"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 26, 2008
Live In
The Present
'Light'  Of  The
Holy  Spirit  Of  God
That Dwells Within You

  “I bring you Peace.  I AM with you, to bring you peace, so that you might, more clearly, ‘know,’ The Way; and, walk in it.  I Love you.  I touch you.  Feel My Presence, with you.

    “My brothers and sisters, My words to you today will be brief; but they are important; for, as you walk the Earth, you will encounter many contradictions, many things will change: from appropriate to inappropriate; from fit to unfit; from clean to unclean, through your lifetime.  This is why it is important, that you live within the energy, with The Presence of, under the guidance of, The Holy Spirit of God that dwells within you.

     “For I tell you, change is inevitable.  The words you say one day, might not be the words that you would choose to use, twenty (20) or thirty (30) years later.  The direction, or instruction, or guidance, you give one child at age four (4), will not be the same guidance, you give the child, when the child is thirty-four (34).   One day you might say, ‘Eat the apple.’  A month later, you might say, ‘Enjoy the plum.’  One day you might say, ‘You need a coat,’ the next day, ‘A coat is not required.’  Even in your limited space and time, of experiencing life on Earth, as you know it now, things will change.  And this is as it has always been.

    “As I walked the Earth, more than two thousand (2,000) years ago, I tried to point this out.  I was often unsuccessful.  In fact, sometimes, I was criticized for altering rules and regulations, which applied at one time, in the present time. 

    “So I give you this key:  ‘Live in The Present Light of The Holy Spirit of God that is within you.  Let this Light guide you, in the present.’  For you see, in this way, you will always be: eating the fruit that is appropriate; wearing the garment that is appropriate; thinking, speaking, and doing, that which is appropriate.  And it will change, and your thoughts will change, and your words will change, and your deeds, likewise, will change.  But The Light that comes from you will remain like…the light in a magnificent house constructed at the edge of the sea…a lighthouse.  That light is ever present.  But all about it might change.  It might be sunny.  It might be rainy.  It might be clear.  It could be foggy.  But the light is always there.

    “This is the importance of The Holy Spirit with each and every one of you.  Because there is no set rule, or regulation, for each and every one of you, except that which is whispered to you, by The Holy Spirit of God.  That is The Way.

     “The Holy Spirit might whisper to you one day, ‘Go to your left.  That is The Way.’  But two days later, The Holy Spirit might whisper to you, ‘Now, go to the right.  That is The Way.’  And yet another day might come, when The Holy Spirit will say unto you, ‘Pass this group by.  That is The Way.’  And then, a week later, The Holy Spirit might say, ‘Stop at this group, and touch them, each one.  That is The Way.’ 

    “How can you know what to do?  Be still.  Ask for guidance.  Every step of The Way is a step of faith.  Put one foot in front of the other, and ask The Holy Spirit of God, that abides within you.

    “This way: you will live in the present; you will love in the present; you will eat, that which is brought to you; and you will speak the words, that are appropriate, for that present moment; and you will be, in The Light of God, all along The Way. 

    “I say this to you, it is a key‘Be in the present, and be guided, every minute, by The Holy Spirit of God.  Be in the present, and live!’”

Sunday Sermons
July 6, 2008
The Kingdom
Of God Is Within You,
It Is Time To Wake-up!

    “I AM with you on this day.  And on this day I say unto you, ‘Wake-up!  It is time to wake-up, to open your eyes, to see, so that complacency and judgment do not rob you of your glory.  The Kingdom of God is within you!  Let it flow through you, on to the Earth!’

    “Do not be content to sit behind closed doors, singing praise of The Lord.  Rise-up, throw open the door, and walk into the sun light, proclaiming The Glory of God, in your thoughts, words, and deeds. 

    “For I say unto you, ‘When you care for the sick, you care for Me; when you assist the poor, you assist Me; when you clothe the naked, you clothe Me; and when you feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty, you know Me; and I know you, because you love Me!’

    “Wake-up.  It is time.”  

Sunday Sermons
July 13, 2008
The Light Is Within You,
It Is Time To Turn On Your Light

    “Feel My presence, as I move even closer.  Feel My presence, I AM with you.  You know Me, and I know you, as we are One. 

    “This morning, I say to you, ‘Wake-up!  Open your eyes.  See the light.  If you are in shadow or darkness, turn on the light, for the light is within you.’

    “Those of Earth are sending forth the signal.  It is time.  The time of great enlightenment is dawning.  From all over the face of the Earth, the signals are flickering, at first dim, then stronger, as a candle lit in the darkness, first the flicker, then the flame, then the illumination of all, around the source of the light.

    “Earth, is beginning, to glow!  Earth, is beginning, to show, that it is time!  You see, the signal, is to come, from Earth.  And once it begins, there is no returning to the darkness, as Earth, grows brighter, and lighter, and shimmers, and shines.  And soon, it will be, as intended, a golden orb, suspended in space.  And all eternity will turn, and face, the magnificent creation ‘of God, and those of Earth.’ 

    “If you can hold that vision, this week, it will happen!  You see, the period of great enlightenment, is dawning now.  And you are blessed to walk the face of the Earth at this time, to turn on the lights, to send the signal, ‘We are ready.  Let it begin!’

