Sunday Sermons
August 17, 2014
Thy Will Be Done
Is A Prayer Of Faith,
Have Faith That God's Will
For You, Is Always For The Best

  I AM with  you.   Let there be great joy in your life, for I AM with you!  And I can promise you this, there will be great joy in your life ~ if you believe ~ I AM with you!

“I want you to close your eyes, and envision, a small child, standing at the outer-edge of a large crowd, gathered for whatever reason it might be, and see the hesitation in the eyes of the child, because they are unsure, as to how to approach the crowd, and how to make their way through the crowd.  You can also see clearly, they are not sure whether they even want to move into the crowd at all.  But then, envision this, a strong hand reaches-down.  It can be the hand of a mother, or a father, or a grandmother, or a grandfather, aunt, or uncle, or older brother, or sister; it does not matter.  The hand reaches-down, offering support, and strength, and the child’s hand reaches-up, accepting the support, delighting in the strength.  And they walk into the crowd together. 

“Strength can come for any situation.  All you have to do is to reach-up, and take the hand offered, and walk into the new day.

“If you feel in your times of prayer, or meditation, that you are being asked to do something contrary to ‘the ways of the world,’ sit quietly with this direction... ask for clarity... about the first step.  Then, with faith, reach-out your hand, and be prepared, because the strength will come from the unseen hand that is within you, and you will walk, with confidence, accepting the mission you have been given!

“Have faith, because in faith, you do receive confidence.  It is not important for you to know why, or where, or when, having to do with every step along The Way.  The only thing that is important for you to do, is to say, ‘I accept!  I believe!’

“For those who have faith, miracles happen every day, and they see them.  I remember clearly, one particular gentleman, who came to me, at a time of crisis, when his daughter was dying.  He had walked a long way, and he said, ‘Will you heal my daughter?  I know you can heal my daughter.  Will you heal my daughter?’  And I told him, ‘Go, because of your faith, your daughter is healed.’  How many more, stood in the throngs of people, hearing what I said, could have been healed?  But there was the temptation to ‘doubt,’ there was the temptation to ‘judge,’ to question what powers I was using to cure the sick, to heal the lame.  But this one father rose-up, and walked, and found Me, and his life was never the same.  His faith not only brought a cure to his daughter, but he too was healed, and made whole, that day.

“I ask you to have the faith to step into this new day, knowing the will of God, whatever it might be for you, is for your good; so, walk with confidence.

“You are standing at the outer-edge of a crowd.  Let the crowd represent the new day.  Look, and see, My hand.  I AM reaching for you.  Reach-up, reach-out, reach-inward, and let us walk, parting the crowd, making our Way, into The New Day!”

Sunday Sermons
August 3, 2014
Open To The
Unseen, Create The
Habit, Of Taking Care
Of  Your  Eternal  Spirit
First  And Foremost,  Live
Your Eternal Life, Today, In
Joy... Happiness... and Peace

  I AM with  you... .    Feel My presence with you.  And for those of you who are willing to enhance your journey upon the Earth, I say, ‘Step into the place where you might see the unseen, and be willing to open your ears and your heart, ~ and you will hear the voices of eternity: speaking to you, guiding you, leading you, showing you The Way, making your travels upon the Earth, amazing in every way, the greatest adventure, one drawn-up, and planned, especially for you to work with the gifts you have been given, so that you might use your talents, and find your way, walking along, creating the perfect day wherever you go, resting at night, and rising-up to continue the great adventure, until it is done!’ 

“If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, it is ‘a sign,’ that you are willing to open, and hear.  It is a sign that you have come to a place, where you are open, and ready to embrace, that which you cannot see, with the human eye; and for those of you willing to do this, you see, and you hear, and you know, with clarity.  And this alone, brings you a sense of peace.

“Habits are something that you develop as you grow, as you mature, as your body reaches the age of sixty, or seventy, or ninety, or a hundred.  And it is interesting that ‘the habits of your youth,’ often follow you into old age, perfected to a degree.  But today, I want to encourage you ~ to work on establishing ~ spiritual habits!

“Now, some of you might have established a pattern, or set a habit, that you go to the gym, every morning you get-up, you work-out, you exercise.  Some of you, possibly because of direction from a physician, or just reading, and the ideas, gathered from your reading, that taking certain pills with either enhance your life, or prolong your life.  And you take this pill, or pills, every day, to ensure that you life is good, as good it can be.  Sometimes you take a pill, because you have allergies.  Sometimes you take a pill, because your heart is slow to function as it should.  Sometimes you take a pill to help you move better.  But for those who find, after taking these pills for a while, that their body is functioning better, they establish a habit, and take the pill every day.  For those who find that working-out, and strengthening the muscle tone of the body, makes your life easier, and more comfortable, you set a pattern, you establish a habit, of doing it every day. 

“Now, if you can be so industrious, about maintaining a body that is ‘temporary,’ how much effort, and energy, will you be willing to put forth, working on your eternal spirit?  Once you get that eternal spirit pumping, and going, and moving, and thriving, your human body will follow. You won’t need the pill, because you will be working from within your spirit.  And you cannot have a healthy spirit, without being at peace.  And when you are at peace, you come to know joy, true joy, true happiness, and there is contentment, and comfort.

