of life upon Earth for you coming; ~ that there is still time to pack ‘your treasure,’ in a bag to bring Home with you.  Find joy in every day, and celebrate, in every way, the creation of Earth!  Sit beneath a tree, and feel the soil in your fingers.  Study a blade of grass.  Look at the facets of a flower.  Watch the birds fly.  See the water flow.  Hear the wind, as it does blow, around you.  These are the sacred memories that you are to gather!  Just because you might ‘know, the end is near’, or something is going to happen that you really would rather not go through, doesn’t mean that you cannot be in joy, that you cannot experience life, on Earth, as it is meant to be, ‘in the present piece, of eternity.’  I knew the end was near, especially as I reached the time of My public ministry.  There were only so many days in which to accomplish that which I was sent to do.  And part of what I was to do ~ was to create the memories ~ that I would bear, ~ forever!

“You have this opportunity, now; do not waste it!  Gather the flowers, taste the fruit, drink the nectars of Earth, and dance!  Do not forget to dance, and sing, and love, because ~ these are the things ~ the ‘memories,’ you will bring... Home!

“I send you forth, today, to celebrate!  Celebrate life, as you know it, now, today; for,  it will be with you, forever! ”

Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
April 20, 2014
All Things,
And Be Free,
Rise-Up With Me

  I AM with  you!     I have walked upon the Earth, and I have lived as you, live.  I have walked upon the Earth, in rain, and sun.  I have walked upon the Earth, in night and day.  I have walked upon the Earth and I did eat, and I did pray; I did laugh, and I did play.  And when it was time, for all things to be ‘forgiven,’ I pronounced, fully, with intention, that all things were forgiven!  And with the words, and with the forgiveness, it was complete; and I closed My eyes to the world of man, and entered The Kingdom of Heaven!   

“This is how it is meant to be!  This is how it is to be understood... it is passing ~ from life on Earth ~ to life in Heaven, ~ shedding the body, so that you might be unencumbered, so that you might rise-up, and be free. 

“It is possible for you to rise-up, and be free, while you are living upon the Earth.  But the only way this can be accomplished is to take seriously the act, and the art, of forgiveness. 

“For many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, you believe that you have forgiven all things.  You have been working on it, you say; and you believe it is accomplished.  But I will tell you, there is a test, there is a balance, there is a key, to know when it is complete; and until it is complete, you are not free; you are living burdened, and heavy.  It is well worth the effort ~ to practice the art of forgiveness, ~ because then you will live, as you are meant to live... free. 

“And so today I ask you to take some time, sit quietly.  Do not be distracted by the noises of the world.  Seek peace, and when you have found that place of peace, sit, and pray for guidance, and pray for wisdom, so that you might know, what you are doing.  And then, more as a litany than anything else, recite the names of those near to you, of those who have meant something to you at one time.  Begin the litany of names... .

“It will be a joyous occasion when you say a name, and you feel the joy, you feel the love, and you send them blessings.  But if you happen upon a name, that does not bring you joy, that you cannot send love, or find it difficult to do; then, there is work to do.  Now, this is not something which should bring a condition of disappointment, or dismay; for I tell you, once you ‘know,’ what it is you are to do, you are more than half-way there, you are more than half-way through.  The only thing then is the desire to do, and the desire will carry you all the way through, even when it seems impossible to do.

“Do not hesitate, do it today, before the sun sets, you will sing, ‘Hallelujah, I have risen!’  And it will be true, because the light of God will be shining through you, and the forgiveness will be complete. 

“Do not doubt!  Trust, and have faith!  This is the day to do it!  If there was ever a day to set aside to do this, this is it.  I set the example, now be eager, be ready.  Do not be distracted by the temptation to think, ‘Oh, this is too hard, I will never do this today.’ because, I say, ‘You will.  The grace of God is flowing, and I stand beside you, and together, we will move through the names; and, when it is necessary, we will say, Father, forgive them, for I certainly do’!”

Sunday Sermons
April 27, 2014
Heal And Restore
The Garden Of Heaven,
Earth, As It Was Meant To Be

  I AM with  you!     I Am closer to you, right now, than I could be with those I loved, as I walked upon the Earth; because ~ when in the human form, there were limitations ~ there were boundaries ~ there were rules of society, and communit; but now, there is nothing to limit My communion with you; and the only thing which can limit your communion with Me ~ will be doubt ~ on your part ~ that it can actually take place at all.  I say unto you, I can speak to you, on a personal level, and you can hear Me; and, you can speak to Me, on a personal level, and I can hear you; for we are as One, and we are eternal!

“If you will push away your preconceived limitations, and boundaries, you will soon come to ‘know,’ that I AM truly with you, and you can hear Me, as our communication transcends the ephemeral, and achieves the eternal, and sublime.

“Your journey upon Earth was meant to be significant.  You have a mission.  Our Father has equipped you, with abilities, and gifts, so that you might ‘master,’ all obstacles, seeing them as ‘opportunities,’ and ‘signs,’ rather than the instrument of your downfall, or failure.  The world of man can be filled with trickery, and sneaky energies, which appear as if they are serving you well, when, in truth, they are leading you into shadows, or holding you in darkness. When you call upon Me, I will answer, and always lead you to the light, illuminating the shadows, and darkness, in such a way, that the path is clear, and you know what to do, and where to go.

“If your day is not filled with the light, and the certainty that you are a child of God, you need to find a quiet place, and reconnect with Our Father.  Speak to Me, and we will find The Way together; because life upon Earth is not meant to be a trial, it is meant to the opportunity to assist in the restoration, and the healing, of all Earth; so it might be returned to the original, and Divine Plan, so that The Garden might be restored!

“The weeding, the hoeing, and the tending of The Garden is in the worthy hands of the children of God upon Earth.  Bring forth The Garden, and Earth will retake its place, as The Garden, of Heaven!  It is your opportunity.  It is your reality.  It is the present piece of eternity you are living, and it glorious.  Rise-up, and tend The Garden!”    

Sunday Sermons
May 4, 2014
Prepare Well
For That Which You
Intend To Do, Then Watch
What God Will Do, Through You

  I AM with  you!     Cast away, that last shred of doubt, and ‘know,’ I AM with you!  I spoke so often, telling all who would hear me, that The Kingdom of God is near, at hand, with you, within you; but most did not understand; I walked upon the Earth, living in The Kingdom of Heaven, The Kingdom of God, The Dimension of Perfection, because I did not let My connection with Our Heavenly Father, become dysfunctional, or cluttered with debris; ~ My safe connection Home ~ was intact ~ therefore, I could hear... and feel... and know!

“As I walked upon the Earth, I did see it, as you see it, but because My connection with Our Father was complete, I saw the life of the tree.  I saw the tree, yet I saw the tree, and all it could be, reaching-out, beyond the leaves and branches, blessing Earth, with every breath.  The sanctity of the tree ~ did not escape Me, ~ nor should it you!

“I did not go... until I was told to go... I did not speak... until I was told what to speak... therefore this was My safety net... knowing, that if I spoke the words of Our Father, it would be exactly what I was supposed to do; and they would be the words that were meant for the person, or persons, to hear, at that exact time, in that exact place.  I totally surrendered to the grace, coming to Me, so that I might flow over the Earth as The Breath of God; and you too can do this!  The only thing necessary, the only thing required to achieve this state of living, truly living, is to free yourself of the burdens, the chains, the heavy baggage.  The burdens of anger, and fear, and frustration are heavy.  You cannot know ~ the freedom of living ~ until you have totally forgiven ~ all things, and done it completely; for with every act of forgiveness, you feel something slip away, something you have been carrying day, to day, to day.  And it might be surprising, yet it is true, once you forgive that is all you need do.  It doesn’t matter what the other person, or the other people, are doing or saying or thinking, you have freed yourself.  And once you are free; then watch, what God will do, through you!

“Whatever you do is created by you, employing, using, the energies, within you!  It is marked.  It is stamped.  It is your creation.  I encourage you ~ to begin creating, ~ free, of the chains of energies that impede your connection with God.  And this will require ‘practice,’ for sometimes it is a challenge to forgive, totally.  But once it is done, you will dance with joy, and your creation will live, sparkle and shine, because... it is living... created by you... divine!

“Think of what you are doing!  Before you do anything, stop, check.  Wash the hands, wash the face, scrape-off the shoes.  Prepare!  Do not let the day go by, that there is something to forgive, left unforgiven! 

“You know, you have read or heard, that I have been credited, with saying the words, ‘You can do everything I do.’  Do not run away from this statement.  Embrace it, and the responsibility it carries.  Wash your hands.  Wash your face.  Clean-up your spirit and your soul, and feel the grace of God moving through you.  Begin to make preparations for that which you are to do, ~ and then watch ~ what God will do, ~ through you!”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
May 18, 2014
Is To Deliver
The Kingdom Of
Heaven To Earth

  I AM with  you!     Feel My presence, with you; for one of the miracles of faith ~ is that you “know, and feel, the presence of God, ~ you know, and feel, My presence, ~ and you accept the embrace of The Holy Spirit, ~ and there is communication ~ between you and the Dimension of Perfection, ~ which is often called ~ Heaven!”  This is one of the great miracles!  And those who find themselves in this state of communication, find themselves living upon the Earth, with confidence, and clarity, able to shut-out the clamoring of the world created by man, to exist within the Symphony, of God!

