Sunday Sermons
September 13, 2015
In Faith,
For Just One
Day, A Day Of Trying

  I AM with you!   As you open your heart to the possibility, your spirit, and your soul, sing, and your heart opens wider, and wider, allowing you to bring My presence right into your heart!  And that is when we start speaking, sharing, communicating, because we are in union, experiencing communion, as it is meant to be.  This truth is rejected by many as impossible, but for those who will believe, it is accepted, totally, fully, and their lives are different, because they believe!
“I wish to share something with you, once again.  I have shared this message, so many times; yet, I am compelled to continue, delivering the message, so others might awaken, and believe this eternal truth; for, in so doing, your life upon Earth will become one miracle after another; it will be a walk ‘of faith,’ all along The Way, until you return Home.

“As I walked upon the Earth, I said this repeatedly, as well; I said it so often, it is recorded in Scripture; but I must say to you now, although it is oft quoted by My brothers and sisters, it is not totally embraced by My brothers and sisters, as it requires faith, and belief, to accept this teaching, completely.  And you might say, ‘I wish to accept, that, which you are about to say.  I wish for my faith to be greatly increased, so that I might accept all that you say.’  And I say unto you, if you wish for your faith to grow, all you have to do is have little faith, and offer that little faith, and it will grow into magnificent faith.  I tell you, no matter if it is as small as a grain of sand, if you have it there, and wish it so, that grain of sand will surely grow, into a magnificent presence of faith.  And it will carry you into the world in a state of grace, every day.

“Having said that, having shared that, and having urged each of you to continue your faith walk, I remind you of this.  When you put your faith and trust totally in God, believing completely that God is your Eternal Parent, and will provide everything you need, you do not know worry, or fear, or doubt, or anxiety.  You do not know these things, because you cannot know these things, when you are living completely in the light of God. 

“You are all familiar with passages which speak about ‘not worrying about what you are to wear, or to drink, or to eat, because your Eternal Father, your Parent of Heaven knows what you need.’  Most often, no, let Me say, always, God knows better than you, exactly what you need, and will give it to you.  But most children upon Earth cannot find it within them to believe this, and choose to push the gifts of Heaven away, trying to make it in the world on their own.  And this leads to isolation, and desperation, working more and more, to make more and more money, to buy more and more food, and clothing, and things, and it becomes a vicious cycle where the heart doth not sing, any longer; for it is too weary, and tired.

“I wish for each of you to live with such belief and faith that you know, without question, you will most assuredly have all that you need!  Therefore, I offer this exercise.  If you will give God but one day, one period of twenty-four hours, you will find that your faith has sprouted, it has a root, or possibly a shoot.  It is growing, because of that one day, and I will tell you why.  If you are worried about: a job, a loss of a job, a desperate struggle to find a job, these things cloud your being, and block the passageways, and limit your hearing; so that the whispers of God seem, either so far away that it is difficult to hear, or they are blocked totally from your ear.  Using this ‘lack, of a job,’ as an example, I promise you, if you will say, ‘God, this is yours.  Today, lead me where I need to go.  Show me what I need to do.  Whisper what I need to say.’  In this simple way, you will be walking with God, and God is The Creator of All Things.  God knows it all.  And perhaps, when your phone next rings, it is a friend, who invites you to stop-by, who encourages you to come by, and you do.  And there, the two of you encounter another, who happens to mention that they are looking for someone to help them.  It could be in an office, it could be in a factory, or it could be in a home; but in this simple way, God’s hand has led you to the place you need to be, to connect with the person you need to connect with!  This is how it works!  You faith, that God will lead you where you are to go, will surely take you where you are to go.  Yes, I hear you, it does require faith; and yes, I hear your litany of reasons why you cannot do this.  But I promise you, if you try it, for one day, you will eagerly embrace another day, and another day, because you will find, to your great surprise, that God actually does know more than you know, and can take care of you better, with the wisdom of Heaven, with the spoon of all time, and the cup of all ages.  God will feed you, and quench your thirst, and provide all you need!

“Even for this one day period, that I so encourage each of you to do, you will find you need to practice trust, practice believing, that it is so.  But come the end of the day, there will be some things, that before, you would have been tempted to say, ‘… isn’t that interesting; how surprising; what a coincidence.’  But at the end of this day, those words will not be what you will say. At the end of the day of trying, you will simply say, ‘Thank you, God!’ ”  

Sunday Sermons
August 9, 2015
Create The
Tapestry Of
Life Upon Earth,
As You Live It, Today

  I AM with you!    I AM with you; do not be surprised that you feel My presence; for as I walked upon the Earth, I told you it could happen, and would happen; and, if you would open to My presence I would come to you, and be with you, always.  Therefore today, in all ways, I AM with you!  I hear you, and you can hear Me!  Heaven is with you; therefore, live your life, as if you truly ‘know,’ Heaven, upon Earth!

“When you weave the threads of a spiritual practice, and all of the lessons you have learned, into the fiber of your every-day life, you are creating a tapestry of how life upon Earth is meant to be, a tapestry depicting life, as it is meant to be lived: knowing God, walking in peace, delivering love!  You are the connector between Heaven and Earth – for those – who do not have this experience!  Therefore, it is important for you to deliver the love of God – to those – who do not know God, as they walk upon the Earth! 

“Listen to the song of the bird, it continues through the day, calling-out, singing.  And it is beautiful.  It is a song of life, living upon Earth.  The bird is creating a tapestry, depicting its life upon Earth, and you are sharing in that life.

“Walk through a meadow, and look at the flowers, the flowers that are springing-up all around, not by the planting, and the plan, of the human hand, but by the hand of God, flowing, and growing, in unison with Mother Earth, seeds moved by The Wind, or dropped by the birds, to rise-up wherever they fall.  And it is a tapestry of great beauty.  The flowers are creating a tapestry, depicting their life upon Earth, doing, and growing, as they are meant to do, feeling the soil of Mother Earth, moving in the breeze created by The Wind, being nourished by the rain, and sustained by the sun; and, you see the tapestry, of their life upon Earth. 

“And it is the same with the rocks, and the trees, and the rivers, and the oceans, and the sands of the deserts, each creating a tapestry of life upon Earth; and, you see it.

“Today, I wish to remind you that you too, are creating a tapestry.  Be mindful of the threads you pick, you choose, to weave into your tapestry of today; for, it is yours to create.  No one else is going to create this day for you.  As you live it, it shall be created!

