Sunday Sermons
November 23, 2014
For  Bold  Spirits,
And Courageous Hearts

  I AM with you!  Today, I AM with you.  I AM always with you.  I AM with you when you are tired; I AM with you when you are filled with energy; I AM with you during ordinary times... I AM with you, during extraordinary times... ... I AM with you, during celebratory times... ... ...  I AM with you!

“Most of you hearing these words or reading these words, are beginning preparation for a most celebratory time, a time ‘of thanksgiving,’ a time ‘of remembering,’ and it is good; but this time of celebrating the first Thanksgiving, and remembering the bravery, of those who celebrated, the first, Thanksgiving, is getting lost, ‘the true meaning,’ is getting lost.  For many of you, the most important way to celebrate this holiday, is by: watching football; eating a feast; visiting relatives and friends; and shopping... to extraordinary... measures.  These have become ‘the banner, of Thanksgiving.’

“You know I love parables, I love to speak of things, and disguise the meaning, in such a way, that whatever you are ready to accept, you can pull from the parable: some, leaving the meat of the parable; some, cleaning it down to the bone; some, taking the bones, within them, and  knowing the parable, fully. 

“But today, I do not wish to use a parable.  I do not wish to disguise, that which I would like to say, ‘If you will set aside the ball games, the feasting, the family and friends, and the endless shopping, you will finally remember the reason you are celebrating Thanksgiving... there were individuals... with a desire to know freedom... with a desire to go where they were being led to go... individuals whose hearts and spirits were on fire... to follow their destiny... over an ocean, on... to a new land... seeking freedom, at any cost, including peril!’

“And once they made it to the shore of the new land, their adventure was not over; they had to find a way: to make their way; to build their homes; to plant their gardens; to live, a very basic life, without luxury.  And when there came a time, after the end of the first planting season, that the great harvest came-in, although it might be considered meager, in these days, still: it was a blessing; it was grace; it was the hand of God, touching their face, and saying, ‘You did it!  Look at the harvest!’  And they shared; and they sang; and they celebrated; prayerfully acknowledging their journey, celebrating that which they had grown!

“If these individuals had chosen to stay home, to not take the chance of crossing an ocean, to push their fear of peril aside, and move forward, there would be no Thanksgiving!  They were celebrating an epic adventure; but their celebration had to do with being thankful to God: for their lives, for their health, for their food, for their clothing, for these basic things.  There were no football games.  There were no parties.  There were no shopping expeditions into the night, and following day.  There were people gathered to bow their heads, and pray; thankful, they had made it, to see another day; and that day, leading them to a new life, in a new land.

“I AM not asking you to discard the joyful celebration that you have already planned, nor to turn your head from the things people are inviting you to do...  I AM asking you... to take a few moments... in a day dedicated to thanksgiving... to remember these individuals... whose bold spirit, and courageous hearts, led them from one life, into an adventure!

“Do not let the fears, the anxieties, and the hesitation of the world, keep your feet planted, when it is time for you to walk!  Do not let anxiety, and worry, keep your hands in your pockets, and close to your being, when it is time for you to reach-out, and embrace others, sharing your love, and all you have.  Do not let the ways of the world restrict you, confine you, or define you;  because hundreds of years, or maybe just ten years, from now, there will continue to be celebrations, and these celebrations, at their core, will be ‘in-memory of individuals: who were willing to give, and give more, than the world said they could give; or do more, than the world said they could do!’

“Take the time to realize... that each one of you... has an adventure... has a journey... has a mission.  And each one of your adventures, your journeys, your missions, are worthy of celebration!  Do not listen to the nay-sayers.  When you feel the fire within you, rise-up, ride the waves into a new day, a new place, a new time; for, once you begin that journey, you will be giving thanks, every day!”

Sunday Sermons
November 16, 2014
The Gift Of Faith;
Forgive All Things; Run
From Anger, And Frustration

  I AM with you!    I AM truly with you.  As the sun rises to greet the new day, and bring you light, I AM with you; and I will not leave you when the sun sets, come the night, I will be at your side, quiet, comforting, waiting to rise-up, and walk with you, come the new day, come the new light.  Take comfort in this.  Be not afraid, for I AM with you!

“Many of you hearing these words or reading these words, know they have the gift of faith.  Sometimes it burns, raging, flames reaching higher and higher, sometimes barely smoldering, as an ember.  Still, it is there, and you know it.

“Faith is your individual gift, and no matter how grand, or how small, that gift of faith might be, you have it, within thee!  Therefore, you can make of it, what you wish to make of it.  You can blow on it, with your breath of trust, and every time you say, ‘I believe,’ it is, as a fan, blowing on the ember, bringing it to life, flames leaping, acknowledging your belief; it is yours, no matter where you are, no matter how strongly you believe at this moment, that gift of faith is yours!  So I speak to you this morning in such a way as to say, treat it as ‘the sacred gift,’ it is.  Do not take it for granted.  Do not deal with it occasionally, when times are difficult, and you acknowledge you need help.  Practice faith... and believe... every single day; because this is the way, you grow in faith; this is the seed, that is meant to lead, and sustain you, as you journey upon the Earth, because this faith guides you, into confidence, in knowing who you are, in knowing: Who is with you, Who is supporting you, Who is feeding you, and loving you; while you journey upon the Earth.

“One of the ways to assure a pleasant journey, upon the Earth, is to be quick to forgive all thing!  Complete forgiveness... means... it is over, it is done, it is forgiven.  And when you are living in this forgiving light, you think of the person, or the situation, including yourself, with love, understanding, drawing lessons from the situation, and moving on.  You will not know freedom, until things are forgiven from the past; and once you are so adept at forgiving the past, forgiveness in the future is a given, and forgiveness in the present is done quickly, without hesitation, or reserve!  Why is this possible?  Because you come to understand the feeling that you gain with every forgiving word.  It is true freedom, because you are not held down by the chains of frustration, or anger, or hurt.  You are the liberator for all involved, and you feel the confidence in knowing this.

“The third thing I wish to speak to you about is this:  Run, run quickly from the energy of anger, or frustration, because these things, these energies, will lead you right back into the place of needing to practice forgiveness, again.  It is a cycle... one might call it a vicious cycle... you forgive, you work on it, and it takes maybe days, maybe months, maybe years; and then, finally, you have accomplished the forgiving, and it feels so good; but later, you give in to the temptations, of anger, and frustration, and it leads you right back to the need to be forgiving of certain things again.  So, you heal yourself; but then fall back into the dis-ease of anger, or frustration; and what follows this, is the need to forgive yourself, or others, again.

“I AM showing you The Way to total freedom... it is complete... and it is beautiful... but it does require ‘knowing,’ what you are doing... because... there are people in the world who will tell you... that you have every right to get angry, or upset, or frustrated... with this, or that, or the other. And I say unto you... You do not; unless, that is where you wish to live.

“These energies are all over, all around you, these energies abide within most of the people you meet, or exchange with, or have encounters with, in any way.  So understand... that even your closest, and dearest, friend, or your most helpful family member, will be leading you in the wrong direction, the minute they say, ‘...well, you have every right to be upset about that.’ I say to you, you do not!

“These things, these few words I have spoken to you this morning, will lead you into a week of such wealth, and richness, that you will be dancing, come the end of the week.  You will feel that ‘free,’ and in freedom is joy, and happiness.  This is what I give to thee today...

“Cherish your gift of faith, hold it close.  Be the first to forgive, in every situation, and forgive the most.  Run from the energy of anger, or frustration, because it will lead you right back to where you began. 

“I walk with you this week.  We walk hand in hand, and together we will dance, and sing, and create great joy, and happiness, because we will forgive all things.  In the face of anger, we will speak of ‘love.’ In the face of frustration, we will speak of ‘understanding.’  In the face of animosity, we will speak of ‘compassion.’  We will do these things... together... and we will be free... forever!” 

Sunday Sermons
November 9, 2014
Use Your Gifts
From The Kingdom
Of God, Show The Way

  I AM with you!    I bring you words of wisdom, so you might hear them, and know them, and in the knowing, find peace, and happiness, and joy; for true peace, and happiness and joy, are experienced by those who use the gifts of The Kingdom of Heaven, and in so doing, realize a life that is rich, and abundant, and filled with The Kingdom of God, upon Earth!  For you see, those who are filled with joy, knowing, and experiencing the glory of The Kingdom of God upon Earth, need nothing else!  They lack nothing.  They are complete.  They feel the presence of God.  They do not find great allure, in the things of the world of man; but rather, they are drawn, more, to the wealth of love and kindness and generosity and compassion.  They are drawn to the commitment to complete their mission, do the will of God, and go Home.

“For those who ‘use their gifts,’ there are more gifts, to open; because those who have, will be given more; yet, those who have not, will lose all they have.  This may sound strange to say, but it is true.  Watch, and look around you as people make their way through their lifetime upon the Earth.  For those who use the gifts of The Kingdom of God while they are walking upon the Earth: they live in abundance; they seem to lack for nothing; they are joyful; they are happy; they are at peace; because they have faith!  And this gift of faith does amazing things.  This gift of faith, to the one who believes, empowers them to step into situations, and accomplish that which the world says is impossible to do.  Yet, they do it, because of faith, and trust, knowing, if they are led to do it, it is theirs to do, and it shall be accomplished.  And this gift of faith, eliminates doubt, and fear, and worry, and concern.  They are not locked or frozen in place because of fear, they are liberated, in the light of faith.  And every time they step-out in faith, using that gift, they are rewarded by more faith; and on, and on, it goes, with every step, bringing them, more, and more faith, and trust. 

“And those who have faith, watch for the signs, the signs all around them; and they use the gift of reading the signs, of understanding the signs; and they follow the signs; and because they watch for the signs, and then follow them, they are rewarded.  Every sign brings new direction, new guidance.  And they keep going, enjoying the journey, because they are knowing, in faith, where they are going.  The signs are there, the faith is there, the trust, the hope, is there.

“But for those who ~ have little faith, ~ and who are unwilling to step-out in faith, ~ they inch themselves into fear, and doubt, and worry, and concern, and faith is pushed further, and further, back, away.  They do not feel it, and it seems as if they do not remember faith at all.  And the lack of using the gift, as small as it was, has taken it further and further from them.  And in this doubt, and confusion, it is impossible to read the signs.  And slowly, they begin to see the signs, not as hope, and promise, but as confusion, and doubt; and they begin to spin out-of-control, not knowing, which way to go.

“You must use – that which you have been given – to find peace, and joy, and happiness!  And for those who use their faith, there is the reward, and for those who are willing to read the signs, there is the reward.  Yet, there is something else for those ‘of faith,’ and ‘the ability, and the trust, to follow the signs,’ there is a responsibility to speak of the faith, and speak of the signs, and speak of the joy, and happiness, experienced in living upon Earth this way.  Stand-up and say, ‘In faith I did this.’  Stand-up and say, ‘I followed this sign, and look what happened.’  For each word spoken, from the seed of faith, a plant is born, from the seed sown, and another sees it. 

“You can lead others from darkness, and shadow, by living, openly, with faith, reading the signs, and walking, moving along The Way!  This is what I ask of you, today.  And I ask you to continue it into the week.  Step-out in faith, and do, that, which is written upon your heart!  Read the signs, and take the step.  Reach-out to those in darkness, and shadow, and say, ‘This is The Way.  Have faith!  Walk with me, today!’ And in this Way: you will be the hand of God, the voice of God; you will be the strength of God, for another, who is lost! 

“Use the gifts you have been given, but use them in such a way, that you are an example to all who see you, and see what you say, and do.  This faith is contagious!  Be the light, walk in faith, read the signs, they show The Way!”

