"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
June 29, '08
How You
Can Magnify
Your Spiritual Gifts

    “I AM with you.  On this glorious day of days, I AM with you.  And on this day, I wish to share with you, how you can magnify your spiritual gifts.

    “You see, God, The Creator of All Things, gave each of you a spiritual gift.  It is held at the core of your being.  Some of you might hold one gift.  Some of you might hold two or more.  But you must understand, these gifts were not randomly passed-out to see what the children would do with the gifts they were given.  The gifts were carefully thought-out, and prepared with great love for each of you, assembled, uniquely, for your mission. God gave you the gift, or gifts, which will enable you to … complete your mission upon the Earth, so that you might … be whole, be complete.

    “Now some of you do not know what your gift is.  Others of you have an inkling of, or think you might know, what your gift is.  And some of you are using your gifts.  But I say unto you, it does not matter, if you are seeking, opening, or using your gifts, what I wish to say to you, applies to each, individual situation. 

    “This week, I say unto you, if you use The Energy of Love, more frequently, and use the energies of fear, anger, frustration, and judgment, less and less, with each passing day, your spiritual gifts will be enhanced!  They will be greatly magnified, to a level, which will astound you.  For, within the environment of love, the gifts are enhanced, they are complete, they are whole, and they hold clarity.  Within the energies of fear, anger, frustration, or judgment, the gift is diminished, lacking clarity.

    “This week, make it your intention to create a loving environment, and to do so with purpose.  When you encounter trying people, difficult times, or energies such as fear, anger, frustration, and judgment, create love.  Reject any energy that vibrates at a lower, heavier pace.  Reject outright: fear, anger, frustration, and judgment.

    “If you will do this, each hour of every day, at the end of the day, you will feel lighter, you will feel more complete, you will feel clarity settling into you.  Within the energy of love, the gift is made complete, and holds clarity. 

    “The spiritual gifts carried by the children, endowed by The Creator, are many.  And there is no need to repeat the list of all the gifts, or possible gifts; but let it be known …

    “…when the prophet prophesies, in the environment of love, the words that are     spoken, are complete, and hold clarity;

    “…when the interpreter of dreams interprets, within the energy of love, the dream      is interpreted completely, and with clarity;

    “…when the one who carries the gift of knowing, holds love, then this knowing is      complete, and holds clarity;

    “…when the seer is enveloped in an environment of love, that which is seen is           complete, and holds clarity.

    “And the same applies to all gifts.  The gifts of God are magnified, when the children of God operate within the environment of love.  The gifts are whole and complete.  This is so, because you are closer to God, when you are in the environment of love. 

    “Love magnifies the spiritual gifts.  That is all you need to know.  If you are interested in magnifying your spiritual gifts, create love.  Reject fear, anger, frustration, and judgment.

    “This week, My brothers and sisters, make it your intention to create an environment of love.  And in the process, you will be at peace, you will feel whole, and you will hold clarity.”     

Sunday Sermons
Rise-up, Rejoice,
for My resurrection,
is   your  resurrection.
My Father, is your Father.
And My God, is your God.  We,
My brothers, and sisters, are One

    “I AM with you.  And I say unto you:  ‘Awaken.  Rise-up.  Rejoice!  For My resurrection, is your resurrection.  My Father, is your Father.  My God, is your God.  We are bound, by the Golden Thread, by the Golden Strand, of DNA, which identifies us, as The Family of God, and unites us, forever, we are One!’

    “As I have purpose and a mission upon the Earth, those of you hearing, or reading these words, have purpose, and a mission upon the Earth…
     I was sent, from God, to walk the Earth, as a human being;

    I was sent, from God, to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Covenants, so that the            New Covenant, between God and those of Earth could be set into place; 

    I was sent, from God, to bring the New Covenant of Love, to those of Earth;
    I was sent, not to speak My words, but to receive The Word of God, and deliver        the message to My brothers and sisters, to be The Living Word of God; 

    I was sent, to stand in the face of the rules and regulations and the laws of the Old      Covenants, and to hold-up the New Covenant of compassion, kindness, and love; 

    And this I did.  And this I do:

    I touch the untouchables, and they are cleansed in The Love of God, and made            whole; 

    I hold the tears of the weeping, and their heart is filled with a joyful song; 

    I give water to those who thirst, and bread to those who are hungry, and they               drink from The Cup of Life, and are fed, by The Hand of God; 

    I heal the sick, and raise-up the dead, so they might know, and see, The Glory of         God; 

    I am The Sanctuary for the accused, and I turn away the accusers; 

    I clothe the naked, so they might be at peace; 

    I cast-out the unclean spirits from the possessed, so they might know freedom;

    I call the children to come unto Me, so I might tell them, of The Glory of God; 

   And I read the hearts, and the thoughts, of those who will not believe, and they            turn from Me, because, they do not know Me.

“But to those of you who say you know Me, I reach-out; I reach-out My hand and             say:  ‘Come, I will show you The Way… 

    Touch the untouchables, and they shall be whole; 

    Hold the tears of the weeping, and they shall know joy; 

    Give water to those who thirst, and food to those who are hungry; 

    Heal the sick, and raise the dead; 

    Be a sanctuary, for the accused; 

    Clothe the naked; 

    Cast-out the unclean spirits from the possessed, and they shall know freedom; 

    And gather the children unto you, and tell them, of The Glory of God;

    You shall have the power to read the hearts and the thoughts of those who do not         believe you, and they will turn from you, but you will know ‘The Way,’ and you will       walk in it.  And the things that you do upon the Earth, through The Power and The             Love and The Glory of God, will bring forth Heaven onto the Earth; for you will              know Me, and you will know, The Way.’