“Those of you who have been following the words I have been whispering on Sunday mornings, will remember that, for some time now, we have been talking about ‘Joy.’  For goodness sake, the entire month of June was dedicated to joy, and how to create this sense of joy, through your intention to do so.  And for those of you who were willing to join-in the experiment, there probably is not one amongst you who gave it a good effort, who did not experience a month of joy.  The same with July, June was so joyful, there were many amongst you who decided to carry it into, and through, July, working on it, establishing this pattern, this habit, of waking-up every day to focus on joy, the joy of life, no matter what life brought you, to enjoy the challenge, and the opportunity, to scurry over obstacles, to move the impediments, and sail on your way, an adventure every day.

“It is not a very far stretch to compare, if you will, ‘taking a pill every day,’ to ‘setting your intention every day.’  Now, with the pill, sometimes people still get caught-up in the work they have to do, the business of the day, they forget the pill, and by nighttime they are thinking, ‘Oh, my goodness, I forgot my pill.’  And their comfort was less that day... maybe.  It is the same thing in working to establish a pattern, or a habit of conceiving, or creating, a joyful day.  You come to the end of the day, and you say, ‘Oh, I forgot.  I forgot my intentions, regarding joy, and happiness.’  Still, this does not prohibit you from starting again the next day, or starting at that moment, and it is the same with the pill.

“You see, habits are just that, they are patterns that you get used to, ways of living to which you have adapted,  practices you have adopted.  And if these practices, and habits, are enhancing your life, fulfilling your spirit, then you are happy, and you are joyful, and you are content.  But if the habits tend to lead you into sorrow, or sadness, or perhaps even depression, then it is time to change the habits!  And you can change habits! Those of you who worked the experiment of joy for June, and July, saw this.  You were surprised by it, surprised to find that ‘Wow,” every day has been joyful.’  Of course it was joyful, because you were focusing your attention on joy!  You were doing the inner-work, forgiving things of the past.  And in forgiving  things of the past, the joy built, and built, and you were experiencing happiness.  But rather than let this be something  you practiced for a month or two, why not create a habit, a pattern of behavior, in which you incorporate this effort, and energy focused toward happiness, toward forgiveness, toward joy, toward peace.

“If you are willing to do certain things to maintain a healthy physical body, that will surely one day pass away, consider doing the same for your spiritual body. 

“Let these words rest with you.  Hear what I AM saying to you.  It is a plea to lead you into joy, and happiness, because that is what your life upon the Earth is meant to be.  And if you have been drug through some mud-puddles, then it is time to wash the mud from your body, cleanse the corridors, and hallways, of your soul, and spirit, and awaken in a light that is true, and eternal.  Place your focus on what is permanent.  Hear My words!

“There is a story, I told many times, and I AM aware it is written down in Scripture, about those who are willing to hear My words, because I spoke to so many.  I very rarely spoke from temples, or synagogues.  I was leading the people out into the countryside, to breathe the fresh air, to see what God, Our Eternal Parent, created, just for those who would journey to Earth.  I walked the countryside.  I sailed the seas.  I spoke to thousands.  Some heard My words.  Some listened. 

“For those who heard My words, they were as the man who built his house upon a rock.  And when the storms came, and the turbulence came, the house stood, because the foundation was of rock, strong.  Those who listened to My words, and let them fall from them, were more like the man who foolishly decided to build his house, at the edge of the ocean, on the sand.  And no matter which way the turbulence came, from sea, or land, the sand was eroded from beneath the home, and the foundation cracked, and he felt alone.

“The signs are all around you.  You will find messengers all around you to show you The Way.  If you develop the habit of tending to your spirit, first, your life will be sweet, exhibiting this precious, sacred energy, that you are creating, by habit. 

“Listen to the song of the Earth.  Feel the rhythm of the Earth beneath your feet.  Be swayed by the symphony of The Wind, and the birds, and the sound of the trees, as the leaves rustle in the breeze. 

“This day, walk a different way.  Open your heart.  Breathe-in the air of Earth.  Be One with All That Is.  Do not live half a life, in a temporary way.  Live eternal life completely, today!”
Sunday Sermons
August 10, 2014
Come All Ye
Wounded, Ye Sick,
Ye Tired, Ye Doubtful,
And Receive The Kiss Of God,
And Hear “There,  It  Is  All  Better”

  I AM with  you... .    Open your heart... to Me... as you would throw-open the door of your home: to a friend you have not seen in a long time; to a family member who has been gone on a journey.  Throw open the door, and hear Me; for I can speak to you about the toils of Earth, for I did walk there, for I did experience an earthly birth, and life, and song, and dance.  I wept for Lazarus, and I sang at weddings, and I sat with those who were looked-down upon, more then I did the affluent, or those in high places.  I did the will of God, no matter what the consequence, in the world of man.  I did so, so that the shades would be ripped-down from the windows, so that the locks would be pulled-off of the doors, so that the hearts of all human beings would be opened, and the light of their soul, and their spirit, restored! 

“I lived in the light, of Our Eternal Parent, and no matter what My experience of the day might have been, all through the day, and at its end, I felt the kiss of God, repairing, and healing, every wound, reminding Me of His presence.  And I heard the words, ‘There, it is all better.  Rise-up, there is more to do.” 

