Sunday Sermons
February 12, 2017
Be The
Miracle, You
Are Meant To Be

  I AM with you.  I celebrate a new day with you.  For those of you who know, every day is a gift; every day is an opportunity: to grow; to move along the path; to see, what you are meant to see; and, to do, what you are meant to do. 

“There will be distractions; there will be temptations; but, if you stay connected with Our Father, with God, you will know where to go, and you will know what to do; and, you will have the wisdom, within you, to bless those: who discourage you, who tempt you, who distract you, for no other action would be fitting of a child of God.  Bless all things you pass: individuals, institutions, places, because these are the milestones, these are the markers, of your lifetime, upon Earth. 

“I AM with you.  Your journey has already begun, but it is never too late to stop, and rededicate this mission, regain your balance, reconnect with God, and head-off in the direction you were meant to take.  Soon, you will be coming Home; but for this time, you are upon Earth, make the best of it, it is your journey.  Be the miracle, you are.  Deliver the miracle, you are meant to deliver! 

“When I walked upon the Earth, I stayed connected with Heaven.  Heaven was My sacred compass.  I knew that there would be great distraction, and temptation in the world created by man.  How could it be any other way; for, man had turned from The Garden, and walked away?  And in the walking, there was distance, every single step of the way, and it did not take long before isolation was felt.  The presence of isolation was staggering, and cold.  It is interesting, that there was always resurrection from this isolation; but it required one to turn, and walk away from the world created by man, and head back to The Garden! 

“If you think about walking down a country road, going in one direction, with your purpose, and your intention, set, it might take some convincing for you to turn, completely, one hundred and eighty degrees, and go in the opposite direction.  This would be more than a life-changing move.  This is forsaking one way, and choosing another.  But for those of you who are awakened, and know, this is even more important, it is necessary for you to grow in your spiritual life.  And to do so, you will need to turn a deaf ear to the clamoring of the world, and maintain your connection with Home Base, because your mission is far more important than what is happening in the world around you.  Do not be fooled by the importance, or better said, what appears to be important.  Do not be fooled by those who believe they are more important, or their cause is more important, or their ways are more important; for, if you are upon the Earth today, then God is with you to show you The Way, you are to walk!

“Once you have established your personal relationship with God, or better said, once you have reconnected with God, then, you are ready to move-out into the world, and perform miracles!  If you hear The Whisper, within you, to go to visit an old friend you have not seen in decades, go, and go swiftly.  That is not something that you are accustomed to doing, dropping everything, and running-off in one direction, because of a whisper; but, this is The Way, it is meant to be!  Listen!  Go where this whisper sends you, because what will happen, when you arrive, will be a miracle!  Your friend might be sitting alone, feeling dejected, being rejected, suffering from disease, injury, or isolation, praying for a sign, asking for help, and your appearance at the door is nothing less, and nothing more, than a miracle.  It is a miracle for your old friend.  You have delivered the answer to a prayer; and, but for being connected to God, you would never be there; but there you are!  Do not underestimate your ability to deliver a miracle, by listening to The Whisper, by living The Whisper!

“A miracle is an answer to a prayer.  A miracle is healing, and cleansing, and being made whole.  A miracle can be small; a miracle can be grand; but when you come to know, that a miracle can flow, from your hand, by following The Whisper of God, you are filled with confidence, and strength, and courage.  If you hear The Whisper, indicating, and directing, that you should gather food, and clothing, and put it in a basket, and deliver it to a specific place, do not hesitate.  Do not hesitate!  Take the basket, and place it on the doorstep.  It is an answer to a prayer, and in following direction, you have left there a miracle from God, through you!

“Spend some time today, asking for the wisdom to understand miracles, in their purest form.  Miracles are an answer for a need; therefore, if you fulfill that need, you have fulfilled the miracle of God.  Re-think miracles.  If you are given the opportunity to feed many, when you were preparing to feed a few, do not hesitate, because I promise you, by the time the table is set, and those who have gathered sit down, you will find there is food aplenty to pass around; and, it is done through faith, and trust; and, using the ingredients of faith and trust, another miracle flows through you. 

“Do these things in peace 

“It is time to rise-up, and be who you are.  If you say you are a child of God, then rise-up, and be a child of God.  Verily, I say unto you, every child of God is a miracle maker, every child of God can perform miracles, when there is need.  Stay connected to God.  Be quiet, and still, so you will hear The Whisper.  Then, of your own freewill, choose to follow, and go, and deliver, and be the miracle, you are meant to be!” 

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
February 19, 2017
Dwells Within
The Piece Of God, In You

  I AM with you.  Do not doubt it; embrace it; and as you embrace My presence, accept it; and as you accept My presence, you are blessed, for slowly then, you begin to comprehend, and understand, the mystery of The One! 

“You see it in your children, as they begin to grow.  You see family traits in the way they act, or the way they speak, or the way they look, and you ‘know,’ it is so, there is a piece of you, within them, wherever they go.  So surely, if you see this as an earthly parent, it is easier for you to understand that it is so, with your heavenly Parent, your Eternal Parent; there is a piece of God, within you, no matter where you go.

“As you make your way, through your lifetime upon Earth, you see many things, and you hear many things.  You come to know ‘the ways of the world;’ and, when you are out in nature, gardening, or walking in a pasture, or peering-out over the land, from a mountaintop, it is at these times that you also know ‘the world of God.’  It can be a beautiful combination, when you see the world through the eyes of God, because, then, all things change; for it is within the presence of God that you come to understand, and know; and therefore, wisdom dwells within you.

