"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...
Sunday Sermons
Do Not Give
Safe Harbor
To Resentment

    “I AM with you on this day.  I say unto you, I AM with you every day.  I AM with you, to give you guidance, all along The Way.  And on this day, I have guidance to impart to you, and any who will hear My words: 

    “Do not give safe harbor to the vessel named, ‘Resentment.’  It sails under the flags of ‘Ego,’ ‘Pride,’ and ‘Judgment.’ And its cargo holds are filled with deception and manipulation.  When it appears on the horizon, send out the tenders to turn it back to sea.  For, if it drops anchor in your harbor, it will be difficult to evict, and the cargo it delivers will not serve you well. 

    “There are many vessels desiring to sail into your harbor.  Before you grant entrance, choose wisely.  A good Harbor Master understands: ‘That which is imported upon your shores, will filter into the fiber of your being.’  Therefore, set your sights for vessels, sailing under the flags of noble thoughts, words, and deeds; and welcome them into your port, with joyous celebration!  For the cargo they deliver onto your shores will sustain you, and lift-you-up, and assist you, in creating a ‘State of Wellbeing,’ and establishing, happiness and contentment, upon the Earth.

    “So, choose wisely, the vessels, permitted to sail, into your port.  Be watchful.  Do not give safe harbor, to the vessel, named, ‘Resentment.’  It will not serve you well.”

Sunday Sermons
Dec.2, 2007
Bring To Me
That Which You
Are Willing To Release,
And You Will Be Free From It

    “This day I say unto you, those of Earth, are never alone: angels watch over you, constant in their vigil; I AM with you, always; and The Holy Spirit of God is within you, to guide you home!

    “I AM with you on this day; and I wish for you to hear the words I say unto you, for they will bring you freedom, freedom to take flight, to be all that you are to be, and to accomplish your mission in The Light and Glory of God.  For, it is not meant that you are to be weighed-down; stuck, unable to move; filled with sadness, unable to sing; filled with frustration, unable to decide which way to go.  I say unto you, you are a child of God, and you are free to do all things.

    “And to assist you, to help you ‘know,’ the powerful being that you are, I say this to you today…‘Give to Me, that which you are willing to release, and you will be free from it.  You will be free, from a burden, laden with frustration, confusion, anger, anxiety, doubt, fear, and any other emotions, which you have packed into the bundle.’

    “You will be free of the heavy weight, you have borne for years; and a feeling ‘of lightness,’ will come over you, as you hand these things to Me; for I will bless them, and release them, so that you might rise-up, in The Light, and Glory, of God, and go about your mission. 

    “All that is required is that you are ready to lay down your burden, to be done with it, to rid yourself of it.  When you are ready, I AM willing.  

    “Think upon this.  Do not be tempted to take back what you have handed to Me.  And once you have decided to rid yourself of the burdens weighing you down, do not be tempted, to go about, collecting more. 

    “On this day I say unto you, bring to Me that which you are willing to release, and you will be free from it.  You will be free to do that which you are to do, in The Light, and The Glory, of God. 

    “So, if you are ready, I AM with you.  If you are willing, pass your burden to Me now, and feel The Lightness, that is God.”   

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 9, 2007
I Will Deliver
The Gifts Of God
Come Christmas Day

    “I come to you this day, and as you open, My Presence, settles, within you and around you, in a more profound way, for we are One.  Open and know this.  Receive this gift I bring unto you.

    “On this day, I wish to say, many things to you.  Some of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, are observing a period of Advent, preparing for the Christmas season, by reviewing, and remembering, the people of the Old Testament, reading, of the time they spent waiting for The Savior, promised to them by God. 

    “The people of that time, held strong to the faith, to the hope, that God would send one who would deliver them up, out of bondage.  They thought there would come, a king, sent from God to rule the Earth, to destroy their opponents, to hand to them the wealth of the Earth, so that they might be free from the bonds of slavery.  This is not how the prophecy was fulfilled. 

    “God sent to them a Babe, Who held, The Gift of Freedom, within, Who was to be The Savior.  But it was not, to be, the material kingdom they expected.  So there were many, who missed the coming.  I say this to you because, I was The Babe, I AM The Babe, I AM The Message,  I AM the One, Who will bring freedom, and deliver, those in bondage, to a new time, a new day, a new life.

    “As you prepare to celebrate Christmas, and as you read, and reread, the things of the Old Testament, I ask you to bring them to the present.  Rather than reading about the people, the chosen people of God, I say to you…

    “Be, the people!  Bring it to the present, so it has immediate life, and effect, on you.  Be, those, waiting, searching, hoping.  For I will deliver unto you, The Gift of God, come Christmas day.  It is waiting.  It will enhance your life upon the Earth. 

    “Be, the people, waiting, searching, hoping.  And be, the wise men, looking, observing, watching, vigilant for the signs, so that you might ‘know,’ the time has come.  Be, the shepherds, going about their daily tasks, but struck in wonder and awe, when the revelations of the Heavens, are opened, and fall upon you.  Be, of Earth, waiting, for Heaven. 

    “And in this time, bring forth the lesson, from the Old Testament.  Do not be expecting deliverance, in the form of the things of Earth.  Wait, and search, in joyous expectation, of a spiritual rebirth, revival, renewal.  And it will come to you, for I AM with you.  Yet, there are many gifts, still to be opened.  They will be set before you.  And The Holy Spirit will lead you along The Way. 

    “Come, as the people, searching.  Come, as the wise men, knowing.  Come, as the shepherds, willing.  And behold The Gifts of God set before you; for, as it was in the past, it is now, and ever shall be...God sends, to the people of Earth...One, Who will sever the chains of bondage, and deliver unto you, Freedom. 

“Be at Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Dec.16, 2007
The Birth,
Of The Word,
Of God, Made Flesh

    “I AM with you, now, right now!  I AM with you, this day!

    “And on this day, I wish to issue to each of you hearing these words, or reading these words, an open invitation to celebrate My birth.  For My birth, My mission, My life, is a celebration of The Word of God made flesh to walk the Earth. 

    “And I say unto each of you, do not put great value in the words mankind speaks about Me, and My life.  Rather, treasure The Words God speaks to mankind, through Me, through My life!  For I was sent from Heaven, to walk upon the Earth, to show The Way, to speak The Truth, and to live My life, so others might ‘know God,’ through, that which I said, and did, so others would follow, The Way.

    “During the time, the time of My physical birth upon the Earth, there were many, many people, who ‘knew,’ of the prophecy, many prophecies, concerning The One, Who would be sent from God.  Yet, upon My arrival, they rejected and refused to accept, because I did not come as they expected.  They held a preconceived notion, that God would send a king, sitting on a lofty throne, in charge of a massive army, to bring them out of bondage.  What God sent, was a babe, wrapped in a banner, emblazoned with one word...


    “The Key to Freedom...the Key, that opens the Love! 

    “There were others, in foreign lands, who knew of the prophecies as well.  They studied the words; but they were led, by The Wisdom of God.  And when they saw the sign in the Heavens, they left the comfort of their home, and their land, and came forth to see, that which God had sent to Earth.

    “The shepherds in the fields were not moved so much by the knowledge and the reading, and the searching amongst the books written, and the oral history passed on;  they were caught-up in their daily lives; yet, when the invitation came to them, on the tone and vibration of angels, they too, left all they were doing, and journeyed to find, that which God had sent to Earth.  They were stirred to move forward, to be witness, to give testimony, to that which they saw. 

    “There were others who came, too.  Occasionally they would come, one-by-one, sometimes two, bringing food, or pieces of clothing.  Moved by The Hand of God, they came, noon, evening, and morning.  And The Hand of God is still moving those of Earth  to find their way to the place, where The Word of God was given birth.

    “I say to you this day, if these words settle on your heart, rise-up, and follow!  Take yourself to the hillside, and listen, for The Word of God.  It is written on your heart.  Open, and receive The Gift, I AM with you, eternally, with you! 

    “Prepare to make the journey.  Come, celebrate My birth!”

Sunday Sermons
Seek Me, And
You Will Find Me,
For I AM Within You

    “I speak to you today.  Today, I call you, and stir, deep within your being, a desire to draw nearer to Me. 

    “In the sacred stillness, you hear My whisper.  Come.  Call upon your gift of imagination, and come to bring the time of My birth, upon the Earth, into the present, so you might, more fully, feel My Presence with you.  For on this day, I summon you, just as the Magi, just as the shepherds, just as all those before you, and all those after you, I summon you, to rise-up. 

    “Seek Me, and you will find Me.  The only requirement, on this journey within, is that you close the door to that which you ‘know,’ concerning the world of man, and step into The Eternal Kingdom, where all things are possible. 

    “Begin your journey, ‘knowing,’ that The Light of God will lead you as you come.  Let us go forth.  See the path.  It is set, before you, walk in it.  Behold, The Great Star, in the sky, and follow the beams, flowing toward the Earth, they mark the place.  Notice, the night air around you is calm and peaceful.  You do not need a coat, or a hat, or gloves.  Come as you are. 

    “I will walk with you, and speak to you, of the signs, as they are revealed to you, so you do not miss them.  Look into the night sky, and see the star, moving.  See how the stars are close to the Earth, and reach into the Heavens; for as you reach into the Heavens, the star, bursts, into millions of pieces, and showers the Earth, with Light. 

    “And as is the plan, a piece has fallen unto you.  Cradle it gently, and watch it grow.  This Light, will illuminate, all darkness, and the path will be revealed to you, and you will see things with clarity.  See the angel before you, leading The Way.  Follow!

    “Now look ahead.  Your journey, it’s almost done.  But be mindful of the signs, as you approach the place.  See all the other Lights, congregating, gathering.  Look at them ahead of you.  And then turn, and see, that which comes after you.  It is time to move forward.  Yes, the Lights are beautiful, carried by all the children of God, who did rise-up.

    “As you approach the place, the celebration of My birth upon the Earth, notice, that each one ahead of you, places their Light, on the ground, and gets in a line.  So you too join, and wait your turn.  Yes, the anticipation sings-out in your heart.  For you know, there, at the head of the line, you will see, The Word of God, made flesh.

    “And now, there is only one before you.  Watch, and see.  This one, leans close to the Babe, and whispers.  And then, with one finger, touches The Precious Hand of the Child.  The departure is simple.  But The Light, within this one departing, is great, for they have carried, unto the place, a Light, that has been rekindled, by The Touch of The Child. 

    “And so, here it is.  It is your turn.  You have made the journey.  And now, you stand before The Living Word of God.  It is at this point, and in this precious, sacred silence, that I leave you…to do as you are led…it is are being called, whether you touch The Hand, or embrace The is you now...your turn. 

“Remember, seek Me, and you will find Me, for I AM within you. 

“Be at Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Use The
Wisdom Of
Yesterday, To
Bring Forth, The
Flowers Of Tomorrow

    “I AM with you.  Feel My Presence.  I AM with you, as I promised.  You are My sister.  You are My brother.  We are united, in The Father.  And we are One. 

    “Come.  Sit with Me a while.  For I have something to share with you on this day, something that will help you, prepare for the coming year. 

    “Many of you hearing these words, or reading these words, are working through a process right now, reviewing the year that was, the year that was recorded as 2007 upon the Earth.  And I say unto you: ‘Recalling celebration, great joy, moments of grand success, will be easy to find amongst the days, and is good.’  It is the seasoning to a fine pot of stew, adding the spice, bringing delight to your days.  But what I am asking you to ‘remember,’ are the things that you might be tempted to push under a rug, to forget, to mark as ‘unsatisfactory,’ to attach the sign saying ‘failure.’  

    “In other words, what I am asking you to do is – revisit the moments of this year ending – to find the real gem stones, the real power, the real wisdom; for, celebration of a joyous event, can be fleeting.  But the wisdom that comes to you in the hours of trial, trying, challenge, is marked upon your soul; for, they are the lessons of your lifetime, and deserve to be, in a place of honor.  So, you see, it is actually the reverse of what you are taught on Earth.  The most endearing to you, will be the times that you made it through the valleys dark, the storm, the tears.  And you came out the other side, knowing that you could do what you thought you could not do, only hours, or days, or months before.  These are the treasures of your life, for they bring you wisdom.   

    “As you spend the last few days of this year, I ask you to walk into the garden that is your lifetime.  Move up and down the rows.  Pull the weeds.  Begin to hoe and prepare the earth.  Tend your garden.  I ask you to go back, and look at your garden.  See the beauty.  See all that you have done, and prepare for a new season coming.  For as this year that is ending began in winter, a dormant period, and is ending just the same; so too, will it be, for the coming year.  Now is the planning time.  Look, and see, the vision for your garden. 

    “Now I will ask you, as you revisit the times of challenge and trying in the year 2007, gather them up, each lesson.  Do not mark them, ‘failure.’  Gather the ‘Seeds of Wisdom,’ from the periods of trying, and carry them to your garden.  Plant them carefully in the rows, so you can see how wisdom grows, next year.  If you will ‘allow,’ each trial, experienced this year, to bring you the wisdom the lesson was meant to bring to you, then, with the coming of spring and summer, the flowers will burst forth upon the Earth, brought into being, by you, from a seed planted in the dormant period of planning, using ‘the lessons of the past, to plant the garden for the future.’

    “Be willing to be still, and look at the trials with a new eye.  See them, for the lessons, they are.  Gather up the wisdom, that is yours; and carry it to the field, to the garden, that is your life.  Sew these seeds of wisdom with great care and honor, giving thanks to God for bringing them to you, and respect to yourself for enduring the test.  Thank all those who are involved in the lesson.  And watch your garden, grow.

    “There is great promise, in tomorrow.  Many blessings come your way.  Do not listen to the whispers, that tempt you to stray, from The Light and The Glory of God; for there is good, in all things; for you are to bless, all things. 

    “I say to you this day, as this year is passing away, as you are preparing for the new: ‘You are My brother.  You are My sister.  I will walk, up and down the rows of your garden, with you, and we will talk.’

    “Envision your garden.  See it rise-up in The Light of God.  You are standing at the threshold of a new year.  It is the time of planning.  Use the wisdom of yesterday, to bring forth the flowers of tomorrow, and do so with a joyful heart; for The Kingdom of Heaven is all about you, and I AM with you. 

“You are a child of God.”

Sunday Sermons
By Blessing
Every Thought,
Word,  And  Deed

    “I AM with you.  As God has created you, and The Holy Spirit of God abides within you, I AM with you. 

    “And on this day, this day that is one of the days beginning this New Year upon the Earth, I bring you a Key to assist you, as you move through this new year. 

    “I wish to speak to you, and to tell you, how you can create a day ‘of Peace,’ by blessing, every thought, word, and deed.

    “You see, creating a day of Peace, by blessing every thought, word, and deed, is within your grasp.  It is possible.  The only requirement is that you desire to be the bringer, of Peace.  And if you can create one day, perhaps you can create then a week, and a month and a year of Peace.

    “The only impediment, to this continuing energy of Peace, will be your desire, to create something else.  So, let us begin, with a day of Peace.

    “Understand, that you create your thoughts, and once created, your thoughts ‘live.’  On this day, this day set aside for the creation of Peace, be mindful of your thoughts; and should anything begin to form within your thoughts that is not of light and love, pray.  Dismiss the thought immediately before it forms.  Pray.  Bless whoever you are thinking about, or whatever you are thinking about.  And although this might require some attention at the start, you will soon find, by midday, that it becomes easier, and easier, to check, and bless.  In this Way, the thoughts that are created by you, this day, will be...blessed, and will bring…Peace. 

    “The same holds true for the words you speak.  For the words you speak indicate what you are thinking.  Therefore on this day, as it is set aside to create Peace, open yourself to The Words of God and The Holy Spirit, and speak The Words of God. 

    “If you are tempted to speak ill of another, stop.  Check your thoughts, bless them, and ask, pray for guidance, for the words to come to you.  For the words that are created by you and flow from you, move into eternity.  Therefore on this day, bless every word you say, so it might be an instrument of Peace.

    “And as it is with your thoughts, and your words, make sure your deeds, the actions taken this day, reflect, that which you are thinking and saying, that your actions are of kindness, compassion, support, love.  In this Way, all observing you, will see The Peace of God, through what you do.

    “If you will do this for one day, a wave of Peace will rise-up from you, formed of your thoughts and words and deeds, and spill over onto others around you, and into eternity.  This is The Way that Peace will be created on Earth, one child of God at a time making the determination.  And as these waves of Peace rise-up, and flow into eternity, a great Peace will resound in The Hallways Of All Times.

    “On this day it is possible!  So let us begin with one day, by creating Peace, bringing Peace, by blessing every thought, word, and deed.  It is within you to do this; and, I AM with you...

“Therefore, let us begin.”

Sunday Sermons
You have
The Power
To Alter Eternity
And Create Peace

    “Feel My Presence.  I AM with you.  Feel The Breath of Spirit, as it encircles you.  Feel the Peace, I bring unto you. 

    “I wish you, to be, in this sacred Presence.  Therefore, it is what you experience.  My wish for you, My prayer for you, is My gift to you; and since it is what I desire to give to you, it is what you experience, what you feel, what you know.  This sweetness that you feel right now, can bring tears, welling to the surface, streaming down your face, and washing away all things that need to be released.

    “I wish to sit with you a while.  And in this time, I want to share, another Key, with you…

    “You see, it is within your power, to alter eternity.  It is within your power, to give The Gift of Peace, to those close to you, and to those far away from you, speaking in the terms of distance in the physical realm.  And there are degrees, measurements, of this gift, that is within you to give.

    “I ask any of you hearing this message today, or reading this message today, to try, at least once, to use this key, I am to give to you today. 

    “In every encounter, every occurrence, every exchange, there is an opportunity to create energy to match a situation.  There is also the opportunity, to set your ego aside, and open, to tap into, the river of energy flowing from The Creator, from Our Father. 

    “It is your choice.  You can choose to create energy to match the situation, or you can surrender to the energy of God, and let it flow through you, so that you are the channel, the conduit, for bringing the energy of God to the situation.  It is your choice.  It is your option.

    “I will tell you what usually happens, so you see this, in a different light.  Let us say, that you...are…a parent.  You have been out of your home, doing some chore.  You return to the home, and open the door, to find chaos.  The children are in the midst of a heated argument.  The TV has been left on.  There are things setting all about, that should have been put away.  In general, there is disarray. 

    “Before you enter that room, you make a decision as to how you are going to handle this encounter.  And the predominant energy of Earth right now, is that the parent would enter the house, voice raised, shouting, yelling…creating heavy, dark, verbal and physical energy.  The reactions are so numerous.  But you get the picture I am painting.  The decision was made, and the energy created to handle the situation.   

    “Now those who are more intent, on creating peace, might take a deep breath, walk into the room, and attempt to be, as loving as possible, directing, changing, altering the situation.  And the energy is felt, and it is different. 

    “There are many options, for this particular picture; but what you need to be aware of is this: ‘The power that you create, the energy that you create, moves from you, and into every object in the room.’  Your energy moves into the walls, into the floor, into the ceiling, into every person in that room.  Energy, that you create to handle any situation, is living.  It moves from you, and is absorbed by every thing in your presence…trees, flowers, people, food, water, walls, floors, furniture.  And every one, and every thing, carries the energy of that moment.  It is important that you ‘know’ this. 

    “There is another option.  Before you walk into a situation, pray, and set everything about ‘you,’ aside, and surrender to the energy coming to you from God.  Take a deep breath.  And then, bring The Power of God into the room with you.  Walk into that room, wearing the crown of a child of God.  Walk into the room, with The Presence of God.  And it will alter everything.  It might take a while.  Some rooms, some people, are saturated, with energies that are heavy.  But I promise you, the more you bring God into the situation, the lighter it becomes.  And a period of enlightenment is introduced, where there was darkness.

    “The change might be gradual, and it might be immediate.  You see, there are varying degrees on how you can change eternity.  And it is a matter of your free will choice; because, in the end, all will come back to God, and The Power of God will cleanse all things.  And all energies will be free, and released, from darkness and shadow. 

    “But what I am presenting to you is the opportunity to begin to change the energy of Earth, now, sooner, rather than later.  And this opportunity does not stop with your immediate surroundings.  The energy that you are creating moves into eternity, so at the same time you have the opportunity to alter the energy where you are, you have the opportunity to change eternity.  Every minute, of every day, presents an opportunity for the children of God to bring The Kingdom of Heaven onto the Earth.  It’s just been forgotten!  And so, the children of God are wandering in darkness.  And it need not be.

    “So, I offer you today, just once, try inserting this key I have given you, into a situation, and see The Power of God.  It will begin small.  But the more you learn to use the key, the easier it will be to insert it.  And soon, that key will be in your hand all the time, it will feel so comfortable to you.  And there will come a point, where you would not choose to use any other energy, than that powerful flow of God Energy that is for you, available to you.

    “So I say to you this day, I AM with you.  And I AM eager to assist you in changing all eternity.  I hand you the key.  It is yours.”

Sunday Sermons
Open To
The Power, And
The Energy Of God,
For,  It  Is  With  You

    “I AM with you.  Know this, I AM with you!  And on this day I say unto you: ‘Open, to The Power, and The Energy, of God.  For it is with you, and it will, fill you, fulfill you.  It will, flow through you, onto the face of the Earth; and it will bring, onto the Earth, great Peace!’

    “On this day, I give you another Key, to assist you, as you walk along The Way:  ‘Before you begin each day, before you proceed with each encounter, in fact, before you do anything, with purpose, and intention, pause, be still, and open to The Power and The Energy of God.’  In this way, you are opening the door, and inviting The Power and The Energy of God to move into, that which you intend to do.  It is proper, and appropriate, to do this: before you, think; before you, speak; and before you, perform, some action or deed. 

    “At first, it will take, practice; but if you practice, today, if you start, today, you will notice a difference: in how you think, what you do, and what you say, because you will have invited, The Power and Energy of God, into the center, of your life. 

    “Today, for an hour, or perhaps half a day, do this, because you will see, at the end of the day, how doing, this, has brought, peace, and joy, and light, to you, and all around you.  It is in this way that you will be led, by The Power of God, in every situation.

    “Be mindful, when you, ‘open,’ that you will ‘feel,’ the energy flow into the top of your head.  Be mindful of this, as it is ‘an outward sign.’  Be mindful, how your thoughts words and deeds, are touched with light, and carry peace, whenever, you call upon this invitation.  Be mindful, of the expressions, or the actions of those around you, when you let this energy coming from God flow from you to them.  These are outward signs to mark your way.  These are outward signs, of a blessed day.

    “So I say unto you My brothers and My sisters, try this, invitation: ‘For today, before doing anything, set your personal thoughts aside.  And with purpose and intention, whisper, within your being, ‘I open, to The Power, and The Energy, of God.’’  And then, go about doing whatever it is you are thinking, doing or saying.  You will see the difference.  And in this way, you will bring, great peace, today, to all you encounter.

    “On this day, I say unto you: ‘Open, to The Power, and The Energy, of God.  For, it is with you.  It will fill you, and it will fulfill you; and then it will move from you, and bring Peace, to the Earth.’”     

Sunday Sermons
You Can
Deliver, The
Loving Energy,
And Grace, Of God

    “I AM with you, to celebrate, A New Day, new opportunities.  I AM with you, to walk along The Way, meeting every challenge and obstacle, with optimism, and confidence!  I AM with you.  And on this day, I wish to speak to you, about delivering energy.

    “When you walk into a room, you deliver an energy to that space.  The energy you release into that space is absorbed, in varying degrees, by the people, and the things, in the room. 

    “If it is your desire to do so, every time you walk into a room, you can deliver The Loving Energy, and Grace, of God.  It is a matter of being cognizant, of what you are doing, what you are creating, and what you are delivering.

    “Each of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, is a deliverer, and each of you is a receiver.  The roles change.  But today, I wish to speak to you, about delivering, the energy, into a room. 

    “Each of you has experienced, energies: of arrogance, pride, anger, doubt, frustration, fear.  You have experienced these energies coming toward you, or emanating from, another being.  Some times, you have experienced these energies, coming to you from a particular room, a room that feels heavy, sad, uninviting.

    “Many of you, in fact each of you, have experienced the energies of peace, tranquility, serenity.  Each of you has bathed in the energy of love.  You have felt these energies, coming toward you, emanating from another being.  Each of you have walked into a room, and felt, the peace, and the light, and bathed in the glory, of love.  And in, these rooms, you desire to tarry; and with those, who carry this energy, you desire to remain for a while, in their presence. 

    “These energies, and the exchange of energy is at work, whether those involved are aware, or unaware.  The energy, once created, moves. 

    “You have a golden opportunity to alter the energy of every room you enter.  The only thing you have to do is be aware, of what you are doing, creating, delivering, and releasing, into the room.  I give you a Key… before you enter any room, whisper this declaration… ‘I wish to be, a living vessel, delivering, The Loving Energy, and The Grace of God, to this room, I am about to enter, and to every person in it.’  And then you walk into the room.  Just whispering this, or having the intention to do so, will accomplish the goal.

    “Try it.  For you will see, amazing results, as you make your way through a room, holding the desire, to be, the living vessel, delivering God’s Loving Energy, and Grace.

    “It is time.  And it is your time.  I ask you this week to remember this: ‘If it is your desire to do so, every room you walk into, can change, when you say these words.  You can deliver God’s Loving Energy, and Grace, to every room you enter.  And it will change forever, those, who are in the room, and all things, that are in the room.  Your presence, will be, The Light of God.’

    “So today, I reach out My Hand, and I walk you to the door, and together, we prepare to go forward, living vessels, delivering, The Energy, and The Grace of God.”    

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 3, 2008
The Kingdom Of
Heaven Is Within You

    “Come.  Sit with Me, awhile, and you will ‘feel,’ My Presence.  Be quiet, and you will ‘hear’ Me.  Be still, and you will ‘know,’ I AM.  For I AM with you, now!

    “I have a question, to ask you.  I wish you to think upon it.  Why, did I say unto you: ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you?’  I wish for you to think upon that question, over the coming week, and pray for guidance, and be open to that which comes to you, so that, from The Holy Spirit of God, you might grow, in wisdom.

    “When it is your time to make the passing, it will be important, and helpful, for you to have pondered this question.  It is also important for you to remember, that you are spirit.  You are spirit, come to Earth, from The Kingdom of God, Heaven.  You took, to yourself, a temporary form, the human being form, so that you might, exist, upon the Earth for a time: to experience, that which you are to experience; to learn, that which you are to learn; to do, that which it is you are to do.  And since it is your time to be upon the Earth, it is more convenient, for you to take the shape, the form and the body, of Earth.  But, primarily, first, you are spirit!

    “This morning I ask you to imagine, or to vision, yourself, not as the body that you see reflected in a mirror, but vision the outline of your body, only.  And then, imagine it, in a clear, crystal, vessel form.  See yourself, defined, rather than, confined.  See your self  illuminated within this crystal vessel, rather than, constrained, by the body.  And then, see, The Golden Light of God, pouring into your crystal vessel, fueling you for eternity.  And see the magnificent being that you are, free-flowing, changing, forming however it is you wish to be; but all the time, holding The Radiant Glory of God within, your being.  That is you. 

    “The Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of Heaven, is within you, and it is with you. 

    “When it is time for you to return home, you are not issued a ticket, to travel, far away, to another galaxy or kingdom, light years away from you.  At that time, you change form.  You return to spirit.  And you enter the sacred tunnel that spirals the energy, sufficiently, to slip you, into The Light.  And there it is you return.

    “You have within you, right now, in your human being form, the capability, to change, into your spirit form.  Just, as ice crystals, or a snowflake, changes to water, the water, contains the properties, necessary, to reshape, the crystal, or the snowflake.  These properties are not lost, because the snowflake, or the crystal, changes form.  They are maintained.  And this can go back and forth.  Well this day, it is important for you to remember, that within you, in your temporary, human being form: you maintain the properties, to change; you maintain the properties, of the spirit form as well.

    “Understand, The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.  Come.  Sit with Me, and ‘feel,’ My Presence.  Be quiet, and you will ‘hear,’ that which I say unto you.  Be still, and ‘know,’ I AM.”
Sunday Sermons
Feb.10, 2008
Be Of Great Joy
And, Let Laughter,
Be The Song You Sing

    “I AM with you on this day.  And I bring to you thoughts of joy, and memories of laughter. 

    “As I walked the Earth, and grew, I so... loved… laughter!  And I so… enjoyed… joyful spirits!  As a child, I laughed often; as a child, I was joyful; and it filled My body, with peace, and brought Me balance and harmony. 

    “Therefore this day, I wish to say unto you: When you open, to joy and laughter, anger and frustration move from you.  When your heart is filled with joy and laughter, a Song of Peace springs forth from the core of your being, and balance and harmony dwell within.  As laughter is an elixir for the body, joy is a tonic for the soul.  And together: they rejuvenate, body, soul, and spirit; and peace reigns; and balance and harmony are restored.

    “On this day, and for the coming week, I ask you to open, fill your heart with joy, and let laughter be quick to spring forth from you!  If you can do this, by the end of the week, you will feel healthier, of body, soul and spirit.  And balance and harmony, will dwell within you, and Peace, will be The Song, that you sing.”
Sunday Sermons
Child of God,
Ride The Wind,
Have Faith, Forgive
All Transgressions, And Fly

    “As you call to Me, I AM with you.  If you speak to Me, I will speak with you.  If you reach-out to Me, I will take your hand.  And when you call to Me, I come, for we are one.  I AM your brother.  We are One. 

    “And on this day, I speak with a special message, encouragement if you will, for those of you who have reached the place; and those of you who have reached the place will ‘know,’ this is for you.  For I call you to come, and within you, there is a stirring, and you know it is time, for you have heard the call, and it is yours! 

    “And to those of you hearing these words or reading these words, you will ‘feel’ the same, the same stirring within your being; for the call has been sent forth, and it is your time.  So, if you recognize the stirring within you, come, I have something to say to you.

    “You have been making your way along the path.  You have been seeking, when others were not interested.  You have been seeking The Way, when many were amusing themselves in the play of Earth.  And you have come to this place along the path, and you look out, and stretched before you, as far as you can see, is a great canyon.  And you think to yourself, ‘I have faced challenges, I have reached-up to The Holy Spirit of God, and I have moved along the path; but this looks like the greatest challenge of them all.  Which way do I go?  How do I go?  Do I climb down into the canyon and find my way across?  I have made my way along the path,’ you say, ‘and it has brought me here!’  

    “And I say to you, My brother and sister, have faith.  Have faith!  As faith has led you this far, faith will lift-you-up! 

    “I say to you this day, at this time, where you are, go within, and find ‘all areas,’ of transgression.  It is time to bless and release some more, some that are buried very deeply within you.  Seek them out: all transgressions against you; all transgressions perceived by you; all transgressions perpetrated by you.  Bless, and release, others.  Bless, and release, yourself.  Yes, even at this point, there is work to do. 

    “And, as you begin, one-by-one, from deep within the core of your being, blessing, releasing, forgiving, yourself, and all others, you are as the precious embryo, held within an egg, growing, growing … the chick … the chick that is ready, within a shell too confining, too restraining.  It is time, for your emergence; but no one else can crack the shell.  If you are to emerge into The Light, it must be done, by your own effort. 

    “So I whisper to you, and encourage you:  ‘Go within, and begin chipping!’  Tap away at the shell.  With each blessing, forgiving, and releasing, a crack is formed, and The Light enters.  Yes, keep chipping away.  That which is tiring, and possibly holds pain, is that which is strengthening your spiritual body, just as the chick breaking-out of the egg is strengthening its body for flight.  Keep blessing and releasing, and you will see The Light, coming in more, and more, and more, as the shell is cracking open; and you deliver yourself unto The Light; and you free yourself of weary muscles, tired bones.  And, you see!

    “And I tell you, as you crack the shell away and emerge, at first, The Light is disorienting, and your spiritual body is a bit off- balance, from all the work and exercise you have done to strengthen your spiritual body.  But now I tell you, it is time.   And with all the blessing and releasing, the forgiving, you emerge from the shell, of your own effort, freeing yourself! 

    “And now, at the edge of this great canyon, we stand together.  And I say to you: ‘Feel The Wind beginning to move.  Rise-up child of God, ride The Breath of The Holy Spirit, into The Light, where much will be revealed to you.  Soar over the canyons of Earth, and into The Light of God, in a new time, for you are borne on The Wings of The Holy Spirit.  Fly on.  You are strong of spirit.  You are My brother, and you are My sister; and you have risen-up; and you are flying over the canyon, the challenge.’ 

    “This day, you are rising-up, into The Light of All That Is.  Fly My brother.  Fly My sister.  We are One.” 
Sunday Sermons
Angels, Beings
Of Great Light, Born
Of The Thoughts Of God

    “Come. Let us sit together.  For as you call Me, I come to you.  As you call Me, I AM with you!

    “On this day, I wish to speak to you … of angels … beings of great light, born of the thoughts of God.  Angels accompanied Me, as I walked the Earth.  And My time was better for their presence with Me. 

    “Angels announced My coming.  And the book of My time upon the Earth, was brought forth, and opened, when Gabriel appeared to My mother, Mary.  In The Light and The Glory of God, it was set in place.  The Annunciation opened the book, of My time, upon the Earth, of My birth, as a man, of Earth.  

    “My earthly father was visited by the angels, led by the angels.  The time of My birth, upon the Earth, was announced, in great celebration by choirs of angels, singing joyful songs, from the mountaintops and the sea-sides.  All over the Earth, the tones and vibrations of Heaven, announced My Presence.

    “Angels moved within My family.  In visions, and dreams and apparitions, they delivered the messages of God.  And upon their word, we moved here or there.  In times of peril, we were led, by the angels.  I love the angelic beings of Heaven!

    “During My time upon the Earth, as I grew to a man, and put on the robe of My ministry, and began walking and talking with My brothers and sisters of Earth, angels were constant with Me.

    “And when I set myself aside, in the desert, or on a mountain, or by the sea, they ministered to Me.  I was lifted-up, on the song of angels.  My spirit was nurtured, by the food brought to Me, by the hands of the angels, when I was fed the manna of Heaven.  And when I grew still, I heard messages, from God the Father, carried on the wings of angels.

    “Angels are Heavenly companions. 

    “As I moved over the countryside, and taught, and healed, and prayed, the angels drew nearer, and nearer, as My time upon the Earth was coming to an end.  They were My support.  And in the last days, I could see the air filled with angelic beings.  And I knew, they were ready, to accompany Me back home.

    “When My time upon the Earth was done, when My mission was complete, the sound of Heavenly trumpets filled the air, as angels announced My return.

    “I say these things to you, because, as they are with Me, angels are with you.  And they are with you for one purpose, to guide you, assist you, and help you, as you walk the Earth.  All the days of your life upon the Earth, can be touched, by the presence of angels.  And this presence and this guidance will make your time upon the Earth easier, if you will open, to that which God sends to you.

    “I say to you this day, at least once this week, set yourself aside, with the full intention, of calling on the angels to come forth and minister to you; to lift you up, on the anthem of angels; to nurture your being, with manna from God; to bring you the messages from The Father, from God, The Creator of All Things, so that you might know The Way and walk in wisdom, all the days you are upon the Earth.  This is at your disposal. 

    “You too, can feel the touch of the angels surrounding you, and it will make your days upon the Earth easier.  And it will bring forth The Words of God upon you, and your days will be filled with Peace, and the songs of angels.

    “And when your time is done, when it is time for you to return Home, you too, will hear the sound of the Heavenly trumpets, filling the air, announcing the return, of another child of God. 

    “Be at Peace.  And rest, in the arms, of your angels.”
Sunday Sermons
Subdue, The
Anger Of Earth,
With The Love Of God

    “I AM with you.  And this day, is a day of peace.  There is calmness, in the air around you.  There is a feeling of tranquility, and serenity.

    “I have chosen, this day of peace, to speak to you of the energy of anger.  It is good, and appropriate, to discuss the energy of anger in times of tranquility, and peace, when calm fills the air, so that you might be prepared to meet this energy in times of turmoil and chaos, with confidence and authority.

    “Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, have encountered an aspect, or varying degrees, of anger, during the past week.  Most of you have been able to free yourself from this energy, and find balance and harmony once again.

    “I say to you this day: ‘Reject, the energy of anger!’ 

    “I bring you Keys; I bring you: The Message of God; for, ‘It is the desire, the wish of God, that the children of Earth use the love that comes to you from the Creator, to change the energy of anger.  And it is within your power, to do this.’ 

    “The energy of anger is a creation ‘of Earth.’  The progenitors are ego, and judgment.  It was born, on the wailing of the lost.  It grew in power, in a state of confusion and chaos.  It has been created; therefore, it is.  But this does not mean, that it must exist, forever. 

    “The power of anger will be subdued with the power of love.  And at this time upon the Earth, you are being called to do The Will of God, and subdue anger with love.  It is possible.  For this energy is not productive.  It is heavy, and dark, and will not accomplish The Will of God.  Anger disturbs the spirit, weakens the soul, and sickens the body.  It seeks a host.  And given the opportunity, will move into a being, and therein dwell. 

    “There are ways to stop this energy, from consuming your being, from consuming the Earth.  The first temptation is judgment.  And judgment, led by the hand of ego, is willing to be the partner of anger.  Therefore, reject judgment!  Set ego aside, with the first temptation of judgment.  This is The Key, My brothers and sisters.  It will keep you clean all the day long.  Reject judgment!  For, if you are holding love in your heart, and your being is filled with The Light of God, you will not desire to be the host for anger.  In fact, you will look upon it, when it comes to you in another, ‘recognize’ that the other is in peril, and begin to pray in such a way, that you alter that energy.

    “The answer, to resolving the energy of anger, is to have the children of God, standing in The Light of The Creator, rejecting the temptation of judgment, and filled with The Love of God!

    “But let us say that you slip, or another of your brothers or sisters slip into the temptation of judgment, and it becomes anger.  You have the power to reject anger.  You have the authority to change this energy to love.  The Key – is your intention – intention!  You have the opportunity to change an energy of Earth into The Glory of God.   

    “It is important for you to understand, the challenge might come to you once a week, once a day, every hour.  But it is your golden opportunity, to see it, and recognize it, and with great intention and purpose, alter all times, and change eternity.

    “The energy of anger is powerful.  But it cannot stand in The Light of God’s Love.  The energy of anger cannot live, unless it finds a host.  The energy of anger cannot live, if you are observant and vigilant, not only of yourself, but of your brothers and sisters. 

    “Keep yourself clean.  Reject judgment.  Set ego aside.  And stand in The Light of God.  If you slip, pray.  Sit still, and pray, and you will be delivered.  If you encounter another consumed with anger, pray.  Reject the temptation to enter into that energy.  Pray, and The Love of God will alter the energy of anger.

    “It is the time.  And those of Earth are ready.  This energy, born in darkness, confusion and chaos, will be changed by the children of God, by those who recognize their authority, and by those who choose to do The Will of The Father.  Earth will be replacing anger with love, one situation, one piece, one person, one being at a time; and this energy of change, and light, will move over the face of Earth; and the days will be filled with The Light of God.

    “It is a golden and glorious time!  It is during your lifetime!  You have the authority of God.  Rise-up children, and move into the new day, with confidence, ‘knowing,’ you have The Key.  Now, use it, and free yourself, and all your brothers and sisters. 

    “Rise-up children of Earth!  Subdue the anger of Earth, with The Love of God!”   
Sunday Sermons
Wash From You
The Fears Of Earth,
In The River Of God's Love

    “I AM with you on this day.  And on this day, I bring you joyous tidings of Good News: 

    “You are children of God!  You My brothers and sisters, you are children of God!  Your heritage is Heaven!  ‘Know this,’ and you will be ‘free,’ and all the days that you are upon the Earth, will be, of joy and peace and love.

    “I speak to you in this atmosphere ‘of joy,’ because it is appropriate to speak, ‘of fear,’ when it is not present, so that you might be able to stand in the face of fear, wearing the crown, which marks you as a child of God.

    “I speak to you now of fear, so that you can meet it with confidence, and move along The Way:

    ‘Hold not, fear, upon your heart. 
For the heart, holding fear, cannot know peace. 
The heart, holding fear, cannot beat in rhythm, to the joyful song.

    ‘Hold not, fear, upon your heart. 
For the heart bound in the grip of fear, cannot know love.

    ‘Hold not, fear, upon your heart. 
For the heart, carrying the heavy burden, of fear, cannot find the strength,
to deliver life sustaining force, and energy to the body. 

    ‘Hold not, fear, upon the heart. 
Fear does not mark the children of God. 
The children of God, stand in The Light. 
They are of peace.  Their song is joyful. 
The Love of God flows to them and through them,
and they deliver this life sustaining force, to those of Earth.’ 

    “When you know, when you truly ‘know,’ you are a child of God, you will set aside, the temptations of fear.  And you will accept the crown, marking you, as a child of God.  And this crown that sits so lightly upon your head is not encrusted, with the stones of Earth; it is illuminated, with The Glory of God; there is no place for fear. 

    “On this day be still!  And call forth the temptations, of fear, and say unto them:

‘I cast you from me!

‘I now ‘know’ that I am a child of God, with full authority. 

‘I now know I cannot function as a child of God with full authority carrying fear. 
‘Therefore, I choose freely, to walk in The Light of God.

‘And from this day forth, I shall not bear you. 

‘I shall not be the host for you. 

‘I shall no longer create you, or sustain you. 

‘On this day, I sing the joyful song of peace, and feel The River of God’s Love
flowing through me; and I am cleansed...of fear!’

    “My brothers and My sisters, it is not necessary, for you to live in fear!  In fact, it is most unproductive!  Fear weighs you down, makes you sick, clogs-up the doors, and impedes God’s Light from filling you fully. 

    “On this day, I say unto you: ‘Hold not, fear, upon your heart!’”