Sunday Sermons
October 26, 2014
Do Not
Set Loose
Careless Words
To Ride The Wind

  I AM with you!  I reach-out, and you feel a gentle stirring around you; for it is My desire that you ‘know, I AM with you!’  I wish to share, with you, the Wisdom ~ that all who inhabit The Dimension of Perfection ~ enjoy. 

“It is a joy to live, in wisdom; for you are content, satisfied, and fulfilled.  Wisdom comes with goodness, and kindness, and compassion.  Wisdom has nothing to do with memorizing words, or knowing the current facts of the day; for that which is known by mankind, changes, is altered by this theory or that theory; but goodness, and kindness, and compassion are constant, and therein, lies wisdom.  And those who hold the gift of wisdom, and know it, know, when to loose their tongue, and when to hold it.

“Listen to the wind, and imagine the leaves of fall, caught in this current, twisting and, twirling and, moving far beyond the tree of their birth, landing in a place, they know not. 

“Now I ask you ~ to think of the leaves, ~ that are caught on the wind ~ as words, ~ words set free.  Think of the leaves as careless words, set loose, in a moment of anger or frustration.  They swirl, and swim on the breeze; yet you know not, where any of these will land, these words, these careless words.  Yet, wherever they land, there they abide.

“But now, change your perspective and see the leaves, caught on the breeze, as words of peace, and kindness, and love, of compassion, understanding and forgiveness, and watch them swirl in the wind, as it carries them to places they have never been before, blessing every place and every person, with peace, and love, and goodness.  For the words you speak, carry the authority ~ to curse, or bless; ~ and it is you, ~ you are the one, ~ who makes the decision, ~ before, it is done! 

“The ways of the world will tempt you: into speaking quickly; to join-in the conversation, sometimes thinking your words are a badge of great intelligence, or that you have the opportunity to best another in their decision, or the theory they are setting forth; sometimes, the words, you speak, could be called boastful; and then, there are times, when the world tempts you to words of anger, and frustration.

“Do not be tempted to loose your tongue, until you have been still, until you have gone to a quiet place, where you are sure, that your heart is filled with good, and light, and the love of God; because, the heart overflowing with good, and light, and the love of God, does not send forth from the body, anything but good... and light... and love; wait to speak, until that is your Source, of Wisdom, and then your words ~ will ride The Wind, ~ and they will go to places, they have never been, and bless, all they land upon, with that, which is in your heart!”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
September 21, 2014
Do Not Be Afraid,
Believe, I AM With You,
And Together, We Can Do All Things

  I AM with  you, always!    Believe, and feel My presence, with you; for in your belief, it is as if you are opening a door, and all things bright and beautiful, are streaming in upon you, holding you in the light, so that your vision is clear, and with great delight, you can pronounce, ‘I ‘know,’ You are with me!’  When we are in such communion together, you and I, all things are possible, because you believe... I AM your rudder... God has set you in place... all things are possible!

“You are blessed to be on the Earth, as I was blessed to be on the Earth, to carry-out a mission of monumental importance.  And while your journey might not be that of mine, it is your journey.  Yes, it is thine.  God has sent you forth to do something.  Do not forget, why you are on Earth.

“Do not be afraid.  Do not be confused or puzzled.  If you hear from another, that I have told them to turn left, and to hold on to a certain rule; and you have heard another pronounce that I have told them, go straight, and cling to a precept; do not be confused, for one could be coming from the west, and the other from the east.

“Every child of God has their own course, making it possible... for one to be right... if they turn left... and for one to be correct... if they head right. The only thing you need to be listening for... watching for... waiting for... is the direction you receive! Therefore, do not be concerned about: what this one or that one is doing; what this one or that one is accomplishing; for yours is a course uniquely suited for you. And if you let God be the center of all you think, and say, and do, you cannot stray.

“Let God be the guiding light, let Me be the rudder, and we will sail together, on the right course, day, and night; for I AM truly with you! 

“Do not be afraid.  When you sit in prayer, and you hear, and you know, that there is a place where you are to go, go forth.  When you sit in prayer, and you hear, and you know, that there are people you are meant to meet, then rise-up, and go forth, with an out-stretched hand, and do so, because it is the plan.  What I AM saying to you this day is, do not be afraid, for your mission is sacred, and holy, and you cannot find yourself in a place, left dangling in space, without word, without comfort, without peace.  For if God is the center of all that you do, then you will know we are walking with you.  Lift-up your head, and let the world see that you have confidence, that you have heard, and you can be upon the Earth, as a child of God, with one goal, one ambition, to complete your mission, and return Home!

“I promise you, if you will forget what this one, or that one, is doing, and focus on your role, your mission, your connection with God, Our Father, you will know peace!  You will know peace, even if there is storm around you.  You will know peace, if there is war around you.  With God as your center, you will know peace.  Therefore, be not afraid.”

Sunday Sermons
August 24, 2014
For The
New Day Has
Come; And, The
New Life Is With You

  I AM with  you.    Look, and see.  Watch the new day beginning.  Take-in All There Is, the beauty: of the plants and the trees, the birds, the insects, the people around you.  Look, and see, and move on.  Walk along the path, and be joyful, for the new day has come, and the new life is with you!

Sunday Sermons
August 31, 2014
On Physical
Life... and Death...
New Life Begins, And
The Journey Continues

  I AM with  you.    I reach-out to each of you, and say, ‘Come, follow Me!’  The new day is with you.  See it shine.  See it change.  See it grow.  See creation continue, no matter what the situation is around you; creation continues, without ceasing, moving into eternity!