“If you are upon the Earth today, there is ~ truth, ~ in your presence, ~ and there is truth in your eternal presence, ~ because you cannot exist, ~ as you are right now, ~ without being an eternal being!  Embrace ~  the truth ~ that you will live forever, ~ changing robes, and clothing from time to time, ~ but moving on, ~  living forever. For those who embrace this truth, there is a wonder to life, because they do not wander around in darkness.  They embrace the light, and their eternal heritage, and all that is right!

“Another truth about your existence upon the Earth now, and your eternal life, is that, if you are upon the Earth now, you have a commission, you have a mission, and it is yours to do.  Every person, on the Earth, arrived on the Earth with a plan.  God has given each person upon the Earth free will, so: you can push the plan aside, to do your own will; you can throw the plan away; or you can sit, and begin to chart the course, according to the plan, of your birth upon the Earth... the mission statement.  What will you do?

“If you ask, anyone, your friends, your family, acquaintances, workers, your co-workers, what their idea of “success,” is, you will receive many different answers.  If you happen to ask a parent, they will feel their success is seeing their children growing-up, happy.  If you ask a young girl who wants to be a dancer, her idea of success will be that she is dancing in a great ballet company.  If you ask a young boy, who loves to put blocks on top of blocks on top of blocks, he will say, ‘I want to build the tallest building ever the world has seen.  That is success to me.’  You see, these things are ringing in their hearts, they are desires, and what they mark as success is the fulfillment of their dream, their desire.  And that tells you a lot.

“What is your dream?  What is your desire? 

“Success ~ is fulfilling ~ the Will of God, ~ as it has been given to you, to do; and it has nothing to do with amassing cars, and homes, and clothing, and stocks, and bonds, and money, for these things have very little value; and their value fluctuates, according to what is happening in the world of finance, or real estate, or the market place of selling clothing, or jewelry.  You cannot count on, the constant, in any case, whether it be stocks or  bonds, or money, or real estate, or cars, it is not a given.  There can be no promise; because it could all change, from day to day.  But one thing that will never change, ~ is the mission ~ you were sent to Earth to do.  It will be the same all during your life upon Earth, and it will be the same as you leave your life upon the Earth, and return Home.  It will not change; it is your constant; it is your safety net;  it is your confidence. 

“You arrived upon the Earth, carrying with you all the tools you need to accomplish this mission.  And if you remain connected to God, to Home Base, you will find your strength and power there.  It is a beautiful partnership, ~ the strength and power of God, flowing into and through you, ~ and your willingness to do.  And this ‘partnership,’ assures success, not in the fleeting standard of the world of man, but in the eternal scheme, ~ in the Divine Plan, ~ in something far beyond what you can see now.

“Some are sent to Earth, to actively work in the fields, to go-out, and work amongst the people; but most are called to ‘deliver The Kingdom of Heaven: to the workplace; to the home; to the schools; to the factories and mills; to the buildings and offices in which they work.  The work you do, to sustain your life upon Earth, is the place where you can deliver The Kingdom of God!  If you look around, and wonder, ‘Why am I here?’  You are where you are ~ to deliver The Kingdom of Heaven ~ to that specific place!  And if you take it a step farther, you will see, as you pay attention to those who work next to you, or in the same building with you, that there are few... willing to deliver the peace, and the light, and the love... you will find that throughout the day there is grumbling, and chaos, and frustration, sometimes anger, sometimes pettiness, a lot of gossip, but very few, standing in the light, with confidence, gaining their strength, to go through the day, from The Creator of All Things.  Very amazing!

“Those who are willing ~ to stand in these places, ~ holding the light ~  change the buildings, the offices, the hospitals, the factories where they work!  And it doesn’t stop there, for one person, carrying the light, can bring this light, even in the most minute form, to the workers there, and they carry that little piece of light with them!  And the grid continues to grow, as they move from their place of work, to home, to their places of fun... and sports... and gardening.  That one person, willing to hold the light, changes Earth for the better!  It is quiet mission; you do not get called forward, and given an award; the joy is in ‘knowing, who you are, and what you are doing, and being content with it.’  This is success: being where you are, delivering The Kingdom of God, in full power, in glorious light!

“The world of high finance, stocks and bonds and cars and trading this and that and the other, ~ cannot compare ~ to the satisfaction, contentment, and pure joy ~ of going home, from a job, ~ ‘knowing ~ you delivered Heaven to Earth!’  This is the key ~ to a successful life, ~  humbly moving where you are, in such a way, that you deliver Heaven to Earth: be at peace; be calm; be the island of serenity; be the sanctuary; be the refuge; where those around you, see the light, feel the power, and know the presence of God, with them!”