Sunday Sermons
February 22, 2015
Have Faith,
Place Confidence,
And Find Courage, In God

  I AM with you.   I come to you, completely.  I AM always available.  And for those who believe, our conversations are often, and sweet, sometimes long; they are complete, in the communion, between you and Me; for, if you are willing to speak to Me, and hear Me, this is what happens.  As a result of your faith, and your trust, you have confidence, knowing I AM with you, and that confidence gives you courage, beyond what you could muster from the world of man; for I AM with you, we walk hand-in-hand! 

“It is important for you to place your confidence, in God; for that is where it should be.  God should be the source of your confidence.  And when God is the source of your confidence, you have courage ~ to do ~ that, which is meant for you to do.  And this courage stems from the confidence that you can do it.  How could there be any doubt, when God is with you? 

“For those who base their confidence ~ on the things they have learned in the world of man, ~ there is always the temptation ~ to believe that you can handle anything, you can do it on your own; ~ but the truth is, the confidence that is based in the teachings, and the learnings from the world created by man, ~ can fail, at times. 

“The greatest actor you can imagine can walk upon the stage, and forget the words entirely; standing, lifeless, maybe a thousand eyes peering upon them, but no word comes out; and their confidence is drained; and they are fearful to walk upon the stage again.

“For the doctor, or the lawyer, or the accountant, or the plumber, or the carpenter, this is possible as well.  You can base your confidence on what you are able to do; but when that one moment happens to you, when you do not have the answer, when your hands cannot find the way, confidence slips from you, it crumbles, and you are left standing with no answer, and all things draining from you.

“If your confidence ~ is placed in God, ~ you will know, without hesitation, that no matter what is coming to you, it is yours to do, and you find the courage to say, ‘This has come to me today; therefore, God will show me The Way!’  Sometimes, when others would practice what to say, rehearse a speech, those who have confidence in God, know the words will come their way, if they have confidence, and courage, in God.  You do not have to practice, you do not have to worry, you do not have to hurry.  When the hand of God is moving you, you will know exactly what to do.

“This requires faith.  First, you must have faith.  Then, you must have confidence, that God will lead you, in every way.  And in this confidence you will find the courage to say, ‘Thy will be done,’ and move through the day.  It is a most beautiful way to spend your life upon Earth.  It is freedom, in practice.  It is living within the freedom of God.

“The most skilled carpenter, or surgeon, or lawyer, or actor, or artist in any way, will often stumble, over a situation, or an occurrence, in a particular day.  But if they mingle that which they know, from working and striving, with a confidence in God, then their courage will rise above any limitation, any boundary, and they will show The Way.  No matter what you know, no matter how well you have been trained, all of this will be enhanced, if you will ~ hand the reign, ~ over to God, whispering each morning, ‘Thy will be done,’ and in that faith finding confidence and courage to step-out into the world.

“And the rising sun will lead thee, as it makes its way over the sky, and you will follow it, until the day is done, and the sun is setting.  And God will say, ‘Well done, My daughter, well done, My son,’ for there is absolutely nothing, that you cannot do, when you have the faith to let God work, it all, through you!”
Sunday Sermons
February 15, 2015
Take My
Hand, I Will
Show You The Way

  I AM with you.   I ask you to remember this, I AM with you.  You are not alone.  You have not been sent from your Eternal Home, to journey upon the Earth, to be alone.  I AM with you, as are those who guide you.  And if you will stay connected, and call upon Me, your mission will be one of great surprise, and delight, and it will be confidence that will be the light, which leads you on.  How could it be any other way, once you remember who you are, that God is your Father, your Mother, your Parent?  And the angels who ministered unto Me, while I was upon the Earth, are waiting to do the same for you.  You cannot fail.  But first, you must remember, who you are!

“It is important also, to remember the lessons you have been taught, from the lap of your: mother, or father; or possibly, grandmother, or grandfather; or aunt, or uncle; or even brother, or sister.  You are taught to holds hands, when you go-out walking; so you do not get separated, when you become distracted, by the things of the world: cars whizzing by; people calling to you; bright lights shining from buildings here and there; you are taught as a child that just looking, and wandering through these things can be a distraction, and sometimes you can get lost in the distraction; therefore, it is good to hold hands when you go into the world!

“As a child you are taught:  do not run into the street, or the highway; you must stop, and focus, pay attention; check to see if cars are coming this way, and that way; to be observant of what is happening, all around you, before you step-out into the thoroughfare, to make your way to another place across the street. 

“Just these two things, these very basic things, that you were taught as a child, can be the starting point, for how you, as an adult, are meant to make your way into, and through, the world of man. 

“Before you go-out into the world, make sure you are holding hands with God, with Me, with The Holy Spirit, with the angels, all about you; so that you do not get lost in the distractions of the world created by man; for, in this way, holding our hands will assure you safe passage, through the distractions, on to where you are meant to go.  Yes, it is a rule that is taught to children, and they use it on the playground, they use it on their day excursions, they use it when they are leaving the safety of the school house, or the home, to go-out into the world to roam a bit.

“It is not meant only for children of Earth; it is a good lesson for the children of God.  Do not wander into the world created by man, without holding hands; for it is easy to be distracted, and to get lost, to lose your way.

