"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
June 18, 2017
All Things, Heal
All Wounds, And Be Free

  I AM with you. 

“Some will deny this, outright.  Some will ‘doubt this.’  Some will begin to believe, yet still question.  Some... will accept! 

“Still, I come: to those who do not believe, to those who doubt, to those who question, and to those who accept.  It is the same.  It is the same, because, the truth remains the same.  A cup of water is the same.  It will provide the same:  for those who think it is impure; to those who question the safety of drinking; to those who trust, and know, the water is good!  The perception lies, in the thoughts, in the mind, of the one, holding the cup.  

“See a cup before you.  See it filled with water.  See the water, catching the light of a new day, holding within the sight of the water, the promise to quench your thirst.  For the one who ‘knows,’ from whence the water was drawn, the decision to drink from the cup is easy.  ‘It came from the well of hope, I shall drink of it.’  ‘It came from the hand of God, and I shall drink, deeply, of it.’  ‘It came from the valley of promised fortune, and I shall drink of it.’  When you know from whence the water came, the taste is sweet, and true, and you are confident, in what you do.

“Doubt, hesitation, concern, anxiety and worry, these, energies are real, and they can be associated, with each of your encounters during a day.  Have you ever wondered why this is so? 

“Do you doubt, because someone spoke words to you, planting the ‘seeds of doubt,’ perhaps in your childhood?  Do hold concern, about the action of others, or your own in response; because, of a story, or a relationship, regarding something that happened years ago, perhaps even in another generation, perhaps even in another country?  Have you ever sat ~ to think ~ where these thoughts were created?  Have you ever thought, what your life would be like, with doubt, and worry and concern and anxiety stripped from you?  I can tell you.  It would be like a child, running across a meadow, still damp with the dew, of the evening, without concern, with great joy!

“There is an elixir: that will free you from doubt and worry and concern, from mistrust; that will free you from the teachings, and the dogmas of the past.  These things, that were ‘perceived,’ or ‘perpetrated,’ generations ago, live within you.  Just as your blood holds DNA, your body, holds the DNA of feelings!  It is, as if, you can put into perspective why a little boy, who never knew his great-uncle, speaks the same way, and has the same mannerisms.  This type of thing is passed from generation to generation; but so, are the seeds of doubt, and mistrust, and worry and concern and anxiety.  So, how do we get to a point where each one can pick-up the cup, and drink from it freely, knowing from whence it came, without doubt?  You begin ~ with ~ forgiveness!

“You ~ will find it necessary to forgive ~ the smallest slight, or the grandest fight, or the family stories told, about why ‘we’ do not like ‘them,’ what ‘they’ did to ‘us.’  If you search the corridors of your inner-being, using ‘the candle of truth,’ to illuminate your inner-walls, you will find the source of doubt, and worry, and concern, especially when it comes to your relationships, and how you greet and meet, and interact, with those you encounter during the day.

“When you are willing to forgive, do not let the act of forgiveness stop there.  Take more time.  Why is forgiveness necessary in the first place?  What happened?  You will begin to understand that the first forgiveness opens the door; then if you are willing, you step-over the threshold, and look for more; because every time you participate in the practice, and the act, of forgiveness, you are eliminating a seed of doubt, or mistrust, or worry, or concern.  When you are willing to sit for hours, in the process of forgiving, you are creating an environment in which these seeds whither; and, you are not the only beneficiary.  Your concentration on forgiveness: heals you, heals your family, heals all who are participating; and, I use the present ‘are participating,’ relating to the past, to past generations, where the seeds were picked-up, and planted, deep within the bodies, of those who were in conflict, or denial.

“Take some time this week to ponder ~ the cup of water, ~ the act of forgiveness, ~ the restoration of health, happiness, and joy!  Be at peace as you do this, and know, why you are doing it.  The act of forgiveness will heal all wounds.  Be at peace My brothers, and sisters, and go forth, forgiving all things!” 

Sunday Sermons
June 25, 2017
From Anger,
And Retaliation

  I AM with you.  I AM with you to encourage you: to work within the spiritual realm; to free yourself; to heal yourself; so that you might be whole, and glow, as you walk over the Earth!

“It might interest you to know, that a healthy body depends, on a healthy spirit!  A healthy body, depends, on a clean house!  Unless you have attained the position, of being ‘clean,’ of cleansing yourself to such a degree, that no matter what is said, or done, to you, or about others, there is no negative reaction, only the positive gift of blessing. 

“Do not smirk, or nod your head, and think that this is not possible.  You can achieve ‘perfection,’ in all you do; but this will come only after you have cleaned the inner-corridors, and hallways.  This will come, only after you have gone within, searching (for) the seeds of anger, and retaliation.

“When anger erupts, it is a force to be reckoned with.  The burn begins, and then it grows, sometimes in rapid succession, until it blows from the top, like a volcano.  If you have ever looked into the face of one who is becoming angry, you will see their face change, and contort; you will see it often become red; and you certainly will ‘feel,’ the explosion; for, when you are in close proximity, it is difficult to avoid the ash, the burning sensation, which is flowing down from the eruption. 

“It might surprise you to learn, that this type of anger, that comes from the source, and rumbles through the body, before it explodes, can be totally cleansed, stripped, cast-away; because anger, such as this, has a source.  For those who are willing to go in search of the source, of the anger, there is reward.  For those who are willing to go in search of the source, recognize it, and release it, there is peace.  It is worth the effort; and even ‘as you are doing the work,’ you will recognize that these eruptions, are less, and less frequent.  It is because the source is dormant.  Many stop at this point; but, I encourage you to keep going; because unless it is cast from you, there is always the possibility of an eruption.  The eruption is harmful to the body, and harmful to those around you. 

“Live, and do no harm!  Live in peace; and encourage others to do so.  Do not seek to use the tool of retaliation; for, it too has a source, and that source can be found, if you go seeking within.  It is not so much a mystery, or a secret, as it is a task, for those who are willing to make the journey, set the ego aside, see the source, know the source, bless the source, and release the source.  Even at that point there is great reward.  You feel it leaving, and it is as slipping into a bed, after a long day.  You are free.  It is complete, accomplished, and done.

“You have almost made the mark to half-way through this year, and this is what has prompted this talk about freeing yourself totally, and forever, of the destructive forces of anger, and retaliation.  There is ‘no righteous anger.’  There is no blessed retaliation.  From these energies comes disease, exhaustion, shadow, and darkness. 

“For any who are willing, I promise, I will go with you, I will make the trip within, with you; and, together, we will find the source, and know exactly what to do; and, in the end, you will be free, happy, and healthier than you have ever been before, because they will be cast from you, you will be free!” 

Sunday Sermons
July 2, 2017
Your Way
Back To The Garden

  I AM with you.  This is not merely a greeting, this is a statement of truth; and it can be your reality, if you find you are able ~ to accept ~ that I AM with you, and embrace this truth.  It might be difficult to comprehend totally, while you are existing temporarily, in a third dimensional world, seeing only glimpses of other dimensions, occasionally; however, I can assure you, it is true.  The more you can accept on faith, the closer you come to understanding The Dimension of Perfection; and, until you return, this is as close as it can be to you, until you have the faith to lift your eyes, and see beyond the veil, the promise of a new day! 

“There is great comfort, for most, in having a set of rules, or regulations, set into place: so that you know boundaries, so that you understand that there is only so far you should go with this, or say with that, or think quietly.  These types of rules, let you know where you stand, and what you are supposed to do, in a society, which intends to move smoothly, and without interruption; and the society can be a school, or a city, or a church, or a family, or a club; but, these rules, you need to accept, if you are going to live within the community, whatever it might be, without stepping out of line.  Well, the beauty, of The Dimension of Perfection, is there is no need for a rule, or a regulation.  When everything is operating in love, and light, and peace, individual beings, inhabiting this sacred space, move at a pace, that is almost still; yet there is movement, from place to place.  There is no need to jostle each other, or push, or shove.  The difference, between the dimensions, and how every individual being exists, is love!

“The Divine Plan ~ was ~ that there would be many who would accept the message of love, and thus actively carry-out the message of love, spreading this healing energy, wherever they went; and, in this way, and in this way only, they would be preparing The Garden to merge with The Heavens.  This was one of the first steps back to The Garden; or rather, it was intended to be.  For any who will look, and see, the energy of love, moving, there is almost an instant understanding.  Order, follows love; but, it is The Order of the heavenly dimension.

“The message of love, just did not take; therefore, the journey back to The Garden, is taking longer.  I tell you today, that the intention is ~ for Earth and Heaven to flow together, ~ as it is together!  You are in Heaven right now; but, you cannot move forward, enjoying the full citizenship, actively, of Heaven, until you accept, and embrace, the message of love.  When you live in love, you have glimpses of this dimension.  It is the pathway back.  It was My honor to bring the message of love; therefore, with the love of God, flowing, through Me, onto the Earth plane, I AM showing you ~ The Way ~ back, to The Garden.

“My brothers, and sisters, it is that simple!  While others around you might not see it, or even understand it, if you will incorporate this message, this first step, into your daily lives, you will begin to comprehend Heaven, to understand your Home, and to make your way through the veil, and into the light.  You cannot read your way back, you cannot study your way back, you cannot memorize your way back; but, you can love your way back.  That was the message then, and it remains the message today.  First, there is love!”

Sunday Sermons
July 9, 2017
Way To
Attain Peace

  I AM with you.  I AM with you, celebrating, with great joy, eternity; and all the aspects of eternity, living forever.  What a journey it is, because, when you live eternally, the journey is complete, within you, every day, in every way; and, from one time to another, you move, with confidence, in the light, and the glory, of God, and All That Is.  I AM with you!   

“When you realize, living in eternity, there comes with it a peace, the presence of peace, because you know. 

“I wish to share with you, a lesson; so that you will grow, this week, in an understanding, of how to attain peace. 

“Spiritually, peace is attained through forgiveness, and love.  Spiritually, peace is attained by refusing to carry the burden of ill-feelings, and grudges of things that occurred in the past.  Spiritually, peace is attained, when you are willing to forgive, all things, when a name, or a situation, occurs to you, and you bless, with an eager heart.  You will not know peace, spiritually, until you forgive every grain of sand in the wound.  You will be healed, through forgiveness; therefore, that is The Way to attain peace, spiritually.  Set your ego aside, and forgive!

“The Way to attain peace, in the world created by man, is to take care of business, as it appears, every day.  Procrastination is the thief of peace.  You cannot be at peace, if there is a task, or a chore, looming over you.  The student cannot be at peace, when they know, an important paper is due, and they put it off, and put it off, until the night before; and, the paper, they could have written, well, turns into a hurried piece of something that ‘will do,’ and for months they have been in a place of worry, and concern.  Now, this is a good example.  When you know something needs tending to, when something needs your attention, do it.  This is how you attain peace, in your physical world, by doing what comes to you, daily.

“Do not let procrastination steal your peace.  Tend to business.  Take care of the daily events, and chores.  Once you have mastered this, and it does take diligence, you will be at peace.  You will not be worried about what needs to be done, or better said, what could have been done, days before. 

“When you are walking in a state of peace, physically and spiritually, you see the world differently!  You are not troubled, or worried, or concerned.  These two go hand-in-hand: tend to business in the world of man; and, tend to forgiveness, spiritually. 

“‘Forgiveness,’ is ‘a child of love.’  Spend this week: freeing yourselves of the burdens; forgiving, and tending to business; seeking peace in all states. 

“Peace is worthy of work, and sacrifice. 

“Seek peace, and you will, truly, find it!”

Sunday Sermons
July 16, 2017
Go Forth
In Kindness

  I AM with you.  I AM with you as you begin this new day!  I AM with you to share, that which I know, to be true; so that you might use it; and in a better way, improve all that you do.  I AM with you, and watch each step.  I AM with you, and bless each step.  I AM with you to encourage you, as you find the path, as you make your way. 

“Many of you are struggling: with forgiveness; with forgiving all things; with the concept of judgment, and coming to understand how you see, and know, but do not judge.  Those of you, who are struggling with forgiveness, and judgment, hold worthy goals, and ideas, and desires; however, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, and how much strength you put into the project, it does not seem to work; and when it does work, it seems exhausting, because you put every effort into it; and you begin to wonder, when you will be able to do such things, with ease, and confidence.

“I have a suggestion, which I think will work; and, ultimately, work miraculously, for you.  For this coming week, set aside the struggles, with forgiveness and judgment, set your ego aside, and pick-up the banner of kindness.  For one week ~ forget everything else ~ except being kind!  When you are kind, you remain silent to others’ flaws and faults and mistakes.  When you are kind, you do not mention the errors of someone else’s ways.  You are merely kind; you are compassionate, and understanding. 

“This practice, in kindness, will lead you toward your goal, regarding forgiveness and judgment.  In most cases, what has happened is: you missed a step, you are a little off balance, you are not steady. therefore, it is difficult to walk in the ways of forgiveness, or run over the Earth, without judgment.  It is often necessary: to ‘back-up,’ to ‘take a second look,’ to ‘regain your stance,’ to ‘discard old habits,’ and then, move along The Way, restored, and more confident.  This week, of working in the fields of kindness, will do exactly that.  In fact, after one day, you will become more balanced, you will be steady, and confident, that you can be kind.  Even when someone pulls in front of you, when you are driving along the highway, be kind.  Let them go, and let it be.  When you arrive at your work place, in the morning, and one of your co-workers is in a bad mood, let it go, let it be.  Just be kind to all who surround thee, and in this way, you will be kind to yourself.  Be kind!

“So, the goal is set, for those who choose, to rise-up, and practice kindness: so that you might restore your balance; so that you might be steady in your gait; so that you might be confident in The Way, you have chosen. 

“I AM with you ~ let us go forth this week ~ in kindness!”

Sunday Sermons
July 23, 2017
Will, & The
Eternal Symphony

  I AM with you.  Even when I AM near to you, some find it easier to turn away, to face the days, alone; yet, it is not necessary to face anything alone.  Reality is simple.  The world created by man oftentimes seems complex, and difficult to understand; yet, I reach-out My hand, and say simply, I AM with you!

“If you are hearing My words, or reading My words, today, you are upon Earth, you are on assignment, away from Home Base; and, those of us existing more completely in The Dimension of Perfection, are watching over you, sometimes guiding you, always seeing you, knowing your struggles, and your opportunities, seeing you shine with accomplishment and shimmer with joy, and sometimes, sitting in confusion.  Yet, I assure you, as you make your way through the great adventure on Earth, you are not alone!  In fact, the entire process has been ‘staged.’  There is a plan; it is often referred to as ‘The Divine Plan,’ and sometimes the words grouped together to describe this are ‘The Will of God.’  Today, I want to give a tender touch to the words, The Will of God; because I find that some of you, upon hearing the words The Will of God, take a bit of offensive; because you hear it so often, the image you construct is of mighty figure, demanding, that all of the children do exactly as God says for them do.  In total, this is an incorrect perception.  The Will of God ~ is ~ The Divine Plan.  So, I ask you from now on to think of it in this way. 

“There is a composer, and the composer is inspired by something around him, or her, ~ by the people around, by the events around, by the desires, energies, and flow, and feelings, ~ to create ~ a masterpiece of music.  And when it is done, there are those gathered to bring this creation to life, and each picks-up an instrument to play their piece.  There are cellos and violins and oboes and flutes and pianos and drums, all types of percussion instruments, and trumpets and horns; everyone willing to do their part, to bring the great symphony to life, for all to see, and live, and enjoy.  And when everyone is in place, and have practiced, and practiced, and can play their part with grace, and beauty, the conductor steps-out of the shadows, into the light, and is revealed, standing before those who are willing to bring the symphony to life.  There is a tap on the podium, and then, it begins.  The arms of the director move this way, and that, making sure, that all the pieces flow, as beautifully as they are meant to be, as they are meant to flow.  And when it is complete, and the last note resounds through the corridors of all that is there: the buildings, the Earth, the valleys, the oceans, the woods, the mountains, there is silence, awe, and wonder, because they have come together, creating The Symphony of Eternity. 

“This is how I want you to see ‘The Will of God,’ from now on, not as God demanding this or that, but bringing to life the great creation, inspired by All That Is; and knowing you are a vital piece of this symphony of eternity, of All That Is.  You join company with others who are willing to play their part.  Standing alone your part might be unique, and beautiful; but, when you join together, in company, with those who are willing to follow the score, there is so much more.  There is the ride up the chord, and the gentle slide down. 

“See your life, and all that is unfolding around you, as The Eternal Symphony.  See your brothers, and sisters, as members of the company, enlisted to play their part, to bring the symphony to life.  The tones, and the vibrations of all of the instruments will flow through The Corridors of All Time, playing, and repeating, and echoing The Symphony, that is yours!  No one is left-out!  Each one of you has an instrument, a purpose, a place; and, without your notes, in just the right space, The Symphony is not complete!”   

Sunday Sermons
July 30, 2017
You Can Do
Everything I Did;
Believe, Rise-up And Do

  I AM with you.  It is cause for celebration!  Your faith ~ is cause for celebration.  Your trust ~ is cause for celebration.  We can communicate, and we do; and this communication is cause for celebration!  There is much to celebrate: you are alive; and you will live for eternity; and eternal life ~ is cause ~ for celebration! 
“Many of you are familiar with the Bible, with the words, held within its pages, within The Book.  There is a place, where a statement I made is recorded.  Some of you might be familiar with it.  I AM not quoting exactly, I AM merely giving you something to reflect upon this week.  So, I ask you a question.  Do you believe that I did say, that you can do everything I AM doing, and even greater things? If you believe this to be true, then there is much for you to do! 

“You have the ability, within your being, to do as I did, to do as I do; and, you have the ability, to do even greater things.  But you must take ability, another step.  You must practice, what you are able to do, until you can do it, and do it, with confidence! 

“I did say the words, because the words are true! If you believe, then it is time for you to rise-up, and do.  You can do ~ everything I did while I was upon the Earth, ~ and you can do even greater things.  Believe, and do!” 

Sunday Sermons
August 6, 2017
Gift Of
Use It Wisely

  I AM with you.  It is a glorious thing, to be able to whisper, ‘I AM with you,’ and see, that you hear and know and feel My presence, with you.  It is something, more of a mystery that, unless it is revealed to you before, you will not understand until you walk through the door, and return Home.  Then, you will see and remember all things, and you will declare it, ‘wonderful!’  But for now, I come to you in spirit, and pray, that you embrace, and accept, that which I say unto you, because I AM whispering, speaking, reaching: to make The Way a bit easier; to sweep away the difficulties; to go before you, so that you do not stumble, or fall.  I will pick-up every rock and pebble ahead of you, and walk along side of you, and you will see, and know, so that you remember the experience of living, for a while, upon the Earth! 

“The wisdom of God has no end, it encompasses all things!  The wisdom of God rings-out, through all time.  In a small speck, resting within the wisdom of God, was the understanding, that the gift of freewill should be assigned to all given birth, to experience life; because, to experience life, even eternal life, would be dull, and sometimes laborious, when existing meant, doing exactly what you were told to do, no matter what. 

“Freewill is a gift.  It is a gift of respect, and you might want to pause, just a moment, to understand, the gift from God, to you, was given to you, out of respect for you, and all the things you could do… would do… and that would exist through you.  But to do it of your own freewill, would make it miraculous, would make it a gift worth giving back to the God of Creation, the creation of all things, including you.  When you stop to think about it, there is very little you can do, or give The God Creator of All Things.  In fact, the wisdom of God rings-out, with great joy, truly knowing that the only thing the children could bring, would be a gift, created out of the gift of respect, given unto them.  Therefore, you have the gift of freewill!   Ah, but what do you do with that gift.  Whatever you do with that gift, is the gift you give to God.  ‘Here, God.  This is what I did.’  There is no more perfect gift; but, in knowing this, and realizing this, there is one thing you must remember.  Enjoy your gift of freewill, and use it wisely; but, do not deny the others around you, the opportunity to use their freewill.  Do not strip them of the opportunity to create a gift for God, that comes directly from them.

“Ponder this thought this week.  Understand the importance of the gift, and do not attempt to interfere, and step between the gift given by God to another.  Take care of your own gift.  Rise-up today with the intention of using your gift of freewill to create a beautiful gift for God.  So, what will you do, what will you create?  Out of respect for you, God has given this to you.  Use it wisely.”           

Sunday Sermons
August 13, 2017
Take It
One Step
At A Time

  I AM with you.  Come with Me.  Let us walk in the garden, let us speak to each other, let us hear each other; but, let the speaking, and the hearing, be through our hearts, and souls, and spirits, where there is no wrong word, where there is no missed definition, or comprehension, or even understanding; because when you speak silently with your heart, the listening heart embraces the silent words. 

“In the sporting arena, there are teams playing, sometimes it is called baseball, or football, or hockey, or soccer; but, these teams competing have a goal; they want to be champion; but, to make the goal, you must begin the season, one game at a time.  And, when you achieve a winning season, you then move-on to the championship; and still, this championship is a series of steps, until at last it is complete, the goal is reached, the title claimed.

“It is also the same, in the world of academics.  You do not receive a Ph.D., by taking your first step.  It is a series of steps, as you pass through each grade, reaching new plateaus, gaining confidence as your go, until you see the goal within reach; and, because it is accomplished, one step at a time, it has depth and meaning, when you reach-out, and realize, ‘This degree is finally mine.’ 

“And along the way, whether it is a sporting event, or following the courses of the academic world, you very rarely make it through without making a mistake, without injury, without looking at a failing grade.  But those who reach their goal do not stop, do not quit, because of the injury, because of one failing grade.  Somewhere there is this determination, which rises-up, and calls you forward; and what you learn from the injury, or the failing grade, propels you to a new plateau.

“My brothers, and sisters, it is the same with your spiritual life!  Your spiritual life is your eternal life!  If you are breathing air, right now, upon the Earth, you are going to live for eternity.  There is no way around it, because you are an eternal spirit child of God.  The existence you know now, is but a piece of your eternal life, taking one step at a time, one experience at a time; and, all of it, flowing into, and through, you, accumulating in such a way, that you become an eternal being, with great wisdom, because of that which you know: through experience; through playing the game on the field; through injury; through walking through each classroom, and continuing progress, even when faced with a failing grade.  You know these things, not because someone told you, not because someone wrote it down and you read it; but, because you lived it. 

“I tell you all of this, so that you might put anxiety aside.  Set aside also, the feeling that you must do it all, right now, pack everything neatly, and tightly, into a little bag, because this is not the way it is done. All you have to do is take one step at a time.  And you can set the goal.  Do not make it lofty.  Do not try to climb the entire mountain in one day.  Pick a day for kindness, pick a day for charity, pick a day for compassion, pick a day for forgiveness; and, let that one step, be your intention for the day.  It will change the course of your life upon Earth, because it will have purpose, and each step will lead to something else, and something else, and something else, until you realize, you did it: you are wearing the ring of a champion; you are carrying a degree of one who ‘knows.’  My brothers, and sisters, it is not difficult.  I encourage you to be simple, and take one step at a time!  You have forever!”

Sunday Sermons
August 20, 2017
Be The
Island Of
Peace In The
Sea Of Turmoil

  I AM with you.  I AM in you.  We are all one.  And while this oneness might evade your comprehension, while you are upon the Earth, there are times when ‘the glimpse,’ is revealed, just a glimpse; yet, the glimpse, provides a seed, and the knowing begins to grow; and, while clarification is not complete, the heart accepts the possibility that it is so.  This, My brothers and sisters, is faith!  Faith ~ is the culmination ~ of walking ~ with the possibility. 

“The beautiful planet Earth, is experiencing a time of turmoil, in many places.  Because of the advancement of your technology, and communication via satellites and such, even the places, untouched, by the turmoil, and chaos, see it, and know it; and therefore, experience the energy of it, because you cannot ~ see turmoil, and chaos, ~ and not feel, and know, the energy produced therein.  Therefore, due to your technology, it is possible for most human beings upon the Earth to see, and know the energy: of chaos, and confusion; of turmoil, and hatred; of aggression, and retaliation.

“Many of you will desire ~ to change ~ the present situation, to bring back a gentler time, when most upon the Earth were interested in conducting their own daily affairs, completing their tasks, enjoying their families, and recreational time with friends, and neighbors. 

“It is interesting, but you will find it true, that the more you listen to this position, or that position, when it comes to turmoil, arguments, discord, you are drawn, deeper and deeper, into the energy, of turmoil, and chaos.  It is difficult to avoid; and in this way, the net of turmoil, and chaos, ensnares many, who would otherwise be innocent, and ignorant, of what was going-on, far from them.

“I will tell you today what you can do, each individual upon Earth, to make a difference; and when I speak it, when I relate this Way, of making a difference, you will be tempted to think that it could not possibly be enough; but, I assure you, it will have a profound impact on the energies rumbling, and tumbling, shaking the Earth like mighty thunder all around you. 

“Be the island of peace in a sea of turmoil!  This sounds lovely; but it is quite challenging to accomplish, because it is ever so tempting to take sides, or to get caught-up in the anger, and aggression, when the most important thing you can do is to be still, and quiet.  Send your efforts inward, and calm the spirit, and appease the soul, with peace!

“Earth experiences many emotions and many times, many tribulations.  There are times of war.  There are times of mistrust.  There are paths into war, just as there are pathways to peace; and there are precious times of peace.

“I would like you to take part in an experiment… 

“I will say to you, imagine, war!  Close your eyes, and see, war.  And while you might not hear the sounds, they are deafening.  There are cries.  There is definite chaos.  There is smoke.  It is the ultimate, result, of anger.  It is the fire of hatred unleashed.  It is consuming. 

“Now, close your eyes again, and envision peace.  Some of you will envision a meadow, sunlight, and birds, possibly even a stream.  Some of you will see peace from a mountaintop, looking-out over the Earth, as far as your eye can see, beautiful eagles flying, sun setting.  Some of you will envision peace, as an ocean, sailing upon the still waters, the sky touching Earth, in all directions, truly appearing as one.  Many of you will envision peace, as a small baby, in the arms of a parent.  Each of you will have your vision of peace; but not one of you will envision peace, as chaotic, aggressive, or warlike.  In fact, saying the word, brings up the memories, or the thoughts, or the creations in your mind, of peace.

“You felt different with each mental exercise; but, I tell you it is possible for an island of peace to be settled right in the midst of war, and aggression.  And if one is willing to stand-up, and hold this position of peace, in the sea of turmoil, others will see, and desire to know, peace.  And soon, there will be many points of peace, within the thunder of war; and they will grow; and they will merge, and the light of peace will be as one.  The light of peace ~ will put down the shadows of war; ~ and without raising a hand, it is done, because creating peace is a creation from within your being. 

“The peace you create, within, cannot be assailed, or assaulted, from without.  It is your creation. 

“Find the courage, and the strength, to rise-up, and be the island of peace, in the sea of turmoil!”   

Sunday Sermons
August 27, 2017
Your Body,
And Nourish Your Soul,
And  Feel  Your  Spirit  Soar

  I AM with you; and while I now, reside fully, in The Dimension of Perfection, it is still possible for Me to move, from dimension to dimension, or to whisper, and have that whisper settle upon you!  Communication does not stop.  The goal ~ is to assist you ~  in reaching the ultimate, The Dimension of Perfection.  I reach-out and call to you and say, it is not impossible to do, the only requirement is that you desire to reach perfection, and make that your goal!  With every step, toward perfection, the piece of your lifetime, your eternal lifetime, that you are now experiencing, is greatly enhanced, and you have the ability to rise-above every situation which would knock you down, or bring you down.  This I promise you.  I call you to come ~  The Way ~ is set before you, set your foot upon it, and come!      

“When I walked upon the Earth, over two thousand years ago, I sought to gather those around Me, who would hear ~ the words ~ I did bring to Earth, so that they too might go-out, and spread the word, because it was time, for this new teaching.  The word ~ was love!  The word ~ is still love, ~ and all things held in that energy: kindness, and compassion; understanding other people; being at peace, in the love of God.  When you are at peace, held within the love of God, it is easier to walk through chaos, and confusion: listening, to the sounds of The Dimension of Perfection; listening, to the encouragement, from The Eternal Parent; listening, to the song of Heaven; listening, so that perfection might drown-out imperfection.

“Dealing with ‘the ways of the world,’ has never been particularly easy.  It is made easier when you know The Way; however, the day to day tasks, association with people, and a myriad of other ‘things,’ can weigh you down.  And when you become tired, your body grows weary, and you stumble, sometimes physically, sometimes spiritually.  When weariness sets in, it is easier: to be of foul tempter; to be quick to chide; to lose your balance; and feel turmoil, grow, inside.  It is important to stop, and take yourself to a secluded place, a deserted place, a quiet place, so that you might recline, and rest, and connect with your Eternal Parent, and hear the gentle words you need to hear, so that when you rise-up, to return to the world, you are ready, you are in balance, physically, and spiritually. 

“When I walked upon the Earth, to bring the message of love, I did stop, very often, especially, after working with large numbers of people.  I removed Myself from the ways of the world, and went-out: into the gardens, and the woodlands, and the deserts, on the seas, to set Myself aside, to recline, and to pray, and to rest, to connect with Home, until I was ready to rise-up, and assume walking The Way.  I encouraged those who followed Me to do the same, and you can find places, in The Book, where I do say so.  There was one particular time when I had sent them out to spread the word of love, to heal, to care for, to love those who came to them, and when they came back, I said, ‘Take yourselves to a deserted place, and rest.’ 

“This is the message I bring to you today, for there are some of you have picked-up the cloak, the ministry of ‘taking care of others.’  There are some of you who go-out into the world every day to go to your places of work, or study, and your ministry might be different, but it is still to be kind, considerate, and loving to those around you; and, it is impossible to do so, if you are tired, or weary. 

“Take the time to rest yourself.  Stop what you are doing until your body is in balance.  Pray for guidance, and when you rise-up: your step will be lighter; your heart will sing; and, you will be ready to go-out, and to bring to those of Earth, the message of love, with a smile on your face.

“So, as I told those who followed Me, thousands of years ago, I say to each of you today, take yourself to a place that is quiet, and still, and tranquil, and rest your body, and nourish your soul, and feel your spirit soar!”

Sunday Sermons
Septtmber 3, 2017
The Power
Of The Spirit, Within

  I AM with you; and, when you take the time to set yourself aside to be still and quiet, it is easier for you to ‘recognize,’ The Voice, The Whisper, the knocking at your door. 

“You know the voice, of your mother and your father, of your sisters and your brothers, of the ones you love.  It is difficult to fool you, to pretend to be the voice of your mother, for you know, your mother.  It is difficult to fool you, pretending to be the voice of your father, for you know the voice of your father: the inflection; the pauses; the fluidity of the sentence as it falls from his lips; the mannerisms; all of the ways he communicates with you, you know these things. 

“Therefore, when you sit with Me, for a bit each day, you begin to know Me, not because I announce who I AM, but because you know, The Voice, you know the tone and the vibration, moves from Me, into you, touches your spirit, and sparks the knowing. 

“I AM here with you today in spirit!  And I remain with you!  And for those who will awaken, and take My hand, the tone of The Whisper ~ will guide you to rise, ~ and we will walk together, over the sands of time, in the present, piece of eternity, as we are one!      

“Almost everything important, which is done, by the children of God upon Earth, is done within, your being, first.  Falling in love with someone is done within, first.  You create peace within, first.  You are prayerful, sending messages Home to The Dimension of Perfection, in silent meditation and prayer, reflecting on that which is important to you, from within.  I would like for you to sit with that thought, for a while; for, it is often the case, that those of you upon Earth forget that the body you are wearing is transient.  It will fall from you, when it is no longer the appropriate attire, when the mission is accomplished, when you, at last, can return Home, free, of the body of Earth.

“The spirit of God, that is at the core of your being, that is your vital piece of spiritual DNA, is the life source, and it is eternal.  It is what activates, and animates, the body for a while, the physical body, because, after all, it is only there, temporarily, to serve a purpose, and then you move on.  The body, the physical body, is not you.  It is a garment.  It is necessary gear to operate upon the Earth, and each body is specifically, created, to assist you in accomplishing your goal.  It will help you learn the lessons that are necessary for you to learn, and it will help you reach plateaus of knowing, and understanding, which will serve you well eternally.

“Most of you, enjoy looking-up into the sky, and seeing what you refer to as a hot-air balloon.  Oh, they are usually very colorful.  They are big, and they rise-up into the air, and float, and move with the birds.  But before the fire, before the flame, before the air fills the balloon, it lies limp, and lifeless, on the ground, and the basket sits, waiting, for the adventure.  It takes the flame, the fire, the desire to climb higher into the sky, and move over the Earth, propelled by The Wind.

“The sailboat, bobbing up and down, on the still waters of an open sea, sits just where it is, with sails up, until out of nowhere, comes a burst of wind, and The Wind catches the sail, and the sailboat takes off.  Where once it was lifeless, sitting, going nowhere, its sails are caught in The Wind, taking it anywhere.

“Spend some time this week contemplating, and reflecting, on The Power of The Spirit, within you, that brings you life, The Power of The Spirit, within you, that fills you, so that you might rise-up: like the giant balloon, soaring into the sky; so that you might reach your destination, like the sailboat, with its sails filled with The Wind.  Know the limitation of the hot-air balloon, know the limitation of the sailboat itself, and know the limitation of your body as well; and look within; for The Source of The Power ~ is ~ The Wind, beneath your sails, within your body. 

“This week spend some time coming to understand, the powerful you, that is ignored most of the time, because, the eternal you is fueled, by The Power of God, The Breath of God, carried on The Wind!”

Sunday Sermons
Septtmber 10, 2017
You Are A Member
Of The Family Of God

  I AM with you.  And, no matter what is going on around you, if you will find a way to be still, and, quiet within, you will hear Me, and feel Me, and begin to understand, and know, My message to thee; for often, in times of trial or tribulation, you want to do one thing in retaliation; yet, My voice whispers to you, that is not The Way.  My voice encourages you to eat of the harvest of love.  I planted it long ago: so, you would find it easily; so, you might eat; and find the courage required to be light, in the face of darkness: without concern of retaliation; without frustration; within the illumination of wisdom, the wisdom of eternity. 

“A baby ~ does not contribute ~ to the family ~ bank account.  A baby does not go out and gather food, or sweep the floor, or do anything to add to: the lauder, the store room, the pocketbook, or the dwelling.  The baby exists; and it is sheer love; and through the love of the family, the baby is fed, nurtured, held, kissed, cleaned, and dressed.  And within this environment of unselfish, and unconditional, love, the baby begins to grow; and as a toddler, a small child, the baby still is nourished, through the fruits, and the labors, of others.

“The baby eats, and drinks, and grows.  The baby accepts the gifts, and begins to use the gifts, even as a small child: beginning to speak; beginning to respond with hugs, and kisses; beginning to respond with ‘thank you;’ beginning to respond with picking-up small things; putting toys away; being a light of love; being a gift, nurtured.  And all the gifts, held within that family, are bestowed upon the child, and the child matures, and grows, and soon is faced with a decision.  Do I remain within the garden of love, or do I reject the gifts, I have been given?

“This scenario plays-out in your spiritual family, as well.  You exist; and if you are breathing right now, you will exist forever.  The temporary body will fall away; but your real body, your spiritual body, is with you to stay forever.  Your spiritual body will not change.  It is a gift you have been given; but you can embellish your spiritual body, by using the gifts bestowed upon you, by your Eternal Family.  And as you use the gifts, you are fed manna from Heaven, and you begin to grow.  Soon, you are animating your physical body in such a way, that you are a light unto the world.  You are using the gifts bestowed upon you, by your spiritual family: to show The Way; to be the light; to understand the gift of love, and how to pass it on; to be the example of turning your cheek; to reject retaliation, in any way; to be a safe harbor, a quiet port in the storm; to move over the Earth leaving every place better than you found it; to understand, who you really are, and what you want to do with the time that has been given to you, for Earth purposes. 

“And like your physical family, as you mature, and grow, you also have the right to reject the gifts bestowed upon you by your spiritual family.  You can turn from the gifts of light, and select from another category altogether; but when you are playing with the gifts of shadow, and darkness, you find there is something missing: your heart is not full; your hands are heavy; you are tired, frequently; the food is not sustaining, it is draining.  And somehow, you find the way to make your path ~ the road back to the light, ~ and you begin the journey.  Almost overnight you feel the change, because you are returning to your family, the place from whence you came.  The children of God upon Earth ~ are all fed manna from Heaven; ~ but the children of God upon Earth can refuse to eat, of the manna of Heaven. 

“It is time to check, and see, what is fueling thee.  You have done nothing to gain the gifts, which are bestowed upon thee, by your spiritual family.  There is a bountiful harvest, and you did not have to plant the seed, or pull a weed, or harvest the food from the garden.  All you have to do is ~ to accept the gifts, ~ that are given unto you, and grow in the light of God!  And as you grow: maturity comes, wisdom comes, and you walk, you have strength, you have courage, you have wisdom, you have light!  All of these things are yours; it is your birthright! 

“The arms of God open wide, call you forward, and gather you inside this great love, unconditional, flowing forever, just as a river, delivering food, nourishment, and light.  Remember, you are a member of The Family of God, outright!”

Sunday Sermons
Septtmber 17, 2017
Of Fear
Into Faith

  I AM with you.  I AM with you, all the time!  However, there is great celebration, when in quiet you sit, and wait, and then know My Presence with you.  I come to you: to give you courage, to show support, to cheer you on, and to touch you, in such a way, that you have no doubt, that your life is not limited, to this brief experience of Earth, at the present time.  This brief experience of Earth is to be celebrated, enjoyed.  Participate!  Actively explore all the wonderful pieces, and parts, of Earth, as it is a creation of God.  Do your part while you are there, to make it better; and We will be waiting, when you return Home.  This lifetime ~ is an adventure, ~ the reason you left Home, in the first place. 

“Fear not ~ for if your hand is placed in the hand of God, and you know God, ~ what should you fear?  Fear not!  Fear will rob you: of the adventure; of the accomplishment; of achieving the goal; of faith beyond measure; of stories, yet to be told; of being an example; of establishing new frontiers; of telling your children, and grandchildren, stories, through tears of laughter, through sense of accomplishment, through showing them The Way, life is meant to be led.

“A child, standing at the edge of a swimming pool, being prompted to jump into the water by friends, knows fear; and, the child can either push fear aside, and jump into the water, or sit down.  Once the child jumps into the water, fear is gone; and play and joy, own the remainder of the day.  A child, standing at the edge of the ocean, at the beach, knows fear; but once, they take the hand of a parent, or a friend, and edge their way into the waves, they set fear aside, and riding the waves, on an innertube, or a float, owns the rest of the day.  Any person afraid of flying, stands, before boarding, and they know fear; but when they set fear aside, and board the plane, and across the country, do ride, to see an aging grandparent, or a friend, they set fear aside, and reunion, and laughter, and tears, own the rest of the day.  For one who is afraid of going-out into the dark, they stand at the doorway, in the light of their house, or apartment, and they know fear; but when they set fear aside, and walk-out into the night, they look up, at a sky filled with stars, and seeing the light, in the darkness, owns, the rest of the night. 

“It is this way with every fear; for fear is a temptation: to keep you in place; to stop your exploration; to deny you achievement, and accomplishment.  Faith, and knowledge, and trust, give you the courage to set fear aside; and to live life upon Earth to the fullest, you must, refuse to be a victim of fear, because it will deny you much; and when you come to the end of your life, you will have a litany, a list of things, you did not do, because you gave into the fear, robbing-you, of one of the greatest adventures ever.

“Let faith, lead you, where fear will not allow you to go.  Throw open the door, and walk-out into the night; board that plane, unafraid of flight; run into the waves; and, splash in the pool; let joy be the result.  Enjoy your lifetime upon Earth, and do not permit the villain of fear to make you a victim.

“This week, take courage, I will be your strength.  Step-out, and live without fear!” 

Sunday Sermons
Septtmber 24, 2017
Free Your-
self, Forgive,
And Be At Peace

  I AM with you; and when I come to you, I bring you words of wisdom.  For those of you who will hear Me, and heed the words of wisdom, there is peace.  Fill the days you have left upon Earth with peace, and do not squander your time, because it is limited; and as you stand at the doorway, ready to cross over the threshold, and return Home, you want to be free, and ready.  Establish peace within your being now; for I AM with you!   

“Another day is upon you, another day to create.  Do not be reluctant to rise-up and embrace this day; for if you are hearing these words, or reading these words, your days are numbered.  When you grasp the importance, of having ‘a finite time, limited time,’ then you begin to realize, that ‘wasting time,’ is something you do not want to do.  Rise-up, and embrace this day, with determination ~ to create the perfect day, ~ and your energy, will be renewed, within The Spirit, of God!

“Do not delay, forgiveness.  Do not procrastinate, any longer.  There are things that must be addressed.  Your health and happiness, depend upon ~ a willingness to address the matters, and issues, ~ which require forgiveness. Sometimes, when you look closer, there is the realization, that there is ~ a silent retaliation ~ when you withhold forgiveness, when you deny love.  This seemingly passive reaction to a slight, or a hurt, will go unnoticed; but it is there, and it needs attention, as soon as possible, because it weights you down.

“It is easy to understand how ‘procrastination,’ in the physical world: causes issues with health; manifests in stress; brings divide in relationships, and many other things.  You can see, that putting-off doing something which needs doing only delays, and makes more difficult, the task, which addressed, early-on, would have been easily handled.  This is easy to see, and most of you, if you stop and reflect for a minute, will recall a time when you did procrastinate, doing something, for so long, that it became like a ball and a chain; and rather than address the task, you just continued, to move slower and slower, as the ball, attached to the chain, attached to you, grew heavier and heavier.  So, just as procrastination is, definitely, not a healthy activity in the physical world, it is not a healthy activity in the spiritual realm!  Address that, which needs addressing!  A sure sign that there is ‘work to do,’ is: are you feeling low, are you feeling out-of-sorts, are you irritable, or are you, and have you, reached the point, where there is anger brewing, just beneath the surface?  Stop!  Let your intention be known that you are ready to journey back within your being, to address these issues, which have become spiritual balls and chains, because you cannot hold-back forgiveness, without experiencing the result.

“Let this week be the week that you address matters in the physical world, and the spiritual realm.  You will be surprised, when you have kicked procrastination to the side, addressed the matters, inside, you will feel better.  You will feel freer, because you will have cut the ball and chain, and it will no longer weigh you down.  It will be as if you just lost a hundred pounds, or two; and, it will have impact on your daily life, and those around you.  Focus on addressing these things that have been put-off.  Rise to the occasion, and do the work.  Life will be easier.  Your heart will be lighter, as will your step.  Your song will be sweeter, as will be your love.  All these things will come to you, when you stop, and address the issues, cut the ball and chain, and release yourself to freedom.  In this freedom, you will be at peace!”

Sunday Sermons
October 1, 2017
Create Good,
And Know God

  I AM with you.  I AM with you in spirit, as you make your way, through another day.  This day is a gift to you.  Accept it, embrace it.  It is yours.  It is yours to do, with, that, which you wish to do.  What good can you do today?  

“Some of you hearing My words, or reading My words, might wonder, what good can you do today.  Some of you might feel, you can do great good.  Some of you might decide to give it a half-hearted attempt to create good.  And, there are those of you who feel, there is not much to you can do, to create good today.  I tell you, the desire to create good will start the wheel rolling, in the right direction.  It is not necessary for you to come-up with a list, of that which you can do; but creating good, begins with the intention to do so; and, each one of you has the ability to set the intention to create good.

“God created everything, from nothing.  God began the creation of everything, with a thought.  All this beauty, held in the thought of God, began to take shape, as the words were spoken; for, in the beginning, there was only the word of God; and, as the word was spoken, it was done.  God created the angels.  God created the Heavens.  God created the Earth.  God created The Garden of Earth.  Everything you know today, all the good, the trees, the grasses, the vegetables, they are an extension, of the thought, the first thought of God; and the thought of God was, and is, and always will be, good.

“I was given the opportunity to speak to those of Earth, and walk in a human body, for a while, to bring this thought of love, and compassion, and understanding, to the children of Earth.  As I walked upon the Earth, I did not speak the words, unless I was moved, by the Spirit of God, to do so; for My mission was: to bring the message of God; to save those wandering in darkness; to be The Light; to show The Way.  I was sent: to be The New Way; to speak of love; to speak of charity; to touch the poor; to touch the sick; to touch those who were downtrodden; and, to lift-them-up, with the words of God!  My time upon Earth was brief; but one thing I did speak about is love.  God is love!  God is the embodiment of love.  God is Spirit, filled with love.  And it is important to treat the creation of God, with love; for, you cannot know God, without knowing love.  You can know God, by following the new command to ‘love one another.’  My brothers and sisters, dissentions, and war, has never been the answer.  As soon as the last shot is fired, and the bodies are dragged from the fields, and the smoke clears, and the desolation is seen by all, the side labeled ‘the loser,’ begins to build and rebuild, and the thought of revenge, and retaliation is held within them, until the time is right, and there is another war.  Love is the only answer, and The Way it happens is for each of you to have love in your heart; because, if you can imagine an entire city, and then a state, and a country, with everyone focused on having a loving heart, then you can have a brief glimpse of the world: practicing love; practicing understanding, and compassion; choosing to listen, rather than seeking to be heard; listening with the heart; but, since very few are willing to listen with the heart, very few understand each other.  No one is listening, everyone is talking, too busy to love, too busy to be compassionate, and understanding.

“Today, I ask you to love!  Today, begin creating good!  Set the intention, with your thoughts.  Let this day be good, as God in Heaven desires it to be good.  Be at peace this day, in your creation of good, and let love fill you heart!  If you can do this, you are a step closer to knowing God!” 

Sunday Sermons
October 8, 2017
Of Love,
And Understanding

  I AM with you.  I call to you and say, come, let us sit together, let us walk together, let us share this day, that sets before you: unopened; preparing to unfold; holding promises, yet to be told; a golden opportunity, to live a life, knowing God!

“Sometimes it is easy to forget, once you rise-up and begin your day, and move into chores, or work, or play, that this is a new opportunity to create a day which you would hope to experience, filled with light, and love and laughter, filled with joy.  I remind you, before you begin this day, that it is all set before you.  It is yours.  This cannot be said too many times, because it is easy to forget; but, this day holds great promise, and is definitely an opportunity for you to create great light, and love.   

“This is what is important: creating love, and light, and peace, within your being, first; and then, letting it flow from you, blessing all, of Earth.  It does not matter: how many books you read; how many places you have visited; how many times you have won arguments, regarding this or that or the other; how many degrees you hold, or the areas of your expertise.  What matters is: how many times you were kind; how many times you showed compassion, and held your tongue, long enough, to experience understanding another’s plight, or situation; for, doing these things, sets the stage, wherein you are visited by wisdom. 

“You can read one hundred books, and not gain wisdom.  You can travel, and not gain wisdom.  You can be considered an expert in many fields, or in one field, but lack wisdom.  Wisdom springs forth from the fertile garden, of love, and compassion, and understanding.  Come, let us walk in this garden today!”