June 14, 2015,
Jesus' Sunday Sermon

When you deliver a verdict, or a judgment, upon another person, by
the words you speak, or the thoughts you think: you are greatly magnify-
ing the possibility, that this is, exactly, what they will experience; you are
magnifying that, which, you are saying!  So, when you say to the little girl, "You are stupid;"or when you say to the little boy, "You are lazy;"or when
you say to a friend, "You are greedy," or, "You are mean;" or, when you
say to anyone, "a pronouncement of your thoughts," you are bringing
your thoughts into your reality by your words; and, you are either
blessing,  or cursing,  the one you are speaking with, or about,
with your words, with your thoughts.  For, after months of
being told  that you are stupid,  or lazy,  or greedy,  or
mean, there is  "the temptation," to believe it; and,
to act on it!  Therefore, lift your thoughts, so that
your judgments are altered, and changed, into
pronouncements of good, and light!  And The
Holy Sprit says: When you are tempted: to
judge another, to chastise another, to
correct another, stop, immediately;
because with the statements, you
are preparing to make, comes
the curse.  Rather, be mind-
ful of what you are saying,
and choose, first, to lift that
person up!  Think, and think
quickly, what is one of their best
attributes, and slip that into place;
for a child, you might say, "You are so
good, with sharing your toys.  You are very good
at noticing nice things about people."  It does not take long
to change a criticism to a remark that lifts the person out of what
they are doing, into a new space.  A kind statement lifts the shadows, and
brings the sun.  Be the light when others are in shadow and darkness.  Do
not push them down further, until the shadows become the darkness.  Lift them up, and let them ride the words you speak, into the light of a new day!

June 20, 2015

I encourage you
to make every day
a day of importance;
for every day is a page
in the book you are writing,
regarding your journey upon Earth.
How will your page read today?
And The Holy Sprit says:
Life is a dance,
and every step,
and movement,
you choose to use
makes  the  dance
uniquely  your  own.
Life is a song, and every note,
and every word, you choose to use
makes the song uniquely your own.
Dance, sing, and create the page
of today.  Be at peace, and
enjoy your travels,
all along The

June 19, 2015

thing to do, today, is
to listen to what I have to say, be-
cause My thoughts, and My words to you,
are intended to lead you into My light and love,
and hold you there, with grace, so that you might
walk, in confidence.  And The Holy Sprit says: Most
people feel it is important to say, what they
want to say, and often times they lose
their way, puffed-up with
but for those
who will
first, to
what God
has to say, there is
peace, and joy, and con-
fidence; for, they know The Way!

June 18, 2015

This day, I urge each of you, My children, to set aside
the petty disagreements, and arguments, the significant
disagreements and arguments, the long-lived disagreements
and arguments.  Set aside all of the tags, and the names, you
have assigned to other people, and sit in My love.  Once you
feel My love, without the obstacles that you carry, the bur-
dens you carry, then it will be easier for you to set them
down.  And The Holy Sprit says: If you want to live your
life, fully, with great joy, you must refuse
to pick-up the burdens of others,
you must refuse
to carry,
with you,
into another
day, an argument
or bad feelings, anger,
or hatred, about anything;
and you must be strong enough, in
the faith God has given you, to forgive,
all things!  Once you do this, you will find
these acts of love bring to you total freedom!

June 17, 2015

When you choose to be quiet, silent, to hold your tongue,
so that you might clearly hear what those around you
are saying, then, you reap the rewards, you gain
the benefits, you are blessed with wisdom;
for when you truly hear what another
is saying, you begin to know what
the other needs, so that you
might provide a gift, and
wipe away their need.
And The Holy Sprit says
When someone is:
angry, or fussing, or
even belligerent, and ag-
gressive, do not be tempted
to go into their energy, rather, choose
to listen, carefully, to what they are saying, because
held within their words of anger, or frustration, or hurt, or need,
you will gain wisdom, and you will find, that they are seeking either:
understanding, love, charity, kindness, peace, confidence, or content-
ment.  When you are blessed, with the wisdom to understand why
another is calling-out, then you can provide their true need,
then you can resist the temptation to be combative,
and choose to be supportive.  Listen carefully,
so that you "know the need of another."

June 16, 2015

For those
who are willing
to hold their tongue,
when they are "tempted,"
to "speak ill of another," there
is great reward, and it comes im-
mediately, as day turns into night,
and you realize, that you did right,
that  you protected yourself,  from
guilt, and blame, and frustration,
and shame. And The Holy Sprit says
Refuse to speak ill of another.
Choose to bless, all others,
with words of kindness,
and understanding,
and hope!

June 15, 2015

you are
ever mindful
that your joy is with Me,
then you dance, and sing,
all the day long.
And The Holy
Sprit says:
your day
positioning yourself,
in every way, directly in
the light of God, and then,
stand-back, and prepare to
experience a most joyful day.

June 7, 2015
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

with you,
as The Good Parent
I AM with you, and My hand will not push you,
or shove you, demanding that you do this, or that,
or the other.  My hand will rest upon you, en-
couraging you, filling you with faith,
and light, and love, so that
you might have
the confidence
to do that which
you are meant to do.
And The Holy Sprit says: The
presence of God will guide you,
and you will "know: where to go:
what to say; and, what to do," be-
cause the hand of God is over you!

June 13, 2015

The events and the situations in a day
will either rule you, move you, direct you,
or you will master the events and the situations
in a day, moving the energy in such a way, that it is
blessed, forevermore.  At the beginning of each day,
make it your intention,  not to be ruled by  what is
happening around you;  or,  by what others say;
but to master the energy, that comes to you,
in a sacred way.  And  The Holy Sprit  says:
Every day, before you start, be-
fore you begin, pause,
and pray; invite
The Spirit
of God
to move you,
so  that  you  might:
go where you need to go,
so that you might do, what
you need to do, and so that
you might say the words,
God means for you to
say, in your own
unique way.
Do not be
the ways
of the world,
master the energy, and
live, within The Spirit of God.

June 12, 2015

will stay
near to Me,
I will make it clear to thee,
what you are to do, and
where you are to go.
I will whisper
the words
you are
to say,
and they
will be the
right words,
every single day.
And The Holy Sprit says:
The best way to assure, that
you will not wander from The Way, is to
make it your intention to walk with God, every day.

June 11, 2015

within you,
the ability to create
energies: such as joy and
happiness, contentment, and
peace; and you have, within you,
the ability to create the energies
of: hatred, and anger. and
gloom, and despair.
These are creations.
Therefore, this day,
be mindful of what
you create!  Set your
intention soon; set your
intention, early in the day;
and sing-out, "It is my intention
to create: joy, and peace, and kindness,
charity.  It is my intention, to be a bringer of
peace."  And that... then... is what you will create,
as it is your "intention," to do so.  And The Holy Sprit says:
Let it be your intention to live this day, knowing the unseen,
while experiencing the seen.  While you are upon Earth... there
is often the temptation to put great value, upon, what you can see.
The reality of eternity... is that there is more power... in the unseen!
Therefore, let it be your intention today, to come to "know, better,"
the unseen, all around you; and, that knowing will greatly change
and alter, the experience you have in the dimension of the seen!

June 10, 2015

Once you have successfully entered
The River of Divine Love, and you give-up the struggle,
and set all things aside, you relax in the waters, and enjoy the ride,
knowing, with confidence, that the flow of the river will take you wher-
ever you need to go!  And The Holy Sprit says: It takes complete surrender to
realize the power that is flowing, within you; for when you are distracted
by all the things around you, you do not feel the power, flowing, within
you; but when you are at peace, when you have surrendered, and
rest in the waters, and ride them wherever they take you,
you feel the power within you, and all around you,
and you are One, with the universe,
and All That Is.

June 9, 2015

The caterpillar is content with its life
crawling upon the Earth, until the day
it is cocooned, in a special way, holding
it still, blessing it greatly, until, it is time
to fly; and then the caterpillar is released
from the cocoon; it no longer crawls over
the Earth, it soars above the Earth, an-
nouncing, with its marvelous color-
ation, "Look, and see, what God
has made of me!"  And The
Holy Sprit says: Before
the beautiful bird
can fly, it must peck
its way from the shell,
it must: push; and work;
building muscles and mak-
ing itself stronger; cracking
the shell, in order to fly; and
once the little bird is released
from the shell, and has eaten
well, from the mouth, of the
mother and father it takes
to flight,  its colors,  its
feathers, beautiful
in the light
of the sun,
announcing to all, as
it soars on The Wind, "Look,
and see, what God has made of me."

