Sunday Sermons
June 19, 2016
And Using
Inner Peace

  I AM with you. I AM with you on this day to speak of peace.   

“Most of you, hearing these words or reading these words, are celebrating a day set aside to honor fathers, so My message has two chapters.  One chapter will speak to you of ‘peace,’ and the other chapter will speak to you of ‘the perfect father.’  They go together.

“On the subject of peace, there are so many of you, actively seeking peace.  You are praying; you are taking classes, and courses; you are practicing meditation, contemplation, yoga, and other many other modalities seeking peace; but, it is obvious, even while you are in these positions, or in a room, sitting quietly, and prayerfully, the turmoil within your being is still a storm!  You cannot push certain thoughts out, no matter how hard you try to do so.  This is because you cannot find peace, by: reading about it, talking about it, or exercising your way to it.  Peace comes from within!  You must be ‘at peace.’  When you are at peace: you are content, you are in comfort; you are confident, and this confidence brings you courage, and strength; and I am not referring to the type of courage, and strength which is showy, proud, and boastful; but the quiet, still courage, and strength, which is deeper, and more profound.

“To be at peace: you must spend time with God; you must know the importance of forgiveness; and you must exercise compassion, and understanding.  These things, and only these things, will bring you true peace.  Once you have found peace, you can do all things, because you have established a relationship with God, and this relationship, and the power of God, are the fuel of peace!  They are, as oil, to the lamp!  They are your light!  There is no darkness, or shadow, only the light of peace, within you!  And it is well worth the effort; because once peace is established within you, it is your gift to Earth, and all those around you!  Shoulders drop, hearts and arms are open, and anxiety disappears when you walk into the room; because, you are bringing peace!

“On the subject of fathers, there is a parable in The Scriptures, which addresses the prodigal son.  It has always been My desire to address the father of the prodigal son more than the prodigal son, because the father was a man who was truly at peace from within, and since he was at peace, he permitted all those around him to experience that which they needed to experience, to use their freewill, to do, as they were led to do; and, all these activities did not disturb his peace, because his peace was within.  He could handle all situations, and matters, because the peace within carried strength and courage, understanding and compassion.  It all came, and went, and he met each person, each incident, in peace.

“As you think about fathers this day: no matter whether yours is with you, or has returned Home; no matter whether yours is with you, or roaming, and you do not know where to find him; maybe you know your father, and maybe you do not know your father; maybe you are a father; but there is one thing that is sure, the role of a father requires peace!  It is very difficult to preach and teach and direct your children, if you are not at peace within; for they will come-up with things you could never imagine, and present them to you, and it is then, you choose!  There is often disappointment, and frustration, even anger about certain things; and these are the times when you need to find you are ‘at peace, within,’ before, you can define to them, what is happening, and let them know, how you can assist.

“Recalling the father in the prodigal son, the father let the son go, and not only did he let the son go, he gave him his fortune before he left.  Did the father know what the son would do with the fortune?  Of course he did.  He knew it would all be gone in a short matter of time; yet, he gave him what the son thought was his, then patiently waited.  The son returned, but it is clear, from the parable, that he did not return to a tirade, to anger, or to have to listen to what he should have done, and why he should have done it.  Do any of you recall what the father in the parable did, upon the return of the son?  He prepared a feast, a banquet, a party to celebrate the return; for he knew the lessons the son had learned during his experience could not be taught any other way than by living them; and, while this father of the prodigal son is a perfect earthly example for all fathers, this father is also the example of Our Father, God!

“Once you leave Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection, you are out, and on your own, to experience life upon Earth.  God is ever ready to hear you, and help you, and guide you.  Many do not take advantage of this privilege; yet, God is there, patiently waiting until you return Home.  Once you return Home, the great feast, the banquet, the party will take place, for you have had your experience, and had to face all that Earth, and the world created by man, had to offer you. 

“These are the two things I wished to speak to you about today, establishing peace within, and fashioning yourself more after the father in the parable of the prodigal son.  While I chose to speak to you of these things on Father’s Day, the message is not limited to fathers.  Anyone, anyone hearing these words or reading these words, will greatly improve your life upon Earth, if you will try, and work toward, establishing peace within, and then, using that inner-peace to be more like a father, Our Father!”  

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
May 29, 2016
Be Mindful
Of Your Thoughts,
And Love One Another

  I AM with you.  I AM with you, because it is possible for Me to be so; as, we are connected, and we are one!  I speak to you today with excitement, and joy, ‘believing,’ in this communication, between the dimensions, ‘knowing,’ it brings truth to the heart of those willing to embrace the words and know they are coming for good!     

“Be mindful of your ‘thoughts,’ for when you are ‘thinking,’ you are ‘in the process of creating,’ and what you are thinking, becomes, what you have created!  That which is created… lives!  It lives, within you, and it moves from you, out, into the world.  Every thought ever created by human beings is floating around the world today.

“If you were to imagine, seeing a woman, sitting in a chair, pondering, and thinking, about what she perceives as important events occurring in her life, your imagination would allow you to see little thought bubbles, popping-up out of her head, and floating-off into the air.  Sometimes, the bubbles meet, press together, and coalesce, forming a small unit, moving about.  Other bubbles seem to move about all on their own.  Many say they ‘know,’ that thoughts become things, and that these thought forms are real, because they are created by powerful beings, by the children of God.  So, what are the children of God creating?

“Most of the time, you can walk into a room, which is silent, yet, holding people, and not be aware, of what the individuals are thinking, at least for a while.  From those who are entertaining thoughts of darkness, you feel it, if not immediately, then soon; but, the real disclosures come, when conversation begins, and words spring-forth, illuminating the thought forms, created, in silence.  Knowing this is very powerful; because, from this day forth, you will pay attention, when you are around other human beings.  You will begin to notice that you feel, and know, what they are thinking, that you know, what they are creating from their words, and actions.  Soon, it will become obvious, that thoughts, once believed to be hidden, are in full view, illuminated, for all to see.  That which you are thinking ~ is always exposed ~ at one time, or another; so, be mindful of your thoughts! 

“Thousands of years ago, when I walked upon the Earth.  I said, ‘I bring you a new command.  Love one another.’  So few words, yet when used, and used with determination, and practice, these few words have the ability to change the course of the world, and all of the human beings in the world.  Love one another!  Every question you ask can be answered with love.  ‘What can I do in this situation?’ you ask God, and God whispers, ‘Be love.’  ‘What can I say in this situation?’ you ask God, and God whispers, ‘Speak only of love.’