“I reach through the corridors of all time, to speak to each of you, to remind you.  There is no wound, which cannot be cleansed.  There is no sickness, which cannot be healed.  There is no greedy heart which cannot be made generous.  There is no doubt, which cannot be replaced, with faith.  There is no longing, and lack, which cannot be replaced by abundance.  These things, these ‘snares of the world of man,’ are not... what is eternal... are not the things of importance.

“Today, open your ears so that you might hear, so that you might come to know the voice of God, whispering within you.  For those of you who are wounded or hurt, I ask you... to close your eyes, and see this, see this example, or remember... living, the example.  Envision a child, running on a playground.  Envision the child falling, and scraping their knees and their hands, bumping their head.  And then see a parent, or a teacher, running to that child, picking them up, setting them in their lap, whispering to them, ‘There, it will be better.”  And see the parent lean down, and kiss the wound. 

“This is what Our Heavenly Parent can do for each one, of the children upon Earth!  It is something that the human being plays-out frequently every day, but misses the grand point of the exercise.  If this is what can be done at a lower level, imagine The Eternal Parent, scooping every wounded being up, kissing the wound, and whispering, ‘There, it is all better!’

“For those of you who are weary of the race, who have been rejected, or slapped upon the face, who have been pushed-down, while others moved past, I want you to rise-up, and remember, that ‘the last, will be the first.’  The greatest nobility... is in the falling-down... and the rising-up!  It is when the hand of God reaches-out, and it is all you can see, from behind two eyes filled with tears.  But, there it is.  And no matter, what the tripping-stone might have been, you rise-up, and begin again;  nobility in action; the kiss; and the promise fulfilled, ‘There, it is all better!’

“I want you to close your eyes again and see this example.  A race, a foot race, around and around the track, the end in sight, runners, some lagging behind, some to the front, when all of a sudden, one falls, trips.  Some run along, keep going, and the wounded runner, with his eyes on the goal, drags himself over the finish line.  And all who are watching hold their breath, realizing what they have seen.  And they are each one better, for the struggle of one, making it over the line, on their hands, and on their knees.

“And you cannot leave this picture, without moving quickly to another, another example of the spirit, held within the body of the human being, because it is eternal, it drives us on to do acts, to do deeds, of great nobility.  So let us return to the track, and the foot race, and the fall.  And let us change the ending scenario... to see that there are two runners, who could surely ‘place,’ in the race, who stop, bend-down, speak to the one fallen, and then lift-them-up, all three hobbling to the finish line, together.  And this scenario, as well, is greeted in total silence, before the great applause and the cheers erupt from the stands, because each one witnessing realize... that they have seen the great nobility in the heart of man!  And it was no accident, you see, this nobility is written upon your heart, by the hand of God, The Eternal Parent of each one who does trod upon the dirt, the soil, of Earth!

“So come ye wounded, come ye sick, come ye tired, come ye doubtful, and receive... the kiss of God... and hear the words... ‘There, it is all better’!”

Sunday Sermons
June 29, 2014
Live In Joy
Upon The Earth,
Just As God Intended

  I AM with  you!  I AM with you in such a way, that you can hear Me, every day!  Do not continue to believe – that your communication with Me – should be reserved for special occasions, just communicate with Me!  Soon, during our times together, you will come to see, and know, that every minute of your lifetime upon the Earth – should be designated as the special occasion – it truly is!  And as we grow closer, and the moments of communication between us become an every day occurrence, you will begin to understand The Way, and how to ‘live, in joy,’ because you will be filled with the wisdom of Heaven, while you walk upon the Earth.  

“I want you to take this particular wisdom into the new week...  You cannot live in a state of joy, while you hold the perception, that ‘other people,’ are the source of your misery, unhappiness, or misfortune.  The time has come to take a long look at your list of grievances, using ‘the light of God’s love;’ for, when you are using the light of God’s love to see with clarity: all things are illuminated; all shadows and darkness evaporate; all things are changed in the light of God; and, so are you! 

“Being willing to use the light of God’s love – to seek the truth in any given situation, no matter how difficult it might be, requires faith, and trust!  But once you are willing... and faith and trust are renewed, and restored, within you... the light of God will flow through you, onto the designated situation, and: you will see, that which was unseen, before; you will understand that which you could not understand before; and you will be able to forgive, that which you could not forgive, before.  You will be able to do these things, because the light of God will have filled you with the love of God, changing your perspective in such a way, that you can see, with the eyes of God; understand with the heart of God;  and forgive, with the love of God.

“The gift, for those willing to take such a step, is that you are changed, in a most miraculous way!  And at that moment, you will know, that the possibility of change was with you all the time.  You will come to know that, first, and foremost, you had to change to make the difference.  You had to change to ‘alter, your perspective.’  And once you were willing to do this, you were brought closer to God!  You cannot invite the light of God to flow through you, and remain unchanged by the light.  You cannot invite the love of God to flow through you, and remain unchanged by the love.  Held in the light and love of God, all things are changed, including you!

“When you encounter a difficult situation, do not dig your heels into the ground to hold your position; rather, lift-up-your-heart to God, and release the position you are holding so strongly.  Lose your perspective in the light and the love of God, and all things will be, as they are meant to be.  They cannot be any other way, when they are held in the light.

“You must surrender, to experience freedom!  And within the freedom, of the light of God’s love, you will come to know, complete, and total joy; just as it was intended to be, and you will live, just as it was meant for you to live, upon the Earth!  

