Sunday Sermons
November 1, 2015
True Abundance,
How To Use Material
Things To Restore The King-
dom Of Heaven, Upon The Earth

  I AM with you!  And for those of you who believe in this communication between dimensions, you feel My presence; My words move into you, and you ‘know,’ because you believe!  From within your being, the seed of belief is growing, and you are nurturing it, knowing.  There is no one who can make you believe.  You believe, because you have faith.  You understand, because you have faith.  You are moving in the realm of miracles, because you have faith.  Every day is an extraordinary day, every minute, every second is extraordinary, because you have faith.    

“I know that I can give you the keys to making your life upon Earth one of ease, delight, and wonder; but first, you must be willing to ‘believe,’ what I say to you, is true!  This requires faith!  And once you embrace, the words that I speak to you, then you begin to grow, and that which you know, grows, with you.  This is ‘living faith.’

“If you are upon Earth at the present time, you can be assured that you are upon Earth to complete a mission.  And, you can also be assured that the completion of your mission has to do with repairing, and cleaning, and maintaining the gardens of Earth.  You are to make Earth a better place, because of your presence, because of what you think, and say, and do. 

“Now, some of you might have forgotten this, and this is easy to do.  Once you begin moving in the world created by man, you begin to lose your way, you let loose the hand of God, and begin to grab, and cling, and hold-on-to what is important in the world of man.  The world of man consists of the material, the things that you can see, and hold: gold, and silver, coins, and bills, clothing, and cars, houses, buildings, bridges.  The list goes on, and on.  If it can be made, or manufactured, by man, then it is ‘of the world of man,’ the world created by man.  Yet, it is possible to be on the Earth, operating, and living, in that which was created by God.  But God does not sew-up dresses, or pound together buildings, or create great castles, or cathedrals, or humble dwellings.  God’s majesty, and kingdom, is the unseen!  And the unseen is majestic!  It is ‘of light, and glory.’  It is your Home.  It is from whence you came.  And, it is your honor, and responsibility, to restore these things, these blessings, these graces to Earth, and those who inhabit Earth.

“Once you remember this, the way you live upon the Earth changes.  You do not pack a suitcase, or a trunk, with gold, or silver.  No, your gold, and silver are: the memories; the thoughts; the deeds; acts of courage, and kindness; words of compassion, and understanding; thoughts of light surrounding all things.  These things are your treasures!  And these things you can bring Home, because they are not material.  The material must be left behind.  Some of you will lose it, before it is time to return Home.  For some of you, it will be taken from you.  But the unseen cannot be taken from you.  You can carry it, in your arms, as you return Home; actually, and in reality, making Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection, a better place!  Yes, you did hear Me, correctly.  When you spend your time, amassing a fortune of: compassion, and kindness, and understanding, love and charity, the unseen treasures, you can bring them Home with you, and Heaven is made better by the gifts you bring Home.  It can be no other way; if you bring the treasures Home, they enhance the treasure chests that are already overflowing in Heaven, making it, indeed, a better place.  I give you a bit of time to sit with that… . 

“You can make millions of dollars, as you live upon Earth.  But these millions of dollars have little value, until you begin to ‘do good,’ with the millions of dollars, until you release the temptation to hold onto the wealth, and do good: make life easier for someone who is struggling; clean-up a river, or a city;
feed children and families; make life better.  It is possible, for the one who knows what they are doing, to take that which is created by man, and from it bring forth the miracle of the unseen treasure.  Then the dollar becomes kindness, compassion, and understanding.  And this you can take Home.  I ask you to sit with this today, because this is not a new teaching, but a new way to look at an old teaching. 

“Remember… who you are… and what you are doing… ‘You are to make Earth a better place, and you are to store-up the unseen treasures to take Home with you,’ treasures that will magnify the glory of The Dimension of Perfection by that which you did as your journeyed upon Earth!”

Sunday Sermons
December 13, 2015
The Journey
Of A Lifetime, Begins,
With The First Step, In Faith

  I AM with you!  If you can open to this possibility, that Heaven can be so close to you, then the possibility turns into reality; and you feel My presence with you!  This is a miracle!  When you feel My presence with you, you cannot resist, and you reach-out, and you speak to Me; and I speak to you; between the dimensions there is communion, we have an exchange, an understanding, we are One!  It is then that you realize, all things are possible, when you believe!  In fact, your belief makes all things possible.  It is true, your faith will move a mountain, will part a sea, will bring peace, where hatred used to be! 

“What happens when one individual says, ‘Yes?’  Do not be “tempted,” to think that one individual’s announcement, commitment, faith, is isolated, and concentrated within, and around, that one; for every time one says, ‘Yes,’ all are included in the blessing!

“Today, I want to bring you a bit of encouragement by reminding you of reality.  I want you to take just a few minutes to realize how many individuals, and their individual commitments, had to come together, with regard to My birth upon the Earth.

“My earthly mother was not much more than a girl, when she had a vision, and the angel spoke to her, and she answered, ‘Yes.’  The story seems simple, because it has been told so often that most people totally disregard what this ‘yes,’ meant for this young woman.  She was saying that she would accept whatever would happen to her, knowing: ridicule, distain, mistrust, disrespect, and a myriad of other things, would befall her.  There was a chance, that she would be ‘an outcast,’ from her community, her family, and her betrothed.  There would be humiliation, probably punishment to endure.  Yet, what compelled this young woman to say, ‘yes?’  Held in the light of the angelic presence, her faith, became a fire, and her commitment, to do the will of God, became the desire, of her being!

“Having committed in such a way, it is reported that Mary went to see her cousin, Elizabeth.  She took herself out of the normal day-to-day activities.  She retreated to the home of her cousin.  Therein, she felt the faith of Elizabeth, and this faith filled her with courage, support, and the ability to go back out into the world, no matter what was to come to her; and so, she did.

“After you sit and ponder this for a while, you begin to understand the courage of Mary, the strength of Mary, the faith of Mary; but, it can be a bit more of a challenge to understand the faith of My earthly father, Joseph.  What courage, what strength it must have taken, to accept this woman, who was clearly with child, not his.  He found his courage in the light of the angelic being, and the visions in his dreams.  In his dreams, he was led to the truth: ‘Do not be afraid, embrace this woman, and take her into your home,’ and Joseph said, ‘Yes.’  You can be assured that it did cross his mind that there would be jokes, he would be the object of humiliating jokes.  People would think him a fool.  He might even lose his stature in the community, and faced with all this, because of his faith, he embraced his dream vision, and moved forward with Mary.

“Some of you hearing these words, or reading these words, will be familiar with the Three Wise Men, making a great journey, following a star, to take part in this great event.  They too had to say, ‘Yes.’  They too gave of themselves, including a financial investment in their trip, knowing, clearly knowing, that this star was leading them on a journey which would change their lives.  They had to say, ‘Yes,’ before they took the first step.  At some point in their journey, once they had reached their destination, and were going to return home, they too had a dream vision, they were warned in the dream not to go back to Harod, but to find another route home.  Their faith in that dream saved The Child, and they returned home.

“The shepherds in the field… that sounds rather simple… you can even close your eyes, and see them, on a hillside with their sheep, angelic beings, encircling them, singing, playing instruments, announcing the birth of The Messiah, The Child has come!  But, stop, and think a minute.  What does a shepherd do?  The shepherd is given the responsibility of tending the sheep, to keep them safe; but, the announcement was clear, about where this Child could be found.  They too said, ‘Yes,’ and did the most amazing thing, they walked away from the sheep, and went to find The Shepherd.

“These situations, surrounding My birth upon the Earth, are not unknown to you; but, in most regard, I believe you have not put much thought into the faith, courage, and strength it took to make these commitments, to say, ‘Yes,’ to believe in a dream, so strongly, that you turn your head from the ways of the world, and follow the dream.

“My life was saved, over and over again, because of dreams, and visions, and the people around Me, having the faith to say, ‘Yes.’  Even after My birth, My earthly father, Joseph, had to believe in a dream, and the warning it carried, so strongly, that he took us, My mother, and Me, and fled into Egypt, staying there until another dream came, instructing him to take us out of Egypt, to return home.

“I AM repeating these stories, these chapters, that began My life upon the Earth, so that you might be willing to say, ‘Yes,’ to follow the dream, to follow Me Home!” 

Sunday Sermons
September 27, 2015
And Peace
Will Be With You

  I AM with you!  I reach-out, right now, with no limitations, or boundaries: so that you might feel My presence with you, so that you might know Me better, so that I might encourage and support you, in every way, to be at peace; the world desperately needs peace!

“Peace be with you.  I cannot tell you how many times I said, ‘Peace be with you,’ during a day, during a month, during My lifetime, upon Earth. 

“Peace be with you! When you live in an environment, an atmosphere, of peace, it is possible to create love, to be understanding, and compassionate, even when others do not love you, understand you, or offer the gift of compassion. I covered this as well, saying to those who were around Me in no uncertain terms, it is easy to be loveable, to love, to like, to offer the gift of compassion, to those who are loving, and compassionate to you.  It is a different game, when you are asked to love those who seem unlovable, to offer understanding to those who will not do the same for you, to be compassionate to someone who is spitting upon you, or defiling you.  Yet, this is what you are asked to do!  It sets those who are willing to do this in a special place, acknowledging that God, and that which God has asked you to do, is more important than what you desire to do.

“My words were clear, then; and I offer them to you again today, because the world is filled with anger and hatred.  The spirits of meanness are everywhere around you, and they are multiplied every time there is even an angry thought. 

“To walk The Way, you must love!  You must do unto others as you would pray and hope they would do unto you; but, you cannot use the bad behavior, or the hatred, or anger, in others, to keep you from living in the light; for in truth, you are not doing this for others, you are doing it for God!

“I was asked to, and I did, bring the message of love, a New Testament, a loving testament, a new time for a new people.  I brought the Golden Rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Now, I wish for you to sit quietly, and think about this, for it most assuredly will bring you peace, and give you the ability to knock down the fences of defense, and open your heart to the love of God, pouring through.

“I brought the message ‘of love.’  Do you believe that I, in return, was given love, to the measure I gave it?  I brought the message to give unto others all that you have, and when you have given them all that you have, give them more, which meant to give joyfully.  I brought that message.  Do you think I received the same?  I brought the message of forgiveness, for all things, no matter what was done to you in the past, forgiveness was the new banner, as you walked along The Way.  I brought the message of forgiveness.  Do you believe that I was offered forgiveness as well?  I brought the message of understanding and compassion.  Do you believe, in your heart, I was offered the gift in return?

“I brought many messages, which I lived.  I did not speak the words lightly.  I spoke the words, and I was The Living Word of love, and understanding, and compassion, and forgiveness; but I knew, that these things that I gave freely, I would not receive.  You do not give to receive.  You give, because God is flowing into, and through, you, so completely, that you cannot do anything else but give, you cannot do anything else but love, there is no room for the spirit of meanness, or intolerance, or hatred, or anger.  When you are filled with the love, and the light of God, there is no room for such things.  You are not giving, for another to give back to you.  You are giving, because that is what you are meant to do.  And in giving, even creating the thought of giving, you are creating giving within yourself; therefore, that is the greater gift than to receive.  Give it, because, if you did not have it within you to give, you could not give. 

“There are those amongst you, who cannot love; because they have closed the door to God’s love, they do not know love; therefore, they cannot give love.  The only way they will have a fraction, or a taste or nibble, of the energy of love, is to experience love at your hand.  And the same is true with all the things that most people desire, such as understanding and compassion.  These things do not come from the dark side.  They come from God.  And if you are blocked-up with fear, and doubt, and worry, and anxiety, these things cannot get through that hallway that is already cluttered.  The only way they will know understanding and compassion is from someone who is in the light of God, who is willing to give, and expect nothing in return.

“When you create understanding within your being, because you live in the love and light of God, that energy remains in you, even though you give it away.  You cannot create it, and not know it.  Therefore, when you give it away, you are giving it to yourself!

“Today would be a good day, to sit down, and create these wonderful gifts of forgiveness, of love, of understanding, and compassion, and give them to another who appears unworthy, and watch what happens to you, because these gifts you create within, remain with you forever, and these gifts you create within do not come from darkness or shadow.  It is impossible to create love, without being in the light of God.  You cannot do it.  You cannot know love, without it being developed in an environment of light. 

“Therefore, today, remember, I brought the message of love, now it is your turn, live it.  Live it!  I brought the message of do unto others, now it is your turn, live it.  Live it!  If you can create these things within your being, you will truly be at peace.”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
September 20, 2015
Do Not Judge,
Choose To Live
The Light Of God

  I AM with you!   When I say, ‘I AM with you,’ it carries many messages.  True, it does mean I AM near to you, I AM close to you; for, even though you might not see the merging of the dimensions with your physical eyes, it is so, and it makes it possible for Me to be with you all of the time!  However, another meaning of ‘I AM with you,’ is I AM supporting you, I AM encouraging you, I AM on your side, I AM pulling the wagon with you, I AM walking behind the plow with you, I AM carrying the load with you, I AM with you, I AM on your team, we are one. 

“If there is ‘lack,’ amongst you, the lack belongs to all, for when there is need, there is need in the one.  Where there is abundance, and light, and peace, it is with you, no matter how far away, or how close.  Lack and need, and light and abundance, are shared.  When you know in your heart that all is one, you are compelled to minister to your brothers and sisters, so that their lack does not become your lack, so that your abundance of light becomes their abundance of light.  This is a Master’s Level lesson, accepted by those who walk The Way, practiced, by the Masters who walk the Earth.  Therefore, this brings Me to speak to you today of judgment, once again. 
“Many of you know the words to say, regarding judgment.  I brought the message; I delivered it; and I talked about it; it was a flag waving in The Wind, lifted-high atop a mountain.  ‘When you judge another, you are judging yourself.’  When you judge another, you are setting forth a code, which will be used to judge you, because the truth is, the only judging that will be done, or is done, is by you!  You declare judgment, upon yourself!

“In the same breath, when you deliver compassion, and understanding, and freedom to another, you are declaring compassion, understanding, and freedom for yourself.  Amazing!  Take the time to understand this.  You are setting-forth a decree that will apply, and does apply, to you.  Do you want to be measured by your measuring stick?  Do you want to be judged by the measuring stick you are currently using?  Or, do you wish to be enfolded-in a limitless amount of the gifts of compassion, and understanding, and forgiveness?  There is no question which you would choose.

“The situation is thus, you are making decisions, every day, which will affect you, in some way.  As an example, in Scripture there is a story about a young woman, who was caught in the act of adultery, and most of you remember this story.  You will recall that toward the end of the story, I invited any of those gathered to judge the woman, to throw the first stone, but that it should come first from the one who held no sin, who had committed no trespass.  I knew this was fair territory, and safe for the woman, because each one gathered, had already moved into the territory of judging another, they would not have been there, had they not judged her guilty.  They did not gather to set her free.  They gathered to stone her, to judge her.  Therefore, it was impossible for there to be one who could pick-up a stone, and throw it upon her.  It applies also, when you speak-out in judgment of another, or think-out a judgment of another, or act-out a judgment of another.  It is impossible to judge another, without deciding that, that is what you are going to do.

“It is easy to look at another, and say to yourself, ‘That is wrong, they should not do that.’  It is easy to look at another, or listen to another, and say, ‘I need to correct you, I need to stop you, I need to direct you to tell you are wrong.’  But, the very fact that you are willing to engage in the act of judging, declares that you have judged another, you have set yourself-up as the judge of another. 

“There is also a story, written in Scripture, where I AM credited with saying, ‘Do not try to take a speck out of another’s eye, when there is a plank in your own.’  To remove a speck, from another’s eye, your eyes must be clear, and free of debris.  Therefore, I tell you, and verily it is so, the one who holds no judgment, no trespass, no ill, no specks in the eye, would know, and love, and be at peace!  If there is work to do, turn it inward.  Let the work that you need to do, be within yourself!  Perfect yourself; for, the unperfected looks foolish, trying to perfect another.   

“So, I encourage each of you, as you begin this week, to hold your tongue, correct your thoughts, and any adjustment needing to be made, will be made within you; for, you see, you can speak, and talk, and encourage, and complain, and direct, and correct all day long, but the truth is, you cannot make a change in another!  They must make the change themselves.  But, you can change yourself, and in so doing be an example to another.  This is being the light.  This is showing The Way.

“When you are tempted to judgment, turn the work inside yourself, find something that could stand a bit of improvement within you, and go there to do the work you wish to do, because this truly is how all things will change, not by correction, or direction, or judgment of another.  Earth will change when the words of light, and love, and peace, become living words of light, and love, and peace!  This week, live compassion, live understanding, live generosity, live mercy, live the light of God!” 

Sunday Sermons
October 4, 2015
Be The
Deliver The Message

  I AM with you!  I bring you love!  I bring you forgiveness, for all things, and the spirit of forgiveness, so it might dwell within you, forever.  I bring you peace, and the spirit of peace, so it might dwell within you, forever.  I touch you with My blessing, My friendship. 

“I AM with you, as you walk through this day!  And your desire to be with Me, determines how closely, we walk together; but no matter how you feel at this moment, at this time, about a relationship with Me, I can assure you, I AM close to thee!  And the only thing that can draw Me nearer, and nearer, is your desire to make it so!
“I have said many times, over and over, that I delivered the message of love.  I delivered the message of forgiveness.  I delivered a message: to be generous, to be compassionate, to be kind.  I delivered a message that you could do everything I was doing upon Earth! 

“Many of you speak of these things, speak of My message of love, and forgiveness, and kindness, of the promise that the things that I did, could be done by any; but how deeply do you believe this, and how much importance do you place on the messages I did bring?

“When you think of your day, an ordinary day, when you think of the relationships you have with other people, ordinary relationships, how often do you deliver the message of love to that ordinary day, to those ordinary relationships?  If it was so important, if the world so needed the message of love, that I was sent from Heaven, to dwell amongst those of Earth, to deliver this message, how important is the message of love?  If it is so important, to send Me, it surely must hold great significance, for your day, for your relationships.  Do not set these things aside, as something you can read, or talk about, or pray for.  If they were important enough to begin a new age, a new time upon Earth, with these messages from Heaven, surely they hold enough importance for you to incorporate them in your day, or the way you deal with other people!

“Let this day be an example of how every day should go for you.  Be the messenger of love, and do it in such a way, that all around you feel the message of love, accept your message of love.  Be the messenger of forgiveness, and do it in such a way that all know you are forgiving, and bringing the message of forgiveness.  Be the messenger of kindness and compassion.  Be the messenger!  That is the most important thing you can do.

“If you have the capability, and use your ability, to build a grand bridge, spanning a river or an ocean, that has never been done before, being the messenger of love is more important than accomplishing this task, being the messenger of forgiveness is more important than accomplishing this task!  If you are a renowned doctor, a healer, and you have the capability, and the ability, to heal many, being the messenger of love is more important than doing so, being the messenger of forgiveness is more important than doing so!  For, I say unto you, what good are bridges, spanning great distances, or people being healed of blindness, or disease, or mental illness, if there is no love or forgiveness in the world?  It is giving people the ability to move about, or to experience life, with no love, no forgiveness, no kindness, no generosity. 

“It is easy to see those who are attempting to be messengers of love and forgiveness!  But when you see such beings, know this, they are able to do so, because they are so connect with The Creator, with God, and it is the power of God, moving into, and through them, establishing light within them, and illuminating all things around them, that gives them the capability, and the ability, to deliver the messages of love, and forgiveness, kindness, and compassion!  You will see, and know them, by their love, by their deeds.  They will not have to speak, or say anything, you will see them, by their light.  They will be quiet, they will be still, they will be at peace, because they live, and dwell, in the light of God! 

“This is how you save the world… deliver the message of love!  It does not matter what the world does with the message, what matters is, you delivered the message of love; therefore, it lives in the world!  Deliver the message of forgiveness!  It does not matter what the world does with the message, what matters is, you delivered the message of forgiveness; therefore, it lives in the world!  Deliver the message of kindness, and compassion!  It does not matter what the world does with the message, what matters is, you delivered the message of kindness, and compassion; therefore, it lives in the world!

“There is nothing more important you have to do, during a day, than to deliver these messages of hope and promise, because for those who will accept, and embrace, the messages you deliver, will come the gifts of grace, and faith, because they have seen it in action; therefore, they do not set it aside as impossible to do.  When you deliver the message of love, and forgiveness, kindness, and compassion, you are showing The Way, and providing the path to faith, living faith, because they see it; they see it in action, so they ‘know, it is possible.’  And this gift of unseen wealth, will change the world, more than anything else you have to do today! 

“Deliver the message!”

Sunday Sermons
October 11, 2015
The Gift, Em-
brace The Present

  I AM with you!  Feel My presence.  Know Me.  I reach through the corridors of time, and touch you, speaking in a whisper, so you might hear Me, clearly; for very little is heard in a shout, but all can be heard in a whisper!   

“I speak to each of you today: to encourage you; to support you; because I once did live as you; therefore, I know!  I speak to you to share that which I know, about living upon Earth, about walking in the world, created by man, remaining in spirit, connected with Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection, while moving over the Earth, blessing every piece and parcel of the Earth you do touch, and breathe upon, and pass over.

“If you knew the worth, the value, of every second, of every minute, you would not succumb to the temptation ‘to dabble in the past, or wander into the future.’  You would claim the precious gifts, the seconds, the minutes, the hours, of every day, as your own!

“I encourage you to avoid the distractions of the world, and focus on your communion with The Creator; for this is The Source of your life!  Focus on The Source, and then experience the present! 

“When you live in the present, you are experiencing, to the fullest measure, the present piece of eternity, and when you focus on the present piece of eternity in which you are living, you experience the peace of eternity!  When you permit yourself to be distracted by things that you imagine are dwelling, and waiting, in the future, you are denying yourself the privilege, and the gifts present, in the present piece of eternity.  You are turning your back on a gift, to sit in anxiety, and fear, and doubt. 

“This I promise you today, if you take care of every second, if you follow the divine whisper ~ held in every minute, ~ if you accept the guidance in every hour, there is no need to worry about tomorrow, because all of the fears, and anxieties, of tomorrow, vanish, in the light, of the present piece of eternity.  Live in the present, and all things will be resolved, as you move through the day.  Live in the present light, and all things will be miraculous, along The Way!

“You will be surprised when you begin this day, with the intention, of focusing on, the present piece of eternity.  You will be surprised to see how much you do focus on tomorrow, on yesterday, on anything, but the gift, you are tossing away. 

“Take a deep breath, and draw it into your being, draw it deep within you.  Feel ‘the life force,’ move, through you.  And know, that for every physical breath you take, there is a spiritual breath, as well.  I encourage you to live in the present, today.  I encourage you to open the present today.  I encourage you to embrace the gift you are given, and all worries and concerns will fade away!”

Sunday Sermons
October 18, 2015
God Is Your
Eternal Parent,
Cheering For You

  I AM with you!  Close your eyes, and you will see Me; in the darkness, I will come to you, and you will see, and recognize My light, as I see, and recognize, your light!  Be at peace this day.  This day is a day set aside for celebration, celebrating life, celebrating life upon Earth, and celebrating your eternal life.  So, let the celebration begin!   

“Some of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, have grown, and your years are numbered: maybe you are thirty, or forty, or fifty, or sixty, or more; but there is no doubt, no matter how many numbers are assigned to you at this time, in the passing of years, you remember being a child! 

“Certain childhood images come clearly, are filled with laughter and delight.  Some childhood memories are filled with lessons, learning to do right by others; and, by yourself, learning to do right, when no one is looking, because God is ever with you! 

“God is ever with you in such a special way; but it is not as if God is spying on you, or waiting to see what you do wrong.  Change your perspective; and see that God is with you, to support you, and encourage you, no matter what you have done, no matter what mud puddle you might have wandered into, no matter what deep, dark forest, you might find yourself in!  God is with you to guide you, to support you, to encourage you!

“I give you an example of children playing… soccer.  You can see the parents along the sideline, following, running up and down the field, as the ball moves from one goal to another, cheering their children on.  And when the whistle blows, and the game is done, the children run into the arms of the parent, and there is celebration, and encouragement, and support, for the game well-played.  It does not matter, if you are the winning team, or the losing team; ~ what matters ~ is that you were on the field, playing, having fun, with your parents running up and down the sideline, encouraging you to play your best!

“And, if soccer is not your game, you can imagine any other, or you can imagine dance, or music, or art.  Whatever you wish to put in the place of that game, the good, and loving parent is supporting, from the sideline, not playing the game for you, but encouraging you to play your best!  So, if you can see this, through the eyes of a child, and how this is working, and working very well, then, move it to a different place; and see Earth ~ as the playing field, ~ and see God as The Eternal Parent, ~ moving up and down the sidelines, encouraging you to do your best!  And when the game is over, when that final whistle blows, you run off the field into the arms of God!  You did your best.  You played the game.  And God was with you, all of the time, just as a good parent would be!

“It is important to have these childhood memories of life on Earth, memories that bring a smile, possibly laughter, possibly a thought, something to ponder; but you are also eternal children of The Creator, no matter if you are five, or six, or seven, or eight, or nine, or ten, or if you are one hundred and ten, you are child of God, with purpose! 

“Set your intention this day, to go out into the world, and play!  Play the game you have chosen, and play it well.  Follow the rules of the game; and be a good sport: sportsmanship, endeavor, laughter, and joy!  Enjoy life upon Earth, and every now and then, look over to the sideline.  Close your eyes in prayer, and you will know that God is there, cheering you on, supporting you, encouraging you! 

“You might think it odd, that The Creator of All Things would be there encouraging you, in all you do, but it is true.  God is cheering for you!”

Sunday Sermons
October 25, 2015
Not To
Judge, Be
Quick To For-
give, And Remain
In The Light Of God

  I AM with you!  I AM with you, every day.  I AM with you in a closer way, than I was with those with those with whom I walked upon the Earth, thousands of years ago; for I can slip: into your silence, into your anguish, into your frustration, and say, ‘I AM here, let us resolve this together!’  This is a blessing; take My hand, and accept the gift, for it is given in love! 

“Today, I wish to address a topic we have covered before, because so many of you hearing My words, or reading My words, struggle with “the temptation,” to slip into judgment. 

“You are good, and glorious children of God; yet, this struggle wears you down sometimes, and it appears as if it might win, sometimes.  This is a struggle that has gone on for ages.  It is why it is addressed so often in Scripture.  It is why the message bringers address it so often, in their words.  Judgment, and forgiveness, seem to be tied together, because they are tied together!  There is no need to practice forgiveness, if you have resisted the temptation to judgment.  When you no longer judge, there is no need to forgive.  This would be a glorious state of life, any life, to not carry the burden of having to forgive!

“So today, let us put all the stories and the parables and the sayings away, and approach this in a very matter-of-fact way.  Judgment, yes, it is easy to slip into judgment; but it is just as easy to choose the opposite side of the coin, and not judge.  It requires practice.  Therefore, I encourage each of you today to practice!  Catch yourself, when you are being tempted to judgment.  Catch yourself within the act, if you can; and choose to override your reaction, immediately; and it will be done, it will be resolved; and, you will feel better, you will feel lighter!

“Forgiveness ~ be quick to forgive ~ if you have slipped, in the judgment territory: forgive, immediately; rescind the declaration of judgment; and forgive all, including yourself, thus taking care of the issue.  Those are steps one, and two.

“Step three, stay connected with our Eternal Parent; for this is one sure way to maintain the strength, and the courage, and the grace necessary to reject judgment in the first place.  Resist judgment, be quick to forgive, remain in the light of God! 

“You might ask, ‘Can it really be that easy?’  And the answer is, ‘Yes!’  It all comes down to that which you choose.  You cannot make a judgment, without choosing to do so.  It is something you do voluntarily, when you choose.  So, correct it, and go on your way, feeling wonderful about what you were able to accomplish. 

“Forgiveness ~ when you choose forgiveness ~ all other things resolve in the light of the forgiveness.  They are resolved, and dissolved, in the waters of God’s love.  Stay connected with God.  And this, too, is a choice; for you can run down another road, saying, ‘I don’t need that.  I don’t want that.  It is too hard.  I would like to go over here, and be with these people.  I would like to do this, or that, or the other.’  You have to choose; but isn’t it wonderful that you can resolve these issues, with these three steps.  Write these things down, so you can look over, and see, because you choose to do certain things, hundreds, possibly one thousand times a day.  You choose!

“You choose to judge, or not to judge!  You choose to forgive, or not to forgive!  You choose God, or you choose to be on your own, without God.  It is as simple as that!  I feel smiles, flowing to Me, from you.  It is that simple, My brothers, My sisters, and I AM with you, to show you The Way.  Come, the dawn is breaking, let us begin the new day, together, in peace!”   

Sunday Sermons
November 8, 2015
Of Darkness
And Of Shadow,
And Light is Yours

  I AM with you!  I hold you in My arms, as I love you!  I bless you: with My thoughts, with My words, and with My deeds.  I have only good in My thoughts, words, and deeds for you; for, I have eternally turned My back on shadow, and darkness, and I live solely in the light of God!  It is a very powerful place to be.  It is a very comforting place to be.  And, it is exactly where you are to be, living in the light, and the love, and the glory of God, with Me!    

“One way, to hold yourself in that beautiful light of God, the glorious light of God, is to ‘guard your thoughts.’  Once you ‘know,’ your thoughts are precious, powerful, kind, loving, you begin to understand a piece of God.  If you have experienced thoughts of darkness and shadow, then you ‘know,’ a piece of evil, the absence of God.  If you have experienced thoughts of love, and kindness, and light: you know the exuberance, and the comfort you obtain, when you are thinking thoughts of light, when you are entertaining thoughts of light.  And when you have experienced thoughts of darkness and shadow: you have felt heavy, you have felt the gloom of the darkness and shadow, and you have carried the weight of the darkness and shadow.  And there is no doubt, which you would choose, given the opportunity to choose your thoughts.  You not only have the opportunity to choose your thoughts, you have the responsibility of maintaining your thoughts in an atmosphere of light, and love, and peace; for, when you do this, you are creating, and individually maintaining, a piece of Heaven, with you!  And while the world cannot see into your head, and know precisely your thoughts, the world can see the result of your thoughts, and the world can feel the environment of Heaven, with you!