(Long Pause… … ….)

“I gave you a few moments to think about it, there was silence, and you might have used that silence to let those words, ‘love one another,’ sink deeper, into your being.  When the new command, ‘love one another,’ is known, truly known, by even one individual, the outcome is remarkable; because every encounter, involving that one individual, brings a change which is quite astonishing.  When your intent is to be loving, considerate, kind, and understanding, you can encounter someone who is angry, yet love will wrap the anger, and hold it, until it is dissolved within the love of God!  When you are determined to be loving, in all situations, you can encounter someone who is caught-up in darkness and shadow, weeping, wreathing in anguish, consumed in worry about their state, and this state is resolved, because of the love of God, enfolding the lost child.  Soon, darkness, and shadow, is vanquished, as the love of God brings forth the light!

“Love is the light of God!  All you need to do is to let your light shine.   You do not have to convince.  You do not have to cajole.  You do not have to teach, or preach, or direct; for these things can actually diminish, and distract from the light of God, shining so brightly; yet, this requires great faith; it requires that you maintain your connection with God, and stay in the light, so that others can see the light.  Then, in trusting the power of the light, The Holy Spirit of God moves in, and moves down every passageway, looking, knowing the right place(s) to touch; and when The Way is made clear, the whisper comes to the one, who, once, could not hear!  “This type of ‘miracle,’ does not happen everywhere.  It happens in places that are well prepared, where the energy is accepting, where a sanctuary is nurtured, where The Garden of God is growing, and tended.  Have faith, this day, that God knows everything that is happening within the creation.  Have faith, that The Holy Spirit has been sent to bring wisdom, and wisdom does come to those who are ready to embrace the truth.  Do not lose your focus.  Do not lose your balance.  Stay in the light of God!  Be mindful of your thoughts.  Love one another!”      
Sunday Sermons
April 10, 2016
of Positive

  I AM with you!  I see you!  I ‘know,’ the radiance, that is you.  The heart that you often hide from the world, I know.  The piece of God that is at the core of your being is not hidden from My view.  I see, and recognize, you, the real you, the authentic you, the eternal you; and, we embrace, and we are One! 

“You are a powerful being; yet, the world is quick, and very successful, at deceiving you; the world is very successful in having you believe that you are less than, who, you really are; therefore, in this belief, your power is diminished; you do not feel it, and after a while, you no longer know it!  Today, I remind you, you have the power to create your reality!  In fact, even when you do not remember what you are doing, you are creating your reality. 

“The power of your thoughts, and words, and deeds, is astonishing!  With every affirmation you make, you are building what you are experiencing.  If you are accustomed to using positive affirmations, you rise-up, and begin, acknowledging, ‘It is a new day!  Look the sun is shining my way.  Let me begin by pausing to pray, knowing, that the strength I obtain from this prayer, will be with me through this day!’  You go on, and on, and your day unfolds, filled with positive affirmations.  It does not matter whether it is raining, the rain is blessed, or whether it is blustery, or stormy, the power of the Earth is blessed; it does not matter whether you encounter generous people, or stingy people, loving and kind people, or unpleasant and selfish people; through positive affirmation you change, and alter, the course, and continue to create a day that is outstanding, in every way; because, what you see, you bless, you bless the need, or bless the bounty!  You see it, and know it; therefore, the light God shines upon you, and shows you The Way!

“All of Heaven sees this light.  All angels sing, of this light, of positive affirmations; because, as one begins, they grow.  What you see, and what you bless ~ is that~  which you know! 

“Today, is the time to assist those who are struggling with their affirmations, with those who do not realize that, that which is created in their thoughts, and magnified in their words, and deeds, is that which they are experiencing! 

“It is possible to construct such a powerful dam, that it deflects the power of God flowing to you, and around you, and prevents you from feeling the love of God, because of the negative affirmations, which are created in your thoughts, and brought forth in your words.  This is the trickery of the world in action.  It is like telling a child that they are bad, or stupid, or ugly, or clumsy, so many times, that they believe it.  They believe these negative affirmations; therefore, that is where they live.  The only way to tear down the wall of negative affirmations ~ is ~ with positive affirmations!  It does not matter whether it is the affirmation of another, or the affirmation which comes from within your being.  Once it is affirmed, it is, it exists.  It is time to tear down the dams that have been created by negative affirmations.  The only way to do it, is stick by stick, and stone by stone. 

“This type of work can sometimes feel as if you are doing it alone; and, it can also feel, as you begin to work, that nothing is happening.  The ‘temptation,’ is to throw-up your hands, and proclaim, ‘This is my destiny.’  And that is not true.  You just have to have faith ~ to follow through, ~ changing the affirmations, within your being, to positive affirmations; and to be willing to stay with it, until you have removed enough sticks, and removed enough stones, to make a difference in the wall.  Even when there is a but a trickle of God’s light, making its way through, the difference is felt, deep within you!

“Sometimes the wall is so thick that the only affirmation one can make is, ‘I live.’  How do you say it?  Say it as a positive affirmation.  ‘I live!’  With every stick you remove, ‘I live!’  With every stone pulled from the wall, ‘I live!’  Soon the waters doth begin to flow.  ‘I live, and I am no longer thirsty.  I live, and feel the waters, flowing over me.’  Soon, the ‘I lives’ begin to change.  ‘I see the light, and I feel the light.  I see the day, and I feel the day.  I hear the birds, and I hear their song.’  Every positive affirmation will lead you along, and you will soon find you are walking in the sun, or walking in the rain, singing a positive song once again.  The confidence, the strength, and the courage will grow, and be great, because you will have demolished the wall of negativity.  It will not matter whether the wall was constructed by you, or by others, as it will make no difference when the wall falls down; for you will feel The Presence of God, all around!

“It is important for you to know, that you are the creator of that which you grow, that which you do, that which you think, that which you say.  So, let us, and let us begin today, making positive affirmations all that you say, all that you think.  Push everything else away from you.  It does not matter whether you are walking out in the countryside, or strolling in the sand at the beach, find the glory in each day you experience.  Each minute, each hour, is yours to create.  Tear down the dams, and live fully today.  Let this be the day, you decide positive affirmations are what will reside… in your thoughts… in your words… and in your deeds! 

