"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
March 26, 2017
The Way
Of Love, Under-
standing, And Compassion

  I AM with you.    I AM with you, in the night, when the moon, and the stars, rule the heavens above you.  I AM with you in the day, when the sun lights all around you.  I AM with you in the storm, and the wind, and the calm, and the rain.  I AM with you when you shudder.  I AM with you as you are brave.  I AM with you as you are searching.  I AM with you when it is found.  I AM with you as you sit.  I AM with you, as you rise-up, to show The Way.  I AM with each of you, today! 

“While it will certainly help to understand My words to you, if you are a parent, My words should also be apparent, to you, if you have been a child; and, each of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, have, most assuredly, been a child, at some point.

“There are ways to teach, and to show; and, when the teaching is good, the student, does grow!  You can see it.  When the parent teaches, from a place of love, and compassion, the child, grows, in the energies of love and compassion!  And, as the love and compassion is passed from the parent to the child, the child becomes confident, gets stronger, and is ready, at some point, to walk-out into the world, alone; because that, which they know, has been grown from a garden of love, and compassion!  But if the parent tries to teach the child from a place of fear, and anger, then the child begins to whither.  The child is growing, but growing from a place of fear, and anger, and sometimes hatred.  And that which you learn ~ in fear, and anger, ~ carries that energy.  And as that child must make its way in the world, created by man, the child marks its path, with fear, and anger.

“You can go about your day, whistling or singing a song; or you can go about your day sullen, turned inward, inviting no one to walk along with you.  The day is the same.  It comes, and it goes.  Those, who take part in the day, create their experience of the day.  Your perspective ~ is altered ~ by the energy you carry within!

“When you see, children playing in a park, you usually see parents, sitting on a bench, or walking a dog, close enough to watch over the child, distancing themselves a bit to introduce the child to a small piece of independence.  And, it is working!  The parent is looking-on, and the child is playing with friends.  All is well, until the play ends, and a fight begins, and dirt is kicked, and someone is pushed, and the children run to their parent, just as they should.  And the parent bends down, and sits on the ground, and draws the child close.

“The words, whispered into the ear of the injured child, have great meaning.  Depending on what the parent imparts to the child, the child either rises-up, angry and hurt; or goes back, to play, filled with strength, and courage, and trust.  The strength and courage, come from the words whispered from the parent, in a time of need; but the trust is born within the child, when they see, and experience, that the parent is always close enough, to offer compassion, and understanding, and love!

“You are all children on the playground, and sometimes things don’t go quite as you wish they would, they don’t look, like you thought they should.  And so, you sit on the sidelines, for a while, feelings hurt, injured, possibly wounded.  And The Eternal Parent always bends down, and sits on the ground with you, draws you close, and whispers to you.  And the words, of The Good Parent, are filled with love, and wisdom; so, that you rise-up, carrying strength and courage; and trust, that your Eternal Parent is always close by, distancing just to the point of assuring your independence, close enough, so you can see, and feel, and know The Presence, with you!”