“Some days seem more appropriate to begin your tapestry than others; and, for many of you today, hearing these words, or reading these words, I whisper softly, ‘Today is the appropriate day to choose the threads you will use to weave into the tapestry of today!’  When given the opportunity, choose love!  When given the opportunity, choose: kindness, compassion, understanding.  When given the golden opportunity, choose forgiveness, and peace.  There is always a choice, and the choice is always yours.  Choose wisely.  Here, let me hand you the first thread.  Let us begin weaving the tapestry of your day, together, right now!  I give you a golden thread of love!  Set it on the canvas of today, and begin weaving, begin creating the tapestry, depicting life, upon Earth, as it is meant to be, a celebration of the glory of God, with thee!”

Sunday Sermons
July 5, 2015
Live In
The Present
Piece Of Eternity

  I AM with you!  I reach-out to touch you.  When others might say it is impossible to do, I whisper, ‘I AM here, next to you!’  And in faith, you hear, and believe Me, and we begin, anew.  I invite you to walk the miracle mile with Me today, to leave behind all the codes, and the laws, and the demands of the world, to reside with Me, to live, as life is meant to be lived: minute by minute; and each precious minute, building into hour by hour; and each precious hour, building into a day of perfection, a day wherein you were exactly where you were meant to be, every step, along The Way! 

“For those of you willing to embrace the idea to live every minute of the day, giving it due respect, ‘knowing,’ it is sacred, realizing the importance of what you are willing to do, I give you this example… … … as you begin… …. … as you start… Having the intention to live, every minute of the day, is much like the solitary traveler, who chooses to hike, to walk a path, instead of driving a car, or other type of vehicle that moves you from one place to another, with speed.  The one in the car reaches the destination, with only a glimpse of the glory, they have passed through.  The one who has chosen to walk: breathes in the aroma of the flowers; notices the way the sun moves through the trees, and kisses the floor of the forest; feels the breeze moving through their hair; and enjoys the exhilaration of flight, while watching a bird dance on the air!  The one who has chosen to walk: knows the pillow of moss on a hillside; rises-up to the glorious announcement of the sunrise; and bows their head, in awe and wonder, at the sacred sweetness of a sunset!  These things you miss when you hurry down the road of life upon Earth.

“I invite you to live, minute by minute, with Me today!  And you will find that you are setting to memory, upon your heart, the colors of a butterfly, or the sounds of a bee, buzzing in joy, hidden from view, nestled inside of a beautiful flower! 

“Do not concern yourself that, if you live in this fashion, you will miss connection with the world, with the ways of man, with laughter, with your brothers and sisters, families and friends, for this is not possible.  If you are willing to live each precious minute, you will come to find that you are led, by the hand of God, to be exactly where you are meant to be, to be doing exactly what you are meant to be doing, or hearing, or feeling, or knowing all that you are meant to feel, and hear, and know, because you are moving, in an eternal pattern, designed by you, being fulfilled by you, making a footprint, upon the sands of time!

“When you are willing to live minute, to minute, to minute: if you are meant to be at school, you will be at school, living these minutes; if you are meant to be in an office, you will be in an office, living these minutes; if you are meant to be plowing the Earth, you will be plowing the Earth, living these minutes; if you are meant to be giving birth, you will be giving birth, living minute to minute.  Living in this way does not change your mission, or your journey, or your path, it enhances your mission, your journey, your path, and it brings glory, and amazement, and wonder to your experience of each day!  And when you live in such a wonderland, you find you are speaking to the flowers, caressing the trees, resting on the grass!  You find you are in communion with all of God’s creation!  In fact, in truth, you find you have finally become united, with all of God’s creation, and it is good!

“Come, let us begin to live your life upon the Earth in this new way, beginning this new day, living each minute in the glory, it was meant to be lived!” 

Sunday Sermons
June 28, 2015
Live The
Dream, Written
Upon Your Heart

  I AM with you!   Today, I speak to you, matter-of-factly, so that you might grow, in confidence, in how you are living, what you are doing, and where you are going, as you make your way through each and every day.

“Most of you believe that it is your duty, and responsibility, to find a job, and do what you can to make life easier for those you love, and for yourself.  A desire to work, in order to provide a good life for others, and yourself, is admirable; however, many of you, whom are either in pursuit of a well-paying job, or have a well-paying job, are finding that working ‘just for the money,’ in order to provide a good life for others, and yourself, can be demanding, thankless, and filled with stress; and this stress, you encounter in well-paying jobs, can often lead to health and mental issues.

“Look around you.  For example, take a good look at your peers, your friends, your family members.  Now, limit your search, your inquiry, to those you know well enough to be familiar, with how they ‘feel about their job, how much stress they are carrying, and how they are dealing with issues at work, which seem to have an affect their home life.’  It might be a good idea to include yourself in this research as well.  Some people, seem to be enjoying ‘the perfect job,’ with little or no stress, living their life in such a way that their loved ones are happy, they are happy, and good health is evident, both physical and mental; but you might find that the number of individuals, falling into this category are few.  Most individuals, living in today’s modern society, rampant with multitasking, social media devices, and jobs in stressful work environments, often feel ‘trapped,’ in their apparent good luck, believing they cannot give-up the high paying job, for something less stressful.  This is just not so!  It is rather as if they are riding on a carousel, reaching-out to grab the gold ring, going in circles, hoping to catch what they can, existing on a carousel, rather than living in the garden, all around them.

“If you find that you are living a life which is more akin to existing, rather than living, I would like for you to try this for one week.  Make an appointment with yourself to take one hour to set yourself aside from the frantic pace you endure.  Then, go to a quiet place, relax, breathe, and be still!  If you can manage this one hour away from the life you are currently living, then take it one step further.  Examine your heart!  Yes, take a look at your heart, and go within.  When you were a child, or in your adolescence, or maybe even into your twenties, what did you dream of doing?  What was written on your heart to do?  Were you dreaming of: writing a play, or a book, or a song; opening an after-school space for children; finding a way to get pure water to places where people had no clean water; teaching adults to read, or to speak another language; or, working with the elderly?  What was written on your heart to do?  Do you remember?

“This might surprise you, but if you are willing to take the steps necessary to fulfill that dream upon your heart, not only will you find that you have all you need to do so, but you will also find that you are living an abundant life, without stress, in good health, and fulfilling your purpose upon Earth, while taking care of those you love, and feeling confident, in what you are doing!  Achieving an abundant life ~ is exactly that simple, ~ when you set your goal to fulfill that which is written upon your heart!  This pursuit will bring you peace, contentment, fulfillment, and wealth beyond any you could have imagined before, because you will have all you need to accomplish the goal.  Your lifetime upon Earth will be lived in such a way that you are healthy of mind, spirit, and body; and you will have the joy of watching those you love do the same!

“Encourage the young people around you to live from their heart, to be resolute in pursuing their dream, and support them every step of The Way; for, that which is written upon the heart, was written by the hand of God, and when the heart is open to that which was written there, The Way is made clear, the soul sings-out, and the spirit soars into the new day, filled with promise, joy, and contentment!

“Do not seek to exist, working in a job only because it is expected of you, or it pays well, and has benefits. Do not limit yourself to this assembly-line existence.  Look into your heart, and open the door to the adventure of your lifetime!  Follow your heart into the new day, and your life will be fulfilling, happy, and healthy, and this is the best gift you can give to those you love!  An abundant life ~ is following that which was written upon your heart by the hand of God, ~ for, that which God has written shall be accomplished!

“Congratulations; you are blessed; you have the opportunity to live-out the dream God placed upon your heart; and, what you need to accomplish the dream, shall be given unto you; for, it is already written upon your heart.  So, let it be.”

Sunday Sermons
July 26, 2015
It Is Time
For Living, Be-
gin Living, Today

  I AM with you!   I move as The Wind.  I speak as the breeze.  I touch you, and we are one.  It is a beautiful existence, living in the spiritual body, having no restraint, or confinement, known as the human body, able to reach-out, beyond, experience all that you are, knowing, in wisdom, you are One.
“Living upon Earth is meant to be ‘exciting,’ it is meant to be ‘an adventure,’ it is meant to be ‘a journey, of a lifetime.’  Some adventurers embrace the journey, and laugh, resisting the temptation to worry.  Other travelers are excited by the thought of it, yet daunted by the doing of it.  Lend Me your ear, your life is meant to be lived with enthusiasm, praising God for the opportunity to experience the greatest adventure… a life time… upon Earth!

“There was a time, when ‘the people of God,’ those whom were led to know God, were threatened; and it was important that they, as a group, survive!  There was much death, upon the Earth.  Life upon Earth was not lived, as you live it today.  In fact, you would be surprised to go into a home, a dwelling, and find an earthen floor, or find that you had to get your water from a well, or a river, or a stream.  Disease could be rampant, because there was no sterile existence; it was living life, amongst all that was around you.  Animals were diseased, often.  If you ate of the diseased animal, you would get the disease yourself.  I point these few things out, because it is important for you to know, that God did speak, and send words; and they were, ‘Do this… Do that… Don’t eat this… Don’t eat that.’  These were protective measures, a survivalist guide, if you will, on how to make it through these difficult times, existing as ‘a group of people, a people dedicated to the glory of God.’  They were tough times.  And as a general rule, only the strongest were able to live a full life, for a number of years.  But once it was clear that the children of God had survived, had made it through, the direction, and the words, came softer, and gentler, because it was time to live, and there is a difference between surviving, and living.

“I brought the guide to living!  Once you make it through a desert, once you make it through a jungle, once you make it over a sea filled with threatening waves, and arrive at a safe place, you are never the same.  Because you were threatened, each day is more important, and filled with more life than ever.  You live life to the fullest, because you had to survive to enjoy life.

“Now I say, it is time to live; for, those from the past, those who walked before you, did the surviving for you.  Now it is time to live, as children of God, fearing nothing, allowing God to love all peoples through you, giving what you have without hesitation, knowing, in faith, that God will take care of you, because that is what God has done, generation, after generation, after generation, sending the direction, sending the guidance, filling the leaders with wisdom.  And so you have left the years of survival, and you are living. 

“But I tell you, many are falling to the temptations of doubt, and worry, and concern; and they have changed this period of living, into a period of ‘existing.’  And here too, there is a great difference.  There is a difference in the quality of life between existing, and living.  If you are existing, you hoard this or that, in the event that you might need it, later.  You hold onto this and that, in the event it might be necessary to have, later.  You exist, in the present, fearful of the future. 

“I say to you today, gather your faith, and your trust, as gemstones!  Put them in your pockets, and go out into the world, and live!  Be the living example, of the words I delivered.  If someone insults you, do not join them in the insults, turn the other cheek, and go on your way.  Be too focused on living your life to the fullest measure, giving the glory to God, that you do not pay attention to the insults of others.  It is time to live, in the light of God!

“I would ask you, as an experiment, to try, one day at a time, because many of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, will say, ‘That is very good to say, almost impossible to do, when you are raising a family, or have a job to go to.’  And I say, it is not!  What is necessary to make it possible, is to ‘change your perspective.’  How do you get up every morning?  Do you make sure you have had ‘a glory adjustment,’ before you get out of bed, or do you wake-up in a grumpy mood?  How do you greet your family every morning?  Are you sullen, already thinking about work at the office, or in the home; or, do you greet them with open arms, and a smile?  As you make your way to your work, whether it be in the home, or in an office, or in a factory, are you looking forward to being ‘the light of God,’ in those particular places, on that particular day, or are you dreading going to work?  If you will make a minor adjustment, changing your perspective, on what it is you are to do, the day will be different for you! 

“I AM asking each of you to ‘live,’ give up ‘existing,’ swap it out for ‘living a life of glory,’ no matter where you are, no matter what your situation!  It is possible!  Do not make excuses.  Rise-up, and do it!  Begin living, today!”  

Sunday Sermons
June 14, 2015
Let Your Words Be
Of Hope, Of Love, And
Of Light, To Show The Way

  I AM with you!   I speak words to you which will lift- you-up; I speak with you to encourage, and support you; I walk with you, as you take your journey upon the Earth, a remarkable experience, treasure it, as such!  Do not spend your days moaning, and wringing your hands; do not waste your days, thinking, and pondering, on how difficult your life has been, or appears it will be.  Rather, look around, and see, this is your chance, your opportunity, of a lifetime!  What are you going to do with it?  How are you going to help yourself, and how are you going to help others, as they make their way along the path over the Earth, experiencing a lifetime?

“Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, have, at one time or another, been the voice of authority.  Perhaps it was in a classroom, where you might have been a teacher, or a substitute teacher.  Perhaps it was in an office situation, where you were in a management position, or held a leading role in a project.  Perhaps it was showing your children how to adjust to the world around them.  Perhaps you were a lifeguard, sitting high over the waters, watching for people who might get themselves in trouble, blowing the whistle when someone was close to danger, directing the flow.  No matter how it did go, where you might have been, what position you might have held, most of you can relate to having ‘the authority to correct, or to guide, or to show.’

“Many people find themselves in such a role; very few people know how to do so!  Now, you can demand, and you can insist; in some roles, you can even make laws that hold great punishment, if someone oversteps the boundaries; you can legislate; you can delegate; you can force others to walk by the rules, to live by the rules, and many times, they do so; but, the best possible way to encourage, and support, people to live their lives, fully, as they walk the pathways of Earth, would be to use words of support, words of encouragement!

