Sunday Sermons
August 14, 2016
Answers In
The Well Of God

  I AM with you.  I AM with you, when you feel alone; I AM with you when you feel injury; I AM with you when you know fear; I AM with you when you are shrouded in doubt; and, if you will sit, and be quiet, together, we will resolve the loneliness, the injuries, the fear, and the doubt; we will resolve all things, so you will know, and in ‘the knowing,’ you will remember, that you carry all of the answers, within you!  Come, and sit with Me, and in the quiet you will see, that your needs will be heard, and answered. 

“You carry, within you, The Well of God!  Each, and every one of you carries this source of life, and truth, within you!  Some of you might have forgotten the path to the well.  Some of you might think that the answers you seek, will be found on the walls, and in the hallways of institutions of learning.  You might think that the answers will be found in courtrooms, and classrooms, and laboratories.  Possibly, you think the answers might be found in the words, and the teachings, of others, around you.  I AM not saying that these places, or people, cannot provide information; I AM guiding you to a place of deeper understanding, and spiritual fulfillment!

“I believe some of you have boarded-up The Well of God, within you, many have turned from it, and are wandering in the world created by man, seeking answers to things, you do not understand, seeking to find order, amidst chaos, and confusion. 

“Today, I implore you ~ return to The Well of God ~ within you!  Rip-off the boards of denial, frustration, hurt and pain, which brought you to cover-up the well.  Cast them from you; for, if you will lower your pail of need, into The Well of God, that which you bring-up will be the answer!  If you make your way to The Well of God within you, feeling as if you need forgiveness for transgressions, and trespasses, once your pail is lowered, and brought-up, it will be overflowing. with forgiveness!  When you lower your pail, and draw-it-up, you will not find judgment and condemnation; you will find the answer to your prayers, and the pail will be filled with compassion, and understanding.  When you drink of these things, that come from The Well of God, this is what fills you.  It is what flushes-out anger and hatred, it is what flushes-out arrogance, and what flushes-out greed.  These things from The Well of God are all you need: hope, trust, forgiveness, generosity, kindness; all of the things that lift-up your spirit, so it might soar, are found ~ in ~ The Well of God! 

“Do not fall to the temptation to think that, if you lower your pail, and bring-up forgiveness to drink, that forgiveness is the only thing available in The Well of God, for this is not so.  Whatever you need ~ is what will come to you; therefore, do not say to one another, that your well holds the only answer.  For some, their pail might bring forth understanding, for that is what ‘they need.’  For others, their pail might draw-up a blueprint of how to move through the day, the paths they are to take, which will assist them, for that is what they need.   For others, it will be directions on how to pray, a way to bless, rather than to curse, for that is what they need.  Do not judge what another draws-up from The Well of God, as good, or bad, or useless; for, God provides what the children need, and every child’s needs are different.

“This in itself is a miracle, that before you drew one breath upon Earth, all that you would ever need, during your lifetime, during your journey, was already within you ~ the well ~ complete!  This day, I encourage you to make your way to The Well of God, within you, to lower your pail into the waters, with a prayer, and then draw-it-up, and drink; for all of your answers are there, ~ waiting, ~ in The Well of God!”

Sunday Sermons
October 2, 2016
Who You Are
Know What You Seek

  I AM with you.  I AM available for you.  I AM but a veil away.  It is truly amazing that this existence was set into place through time, and space, so that you can reach into other dimensions, and speak, and ask, and learn, and know!  When you are quiet, and turn to God, your thoughts, and supplications, move, from you, into The Dimension of Perfection, and you know the process of trans-dimensional communication, because that is what prayer is, a call Home, from a child on Earth, and it is always received!   

“My words today, might surprise you, in some ways; today I AM reaching-out to a few of you, and you will know, if you are amongst those, I wish to contact today.

“Many of you wear, around your neck or hanging from your ears, on your finger or wrist, or possibly even drawn onto your body, a cross; it has come to be a ‘symbol, of your connection with Me.’  But, do you really know, what it means; or is it something you just put-on each day, as you would your shoes, or your hat, or your sweater?  Many of you make your way to a church each week, perhaps you even have a specific place to sit, a certain pew, your regular chair.  Each Sunday you rise-up, and you go there, and sit, sometimes lost in a congregation filling the church, sometimes amongst the very few who have gotten out of bed to attend.  Still, you do this, every week.  Do you know what it means?  Do you know why you are there?  Many of you speak, of Me.  Many of you have favorite scripture, or verses, assigned to what I said.  Some of you might have committed to memory almost every word, written Scripture, assigned to Me.  But, do you ‘know,’ what they mean? 

“I want you to know Me, and the only way this is possible to do is for you to be still, and quiet, and sit with Me!  Talk with Me; and I will lead thee, and show thee The Way.  Beyond anything written down, beyond any book you have read, beyond any lesson you have learned, I will teach thee The Way!

“I said many things while I walked upon the Earth; but, after two thousand years, or more, very few know them, and live them!  The words do not seem to fit into the pattern, drawn, by the ways of the world, created by man. 

“I will give you strength, and courage, I will build your confidence, I will be your friend, as I AM your brother, and what you will learn will surprise you!  Our times together will be sacred.  I want you to know Me.  I want you to know, who you are.  I want you to know, what you are seeking. 

“If it is truth you seek, rise-up, and follow Me!”

Sunday Sermons
July 17, 2016
Illusion, For
Truth... Believe,
Have Faith, And Know

  I AM with you. No matter where you find yourself this day, I AM with you!  If you are standing on a mountain top, I AM with you.  If you are standing by the sea, or ocean, I AM with you.  If you are standing at the river’s edge, or on a desert’s mound of sand, I AM with you.  If you are standing in a meadow, or on a city street, I AM with you.  If you are giving birth, or being born, or waiting, ready to return Home, I AM with you.  I AM always with you.  All of Heaven is with you, and all you have to do, to make the connection complete, is to set your intention to do so.  It is as if you are answering a phone, or turning-on a computer, or a television, or turning the keys to start the ignition of your vehicle.  All of these things, which I just mentioned, are waiting for you to take action: pick-up a phone; turn-on a computer; turn-on a television; go-out and start your car, so that you might move to another destination.  And, there are many more things, which require action, from you, to make the connection, to achieve the desired result.

