May 6, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

To fulfil your destiny, listen to your heart.
You are not upon the Earth to be lost, or a-
fraid; or, wander in darkness, and shadow;
for, I have sent unto you The Holy Spirit;
and, from within, The Spirit shall guide
you, and you will "know, The Way! "
Open your heart!   Listen to The
Spirit, within you!  You are
to fulfil your destiny
upon the earth;
and, come
And The
Holy Spirit says:
My words are not meant
to mock or belittle the lifetime
you are leading upon Earth, and its
challenges;  but,  you have the plan,  for a
successful life,  and an earthly destiny  fulfilled,
upon your heart; you carry it in your soul, and your
spirit sings of it.  Do not let your head lead you astray.
All  things  are  right,  ~ when ~  you  follow,  The  Way!

May 12, 2018

Do not deny, regret, be embarrassed, or ashamed about
a slip or a fall into darkness and shadow, because a slip
or a fall into darkness and shadow, can be a stepping-
stone to an expanded spiritual awareness!  Use the
slip, use the fall, so that you might rise-up, and
see it all, in My glory.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Do not deny the tears of sorrow, rejection,
loneliness, or pain.  No, let the light
of the sun,  shine,  onto your
tears, and create
a rainbow,
which will
diminish all fears;
for, as the rain doth fall,
the light of the sun
will shine,
and create
a colorful arch,
which is truly divine.
So, do not deny the tears,
let them shine in the light of The Son.

May 11, 2018

When you see
the beauty of nature: in the
flowers, and the trees, and the grasses,
in the rocks, the streams, the rivers and the oceans,
you see Me!  When you see the majesty, of the mountains,
you see Me!  When you see the tranquility, of the morning mist,
creeping through a valley, you see Me!  When you see, the creation
of Earth, and know it to be sacred, you see Me!  When you realize
your role in the creation story, you have a realization of Me!  O-
pen your eyes, and see the beauty, and know, you are a piece
of the beautiful, creation, story; and, I AM with thee.
And The Holy Spirit says:  The radiance of Earth is
an outward sign, of the inner-
beauty, of God!

May 10, 2018

fuse the
temptation to
heap criticism on others,
choosing instead to deliver showers
of blessings on others!  And The Holy Spirit says:
It takes practice, but can be done, from the rising
to the setting of the sun, it can be done.  Let the
words you speak, be words of blessing!  Let
the thoughts you create, be creations
of blessing!  Let the deeds you
do, reflect the bless-
ings created

May 9, 2018

Be mindful of what you are doing with regard to discomfort
of the body.   If you hit your thumb, trying to hammer a nail
into a wall, you will experience pain temporarily.  If you fall
from a ladder, and break your leg, you will experience pain
temporarily.  Each of these two situations is to be handled
differently; and, the correct way to know what to do, is
to be still, be quiet, and ask for immediate healing;
and, you will receive direction, as if you were
opening a first-aid book; for, the finger
struck by the hammer, will take
but a while, and the pain
will go, and the colors
will change back and forth,
between blues, and blacks, and yellows
until it is restored again.  The direction might be,
when you pray for healing, to take oneself to a hospital,
and have the leg set, and then go about your day, hindered in
a way, but only temporarily.  Ask, and you will know what to do; but
do!  The temptation often is to do nothing; when you hear the guidance, do!
And The Holy Spirit says:  A finger struck by a hammer is painful, and it throbs, and it does this
for a day or two, maybe more.  It is important to remember: to acknowledge the pain, ask
for healing, and do not mention it over and over again. Every time you say, "My finger hurts,"  it will hurt more,  it will hurt longer.   Remembering the pain  activates  the
memory of the pain,  and brings it forward,  just as you do  when remembering
a difficult situation  that happened  years before.  Every time you recall it,
and bring it forward,  the sting returns,  and it is  the same  with the
finger,  it is the same, with the broken leg.  Take  the  direction
to  resolve  the  matter.   Ask  for  healing,  and let it go.
Even when  it pains you  so,  it is best to not men-
tion, to let it go.  Leave the pain in the past,
and heal it, with a joyful presence!

