"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
July 27, 2007
My Ways, Are
The Ways Of Infinite
Goodness, Light, And Love

   “I AM with you.  On this day, I ask you to open to what I say to you.  And on this day, I say unto you:

   “My Ways are the ways of Infinite Goodness, Light, and Love.  My Ways are the ways that will bring you life, filled with treasures beyond, what you can now imagine.
       “And I say to you:

     “My gifts are there for you.  I give you the gifts, because you are My brother, you are My sister.  I give you My Ways, because you are a Child of God.

       “Therefore, as a Child of God, this guidance I give to you:

    “Before creating your thoughts, invite The Holy Spirit to infuse you with The Light. 

     “Before speaking your words, invite The Holy Spirit to fill you with wisdom.

   “Before moving or acting out your thoughts and words, invite The Holy Spirit to move through the deeds you do.

   “At first you might be tempted to think this practice is too cumbersome, restricting freedom of thought, word, and deed.  But, as you begin working, actively communicating with The Heavenly Kingdom, you will notice that things flow more smoothly, doors open more easily.

    “It is then, you will come to ‘know,’ that an angel of God is going before you, preparing The Way.  It is then, that you will feel My Presence with you in a most profound way.  It is then, that you will come to ‘know,’ that you can follow Divine Guidance, all the days you walk the Earth. 

    “And, it is then, that these words will come from your lips:  
  “My Ways are the ways of Infinite Goodness, Light, and Love.”

     “Come My brother, come My sister, it is time.  Let us walk the Earth, together, as One.  Amen.”  

Sunday Sermons
April 22,2007
Teaches On:
The Mountain
Of Forgiveness Rises-up,
Lifting High The Flame of Love

“Alleluia, I AM with you!  I have risen, comes The Light. 
Alleluia   I  AM  risen,  comes  The  Glory,  no  more  night!
I AM with you.  See the day.  I AM with you.  See The Light!

   “I have come to you today – in celebration – I have come to you, today.  Yes, I AM with you!  And, as I AM with you, I say unto you...Heaven and Earth unite in the song, for the mountain rises-up, lifting high The Flame of Love, so all might see The Light.  And the mountain – is called – Forgiveness.

“As the mountain rises-up from the plain of Earth, so shall The Mountain of Forgiveness rise-up from within the plane of man, within your being.  For, as God sustains each of His children with the life-flowing Energy of Love, the mountain shall rise-up, within you. 

    “When you hold, within you, The Loving Energy of God, the flame is rekindled; it burns brightly, and those who come to you, see The Light of God, shining through you!   But when you make it your decision, to open The Gift of Forgiveness, you raise-up within your being, a majestic mountain, and atop the mountain there burns The Eternal Flame of Love.  This Mountain of Forgiveness lifts The Light of Love that is within you, higher, and higher still; so all might see The Light of God, so all might be beckoned unto you.  For each thought, or deed, or word, of forgiveness, increases your mountain, lifts it higher. 

    “Think of it this way.  Imagine, just for a while, a plain, that reaches-out far and wide; let us say a plain that is the width of the country in which you live; let us say that this plain reaches-out to the borders of North, South, East, and West; and then, imagine all of your brothers and sisters touched by The Light of God’s Love, standing…all over the plain.  It is a beautiful sight to see, these beings, holding The Light of God, the flame flickering over their heads, lighting the plain.

    “Now, I ask you to see, as each one, with intent, and using their free-will, practices forgiveness, forgiving in thought, word, and deed, not only forgiving their brothers and sisters, but themselves, see mountains begin to rise-up, not all at the same time; but, one coming up here, and there, to the middle, and to the North, and to the South, growing at their own pace, but lifting high the flame.  For you see, this flame, that was rekindled by The Love of God, burns brighter, and reaches farther, when it sits atop The Mountain of Forgiveness.

    “So I say unto you this day, lift high The Flame of Love, and let it be atop The Mountain of Forgiveness, for it is within you.  I say unto you this day, all Heaven and Earth, unite, in the glory of the song, as the mountain rises-up, lifting high, The Flame of Love, so all might ‘see, and know, and follow,’ . . . so all might find . . .

“Peace on Earth.”

Sunday Sermons
April 29,2007
Teaches On:
Is The Key To
Unlocking God's Love

    “I AM with you, on this new day.  I AM with you to begin your week.  In Truth, I AM with you at all times. 

    “But on this day, I sit with you, and I say unto you: ‘Forgiveness is The Key, which unlocks the door of anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, pride, and hurt.  And once this door is unlocked and open, the healing energy of God’s Love is free to flow.’ 

    “The Key of Forgiveness is within every human being.  But to use the key, one cannot be addled by frustration, or saddled by complacency.  One must have, in the heart, the desire to forgive, beyond all other purpose, even when the words fall on closed ears, even when in your heart you forgive, and there is no reciprocal forgiveness coming to you. 

    “For, in Truth, I tell you: ‘If you will persist, and pick-up the key, you will bring great peace, because peace must begin somewhere.  So it is appropriate that this peace begin, with a desire within your heart to use The Key of Forgiveness, to unlock the door, sealed by thoughts, and words, and deeds.’ 

    “And you must persist, even with key in hand, because sometimes, the lock is so set and so corroded with negative thoughts, and words, and deeds, that inserting the key requires work and effort, to turn the key requires strength and diligence, and to open the door requires true desire, and ‘the knowing,’ that it is more important to free-up this avenue, this channel, this flow of God’s healing energy, than it is to hold on to your place of righteousness. 

    “You must set aside the feelings that it is more important for you to be right, that there is an argument that should be won by you.  You must ‘know,’ that these things are small, and that The Healing Energy of God’s Love can cure all things, heal, all relationships.  It does not matter, if you are forgiving yourself, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, a friend, a group of people, or a whole nation. 

    “To free yourself, and all eternity, it is important to open the door.  And, once this is done, this free-flowing energy will pour through the place that was once sealed, and bring healing, golden light.  And it will be done, because you desired it to be.  This is within you to do.  And once it is done, you will feel this extra flow of God’s Love move into you.  And just as important, it will move into you, and through you, and touch all beings, of all time.

“Remember, ‘Forgiveness is The Key,’ which unlocks the door, which holds back the free-flowing energy of God’s Love. 

“The Key of Forgiveness,’ is within you.  It is yours.  ‘Pray on this day, for the strength to pick-up The Key, and open the door.’”   

Sunday Sermons
May 6,2007
The Words
Pales In The Light,
That Living The Words
Will Bring ForthTo Earth

  “I AM with you on this day.  On this day, My words to you – will be few – because it is on this day, that I wish for you to ‘know,’ to really know that: ‘Speaking the Words pales in The Light, that living The Words will bring forth to the Earth.’

    “Words are forms of communication.  But words can be altered, and changed, put in such an order that they do not hold the meaning, intended, by the one giving them first utterance.

    “But I say unto you, if your deeds speak for you, then there is no mistaking what you are doing.  It is good to know The Words, The Words that are passed down from generation to generation, The Words that are found in books, giving direction, guidance.  It is good to know these Words and to read these Words; but living The Words, brings the Light of God to Earth!

    “If you are to live The Words, it requires action; for to live The Words, you must truly ‘know,’ The Words.  If you ‘know,’ that you are a child of God, it alters how you walk, and talk; and the thoughts that come forth from you, are worthy of a child of God. 

    “It is time, for those who say they ‘know The Words,’ to ‘live The Words,’ to be, ‘The Living Word of God.’  This requires full ‘knowing.’  And it will be a sign unto all beings of Earth, for you shall ‘know, the children of God,’…by what they do…how they live…how they are…‘The Living Word of God.’

    “There will be many children still sleeping.  But, as those who ‘know,’ take their place, and live The Word, The Light that they bring to Earth, will touch the others.  And, they too, will rise-up in The Light.  For even in the darkness, where there are those children who say, ‘There is nothing around us that would lead us to believe that there is a God who loves us.  Therefore, we turn our back and walk away.’  Even in that darkness, when you are The Living Word of God, and you bring that Light onto the Earth, the darkness is no more, for they will ‘know God,’ through you!

    “So, this day, I say unto you, ponder this week, think on ‘Living The Word,’ for it is what God wishes for you to do!  During the coming days, remember: ‘Speaking the Words pales in The Light, that living The Words, will bring forth to the Earth.’ 

    “Be at Peace.  Live The Word.  Bring forth, The Light of God.” 

Sunday Sermons
May 13,2007
Open The Door
And Walk Into The World
Led By The Holy Spirit Of God

  “I AM with you, on this day.  Every day, all of your days, I AM with you.   And on this day, I wish to speak, to you, of birth, and life, and growth: physical growth, maturing from a child, to an adolescent, to an adult; and, spiritual growth, awakening to the desire, the intent, to walk closer with God, to ‘know,’ the things of Spirit; growing in physical body, and growing in spiritual body.

    “And as your mother, your earthly mother, gave you The Gift, of physical life, God, The Creator of All Things, gave you The Gift, of spiritual life.  You are a spiritual being, in the form, of a human being, walking Earth.

    “When I was sent from Heaven – to bring the New Commandment, the New Covenant, to Earth; to be the Living Word of God; to show, The Way – I was a spiritual being, in the form of a human being.  And I gathered around me apostles, and disciples, friends, all spiritual beings, in the form of human beings.

    “I gathered them around me for the purpose, of sharing with them, in a personal way, the New Covenant of Love, the Living Word of God, to show them: how to live, on Earth, while exhibiting the attributes, of The Kingdom of the Father, God, Creator; how to live on Earth, with Heavenly attributes; how to live on Earth, exhibiting, the spiritual being, that they were, that they are.

    “It is much as a mother teaches a child.  There, young, and at her knee, you learn many things preparing you to go into the world, without her.  And a mother tells you these things.  A mother tells you these things, repeatedly, until one day when the door is opened, and you are given permission.  You hear the words, ‘You’re ready.  Go play outside by yourself!’  And you look back at her, wondering, if the boundaries are still the same, and she says to you…‘knowing,’ the question in your eyes, and on your heart… ‘Yes.  You can cross the street.  But remember, look both ways before crossing!’

    “And so, you go into the world, with the words of your mother still ringing in your ears.  And it might be that years pass.  And it might be, at some point in time, that your mother passes, ends her time on Earth with you, and returns to the Heavenly Dimension.  But still, no matter how old you are, you reach a road, that looks very busy, and you’re not sure of where you’re standing, and even though she is not with you physically, as you prepare to step into the thoroughfare, you hear her voice within you say, ‘Remember to look both ways, before you cross the street!’  You hear her, within you.  And because, of this presence, of her words still living within you, you cross the street safely. 

    “And so it is, that I began teaching those that I gathered with Me, in this same way; gathering them around Me, repeating things to them, in ways that they would remember; sometimes in stories, called parables, sometimes taking them aside, one-to-one, to repeat things, that it seemed to Me they were not learning. 

    “But most of all, I was the living example.  We lived together, we walked together, and we talked together.  And when it was time for me to return to the Father, to the Heavenly Dimension, I told them, that I would send to them, The Holy Spirit of God, Who would lead them, and guide them, so that they would not be alone while they walked the Earth.  I told them that The Holy Spirit of God would lead them into all truth, the truth they were each ready to hear, in their own time, and in their own way.

    “Still, when it all came to pass and I left my friends and returned to Heaven, they became fearful, of what was to happen to them.  They were as ‘lost children,’ when they gathered together in a room behind locked doors, not knowing which way to turn, which way to go.  But, in the midst of their fear and uncertainty, The Holy Spirit descended upon them, and into each of them.  And The Holy Spirit of God imparted unto each of them, the truth, as much as they were ready to hear, and showed each of them, The Way.  
When it was accomplished, those who had gathered together in fear, threw open the doors to the room, and walked out into the world, led by The Holy Spirit, in The Light, and the Glory of God.

    “And, it is the same with each of you.  It is the same as remembering the good counsel of your mother.  It is the same as hearing her words as you go out into the world.  For The Holy Spirit of God is with you, is within you.  And, The Holy Spirit of God will teach you: how to bring The Kingdom of God to Earth; how to be The Living Word of God on Earth.  The Holy Spirit of God, will guide you, all, along The Way, Home.

    “On this day, recall the words of guidance, which came from your earthly mother.  On this day, remember, The Holy Spirit of God is within you, always.  The Holy Spirit of God is calling to you, ‘Come.  Walk this path.  I will show you The Way.  Give me your hand.  I will lead you all The Way home.’

    “On this day, I speak to you of birth, life, and growth.  I say unto you, you are ready: loose fear, loose worry, loose concern, doubt and anxiety, loose all these things from your heart.  Throw open the door, and walk into the world, unafraid.  You are ready.  The Holy Spirit of God is with you. I AM with you.  Awaken to the desire burning within.  Make it your intention to walk more closely with God, to ‘know,’ The Way.  You have been given The Gift of Life.  I give you My hand, and say unto you, come!  Let us walk The Way, together, one step, after another.  Come!  You are ready!  Open the door, and walk out into the world, led by The Holy Spirit, in The Light and the Glory of God!  Come!” 
Sunday Sermons
Find The Lights
And Bring Them Forth
With The Breath Of Love

  “I AM with you.  On this day, I AM, with you.  Know this!  At the core of your being, ‘know this!’  For, I was sent from Heaven, from God, The Creator of All Things, so those of Earth might ‘know,’ the time of The New Covenant, the time, that was set for The Law of Love to cover the Earth.  I was sent to bring The Law of Love!

    “I did not choose, as companions, those in high places.  In fact, and in truth, I was led by the Father’s Hand to those I chose.  I was led to those, I was to walk with.  Therefore, as I would walk by, I would ‘know,’ ‘that is the one…go touch that one…that one has been prepared by the Hand of God…that one…will follow.’

    “So, My choice of companions was not a random selection, choosing, or picking just anyone from the crowd.  And, as I was led to each one, they opened, as My eyes fell upon them, and I said, ‘Come with Me,’ and they followed.

    “There were those who sought Me to find out what I was about, to try to get an understanding, a comprehension, of these thoughts, these stories, these words, I was saying.  But most of those who sought Me chose not to follow Me.  I understood that.

    “As those I was led to were ready, prepared by the Hand of God, there were others, who were not ready; still, children of God, but not ready.  You see, the ones who were not ready would have had many doubts, and would have created much turmoil.  And it was that those I was to take with Me…to gather unto Me, to water the gardens of their souls and spirits, to raise-them-up in such a way that they could continue My message…needed to be ready. 

    “Still, even within the ones who walked with Me freely, of their own choosing, there was much doubt from time to time.  It should be understood, that they chose, because they ‘knew,’ within their being, that this new law, this new covenant’s time, had come. 

    “When I was with these friends, these who said, ‘I will follow,’ they were My friends, My brothers.  And I knew them, with all of their challenges and obstacles, and all the things they carried ‘of human experience.’  I knew them; yet, My choice with them, was to point-out, and hold-up, the ‘best,’ within them! 

    “And every time I lifted-up the best within them, they, each one, rose-up in spirit.  In this way, the pointing-out of the Light, the best, the most unique characteristic ‘of God,’ within each of these individual followers, much of the doubt, and residue of the Earthly dimension, began to shake from them, as it was not pointed out so often.

    “Yes, there were times when I would take each aside, and say something to them to assist them around obstacles; but only, as led, by the Father. 

    “What I am saying to you on this day is this: ‘As I gathered unto Me, those I was led to, you too, gather unto you, those you are led to.  Now, few recognize what is happening; but I say unto you, you are led to certain people every day.  And the people you are led to are open; they have been touched by the Hand of God; and, they are ready, for some message, you are to bring to them.’ 

    “You will gather around you, and already have in all probability, a circle of close friends.  Make it your pattern of conduct to find ‘The Shining Star,’ held within each of those you hold close to you.  Begin this day, and follow, through this week, to lift-up the shining pieces of those gathered around you.  Bring these to the surface of the conversation, more than anything else.  And see what happens! 

    “The more you point to the Light, the more focus is put on the Light, and the brighter the Light will become.  Other things will fall away.  And soon, you will find that you are assisting all of those around you, to be, more fully, what God intended them to be.

    “It does not matter, whether those around you number two, or twelve, or twenty, or two hundred.  You have the ability to bring forth a Light, that they might have tamped down, that might be only a small ember.  But, with The Breath of Love that comes from you, the ember will burst into a flame!  And you will begin to see, God, in your friend.  And every time your breath  is focused on this unique, holy, and glowing part of your friend, it will increase in volume…in intensity…in Light.

    “If you can do this for the friends gathered around you, they will move from you, and carry their Light to other places.  When they remember the joy in their hearts, kindled by the words from your lips, they too will begin to find the Light in others.  Soon, all these Lights will be uncovered!

    “It is, in this Way, that the Love of God is spread over Earth, one being to another.  It is not so much that the Light will pass over Earth because there is a command in place that you must ‘Love your brothers and your sisters.’  It is more so, that The Love of God will be spread over Earth, by touching another, by finding the Light within the other, and by bringing it to the surface.

    “This is what I wish to tell you this day: ‘The human beings of Earth have a unique opportunity to spread The Love of God, to go out, and find the Lights, and bring them forth.  It is good if you can uncover your own Light; but others might require, that you find their Light, for them.’

    “Gather unto you, those you are led to, and breathe upon them, The Words of Love, which will ignite embers, slowly going out.  And, when these embers ignite into a flame, you will see the Light, and the world will be a brighter place. 

    “Be at Peace.  Go in search of the Light.  You will be led to the ones who will follow.” 
Sunday Sermons
May 27,2007
The Living Word
Delivered The New Covenant
The New Commandment, The Law of Love

  “I AM with you.  I AM beside you.  I walk with you.  Every step you take, I AM there.  And when you ‘awaken,’ to this ‘knowing,’ we will walk the days together: speaking, sharing, growing closer and closer. 

    “I AM with you on this day.  And I wish to say to you: ‘Remember, what I have said to you.  I was sent from Heaven to be The Living Word, to deliver The New Commandment.’  And I said to those gathered, ‘I bring a New Commandment and the New Command is Love.  I deliver…unto Earth…The Law of Love!’

         “And this Law of Love was not delivered by a fist of fury, by a hard hand.  I was sent to Earth, to bring this New Command, with a hand of compassion, caring, giving.

    “I have said unto you, that I came from Heaven to Earth to fulfill the prophecy of the Old Testament, the Old Covenant.  And it is right that this be done, that the time of the Old be sealed, and fulfilled, before the New, can take its root in the fertile gardens of those ‘who know.’ 

    “And so it was.  And so it is.  This Law of Love that I bring unto you is the only command you need while you walk the Earth; for it is the answer to every question that can be presented to you, it is the resolution for every challenge that you meet!

    “When I had a period of question, as I knelt and prayed in the garden, I asked God, ‘Father, must this be done this way?  Can this cup pass from Me?’  And the answer was clearly, ‘The prophecy must be fulfilled, My Son.  The Old must be sealed, before the New is begun in earnest.’ 

    “And I ‘knew,’ at that moment, that The Law of Love could not be The Standing Law of the Time, until the prophecy of the Old was fulfilled.  And I tell you, at that time, when ‘the knowing,’ settled into Me, I rose-up, and I was ready to be the One, who would seal the Covenant of the Old Time, and open the New.  So, it was My destiny, to be The Living Word, and to bring this message, this Law of Love, to Earth. 

    “I say unto you, if you ‘know,’ that The Law of Love has been delivered unto you, embrace the Law.  Live the Love.  Hold it in a place of honor.  And let it guide your ways, every day.  For I tell you this, My brothers and sisters, this Law of the new time, the New Covenant, this Law of Love, will lead you, Home.  And the Hand that guides you will be ‘of compassion, and caring.’  

   “Be at Peace.  Open, it is the time, of The Law of Love... 

“Take My Hand, and be at Peace!”
Sunday Sermons
The House
Bringing The Light
Living The Law Of Love

  “I AM with you.  And My Presence with you is continuing, and fulfilling My promise to you! 

    “As I AM with you, I desire to speak to you, and to continue speaking to you, in such a way, that I might draw you nearer to a complete understanding of the importance, of comprehending and understanding, ‘the old,’ so that you might fully, live, in ‘the new.’

