"This is my command:
Love each other."  ... Jesus ... John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 8, 2009
Know God,
Love God; Say,
“God, I Know You Are
With Me, I Know We Are One.”

   “My brothers and sisters, I AM with you this morning.  As light illuminates, and brings forth this day, I AM with you.  I wish to say, today, Know God.  Love God.  God is: the beginning, and the end, in a circle complete, impossible to know which is which, the beginning or the end, in this eternal circle; a continuing ring, of the most brilliant energy; a Creative Being; Magnificent God; Creator of All That Is.  And you, My brothers and sisters, are held within that ring, the complete, unending circle of God.’

“Know this.  For, it is true. 

“I spent much time, when I walked the earth, some two thousand years ago: speaking of God; speaking of God as the parent; because, it is true.  And I wish for it to become apparent to you, that God – is a parent – to you.  For, without knowing this, you feel that something is missing, that you are not complete, like a child who is lost, seeking the guiding hand of the parent.  But I tell you this day, you are not lost; for, God is your parent, and God is with you!

“It is important for you to awaken to this relationship.  For once you do, many things will leave you that have burdened you.  Once you come to a better understanding, the knowing, of: who you are; and, that God is truly with you, you will not be tempted with doubt.  You will say, ‘God, what is it you want me to do?’  And, you will hear the words, and rise-up to do it.  There will be no doubt.  You will say, ‘God, what is it that you want me to do?’  And, you will rise-up, and you will love all things.  Because, that is what you know, God wants you to do.

“Then anger, and hatred, and animosity will fall from you; because, you will know.  You will know that God wants you to love.  You cannot love God, and not love yourself, and your brothers and sisters.  And, although you might protest, I say to you, this is true.  You cannot love God, and hate another, because, we are one.  And in that one, is God.  And in each one, is God.

“My brothers and sisters, My message is always living, it is the eternal truth.  And it is the message of love.  Love God.  And in the total loving, love all about you. 

Love will bring you peace.  I’m not speaking merely of the word, to speak it, to say, ‘I love you.’  The phrase can sometimes be empty.  I am saying to speak it, with your heart, and say it, ‘God, I love you, I know you are with me, I know we are one.’  For every time you say this, the knowing increases.  And when you pronounce it aloud, it gives it, an extra spark of life.  You bring it, with you, into the third dimension, and there it is.  And it moves out into eternity, confirming that which you have just pronounced.

“Therefore, this day, I ask you to repeat this often.  And, you will find, as you repeat the words, they become a part of you, they become your words, they become your knowing.  For, I tell you this … God is.  You are, in God.  God lives.  You live, in God. God is life.  You have life, in God.  It is the eternal life, of God; and, it is yours. 

Know this … life is God.

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 2, 2008
The Great
Light, Is Within You,
Be Joyful, and Be Thankful

  “You gather, and you are still, so you might ‘know’ Me.  I touch you, while you are still; because, I love you.  I AM with you, feel My Presence, with you.

    “The Great Light is within you.  Be joyful.  And be thankful.  Encourage The Light.  Bring forth The Light upon the Earth, for it is a gift from God, delivered, as promised, so you might ‘know,’ The Way, from within.

    “When I walked upon the Earth, some two thousand (2,000) years ago, My words were, of, The Light.  Yet, most of those I gathered about Me, most of those who had great love for Me, and a desire to know The Way, had difficulties comprehending, that which came from The Light, for I spoke The Words of God. 

    “And I watched as they struggled, sometimes inhibited by the things that they had been taught, or different restrictions or rules which they had spent most of their lifetimes upon the Earth holding, obeying, keeping.  Still other times, they were challenged by things that I said to them, because they desired, that I would be with them, always.  But, they thought of that in the ways of the world.  They wanted Me, physically, in their presence.

    “I saw their confusion.  And My love for them led Me to instruct them further, by saying: ‘Do not be afraid, when I go, when I leave you, when I return to Heaven.  For I tell you this, it is good that I go.  For this way, I can share, I can give, this information to God, that you need more, you need to be led, from within.  And God will hear My prayer, and send upon you, The Holy Spirit, which will dwell within you.  And in this way, you will not have to rely on what others say, or the interpretations made by one, or many, because you will be led, by The Holy Spirit of God: your personal, individual Teacher, Counselor, Comforter, Guide … to The Way.’

    “Still, after these words, they often did not comprehend.  Yet, I knew, soon they would be filled with The Holy Spirit of God, and they would ‘know.’

    “And so I come to you today to remind you: that this is so; that the great miracle has happened; that you are filled with The Holy Spirit of God!  And when you are still, and you ask, you will ‘know.’  And the answer will be, uniquely, for you.  It will not be an answer set ‘for all,’ to be interpreted in a way that might fit your individual plan.  It will be: expressly, wholly, and holy, for you.     

    “So this day I tell you, The Great Light is within you!  Be joyful and thankful.  Encourage The Light.  Bring forth The Light upon the Earth.”
Sunday Sermons
Nov. 9, 2008
You Carry
The Gift Of Joy,
Within, Open Your Gifts
And Be Joyful, And Thankful

  “Come, and sit with Me.  For, I AM with you, in a special way.  In truth I AM with you all ways. 

    “Today, I wish to encourage you to be joyful and thankful, for the gifts you have been given. 

    “Yes My brothers and sisters, this day, you are to be joyful, and thankful, for the gifts you have been given.

    “Hearing, or reading, these words, some of you might stop, and question, saying to yourself, ‘I am not joyful.  God, make me joyful, so that I might be thankful in a better way.’

    “And, if these are your words, I ask you to be still, and to know, The Gift of Joy is already yours.  You carry it, within you.

    “To better illustrate this point, I ask you this morning, each one of you, to close your eyes, and envision this scene.  There are two people in the scene.  One is a parent, the other a child of, let us say, four (4), or possibly three (3) years of age.  Why don’t you imagine the child as…you.  And, for simplification, let the parent be one of your choosing. 

    “Now see, the scene is a park.  There is a picnic table.  The child is sitting at the picnic table.  The parent is close-by.  But as you draw closer, you see the child is not happy: the eyes are narrowed; the lips are pursed; the jaw is set; the arms are folded over the little chest, outward signs, of the inner intention of the child.   

    “The parent, hoping that the child will enjoy the day, offers first one thing, and then another, hoping the child will open, and see, and experience the beauty of the day.  The parent offers a piece of candy, then a flower, then some paper and colored pencils.  Each gift is rejected, with a shake of the head.

    “Then, the parent stoops down in front of the child, places their hand under the chin, lifting the head, ever so gently, the parent says softly, ‘Look.  I am smiling, just to be with you today.  Where is your smile?’  The child opens one eye, and sees the smile on the parent’s face.  The parent continues, ‘Where is your smile?  I know it’s in there somewhere.  Come on.  Let me see your smile.  Look.  I’m smiling!’  And the child opens both eyes.  And the parent lets the smile ripple into laughter.  And the child’s face begins to change.  There comes, the first sign of a smile.  And the parent nods.  And the smile comes, even broader to the child’s face.  The parent says, ‘I knew it was in there all the time.  You were hiding it from me.’  And the child bursts into laughter.  The parent kisses the child on the cheek, and says, ‘Oh my sweet child, your laughter delights and tickles my ears.  And the smile on your face, I’ll remember for years.’

    “And with that the child spins around, eats the candy, picks up the flower in one hand, and a colored pencil in the other, and begins to draw.  The finished picture is of the park, and the table, and the trees, and the flowers, and the birds, and the sun, and the parent, and the child.  And as the picture is completed, the child signs it, with a big heart, just over the name.

    “It is a scene that was not difficult for you to envision, because most of you have been a participant in such a scene, or at least witnessed such a scene, at one time or another.  But I tell you this, it is the same right now, for you.  If you are not joyful, the joy is within.  And your eternal parent is waiting for you to…find it… within. 

    “This day, before you begin, before you move into the day you will create, I ask that you go to the place of peace within your being.  For it is there you will find the box.  You will see the word, ‘Joy.’  But you must lift the lid for the true essence of joy to permeate your being.  You must make the effort, like the child in the scene, you must…smile! 

    “But once you put forth the effort to open the box, that has been within you all the time, you will begin to experience true joy.  It might take some looking, because the box could be hidden.  So you must be willing to dust, and clear-out your being, to find the box labeled ‘Joy.’

    “Cast from you: anger, and anxiety, and worry.  Move away concern, and doubt.  Do not deal with: envy, or fear, or greed, or hatred.  Wipe-out any piece of jealousy that you might find within.  And soon, you will see the box.  Open the lid, and joy will begin moving into your life. 

    “To be ‘joyful,’ is to be ‘at peace,’ with where you are, with the gifts God has given you.  So this day, I stoop down next to you, and I say to you, ‘I know it’s in there.  You’re hiding it.  Smile!’  And soon after, you smile, you will hear Me say, ‘Your laughter delights, and tickles, my ears.  And the smile on your face, I’ll remember for years.’

    “Go joyfully into this day, and be thankful for the gifts all along The Way.  Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Nov. 16, 2008
The Gift
Of True Joy
Is Held Within
The Love Of God

  “I AM with you, My brothers and sisters.  And today I say unto you, take some time, during the coming days, to be still, so that you might ‘feel,’ and come to ‘know,’ ‘true Joy.’ 

    “For, I do not wish you to confuse the seed, the essence of joy, with constant merrymaking, or enthusiastic celebration.  While each of these things is good, and fine, they are not the source, or the complete story, of joy.  For sometimes, they are used to mask sorrow, within.  Sometimes, merrymaking and enthusiastic celebration are used, in search of joy.  But I want you, this week, to know joy, true joy.

    “This feeling that comes with the knowing of joy is: peace; serenity; fulfillment.  It is,
‘knowing,’ that you are a child of God.  It is, ‘knowing,’ God’s Love within you.  It is, ‘feeling,’ The Light of God’s Love.  It is, ‘accepting,’ The Presence of God with you, and within you.  It is, being ‘full of light, and filled with love.’  It is, being ‘fulfilled,’ in God.

    “This, peaceful, serene joy, is the gift.  And once you sit in quiet, and the realization of these things enfolds you, much like a parent’s love, being caressed and held on a loving lap, you will smile, and say unto yourself, ‘This is true joy.’

    “I say these things to you because, I do not wish for you to put the cart before the horse.  I wish for you to understand peaceful joy. 

    “And, oh yes, there will be days when that peaceful joy bursts forth from you.  It will do so in merrymaking, and enthusiastic celebration.  But, it will be from the core, from the seed, of peaceful joy; knowing, feeling, accepting, The Love of God.  It will come from being filled with light, and full of that love.  It will be pure joy. 

    “So this week, I ask you, to be still, and go to that place of peace, within yourself, and ask The Holy Spirit of God to lead you into a fuller and richer understanding of true joy.  You will find it, in a place of peace.  And you will be content.  You will be filled with light.
    “This week, go within to understand The Gift of Joy.  It is held within The Love of God; and therein, you will find it.”    
Sunday Sermons
Nov. 23, 2008
The Holy Days
Of December, Ponder
Christmas: The Promise Fulfilled;
The Gift Delivered; The Message Of Love

  “Come.  Sit with Me awhile.  Yes, I AM truly with you, on this day, and all days.  On this day My words to you will be brief.  For, it is My intention, to make … a suggestion.  And I wish to make My suggestion: before you begin the month of December; before you step into the maze of holidays; before the celebrations and festivities, which can leave you dazed and exhausted. 

    “I wish for you to consider, scattering a few “holy days” amongst the holidays.  Take the time, to set aside some days reserved, for contemplative prayer and meditation, so that you might ponder: The Promise, fulfilled; The Miracle, of The Gift, delivered; The Message of Love.

    “If you will take the time to do this, when you rise-up on Christmas morning, you will be filled with a deeper, and a better, understanding of the promise, more appreciative for the gift, ready to embrace the message of love.  You will rise-up, ‘knowing,’ Christmas. 

    “And this knowing will prepare you for the New Year dawning before you; for, you will stand at the threshold of the new time: understanding the promise; holding the gift; embracing the message.  And you will carry into the New Year the spirit of Christmas, every day!

    “My brothers and sisters, that is My suggestion.  You have time to make the preparation to do this.  So, rise-up and go to your calendars.  Mark the days.  Name them, “The Holy Days of December,” and set yourself aside.  For the true meaning of Christmas will be delivered unto you, and you will be blessed in the knowing of it.”
Sunday Sermons
Nov. 30, 2008
Be Still
And Know
I AM With You

  “Feel My Presence.  I AM with you.  Feel My Presence, all around you, and know…Me.

    “For this day, My brothers and sisters, I bring to you, a gift.  But first, I desire your attention.  Focus on Me.  It is truly your salvation, from the problems of the world.  Focus on Me, and you will feel, My Presence, with you.

    “Today, I say to you, ‘Slow down!’ 

    “Slow down, so you might quicken the fires, of your spirit.  Be still, so you might feel The Holy Breath, within you.  Listen, and speak not, so you might hear The Word, and receive The Gift, borne on The Wind; for the word, and the gift, are one.  It is Peace.

    “You cannot purchase peace, in a store, or order it from a catalog, or barter, or trade it, for another, or with another, commodity.  But if you will be still, and sit with Me, the gift of peace will be yours.

    “For, it is borne, on The Wind, to be breathed into you, if you will open, and accept The Presence with you.  If you will do this, peace will be yours.  It will permeate your physical body, inundate your soul, and ignite the flame of your spirit.  You will be…peace, and your presence will bring peace, where ever you go.  For this day, it is to be born anew, within you.

    “So, celebrate this day.  I bring you the gift.  And all you have to do, is to…slow down, be still, listen, and speak not.  And peace, borne on The Wind, delivered by The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God, will be yours.

    “My brothers and sisters, accept the gift, and be The Peace of God.” 

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 7, 2008
This Day
I Give Unto
You, My Peace

   “I AM with you on this day.  On this glorious morning, I AM with you.  And this day, I give unto you, My Peace.

    “There is no better gift you can give to those you love, than to be a peaceful presence, in their lives.

     “It is a gift: more lasting, than anything you can buy in a store; more rewarding, than an envelope packed with money; more fulfilling, than a basket of cakes, and cookies, and candy.  It is a gift that creates an environment, conducive to spiritual growth, and development. 

    “When you deliver this gift to those you love, you provide a refuge, a sanctuary.  You give them a garden – to hold and nurture the seeds, which are their dreams and inspirations – until they grow, and blossom, and flower, into a magnificent reality.  It is a precious, unending, gift.  And this day, I give unto you My Peace.

    “Slow down, so you might receive the gift.  Be still, so you might feel My Presence, within you.

     “This day, I give you a garden to hold the seeds of your dreams, and inspirations, while they grow, and blossom, and flower. 

     “This day, I give unto you, My Peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 14, 2008
May Your
Gift Of Faith
Be Increased, And Peace
Be Your Constant Companion

   “I AM with you on this day.  Before the sun, breaks the horizon, I AM with you.  I AM with you, as night, slips from you.  I AM with you, as you prepare, for the day.

    “Today, I have three things, I wish to tell you.  And it is My desire, that you carry the words that I say to you into this new week, so that you might strengthen your faith, and be at peace.

    “Therefore, these things I say unto you, ‘Great things come, to those who are willing, to cast their bread, upon the waters.  Noble deeds are done, by those who will rise-up in the light, and follow the sun, into the new day.  Peace is the constant companion, of those who are led, by The Hand of God.  But these things require Faith.’

    “It takes faith to cast your bread upon the waters, knowing that which is returned to you, will be great.  It takes faith to rise-up, and walk, into the day, knowing that which is set before you, will be accomplished, in the light of the sun.  It takes faith to surrender, knowing you are led, by The Hand of God.

    “This week, strengthen your gift of faith, with the desire, and  the firm resolve, to do The Will of God.  Then, be willing to be  still, and listen, so you might: know when it is time, to cast your  bread upon the waters; know when it is time, to rise-up in the light;  know, The Hand of God, is leading you, into the Kingdom; know, peace, as your constant companion.

   “This is My prayer for you: ‘That your faith be strengthened; and, you come to know, peace, as your constant companion.  Forever, and ever, may peace be your constant companion.  Amen.’”

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 21, 2008
With Me,
To The Silent
Night, I AM Born

   “I AM with you.  Feel My Presence with you.  I AM with you.  We are One.

    “And as I AM with you, I see, and know, that most of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, are preparing, for the great celebration.  You are preparing to celebrate the anniversary of My birth, upon the Earth.  And in this ‘preparation time,’ there is much going on.  There is moving here and there; most of you have things to do, places to go, people to see.  The list seems unending.

    “But I say unto you this day, ‘Be still.  I have something I would like to share with you.  Come.  Sit with Me.’

    “I wish for you to hear the words, I AM speaking to you, with the ears of your soul, so that you might recognize, the truth, at the core of your being.

    “I ask you to be still, so that we can bring the words I speak to you, to life, together... 

    “Here, stand here!  I wish to show you, the night, I AM born.

    “Open your heart.  These words are written there.  But this day I speak them to you.  Yes, see the darkness, of the night.  Yes that’s fine, move into it.  This is the reason for My sharing, so that you will be in the present, with Me, as I AM born.

    “Look at the night.  There is no moon, nothing to veil the brilliance of the stars in the sky.  It is a perfect night.  The only thing stirring is the slightest breeze.  You feel it occasionally, as you move.  Take a while to adjust your vision.  See the darkness of the night, and the brilliance of the stars in the sky.  Look there, on the horizon.  It is difficult to see where Earth ends, and the sky begins.  And as you look up, the stars seem to be multiplying before your gaze, before your eyes; brilliant, moving closer, and closer, and closer to you; as if you have climbed a ladder, and you are sitting in the stars; they have come that close to the Earth.

    “Breathe in deeply, the sweet scent of grass.  Look over, at the gentle hillside.  Feel the silent night around you.  It is peaceful.  Breathe in the peace.  Breathe in My Presence.  Breathe in My Life. 

    “And behold, what appears to be a star, slowly drifting then settling on the hillside, is not a star at all, for look, over there, comes another, and another and another.  Oh look, and see, and feel the Earth.  You can feel the heartbeat of the Earth.

    “The silence, of the night, is giving way, to the light, of angels.  It starts first, with a single tone, and then, it grows, into a song, of great joy!  Yes, feel the song move into you, as it is moving into the trees, and all of the things of Earth.  The silence, has given way to the song, of angels.  See their lights, moving, swaying. 

    “It is now, at this time, that the Earth and the sky are ablaze, with light, great celebration, the silence pierced, by The Light of God, and the song of angels.  Breathe this in, as this - is the show, and the pageantry - and the preparation.

    “Now, look, over to your right.  Yes, the angelic beings are dimming the light.  Their song is now tranquil and peaceful.  And the joyous tidings sound more, now, like a lullaby, than anything else.  And the notes of the song are carried on the breeze, which is gently swaying the trees, and calling you, to ‘Come, move with me, ride The Wind, and see…The One.’

    “So your steps take you closer and closer.  And as - The Great Star - shines a light, on the small place, you ‘know,’ that is it.  ‘That is where I must go,’ says your heart.’

    “And so, My brothers and sisters, I say to you this morning, ‘You have been caressed, by the silence, of the night.  You have been moved, by the brilliance, and the light.  And you have been opened, by the song of angels. 

    “Follow the star.  I send you forth.  Go.  For you carry, within you, your gift to Me.  It is the most precious, birthday gift, you could ever bring.  It is a willing heart, and your love.  I send you forth.  Go.  Find your way.  I will wait here.  Yes, toward the light.

    “And so it is I send you forth, to experience, the true spirit of Christmas, I AM borne from Heaven, to walk the Earth, and I AM with you.  This day, seek Me, and you will find Me.  You will find Me, in a quiet place. 

    “I AM the gift, of God, to man.  I AM the gift of God, to you.  And I bless you, this day.  Be at peace, and hold joy, within your heart!

“Be at peace.”

Sunday Sermons
Dec. 28, 2008
The Gifts
Of Christmas
Present Have Been
“Delivered,” Unto You,
Blessed By The Hand Of God

   “I AM with you.  Feel My Presence, with you.  I touch you, with love.  I surround you, with peace.  My peace, I give unto you, as you enter the New Year.

    “And as you prepare to enter the New Year, many of you are still celebrating the anniversary of My birth upon the Earth.  Some of you will carry the celebration of Christmas a few days into the New Year.

    “Today, I ask you, to carry the gifts of Christmas present, into every single day of the New Year.  For, the gifts have been delivered unto you, blessed by The Hand of God.

    “For some of you, Christmas was a season of birth, rebirth, of life.  For some of you, Christmas was a season of loss, of poignant, bitter-sweet memories.  The experience of Christmas is uniquely yours. 

    “And to each of you, was borne, the gifts of Christmas present, from The Hand of God.  From the Christmas season, of birth, rebirth, and life, is borne the gifts of faith, and hope.  From the Christmas season, of loss, of poignant and bitter-sweet memories, is borne the gifts of courage and wisdom.  These are the gifts of Christmas present.  They are yours.  They are unique.  They will serve you well, as you move through the coming year.

    “We stand, at the threshold, of a new year.  You stand, bearing the gifts, of Christmas present.  I AM with you.  The Light of God is upon you.  The Holy Spirit is within you.  It is time. 

    “Come.  Let us go into the New Year together, as One.  Come, as the shepherds, filled with faith and hope, and enthusiastic anticipation.  Come, as the wise men, filled with courage and wisdom.  Come.  Follow your star.  For, I AM with you.  Feel My Presence, with you.  I touch you, with love.  I surround you, with peace.  My peace, I give unto you, forever.”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 4, 2009
Will Come
To Earth, Through
You, The Children Of God

   “I AM with you.  I AM with you, as night gives way to day.  I AM with you, as we step over the threshold, and into a new year.  I AM with you, as we, together, as One, begin to create a year of peace. 

    “I AM with you, and I give unto you, My peace.  As The Peace of God flows to Me, and through Me, I give the gift to you.  For it is to be, that peace will come to the Earth, through the children of God.  Therefore, I say unto you, ‘Open this day, and receive My Peace.’

    “If you choose, to be the bearer of peace, you will deliver unto yourself, and those around you, the gifts of: good health; happiness; and true joy.  Peace is a precious gift.  And health, happiness, and joy, are the fruits, of the State of Peace.

    “You will be able to maintain a State of Peace, if you will expel, from you, anger.  You cannot establish a State of Peace, harboring the energy of anger, no matter how great, or how small.  You see, a garden of peace will not spring forth from seeds of anger.  So it is of great importance, as we begin, this year dedicated to peace, that each of you, My brothers and sisters, go inside, in search of any pockets of anger. 

    “It is important, that you see anger, as it is.  It is deadly.  See, and know, anger, as it is.  It is an impediment to peace.  See, know, and reject, anger, as it is a threat to your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around you. 

    “It is important that you find a way to be vigilant, to be watchful, so that you might cast this energy from you, and maintain your State of Peace.  For some of you this might not be such a challenge.  But, for most of you, it will be quite an undertaking.  And, for many of you, it will require courage.  But, I say unto you, I AM with you.  And I will remain with you, for it will be, well worth the effort, you apply to the task.  My brothers and sisters, I promise you this.  If you will cast from you, this energy, in a very short time, the results of this process, will be quite magnificent.  It will be magical.  It will be miraculous.

    “For, in the determination, to rid yourself of this energy, you will be healed.  You will be whole.  You will be free.  You will be free to love.  You will be free to soar.  You will be free to laugh and sing.  You will be free to establish a State of Peace, wherever you go.  You will be free.

    “The Peace of God is flowing to you this day.  Mark it.  Know it.  Open to it, and let it flow through you.  Because it is in this way, that The Peace of God will settle over the face of the Earth.  And it will be done: minute by minute; hour by hour; day by day; by the joyful children of God.

    “So come.  Take My hand.  I AM with you.  It will be a great adventure.  It is our intention, to dedicate this year, to peace.  Let us not wait.  Rise-up, and come with Me.  The time is now, and you are ready.  Let there be – Peace – on Earth.” 

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 11, 2009
The Gift
Of Peace
- Is Yours -
To Preserve
And Maintain

   “I AM with you.  Feel My Presence with you now.  I give unto you, the gift of My peace.  Breathe in deeply, now; and you will feel peace, within your body, stirring your soul, warming your heart.

    “This day, My brothers and sisters, I say unto you, ‘Before you can experience, or know, true peace, you must recognize and maintain peace, at the core of your being.  You must establish peace, within.  Otherwise, you will only experience a superficial peace, subject to destruction, by the forces of chaos, brewing, beneath the surface.’

    “Peace is borne within.  Peace is born, within you.  Wherever you find true peace, there too, you will find The Kingdom of God, upon the Earth.  Peace is a potent power, supporting of life, nurturing of growth.  Peace is a precious gift.  And it is yours.  Preserve it.  Maintain it.  And you will abide, in The Kingdom of God, today, in great peace! 

“So be it.  Amen.”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 18, 2009
From A Seed
There Comes The Gift,
Blessed Are The Peacemakers

   “I AM with you.  I love you.  My peace I give unto you!

    “And today, I wish to speak to you about the birth of a peacemaker.  For, My brothers and sister, some of you, in fact, most all of you, will come to a place when you realize that the words of apology, or forgiveness, flowing from your lips, are empty, dull, lifeless, lacking The Spirit of Truth.  And in that moment of recognition, there will stir within you, ‘a desire to see, in The Light of God.’  And, in the fertile ground, of desire, the seed, of a peacemaker, will be sown.”

    “And as the seed grows, and takes root, you will begin, holding issues brought to you, in The Light of God, revealing truth, in wisdom.  This is a period of preparation, of practice.  And it is the time, during which the seed is nurtured, and begins to grow.

    “But as you pass through this period, you find temptation, temptation to hold the issues in the light of how the world thinks, or believes.  You find temptation to join in fights, or arguments, swaying things, through discussions, or anger, so that your way is presented.  You find ‘the temptation’ to expel the seed growing within. 

    “But even in this chaos and temptation, you feel the growth within you, as it moves.  And you ‘know’ you must deliver The Will of God to those of Earth.  And as you labor, in this…peaceful examination of issues, rejecting the chaos, choosing the life within, you come to know The Strength, and The Power of God, that is within you.  And you bring forth; you give life.  Born from you, to those of Earth, is a peacemaker! 

    “From a seed, sown by The Hand of God, nurtured in the garden of your desire to do The Will of God, there comes…a gift…of peace…to those of Earth...

“Blessed are the peacemakers.”

Sunday Sermons
Jan. 25, 2009
Blessed Are
The Peacemakers

   “I AM with you.  On this day, I AM with you, My brothers and sisters, and let us say  .  .  .  together  .  .  .  ‘Blessed are the peacemakers.’

    “Their peaceful presence is born of the noble purpose, intention, and desire, to be peace.  And, as The Words of God flow from their lips, a song of peace is written on the wind, blessing the Earth.

    “Who are these noble beings, whose anthems reverberate through the hallways of eternity?  Theyare you!  They are the children of God, upon the Earth: waking in the light, of a new day; seeing The Power of God, in a different way; knowing strength, in The Word of God; knowing the words to say.

    “The tone and vibration of peace is unique.  It is calm, and serene, and deep.  And when it stirs at the core of your being, it will move through you, and touch your skin.  And you will awaken in the light of a new day.  You, each one of you, will see The Power of God, in a different way.  And you will come to know true strength, in God, The Words, of God. 

    “And you too, will know the words to say.  And as they flow from your lips - a Song of Peace - will be written on The Wind, blessing all the Earth, again.  So let it be.” 


Sunday Sermons
Feb. 1, 2009
Be Not Afraid,
For I AM With You;
Come, Into The Light

   “I AM with you, on this day.  Feel My Presence with you.  Hear the words I say unto you.  For, I speak to you, with great love.  You are My brother.  You are My sister.  We are One.

    “Today, I say unto you, ‘Be not afraid, for I AM with you.  Come into The Light.  The shadows of fear – disappear –  in The Light of God, and you are again, free.’ 

    “I wish to give you an example, so that you might more clearly understand these words, I speak to you today.  For, it is not good to remain a captive of fear.  It constrains and restrains you.  You are held, in a dark place.  You are not free, in fear.

    “This is, in no way, to make light of your physical and emotional distress, when you are a captive of fear.  For it is exhibited in many ways.  It is your reality.  But, the truth is held in The Light of God, and I bring you the truth, ‘The Light is always with you.  But you must choose The Light.  You must return to The Light, where you will see, and know, and find peace.’

    “As the example, I wish to remind you of something that you either experienced, as a child, or possibly watched your child experience, as a parent, or maybe even as a brother, or a sister.  No matter what your experience, I am sure each of you has ‘known this.’

    “It is bedtime.  A child, a small child, is being tucked into bed.  A few of the last words said, as the parent prepares to leave the room and close the door are, ‘Can you leave the door open, so some light might come into the room?’  And the parent usually will leave the door open, and the child looks around, and is comforted in the darkness of the room, by The Light coming through the door.  Soon, as the child’s eyes look around the room, the room becoming more and more captured by The Light, the child’s eyes close, and they go to sleep, in peace.

    “The Light is always present, no matter what room you enter, or occupy, The Light is with you.  But you must open the door, or at least, leave the door ajar.  You are only cut-off in darkness, when you close the door open to The Light of God. 

    “This example is external, in a way, so that you might understand the importance of The Light.  But the door you shut is usually, and most frequently, inside of you.  Because The Light of God is inside of you, we are One.

    “Keep the door open, understanding, that you are upon the Earth, connected to Heaven; but you are on a mission, you are on the Earth, so you must remain open.  Keep your door open, so you can receive the guidance, The Light, you are seeking. 

    “The Light of God is within you.  Open the door, do not close the door, and even in the darkest place, there too, you will see The Light, and you will be comforted, and soon, rest will come to you, and you will know peace. 

    “Be not afraid, I AM with you!  Come, into The Light, where fear will disappear, and you will find peace!”

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 8, 2009
With The Light
and The Strength of God

   “I give unto you My Peace.  Feel My Presence with you.  For in the presence . . . and in the peace . . . you will know . . . We are One! 

    “I understand your walk.  I know the things of Earth.  Therefore, it is right, and it is good, that: I reach-out to you; I speak to you; I call to you; I show you The Way.

    “This morning I say unto you My brothers and sisters, ‘Come.  Follow Me, in The Light and The Strength, of God, The Creator of All Things.  Let The Light be upon you, and around you, as The Light is within you.  Be encased, in The Light of God. 

    “In The Light of God you will come to know The Strength of God.  The Strength of God is Love.  It will surround you.  It will be your power, for The Strength of God is within you.

    “My brothers and sisters, when you walk upon the Earth: you will know temptation; you will face challenge.  But I tell you this, because I know it to be true from My own earthly experience, one can rise-above the temptation, and meet every challenge, in The Light, and The Strength, of God.

    “It is not only possible; it is My promise to you.  When you are tempted, turn to The Light within you.  When you know temptation, know The Light of God is with you, within you.  And when you meet challenge, know The Strength of God is with you, within you.  When these times come to you, speak to Me, for I AM with you.  When the temptation is great, I will whisper to you, ‘Turn to The Light.’  When the challenge heavy, I will say, ‘Use The Strength of God.’  And when you have risen above the temptation, and faced the challenge, and you are ‘still,’ there will be a great awakening, within you; for you will have experienced the miracle.  And angels will minister to you, and nurture you.  They will feed your spirit.  They will give you, that which you need to rise-up, and continue, on your way.  And this will happen, no matter how many temptations, no matter how many challenges, it will be continued, until you return home.

    “And I say this to you, if you will try: meeting a temptation, knowing a temptation and turning to The Light; meeting a challenge and calling on The Strength of God; your life will hold miracles every day.  And you will see, and you will know, The Way.   

    “It is much like the person, who, to accomplish something, must go-out of their house into the rain, let us to say, to pick-up a package, that is left in a mail box, up by the road.  Now, you can go-out in the rain, and get wet, and retrieve your package, and return to your house, dripping, cold, uncomfortable, package in hand, possibly damaged.  Or, you can protect yourself against the elements, by putting on rain gear, on your feet, over your body, carrying an umbrella, and making your way to the road, to your mail box, to pick-up the package; bring it back in the house, remove the gear, specially designed to protect you from the rain, and open the package, in the warmth of your home. 

    “Now this example seems very simple, but it is the same.  You can meet every temptation, protected by The Light of God, that is within you.  You can meet every challenge, protected by The Strength of God, that is within you.  And you can hold your package, the gift that is delivered unto you, and open your package, the gift that is delivered unto you, in a miraculous state of being. 

    “It is possible, to walk the face of the Earth: knowing temptation, but rejecting it for The Light; facing challenge, but meeting it through The Strength of God; and, being nurtured and fed, by the hands of angels.

    “I tell you this day, this type of existence is possible!  It is your protection upon the Earth.  It is God, reaching-out and touching you, while you walk upon the Earth.  It is the miraculous existence, of a child of God, upon the Earth.  And it is all available, for you. 

    “This day I say unto you, ‘Come.  Walk with Me.  For, I AM with you.  Let us go, over the Earth, in The Light, and The Strength, of God.’  And in this Way, your experience of Earth will be miraculous.  And you will truly … know … peace!”

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 15, 2009
Know Peace
In True Love vs.
The Illusion Of Love

   “My brothers and sisters, feel My Presence with you, as I deliver unto you, My Gift of Love.  For, in the gift of love, there is peace.  Feel My peace, as I give you, My love.

    “I speak to you today of love, because I see that: some of you, feel rejected; many of you, feel disappointed; and, most of you, from time to time, have been disillusioned, regarding your personal relationships, and the experience, you refer to ‘as love.’ 

    “I come to assist you, so that you might have a deeper understanding, of what ‘Love,’  really, truly is.  I speak to you today, because what you have created, what you call love, your perception, is an illusion, of what love really is. 

    “Most of your personal relationships have to do with a piece of love, but incorporate other energies, that keep love in abeyance, hold it, within a box, constrained, restrained.  If you are in a relationship that sets a boundary… whether it is spoken, or unspoken… that love will be withdrawn… if one of you does this, or that, or the other… you are operating in an atmosphere, of manipulation and control.  You are operating in an atmosphere, of fear, that if something is done, or left undone, love will be removed.  This sets the stage, for rejection, for disappointment.  And when the illusion of what you are creating bursts, there follows, a feeling of disillusion.  There are ‘issues,’ in ‘loving relationships,’ because love is not full, deep, rich.  If you will permit yourself to be still, and consider what I say to you, you will realize, that the relationship, the love, is built on what another will say, will do, will provide.  If one party does not provide, there is a feeling of rejection.  If one party does not say, or do, there is a feeling of disappointment.  But this is all because your perception of love is based on ‘an illusion, of love.’

    “Today, I wish for you to understand what it means to be in the energy of love.  While you are hearing My words, or reading My words, pause briefly, and whisper upon your heart, ‘God, I am here, today.  I desire to feel Your love, flowing into me, and I open to that love!’

    “If you will do this, you will feel love, the energy of light, pouring into your being.  You will be illuminated.  You will feel peaceful.  And, once you have been touched, once you have been ‘in love,’ you will have a better understanding of what love is, ‘it is a feeling of completeness, wholeness, oneness.’  And, in this feeling, you would not want to bring to the union: the energy of anger; the energy of frustration; demands; the energy of needing this or that; because if you do, that is what the union then becomes. 

    “When you let the love flow into you, and fill you, you are illuminated, by the love.  You are brighter, for the love.  You are lighter, for the love.  This is what it means, to be, ‘in love.’  It is peaceful.  It is serene.  It is complete.

    “And once you hold this love, coming to you from God, the next step is to release it, and let it flow from you, to all of your brothers and sisters, without restriction.  You just let it pour through you, like the mighty force it is.  You make no demands.  You just exist, in love.  This is what love is. 

    “I ask you today, to take some time, to be still, to go to a quiet place, open yourself fully, and call on God, and say, ‘I am here.  I wish to know, the feeling.  I wish to be, in love.’  And then wait.  For, I promise you, ‘you will feel the love of God, flowing in you, and then, you will ‘know,’ love.’  It will not be a perception, or an illusion, of what you think love is, it will be the powerful force, of God’s unconditional love, for you. 

    “And, once you know it: that is what you will desire; that is what you will wish to perpetuate.  All other forms will be lacking.  It is a complete love.  It is the perfect love.  And, it is God’s love for you, My love for you.  You have the ability to love this way, because God’s love is within you!  Therefore, today, let God’s love flow through you, with no measures of this or that, what another will do, or will not do, for you.  Just be… in love.

     “If you will do this, you will recognize a peace, settling over you, and around you, a peace that you have not known in a while.  It is the peace that comes with the perfect love, for love is about giving.

     “So today, I say to you, rise-up and be healed.  Be healed from any negative feelings of rejection.  Be freed of negative energies associated with disappointment.  Be cured of disillusionment.  Do not be confined by a piece of love.  Be defined by the peace of love. 

    “I say unto you, walk with Me into the light, where you will feel the love of God, flow into you, and through you, and therein ‘know, love.’ 

    “Love is giving; let it flow.  Love is giving; let it grow, upon the Earth, through you.”

Sunday Sermons
Feb. 22, 2009
The Needy
Are In Your Midst,
Behold The Blessing,
Accept Their Gift

   “I AM  with you.  And I say unto you: behold the gift, accept the blessing; behold the blessing, accept the gift. 

    “My brothers and sisters, I reach-out to you, through time and space, and touch your heart, and kiss your face, and give you that, which I have to give, so you might grow, so you might live, in the grace, the light, and the love, of God.  The love of God encompasses all, enfolds all, delights in every child, and waits patiently for their return, home.

    “This day, I wish to speak to you about a golden opportunity that is often missed, or rejected.  My brothers and sisters, the needy are in your midst.  But many of you turn your face, so you do not see.  By avoiding the encounter, you miss the blessing.  You miss the opportunity, to be the hands of God.  You miss the gift, outright.

    “For I say unto you, when one in need stands before you, what they have to offer is far greater, than that which you can give;  because, they give you the opportunity to open your heart, and live, within the energy of God’s love, and light, and peace.

    “If I knocked on your door, needing: food, or drink, or clothing, or money, who amongst you, would not make haste to: provide a refreshing drink; set a table with your finest food to eat; pull, from your closet, your best coat; and, set your open purse upon the table?  Who amongst you would not be eager to give unto Me?

    “And I say unto you, do not turn your head away from the needy!  Do not miss the opportunity, when the knock comes upon the door.  Prepare your heart.  Be in love!  For I promise you this, when the hand, weary and needy, knocks, and you open the door, I will be there. 
    “And that which I will give unto you, will be far greater than that which you have to offer, far greater, than all that you have to give.  For, it will be the opportunity to truly live, in the light, and the glory, of God.  It will be the opportunity to know peace, to give life, to behold the blessing, and accept the gift.”

Sunday Sermons
Mar. 1, 2009
Be Mindful,
Your Thoughts, And
Words, And Deeds, Create

   “I AM  with you.  I AM here, today, now, in the present.  And in the present is where you have the opportunity to create great peace, to settle over the earth, and roll into eternity, blessed, created, by each of you.

    “My brothers and sisters, be mindful of your thoughts, and words, and deeds.  Mind, with a vigilant spirit: the thoughts you create; the words you breathe into life; the deeds you bring forth upon the earth; so that you mine, from your inner core, brilliant gems, which will illuminate The Kingdom of God.  Therefore, let your thoughts be filled with love, your words hold compassion and kindness, and your deeds be the living Word.  Thereby bringing peace: upon the earth; to yourself; and, to all eternity.

    “It is within you to create peace.  And the peace – you create –  will be enjoyed by you, to the measure you create it.  You hold the power.  I have been given you the key.  Therefore, this day, be mindful of your thoughts, and words, and deeds…

and bring to life, Peace,
to illuminate The Kingdom of God.”