    “I say to you this day:  ‘Awaken.  Rise-up.  Rejoice!  For My resurrection, is your resurrection.  My Father, is your Father.  And My God, is your God.  We, My brothers and sisters, are One.’ ”

Sunday Sermons
Go Forth
Into The World
With A Joyful Heart,
And A Peaceful Countenance

    “On this day I AM with you.  On this particular Sunday, you are still celebrating, Easter.  You are celebrating, victory over the Earthly grave.  You are celebrating, My rising-up; and My rising-up, is your rising-up; just as My victory over the grave, is your victory over the grave.  So in this time of great celebration, I wish for you to hear these words. 

    “In this time of great celebration, I send you forth, for you are ready.  Go forth, into the world, with a joyful heart, and a peaceful countenance, so your brothers and your sisters might see, confidence, in The Presence of God, with you.

    “I send you forth as you are ready to go, one by one, or two by two, or three by three; however you are assigned, when your time has come, I send you forth, so that The Song of God, might spread over the face of the Earth.

    “I send you forth as you remember the Words that I said unto each of you, the Words that I speak to all My brothers and sisters of the Earth; for I AM with you always.  And if you remember, the Words, it is a sign of your love for Me; and since you have love for Me, I promised that I would come and live with you, and that The Father, The Creator, God of All Things, will also abide with you. 
    “Once you know these things, there should be no fear, no doubt, no concern.  For once you know these things, you are able to hear, guidance from God.  You will no longer think as a human being; but you will be enlightened, with The Wisdom of God.  So as you celebrate, this Sunday after Easter, hold close to you, as a candle in the darkness, the Words I speak unto you:

     You, will be, The Candle, in the darkness. 
You, will be, The Bread of Life, cast upon the waters. 

You, will be, The Word of God. 

You, will be, The Shower of The Way. 

    “Remember, My rising-up, is your rising-up.  And since you know this, I send you forth.  And I say unto you:

Go out into the world, with a joyful heart, and a peaceful countenance, so your
brothers and your sisters might see, confidence, in The Presence of God, with you. 

And, it is in this Way, that The Song of God, will flow over the face of the Earth.

It is in this Way, that the Earth will know peace. 

It is in this Way, that The Kingdom of God, will move, upon the Earth.”

Sunday Sermons
April 6, 2008
I Set Before
You, The Way.
I Reach-Out My
Hand, And Say Unto
You, “Come, Walk In It.”

    “On this day, I AM with you.  On this Sunday, I ask that you give Me your attention, so you might hear that which I speak to you, with an open heart. 

    “Each time you call-out for help, help comes to you.  When you cry-out in the darkness, there comes forth a light, to lead you home.  But you must be willing to accept the help; and you must be willing, to follow, The Light.

    “I set before you The Way.  I reach-out My Hand, and say unto you, ‘Come, walk in it.’ 

    “I fulfill the prophecies of the Old Covenants.  And I say unto you, ‘Come.  Let us celebrate the sealing of the old, for the words of the prophets, are fulfilled.  It is accomplished, to give way to the new.’ 

    “I deliver the New Covenant to those of Earth.  And I say unto you, ‘Come.  Stand in The Light of God’s Love.  Extinguish the flames of fear and punishment.  The energies, which will ignite the flames of the New Covenant, are of celebration and joy, joy in The Love of God.

    “I AM The Living Word of God.  And The Word of God is Love.  If you love Me, you will know Me, and My ways.  If you love God, God will come to you, and live with you.  And when God lives with you, you know love, for God is Love.

    “It is in this way that The Kingdom of God will move over the face of the Earth, through you.  It is in this way, that the children of Earth will know The Presence of God is with you, through the outward sign, of love, emanating from you.

    “I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  If you follow The Way, The Truth will be revealed to you, and you shall have new life.  This I promise unto you.

    “I set before you The Way.  I reach-out My Hand, and say unto you, ‘Come, walk in it.’ ”     

Sunday Sermons
April 13,2008
The Power
“Of Prayer,”
Is Held Within
The Seed Of Faith, Believe
You  Are  A  Child  Of  God

    “On this day, I AM with you.  And as I speak these words to you, I say:

    “Children of Earth, be still; be quiet, so you might hear, that which I say unto you … ‘Have faith, and ‘know’ you are a child of God!’  Repeat these words.  Say them, often.  Let them move within you, until you believe.

    “Believe in Me, as I believe in you, and I AM with you.  Trust in the words that I speak to you, for they will lead you, and reveal the truth to you.  Have faith, and know, you are My brother, you are My sister, you are a child of God.  Have faith, and know this.

    “Nurture your faith in God; and this faith will bring unto you, the gift of courage; and you will walk, the rest of your days upon the Earth, in peace.  If you find you have even a seed of faith within you: tend it, water it, nurture it until it grows, and its leaves unfurl, and its blossom opens.

    “Encourage the growth faith, within you, by taking the time, every day, to set yourself aside from the world to pray; and you will begin to understand, in this sacred silent time, the power of prayer.  For, when you speak to your Heavenly Father in prayer, you will receive the answer you seek.  You will be taken care of, for just as the Earthly parent provides for its children, your Heavenly Parent provides for you.

    “Understand that prayer is communication, between you and God, between Earth and Heaven.  It knows no boundary, no time.  Prayer will nurture your faith.  And the more you set aside, the time, to visit with your Heavenly Parent, the more you will understand what it is that God expects of you, as you journey upon the Earth.  And as you develop this pattern of prayer, communication with God, things become clear.  You understand the challenge you face better, when you pray.  You identify the opportunities that come your way easier, when you pray.

    “Prayer will nurture your faith, and it will grow.  But, as in any conversation, between good friends, or family members, prayer is best done in a quiet place, where there is no distraction, or chaos, or noise.  When you go to God in prayer, set yourself aside.  Be still, and give God a chance to speak to you.  Do not take up the entire conversation, repeating to God all that you desire, that you want for God to do for you.  Listen to what God wants of you. 

    “Just like good friends, share the time together.  Soon, you will find that when you set yourself aside to pray, you will not say anything at all.  Because, by that time, you will understand, that God reads what is on your heart, and knows, what it is you need: and you will be still; and you will hear The Voice of God speaking to you; and the first thing you will hear is, ‘I love you.  You are My child.’

    “Believe Me.  On this day I ask you to believe, for I AM with you.  Trust in My words, for they will lead you to the truth.  Have faith, and know, you are a child of God. 

    “Nurture your faith, in prayer.  On this day I say unto you, be at peace.  For you will surely find peace, is with you more, when you take the time to be still, go to a quiet place, and sit with God, so God might speak with you, so you might hear, and know.

    “And if you say unto Me, ‘I cannot pray.  I do not know how to pray.  I cannot be still.  I have too many things that are worrying me, concerning me.  My life is filled with troubles.’  If you say these things, on this day I reach-out My hand and I say unto you, come. 

    “Come with Me, and be still.  I speak unto you the words.  Say this prayer; know this prayer; and peace will be yours…

Who art in Heaven,
hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day, our daily bread.  And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not
into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is The Kingdom,
and The Power, and The Glory
for   ever,   and   ever.    Amen.
“Rise-up, child of God, and walk.”
Sunday Sermons
April 20, 2008
You Are A
Sacred Seed, Sown
By The Hand Of God

    “I AM with you.  On this day, as spring bursts forth upon the Earth, I AM with you.  And I wish to tell you a story, of life.  And as I begin My story, I take you  back to the weeks of a new winter, the time between autumn and winter.  And I ask you, to picture this story, or to feel this story growing within you, as you hear the words.  On this morning, I say unto you:

* * * * * *

    “You are a sacred seed, sown by The Hand of God, planted in the fertile soil of Earth, close to a bank of a peaceful river.  The time is the end of autumn.  The soil of Earth is preparing, for the dormant time, for the time of rest, for the time of sleep. 

    “As you are inserted into this fertile soil of Earth, you feel her power.  And soon, roots curl from you, pushing through the soil, feeling your way into the Earth, growing strong, holding-on, setting you in place. 

    “And for a period of time, the nutrients of Earth indulge your hunger, and you draw water, and you grow.  Earth sustains you, beneath the surface, as winter passes, quietly, slowly, over your head.  But soon, the nutrients of Earth fill you, and a new life bursts forth from you.  And tender shoots reach upward from the seed, filled with the energy of Earth, and one day, break the surface, and emerge through the soil, and experience … the Sun. 

    “The light of the Sun encourages you, ‘Come, grow, be all that you are intended to be!’  And you breathe-in, and you look around, and you see birds, and trees, and grasses, all the things of Earth, that are set around you, you experience, as you emerge from Earth, and grow, in the light of the Sun.

    “The winds of an early spring blow you, back and forth, and back and forth.  But the roots hold you, firmly.  And you shake in the wind, and it feels good, invigorating.  And then the gentle rains of spring come, long periods of water, flowing over you, moving into you, washing you.

    “And then there is the Sun, high in the sky overhead, bringing you warmth, drying your leaves, bringing forth new buds.  And you grow, and you prosper, and you thrive, because you are firmly rooted, in fertile ground, and your leaves are unfurling, in the light of the Sun. 

    “Springtime passes, and the early days of summer fill you with delight; bees buzzing, butterflies coming to call.  And you give forth your most beautiful presence, standing, just being, the results of the seed. 

    “You are fulfilling the promise of the seed, in the months of summer.  And it is at this time, that you are to just be, to permit, to allow, All That Is, within you, to be exhibited, upon the Earth.  And you breathe-in the days of summer, and you take-in the sounds of the bees, the gentle flutter of the butterfly, the call of the birds.  And it is, in this time, that you find, you are moving with the rhythm of Earth, that you are held upward, and growing upward, expanding every day, more completely, in the light of the Sun.  And the gentle breezes bring you movement, balance, harmony, with all of Earth.

    “There comes a time, at the end of summer, when you begin to send your seed to find ground elsewhere, to leave a piece of you behind on Earth, as you sense, the energy within you, slipping away.  So, you cast your seed on the breeze.  And, as fall takes over the Earth, you bend; and, with much gratitude, thank Mother Earth, for all, that has been provided, to raise-up this life, within the seed.

    “And sometime, during the fall, before the winter, you rest again, upon the Earth that lifted you up.  And as you lay down, The Hand of God, comes to collect the sacred seed.  And The Light fills you.  And your angels accompany you, as you move above the Earth, going Home.

    “A sacred seed, sown by The Hand of God, visited the Earth, for a season; grew, multiplied, and went back Home, leaving a piece of it, scattered on The Wind.  The last thing you feel, is The Breath of The Holy Spirit, taking you Home, shshshshshshsh …

* * * * * * *

    “Each one of you, hearing or reading these words, is a sacred seed, sown by The Hand of God, placed upon the Earth, for a season!  This day let it be your intention, to feel The Power of Earth, and to call on this energy to fuel you in your mission.  And this day, feel the breeze of Earth, taste the sweetness, and grow in the light of the Sun.  Prepare to cast your seeds on the breeze, and ‘know,’ soon, it will be time to lay yourself back down, so that you can go Home!

    “I have told you this morning of the life, the season, of a flower, or a plant, or a tree; or however it was, you ‘visioned’ the words.  But remember, as you walk through this week … you ... are the sacred seed … sown by The Hand of God … bring forth life … in The Light of The Son!”

Sunday Sermons
April 27, 2008
Live, Today!
Live in the Present,
Using the Lessons of the Past,
To Prepare For, And Create, The New Day!

    “I AM with you.  On this day, listen to the song of the birds, feel the gentle breeze, and the swaying of the trees.  See the gift, of the flowers.  I AM with you on this day, so that you might celebrate.  Celebrate the Joy, of this New Day.  It is yours.  There is creation to be completed.  Each day, adds to creation.  I AM with you.  Create today!

    “Do not cast yourself into the future, squandering the present.  Do not wander the hallways of yesterday, at the expense of today.  Live today!

    “Live in the present, using the lessons of the past, and you will be prepared for the future.  Do not lament the past, or fear what is yet to come.  Live in the present!

    “When I walked the Earth, I spoke to those I gathered around Me, and told them that a time would come, when I would return Home, to The Father, to The Creator.  And this saddened them, because they did not understand.  However, I told them, that I would talk to The Father, and ask that The Holy Spirit come to them in a special way, so that they could find … a voice … a feeling … a knowing … something … that would lead them each day, with confidence.  I do not believe, when I spoke to them of this, that they fully understood what I was saying.  But still, I ‘knew,’ that My part … of The Great Creation Plan … was to walk the Earth, deliver the message, and return Home.  And this I did.

    “During the time shortly after My return Home, those whom I loved, gathered together, in an upper room.  They were living in the past, remembering the past.  They were fearful of the future, and what lay ahead.  And then, The Holy Spirit of God descended upon them, and was with them, in a Mighty Way.  And The Presence, of The Spirit of God, anointed those gathered, and they rose-up, in faith and confidence, and walked into the new day.

    “From that point forward, they used what they had learned from the past, to create each new day.  They moved amongst the peoples, and spoke, as they were led by The Holy Spirit of God to speak.  They were no longer fearful of the future.  Their intention was to do The Will of God; therefore, each day, they delivered the message, in the way, they were guided, to do so.  And in this Way, they moved, in order, toward the future.

    “In the beginning, there was Light.  There was a great creation of energy that is moving.  Creation is moving.  You must move in sequence.  Move with creation.  If you go backward, if you remain in the past, all things will go by you.  It does not stop, because you refuse to go forward.

    “If you are stuck in the past, you cannot create your present.  And, if you are fearful of the future, and this consumes your thought, you are ignoring your present.  And it disrupts the flow, of creation.  For, from the past, there comes the present, and the present prepares for the future.  You move in order to be.

     “So this day I say unto you, live in the present, using the lessons of the past, to prepare for the future.  I AM with you.  Lament not.  Fear not.  Open yourself to The Holy Spirit of God, and invite us to walk with you, in a special Way.

“Be at peace.” 

Sunday Sermons
May 4, 2008
Use The Gifts
You Have Been Given
For The Glory Of God

    “I AM with you on this day.  On this day as the bird calls, singing joyfully; on this day as the breeze, moves the leaves on the trees, gently; I AM with you.  And as you see spring, bringing new life to the Earth; and as you breathe in the scents, of the fresh flowers; and, as your ears are filled with the song, of a New Day… I say these things to you…

    “Use the gifts you have been given, for The Glory of God.  Do not hide your gifts, in a basket.  God has given you gifts, gifts that will assist you, in your journey upon the Earth. Use the gifts!

    “Think of your gifts, as a seed.  A seed, unused, held in your hand, carried in a basket, will never, blossom.  A seed, sown carelessly, lacking care, untended, will never reach its full potential.  But, the seed, cultivated, planted with love, tended with care, will be strong, will bring forth life, will blossom, bear fruit, and yield, seeds, for the new season.  And the seeds, will multiply, with each harvest.  From the one, there will be many.  From the seed, there will be a bountiful crop.

    “These seeds: the unplanted; the untended; and the greatly loved; represent the gifts.  Use the gifts you were given.  This is how – the blossoms will cover the Earth.  This is how – the Earth will be fed from the manna.  One seed, tended, guarded, loved, will produce a bountiful crop!  Do not carry your seeds in your hand, or hide them away.  Use what you have been given.  Do not sow carelessly; plant, in a fertile, well-tended garden.

    “This day, use the gifts you have been given, for The Glory of God.  And The Glory of God will shine about you, and what you sow, will be a rich, glorious, bountiful harvest, from a seed. 

    “Be at peace.  Whatever you do this day, use the gifts you have been given, so that The Glory of God might be seen upon the Earth, through you!”

Sunday Sermons
May 11, 2008
On Mother's Day
A Parent’s Wish
Is For Their Child To Use
The Gifts They Have Been Given

    “I AM with you on this day, as I AM with you every day.  And on this day, a portion of the Earth is celebrating ‘The Day of The Mother,’ one of your Earthly parents, the day set aside to be respectful, and hold in a place of honor, one who gave birth, one who began your journey, giving you life, on Earth.

    “My words to you today are brief, so you might hold them, and let them move into you, so that you might come to understand, so that you might ‘know’…

    “A parent’s wish is for their child to use the gifts they have been given, to experience the adventure of a lifetime: celebrating accomplishments; persevering in the face of adversity; performing deeds of kindness, when given the opportunity; and, visiting, or calling home, from time to time, to talk about what they are doing, as they journey upon the Earth.

    “It is the prayer of the Earthly parent.  It is the desire of the Heavenly Parent.  It is the same.  For a parent wishes to give love and support to the child, to support that which the child is attempting to do. 

    “I wish for … a brief time, that you would open, to a story, to walk into this picture, I am painting for you, so that you might see, and know better, the dreams and aspirations of a parent.  To move into this scenario requires that you use your imagination, set the scene, if you will.  Call forth another place.  Pick a place, any place.  Select a time.  It does not matter, whether your vision is in the past, or the future, or possibly even the present.  The only requirement is that you are willing, for just a few minutes, to use your imagination.

    “I paint for you this picture … a parent.  Let us say, for the purpose of this day … a mother.  And we find this mother, reading an announcement.  The announcement declares her child has been chosen to take part in a great quest, the adventure of a lifetime.  And the child is eager to go.  The parent cannot accompany the child.  It is a quest, a mission.  And it must be done alone.  The mother sets the paper down, touching the announcement, understanding the opportunity for the child, and prepares. 

    “She takes the child aside, and says, ‘You have been selected to take part in an adventure of a lifetime.  You are to journey, over the face of the Earth on a mission.  And when it is complete, you can return home.

    “‘I want you to remember, who you are.  I want you to remember, that I love you, and I support you, as you go forth.  You cannot carry vast amounts of provisions with you; therefore, I give to you this sack, in it there is an apple, and a few pieces, or selections of other fruits.  Few they are my child; but they will give you a start.

    “‘In the sack you will find seeds.  For your journey will require you be gone many years.  And from time to time, you will stop and pause.  And it will give you time to plant these seeds, which will grow, and produce fruit for you to move along, feed you, and nourish you if you tend them well.  If you are wise, these seeds, well planted, will yield the fruit.  And the fruit will produce more seeds.

    “‘I give you this needle and thread, so that you might mend that which you tear or rip, or to use that which you wear to fashion another garment, suitable for change, and growth, and expansion.

    “‘I speak to you in earnest, and ask that you mind the companions you select along the way, so that you do not stray from the path set before you, or shirk the quest, the mission.  In the event that you do get lost, I give you this compass that you can trust will guide you, when the day is stormy, and the night cloudy.

    “‘And I speak to you these words, I love you, in your accomplishments, and I admire you, when you slip, and rise-up.  I do this all in advance, knowing that your journey will bring you many experiences.  And I tell you this, when it is done, I will be here, waiting.

    “‘I send you forth on the adventure of a lifetime.  Remember who you are, and walk, the face of the Earth, in peace, knowing I love you, and I support you, and I am with you…in Spirit.’

    “And hearing these words, the child moves forth.  And the years go by.  And occasionally, a letter will find its way back home, talking of the great things that are happening, the trials, the triumphs, the joys.  And one day, off in the distance, there comes a figure, walking slowly, out of the light, coming home.

    “The figure is different.  But the parent recognizes the child returning home, from the journey of a lifetime.  The child opens the gate, walks-up the steps, and says, ‘I am home.’

    “Now, I told you this story, so you would understand, that, as the Earthly parent, sends the child out, to experience life, so too, does the Heavenly Parent.  You are sent forth.  But you are never alone.  If you will remember who you are, if you will eat the food, given to you by God, planting the seeds all along The Way, your journey will be marked upon the Earth.  And if you are tempted to stray, your Heavenly Father, your Parent, has given you a Divine Compass.  The Holy Spirit of God will lead you, when the day is dark, and the night is stormy.  And when you return Home, there will be great celebration, to mark, your adventure, of a lifetime.

    “I would ask that you ponder the words, I have given you this day.  And remember always, a parent’s wish is for the child, to use the gifts they have been given, to experience, the adventure, of a lifetime.”     

Sunday Sermons
May 18, 2008
True Peace
that is Sacred,
and P r o f o u n d,
Borne from W i t h i n,
Without Making a Sound

    “As this day begins, I AM with you.     And with the coming of the light, I wish to speak to you of peace, so that peace will illuminate your journey upon the Earth.

    “The peace that I will speak to you about this day is not a slogan, or a sign.  It is sacred, and profound.  It is borne, from within, without making a sound.  It cannot be bought, or legislated, or demanded, or manipulated.  But the atmosphere of peace can be created, by nurturing the seed, borne within.

    “This takes faith, desire, tolerance, and perseverance.  But if you set your intention to create an environment of peace, the energy of peace will be absorbed, by all who walk into it. 

    “On this day, I give you a key to use.  And, if it is your intention to create the environment of peace, you might use this week to work, to practice, to use this advice. 

    “When you feel at peace at the core of your being, all is right.  You are in balance.  And this atmosphere of peace permits health: of body, soul, and spirit. 

    “Each of you hearing these words, or reading these words, has experienced from one time or another, at one time or another, peace.  But today, I want to tell you how you can achieve this state of peace for all time. 

    “The first step is to pay attention to the little things, the things that upset you, annoy you, frustrate you.  These are the things that should not be permitted entrance into your garden of peace.  And it is the simplest way to begin changing eternity.  When the temptation comes to be irritated, or annoyed, stop!  Whatever you are doing, stop, be still, and pray.  Focus your attention, not on the temptation, but on the inner prayer, so that you might pass-up the temptation to join in that energy.

    “This week, if you will work on avoiding the small temptations, you will be at peace.  This I promise unto you.  But it takes faith, and desire.  It requires tolerance.  It means that you will persevere, in the face of many challenges.  But, it will be worth it.  And the environment of peace will be established, within you, and all around you.  This is how peace will move over the Earth.  And it will not be the peace of a slogan, or a sign.

    “If you will work, in this way, for this week, you will establish true peace that is sacred, and profound, borne from within, without making a sound. 

Sunday Sermons
May 25, 2008
You Are A
Child Of God,
Reject All Shadows,
And Be Joyous In The Light

    “I AM with you this day, this beautiful day.  No matter whether it is raining, or the sun is filling the sky, it is a beautiful day.  And on this day, I wish to say some things to you… 

    “You are a living example to all around you.  And if you ‘know,’ you are a child of God, then your actions, your words, even your thoughts, are different; they are infused with the confidence that comes from ‘knowing,’ you are loved.  And within the atmosphere of love and confidence, joy abounds. 

    “Do not be afraid.  Do not be fearful.  Be joyous.  Do not be overburdened by the past.  Do not be anxious about the present.  Do not worry about the future.  Be joyous.  Do not give yourself over to the shadows by accepting a sullen nature, creating an atmosphere of gloom, foreboding, darkness.  Be joyous.

    “If you believe that you are a child of God, walking the Earth, on a mission, then you will not fall, and remain, in the darkness of the shadows; you will rise-up, in The Light of God. 

    “Understand, as a child of God, you are to live in The Glory and The Light of God.  This is how those of Earth will see, and know, The Way. 

    “If you feel, upon hearing these words, or reading these words, that perhaps you have been fearful; and perhaps, right now, you are fearful; or that you have been anxious; or worried; or perhaps have been sullen about a state that you find yourself in, this day can be the changing point of your life.  Because it will be this day, that you realize, God wants the children of Earth to be joyous!

    “It is no different, from the Earthly parent.  Those of you, who are parents, can quickly identify with this.  But those of you, who are not parents, imagine you are a parent, who loves its child very much.  Now, what do you desire for your children, for your child?  Most every parent will say, ‘I want to see my child happy.’  And it is the same with The Heavenly Father.

    “If you are happy and joyous, it is an outward sign that you know, you are a child of God.  This day, decide.  Use your freewill choice, to reject the gloom of darkness and shadow, and turn to The Light, for it will fill you with peace, and give birth to joy.

    “Most of you are familiar with the prayer called ‘The Our Father,’ or ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’  And in this particular prayer is The Way.  The words tell you clearly.  And, if you say the prayer, you will know The Way, and you will see, that you ask for forgiveness for yesterday; but the important component is you forgive ‘all’ about yesterday, including yourself, so that you are cleansed completely. 

    “You ask to be given your daily bread, to take care of the present.  And, if you truly believe, you will trust that God will give you your daily bread.  And then, with great faith you say, ‘Please God, do not lead me into temptation.  And deliver me from evil.’

    “In this prayer, you address your past, your present, and your future.  You hang all of these things on faith.  You turn them over to God.  Therefore, there should be no concern about the past, no worry about the present, no fear of the future.  There should be, coming from Earth, songs of celebration, sung by the children of God, walking the face of the Earth.  Joy is necessary. 

    “This day I say unto you, do not be afraid to live.  Live in The Light of God.  Reject all shadows, and be joyous; for you are greatly loved!  And being greatly loved will bring forth this joy.  Be at peace on this day.  Be confident on this day. Be joyous on this day!”
Sunday Sermons
June 1, 2008
You Are A
Child Of God:
What Is It That God
Cannot Do, Through You?

    “Feel My Presence, I AM with you.  Feel My Presence, as I walk with you this day.  I AM with you, always.

    “Let this day be the day that you rise-up and say, ‘I am a child of God.  Jesus is my brother; and I have something to do upon the face of the Earth; before I go home, I will do The Will of God.’  Let this be the turning point, this day, because it is yours to do.  Life, as you know it upon the Earth right now, has a beginning and an end; you have a set amount of time to complete your mission.  I speak to you to say, ‘Let us begin.  Let us begin, anew, from this day forward, announcing fully every day, I am a child of God;  this day, I do The Work of God!’

    “Now, I ask, each of you, hearing these words or reading these words, this day, what is it, that God cannot do?  And, if you believe that God is The Source of All Power, The Creator of All Things, The Divine Maker, you will probably say, very quickly, ‘God can do all things.’  In fact, you might answer, with great confidence, ‘God can do all things!’
But I ask you to stop, and consider this, ‘Can God do all things, through you?’ 

    “As you heard or read those words, you were ready to pronounce, ‘Yes,’ until you got to the last two.  And they are very important words, ‘through you!’  For I say unto you, it is ‘through you,’ that God wishes to change the Earth.  It is ‘through you,’ that God wishes to move the mountain.  It is ‘through you,’ that God wishes to part the sea.  My brothers and sisters, God wishes to work miracles, ‘through you!’

    “You have read of miracles.  Possibly, you have seen miracles.  But I say unto you, it took one holding faith, to be the instrument, bringing forth The Miracle of God, upon the Earth.  It is time, for the children of God, to understand, that The Power of God, is in each one of us!

    “It is time for the children of God to understand, ‘Your particular, unique gifts are what set you apart, what make it possible for you to complete your mission.’  There is no place for comparison, no place for judgment, no place for doubt.  There is no place for fear, if you hear the Words and recognize them as Truth.

    “This day, I give you a gift, as I say unto you, ‘The Power of God is within you!  And God wishes to work through you!’  I bless you, and you feel The Power, moving slightly, stirring, but beginning to come alive.

    “You see, for God to work through you, you must give permission.  For God to work through you, you must say, ‘Yes.’  For God to work through you, you must choose, of your own freewill, to be the instrument of God upon the Earth.  Once you make this decision, all things are possible.

    “This day, set aside doubt, for it dims The Glory of God.  Set aside fear, for it restricts The Glory of God.  And pick-up the banner; walk into this day, holding high, The Banner of God’s Child.  Begin by saying, ‘Good morning God, I am here.  I know I am Your child.  Direct me, and Your Will shall be done upon the Earth; for I am Yours, and I am ready, and I know, we are One!’

    “So I say to each of you…

What can God do, through you?” 
Sunday Sermons
June 8, 2008
What Is
Your Mission
Upon The Earth?
Watch For The Signs,
And Prepare For The Time!

    “I AM with you.  And on this day, I wish to speak to you, especially to those of you who are wondering, ‘What is it that God wants me to do?’

    “And I say unto you, ‘The answer is within you!’  The Keys are: the things that you want to do, the desires, the yearnings and longings of your youth; the things that would follow the words, ‘If I could, I would…’  Once you connect with your inner desire, watch for the signs, and prepare for the time; for it will surely come to you.

    “I was sent from God, to show The Way.  Still, once upon the Earth, I had to wait, and prepare for the day.  And it came.  It is the same for you.

    “Lips do not taste the first drop of wine: before the sun blesses the fruit of the vine; before the workers toil in the vineyards, all the day long; until at last, comes the day of the harvest song; and then the process, it is still not complete; for, the drink, the juice of the grape, must be stored.  And, those who are in charge of this process, watch for the signs, and wait for the time.  And then, what is opened is a sweet glass of wine.

    “You are no different.  Your journey, upon the Earth, is as the grape to the wine.  For you are blessed, in The Light of The Son.  But there are many days that you must toil, sometimes all day long, to harvest.  But, if you will wait, and watch for the signs, you will ‘know’ the time.

    “Rise-up, every day, and pray!  Say, ‘God, I am here.  Show me a sign, so I might see the path, or know The Way.’  And it will be revealed to you.  But, the process is a continuing process, from the beginning to the end.  So you must have patience.  Know this.  Now begin.  And remember the story, of the grape, on the vine. 

    “You are blessed by God.  Now, watch for the signs, and prepare for the time.  It will come.  And The Holy Spirit of God will lead you, all along The Way.  And I will come, and walk with you, every single day.  Your steps, your footsteps, upon the Earth, will show that you walked, for a brief time, upon the Earth, you completed your mission, and you went home.

    “So, connect with your inner desire, and pray!  Watch for the signs, and prepare for the time!”
Sunday Sermons
June 15, '08
(On Father’s Day)
The Gift; And,
The Answered Prayer:
Be Not Afraid, For I AM With You

    “I AM with you.  And on this day, I wish for us to create a vision, together. 

    “I wish to speak to you today, of the eternal Love, and Presence, of your Heavenly Parent, your Creator, The One, Who gave you life.  And it is appropriate that I speak about such things today; because, much of the Earth, on this particular day, celebrates the day of the father, Father’s Day.

    “And so keeping this in mind, let us begin to create a vision… 

    “I ask you to see a child, standing at the edge of a pathway, leading into a park.  And bring into your vision, next to the child, a parent, standing, holding a gift. 

    “Since it is the day of the father, if it suits you, in your vision, see the parent, as a man, a father.  And see the parent, bringing a gift, a beautiful, iridescent balloon, reflecting great light, and the parent is holding the balloon, by a golden string.

    “Now move your vision along to see the parent stoop down by the child, and offer the gift, and attach it to the child, by tying it, gently, around the little wrist.  Then, notice that the parent points the way to the path, as if to say: ‘Go on.  I am with you.’  And the parent rises-up to follow the child, along the path.  

    “Now see the child running along the path, close enough to be comfortable in the presence; but far enough ahead, to feel the freedom of the path leading into the park.  And let your vision include the beautiful, iridescent balloon, floating above, leading the way.  And then hear, the sweet song of laughter, coming from the child.

    “Hold that vision.  And let it replay, over, and over again.  Continue to see the vision, while I speak to you briefly, of the answered prayer, of the child.

    “The little child kneeled and prayed…
   “Dear God, please be with me.  I am so small, and the world is so big.’

    “And God answered the child’s prayer…

    “Be not afraid.  I AM with you.  I AM always with you, for I AM within you.  We are One.  You are My child.  When you call to Me, you will hear Me, for I will speak to you, and you will know The Way.  I send to you, My Son, to show you the path.  And I give unto you, My Spirit, to lead you, all the days you walk upon the Earth.  So, be not afraid.  Go into the world, with great joy, and with a song on your heart!  Create great light, My child, and be at peace; for I AM with you, always.’

     “Now as you hear those words, and hold your vision, let the vision continue.  And understand, in this vision that you and I have created together, the standing parent, bringing the gift of the iridescent balloon, represents The Heavenly Parent, The Creator, The Eternal, Loving Presence.  The stooping parent, pointing-out The Way, and following close behind, represents The Son.  The iridescent balloon, reflecting great light, represents The Holy Spirit of God, showing The Way, attached to the child, by a golden string.  And the child represents … you … moving along the path into the park, which represents the world.

    “I ask you this day, to rise-up, and continue the vision we have created, with a deeper understanding of the parts each plays.  I ask you to rise-up, and run along the pathway, into the park.  Feel The Presence of The Holy Spirit attached to you, reflecting The Light and The Glory all about you.  Be confident, that your Creator is close to you, within you. And move, into the world, with great joy, and a song on your heart.  On this day, I ask you to create, light; and know, I AM with you, always!” 

Sunday Sermons
June 22, '08
Is Your Home
Create A Living Monument
For The Kingdom Of Heaven

    “I AM with you.  As you receive direction from God this morning, I AM with you.  On this day you have been directed: to be the peacemaker; to carry song; to be of light; and to be of love, all the day long.  And, from this day, you will move into eternity, one minute at a time, carrying these beautiful gifts, distributing them, all along The Way, marking your path home.

    “Hear Me, and know this:  ‘I have great love for you!  You are My brother.  You are My sister.  You are created, by God.  You are an eternal being; and, you are meant, to be, of Heaven.  Heaven is your home.’ 

    “Know this: ‘Heaven is your home!’

    “If you ask members of a family who are assembled, for whatever reason, to recall a memory of home, to stop and think for a while, of something that reminds them of home, you will receive as many different answers, as there are those gathered.  Some will cite particular things, particular moments.  Some will incorporate a scent, and the scent is usually attached to fond memories of something cooking in the kitchen, announcing that it is a holiday, or a birthday, or a Sunday.  But you will get an answer, that memory, quickly flashing before each one.

    “Now, let that be a stage.  For, I am going to cue you to do the same thing.  I am going to ask you to grasp, and to hold and to treasure, the first thing that comes to you.  It might be only a fragment.  It might be a brief glimpse, or an aroma, or a knowing settled within you.  But it will come to you, if you will respond to Me.

    “As the family gathered, remembered their home, pieces and parts of it, I ask you, right now…

    “What do you remember of your Heavenly Home?’

    “The question is usually quickly and easily answered by children, for they seem to be the closest to The Kingdom of God.  And, some of you adult children of God, reading these words or hearing these words, had a glimpse, a glimmer, a shining second where you were touched by an angel, inspired by The Holy Spirit, and had a memory, a recall, of your true home.

    “I wish for you to ponder that which I say unto you this day and this week, knowing Heaven is your home, ask for guidance, some sign, some glimmer, some memory, of home.

    “For each of you, but most especially for those of you who did not grasp the second, or peer into the moment, I will share this with you.  I am going to give you a piece of Heaven.  You see, Heaven is real.  It is real.  It is perfect.  It is complete.  It is whole.

    “If you have ever looked at a flower, amazed at the complexity, awestruck in the simplicity, you have experienced a piece of Heaven.  If you have ever heard music that stopped your heart, and brought tears to your eyes, you have heard the sound of Heaven.  If you have ever looked upon a painting, and thought it so glorious, and rich, you looked upon the inspiration of God.  If you have ever stood still for a moment to hear the words of a peacemaker, you have heard the dialogue of Heaven. 

    “Heaven is your home.  And these things serve to remind you, of home. 

    “In Heaven there are Living Monuments, dedicated to the greatest achievements of those walking Earth.  These monuments are transparent.  They hold within them the things that transcend the boundaries of Earth, and rise, and move to the place of Eternal Light. 

    “These monuments holding Eternal Light are displayed in forms you would find interesting: an obelisk, a sphere, a trapezoid, a rectangle, all forms you can think of; and, they are ‘living monuments,’ holding within them, the triumphal moments of the human race.

       “There are monuments dedicated to: love, kindness, compassion, peacemakers, art forms.  You can observe these monuments from the outside, and see: certain acts of kindness, playing out before you; certain deeds of compassion; movements of a dancer, moving like a bird on wing.  If you move inside of these living monuments, you will feel and know: kindness, compassion, love.  You will hear the words of the peacemakers.  You will feel the flow of the dance.  You will understand the inspiration of the artist.  You will be moved by the wonders of Earth.  For, these shining moments, represent humanity’s perfection, your ability to rise above all challenges, into The Light of God.

    “Picture these Living Monuments.  And know, whatever you do upon the Earth, there are things you can create of eternal beauty, and bring them home, with you.

   “And so I say unto you this day, know this:  ‘You are created to inherit The Kingdom of God; it is real; it is whole; it is perfection; and, it is yours!’”