“So many of you today, truly believe that you ‘control,’ your everyday life, your life in the world created by man.  You hold-down a job, which provides the means to pay for a house, and a car, and clothing, and food; and, you believe by doing these things, you are controlling your situation, assuring security.  And, this is where you place your trust, and believe, all is well, when you do what you must do to maintain this worldly creation.  It seems to work for a while, until you lose your job, or lose your health to disease, illness, sickness of some type; or, until there comes the invasion of a natural, or financial disaster, which robs you, of all that you thought you controlled.  You lose your home, and your savings, and you are left all alone, turning in despair, trying to find, to grasp, what was once there.  In these times you see, and begin to know, you really never had control.  It was the illusion of control that kept you going, held your faith, and trust, in knowing that all things would remain as they were, as long as you proceeded down the path that you created in the world of man.  But this is an illusion!  You do not control your everyday life in the world of man, you are following along, you are making do with what you have, what you have created.

“Most of you do not believe that you are the master of your spiritual realm, that you are the master of something more than the physical, more than the world created by man.  The illusion is ~ you think you control ~ those things of the world.  The miracle is ~ that you have the freewill choice to create your reality, ~ when you move into, and operate from, the spiritual world!  My brothers, and sisters, it is vital for you to ‘remember,’ that you are spirit first, assuming the body of Earth, only for a while!

“I pause so you can absorb this, because it is exactly opposite of what many of you believe, and hold to be true.  Most of you believe that God is controlling this, or that, or the other, and that you must float in, and out, of the spiritual realm, with your significant contribution being: attending church; doing good deeds; reading of the masters who came before you, or who are living with you; doing the best you can, while you are living in the world created by man.  But, this is not true!  Your creative powers are just not in use right now.  You have not made the connection.  You have not answered the phone, or turned on the television, or the computer.  You have not inserted the key, and started the ignition of your vehicle.  In other words, you are not making the connection with the heavenly kingdom that is all around you, with you, within you!  You are not making that effort, because you do not believe it is so!  However, deep within your being, at your true core, you ‘know, it is so.’ 

“Many of you have found yourself in a position of dire emergency; and, in that position, you have called-out, ‘Help me, save me,’ or whatever your utterance might have been, and miracles of miracles:  your vehicle stopped, just before it plunges over the embankment; a loved one sits-up, in a hospital bed, free of the coma, free of the fever; you find a surprise reward has come in the mail, just in time, to make the payment that was necessary to make; you turned around, and there was the job you always wanted, knocking at the door, inviting you to assume the role; or, the sun did shine, on a day that held darkness, until you mentioned The Name, Divine; and the storms cleared, and the world, and all things, were fine.  Almost each and every one of you can remember a time, when you called-out, and the result was miraculous!

“The message today is this.  You do not have to wait, until a dire emergency, to make that connection.  You already know, that miracles will come in answer to a prayer called-out from your heart; so, why not use the information, from the start!  You are creating every minute of your day.  Make the connection with God, with Home, so that you might live, in a non-emergency situation, receiving the gifts, knowing the answers, being filled with courage, and strength, and confidence!  This is all possible.  It is so easy, once you make the decision to be guided by God, in all things, in all ways! 

“The ‘illusion,’ is ~ that you control the world in which you live, by amassing stacks of money, and clothing, and houses, and cars.  The ‘truth,’ is ~ you create a lifetime, an existence, an experience of miracles by maintaining your connection with God, and using this opportunity, this freewill choice, to live every day!  You are co-creating with God.  Spend your time, creating thoughts that are of light, and follow through with words, and deeds, and this will be your reality.  In this world of perfection, that you are creating, by maintaining your connection with Home, all things will come to you, especially those things you need to accomplish your mission!  It is intended to be that way, that is The Divine Plan!  The struggle, and the hard work, that is created in the world of man, will fall away from you.  The outward sign will be that it appears easy, it appears as if it is just flowing to you; and, in reality, that is exactly, what it is doing, because you have made the connection, you have plugged into The Source of ultimate power, and it is flowing through you!

“Acknowledge your creative power!  Set your intention to create a world, that, until this point, you did not believe existed, because you had not yet created it.  So, create the perfect, living experience, within your thoughts, and this is what will flow from you, this will be what is created by you.  This is how you will know what you are to do, connect with Home Base, connect, and master your destiny, fuel your thoughts with the power of God, and you will succeed.  Believe, have faith, and you will know, all you need to know, to make it so!”   

Sunday Sermons
July 3, 2016
And Know Peace

  I AM with you. Feel My presence drawing near to you.  I come to you as a flower, breathe deeply, taking-in My fragrance.  I come to you with My power, breathe deeply, for by sharing this, you have My strength, and courage, as well.  These things I give you.  I Come to you every hour, every minute, every day, every second.  It is possible.  We are separated by only a veil, a thin veil.  Follow the fragrance, and use your strength, and courage, and you will move with Me.  This is all possible; yet, it requires desire, and intention.  You too can be in the world, but not of the world.  You can experience Earth, but in a different way.  You can experience Earth, seeing the glory all around you.  I come to you, so that you might share, because this sharing is your heritage.  You are no accident.  You are eternal.  Where you are, how you are, is no accident.  It is a mission of eternal importance.  How you move over the Earth, how you operate in the world created by man is an exhibition of who you are, and the way you operate, the way you move, shows what you ‘know.’       

“So many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, at your heart level, want to do something to help others, to make the world better, to breathe deeply, and to know, with love, your Earth experience.  Accomplishing this goal, can be as simple as exhibiting the gift of kindness!  It is not necessary to read all of the books, to memorize all of the important quotations.  It is not necessary to make your way to a church, or a temple, or a synagogue, every Sunday, or Saturday, or Wednesday.  It is not necessary to take courses, and classes.  All that is necessary is to understand the importance of kindness.  Kindness springs forth, from the energy of love, and love is the creation energy!

“Sometimes you find it very difficult to love; but, you can always reach-out with kindness; and, in-so-doing, ultimately, taste love!  You cannot make a mistake with kindness.  Even when your kindness seems to be rejected, you have created the gift; therefore, it lives.  The one who creates, ~ knows the creation; therefore, it is important to create ~ what you seek; so today, we talk about ~ the creation of kindness, ~ within each of you!

“If you desire the gift of kindness, then create it, and give it away, and you will know it! 

“Let this week be filled with acts of kindness.  Let your thoughts create the seeds of kindness.  Let your words take these thought seeds, and broadcast, and spread them, over the garden, of Earth; and let your actions show The Way to the garden you have created, every day!  Invite others into your garden of kindness; and, in-so-doing, you say, ‘I love you.’  This, you can do!  It is within the capability of each of you to be kind!  It rises above patience, it rises above tolerance, of being courteous, and polite, for the art of kindness springs forth from love! 

“Create kindness, ~ and you will know ~ peace!”

Sunday Sermons
July 10, 2016
Your Des-
tiny, As A Ci-
tizen, Of Heaven

  I AM with you. Do not let others distract you; for within your being, you feel the truth, and you know it is possible for Me to be with you, to encourage you, to support you, to lead you into a way of new life, new living, new understanding; for, in this new way, in this new life, all that you have read before begins to open, anew, and you see things you never knew before.  I AM with you.  I point them out.  I show you The Way.  You hold The Book, and ask a question, and the breath of The Holy Spirit doth blow over you, the page turns, and your glance falls to the page revealed, and the words spring forth from the prophets of old, and you realize that those words, spoken thousands of years ago, are yours to behold, to know, to bring to life, once more.                

“It is recorded, and I did say, that you can do everything I AM doing;  and, I did not stop there; for, I also said that you would do even greater things.  I did not say, ‘Carry Me on a throne, and bow down to me.’  I sat in the sand, and in the dirt, to wash the feet, and care for those who loved Me; and, when I did rise-up, those who did love Me, walked with Me, as My brother, as My sister, not My slave, or underling, but with Me. 

“Those who were with Me did know, and hear, what I said.  Today, begin to understand how difficult it would be to change your belief from retaliation to compassion, and love for your enemy.  Think what it would mean, rather than securing your own future financially, to be asked to give it all away, and wander, from town to town, taking nothing with you, of worldly value. 

“I did not come to show you something that is impossible for you to do; so, do not be tricked into thinking that it is ‘impossible,’ to do, all that I did… say, unto you… and show unto you; for, My presence, in a body of Earth, is living proof, of your value, of your worth!  You can do everything I did, I do, and I will do!  I AM, with you!

“Set your goal to create mountains of love!  Fill your coffers with compassion, and understanding.  Hand-out cups, and dishes, overflowing with kindness.  Let the love of God flow through you into every day you live.  This love, this value, this worth, these gifts come from within you, and they have nothing to do with the values of the world.  They have to do with the eternal Kingdom of God.  You are on Earth for a brief time.  Do the best you can do to clean-up The Garden, to sweep the floor, to open the door, and let the light, flow, through you, onto the Earth.  No matter where you find yourself today: it is possible to love; it is possible to be kind; it is possible to open your thoughts to understanding, so that the gift you give to others might be compassion; and, it is possible to listen.  The world needs more listeners!  Very few will hold their tongue, and listen; but once this is done, you have not told another what you think, you have listened to what another feels, and you now know their heart. 

“There is so much more to share with you; so, I invite each of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, to be still, and quiet, and walk with Me today; for, no matter what you ask, the answer shall be revealed to you.  Rise-up, we will clean The Garden, and sweep the floors, together; it is your destiny, as a citizen of Heaven, as a child of God!”

Sunday Sermons
June 26, 2016
Your World,
Showing The Way

  I AM with you. These words are not empty, meant only to bring you solace, and comfort for today.  They are truth, for every day, past, present, and future.  I AM with you!  Heaven is with you, and the Dimension of Perfection is all around you!  You are in Heaven, right now; yet, the illusion is holding you in place, screening from your view, masking from your face, the reality of eternity, as it is.  The only thing you need to do ~ to experience My presence, and to live in the eternal realm of perfection now, today, ~ is to break out of the box, of conforming to that which you have been taught by the world created by man; so that you might walk within All That Is created by God.   
“At the present time, you are creating that which you experience.  You are able to create: sadness, greed, lust, hurt, betrayal, anger, hatred.  You are able to create: joy, charity, love, respect, kindness, compassion, peace.  As you walk through each day, you are the creator of the day you experience; and, this applies to interactions with others as well.  What others might say, or do, should have no effect on what you create.  Knowing this truth, and practicing this truth, requires determination; and the determination you set forth will produce the world in which you live, just as others are creating the world in which they live.

“When you are tempted to ‘react,’ to what another is creating, as their world, be mindful, be vigilant!  Sometimes the temptation to enter a world created by another is enticing; but, make sure, before you enter, that it is a place in which you would like to dwell.  You will encounter individuals whose presence is warm, inviting, and loving; and, to walk into their world, for a while, is restful, calming, and peaceful.  The experience of that which they created is fulfilling, warm, and rewarding.  You will also encounter individuals whose presence is cold, off-putting, and harsh.  Resist the temptation to wander into their creation, ‘by reacting,’ to that which is best left alone; for, it will entrap you, and their creation, their experience, will be one shared by you.