“Now, it is very easy to see someone has slipped, and fallen, as you walk along the streets of a city, and encounter a man or a woman, lying in a corner, close to a building.  As the world teaches you to judge, you might quickly pronounce, “There is a drunk.  There is a drug addict.  They have passed-out.  They have no control.  Look how they are wasting their lives.”  And, with those words, you are pushing them further, and further down, deep into recesses of darkness, with no way out.  But what would happen, if, rather than pronouncing what appears to be the obvious, you give them hope, you pronounce them ‘a child of God.’  And sometimes this might be the only redeeming quality you can find at that moment.  But what a redeeming quality it is!  “There is a child of God!  And I will help, encourage, and support that child of God.”  This is a clear and obvious example, and each of you have encountered situations where it is very easy to cast aspersions, because you see the behavior exhibited so clearly.  This is the extreme case, and I believe, by slightly modifying your perspective, you can easily alter your curse, to a blessing, by acting in the love of God, rather than by reacting to what you see.

“It was My experience as I walked upon Earth, that ‘the lesser things,’ are much harder to adjust.  It seems easy to tell someone they are lazy, or shiftless, or no good, because they are not doing what you think they would do, that particular day.  When a child, who is in your care, acts-out, breaks a glass, tears something, the words fall out of most mouths, too easily, “You are a bad boy;” or, if appropriate, “You are a bad girl.”

“These things need to be addressed, because they are said daily.  In the course of a day, a child hears many judgments upon them.  And it need not be so, because each time, they could have, just as easily, heard a pronouncement of something they do really well, to lift them out of the place of danger, into a place of confidence, hope, and trust!  It only requires a slight change in your perspective.  And that perspective has to hold, within it, and place more value on, the feelings of the child, than on the cost of what they just broke.  It doesn’t matter if they broke a glass, or dropped a vase, or ripped their clothing.  The most important thing ~ is the energy that they feel ~ within them, what is created, within them! 

“Thoughts, and words are real things and hold great power; and, often times, the words spoken in judgment are actually cursing that person, with the reality of whatever has just been stated!  I speak to you today, in a solemn way, because I would like each of you to think of what you are preparing to say, especially today.  And you will be surprised at the number of times that you are “tempted,” to use statements, sentences, or simple words, which are judgments, rather than pronouncements of encouragement and support.  And this is what really might surprise you; most of these judgments are delivered with the intention to help, to correct, to modify behavior; but, they do exactly the opposite; they reinforce the very behavior that is judged to be less than desirable. 

“Every person around you has attributes that need to be addressed, and announced, held-up over all other energies.  Address the light, address the bright, address the gifts held within that person, and bring them forward, and then, the other less desirable characteristics will slip away, because you are not giving them ‘the magnifying force, of your attention,’ you are focusing on the light.

“Spend this day paying attention to the words you say, and let them be words of hope, and support, and encouragement.  Come the end of the day, when the sun is setting, and night is opening its arms to embrace, you will go to bed smiling, realizing there is a better way to use the words you want to say, so that they might be ‘of hope, of love, and of light, to show The Way!’”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
June 21, 2015
On Father’s
Day: Peace Is
Found Within,
Sitting With God

  I AM with you!   I reach-out to touch you, to speak to you in such a way, that you might ‘know, how to walk in peace,’ every day!  It is not a secret, it is not a mystery; however, it is a miracle, that you can establish peace, within your being, sitting with the piece of God that is with you!  Let us celebrate this miracle today!  It is fitting to do so, to understand ~ that your Eternal Parent ~ sits with you, in a place within you, to establish peace!  And it is especially appropriate on a day set aside to honor fathers, in certain countries upon the Earth.

“To enjoy, fully, your life upon the Earth, it is important to: be still; be quiet; take the journey into your being; walk the pathways, and passages, in search of the core of your being, where you will encounter the piece of God that is within you!  I can assure each of you, that it is impossible to sit with God within you, without feeling peace!  Once you have established peace within your being, it is there, and it is where you go to enjoy peace! 

“So many of you, at this time, walking upon Earth, are: seeking peace from others; seeking peace, and contentment, from what you can buy, from the things you can do; seeking to find peace sometimes, in what people say to you, or do for you.  This is not how you find peace; for the one who is truly at peace, is at peace no matter what is happening around them.  It is already within them.  It is embedded within their being.  The one who truly knows peace, cannot be rocked: by the ways of the world; by the things of the world; by what they feel they lack; by what they feel they need, but do not have; by what others say, or do; these things cannot rob you of the peace you know within. 

“Therefore, My counsel to you this morning, My guidance to you this morning, is to establish peace, within your being; and to do so, you must go to the core of your being, and sit with God.  And when you rise-up, and realize you are at peace within, you are healthy, happy, and content, within your being.  This, My brothers and sisters, is how you experience happiness, because you cannot count on the people of the world, or the things of the world, or the ways of the world to bring you peace and contentment.  In fact, the truth is, you must deliver peace to the people, and the things, of the world; for, as you hold it within you, as you establish it carefully, and nurture it tenderly, everywhere you go, every thought you think, every word you say, or deed you do, will be permeated with peace.

“For those of you today who might feel slightly ‘out of balance,’ wandering here or there, I say to you, when you find yourself in this state, be still, go to the core of your being, and communicate with God; and then, you will ‘know,’ the ways of God, and you will be at peace; for, who can resist peace, when you are sitting with God?” 
Sunday Sermons
July 12, 2015
Be The
For The Miracle, And
Give The Glory To God

  I AM with you!   From the arms of our Eternal Parent, I am compelled to reach-out, and touch any who will listen, who will give Me the time to say, that, which I have come to say; and, in that time you are willing to spare, I promise to lead you out of any despair, into the light of a new day, with understanding, showing you The Way!   

“It is important for you to remember something, so that you might accept and embrace something else.  You did not arrive upon the Earth accidentally, at all.  You were granted the opportunity to perform a task, to lead a mission, to make a correction, to assist in bringing the Earth back to The Garden, it was originally meant to be, a place of exploration, and joy, and sheer delight.  And as any explorer, or perhaps better phrased, as any experienced explorer knows, you do not go blindly into a place you do not know, without a map, without a blueprint, without preparation.  In the case of those journeying to Earth, the map is held within your soul, the blueprint is written upon your heart by the finger of God, and the directions come at any time you feel lost, or alone, or dismayed; for this is the plan, it is your intention to stay connected with Home Base, while you have the experience of exploration of space.