May 8, 2018

It is by faith that you know Me, that you believe in Me,
that you believe in The Kingdom of Heaven.   We speak,
we talk,  there is communication between us,  and it pro-
vides strength,  and courage.   The world around you can-
not hear our conversation,  as it exists,  and is held,  with-
in you;  but just because the world cannot see it,  does not
mean it is not true.  You cannot see love; but you can see
the result of love.  You cannot see kindness; but you can
see the result of kindness.  You cannot see charity, and
compassion, and understanding;  but,  you can see
the result of these things.  You cannot see
Me, as the world would demand
to see Me; yet, you
see the result
of your belief
in Me; and it is
there for all the world
to  see.  It  is  in  this  Way,
that the world will come to know Me,
through what you say, and through what you
do.  I AM there within you!  And The Holy Spirit says:
Sometimes, on a summer evening, a fragrance, carried
upon the wind, finds you, encircles you, and you breathe
it in; and, it is a source of great delight. There is no need
to wander around the garden, or the yard, or the apart-
ment, in search of the  source of the fragrance, which
rides the night.  You know, it comes from a flo-
wer, that is, temporarily, out of sight!

May 7, 2018

If today, you find yourself in a place of shadow, or darkness,
for whatever reason this might be, do not be afraid!  Do not hang
your head: in shame or fear or anger or frustration.  Know, I AM
near to you.  Lift-up your head, open your eyes, and look around
you.  I do not ask you to look around you, to stir you to action.
I ask you to look around: you might see a chair; you might
see the walls of a hospital room; you might see a back-
yard,  and a play-set with swings,  sitting still; you
might see the bars of a prison cell; you might
see a window, looking-out from an office,
high above the streets of a city.  No
matter what you see, right now,
no matter where you are
right now, I AM
with you!  And
The Holy Spirit says: Be
still, and know, you are never
alone!  When you can calm your fears,
or your anxiety, or your anger and frustration,
you will see that the place in which you find yourself
is a lesson, and an opportunity to gain whatever information
you are to gain from where you are, so that you might move-on, bet-
ter equipped to face each day, and this applies no matter where you are.
There is courage in numbers, there is strength in numbers; and, you have
numbers of angels around you, you have God, you have Jesus, you have
The Holy Spirit of God with you!  Now, open your eyes, look around,
and ask for guidance, so that you might know the lesson, know it
well, and be on your way to a brighter, more glorious, day.

May 5, 2018

Here it is,
another day.  Do not
close your eyes, or turn away
from the opportunity to create.  Many
times you have been sitting quietly with thoughts,
or considerations of what a perfect day might be, for
you.  Today, it is time to make those thoughts,
and considerations come true.  Rise-up,
and create, from within you.  And The
Holy Spirit says: When you awaken to
all the possibilities, which are given
freely to every child of God, the door
swings open, and you walk through; and,
as you look around, everything seems new.  It is
no longer the time to blame this one, or that one.  It is
no longer the time to say, "I cannot do."  Today is
the New Day, which has been promised to you.
Open your eyes, and look, and see
the gift of possibility, that
has been given
unto thee.

May 4, 2018

You are as the beautiful spring wildflowers,
scattered over the Earth, showing your beauty
in the season of glory that is yours, then find-
ing comfort in your leafy foliage, until it is
time to be still, and quiet, and return
to inner-earth, once again.  Every
springtime is a lifetime.
Every springtime
represents a
And The
Holy Spirit
says: The beauty
of the spring wildflower
cannot be denied.  It rises-up
out of the Earth, pushing through
the soil, which weeks ago was frozen, and
hard.  These flowers are as the kiss of life,
and you cannot pass by one, in all its glory,
without looking, and celebrating life, and
the story, of God's continuing creation!

May 3, 2018

The song of the bird, the dance of a stream, the fragrance
of a flower, dewdrops glistening in the grass or on the leaves
of a tree, each of these holds the beauty of creation; but, when
the song of the bird, and the dance of the stream, and the aroma
of a flower, and the brilliance of a raindrop or a dewdrop, glisten-
ing on a blade of grass or the leaf of a tree is magnified in its glory,
in its light, when it is seen, and noticed, is the source of delight!   And
The Holy Spirit says:  Sitting quietly, creating, and magnifying the energies of
creation within you is beautiful; God's love flowing into, and through you
is beautiful; the light of God, flowing into and through you is beautiful.
The peace, and the power, and the glory of God, flowing into you,
and through you, is beautiful;  but,  when you can carry
all of these gifts, and blessings, and grace, out
into the world, so others can see,
and know, it is as if
you are a miracle,
walking amongst them,
shining, in the brilliance of God!
Let the light of God be known, by the way you
speak, and the things  you do; in this Way: you will bring
the light to all you meet; you will be as the song of the bird, and
the dance of the stream, and the aroma of the flower; you will be
as the dewdrop,  glistening, on a blade of grass,  or sparkling, on
the leaf of a tree; you will be the source of delight, for all to see!

May 2, 2018

when you feel
that you are being ridiculed,
pushed from here to there,
beset in every manner,
all things will be calm, and
you can remain in balance, and
in peace, when you know
the healing
is within
You hold
the answer.
You have the key.
No one can disturb thee,
when you are content in knowing,
who you are!  And The Holy Spirit says: One can
tell a pig that it is a horse, all day long; but, the pig is con-
tent in knowing, from within, it is a pig.  One can tell a dog, that it
is a cat, all day long; but the dog is content in knowing, from within,
it is a dog.  When you know, who you are, no one can alter, or push, or
persuade you to believe  you are anything other than  a glorious, eternal being, on Earth for a brief time, soon to return Home!  Know, who you are!

May 1, 2018

Begin this new month
by blessing all individuals,
especially those you contact, or
come in contact with, today.  As you
move over the Earth you will see: people
driving here and there; people going to their
office, to their schools; people going to the fields;
people going to the factories;  people going this way
and that.   Bless them!   Bless the ones who cut-you-off
in traffic.  Bless the ones who disagree, loudly.  Bless the
students, in your classroom, who are disruptive.  Bless the
clients in your office who are difficult.  Bless each individ-
ual you encounter, for it truly might be the only blessing
they receive that day; for, many of them, refuse to let
Me in!  Therefore, I can touch them with a bless-
ing, through you!
And The Holy Spirit says:
Begin to see the world
in a different way; rather than
being frustrated, be eager to open,
and let the blessing of God flow, through
you, to all beings!   This might sound "small,"
it might sound as if you are doing nothing at all;
but, it is actually The Way the world will change,
because change comes inch-by-inch, step-by-step,
prayer-by-prayer, grace-by-grace ... by blessing!

April 30, 2018

than saying,
repeating often,
your  thoughts  create,
believe it; and know, creation
springs forth, from your thoughts.
Therefore, choose wisely, the way you
think!   And The Holy Spirit says:  Let the waters
of grace,  flow  through  you,  removing all nega-
tive thoughts from you, so that you might rise-up,
in the glory, and the light of God; and, choose to
create a day: of peace, and laughter, and joy!

April 29, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

up, stand-
up, all of you:
who believe that you can
speak to Me, and I will speak to thee;
who believe that you can speak to your brother,
Jesus, and He will answer thee; all those who believe
that it is possible  to be guided by  The Holy Spirit
sent to thee. Rise-up, stand-up and live, what
you believe.  And The Holy Spirit says: Many
of  you  place  a  lot  of  faith  in
scientific development,
in devices.  Take
some time
today to
your faith in
that, which is unseen,
but more powerful, and more
true,  than  any  scientific  develop-
ment, or any device you might acquire.
Choose wisely, that which will guide you.

April 28, 2018

cannot know peace
when you host the spirit of anger.
Tranquility will evade you, when you give
safe harbor to the spirit of hatred.  You cannot rest,
and be calm, when you entertain the spirits of chaos, and
confusion.  You can know peace, and tranquility, and be calm
as soon as you cast from yourself the spirits of darkness and sha-
dow, and follow with vigilance, so that they might be cast from you
every day.  In this way you will find love.  And The Holy Spirit says: Some-
times, when you are sitting still, and all around you seems right, and good,
something creeps into your thoughts, possibly a flicker of something that
happened a long time ago; and, for a minute you are tempted: to dislike
another; to be frustrated with another; to condemn another; to with-
hold your love from another.  Celebrate when you recognize these
temptations; for they come every day, often every hour.  Re-
cognize  the  power  that  is  yours,  and  cast  these
things  from  you.   Feel  the  presence
of  tranquility;  and,
be calm.

April 27, 2018

Do not be afraid.
Do not permit the ways of
the world,  what  is  happening
around you, or your environment,
to distract you: from "knowing," who
you are;  or,  from what  you are doing.
Be the bringer of peace!   Be the bearer
of light.  Do not hesitate to extend your
hand in friendship, first.  Do not be re-
luctant to say,  "I am sorry,"  first.
Do not  refuse to forgive,  first.
Be the first.  Be the light.
Do not be blind to
Accept the truth,
and you will know The Way;
for, I will not lead you into darkness; and,
if I find you in darkness, I will not leave you in darkness;
do not be afraid.  And The Holy Spirit says: Meet this day with firm resolve:
that you are going to be the bringer of light;  that you are going to forgive;
that you are going to love; that you are going to be kind and compassionate;
that you are going to begin to look at what is happening around you, and to
those gathering around you, through the eyes of God, recognizing, and realizing, that all inhabitants of Earth are worthy.  No matter how
they  are  acting,  at  the  time,  you  have  the  ability  to say,
"Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."

