Sunday Sermons
July 29, 2018
ful, Of What
You Create Today

    I AM with you!  You know Me.  You know Me, not as any other person knows Me.  You, know Me, and I know you!  

I AM with you, as the aroma of a sweet flower.  You cannot see this magnificent, sweet scent; but you can breathe it in, and know it is good.  I AM with you as a gentle breeze.  You cannot see the breeze; but you can feel it, toss(el) your hair and touch your skin; and you know the breeze!  

At some point, you will come to know, more fully, the power of the unseen!  While you are upon the Earth, you see the result, you begin to know, you actually begin to see that which cannot be seen!    

“Today, I would like to share, a few thoughts, or better put, a few creations, with you!  It is possible to do good deeds, to create good things, while incorporating a few negative things in the process; and while, on the outside, it might appear good, and all right, when the truth is there is a component, within the creation, that is not all right.  

“Resist the temptation to create, in anger.  Resist the temptation to create in grief, and sorrow.  Resist the temptation to create in worry and concern and anxiety.  Resist the temptation to create, with manipulation, and control.  Create, for the purpose, of bringing more of the heavenly dimension onto the Earth!  Create as God would create!  Let your creations, your thoughts, be filled with light!

“It is not necessary to point-out, all that is ‘bad,’ with a situation: all that is unsettling, all that is out of balance, because it is obvious!  Your pointing it out, only gives it more weight.  Every time you say something is bad, or out-of-balance, it is even (‘more bad,’) ‘more, out of balance.’  Resist the temptation to repeat the obvious; and, set about creating, in your thoughts, the perfect way!  

“The saying, ‘Be in the world, but not of the world,’ is exactly what you should do.  You are upon the Earth to be upon the Earth; but, you can be upon the Earth, in ‘a state of light, and love, and peace!’  It is possible to be in a room filled with confusion, no one knowing which way to go, or which way to turn, and not be a part of the confusion; but that begins in your thoughts.  If you find yourself in such a room, filled with confusion, if your thoughts first go to, declaring all individuals in the room ‘confused,’ not knowing where they are going, not knowing what they are doing, you are adding to the confusion; and, you are being slowly pulled into that state of confusion.  But if you walk into a room, filled with confusion, maintaining your connection with Home Base, with God, you walk into the room, and your presence announces, ‘peace is with you.’  You move slowly.  You speak precisely.  You are not harried in any way, because you are not confused.  God is not confused!  You are present; but, you are present, with the glory of God!  And, you can apply this situation.

“Walk into a room filled with angry people.  If your thoughts immediately go to how angry they are, how ugly the scene has become, pointing your finger, in every direction, then you are magnifying the anger.  You are soon pulled into the anger.  You have become part of the anger, the magnifying part of the anger.  But if you walk into that room, fully connected with your Creator, intending to be ‘a presence of peace,’ then you deliver peace to a room filled with anger!  

“You do not have to choose ‘anger.’  You do not have to choose confusion.  You can be ‘in,’ such rooms, but not ‘of,’ the condition of the room.  It is your freewill choice ~ to choose ~ that which you are creating!  

“It is often not easy to deliver the light.  It is often not easy to deliver love.  This I know.  These things I say to you, I know.  It is the great value of having lived upon the Earth.  You cannot tell Me, I do not know.  I do; but, I also know the power of God that each of you have access to.  Plug into this powerful Source of light, and love.  

“Resist the temptation to point-out the obvious, and just stand in the presence of God, because the presence of God is mighty: and it will calm the angry seas, it will heal the sick, it will feed the hungry, it will clothe the naked.  All these things ~ can be done ~ through the power of God! But all these things, and the doing of all these things, begin in your thoughts.  

“The power of God is either set free to roll over the Earth, or held, restricted, confined, by your thoughts!  Use this day to practice!  Catch yourself, before you say something created, using the negative energies of anger, frustration, manipulation, worry, concern, or anxiety.  Create using the light!  Rise-up, and deliver, the powerful presence of peace!  Be mindful of what you create today!”

Sunday Sermons
April 29, 2018
The Un-
seen Device
Of Eternity

    I AM with you.  Actually I AM with you, all the time!  Perhaps you cannot comprehend this, now.  More than likely, it is something you must take on faith; and, when your faith is strong, and unshaken, you believe, because it seems the most natural thing to do.  I AM with you!  When you are sending communication in prayer, calling for help, I AM there with you!  And you are receiving answers to your prayers, every one of them.  Many of you think, that might be possible.  Many of you hope, that might be possible; and, many of you, know, it is possible!  Sometimes, in answer to your prayer, you hear The Whisper, and know I AM there; but sometimes you hear the answer: in a fragrance, or a scent, or an aroma that drifts your way, and brings a smile to your face, because you realize, it is the answer, you have the answer.  Sometimes, you receive the answer to your prayer, in a memory, or a feeling, that wraps you, holds you, and completely delivers to you, the answer you were seeking.  Frequently, you hear your answer, in the form of knowing.  You just know it, to be true.  I AM with you!  

“The history of man upon Earth is very interesting, vastly interesting, one invention after another, leaping forward, taking you to places you were not able to go, before some inventor created; and, it was done, it was born, and it became used by human beings to change the course of their everyday life, in some way.  

“There was a time, in the history of mankind upon Earth, when you had to write a letter, which could have taken months to get from one place to the other.  You understood clearly, how the movement of your hand, and the instrument you held, marked the blank paper, with ink, or pencil.  You would address the envelope, put a stamp on it, and put it in the mailbox; and it would be physically carried, by another human being, to the destination.  When it reached the destination, it would be opened and read, and there would be communication, from far away.  Then there came telephones, and you could actually speak into a telephone, and your voice could be carried, half-way around the world, all the way around the world; and, you could hear, and it made the distance, shrink somewhat, because you could hear the voice, of the one, with whom you wished to speak.  

“Memories were kept in a different way, as well, when there was invented a camera, something that would mark an occasion, with a photograph.  It seemed magical, to take a picture, and save that occasion forever, for others to look at, and see, and possibly feel the energy, of that memory.  There was even a camera that would, instantly, give you the picture, a Polaroid; it was even more amazing, as you could watch the picture appear, before your eyes, like a vision.