“The only time the astronauts, who fly amongst the stars, cannot be in touch with home base is when something is wrong, when there is a ‘disconnect.’  And, when everything is cleared-up, fixed, and repaired, they celebrate a clear connection, communication with clarity with home base.  And, this is how it is meant to be when you travel to Earth.  It is best, when there is communication, with clarity, between you and Home Base.

”I traveled to Earth for the same reason, to complete a mission.  In that, we are the same; in fact, we are the same, you, your brothers, your sisters, your friends, your work associates, and Me!  We are all, spirit, first; and your spirit is eternal.  There is no death, of your spirit.  You are created to live forever, having many experiences, but always returning to your eternal existence, your spirit.

“There is a question that has come forth, from the hearts of many of you, and I wish to clear-it-up, not so that I might sound superior, but so you might have superior understanding, divine understanding, of some of the words that were written down in Scriptures that are read by many, and misunderstood, by many.

“The first thing you must do is realize this, everyone has a purpose to exist upon the Earth!  And, in your mission, you have The Creator of all things, miraculously ready to guide you, so that your mission might be complete, so that you might feel whole, in the completion of your mission.  So, I will, as some of you say, ‘cut to the chase.’  The question is, did I perform miracles, as they are written?  No, I did not!  I did not do any of those things that are written, the breath of God, within Me, worked the miracles, through Me!  The will of God moved Me, and as I stood, of My own freewill, God performed miracles!  And as the power of God moved through Me, to perform these miracles, I was enhanced with The Power of God.  I did, as I was moved to do.  The great mistake in this question is in asking, ‘…did Yeshua, did Jesus, perform these miracles?’  I tell you, God performed the miracles.  It was My mission; therefore, I was moved to the place I was supposed to go, and The Power of God, moved! 

“What were the reasons, for these miracles?  Why were they performed?  Why were so many others performed, and not recorded?  And the reason was, that the people needed to see something beyond Me; for those who were willing to see, that they could see God, through Me, through what I did; therefore, I was willing to do this.  God said, ‘Go, and I will do this, through you!’

“I said often, ‘These are not My words.  These are not My words, these are the words of our Heavenly Father.’  But people would not listen, they attributed the words to Me; but, I can assure you, when I spoke these words, it was God speaking through Me.  When I walked to a certain town, and touched a person, crumpled, and unable to move, raising-them-up, it was God raising-them-up, through Me.  It is time for the children of Earth to know this clearly, and fully. 

“I did not accept the glory, and the responsibility, for speaking to the eternal, living spirit, of a young woman, who was declared dead.  God said, ‘I will summon forth her spirit, and her spirit will bring her body up.’  It was God!  Know this, and say it fully, when the question comes up, and I give you permission to do it.  It was God, working through the Son of God, to perform these miracles, and I said, clearly, to any who would listen, who would hear Me, ‘You too, can do everything I do,’ and I added the caveat, ‘…and you can do even greater things than I AM doing.’ 

“Do not brush these words aside!  Do not shove them over in a corner, and pretend that they were not said; for, this should be your banner!  If you believe it, then you ‘know,’ that your mission, upon Earth, will be completed, as it is meant to be completed, as long as you say, ‘God, I am on this mission!  Let it all flow through me!  That is why I am here!’

“It is easy to be distracted, once you reach Earth; but for those who will focus on the reason for their birth, upon the Earth, the hand of God will move, and it will be miraculous, all your life through!

“You see evidence of The Presence of God, as you read through history, or as you look around every day, and encounter those who say, ‘I am on a mission, and I will not be distracted, for God is moving me!’  Look at history.  There was a very simple woman, whose name was Rosa Parks.  God whispered, ‘Stand-up, and stay seated.’  That was her mission… get to Earth, and when you hear Me, ‘Stand-up, by staying seated!’  Her taking a stand, by holding her seat, fueled a noble cause!  There were some others, a gentleman, Dr. King.  His mission was to speak-out, and tell others to sit down.  And his actions changed the course of history.  It was miraculous.  God said, ‘It is time, speak.’  And God even provided the words for him to speak.  There was a young woman, whose life was set, until I came to her, and said, ‘Go out.  Go into the country of India, and touch the lepers, and the unclean, and love them.  Wash their faces with My tears, rolling down your face.’  I could continue all day long, about solitary individuals, answering the voice of God, as they stood-up, or sat-down; like Moses, who raised the staff, and led thousands of people.  What a miracle!  But, it was not Moses, Moses was the instrument in the hand, and the voice, of God.  It was God.  God moved the woman to take a stand for something; God moved the man to use his voice to deliver something of value; it was, and is, God!

“The presence of God within you will move you, and stir you, to complete your mission, and to perform miracles, when it is the will of God to do so; and, these miracles are not just ‘pomp and circumstance.’  They are delivered at precisely the right time to give others the faith to continue on their mission, knowing Home Base is not something created in the imagination, a fable, a story, a myth, it is real!  And the miracles say, ‘Look at this.  It is real!  Now, rise-up, and walk into the day, fueled with the faith to make your way, along the path.’

“You have met people, who have given you the support, and encouragement to step-out, and do something that you might never have done before, except for their faith that you could do it.  You have also encountered those whose energy would dim your ability, would hold you in place, would tell you it is impossible, this mission you intend to do.  You encounter many things as you make your way over the Earth.  But, as you do so, remember Me saying, ‘Every miracle performed was, and is, the will of God, and when God wills it, it is done!’   

“There have been many individuals sent to Earth to create light.  Some individuals were sent to Earth to develop a source of light, so that others, one day, might flip a switch, and there would be light.  There were some individuals sent to Earth to eliminate certain diseases, and vaccines were developed, and polio was cured, along with many other diseases.  These things come from God.  And when it is the will of God, even when the scientist is working so hard in a laboratory to complete the mission, it is often necessary, for an accident to occur, and out of the accident, comes the answer.  So, have faith in knowing, as long as you are willing to say, ‘God, show me The Way!  I am out here in space, You are at Home Base.  I will follow!’  This is not passive.  This is being a willing accomplice in a journey that you were eager to take.

“Where you are, right now, is one of the most exciting experiences of your eternal existence!  For some of you, you waited a very long time, for just ‘the right time,’ to walk upon Earth, so that you might accomplish a mission.  Do not be distracted from your mission.  Listen!  Watch for the signs!  Hear the direction, or feel the direction, or know what the guidance is, for that particular day, and take it joyfully with you!  For, there will come a day, for each of you, when you will see a miracle, play-out, in front of you!  Do not be tricked into thinking it is you, performing the miracle.  Celebrate, that you were willing to be the instrument of the miracle, and give the glory to God!”  

