April 20, 2018

for you
to know joy,
to know love,
to know peace!
I wish for you to dance, and sing,
and laugh, and run over the fields of Earth
to be this joyful release all the things, which hold you
in place: thoughts of others, which are less than noble;
dreams of others, which are less than glorious.  Forgive
all things.  Forgive yourself.  What is it you are putting-
off doing?  Go do it, free yourself to fly, to be light.
And The Holy Spirit says: This is a good day to think:
"What have I been putting-off?
What have I not done?
What have I
made excuses about,
so that forgiveness is pushed
to the side?"  Do not use the excuse
that you have a right to be upset, or even wor-
ried, or concerned.  Free yourself!   Forgive all
things, and do that which is waiting in the wings.

April 19, 2018

If you will permit it, I will love all things
through you; and, as you permit the river of
My love to flow through you, to all things, then
you too feel My love, and know My love; and,
it is peace, that this love brings!  And The Holy
Spirit says:  It is always possible to be in-the-
flow ~ of the love of God, ~ and when
you  come  to  "know  this,"  you
will be at peace, no mat-
ter what is happen-
ing around

April 18, 2018

Like a child,
who asked the parent,
for permission to go-out to play,
you asked, and I said, "Yes.  Go, go to Earth
and play."  And, just as a parent will do on Earth,
as night is beginning to fall, I will stand in the doorway,
and call, and say, "Come home; it is time to come Home now."
And The Holy Spirit says: The time you have upon the Earth is brief.
Begin to understand what you are experiencing.  You asked,
and you received; but, you will be called Home.
Play upon the Earth, experience Earth.
Touch, and feel, and love,
and sing, and dance.
Do all these things,
so that when you hear
the call, and it is time to
go Home, you can say, within
your heart, "This has been the best
adventure."  And, it will be easy to say,
"Thank you," as you walk over the thres-
hold, and return Home, for the adventure
was good, the returning Home, even better.

April 17, 2018

you are
a farmer,
rise-up, and
go-out into the fields,
and let the work you do,
be the prayer you live.  If you are
a laborer in a factory, rise-up, go-out into the world, and let
the work you do, be your prayer.  If you are a doctor, or a
nurse, or a medic, or anyone working in the medical
field, go-out to your place of work, and let all
you  do,  be  your  prayer  of  healing.
If you are a professional, rise-
up, and go forth to your
office, and let all you
do, be a prayer,
helping others.
If you are a student,
rise- up, and go-out into
the classroom, and let all you
learn be a prayer.  No matter what you
are doing, in the world created by man, rise-
up, and bless what you are doing, with a prayer.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Go forth this day, and let all you
do, be the prayer, you say!   Touch the Earth;  and,  bless
it; now, be on your way; go-forth to work; go forth to pray!

April 16, 2018

Do not water just the flowers you particularly like,
as they begin to grow-up in the garden; no, water and
tend all the flowers of the garden, so the garden is uni-
que, uniquely a piece of the One, permitting each flower
to grow, and shine, and show, their glory; for, each flower
has a story! Water all of the flowers, so they might spring-
up, in the glory!  And The Holy Spirit says: Be mindful not to ne-
glect watering the garden, all of the garden; for, when you
tend the garden, it is important to give each flower,
each plant, the same opportunity
to use the gifts
they hold within;
and, given that oppor-
tunity, they will all begin
to dazzle the eye; and, treat
the nose to the most wonderful
fragrance, a bouquet from Earth,
tended by you.  Begin this day water-
ing all flowers, encourage all the flowers
to grow-up, just as they are meant to be!

April  15,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Some days you will experience lessons,
lessons to learn, and on those days that is
what you should do, learn the lesson.  Some
days will come to you, which are just right to
practice the lessons you have learned, perfect-
ing them, until you are ready;  then, some days
bring the golden opportunity to use the lessons,
and complete the practice ~ by rising to the oc-
casion  with:  wisdom,  courage,  and strength,
doing that, which is yours to do, with grace!
And The Holy Spirit says: Once you begin to ack-
nowledge the lesson, and take the lesson
to its ultimate conclusion ~ practice,
then,  you  are  willing  to  pra-
ctice!  You know the source
was the lesson, and
the outcome, practice;
but then you are given the op-
portunity to shine, and show all that
you doth know, by taking that which came
to you, and letting it grow, into the glory of God!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: