Sunday Sermons
June 7, 2015
The Divine Plan,
Living In The Light Of God

  I AM with you!  I encourage, and support you.  I ask you to stay in the light of God, to stay connected with God, during your time, during your travels, upon Earth, because for most of you, the journey upon Earth takes many, many years, and the world can beat you down, be uncomfortable, bring weariness upon your soul, take the life from you; but, if you will have the faith to stay connected to God, every hour of every day, you will find that whatever comes your way … is right.  It is something for you to do, to strengthen you!  And your journey then becomes the testing ground, where you prove the truth in God’s statement, for all to see,   the promise is: ‘You will have everything you need to accomplish your mission.’  And if you can live in joy, knowing, and believing this, then you are ‘a sign unto the world.’  Have faith, and go forth, the time is now.  You are upon Earth for a reason, commit to your mission, and accomplish it, because accomplishment of the mission, reaching your goal, is part of The Divine Plan to restore Earth to The Garden it is meant to be.

“For those of you who are familiar with The Scripture, there is a place, in the new books, that briefly touches on the time that I was in the desert, isolated from humans, talking with God, receiving instruction and direction from God: so that I might know, clearly, the purpose, and the meaning, of the mission; so that I did not wander from here to there, doing what seemed to be the thing to do.  I spent days, the record says forty days, isolated, with no food or water; yet, in communion with The Creator of All Life, and I was filled… beyond comprehension!  I was filled with answers; I was filled with wisdom; I was encouraged, and supported; and, as My time in the desert was drawing to an end, there came the tempter.  And the voice could have been appealing had I not been told by The Creator that I would face this.  And so, when I heard the voice, and saw the tempter, I knew; I was ready; I had been prepared, in the days of isolation from the world; for, sitting in the light of God had brought Me truth and wisdom!

“Many of you would say, ‘Well, we read that the temptation was for you to turn the stones into loaves of bread.’  Still more of you might say, ‘Well, what would be so wrong with that, you were hungry?  It does not seem to us that you were doing evil.  You were performing miracles so that you might eat.  Surely, God would want you to do this.’  And I say unto you, that is, exactly, what the evil one was thinking. 

“You see, sometimes the world, or people in the world, will distract you, by actually being so clever as to ask you to do things that involve using your gifts, to do this, or that: ‘…make your life better, go here, help that person.’  And I say to you, at this moment, well, what would be so wrong with that?  And I pause, to give you a chance to ponder, but quickly provide you with the answer.  It is not that there is anything necessarily wrong with it, it just does not fit, into the plan, The Divine Plan.  It is not from the direction of God.  It comes as direction from another force, pulling you off-track, while tempting you to use your gifts for certain things. 

“You have been given gifts to use, so that you might accomplish your mission upon Earth, because it is vital that the children of God populate the Earth, and restore it to the glory it was meant to be.  It is important that you do it in the timing that is meant to be.  When you use your gifts, from the encouragement, support, and guidance from God, you are doing what you are meant to do, you are going where you are meant to go, and you are speaking the words you are meant to speak.   When you are tempted to use your gifts to showcase your talents, your power, then you must not go there, because that is not the reason you hold the gifts, that you have been given, these talents.  You are to use the gifts to restore The Garden, for the glory of God!

“This is a lesson for those who are mature in their spiritual growth, you are awakened, and hear the words.  Stay in the light of God.  Do not be tempted to go here, or there, upon the words of others, because you will surely be pulled off-track, and you will soon turn around, and find that you do not know where you are, you have lost sight of the goal, you have stepped off the path, and you are no longer on the journey you were meant to take.

“The messages have been coming to you for days now… ‘Stay connected with God, and your journey upon Earth will be one of great joy, and happiness, no matter what comes your way.  There is purpose, there is meaning, to every situation, and circumstance.

“Today, let it be your intention to live, just this one day, totally in the light of God, distracted from the world by the hand of God, deaf to the noise of the world, because of the voice of God, within you; and you will rise-up, and you will walk out of the desert, into the world, and all things will be illuminated, by the light of God!”

Sunday Sermons
May 3, 2015
To Know Peace,
And True Freedom,
You Must Forgive All Things

  I AM with you!  For those of you who feel My presence with you, I ask you to draw even closer to Me, today; for truly, the only purpose I reach-out to touch you, is to remind you, is to say to you, ‘Live to the fullest degree, while you are upon the Earth.  Savor, every minute, every hour, until you come Home.  Do that which you are meant to do, and be at peace, in the doing of it, satisfied, comfortable, truly at peace!’     

“Peace comes from within; and, it is impossible to achieve a state of peace, when there are people, and events: which need forgiving in your life; which need to be resolved, with the intention of complete, and total, forgiveness! 

“Most human beings cannot imagine what it would feel like to be free, totally free of the burden of past slights, past serious offenses, all forgiven, in a goal to be free, and to find peace.

“It is recorded that, as I walked upon the Earth, some of the last words I said, to those who loved Me, were, ‘Remember this, whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained.’  There is so much information in these words, regarding: the forgiveness of past offenses; the forgiveness of present, immediate, offenses; the forgiveness of any debt, whatsoever; the forgiveness of all trespasses.  In these few words you are given a secret, a mystery, and the way to solve it!  You are the forgiver!  You can carry around past hurts, or grievances, trespasses, or whatever you want to call these offenses; and, until you forgive, they have life, they live, and they live to plague you, to tempt you, to be a burden to you! 

“Often times it is necessary to set ego aside to accomplish the goal of forgiveness; but once you begin this task of forgiveness, you find you do not want to stop, because you begin to know the result, you see immediate results, because with every true forgiveness, you feel lighter, you feel better, and you are free of that particular burden.  If you do not forgive it, it remains.  And where does it remain?  It remains in you; and, these spots, these sacks, these boulders ‘clog-up-the-works,’ so to speak, and weigh you down. 

“So today, I give you this secret, the key to the mystery.  I repeat it, as I have spoken on this topic before: ‘You will not be free, you cannot know peace, until you are willing to set all things aside, and forgive!’  And once you begin, I promise you this, you will then begin laughing!  As you forgive, you are joyful!  As you forgive, you are drawing closer, and closer, to living in The Kingdom of God, while you are upon the Earth.  If there is one thing left unforgiven within you, that one thing is keeping you from the realization of your heritage, ‘knowing you are a child of God, walking upon the Earth, and doing so, completely in the light, of your Eternal Parent!’ 

“For those of you who are interested in freedom, for those of you who are interested in living in peace, I say, ‘Come, and sit with Me today.  I will take your hand, and show you The Way… to forgive… and it shall be done… and you will rise-up… and live!’” 

Sunday Sermons
March 22, 2015
Another, Or A
Particular Situation

  I AM with you!  I bring you peace.  I come to speak with you this day, to ask you to take My hand, and let Me show you The Way.  Walk with Me along the path, toward a life ‘free of judgment,’ for judgment pulls you into energy that you would resist, that you do not want; yet, find you are awash in it, the moment you judge another for it!  

“Today My message is simple, brief, and to the point…  How do you live in the world, today, which is rampant with chaos, and frustration, and confusion, anger, and hatred?  Hear Me, so you know The Way…

“Do not judge another, or a particular situation.

“Refuse to give your energy to one who is accusing you.

“Maintain your connection with God, at all times, speaking to your Creator in such a way that you drown out the chaos, and confusion, the cacophony of anger, and mistrust, blaring around you.

“Seek first to know peace.

“When you seek first to know peace, you find that forgiveness is vital to the environment of peace.

“Do not judge; for every time you do, no matter how minor the thought might be, you are pulled into the energy of that which you are judging.  It seems strange to know that all of a sudden you become part of that which you would reject, of that which you are attempting to stop; and you become part of it, by judging it.

“There are those who will reject My words, because they cannot accept My words, because they wish to hold-on-to the ways of judgment, believing, no matter how misguided their thoughts might be, that it is their responsibility to stand-up, and judge, that which they believe is wrong, is an injustice, or is mean-spirited.

“The only way to overcome hatred, anxiety, frustration, confusion, chaos even, is for each one to hold their connection with The Dimension of Perfection.  Now imagine, if you, and all around you, are concentrating on your connection with God, rather than taking part in the petty differences going on around you!  You see what will happen, don’t you?  You will be creating this energy of light, and the more who are willing to do this, the more light is created.  You overcome shadow and darkness by creating light, in peace; for pretty soon, the day will come, when those who are willing to be the pillars of light, the pillars connecting Heaven and Earth, will arise, and stand in peace; and, on that day, all shadow and darkness will be swept away; but it will not be done by angry confrontations, or aggression, no skirmishes or battles will need to be fought; for, the peace on Earth will be born in the thought of every man, woman, and child willing to be still, and know, I AM!”

Sunday Sermons
March 8, 2015
Your Ideas
Of My Meaning
In Saying “You Can Do
All That I Have Been Doing”

  I AM with you!  I came to Earth, as you did.  I lived upon Earth, as you do.  I worked, and I played, and I sang, and I danced, and I prayed, just as you do.  And now, I AM here with you, in Spirit, to lead you into a new way of living, and working, and playing, and praying.  I AM here with you.  I AM here to tell you, and to reassure you, that you can do all, that I did do.      

“Most of the time, when people read or hear the words attributed to Me regarding My statement that ‘you can do all that I have been doing, and even greater things,’ they believe it has mostly to do with: miraculous events, miracles of healing, miracles of feeding thousands with a few fish, miracles and signs of great feats; but, I tell you today, that mostly ~ it had to do with living, ~ day-to-day, ~ living in the light, and for the glory of God!

“Today, I ask you to rethink your idea, of what was meant by those words.  Today I ask you to understand, that I was mainly speaking about day-to-day life; and, if you will look at the opportunities you have every day in your lifetime upon Earth, you will see, that you have the opportunity to: feed the hungry; cloth the naked; bless those who are poor; give shelter to the homeless; dry the tears of those who are crying-out; pray for those who hate you, insult you, and persecute you; be generous to all lengths, be loving, and forgiving to all measures, and then do more! 

“Do these things, which I did do, and then, greater miracles will surely follow you, because you have brought The Kingdom of God onto the Earth; and, wherein God resides, miracles abide!”

Sunday Sermons
March 15, 2015
Do Not
Neglect The
Bodies… You
Have Been Given

  I AM with you!  Do not be surprised that I say this, or that you actually feel My presence with you.  The Dimension of Perfection, most often referred to as Heaven, is far greater than you can now imagine; still, you are able to connect with this vast realm, at any time, from any place, because it is your eternal, spiritual Home; and since you come from an eternal, spiritual Home, you are spirit.  Your spirit body comes before your physical body.  You are spirit, first and eternally.  You are in physical form, for a while.  

“If you can accept that you come from the spiritual realm, and are actually an eternal citizen of Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection, then you need to begin to form an understanding of the importance of your spiritual body; for... it is real… and eternal!

“Your physical body… descends from your mother and father, carrying the DNA, marking your heritage, of your physical nature.  Your spiritual body… descends from your Eternal Parent, carrying the DNA, marking your heritage, of your spiritual nature. It is that simple.

“Most of you take care of your physical body; you brush your teeth, and go to a dentist; you have your eyes checked, and often buy glasses so you can see, better; you have your hearing checked, and often buy hearing aids, so you can hear, better; you exercise, and try to eat foods which will contribute to your general health and wellbeing; you have regular check-ups, with your doctor, or internist, so your body can function at its best; and, you do all these things to make sure that your physical body is in good shape.  My questions is, ‘What are you doing to make sure that your spiritual body is in good shape?’

“Your physical body is created to last about eighty to ninety years, if it is well taken care of.  Your spiritual body is created to last forever.  It will not die.  It will not pass away.  Your spiritual body is directly connected to your physical body, and this connection can bring you a lifetime of great joy and happiness.

“Take some time this week: to brush the debris from every crack and crevice of your spiritual body; check the eyes of your soul, to make sure they are not seeing with judgment; check the ears of your soul to make sure that you are listening to the Word of God; exercise the muscles of forgiveness, understanding, patience, and compassion; and only take into your body, that which is filled with the light of God!  Do not dwell on negative thoughts; rather, create a mental garden of all that is good, and pure, and forgiving, a garden flowering with love!

“When your spiritual body is tended, and flowering, your physical body will follow.  Do not neglect the bodies you have been given; for, they are yours, to fulfill your promise, your destiny, your present, and your eternity.  Use them both, well!”

Sunday Sermons
March 1, 2015
Let Your
Life On Earth
Be A Continuous
Miracle Of God’s Love

  I AM with you!  Miracle of miracles, I AM with you, and you feel My presence, you ‘know,’ I AM with you, and it is in a most intimate way, that we are One, in this union.  Our communion cannot be denied, when we wish it to be so; no barriers, or limitations, can restrict the truth ~ that we can communicate, with each other, and feel the presence, of each other, ~ and in so doing, form a bond, which reaches, far beyond, the boundaries of Earth.  Miracles ~ are an everyday occurrence, ~ when communication between the dimensions of Heaven and Earth is so complete, so sweet, so tender, so powerful, so right!  

“Be vigilant, and protect that part of you, which is willing to cross the line, into a place that is divine, a place where we meet, and you come to ‘know,’ beyond anything you have ever known before!  Be vigilant, accept, and behold, the beauty, and the unity, of your heritage, as a child of God.  That is who you are!  You are a child of God, on a mission upon Earth.  And, since you are upon Earth, distractions are plentiful, and often powerful, tempting you to look this way, or go that way.    I know, because as I walked the Earth, I found it to be so.  Be still, be strong, and be vigilant!

“Earth is so amazing, and wonderful!  She is a most magnificent creation.  I love Earth!  I love the way Earth smells in the springtime.  I love the way the air is crisp and tingling in the snows and iciness of winter.  I love the lush colors of summer, and the richness of the mosaics of fall.  Still, with all of the wonders, Earth can be a bit tricky, a bit challenging to navigate, without losing your way.

“As I know Earth, I know, and understand, the people of Earth.  I know the feelings, the longings, the desires, and I know the noble thoughts, and words, and deeds.  But I also know, the doubt, which can fall as a plague, upon the unsuspecting.

“When I first began My ministry, I spoke to many people of love, forgiveness, generosity, the presence of God, and The Kingdom of God, with each one.  For the most part, the people heard Me, and most did like, what they heard.  The words fit, filling-in missing pieces of the puzzle; however, what really caught their attention, were the miracles.  They often missed the words, the message; but they could not miss the miracle performed before their eyes, and slowly, they began to believe in Me!  Still, it was very clear to Me, that they would not have followed Me, but for the miracles, but for the signs. 

“They missed the miracle of My birth, they missed the miracle of the Word, they missed the miracle of life upon Earth, and they missed the miracle of God’s presence, with them, each day.  What they wanted, in order to believe in Me, was for Me to perform miracles, and signs!  I knew this.  I knew them. 

“I know, and understand, the trappings of spirit, living as human.  So, I say unto you… ‘Let the miracle you seek… be the life, you live daily, upon Earth!  Let the miracle of your thoughts… be, that you can speak with God, and God will answer you!  Let the miracle of your words… be, that The Holy Spirit will speak the words for you to learn, and grow in wisdom, and speak it!  Let the miracle of your actions… be, that you choose service to others, over having others be servants to your needs, and desires!  And when the miracles come… which will cure the sick, feed the hungry, give sight to the blind, and lift the cripple to walk, let them be a sign… unto the glory of God!  This was, and remains, the reason for miraculous deeds; so that all might ‘know, the power, and the glory, of God!’  I performed miracles, so that others might know the power, and the glory, of God, through Me.  And, you, My brothers and sisters, can do the same! 

“This day, let it be your intention ~ that the power, and the glory of God is known by others, through you, ~ through your thoughts, and through your words, and through, all that you do; let your life be a continuous miracle ~ of God’s love upon Earth ~ through you!”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
March 29, 2015
Will You
Do With This
Gift Of This Day?

  I AM with you!  Draw nearer to Me, for I reach-out to you, so that you might know, and have strength, and find these things in Me.  I reach-out to you today to say, remember, you are never alone.  You are as the astronaut on a mission of discovery, and we, who encourage you, are speaking to you, and connected to you, from Home Base, from Mission Control.  We will not let you go.  We are connected, and as one.  Find your faith in knowing, we are, truly, One!  

“When at long last, you discover your connection is complete, that you are walking upon the Earth with you head literally in the clouds, you are so attune to the will of God, to My whisper, and to the guidance of The Holy Spirit, that you set your foot firmly on the path, and walk it, without care, because, in faith, you ‘know,’ we are there, with you every day, all along The Way.

“This is different from the ways of the world, for one day it appears the world is holding you up, speaking your name in praise, celebrating your victories; and the next day, the world seems to be pushing you down, gloom all around, no one notices what you have done, and the shadows, and the darkness seem to hide the light of the sun.  It is a lonely, and desolate, place, when the world turns from you, when the world hides its face from you; but that is the world, and it is not The Kingdom of God, for The Kingdom of God is within you!  The Kingdom of God does not say, ‘Good job,’ one day, and push you aside another.

“When you make the connection complete, you will celebrate, and know, no matter where you go, you carry The Kingdom of God with you!  And once this is set within you, once this knowing is complete, within you, you realize that every day that comes to you is a piece of your mission, it is something that is yours to do.  And then, accepting this, the dawning is even more expansive, when you know ~ that you are creating ~ every day, you experience.  No matter what happens around you, your actions create your destiny of the day.  Therefore, each day upon Earth is to be celebrated, in its own unique way; because each day holds victory, and success; each day is there to teach you.  And when you begin to know this, you begin to live, residing, for a while, in the world of man, but walking through it, hand-in-hand, with God!

“Each new day is rather like a cook… in a kitchen… who is given only a few ingredients, and told, ‘Here, create with this;’ or, much like a carpenter… who is given a bit of lumber… and told, ‘Here, create with this.’  At some point, there are some, who are in the place of the cook, or the carpenter, who will look at the ingredients, or the amount of lumber, and the lacking of this, or that, or the other, and say, ‘This is impossible.  I cannot do this today.’  And they will stop, and they will either sit, or run away; because they feel they do not have what they need to complete a meal, or build a bridge to the other side of the river.

“I AM here to tell you, that, if you have been given the gift of the day, then, you have been given ‘all you need,’ to create what you are to create from the day.  For some of you, the ingredients might be many; for some of you only three or four; yet, the ingredients, and that stack of lumber and nails, if you are the carpenter, is exactly what you need, selected for your unique purpose!  And for each child of God, the ingredients, or the stack of lumber, might be different, as you are different; you are uniquely ~ a piece ~ of the one; and this day is yours to celebrate, to celebrate from the rising of the sun, to the setting of the sun, until it is done.

“I ask you to begin to see each day as the gift it is!  It is a clean slate.  It is an empty canvas.  It is a vase, waiting to hold the arrangement of flowers.  It is your heart, waiting to open to all of the possibilities.  It is your hands, picking-up a piece of lumber, and in faith, beginning to build a bridge across the river.  It is your hands, accepting the ingredients, and beginning to bake, in faith and confidence, knowing that you will be guided, and the gift will be of your making, and baking, and loving.  You have been given the gift, walk into the day, as it is yours, and create a gift that is uniquely yours!  All eternity awaits to see what you will do, with this gift, of this day!”

Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
April 5, 2015
And Awaken,
For The Time Has Come

  I AM with you!  I AM with you today to encourage you, to reach-out and touch you, in a most sacred way, to speak to you, and say, ‘I know.  I know.’  Arise, and awaken, for the time has come, and you are ready.  The sign, that you are willing to hear Me, is the answer.  You are ready!  

“You are no longer bound to what you thought, and said, and did, yesterday!  You have arisen today, to a new day!  It is a miracle, it is God’s creation, continuing, through you!  Every single day you have the opportunity to rise-up, and say, ‘Thy will be done, today!’ 

“I know you!  I know the things you face upon Earth.  There is no question that I understand your challenges; but I AM here today to say to you, ‘Awaken, and seize the opportunity that has been given unto you.’  I did. 

“I was sent to fulfil the things of the old, in such a way, that as I walked upon the Earth, completing The Covenant, those who would hear Me, and see Me, and know Me, did hear Me, did see Me, did know Me!  Those, who were ready, did recognize Me: because it was their time; because they were watching; and because they were watching, they saw the sign!  I did not have to shout-it-out, but it was mine to live-it-out, to run the course, to complete the mission.  As I was ‘the sign,’ of the fulfilment of a Covenant, a promise, that which had been prophesied, you too are ‘a sign!’  You might not think of yourself as a sign to others, but you are.  In the way you think, and the words you speak, and the things you do, you are a sign to others.  They know you, by these things; for they cannot see your heart, they cannot read your soul; but I tell you this: ‘Your spirit can speak to all, whom you meet, and it is done by what you think, and say, and the deeds you do, everyday!’ 

“Let this day be a day of celebration of your resurrection, your rising-up, your coming to know your mission!  And, as you go about completing your mission, let all others ‘know,’ who you are, let them see the sign that God is with them, through what you do!  Bring forth this new day of resurrection, and let it be, within you.  Let the Earth celebrate the signs you speak, the signs you do; for, in this Way, every day, I will be resurrected with you! 

“Look, stretched before you, there is a path, and it is big enough for two.  Let us go forth into this new day.  As you have arisen, I AM rising-up, with you!  The day is beginning, it is fresh, it is new, and so, My brother, My sister, so are you!” 

Sunday Sermons
April 12, 2015
Cast Away
Doubt, Look
For The Signs, And
Take The Hand Of God

  I AM with you!  I AM with you as you listen to the song of the birds, as you see the beautiful light of the fresh morning, as you begin another piece of your journey upon the Earth, as you continue ‘your, creation story!’    

“Each new day is not ‘just another day.’  Each new day ~ is a miraculous way ~ for you to create ~ that which you wish to create: to create a brighter, better world; to create a new song; to create a place, an environment, which is filled with the light of God; to create love, where there once was doubt, and confusion, and frustration; and you can do these things; and these things which you do will change the world, for the better, or for the worse;  but it is time for you to understand, that ‘the changes you make,’ begin, within you, in your heart, and soul, and spirit!

“If you wake-up one morning, and you decide that the glory of God is going to shine through you that day, and you will carry peace where ‘ere you go, that is what you will do!  And because of your intention, and your willingness to do so, the world is changed.  It cannot be, any other way.  You cannot carry this type of golden energy, delivering it everywhere you go, and not make a difference, for the good.

“You have a mission; yet, you are not alone in your mission.  So, I come to you today to encourage you.  Once you have made the decision, once you have set the course, to accept your mission, and go forth, then you must ‘open your eyes, and all your senses,’ so that you can see ‘the signs,’ which will be sent, for you!  The signs will be all around you: they might come from the lips of another; you might read them on a billboard, driving down a highway; you might see them on the pages of a book; or, you might look-up, and just see a sign, flashing before you, in the ordinary course of the day. 

“When you are living in this Way, it is important for you to know, that it is miraculous!  When you ready, and willing, to read the signs, which are sent to guide you, you soon become aware, that it is the hand of God, moving the things of the world, to show you The Way!  This is extraordinary; yet, it is ‘the average day,’ amongst those who are willing to open their eyes, and read the signs!

“Signs, and dreams, and visions come to you in many ways, but they are all meant to be encouragement, supporting you, as you go forth: to complete a quest, to finish the mission, to follow a dream, before you go Home!

“The signs, and dreams, and visions point The Way, showing that what ‘you thought was impossible to do,’ yesterday, you are doing, today; and usually, it is because you followed the signs, and the dreams, and the visions, all along The Way, one step, following the other, moving in peace, watching for the signs, accepting the signs, and accomplishing miracles!

“My message to you today is this, spend the coming days, this week, willing to look, and see, being quick to cast-out the doubt, being willing to say, ‘This is a sign, this is a guidepost,’ rather than saying, ‘Wow, that was really a coincidence.’  Take what comes to you as a sign of guidance,’ regarding what you are to do, and then, do it!  Act upon the signs!  Your life will change, everything will seem to fall into place; and, no matter what comes to you, you will see, very quickly, that it is yours to do, so you can move to the next space, to the next time, to the next day, when creation is yours, again.  Over, and over, and over, it comes to you, a new day of creation!  And now, as My words come to you, a new day comes to you!  Create a day of miracles!  Look for the signs!  Trust them as guidance!  Throw away your doubt, and take the hand of God!”

Sunday Sermons
April 19, 2015
All Matters In
The Lap Of God

  I AM with you!  Feel My presence, hear Me, and allow Me to reach-out, and touch thee, for I AM truly with thee.  I AM with thee in the way that matters most.  I love you, and I support you while you journey upon the Earth, going where you must go, seeing what you must see, doing what you are intended to do.  Through all things, and in all ways, I AM with you!    

“There are so many individuals wrapped within the prisons of: worry, and concern, and anxiety, and fear; of isolation, and desolation.  How can you help one who is imprisoned in these energies, these shadowy, dark energies? I say unto you, no matter whether you are the trapped one, or the one seeking to free the trapped one, you must know this, to free yourself, or to free another… ‘The Way to freedom is found in the lap of God!’ 

“Worry, and concern, and frustration, and anxiety are energies which, when used, prolong the experience, magnify the intensity of the experience, and actually create the opposite, or adverse, effect, than one had hoped for, or prayed for.

“I bring you a solution today which will resolve every issue, every matter, in the correct way.  Face each challenge, ‘knowing,’ that it is ‘an opportunity!’  Very few individuals upon the Earth do this.  They see the challenge as something difficult, awful, filled with misery, when, in reality, it is the opportunity to show your faith, to live what you say, in every way, every day! 

“When you are not caught-up in the experience, when all seems right in your world, you are quick to tell others, ‘Give it to God, and go about that which you need to do.  God will resolve it.  Give it to God.’  And these are words of wisdom; but, when you are wandering in darkness, in the valley of shadows, this wisdom is locked away.  You do not know it, because you have put yourself right in the middle of problems, issues which you feel cannot be resolved, you have wrapped yourself in the cloak of worry, concern, and anxiety; and, that is all you feel.  The only way to help yourself, or to help another, is as God does.  You say this, ‘I am with you!  I will stand by you.  I will walk with you.  And when you are through this particular valley, we will climb-up on the mountain, and sing; and it will be beautiful, and you will be the wiser, for the opportunity that was presented to you!’

“You see, most of the time, individuals upon Earth want to avoid that which is sent to them to bring them confidence, to strengthen their faith in God.  Today I could list twenty to one hundred matters and issues which baffle, and befuddle individuals, as they make their way, through their journey upon Earth.  But in reality, it really doesn’t matter what the challenges are, what the opportunities are.  The most important thing is to realize that God is with you, and to see the opportunity, rather than the great challenge, the great curse, and attend to it!  It doesn’t matter whether it is issues of the heart, matters of the mind, or the frustration of finance.  When you come to the end of the day, they are all the same, the smallest can seem the grandest, and the grandest can seem the smallest.  It is a matter of faith, and there is no turning your head from that.  When you must face something, anything, be still, and turn your face toward the light of God, and walk into that light, and sit quietly, realizing that no matter what the temptation might be, it is, in reality, a temptation to distract you from the presence of God with you.  And that is all you need to know.  When things seem a little dark, when the beauty of Earth seems to be cloaked in shadow, turn your face to God, and with purpose, and intention, walk into the light of God.  Do not be distracted; sit with God; and God will whisper to you, and; in the lap of God you will find confidence, and understanding, and wisdom, as to what you are to do.  And from that position in the lap of God, sitting in the flowing river of God’s love, and light, and peace, you will rise-up, and walk, eager to do that which you are meant to do, and move on!  It is positive, and it is filled with light. 

“The answer will come from God, and God will lead you right to the heart of the issue, the matter, and will point to the opportunity, and say, ‘Look, see, I will show you The Way, and wisdom will be yours every day, for this is yours to accomplish.’  And if God does this, if God speaks to you this way, if God takes care of the issues and matters for God’s children in this way, you must remember to do the same.  It is not important that you try to resolve the matter for the person.  What matters is that your presence is a loving presence, giving confidence to the one who must walk into the situation, and move through it.  Confidence comes from a loving atmosphere.  Confidence comes from knowing there are those around you who will support you.  And then, all things which seem to be the source of worry, and concern, and anxiety become the opportunities they are meant to be, and they melt away, in the light of God, your Heavenly and Eternal Parent.  Do not be tricked, or fooled, or tempted to believe that there are other things that you can do which will make it better.  What will resolve the issue, or matter, is to sit with God, receive the answer, and rise-up in confidence to seize the opportunity, and grow in wisdom, in this Way.”

Sunday Sermons
April 26, 2015
Be With You,
Today, I Send You
Forth To Deliver Peace

  I AM with you!  I delight in being with you, and I delight in sharing My peace with you; for it is in peace that you come to understand, and to know.  It is in peace that you hear clearly.  It is in peace that you learn wisdom.    

“When you read holy words, words inspired by The Spirit of God, words that are drawn from the symphony of inspiration, they touch your heart, they fill your spirit, and your soul is comfortable, and at peace.  And scattered through-out words of Scripture, you will often read, ‘Peace be with you;’ or, ‘My peace, I give unto you;’ or, ‘Let there be peace.’ 

“The next time you see statements such as these, be still, and know this, these statements regarding peace, are meant to show you The Way!  They are powerful, yet they are sweet.  Some words, as they are pronounced, spoken, brought to life, living around you, hold all of the meaning, within the sound, or tone, of them; and it is difficult to find another word, which matches the symphonic tone of the word, ‘Peace.’  It seems to hold all of the elements; it is pleasing to say it; and even more pleasing to hear it.  It is said, and repeated, over, and over again, because you cannot give a more precious gift than peace, and a more precious gift cannot be given, unto you, than the gift of peace.  

“Even the gift of love can dry-up, and whither, when it must live, or abide, within an atmosphere of chaos, and confusion, and anger.  But the gift of love, abiding in an atmosphere of peace, becomes an extraordinary garden, beyond compare.  But first, there must be peace. 

“If you are at peace within, then you hear what is being said to you, with great clarity, because you are hearing it in a state of peace, with no intention to disrupt your peace.  When you are in the state of peace, you hear the whispers of God, because there is no competition, no angry words, no shouts of confusion and chaos, within you… only peace.

“‘Peace be with you.’  You hear these words often.  You do not find phrases that say, ‘A new car be with you.’  ‘A new house be with you.’  ‘More money in the bank be with you.’  You do not often even hear, ‘Health be with you,’ or, ‘Happiness be with you,’ because, in truth, none of these things can take form, unless you are at peace.  This is why I repeated expressions of peace often, as I walked upon the Earth, and this is why I repeat it, over and over, now, in the present piece of eternity. 

“Peace be with you!  Say it, live in it, nurture peace, within you.  Make it a point not to focus on something going on around you that is disruptive.  Put your energy in focusing on the garden of peace, which God intends for you to grow-up, within you.  You have the tools, you have the seed, you have the soil.  You have all you need to live in peace.  And once this garden is growing, you will hear the whisper of God.  You will know the whisper of God.  You will be filled with the joy, and the wisdom, of The Holy Spirit of God.  And you will live forever in the garden of peace.
“Peace be with you.  My peace I give unto you.  As God sent Me to Earth to deliver peace, I send you forth, today, to deliver peace unto the Earth!”

Sunday Sermons
May 10, 2015
On Mother’s Day:
You Are Not Alone,
You Are A Child Of God

  I AM with you!  This morning, I offer you greetings, and words of celebration to touch the hearts of mothers, and children, everywhere, with love, compassion and understanding, with forgiveness.     

“Today, I will speak slowly, My message will be brief.  On special days set aside for celebration, of a specific nature, there are always those who feel left-out, or unable, for whatever reason, to join-in the celebration of such days.  And, as most of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, are beginning a day set aside to honor mothers, I wish to point-out some things which are not usually mentioned; but their energy fills the room, or the space, or the hearts of individuals, no matter whether they are the mother, or the children.  So, let Me get right to the point, as you might say.

“If you are a mother, or a child, enjoying this day, because the relationship has been good in every way, then I dance with you, and I bless you!  I say to you, let the celebration begin, and not end with the setting of the sun; for this relationship is good; and, as it should be!

“But today, I want to address, particularly, the mothers and the children caught-up in a relationship which has not been very good, which has been ‘less than perfect,’ which seems to be a paradox to the most simple understanding, the most basic understanding, of mother and child.  And I ask you, as I say each of these things, to let your prayer be a blessing, a forgiveness, a releasing with compassion and understanding, for whomever is destined to experience this type of relationship.

“This morning I send My Peace:

To the children, who feel abandoned, or betrayed, or let-down by their earthly mother;

To the mothers, who feel abandoned, or betrayed, or let-down by their earthly children;

To the mothers, who have given their children to others; so that the children might be better cared for;

To the children, who wonder where their mother is, who their mother is, and if they will ever see their mother’s eyes;

To the mothers, who fell to the temptation, in exhaustion, and sadness, and did raise their hand to their children; thus injuring themselves, as well as their children;

To the children, who were battered and abused, with very little, or no, understanding, about what happened, and why;

To the mothers, who did not know how to provide the care, and the love, and the proper discipline, for their children, when they were growing-up;

To the children, who were not shown the proper love, and discipline, and nurturing, when they were growing-up;

To the mothers, who did not think they had time to care for the emotional needs of their children, so instead, they substituted gifts of a material nature, in abundance;

To the children, who received everything they wanted, and more; yet lacking the gift of love, and close companionship with their mother.

“If you fall into one of these categories, I ask you today, to be still: to look at the situation, as fleeting and temporary; to see the things that happened in your past, and present, as they are; and then, without judgment, forgive, from your heart; for, your Eternal Parent is ever with you, waiting for you to: sit, and share time; sit, and share stories; sit, and open your heart.  You have not been deprived of a Parent, you have been given an opportunity to experience something of Earth! What are you going to do with your opportunity?

“For those of you who will realize that your Eternal Parent is all that you ever hoped a parent would be, you will rise-up today: feeling great love; feeling blessed; and knowing, you are able to forgive all things; forgiving yourself; and forgiving your earthly mother, if necessary; because, you are not alone!  Your Eternal Parent is closer than most earthly parents can ever be, because your Eternal Parent reads your heart, knows your spirit, and loves the song of your soul! 

“Therefore, do not say that your relationship with your Parent is lacking; and do not think it, either.  Open to the love which is waiting to pour-out onto you, from your Eternal Parent; and use this gift ~ of unending, and unconditional, love ~ to bless your earthly mother, this day.  In this Way, all things will be forgiven!  You will free, not only yourself, but your mother, as well; and you will rejoice every day, because you are a child of God, and that relationship will never change!”

Sunday Sermons
May 17, 2015
The Hand Of God
Will Lead You, Where
You Would Not Go, Before

  I AM with you!  These are not so much words of comfort, as they are words of truth, to be accepted by you.  Come the day that you believe, fully, that I AM with you, you will rise-up singing, because you will be living in The Kingdom of God, while you are walking upon Earth!     

“I AM truly with you, and I smile, and laugh gently, because, for those of you who are willing to embrace this mystery, this morning, there comes a gate, blown-open, and spiritual gifts flowing into you, carrying you to the gate, through the gate, and onward!  Embracing this truth will change your life.  It will no longer be something you say to others, or yourself, each day, but something you are living, as you walk along The Way.

“And there comes the question, from many of you, often, ‘How can I do this, how can I live in the world, how can I make the plans, and adjustments, I need to make, in the mundane world, and still live in this flow, that will take me where I need to go?  How do I do this, God?’

“And today, I bring you the answer.  It is so simple, you will dance with joy, once you receive it, and embrace it.  Planning is good.  Gathering what you are directed to gather is good.  Before you build anything, before you start, or commence, with a great construction project, you must gather.  First, you must gather stones, or lumber, or nails, or mud, or concrete.  Whatever you are going to be using to construct this edifice needs to be gathered first, or you waste a lot of time doing one portion, then going-out and finding what you need next, then bringing that back, and continuing construction.

“God will work through you, during your everyday life.  Gather, plan, according to what God is saying to you.  God might say to you, ‘Be happy, do not be sad!’  So, you set your time, in that day, creating blocks of happiness and joy.  And these are more concrete, these blocks are more solid than the illusionary bricks and mortar of the world, because as your construction site opens up, the foundation will be laid with whatever you have made.  Blocks of joy, and happiness, commitment, trust, faith, hope, all of those things that go into a most glorious foundation will be there.  But it is important to remember, as you plan, and gather, and pull together all of the things necessary, that it is the hand of God that will raise-them-up to be what it is meant to be.  It is like this in your life.  Go out and gather as you are directed; but the hand of God will use what you have gathered, and you will be as the pot, forming in the hands of The Potter.  You will be created, for the glory of God, and you will be happy, because you will be fulfilling your purpose: not as a slave to the idea of God; not as a slave to the idea of another person; but a working component in the creation, willing to be as grand as you are meant to be.  Know this.

“Be as Noah.  He was told to gather, and pull together, and get this, and get that.  And when it was time, he was guided on how to put all that he had gathered together, for the creation of the Ark.  Think of it.  He could not mindlessly wander around, not doing what he was meant to do.  He had to have purpose, and he had to have planning, but he was planning, following the course that God had laid before him.

“If you have gifts as an organizer, a planner, and you are willing to work, and do, you are the perfect material for the hands of God; for the hands of God will work with what you do, and, together, you create a masterpiece.  So, do not hesitate to offer everything you do, for the glory of God, and then follow.  Use your gifts, use them, because they are needed.

“The last thing I want to say to you might not even seem as if it fits, it might seem that it is a piece of another lesson, or topic, but I assure you, it does fit.  I spoke words similar to those which follow to Peter while I was upon Earth, when I was asking him if he loved Me, and he assured Me he did; and I assigned him the task of feeding My sheep, taking care of our brothers and sisters; and he said he would.  And it was then, that I uttered words that have puzzled many people, for a long time; because, if you try to apply what you know from the world of man to them, they seem strange; but, I can assure you, they are not, if you think of them ‘spiritually.’  ‘When you are younger, you dress yourself, go where you want to go, and do what you want to do.  When you are younger, you live, as you wish to live; but when you grow old, you will stretch-out your arms and another will dress you, and lead you where you would not go.’

“If any of you hearing these words, or reading these words, has a clear understanding of this, you are blessed!  For others, I will say… the key to the mystery in this… when you are young, and here you can substitute ‘spiritually immature,’ for ‘young,’ you do what you want to do, without any concern.  But when you are ‘old,’ have matured spiritually, you understand, that if you raise-up your arms in prayer, it is God who dresses you, and as the garment slips upon you, and you take The Hand that will lead you, where you otherwise would not go.  I said these words, cloaked in mystery, so those who had ears to hear, and could bear it, would ‘know,’ what I was saying.  These words were intended to lead you into doing things that you did not even believe possible, before you matured spiritually, before you were willing to hold-up your arms, as a baby, and let Someone Else dress you, slipping on the robes of a mature, spiritual being, and then being led where you would not go.  This is faith.  This is what it took for Peter to hear Me, and understand that unless he turned over his trust, and belief, to God, and surrendered completely, he could not go-out and do what he needed to do.  The hand of God was going to lead him, where he would not go, on his own.

“Therefore, I say, gather as you are directed, plan as you are directed, use the gifts of organization, or any other gift you have been given.  And then, take the hand of God, and watch the miracles happen; for once your arms are raised, and the cloak is dropped over your head, you will be led by the hand of God.  And the hand of God will lead you, where you would not go, before.”

Sunday Sermons
May 24, 2015
Forgiveness, And
Living The Word Of God

  I AM with you!  For any who are willing to embrace My presence, and ‘know,’ I AM with you, you come to the sacred realization that you truly are never alone!  I did walk upon the Earth, and I did see, and face all of the things that you see, and face; and, as I did rise-above these things, so too, can you; but the glorious song is, that you do not have to do this alone; for, I AM with you, as your Brother, and together, we will walk the Earth!

“My message is brief.  I wish to address, especially, those of you who feel the stirring within, and the calling, to rise-up to show The Way.  I have three suggestions for you today.  And if you take these quietly into your heart, you will find it easier to start – this ministry, of – showing The Way.

“Number one – Set Aside Judgment!  It is a heavy burden.  It can often leave a mark.  It is a cord around your heart, it is a chain upon your spirit, and it restricts your soul from singing.  All things can be shown, when you reach-out, and embrace, those who are lacking, with tears streaming down their face, the arms of forgiveness is just the place to receive the message of God!

“Number two – Forgive All Things!  Oh sacred, blessed forgiveness: how glorious it feels; how uplifting it is; it snips the cords; it breaks the chains; it is the balm that soothes the weary soul.  Forgiveness! 

“Walk the Earth, willing to forgive all things.  For those who will do this, for those who will attempt to do this, the lesson is quick, and sweet.  Forgiving others relieves you of the weight, of the burden, of the sadness, and sorrow.  Forgiveness, it is the gift that is twice blessed, blessing the giver, and the receiver.

“Number three – Live The Word!  What is the best way to show how God has touched your heart, how The Spirit has filled you with joy?  It is by living the word, more so than speaking the word, because speaking the word can be tricky.  If you do not say it exactly, and precisely, to each and every person, they misinterpret, sieving-it in such a way that it fits into their perspective. 

“Oh, but when you live the word, there can be no misunderstanding.  When you refuse to gossip, or condemn another, all see, and know, you held your tongue!  When you are quick to forgive, when others will withhold that, others see, and know, that you truly live the word, you understand, that from the wooden cross there came the words, ‘Father, forgive them,’ and this is how you live!  And even when you stumble and fall, as surely as you will, the lesson is not the fall, the lesson is you stand, you rise-up, and you are taller than you were before the fall; because, as you were on your knees, your hands clutching the Earth, there came The Hand to lift-you-up, and you did rise, and this action is not missed by others’ eyes! 

“Be The Living Word, and you will show The Way, so others might not be able to say, ‘You speak it, but you do not live it.’ 

“And with these few words, I AM quiet, so you can hold these words close, and ‘know,’ them!  Be led, today, to receive the wisdom of The Holy Spirit, regarding: judgment, forgiveness, and living The Word!  Amen!” 

Sunday Sermons
May 31, 2015
I Will
Lead You
Where You
Need To Go

  I AM with you!  And when My presence, within you, becomes something that is very familiar: you will find you are at peace; you will come to know comfort in My presence; and you will find that the world is more tranquil, and serene, than you ever imagined; because I will lead you: out of the chaos; into the valleys; into the meadows; over the oceans; on to the mountains; I will lead you, where you need to go!

“Living in the world today can be very confusing and frustrating, because there are so many, telling you, ‘do this, or do that;’ there are so many encouraging you to, ‘…say this, or read that;’ while others, demand, certain behavior.  This can be confusing; it can be frustrating; especially, when the voices, the directions, the demands, are all contradictory, each one saying ‘they know they way.’ 

“Do not listen to the words of the world; do not try to ‘fit-in,’ with the ways, of the world; resist the temptation to sing the songs, and dance the dances, of the world; because you will find yourself: out-of-step, saying the wrong things; doing the wrong things; all in an attempt to fit in to the pattern, created by the world, for you! 

“There is peace ~ in the ways of God, ~ and the ways of God are waiting just for you: they exist, they are, they are eternal, they are every-present, they are with you.  All you have to do ~ is be still, and listen, ~ and from within you will feel the stirring.  The stirring is as an answer to the prayer, recognizing it is your intention to connect with God.  And once that stirring begins within you, you begin to hear, and little by little, you begin to hear, clearly.  The words come with clarity.  The directions ‘feel right!’

“Do not expect the words you hear, spoken, especially for you, to match ‘exactly,’ the words spoken to another.  This mystery, this miracle, of communicating one-on-one, is the perfect plan, it is the Eternal Parent reaching-out the hand, and saying, to each child, ‘Come here, I will help you, and support you in what you are to do.’  And that is, as it should be.

“If you listen to the ways of the world, you will be pulled, and tugged; and find yourself, many times: in the wrong place; saying the wrong things; doing the wrong things; out-of-step with your inner being; trying to march with the drummer, of the world. 

“You cannot expect everyone, every individual, each unique person, to have the same direction, any more than you would give the same directions to travelers.  Let us say: a gentleman, coming from Tokyo to Seattle, might cross the Pacific Ocean in order to do that; a lady, coming from Indiana, might cross land, but no ocean at all, in her journey to Seattle; and yet another couple, coming from Paris, would find that they would cross over the Atlantic Ocean, and much land, to get to Seattle.  The destination is the same, the directions are different, until you approach the point of destination, where they become closer, and closer, and more similar.

“If you follow the directions, given to you by others, you will surely, sometimes, find yourself in the wrong place, carrying the wrong materials, lacking what you really need.  But if you will be still, and listen, if you will be quiet, and ask for direction from the hand of God, it will come to you: and you will be directed to gather, when it is time to gather; and you will be directed to speak, when it is time to speak; you will be directed to rise-up, and go, when it is time to rise-up, and go.  You might find that while you are gathering, others are going this way, and that.  You might find that while you are on your journey, others are speaking.  Each ‘direction,’ is different.  It is ‘the blue-print, to a perfect world,’ which fits, as it is meant to fit, into a corner of The Kingdom of God, a place that is unique, and wonderful.  You are doing this while you are on Earth.  You are preparing a piece of Earth, in such a way, that it becomes illuminated, and in the light you see, and recognize, you are in The Kingdom of God!  You will know, that God directed you to make it so, and you will sing in joy, and be content, all the days you live upon the Earth, because you are living, as you are meant to live!”