Sunday Sermons
July 19, 2015
New Lessons,

  I AM with you!   I greet you in this fashion, often, with the intention that some amongst you will hear the words, and believe them.  I AM with you.  My presence is with you.  I AM nearer to you than the one sitting next to you, or standing next to you.  I AM nearer than those walking around you.  And today, I wish to begin by saying to you, if you are frustrated, confused, feeling anxious, or concerned about this, or that, or the other, you are not in the lap of God.  You are not at peace.

“I bring you this message to begin a gentle stream of thought; and the thought is connected with the concept that you must stay in the light of God, or you will experience confusion, and wander in shadow, leading into darkness.  And I bring you the words, support, and encouragement to keep you from shadow and darkness, guiding you to the light, for your life is meant to be lived in the light of God. 

“God did not send the children to Earth to wander about, trying to figure everything out, gnashing their teeth, and calling-out in despair.  This was, and is, not the plan!  The plan was for the children to listen: for the words, and the whispers, of God; for the direction, encouragement of the messengers; and then, follow; so your life would be led in the light, and your earthly experience would be one of great joy; for, the joyful have hearts that are filled with the light of God!  Their song is sweet, yet known by few.

“I AM going to give you an example today of how the leading, and the teaching, of God, can be one way one day, and one way another.  And these lessons are best understood, if you compare them to lessons delivered in a classroom, and let us say that it is an open classroom, with many different grades.  As the teacher is imparting the current state of knowledge, teaching of history, and science, and mathematics, literature, and poetry, the lessons are delivered.  And those who get the lesson, move on.  They go on to learn something else; yet, in wisdom, the teacher knows that (s)he cannot pass a student, from one grade to another, until that student can prove that they know the lesson; for, often, the lesson is the foundation of their future learning.  If the foundation is not properly set, or established, you can stack all the knowledge on top of it you want; but eventually, that tower will fall, because of the faulty foundation.  So, as some students do not learn the lesson completely, they must stay where they are, until they have a full understanding of the lesson, until they can recite with surety that given two objects, and adding two more objects of like kind, creates a group of four objects.  Knowing this, the student can pass the lesson to learn yet another mathematic lesson.  Now, having set that stage, having a clear understanding of students in a classroom, passing through, once they learn the lesson, I bring you this. 

“God is your Teacher, your Eternal Parent.  But the wise Teacher, the loving Parent know, the lessons must be learned, and learned well, before the child is ready to proceed, to move on. 

“Most of you are aware, that in the Old Testament, in the old days, the lesson was, stop, do not kill each other.  There was another lesson, stop, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, but no more.  Then many, many, many years later God sends a messenger of love.  The messenger does not say, do away with an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.  The messenger says, remember that lesson; but now I say to you, turn the other cheek.  So, you have generations who followed an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, and the messenger comes, and brings the new lesson, for those who are ready, turn the other cheek.

“There was a command, do not kill each other.  And thousands of years later, the messenger comes, and says, remember, your ancestors were taught, do not kill your brother.  I bring the teaching, do not be angry with your brother. These are radical changes.  And I was the messenger who delivered the new teachings, turn the other cheek, do not be angry; and, there were many other things.  Give what you can.  If someone asks you for something, give it to them, and more. The lessons are numerous, but what I want you to see is that there is thought, a flow, in this concept.  You bring a teaching, you bring a messenger with a message, to the children of Earth.  And, those who hear it, and understand it, move on.  Most remain behind.  And, most are still trying, and struggling with the concepts, delivered thousands and thousands of years ago.  The intention was to bring Earth up, into an ascension, into a resurrection, from the muck and the darkness, into the light and glory, by simply sending a message of hope, a story of the progress of the children of Earth.  Pay attention to the lessons of ascension, because they are very different; yet, they must be.  You cannot stack one on top of the other, unless you fully know the foundation lesson; then, all of the additional lessons, all of the brick and mortar, are in a straight, well-balanced, line, atop a strong, and sturdy, foundation.

“These things are important; but, it takes desire to work with a lesson, and come to know it.  And, as surprising as it might seem, at this time, there are even more enlightened lessons to come, leading you to a new understanding, because turn the other cheek is the old lesson, because not getting angry, and not using the energy of anger against another, is an old lesson; for those who have learned this, they are already in another classroom.

“There will come a day, when those who inhabit Earth live in light, and do not judge at all, because they are living as enlightened beings upon Earth.  At this time, you do not know what the new lessons, of the decades, and decades, beyond you, will say, or do.  But, one thing you can imagine, is that there will be as much difference between the new lessons, as there was between the old.  An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth; new lesson – turn the other cheek.  Where will that go?  How can there be improvement?  Do not kill your brothers; new lesson – do not get angry with your brothers. Where will that go?  Can you imagine?”

Sunday Sermons
August 2, 2015
Through Eyes
of Faith, and Belief

  I AM with you!    As you awaken, I AM with you.  As you are willing to accept, and acknowledge, My presence with you, our relationship grows closer, and closer; and that, which I wish to tell you, is accepted by you; and that which you wish to tell Me, is heard with clarity, by Me; and in the exchange, we are One.

“Be still.  Feel, and hear, your body breathing.  You are exchanging, you are breathing-in, and you are breathing-out, and in this exchange, you are one with Earth. 

“Earth is a reflection of eternal life, and those who are awakened, see it, and know it to be so. 

“To accept a miracle, you must be willing to see it, and not discount it, using excuses to diminish it, until you have talked it away; and, it is the same, with seeing the unseen realm all around you.  First, you must be willing to acknowledge the possibility that Heaven is with you.  You must consider the possibility that you can travel as far into the heavens, into the skies above you, as you can go, using whatever craft necessary to make it so, but you will not locate Heaven, in any of those travels.  Heaven is around you, and in you; it is not separate from you; it is with you, as are all the dimensions, one stacked neatly on the other, until it is complete, precise, concise, perfection. 

“As I walked upon Earth, I was led to those who would follow Me in a special way.  I was seeking those who would be willing to acknowledge the possibility, for in acknowledging the possibility, there is a spark of probability, and that spark will start the fire going, and within the fire glowing, the unseen is seen, through eyes of faith!  And the eyes of faith, become the eyes of belief, when the unseen is clearly seen!

“I sought this type of individual out, so that the truth would slowly unfold for them, and they would see, and understand, the message I brought, and they would do so, through eyes of faith, and belief would kindle the fire, and a new story of creation would continue from the old, through them.