April 26, 2018

I love you!  My smile, rests upon you, and follows you,
no matter where you go!  Even when you veer off-course,
My smile goes with you!  My love goes with you; and, it will
follow you until you turn around and feel My Presence strong-
ly, and come back Home. You are never alone! The feeling that
I AM far from you ~ is a separation, ~ only you can build; for,
I will not build a wall, or create a mountain, or design a sea,
to keep you away from Me; I follow you wherever you go!
And The Holy Spirit says:  God's blessing, and grace, and love,
rests with you!  If you cannot feel it, then it is time
for you  to:  tear down  the walls  of doubt;
break-up the mountains of confusion,
and chaos, and anger; and build
a vessel  to sail upon  the sea,
which has separated thee;
and I will fill your sails
with The Wind, and
you will sail in-
to the arms
of God!

April 25, 2018

Be mindful of the way you interact,
and communicate with others.  Always
check your words,  before  they fall from
your lips.  Be mindful  that a gentle,  loving
word, goes so much farther than a harsh, criti-
cal word!  Mind what you are saying!  And The Holy
Spirit says: Form your thoughts, in such a way, that you
give thanks, for all you have this day.  Form your
thoughts ~ in such a way ~ that there is
great gratitude on your heart.
Spend the time you are
upon the Earth
not wondering
what others
are worth,
but setting
your intent-
ion to create
thoughts of gold,
and words of grace, every day.
Mind what you think.  Mind what you say.

April 24, 2018

There are many ways to do things, to accomplish things;
there are also many excuses, why you did not do something,
or accomplish something; but The Way to behold, and hold, a
fulfilled and glorious life in your hands, is to do that, which is
written on your heart; and, to do it well.  Whatever that dream
is, upon your heart, that is your mission.  Rise-up.  Set your fo-
ot upon the path, and follow the dream, that is written on your
heart, because, My child, it is especially designed for you!  And
The Holy Spirit says:  Each of you carries within you, a set of gifts that
are put together in such a way, that they are, uniquely, yours, de-
signed so that you might use them: to accomplish your mission;
to do so, for the glory of God;  and,  return Home, in cele-
bratory fashion.  Do not be afraid: to follow the mis-
sion;  to follow your heart;  to use the gifts
you have been given, to complete
your story, and give
the glory to

April 23, 2018

The ways of the world
can be harsh, and severe.
I ask you to be kind, to be at
peace, to be still;  and,  you will
find that, in the sea of turmoil, as
you are practicing kindness, you
will have the courage, and the
strength, which will bring
you peace; for, it
will be My
it will be
My strength;
and, it will lift-you
above the chaos, and
you will rest in My peace.
And The Holy Spirit says: No matter
what the situation, it is always possible
to be kind.   Today,  practice  kindness;  and,
come the night, you will find you are truly at peace.

April 22, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

You are upon the Earth, My child,
to complete your mission; and, once your
mission is complete, I will call you Home!  To
"know," your mission, you must know your heart;
for, it is there I have written the words; your mission
is written upon your heart; go there, and you will know!
And The Holy Spirit says:   Your journey upon this Earth is not ac-
cident.  Your presence upon the Earth holds a place of impor-
tance.  There is something you are to do.  That something,
you have been longing to do, wishing to do, is exactly
what you are to do!  Do not be dissuaded by the
naysayers.  Set your face into The Wind,
and go.  Your purpose is of God,
your time brief.  You are
on a mission, for
the glory of

April 21, 2018

Today is not an accident; it is significant.
You are meant to experience this day.  How
you experience this day, is all up to you.
Take  a  deep  breath,  and  resolve  to:
make  this  day  filled  with  light;
make this day filled with love,
make this day Heaven, u-
pon Earth. And The
Holy Spirit says:
You might believe that
you  cannot  touch  people
other than those close to you,
those who pass you,  those who
are  in -near-proximity  to you;
but, this is not true.  When you
create,  within your thoughts,
the energy of love, and let it
flow from you, it flows
from you, as
on a pond,
and can reach
far beyond,  what
you can imagine this
day.   So,  do not let  any-
thing stop you!  Create light!
Create love!  Be light!  Be love!