“You are... an important piece... of eternity!  Your spirit is ‘of God.’  Your birth comes from Heaven, the Dimension of Perfection.  When you arrived upon the Earth, naked, cold, crying, a child of God, delivered to the arms of Earth, you had to grow, and learn: how to exist, how to live, how to love, how to laugh, how to dance and sing.  You had to learn how to enjoy ‘the things of Earth.’  And, as your journey continued, you began to see, and to know: the wind, and the rain, and the falling of the snow; and each of these ‘things,’ came as: a delight, a surprise, a present, a gift; each day different, no one day exactly like the other... a book... marking your journey, your footprints, your time, upon the Earth!

“I ask you to envision this... Close your eyes... and envision... a beautiful white Dove, sitting calmly, and peacefully, in her nest.  Now, vision some stirring, as the dove begins to move, and on closer inspection, you see the egg.  Oh, there is great care, given to resting, and creating a place, an atmosphere, an environment, of warmth, for the egg, and that which is held within the egg.  But you see, that egg-shell will not grow, once it is set and hard, that egg shell will remain the size it is.  The treasure held within the shell is growing, ready to be born, ready for the experience, this new experience, this new life.  And the coming, and the realization, of the new life, is not necessarily easy, or quick.  The process, of breaking the shell from the inside... takes time.  And during the time... that, that which is held within, is trying to release itself from the shell, it gets stronger.  The muscles grow.  The desire to be out-of-the-shell grows as well.  And after much pecking, and moving, and stretching, the egg begins to break apart.  The wisdom, of the mother dove, is ‘not to help,’ or ‘crack from the outside;’ for you see, the journey, into this new life, begins ‘inside,’ the egg.  Slowly, the egg shell begins to fall away, and there is life.  A baby bird is born, stretching, moving, opening its eyes to greet this new place.  It has arrived!

“The day soon comes, when the bird can fly.  It leaves its nest.  It leaves its crumbled shell... behind,... and takes to the sky... soaring into the heavens, beautiful, caught in the light of the sun, white, blazing, against the blue, of the sky.  And the dove flies into the new day, the new life, the new time, on the wings, which found their strength, from the work done, from within.

“You can sweep together the broken shell, and hold it gently in your hands; but all the love, and care, and tears, will not bring back the bird, now free to soar into the sky, fly amongst the stars, and find its resting place, in the lap of God.  New life begins... again!”  
Note:  On August 28, 2014, @ 3:33 pm, Cecilia's Beloved Earthly Father,  John Megrey, passed-over, peacefully, with "his girls," gathered around him; and therefore, the Messages from The Quiet Place for next Wednesday, the day of John's funeral, will not be posted while we are out-of-town, they will resume being posted the day after our return to The Mountain, Sept. 4, 2014.
Sunday Sermons
September 7, 2014
It Is Time
For The Harvest,
It Is Time To Know The
Kingdom Of God, Upon Earth

  I AM with  you.    Come and sit with Me.  Now, put down your daily tasks, cease the toiling, and the work; give it all a rest, and come sit, with Me.   

“Welcome to My bench.  Sit, and draw nearer.  Look-out, surveying all things, within your sight.  And as you look over the land and the houses, the fields, ripe with grain, and corn, and beans, and tomatoes, you will notice that there are trees filled with fruit as well.  But as we sit together, you will notice something else.  You will notice, when you are still and quiet, sitting next to Me, on this bench, overlooking creation, that there is a glow you never saw before, a light, you did not see, before!

“When you are still, ~ you notice, and observe things that you did not see, ~ in your hurry, and your scurry, walking by, in the midst of treasure, with your head-down, headed, for the measure of the world.  But I will remind you, that if you ever take the time to sit, and watch grass heavy with dew, get caught-up in the light of the morning sun, you will first see one, sparkling dewdrop!  And then the more you look, the more you see, shining in the light of the sun: some green, some blue, some red, some yellowish-orange, all different colors.  They were there, you just did not ‘take the time,’ to notice them at all; but once you do, you are amazed at what you see!

“Today, I want you to take some time to sit with Me, to look... and see... the harvest all around you.  It is bountiful, and abundant!  The gifts from The Kingdom of Heaven are rich, and ripe, and they will nourish you and sustain you; yet it is possible that they go totally unnoticed, if your head is turned toward the ways of the world, the schedules of the world, the things of the world.  But for any who will stop and look, there is bounty galore!  Everything you need now, and forevermore, is in the harvest, held in the hand of God!  It will never go away, it will never cease, it will never dry-up and wither, or become rain-soaked in the field, and die.  For those are the ways of the world.  The fields planted by the hands of man ~ are subject to the things of man: ~ to rains, and winds, and storms, to neglect; but the fields, ~ planted by the hand of God, ~ produce, and harvest, abundance, forever!

“As you begin this day, look, and see, that which has been grown by the hand of God just for thee!  Walk into those fields, and eat, of the manna of Heaven, and be restored, revitalized, rejuvenated!  For all, who will walk into the fields, the harvest is abundant, it is plentiful.  It is the laborers who are lacking, who are scarce. 

“Come, walk into the fields with Me this day, and let us sing joyfully; for all that you could pray for, you will find in the fields of God.  You will not know hunger.  You will not know thirst.  You will eat, and drink, and walk, and know The Kingdom of God, upon Earth!” 

Sunday Sermons
September 14, 2014
Peace, First,
Within Your Being,
Then Make-Over Earth,
As It Was Always Meant To Be

  I AM with  you, always!  I spoke the words, thousands of years ago, few understood then, few understand now.  I AM with you!  I AM in you, as you are in Me, for we are One, in The Father, The Creator, The Mother Of All Things.  And since it is so, this is how we speak, this is how we communicate; for, if I Am in you, and you are in Me, we hear, and we know, and we feel the presence of each other!   

“For those who accept this teaching, there is understanding, and communication.  For those who doubt, and seek to find how this could be possible at all, there is confusion, and chaos.  ‘Faith,’ is required to believe this; yet, I say, unto you, it is true!  It is just as true today, as it was two thousand years ago.

“It is often required that you close your eyes to ‘the ways of the world,’ so that you might hear: hear Me, hear The Father, hear The Holy Spirit, from within.  For the world might shout and scream and yell; but, the still, small voice, from within, is the voice which compels you to come and see, that which is unseen, in the world created by man.

“Today I want to make very simple the way... the path... the road... Home, ‘Cultivate peace, within your being!’ 

“It appears that most human beings, inhabiting Earth at the present time, are looking, and seeking, for individuals, or groups of individuals, which hold peace as a banner, which seek: to bring peace to the world; to stop fighting; to stop killing; to stop slandering; to stop stealing; to stop the forces of darkness, so that the power of God, and the light of God, might make-over the world, as it was meant to be.  But I tell you, no individual, or group(s) of individuals, will ever establish a State of Peace upon the Earth, until they are at peace, from within. 

“Peace ~ is quiet, ~ and still ~ in balance with All That Is, around it.  Peace is ‘the eye of the storm;’ what turbulence rages on the outside, but within the eye, there is calm, and harmony.

“Go forth in peace, for right now you are as a sheep, and there are days when you are moving with the flock; there are days when you are walking amongst the wolves; there are days when you feel you are lost in the valley; there are days when you feel you see it all, from the mountain peak, with your head in the clouds, and your feet upon the Earth.  No matter which day comes to you, hold peace, in your heart!  Live in The Kingdom that is within you, and nothing can be taken from you, nothing of value, that is.

“It might surprise you to hear, that I did not come to the Earth, and walk into the world created by man, to bring peace to all nations.  I came to show you ~ The Way ~ to establish peace, within, yourselves!  That was the intention!  And that is the only road to true peace!  When you find a group of people, individuals who hold the peace of God within themselves, then, and only then, will the seeds of peace begin to grow, and the vines will move from this place to that, calling forth the tired, the hungry, and the thirsty, to come sit in the fields of peace, and be calmed, and comforted, fed, and given drink.

“The ways of the world will demand that a certain group of people act in a peaceful way.  The world of man can create laws, and force people to walk in-lock-step, doing this, or doing that.  But I say unto you,~  true peace ~ does not come from force; ~ true peace ~ is carried on the power of God’s love, flowing into you, and through you!

“The world will not know peace, until it is delivered by the children of God, who know The Kingdom of God, who carry the peace of God, within them.  This is the intention.  This is how it is to be done.  Therefore, with this one simple commission, let it be done.  And make it your intention that it be done, through you!  For no matter how strong, and how forceful the winds of turbulence might be, the peace of The Kingdom of God is within thee! 

“Go forth this day, and do so carrying peace within you.  Do not be swayed by the ways of the world.  Be fulfilled, and nourished, and sustained, served at the table, by the hand of God... which is all ... within you!  My peace is with you!  I send you forth this day.  Carry Our Father’s peace to the world of man.”  

Sunday Sermons
September 28, 2014
Upon Earth
As A Child Of God

  I AM with  you, always!    I AM near to you.  I support you, and I encourage you, during this time, of your journey, upon the Earth.  For this is an important time for you.  It is your opportunity to deliver the grace, and the blessings, of The Kingdom of God, to Earth, in all you think, and say, and do.   

“I understand, as each of you, what it is like to live in the world created by man, because I did.  I did accept physical form, and I know.  I know what it is to be hungry, and I know what it is to eat, and be full, and filled with the fruits of Earth.  I know what it is to be thirsty, and I know what it is to drink from the cup of the fruit of the vine, and the waters, flowing fresh, over the rocks.  I know what it is to be sad, and I know what it is to be glad, to be wrapped in the arms of others, or to be wrapped in their laughter, or song, or stories. 

“I know how it is to wear clothing that is thread-bare, and I know how it is to wear a robe that is clean, and fresh, with no tears. 

“I know how it is: to be tempted; to sit in the bosom of family, and friends, and feel safe, and secure, in what you say, and do; and I know how it is to rise-up, to walk out of that door, and go into the world, to do the things you are meant to do, in the name of God.

“God know you better than your family, your closest friends, your acquaintances, and those you work with.  And God does not care what you wear.  God is not concerned with the size of your house, or the type of car you drive, or whether your bankroll is thick, or thin.  God speaks the language of your heart, and your soul, and your spirit, and that is where the power of God moves you, beyond the ordinary ways of the world, into the extraordinary Way, of The Kingdom of God, The Dimension of Perfection, Heaven.

“It is possible to experience Heaven while you walk upon the Earth.  And it is definitely possible for you to deliver the gifts of Heaven, while you walk upon the Earth. Handing-out generosity, and hospitality, and kindness with great ease and determination, delivers The Kingdom of God to those of Earth! 

“Do not hold back your hand from those who come, asking for help.  Take them into your arms, and embrace them, and give them what they need.  In this way others will know you, and recognize you, for what you are doing.  And while you are doing these things upon the Earth, remember this, as God is your Eternal Parent, God knows what you are thinking.  God reads the heart, and the soul, and the spirit of the rich, and the poor. 

“God knows that it is possible for the poor man to have anger on his heart, and for the rich man to have generosity, and charity, on his heart, and vice versa. 

“Do not put so much stock in that which you wear, or the jewelry you slip on your fingers, or on your wrists, or around your neck, or the money you carry in your pocket; for, as strange as this might seem, these things are not important to God, God is not distracted by them.  God looks at you, the you that are the children of God, and the children of God are spirit first; therefore, that is where God touches you, and speaks to you, and knows what you are thinking, and hears what you are saying, and can see what you are doing, because God understands the language of your heart, and soul, and spirit; and therein dwells your communion with God!  Without your spirit, your body is nothing, it is an empty place!

“Remember this week, watch your thoughts, for God is aware of your thoughts.  Be mindful of the words you say, for God hears you.  Be aware of what you are doing, for God knows these things.  This is your communion with God.  This is your relationship with God.  This is where you can feel the love of God; for, God does not turn, and move from you, no matter what you do.  God draws nearer, and nearer.  And for those who will open, and receive the presence of God, they are filled with grace! 