“If you want to live a life that is filled with miracles, and glory, you must be willing to acknowledge the possibility of something so magnificent, that the learned, the schooled, have a tendency to dismiss it as impossible, while those who are willing to see through eyes of faith, accept and embrace the miracle of eternity, with you now, in the present, with you… now!”

Sunday Sermons
August 16, 2015
Let For-
giveness Begin
With You, Today

  I AM with you!    I AM so near to you; yet, most of you do not realize My presence with you.  However, there are times, when I say, in a whisper, ‘I AM with you,’ and one or two respond, with the realization, with the knowing: that I AM there; that Heaven is upon the Earth; for most of you, it remains within the unseen realm; yet, it is ever present, and with you!

“One of the important steps, that you can take, in your daily life, to bring ‘the unseen realm of Heaven, closer into a reality that you recognize, now, is practicing The Art of Forgiveness! 

“It is often easier to be thankful, to have a grateful heart, than it is to be forgiving, and have a heart filled with forgiveness for others; yet, I say unto you, to truly understand the love of God ~ is to understand ~ the gift of forgiveness! 

“When something happens, when an event occurs, or words are spoken, deeds done, which seem, or appear to be, great transgressions against you, there is the temptation: to be angry, to hold resentment, to hold a grudge, to withhold your forgiveness from another, from a group of people, or from a country.  But I say unto you, ‘Your eyes will be sealed, until you forgive!’

“Withholding forgiveness takes effort, it is a decision one makes.  It does not just happen, that you refuse forgiveness.  It is something you think about, speak about, and then do. 

“Now, if in your thoughts, you are sitting with God, God will gently say, ‘My child, I will help you forgive this situation, for you must forgive, or you will not know forgiveness yourself.’ 

“On the other hand, if you are permitting your thoughts to be entertained, or consumed, by darkness or shadow, you will be encouraged: to stay in a state of un-forgiveness; to maintain that you are right, and someone else, or another situation has greatly harmed you, and this someone else, or situation, cannot be forgiven by you.  If you have convinced yourself of this, then you must know, you were not sitting with God!  You have walked into shadow, and the longer you hold yourself in a state where you will not forgive, the cloak of darkness is enfolding you, and holding you, in a prison created by you.  These seeds that are held in the hand of one who will not forgive, are sown in the heart, and as they grow, they break the heart apart.  Therefore, if you cannot forgive, it is difficult to love, with a broken heart.  These seeds do not sustain.  These seeds break apart, and all things whither in a broken heart.

“It is important to understand the art, and the act, of forgiveness.  It is not talked about very much, but it is clear, that for those who will not forgive, forgiveness is something they do not ‘know.’  If you do not forgive another, you have locked yourself in that cell, and you cannot be released, until you have the thoughts of forgiveness, the words of forgiveness, and the actions of forgiveness.  What I AM saying to you, is… ‘By refusing to forgive another, you hold that energy within you.’ Stop, and think about it.  By cursing another, the curse is within you.  It cannot be any other way.  You created the energy, therefore it is within you.  What energy do you desire to be within you? 

“If you take the smallest incident, and sit with Our Father, Our Parent, today, you will find God saying to you, ‘My child, you must forgive in every way.  This is a key that will unlock a door, and once it is done, your life is changed forevermore, eternally changed forevermore, because your heart begins to mend, and soon it is healed.  And once forgiving is done, the healthy heart begins to love, again.’

“There is a difference between doing something 100%, and doing something 30%, or 60%.  To know a little bit of love is nice.  To live in the flow of God’s love for you is amazing!  It is a glorious life you will lead.  But, there is the responsibility, which you must heed.  Forgive! 

“Begin this week, forgiving those things that you have found difficult to forgive before!  Forgive the slights, forgive the words, forgive the deeds.  Forgive all things, all transgressions, all debts.  All things are to be forgiven!  And once this is done… your eyes will see… in a different way! 

“Let forgiveness begin with you, and let it begin today!”

Sunday Sermons
August 23, 2015
Your Mission
- Create The Way,-
For Tomorrow, Today

  I AM with you!   I move between all places, all times, from one dimension to another, as I will to do.  And today, I will to be with you, in a special way!  We are always united as one; however, there are times, when we draw nearer, and nearer, and that communion is sweet, and precious!  I AM with you today, come.
“Today, I wish to remind you of something that we have discussed a number of times; yet, it is of such great importance that I do address it once more, today.  So many of you, with goodness in your hearts, ask the questions; ‘What is my mission?  Why am I here?  What is my next step?  Where do I go?’  And when you ask these questions in prayer, your heart is filled with desire to do something, and most of the time, to do something of great significance, something you consider might be very important.  And it is in these times of prayer, when you are asking for direction into something new, bigger, grander to do, that your Father, your Eternal Parent, holds such tender love for you!  However, it also in these moments that I desire to tell you something, you first, need to do.

“In your life, as you are living it, right now, have you given all those you love your blessing every day, delivering to each of your loved ones, the light of God, the love of God, a tender touch by you, a gentle kiss, a sweet caress, words of encouragement, and support?  Have you filled your home with laughter, and love, and sweet, sacred songs, filled it with gratitude for all the gifts of the day?  Have you spoken words of kindness, understanding, and compassion, rejecting the harsher tones and vibrations of frustration, judgment, and anger? 

“I could probably go on, with a litany of things, such as, have you been more generous, rejecting greed?  But I believe each of you hearing these words, or reading these words, gets the point, of what I AM saying.  You understand Me.  You hear clearly, or know, with great clarity, what I AM saying to you. 

“Are you treating your loved ones with love, and only love, rejecting all shadow, and darkness?  That is My point, concise, and precise.  If you are not doing this, you are not ready to move on to another mission, a greater mission, something you feel is significant, or important.  Because there is nothing more important than being ‘love,’ to those around.  And the same applies to friends, or acquaintances, or those at work, those you see every day in an office situation, or in a shop situation, or in a factory, or at school.  Until you can say, every night, that the words that you have spoken all day were filled with love, and light, and support, and encouragement, then you need to focus on what you are doing, right now, because that is the foundation for tomorrow! 

“There is no need to strike-out, riding the plans for tomorrow, if your foundation is not firmly set in love, and light, and peace!  In fact, if your thoughts, and words, and deeds are only ‘of love, and light,’ stripped, and freed, from any type of anger, or greed, or lust, or sadness, or misery, you are creating your tomorrow.  Then, there is no need to be concerned about tomorrow.  For every day that you plant that seed of thought, and word, and deed, being ‘of the light, and the love, and the glory of God,’ you are creating The Way, for tomorrow!  And as tomorrow unfolds, you find that you are exactly where you need to be, and that mission that seemed so mundane, so simple, so ordinary, has evolved, has ascended, has transcended anything mundane, and moved all around you into the extraordinary presence of The Light!