    “I AM with you this day, to say unto you: ‘It was vital that the prophecies of the Old Testament, the Old Covenant, the old time, be fulfilled, be completed, so that they could be sealed; and a door to a new time, a New Covenant, a New Testament, opened, in Light!  The sealing of the Old Covenant, the Old Testament, was a great ceremony, performed with the utmost respect, completed with a song of honor for all those who walked, and taught, and lived, the laws of the old time, so that the new, might be born.

    “Many, who constructed the old time, the old ways, the old ark, never, in physical form, walked through the doorway of the new time, the New Covenant, while they were on Earth.  But I can assure you, that their spirits gathered together for the celebration, and the ceremony, of the sealing of the old, and the opening, the beginning, of the new.

    “I have talked to you, more than once, about bringing the New Command, The Law of Love; and I shall continue to do so, until it settles within you, with great comfort, that: ‘What is of the old time has been sealed, so that you might open your heart to the new, Law of Love, before this covenant, this time, is sealed, and a new Law, and a new door, stand before the world of Earth.’

    “I wish to compare this to something, to make an analogy, so that you might comprehend better, than by merely hearing these words, because it is comfortable to cling to the old ways.  It takes an adventurous heart, soul, and spirit, to go-out into uncharted waters; yet, there are those who go, because they ‘know,’ the Light of the new time, and the New Covenant, has been lit, so that they might always see the Light, and ‘know’ where it is, so they might find their way, Home.

    “I brought unto the Earth, The Law of Love, saying at that time, and showing in My actions, that many of the rules and regulations, that were in place, to suit a particular step in the construction of The House of Light, were no longer required. 

    “I came into the world, to bring The Light of God, to bring The Law of Love, and to show all those whom I could, that there were laws and regulations, that had been set in place, that were actually restricting The Law of Love.  And, if they would open, their body, soul, and spirit, to The Law of Love, they would have no problems adjusting to the periodic rules and regulations; and, to let them ‘know,’ that even if God had told them to do something one way on one day, it might not be the same four days later.  The Way, the whisper coming from God to move, or act, or do, might be different four days later, than it was in the preceding days; but, The Law of Love would lead them, constantly!

    “Now, I would like to tell you a story, which will further assist in your comprehension of this… 

    “Imagine…a land, broad, and wide, having all types of topography: with flatlands, and hills, places wet, and places dry, majestic mountains, fertile valleys, cities with many people, and places sparsely populated…all seeking…all following…God!

    “And God began to direct them.  And He led them to a place.  And in this place these people settled.  Some moved about.  But they would always return to the place for holidays, for celebrations, for festivals. 

    “And God spoke to them at certain times, and in certain ways, to assist them, not only in finding this place to be their gathering home, but also in how to live, and work, and exist on Earth; so that they might be known as ‘The People of God.’

    “There was great construction going on.  And, as God spoke to the people, they began to follow the rules that were passed down to them, on how they might be ‘of God, and of Earth.’

    “But God understood that a period of building was quite different from another period and after the building.  That is why it was set in place that I would travel to Earth, to say: ‘The Time has come.  I AM the One you have been waiting for.  I AM fulfilling the prophecies that you have lived by, so that you might be prepared to walk into the new time; and, the banner for the new time, the New Testament, the New Covenant is: The Law of Love.’

    “You can comprehend this more clearly, if you use your imagination to see, that the people, who had followed The Word of God, to lead them to this certain place, were ‘the builders,’ let us say, of a grand tower, similar to ‘a Lighthouse.’  They followed the rules and regulations.  And, as the Great Builder was saying, ‘Dig the holes for the foundation!’  And there were those who dug the holes for the foundation.  This might be all they ‘knew,’ all their life, ‘God desires us to dig these holes, and fill them in, for the foundation.’

    “Maybe a generation later, there would be those who were told, ‘Now, set the cornerstone, and begin to frame!’  And the cornerstone was set; and the framing, began.  And those who spent their life doing this followed The Law of God; and they said, ‘This is what God wants us to do: set these stones, set the foundation.’

    “And another generation came-up to work.  And the house rose-up, one floor at a time, one window at a time, going higher, and higher.

    “But, when the construction was complete, the command ‘to dig the hole,’ so that the foundation might be set, and in place, properly and balanced, was no longer given, it was no longer necessary.  The House of Light was constructed!  And, it was then, those who would abide within the house, walk through the door, and see what has been constructed.

    “I  was  sent  to  Earth,  you  might  say,  to  walk  into  that   house,  and  turn  on  The  Light. 
    “If you can envision a grand lighthouse, built at the edge of the land, close to the shore, My instruction was:  ‘Turn  on  The  Light!   When  The  House  of  Light     is  complete,  turn  on  The  Light!’

    “And so, because all of those before Me on Earth dug the holes, laid the stones, built the foundation, set the windows and the doorways, I could come, and answer,  ‘This  is  the  right  house,  The  House  of  Light!’   So, I turned on The Light! 

    “I want you to think on this…word picture, and comprehend…that each step along The Way, The Grand Designer, The Builder, The Creator, gave different directions, calling-out different commands, to whatever crew was working on this magnificent construction, this edifice, this Lighthouse.  Each was important, in its time.  In fact, each was vital.  But The Law that the Bringer of The Light carried from Heaven to Earth was intended to be set atop all the others, and say: ‘This is The Law of God!’  Tell each of those involved in the process of building, ‘It is done. Behold, The Light!  It is through Me that you reach God the Father, through this Light.  And, as I turn on The Light, all those that came before take part.

    “The Light is present this day.  While I walked the Earth, I sent those I had gathered close to Me, from Me, so that they could carry the stories of The Light, and tell all they met, ‘Follow The Light.  It stands high above the land.  And it beckons those from land and sea.  It reaches up to the sky, so all will ‘know,’ The Children of Earth have erected the tower, reaching into the Heavenly Dimension, and it summons all to see, The Way, Home.

    “When I speak of bringing the new time, the New Covenant, and The New Law, I do so with the greatest respect, and honor, for those who lived in the Old Law, and faithfully served God The Creator, so that those who walk the Earth, after their passing, might know The Light.  If you will think of it in this way, it will slip more easily into your comprehension. 

   “Now, The Light is on!  The Children of Earth can gather around it.  The Voice of The Holy Spirit, within each being, will lead you to The Light.  Follow The Light, it was ignited for you. 

“Be at Peace.”
Sunday Sermons
Now Is
The Time
The Children
Of Earth, Inherit
The House Of Light,
The  House  Of  Spirit

  “I AM with you.  And I speak to you this day of your inheritance, for you are The Children of God, walking the Earth for a while.  For a while, you are the children of Earth. And I say unto you, now is the time, you inherit, that which was raised-up, by all those who walked the Earth before you.   
    “The hands that set the foundation, firmly upon the rock, are still.  And the arms that lifted the walls, the walls rising higher, and higher, and higher into the Heavens, are at peace.  And I delivered The Light of God many, many years ago, setting it in place, in such a way, that it would summon all those seeking The Light.

    “And now, the children gather, traveling over sea and land, they follow The Light, placed atop a structure, connecting Heaven and Earth.  And, it is your inheritance, to abide within this House of Light.  The doors stand ever open, welcoming all who come, for the House will hold all who are summoned.  The windows are never to be shut, or hammered closed, but left open, so that which is in the House will not grow stale, but will be refreshed by The Breath of Spirit, blowing in through the House, carrying The Word of God on The Wings of the Dove, filling all those who live within the House, with Truth, guiding their every day upon the Earth.

    “And as those of Earth are called, The Light continues to burn brightly.  And the voices of The Children of Earth can be heard, filling the House.  For, as The Breath of Spirit moves through the House, the House begins to breathe, and it has life, and the walls shall not fall from it; for, this is - a House of Spirit! 

    “The foundation is set upon the rocks of Earth.  And the walls reach-up into the Heavens.  And all those abiding within The House of Spirit are filled with Life, and Truth.  The Holy Spirit of God indwells each one that is within this House.  And the voices of The Children of God are raised in song.  It is the tone, and vibration, of joy, and peace, as the Truth is imparted to all.  And The Light can be seen in The Halls of Eternity.  And the song of The Children of Earth can be heard in The Corridors of Time.    

    “The law that governs the children abiding within The House of Spirit is The Law of Love.  For all time, there is Peace.  So let it be, that this House of Spirit is filled with all the nations of Earth, the walls of Spirit expanding, embracing, all who come.

   “Lift-up your song.  Let eternity hear that The Children of God, walking Earth, have found The Light and abide therein.

“Be at Peace.”
Sunday Sermons
Teaches On:
Three (3) Principles,
Guidelines For Living
In The House Of Light,
A  Prescription  (Rx)  For:
Wholeness, Oneness, Health,
And Happiness, While On Earth

  “I AM with you, for all time!  As you choose, to walk along The Path with Me, I come to you.  Since we are companions, along The Way, I speak freely to you.  And, as The Children of God gather upon the Earth, to abide in The House of Light, I say unto you…
    “Do not ‘judge,’ yourself, or others, by the ‘measuring stick,’ created by humankind.  But hold up the cup, overflowing with the Love that streams from The Father, The God, The Creator of All Things.  And let it flow over you, and onto you, into you, and through you, and over all your brothers and sisters.  And within this free-flowing, and over-flowing, Cup of Love…you shall abide, and you will be led by The Holy Spirit of God.

    “Do not join any voices of prejudice, bias, anger, or fear, as they are prescribed by the clans of Earth.  Rather, set your lips to speak ‘of Love,’ to all the Children of God.  And in this way, you shall melt the walls of hatred; and, be led by The Holy Spirit of God. 
   “Do not lock-up your heart, and hold it in a tower, reserved only for those who show you kindness and compassion.  I say unto all who gather around The House of Light, ‘Break the chains that hold your heart hostage.  Throw open your chest, and reveal your Love to all beings of Earth, no matter what the situation.  Stand before the Children of God, with your heart exposed, beating in unison with The One, creating the energy of Love, that will cover all who come to you, and The Holy Spirit of God will lead you, all the days you walk the Earth.’

    “I say these things to you because: These are the Guidelines.  This, that I give you, is the Prescription (Rx) for: wholeness, oneness, for health and happiness, as you walk, and spend your days on Earth.
     “So, no matter what might come to you, or what might be said to you, let the only judgment you hold, be a cup, overflowing, with Love, ‘knowing,’ no boundaries.  Let your lips speak only ‘of Love,’ and refuse to utter words of hatred and anger.  Bare your heart, beating in unison with the energy of The One, Creator of All Things, so there is no doubt, so there is no wonder in anyone’s mind, about the fruit that comes from you.

    “If the children who gather to live in The House of Light can hold these three principles, within their heart, The House of Light will be a beacon for all eternity.

    “The Children of God have gathered upon the Earth, and the Light they send into eternity is great.  For, The Light is The Power and The Glory ‘of Love,’ sent from The Creator, and magnified by all they do, and say, and think!

  “These guidelines…will bring you…and the Earth… 

Sunday Sermons
Come, Sit In
The Garden, With God

  “I AM with you, and I say unto you:  Be at Peace. 

Be at Peace.
    “Come.  Sit in the garden with God.  Let the words that you say, be the way that you pray.  Speak of the things held on your heart.  Then, listen to hear, what God will say!

    “Make time each day, to sit in the garden.  Make time each day, to listen, and to hear.  Place your petitions in the Hands of The Father.  Place all of your questions in the Lap of God.  And know, in so doing, that you are releasing, all that concerns you, to the Creator of All That Is.     Therefore…

Trust in God!
Know, that which you need
will be given to you.  And, be vigilant.

   “On this day, I say unto you: ‘Be at Peace.  Come.  Sit, in The Garden, with God.’”
Sunday Sermons
July 1, 2007
If You Will Sit
With God In The Garden
The Words Will Lead You Home

  “Feel My Presence, as I sit with you.  Feel My Presence, as I touch you, with My Love.  Feel My Presence, for I AM with you.  And as I AM with you on this day, I say unto you: 

    “If you sit, every day, with God, in the garden, the fruits, flowing from you, will be the treasures of Earth.  If you tarry, each day, with God, in the garden, He will speak to you, of your worth.

    “And the words will fall sweetly, upon your ears, lifting you, guiding you, into the new day dawning.  Rise-up in the Glory and Light of God.  Walk amongst the flowers.  Run over the grassy meadows.  Pick the flowers, and drink the nectar from the vines of Earth.  And, The Holy Spirit will lead you!

    “Days will come to you, and days will pass from you.  And when at last, your mission on Earth is done, on that day, you will sit, with God, in the garden, and He will whisper . . . ‘It’s time . . . to come Home.’  And you will rise-up, and your spirit will pass, from Earth, into Heaven, into the Hand of God.
“If you will sit, every day, with God, in the garden . . .
The Words…will lead you back…

Sunday Sermons
July 8, 2007
The Secret
I Give, To You,
The Key, I Hand
To  You,  Is  Love

   “I AM with you on this day.  On this day, I come to tell you: how you can walk closely with Me, your Brother; how you can be led by The Holy Spirit; how you can be in sacred communion with God every second, every minute, every hour, every day you walk the Earth.  The secret I give to you, the key I hand to you, is Love.  Hold yourself within the energy of Love.”
   “The Love of God your Father flows to you freely.  It is not hindered, by condition, or clouded, by restriction.  It flows freely to you, as it is the Love flowing from the Father, from the Creator, to the child.  If you will open to this Love, this Love coming to you in great abundance, and let it permeate your being, body, soul, and spirit, and let it flow from you, to all things, you will come to ‘know,’ what it is to walk the Earth, as a child of God.  I say to you, put this before all things. 

    “When I came to Earth, I was to fulfill the prophecy, to be the living word…The Living Word…Love.  I held Myself, open, to God, the Creator, and moved over the face of the Earth, at the direction of God.  And I let this energy coming from God flow through Me, and flow from Me, so that The Energy of Love touched all, held all, healed all, was the moving energy.

    “I say to you, loving all things, does not mean that you should be complacent, sitting in the bosom of your family, loving the members of your family who care for you, provide for you.  I say to you, do not be complacent to be in the company of your friends, and companions, and cohorts, who support you, in a joint theme, or mission, or task. 

    “I say to you, Love, unconditionally, all things, even these human beings who look as if there is no Love within them, who act, and speak, as if there is no Love within them.  Pour your Love upon them! 

     “I say to you, Love, as I loved; walk, as I walked; speak, as I spoke; for, I AM walking, I AM speaking, I AM loving.  The things I did, before, I do through you, today.  The Ways that I taught are the Ways that you are to walk, The Living Word of God. 

    “The Living Word of God…is Love…for if you hold this, above all things, you will not need any other law.  You will not need to search through volumes, and libraries, of books for the answer, because the answer will be within you.  You will not need to read instruction upon instruction, because the instruction will be within you.  You will not need to join into great debates, of what is right, and what is wrong, because right will be within you. 

   “I say to you, that you can read all the books, in all the libraries, in all the institutions of learning created by human beings, and you will come to know these things.  And you will master these things.  And you will be known as a doctor of this, or a doctor of that, or a master of this, or a master of that.  You can come to join all types of associations.  And you can learn all the rules and regulations.  And you will become known as a member of this, or a member of that.  You can memorize laws and regulations.  And you can know the codes, and you can live by them.  And you will be known as a member of this, or a doctor of that. 

    “But, if you open to The Loving Energy, coming to you from God, and let it flow into you, and fill you with the Love of God, and flow from you, so that the Love of God touches you and moves on to others, you will be known as…a child of God, walking the Earth.

    “This is how you will walk more closely with Me, as I AM your Brother.  This is how you will be led by The Holy Spirit, from within.  This is how you will be in sacred communion, with God, by opening to that which God is sending to you! 
    “Set aside the rules and regulations of the human code(s), and open to The Kingdom of God that is within you.  You are a child of God.  You are My brother.  You are My sister.  Come.  Walk with Me.  We will be led by The Holy Spirit.  We will be in sacred communion with God, Our Father, all the days we walk the Earth!”

Sunday Sermons
July 15, 2007
The Father
You Are In Me
and I AM In You

   “I AM with you on this day.  And on this day, I say unto you: ‘Suffer the little children to come unto Me.  Do not stop them.  Do not impede their progress to Me.  Suffer the little children to come unto Me.  Bring forth the animals, and the birds, and all things of creation, so that we might sit together, as One.’
      “As you have chosen to walk with Me, I AM with you in a most Sacred Way.  And, as we walk the face of the Earth together, we will be led by The Holy Spirit of God.  As we walk together, you will come to know more fully, the Ways of The Father.  The Ways of The Father shall be your ways, for the Ways of God are within you.  And this you will ‘know,’ more profoundly, as we walk.

    “When I walked the Earth, I told those gathered around Me:

‘I AM in the Father, you are in Me, and I AM in you.’

    “I did not say this, only, for a chosen few.  I said these words, for all of My brothers and sisters.  I said these words, so all might ‘know,’ that we are united, as One.  I said these words, so all might ‘know,’ My eternal prayer.  My eternal prayer is that we all, be, as One.

    “I said that if you love Me, I will come and live with you, and show Myself unto you.  This, I do.  I said I would ask The Father to send another counselor to guide you.  And The Father sent The Holy Spirit of God, Who dwells within you, we are One. 

    “As I journeyed to Earth with a mission, you also have a mission.  As I came from God to accomplish My mission, you also come from God to accomplish your mission.  And, as we walk together, your mission will be done, for when your ways are the ways of God, God’s will, shall be done.  It shall be done through you.  God’s Power and Glory will move about you and into you.  It will shine around you and from within you.  You will move over the face of the Earth doing the will of God, as I did the will of God.  And I shall be, forever, with you.

    “Open to The Holy Spirit of God, and be led in all ways, so that all the days you walk the Earth your ways are the ways of God.  I AM with you, we are led by The Holy Spirit of God, we are together, united, as One.

    “I say these words to you today, because I AM in you this day, and eternally.  Eternally, we are One.  Eternally, My prayer is that we all be united, as One; for,

‘I AM in The Father, you are in Me, and I AM
in you.’  Be at Peace; for
we are One.”

Sunday Sermons
July 22, 2007
Happiness Is
A State Of Being
Achieved Through Love

    “As I promised, I come to you.  As I promised, I AM with you.  And on this day that I AM with you, I say unto you:

     “Happiness is a State of Being, achieved through Love.
      “Happiness is not held within the possessions of matter.  It springs forth from within you, from your soul, from knowing the Love of God.  Happiness is borne within you.

    “It has very little to do with the transient pleasures of gathering possessions around you, of having this, or having that.  It has everything to do with that which is within you.  And the more you open to the Love of God, flowing to you, it will fill you, it will complete you.  It will permeate your being, as it is intended to do.

    “And once you let the Love of God flow through you and out to others, you will begin to experience true happiness, from within.  The more you let the Love of God flow through you, you will come to see, and feel, and know, The Presence of God that is within you, that completes you, and makes you whole; so that no matter what you are seeing, or doing, or saying, or thinking, it is filled with the Love of God.  And then, all that you see, and do, and say, and think, transcends matter.

    “I say these words to you because there are so many of My brothers and sisters walking the face of the Earth, searching for happiness, seeking happiness, desiring happiness.  But it cannot be bought, or gathered-up in material things.  Happiness comes from within, and it is the direct product of a loving heart.  It has nothing to do with material objects.  It has nothing to do with gathering those around you who sing your praise, and compliment you on the things you have done.  It has everything to do with opening to the Love coming to you from The Father, and being a child of God. 

    “On this day, open more fully to the Love that is yours.  Set your earthly desires aside, and walk the face of the Earth this day, letting the Love of God flow into and through you freely.  And then, touched with your blessing, send it out to all those you encounter.  You will find, at the end of the day, that you are happy, because you have held the Love of God, and you have passed it on to others. 

    “The greatest gift the world has ever known is the Love of God, flowing from one child to another, wrapped in the golden cord, streaming from Heaven to Earth.  See all the presents fill the air, wrapped in golden strings.  Open them, without a care, and see the joy they bring. 
    “Happiness is a State of Being, achieved through Love. 
Be at peace; and, this day, take some time to ponder these words.  Be at peace, and open to the Love of God.  Be at peace, and ‘know:’ Happiness is not held or confined within the things of matter; but it springs forth from the garden of your soul, in great abundance.  Walk into the garden of your soul, and breathe in the happiness that is yours.  It is eternal.  It is within you!”