“If I did not say one other word today, you would have enough to sit with, until you returned Home.  When you ‘know,’ your thoughts create, when you really know you are creating with your thoughts, you begin to have a different relationship with God; for the one who knows this, would not, with purpose and intention, pollute the Earth, pollute the world, pollute themselves, and all others around them.  You create with your thoughts! 

“Make this day an extraordinary day, by confining your thoughts to unconfined beauty, and light, and peace!  Do not give permission for one small piece of a thought to roll into the corridor of doubt, or confusion, chaos, shadow, and darkness.  No, hold your thoughts in a precious space, and light will flow, and emanate from your face, and Earth will be blessed, by that which you are creating, in the unseen chamber of your thoughts!

“If you can manage to do this, if you can hold this communion with God in such a way, that your thoughts are of Heaven, you will not find it difficult to mind your words.  In fact, your words will be created in your thought.  They will naturally be of light, because your thoughts are creating light, and your deeds will follow suit.  So you see, if you can hold this precious sweetness of communion with God, of creating thoughts of glory, and comfort, and compassion, there is no need to think about what you will say, there is no need to plan what you will do, because your words, and your deeds, will be a reflection of you, of who you are, of what you are creating, within your thoughts.

“All of this also reflects your faith, faith that you are communing with God.  Faith that, if you hold your thoughts to be thoughts worthy of Heaven, then your faith is secure, and miracles abound all around you.  My brothers and sisters, it is that simple!  Reject thoughts of darkness and shadow, and light is yours! 

“The day is beginning!  There is so much that you will create today!  Do not let your thoughts go astray.  Do not give permission to wander in darkness and shadow. Open the ballroom of your heart, and your soul, and your spirit; and let your thoughts be: of meadows and singing birds; of magnificent trees, and clouds floating on the blue sky; of quiet waters, and mighty waters; of still waters, and rushing waters; of sunlight, and rain, and showers, and storms; of the laughter of children, and the smiles on the faces of the elderly.  When you create, within your thoughts, this is what happens, your creation lives! 

“Go forth, today, and be the living word of God, in all you think, and do, and say!”

Sunday Sermons
November 15, 2015
Your True
Wealth, And Re-
joice, In It, Every Day

  I AM with you!  I AM with you in all times.  I know that you feel My presence with you more, when your times are difficult, trying times; for, the temptation is to ignore your spiritual gifts, when everything seems to be going just as you hoped it would.  Most of you will say, ‘I am certainly thankful for the good times, and it is in those times that I say prayers of thanksgiving.’  And this is true, most of you do; however, when you find that you are on your knees, and you are in the midst: of strife, or devastation, or great loss, you call-out in a way that is more from your heart, and your soul, asking for help, waiting for a hand to hold; and, you find it!  Out of the embers, and the ashes, of despair, there rises-up a new spirit, one you barely knew was there, and you make it through those difficult times, and all seems well again.    

“Today, I want to encourage each of you to take inventory of your true wealth, and rejoice in it every day!  Make time to sit with Me, make time to sit with God, make time to be filled with the light, and the wisdom, of The Holy Spirit, in good times, as well as in challenging times.  This will keep you in balance, and actually protect you from the difficult times, in many ways.

“What is your true wealth?  What are the assets that are yours that cannot be taken from you, that fire cannot damage, that floods cannot wash away, that thieves cannot come in the night, and take, and go away? 

“Your true wealth is your spiritual wealth! It is taking the gifts you have been given by God, and working with them, in such a way: that you create a great garden of spiritual gifts; that you use the energies of light to create an atmosphere of compassion and understanding; that your deeds are charitable; that you do not look for rewards or thanksgiving; that you do this good in the name of God, Our Heavenly Parent, knowing that this is part of your mission.

“Take stock of your true wealth, so that you might live in joy every day, realizing the power that it gives you.  Your material possessions can all be stripped from you; but your spiritual wealth is eternal!  You have the time, while you are on Earth, to amass a great fortune, with regard to your spiritual wealth: storing-up thoughts, storing-up words and deeds, creating a treasure chest that is overflowing.  Pay attention to these things, and I promise you this, if you will focus on amassing your spiritual wealth, it will act as an insurance policy, protecting you in times of material disaster.  In fact, what you might have considered a disaster ten years ago, will not seem so bleak, or overwhelming, when you are sitting in a chamber filled with spiritual treasures.  This is what will be your source of comfort when the material world seems to be falling into ruin all around you.

“Now is the time, and you are ready.  Let this week be a week of taking inventory, taking stock, knowing what you have, and being willing to create more: to secure your thoughts in such a way that they are of light; to master your words in such a way that they are of love; to coordinate your deeds, and the things you do, in collaboration with your thoughts and words, so that you might be a vehicle, a vessel, of peace, upon Earth.  Peace is quiet.  Peace is still.  Peace is comfort.  Create peace!”

Sunday Sermons
November 22, 2015
The Voice
Of God, Better,
Hearing With Clarity

  I AM with you!  I AM with you to celebrate your life upon Earth, and to show you how it can be even better than you ever imagined a great life would be.  But to enjoy this great life, to experience life, as it is meant to be, you must be willing to accept the truth, and act upon it; it requires you to act.

“Very earnest prayers do rise into the Heavens, the children upon Earth calling-out, ‘How can we hear You better?  How can we know where to go, and what to do?  Sometimes we feel lost in darkness and shadow.  We do not hear You, as we wish to do.”  This is a most common prayer; yet, God’s whisper can be heard anywhere, and everywhere!  So, where is the disconnect?  I will tell you, today!  I will give you a Way ~ to practice ~ all this week; so that come the end of the week, if you have held the course, you will hear better, you will hear with clarity; it will be pure, and it will sing, and you will know!

“First, you must find space and time in which to be quiet; you must remove yourself from the noise of the world; and be still!  This is how you start… this is how you will ‘know.’ 

“Once you set a pattern of being still, for periods of time, you will begin to sense ‘The Presence.’  You will know.  However, there is another step, and this step requires you to grow spiritually.  It will take practice; but it is one of the most important keys to maintaining your connection, and hearing, clearly; you must forgive, all things. 