“Your hearts are filled with desire to do good, to do great, to do right, so what I AM saying to you is, do not leave these plans for tomorrow, for another mission.  Bring these desires into this day, and watch how it unfolds.  Those around you will hold confidence with your encouragement and support.  Those around you will be at peace in the love, and light, you deliver.  And there will be a flow, that Eternal Flow, the Divine Light will fill your space, and emanate from your face, and you will touch those around you with peace, and the presence of God, this day!”

Sunday Sermons
August 30, 2015
The Treasures
Of The Unseen, The
Treasures Of Eternal Value

  I AM with you!   I do not sit high atop, removed from all that is going on around the mountain.  No, I walk amongst you; I sit with you; I sup with you; I drink with you; and, I have lived, as you live; but, I did show The Way, a way to understanding the glory of, living upon Earth, The Way to seeing the unseen, The Way to life, The Way to living, as it is truly meant to be!
“The phrase, ‘…being in the world, but not of the world,’ is known by almost everyone; but it is mostly a slogan, few look at it, speak the words, and attempt to live the words. 

“You should celebrate living upon Earth.  You should not curse the things of Earth.  Living upon the Earth is one of the greatest adventures, a privilege, and an honor, where you can: touch and feel; breathe-in and sense the aromas; taste, and be filled with the glories of the fruits of Earth.  This is a privilege, it is an honor; but with it, it comes a responsibility.

“It is more important to be storing-up the treasures: of generosity, of kindness, of compassion, of love, of encouragement, all of the beautiful things that you can think of that fall into that category, are treasures.  You cannot hold them, as a coin, in your hand.  These ‘coins,’ are unseen.  You cannot see the treasure chest in which you place each coin.  It is unseen; but they are amongst the greatest treasures of all eternity, those wonderful thoughts, and words, and deeds of light, and love, that you commit, during your time, during your journey on Earth. 

“You can see the money placed in your hand when you receive a paycheck.  And you can take that money, and you can put it in: a bank, which you can see; or, a treasure chest in your home, which you can see; or, your wallet, which you can see.  You can take the money, or possibly coins, and exchange them for goods, which you can see; but after a while, the accepting, and the saving, and the spending, and the purchasing of goods becomes more a cycle, a circle of repetition, in-and-out, in-and-out; and, what you are purchasing, does not have eternal value.

“Now, how you change this exchange to something of eternal value, is when you decide that a piece, or a part, of that which you receive, for work you have done, will be put to use for the glory of God.  When you take your dollars, or your coins, or your money of any sort, and you use it to give unto another, out of generosity, kindness, compassion, understanding, love, you have changed the seen into the unseen.  Every time you give a gift of food, purchased with the money you have earned, you change the seen into the unseen gift of generosity, and kindness!  Every time you initiate, or create, a thought to do some good, for something, or someone else, you change the seen, into the unseen, which is eternal!  You do not have to deny the seen, you simply need to know how to operate in the world, using the gifts of the unseen.  And then, it all flows, together.

“I encourage you, this week, to practice this mingling of the seen and unseen!  Begin every day in the realm of the unseen, communicating with our Eternal Parent, with The Creator of All Things, being still, asking for guidance, with gratitude in your heart, being willing to move into the seen, carrying all your gifts of the unseen: to face every situation with understanding; to greet everyone in need with compassion; to meet lack, with generosity; to stand in the face of hatred, and deliver the gift of love! 

“Let love be in your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds; for, in this Way, you take that which will pass away, and create that which will stay … for eternity!  Store-up the treasures of the unseen, for these things you will bring Home with you; they will be with you for eternity!”   

Sunday Sermons
September 6, 2015
Sit With God,
Pray, Then Rise-
Up, And See The World
Through The Eyes Of God

  I AM with you!   I AM with you, therefore, I see and share the glory, and the joy, of Earth with you.  I see through your eyes, at times, and there are times when you see through mine, as we are one.  Oh, what a blessing it is, when you are still, and quiet, and sit with God, then, rise-up, and walk into the world, seeing the world through the eyes of God.  This is a miracle.  It is a miracle, of The One.
“You hear this following suggestion many times, but for those who actually follow the suggestion, and incorporate it into their daily lives, there is glory untold, joy untold, peace unfolds around you.  Before you begin each day, sit with God.  There is no need to enumerate all of the things you hope for, and pray for; for in this quiet time, ~ the most important way to pray ~ is to have conversation with God.  God know what you need, more than you, for it is most often that you think you know what you need, but your Eternal Parent knows what is set before you, and wishes to strengthen you, for all things, great joy, and great challenge.

“As you sit with God each day, you are better prepared to rise-up, and walk into the world, whether it be: go to the fields to harvest or plant, or go to an office, or factory, where there are machines, putting things together, one, after one, after one.  It does not matter where your work is done.  What is more important, is that you begin your day with God, so you are prepared for anything that comes to you.

“‘Seek first The Kingdom of God,’ and then, go about your way, performing the tasks, and the chores, of the day.

“When you do begin the day in prayer, there is a different glow about you.  Your eyes shine ~ with confidence ~ that you have made contact with The Creator of All Things, and The Creator of All Things is with you, at that moment! When you make this connection with God first, you are less likely to judge others, as you make your way through the day, for you will be more focused on light, than on darkness.  And, with a bit of practice, you will find that no matter who, or what, you encounter, you are actually beginning to see the light in that person, rather than seeking-out the darkness in the person.  When you begin the day with God, you are less likely to judge another.  In fact, rather than looking, or judging, shadow or darkness, what happens is, you begin pointing-out the light that is there.  Now it is true, that sometimes the only light that you can find, will be the truth, the eternal fact that, that person is ‘a child of God.’  And if that is true, then that should be your song, to them.  ‘I see you.  I know you are a child of God.’  And, even if they reject your statement, and turn from you, you have delivered a message that is there, within them.  And, I can assure you, there will come a day, when they will remember, and hear the whisper, in their hour of need, and they will rise-up, as they fall to their knees, and whisper, ‘I am a child of God!’

“There is no limit to what affirmative, positive statements can do.  Therefore, look for the light in others, and resolve, and confirm, and affirm it in you; then, this is what will grow, this is what will be known, about you! 

“Do not worry, or fret, about what tomorrow might bring.  As you go forth into this day, take the hand of God, and sing; for when God walks with you, no shadow or darkness will entrap you; for, ‘The Way shall be made clear for you,’ and the joy of living upon Earth will be yours!”