“Be the bringer of light, and love, and peace!  Bless all you encounter, no matter whether they carry love, or anger; plenty, or lack; charity, or greed.  Always remember, you are creating your world, and what you create will be that which you experience; therefore, create in light, and the world will be illuminated, within the light you create; and, that, which you see, will be different, because that which you create will be the creation of illumination.  Illumination allows you to see; and seeing within illumination opens The Way to revelation of truth.  Within the revelation of illumination are found the source of compassion, and understanding, because you see with clarity; and, when you see with clarity, within the creation of compassion, and understanding, you are, at last, the beholder, and the holder, of peace; and, within peace, there is born the gift, of wisdom.  You cannot buy any of these gifts in the world created by man, they are created by you, from within. 

“You are the creator of the world in which you live, and the creation of your world is all done, from within!  Set your intention to be the bringer of light, and love, and peace!  Once you have set your heart toward this goal, you are on your way blessing, healing, extending kindness, and showing The Way, bringing peace to every day!  This can all happen, when you know, really know, that you are the creator of the world, in which you live.  Create light, and live, in The Light!” 

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
July 24, 2016
Is Inevitable,
Creation Continues

  I AM with you.  Feel My presence, riding on The Wind.  Know My presence: in the song of a bird; in the fragrance of a flower; in the laughter of a child; in the gentle drops of a sweet, tender rain.  Know My presence in the majesty of a storm, in the tranquil waters of a sea.  Know My presence.  Know Me!

“Today, I wish to speak to you about ‘change,’ because change is inevitable.  You do not live in a stagnant creation.  You live in a creation that continues: it is vibrant; it is filled with life; and, you are to enjoy every second of this life that is yours!  Creation ~ is continuing ~ through you!  And as you grow, and as you experience creation, ~ change ~ is inevitable! 

“There is change for the better; but sometimes there is the temptation: to change into shadow and darkness; to be afraid of this, or that; to hold onto where you are, refusing to move with the flow of eternity, with the flow of creation.  Within ‘this choice,’ you become stagnant, and often, the spirit will wither, and grow weak. 

“Ah, but then, there is the change for good, and light.  It requires growth, and as you grow, you breathe deeply, filling your lungs with the air of Earth, just as your willingness to grow spiritually fills your spirit with the freshness of new creation, the breath of life, eternal life! 

“This latter choice, would be the choice of all, who had the freedom to make the choice.  Free of darkness and shadow: you would choose to breathe deeply, and fill your body with air, invigorating your body; you would choose to breathe deeply of The Spirit, and fill your eternal body, your light body, with the glory of God!  And I encourage all of you, My sisters and brothers, to go in this direction.  Choose growth, spiritual growth, because this is the intention of creation!  You are not meant to stay in one place.  You are meant to grow!

“Sometimes, change can take place instantly; something occurs, appearing to come out-of-nowhere, resulting in a trauma, a traumatic event that changes everything; but often, held within this traumatic event, is a miracle.  The fragments of the event swirl together, and the individual experiencing, whatever happened within that flash, within that moment, is changed forever, through the event, through the miracle.

“Sometimes, instant change is brought about by an epiphany.  You might be walking down a garden path, when, seemingly out of the blue, you are filled with answers, answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask, answers to questions, which could not have been formed by you.  Yet, the answers fill you, and they are complete, and coincide with the flow of creation, and you are changed, instantly, by this knowing, by this epiphany! 

“Instantaneous change, however, is not the norm.  Most spiritual change springs forth from: a desire; an intention; a drive; somewhere within you, you know there is something else, and you begin the process of gradual change.  This type of change does not occur in an instant; but, it is so rewarding!  As you begin the journey, as you begin to evolve into a more spiritual being, the dust, and the dirt of the world, begins to fall away.  It is as if you are washing a window, which has not been cleaned for decades.  It requires work; but then, the light begins to shine through, and what is revealed, within you, is beautiful, and powerful, and real.  In fact, the result, even at the start, is so intriguing, and so compelling, that you cannot stop this adventure you began.  It is as if it is impossible to return to the woman, or the man, you were before you set your intention to walk The Way.  This change, evolves more and more every day, and soon, you realize the difference, the glory in walking upon Earth: connected with God, knowing Earth, knowing God, knowing who you are, knowing value, knowing worth! 

“Change is inevitable, because creation is moving.  Today, set your intention to ride upon The Wind; be willing to let go, so that you might grow, spiritually; for, as you begin to open, and grow, you will begin to understand life upon Earth, and how it was meant to be!” 

Sunday Sermons
July 31, 2016
Joy Comes
From Inner-Peace

  I AM with you.  When you know I AM with you, peace settles within you, and when you always know I AM with you, peace resides within you; for, I AM peace, I AM love, I AM forgiveness for all things; therefore, it is impossible for Me to be with you without bringing the environment of peace to you! 

“Peace and joy!  These are words that bring comfort.  Peace and joy are sought by many.  Peace and joy are delivered by many; but, the states of peace and joy are created within your being.  Do not confuse joy with what might be termed being in a “party mode,” or excitement.  Joy comes from an inner-peace, and from within the inner-peace comes the ability to enjoy creation, and all around you, in a way that you did not ‘know,’ before.  Inner-peace is where you give birth to joy!

“So often, I have mentioned that buying a new car, or living in a new house, or perhaps finding a job which gives you a good bit of income, does not necessarily provide joy.  These things satisfy a yearning, for a while; but, they cannot deliver the gift of joy to you. 

“To be at peace, within, requires you: to be understanding, to be compassionate, to be forgiving, and to practice these things with yourself, first.  A disturbance, in an energy field, can be upsetting, can be frustrating; therefore, settle, within your being, the energies which animate your body, rather than bring it into a state of disease

“Joy and peace!  You will find that a day you remember as a very joyful day, was a day that was a peaceful day, a day when you were at peace, with all things. 