“And what about the lesson about looking both ways, before you cross the street?  This is not merely for children growing-up upon the Earth either.  Take this lesson into your every day schedule, mark it on your calendar, ‘Do not cross the street before looking both ways, and then proceed, only, when it is clear.’ 

“It should be easy to remember, because it is something you did here as a child; yet it also applies to the children of God upon Earth, even though they have grown to be thirty, or forty, or fifty, or one hundred.  Do not wander about without focus, without attention.  Pay attention to where you are going, and do not step-out into thoroughfares, or streets, or avenues, without looking both ways.

“I pause… to let that settle within you… because I want you to envision that a street, or a thoroughfare, or an avenue, is the divide between one place, and another, where you are standing, and that point which is waiting for you on the other side.  Make sure it is safe to cross the divide.  It is up to you to be observant, in everything you do.  Pay attention, and when it is clear, make your passing.  And it is always safer to do, when we are holding hands. 

“I ask you to take these two lessons into your adult week.  We are all waiting for you to speak, inviting us to come with you, to walk with you, into the day, to take your hand, and guide you as you walk upon the Earth.  We are waiting.  All you have to do is say, ‘Will you come with me today?’  And off we will go!  We will walk you through the distracting places, and you will ‘know,’ we are with you, you will feel us, you will know The Presence, and you will stay on course!  And when you come to a divide, a marker, a place you must cross to get to the other side, we will be holding your hand, and saying to you, ‘Look both ways, and when the passage is clear, we are coming with you, across the divide, to the other side!’

“I AM with you, angels surround you, God’s hand is over you, and The Holy Spirit flies above.  It is time to go-out into the day, carrying love… to those of Earth… not distracted in any way, knowing who you are, ready to make your way.  Take My hand, and off we go! 

“The day is set before, and it is a day of great exploration.  It is important for you to remember that this day has never occurred before; therefore, what you are creating is new.  It is your opportunity to bring forth, from within you, a great gift, and bestow it upon the Earth!  It is time to create a new day.  Take My hand, I will show you The Way!”

Sunday Sermons
January 18, 2015
I Know
Who You Are,
You Take Care Of Me

  I AM with you!    If you will open your hand, you will feel Mine, as our hands intertwine, and we come to ‘know,’ we are One. 

“As you experience life upon Earth, a spirit experiencing a human life form, you encounter emotions, feelings, some slight, some which move you, and stir you, to heights you could never have imagined before. 

“If you have been blessed to experience the birth of a child, you recall, for the rest of your life, the feelings you experienced: when you held the child for the first time, when your eyes glanced upon the face, when your fingers touched the cheeks, when your lips kissed that which you had created!  These feelings – moved into your heart – and you were never the same! 

“Giving birth ~ gives you the opportunity ~ to watch your creation ~ unfold ~ before your eyes!  If we are speaking of a child, you have the privilege to watch the child reach-out, and begin to know its environment.  You have the honor to know the exhilaration, of having that child reach-out, and take your finger in their hand, pulling it to them, saying, without words, ‘I know who you are.  You are the one, who takes care of me!’

“This is the same feeling which Our Father experiences when you, born upon the Earth anew, begin to experience living on Earth, through spiritual eyes, seeing Earth, in all her majesty, as your Creator intended it to be, and in this state of awe, and revelation, you reach-out, and take the finger, or the hand, or the arm of God, and pull it to you, and whisper, in that tender moment, ‘I know Who You are.  You take care of me!”  And a bond is sealed, a new life revealed, and you are never the same!

“There are moments to experience ~ that go beyond anything, you have known before, ~ sacred moments ~ that touch your heart; and, in that touch, your heart expands to accept more… than you ever thought possible… your heart opens to love… more, than you ever thought possible… your spirit soars, and your soul sings… and all is right!

“Be at peace this day!  As you enter a new week, let every step you take, be, a revelation, of a new you: seeing through eyes, open to the gifts, all around you; feeling the presence of God, with you; and letting your mantra be, ‘I know Who You are.  You take care of me!’ ” 

Sunday Sermons
February 8, 2015
And Bless
Them With

  I AM with you.   I AM with you: in the rising of the sun, in the promise of a new day, in the song of the birds, in the aroma and the scent of the flowers, in the swaying of the branches of the trees, in the flowing of the river, in the gentle touch, of the breeze.  I AM with you!

“Who amongst you, considers, throughout the course of an ordinary day, the gift of compassion?  It probably never crosses your mind, unless you are the one in-need of compassion and understanding, and then, as the one in-need, you soon learn that very few are even interested in this magnificent gift.


“In the busy world, created by man, you do not hear the word, very often at all.  In fact, those seeking compassion, from others, are often labeled.  And the words used in the labeling can often be unkind and hurtful; they range from the simple “lazy,” to “no good,” “homeless,” “sick.”  Very few ~ drink from the cup of compassion ~ and then, knowing its sweetness, offer it to another. 

“To begin moving closer, and closer, to understanding this gift, compassion, one must choose, first, to be willing to listen, while holding their tongue.  Listening is an art form that is totally lost.  You see the example, of its absence, in conversation and communication every day; for conversation is now: one saying something, and one preparing to rebut, or answer back; and it goes back and forth like a tennis ball, no one really listening to the other at all; each one only wishing, or desiring to state their point, to make a point, to put someone in their place.  In this communication or conversation, there is no compassion.

“For any who are willing to choose listening, over speaking, the rewards are great!  If you will listen to what another says to you, you will begin to see, as you hear; you will begin to understand: what is going-on within them; who they are listening to; how they are being led.  And at some point, you will begin to know: where they will go: where they will end-up: how what they are thinking, and saying, will affect their lifetime upon the Earth: you will begin to know; and in this knowing, will come the gift of wisdom; and with the gift of wisdom, comes compassion!

“These steps, one after another, listening rather than speaking, beginning to understand what is going on in the heart of another, and then ‘the gift of knowing,’ what is within the other, lead you, in a progression, into wisdom, and compassion.  You begin to see and know, your brothers and sisters, as God sees them, knows them, and loves them!  Without speaking, you understand their demons, you understand their temptations, you understand their confusion, you even understand their doubts, and missteps: all because ~ you were willing ~ to listen!

“It is not so important that they understand you.  What is important, for those willing to do this, is that you, understand them!  And in that wisdom, you give them the gift of compassion: knowing where they are going; knowing what they are doing; knowing what they are thinking!  And in this Way, you find you are able to bless them, and send them on their way. 

“Ultimately, you see, this gift, of compassion, has nothing to do with reaching-out, and trying to ‘fix,’ their situation, or tell them to go here or there, or do this or do that; it has to do, with blessing them; so, in the gift of compassion, that you begin to feel within you, in your heart space, you bless them!  And this feeling, this compassion, growing in your heart, allows you to bless them every day, as they go along their way.  And who would not feel better, by being blessed every day, by knowing, that someone listened, someone showed compassion? 

“You do not see it, or hear the word compassion, very often; but it is a gift, worth developing; it is a gift, worth the effort, compassion. 

“This week, make it a point to listen, more than you speak; listen with your heart; because, if you do, those you encounter will tell you, all you need to know, to understand them, and to grow, in wisdom, and bless them, with compassion.”

Sunday Sermons
January 4, 2015
The Adventure
Of A Lifetime… Be-
gins... With Yes… I Will

  I AM with you!    I tread the corridors of all time, with ease.  I come to you, and you reach-out to Me, and in this sacred communion, we are together, no barriers separating us, no walls separating us.  We come together regardless of the date on the calendar, or the time on the clock, or the city, or country, where you live; for, in reality, in your life of spirit, there are no such things.

“So come, let us walk into this new day.  It is set before you.  What are you going to think?  What are you going to say?  It is unwritten, it is new, it will all spring forth, from deep within you.  You are about to create a precious piece of eternity!

“I AM sure that you have, at times, read a book, or heard a story, or perhaps watched a movie or a documentary, about an individual who set-out on an amazing adventure.  They might have left the Earth, and journeyed toward the moon, or farther out into space. They might have crossed uncharted seas, to find land, which they had not known before.  They might have found themselves, sitting quietly, opening the door to a spiritual realm they had never encountered before; and, each of these individuals, before their quest began, had to make “a plan.”  And the first thing on that list was to say, ‘Yes, I will go on the adventure, I will fly into space, I will travel uncharted seas, I will open my heart, so that I might see the unseen.’ 

“After reading such accounts, you might have, at some point, said, ‘I wish I could do that!’  And I AM here to remind you, today, that you can; and, in fact, you are.  As you begin this day, you are beginning an adventure.  At this moment, you do not know what will happen at 6:00 o’clock p.m., or 11:00 o’clock a.m., or 2:30 p.m.; but, as you begin this day, one thing you know is that they surely will come.  You see, the situations are set, they are there, and you will encounter them, along The Way; but your actions, and your thoughts, and your words, are what will create the day, which you will experience. 

“If you begin to see every day as ‘the adventure,’ it truly is, your life will be altered, for the better.  You will no longer begin your day haphazardly.  You will begin your day, ‘knowing:’ there is purpose; you are striking-out on a leg of your adventure; and it is the adventure, of your ‘lifetime.’  So, do not sit and wonder how others did this, or that, wishing you could do this, or that.  Embrace the day, as yours, to do anything you wish to do, with that which you encounter!  And with this golden opportunity, comes the responsibility, of a child of God. 

“Let it be your prayer, as you begin this day, to have the wisdom, and the strength, to be the positive light in every situation.  You have the ability to carry the light, into the day; and the day is here, no matter what.  Are you ready? 

“I reach-out My hand, and I say, ‘Come.’  I will walk with you this day, and I will assist you all along The Way.  I will give you guidance, and direction.  I will whisper, when you need encouragement, and support.  I will lead you into saying the right words, words that you will not regret days later. 

“If you will walk with Me, I will teach thee to think, and say, and do, in a way that will bless you, and all of Earth!  Think love; speak love; act, in a loving way!  Let every step you take today be a step of love! 

“This is your opportunity.  There is a set amount of time to this day.  Work with what you have been given, so that come the end of the day, you can smile, and say, ‘That was quite an adventure we took, today!’ ”

Sunday Sermons
December 14, 2014
Rise-Up From
Impossible Situations

  I AM with you!    I do not have to take a long journey ~ to reach through the dimensions, the walls of time, the veil, ~ and touch you, speak to you, or lead you; for I have no boundaries, but for the ones you set, around you.  Therefore, when your boundaries are no longer established between us, ~ you hear Me clearly, I touch you dearly, I lead you gently ~ into The New Day!

“Opportunities come to those ~ whose time has come, ~ to those who find themselves in a situation where events have come together to form a course, a pathway.  I encourage you today, to begin thinking of challenges in a different way, see them in a different light, embrace them, with all your might, because they truly are ~ the stage ~ on which you will determine your role, in the events shaping your destiny. 

“The grandest, and most majestic miracles have risen-up, like a phoenix from the ashes, from times which seem desolate, from situations which seem impossible; for this is when they are needed most; and this is when the glory of God, shines the most, when there is naught, but ashes, after the flame.

“When you set the course of your day by rising-up, dressing, and preparing to step out your door, everything begins again, it is new.  You are at the threshold, of creating a new day, and participating, in this way, in the creation, which God, Our Father, began.  You are continuing the creation story with your every thought, every word, every deed, and most assuredly every action.

“When in the course of the day, you encounter an obstacle, which appears as an immovable wall, or a mountain, which is unimaginably tall, or an ocean so wide, you cannot see the other side; do not hesitate to bring down that wall, to climb-up that mountain, or to set sail across the ocean, because when you have reached such situations, and such places, you are on the verge of experiencing miracles.

“If you begin your day, and you find, in the course of walking through it, that it is time to stop, and pray, and ask, ‘God, is this mine to do?’ then you have already set the course, because, if God has answered you, ‘Yes, My child, go forth,’ you are the instrument of God’s will, working upon the Earth.  And once that decision is made, it is God moving you, God’s breath in you, God’s word in you, God’s power… in you!

“I will give you an example; and since you are so close to the celebration time of My birth upon the Earth, I will bring a few of the blocks and obstacles surrounding my birth into play, so you can see the miracles, which abound, in this type of situation, every day. 

“Mary saw the vision, and heard the angel clearly.  And the angel’s message was, that she would bear a Child.  Now, this statement, this message, was ripe with impossibilities.  And it certainly destined Mary: for ridicule, for anger, for frustration, for a number of unpleasant feelings, and emotions, from family, friends, and community.  These things might have appeared as an immovable wall; yet, she whispered some words, ‘Thy will be done,’ and walked into the day.  And from that impossible situation, there came a miracle!

“Joseph, her betrothed, faced the same type of mountain to climb, when the facts were presented to him, that this woman, that he was to take as his wife, was carrying a Child.  Now you are so used to hearing this story, that it seems … you don’t question… what those who were playing the major roles, were faced with.  This was not an easy decision for this man, Joseph.  He had to override the ways of the world, the established codes, and the behavior patterns, the accepted behavior, of that day, to take Mary into his home!  But what moved him to do so, in a special Way, was a vision, in a dream, and he too said, ‘Thy will be done.’  And he began to climb that mountain of impossibility, and from it came forth a miracle!

“I could continue, along these lines, speaking of each individual, who took part, in My birth, upon the Earth, in a special way.  But it is not necessary to continue, for Me to say, that, from impossible situations, spring forth miracles, that you could not imagine happening to you, or around you. 

“The key is to ‘know,’ that you are on the course you are meant to walk, that the mountain ahead of you is yours to climb, or the river is yours to forge, or the ocean is yours to travel over.  And once this has been set, and once you know, this is the course you are to take, then go forth, knowing, that miracles will find you, in a way that you could not imagine, and in a way that would not have come to you, but for the pronouncement, ‘Thy will be done,’ and the solitary word, ‘Yes.’ 

“I can promise you, when you set a course that is flowing with the Divine Plan, naught will stop you!  For when it is all said and done, your best efforts, on your own, can fail; but your best efforts, flowing with the power of God, cannot fail, cannot be stopped!

“Do not turn your head, or change your course, because there is a wall set before you.  Do not turn your head, or change your course, because there are obstacles, or mountains, or rivers, or oceans, because these things are often the vehicle of miracles.

“Embrace the day, and watch for the signs, and live the miracle!” 

Sunday Sermons
November 30, 2014
Forth The
Light, And Darkness
Will Haunt You No More

  I AM with you!    It is amazing, that so many are willing to accept, that I might be some place far away; but cannot grasp, or embrace, the truth, that I AM with you, now!  I AM not in the clouds floating far, far above you, I AM with you,  now!

“Today I speak ~ to those of you who feel adrift, lost on a sea, with fog all about you, unable to make your way with confidence, inching and edging, with hesitation and doubt, going in one direction first and then another, unable to figure it out.  And caught, in this shadow, and darkness, many of you call-out for help, but seem to miss The Hand that is extended to you, from God, choosing to take the hand, and follow the ways of the world, calling to this one and that one for help, ‘Can you help me, I am lost?  Can you help me figure this out?   Can you lead me in the right direction?  Can you tell me where to go?  Will you advise me what to do?’  And I say unto you, those who step forward to lead you, this way and that, are blind as well.  What good is it to take the hand of blind man?  You will both stumble around, from here to there, trying to make your way, trying to figure-it-out.

“All you have to do is be willing to be still, and listen; and guidance will come to you, but it will come to you from God, from The Holy Spirit, and yes, from Me, too.

“If the ways of the world were so clear, if the ways of the world held such clarity: no one would be ‘in doubt;’ there would be no hesitation; everyone would be in-lock-step, going in the correct direction, doing the right thing, creating ‘perfection,’ on Earth.  But this is not the case, this is not what is happening.  So knowing this, why would you give your hand to those who do not know what they are doing, or where they are going?  Come with Me, and I will show thee, The Way.

“I ask you to be willing ~ to take the time ~ to go within.  Go deep within your being. You carry a seed.  It was planted within you, at the time of your birth, your earthly birth. And this seed is set in place, so that you might bring it forth: when you have awakened; when an angel taps you; when the sun shines on your face, in such a way that you are moved to tears and know, there is no more sacred place, than within your being, sitting with God.  It is time for you to make that journey!  It is time for you to go within; and bring forth the seed, so that you might conceive what God has for you. 

“You hold a treasure, and you hold the ability to create, in such a way, that this treasure bursts forth from you, and life is created, upon the Earth, where there had been only stillness, darkness, and shadow.  What you hold within you, might be: the words to a book; a song; words of direction, a manual, of how to do, this, or that, or the other.  What you hold, within you, is sacred! 

“But no matter what it is, if you feel the stirring within you, as you read these words or hear these words, you are beginning the birth process, the recognition, the acknowledgement, it is there; and  you have begun the time of preparation, of tending, of loving care.’  You are in a time right now, preparing to give birth, to bring forth from the darkness around you, something, that the Earth  has not seen before!  It has not seen it, because it has been, within you; it is unseen; but you are preparing to bring it forth, so it is seen, upon the Earth. 

“Where there is shadow and darkness, call forth your light!  For it is time for you to rise-up, and walk, day, and walk night, without worry or concern or hesitation; this is ‘your time,’ this is ‘your time, of preparation!’ 

“The world will not recognize what is going on. within you, but you feel it, ‘growing,’ you feel it, ‘knowing,’ that it is yours to do! 

“Therefore, today, and in the coming weeks, treasure that, which is growing, within you; so that when the day comes, when the hour, and the moment comes, you are ready to give birth, and bring forth the light, that you carry within!  And when it happens, darkness will be around you, no more; for you will have given birth to the light!  Amen!”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
December 7, 2014
Seek, Find,
Grow, And Treasure
Things Of Eternal Value

  I AM with you!    I AM with you today ~ to bring you a message ~ of seeds, and fertilization, and harvesting, of seeking and finding and treasuring ~ things of eternal value, ~ of tending that which you hold sacred, until it is time to be released, until it is time to ride The Wind, until it is time to be born!

“For those who are observant ~ with regard to The Green Kingdom, ~ you have seen the plants, and the trees, hold on to the seeds, the seeds that promise life, until it is time to release the promise, so that the promise might be fulfilled.  And these seeds are blown in The Wind, swirl in the air, some traveling far away, some remaining, right there, very close to the place they were born.  These seeds are precious, and the grasses and the flowers and the trees, and the bushes, hold them so.  And when it is time, they let them go.

“So many individuals ~ seek treasures; ~ and when they find what they believe to be something of great value, they gather what they have, to buy it, to purchase this thing of great value, so that it might be theirs.  If they purchase a strand of pearls, or if they purchase a shiny new car, these things, they hold to be of great value, will eventually: fall apart; get lost; rust; and become useless; for they might appear to be of great value, but in reality, they are of very little value, at all. 

“The things of great value are eternal!  They are seeds, promising: eternal future, eternal being, eternal present; and that which they give forth, cannot fall apart, or get lost, or rust, or be of little use at all.  For when you hold the seeds of love, understanding, forgiveness, tolerance, ~ these things are a promise; ~ for if you hold them within you, they are being nurtured, they grow!  And as you tend them, ~ you come to know them well, ~ every characteristic of the love and generosity and kindness, comfort and compassion and understanding and forgiveness ~ that you bear, within you! 

“And when the time comes ~ for you to release one or some of these seeds, ~ they are the promise ~ fulfilled ~ in the birth; for you have treasured, and grown them well; you have loved, and come to know them well; and when it is time, you give birth to them, so another knows them, as well.

“When a couple are expecting a child, this child is a precious gift, a promise of life continuing.  And this child is treated as such, held in the mother, nurtured, cared for, by the father, until it is time for this promise, of continuing life, to be born.  All the time the child is growing in the womb, the mother and the father come to love it; even though they have not seen it, they have come to know it, and treasure it; yet, they are willing to give birth, and let it walk into the world of man, continuing their life, continuing their story.

“These things are sacred… you hold seeds, within you… The Gifts of The Holy Spirit… are your seeds!  And you fertilize your seeds: by caring, about that which you hold; by finding-out about that which you hold; by getting to know that which you carry within you.  And in this process, the seeds, the gifts that you bear, begin to grow, and move, and become stronger.  And when it is time, you give birth to the promise of these gifts, and the world knows love, and compassion, and understanding, and forgiveness, because you carried it, and you cared for it, and you gave birth to it; therefore they see it, through you!

“This week, think on the things that you bear within you; for they are the true treasures!  That which you carry within you is beyond the value of the world!  It is the promise, and the hope, of eternity!  Love does not die, does not rust, nor does it fade away.  Compassion, understanding, forgiveness, these things are more valuable than the pearls you string to form a strand.  You cannot slip them on the finger, or carry them in your hand; but you hold them, within; and there they grow, until it is time ~ to let them go!

“Live in peace!  And tend the garden, within you!  It will bring you joy!  It is the promise, and the hope, of the new day, dawning!  It is your gift… your eternal gift… and it will not fade away!”  

Sunday Sermons
December 21, 2014
Hold The
Power, Now
Light The Way

  I AM with you!    I sing a song, and I ask you to join Me!  I move to the rhythm of the breath of The Holy Spirit, in the eternal dance of joy, and I ask you to join Me!  I open My arms and My heart, so that all who are seeking love, and understanding and compassion and comfort will walk into them, willingly, and in peace, knowing they will find sanctuary, and I ask you to join Me!  For what purpose is life, but to bring these things to others, to bless the Earth: with the joy of the dance, and the beauty of the song, and the comfort of peace on Earth, good will to all, who live on her?

“You have the ability to do everything I just mentioned, if it is your desire to do so: you can be the song, and you can be the dance; you can be the open arms and heart, filled with love and kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and comfort; you can be the sanctuary; you can be the living word of God; you can be the light, that will show The Way; but it requires you to say, ‘Yes, I will do this, I will be that which God meant me to be!’

“Now, these are beautiful words, and beautiful thoughts; but I want you to close your eyes, and imagine, what I AM going to show you, in words… 

“Imagine that you are a man, or a woman, or a child, standing in darkness; imagine it, as a starting point; and in the darkness you must take a step.  Which way will you go?  How will you go?  What are you doing?  These questions are rolling around within you.  And then, a small light, begins to float from the distance toward you; and, as it grows nearer to you, the light becomes bigger and bigger, spreads farther and farther, until the light settles upon you, and you hear the voice of an angel, and the voice says to you, ‘My child, I am with you.  I am to guard you, as you walk upon the Earth.  So I give you this information, so you can use it, from your birth, until it is time to come back Home.  Every good thought you have is like a candle, a flicker, a small flame, but glowing brightly.  Every good word you say is like a candle, small, but burning brightly.  Every good deed you perform is like a candle, small, but burning brightly.  And as you make your way into the darkness, you are the light.  With every good thought, every good word, every good deed, you show The Way; so that others are not afraid to move forward, because they see the path you have blazed is shining in glory!’

“Now, envision this, if you will, that man, woman, or child, is not standing still, they are moving, and all around them pop-up little candles of light; first one, or two, then ten, and twenty; they are all of the good thoughts they have during one day, set before them, showing The Way.  Then, twenty, thirty, seventy, one hundred more candles pop-up, lighting the darkness, representing every good word, and good deed they do, during that day.  And then look, out in the distance, there must be others, doing the same; for the lights are popping-up, all over the plane, lighting the darkness, showing The Way.  For I say unto you, this is how it appears to those of us watching over you, as your world lights-up, with every good thought, word, and deed!  See, in this Way, what one person can do!?!

“Shake any negative thought away from you!  Do not permit any negative word, not one, to fall from your lips, dousing the flames, of your good thoughts, good words, and good deeds!  Stand still, and pray, before you commit any negative deed, because these things will fall, as rain, upon your beautiful pathway, of flame.

“Let it be your intention, this day, to be the light!  Let it be your joyous intention to concentrate on only thoughts ‘of light!’  And then, see, the pathway into the darkness, change, to an avenue of light, showing The Way.  These are the words, I wished to say to you today… ‘You hold The Power…  now…  light The Way!’” 

Sunday Sermons
December 28, 2014
Birth, Is
A Sacred

  I AM with you!    Open your eyes and greet the new day, and know that I AM with you!  Know that we can walk into this day together, that you can say, ‘Look at the flower, or look at the tree, look at the garden,’ or, ‘look at me.’  And I will look, and I will see, all the things, you, are meant to be.

“Some of you have taken to heart the words I have spoken to you in the last month, or so; and you have taken the seed of thought, or desire, and created, within you; from the fire of your spirit, and the whisper of The Holy Ghost; from the touch of The Hand of God; and encouragement from Me, you have created, and you have given birth.

“In giving birth, you feel complete; this feeling of completion is prompted by the fact, that you created, within you, and brought forth, you delivered onto the Earth, that which had been held within you, for days, for months, or possibly even years, incubating there, until you had the faith to say, ‘Yes,’ and it was born of you; it was born, of God, and you; it was born of The Holy Spirit, and you.  But once you have given birth, you have a sacred responsibility to nurture, and to care for, that which you have created. 

“If you have brought forth a beautiful garden, you must tend it, and care for it, or it will wither, and die.  If you have brought forth a relationship, you must tend it, and care for it, or it will wither, and die.  If you have brought forth a book, or a piece of music, you must tend it, and care for it, and convince people to hear it, or read it, or it will go unheard, it will go unread.  If you have brought forth a child, you must tend to the child, and care for it, or it will whiter, and never reach its full potential.  That which you conceive, and bear, and birth, upon the Earth, must be cared for, should be treasured and cherished.  You cannot walk away from your creation, and expect it to flourish on its own; it requires your hand, your touch, your kiss, your caress; it requires you!  And it is the same, with God.

“Every child upon the Earth is a child of God; and God’s hand is on every child upon the Earth; for, God did not create you, and leave the job undone! 

“This day, sit awhile, in quiet, with your Parent, your Creator, The One Who has given you eternal life; and realize, and recognize, that God is with you, ever, with you! 

“God did not create you, to abandon you; God created you to be all… that you are meant to be; and where you will figure that out… is sitting with God!  And in this sacred communion, you will be taught; and in the acceptance of the teaching, you will learn, how to care for that which you have given birth upon the Earth!  And you will be free… and you will grow… and you will be… all you are meant to be… and you will learn these things… in the lap of God!”   

Sunday Sermons
January 11, 2015
ness, And Joy,
Come From Within

  I AM with you!  No matter where you find yourself, at this time, I AM there, a whisper away, a thought away, I AM with you!

“No matter where you find yourself today, no matter what the state of your situation, it is possible for you to feel peace, happiness, and joy, from within!  When you are truly, and wholly, connected to God, you know peace, happiness, and joy, within.  It can be no other way!  If you are in communion with The Creator of All Things, and you walk in the light, and the joy, the love, and the power of God, it is impossible for you to feel any other way, but at peace, content with what you know, content with who you are, and abiding in a state a happiness and joy, in the knowing, of it.  That, My friends, My brothers and sisters, in a nutshell, is how you achieve good mental, and physical, health.  It is not a mystery. 

“You will never be able to go-out, and buy happiness, or joy; the illusion, is thinking that you can have this, or that, or the other, and it will make you happy; and I will tell you further, that unless you are happy, or joyful, inside your being, nothing you buy will fill that void.  If you are not happy, if you are not peaceful, if you are not joyful, from within, you are not going to be that way, just because you buy two more dresses, another car, or a bigger house.  What you experience, in purchasing such items, is akin to ‘a shot of adrenaline, excitement at being able to have something,’ but it has nothing to do with happiness, and joy, and peace; it does not create a sense of contentment, from within; and if you lack these things within, it will not change, just because you have made another purchase.  This is what drives the world of man today, ‘the illusion that you can be joyful and happy, with the purchase of this, or that, or the other,’ but after the initial shot of adrenaline wears-off, after the rush of excitement is gone, you find you are still in the same state: you are empty, void, lacking something, and so you find another thing to purchase; but I can assure you, no matter how many things you buy, they will never bring you happiness, or joy; it is impossible!

“Now, some of you might question that last statement, but I assure you, it is the eternal truth!  You can string together a stack of gifts, and they will not bring you happiness, or joy, unless you have happiness and joy within you already!

“My message to you today is brief; but it could well be one of the most important things you hear all week.  If today you feel a sense of peace and contentment, and you are happy and joyful in the knowing of this peace and contentment, then celebrate!  Celebrate, and dance and sing; so others might see the result of ‘knowing peace.’ 

“If you do not know peace, and you do not feel content within, and you know you are lacking happiness and joy, then it is time for you to undertake the task of repairing your relationship with God!  Do not object by saying, ‘I know God.  I believe in God.’  Listen to what I AM saying to you; set aside your objections; and understand that: if you are sitting in the lap of God: if you are standing in the light of God: if you are feeling the love of God, you cannot be anything but at peace, and content, knowing happiness and joy!  These things go together like a hand in a glove.  Therefore, if that is the source, if God is the source of this peace and contentment, happiness and joy, then that is where you need to go, today!  Sit, and talk, with God!  Be filled with the love of God!  And when you feel peace move into you, because of your communion with God, then you are beginning; and shortly after this feeling ‘of peace.’  will come a sense of contentment.  And when you get-up, when you rise-up, realizing that this communion with The Creator of All Things, is yours, at any time, you will dance, and sing, you will be happy and joyful, because you will understand, at that moment… that everything you need… is at your beck and call!

“It is possible, for you to reach the end of this day, and be totally at peace, and experience a sense of happiness and joy welling-up from within you, which you have not experienced in a very long time; but first, you must go to God: The Source of peace, The Source of contentment, and The Source of happiness and joy.  Let that be your mission today; for to know these things, to have these things, it cannot be any other way.  I will be with you.  We will walk together, and talk together, and come the end of the day, you will sit down and say, ‘I have established peace, within myself today; I am content in every way; and in the process has come happiness and joy, a gift from God to me, this day.’ ”  

Sunday Sermons
January 25, 2015
For Those
Amongst You
Who Question
What You Are To
Do Next, I Say, Live In
The Present … With God

  I AM with you this day, I AM with you.  I AM with you this day to encourage and support you, in every way, to live in the present moment, and to do so with grace, so you might bring harmony and peace to yourself, and those around you!

“So often, the prayer of those upon the Earth, is this, ‘God, show me what I am to do next!  Show me my next step!’  And often, the answer is missed, and there comes confusion and chaos, because there appears to be no answer; therefore, the prayerful go in circles, wandering here and there, wondering, what they are to do next, totally ignoring the present piece of eternity that is theirs!

“Here is the answer to the prayer, ‘What am I to do next?’  The answer is   .   .   . 

‘Take care of now!’

“If you are living in the present moment, if you are living in the present piece of eternity, which is yours to experience and enhance, bless and glorify; then, you do not have time to wonder what you are to do next.  If you live in the moment, you begin to read the signs around you, and you move, from one moment to the next, guided by the hand of God!

“Living in the present piece of eternity ~ requires attention, ~ and focus on ~ what you are doing.  What good will it do you to start a new adventure, another leg, a new career, set a different course, if you have not taken care of business where you are now?  Your task, your honor, your mission is to bring the perfection of The Kingdom of God to wherever you are, to whomever you are with, in the present piece of eternity that is yours.

“If you will do this: the future will unfold for you as a flower; the future will unfold for you as a pathway, marking the steps you are to take.  What you are to do, stems from what you are doing; and when you are doing it in the name of God, through the love of God, using the light of God, then you are bringing the perfection of The Kingdom of God to everything you think, and say, and do.  And this, My brothers and sisters, is how others see perfection, unfolding, from within you.

“So, for the coming week, do not concern yourself with what you should do in the future.  Consider the honor you have to create a piece of eternity, in the present moment.  If you live with God in the present, your future is blessed!”

Sunday Sermons
February 1, 2015
Comes From
Knowing That You
Are  A  Child  Of  God

  I AM with you.   I speak to you, with a purpose, with a goal, that you will hear My words, and know, that which you need to know; and that you will know, with a deeper understanding, that you will comprehend, on a level, never touched before, within your thoughts.  This is possible, because I open the door for you to see, as God sees, in the light!

“Today, I wish for you to… hear Me… hear Me… while you are sitting in the light! 

“Before we begin, place yourself there, because if you are sitting in the light, while you hear My words, the words will settle within you in a different way!  There will be: no questioning, no doubt, no frustration, or concern.  If you hear My words, while sitting in the light of God, they will come to you as a piece… that makes things… more complete, than they were: before you heard the words; before you embraced the words; before you accepted the words, and took them as your own.  

“Today I wish to speak to you about ‘confidence.’


“You can be a person who has studied at the best institutions of learning; you can be a person who holds all the facts necessary to complete a project; you can be a person who has been taught how to think, this way or that way, sort truth from fiction, come-up with a plan; but having this in your hand does not guarantee confidence, because, sooner or later, you will always encounter someone: who is smarter, more intellectual, quicker-of-wit, than you; and, you will encounter someone who has authority, and the ability to: send you up; send you down; or send you out.  So, being a person ‘of learning,’ does not necessarily guarantee confidence. 

“You can be a person of striking beauty, handsome of countenance, but soon the day will come when there is one, or two, or many, who are more beautiful, or more handsome than you, and this rattles your confidence, because beauty, or having a handsome face, does not guarantee confidence.

“You can be the fastest, you can be the strongest, in your mind, for a while, but then you will encounter one who tests this confidence, and you are rattled, because you have found one faster, and stronger, than you.

“The only way you will be confident, no matter where you are, no matter what time of day or night, no matter the company you keep, is in ‘knowing, who you are!’ 

“And this, My brothers and sisters, requires that you set yourself aside, and speak with God, establishing your relationship, walking away from your time together knowing, within every fiber of your being, that you truly are a child of God, a descendant of The Creator of All Things; and with this… comes confidence

“Confidence has nothing to do with what is going on around you in the world of man; but it has everything to do with what is going on within you, within The Kingdom of God, within The Dimension of Perfection, where you reside.

“If you are confident in knowing you are a child of God, you live in peace.  It is no longer important to be the smartest, the most beautiful, the most handsome, the quickest, the richest, the strongest, because you see, as God sees, that all of these things are passing, and temporary, having nothing to do with eternity; they fade away, they fall, from you.  The quickness of wit fails with age, as the body begins to fall, and crumble.  The beautiful, and the handsome, change, as time takes its toll on the body, which is temporary.  And the same follows with the fastest, and the strongest, as these attributes give way to the crumbling, and the decay, of the human body, which is meant, only, for a temporary time.  If you see these things, as they truly are, of very little value, in the eternal scheme of things, in the Divine Plan for eternity, then your confidence grows, within you.  You become more quiet, your step is sure, your gait even, flowing.  There is no stumbling, no matter where you are going, because your confidence is no longer reliant upon the world of man, your confidence is in the hands of God! 

“The confident man or woman is at peace, within.  The confident man or woman finds wisdom within the peace they carry within.  No matter what happens around you in the world, it is possible for you to be at peace, and hold the wisdom of that peace, every day of your life, upon the Earth.  This, My brothers and sisters, is confidence; and it is found: when you sit with God, when you know God, when you reach-out and take the hand of God, and walk into the world, at peace with All That Is.”