“This week ~ be not concerned about what you wear, or how much money you make or do not make, or where you live.  No, make this week different from any other week, and stay connected with Home, with Heaven, with grace, and love, and kindness, and beauty; for it is in this place, this heavenly place, this Dimension of Perfection, that you will come to know, what it means to be upon the Earth, living as a child of God!  Go forth in peace, and live!”

Sunday Sermons
October 5, 2014
How To:
Make Your Life
Easier; Know, And
Complete, Your Mission

  I AM with you!  I reach-out and take your hand and you feel My presence; and for a brief while, we sit together, we talk, we exchange, we are one.  This is possible, because you believe; for I AM always there; but it happens, in such a wonderful way, for those who will open the door, and knock down the barriers of doubt, and say, ‘Come, I am here too!’   

“Today, I want to give you, very simple guidance, on – ‘how to make your life easier, as you walk upon the Earth,’ on – ‘how to make sure your mission is done, The Way it is intended to be done.’ 

“Every one of you, hearing My words this morning or reading My words this morning, is upon the Earth, because you have a mission!  It is that simple.  You are upon the Earth to complete a mission.  For some of you it might be expansive, and grand.  For others of you, it might be to fit a small piece of the puzzle together, so that the grand might be seen.  No matter whether your mission is large or small, it has great significance, and it is important that it be done, before you return Home.

“Keep your focus, on God!  This is the only way your mission will be done, for if you are distracted by the ways of the world, and the things of the world, and the words of the world, you will find, in short order, that you are off-track, headed in the wrong direction, uncomfortable, lacking confidence, but stumbling along with the rest of the crowd.  This is how most of the world finds itself, lost, in the midst of a crowd.

“Let it be your intention to please God, first; and pleasing God is no more than completing your mission.  The directions, the instructions, on how to go about this are written upon your heart.  And if you need further back-up, or affirmation, you go, and sit quietly, and you ask for guidance; and, it will come to you, showing you what to do, The Way to go!  The sticking point, is, when others around you do not agree, and set a course attempting to distract you, from that which is yours to do.  Sometimes it comes in words, ‘You cannot do that.’  ‘There is no need to try.’  You are wasting your time.’  Sometimes it comes in actions... removing themselves from your presence, as a punishment, for not going along, with that which they want you to do.  And sometimes it comes in outright attack... on your character, or your behavior, or the mission itself.  You must be prepared for these things.  However, if you are prepared for these things, correctly; they will not distract you at all, because your confidence comes, in the quiet times, when God is saying, ‘This, My son, or daughter, is what I want you to do!’  And, when you sit, more and more, in the presence of God, you rely less and less, on the options of the world, around you.  What is yours to do, might not be theirs to do; but it is important for you to understand – where your allegiance should lie, – and that is with God!

“Sometimes family members will attempt to coerce, or drag you to a position that is theirs: the family way, the accepted way it is done in ‘our family.’  And if you give in to this, what you will find is, days, or weeks, or maybe years down the line, that you have lost your confidence, but you have gained the negative energy of frustration, and even anger at family members who you perceive to have pulled you in the wrong direction.  But never forget this, you are the one who must make the decision; therefore, you cannot rise-up, and say, ‘You made me do this,’  because, it was your choice.

“For some who are dragged in another direction, away from their mission, the first thing they do is to be angry, and argue, and try to convince the rest of those around them, of the importance, and the correctness, of their mission.  This is futile!  They cannot understand what is on your heart.  They do not see the whole picture.  They do not recognize your piece, of the Eternal Plan.  Therefore, this too, is not the appropriate action to take.   The  only  good  action  to  take – is to set your course, with God at your center, as your Compass, as your focus, – and be led, from that point!  Then, no matter what is going on in the world around you, they will see... you have set your course... and that is where you want to be.  And often from this comes respect for what you are doing, especially if you do it, using all the positive light you can muster, you can find, you can let flow through you.  But if you let the ways of the world distract you,  your piece of the puzzle will be missing, and it will be sorely missed!

“I have two examples for this, which I believe, after you hear, you will be more determined than ever to complete your mission, The Way God wants you to complete your mission. 

“John the Baptist... came upon the Earth... with a mission.  He was the one who was to go ahead, to call the people, to prepare them for My mission.  He did this, exactly, The Way God directed him to do it; yet, there were those all around him, tempting him, and sometimes threatening him.  He did not drink.  He did not wear the clothing that the world wore.  He took himself aside, and lived in the desert, eating whatever came his way, to sustain his life upon the Earth.  And because of his behavior, there were those who said he was possessed by demons.  ‘Do not listen to that man, he is mad.’  ‘He lives in the desert, and eats bugs.’  ‘He does not eat, or drink, as the normal, human being would do; therefore, something is wrong with him.’  They caste judgments upon him, because his way did not coincide with the ways of the world.  Yet, if he had succumbed to the temptations, and decided it was better for his mission to do it the way the world would like to see him do it, then his mission would not have been complete, it would have been lost, in the ways of the world.  Can you imagine – how that would have changed the flow – of all that was to come after him?

“Now, – think of My mission – I came with direction from God; and as a sidebar, so do you, you have a mission, and I had a mission. 

“Now, I came, and I was eating, and drinking, and meeting with the tax collectors, and other unapproved of people in the town.  I walked where I would walk, and I went where God led Me.  There were tempters, all around Me, trying to lead Me to be more ‘like the ways of the world at that time;’ but, that was not My direction.  My direction from God was to do it The Way God was showing Me, and guiding Me, to do it.  And as I did, the ways of God, I was titled: ‘a glutton, a drunkard, one who ‘kept company’ with tax collectors, prostitutes, and sinners; I was one who was not to be trusted, because I was working the ways of ‘the devil’.’  These were the judgments, placed upon Me.  Yet, can you imagine, if I had succumbed to the temptations of the ways of the world, and the voices, circling all around Me, what would have happened to My mission?  It would not have been the same!  It would not have been complete!  And it would have changed everything that was to come after Me! 