“Live, child of God, in joy, all the days you are upon the Earth!  Heaven is your destiny, not tomorrow, but today!  Heaven, is just a perspective away!  Joy, is just a perspective away.  Live in Heaven, and in joy, today!”  

Sunday Sermons
July 20, 2014
Got Faith,
Joy, Happi-
ness, Freedom?
That Which You Be-
lieve, You Are Destined To Live

  I AM with  you!  I clap My hands; and then, I lift-them-up.  What joy there is in understanding that the cup, God has given to you, will never run dry!  For those who believe in God, and the goodness of God, and the love of God, there is joy, and happiness, there is freedom! 

“Do not be afraid of anything, for the one who fears, or worries, or hangs their head in woe, there is disconnection, and separation, from the full understanding of the glory of God.   

“You see this lesson played-out in the faces of children.  For the child, playing outside with other children, who really knows their parent loves them, who really believes their parents will care for them, who really trusts that they will be fed, and nourished, and given all they need, there is happiness, and joy, there is sharing, there is compassion, and understanding, streaming from that child, no matter how young they are, because that is what they ‘know.’  But for the child who experiences a lack of love: there is doubt, and fear, and worry, and concern, that there might not be enough food for them to eat that night, that there might not be enough warmth in the house that night, that their parents might be too tired to love them, or perhaps, be locked in battle, and fight. 

“Now, if you can see, and understand, the plight of this child, and then, see, and understand, the joy, and the glory, in the other, can you not understand that your Eternal Parent is good, and loving, and giving, and there is nothing you will lack?  And, if you take it another step further, what you are saying in your fear, and worry, and doubt, and misery, and woe, is that you are not sure about God, about God’s love, coming to you, about your cup, being full.  What you are saying, in this misery, is that you doubt God loves you.

“Possibly you have never thought of it this way, but think of it this way today.  Think of the example of the joyful child, and the child caught-up in doubt, and worry.  Where are you on that playground of Earth?  Are you trusting in God, your Eternal Parent, or doubting in God, your Parent? 

“You see ~ that is how you tell the children of God, ~ the ones who know what they are doing; they are happy, and joyful, and singing!  Why not?  They have already been told they will have all they need; so, that worry, and concern, that burden of doubt, is not there!

“If, today, you determine, that you are the child caught-up in worry, and concern, be still, invite Me to sit with you, and together we will work through those burdens, until you have set them aside, and you can rise-up, and ride The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God, leading you into a new day, believing, as you are supposed to believe, not hoping that it might be true, but ‘believing, it is true.’ 

“Remember, that which you believe you are destined to live!”

Sunday Sermons
June 1, 2014
Bring Joy
To The World,
A Gift From God,
A Gift Of Eternal Value

  I AM with  you!  I bring you peace, and the wisdom of Heaven... .  My presence is with you, in Spirit; and you will find it amazing, that any time you speak to Me, even with a thought, I respond to you.  My Spirit is with you, and the miracle is ~ we can communicate, ~ there can be communion between us.  And as the union between us grows stronger, your faith, and confidence, grow as well, and you begin to enjoy life upon Earth, seeing it ~ as the gift ~ that it is!

“If you could be ~ anywhere you wished you could be right now, ~ and then, you turned around to see that it was perfection, just as you always imagined it to be, you would consider that ‘a miracle.’  Well... you are... where you have wished... and desired... to be!  You are upon the Earth, for a brief time.  You are experiencing Earth, as you wanted it.  You asked for it, and it was given to you.  Now, be still, be thankful, for the gift. 

“You are upon Earth, you are experiencing life upon Earth.  What are you doing, with this time, you have been given? I suggest you cast from you, and reject, all temptations having to do with: sorrow, and sadness, and regret, with anger, frustration, chaos, confusion, fear, doubt, worry, and concern.  These things should not plague a child of God, who is eternal! Dance, and sing every morning that you rise-up.  This is your gift.  Open your mouth, and say, ‘Thank You, God, for this time upon the Earth!’  And then, let your intention be, to do the best you can with this time upon the Earth, and to do it all in celebration of the glory of God, your Eternal Father, your Parent, who gave you permission, and all that you would need, to experience Earth, as you wished to experience Earth.

“Do not fall into the trap ~ of collecting worldly objects, ~ things of value, focusing your attention on storing-up goods, clothing, paintings, jewelry, money; for these things are not real, their value changes, sometimes from day to day, but most assuredly, from year and decade to year and decade; they are ‘of no eternal value, at all.’  And for many, once they have these things, then, they spend the rest of their time worrying about how to keep these things, locking them away, hiring guards to watch over them,  unable to sleep, falling to the temptation of fearing they will lose what they consider to be everything of value, when all these worldly objects are nothing of real value.

“Look at what you have.  Look at what is around you.  Celebrate what you have.  Celebrate what is around you: the song of the bird; the sound of the breeze; the laughter of children; the love of those people you have attracted to yourself; the love of those people who are your family, friends, co-workers. 

“Do not walk around wearing the mantle of sadness, or sorrow, for whatever your situation might be.  Do not walk around wearing the cloak of depression, feeling you are a victim of disease, or thoughtless people. 

“Take every situation, no matter what it might be, and turn it into the opportunity, for all to see you, using what you have, for the glory of God.  Do not dismiss these words as simplistic.  Do not dismiss these words as impossible to do, forwhat I AM sharing with you, this day, will lead you into: a joyful life, a thankful heart, a heart which appreciates the opportunity to be, exactly, where you asked to be. 

“There is not one person, hearing these words, or reading these words, who is not where they are supposed to be, right now.  All things are moving, and you are moving as well.  Do not dig a whole, and stand in it, refusing to go this way, or that way.  Rise-up, and ride The Wind, and it will take you places you’ve never been, or never even thought you would be able to go.  It is all available to you.  Do not limit yourself.

“This is what I suggest you do... to experience joy... all your lifetime through!  Rise-up every morning, make your connection with God, real, living.  Reach-out, ‘Good morning, good morning, God!  What is it I should do today?’  And then listen, as you pray the prayer of silence, giving God the opportunity to say ~ that which He wishes you to do ~ every single day.  And then, rise-up, and do it, with joy!

“You cannot bring money into The Dimension of Perfection, it is not needed, it is not necessary; but you can bring the energy of generosity, and charity.  You cannot bring a closet full of clothing into The Dimension of Perfection, it is not needed, it is not necessary; but you can bring the energy of kindness, and thoughtfulness.  You cannot bring boxes of jewelry into The Dimension of Perfection, it is not needed, it is not necessary; but you can bring the energy of: creating light, and beauty; creating song, and the movement of dance; creating the tones, and vibrations, of peaceful co-existence with all things.  You cannot bring cars or vehicles into The Dimension of Perfection, it is not needed, it is not necessary; but you can ride The Wind into The Dimension of Perfection, and see the glory of eternity, as it is meant to be; for that which you need is with you always.  Do not devalue the gifts you have been given, replacing them with desires, and temptations, for things of little value, things that will fade away, and crumble, things you will surely leave behind you.  Hold fast the eternal gifts, and bring them Home... celebrating in song... and dance... and great joy!” 

Sunday Sermons
June 22, 2014
All Things
Are Forgiven, You
Are Free To Know Joy

  I AM with  you!  I AM always, with you! 

“You live, right now, in a material world; yet the ‘unseen,’ lives, in glory... all around you...

“Joy – who amongst you would not want to be in a state of joy, experiencing joy, every day of your life, singing a song of joy, dancing with joy, celebrating with joy?  Even saying the word, brings a smile to your lips – joy! 

“But I tell you this, you cannot know joy, as you are meant to, until you free yourself of the burdens, of the things you carry within you which are unforgiven. And this is right down to the smallest ‘slight,’ that you still hold within you; because all of these small, little ‘unforgiven things,’ can pop-up, from time to time, at a moments notice; there might be something that triggers the return, but they are there.  As long as you carry unforgiven things within you, you will also know: sadness, and sorrow, and regret, frustration.  These are just a few of the things... that like to travel around... with unforgiveness.  But, once you are free of this burden, once you ‘set it down,’ once you decide that you are going to forgive all things, you begin to feel lighter, and this lightness extends to your voice; you want to sing; you want to dance;  you want to share this joy, with any who will hear your song.  Once you experience... this step... you will not want to go back, you will want to keep, all things that you experience as lessons, not burdens. 

“Think upon this...  If you have forgiven all things... you are free of holding a grudge.  Why would you  hold a grudge if there is nothing to be upset about?  That is a sign.  Little things that pop into your head about this one, or that one, or the other one, these are signs, that you need to go there immediately, and forgive!  You are given the signs every day, and these signs will assist you, all along The Way, as you ‘travel, the path of forgiveness.’  Oh, it is a journey worth taking!  And at the end of that path is a door, a beautiful door, and written upon the door is the word ‘Joy!’

“Once all things are forgiven... you are free... to know joy!

“It is a blessing.  It is sweet and tender.  And experiencing joy requires that you free yourself of the burden.  Free yourself of all things unforgiven today; so come the night, you might truly say, ‘Today, I have lived in joy!’ ”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
June 8, 2014
I Delivered
The Messages Of
God, Who Heard Me?

  I AM with  you!   

“I AM with you, in The Way of Spirit, which transcends the body, and is a closer relationship than you have, with those around you in physical form; for who around you, can: hear your thoughts; read your heart; know, what is before you; know, what is down the road; who around you, really, knows you, as I know you? 

“I AM with you!

“If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you are living. upon the Earth.  And if you are living upon the Earth, unless you are a very young age, you have come through times that were challenging, that seemed a trial that would never be over.  If you look backwards, to where you have been, what you have endured, then you must say, ‘No matter what the circumstance was, I came through it.’ 

“If you will open ~ to the love of God ~ and reconnect with Home, your Eternal Home, then, – your perspective is going to change, dramatically; and you will see, that staying connected with Home, guarantees you come through every circumstance, and situation, in a different way: there is no wailing, or gnashing of teeth, or crying, or spending hours thinking you are ‘the victim.’  There is only seeing it, and doing what is necessary to get through it, being guided by the light of God, taking your confidence and strength, from the presence of God.  This is how I lived upon the Earth... I stayed connected... and no matter what circumstance or situation presented itself, on a particular day, I was so connected that I knew, ‘God would handle it.’  All that was required of Me, was to: go where I was told to go; say, what I was told to say; and do, what I was told to do.  It is called ‘surrender, to the will of God.’  And there is a great battle, raging upon the Earth ~ to try to convince people ~ to do the opposite: to give what they are given; to be interested in what is best for them; to take care of themselves, and let the other man, fall to the ways of the world.  ‘Surrender to the will of God,’ is not on the lips, of but a few.  But that is what you need to do, to make your life upon the Earth an experience, an adventure, a journey, of great interest.

“Now, you are upon the Earth to deliver as much of The Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of Heaven, to Earth, as possible; so it can be restored, and restored with great glory!  And how are you to do that?  You cannot do this, by just fitting into ‘the ways of the world,’ carrying along a status quo that has been established, that is very low.  You do it by rising above!

“I delivered the words, but if you take a look around at the world today...  Who heard Me, with their heart?  Who is giving more, than they are asked to give?  You are thinking – but can you come up with a name, a name of someone, who, when asked for something, gave what they were asked for, and gave more?  And that ‘more,’ you are to give: is ‘loving the person;’ giving, with a joyful heart; being happy, to give it.  The more you give, the more you receive, because you are rich, in ‘the wealth of Heaven.’

“Who heard My words?  Who heard My words, with their heart, when I said, ‘If someone strikes your cheek, give them the other?’  I said, ‘Turn the other cheek,’ and it was a message from God, but looking at the ways of the world today, who heard Me?  Who do you know who does this?  You are thinking.  Can you come up with just one name? 

“I delivered the message from God, a message, of love, that would change the way of the world, if only a few heard My words, with their heart.  But who heard Me?  I spoke at length about ‘loving your enemy, loving those who hate you, and defile you, and spit upon you.’  And I showed, how to do it.  But if you look at the world today, who heard Me?  Who listened, with their heart?  You are thinking, searching for a name.  Can you name one, who is willing to love in the face of hatred and anger?

“I gave you, in these messages, the secret to eternal wealth, and abundance.  You cannot stockpile the coins, and the riches, of the world, and expect to take them Home with you to Heaven. In fact, you cannot stockpile them, and believe, that they will stay, intact; for the ways of the world change.  But if you are willing to follow – the words that God sent – every time you give when you are asked, there is more abundance, flowing into your coffer.  Every time you turn the other cheek, there is more abundance, flowing into your coffer.  Every time you love in the face of hatred and anger, there is abundance, flowing into your coffer.  These things – you can take Home, – and the energy of these things stays upon the Earth.  When you do these things – you create an energy, you give birth to a piece of Heaven, upon Earth, and it stays.  This is true abundance, this is true wealth, and it is eternal.  You can take it with you, but the ‘it’ that you can take with you is unseen: it is love, and generosity, and kindness.  It is placing God’s will, over, your own will.  It is placing God’s will, over another’s will.  If someone chooses a path, or chooses something to do or say, which is cruel and mean, you balance their free will choice, by bringing forth the love of God, through you.  You are willing to do this.  And why?  Because, through the corridors of all time, slipping the bonds of one particular age to another, time to another, you hear My words. 

“Think about this today.  If you know the messages I delivered that were to change Earth, be the one who hears Me with your heart.  It is not impossible to do; in fact, it is very possible, even though I spoke them two thousand years ago, hear Me! 

“Hear Me today!  Then I will be able to say, ‘I know one: who gives, with love; who turns the other cheek, without thinking; who loves, in the face of hatred.  I can name, one, who hears Me’!”  

Sunday Sermons
June 15, 2014
Find Peace,
And  You  Will
Come To Know Joy

  I AM with  you!    The breeze of this new day, moves gently around you; and so do I; for, I can come to you, and be with you in a more intimate way than ever before.  I speak to you from within; and you answer, without speaking; you feel My presence, and you know I AM with you.  This is faith.  This is knowing.  This is how you live your life beyond the boundaries of Earth, embracing All That Is, being familiar with that which is seen, and that which is unseen.  And today, I wish to speak to you briefly, about a joyful life.

“It is good to embrace joy: while you are living upon the Earth, while you are young enough to dance and sing, while you are bold enough to be confident in the strength that is yours.  And all these things, spring forth, from a joyful heart!

“There is not one of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, who would not be content, with the companion, Joy; for it lights your days, and fills your nights with comfort.  But for some, this joyful state seems evasive, and illusive, and so the question becomes, ‘How do I know joy, how can it be mine?’  And I will tell you quickly, and concisely: take yourself where joy resides, where joy abides, where joy flourishes, and is abundant, where joy illuminates the cloudy day, and brings sunshine, all along The Way. 

“Joy abides in: peace; a place that is calm, and tranquil; a place where there is an absence of chaos, and confusion; a place that is in balance, and harmony, with All That Is.  In other words, ~ ‘joy lives,’ ~ in ‘the state ~ of light.’  Therefore, work with the energies of light, work with the gifts of light: be forgiving, and generous, and kind; be open to all who wish to speak; be loving to all who come near.  These are the places you find joy!

“You do not find joy in hatred, and anger, and animosity.  You certainly do not find joy in war.  You do not find joy in doubt and confusion and chaos.  These things are not joyful, they are of shadow, and darkness.  You do not find joy in greed and envy.  These things bring you down.  There is no joy in grieving and sorrow and sadness.  So if you know things, as you acknowledge you know these things, by the shake of your head, the nod of your head, or the acknowledgement from within, then push them from you; that is The Way to begin!