June 8, 2015

For those who are willing to live the dream
that is written upon their heart, and singing-out,
from their soul, there is the greatest adventure of all,
the journey upon Earth, taken as it is meant to be!  And The
Holy Sprit says: When you have a dream, or see a vision, or long to do something special, these promptings are coming from a stirring inside
of you, rising-up from the dream of reality that is within you, and it is
yours to do.  There is nothing impossible to do that is written on your
heart; if you dream it, it is possible to do; and, if you dream it, it is
yours to do.  Have faith.  Set your feet upon the ground, and let
your spirit soar.  The Wind will blow, and you will fly,
and go, where it is, you are to go.  Let the
greatest adventure of your
lifetime be-

May 31, 2015
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

When you heed My call, and follow, as direct-
ed, you will end-up: where you are supposed
to be; doing what you are meant to do; and
you will be content!  Therefore, let your
ears, hear Me!   And The Holy Sprit says:
Do not be so caught-up: in doing
what others do; going
where others go;
listening more to
what others say;
for, there is a
within you,
which will whisper,
and call to you; there is a fire
of  wisdom,  burning,  within  you,
which will tell you,  all,  you need to
know!  Heed the whisper, from within!

June 6, 2015

When you are focusing on our relationship,
maintaining your connection with Me,
in a powerful way, you have no time
to wander into other people's
spaces: wondering why
they do this, or that,
or the other; for, that is not
where you should be.  You should
be concentrating on you!  You should
be concentrating on Me!  And The Holy Sprit says
Try, for a day, focusing all your attention on God.
What will happen is that your relationships, with
other people, will expand, and grow, and be en-
hanced, because God will be flowing into you,
and through you, and all things will be right.
To have, and experience a perfect day, seek
constant communion with Perfection.

June 5, 2015

From the first tender green shoots, and buds, and blossoms of spring,
there pours forth the gardens of summer, full and lush; and the birds
sing of the gardens of Earth all along the banks of the rivers, all a-
long the streets of the cities, filling back yards, and countrysides,
and meadows, with the flowering growth, of summer.   And it is beautiful and it is lush, and it is filled with life; and the birds
and the insects, the bees, do their part to continue the glory
of these.  Look around... and see... Earth... blossom, and
hear her sing... and in the looking, and amazement,
of all that summer brings, remember this, you
too... are a garden, you too... can sing!
Let summer bring
the richness,
the fullness,
the glory of life
upon Earth.  You are
the garden, blossom, and
sing.  And The Holy Sprit says: Amen.

June 4, 2015

Do not be distracted by the ways of the world,
focus on the goal, of your mission; so, it might be
accomplished, in good and proper time.   And The Holy
Sprit says: The truth is every person walking upon the Earth
has a specific mission.  Some take very little time to accom-
plish, and the mission is done; for others, their mission is
a lifetime of work, preparing The Way, rebuilding The
Garden, protecting sacred space.  Whatever your
mission might be, be assured, that it is
yours to do.  Therefore, do not
be distracted, from the
mission, that is

June 3, 2015

Ancient peoples knew how to read the signs.
They followed the signs that were sent to them,
and they had confidence in their journey.  Signs
come to you every day.  Pray for the ability to see
the signs, to awaken to the signs, around you.  Pray
for the wisdom to read the signs, and know the signs.
And pray that your faith might be complete; so that
you will follow the signs, and your journey upon
the Earth will be filled with confidence.
And The Holy Sprit says: Signs
are with you:
signs of abundance,
signs of lack, signs of faith,
signs of doubt, signs of comfort,
signs of chaos.  You see them all the time,
but you have forgotten how to read the signs.
See the signs, read the signs, follow the signs;
and you will grow ~ in confidence ~ every day!

June 2, 2015

For some,
waking in the morning,
brings just another day; but, for others,
waking in the morning brings the opportunity to
create, a brand new day, which never existed before,
which is new, which is in their hands; and, they smile,
recognizing "the gift," they have received. And The Holy
Sprit says: Every day gives you the opportunity to create
what you say you would wish for, pray for, and
hope for.  It is yours to do.  Create a day
that is perfect for you.

June 1, 2015

That which you create within your being
is that which you deliver unto the Earth!
And The Holy Sprit says: If there is peace within
your being, you deliver peace to the Earth;
if there is joy, and happiness, within your
being, that is what you deliver to Earth;
and it is the same with all creations
coming from within you!
Therefore, this day,
be especially
mindful of
that which
you are creating
within.  Bless the Earth
with what you are creating, today!

May 30, 2015

your intention is
to follow as you are led,
to begin the great construction,
to enter into the time of planting;
first, there is a period of gathering,
all that you need, so that once you
begin, you can begin with speed,
moving through the project,
having all you need, at
hand.  Now
is such a time.
Gather what you can.
And The Holy Sprit says: Pay attention
as you are directed to do this, and that,
because each this, and each that, will be a-
vailable, will be at hand, when you are rea-
dy to begin, to construct, to build, to plant.

May 29, 2015

not let
another's words,
or thoughts, or deeds,
define you; rather, choose to
sit with Me, and I will refine you,
in every way; and, in My hands, you
will become all you are meant to be.
And The Holy Sprit says: Stay connected
with God, in every way.  That is
where you find your worth,
that is where you find
your purpose, for
being, and it
is good!

May 28, 2015

Once you are still, and hear Me, and receive direction
clearly, you must still be able to change, to alter, to be flexible;
for, following the Divine Plan is like following a grand orchestra
in a ballroom; your motions, your steps, your swaying this way,
or that, all depends on the song they are playing, sometimes
slow, sometimes fast.   And The Holy Sprit says:  The very minute
you are able to be still, and hear clearly, that which you are
to do, is to be celebrated!  The next step is to adjust your
every step to the rhythm of the song, that God, and all
creation is singing ~ to you ~ so that every day is a
dance: filled with change, filled with fun, fill-
ed with waltzes and polkas, and square-
dances, and all manner of motion.
Once you can hear, and your
hearing is clear, then,
you begin to

May 27, 2015

you are content to
give-up the ways of a child,
to give-up doing what you want to do,
and you are willing to wear the clothing of
a mature, spiritual being, and take My hand,
and follow, your life changes immediately.
It is filled with contentment, and peace,
because you are doing that which
you are meant to be doing.
And The Holy Sprit says:
Life upon Earth
can be confusing.
Life upon Earth can be
frustrating; but, life upon Earth
can also be filled with wisdom, and
contentment, when you know, you are
doing, what you are meant to be doing.
Give-up "the ways of a child;" and walk
the Earth as "a mature spiritual being!"

May 26, 2015

If you will sit, and talk with Me
for a while, before your day begins,
you will find, at its end: that you have
had a day filled, with joy; that you have
accomplished what was necessary, for you
to accomplish; and you have grown in con-
fidence, knowing that, together, we can do
all things.  And The Holy Sprit says: Before you
rise-up, before you spread your wings
to fly into the new day, make sure
that the hand of God
is beneath you,
and over you,
and around you; and
I will send My breath to fill
your sails, and the day will be good.

May 25, 2015

Come, sit with Me, and I will whisper to thee,
and we will draw nearer, than ever before!  And I
will fill you, with wisdom, and you will then be able
to close the door, on that which comes to attack you,
to pull you from Me, to separate us; for, as we sit to-
gether, there is none sweeter than our union, Parent
and child, listening, learning, knowing.  Whenever
you come to Me, I fill thee with all that you need.
And  The  Holy  Sprit  says:  Do not squander the time
you are given; for it moves, quickly, and soon
it is done.  Let every day be touched
with the hand of God.  Let
every day be filled
with your union
with The One.
Bow your head
in acknowledgement
of God, the Father, the Son, and
The Holy Spirit, and you will be bless-
ed, from the rising, to the setting, of the sun.

May 24, 2015
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Set judgment of yourself, and others,
aside; be quick to forgive, all things;
let your actions speak, louder, than
your words.   And The Holy Sprit says:
When you answer the call, and
rise-up to follow, set down
the burden of judg-
the blessing
of forgiveness;
and, as you walk,
let your words be still,
and your actions magnified!
Rise-up, and be The Living Word!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: