Sunday Sermons
February 12, 2017
Be The
Miracle, You
Are Meant To Be

  I AM with you.  I celebrate a new day with you.  For those of you who know, every day is a gift; every day is an opportunity: to grow; to move along the path; to see, what you are meant to see; and, to do, what you are meant to do. 

“There will be distractions; there will be temptations; but, if you stay connected with Our Father, with God, you will know where to go, and you will know what to do; and, you will have the wisdom, within you, to bless those: who discourage you, who tempt you, who distract you, for no other action would be fitting of a child of God.  Bless all things you pass: individuals, institutions, places, because these are the milestones, these are the markers, of your lifetime, upon Earth. 

“I AM with you.  Your journey has already begun, but it is never too late to stop, and rededicate this mission, regain your balance, reconnect with God, and head-off in the direction you were meant to take.  Soon, you will be coming Home; but for this time, you are upon Earth, make the best of it, it is your journey.  Be the miracle, you are.  Deliver the miracle, you are meant to deliver! 

“When I walked upon the Earth, I stayed connected with Heaven.  Heaven was My sacred compass.  I knew that there would be great distraction, and temptation in the world created by man.  How could it be any other way; for, man had turned from The Garden, and walked away?  And in the walking, there was distance, every single step of the way, and it did not take long before isolation was felt.  The presence of isolation was staggering, and cold.  It is interesting, that there was always resurrection from this isolation; but it required one to turn, and walk away from the world created by man, and head back to The Garden! 

“If you think about walking down a country road, going in one direction, with your purpose, and your intention, set, it might take some convincing for you to turn, completely, one hundred and eighty degrees, and go in the opposite direction.  This would be more than a life-changing move.  This is forsaking one way, and choosing another.  But for those of you who are awakened, and know, this is even more important, it is necessary for you to grow in your spiritual life.  And to do so, you will need to turn a deaf ear to the clamoring of the world, and maintain your connection with Home Base, because your mission is far more important than what is happening in the world around you.  Do not be fooled by the importance, or better said, what appears to be important.  Do not be fooled by those who believe they are more important, or their cause is more important, or their ways are more important; for, if you are upon the Earth today, then God is with you to show you The Way, you are to walk!

“Once you have established your personal relationship with God, or better said, once you have reconnected with God, then, you are ready to move-out into the world, and perform miracles!  If you hear The Whisper, within you, to go to visit an old friend you have not seen in decades, go, and go swiftly.  That is not something that you are accustomed to doing, dropping everything, and running-off in one direction, because of a whisper; but, this is The Way, it is meant to be!  Listen!  Go where this whisper sends you, because what will happen, when you arrive, will be a miracle!  Your friend might be sitting alone, feeling dejected, being rejected, suffering from disease, injury, or isolation, praying for a sign, asking for help, and your appearance at the door is nothing less, and nothing more, than a miracle.  It is a miracle for your old friend.  You have delivered the answer to a prayer; and, but for being connected to God, you would never be there; but there you are!  Do not underestimate your ability to deliver a miracle, by listening to The Whisper, by living The Whisper!

“A miracle is an answer to a prayer.  A miracle is healing, and cleansing, and being made whole.  A miracle can be small; a miracle can be grand; but when you come to know, that a miracle can flow, from your hand, by following The Whisper of God, you are filled with confidence, and strength, and courage.  If you hear The Whisper, indicating, and directing, that you should gather food, and clothing, and put it in a basket, and deliver it to a specific place, do not hesitate.  Do not hesitate!  Take the basket, and place it on the doorstep.  It is an answer to a prayer, and in following direction, you have left there a miracle from God, through you!

“Spend some time today, asking for the wisdom to understand miracles, in their purest form.  Miracles are an answer for a need; therefore, if you fulfill that need, you have fulfilled the miracle of God.  Re-think miracles.  If you are given the opportunity to feed many, when you were preparing to feed a few, do not hesitate, because I promise you, by the time the table is set, and those who have gathered sit down, you will find there is food aplenty to pass around; and, it is done through faith, and trust; and, using the ingredients of faith and trust, another miracle flows through you. 

“Do these things in peace 

“It is time to rise-up, and be who you are.  If you say you are a child of God, then rise-up, and be a child of God.  Verily, I say unto you, every child of God is a miracle maker, every child of God can perform miracles, when there is need.  Stay connected to God.  Be quiet, and still, so you will hear The Whisper.  Then, of your own freewill, choose to follow, and go, and deliver, and be the miracle, you are meant to be!” 

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...