“And time advanced, and so did the scientific experiences.  New inventions were created.  And it appears now days, that you carry something rather small, almost the size of a very thin wallet, or a very little date book; and this device permits you to speak with another half-way around the world, and you can see their face; you can read a book, you can watch a movie; you can hear a lecture; you can even be told how to get from one point to another; and in the directing, also receive information about an accident that would hinder your progress; and, from the device, you learn that, if you go a certain way, you will avoid traffic; direction to get you from one point to another, complete.  If you do not know the answer to something, it is possible to ‘ask,’ this simple device you carry around, and it will give you the answer.  And if the device is lost, or broken, you hear the lament, quickly spoken, ‘I do not know what I am going to do.  I have lost it.  I do not know where to go.  How will I call this person, or that person?’  You have put your faith in the device, and it is broken, or lost, and so are you, temporarily.

“Take just a second or two to understand the faith, you have put into a device, that you hold in your hand.  

“Now, be willing to take some time to sit quietly, and reestablish a connection, with The Heavenly Dimension, which will serve you far better than the device you hold in your hand.  It requires no device.  It requires faith; but, no matter what time, or day, if you ask a question, and you are adept at connecting with Home, the answer will come, and it will come in a form, specifically designed for you.  This connection with Heaven, which is within you, will tell you where to go, how to get there, how to avoid the pitfalls, the roadblocks, the accidents.  It will answer questions when you do not know the answer.  It will give you guidance and lead you Home!

“I would like you to spend some time this week, thinking, about the faith, and trust, you place in a device, which can be broken, or lost; or, become totally useless, if it is not supported.  Think of those words, because it is the same in the unseen world.  You must establish your connection, with The Heavenly Dimension; and then, as if you have the most powerful device in all of the world, you can talk with God, you can talk with Me, you can receive direction from The Holy Spirit; and, our answers coming to you will not cease.  But, you must practice, you must know how to use your ability to call Home.

“Your ability to call Home is ‘the unseen device, of eternity,’ and it will not let you down.  It will not take you in the wrong direction.  It will always be with you.  It cannot be lost, unless you choose not to use it.  It cannot be broken, unless you choose to break the connection.  It will lead you, and guide you, as you make your way through the world created by man, walking all The Way, taking the hand of God!”

Sunday Sermons
July 1, 2018
Set Your-
Self Free, Come
And Walk With Me

    I AM with you.  And being with you is cause for great celebration, as you embrace My presence; and, in that one sweeping act of acceptance: you are blessed; and The Kingdom, The Dimension of Perfection, which is often called Heaven, is blessed as well.  Your faith moves through the veil, and blesses The Kingdom of Heaven, adds to its glory, while you are writing the story, of your journey, upon the Earth!  

“In almost every case, some form of education, instruction or training is required, before you set-out, or begin a profession.  And it does not matter whether your field is a field wherein the arts are practiced, or science is practiced, theology… it really does not matter… what the field might be; it is necessary: to learn, to study, to grow, to gather information, so that you might move forward.  Once you have graduated from all (of) the courses, received your degree, and set-out into the world: you find a job, you find an office, you find a place of employment, or practice.  Let us say you studied, and you now can be called a nurse, or a nurse practitioner; and, let us say you studied enough to be a nurse in a specific field: pediatrics, geriatrics.  But even though you have focused, for a long time, spent many hours, and emotional energies, on acquiring this title, and position, you are still ‘more than a nurse.’  When you go home, when you go back to your place, whether it be a house, or an apartment, you might garden, you might draw; but, while you are gardening, and are a gardener, at that point, you are more than a gardener.  The fact is: you are more than an artist; you are more than a writer; you are more than a daughter, a brother, a friend, a spouse.  Whatever you are doing at the time, the chances are that ‘you are something else, as well;’ but, you are always first, and foremost, spirit!  

“Spirit is animating your body!  The mystical moments, the sacred moments, the blessed moments ~ occur when ~ the spirit is moving in the body: of the nurse, in the gardener, in the artist, in the child, in the mother, in the father, in the sister, and brother, and spouse.  No matter how many hats, you might wear, the spirit ~ is there ~ with you.!

“Many, leaving college, higher education, courses preparing you for the way you are choosing to go, leave the institutions of learning, enter a more corporate setting, or at least a business setting, and begin climbing up a ladder to success.  But there are few who leave these places of learning, move-out into the world, and are very comfortable ~ allowing ~ The Spirit of God to enter-in, and move them, where they should go; and, while they are climbing, it does not seem to be a ladder, as much as it is an ascension, a journey of enlightenment!

“Use that which you have learned to open the door!  Once the door is open, reach-up, and gather more.  The more comes from the realm of spirit, and it is all around you; it is there, for the asking.  Rise-up each day, and say, ‘Show me The Way.  I will go.’  In this Way, you do not become entrapped, you not feel chained to a desk, or an office, or any other place of employment.  You feel the wings of flight.  You see Earth, and the world created by man, with more delight.  You are using what you learned; yet, seeing all things through the eyes of God, through what is possible.  What can I do?  Where can I go?  And the most interesting thing is that, when you are in this position, you find ‘you have what you need, you know where to go.’  So, you see, you choose; and, it is important to choose wisely.  Choose freedom!  Choose walking upon the Earth, in a spiritual way!  Open your eyes every morning and greet the new day!  Let the adventure begin every day, every morning, and continue, because it is yours.  Do not be robbed of the journey of this lifetime.  Let it be the adventure it is meant to be; and celebrate!

“Do not be chained ~ to the demands ~of the world.  Set yourself free!  Come, walk with Me!” 

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
May 6, 2018
Show The Way

    I AM with you; it is so!  The Divine Plan was never meant to let you go, wandering in darkness.  There is a way, and once it is embraced, you know The Way, because it is within you!  Leading a beautiful, holy life, upon the Earth, is already set in place within you; therefore, do not be distracted by the ways of the world.  This is the perfect place to say, today, that you are meant to be in the world for a while, but not of the Earth.  You are a child of God; you are spirit, first!    

“If you set your intention, to follow The Way, it shall be done!  The world is filled with distractions; but, one must not lose sight of the goal.  And a good question to ask yourself, every day, is, ‘What can I take with me, when it is time for me to go, Home?’  If you must make a list, write it down.  ‘When your hour has come, when your time upon the Earth is done, what will you take with you?’  

“That question will help you keep all things in perspective when the distractions of the world created by man hound you every day.  The world will teach you: that you must, acquire, material things, to be happy; that you must acquire money, cars, jewelry, clothing, so that your children have the best of everything; and pretty soon you buy (in to) that temptation, you become a piece of the distraction, and you do not even notice, that in the pursuit of the worldly ways, you have lost your way; and, you turn around, and what you have amassed, is not suitable, or it is impossible, to take with you, when you go Home.  And the worldly solution seems to be that you can leave all these possessions, to those, for whom you have worked hard to gather these things together.  What are you giving them?  What you leaving them?  What is their inheritance?  Often, most, of the time, it cannot be taken with them when they depart.  It is as if you are passing-down clutter, distractions ‘of matter.’  All these things ~ are drawing you away, from that which you are to fulfill upon the Earth; and so, we have arrived at the meat, of what I want to say to you today.

“Most of you remember, statements, written down, that I said as I walked upon the ground of Earth; and, one that might have shocked many, at the time, was, ‘You can do everything I AM doing.’  And I meant it.  I meant it!  But to do what I did, and what I AM doing, requires: that you not lose sight of the goal; that you not be distracted, from your journey, from your mission; because, as I came to accomplish The Divine Plan, surprising as it might seem to you at the time, you too, are upon the Earth, to fulfill The Divine Plan!

“I fulfilled ~ every prophecy ~ of The Old Testament!  This was a piece of My destiny.  As the people of God were gathered and protected, the prophecies came; and, they looked for the prophecies to be fulfilled; and, I was sent to fulfil.  I was sent to show The Way, to mop-up the muck and mire, created by distractions; and set the children of God on The Way that was right, and holy, and pure, and simple.  

“Our Creator, Father, did not set Me upon the Earth alone.  Every step I took, every breath I took, God was with Me, guiding Me, so that I would know where to go, what to do, what to say, guided to the point that I could walk through a town, and pass by many, to heal one, to make one whole.  I did not stop, unless I was guided to stop.  I did not rise-up and go, unless God said it was so.  I fulfilled My destiny, and in-so-doing brought all of us Home!  But My brothers and sisters, you too, are meant too fulfil your destiny; and, to make sure that you could not get lost, you have The Holy Spirit within you, to guide you, to show you The Way.  And while all about you is different, and many say to you, ‘No, no, that is not profitable, do not do that, do not go there,’ you hear The Whisper, from within; and, when you follow The Whisper, from within, from The Holy Spirit of God: you walk in peace; you accomplish your goal; and in the process you are gathering spiritual gold and silver and treasures that you can bring Home with you!  Every kindness, you show, during your lifetime, that is within your spirit, and you can bring that bag Home.  Every time you love one, whom the world tells you is unlovable, that love fills your spirit, and you can bring it Home.  You can bring that bag of love Home.  You can bring Home the unseen treasure, that you have amassed upon the Earth; and, before you take your final breath, you can bless those you love, with that treasure, as well.  It is unseen, you can magnify it anytime you want.  You can bring the pieces of love, and compassion, and understanding with you, into The Kingdom of God; for The Kingdom of God is with you!   

“Do not be distracted so that you lose your way, and lose sight of the goal; for, as I was sent to Earth to fulfil, to complete, and to show The Way, My brothers and sisters, if you will accept it today, you were sent to fulfil your mission, and to show The Way!  

“Go forth this day, and create an environment of love, all around you!  Do not hesitate to touch the untouchable, to love the unlovable!  Do not stop, giving: feed the hungry; and give drink to the thirsty; and, let your heart overflow, fulfilling your destiny as a child of God walking upon the Earth; and, I will greet you, as you make your way Home!” 

Sunday Sermons
May 13, 2018
Creation, Today

    I AM with you.  You hear The Whisper, from within; I AM with you!  What an experience ~ to know ~ I AM with you, to feel a presence you cannot see with the human eye; but you know, and know well, with your eternal heart, and soul; with your eternal eye, you have seen Me, and you know Me.  Today, I prompt you, and encourage you, to rise-up, and experience Earth, and all her glory, for you waited a long time, to make the journey; so, as you are living upon Earth, write your story.  Every minute of the day is new!  No one has ever experienced the hour that is yet to come to you, it is new.  You are on a frontier.  You are continuing the creation of God; and, every breath you take is new!  All that is before you is new!  I encourage you, rise-up, and do, that which you are meant to do!   

“If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you have experienced birth, your own birth upon Earth.  You left a solitary chamber; when it was time, and you knew, you left the safety, left the comfort, left all you knew, to make the journey down a passageway, where you could see a light, calling you to come; and, you pushed your way through that passage, and out, into the light.  You had made it, an earthling, a baby.  What an adventure you have taken; and now, you are upon Earth!  

“The temptation will be to become embroiled in the ways of the world, to make your mark, in the world; but today, I encourage you to be still, and quiet, because there is another way.  Begin your quiet time, by giving honor, through that which you passed, for every mother upon Earth is a portal, a doorway, to the opportunity, to continue the creation of God.  Think about what I just said… you have arrived upon the Earth to continue the creation of God.  God created The Garden; and, The Garden was immense, and filled with things that would grow upon Earth, an experiment, look, and see!  

“Now there is a great call.  Heaven and Earth are working together to encourage those, abiding on Earth for a while, to get back to the work of cleaning-up The Garden, and begin living, as you were meant to live!  