“In quiet, sometimes you will find, that even though you are sitting still, not making a sound, eyes closed even, other thoughts come into your meditation, invading your prayers.  These thoughts could be: of a trip you need to make, or take; of concern about a sick child, or an aging parent; of a bill that has come due, and past due, with no prospect of money to pay it; you might be concerned about your own health; you might be concerned about a vehicle needing repair; you might be concerned about your neighbor; you might be involved in a situation where you are assisting others, yet need more help to do the job.  The list could go on and on, but you get the idea, these thoughts come, and tempt you away from the stillness, away from the quiet.  It is as if these thoughts have a strangle-hold on the passageway, closing-down the connection, denying you clarity.  As surprising as it is, these are the things that will often keep you from hearing with clarity, ‘the temptations,’ you encountered all through the day; they nip at your thoughts, and then, take them away, into the material world. 

“You must clear yourself of all negative thoughts, because when you sit in quiet, and master your thoughts in such a way that they are ‘of light, and love, and peace,’ then, you begin to hear.  It might take a while, for the clarity to come, but I assure you, it will!

“The fourth thing that you might address that will definitely assist you in hearing with clarity, is to practice acts of kindness, and compassion, and understanding.  These things seem to naturally come when you have mastered step three, keeping your thoughts in the light, and love, and peace.

“When you are out in the world, it is very easy to be kind to the shop attendant who greets you with a smile, hands you that which are looking for, takes your payment for the object, and wishes you a good day; it is a pleasant encounter, and exchange; but, when you encounter one who is surly, or sad, or angry, and mad, how do you act?  I have purposely chosen not use the word ‘react,’ because that continues the negative energy.  How do you act in the face of someone who might be, what is now termed, ‘pushing your buttons’?  This is one of the things that is going to determine how well you hear God, so this is important, and so, ~ I give you the information. ~ Plan what you are going to do, before it ever happens!  Do not be caught off-guard.  Sit in prayer with God, and ask God, ‘Give me a few lines, God.  What should I say when someone is rude?  What should I say when someone is angry?  What should I say when someone is in despair?  Listen, and you will be filled with the wisdom of The Holy Spirit, because you will not go into the other person’s anger or frustration.  What God will teach you to say, are the things ‘of light.’  Rather than entering into an argument, or a confrontation, you might change the subject.  You will learn to make a statements that settle peace, rather than igniting the flames of negative energy, and this you will learn to do, slowly.  Once you learn to do this, you will be ‘thinking of light, speaking of light, and acting in the light,’ ~ and get this ~ you have created!  Yes.  Most of you pray to be wrapped in the light of God; but what I AM trying to share with you is, it is God’s will that you create, your own light, which is God’s light, which you create!  That is done in your thoughts.  Create the light!  God is giving you the power, of the light!  What are you doing with it? This is yours to do.  Take the power that God is giving you, and use it, only, for light.  Be vigilant.  Watch what you are thinking.  Be quick to forgive.  Be even quicker to laughter, and song, and dance.  Be light, in every way.

“Now, I have shared several very important keys in hearing God clearly, including:  be quiet; be forgiving; and act, and speak, following the light of your thoughts.  Start today, doing these things, and you will be surprised.  By the end of the day, you will be walking across a room, or possibly crossing a street, and even in that state, you will hear something, because your connection to God is beginning to recover.  It is mending itself.  There will be clicks, and cracks, and you will be delighted, because you will know, you are creating light, you are using the power of God.

“Find the space and time for silence, for stillness, for quiet.  Forgive everything.  And if the thought comes to you, no matter how, in a dream, or in a vision, or simply just comes into your thoughts, that you should be upset, or angry, that you should be embarrassed or sad about something, or with another, forgive all aspects of that temptation, and free it!  Get it off your back!  Free yourself!  And when you encounter someone, or some thing, or situation, creating negative energy, and are given the opportunity to act, use your thoughts to create light, do not react, use the power God has given you, and create light, your light, created in your thoughts; and then, speak only the wisdom that you are led to speak, and act, with love, compassion, and understanding!

“It is easy to say these things.  I know this.  It is not so easy to practice these things.  I know this.  But once you begin to do it, you will realize that you are lighter in every way, you are freer in every way, you are unburdened.  You have created the light, using the power of God.  And then, when you are quiet, and still, you will hear, clearly, because there is no interference.  You have diminished the sounds of the world, and opened the pathway to Heaven.  You have thrown open the windows.  You have opened the doors.  You have knocked down the walls.  You are no longer in isolation and desperation.  You are walking over the Earth free, hearing clearly, as it is meant to be!” 

Sunday Sermons
November 29, 2015
The Seeds
Of Heaven, To
Plant, Upon Earth

  I AM with you!  Yes, I AM near to you.  In the stillness you feel Me, for that is how it is intended to be.  When you set your sacred self aside, in a place to be quiet, you feel Me, you know Me, we are One!

“The human eye is not trained to see the unseen; but, your spiritual eye does see the unseen!  Your methodical mind is taught to believe only that which you see, and can be proved to be real, to be solid; but, the spirit that is you, “knows,” it knows beyond that which appears to be solid, it recognizes that the material is not solid, as it appears; it is vibration, and it can all fall apart in a second; but the unseen is eternal, and cannot be toppled; it is not constructed… it is!

“Creation did not happen, and stop.  Creation continues, and it continues right now, through you!  Creation is eternal!  It will always be!  You are a co-creator, with God, just like Me!  You have the freewill, and the ability, to go off, and build, and make, gather together, and amass, all of the objects of the world created by man, which you desire.  That is your option.  That is your choice; and you will not be marked by the hand of God, in any way, for making this choice.  It will be regarded, as a choice.  However, you also have the option to create, just as God, The Creator of All Things, creates!  It does not require you to go anywhere, to buy anything, to carry any objects, or materials, home with you.  It requires you to be still, and quiet, and then, be willing to create, with your thoughts! 

“Your thoughts can be used to create great beauty!  Within your being, there is majesty!  Within your being, there are the seeds of eternity!  You brought these precious treasures, from The Dimension of Perfection, onto the Earth, to plant, to tend, to nurture, and let grow!  You carry something of great value!  Do not toss your seeds out of the window, with little thought.  Carry them to the place where you are led, and, with great ceremony, plant them, gently, as you are guided!

“Some of the seeds you will plant directly into another being, ‘by speaking words of kindness.’  They will go directly into another, and they will settle with peace.  And that seed will walk away from you to grow, to blossom, and to bloom.  You might never see the result, of the seed planted in another; but, you will know it, and you will feel it, because we are One!