“Those who are wise, those who carry wisdom, do not wield the energies of anger, or hatred, or greed, or jealousy, as weapons of intimidation, or retaliation.  Those who know wisdom, do not use the energies of grief, of loss, of frustration, of sadness and sorrow, as tools, or excuses, for limitations.  Those who hold wisdom see what using these energies brings forth, and it is not light; for light is not born of darkness.  Light is born, oftentimes, from a mere ember, from a spark, a spark that becomes a flame; and, when there is light, there is no darkness.  The solitary flame, from single candle, can often light-up a room.  And when the flame is protected, by a chimney of crystal, or glass, the light is intensified and magnified; and, from the facets, of the crystal or the glass, there shines color, it sparkles, and creates ~ an amazing ~ light!

“You are the candle!  You are the candle, and The Holy Spirit is the flame; and that flame is to keep burning; and when you stand with Me, and when you hear with Me, your flame is protected, as if, there was a magnificent crystal chimney placed around you, and all the light you create, emanates, from you, into the world; and your presence is unforgettable, undeniable! 

“Do not be tempted, to let your flame be extinguished, by the winds that are raging through the world.  Your flame will be protected, within the chimney of God’s love, and light, and peace; and from within. you will shine, and glow, and let the word go, out into the world, ‘See my light, it is the light of God.’  For those who carry this light, and let it shine, there is only the use of it, and the use of the energies of love, and peace, of balance, and harmony; there is using that which is in the presence of God.  There, within the presence of God, is born wisdom!  Be the holder of wisdom.  Be the candle whose flame will not be extinguished.  Be the light, unto the world of man, and you will be at peace, because you will be holding the hand, of God!”    

Sunday Sermons
February 26, 2017
Your Mission,
On The Journey
Of Your Lifetime

  I AM with you.  It is an interesting salutation, ‘I AM with you.’  It is more a confirmation, I AM with you!  And often, a confirmation settles comfortably within you, more so than a salutation.  Many people will come in to and go out of your life.  Many people will greet you, and say, ‘Goodbye;’ but there will be few, and they will be enough, who confirm: that they are with you, that they support you, that they will stand, when you need them to stand by you.  And this will have more to do, with Spirit, rather than the material world; for you will soon come to know. that when, all is well within the spiritual realm within you, everything falls into place, and is, as it is meant to be! 

“You are on the journey of this lifetime.  This is your lifetime, upon Earth.  It is ‘the opportunity,’ to complete your mission, something designed especially for you, and all your talents.  Surprisingly, it is something, uniquely, for you; for no one else can do it any better, than you.  Are you assigning the journey of your lifetime, the credit it deserves, the importance it deserves?

“Let Me remind you that I began a public ministry, upon Earth, officially, when I sought My cousin John.  He recognized Me coming, and knew the significance of what he was about to do.  In fact, left to his own decision would have shied away from it.  But, I said, ‘No, it is you!  You are to baptize Me!’  And I was plunged beneath the waters, and rose-up, with a new determination; for I understood the next steps I would take, were the steps onto the pathway, of My destiny, My journey, My ministry. 

“As I did not take My journey lightly, I ask you to readdress your journey.  Think about where you are going, and what you are doing, in prayer.  Do not chart the course, based on ~ the expectations ~ of the world. 

“Before I began, My official ministry, I secluded Myself for forty days, in a desert, surrounding.  It was not luxurious.  It was not meant to be easy.  It was an important piece, of preparation, for what was to come to Me, as I made My way, following My destiny.  It was preparation, so that I would not stumble, and fall.  It was preparation! 

“Once My time of preparation was done, I walked from the desert, ‘knowing,’ what must be done, fully; and, without hesitation, placed My foot upon the path, with new determination.  The signs were all around Me.  The people came to Me.  And one-by-one I gathered those near Me, who would give witness to a portion of My journey.  And so, it began. 

“During My conversations with those who came to Me, during My lifetime upon Earth, I said, repeatedly: ‘You can do what I AM doing.’  ‘I AM doing this for the glory of God.’  ‘The words I speak to you are not My words.’  ‘Heaven is near.’  ‘Heaven is within you.’  ‘Rise-up, your faith has healed you.’  ‘Be ye perfect, as Our Father in Heaven is perfect.’  ‘Forgive all things.’  ‘Turn the other cheek.’  ‘Love one another.’

“I AM your brother; I have walked the Earth, and completed My mission, My journey; and now, as you are in the midst of your journey, I do not simply greet you with a salutation, I whisper ‘a confirmation,’ as you head into this new day, ‘I AM with you!’”

Sunday Sermons
March 5, 2017
With Me
On Earth,
As  It  Is  In
Heaven, Today

  I AM with you.  I AM with you: to walk with you; to experience your journey upon Earth with you; to share My experience of Earth with you; to take your hand, and say, ‘Here, this way.  This is The Way we should walk today.’

“Some of you, know your mission; and you are either preparing for your mission, or you have already put your foot upon the path, and you are actively participating, carrying-out your mission.  Some of you, are wondering, or praying, about your mission, trying to remember what it is you are to do.  And so the question, circles around, and around, in your thoughts, ‘Why am I here?  What am I to do?’ 

“Your mission will be revealed to you, once you make the connection with God, establish, communication, between Earth and Home Base, announcing, to all of Heaven, that you are ready, and willing; and slowly your mission will be revealed; it will unfold, as you make your way over the Earth. There will be some days when it is very clear; and, there might be other days when it seems lost in the fog, of Earth.  And, if you review the days when it seems lost in the fog of Earth, you will see that those are the days, when your communication has slipped, the volume is way down.  You ask; but you cannot hear the answer.

“To assure that you know where to go, and what to do every day, connect with God!  Do not be distracted, by anything.  Stay focused.  Be vigilant.  For your Earth experience is truly meant to be the adventure of a lifetime.  And in this particular case, as I AM speaking with each of you, the lifetime is yours!  You are not reading a book or watching a movie about someone else.  This is your lifetime.  You get to play the role, you want to play!  You can be a hero or a villain.  You can show compassion, or you can hold-back your love.  You can extend forgiveness, or fall into retaliation.  You are the author, of the role you are playing.

“I know so many of you, hearing this, maybe not for the first time, but maybe the time in which it finally gets through, you are desiring to play the role of the hero, the compassionate, understanding hero, who reaches-out to those, who would not do the same for you.  You cast your role, the way, you envision a hero would act.

“Heaven is with you!  Most of you have heard this, also; but are you truly experiencing Heaven with you, as if you truly know it?  Are your actions, the actions of one, who is expressing living in Heaven, actively?  Are you a participant, in the Heaven experience? 

“I would like to suggest, something, something that will change your life upon Earth, forever.  I ask that you give Me one day, let us say today.  Will you give Me this day?  And if you are willing to do this, My response is, ‘Take this day, and live it, in such a way, that you say through your actions, your words, and your thoughts, that you ‘know,’ Heaven is with you!’  Will you live Heaven today?  Will you experience Earth, in this unique way?  Will you trust, that when you give this day, you will see and know, what life is meant to be upon Earth?  It is not a difficult task, which I ask of you; yet it will change your life, completely, because once the day is done, and you have carried through, you will begin to know, Heaven on Earth; and after knowing Heaven on Earth, you would never want it to be any other way.  I AM with you.  Let us walk, through Heaven together, today!”

Sunday Sermons
March 12, 2017
Who You Are,
And Create With
The Power Of Love

  I AM with you.  When you are still, you feel the air around you; it touches your skin, and fills your lungs; it is a source, a supply of energy for your body.  When you are still, and quiet, and open to the possibility, the world of spirit can be felt by you.  You feel its presence; and it is the source, of energy and life; for the spirit, animates the body, and brings life! 

“Be aware of who you are.  Be aware of the sacred gift, given to all those travelers of Earth, no matter who they are, or where they are from, or what they say.  Just as you guard, as sacred, the gift you have been given of freewill, then so, guard as sacred, the gift all others have been given, freewill.  Do not trample, the gift of God, to others.  Do not ignore, the gift of God to you; for you are sacred!

“When you are very still, when you sit quietly, when your intention is to move from the material world, into the spiritual world, you ‘feel the change,’ all around you.  You can feel it in your lips, you can feel it on the skin, you can feel it at the jawline; but you feel it most, in the tender place, referred to as your heart; because, when you are quiet, and still, and willing, there comes ‘the knowing,’ there comes the feeling, there comes acceptance, understanding.  Each time you sit, in such a way, your spirit is fueled; and it gives you the strength and courage, to stand-up, and go out into each day, willing: to be a light; to be forgiving; to be compassionate, and understanding; to stop and speak, when others would hurry by; to reach-out and touch, when others withdraw; to be a word of peace, when others rage, with hatred, and anger.  This comes naturally, when you pause each day, and remember, who you are!

“It feels good: to assume your heritage; to acknowledge your lineage; to put on the coat of responsibility; and continue the journey, strengthened, and refreshed in knowing, that you are a being of eternity, and there is no death!  There is eternal life.  But to enjoy this status, you first, must acknowledge, who you are! 

“There is much to do, so much needs to be created; for remember, creation was not just a single act, which ceased, just as quickly as it began.  Creation ~ is the continuing plan ~ of The Creator of All Things, and you are the co-creator!  You continue the creation of God.  Today, let your creation sparkle, with the power of love, and the glory of light, and the gift of peace!”

Sunday Sermons
March 19, 2017
Greatness Is
With You, Now

  I AM with you.    A new day is with you.  A new opportunity has come to you.  In this present moment, you have: the experience of the past; the confidence and strength, of your lessons; and a present opportunity, to create!  It is an amazing gift.  Too few, make the best of this opportunity, which is given to each of you.  So, we repeat it, hoping that, one day, more and more of you, will grasp the great opportunity to create, exactly, what you wish to experience.  I come to you today to encourage you, to create! 

“There are thousands of prayers, floating in The Wind, rising-up, through the dimensions, prayers, with purpose and intention, asking for direction and guidance, asking for a sign, to be shown The Way.  Many are praying ~ that their mission ~ be outlined clearly, so they might serve the purpose, of their life upon Earth.  These prayers are good; and these prayers need to continue.  However, today, I wish to give you some advice, on what you can do in the meantime, as you wait, and look, and are vigilant, for the signs.

“Your life upon Earth is meant to be lived one minute at a time!  Held within every minute is the seed of the next hour; and, sprouting-up from the seed of each hour, is the garden of tomorrow; and it is from every garden, that you can select from the bountiful harvest, raised-up, from the seeds of your intention, of your words, of your thoughts, and of your deeds.  Without planting the seed there will be no garden, there will be no harvest, and there will certainly be no bounty.  Do not squander your time, looking around and around, for the great adventure, the grand mission.  The mission, the adventure, is with you right now!  You are drawing the map, with every step!

“There are no small days, there are no insignificant days.  So, The Way for your mission to unfold, as it is meant to unfold, is for you to understand and comprehend the significance of: being vigilant with your thoughts; being careful with your words; and being diligent with your deeds of goodness.  As you practice, keeping your thoughts in light, the mission is unfolding.  Your thoughts are the creation!  Your thoughts are a blueprint; your words are outlining the map, drawing-in significant places, and people, and things; and your deeds, mark The Way.  Every day you are creating the map of your lifetime upon Earth.  Do not be tempted to rush ahead to greatness; for greatness is with you, right now: the seeds of your thought; the sprouts of your word, the garden of your deeds.  One thing will lead to another, and as you ‘perfect,’ your thoughts, and words, and deeds, your mission unfolds, and you see, and you know!

“Today, be content with the present moment! Your destiny will be fulfilled, from the planting of the seeds!  Therefore, do it carefully.  Do not do it carelessly, do it thoughtfully, so that you know what you are doing.  And once you know what you are doing, it will be time to turn the page, and move into a new chapter.  Let the pages, turn, as they will.  Let the chapters be the bounty of the seeds you planted in every page.  Greatness is with you, now!”   

Sunday Sermons
March 26, 2017
The Way
Of Love, Under-
standing, And Compassion

  I AM with you.    I AM with you, in the night, when the moon, and the stars, rule the heavens above you.  I AM with you in the day, when the sun lights all around you.  I AM with you in the storm, and the wind, and the calm, and the rain.  I AM with you when you shudder.  I AM with you as you are brave.  I AM with you as you are searching.  I AM with you when it is found.  I AM with you as you sit.  I AM with you, as you rise-up, to show The Way.  I AM with each of you, today! 

“While it will certainly help to understand My words to you, if you are a parent, My words should also be apparent, to you, if you have been a child; and, each of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, have, most assuredly, been a child, at some point.

“There are ways to teach, and to show; and, when the teaching is good, the student, does grow!  You can see it.  When the parent teaches, from a place of love, and compassion, the child, grows, in the energies of love and compassion!  And, as the love and compassion is passed from the parent to the child, the child becomes confident, gets stronger, and is ready, at some point, to walk-out into the world, alone; because that, which they know, has been grown from a garden of love, and compassion!  But if the parent tries to teach the child from a place of fear, and anger, then the child begins to whither.  The child is growing, but growing from a place of fear, and anger, and sometimes hatred.  And that which you learn ~ in fear, and anger, ~ carries that energy.  And as that child must make its way in the world, created by man, the child marks its path, with fear, and anger.

“You can go about your day, whistling or singing a song; or you can go about your day sullen, turned inward, inviting no one to walk along with you.  The day is the same.  It comes, and it goes.  Those, who take part in the day, create their experience of the day.  Your perspective ~ is altered ~ by the energy you carry within!

“When you see, children playing in a park, you usually see parents, sitting on a bench, or walking a dog, close enough to watch over the child, distancing themselves a bit to introduce the child to a small piece of independence.  And, it is working!  The parent is looking-on, and the child is playing with friends.  All is well, until the play ends, and a fight begins, and dirt is kicked, and someone is pushed, and the children run to their parent, just as they should.  And the parent bends down, and sits on the ground, and draws the child close.

“The words, whispered into the ear of the injured child, have great meaning.  Depending on what the parent imparts to the child, the child either rises-up, angry and hurt; or goes back, to play, filled with strength, and courage, and trust.  The strength and courage, come from the words whispered from the parent, in a time of need; but the trust is born within the child, when they see, and experience, that the parent is always close enough, to offer compassion, and understanding, and love!

“You are all children on the playground, and sometimes things don’t go quite as you wish they would, they don’t look, like you thought they should.  And so, you sit on the sidelines, for a while, feelings hurt, injured, possibly wounded.  And The Eternal Parent always bends down, and sits on the ground with you, draws you close, and whispers to you.  And the words, of The Good Parent, are filled with love, and wisdom; so, that you rise-up, carrying strength and courage; and trust, that your Eternal Parent is always close by, distancing just to the point of assuring your independence, close enough, so you can see, and feel, and know The Presence, with you!”

Sunday Sermons
April 2, 2017
To Avoid
The Journey
Into Darkness

  I AM with you.    I AM with you to bring the comfort, one enjoys, when walking with a dear friend, or a loved one; therefore, as a dear friend, and a loved one, I walk with you, and I talk with you, and we share, back and forth, and you begin to know My presence, and you begin to feel My courage and strength, My support for you, and all you do, as you walk The Way upon Earth.      

“Today I wish to share something of great importance.  It is something that, needs to be taken, seriously; and I have delivered the message to you, many, many times.  Yet today, I address it once again, encouraging you, to pay attention! 

“I wish to speak to you about the creative power you have, and what you do, when you think.  With every thought, you entertain, you are creating; and the effect, of your creation is felt; it has impact, on the Earth, and all things, and people around you; and it is time for you to recognize this! 

“When your thoughts are filled with love: you feel lighter, you laugh, you love, you enjoy what you are doing; and when you are in this state, your body is healthy, as it is meant to be!  When you surrender, to the voices and the whispers of darkness, and shadow, you are entertaining destructive forces!  These thoughts, created, with darkness and shadow, greatly impact: your health, your wellbeing, all things, and people around you. 

“You do not end-up in the middle, of dark thoughts, without noticing where you are going!  In fact, you notice immediately!  Yet, even knowing, the presence of darkness and shadow is within you, it can be difficult, to avoid the journey into darkness!  But it can be done!  And the more you practice: the more effective, and efficient, you will become; the healthier you will become; the happier you will become!  All around you will see and know, and enjoy, the environment you are creating, for yourself, and all others; for when you are creating with light and love and peace, and using the power of God, within you, you are blessing the Earth!  So today, from the first minute, you are being tempted into thoughts of shadow or darkness, be vigilant, stop!  ‘Get thee from me,’ you say, ‘I will not entertain you today.  In fact, I am going to say a prayer, and a blessing, for this one, or that one,’ or anything, really.  Because, as you bless, you release this negative energy.  As you pray for someone, you lift-them-up, rather than shoving them down.  Even when it is your first attempt, when it is accomplished, and you have chased these thoughts from you, and have blessed, you notice something within your being is different; and you begin to look for the opportunity to do it again, because you feel the power of God, within!

“Do not give-up, your power, of creation, handing-it to shadow, and darkness.  Lift-up your thoughts.  Lift-up your face, and look-out, into the day.  My brothers, and sisters, it is all there, waiting for you, to bless.  Go forth this day, and bless, and pray, and show The Way!  I AM with you!  Let us go forth, together!”

Sunday Sermons
April 9, 2017
In Times
Of Turbulence

  I AM with you.    Be still.  Be still and you will feel My presence with you: a slight breeze, a tender touch, a hand upon your shoulder; for I do know, how it feels, when you wear a human body, and it is time, for you, to walk through turbulence, before you reach the calm water, the safe harbor, which is ‘peace.’ 

“Silence is sacred.  No matter how turbulent or chaotic, the ways of the world might be, you can always find ‘peace,’ if you will be still, and sit with Me, or walk with Me, or speak with Me!

“In times of turbulence, there is an agitation, that seems to move the air around you, and you become nervous and anxious; and you are so riddled with doubt and despair, that there seems no place for peace to settle within you; for, as you begin to calm, something erupts within you, and the pillars of peace tumble!  This, I promise you, for I have seen it, and lived it upon Earth, The Kingdom of God is within you!  The Holy Spirit was sent, from God, to bring you ‘wisdom,’ when you are in doubt, or fear, or anxiety is not only near, but within you, as well.

“Get thee to a quiet place!  Listen to the song of the birds!  Behold the symphony of the breeze in the trees!  Watch the parade of clouds move across the sky!  Feel the rain on your face, and see the sun on your hands, and begin to live again, in The Garden created for man!  It is within The Garden that you will awaken and remember who you are; and you will be able: to turn from the temptation to join the chaos, to lift your voice in argument, or dissent; to walk away from the clamoring crowd, and speak with God! 

“When you are preparing to do something great: first, you must be still, and quiet; and in the quiet, you will receive the guidance you need; and in the silence, strength and courage, will come to you.  And as you rise-up, intent on following the directions you have received, confidence, will be a cloak, around you.  An angry mass of people cannot touch, or sway, the peace of God!  This peace, that you have forged within your being in your time of silence, is yours; and it will lead you: into the safe harbor; into the land of peace; because that land is yours.  You create it, with every step you take, because you are delivering the peace, you did make, in your time with God!

“One of the most important things you will ever do, during your time upon Earth, is to be ‘peace,’ in the times of turbulence.  Be peace!”

Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
April 16, 2017
Live The
Miracle, Be The
Miracle ~ of Love

  I AM with you.    I AM with you in birth.  I AM with you in life.  I AM with you in death of the flesh.  I AM with you in rising.  I AM with you in eternity.  I AM with you in spirit.  I AM with you delivering courage, and faith, and trust.  I AM with you! 

“Today, I wish to remind you of something very important!  I came to Earth.  I lived, I loved, I laughed, I died of the flesh, I rose-up, I returned Home to continue My eternal life.  I did these things, as I was destined to do them.  You, too, are destined to do them! 

“In between: the living, and the laughing, and the dancing, and the crying, I came into the time of My mission, My ministry, and the hand of God moved, and miracles were performed through Me.  It was My destiny to do so.  It is your destiny to do so!  Do not be surprised that I say your destiny is to be the deliverer of miracles. 

“You are overlooking miracles.  You think miracles are one thing; but, I tell you, miracles happen every day.  A miracle is something you cannot explain, but you see the work of God in it.  A miracle is an answer to a prayer, you see the hand of God in it.  But, I ask you this, if you see a woman, or a man, sitting on a sidewalk, or a bench, sobbing, and then you see another stoop down to touch, or sit down to hold their hand, do you not see a miracle there?  And if you watch closer, you will see, that the tears are wiped away, and a smile, no matter how small, appears.  And this miracle, you cannot miss! 

“When you are the bringer, of love, you are the bringer, of a miracle!  When you touch a face, and wipe a tear away, and coax a smile with the words you say, that is a miracle; it is, for the one in need; for their cry has been heard.  There are so many everyday miracles, and it is time for you to pay attention to how often you either, call-out, in need, or answer a need.  It is easy to say, ‘That is a miracle,’ if someone who could not walk, stands, and walks.  But I tell you this, in a sea of angry faces, and flying fists, when you have one who rises-up, and does resist ‘the temptation,’ to anger, and frustration; then, you are witness to a miracle, because when one can love, in the midst of hatred, there too, is the work of God, there too is something that is beyond explanation.  Be the miracle of love, in a sea of hatred!

“Every time you feed one who is hungry, you are the bringer of a miracle.  Every time you clothe one who is without clothing, you are the bringer of a miracle.  Every time you resist to respond, or react, to anger, you are the bringer of the miracle of love.  Do not underestimate the power, of the miracle, within you; for it is The Presence of God, within you.  Do not underestimate God, within you. 

“Rise-up, and be the miracle bringer, the bringer of light, and love, and peace, compassion, and understanding, and generosity, for these are the ways that the world sees God.  These are the ways of the miracles of God, within you!”  

Sunday Sermons
April 23, 2017
You Are
An Instrument
Of Creation, Create
Peace, Healing And Happiness

  I AM with you.   I AM with you as The Wind is with you.  You might not see The Wind; but: you feel the presence of The Wind; you hear The Wind; you see what The Wind is doing, all around you; you feel It’s might, and It’s strength; you feel It’s tender caress; and you come to know The Wind, without seeing The Wind.  I AM with you, as The Wind is with you!   

“Let us sit, together, for a while; or let us walk in the garden together, for a while.  I ask you, yes, you, to come, and sit with Me! 

“I want to tell you what you need to ‘know,’ and even though I call you, each of you, individually, the message is still a universal message, the same for each of you. 

“Do not waste your time, your effort, and your precious, creative energy in anger, or hatred, in despair.  Do not waste, your precious energy, in any way.  If you could totally understand ~ the creative power ~ that is within you, then you would never choose anger, or hatred, or revenge.  These energies are the pills of poison, and they are toxic.  You cannot spend your days, holding within you, the desire to retaliate, without it marking you, injuring you.  You cannot spend your days, holding within you anger and frustration, without it marking you, without it injuring you.  And it is the same, with any, thoughts which are negative by nature; they are toxic.

“So much disease would be totally eliminated, if there were enough of you, who desired to master your creative power, in such a way, that you delivered peace, that the vibrations, coming from you, were calm, and serene.  If there are some of you today, who are suffering, with disease, within your body, or mind, you can turn it around, and begin your journey into good health, and happiness, by refusing to create energies that are negative by nature, refusing to create toxic energy. 

“You have it within your power to cure yourself, for your body, your earthly body, your physical body, is meant to heal itself; but it cannot heal itself, while it is inundated with toxic energy, created over, and over again, within you.

“The first step to healing ~ is to correct your thoughts.  How are you thinking?  Because, how you are thinking impacts what you say, and do, every day.  This practice ~ will require determination; ~ but, even if you do it for one hour, it will impact you, in a positive way, and end-up being the first step you take along The Way to peace, and serenity, to bringing tranquility to a world filled with chaos. 

“Peace ~ is created ~ within each of you!  The pathway to good health ~ and happiness ~ is within each of you!  Be still, and ponder this, so you ‘know,’ what to do!”

Sunday Sermons
April 30, 2017

  I AM with you.   I AM with you as the sun breaks through the mist of a new day dawning.  I AM with you to whisper words of encouragement, words filled with strength, so that you might rise-up, and walk into the new day set before you.  This new day will never come again.  It is yours to create, and that which you create will be what you experience.  Create from love, and light, and that is how you will experience this new day.  The power of creation is within you!  Rise-up!  You are about to create what you experience today!  Therefore, rise-up, and practice, rise-up, and create!     

“You can sit in your home, or in a library, and read all that was ever written on the subject of sailing.  You can take classes taught by others, teaching you how to sail.  You can watch, and observe others sailing.  You can study all the terminology, and know the names of each piece of a sailing vessel, from the top of the mast, to the bottom of the keel; but, until you rise-up, walk to the water, board a sailing vessel, and begin to practice what you have learned, you are not sailing.  To read how to do something, is not doing it.  When you begin practicing what you have read, what you have learned, then, you are doing it!

“For the sake of brevity, I AM not going to list every example of how studying, and practicing, differ; but each of you can substitute your own example, the one best suited for you. 

“A baby does not learn to walk, without practicing.  A child does not learn to talk, without practicing.  The fledgling must practice before flying, before it takes to the air with confidence.  The newborn foal must practice standing, before it gallops over the plain.  There is an ‘art,’ to doing anything, and the art is perfected, through practice!  It takes practice to laugh, and to dance, and to sing, to enjoy the gift of the life to the fullest degree.  It takes faith, and trust to practice living life as it is meant to be lived, without fear, as a child of God.  Faith, and trust provide the strength, and courage necessary to walk, and to talk, and to fly, and to gallop over the plain.  The art of all creation is perfected ~ in ~ the practice!

“The new day is set before you, and held within the new day is a seed, the promise of creation.  The new day is yours to create; so: practice creating light, where there is darkness; practice creating love, where there is anger and hatred; practice creating peace, where there is suspicion and animosity.  Practice creating a world you always wished, and prayed, would be.  Practice, and the art of creation will be perfected within you, flow from you, and be the world you always wanted it to be.  Rise-up, and practice, create; and, from your practice will spring forth a creation achieving perfection.” 

Sunday Sermons
May 7, 2017
And Follow
The Whisper Of God

  I AM with you.   I reach-out, because you have knocked upon the door, with your attention, and nothing more; and nothing matters, but that we come together!    Time, and dimensions, cannot bar The Way.    These barriers fall, when you knock, when you call; therefore, within a second I will answer, and you will know Me, I will speak, and you will hear Me; because, I too, wore the flesh of Earth, so that I might know your true worth, and what you are doing, so I know the challenges you face. 

“Do not be afraid.    Do not worry.    When you sit, with God, fears and worry melt away!  This is a sign!  Stay in the presence of God, stay in the light of God; for, as you are in the presence, and the light of God, you know love!

“The Whisper of God rolls over the mountains, down into the valleys, crosses the meadows, and rides the streams and rivers, knows the oceans and the seas, and will search each, and every one of these, to find the ear, and the heart, of the one, being called!

“When The Whisper of God comes to you, do not tarry, or wait to finish that which you do.  Rise-up, and follow The Whisper; for what you are to do, and what you are to be, is written on your heart, by the hand of God.  It is there for thee, and the only way, others will see, what the hand of God did write upon thee, is for you to act!  Answer The Whisper, and act without fear, or worry, or concern, because that which God doth put in motion, bears the intention of God, and the will of God; and when it is the will of God, it is done!  Therefore, when you are given the opportunity, to let the will of God move you, do not permit fear, or worry, or concern, to hamper you, to hold you back, to keep you locked, in place; for while it might seem that your time on Earth is long, I can assure you it is not, and before you realize, the day will come, when you are called Home.  There is much to do before that day!

“What can you lose by setting aside your fear, and your worry, and concern, and rising to the call of The Whisper of God?    It might be daunting, and challenging to make the move alone; but it is rewarding, to accept the call, and follow it Home, remaining in the presence, and the light of God.  Turn your head from the doubters, and lift your eyes up, into the Heavens.  Rise-up, and follow.  No fear, no worry, no concern, just the presence and the light of God, shining about you, everywhere you turn. 

“This is your time.  The call is upon you.  Rise-up, and follow!”

Sunday Sermons
May 14, 2017
Do No
Harm, With
The Words You Say

  I AM with you.   I often speak to you.  I often speak with you.  I often exchange with you.  Sometimes our exchange has to do with encouragement and support, reflecting on what is happening around you, and how you can make it through the day, in a most extraordinary way!  Sometimes, I bring you words, meant, more as a correction, for the direction, you are taking; so that you might be prompted, back into balance and harmony.  My words to you today, are such words; because the farther you stray, the longer it takes to find your way back to the path.  So, I call to you, today, and say, ‘Come; hear; sit with Me, and let us be still, together; so that you might rise-up, and walk, in balance, and light, and harmony!’   

“Speaking ill, of others: spreading rumors; gossiping; or talking, in half-truths: is an activity, that is rampant, in the world today.  It seems as if, very few, will check, the words, they wish to say.  Today I encourage you to put forth the effort, to be vigilant, and thoughtful, about the words you speak.  If you are going to mention another person’s name, let it be a blessing.  If you are going to speak about another person, do not let your words be intended to harm, the reputation, of that individual.

“If your words will not be good, do not speak.  When you are tempted to spread stories, or tell tales, or speak ill, in any way, of another, the first thing you do ~ is create a situation ~ in which those listening to you, know, you, as one who will speak (ill) of another.  So, at the very beginning of gossip, you have made a statement about yourself, and your willingness to speak ill of others. 

“Actively participating in this activity, actually does harm to the one you are speaking with, because now, you have given them information: they were not seeking, they were not wanting, but perhaps will fill their thoughts, for days, until they can no longer hold it, and they repeat, what you said to another.  And so the feathers fly!  It does not matter, whether it began as truth or lie, once you release the feathers, of the words of others, about others, you cannot gather the feathers back.  They fill the air, and land everywhere, but evade the grasp, to gather them back.  And so, the story is told, from one to another, to another; until the day, that the words are spoken ~ to the victim of the story; ~ and it makes its circle.

“You cannot speak about another, without the possibility that the words you say get back to the person you are talking about, possibly that very day.  If someone has disturbed you to the point that you are willing to sully their reputation, by spreading gossip to others, then the first step should be, for you to speak to the one, to the person, to the individual.  It is so, many times, that these things can be corrected, and straightened-out, without the activity of gossip.  It harms you!  It harms those who listen to you!  It harms the victim of the words you are speaking!  It does no good; therefore, why participate?

“Spend some time today, practicing, vigilance, with the words you say.  So many of you ask, ‘What can I do?  What is my mission?  I am ready.  I want to be, active.  I want to make a difference.’  Well, this is one area, where every single person on Earth. can make a difference.  It does not restrict participation to male, or female, or children, men or women.  It does not matter: the country, the language, any particular location.  This is an activity, that all can take part in. 

“The world will be changed, in one hour, if every single person, would refuse to use their power ~ to sully another, to wound another, to assassinate another, ~ by speaking ill, of them, to others.

“So, I give you a charge and send you on your way.  Go out into the world and practice this today!  See the difference, it will make, as you walk, along The Way!”  

Sunday Sermons
May 21, 2017

  I AM with you.   I AM with you.  My words are with you; and, when you believe in Me, seek Me, and speak with Me, you come to know Me; and your faith grows, in knowing Me!  I will not lead you astray.  I do not talk with you to elevate My place with you.  I speak with you, so that you might know the truth, be freed of misconceptions and half-truths, and know the ways of God.  I will always be with you ~ to guide you, ~ so that you are filled with faith and trust, so that your journey upon Earth, becomes a sacred journey, upon Earth.

“Do you ‘think,’ there is a God; or, do you ‘know,’ there is a God?  I tell you, there is a mighty, benevolent, and loving Creator God!  Therefore, put your faith, and trust in knowing, there is a God.  Believe! 

“Do you ‘think,’ God has given you eternal life; or, do you ‘know.’ God has given you eternal life?  I tell you, God has given you eternal life!  Therefore, put your faith, and trust in knowing, God has given you eternal life.  Believe! 

“Do you ‘think,’ you are a child of God; or do you ‘know,’ you are a child of God?  I tell you, you are a child of God!  Therefore, put your faith, and trust in knowing you are a child of God.  Believe! 

“Do you ‘think,’ God will hear, and answer your prayers; or do you ‘know,’ God will hear, and answer your prayers?  I tell you God does hear, and answer your prayers.! Therefore, put your faith, and trust in knowing, God hears, and answers your prayers.  Believe! 

“Do you ‘think,’ God speaks to you; or do you ‘know,’ God speaks to you?  I tell you, God not only speaks to you, but to all children on Earth every day; and further, God desires communication, and conversation with you, and all the children on Earth!  Therefore, put your faith, and trust in knowing, God speaks to each of the children on Earth every day, and desires response, and communication.  Believe! 

“Do you ‘think,’ God will send you signs, to lead you along The Way; or do you ‘know,’ God will send you signs to lead you along The Way?  I tell you, God sends you signs to guide you, and lead you along The Way, every day, many times throughout the day!  Therefore, put your faith, and trust in knowing, God sends you signs every day, to guide you, and lead you, along The Way.  Believe! 

“I tell you: there is a God.  God has given you eternal life.  You are a child of God.  God hears, and answers the prayers of the children on Earth.  God speaks to the children on Earth every day, and desires response, and communication.  God sends you signs to guide you, and lead you along The Way, every day.  Know these eternal truths, and believe these eternal truths; because, in so doing, your journey upon Earth becomes a sacred journey upon Earth, and your sacred journey lives on, as footprints upon the sands of Earth, showing The Way, leaving signs for all to see, for all time.  Believe!”  

Sunday Sermons
May 28, 2017
Believe In
The Miracle Of
Eternal, Abundant, Life

  I AM with you!  Oh, what a beautiful miracle it is, that we can speak together and be together, that you can feel My presence, and I can know yours!  It is a miracle worth believing, it is a miracle, worth living!  And from this sacred relationship, within this fertile ground, new life springs forth, for we are One!   

“It is easy, to believe in the miracle of birth, when you see new life, when you hear, the cry of the infant, when you see, the tears on the face of the parents, and there is joy, so immense, that you feel it.  It is the miracle of birth, and you believe it, because you see it.

“There are many ways to see, and one of the most astonishing ways to see ~ is through the eyes of faith, ~ believing in something, that is welling-up within you, carrying something sacred within you, and nurturing, it to the point that it springs forth, and all that you are within, is shared with Earth. 

“That which you carry, within you, is a seed.  The seed cannot sprout, unless it is in fertile soil; for the soil that is drained of nutrients, parched, from lack of water: will not give birth, will not yield fruit, or vegetables, or flowers.  The seed must be held in fertile soil, before it grows, before it can be born, before there is life; but, from fertile soil, the seed: sends the shoots, sends the blades of grass, sends the little leaves, sends life; and, it begins to unfold in the light of the sun, and drinks, from the rain, and continues growing.  From the seed in the fertile soil, comes the food: to bring joy to your heart, in the sight of flowers, and trees, and grasses; to bring nurturing meals, in the forms of fruits, and vegetables.  And held within the fruits, and the vegetables, and the flowers, and the trees, and the grasses are seeds of abundance, which will continue to nourish.  The only requirement ~ is ~ the fertile soil.

“You are a garden!  You are a garden, of God.  You are one of the seeds of God, and from ~ The Eternal Seed ~ there came life!  You are a product of that life.  You hold the seed of God, within you.  For this seed to spring forth, with shoots, and blades, and flowers, and fruits, and vegetables, you must prepare the garden, so the soil is fertile.  Begin today.  Begin weeding.  Begin casting-out the rocks.  Use the fingers of your prayers, and thoughts, and blessings, to tend your garden, and then watch it grow; for, I promise you this, as long as your garden is fertile, with faith, and trust, and hope, life will spring forth, for it cannot be stopped.  The fertile garden ~ will produce ~ whatever is needed.  When you are hungry, there will be food.  When you desire to be lifted-up, there will be flowers, there will be trees, and grasses.  From your fertile garden, you will receive, all that you need.  Know this, and believe it! 

“Believe in the miracle of life, eternal life!  Believe in the miracle of abundant life, eternal, abundant life!”  

Sunday Sermons
June 4, 2017
The Unseen

  I AM with you.  Push ‘the curtains of doubt,’ aside; and be willing to open to the possibility, that I AM, near to you!  You hear My whisper; and, in the listening, you know The Way; and, when circumstances surround you, tempting to sway your position, you recall the words, you remember. The Way!     

“It is very easy, to look and see, material objects.  It is easy to look and see a chair, recognize the chair, and know, what it is doing there.  It is easy: to see a car, to see a building, to see clothing.  It is easy to see, the smile on the face of a friend, or a family member.  These things you recognize, because they are pieces, and part of the material world. 

“Today, I ask you to: take some time to look around you; open, your heart, to the possibility of seeing the unseen; and you will begin to recognize: love, peace, forgiveness, generosity, compassion, and many other, gifts, which fill the unseen realm!  You will recognize them, as you see it.  The ‘it,’ can be an exchange between friends, or an encounter of total strangers.  You will see it, in the interaction between parents and children, and family members, of all description. 

“The gifts of the unseen realm, are powerful!  And for those who are interested in enhancing their experience upon Earth, it will become quite clear, that your day is made better, when you use kindness, and generosity; the earthly experience is greatly enhanced, by incorporating compassion, and understanding; and, when you taste the sweetness of love, you do not want to be without it!

“The material world and the spiritual world ~ can work together, in the most amazing way, ~ when: you ‘know,’ what you see; when you find, that which you seek; and, in utter amazement, realize, that they are meant to be together! 

“Look around you, today.  See the tree; but go beyond!  Look for more, and you will see ‘the life of the tree,’ as you have never seen it before.  Continue this process, all through the day.  The boundaries of the material world will slip away, as the hand of God weaves the gifts of ‘The Spirit,’ through the tapestry of Earth!  Listen… for the whisper… and you will recognize the words!  Accept the guidance… and you will know, The Way!   

Sunday Sermons
June 11, 2017
The Wind Is
Calling To You

  I AM with you.  What a glorious day!  What a magnificent way, to come together, again!  When you are walking in a garden, I can be there by your side.  When you are sitting next to a river, I too, can sit there with you.  When you are driving a car, or packing a lunch, no matter what you are doing, invite Me to spend that time with you, and you will be amazed, at all you can do, when we are together, talking.       

“Today, I wish to give you words of encouragement. 

“Many of you are feeling ‘a call,’ noticing a difference, remembering, certain words, you uttered a long time ago.  Things are changing.  There is a wind blowing over the Earth; it is the breath of The Holy Spirit of God; and, if you feel it, or if you hear it, then rise-up, and follow it; for, it is tapping you on the shoulder, asking you to come.

“Some of you might be given a list of things to do, which seem relatively easy.  Some of you might feel the calling to do something a little more challenging.  Do not turn from it; for, if you have been called, and you feel The Spirit moving you, then, really, all you need to do is say, ‘Yes, I will do it,’ because the hand of God, will take you through it; and you will be amazed to see, what is accomplished.

“Do not hesitate.  Do not doubt.  The winds of change are moving, and they are moving you; but what needs to be done, can only be done, by the one sent to do it, and that, My brothers, and that, My sisters is you! 

“Be at peace this day, and feel The Wind.  Recognize the gentle caress of a breeze on your cheek.  Feel a stirring within, and then begin to recognize that ‘Wisdom,’ is growing, within you: that you care, when once you did not; that you are willing to share, when once you were not; that you are so willing to reach-out and help, when before you would have run. 

“This ‘Knowing,’ that is coming to you is the calling, it is calling those who are ready to rise-up to do.  Rise-up, The Wind is calling to you!”