“I want you to think upon this, because you will be tempted to think, if you go out in the world to do your mission, and to do it for the glory of God, that there should be all these people around you, supporting you.  And I say to you, there will not be!  There will be tempters, circling around you.

“Where will you find your safe haven, and the courage, and the strength, to go on, and carry-out your mission?    In the lap of God, in the direction of God, in the wisdom of God! That is where you find the courage to set your face into the light of the sun, and walk upon the Earth, as you are directed by God!    It does not matter, if the world understands what you are doing.  It does not matter, if family members, or friends, are disgruntled.  It does not matter, at all!    And you will very quickly find this is the case, as you reach-out, and take My hand, and together, we follow the direction of Our Father, until you reach the gates of Home, and you are welcomed back, with great joy!”

Sunday Sermons
October 12, 2014
Close Your Eyes,
Clasp Your Hands In
Prayer,  And  Together,
We Will Do That Which Was
Thought To Be Impossible To Do

  I AM with you!  I AM always with you.  And for those who are willing to accept My presence, life is good, and the impossible task becomes possible, because we are doing it together!

“There will be days, and there will be situations, in which you will find yourself perplexed, standing hands on hips, wondering, ‘How in the world you are going to do, what is set before you?’  And I will tell you, that figuring how in the world, you are going to do it, will make it more difficult, than asking the question, ‘How can I use the gifts of Heaven to do this?’ for, these are two different things.  If you will pause before the task that appears to be a mountain, and ask for Divine guidance, guidance will be yours; and you will move, slowly at first, until you are in a rhythm, which will flow, and make the task go easier for you, because you are being guided.

“If your task is to move a two-story building from one place to the other, you have, probably, reached the conclusion, that you cannot just close your eyes, clap your hands, and have the building move from one location to another.  However, you can look at the building, close your eyes, hold your hands together ~ in prayer, ~ for just a few minutes, and ask for guidance, and it will come to you!  Moving slowly one brick at a time, carrying it from this place to that, will be the way it appears you start; but actually, the whole movement began with faith!  Therefore, you see, it is important for you to know, if what you are doing is something that you are supposed to be doing!  ‘Is this what I am to do?’  And when you clearly hear ‘Yes,’ or feel ‘Yes,’ or know, ‘Yes,’ then, set your course, and realize, if it is yours to do, then you will have that which you need to do it, so that it might be accomplished, one brick at a time; and before you know it, the building has moved!

“If you could see it in ‘fast forward,’ motion, it would appear, that you closed your eyes, and you clapped your hands, and the building moved!  It is all in ‘your perspective.’  With your faith, the building was moved; and it is the same, with many other things: it is the same with relationships; it is the same with difficult times at work; it is the same, if you have lost something of great value, and you wish to find it again.  All of these things can be resolved, by closing your eyes, in a show of faith, blocking-out the ways of the world, and walking in to the ways of The Dimension of Perfection, seeking guidance, and assistance.  But in ‘fast forward,’ it does appear that you have closed your eyes, clapped your hands, and it was accomplished!  And, in a way, that is true!  It was accomplished with faith, and prayer, and willingness to do that which you are asked to do. 

“Therefore, as you go into this week, do so by closing your eyes and clasping your hands together, in prayer; and then, rise-up to do whatever is set there in front of you; because, it is yours to do! 

“I reach-out My hand, and ask that you take it, so that I might be with you, every step of The Way; and, together, we will do the impossible!”

Sunday Sermons
October 19, 2014
Let Earth Sing
This  Day  Of  The
Glory Of God, Because
The Glory Of God... Is... You

  I AM with you!  When you call upon Me, I AM with you and I speak to you, I reach-out and touch you, and you feel Me; however, it is important for you to know, that when you are operating from a Dimension of Perfection, such as I AM experiencing right now, it is possible for Me to be with you, all of the time.  Therefore, our dialogue can be constant, and rich, and full, and rewarding; for I wish to share, that which I know, and reveal, that which you are ready to see, when it is your time.

“It is important for you to understand, that it is often the case, that you see, only a portion, a glimpse, of what is occurring!  It is only by faith, that you understand, that all will be right.  It requires patience, and trust.  And it requires a willingness to see; yet to see, without judging, what you see; just taking it in, and knowing, that some where, some time, some place, all things will be resolved!  When you can do this, you are seeing, as God sees, you are knowing as God knows!  And for those of you who are walking upon the Earth right now, most of you must operate in this way.  However, there are some who understand it better; it is easier for them to see, and wait patiently, for some where within them, there is ‘the knowing,’ that it will be right. 

“It takes ‘faith,’ for the farmer to take a seed, and prepare a hole, and place it there, covering the seed of great value, somewhere deep within knowing, that days later it will keep growing, and growing, and growing.  And because of the faith it took to put the seed of great value in the Earth, the farmer is rewarded by a plant who gives forth hundreds more, of the seeds of great value.  Thus there is a continuation, but that continuation, that creation, is born, and carried, within the seed.  It requires faith.

“It is easier to walk in faith, if you are walking from within the light of God; because, you see, from within the light.  You are not watching the light, which is distant from you, or not even connected to you, you are living within the light.  And you see differently, from within the light, then you do, standing on the outside, looking at the light.  There is a difference!  So you are summoned to the light; but then called to take another step, to have faith, and walk into the light, knowing, the light will not consume you, but it will illuminate you!

“All of the pieces of eternity that you see, or glimpse every day, are just that... pieces!  If the only piece you see of birth, is the anguish, or apparent anguish, that the woman is experiencing, in the birthing process, you would turn your head, and not want to experience this ever again.  But, if you see the outcome, of the strain, and the temporary pain, the birth, the gasping for air, the call announcing, ‘I am here.  I have arrived,’ and, the smile on the mother’s face, as she accepts the child; then, it is thing of beauty!  You must have faith that the glimpse you see, at some point, will turn-out to be just as beautiful as the birth, coming from anguish.

“Perspective.  You must have faith, and know, that your perspective is altering what you see!  You can walk around outside, all day, and never observe the swarms of insects, that are flying together, sometimes in circles, sometimes in a straight line, moving through the air.  These things are all happening around you; but you do not see them, you cannot observe them; for, you cannot observe, what you do not see.  However, when the light hits them just right, and you turn, and look, you see, that which has been illuminated by the light.  You see the insects.  You see them swarming, and flying up, and down.  And you are amazed to know, that you just walked through them; yet you did not even know they were there.  Still, being illuminated by the light, the number of insects you see, is determined, by where you are standing, how you are looking at it. 

“These are things, that appear to be every day occurrences; but are mysterious, and wonderful; yet, they are lessons, in: how to live in the light, how to see the light, how to observe the light, and how to understand your glimpse, of eternity, is not all there is.

“Take these pieces and parts that I have addressed this morning, and weave them into the lessons of this day...  Be willing to step into the light, without fear!  Be willing to move within the light, without fear!  Be willing to see what is happening all around you, without judging, within your thoughts, or within your words, about that which you have observed only temporarily!  In this Way: you will walk in wisdom; you will walk in light; and you will begin to string the pieces of eternity together, and see the unending story, of creation; for you are charged with the task, of continuing creation.  Therefore, let all that you do today be worthy, of the creation story.  Go forth today, and create love, and peace!  Fill the Earth with kindness, and understanding!  Let forgiveness fall from your tongue, and be shown in open arms!  Let all things bright and beautiful, be exclaimed, by the children of God.  Let Earth sing, this day... of the glory of God... because the glory of God... is you!”  

Sunday Sermons
November 2, 2014
Who You Are,
And What You Are
Doing, Upon The Earth

  I AM with you!  Cast from you any doubt; for I AM with you!  And for you to hear Me, there is no need to shout; for you will hear the whisper, coming from within you, as clearly, as if we are standing shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, as One!

“If you are hearing these words or reading these words, you are on an adventure, a journey; and your travels are leading you over the face of the Earth: to different places; to occupy different spaces; and to look into the eyes, and the faces, of all of the children of God, upon the Earth; for no matter what is happening, what they do, or say, the truth ~ is ~ every person upon the Earth is a child of God!  Some know it.  Some embrace it.  Some deny it.  Some run from it; but it does not make any difference, it does not make it less true.  

“For those of you who are willing to embrace The Eternal Presence, and Being, that you are, there comes a great responsibility!  And for those who have awakened, the responsibility becomes no more than ‘knowing, understanding, realizing, who they are, and what they are doing!’

“When you come to the realization, that you are a spirit, and you are spirit first, then you move differently.  You realize: that you have no end, that you are, truly, eternal; and this earthly experience, no matter what it is, is important for your eternal being, for your eternal wisdom; and it has bearing on the mission you are here, upon the Earth, to do!

“One of the things that you must come to realize to make your mission upon the Earth easier, is that recognizing energies, discernment of spirit, will keep you safe, secure, confident, protected, and healthy!  Spirits are all around you, just as your friends are around you, and your family is around you.  But just because someone knocks on your door, does not mean that you throw the door open, and say, ‘Oh, come in!’  Most spirits in human being form are more discerning about whom they invite into their home, their earthly abode, than  they are, most of the time, about whom they invite into their spiritual house, their eternal dwelling place. 

“When you are filled with joy, and kindness, and generosity, and compassion, and forgiveness, you feel complete, and filled with light!  When you have thrown open the doors of your inner-being: to greed, to hate, to anger, even to frustration, you do not feel as if you are filled with light.  The result is that you feel depressed, and down, and anxious, because... this is what... is within you! 

“If you are awakened, you ‘know,’ that cleansing yourself is a daily task, no more involved than taking a shower, or a bath.  You simply have to ‘know, what you are doing.’  And, as an eternal being, and a powerful child of God, you stand in the light, and cast from you fear, and doubt, and anxiety, hate, and loathing.  And you do it, with the power you were give; you do it, with the power of God, flowing to you, and through you, and you do it, with confidence, saying, ‘Get thee from me,’ and all things must fall from you, because you are a powerful child of God, with great strength!  And, once you have rid yourself of these things, clarity is yours; for it is found in the light.  But if you find yourself in shadow, or darkness, do not be afraid.  You can undo that which is done, simply by rising-up as the daughter or the son of God, and demanding, yes demanding, and commanding, that the energies of darkness, and shadow, leave you!

“I can promise you that you have this power, and ability, and that you will be confident, once you embrace it, and know it.  But I cannot promise you, that once you have cleansed yourself, these sneaky energies will not return.  But then, on the other hand, I can promise you that, if you stay in the light of God, you will surely recognize, that shadow, and darkness, have invaded your inner-being once again, and it is time for the shower, or the bath.  And once you realize how to do it, you will not fear it, you will laugh, and say, ‘Get thee from me!  Today, I know who you are, and I am not afraid.’

“As you go forth into this week... practice... that, of which I speak this morning, because you will find, as you do, your confidence will be restored, and you will begin to live, as a spiritual being, experiencing Earth, and coming to know your physical body, much better, than you ever could have imagined; because, you will follow the string, from the body of spirit that you are, right to the physical body.  And then, the bell will ring, and you will know, ‘Oh, it is true.  If I am ‘healthy, of spirit,’ then my physical body, knows health, too.’  And that is wisdom, which will serve you well!

“Go into the week, using these words, using this guidance, and you will surprise yourself, and you will surprise others, too; and you will walk in confidence, knowing strength, knowing clarity, ‘Knowing’.”