“It is easy to feel peace, when you look into the face of a small child; it is easy to be at peace, when you look into the eyes of one you love; but it requires practice to be at peace in the midst of turmoil.  The only way you can accomplish this, and actually experience joy in the midst of turmoil, is to stay connected with our Creator, with our Father, our Mother, our Giver of Life, our Bringer of Life, with The Source of All Life, with God.  There will be distractions all around you, every day, and these distractions invite you, better put, they tempt you, into ‘reacting,’ to them, into playing with them.  But the very second you lose your attachment to God, and focus on the distraction, the temptation to reaction, you lose your footing, you lose your balance, and you find yourself living in the energy of the distractor, or the distraction.  It does not feel the same, as when you stood in the light of God; it is murky, and dark; it is shadowy.

“There are often those who come into your life as the distraction, as the temptation, and it might surprise you to know that you will feel an immense sense of joy, when you realize that you have gained the spiritual maturity to stay connected with God, rather than reacting to the distraction.  This level of mastery takes time to achieve; it takes practice; and it is exactly why the instruction to ‘love all,’ was made clearer, by saying that ‘it is easy to love those who are loveable, who are kind; but, it is not so easy to love those who are being mean, and coarse.’  Yet, the ones who are living in the energy, residing with the spirits of meanness, or coarseness, or sickness, are in need of love, and exactly where you need to focus the love of God! 

“Peace and joy are so near to you.  The only thing required to live in these states is to pay attention, be vigilant, and then reject reaction to the distractions; choose, instead, to focus the light of God, directly upon the distractions.  Most often, you do not have to say a word, just focus the light, and the power of God; in fact, sometimes it is even more distressing to say a word; so, be still, be quiet, and focus. 

“Begin this week by practicing maintaining your connection with God, refusing reaction to distraction from the light of God.  This is how you come to know peace, in the midst of turmoil; it is how you come to understand, how you can love those who hate you, those who admonish you, those who are cruel to you.

“I AM not telling you this is easy to learn, or to do!  I Am telling you the rewards, for practicing what I AM asking you to do, are abundant, and rich, and result in a life filled with peace, and joy!  The excitement of new clothes, and new cars, and new places soon wears-thin, and then wears-off; but the absolute joy of living in the state of inner-peace is with you!  It cannot be taken from you; but, it must be created by you. 

“That which you experience is created by you!  Living upon Earth is made easier, when you remain in the light of God!  Shine the light of God, and be still, and you will find that the storms subside, that the winds are quiet, and you are at peace!”

Sunday Sermons
August 7, 2016
A Perfect Day

  I AM with you.  As we say goodbye to that which was the night, and prepare to welcome the creation of a new day, I AM with you, in every way.  Yesterday has been created.  It is done.  Now, you stand upon the threshold of something yet to be done.  You are about the create something you have never experienced before.  Very few take the time to realize the opportunity that is theirs, with the rising of every sun.   

“When you embark upon a new day, you are moving into uncharted territory.  Every experience of that day is new, and it comes to you to master the energy of every minute, every hour of the day.  Sometimes, this can seem as if it is a challenge, just to make it through, until the night; but, if you begin to see, what appears to be a challenge, as an opportunity, then you will begin to think as if you are playing a game, trying to move your game pieces from one place to the other, trying to accomplish the goal of the game.  Well, the goal of the game of this day, is to create as much good energies, as it is possible for you to do.

“It is possible for you to encounter negative energy, and transmute this negative energy into neutral energy, which moves over the Earth, stimulating, creating an atmosphere that seems charged in in a mystical way.  When the environment around you, when the atmosphere around you, is created with positive energy, things seem to grow better; it is because of the energy, the stimulation of this positive energy.  You seem to feel better; it is because of the energy, the stimulation of the positive energy.  When you understand the importance of creating a stimulating atmosphere for yourself, for your wellbeing, for your health, then it will become more important than running, or jogging, or walking, or eating the right foods.  It will become more important than attending this class, or that class, or stretching.  It will become the most important thing you do, because no matter how far your run, how many times a week you jog, or exercise, if your body is living in an atmosphere that is filled with negative energy, you will not achieve your goal; you will be tired, and sick, and stressed.

“So, My message to you is this.  Pay attention to the energy, in which you live!  Clean the atmosphere where you live.  Make sure your environment is one of positive energy, and growth.  Refuse to permit negative energy to enter.  Do not give negative energy a home.  This all sounds very simple, it is a starting place, and a place where you can see, in short order, the effect that negative energy has, or that positive energy has, because you will feel it immediately. 

“I send you forth, this day, to create the day.  I send you forth to create a day filled with positive energy.  I send you forth to cast from you all negative energy, send it away, so you are free to create a perfect day.”

Sunday Sermons
August 21, 2016
You Are On A
Mission, For God

  I AM with you.  I AM knocking.  Will you open the door to the possibility that you can feel My presence with you, that there is a change in the air, when you know, and believe, that there is more than what you are experiencing, right now, in a dimension that has often left you feeling isolated, desolate, and alone?  No matter how hard it is for you to realize, this is the truth, you can reach into The Dimension of Perfection, with your words, and your prayers, and your meditations, and reflections, and those of us residing here, will answer, and draw near to you; and, when you are quiet, and still, you will feel the sudden thrill, of “knowing,” it is not only possible, it is true!     

“While those who live upon Earth often pride themselves on their intellectual prowess, on what they can do, and what they know, all of this intellectual knowing, and information, changes, sometimes, from day to day, but most assuredly from one decade to another; and, the things you once felt you could rely-on, or count-on, change, with a new discovery; and, you find you based so much on something that, in reality, was not true at all.  This can be difficult to accept, or to embrace; and, as is often the way of the world, even when what you thought was the truth seems to be crumbling, you hold-on to it, anyway; because, it is all you know; you cannot tear yourself away, from that temple, of what you thought was the truth, so there you stay.

“Every Master sent to Earth has delivered a message, and the message has remained the same, with slight alterations; so that those meant to receive the message, could understand it.  Still, if you cut through the language barriers, and the different cultures, and the ways of the world, you will soon see that the message sent was ‘of love, the power of love, the strength of love, and the confidence of love!’  The message was meant to be a reminder, from The Dimension of Perfection, most often referred to as Heaven, a place, where all is, as it should be; and there is peace, because there are not ‘many truths,’ there is ‘one truth, of light, and love!’  There is calm, and peace, and serenity.  There is no need to run after this or that, because it is all there; it is a place of completion; it is accomplished; and, this place ~ is your Home, ~ your Eternal Home!

“Sometimes when you miss Home, The Dimension of Perfection, where you have all you need, you experience a sense of lack, and you try to satisfy that feeling of lack by accumulating this, or that, or the other; but somehow, these things you are gathering do not seem sacred and holy, or fulfilling at all.  It is as if you are amassing a stack of things, which you know will soon rust, or fall apart, or be taken from you.  If you are sitting at a beach, and begin building a sand castle, no matter how grand that sand castle might be, it is destined to be pulled down by the waves, by the waters, of the sea.  It cannot stand forever, because it is not meant to be forever.  The waters will move in, and gather-it-up, and take the sand, back to where it came from, into the ocean.

“When a child is born upon the Earth, most of the time the family is very excited, and the child grows-up, and is taught the ways of the family, sent to school, and then, out, into the world.  The family encourages the child to do well, and come home and tell all about the adventure.  Then, one day, even as the child has worked very, very hard, and done all of the things taught, this child runs into walls of denial and refusal, things do not work-out as planned; and, even though the child worked diligently, everything is taken away.  What would happen if the story were changed, and the child arrived into the family, and was taught: to love, to be kind, to find strength in knowing God, to remember that they were, truly, a child of God, on Earth for a brief time, to perform a mission?  What if the teaching, the instruction, was totally different, acknowledging the sacredness of this spirit, come to Earth?  What if the child was told, ‘Follow that which is within you; you have a blueprint, within you, that was written by the hand of God, and you have come to Earth to accomplish that goal, trusting, and knowing, when you maintain your connection with God, all you need to complete your mission will come to you, as that is The Divine Plan!  You are not doing something for your own glory, you are truly on a mission for God.  God will move you through all times, and we, as your family, will cheer you on as you go.  We love you, and we support you in your mission for God.’?  If this ~ was the teaching ~ in every household, all over Earth, you would have families cheering-on the children, from birth, supporting them, and urging them, prompting them to move-on into their missions, ~ and the world would be different place, ~ the Earth would be changed.

“It is never too late for a child of God to alter course, to remember who you are, and what life on Earth is all about; because, I can assure you, it is no accident that you are here: If you are upon Earth right now; if you are breathing oxygen right now; if you can feel the sun, and the rain; if you enjoy sleep, and waking again; you are on a mission for God.  Each mission is unique, as you are uniquely a piece of The One.  Stop, check your course.  Use the compass, within your spirit.  What is your mission?  Stay connected with God!  Do not lose sight of the purpose of your coming, because soon, you will be going Home; for, as the days are sweet, they are surely numbered; and as the days are laborious, they are surely numbered.  Change your perspective!  Do not seek to amass a stack of things which are destined to fall apart, which have, in reality, no value at all.  Begin to take this journey, within your being, finding the place of connection, where you sit with God, and God whispers, ‘Today, go here,’ ‘Rise-up, and go there.’  Whatever you are meant to do, you are equipped to do.  Wherever you are meant to go, you are prepared to go.  Do not hold-on to the things that are temporary.  Reach-out, and embrace eternity, with all of its gifts!

“You are not created to rust, decay, or fall apart!  You ~ are spirit ~ first, temporarily wearing a robe of Earth.  Soon, you will: take-off the robe of Earth, and resume your place in The Dimension of Perfection; continue your eternal journey; remember who you are, and proceed through all time.  You are a child of God, and you will live, forever!  Mark your days upon Earth, so that it is obvious that you know who you are, from whence you came, and where you are ultimately going!”

Sunday Sermons
August 28, 2016
Protect That
Of Greater Value

  I AM with you.  I AM with you as you walk through valleys, and deserts, over the mountaintops, and across the plains. I AM with you, when you know isolation, and desolation.  I AM with you as you fulfil your mission upon Earth.  Do not be distracted by the temptations leading you to doubt; for, if you linger in the hallways of doubt, you will fall into that pattern, and the miracles happening, all around you, will be qualified this way, or that way, as accidents, or coincidences, or any other title they might be assigned, diminishing greatly the miracle which did happen, which did occur, which could have changed the course of your life, but for the dismissal, but for the doubt.     

“Pay attention to what you are doing each day; but pay attention in a spiritual way!  Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, seeing another step into a mud-puddle, would not walk-in after them; but rather, you would make a point of going around the puddle, so as not to ruin your socks, or your shoes, or splash mud everywhere.  You would ‘choose,’ to avoid the puddle of mud, keeping your shoes and socks, clean, and dry.  If you assign such value to shoes, and socks, I would ask that you begin to place at least as much value on your soul, and spirit, being quick to avoid the puddles of mud, that others seem destined to find, and tromp through.  This will keep you dry, keep you clean, spiritually!  And I ask you to, please, begin to see life this Way!

“If you see clouds forming around you, in front of you, or behind you, which look heavy, and dark, and you hear a rumble in the distance, you usually avoid going-out in the storm that is coming.  You gather what needs to be brought into your home, close the doors, and wait-out the storm, so that you will be safe, so that you will be dry, and warm, protecting that which is important to you.  If you value, and protect, the material possessions which you choose to bring into the house to keep dry, and warm, so much, why not place this same value on your soul, and spirit?  If you see the clouds of chaos forming, and you hear the thunder rolling, distributing confusion, and anger, and frustration, all around you, gather that which you value, and take it into your being, be still, sitting in the chamber within you, and let the storm of chaos, and confusion pass!

“Do not exchange angry words in retaliation for angry words.  Do not exchange hatred in retaliation for hatred.  Do not get caught-up in the chaos, and confusion of others.  Do not place more value on material possessions than you do on your eternal possessions.  Take some time to evaluate.  Take some time to look at what you consider to be of great worth, and then, realize, anything that is material will fade away, anything that is spiritual is yours eternally!  Protect that which you consider to be the greater value!”

Sunday Sermons
September 4, 2016
Your Candle,
And Live The Word

  I AM with you.  I AM with you to show you The Way, Home!  I AM with you, so that you feel My presence, and know, you are not alone!  I AM with you to encourage you to be the light in the darkness; for, if you will not light your candle, who will?  Is there not one amongst you, who will quietly stand-up: to be the light, to show The Way, to turn your head from the ways of the world, and embrace The Way?      

“There are many of you who have studied scriptures, holy writings, for a long time, and diligently, and you can quote a phrase, sometimes an entire chapter, from memory.  You can speak the words, as they are written; many of you can do this; but the goal should be to live the words!  You have read, ‘…turn the other cheek.’  Can you live it? If you can live it, your life will be better; in fact, all of Earth will be better.  It will be better, because one person began the journey to total understanding, to mastering the energies of destruction.  You will know how to counter anger, and hatred, and ‘The Knowing,’ will come from within.  It will come from refusing to use the ways of darkness.  It will come from the desire to be the light, God’s light, in what can appear to be a very dark, and cold world.

“Many of you know, can quote, and point-to, specific passages, in holy scriptures, where you are told to love your enemy.  You can read it, you can say it, now it is time to live it.  The only thing that does counter anger, and hatred is the love of God.  The love of God will win-out, over shadow, and darkness.  The love of God will lead, and show The Way, to how life is meant to be, upon Earth! 

“I AM going to ask any of you, who are willing to try this, for only one day, to: master yourself, in such a way, that no matter what happens, you are blessing, rather than cursing; turn the other cheek, rather than engaging in battle; actively call upon the love of God to pour over your enemy! 

“When you do this, for only one day, and it is done in a one hundred percent fashion, come the end of the day, you will be shocked, and amazed at how you feel.  You will be revitalized!  You will be refueled!  You will be nourished, because you have been fed by the manna of Heaven!  You will not thirst, because you will have let down your bucket into the well of God, and brought it up to drink!  You will feel, lighter!  There will be no sickness within you, because it has been driven-out by the light!  You will ‘know,’ and once you know, and feel the power of the light of love, there will be no desire to go back!  The power of the light of love will be the source of your determination to love your enemy with the love of God, flowing through you.  The love of God will give you the courage to turn the other cheek, and every time you turn the other cheek, there, in the light surrounding you, you will see the face of God, and know I AM with you!  This I promise you.”

Sunday Sermons
September 11, 2016
Do Not
Turn Your
Back On Your
Eternal Treasure

  I AM with you.  Be not afraid.  I AM with you.  I will be your internal compass.  I will lead you through darkness, through storms, through upheavals, of all types, because I see, when you cannot see; therefore, I will be your eyes.  Hear Me, when I say I AM with you, for: I AM with you, as you walk; I AM with you, as you sit; I AM with you, as you run, and dance, and play; I AM with you, to wipe every tear, or worry, away.  Come in faith, and believe, I AM with you! 

“This time, this very brief, and fleeting time, you are spending upon Earth, will pass; but you are not on Earth, today, by accident.  It is not a coincidence.  It is not by chance.  It is a piece of The Divine Plan of God that you are on Earth today. 

“You carry, within you, that, which of the greatest value!  You carry within you a treasure, for all time.  You carry within you, a wealth which cannot be measured, at all, especially by the standards of the world, created by man; because, often, the measuring stick used in the world created by man, does not measure-up to: the wealth of God, the abundance of God, the eternal treasure of God; it does not count that of true value! 

“Do not turn your back on your eternal treasure, to go in search of that which will fail you.  Do not turn your back on true wealth, to seek money or fame, position, title, houses, cars, things which will rust, or fall apart, or slip through your fingers like sand in an hour glass, like the sands of time.  The more you follow the path, leading to material wealth, the further you are from your true wealth!  Heaven is with you, it is within you; God is with you; I AM in you, and you are in Me; yet, when you focus on things in the world created by man, you are moving away from The Divine Plan.  And, these things you seek, these things you desire, are pulling you further and further, away from the truth.  You are leaving that which is yours ~ by the hand of God ~ to go in search of something that is fleeting!

“Do not place your faith, and trust, and hope in that which will fall apart, which is meant just for a time; for, it is not real, it is an illusion.  Be mindful of where you are going, turn around, and come Home!  Walk into this day, knowing, really knowing, Heaven is near, Heaven is with you! 

“Do not pass by the creations of God, running toward the creations of man.  Celebrate, and praise the trees, feel the breeze, know The Wind.  Look at the mountains, in their majesty; hear their song, and know their story.  Look at the seas, and the oceans, and their depth, the life that is within them.  Feel the rain on your face, and the sun warming you.  Know Earth in the ways of God, and you will know extreme wealth, abundance from Heaven, and this will lead you to where you are to go, to what you are to do, and even to what you are to say. 

“Your mission is ‘of value,’ or you would not be on Earth today.  Understand this.  Report-in, and let your stage of readiness be known, so that you can receive guidance, and go-out, walking over the Earth, completing your mission, then coming Home! 

“I AM with you.  I AM your eternal compass.  Let us go forth today.  Let us follow… The Way… Home!” 