“You might choose to plant a seed as you are guided to write, carefully putting to paper, each letter, forming words you are guided to write, planting seeds upon the paper.  And, when it is done, when it is complete, you will take that which you did write, and set it before others.  And they will take those seeds of words into their being, and the garden will begin to grow, and walk away from you; but, somehow you will know, when the garden is grown, because we are One!

“As you can well imagine, I could continue along this line, speaking of how you can plant the precious seeds you carry; but, I believe you understand the message.  You have conceived these precious seeds, and you are to give birth, while you are upon Earth, to that which you carry!

“Treat the treasure, with great care, as it is a treasure beyond value!  Know, what you are doing.  Have purpose, and intention.  And, when your seeds are sown, and it is done, throw your head back, and laugh into The Wind, and celebrate with God!

“All of this sounds very serious, I know.  It sounds serious, because it is so.  Your days upon the Earth are numbered, and when they have reached the end, you cannot turn around, and quickly plant the seeds that you still carry; for, it will not be the same.  Think about what you are doing, today!  Prepare to plant the treasured seeds today; and then you will walk the last days of your life upon Earth in great joy!  You will smile, because you will know, that it is completed, it is done!  And you will be ready to return Home to announce all that was accomplished, during your journey upon Earth!

“You have conceived!  It is time to give birth!  Plant the seeds wisely, and let them grow!”

Sunday Sermons
December 6, 2015
I Encourage
You To Rise-Up,
And Follow Through

  I AM with you!  I AM with you: to fill you with courage; to support you in your journey; to feed you with The Words; to quench your thirst, with love; to lift-you-up, when you are weary; to wipe your brow, when the going has been difficult; and, to hold you close, when it is done! 

“How many times have you read about, or heard about, someone who had achieved magnificent things?  How many times have you watched magnificent things unfold, before your eyes, seeing miracles take place, through another’s efforts and endeavors?  These stories, these pictures, these incidents, which you witnessed, were uplifting, because you were watching as another took the reins of their destiny, and followed through!

“Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, will either very quickly announce the name of ‘a hero,’ or a ‘shero,’ because they become close to you, as you read about them, or watch them.  Sometimes, they seem closer to you than family, or friends, because of the admiration you hold in your heart, for what they are doing, for that which they are accomplishing.  But today, I want to encourage you to scratch the surface, look deeper, and see all that happened in that particular lifetime, before they found themselves, standing in the place, or at the finish line, or having reached the goal.  I can assure you, with each of the heroes or heroines, you will find that during the course of their journey, they were faced with great challenges, it was not easy, it did not happen overnight.  So, I want to encourage you today, to take another step, and then another, and another, even though it seems as if there are those trying to hold you back, or maneuver you in such a way that you are steered slightly off-base.  I want you to hold the faith.

“If you are the type of person who looks honestly at the lives of others, seeking to find exceptional character, and great accomplishment, then you are looking, and trying to find support in the realization, that ‘if another can do it, surely you can as well.’  And, this is true!  I promise you, I was not speaking of a fable, or telling a story, created to entertain, when I did say, ‘You can do everything I AM doing.’ 

“You are destined to complete your journey, and accomplish a specific mission; and, sometimes it seems from the very start the temptations are all about you to hinder your progress.  I want to encourage you, by saying this to you.  Just because it is yours to do, and you have said, ‘I will do it,’ and things seem to be in place, or pointing in that direction, it does not mean it is going to be without challenge; but, I can assure you, even on the longest day, when you are most weary, or possibly wounded, you will ‘know,’ there is a goal, you will know, there is reason, and you find strength in that reasoning, that Divine Plan, that is leading you, onward!  You will also find strength in knowing, if God is with you, and it is the whisper of God you are hearing, and heeding; then, it will be accomplished!

“The farmer does not come in from the field just plowed, clean, wearing a pristine shirt, and shoes that hold a shine.  No.  The farmer, who has just planted tomorrow’s food, comes in dusty and dirty, hands that are crusted, and shoes remarkably soiled, tattered, and worn.  The mother does not rise-up after birth, without showing the wear of the process, sweating, and bloody; yet, she is smiling, because there was purpose, there was a reason.  The farmer knows the reason for the toil, the mother knows the reason for the labor, and the list could go on, and on.  If you know the reason, you can push through the challenge.  In fact, at the end, you look back, and the challenge is part of the celebration.

“This is the month of the year during which most of you celebrate My birthday, so I leave you with this thought.  My earthly mother, Mary, had a mission.  It was her mission to give birth to Me; but very few things around that particular journey were easy.  From the start to the finish, there was great challenge; but she made it through, because it was hers to do.  She might be one of your heroines.  Take a look at her life.

“The man, who led Me as a father upon Earth, had a mission, and his mission, as well, was not easy.  Sometimes he had to bear public ridicule, as I heard, it was often; but, it was his journey, and he followed through, because he heard the whisper of God, and ‘knew,’ it was his to do.

“Many speak of the journey of the Magi, the Three Wise Men, following the star.  They might be one, or two, or three of your heroes, but they had to make a journey, which required much.  To see, and know what they did find, they had to exert physical energy, they had to use their own finances, they had to use what was theirs, saying, ‘We will use this, but we are led to follow that star.  There is something happening in the heavens, announcing a miracle happening on Earth.’  They did not make that journey in comfort, but there was reason, there was purpose, so they followed through.

“The list could go on and on, but I tell you, each of you, you have a mission to do.  I encourage you to follow through; but I discourage you from thinking, that because you know your mission, and are on the path, it will be easy.  Knowing how to climb a mountain is different from the actual climb.  Knowing how to build a house is different from the actual building of it.  Knowing how to plant a garden is different from the planting of it, and the tending of it.  And, knowing how to give birth is different from the actual labor, from the delivery, from the birth itself. 

“You have all you need, within you, to do that which you need to do, which is yours to do.  Associate yourself with those around you who will encourage you to heed the whispers of God, of the angels, and go where you are led to go.  Turn your head from the naysayers, from those who discourage you, because if you listen to those attempting to hold you in place, you will never know the celebration of the follow through.  I encourage you to rise-up, and follow through!”