“Be at peace this day, and go into action.  If your doors are open wide, and you feel the love, and the light of God, celebrate!  Be a positive affirmation to everyone you meet.  Be willing to sing the song of celebration, all day long!  If you are just beginning to understand the power of what you are thinking, saying, and doing, then, do not shirk your responsibility to break-down the wall of negativity, and embrace the opportunity you have been given!  Let this day be a day of positive affirmation in every way!  And let it begin with the pronouncement, ‘I live!’”

Sunday Sermons
May 1, 2016
And You
Will Know The
Heart Of Another

  I AM with you!  When you are open, and believe, you feel Me, you know Me, and there is no need for us to speak, our hearts speak, and we are One, in ‘knowing,’ the heart of each other!
“No words are required, or can convey as much: as reaching-out your hand to take another’s; as holding that hand, and feeling the warmth of the body; as feeling the pulse, the rhythm of the blood, moving through the veins of another.  There is no need to speak, during such an exchange of touch.  No word can adequately describe the feeling which floods your being when you look into the eyes of one you love, and know those eyes are loving you; words seem awkward, and clumsy, in this mystical, sacred exchange! 

“Speaking, verbalizing your opinion, debating, taking part in conversations: these things are taught.  The world encourages you to be good at conversation, to say what you mean, to take a stand, to let everyone know how you feel, and to be honest about it.  These things are taught by the world; yet, they are vastly overrated.  There is no lack of conversationalists, or debaters, or individuals willing to take the stage, and speak for hours on what ‘they think,’ is important.  These things are highly overrated!  The world has trained so many, so well, in this form of communication that, during the course of a conversation, rather than listening, each side, or each piece of the conversation, is ‘preparing what they are going to say next,’ to make sure they make their point, or set things straight. 

“There used to be, ages ago, those who listened.  Each village would have one or two people who were the listeners.  The listeners are the holders of wisdom, the keepers of secrets, the forgivers of transgressions.  They are the depository of the thoughts, and the feelings of each heart.  It is important for you to understand this message, because not only will practicing ‘the art of listening,’ assist you, in your daily lives, it will be a cornerstone of peace, for all those around you! 

“There is a price to pay to be a good listener, and this price you pay ~ is setting aside your ego, ~ and giving-up the opportunity to say what you believe is important!  It requires determination, and intention, to ‘hold your tongue, and listen.’  When you begin to listen, and you have relieved yourself of any responsibility to respond verbally, you begin to walk a path with the speaker, you begin to know how they feel, you begin to understand why they are saying the things they are saying, because your full intention is to listen. 

“The wise understand the importance of listening.  They hold wisdom, because they listen.  I mentioned that ages ago each village had, in their midst, individuals who would be the listeners for the tribe, or the clan, or the community.  These sacred people, these holy people, were actually called The Holy Listener.  In some simple form the listener was The Confessor, the one everyone in the tribe, or the clan, or the community, knew, and knew well.  It was in a safe haven, a sanctuary, a sacred space where one could go, and speak, and let your words flow into The Holy Listener.  The Holy Listener did not give advice, nor try to make changes in your views, nor go-out, and speak about what you had revealed.  The Holy Listener just listened!

“The following example has been observed by you, by those around you, by Me.  Anyone who has walked upon the Earth has seen the following happen.  Let us say, you enter a room, and walk-up to the circle of those gathered, and begin to take part in a conversation; only, this time, you have made it your intention to be ‘the listener.’  After an hour or so, the talk begins to slow, and the distractions move-in, and the assembled group begins to disperse.  Let us say, for the ease of the story-telling, that your name is Joseph.  As the group breaks-up, having said many things, with you in their midst as a listener, you hear these words, as they go their way.  One says to another, ‘I think the only person who understood what I was saying was Joseph.’  You hear another say, ‘Joseph had a good grasp on what was being discussed.’  They are leaving the circle of conversation thinking you ‘wise;’ yet, you did not say a word.  You listened, and gave them the opportunity to speak, when all others were stepping into the conversations, or interrupting mid-sentence.  It is obvious; yet, it is the most extraordinary thing, which always happens, is that the one who has done the listening seems to be held in high esteem by the speakers.  The one who has done the listening ~ appears to be ~ the one who is wise!

“If you have not witnessed this type of exchange, pay attention, because you will begin to notice it!  Perhaps you have taken part in this circle of conversation.  Perhaps you have even been the listener, from time to time.  I can assure you, if you will put forth the effort, to set the things you wish to say aside, and put on the robe of The Holy Listener, you will begin to understand.  You will see, and you will know, the heart of another.  What will surprise you, is, after you have successfully accomplished your goal, and you have been able to take part in a conversation, as the listener, you will find that, what you had to say was not as important as what you now know, by listening!

“Listening is a cornerstone of peace!  Once you are comfortable with listening, you begin to grow spiritually, and see yourself as more connected with those around you, because what others are saying to you is revealing their heart to you!

  “So, listen!  Listen with your heart, and you will then know the heart of another!” 

Sunday Sermons
March 20, 2016
First The
Kingdom Of God

  I AM with you!  While it seems, many times, that I AM reaching-out to you from another place, that seems dreamlike, and so perfect, that you cannot imagine it, I AM near to you, and with you, and can assure you, that where you are now, in the third dimension, upon the Earth, is… in reality… what is dreamlike!  But soon, Earth and Heaven will come together, and the veil will become thinner, and thinner, and we will move back and forth, seeing The Garden, for what it truly is, an inspiration of The Creator, to be known, and enjoyed, by all, free of worry, and concern, a heavenly place… Earth! 

“Do not become enslaved to the ways of the world; for the ways of the world: can be tempting; can distract you from the ways of God, from your spiritual life; and, soon, you find, within this distraction, that your goals, those things you set to accomplish while you are upon the Earth, become more fixed upon material things, it become more important to amass material wealth, than spiritual wealth. 

“Today, I encourage you to be still, to be quiet within, to return Home, for a while, to sit with your heavenly Parent, and review the guidance, which will be so important to the rest of your life upon Earth; for, as you sit in silence, turned from the world, for a while, you will hear clearly the whisper of God!  God will remind you who you are, and God will speak to you of the goals you have set to accomplish your mission; and, in this sacred, sweet place, with God, you will remember, and recall, who you are, and what you are to do!  Held within the sacred energy of this inspiration, all cares and worries will flow from you, because you come to know, and comprehend, that as God speaks to you, and asks you to do something, uniquely designed for you, it has to be possible; because God would not ask you to do something, that could not be done, by you! 