Sunday Sermons
September 18, 2016
All Things, Love
Your Enemies, Three
Keys, To Find Your Way

  I AM with you.  I AM with you: so that you might understand, beyond the teachings of the world, created by man; so that you might begin to operate, and master your daily activities, using energies which will illuminate, rather than desecrate.  I AM with you so that you might call upon Me: when you are tempted to judgment; when you find it difficult to forgive; when you are lost in a maze of shadows, and there seems to be no way out; in those times, you will see the light, you will feel My hand, and we will find The Way, together! 

“Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, are familiar with the teaching, to ‘forgive all things.’  Many of you say it, but most of you find it very difficult to forgive all things; yet, your peace, your comfort, your wellbeing is held within your ability to do so!  Forgive, all things! 

“Most of you have also heard the teaching, ‘love your enemy.’  I say unto you this morning, the only way, you can love your enemy, is to be willing to let God’s love flow through you: to the one you believe to be causing you pain or discomfort; to the one speaking about you to others in a negative way; to the one who is willing to curse you, spit upon you, or do you bodily harm.  If you respond, or react, to such things, you are only magnifying the energy of darkness and shadow.  But, if you will have the faith to open to God’s love for the one, who seems to be your enemy, then God’s love will pour upon them, and with each time, with each baptism of love, the shadow and darkness will be diminished. 

“This is important to remember!  These words were not said idly, or without purpose.  These teachings were given unto you: so that your life might be better; so that you would know forgiveness, by forgiving; so that you would know God’s love, because God’s love would be passing through you, every time you focused it on one who was causing your harm, or discomfort.  This, My brothers, and sisters, is how it works.  You must be willing to live the words, rather than to merely speak them.  And, there is a way to reach that place, where you will find you can live the words with ease.  It is by using the three keys, which are a promise, from God, to the children on Earth.  If you sit quietly, and begin the journey down the corridors, and hallways, of your inner-being, you will reach the chamber door.  ‘Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you!  Seek, and ye shall find!  Ask, and it shall be given unto you!’ 

“When you use these three keys, in quiet prayer, and communion with God, you will know all things.  You will understand the importance of forgiveness.  You will finally comprehend the power of God’s love.  This requires you to be still, to take the journey within, to accept the answers given unto you, and apply them to your everyday life. It is much easier to forgive, when you understand the importance of forgiveness, and know why you are doing it.  It is much easier to love, when you understand the importance of love, and know why you are doing it.  Forgive with purpose.  Love with purpose.  When you are tempted to doubt, frustration, or anger, take the three keys, sit quietly, and begin the journey down the corridors, and hallways, of your inner-being; for God is waiting there, for you!” 

Sunday Sermons
September 25, 2016
And Create
Your Story, As
A  Child  Of  God

  I AM with you.  In truth, I AM always with you.  It is always possible to call Home, and speak with God.  It is always possible to reach-out, and take My hand.  It is always possible to ride upon The Wind, and embrace the truth, held in the whisper, of The Holy Spirit.  All things are possible within the promise carried in The Whisper of God!  That I AM with you is mystical, and magical, and promising, and, it is the truth!  I AM with you!

“When I came to Earth to bring the New Covenant of Love, and to fulfill that which was written, I walked through dust and dirt and sand, I walked upon the water, and within the water.  I lived, as you live, and this was done, so that you might ‘see, and know,’ that, that which I did, so too, you can do!  I know what it is to face ‘the things of the world,’ and I know what it is to rise above the things of the world; for these things, I did teach; and, because I did walk and live as you now walk and live, there can be no excuse, reason, or alibi, why certain things cannot be done by you.  In truth, if it has come to you, it is yours to do.  Do not be afraid, for God has given you all you need, to accomplish the mission, and return Home!

“If the evil of darkness, or shadow, shows-up on your doorstep, it has come to you.  Do not lock yourself within your home, cowering in fear, do not succumb to temptations to be afraid, angry, or confused.  Call-out to God, asking for wisdom, and understanding, asking for guidance.  The power of God will move into you, and bring you wisdom, understanding, and guidance, filling you with light; and the glory of God will shine about you, filling you with the strength, and the courage, to open the door to that which has come to you, so that you might see, and know.  The spark of your faith will bring forth the light, and the glory of God, and within the illumination you will see, and know the truth.  Rise-up, pick-up the broom, and sweep the darkness and shadow away from your doorstep.  Get down upon your knees, and wash the doorstep until it is clean, shining with the glory of God.  And, do not be afraid.

“Do not seek the company of those who will commiserate with you, about that which has come to you. Seek the company of those who will cheer you on, encouraging you to reach the goal, and accomplish your mission.  No runner ever truly knows why they choose to run a marathon, until they have crossed the finish line; but then, they know, and realize the accomplishment fulfilled a need, an empty space within them that no one else could understand, yet they were driven to do.  Their victory was celebrated, not because they listened to the voices along the course, calling to them to come over and rest, but because they listened to the voices of those cheering them onward to victory, supporting their effort, supporting the mission, until it was done. 

“The glory of God is within you!  Do not be afraid.  Acknowledge that, which comes to you, and do so in prayer, acceptance, and determination, to create a lifetime which will tell the story of a child of God, completing their mission, and returning Home.  You have the power to create your life, to create a story, filled with glory.   Every time you create light, you counter darkness and shadow with the light you have created; and, within the illumination there flows upon Earth the glory of God, through you, and what you do, what you create.  The glory of God is within your story, a story of a child of God.  Rise-up, and see that which is yours to do, and embrace it, as the runner does the marathon.  Close your eyes, and listen to the voices cheering you onward.  Turn from those who tempt you: to rest, when you should be running; to be afraid, when there should be no fear, within you.  Your true strength, and courage, comes from the power of God, within you!  Your time upon Earth is brief; yet, it is meant to be a time of victory, of glory.  Every day you create another page in the story, of your lifetime, upon Earth.  Today, let it be your intention to create light, wherever there is darkness and shadow, and fill that which comes to you, with the glory of God, flowing from within you!  Today, child of God, rise-up, and tell your story!”