“And for those of you who will acknowledge, that there is anger or unforgiveness, on your heart, resolve the matter!  In other words, if you are carrying these burdens that weigh you down to the point that you cannot have joy, then it is incumbent upon you to rid yourself of these burdens!  Go to The Source, and resolve the issue.  This is the only way you will know joy.  And do not confuse joy with excitement, or celebration, or great partying, because the excitement for a new car, or a new dress, or a new toy wears away.  And before the light of another day, you are weary of the new car, or the dress, or the toy, looking for something else, with which to play.  But when you have a joyful heart, you are at peace!  It does not matter if you are sitting under a tree in a meadow, or on a hilltop.  It does not matter whether you are at the edge of a desert, or sitting at the shore.  You see, if you have a joyful heart, this cannot be taken from you.

“My prayer for you ~ is that you accomplish all you need to accomplish, ~ so your heart is filled with joy, ~ and you begin to live upon the Earth, ~ as you are meant to live: with a joyful heart, beating in your chest; looking around at creation, with a different perspective; and being thankful that you are seeing... and knowing... and loving... and at peace... with All That Is! 

“This day, find peace, and you will come to know joy!” 

Sunday Sermons
July 6, 2014
How To
Live Your Life
In A Joyful State: Live
Within The Light Of God

  I AM with  you!  I AM near to you.  I whisper to you and you hear Me.  I will guide you, so that you might travel safely, wherever it is you are to go, while you are walking upon the Earth; for this is a great adventure, a journey of a lifetime, and it is yours!  Do not squander this time.  Live your life this time as if you are writing a play, a book, a poem, which you will be happy, and delighted, to read to God, when you get Home.  You can create your day, however you wish it to go.  Create it, with a hand of beauty!   

“For some of you, there has come a bit of wisdom, in the last few weeks, if you have tried to live in ‘a state of joy,’ for even an hour, or a day, or a week.  For those of  you who have tried it for a month, you have come to ‘know, something,’ you did not know before it began, this time of joy, ~ you have learned ~ that living in a state of joy ~ is up to you! 

“Staying in the flow of God’s light, remaining connected to God, is the only way to maintain a state of joy.  This is the only way to keep negative energy at bay.  I encourage you to continue this close connection with Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection, because perfection is what you are seeking.  How do you bring all that Heaven has to offer, onto the Earth, any other way?  You must stay connected with God.  And in that light, when you are within the light of God, all you see is the light. The sign is, if you are seeing shadows or darkness, or feeling shadows or darkness, you must get back to the center of God’s light.  You have veered off-path somewhere.

“One of the easiest ways to veer off-path, to walk out of the center of God’s light, and love, is to become involved in ‘what other people are saying, or doing.’  Sometimes, you hear another person say, ‘I want to help you.  Tell me what is going on with you, so I can help.’  This is a desire to help that will often lead to meddling in other people’s affairs, getting caught in the sticky residue of their energy.  You do not have to know what is going on with another person to assist them, or help them, greatly, as God will move you to do exactly what is necessary.  The desire to get caught-up in their affairs is the trickery of the shadows.  Resist it.  What another person is thinking, saying, or doing, cannot be your business.  And it especially cannot be your business, if you are attempting to maintain a joyful life.

“I say to you today, if you have been amongst those who have tried to live in this ‘joyful state,’ try it again.  Do not work the experiment, and then return to the way you have been living.  This is a way to live your life forever, and it is also a way to stay in the light of God, because who would want to go outside of the light, to experience frustration, and worry, and anxiety, when you can live in peace, and joy, within the light of God?

“Do not be ‘tempted,’ by the questions that come to you, seeming to be asking you to do good, by saying that you cannot maintain this position, in the light of God, when so many people around you need help.  Do you think that The Eternal Parent, of every person upon the Earth, does not know their needs, does not know their lack?  God knows what each child needs.  And if you are within the light of God, and the love of God, God will guide you to the one you are to assist, or help.  And more than that, God will tell you exactly what to do that will really be of help.

“Now, if you come upon a crying child, you might say, ‘Oh, will you stop crying, if I give you a chocolate ice cream cone?’  And the child will stop crying, and take the ice cream cone.  But this might not be what the child really needs.  The child might be crying, because they feel alone, or because they feel lost, or because they have fallen down, and hurt their knee.  But God knows what that child needs, and it might be better to come upon the crying child, pick them up, and set them in your lap, and say, ‘God loves you, today, and every day!’

“You see, what you think another person needs might not be what they need at all.  Stay within the light of God, ~ and you will have God’s guarantee ~ that you will be led to do exactly the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, ~ because the hand of God will shepherd you, and move you, and the words of God, flowing into you, and through you, will stir another to open to the light, flowing through you, to them.  And you will bless them, in this Way.

“I encourage those of you, any of you, who are interested in ‘the experiment of joy,’ to rise-up. Do not put it away like a broken toy, or one that you have already used enough. Continue!  Set your intention to live a joyful life; and the only way to do this, is to live your life, within the light of God!” 

Sunday Sermons
July 13, 2014
Take Some
Time To Find Peace,
As Joy And Happiness
Are Borne ~ Within Peace

  I AM with  you!  I AM with you, as surely as the sun rules the day and the moon rules the night, I AM with you!  Communication – between the dimensions – in its simplest form – is prayer!  Communication between the dimensions, in another form, – is speaking, and listening, and hearing messages – that flow through you, from within your being!  Communication between the dimensions is penultimate when – ‘The Gift of Knowing,’ is in place; – and in some glorious Way, you ‘know,’ what to do, or say! 

“Communication between the dimensions requires ‘Faith.’  And when you have such faith, you are complete, and whole.  You are living with confidence that you ‘know,’ who you are, and from whence you came.  When you are settled within this Divine Knowing, you must be acquainted with joy, because, when you are settled within this knowing, you are at peace; it may be you difficult to describe to others; but still you are at peace, at the core of your being; and, anxiety, and fear, and worry, and doubt, fall from you; because you ‘know,’ who you are, and what it really is all about!   

“Celebrate every time you see a person in joy, living in happiness, no matter what the situation is around them; because there is one: who knows God at the core of their being; who knows God is at the core of their being; who is at peace, at the core of their being.

“So many people upon the Earth spend their days, and nights too: trying to control a mess, which they never will control; trying to gather-up things, and hold them in place, hold onto what they have amassed in the material world, keep it all together so it is theirs; hang-in-there.  Just saying these words can make you a bit tired, because it is exhausting to try to do, when all you really need to do... is to let go... release... and rise above these thing... knowing, what will be, will be.  It is all in how you handle it, you see.

“There is very little joy, in trying to control a mass of negative energy.  It is work.  It is tiring.  It is chaotic, and most of the time confusing.  But if you will sit down, at the start of each day, close your eyes, and begin to pray, you will feel the presence of God with you!  And at this time... say, ‘Show me The Way today.’ then... watch for the signs... they will be all around you!  And you will move through the day, in curious delight, and walk into the sweetness of the night, satisfied that you have done your best, and joy and happiness will be yours!

“To know joy and happiness, requires that: you be at peace, you be calm!  It requires that you ‘know,’ who you are, and what you are doing! 

“This week, take some time to find peace!  And within that peace, you will create joy, and happiness, true joy, true happiness!  Be at peace!”

Sunday Sermons
July 27, 2014
Live In
The Light
Of God And
Be Filled With
Joy And Happiness

  I AM with  you... .    I AM with you to remind you, of the things necessary, to live a truly amazing life, filled with joy, and happiness! 

“Do not confuse joy... and happiness... with the transitory emotions, or feelings, you experience when you receive a gift, something you have wanted for a long time, or a surprise visit from someone who have wished to see for a long time.  These are emotions, and you do experience a glimmer of joy, and happiness; but soon, you see, after the newness of the gift wears-off, or something else comes into your life, replacing that temporary situation, the joy might fade, or change to maybe disappointment, or frustration about something else that is happening around you.  It is a passing parade of things that come in and out of your life: one day it is a gift; the next day it is a flat tire; one day it is a friend you have longed to see; the next day it is someone speaking about thee, in an unkind way.  It is a procession of situations, and occurrences.  It is a continuation of happenings.  Therefore, you might feel joy at one moment, and frustration at another, unless, you position yourself, directly, in the light of God! 

“For those who can remain within the light of God, there is only joy, there is only happiness, there is an amazing life! And all that is going on around you, falls in the category of: an occurrence, something happening, one more thing to observe.  But if you are watching these occurrences, these happenings, if you are observing what is going on around you, from within the light of God, your perspective changes.  You see it; you know it; but it has no effect on your joy, and happiness, because the source of your joy, and happiness, is the light, and the love, flowing from God, your Creator, through you, constantly. Every thing around you could fall apart, and flow away, and it would not alter the joy you feel that particular day, because the joy... is held within the light... with you!  This is true joy, and true happiness. 

“Joy and happiness are the gateway; they form a grand, fantastic, arc; and you can walk through that arc, and see life... in a different way... amazing!  You will never look at another tree the same way, you will see it... in the amazing light of God!

“Now, if you are not feeling joyful, or happy, from within; if you are not looking at flowers, and trees, and rocks, and rivers, and valleys, and mountains, touched with the light of God; then all you need to do is adjust your position, so that you are fully in the light of God, and then your perspective is that of God! 

“Look at creation, and see... the beauty... that is there.  See the hand of God.  Before long, when you look at a flower, it would not be far from your imagination to see the hand of God plant the flower; to see the hand of God sew the seed, of an amazing field of wheat, or grain; to see the hand of God plant a tree; or, set the course of a river, just to please... thee. 

“For those who are willing to believe... that their joy, and happiness, is held in the light of God... there is most amazing life, a life that you cannot even imagine, until you are standing in that light.

“Take yourself to the light.  Use the measuring stick, ‘of joy, and happiness,’ to make sure you have positioned yourself in just the right place.  And then, no matter what is happening around you, it cannot rob you of your joy or happiness; because you are where you are supposed to be, sitting in the lap of God, with all eternity, flowing around thee; the perfect place to be, for a child of God.

“Stand in the light!  Accept the joy, and happiness, which will come to you, because of your position.  And then, open your eyes... and see... the amazing life... set before thee... lit by the light of God.  Go-out into the world, and see, as you have never seen before!”