“As you rise-up, to walk back into the world, you find you are renewed, and rejuvenated, you have strength, and courage!  In fact, there is excitement!  In this meeting, with your Creator… you have found your eternal purpose, at this time, in this place… Earth!  As you walk back into the world, you also comprehend that, as you ‘seek first The Kingdom of God,’ The Kingdom of God will lead you, and provide that which you need to accomplish your goal; and, you will do so with confidence, boldly going where you would not go before, being fulfilled in the light of God!  This, My brothers and sisters, is the piece of glory you are to taste; for, most of the time, the world teaches you in a way that is backward.  ‘Seek first The Kingdom of God,’ and then you will be filled with wisdom; and, knowing what it is you are to do, you will step-out into the world, filled with delight, carrying the power of God, with you; and that which you are meant to do, shall be fulfilled, through you, by the power of God, within you!

“Those who know who they are, and what they are to do, know freedom!  You are meant to be free!  You are a child of God!  Eternity is waiting to see, what you will do with the glory of God, flowing through you   Seek first The Kingdom of God!”

Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
March 27, 2016
I Have
Risen, And
You Shall Live, Forever

  I AM with you!  The new day comes, it rests before you.  It will begin for you, as you awaken, and move into it, and through it; and, as you do this, I AM with you.  I awaken with you, and I move into this day, with you.  As you have risen-up, I have risen-up.  Come. 

“There is a sense of confidence, courage, and strength in knowing, who you are, and in accepting your mission and what you are to do; yet, this sense of confidence, courage, and strength can fade when your focus shifts to the distractions, all around you.  One of the easiest ways to be distracted from your mission is to establish a personal agenda by setting goals, based on where you think you should be, and what you think you should be doing.  I understand this, as I walked upon the Earth, just as you are now.  It might give you a sense of accomplishment to make plans, and list your progress, and achievements; however, it is easy to let your personal agenda disrupt your spiritual growth.  It is easy to allow your head to be turned by praise, and accolades, by promotions, and increases in salary, by moving from a small house to a large house, by acquiring two, or three, or four vehicles; but, this type of pursuit can often lead you off-course, and pretty soon, you turn around, and find you have lost your way.  You no longer feel the presence of God, as you begin the day.  You grow tired, and weary, and the praise and accolades, so comforting before, begin to fade, no longer fulfilling, nor rewarding.

“I say these things to you today, because every person who is walking upon the Earth has a mission; but almost every person walking upon the Earth has been distracted from their mission; the ways of the world have led them astray, they have lost their way.  So, I encourage you to make it a practice to begin every single day in a period of prayer, connecting with God, so you know God is there with you, feeling the presence of God.  I can assure you, no matter what your mission might be, or how you mission might look to you, it will be easier to accomplish, when you begin your day in prayer, by calling Home.  As you walk through the day, you will feel the power that began to flow gently, yet strongly, from your Creator into, and through you, in morning prayer, and it will carry you through the day.  As the day comes, the day ends, pause once again, stop to pray; but, this time, let your prayer be a prayer of thanksgiving, for all that came your way throughout the day. 

“It is easy to be distracted from your mission while you are upon the Earth; but beginning and ending your day in prayer ~ will assure ~ that you touch base with Home, and that you feel the presence of God with you!  The connection you establish will stay with you through-out the day, and the presence of God will be with you, in every way: guiding you, leading you, teaching you, reminding you of who you are, and what it is you are to do to complete your mission, and return Home. 

“It is time to wake-up, and to understand why you are upon the Earth.  It is time to rise-up, and accept the mission, and at the same time, accept: the help, the guidance, and the love from our heavenly Parent, from God.  Wake-up, rise-up, and walk into this day, knowing I have risen, and you will live forever.  It is truth.  It is the promise.  It is life, eternal life!”

Sunday Sermons
April 3, 2016
Rise-up, And See
Heaven  Is  With  You

  I AM with you!  Do not let doubt rob you of this comfort, this knowing, that I AM truly with you, a whisper away, a veil away; yet, there will come a day, when The Wind doth blow, and truth rides upon it, and the veils rise-up, and fly within The Wind, and Earth and Heaven are One, again, no veil, no dimension, just the realization of The Perfect Dimension, Heaven!

“Heaven is near to you today, right now! It is nearer to you than the countries on the other side of the world.  It is next to you.  It is with you, and within you.  Believe this, for if you have the faith to believe this, your present piece of eternity is altered, your perspective is changed, your eyes flash, wide open, and all things are different, because the scales have been removed from your eyes, and you see reflections of Heaven all around you, just as walking through a hall of mirrors, magnifying, creating more than the original, bringing to you the truth.  Seeing through The Veil is possible to do; but you must awaken, and then do more!  You must awaken, and then rise-up, for those who have risen, “know,” and see, far more than those who have awakened, and refused to move, content in knowing; yet, refusing the growing, of living The Word!

“When you are silent, and quiet, and walk into the forest, or the meadow, it feels as if you are breathing the air of Heaven.  You are alone; yet you feel the blessings, and grace, of angelic beings with you! 

“Today, rise-up, all of you, who are awakened!  Do not be content in the state of waking, without doing, without being in motion, interacting with creation all around you.  Move into the world.  Listen to the symphony of Earth.  Watch the production play-out before you.  Walk onto the stage, and assume the role you are meant to play, for a brief time, and breathe deeply of the air, the aroma, the fragrance of Earth.

“Take this day to feel your presence, living, within the creation of God!  Look, and see the reflections of Heaven all around you!  Look into the stream, or the river, or the waters, the seas or the oceans.  What do you see?  Look beyond the obvious, and reach-out to embrace the sublime; you will find it in: every dewdrop, every raindrop, every ray of sun, every smiling face, laughing eyes, and loving heart you encounter. 

“Heaven is with you!  Embrace it, and live it!  Rise-up, and follow Me into this new day, and let us see, what we shall see; for it is all, for the glory, of God!”

Sunday Sermons
April 17, 2016
The Forgiving
Heart Beats For
The  Love  Of  God

  I AM with you!  Come, rise-up; let us walk-out into the world, and see, and know, and be, as we are meant to be; because Earth did not start-out being the world, as you know it.  The ‘things of the world,’ are created by man.  Look beyond those things, and see the trees, created by God; see the rocks, and the flowers, created by God; see the things that flow from Mother Earth, as these are sacred, and precious!  These, as each of you, are created by God; for God doth touch the heart, and the soul, and the spirit of Mother Earth; and, Mother Earth responds, giving all she can, letting Earth come alive with blossoms, and bits of sand, and tumbling waters, and it is grand to see that which she doth create, from the gift given, by the hand of God! 