April 20, 2018

for you
to know joy,
to know love,
to know peace!
I wish for you to dance, and sing,
and laugh, and run over the fields of Earth
to be this joyful release all the things, which hold you
in place: thoughts of others, which are less than noble;
dreams of others, which are less than glorious.  Forgive
all things.  Forgive yourself.  What is it you are putting-
off doing?  Go do it, free yourself to fly, to be light.
And The Holy Spirit says: This is a good day to think:
"What have I been putting-off?
What have I not done?
What have I
made excuses about,
so that forgiveness is pushed
to the side?"  Do not use the excuse
that you have a right to be upset, or even wor-
ried, or concerned.  Free yourself!   Forgive all
things, and do that which is waiting in the wings.

April 19, 2018

If you will permit it, I will love all things
through you; and, as you permit the river of
My love to flow through you, to all things, then
you too feel My love, and know My love; and,
it is peace, that this love brings!  And The Holy
Spirit says:  It is always possible to be in-the-
flow ~ of the love of God, ~ and when
you  come  to  "know  this,"  you
will be at peace, no mat-
ter what is happen-
ing around

April 18, 2018

Like a child,
who asked the parent,
for permission to go-out to play,
you asked, and I said, "Yes.  Go, go to Earth
and play."  And, just as a parent will do on Earth,
as night is beginning to fall, I will stand in the doorway,
and call, and say, "Come home; it is time to come Home now."
And The Holy Spirit says: The time you have upon the Earth is brief.
Begin to understand what you are experiencing.  You asked,
and you received; but, you will be called Home.
Play upon the Earth, experience Earth.
Touch, and feel, and love,
and sing, and dance.
Do all these things,
so that when you hear
the call, and it is time to
go Home, you can say, within
your heart, "This has been the best
adventure."  And, it will be easy to say,
"Thank you," as you walk over the thres-
hold, and return Home, for the adventure
was good, the returning Home, even better.

April 17, 2018

you are
a farmer,
rise-up, and
go-out into the fields,
and let the work you do,
be the prayer you live.  If you are
a laborer in a factory, rise-up, go-out into the world, and let
the work you do, be your prayer.  If you are a doctor, or a
nurse, or a medic, or anyone working in the medical
field, go-out to your place of work, and let all
you  do,  be  your  prayer  of  healing.
If you are a professional, rise-
up, and go forth to your
office, and let all you
do, be a prayer,
helping others.
If you are a student,
rise- up, and go-out into
the classroom, and let all you
learn be a prayer.  No matter what you
are doing, in the world created by man, rise-
up, and bless what you are doing, with a prayer.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Go forth this day, and let all you
do, be the prayer, you say!   Touch the Earth;  and,  bless
it; now, be on your way; go-forth to work; go forth to pray!

April 16, 2018

Do not water just the flowers you particularly like,
as they begin to grow-up in the garden; no, water and
tend all the flowers of the garden, so the garden is uni-
que, uniquely a piece of the One, permitting each flower
to grow, and shine, and show, their glory; for, each flower
has a story! Water all of the flowers, so they might spring-
up, in the glory!  And The Holy Spirit says: Be mindful not to ne-
glect watering the garden, all of the garden; for, when you
tend the garden, it is important to give each flower,
each plant, the same opportunity
to use the gifts
they hold within;
and, given that oppor-
tunity, they will all begin
to dazzle the eye; and, treat
the nose to the most wonderful
fragrance, a bouquet from Earth,
tended by you.  Begin this day water-
ing all flowers, encourage all the flowers
to grow-up, just as they are meant to be!

April  15,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Some days you will experience lessons,
lessons to learn, and on those days that is
what you should do, learn the lesson.  Some
days will come to you, which are just right to
practice the lessons you have learned, perfect-
ing them, until you are ready;  then, some days
bring the golden opportunity to use the lessons,
and complete the practice ~ by rising to the oc-
casion  with:  wisdom,  courage,  and strength,
doing that, which is yours to do, with grace!
And The Holy Spirit says: Once you begin to ack-
nowledge the lesson, and take the lesson
to its ultimate conclusion ~ practice,
then,  you  are  willing  to  pra-
ctice!  You know the source
was the lesson, and
the outcome, practice;
but then you are given the op-
portunity to shine, and show all that
you doth know, by taking that which came
to you, and letting it grow, into the glory of God!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: