"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
October 9, 2016
Desire, Ef-
fort, Practice,
And Trying, Give
Birth ~ To ~ Success

  I AM with you.  When days seem long, I AM with you!  When you cannot find the light, I AM with you!  When you cannot hear a song, I AM with you!  Acknowledge Me, and we will walk through every day, and the day will seem short, and the light will shine, and we will sing a song.     

“Many of you are 'trying.'  You are trying: to do the will of God; to complete your piece, of The Divine Plan; to fill the space you are meant to fill; to experience, the present piece of eternity, in such a way, that you know what you are doing.  Today I wish to tell you, that with your desire to do this, you are doing it! 
“With every bit of effort and practice, every second of time spent ‘trying,’ to accomplish this goal, you are on the road to success.  Success springs forth, from: desire, practice, trying.  The more you practice, the better you are, at doing something; and it is the same, with your spiritual life!  You will know success!  It is pleasing to see, when you try!  

“So, as you have desire, and put forth the effort, and practice, and try, do not be hard on yourself, if you do not accomplish the goal immediately.  Keep trying, and celebrate: successful trying, successful effort, successful practice; until one day, you realize successful accomplishment!

“I speak these words, because I did walk, as you do walk, upon the Earth; and the experience of life upon Earth brings the knowledge, that it is a challenge!  There are many distractions, there is much to do, and very few are telling you ‘that knowing, the ways of God,’ are even more important while you are upon Earth, because you are faced daily with ‘the ways of man.’ Choose ~ The Ways of God, ~ and your life will be rewarding, and you will have all that you need to accomplish your mission, and return Home!  This, I promise you!  In the meantime, celebrate your desire to do so, celebrate every bit of effort, every time you practice, every hour of your trying, because this celebration will bring you joy, in what you are doing.  Do not practice in lamentation, practice in joy!”

Sunday Sermons
October 16, 2016
"Turn The
Other Cheek"

  I AM with you.  There is a glory, held within the truth, that I AM with you.  It is not a hope, it is not a prayer, to be there, it is reality.  I AM with you; and, there are times within your life, that you feel My presence, and take My hand, and know this reality.     
“Today, I would like to readdress, a topic, we have covered before; yet, it is so relevant, so important, that it is never too often to discuss it.  You have heard it said, and many of you have read it in Scriptures, and I confirm today that I did say, ‘turn the other cheek.’  This was a new direction, coming to you more than two thousand years ago, as those who were living then, were living more under the law of, ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth;’ and, over two thousand years ago, it was time for a change, for an ascension to a new place, where you could actually turn the other cheek, and by practice, ‘know,’ it was better.

“Many read these words, ‘turn the other cheek,’ and understand them to mean, that if someone is bullying you, or hitting on you, or invading your space, or crossing boundaries, that it is time to practice, and literally turn the other cheek; but there are so many layers, of those few words.  Yes, it did, and does mean that; but, more appropriately, it means when someone is speaking about you, in a very unkind, sometimes malicious, and mean way, that you turn the other cheek, and refrain from doing the same.  It means, if someone is trying to prompt you into an argument, or a heated discussion, or verbal warfare, you turn the other cheek, and refuse to go there.

“When someone chooses to say things about you that are untrue, you turn the other cheek by living, the words, of Our Father, and resisting the temptation to retaliate, to get even, to react.  Sometimes, all it takes is to practice this once, and it feels so much better, that, that is all it takes, you have it down, you have learned the ways of God, and you set your intention, and determination, to turn the other cheek in all situations, to live the word, to refuse to react to negative energy.  And, as you do it more, life upon Earth changes for you, because you are walking The Way.  You are not reacting to what another does, or says, you are acting in the light of God; and, acting in the light of God continues on to living in the light of God; and, living in the light of God brings you courage, and strength, of body, soul, and spirit.

“Sometimes, ‘turn the other cheek,’ takes practice.  It does not come with the first attempt.  It takes months of practice, sometimes years.  But for those who have ever learned to do anything, which required practice, you know, at the end, that all of the practice was worth the effort.

“Practice!  Turn the other cheek, and live, the words of God!”

Sunday Sermons
October 23, 2016
It Is Spirit
Which Gives
Life, And We Are
One, Eternal Spirit

  I AM with you.  Believe that I AM with you, and your life changes immediately!  Know that I AM walking with you, and your life thrives immediately!  Speak to Me, and hear Me, and you know: where to go, what to say, and what to do, finding confidence, in knowing, I AM, with you!     
“It is vitally important for you to remember… and hold onto this, as you move into new days… You come from God!  You are a child of God!  God is Spirit.  Therefore, the children of God are Spirit!  This Spirit that is your DNA, your heavenly DNA, guarantees you eternal life!  This, and knowing this, surely, brings a sense of peace.  All the chaos, and confusion, around you, melts away, when you realize, that, no matter, what is happening, it is a mere blip, on the screen of time; you can almost say, it is rather insignificant.  It is more important for you to understand that it is Spirit that gives life.  It is Spirit that animates the body you know, that you have come to be familiar with.  It is Spirit that animates, and gives life.  The body does not give life to Spirit, for soon the time will come, when you outgrow the body you are wearing; and at that time, your Spirit bursts forth, and moves on, along The Way, eternally.

“There will come a time, when all material things fail.  So, the wise man, the wise woman, focuses their attention on that which will live eternally, not on that which will fail, surely. 

“I guarantee, and promise this.  If you will spend the coming days, focusing on the Spirit, that you are, the Spirit, which will live forever, the Spirit that gives life, then your body will follow, because you are giving life, with every spirit-filled thought, wor, and deed, that comes from you, that is created by you.  It is an exercise which will serve you well.  Think spiritually.  Speak, using the words of Spirit, and bless the Earth, with deeds created, by the Spirit that gives life! 

“You will make your way through turbulent times, if you remember who you are, and from whence you came.  Do not just ‘say,’ you are a child of God, ‘know,’ you are a child of God!  It is written that I said, you can do all things I do; and I repeat it this day, when you live as Spirit, first, you will begin to see, that you can do all things. 

“We are One.  Wake-up, and see, we are One!”  
Sunday Sermons
October 30, 2016
The Power Of
Creation, Your Thoughts

  I AM with you.  As you in faith, reach-out, I take your hand; as I reach-out, in love, you understand; for it is within the quiet times, when we do touch, the wisdom flows to you, like waters of a river, touching you, holding you, moving you, with the flow.  And it is in these times… you come to know… I AM!     
“It is very important for you to know who you are and what you are doing; for without knowing who you are, and what you are doing, there is the possibility, that you will slip into confusion and chaos.  This is what you often see around you, people moving around in confusion, and chaos,  because  they  do  not  know  who  they  are,  or what  they  are  doing.

“First and foremost you are a child of God!  From that point, forward, you continue the creation, of God, by choosing your thoughts; and within your thoughts, you are creating, what you become; and when you speak, your words declare, your creation; and the deeds follow through for all to know, who you are, and what you do!

“Understanding, ‘The Power,’ that you have been given, and realizing, the responsibility to create, that is yours, brings The Knowing!  You cannot know, and have thoughts of anger, or frustration, or judgment, or doubt. 

“When you ‘know,’ what you think, is created instantly,’ it is then you become vigilant, and reject the temptations, to wander away, you take your stand, and there you stay, in the light of God! 

“‘The Power of Thought,’ is the fuel of creation!  Let today be the day you begin, with intention, to understand, and therefore come to ‘know,’ that creation continues, through your thoughts! 

“Decide right now, how you want this day to be, and then set about, creating it so.  Use your thoughts, for the purpose they were intended, to create.  And as you use your thoughts to create, you begin to ascend to a place, where you create everything you need to complete your mission!  You create the atmosphere in which it can happen.  You create confidence, and from this confidence, in knowing the power within you, you come to know, and realize, who you are, and why you have this power in the first place. 

“You received The Power, to continue creation, from God, your Eternal Parent; therefore, in The Knowing, you come to see who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going!”

Sunday Sermons
November 6, 2016
The Time
Is Now, All Will
Be Taught By God

  I AM with you.  It is a miracle, a living miracle, in which we: communicate, speak together, walk together, know each other.  The day will come when all of this is clear, and the clarity will not diminish the miracle, the miracle will be enhanced, by the clarity. 
“Today I encourage you ~ to reject the temptation ~ to be more concerned about what others are doing, than you are about what you are doing.  This is one of the greatest distractions; because, as long as you are dabbling in the lives of this one, or that one, you are not focusing: on your own thoughts, on your own words, on your own deeds.  You become attached to what others are doing.  I would like for you to consider what Earth might be like, if every single person upon Earth, was focused on: what they were thinking, and saying, and doing; how they could be more connected with God, feeling the light, knowing The Presence.  Moving through each day, in that special Way, Earth would be at peace.

“Remember, the prophecy, that all will be taught by God, because that time is here.  If you feel you must teach something, let the teaching, that comes forth from you, be the living word.  If you must give witness or testify to something, let it be your deeds.  Let others see, how you live; because in this Way, in your connection with God, others will know God, through you; and this type of teaching requires no words, it springs forth from a heart filled with the love of God.

“Stay focused on what you are doing, for God will call, and knock; and for those who are seeking, God will open a door.  Therefore, if God does come, and God does also answer the call, you can be assured that when it is time, God will teach; and that which God teaches will be embraced, because the time is right.  Therefore, tend to your own life, tend to your own thoughts and words and deeds; for as you are taught by God, you become aware that there is a great body of living water, flowing within you.  It moves, and feeds you.  With this ‘living water,’ you will not be thirsty, you will not go hungry, because this is the manna, of Heaven. 

“And the living waters will flow, and as they flow, you will gr,ow in wisdom, as you embrace the teachings, of God.”

Sunday Sermons
November 13, 2016
You Are
Spirit, First

  I AM with you.  How good it is to greet, a friend; even though it might have been only hours, or a day, you touch, you embrace, you give each other a kiss of friendship, an outward sign, of your love.  And so I touch you, I embrace you, I kiss you; for we are truly one, you are My brother, you are My sister. 

“I made the journey to Earth, so all might see and know, what is happening and how: you are meant to live upon Earth; to experience Earth; to change the energies of Earth; to bring the love of God upon the Earth; and to understand, as you are returning Home, you must leave the body behind, so that you might rise-up, in the body you have been given for eternity!  And it is a glorious sight to see, the ascension, of each spirit, as it is broken free from the weary body.  It is, as seeing a caterpillar, opening, losing that body, the body that crawled upon the Earth, so that the butterfly might unfold, and fly, with majestic beauty. 

“Ascension is of great beauty.  The body, that was crawling upon the Earth, releases the eternal body, which flies, forever!   
“Today, although we have touched on this so many times, I feel it is required of Me to recount it once more, so that you see the importance.

“You are spirit, first!  Many of you are saying this more, and more; but so many of you, most of you, have not taken it into yourself, in such a way, that you truly know your light body, your spirit body, your eternal body.  You are clinging to your Earth body, doing everything to preserve it, everything to clean it, everything to dress it, and feed it, while you are turning your head from the manna from Heaven, choosing the things of Earth, first, giving little or no time, to that which is eternal.  It is time ~ for you to decide. 

“Let your decision be ~ that you are going to pay attention to the body which is yours for eternity.  Do not let it whither, within a body that is sure to fail.  Begin strengthening your spiritual body, now!  Take the word of God, and eat of it!

“There is so much happening in the world around you right now, that it is very easy for you to eat at the banquet of hatred, and anger, and loathing, of suspicion, of doubt, of fear; but I say unto you, reject that.  It is as if you would be eating a bowl of worms, maggots, stale food.  This constant diet, of negative energy, will sicken your body.  Today, let it be your intention to turn to the table of God, and refuse to hate, refuse anger, refuse fear and doubt.  Sit at the table, and eat of the words of love.  Love one another.  Eat of the words of forgiveness.  Turn the other cheek.  Give when you are asked.  Begin to know that you are eternal.  Feed the body, of God, and your human body will follow, until the day it is time for you to come Home, and it will fall from you, and you will fly as the butterfly; and, you will see, as you have not seen, in a long time.

“Today, spend some time in prayer, seeking the wisdom to know, you are spirit, first!”

Sunday Sermons
November 20, 2016
Is As The
Words You Say

  I AM with you.  One of the reasons, that communication between the dimensions is possible, not only possible, but encouraged, is that, for those of you walking upon Earth, there will be The Whisper, to show you The Way, when it appears as if, you might be walking, or going, astray.  This is why it is a good time, to remind you, to stop, and pray, stay connected; for in this Way, there is less chance, that you will go astray!     
“From age… to age… to age… the message, and the messengers, change, elevating the thoughts, and the ways of those, living upon Earth, or at least that is the intention; but it can be very difficult to let go of the old ways, to embrace the new.  The only way you can really, completely embrace the new, once you have walked the old way, is to ‘set the intention,’ to know what you are doing, while you are upon Earth, and complete the creation, which began with God, to the limit that is yours, to the time you have been given.  I can assure you, it is a great honor, no matter the limit, no matter the time, you have been given.

“The old time was harsh and hard.  You refer to the old time often in a Book, which is the Old Testament.  Punishment was handed-out quickly and harshly, to keep the people in line.  It was truly, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth and sometimes more, for all knew, if you broke the law, you were subject to punishment, and much more, often you were subject to death, in a public way.

“Most of you hearing these words, or reading these words, have heard the story, recounted, about a woman, dragged before the priests, caught, in breaking the law, of adultery, and all knew the punishment for committing adultery.  It was public stoning, until death.  There was no escape, it was the law.  And then another age came, and I was sent to change the old into the new, not denying the old, but bringing the new.  The new had to do with love, and forgiveness. 

“It is relatively easy if you set your intention to do so, to follow every rule, as you receive it, especially knowing that there will be punishment.  If you are told, “Never go out this door, go out the other door,” that is easy to do.  You set your intention to use the appropriate door, and so you can follow the law, by observing what is happening around you, and choosing to do it. 

“However, when I came, it placed it, or the responsibility, upon each individual, using each situation, as a lesson: to love, to forgive, to be kind, to turn the other cheek.  These are not so easy to do, and they require the intention, to move into a space, that lifts you into the spiritual realm, for to love in the face of hatred, draws you nearer to God.

“And so to continue My main message, the woman was standing before her accusers, and I did come upon them; and I said, so all could hear, ‘let those amongst you who is without sin, cast the first stone.’  I said it twice; but all the time I was writing in the sand, dust rising, and falling, as My finger made the counting of the sins of each of the accusers, standing there: the wrong doing, the wrong thinking, the wrong acting.  It did not take long before they each disappeared, going their way, not knowing what to say.  I touched the woman with love, and light, and peace, and forgiveness, and the face that had held terror, just minutes ago, held thanksgiving.

“I AM recounting this story because I want you to know that very few of you will ever come to a situation where you will be standing, ready to stone someone physically, a rock in your hand, and willing to do it until they are no longer breathing.  However, in the coming week, I want you to think, as ‘thoughts of ill-will come to your mind of another,’ words, mean-spirited words, begin to fall from your lips, and you are tempted to engage in gossip about another, these words are stones! 

“Thoughts, and words, and actions, have the ability, to kill the spirit of another, to drive them into the energies: of fear, of worry, of rejection, of isolation.  Words have been known to drive others to take their own lives, rather than spend their days upon Earth, walking in shame.  Words have been known to lead others to take the life of those speaking about them.  Harsh, cruel, mean-spirited words are rocks, and stones, of destruction; and, once they are released from you, once they are created within you, they are capable of doing great harm.

“This week I AM encouraging you to do something that will require great determination, and intention, for you will find as the days to by, you are tempted to have thoughts of others, which are not kind, which are hurtful, you will be tempted to speak of others, or join in gossip about others.  I tell you, turn from the darkness, and walk away. 

“I brought the age of love, and forgiveness, and understanding, and compassion.  I encourage you to practice, so that you might begin to walk in a way that exhibits love and forgiveness, understanding and compassion.  Put down the stones, which will do great harm, and open your arms to embrace the teachings of God!”

Sunday Sermons
November 27, 2016
The Miracle
That Is Yours

  I AM with you.  No matter what your situation, I AM with you; a call, or a touch away, I AM with you.  This ability to transcend one dimension calling into another, is always with you.  Do not let the ways of the world beat you down; for a call Home will lift-you-up, and turn you around, and you will see the sun, rising in the sky, and you will remember The Whisper… I AM with you!
“There are growing numbers of you, who find wisdom, by setting yourself aside ~ to be quiet, and still, ~ so you might hear The Whisper, and know the will, of God! 

“The numbers are growing, amongst you, who are willing to hear The Whisper, and embrace the message; carried on the breath of The Holy Spirit of God.  The numbers are growing, because it is time! 

“It is time, for ~ all of the children of God to be taught by God, ~ for the same lesson plan, which works for one, does not always work for another; the direction given to two does not follow through, in such a way, to guide four others.  And this is why it has always been the desire of The Creator God ~ to whisper to each child, from within, ~ and watch them grow, knowing the wisdom of God, embracing the message, rising-up to go, to go wherever God’s message is leading them: into the wet, damp places of a swamp; into the arid, dry places of a desert; into cities, teaming with people; into isolated villages.  There are those who are asked to carry the message: into an office place, into a classroom, into a retail store, into the garden, or into the home.  If you have awakened to the point, of setting yourself aside and listening, that whisper, which comes to you, is a message, calling, filling you with truth, leading you Home!

“There are signs all around you.  There are people willing to share their experience: of reaching into another dimension, to get an answer; of knocking on the spiritual door, and having it thrown open, so they can see.  There are miracles of healing.  There are miracles of joy, amidst chaos, and confusion.  There are miracles, because there are people willing to say, ‘Yes.’  An angel appears in a dream, or in a waking vision, bringing a message, and the answer spoken is, ‘Yes.’  There are signs in the Heavens, and signs on the Earth, and for those who are awakened, their answer is, ‘Yes.’  There are directions which come in The Whisper of God, and for those who have sat in quiet, long enough to build their inner- courage, and strength, they rise-up, and say, ‘Yes, I will go, where I am led; I will do as you do bid; I will not fear, I will go, because Your word doth make it so.’

“Do not just watch the miracles happen within others, because you too are meant to experience the miracles!  They are the vitamins, and the tonic, for your journey upon Earth.  They are the things which give you the energy to dance and sing, as you go about your mission, as you accomplish everything. 

“I ask you, this week, to find a place to be still, and quiet.  Listen for The Whisper, and embrace the miracle that is yours!”

Sunday Sermons
December 4, 2016
Is Calling,
Answer The Call

  I AM with you.  It is possible for Me to be with you, so that you might ‘know,’ you are never alone!  It is possible to feel alone: in a sea of people, moving down busy city streets; in shopping areas; in playgrounds; in churches; in banks; and institutions of learning.  It is possible to feel alone, surrounded, by people.  And it is possible: to feel the presence of God; to know the angels are with you; to know that I AM in you; to feel the wisdom of The Holy Spirit, when you are alone. 

“It is possible! 

“Grasp what I AM saying to you.  And when you find yourself alone: speak to God; walk with Me; allow your being to be filled with the wisdom of The Holy Spirit; encourage, the angelic beings, surrounding you, to minister unto you. 

“This is a gift, a way of living, for those who believe; for those who believe hold gifts that cannot be taken from them.  They are rich in heritage, they are wealthy in ‘knowing,’ who they are, and from whence they came.  Their treasures are many, and include the knowledge, that they are, on Earth, to complete a mission, before returning Home! 

“Today I want to touch briefly on ‘the mission.’  Once you arrive on Earth, it is often easy to be distracted, by material things, and projects, work and play, to the point that you forget, the reason you are upon Earth; to complete a mission.  While you are upon Earth, there are periods, there are times: of waiting; of preparation; of learning, so that when the call goes out, and you are touched, and The Whisper from within says, ‘Rise-up, it is your time,’ you do not stumble through your time in action, you move with confidence and strength, the confidence and strength which was born in your time of preparation.

“When it was My time to come to Earth, there were a number of individuals, very unique individuals, who had already been in the time of preparation; and when they were touched, and when they were called, to rise-up, there was no equivocation, there came a resounding, “Yes.”  There were no ‘maybes.’  There were no words such as, ‘…well, I will try.’  There was, ‘Yes.’  It had to be so.  If the young woman, Mary, had said she had to think about it, or, ‘…wait, it is not convenient,’ it would not have been the same.  She said, ‘Yes.’  Joseph had to say, ‘Yes.’  And he had to say so, many times: to accept Mary; to rise-up, and take Me to safety; to do a number of things that were led by dreams, visions in dreams, angel messages, directing action!

“The stories of The Wise Men, as you know them, are beautiful, and hold great meaning; but, they had to say, ‘Yes.’  They had to make the journey, when it was time to make the journey.  They had to answer the call.  They had to rise-up, and move.  They saw the sign.  They received direction in their dreams.  When angels whispered, ‘…go home another way,’ they did not think about it, they did it.  It was their mission, and in so doing they were saving My life.  If the shepherds had not left the fields when they did, they would not have seen the miracle, and recognized what was happening.

“I do not think it is necessary for Me to recount another story, about how it all unfolded, and I came to walk upon Earth, because you get the picture.  When you are called to do something, it is important to do it, and do it at the time you are directed, because timing is everything.  And in so doing, your faith will grow.  It will grow in leaps, and bounds.  Answer the call.  Go where you are asked go, and do what you are asked to do, and say what you are asked to say.  In this way, you become the instrument, in the hands of God, and the song is beautiful.

“Timing… is essential… so that the miracle can be known.  Let us say, there is a young man, who finds himself in dire need of food to feed the children.  He has no job; in fact, it does not even appear he will be able to find a job.  He has been left with three children.  The night is dark, one child is sick, and he falls to his knees, and prays for help.  On the other side of town, there is a couple, sleeping, awakened by a dream vision.  And in the vision, they are told to fill bags with food, and take them to a specific location.  They rise-up, and do so.  And as the light of a new day is breaking gently on this small town, there comes a knock on a door, and a man rises from his knees, and opens the door.  In the light of the day, he can see the man and woman, and they are holding bags of groceries.  This is an answer to his prayer, a prayer that would have been answered in some way, but because two people were willing to rise-up, and go, step into action at that time, the miracle held more significance.  It held the glory of God, in the light of the sun!  All participants in that miracle were blessed.

“I encourage you ~ to answer the call ~ immediately!  Do not hesitate.  You are not upon the Earth to build a bank account, to live in the biggest house, to wear the finest clothing, and drive the biggest cars.  You are upon Earth… to clean-up The Garden, the secret, sacred Garden of God, and restore it, as it was meant to be.  You are upon Earth to be the hands, and the eyes, and the feet, the lips, the ears, and the heart of God, to touch each one who comes to you, with peace.  And for those of you who are blessed, to hear The Whisper, and recognize the call, I say, ‘Thank you!  Thank you for your vigilance.  Thank you for your faith.  Thank you!  For you will bring the glory of God to Earth, and there will be many who see God, and know their worth, as they are touched by you, and those like you. 

“Let your storehouse be your words, and deeds, your days, and nights, your thoughts, and prayers. 

“Do, all things, for the glory of God, and you will know abundance, you will know life. 

“The time is now.  Listen.  God is calling, and this time, it could be you.”   

Sunday Sermons
December 11, 2016
Be In The
World, But Not
Of The World, As,
You Continue Creation

  I AM with you.  I know who you are.  I see you.  I know your heart.  I know your intention.  It is important for you to understand, as you make your way through every day upon Earth, that I do know, who you are, and what you are doing.  It is not easy… to be in the world; yet, not be of the world.  It is possible to live every minute of the day connected to God, in such a way, that you can celebrate… being in the world, but not of the world.  When you come to know this, every day you bless the world, and make it better! 

“Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, are preparing to celebrate My birth upon the Earth.  As you go into the days, remember, that there was a lot of living, between My birth, and the time I stepped onto the public stage, to begin My ministry, upon Earth: I lived; I laughed; I felt pain; I knew rejection; I often did hold My tongue; I showed respect to the elderly; I honored My mother and father; I guided My sisters and brothers; I carried food, My mother had prepared, to those who were sick, or to families who had lost loved ones; I played; I read; I studied at the hand of My father, and learned skills important to the welfare of My family, and community.  What I AM saying to you is, I did exactly what you are doing.  The one difference might be, that while I did engage in the things of the world, making My way through each day, I stayed connected with our Eternal Parent, with God.  Therefore, I knew comfort, and courage; the comfort, and courage, that you realize, only, when it comes from the strength of God, and the presence of God, with you!

“When you become so distracted with the ways of the world, that you forget ~ to connect in prayer with God, ~ the world becomes a most difficult place.  There are challenges everywhere you turn your face.  You are met with walls, and barriers, you cannot climb, or push down, or walk through, or around.  But when you are guided, by the hand of God, the barriers fall, and you make your way as if, there were no obstacles at all; because you are carrying-out the work of God; and it is the power of God, which moves you.

“At the present time, all of the festivities and preparations, taking place right now, can be a distraction; filling your heart, with expectations and often frustration, that you cannot accomplish, all there is to do.  When this happens, all you need to do ~ is to be still, and ask for guidance, and the hand of God will calm the waters, and the chaos will subside, the confusion will pass, ~ and you will be at peace, at last.  You will truly be in the world, but not of the world.

“Rise-up!  And walk into the day, asking for guidance, all along The Way.  When you hear The Whisper, and it says, ‘Stop,’ stop!  When you hear The Whisper, and it says, ‘Go here, or there,’ let that be, what you do, in the moment, in the instant. 

“If you will spend one day being guided by God, you will not return to the chaos, and confusion of distraction, you will rise-up, and take action, as directed by the hand of God! 

“You were given the gift of life, eternal life.  You were given the gift to spend a portion of your eternal life, upon Earth.  And if you find yourself, right now, upon Earth, then you have a mission.  You are to continue the creation story.  You are to continue the creation of God.  Know this, so that you might be better prepared to continue what God began. 

“Rise-up.  It is your time.  Take My hand, and follow Me, I will show you The Way!”  

Sunday Sermons
December 18, 2016
Birth Is
Cause For

  I AM with you.  Awaken, and know I AM with you.  With eager anticipation, I come to you, looking, searching.  We are one.  It is through this sacred connection that we can speak, and come to know each other, on a level that is holy, on the heart level, on the soul level, on the spirit level.  You can know many people on a casual level; but as you come to know, what is written upon their heart, you move to a level of friendship, and love, and understanding.  It is at these times, when you come to realize, that you can sit silently; yet, still communicate, with those you know.  This is cause for celebration! 

“Today, most of you are preparing to celebrate My birth upon Earth.  Birth is a cause for celebration!  It seems to get grander, in scope, when the celebration is for someone of note: it could be a member of royalty, a statesman, a teacher; it could be someone known well in the field of the arts, or science; it could be someone who did a lot in their community, on a local level; or someone who has done a lot on the global level; but understand that ~ every birth ~ is a cause for celebration!  Life is sacred!

“There are many among you, who, by reading books, or watching movies, or taking courses, or going to seminars, have found the lives of other people can often be extraordinary.  And as you read, or watch, or listen, you are moved: by what another has said, or done; by how they have lived their lives, in a certain way, to touch so many people, to impact a community, or the entire world. 

“I AM here today to tell you, each one of you ~ is upon Earth ~ to impact a moment, or an hour, or a day, or a year, or more.  It is easy to see miraculous occurrences in the lives of others.  You are often astounded at a story another is relating, not doubting it, simply being amazed by it.  Each, and every one, of you ~ is destined to experience a mystical moment, ~ a miracle.  It is not ‘just for others.’  There are miracles waiting for you; but miracles often go unnoticed, brushed aside; it is because you do not believe a miracle will happen to you, even in the celebrating of a miracle happening to another.  It is time to alter that mindset, and begin looking for the signs, which will bring you to the doorstep of the miracle, that has been waiting, just for you!

“First you must ‘believe.’  Second, you must ‘watch for the signs.’  They will come to you in dreams.  They will come to you in messages brought to you by others.  They will come to you in a whisper.  The signs will come to you in a song, or in the sweet silence; but they will come!  Those who are vigilant will see the signs, and follow The Way.  Some will experience miracles every day, because every day is meant to have its own miracles.  The excitement, and anticipation, of these every day miracles, is meant to carry the joy, and exhilaration, that is felt when you are anticipating… Christmas!

“I believe you get it now!  Every day is to be a celebration of birth!  And every birth is a cause of celebration: the birth of every minute, every hour, every day, every season, every child! 

“Let no birth go unnoticed; for the one being born is bringing a gift to Earth!  It is the responsibility of those observing the birth to support the message-bringer, to love the child!  Celebrate birth!  Celebrate the miracles all around you!  As you notice them, they will multiply!  As they multiply, they will magnify, your earthly experience, and you will know The Presence of God, with you! 

“Happy Birthday to those of Earth!”  

Sunday Sermons
December 25, 2016
of Christ-
mas, Believe

  I AM with you.  Do not doubt.  I AM with you.  Breathe deeply, and sit quietly.  I AM with you.   

“It is most often true, that, in the times, when you feel alone, in the times when it seems as if darkness has encircled, ensnared, and enfolded you, you come to feel the presence of God with you; and that presence, fills you with comfort, and warmth, and truth.

“Miracles happen every day.  And when you believe, that miracles happen every day, and that miracles can happen to you, you begin to see the miracles, and come to the realization, that they were always with you, you just did not see them; therefore you could not acknowledge them, because you were doubting, it could happen to you.

“Do not let your faith, be overshadowed, or diminished, by another’s doubt.  Rise-up.  Look around you, and see.  See the light.  Be the light.  See the miracle.  Be the miracle.  Be kind, understanding, and compassionate.  Reject ~ the energies ~ which will trap you in darkness, and believe.  If there is one word to describe the miracle of Christmas, it is the word… “believe.”

“Therefore, that is the word I leave you with today.  Believe!”

Sunday Sermons
January 1, 2017
Step Into
The New Year

  I AM with you.  I AM with you: as you peer into today; as you stand at the threshold; as you open the door; as you cross-over into a new time; as you gaze down the path, which bears no footprints; as you study the horizon; as you pray for guidance; as you find the courage welling-up within you, to place your foot upon the path, and mark it, with the first step!  This is a time of excitement! 

“You have crossed-over the threshold of many years, the beginning seems familiar; yet, the adventure ahead is unknown.  Not one year you have experienced in your lifetime has been exactly the same.  Each year has brought you challenges, and opportunities, disguised in many different ways; yet year after year, you have reached the end, then waked-up to find yourself at the threshold of a new year, again.

“So, here we go; the door is open; your foot is on the path; it is vital for you to set an intention, and use it as a compass; it is also vital to use every hour: efficiently; sacredly; so that each step leads to another, and then another, and then another.  When you have intention and purpose, you understand why you are walking, sitting, sleeping, waking. 

“As you create this year, the year that is set before you, unmarked, create: tranquility, harmony, and balance.  Create a day when you can open your arms to all, and say, ‘Come, I will sit with you for a while.’  Create a day when you exclude none, and include all, in your prayers of light.  Use the power of God ~ to create, perfection, ~ in a world that is marked by imperfection; for, as you create the perfect day, others notice, and ultimately say, ‘It is possible!’  Your intention and courage, and strength found in the power of God, will encourage others to do the same. 

“Establish peace, and light, and love wherever you go, wherever you live, and invite others to come into your garden, and begin, again, to live in harmony, and balance, and tranquility! 
“We are on the path now, we have left the threshold behind, we are walking into the new day, of a new year, and all along The Way you will find, I AM with you!”

Sunday Sermons
January 8, 2017
Love, One Another

  I AM with you.  I AM truly, with you; and I would walk from ocean to ocean, from desert to desert: to be with you; to remind you, of the sacred journey you are taking, to whisper its purpose; to support you, on the adventure of your lifetime upon Earth.  It is a holy piece, of your eternal life; it is ‘the present!’    

“You have already begun the journey into this new year.  Many of you, have already encountered challenges; and made it through, and find you are lighter, with much more to do ahead of you.  Some of you have yet to meet your challenge; but I can assure you, I will be right there with you; and we will make it through, together.  Each challenge is an opportunity to exercise, and practice, that which you believe, that which you know.  And every time you do it, you grow, you get stronger, courage fills you, confidence shines from you.  So, do not hang your head in the challenge.  Lift your head, in the survival of the challenge.  That which seemed, or appeared, to bring you down, one day, becomes the next rung on the ladder, toward completion, and accomplishment.

“As you make this journey, be kind to yourself!  Do not berate, or belittle, yourself!  You are a child of God, and you have a mission to accomplish.  Therefore, be kind, and understanding, be compassionate; and most of all, be forgiving, of yourself.  Once you learn to do this, it will be easier, to be kind, and understanding, and loving, to all who are traveling with you; for some will be very close to you, others will be far from you; but it is important to support your fellow travelers, those who are on the journey, as well.

“The Word ~ has already been delivered, ~ so that all upon Earth ‘know,’ what God expects of you; and at this time, and in this place, at this portion of your journey, it is important for you to ‘love one another!’.

“Love one another!”

Sunday Sermons
January 15, 2017
You Hold
The Power Of
Creation, With-
in, Your Thoughts

  I AM with you.  I AM with you, to the degree you open the door, and welcome Me.  I can be with you in the slightest ray, of light.  I can be with you, fully and completely.  And even when you do not open the door, to greet Me, I AM with you, a whisper away; because, it is important.  At the very second, one of you says, ‘I believe,’ there must be a response ~ to fill you, with joy, ~ a sensation you will remember, a touch which will prompt you, to seek for more, and open the door, to a dimension, you know.  

“Each of you began your earthly journey, by saying ‘Goodbye,’ to the Dimension of Perfection, for a while, so that you might explore, that, which Earth, holds, for you to know.
“At the present time, it is almost impossible for you to explore the gardens of Earth, without finding yourself in the cities, in the world, created by man.  It is easy to understand the difference; a child would recognize the difference.  The pavements of the city feel different, when your feet touch them, than do: the grass-carpeted meadows of the countryside, the sandy beaches, the rocks of the mountains, the sands of the desert.  But no matter where you are right now, no matter what your experience, or particular situation is at the time, you began your journey from Home Base, and Home Base will welcome you, when you return.

“If you can accept, this message, then open the door a bit more, so that you might understand, better, what you can do while you are there, upon Earth.  Every second of the day you make a decision, you choose: you choose to think one way, or the other; you choose to speak softly, and lovingly; or to be loud, and cruel; you choose to be of assistance, with deeds of kindness; or to go your own way, doing only that which you wish to do for yourself.  You make choices, and the choices you make, make, a difference!  The world is either a better place, or a lesser place; and it all depends on what you are thinking, saying, and doing!  ~  It all begins in your thoughts.  ~  Every decision you make springs forth from your thoughts.  Your thoughts are the creative center.  Therefore, what you do, and what you say, is a reflection of what you are thinking; so, the world knows you, by what you say, and do!

“I would like to for you ~ to imagine, ~ just for a moment, that everyone, within your city limits, or township, or community, spent one hour of the day, creating thoughts: of beauty; of light; of love and peace; of kindness, and compassion; of healing; of forgiving; of charity. 

“Even when you are just imagining this happening, you feel better, because in the imagining, that is where your thought is going.  You have been given the ability, and the power, by your Creator God, to create! 

“Those who awaken, to the realization of the power, within, begin to explore, and begin to open the door, to the possibility of miracles as they had never done before; and within the realization, and by opening the door, they see the light and discover more. 

“You hold reality in your hand.  You hold reality within your thoughts, so the first step to peace ~ is mastering ~ your thoughts!  Let your thoughts, create, a day: worthy, peaceful, loving, gentle, and kind!”

Sunday Sermons
January 22, 2017
Do Not
Be Swayed By
What  Others  Are
Doing, Or Saying, Follow
The Way, Of The Peacemaker

  I AM with you.  I AM so willing: to guide you, to share with you, to show you The Way; I approach, and you either open your arms, or turn and walk away.  For those of you who can see with the eyes of your soul, you not only feel Me, you experience a glimmer, a vision, and it appears, as if a figure is walking out of a desert, or out of a misty morning, or out of a cloudy night; temporarily, I AM within your sight, and you shutter with delight; and there is no fear, only love, between us! 

“Shake the dust of fear: from your feet, from your hands, from your head, from your thoughts, from your words; for, your words, which hold fear, are an outward sign that your heart is not at peace.  Shake doubt: from your feet, from your hands, from your head, from your thoughts, and from your words; for words holding doubt are an outward sign that your heart is not at peace.  For those who are at peace, for those who know peace, there is no fear, there is no doubt, there is strength, and confidence, and faith! 

“All those, who live upon Earth for a while, experience some type of turmoil, or upheaval, to varying degrees; but I touch you today, in a special way, encouraging you to establish peace, within your being, first!  It is not necessary to go to seminars, to take courses, or to read books, on how to accomplish this.  What is necessary is to: sit quietly, and ask that you be filled with the wisdom of peace; breathe deeply; send from you words of chaos, and confusion; refuse to eat of the venom of hatred, and anger.

“For those of you who are able to establish peace within, peace within is the environment, is the atmosphere, in which you live.  It makes it easier to turn your head, from angry voices, and live within your sacred garden of peace; for eventually, the turmoil, the upheaval, the angry voices, will fade away, and with their fading, comes the light, of a new day.

“The energy of anger is exhausting.  You cannot be angry for very long without falling victim to all the side effects this energy produces.  You cannot live in fear, very long, without falling to the side effects, of the energy this produces.  But you can live forever in your sacred garden of peace, breathing deeply, moving slowly, knowing Earth, in a special way; for those who walk upon the Earth in peace: see the daisy, hidden amongst the weeds; hear the gentle movement, of a mountain stream; embrace, the splashing waters, as the waves of the ocean kiss the beach; run their fingers through the sands, of time, and come to realize that this life, upon Earth, is a special gift.  The ones who carry peace, and wisdom, realize that this treasure is not to be thrown away. 

“Look for those who are at peace, especially when you find that turmoil, and upheaval, is moving over the land, beginning to cover the Earth; for, you will find the peacekeepers, in all places, and those places they are keeping at peace, will be your sanctuary, where grace, and blessings, abound, in copious amounts.  There will roll a tide of abundance, all around the peacekeepers, those who have the wisdom to be still, and quiet, so they might hear The Whisper.  And, they will hear The Whisper over the angry den, over the riotous crowds, and they will, truly, know peace!”   

Sunday Sermons
January 29, 2017
To Create
The Perfect Day

  I AM with you.  I AM with you, as you begin another day.  My presence will grow stronger and stronger, if you will open, and accept the possibility that this is so, that there is a chance, somewhere in eternity, that it is not only possible, but probable.  When you find, you are able to do this, it is as if you have cracked the door to your inner-being, opened it, just a bit, enough to let a stream of light flow-in, and with the acceptance of the possibility, comes the ray of reality, that it is!   

“How you begin a day ~ is most meaningful, ~ it carries the creative power.  Your thoughts, about the day to come, season it, with seeds of hope and trust and faith, and yes, with glory, if you prepare to begin the day, telling a story, of God with you.  And this, My brothers and sisters, requires, faith! 

“No day is a day deserving of fear, or doubt, or loathing!  Every day ~ is worthy ~ of the story it is intended to tell; and, at the end, if done correctly, it is a story of doing it well, no matter what the situation. 

“Some of you might be facing this new day, with great celebration on the agenda.  Some of you might be beginning this day looking at: a marriage; an engagement; a new baby; a great birthday; graduation; all celebration, marking, your lifetime upon Earth.  Others of you might be, beginning this day, looking-out over uncharted seas, not knowing which way you will go, unsure of the path set before you, because it is not a day which seems to hold celebration in any way, but a day which, you believe, will be challenging.  Ah, My brothers and sisters, when these days come, they are your golden opportunity!  They will tell a story of adventure.  They will tell a story of a mission accomplished.  They will tell a story of what seemed to be insurmountable odds, falling, in the light of faith. 

“No matter what is ahead of you this day, it certainly does not deserve to be sprinkled with seeds of doubt or fear or frustration.  It is pure.  The hand has not yet written the story, the heart has not yet known the story, and you have not yet created the story of this day. 

“Therefore, at the beginning of every day, bow your head, and pray!  Pray for all, that you need.  Do not limit your prayer to that which you know, to that which you fear, or dread, so.  Open your prayer, and ask to be given ~ that which you need to complete the mission; ~ and it will come, as surely as the spring rains.

“Remember, you are the creator of this day!  You are the co-creator child of God!  Set your intention, before you begin.  Alter your thoughts, in such a way, that you will create ‘the perfect day,’ a day worthy, to be in the eternal procession, of your time upon Earth!”

Sunday Sermons
February 5, 2017
Many Will
Recite The Words,
Few Will Know The Way

  I AM with you; and, you believe, because within you, you hold the key, and have the ability, to accept, that I AM with you!  The heart must be touched to open; the soul must be held to sing; and the spirit must know the truth, so it will soar, and fly, and be filled with eternal life, in the knowing; for, within The Knowing, there is freedom, and eternal life! 

“When I walked upon the Earth, I gathered those around Me, as directed, as guided.  There were signs, that is for sure, confirming, directing me to touch this one, or call to that one; and as I called, they came; because deep within their being, they recognized the tone.  My call, seemed familiar, even though they did not know Me, at the time, they knew Me, for all time; and that knowing, broke down the barriers, and they moved with Me. 

“When it came time for Me to return Home, when My work was done, when the new laws were delivered, I realized, they would be lost, without Me.  They were willing, they were eager, they were hungry, and thirsty for the truth; and as it was given to them, they were as sponges from the sea, soaking it up.  I could not leave them, without full confidence, that they would be fed, the truth, from Heaven; so, they might grow, and mature, in the light of God.  And when I did ask for help, and counsel for them, it was given!

“Today I confirm again to you My brothers and sisters, this Wisdom from Heaven, was not sent, only, to those whom I knew in a personal way; this Divine Counselor, is with you, too!  You do not have to wander, wondering which way to go, or what to say, or how this fits with that; all you have to do, is sit, and be quiet!  The Creator God, your Creator, knows you from the inside, knows when you are ready for more, and that more that is delivered to you, is precisely what you need: at that minute, at that hour, in that day. 

“You have been given the ability to grow, and mature, in the light of God, and the wisdom of God, the Creator of All Things, is yours, as you open, and you are ready to hold the truth, to be the light, to show The Way! 

“Living in this way requires so much more than reading the lines of a book, repeating the lines of the book, or repeating the entire book; for it is possible to say the words, yet not know, completely, their meaning, their power, or their glory.  You can read a book over, and over; but, until you sit with the author of the book, and listen to the meaning from the lips and the heart of the one who wrote the book, you cannot know the book. 

“I tell you, The Creator God, The Author of the Divine Plan, which holds, within it, the story of man, is willing to share eternal wisdom to any who are ~ open.  When you sit, with The Author, of All That Is, you will come to ‘see and know,’ in a different way.  You will never truly understand the meaning, held within the pages of a book, until you know The Author, until its meaning has been revealed to you.

“Many will recite the words, few will know The Way!”