“Your time upon Earth will go quickly, and it is brief; but, you have been given enough time to complete your mission, before you return Home.  Take care of the energy around you!  Create love!  Actively participate in forgiveness, which will begin to bring balance to the energies of: anger, and hatred, greed, frustration, sadness, sorrow, shame, and guilt.  Forgiveness will bring all of these things into balance; and, give you the ability to see, what one being can do, when the purpose is ~ to create ~ as God would create; for you have been given the opportunity, the honor, and the responsibility to continue creation!

“So today, alter your perspective, just, slightly, so that you can see the gift your life upon Earth is!  Be thankful for your eternal life; be grateful for your human life; and, show your gratitude.  In thanksgiving, begin to clean-up.  Use your time to create as God would create.  You are the continuing breath, the hand, and the heart of creation.  

“The canvas is blank.  Ahead of you ~ this new day ~ is yet uncharted.  Sail onto the sea of tomorrow, and continue creation, today!” 

Sunday Sermons
May 20, 2018
The Spirit
Of God Doth
Dwell, With Man

    I AM with you.  Do not doubt this is possible; for, I tell you, held within the grain of faith, as small as a piece of sand, all things are possible!  I reach-out and touch you; and, in faith, knowing I AM with you: you feel the presence; you feel the touch; your worries, and sadness, and grief, your doubt, are lifted from you, and they fly away; leaving you, filled, with the light of God!  I AM with you, so you will know!  I AM with you!     

“Prophecies were set in place so that, when The Messiah, walked, upon the Earth, announcing, the time, had come, those who were willing to open their hearts and their ears, would see, fulfillment, playing-out, playing-out right in front of them; and, this fulfillment would fill them, with hope, that the time had come, and it had come within their lives upon the Earth, to witness, that which had been promised!  And so, there was fulfillment; and so, there were miracles; oh, the miracles did abound; wherever God sent Me, to whomever God sent Me, I did go; so, the glory, might remain with God!

“The new teachings, sent from the heavenly kingdom, were different, were meant to ride with, and hold safe, all who recognized, the prophecies had been fulfilled, and it was now time.

“Every teaching can be rolled-up in one direction, love one another; for, you will do no harm to the one you love; and, when you are loving God, and loving one another, there can be room for no more.  Set your sights on love.  

“It seemed too easy.  There did not seem to be enough rules or regulations, to satisfy The Creator of All Things, in this new teaching.  There were murmurs, and mumbles, ‘How can this be pleasing to God?  It is not extraordinary, it is ordinary.  It does not seem sublime, or divine, in any way.  There must be more.  Love one another.’  These were the things said.  And soon, the demon of doubt was weaving, and sealing, and closing-off the hearts, that might have heard; but doubt kept them from hearing, and knowing.  Yet, there were others who heard the message of love, and responded, and danced, and did sing; and I showed them, I showed them The Way!  And, I gathered those around Me, before I did complete My mission; and, did repeat the instructions, because where love abounds, miracles exist.

“You walk upon the Earth, living in a world created by man, and just this alone is enough to tempt you, to tempt your thoughts into doubt.  Knowing this, The Creator of All Things set into place the perfect plan, that The Holy Spirit would be with each man, and woman, and child, so it would be possible for each one to know The Way!  And this is true today!  Even in what appears to be your darkest hour, you hold, within you, the eternal power, of The Holy Spirit of God!  And, if you will listen, and follow, you will walk out of the shadow, into the light; for, you are not upon the Earth to build an empire of wealth, and prestige, for yourself; you are upon the Earth to reestablish The Garden, and give the glory to God; and: work the miracles; touch the lonely; bring kindness and compassion to those in sorrow; lift the veil of grief, with a smile, and understanding; to deliver what is missing, what is lacking; and, this is done, with the gift of love!

“Listen to the gift you have been given within.  And then, enlist the gift you have been given within, to give the gift of love to others!  There is no greater gift.  There is nothing you can do, that will be any greater, than loving one another!  And when you feel you cannot do this any longer, that it is impossible one another, be still, and call upon Me, and we will walk together, and talk together, and the voice you hear falling on your ear, will be My voice, and we will share conversation, right there, as you are in The Garden of Earth!  And I will fill you, and hold you, and confirm that which you are hearing, from within your being, from The Holy Spirit of God!  And it will be so sweet, that we will wish to be together, in that Way, forever; held within the truth, held within The Divine Plan, that The Spirit of God, doth dwell, with man!”    

Sunday Sermons
May 27, 2018
This Is
The Way To
Spiritual Freedom

    I AM with you.  It is a joyful time, when you respond: to My whisper, to My presence, to My love, to My respect for you, and all that you are experiencing, during your lifetime upon the Earth; for, if you are upon the Earth now, you have a mission, there is something for you to do.  Therefore, I respect you for your courage, and your bravery, to step-out into the world, and say with clarity, and conviction, ‘I am a child of God!’      

“Most of you hearing these words or reading these words, believe that freedom ~ is vital ~ to a good life; for, no one wants to be held prisoner; everyone wants to know freedom.  Freedom is so important, that there are those willing to give their lives, in support of the concept, of freedom.  Freedom means, different things to different people:  you can go where you want to; work where you want to; worship where you want to; you can say, what you want to say; you can be, who you wish to be.  This, to many of you, represents freedom.  And within a state of freedom, there is no fear that you will be cast into prison, for exercising your freedom of choice.

“But there is another freedom, spiritual freedom.  You cannot truly be free, no matter where you are, if you harbor within you: the spirit of unforgiveness; the spirit of anger; the spirit of shame; the spirit of guilt.  There is no freedom, for those who carry the shadowy dark energies, created within, themselves, or others.  This journey into freedom, is done, within.  The tools ~ are forgiveness ~ and love!  You need no other tools to conquer the demons, which set about to make you prisoner; because, they will throw you into the dungeon of shame, they will throw you into the prison of hate, and they will bring turmoil, and chaos, to your life.  But they cannot plunder you, they cannot destroy you, when you stand-up, and say, ‘Do not tempt a child of God this way.  I will forgive today.  I will love today.  I will choose to do this, because it is The Way; and, I will continue to forgive and love until there is not one remnant: of anger, or shame, or guilt, or greed, or any of the shadowy, dark energies.’  This is The Way to freedom!  You might be able to live, wherever you want to; but, if you are spiritually plagued, then you are truly not free; you are a prisoner of the dark entities which haunt you.  