“When you see the beauty, and the connection, of Father God, and Mother Earth, you see perfection!  You see Earth, responding with love, giving, and giving, and giving.  No matter what is done, she still gives, from the rising of the sun, to the moon that doth come.  This, My brothers, and sisters, is how it is meant to be, between you, each of you, all of us, and The Creator; for God is love!

“God loves you!  God loves all of creation, watching it flower, and grow, and blossom.  God loves these things; and, when you are acting, from the love of God, you are flowing in this eternal ring of creation, and it is beautiful to experience, and beautiful to see!

“I wish to speak to you today, about ‘practicing forgiveness,’ for, it is the ability, which will take you far, along The Way!  The ability ~ to forgive all things ~ is an outward sign, of nobility!  It is an outward sign that you know who you are, and what you are doing.  God forgives all things; therefore, who would place themselves above God, and hold a grudge, or be unforgiving?  If God forgives, then the children of God know how to forgive!

“When I speak of ‘forgiveness,’ I do not mean to say, ‘Oh, that is okay.  I forgive you,’ and let it go.  No!  Forgiveness must be ‘complete.’  If you cannot forgive someone, for a trespass against you, then you need to go within, and find the reason you are holding this grudge.  I promise you this, if you take the journey within, what you will find, at the end, is ego, and self-importance; and, if you are more concerned about your connection with God, then you are able to forgive, without retaining anger, or frustration, in any way.  This, My brothers, and sisters, is so important; if there are things you have not been able to forgive, then practice, practice forgiving, and begin today, because… it will free you… in so many ways!

“The truth of the matter is, being a forgiving person is far more important to you, than you can conceive, at the present time.  But, I ask you, what if it was possible for you to walk over the Earth, without a care, without a worry, loving God all day, smiling, happy, offering love to all who came your way?  Would that not be a very nice experience?  You can have that experience!  In fact, you can live it, by practicing forgiveness.  When you get right down to it, it is what God is asking of you, and that, in and of itself, should be enough to just do it!

“Forgiveness, it is a gift.  It is a gift you give to God, showing that you know who you are, you realize you are a child of God, you realize, and know, your heritage, and you accept your responsibility; and ~ the responsibility of the children of God ~ is to live ~ the forgiveness of God!

“The forgiving heart is happy!  The forgiving heart is healthy!  The forgiving heart is whole!  The forgiving heart beats, for the love of God!  The forgiving heart remembers, God!  Let the forgiving heart be where you start, today!”

Sunday Sermons
April 24, 2016
Live Your Life,
Upon Earth, Remem-
bering: Who You Are...

  I AM with you!  You sense My approach, know My coming, and realize My presence, for we are one.  So many profess to understand The One; yet, so few are willing to communicate as one.  I knock on the door, and those who remember The One, open the door, and smile. 

“Today, you have opened the door.  We touch.  Our energy mingles, and we remember, together.  I call on you today, to go back in time, so that you might recall, the gentle days, the quiet ways, the stillness of movement without sound; for, this is important for you to remember.  The world around you is growing louder, and louder.  The ways of the world seem to be becoming harsher, hard, difficult to bear; but I promise you this, if you will stay connected with The Dimension of Perfection, Heaven, with The Spirit of God that is with you, then all harshness around you will fall from you!  It will not penetrate the peace of God, within you.  This ‘knowing,’ is your shield, permitting you to walk into the world, to be ‘in the world, but not of the world.’  It gives you the ability to have an Earth experience; yet, remain connected to Home Base, The Place from which you came. 

“Kindness, compassion, and understanding will assist you, in moving over the Earth; for, kindness, compassion, and understanding will deflect the spirits of meanness, and harshness.  The love of God will go with you, and it will be as a shield against hatred, and anger; for this love is within you; and hatred and anger cannot, and will not, penetrate the love of God!  Therefore, carry these gifts with you, remembering: who you are, and what you are to do.  Negative energy is meant to distract you from your mission, to turn your head this way, and that way; so that you lose focus, and balance, and harmony slips from you. 

“Refuse distraction!  Sing along with the birds, and hum with The Wind, dance amongst the stars, follow the sun, and waltz in the arms of God!  You cannot be distracted, when you are doing these things, these mystical, magical things!

“I call upon each of you who are interested in living this Way today, because there will soon come a time, when those seeking healing, when those seeking to be made whole, will know that their path must lead them to the quiet, gentle souls, who have refused to take part in the cacophony of anger, and hatred, and meannes.  There will be a sign, an outward sign, unto all of the children of Earth; and the sign will be the outstretched hands, and the outstretched arms, welcoming all who will come into the love of God… flowing… from you!  It will appear as miraculous; yet, it will be you, living your life upon Earth, remembering who you are!”

Sunday Sermons
Mother's Day
May 8, 2016
the Portal, the Door-
way, Through Which You Pass

  I AM with you.  Every time you open your heart, and welcome Me ~ The Presence ~ is strong!  It is as if you can reach-out, and take My hand, and we can walk the Earth together, all day long.  It is a miracle; yet, for those who believe: it is an everyday occurrence; it is life; it is experiencing Earth, “knowing, Heaven is with you!” 
“Many of you hearing these words, or reading these words, are living in a place which is celebrating ‘a special day,’ today!  This is the day on which ‘Mothers,’ motherhood, and the experience of that life on Earth as a mother is celebrated; it is called Mother’s Day! 

“The very act of setting aside a day, for a specific purpose, in and of itself, exhibits, that this purpose is special, unique, and worthy of celebration!  However, often on days set aside for celebration, there can be some resentment, often anger, and frustration, or tears, or sorrow.  The reason for this ~ is that most individuals carry around a measuring stick ~ within their mind; and they use this measuring stick for many purposes, for many reasons.  So, on Mother’s Day, there are many of you, who: are measuring the job your mother did; or you are measuring the sorrow you feel, since your mother departed; or you are measuring your feelings of abandonment, because your mothers were not there. 

“There are many ‘feelings,’ latent energies within your being, which are stirred-up on a day such as today; and, ideally, they are all good and wonderful; but if they are not, no matter where your mother ranks on your ‘stick of measurement,’ there is one thing ~ that you are to celebrate ~ set all other things aside, and celebrate your earthly mother as the portal, the doorway, through which you gained entrance onto the Earth!  If, for no other reason other than the crossing through this portal, this doorway, this is a day worthy of celebration!  You knocked, the door was opened, and you were born of flesh and blood, to experience Earth! 

“The blessing of this passage onto the Earth, presents a great opportunity, and a responsibility, to make Earth ‘better,’ for your presence, for your life, for your love, for your example, for the footprints you will leave, for those coming after you to follow.

“You knocked, and the door was opened, and you passed through your mother; and, this alone is significant!  It does not matter: whether your mother is the most wonderful mother in the world; it does not matter whether your mother lacks the ability to love, the way you ‘want,’ to be loved; it does not matter whether your mother has returned Home to Heaven, or that she ran away to another city, or to a countryside.  None of these things matter; so, throw away the measuring stick, and celebrate the truth!  And the truth is ~ that your earthly mother is the doorway, the portal, through which you passed to gain entrance onto the Earth!  Therefore, let this day be a celebration of the doorway, the portal, the threshold, your mother! 

“You are upon Earth, now!  What will you do with this gift of life?  Give your thanksgiving to God, for your eternal life; and pay respect to the doorway which granted you entrance onto the Earth! 

“There is work to do.  Be a shining example, for those who follow you.  Leave your footprints upon the sands of time.  Celebrate this day, celebrate life upon Earth, and be respectful of the doorway through which you passed!”

Sunday Sermons
May 15, 2016
The Voice, Brings
Confidence In The Message

  I AM with you.  I send My blessing before Me, and you feel grace, and without even seeing My face, you know Me.  We speak, you listen, and in the listening, you are guided, and made whole.  All are touched; but, few recognize the touch, few know the face; but for those who do, and believe, there comes a ‘robe of confidence,’ to wear, as you go through the day, knowing, you will be blessed, every step along The Way!   
“When you recognize a voice, there is a feeling associated with the hearing of the voice, there is ‘a knowing,’ a recognition.  It is a friend.  It is a workmate.  It is family.  You hear the voice, and without seeing the face, you know the source.  And it is the same, with your relationship with God.  First, the relationship must be developed, encouraged, nurtured, and grown, before you can recognize The Whisper, The Touch of Grace, without even seeing The Face.

“I offer this as an example.  Your telephone rings, and you answer.  ‘Hello,’ you say, and a voice begins speaking.  ‘Hurry.  Go to the store.  Buy what you need, and return home.  There is a storm brewing.’  Click.  The message is done.  There was no name given.  You do not recognize the tone, or the vibration of the voice.  You do not understand the message.  You do not know whether to go, or not.  Hearing these words on the telephone has not brought you one bit of confidence.  It has brought you chaos, and confusion.  ‘Who was that?  What did they mean?’

“This is what can happen, when you do not ‘know,’ the source, the voice, when you do not recognize the whisper.  So, the first step in communication, and understanding: the signs; and the direction; and guidance, coming from God, is to build ‘a relationship with God, first;’ so that you recognize The Voice.  It feels right, it settles within you with comfort, because you have spent hours, hearing, and listening to this Voice, this whisper.  Therefore, when the call comes to rise-up, and go-out, you are eager, and confident in what you are doing.  There is neither chaos, nor confusion.  You have developed a relationship, and you are sure ~ that the direction ~ is coming from God!

“The lack of a relationship with God ~ causes confusion ~ when you attempt, or try to listen, for guidance, direction, or look for the signs.  If you have not developed the relationship, there could be confusion.  If the telephone call, used as an example, had come at a time when you recognized it was God speaking, you would rise-up, and go-out, gather provisions, and return to your home, shutter the windows, and close the door, preparing to ride-out the storm.  However, if you do not know, or recognize the source of the guidance, you are reluctant to go- out; hesitant to follow the direction.

“I AM bringing this message ~ so that you will spend time ~ this week ~ establishing a relationship on which you can count, for: guidance, and comfort, and wisdom, so that when you hear, you ‘know,’ from whence The Whisper doth come! 

“Sometimes, the guidance will be to go forth; and, when you know it comes from God, do not hesitate, go forth.  Sometimes, the guidance will be to stay where you are for now; and, when you know this guidance is coming from God, do not hesitate to stay where you are, and do so, with confidence.”

Sunday Sermons
May 22, 2016
In Remem-
brance, Of Your
Journey Upon Earth

  I AM with you.  I approach.  We are near.  You hear My voice, or feel My presence; and then, comes confirmation, affirmation, we are one. 

“You recognize My voice, My tone is familiar; therefore, you rise-up to hear Me, even from your sleep.  I AM calling to you today, because it is time for you: to awaken, fully; to be aware, and to notice what is happening around you; to pay attention; for, you are on a great journey. 

“It is important for you to look around, and see, so that you might bring Home with you the things you have seen, which have become a part of you, which you will carry for eternity, in remembrance of your journey upon Earth!     

“There is no question, that, if you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you are upon Earth!  Of that, there is no doubt.  And, as you are upon Earth, there is also no question, that you were born upon Earth, and that you are on the journey, right now, every step you take, leading you Home!  As you made your arrival upon Earth, there will come a time when you make your departure.  It might seem as if a lifetime upon Earth is a long time; in reality, it is but a snap of your fingers, a blink of your eye, and it is done; therefore, I call to any who recognize My voice, and say, ‘Rise-up, and awaken!  Sleep no longer, in the dust of Earth; but, awaken, fully, to the experience of your journey!’

“The intention is for you: to be born upon Earth; to experience Earth, in a unique way, a way designed, and planned, for you to experience Earth; and then, to come Home; to move from one experience to another without effort, in the flow of The Divine Plan; but, the ways of man, and the ways of the world, have made a larger, and more powerful impact upon the lives of those upon Earth than anticipated, and this larger, and more powerful impact has adjusted the way you think about living, and experiencing, and returning Home.  However, even in the midst of the ‘distractions of the world,’ there is an undeniable, compelling Voice, quietly calling to you.  ‘Come over here.  You are getting off-track.  Come this way.  We are waiting for you to make the choice.  Come this way.’

“While your time upon Earth is meant to be created by selections you make on your own, utilizing your freewill choice, angels are with you, beings of great light surround you.  Sometimes, in the quiet, you can hear them, or feel them, knowing, sensing they are with you.  They line the pathway, they sing your song, and you find sweet repose in their arms.

“I say these things to you, because, just as you began your journey upon the Earth, there comes a time when your journey is to end; and, at the end, you make the transition from Earth back to Heaven, from a place that can be challenging and heavy, to The Dimension of Perfection, where all is light, and you seem to float, unencumbered by the weight of a body of Earth.

“Many of you are walking around, right now, wandering here or there without purpose, or so you think.  You do have a purpose.  There is meaning to your life.  Look at the signs all around you, and you will see; and once you see, you will begin to know which way to go, and you will become more, and more, efficient in reading the signs, which are meant to take you from one place to another.  When you pay attention, and begin to realize, that your time upon Earth is meant for you to have an earthly experience to carry with you through eternity, you begin to consciously make choices which will be pleasing, and filled with light; memories of Earth, traveling with you, as you make your way through eternity!  When you know this, your choices are different, because you recognize the eternal impact of every choice you make.  Live each day as if you know, as if you feel, as if you sense the importance of every second, every minute, every hour!  While you are upon Earth, you are constantly packing your bag for your final exit, as you move through every day.  You cannot put clothes, or jewelry, or money in your bag.  What you will be packing, for the exit, for the transition, for the passing, will be the things of eternal value: love, compassion, understanding; the remembrance of the scents, and the aroma of the flowers; the songs of the birds, and the flight of the butterfly.  These things, that you draw into you, that send a chill up and down your body, these are the things you are packing to take Home, as a remembrance of your earthly journey!

“It seems, the teachings of the world have placed much importance on the human body, and the human experience, so much so that everything is done to curtail the transition, the passing, to hold you in place upon Earth, one, or two more years; yet, in reality, you are only postponing eternity, when you do this.  Why not open your arms and embrace, not only your earthly experience, but also the exit point where you re-enter The Land of Light and Peace, where you return Home!  If you will begin to alter how you see your earthly experience, knowing that it is transitory, and temporary, in nature, then you will see the transition in a different way, in a different light.  There will be no dread, there will be celebration, instead!  It will be as if you are walking from one park to another, looking both ways, before you cross the street, continuing on your journey.

“Pay attention to those walking around with you, or riding around with you, or sailing with you, because at some point of your earthly experience, you will step upon a vehicle of transportation.  It might seem as if you are going onto a train, boarding a plane, or crossing over a gangplank onto a ship; but, as you do so, you will notice there are many people with you, all headed for the same destination: some looking at peace; some looking frantic, and fearful; some filled with chaos, and confusion.  They are all going to the same destination; but, those who are at peace will be carrying a suitcase that appears to be very light.  These are the individuals who have been packing them right, from the beginning.  Their bags are filled with loving thoughts, and words, and deeds, to take Home, to remember Earth.  They are not dragging baggage, filled with worthless clothing, jewels, and money.  They are carrying wealth, eternal wealth, and they are taking it Home with them.  Even as you board the vehicle, there are still people who look confused, and frustrated.  They are not quite sure why they are there; but their names have been called, and they are on the list, for the passing.

“I speak to you today, in this way, because you can begin right now, packing your bag, setting aside those things that will weigh you down, gathering-up love, and kindness, and understanding, and forgiveness; all, as light as air; but all precious treasures, that you can bring Home!  You do not have to check them anywhere.  They are your earthly experience, abundance, the wealth of eternity.  So, I encourage you to spend the rest of the time you have on this journey upon Earth, looking around, listening for the sounds, breathing deeply of the aromas, and the fragrances of Earth, because you will remember!  The experience will remain with you; and while it is fleeting, your earthly experience is eternal, an eternal memory you will keep with you forever!  Make it worthy of forever.  Make it worthy… of… forever!”  
Sunday Sermons
June 5, 2016
Do Not
Get Angry
With Another

  I AM with you. There are so many things I wish to share with you, for knowing these things, makes life on Earth much easier.  There is always an appropriate time, and an appropriate place, for learning; and, happily, today, is one of those times, and this is an appropriate place; therefore, I will speak to you about the energy of ‘anger.’
“When I walked upon the Earth, it was during the time when most accepted the command, ‘Do not kill.’  Most tried to live their lives, following this command, ‘Do not kill.’  However, as I walked and talked with those around Me, those close to Me, I would speak to them, about anger, saying, ‘You have been told, ‘Do not kill.’  I bring you a new command, do not get angry with another.’

“The response, written on the faces of those who looked intently upon Me, as I spoke these words, was total disbelief!  They were dumbfounded; they were almost unable to bare what I was saying; so, I said it repeatedly, so it would begin to sink-in, so they would know that this new command was important.  Today, I take you one step further along The Way, with an understanding of anger.  I wish to speak of this energy, this behavior, this force, in a specific way.  I wish to talk about anger being used as a ‘re-action,’ to what another says, or does, because this is how I believe you will see it more clearly than any other way.

“Anger can come out very quickly, when someone says, or does, something which displeases you, or hurts your feelings.  Anger is a reaction, and many times, those who use anger as a reaction, will often say, ‘(S)He made me do it.  It happened before I knew it, (s)he just made me so angry, I could not help it, I had no other choice.’  This explanation holds the key.  This explanation leads the way to understanding, that it was truly a re-action; and a choice was made; but, within the reaction was held the learned pattern of behavior, something that had been repeated, and repeated, and repeated, until it became second nature.  React, simply means that you are acting, again, and again, and again, in the same way, achieving the same result.

“For those of you who have ever played sports, this is even easier to understand, because learned behavior can be difficult to give-up, but well worth the effort.  If it has been learned: it can be unlearned; it can be set aside for something better, something more promising, something more fulfilling.  I do not have time today to go through every sport to use as an example; but, there is one that is rather easy to see, and that is learning how to play the game of golf.  With a metal rod, a club, you swing down, and hit the ball, and your power, your force, carries the ball up, and launches it away.  Now, without even knowing how to do this properly, using, what is termed ‘brute strength,’ a force within your body, you can come to hit that little ball, and drive it a long way; yet, if the manner in which you do it is not correct, after a while, using this stroke over, and over again, you can do harm, or cause injury to your body.  Then, someone sees what you are doing, and suggests, ‘Let me show you a better way,’ and you see, with practice in the better way, you have more control over where the ball is going, how far the ball is going, and you seem to be able to drive the ball further, with less effort. This is because you have learned how to hit the ball properly. 

“This is what I wish for you to do today, especially if you are struggling with reactions, by using anger.  Set that reaction aside, and begin to act, using the love of God, when certain things are said, or done, to you, or in your presence.  Back-up, take a deep breath, and take inventory, take stock.  What are you trying to accomplish?  No matter what you are trying to accomplish, by using the energy of anger, you can accomplish it with greater ease, and less effort, if you employ the energy of love, coming from God.  There is no longer a confrontation, because you refuse to enter the game in that way.  You choose to play the game, using something new, and different, something requiring less effort, something calming, and bringing peace to the situation.  The result, if you are willing to try this, is staggering, and utterly amazing.  When you refuse to use the old pattern, the old behavior, and work with a Master, showing you The Way, your days are filled with peace.  You are no longer trying to drive the ball with an inappropriate, and less productive, swing.  You are using the new lessons, you are following The Way, and the new way is a better way.

“This lesson today is clearly understood by those of you who have taken part in any athletic activity, because surely you did not instantly know how to play the game.  There was a teacher, no matter whether it was those around you, playing the game so well, that you followed what they did; or it was a coach, or instructor, who showed you a better way to accomplish the goal.  Once this better way was learned, you mastered the game.  It is the same with setting aside old reactions to situations, and learning a better way to accomplish the goal.  God’s love will always bring you peace, and if you will use the love of God, as the action you choose, in any situation, you will be the bringer of peace.  It is that simple. 

“You know the command, ‘Do not kill.’  Now, I ask you to take it a step further.  Do not get angry with another.  Set anger aside; for, it does not serve you well.  In doing so, you will be the bringer of peace!”

Sunday Sermons
June 12, 2016
And Anxiety

  I AM with you. It is important for you to believe that I AM with you.  I AM no longer encumbered with a body of Earth; yet, I AM with you, in My spirit body; and I can assure you that nothing can happen to drive Me away from you.  I will lead you through every situation, and upheaval, through every sea of chaos, and every cloud of confusion, if you will believe that I AM with you, and then follow Me, when I say, ‘Come,’ I will show you The Way!  This, My brothers and sisters, is My promise to you! 
“I have addressed the issue of reacting to certain situations, reacting to what others say, or do, many times; and just last Sunday we talked about using the energy of anger as a tool, in reaction, and how there is a better way to do it, how there is God’s Way to do it. 

“Today, I want to talk about another reaction that can consume your body, and spirit, and bring on disease of every kind.  It too, just like anger, is a learned behavior; and, learned behaviors, or patterns, can be broken, and a new way of doing things can be put into place. Today, I want to address ‘worry, anxiety, and concern about another person, or an issue,’ which drives you to distraction. 

“Some of you might be in this situation right now.  Some of you might recall a situation where you used worry, and concern, and anxiety as a reaction to what another said, or did.  My question to you is this, looking back on every period of worry, concern, and anxiety, consider this… what good did worry do?  What did concern, and anxiety accomplish that was ‘good,’ and ‘of light?’  In truth, you would have to say, ‘Nothing!  I worried myself sick, for a long time, and it did not change anything.’”

“Worry, concern, and anxiety will never change anything, for the better; and in truth, will result in physical illness and/or disease!

  (Long Pause... ... ....) 

“Yes, there was an appropriate pause there, long, so you could absorb the impact of what was said.  Sometimes there is worry on the part of a student when, because they did not study for the test, they did poorly on the test, and they worry about the grade, and the outcome.  However, worry would have been unnecessary had there been proper preparation.  Once the test is taken, it is done; so what is termed worry can usually more accurately be described as ‘fear,’ of what is going to happen next. 

“Worry about what another person is doing is one of the most unproductive energies you can choose to use.  This truly will make you sick, especially in the stomach area.  The digestive system will not work as it is intended to work, when there is a stressful situation, regarding what another person is saying, or doing.  When this is the source of worry, you must look at it honestly, because, if you can look at it honestly, you will see that you want, or expect, another to do what ‘you think is best;’ and, when they do not conform to what you want them to do, you begin to worry, you become anxious, and concerned; because you want to keep them, from what you perceive, as a bad outcome.  ‘This will come to no good,’ is what you are thinking.  Sometimes, especially if this is a reaction between parent, and child, it almost seems a noble thing to do, to worry about your child.  Today, I AM saying, this is not true.  You are creating a situation that is not necessary, by denying your adult child their ‘freewill choice.’  Think on this…! 

“Worry, concern, and anxiety can also be used in times of doubt, chaos, and confusion.  What is happening regarding financial issues, no matter whether they be personal, or community matters, or in the world in general, finances, and the worry about money, can make you sick, and in reality, your ‘worry,’ about it, only makes it worse! 

“It is the trickery of negative forces, to attach nobility to worry: to be so worried about your finances that you are frozen in place, and cannot enjoy the day; to be so worried about what someone else is doing, that you are frozen, and cannot enjoy the day.  To be worried, concerned, and anxious, robs you of the joy Our Farther, Our Creator, hopes for all of His Children experience on Earth; you cannot sing a joyful song when you are worried. 

“Worry, concern, and anxiety is learned behavior.  It will take great patience, practice, and determination, to ‘unlearn,’ allowing another’s actions, or words, or deeds to distract you from your relationship with God.  Poking around in another person’s business, usually comes to no good.  Being concerned about money, and finances, robs you of the glory of God with you, robs you of the beauty of the day you have been given.

“So, I offer you an alternative ‘choice.’  When you are tempted to worry, concern, or anxiety, speak to God.  I did!  Say to God, ‘This is a situation totally out of my control.’  Bless the person, bless the situation, and let it go!  Enjoy the present piece of eternity you are on Earth to experience! 

“There are many things that you can do, ‘of great light,’ that can take the place of worry, concern, and anxiety.  Throw open the windows!  Throw open the doors!  Sing a happy song!  Listen to the birds, and then sing along!  Take a ride in the countryside, and look at the beauty all around you!  God’s creation is amazing, and it is all good!  Start living, and dedicating all you do, for the glory of God! 

“Set aside worry, concern, and anxiety, and you will be healthier, and happier, of body, soul, and spirit!  Reject these energies, because they are energies which can be replaced with the glorious power of God!  Change your pattern, and you will change your life, completely!  Do so, and live in joy, for the glory of God is all around you!”