    “Your thoughts, words, and deeds, are to be filled with light.  Recognize that the light is truth.  Do not cloud your light. 

    “There will be those who come to you to tempt you.  Some temptations will be small, maybe just to speak of another in an unkind way.  But resist that temptation, because those small smudges are not the truth.  The truth is the light within each of you.  And now it is time to turn on the light.  Turn your light on.  Turn the light of your brothers and sisters on, by focusing on their light.  It is the truth.

    “I ask you to think of it in this way: if you walk into a familiar room, and it is totally in darkness, you will know where the light is.  And you move to that space, or that place, and you turn on the light.  And the room is illuminated, and you see, you see where everything is. 

    “But I tell you this also: you can walk into the same dark room, and remain in the darkness, and your eyes will become accustomed to the shadowy place.  And soon, you will be able to make out what is in the room.  You will find your way.  You might trip or stumble.  But still, your eyes will become accustomed to the darkness.  And soon you will see. 

    “But when someone comes along, and turns on the light, you will, at first, be blinded, because you have been stumbling and groping in the darkness.  There will be a period where you cannot see anything, and then, it will be illuminated.  And the truth will be there, before you.

    “So, it is the same: you can walk into the darkness and turn on the light, illuminating the truth; or, you can stumble around in the shadows, becoming accustomed to the darkness.  But I say to you, the light will fall on you eventually, because the entire face of the Earth is to be illuminated, the period of great enlightenment is dawning.

    “So I say to you this morning, ‘Wake-up.  Open your eyes.  See the light.  Feel the light.  It is within you.’ 

    “This week, walk into every room of shadow or darkness, and turn on the light.  With your thoughts, let them be ‘of light.’  Go to the core of all matters, and turn on the light.  With your words, when you speak to others, ‘Be the light.’  Touch the light in each of your brothers and sisters.  Your deeds will show The Way.  And you will truly be a candle.  And your flame will illuminate the shadows.

    “Those of Earth are sending forth the signal, ‘Rise-up.  It is time.  The period of great enlightenment is dawning.  It is coming upon the Earth, and you are there.  You are there … to see … to be a witness … to be … The Light.’”

Sunday Sermons
July 20, 2008
It Is Time:
Be The Peacemaker,
Be The Bringer Of Light

    “I AM with you.  Feel My presence as it settles around you, in a most profound way.  Whether you are hearing My words, or reading My words, right now, ‘Stop, be still, and feel My presence with you!’

    “You are My brother.  You are My sister.  And on this day I call to you, and I say unto you, ‘Wake-up!  It is time for you to open your eyes, so you might see.  It is time to open your ears, so you might hear the words I say, so you might know, The Way.’

    “You are touched, and loved, by The Son.  You are fed by The Hand of God.  You are counseled, and led, by The Holy Spirit, within you, guiding you, to the truth, and the light.  And you are surrounded, and protected, by the mighty angels of God.  All this is yours, so that you might complete your mission, upon the face of the Earth, so that you might know The Way, and walk in it.

    “My brothers and sisters, I say unto you this day, ‘Those who walk The Way do not bring conflict and chaos to Earth.  Those who walk The Way are the peacemakers, and the bringers of light.’ 

    “This week, be the peacemaker, be the bringer of light.  To assist you in this, I suggest, that when you are tempted, to use your thoughts, words, and deeds, in ways other, than ways of peace and light, reject the temptation, outright!

    “Do this, all through the week.  Begin, one hour at a time.  And with great purpose and intention, go into that hour, making it your goal, your mission, to reject thoughts, words, and deeds, anything less than peace and light.  Focus on peaceful thoughts, words, and deeds.  Focus on the light.  When you do this for one hour, you will find you are ready to go into the next hour, because at the end of one hour, you will feel better.  You will feel balance returning to you.  And as you move into the second hour, and the third hour, and the fourth hour, you will find that earthly dis-eases begin to feel distant, somehow no longer related to you at all.  And once you have created a day of peace and light, you will lay down your head, and rest, eager to face another day, in such a way.  Before long, you will have created a week of peace and light. 

    “And once this is done, you will be in balance and harmony with all of God’s creation.  You will be the peacemaker, and the bringer of light, upon the face of the Earth.

    “Remember, you are touched, and loved, by The Son, fed by The Hand of God, counseled, and led, by The Holy Spirit within you, and surrounded, and protected, by angels.  Mighty angels of God go before you, stand with you, and follow after you, all the days you walk the face of the Earth.

    “Wake-up!  It is time.  Be the peacemaker.  Be the bringer of light!” 
Sunday Sermons
July 27, 2008
Open Your Eyes,
Open  Your  Ears,
Open  Your  Heart,
Hold  Your  Tongue,
And  Walk  The  Way

    “I AM with you on this day.  I AM with you.  I walk with you.  And if you will open to Me, you will feel My presence; for, I AM with you!

    “And on this day I say to you, ‘Wake-up.  Open your eyes, so you might see.  Open your ears, so you might hear My words, and know The Way.  Open your heart, your being, to The Love of God, and let it flow through you, onto all those of Earth.’

    “Hold your tongue.  Do not speak harshly.  Do not loose your tongue to stir bowls of chaos, or rattle pots of confusion.  Do not wield your tongue, as a sword, engaging in verbal combat. 

    “Instead, hold your tongue, until you feel The Peace of God move into you.  And then, the words that come from you will be of light.  They will bless the Earth.

    “All this month, for the last few Sundays, you have received bits and pieces, of how you are to move over the Earth, stated simply, but you have been given wisdom. 

    “I say unto you, ‘Hear, be still, and hear these words.  Wake-up.  It is time, My brothers and sisters; and all who are ready, will move forward.’   

      “Wake-up!  Open your eyes, so you might see.  Open your ears, so you might hear
My words, and know The Way.  Open your heart, and your being, to The Love of God, and let it flow through you, onto the Earth.  And, hold your tongue, so it does not fall to judgment.  Use your tongue, to speak The Word of God.  And you will bless the Earth, all the days of your life.  This I promise you. 

    “You have been shown The Way, and it is clear for you.  Now, walk in it, and be at peace!” 

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 3, 2008
Now That
You Are Awake,
Your Commission:
Be, And Know, Love;
Walk The Way With Me

   “Now, feel My presence.  As you ‘know,’ the sum is Love.

    “I AM with you.  Feel My presence.  I AM with you.  Hear My voice.  I AM with you.  Embrace My message.  For, when I called to you, and said, ‘Wake-up,’ you heard, and rose-up, in the light, of a new day dawning.

    “You were lifted-up, on the wings of The Holy Spirit of God.  I called, and you said, ‘I am here.’  I said, ‘Wake-up,’ and you rose from your slumber.  And now your foot is on The Way.  And your resolve is strong.

    “This day I say unto you, ‘Come, and sit with Me,’ for now that you are walking along The Way, many will be brought to you.  Some you will encounter, at the edge of The Way.

    “I ask this of you.  When you see another bearing affliction, or pain, whether it be physical, or emotional, open your arms, and your heart, and let The Love of God flow upon them, through you.

    “Do not shun, the one, marked, as undeserving, by the world.  Do not turn your head, from the weeping eyes.  Do not be confined, by rules, and regulations.  Be defined, by The Love of God that flows to you, as a mighty, and peaceful, river.  Let it enter into you, and flow through you, for it is in this way that you will remain cleansed.  And, let it pour-out from you, cleansing all that come to you.

    “Do not be tempted to look upon another and ask, “How did you get into this state?”  Do not be tempted to look upon another and tell them, how you think they arrived at the point, at which you find them. 

    “Rather, when you encounter the hungry; first, feed them.  And then say unto them, ‘Now, be hungry no more.  Live in The Light and The Love of God.’  And do the same for those who thirst, who are unclothed, unloved, sick, destitute.  Whatever state you find, heal it, with The Love and The Light of God.  For this will mark your journey, that you turned from none, in union with The One, you touched them, with the love of the Son, so that God’s Will was done.

    “This is all you need to know.  When I called to you, you rose-up, and came to Me.  When I pointed out The Way, you put you foot in it.  Now your resolve is strong to continue, and this day, I have given you a key... 

“Walk The Way with Me.” 

Sunday Sermons
Aug. 10, 2008
Use The
Gift Of Power,
To  Create;  For,
The Glory Of God

  “Feel My presence, as I AM with you.  Hear My words.  They are few.  But, My brothers, and sisters, they are meant, for you!

    “When I whispered, you woke, from night.  When I called, you walked into The Light. When I said, ‘Open your eyes, so you might see,’ you set your foot upon The Way.  And, when I said, ‘Open your ears, so you might hear,’ you listened, and heard My words.

    “Because you did these things: you see; and you hear; and you know.  You know, you are a child of God, possessing the magnificent power to create, with your every thought, word, and deed.

    “Therefore, I say unto you this day – do not misuse this power – to diminish, subdue, or restrain.  Rather, use the gift of power to create light, light which will illuminate, and proclaim, The Glory, of God’s Creation. 

“Use the Gift of Power, for The Glory of God.”
Sunday Sermons
Aug. 17, 2008
Use The Gifts
Prepared Just For You
By The Hand Of The Creator

  “I AM with you.  On this day of great promise, I AM with you.

  “I open My arms, and embrace you, and send you forth, reminding you of your Heavenly Heritage; and, the gifts, you carry within.

    “The gifts, from God, are equal to every test.  In fact I say unto you, the gifts that you carry, far outweigh every challenge you will meet, whether it is created by you, or another.

    “The gifts you carry, in the box prepared by God, make it possible for you to walk through your times of trial, maneuvering around each obstacle, and continuing along The Way.  This is as it was meant to be.  And I am sure there are some of you, who are hearing My words, or reading My words, who will cast before Me this question, ‘If I carry the gifts of God, which will enable me to master every situation, why do I trip?  Why do I stumble?  Why do I fall?’  And I will say clearly unto you, ‘It is because you are not using the gifts in your gift box enough, frequently.  You are not familiar with the gifts, you have been given.’

    “It is important for you to use the gifts, so that you might acquire the skill, to master the course.  You carry these tools within you; but, you have been given free will; you have the freedom to choose.  And you will choose, either: to use the gifts, or not use the gifts.  The giving is done.  But God will not use the gifts for you, you have free will.

    “For example, I wish to use as an illustration, something I am asking you to envision, because, for each of you, it will be different.  I ask you right now, in your mind’s eye, to envision a repair-person.  It does not matter if it is a mechanic, a tailor, an electrician, or one who works with wooden objects.  Whatever you choose, whatever comes to you,  is fine for this purpose.  But hold within your vision, a repair-person.

    “And as you begin to see it clearer, or feel it better, you will find that, along with this person, you are bringing into your scope of vision, tools.  Some of you might see them in a box, held by the person.  Others will see a shelf, or a table, with the tools.  Some will see them on a wall, or hanging on a hook.  But with this repair-person, there are present, ‘tools-of-the trade.’  For simplicity, let us say, there is a tool box.

    “If this repair-person has great ability, in the area of repairing things, they are eager to use the tools they carry with them, to fix something, to get it working, to get it running again.  And in this box of tools, there are implements, instruments, for almost every occasion.  For whatever needs repairing, there is the proper tool.  But to use it adequately, one must be familiar with what is in the tool box, and how to use each piece of equipment.  It does not do any good to have a box filled with tools, if one has not mastered the course, and honed the skills, on using the tools.  If you find yourself in a place, where you need a repair-person, you do not wish for the repair-person to show-up, unable to use that which is in the box. 

    “What I am saying to you this morning is that, much like the repair-person that you have envisioned, you too, carry a box, with the tools, that will assist you, in repairing anything that goes wrong, along The Way of your life, any encounter.  God did not put the tools of the plumber, in the box of the electrician.  God, with great knowing, put exactly what you need in the box, which you carry, within you.  And, although I have not previously referred to them as tools, I called them ‘The Gifts of God,’ they are magnificent tools.

    “This day I am asking you to open the box, and use that which you have been given.  It will alter the course of your day, and change tomorrow, if you will use the gifts.  There is no reason to wander about in darkness, no reason to proceed, hindered by something not working.  You have within you the ability, to make the corrections, and move on.

    “Use the gifts.  Hone the skills.  Be familiar with your gifts.  If one of your gifts is to love, do not just love those that are close-by, who are likable, and who love you back.  Go out and use your gift by loving those: who are not so lovable; who can be difficult; who can be the test; who are the challenge.  And when you can love to this degree, you will have mastered that course.  If your gift is one of power, create light, light which will illuminate The Glory of God that is about you.  Use your power for The Glory of God.  If your gift is vision, seeing, do not ignore it.  Go often, to a place, where you can be still, and see.  Use your gift, so it does not fall into a place where it is never pulled-out.  Do not let it roll into a corner of the box and go unused.  See the visions.  Hear The Words.  Love creation.  Love the children of God.  Create light, and love, and peace.

    “If you will focus on the gifts, and using the gifts, to overcome the obstacles, the challenges, the temptations, you will not focus on the challenge; but you will be focusing on the repair, the miracle, the fixing-up of it all. 

    “I ask you this week - to be excited about the opportunity - to use your gift box.  It was put together; it was packed, just for you.  It does not hold someone else’s gifts.  It holds the tools that will help you, maneuver around every obstacle, and continue along The Way.  Do not just talk about it.  This week, use the gifts, and use them often, for it will change the course of your week, if you set the determination, now.

    “This morning, I open My arms, and I embrace you.  I send you out to walk over the face of the Earth, knowing I AM with you.  And all along The Way, I will be reminding you of your Heavenly Heritage, and the treasure you carry within, the gift box that is uniquely yours, prepared by The Hand of The Creator, just for you.”
Sunday Sermons
Aug. 24, 2008
It is Your Time.
Now, Go Forth, And Be
The Living Word Of God!

  “I AM with you.  I AM sitting in your midst.  I walk amongst you.  I reach-out My hand, and say, ‘Follow Me.’

    “This day … My words to you are brief … ‘How are you living your faith?  Your case is most convincing, when your actions speak for you – to be.’ 

    “I was sent – to be – The Living Word.  Therefore, I AM – The Living Word. 

    “As time drew near for Me to leave the Earth, and return to The Father in Heaven, I prepared those who walked with Me, to go forth, to be, a continuation, an extension of My mission, to be, The Living Word.

    “I sent them forth to touch their brothers and sisters, with the new gospel, the new command, to love one another.  I did not send them forth to do these things, holding first to a qualification, or restriction.  They were to open their arms, and welcome all who came; and, this I say to you, today:  ‘Practice your faith, without qualification, or restriction.’ 

    “Just as I sent those who walked the Earth with Me, I send you, today:  ‘Go forth and feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, and clothe the naked.  Go forth, and without qualification, heal the sick, and speak the good news, of the commandment, to love one another.’ 

    “It is in this Way, that The Word of God lives, and thrives, and grows, and magnifies, and populates, the face of the Earth.

    “I send you forth, this day, to walk into the coming week, practicing a faith that your actions speak for you.  I charge you to be the living word of God, to reach-out your hand, to all situations, and all individuals, and bring God’s Energy, and Love, to Earth.

    “Do not practice your faith in a half-hearted way.  There is no time for this.  This week go forth.  I bless you, and I charge you, with spreading the good news, that God loves all of the children of Earth.  God is your Father, your Mother, your Creator.  Step into this new week, knowing this, and showing this.  And remember, your case is most convincing, when your actions speak for you – to be.

    “It is time.  It is your time.  Now, go forth, and be the living word of God, your Father, your Mother, your Creator.  The Word of God is living, and it lives, within you!”
Sunday Sermons
Aug. 31, 2008
Earth Is
A Mirror Of
Your Existence
Upon Her … Live

  “I AM with you.  We are united.  I AM your Brother.  And I AM here, now, with you.

    “My words to you are brief ... so that I might send you forth ... to live.

    “You have been given a gift.  It is an honor, and privilege, to experience Earth, as a human being!  And I ask you, beginning right now, to use this experience to the fullest.  A good way to begin – is to be vigilant – and see what is evolving, all about you.

    “This day, make it your intention, no longer to move about, paying little or no attention to the living Earth … that surrounds you … that you are a part of.  I tell you this, if you will open yourself, and realize that you are part of the living Earth … as you breathe-in the air of Earth, you will be renewed, and rejuvenated, with each breath. 

    “Connect with the beautiful creation that is Earth, for you are a piece of it, right now.  There is no better time, than today, and this week, to expand your awareness of the living Earth, as you go into each day.  If you are vigilant, you will notice, that the flowers of summer are beginning to change.  And you will notice that the trees have already begun to prepare for a new season.

    “Earth changes, continues, renews, creates, lives.  And when you are watchful, you will see this.  When you have learned, and you can look, and see with wisdom, you will look at a flower, and see you!  You will say, ‘That is me.’  You will see a leaf, falling from a tree, and you will think, ‘That is me.’  You will see the sun in the sky, lighting a pathway in a forest.  And each step along The Way, as you look from one side to the other you will say, ‘That is me!’  Because, as the Earth lives and changes, it reflects the phases of your own existence upon the Earth.  Sometimes your phase might be dormant, other times brilliant color, other times subdued.  It is ‘the process, of the living.’  It continues in Earth, and you.  It is The Great Creation Story.  And each day, it is reborn, anew!

    “There is no better time, to reconnect, and understand, that Earth, in its living, reflects your life upon it.  Go into this week, and be observant.  See creation continuing all about you.  See the changes.  See the renewal.  See the creation … and live.”
Sunday Sermons
Sept. 6, 2008
Come Hear
My Words:
Be Ye Perfect
As God Is Perfect

  “I AM with you, on this day.  And on this day, My brothers and sister, I call you forth from the shadows of complacency.  I say unto you: 

    “Come, hear My Words:  ‘Be ye perfect, as God is perfect.’

    “God is Perfect Love.  And you are ‘perfected,’ within The Love of God.  Left to your own devices, your measure falls short.  But, through The Power of God, you are filled with Light; you are whole, complete, perfect.  And, in this ‘State of Perfection:’ 

Where once, you could not see, you will see, as God sees.
Where once, you could not hear, you will hear, as God hears.
Where once, you could not speak, you will speak, as God speaks.
Where once, you could not love, you will love, as God loves.
Where once, you were lacking, you will be filled with light.
You will be whole, complete, perfect in The Love of God.

    “My brothers and sisters, the time is upon you.  I call you forth, from the shadows of complacency, and I say unto you: ‘Come, hear My Words, as they are for each one of you:

‘Be ye perfect, as God is perfect.’”

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 14, 2008
And 'Do'
Great Things,
Through The Power,
And For The Glory, Of God

  “Feel My presence.  I AM with you.  I AM calling you, this day.  Feel My presence, moving in you, touching memories, rekindling the embers, igniting the flame.  Feel My presence.  Hear My voice.  Hear the words, I wish to say:

I charge you
to rise-up, and do great things,
through The Power, and for The Glory, of God.

    “Do not protest, claiming it is not in you to do such things.  For I say unto you, if you are hearing, or reading, these words, it is in you to do these things.  And the recognition, gently stirring within, is the sign, that it is time, to awaken, to remember, to begin.

    “My brothers, and My sisters, know this:  ‘When I walked upon Earth over two thousand years ago, working miracles, great and small, I did not say: ‘Only I can do these things of wonder.’  I proclaimed repeatedly: ‘You can do all that I AM doing, and even greater things.’ 

    “And as an example, I sent those closest to Me, from Me, into the country-sides and towns, charging them, to: cast-out unclean spirits, and heal the sick.  And when they returned to Me, they reported the great things they accomplished, through The Power, and for The Glory, of God.

    “The stories of their journeys, spread, amongst the following, and many were inspired and filled, with The Holy Spirit.  And from their growing numbers, I chose seventy-two (72) more.  And I sent them from Me, into the country-sides and towns.  And I charged them to cast-out unclean spirits, and heal the sick.  And when they returned, they reported, all the great things they accomplished, through The Power, and for The Glory, of God.

    “I tell you these things: so that you too will be inspired, and filled with The Holy Spirit; so that you will feel My presence, and know, I AM with you; so that you will rise-up, and do great things, through The Power, and for The Glory, of God.

“Let it begin.”

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 21, 2008
Pray As If
Your Prayer
Is Already Answered,
Because, In Truth, It Is

  “I AM with you, on this day.  I reach-out My hand, and I say unto each of you, My brothers and sisters, I bring you a gift this day... 

    “I bring you, a lesson, so that you might learn to pray, better; for you have need, but you do not know how to ‘receive,’ that which you need.  And to assist you in this, I will ask you to participate, for a few minutes.  I wish for you to envision four (4) separate scenes that will assist you in knowing better how to pray. 

    “First, I wish for you to envision a kitchen, with a parent moving about.  Next, see a child entering the kitchen.  And so that you might more completely understand the lesson, envision yourself, as the child.  Now, you come into the kitchen, with a cup raised-up in one hand, and the other hand pointing to things, sitting about on the counter, in the cabinets, and on the tabletops, things that you think, you would like to have put in your cup.  The parent, smiling, and knowing better what you need, is not distracted by the items that are catching your attention, that you are calling-out for, that you are indicating you want, with the pointing finger.  The parent goes directly to the refrigerator, and opens the door, and there on the top shelf is a very important bottle.  You can see it is important, because it is golden, and your name is written on the bottle.  The parent reaches in to the refrigerator, and pulls out the bottle, bearing your name, and fills your cup, and gives it to you, and you drink.  And as you drink, that which has been given to you, you are filled with light, with each sip, you grow brighter and brighter, as you drink from the cup, prepared by the parent.

    “Now, I ask you to move to the last three scenes… I wish for you to picture, a car accident, a car lying over on its side, a child trapped beneath the car, and a mother standing next to the car.  Instantly, she raises-up her cupped hands, and calls out: ‘God, help me!’  She reaches down, and lifts the car, just enough, to slide the child from beneath the car, before it crashes finally back to the ground.

    “Now move to the third scene…  Envision a battlefield, and a weary soldier running, on his flight to safety.  He hears a call for help, and stops.  He recognizes the voice.  He raises his hands to Heaven, and he says: ‘God help me!’  And then he crawls back in to the battlefield, finds his friend, and drags him to safety.

    “I ask you now to move to the fourth and final scene… And see a woman, sitting in a doctor’s office.  The doctor walks in, and says: ‘The news is not good.  It is cancer.’  And the woman raises her hands, and says: ‘God, help me!’

      “I show you these scenes, so that you will understand how to pray.  And this day I give you a bowl, to hold in your cupped hands.  Oh yes, it is true, the bowl is imaginary.  It requires that you consider it, a gift.  Each time you are in need, cup your hands, and lift them up, and say: ‘God, help me.’  And I promise that this bowl that I have given you today, that you hold in your cupped hands, will be filled, with what you need.  And I further promise that if you drink from the bowl, poured by The Hand of God, great miracles will appear, in your life, every day.  For that which is poured into your bowl, will not be what you think you need, or what you hope you are going to get, but what is best for you, what is most helpful, that which will assist you in meeting every challenge.  It might be ‘the strength’ to save a child.  It might be ‘the courage’ to go get a friend who is under fire.  And it might be ‘life.’  It might be ‘real life.’  It might come in the form of ‘wisdom,’ ‘understanding,’ ‘peace.’ 

    It is important that you pray, as if your prayer is already answered.  Because, in truth, what you need to meet every challenge is being poured into your bowl.  All you have to do is recognize the gift, and drink from the bowl. 

    “Today, there will be many opportunities for you to go to God. As you saw in your first scene, go into the kitchen, and lift-up your cup.  I can assure you, even if you are distracted, pointing to cabinets, and countertops, and stovetops, and tabletops, God will not be distracted.  God will know exactly what you need.  If it is ‘strength,’ you shall have it.  If it is ‘courage,’ you shall have it.  If it is ‘faith,’ you shall have it.  If it is ‘life,’ you shall have it.  Raise-up this cup, this bowl that I have given to you.  Whisper My name, and it shall be given unto you.  This day, learn, how to pray, as if your prayer is already answered, because it is.

    “Now, for those of you hearing My words, or reading My words, I ask you to take a few minutes, to center yourself, to connect with God, to feel My presence, to cup your hands, and raise them up.  If you will do this, you will feel the energy flowing from God, into your hands.  And, if you tilt them toward your lips, you will taste, and you will drink, and you will have all you need.  This I promise!”

Sunday Sermons
Sept. 28, 2008
In The
You Have
The Power
To Bless The Past,
And To Illuminate The Future

  “I AM with you.  Feel My Presence around you, and know, with certainty, that I AM with you.  And this day, I bring you, good news…

    “I bring you direction. I give unto you guidance... on how to live each day, how to be … in the present.

    “If you are holding: anger; frustration; hurt; resentment; or a grudge about something that happened in the past, it is effecting your present, and casting a shadow, over your future. 

    “If you are holding: fear; worry; anxiety; or concern about the future, it is effecting your present, and casting a shadow, over your future.

    “If you know this, you will understand, and comprehend, the significance … of the present.  For, it is within the present, that you have the power, and the authority, to bless the past, and to illuminate the future.

    “If you know this, you will accept, and comprehend, the wisdom.  You will adjust your thinking about the challenges you have faced, and see them for what they are…golden opportunities.  And if you missed the opportunities in the past, you can use the present: to go back to that place; to bless all, who were a part of your lesson; to forgive, each transgression involved in the lesson learning, including yourself.  Release those energies, gather the information, and bring it to the present, to use as wisdom, when you encounter the challenge again.

    “You can use the present to illuminate the future, by being mindful of what you are thinking, saying, and doing each day blessing, forgiving, and moving along The Way.

    “Once you understand the power involved in what you do, in the present, it will eliminate the fear, the concern and worry, about the future, for you are creating your future … in the present. 

    “This is important, My brothers and sisters.  If you can grasp the importance of what I AM saying to you, it will change the way you live.  It will bring you great peace, and happiness.  And you will be able to exhibit a joyful presence upon the Earth. 

    “Beginning this day, you have the opportunity: to bless the past; to give the gift of forgiveness to all, including yourself; and to illuminate your future with what you think, and say, and do, this day.

    “This is important.  It is a lesson of great value.  Remember, if you are holding: anger; or frustration; or hurt; or resentment; or a grudge about the past, it is effecting your present, and casting a shadow over your future.  And likewise, if you are holding: fear; worry; anxiety; or concern about the future, it is effecting your present, and casting a shadow over your future.
     “But today, you have the opportunity, to bless the past, and illuminate the future.  Be mindful, be prayerful, of that which you think, and say, and do, this day.  In this Way, you will lift-up eternity, and be a joyful presence, upon the Earth.”

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 5, 2008
You Have
The Power
To Cast From
You All Temptations

  “My Brothers, and My sisters, I AM with you.  Feel My presence, as I draw ever nearer.  Open to that which I wish to say to you.

    “Today, I wish to bring you, a lesson about temptation.  And, so that you might more fully understand, that which I say to you, I direct you to a portion of My life upon the Earth, some two thousand (2,000) years ago. 

    “I was led to the river Jordan to be baptized in the water, by John.  And this I did.  And when it was done, the two of us, John and I, stood in the water.  And The Voice of God was upon Me, and blessed My mission.  And The Holy Spirit of God was around Me, in a most profound way.

    “It was at that point, that I was led by Spirit, into the desert, to go forty days without food.  This I did. 

    “When I was weak, and hungry, and the feeling of isolation was all around Me, the tempter came to Me.  I knew the tests.  I knew the trial was upon Me.  It was at that time, that I spoke The Words of God, and sent the tempter away.

    “And then, the angels ministered to Me; fed Me, body, soul, and spirit; lifted Me up; and I walked out of the desert, into My public ministry.

    “I wish for you to remember this portion of My life, as you begin a new week, because it will teach you much; because this ‘Time of Temptation,’ will come to you, as well. 

    “You might not be led into a desert, or to a river.  But it will happen to you, just the same.  And it might occur, something like this – At some point in your life, you will be led to a place.  And when you reach that place, The Voice of God will be upon you, and bless your mission.  And The Holy Spirit will be with you, in a most profound way.  You will know what it is you are to do.  And in that moment, of your connection with God and your remembering, there will come to you – The Time of Temptation.

    “It might come to you in the form of a relative, a family member, who will take you aside, and whisper, tempting you with doubt: ‘You cannot do this thing of which you speak.  Come to your senses.’ 

    “And when you send them away, there might come another, in the form of a friend, whispering to you, drawing you further aside, tempting you with fear: ‘Our friends will not understand this behavior.  Come to your senses.  There’re many things you can do.  Surely you can find something that is more…acceptable.’ 

    “And when you send them away, there will come still another, perhaps an acquaintance.  And they will draw you even further aside, tempting you with anxiety, concern, or worry: ‘If you do this,’ they will say, ‘you might chance losing all things.  Come back with us.  Return to something more lucrative, something that will provide you a big home, a nice car, and all the things you wish to have upon the Earth.  Come.’

    “And you will send them away.  But when you are hungry for words of encouragement or support, and feeling very isolated, there will come The Great Tempter, and it will rise-up from within you, and visit upon you: doubt; fear; anxiety; concern; and worry. 

    “When you are at this point, My brothers and sisters, remember, I too was in the desert, hungry for support and encouragement, isolated.  Remember, The Words.  They will come to you from God.  Say them with confidence:  ‘Be gone from me!  Do not tempt The Will of God through my weakness, for The Glory of God is with me, and it is my intention to do The Will of God, upon the Earth!’

    “And with those words spoken, the tempter will leave you, and the angels of God will be with you, and minister unto you.  And you will walk – out of the desert – into your mission. 

    “All things are possible, through God.  The Time of Trying prepares you, for The Great Mission ahead.  It is in the desert, when you are hungry and isolated, that you find your true nobility, the nobility of the human being.  It is great, and grand, and magnificent!  But it reaches its true potential, when you open to The Will of God, and the nobility of the human being becomes The Divine Nobility, of Spirit. 

    “This lesson, I give you today, to carry into the week, to hold with you the entire time you walk the Earth; for, you have The Power to send away the tempters that will rob you of your Glory.

    “Be watchful.  Be waiting.  And, be ready.  For, I AM with you, I have shown you The Way!  Now, walk in it!”

Sunday Sermons
Oct. 12, 2008
Seek First,
The Kingdom of God

  “As the new day dawns, I AM with you.  I AM always with you.  And today, I wish to speak to you.  My words are brief; but if you will ‘know them,’ you will find Peace.  For today, My brothers and sisters, I say unto you…

    “Seek first… The Kingdom of God, and all pieces, all things, will fall into place.

    “Likewise… ... ...
Seek to serve, rather than to be served. 
Seek to honor, rather than to be honored. 
Seek to hear, rather than to be heard. 
Seek to see, rather than to be seen. 
Seek to love, rather than to be loved.

    “In this way, piece by peace, The Kingdom of God will settle upon the Earth, replacing ‘the rules, and regulations, and laws of mankind,’ with ‘the understanding, compassion, and Love of God.’ 

    “Some two thousand (2,000) years ago, I walked the Earth, just as you now walk the Earth.  And I brought, to the children of Earth, the new command, to sit atop all other covenants, the command to: ‘Love, one another.’  It is time to raise this command to a place of honor.  Do not let it be covered-up with rules, and laws, and regulations, and judgment. 

    “I ask you to walk into this new week, remembering this event;  it is told to you in the Bible, passed down, story upon story; but I say, remember it, as you walk into the week…

    “As I was moving about town, a group of elders, a group of men respected in the synagogue, brought to Me, a woman, caught in adultery, breaking the rules, breaking the laws, bringing down judgment upon her.  They threw this woman before Me.  In that one scene, you will remember, ‘the laws,’ were on the side of the mob, the group of angry people.  But ‘the compassion, and understanding, of God,’ was with the woman.  And the scene did not end as you would think.  The crowd was dispersed.  The woman was set free. 

    “Find the story.  Read the story.  Ask for enlightenment.  Ask for guidance, in how the story can assist you in your daily life, as you move over the Earth. 

    “It is important.  Seek the answers, the guidance, the illumination, and you shall find it.  Move into this new week, with enthusiasm. 

    “Seek first, The Kingdom of God; and,
  piece by peace,
    it will settle
  upon the Earth!”    
Sunday Sermons
Oct. 19, 2008
Your Grace
Is Upon My Face,
And Your Presence, As
A Kiss, Welcomes Me Home

  “As the new day is breaking, I AM with you.  I AM with you, come; let us walk, into this new day, together; let us see the world that God created, together; let us touch the children of God upon the Earth, together.  Come, let us ‘see,’ the new day.

    “And to help you walk into this new day, with peace, and in balance with all things, I give you a key.  As you begin this new day, I ask you to speak these words, I ask you to be still, lift your face up, and say: ‘God, Your Grace is upon my face, and Your Presence, as a kiss, welcomes me home.’

    “I ask you this week to say these words, and to say them often.  I ask also, that you do not just rattle the words off and move about your business, but that you be still, and lift-up your face, and say the words reverently.  Because, when you stand in the flow of grace, The Presence of God is with you, in a most profound way.

    “And if you open, this flow of grace will rush over you, and into you, and through you.  It will lift-you-up.  You will ride, upon a wave of grace.  And this wave of grace will carry you, beyond temptations, beyond challenges, and it will deposit you on a safe shore, where you will be, in The Light of The Son.

    “No matter what you encounter, when you are open to the grace flowing to you from God, it will lift-you-up.  And the wave of grace will carry you, beyond the challenge.  This, I promise you.

    “You will have ample opportunities this new week, every day, sometimes every hour, to practice this, to see it work within you, so that you might be the living example.  Because God sends you this grace, so that you might rise above the things, that might bring you down.

    “For example, if there is one at your work place that annoys you from time to time, when you walk into your work place, be still, lift your face, and say: ‘God, Your Grace is upon my face, and Your Presence, as a kiss, welcomes me home.’  You will find that, that wave of grace, that flows, over you, and under you, and around you, will lift-you-up, and carry you, beyond the encounter, it will lift-you-up, above being annoyed, and will place you, on a sweet, silent shore.

    “This is how you do it!  This is how you make your ‘Way,’ through each day, by opening to The Grace of God, and letting it flow over you, into you, and through you: so that you might be lifted-up; so that you might be carried beyond; so that you might be deposited on the safe, silent shore; so that you might experience, that which God sends to you, in full measure.

    “So I ask you to begin this day, and this week, and every hour if need be, by surrendering to The Grace of God, by opening, and letting it flow through you.  Remember the words.  Speak them.  And you will ride the wave of grace, beyond all challenges.  ‘God, Your Grace is upon my face, and Your Presence, as a kiss, welcomes me home.’ ”