“If freedom be your goal, then let it begin within you!  

“Forgiveness is not something you do once, and move on your way;  forgiveness is something you do every day; and so I shall give you a measuring stick, something to do, something that will give you a sign to let you know what needs to be done: so, you are free inside, and out; so that you can sing, and dance, and know who you are.  Whenever a thought comes your way, a thought of a person, a group of people, an institution, whatever it be, and there is not complete joy, and a willingness to bless, then you have some work to do; and that is okay, set about it.  Let your choice be to bless, rather than to curse; and this means yourself, as well.  Bless yourself, do not curse yourself.  Bless yourself!

“Many of you know the words to say.  Many of you will say quickly, ‘I know I am a child of God.’  But most of you, do not ~ act ~ as if you know, you are a child of God, with complete confidence, with every utterance, showing you know, you are a child of God.  So, I say to you today, be ye perfect, as Our Father in Heaven is perfect.  Do not make excuses for this.  Do not say, ‘I cannot be perfect, because I am human.’  For I remind you, that you are created in the image of God; and God is spirit, God is love; therefore, you are spirit, and you are love!  Do not live in denial.  Do not set your comfort, in the cushions, of excuse.  

“Rise-up, and set your course, as a child of God, knowing The Way, showing The Way, forgiving and loving, every minute, of every day.  That, My brothers and sisters, is freedom!”

Sunday Sermons
June 3, 2018
Word of God

    I AM with you.  I speak to you.  I whisper; I beckon; I touch you, with the energy of My Spirit; all this to remind you, that it is Spirit that animates the flesh; and, without Spirit to animate, and fill the flesh with life, the flesh, the body, could not move.  Do not get this confused; do not get it backwards; understand what moves your body, because I tell you this, The Spirit of Light will fill your body with life, and it will renew, and rejuvenate, and you will be Love, walking!  Do not let your body become a home to the spirit of darkness and shadow; for, this darkness and shadow will invade your body, and fill your thoughts, with ideas of revenge or retaliation, bitterness, arrogance, judgment.  Pay attention to your Spirit.  Your body will fall away, your Spirit lives, forever!        

“One can read on how to create the perfect garden, the most productive garden, and learn many things.  You can learn which seeds to plant, what type of soil to mix, whether the garden needs water, or drainage, the addition of lime, or minerals, or sand, whether it should be full sun, or a bit of shade.  You can learn all of these things by reading, from a good book, which teaches you gardening; but, until you step-out and begin to clear, and weed, and dig, and plant, there is no harvest, nothing.  You are filled with words, but you have not put the words to practical use; therefore, there is no harvest.  You can read a recipe and learn how to make bread: the consistency of the dough; how it feels; how many times it should be kneaded; how long it should rise; where you should set it to rise; how long it should bake; the oven temperature.  All of these things you can find-out in a good book, giving you direction on how to make bread; but, until you step-out and use this information, no one eats the bread.  There is no bread.  You have just read different ways to make the bread.  You can purchase blueprints, or draw them up yourself, and study, and learn: how to lay a good foundation, and build a sturdy structure; what wood will serve best; what materials would be best; how to do this and that and the other; but until you actually begin to build, it is only information.  You have put it to no practical use at all.  Until you build, there is no dwelling.  

“Transfer what I just said, to your spiritual life, to the reading of scripture, to the quoting of verses.

“I brought new teachings, and I spoke The Word, and the new teachings were simple, so as not to be confused.  In fact, the new teaching left no room for being confused.  Love one another!  There were no sub-directions on when, or how, or whom to love.  The direction was simple.  Love one another.  Turn the other cheek.  This too can get no simpler in direction.  I did not set-out a series of statements, saying when you could refuse to turn the other cheek.  It was turn the other cheek.  Make peace with the one who wants to take you to court.  Again, there were no limitations, or boundaries upon this.  It is make peace with the one who wants to take you to court.  Another direction was, do not go in to a place of worship, until you have settled the issues, the arguments with your brother.  Again, very clear direction.  This way of living brings you peace.  Oh, it might be good for another to hear you say, ‘I am sorry;’ but, it is far better for you!

“All these things, these energies rumbling around within you, need to be addressed, in a quiet, peaceful way.  All the people, and the issues, and the situations, which need forgiving, are still within you.  When you walk around holding a grudge about something, you are literally ‘holding,’ a grudge.  You are carrying it with you; and, even when it is between you and another person, and only one issue, it is still heavy; it is something you are carrying; and, you need to free yourself of it.  

“Do not be resentful.  Do not hold a grudge.  Do not judge what others are doing, or not doing.  If you must review, review within yourself.  Each individual is a reflection, of their thoughts; it does not take you very long to know the heart of another, if you listen carefully to what they say, if you watch carefully to what they do.  You see, being the living word, can apply, to living words of anger, or hatred, or frustration, as well as being the living words of God, which have to do with light and love and peace.  Therefore, the question is, what words are you living?
“Today review!  Begin to understand the words rumbling around within you.  Weed-out the negative, the thoughts of shadow and darkness.  Cast from you the anvils of animosity, and hatred, and greed.  Clear yourself, and free yourself, of all grudges or frustration.  And once you sweep your house clean, fill it with light!  You are the only one who can choose: what you think; what you harbor within; what you create, from a seed, a thought.  You have been given clear, concise, direction.  Now, My brothers and sisters, I encourage you, I urge you to go-out, and create, and be The Living Word of God.  Be first to forgive, be first to laugh, be eager to love; and, your life will be lived in The Garden, as it was meant to be!”    

Sunday Sermons
June 10, 2018
Of Peace

    I AM with you.  It is a beautiful experience to speak with you, to hear your voice, or know your heart, to recognize your song, to see you dance over the Earth, ‘knowing,’ it won’t be long, until you are called Home.  Celebrate your Earth experience; for, it is meant to be a sacred experience, one during which you come to know the majesty, of the creation of God, in a special, and unique way:  you touch the trees, you see their leaves move in the breeze; you inhale the aroma, the scent, of a flower; you eat, a tender, delicious peach, picked as fruit of a tree; you taste the grapes, from the vines; you run your hands through the waters in the streams and the oceans, and the seas, and you feel, the touch, of this cool, cold water, upon your skin.  These, and many things you experience only, while you are upon Earth.  Since it is sacred, treat it as such!  Act, as if you know, what you are doing!         

      “The message I wish to bring to you today is so important, that I will use as few words as possible, to deliver it, so you might hold it close to you, and ponder it, in prayer and meditation, during the coming week.  

       “Most of you hearing these words or reading these words long for peace.  You grow weary of fighting and arguments, between people, between families, between friends, between states and countries.  It gets tiresome.  You wish it would end.  You wish, and pray, that one country would lay down its arms, and cease the fighting.  You wish the killing would stop.  You see the disasters looming, and you pray it will not come, as they are threatening to come; war is an oppressive, dark, energy, and you can feel it oftentimes.  

      “Having set the stage with saying that, I ask you to consider this.  How can you expect countries to lay down their arms, and families, and friends, and individuals cease to argue, and fight, if you hold within you, things that are unforgiven?  

      “Peace does not begin amongst nations.  Peace springs forth from within each individual.  Each of you ~ is a seed of peace; ~ and peace between countries, peace between nations, peace between states, and any type of government municipality, will never take place until the individuals within these regions are at peace within themselves.  

      “Resist the temptation to rant and rave, to march, to protest, to call-out, to cry-out in indignation: that this country or that country must do this, or that, or the other; that this person or that person must do this, or that, or the other.  

      “To bring about peace, take yourself to a quiet place, let every breath you take, begin as a prayer, and take the journey within your being to see if there is anger, or frustration, or despair, to be found there, and begin your peacekeeping work, within yourself!  If you wish to establish peace, forgive all things, forgive all people.  Begin to see each individual as a child of God: some lost, some on a glorious adventure, some difficult, some very pleasant to be around; but, no matter who you see, or where you see them, each individual has the potential of bringing forth the blossom of peace, because you each are the seeds of peace!  Spend your time this week forgiving all things, in earnest; and then, move-out, and celebrate the peace within you!  That is the road to peace!  That is The Way, of peace!”      

Sunday Sermons
June 17, 2018
For Eter-
nity, Today

    I AM with you.  I AM truly with you.  For those who are open, and willing, to embrace the realm of the unseen, you know I AM with you.  You feel My presence.  There is no question.  Doubt has been pushed far from you, in this regard, because meeting after meeting, has intensified the understanding, and the knowing, that it is possible for Me to be with you; for, you are no longer held within the confines, of the seen.  You move back and forth, and understand that the seen and the unseen, exist, together.         

     “Let us revisit ‘the creation, of eternal wealth,’ because ~ it is true ~ that there is a limit to what you can do in regard to amassing: cars, and furniture and jewelry, homes and boats, and currency, the things created in the world of man.  For, as hard as you work, and as long, and as far as you look, this amassing of wealth, many times, relies on other people, institutions, businesses, corporations, governments.  You can gather money, currency, but you must rely on someone paying you for something, some investment turning-out, and whether a government is willing to print the money on which you place so much faith.  You can purchase houses, constructed by others or possibly yourself.  You can amass clothing and jewelry, and a stable of vehicles; but, I tell you, you cannot bring these material things with you, when you pass back through the veil, and come Home.

“Very few people, very few individual beings, at the point of departing Earth and returning Home, spend any time wishing they had one more car, or a particular jacket, or more money in the bank.  They often, many times, pray, that they had one more hour to show a kindness, to repay a debt, to forgive.  I can assure you that you will have what you need with regard to clothing, housing, and food; for, what you need, is always far less than what you believe it to be, materially speaking.  Today, I AM here to encourage you to begin, in earnest, creating, that which you can bring Home with you, that which is not limited, and has no boundaries whatsoever.  

“You cannot see ~ love and forgiveness and kindness and compassion; ~ but you see the result, of the creation of these energies.  These energies ~ are not considered currency, in any way, in the material world; but I tell you this, ~ they are the current, that drives the flow, in The Dimension of Perfection.  

“You have the ability to create; therefore, begin today: create love, without limitation, create love, knowing, that you are creating, an energy that you can take back through the veil with you.  Not only can you take it back through the veil with you as you are returning Home, but you can leave the energy with those you love as well.  These unseen powerful energies are not limited, are not confined to one dimension or the other; but, reach through the veils, and touch all beings of all time!  Therefore, begin to ‘create, for eternity.’  Do not spend your time amassing what will evaporate, or what will be taken from you, or has to be left behind.  

“Today, with intention, and purpose, create kindness!  With every thought, every word, every act, create kindness.  Create compassion.  Create the energy of understanding, of charity.  Create ‘the unseen.’  This is what it means to ‘store-up your treasures.’  Stack them high, because they will not be left behind: like a car, or a dish, or a house.  The energy will come with you; but as it is created within you, and goes out from you, it continues to live forever!  Do not pass-up the opportunity to create something which lives forever in eternity!

“As you practice this creation you will find you are: happier; more content; more filled, rich, in ‘the knowing,’ of what you are doing!  Let joy be unconfined.  Let the dance you dance upon the Earth, be a dance sublime!  Create, and show the world, you and your creation, are divine.  Create for eternity, today!” 

Sunday Sermons
June 24, 2018
You Create
Your Own Reality,
All Things Are Possible

    I AM with you. I knock upon the door, and those who hear, open the door; and, I AM truly there, with those who open, with those who believe!  

    “I would like to give you something to think about, and ponder, during the coming week…  

“Whatever you seek, whatever you desire, create!  Create the environment, you wish to experience, within your being!  Once you are full, experiencing your creation, within, it will flow from you, moving-out from you, delivering your creation to all around you!  

“Therefore, if you wish to experience life, living upon Earth, within the energies of support, encouragement, understanding, compassion, and love, create these things, and let them flow from you!  

“Resist the temptations to create energies wherein you are harsh with yourself or others, wherein you are quick to mock, retaliate, put-down, shame, criticize, or condemn.  Do not turn your head from one who has stumbled, lend them your hand.  Do not walk away from one who has fallen, encourage the rising-up, support the effort to continue, and cheer-on to victory, those bearing the mark of the journey, for there is great nobility in the rising-up.  Harsh criticism beats down the weary.  Words and actions which hold support and encouragement, build-up!  Remember when you are choosing words and actions with the intention of supporting others, to do the same for yourself.  Words of support, encouragement, understanding, compassion and love ~ create an environment ~ wherein all things are possible!  Words which mock, belittle, or criticize others, create an environment wherein very little, if anything, is possible.

“Think about this example…  You own a large canoe, a canoe large enough to hold a crew of twelve, including yourself.  You are challenged to move your canoe down the river, as quickly as possible, and given the opportunity to choose your crew.  Looking-up, you see several people coming toward you, and recognize some of the faces, ‘knowing,’ they are: strong, quick, and able-bodied; however, you notice that they are arguing amongst themselves, about who is the strongest, the quickest, and most able-bodied, who is right, and who is wrong.  There is pushing, and showing, and jeering amongst them.  Then, your attention is drawn to a group of individuals, all seemingly eager to join your crew, filled with excitement, asking for the opportunity to crew with you.  What do you do?  How do you pick?  I encourage you to pick from the eager ones, the ones asking for the opportunity to work with you, asking for the chance to row, as a crew.  Pick the individuals eager, and willing to be part of a team, and then encourage, and support their efforts, as you make your way down the river, in record time.  Create an environment of support, and encouragement, and the results will be ‘success!’

“Do not accept any situation as hopeless, for there is always a way, there is always The Way, and The Way is filled with miracles, accomplished through support, encouragement, understanding, compassion, and love.  Create these things, and your path will be filled with light, will be filled with miracles.  Create these things within yourself and send them forth to fill the Earth with energies which make all things possible.  When the situation is lacking, create that which is lacking.  When the situation seems impossible, create that which makes it possible.  Gather those around you, who are eager, and fill them with support, encouraging their journey, adding words, and actions, of compassion and understanding, whenever necessary, celebrating every step forward, every accomplishment.  By choosing words and actions of support and encouragement, for yourself and others, your journey upon the Earth will be made as One, you will be writing the story, leaving your mark, and showing The Way.  Choose to build-up, rather than choosing to tear-down.  Move forward, as a team, as a unit, as One, all the while telling your story, and giving the glory to God.  In this way you will find all things are possible!”

Sunday Sermons
July 8, 2018
Device Within

    I AM with you.  It is thrilling, and exciting, to realize that ~ communication between the dimensions ~ is not only possible, but something you can do; in fact, it is something you are doing.  It is amazing.  Without any device, whatsoever, you can call, you can knock on the door, you gain entrance, you have access to The Dimension of Perfection, where many wait: to speak with you, to encourage you, to guide you, all during your lifetime upon Earth.  For those who do not believe this is possible, it is not possible, at all; but for those: who trust, who believe it is possible, it is an every day occurrence, sacred communion, sweet secrets shared back and forth, support offered, and accepted; all these things leading to a life filled with joy, and happiness, and confidence.  

“Let us revisit a topic, something addressed just weeks ago; but still, a reminder is necessary.  You have the ability to receive help, assistance, guidance, and direction for all aspects of your life.  When it is put in such simple language, it seems miraculous, that such aid is readily available for you; but, it is.  It does require one thing, first of all, that you believe and trust in the guidance and assistance, you are going to receive, that you follow, follow in such a way, that you reach your goal, and at the end of every day say, ‘Thank you.’  So, I remind you of something that might assist you.  Your new technology, upon the Earth, has provided you with many things that assist you, during your day; and, I want to address, specifically, this new technology, this device, that has to do with transportation, with guiding you from one direction to the other.

“Before you use such, help, it is necessary for you to understand how to operate the device.  Let us say you want to reach a destination across town.  It is considered more normal, these days, as you say on Earth, to go to your car, to enter an address, and set everything in motion.  It does require that you trust the guidance you are going to receive from this device in your car.  It does require that you resist the temptation to turn-off onto a path you have traveled before, believing, in your thoughts, that that is the right way to go.  It takes a bit of faith, to follow the direction, spoken in a voice, imitation, from a device set to lead you to the location of your choice; but, the more you practice, following this guidance, the less you think about it, and the more comfortable it gets; for, this guidance is leading you around accidents, taking you the shortest route, on that particular day; and, you are beginning to arrive, at the locations of your choice, more relaxed, not rushed, not harried, or hurried a bit.  This little transportation device, you find, is very helpful.  It gets you where you want to be.  It helps you avoid traffic jams, and accidents.  It makes your life easier.  And, all you  have to do is have confidence in the device, and your willingness to follow the direction.

    “I believe some of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, know exactly, where I AM taking you.  You have, within you, a heavenly device, which contacts Home, whenever you wish to make that contact.  Heaven is waiting for you.  When you make it a practice to be still, and quiet, and sit in prayerful communication with God, The Creator of All Things, you have access to all things; and, when you ask, God will answer, and lead you wherever you need to go.  Ask about work decisions, ‘What should I do?,’ and the answer will come to you.  Ask about relationship decisions, and you will be guided, in a loving way.  You have access to something you are not using, because possibly, there is a bit of doubt that such help is so readily available; but, it is!  If you can place your trust: in a machine, in a device, in a piece of technology, that will get you from one location to another, transfer that trust, that faith, to a higher level.  Let it be known, how you feel, and where you would like to go; and then, sit quietly, and see what God has to say, about the most peaceful, and joyful, road you can take, on your way Home.

“Direction will come, guidance will always be there.  All you have to do is resist the temptation to take a path away, that you have used before, that is more familiar.  You have to be willing to trust; but, if you can place your trust in a piece of technology, surely you can transfer that trust to The Creator of All Things.  The more you do it, the more comfortable you will be; and soon, it will be your everyday practice; but, your vehicle will not be a car.  Your vehicle will be the body you are using to move over the Earth, in the third dimension; and, your body will soon be comfortable, and your spirit will sing-out with joy; for, in that instant, that moment, that you realize, the reality of that promise, you begin to live, in a way, that is truly, in the world, but not of the world, any longer.”

Sunday Sermons
July 15, 2018
Sit In

    I AM with you!  And I share with you, that I love, being with you!  There seems to be a mystery for you, regarding, how, I can speak to hundreds, and thousands, and millions, responding at the same time, in a way that seems uniquely suited, for each individual.  And I acknowledge it can seem a mystery, unsolved for a while; but, there will come a day: when you will see it; when the clouds roll away, and it is clear; when the scales are peeled from your eyes, and you see, without boundaries, or limitations; and then, carried on your breath, will be the words, ‘I understand.  That which I could only believe in faith, I now see, and understand!’”      

“Many of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, desire to help others.  You wish to make the world a better place by helping others. So, today I give you some advice, some direction, that will assist you, to reach the goal, and to truly help others… 

“Resist ‘the temptation,’ to take-on another’s anguish, as your own; instead, choose, to let the hope which dwells within your being, to well-up, and overflow onto another, giving ‘the gift of hope!’  

“Resist the temptation to take-on, as your own, another’s darkness.  Choose instead, to go within, and bring forth the light, that is within you, and let that light illuminate another!  

“Resist the temptation to take-on another’s fear.  Choose instead to go within, and, bring forth the strength and courage that dwells there, and magnify it in such a way, that it flows-out, and onto another!  

“Resist the temptation to take-on another’s anger.  Choose instead to go within, and find the love, that doth dwell there, and let it spring forth, and caress another!  

“This is how you help.  This is how you guide and lead, support and encourage others; for, the temptation ~ is often ~ to sit in the misery of another; and be with them, in that way; but if you do, there are two, sitting in misery, rather than one.  

“Therefore: give love, and light; give hope, give courage, give strength.  Do not sit in the darkness.  Do not dwell in the anguish.  Do not get lost in another’s fear or anger.  For if you do, there will be: two, in anguish; two, in darkness; two, in fear; and, two, in anger.

“To follow this guidance through, there is one thing that you must do.  You must keep yourself in a state of light!  You must stay connected with The Dimension of Perfection, which you know as Heaven.  In this Way, you will be the bringer of: hope, and light, and strength, and courage; you will be the bringer of love.  

“Therefore, take not, upon you, the turmoil of others, free them, with your peace, and truth!”

Sunday Sermons
July 22, 2018
Power Of
The Present

    I AM with you.  I AM with you as the rain falls.  I AM with you as the sun shines.  I AM with you as night enfolds you.  I AM with you, as a new day dawns.  For those of you who believe, that it is possible, for you to hear Me, I AM with you, in a very special way, because you hear Me, without the clouds of doubt.  You hear Me, and embrace the words, because they feel right, because you recognize My vibration.  I reach-out and touch you.  The trans-dimensional communication is sweet, and comforting.     

“Today, hear Me, on the powerful position in which you find yourself, right now.  No matter, what time it is where you are, you are ‘in the present piece of eternity.’  Each second, which comes to you, holds that position.  It is always the present… the present… the present.  You can say it, as the ticking of an old fashion clock, ‘The present.’  

“Honor, the present position in which you find yourself.  Even if you took only thirty seconds of your time, to click-off each second, by pronouncing, ‘The present,’ you would find, after such repetition, and acknowledgment: that the present was growing in importance; the present was occupying your thought; the present was being created by you.  The present!  

“Once you acknowledge the power of the present, you begin to see that, from this seat of power: you can visit the past, and you can take every scenario of your past, and bless it with the wisdom of the present.  There is great advantage ~ to blessing ~ the scenarios of the past, with the power of the present wisdom.  This is different: from dwelling in the past, from mourning the past, from being angered or tormented by the past.  This is using the power of the present to constructively modify the past.  ‘How can this be done?’ you might ask; and, I will tell you.  Let us take one scenario, and it does not matter which one, because each of you will have a different place you wish to go; but, one scenario will pop-up, and you will see it.  It does not matter whether you are ‘the champion,’ or ‘an aggressor,’ or ‘an attacker.’  It does not matter what role you play in the scenario; but, you look at it, from the present seat of power, and pay attention to what is happening, without getting involved in the energies.  Look at it, take a look at it.  What lesson is held within that scenario?  If you pay attention long enough, you will see every scenario, as a lesson; and then the work begins to forgive, all the actors in that portion of the play, that is your lifetime upon the Earth.  See the roles, see the actors, understand it is past, mark it, as a valuable lesson, forgive it, release it, and let it go.  Therefore, it stays as it always is, in the past; but, it is now marked as a lesson; and, all who visit that lesson, will see it so, will learn something, from the scenario.  This is the power of the present, while not dwelling in the past, you can mark the past, and bless it, using wisdom, and understanding, and compassion, using your power to bless, and release, clearing your past!

“From the seat of the present power, you can also prepare for the future.  So many ‘worry,’ about the future, ‘What will the future hold, what will happen?’  You create, the future as you live in the present.  What are you doing in the present?  Many things that you create in the present will follow you into the future; therefore, see your present as the seat, the control room, the place of power.  Create, create forgiveness for that which was in the past, which needs forgiving; and, create love, and light, in the present, which will illuminate the future.  The future is set by freewill choices made by you, and all others around you.  It is fluid, it moves, just as creation continues, creation continues into the future; but, the future, is created, by you, and all those around you.

“Do not throw-away your present!  Understand the power of where you are, and use the power, for light.  You have been given a gift.  The gift is yours.  It will not be taken from you.  You are, always, in the present.  Eternity is composed of the present.  To feel the power of the present, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and repeat, silently, ‘The present… the present… the present….’”