Sunday Sermons
April 22, 2018
Your Mis-
sion, Pick-up Your
Cross, And Follow Me

    I AM with you.  Do not be distracted by doubt; just sit for a while, be still and quiet, and your heart will know, I AM with you!  No matter what you face today, you do not face it, alone; I AM with you.  Once you are confident, in the words that I speak, you will rise-up, and walk into the day, complete, in the knowing, that I AM with you!

“I understand, how easy it is to be distracted from the course of a normal day.  In the modern course of the normal day, one phone call, can distract you, from what you intended to do, one accident, can throw you off-course.  There are a number of ways that you can be distracted from the course of your day.  

“You can also be distracted, by the course of your day, from your spiritual path.  This happens frequently, when you place more importance, on: what you are to do; and where you are to go; and how you are to look; what you are to drive; where you are to be seen, or not seen; this type, of attitude, pulls you further and further away, from your spiritual path, every day.

“If you are upon the Earth, you are upon the Earth for a reason.  You left The Dimension of Perfection, you left your eternal Home, to travel to Earth for a reason, for a mission; but that mission can be forgotten, once you begin to put great energy, into acquiring, the things of the world: making more money, buying a bigger house, more and more clothing, cars, boats, jewelry.  Pretty soon, the mission, which is of prime importance, is covered-up and lost, in the minutia of the world; and, once this is done, you are lost in chaos, and confusion.  But thousands of years ago, I set a course.  No matter how lost, or confused, you are, it is possible for you to find your way!

“The exact words I spoke vary slightly.  It is written, that I said, ‘You must deny yourself, pick-up your cross, and follow Me.’  Some say, the words I said were, ‘You must die of self, pick-up your cross, and follow Me.’  But the exact wording is not important, it is the meaning… I wish to explain to you today…  

“Written on your heart by the hand of God ~ is the mission, ~ you are intended to play-out.  Written on your heart ~ is the blueprint, ~ the map, of what you are to do!  

“You know; but often you do not follow through, because no one is encouraging you.  They offer this distraction and say: ‘You cannot make a living that way.’  ‘Do this, there is more money in it.’  ‘Come, go here.  Do not go there.  Your fortune will be lost.’  These words are ‘of the world.’  Your mission is written on your heart, and you know it.  Even if you begin to know it only step by step by step, it is your mission, it is your journey, it is your purpose; it is what you came to do; and, you came to do it, not to amass money for you, you came to Earth for the glory of God!  

“Knowing this; and knowing the confusion that reigns upon the Earth in many ways, I said clearly, that you must deny your ego, you must push all that aside, basically die of self; and then, set your course to complete your mission.  The words I used in that regard was (were), ‘Pick-up your cross, and follow Me’; but, certainly, I was not saying that you will be nailed to a cross.  It was very symbolic.  That cross was My mission.  Your mission might have to do with bringing the glory of God into the workplace, bringing the glory of God into your home, bringing the glory of God into your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, every single day.  The only way you will know what your mission is, is to be willing to set your ego aside, to deny yourself, and follow Me.  Your mission will unfold, as you are willing to be bold, and go, in search, of the dream.

“I have heard it said, that when you say, ‘I wish to do the will of God,’ you are putting yourself into slavery.  Why don’t you do your will, some will argue; but this is what I say, to that.  Number one, you are on a mission.  Anything that tries to push you off-course, is a distraction to the mission, so keep your focus on the mission.  There are many, who are willing, to put their lives on the line, for the good of their country.  They are willing to serve their country, for the good of the country, for the safety of the country.  There are many who are willing to serve their church, their community, their family, their friends, for the good of their community, their church, their family, and their friends.  This is ‘in-service,’ for the highest good of all!  So why would you question, anyone’s desire, to be ‘in-service,’ to God.  This should not seem out of place.

“Your mission, when done with a complete, and full heart, will bring glory to God, because it will not ring of ego, it will not be something you are doing to build a bigger house, or buy a bigger car.  It will be doing something far more important.  It will be showing The Way!

“My guidance, over two thousand years ago, to deny yourself, or to die of self, pick-up your cross and follow Me, is the same today!  Go to your heart and find your mission.  Set your course, and let your face feel The Wind, as you move-out, to accomplish that, which you were sent to do.  Follow Me.  

“Your days will be of glory, and all who know you, will tell the story, of what you did with your time upon Earth, once you have returned Home.  Returning Home is part of the mission; you are not destined to live on Earth forever; your destiny is to live eternally, in The Kingdom of God!  

“Know your heart!  Know your mission!  Deny yourself.  Pick-up your cross and follow Me!”    

Sunday Sermons
March 4, 2018
The Way,
Out Of Chaos
Into Perfection

    I AM with you.  What a joy, it is, to be with you!  What a joy, it is, that there are those of you who will reach-out and acknowledge My presence!  Even when you cannot see Me, you know Me, what a joy it is!  And no matter, what you are taught by the ways of the world, you believe, you believe you hear Me, and know Me; and you trust in the words, and The Way, which leads you every day, into: gentle confidence, mighty courage, and the faith to say, ‘I believe.’      

“You do not have to look far to see chaos, and confusion; for, it is all around you; and perhaps, this day, you might find, it is within you.  Fear not.  Do not be afraid to say, ‘I feel this chaos, and confusion in me.’  Do not be afraid to say that; for if, it is within you, the first-step to free yourself, is to acknowledge the presence of chaos, and confusion; and then set about freeing yourself.  It is so prevalent now, upon Earth, because of: the temptations, and the snares, and the trappings of the ways of the world, the world created, by human beings.  The things you are taught, by the ways of the world, change, if you will notice.  One day it will be good to do this, another day it will be good to do that.  One day, ‘This will kill you.’  One day, ‘That will kill you.’  It seems to change, and to be an underlying component of chaos, and confusion.   It seems no one knows, or can agree on what is right, and what is wrong, down to everyday matters such as: what to eat, and what to wear, and what to drive, and where to live; how to work, where to work, what to be, what to do.  It all changes, and this is a sign unto you.  If it is changing every day, it will lead you into confusion, and soon chaos will dwell within you, because, no one seems to be able to tell you, exactly, what, is good, for you.

“It is easy to fall into this trap, into this pit, when you desire to please, to please other people, to do the right thing, to be in good-standing in the community in which you find yourself; but, when you set your course to please, you will quickly find that you can please this one while displeasing that one.  It seems, after some trial and error along this course, that you cannot please everyone, and you stumble, and fall, and go deeper into chaos, and confusion; and it seems as if you know nothing at all.  

“The ways of the world can be very harsh.  As an example, I will tell you, that I had a relative, that most of you know, or read about, as John the Baptist; and, there were many who would speak of him, and say, denigrating him in a way, ‘He doesn’t wear the right clothing, he wears hardly anything at all;’ ‘He will not eat the right foods;’ ‘He does not drink from a glass of wine, he will reject it;’ ‘He is socially unacceptable.’  And the same mouths would pronounce of Me, that I did sit, with those who were unworthy, that I did sup, with those who are unworthy, that I did drink the wine, and party with the bridegroom.  These same mouths could find fault, with anything, that was done, one day changing from the other, continuing that way; pills of confusion, best not to swallow.

“My whisper, My call to you, My prompting and urging to you today, is to close your ears ~ to worldly ways, ~ and listen, for The Whisper from God; for I will tell you, that it is the plan, that you should be perfect; and the only way that you will walk the road, and path, of perfection, to ultimately reach the goal, is to be taught by God!  You can see clearly the ways of the world will not lead you to perfection, the perfection that will bring rest, and peace to your soul; but, it is attainable!  When each of the children of Earth are taught by God, God will speak the words that speak to you; and those words will bring forth a spark, from the core of your being; and within the core of your being, the remembrance shall spring to life; and you will hear the words, you need to hear, to lead you out-of-strife, out of chaos, and confusion, and set your firmly on the path of life!  And as you hear The Whisper, and heed the call, every day, you walk, knowing, perfection will be yours!

“Do not hesitate to say, ‘I am going to be taught by God;’ do not hesitate to say, ‘I hear The Whisper of God;’ and, do not hesitate to say, ‘I am going to walk, The Way of God;’ because, this is how you are led into perfection, this is the plan.  Each child cannot, and will not, go the way the other is meant to go; but each child will rise-up, and go The Way they are meant to go, because The Whisper touches their soul, and they recognize, and know, they are ‘of God!’

“Listen, for The Whisper!  It will lead you out of chaos.  Rising-up in the light will illuminate The Way.  You were created to be perfect, as God is perfect!  Perfection lies, in The Way of God!”  

Sunday Sermons
February 18, 2018
Do Not Be
Dismayed At What
You Consider You Lack,
Celebrate That Which You Have

    I AM with you.  .  As day begins, with the rising of the sun, I AM with you!  As the day ends, with the setting of the sun, I AM with you!  As the moon reigns in the sky above, during the night, I AM with you!  As the canopy of stars, twinkle, with radiant light, I AM with you!  You will be tempted many times, to doubt My presence; but I can assure you, I AM with you.  

“It is possible to walk through a swarm of insects, and not even know they were there, until the light hit them, in such a way, and made you aware of their presence.  I AM with you!  There are many things, all around you, hidden from your view; still, they are with you, too!     

“Do not be dismayed ~ at, what you consider, ~ a lack of what you need!  Before you take the trip, the journey, into depression, and you become disillusioned, with the life you are leading, be still.  What do you need?  What do you think you are lacking?  Look closely, at what you have; and set your intention to make the best of what you have!  As you work with what you have, it seems to grow; and when you have gratitude upon your heart, for that which you have, that which you have, seems to take-on a more brilliant hue, than ever before.  

“If you have one pair of socks, be thankful for that pair of socks!  Repeat it over, and over again, and let that be your prayer to Our Heavenly Father.  ‘Thank you, God, that I have a pair of socks.’  When you say it with intention, it becomes real, and you find you are thankful, for that pair of socks; and, that occupies your thoughts, more, than your request, before the thanksgiving set-in.  Utilize what you have, and be thankful and grateful, for that which you have been given.  Pray for the wisdom to use that which you have been given.  Pray for the wisdom to be where you are to be.

“Some of you, are praying for a new job.  You are tired, you are weary of your old job.  You want a new job, with a big office; or perhaps no office at all, longing to be outside.  You want better compensation for your work, and all types of benefits.  These are your ‘thoughts;’ these are your prayers; this is your goal.  But, before you let this occupy your prayers, and your thoughts, take-a-look at what you do have.  What about the job you do have?  Apply all that you ‘want,’ to your present condition.  Be happy with your job.  Bring joy to your job.  Be content with your job.  Make those around you, feel comfortable, at your place of work, by smiling, being kind, and courteous, and understanding.  In other words, improve your lot, where you are, and be thankful for your job!  You will find, in time, that your gratitude, your sincere gratitude, for the job you have, will move into the work that you turn-out; and the work that you turn-out will reflect ‘a thanksgiving,’ for what you have; and, that which you have will grow; and it will be better than that which you would have prayed-for, before you did know this feeling of gratitude for what you have.

“Some of you are praying for a wife, or a husband, or a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, a spouse, a partner.  Take-a-look around you.  Take-a-look at those around you, and begin to practice speaking, and acting, and loving, as if they had walked out of a dream, an answer to your prayer, because they have, or they would not be there.  Change your perspective, and your attitude.  Treat those around you, as you long to be treated yourself; and do not hold back!  Soon, loving others will provide you the love you once thought you did lack.  You resurrected the love, with your thoughts, and words, and deeds.

“Be thankful for that which you have!  Work, with intention and purpose: to use that which you have, and use it well; to love that which you have, and love it well; and to be thankful, for that which you have.  The good parent ‘knows,’ what the child needs, and provides what the child needs, always saving a treat, for the end!”

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
January 21, 2018
You Seek,
You Carry Within

    I AM with you.  Reach-out, and walk with Me.  Sit with Me, and let us rest, together.  While the world might be in chaos and confusion, while there might be a great upheaval, disturbing all you find familiar, here, together, we will find peace; and, we will sit in quiet, and a great knowing will fill you with promise, and you will find you are growing, in a garden, a garden of ‘knowing,’ who you are, and what you are to do.  

“If you find yourself caught-up in confusion, confusion moving into chaos sometimes, do not be ‘tempted,’ to be tossed and turned, going from this place to that, asking, ‘What am I to do?  Where am I to go?’  No.  Sit quietly, for in the silence, you will know; for it can be no other way, as the hand of God has written the directions to what the course of your lifetime will be, or is meant to be, upon Earth.  They are on your heart, they are in your soul. These directions, this guidance, is hidden from view, from those around you, so that only you will know, the right way to go, what to say; and the day you find the confidence to sit quietly, then rise-up, and go, as the map within you, does tell you so, your life will change upon the Earth.  You will be able to sail, over a sea of confusion, knowing your destiny, following the sun, and the moon, and the stars.  

“The world can present many distractions, some of them well-intended.  Family members, friends, institutions and organizations, will all seem to hold the answers, and will be ready to tell you, what they think you should do, when the reality is ~ the answer is inside of you; ~ and that which you are led to do, is not what others might be trying to tell you; but, for those who find that answer within, and, also unearth the determination, and the confidence, to begin, they continue their journey, just like they did begin, filled with enthusiasm for how each day might end!  Sometimes, the distraction is what you are supposed to have, or own, or wear, or eat, or drink, or what parties should be in your circle, who should be ignored, who should be distained, who should be loved, and who should remain: in your group, your contact, your community.  Listen to The Whisper, within you begin, and it will guide you safely to shore.

“Most of you confused, right now, about your course of action, only need to go back some years, to remember, to recall, that there was a time when you seemed to know, exactly what you were to do.  It is important not to get caught-up with what you were to do ten, or twelve, years ago; for the directions come, in steps, steps with a purpose, leading you, in such a way, that no matter what free-will choices are made, all around you, you will still end-up, where you are meant to end-up.  The Divine Plan is much like a river: flowing freely, constant, proceeding toward the destination of the sea, the oceans vast and majestic; flowing passed the banks, and through the cities, and out into the countryside, with determination, never stopping, or pausing the flow, but moving without distraction, as if the river knows exactly where it is to go; observing all that is going-on, on this bank, and that bank, in this city, and so on, but not distracted from its own destination.  See that river in you!  Enjoy all there is, as the view changes, day-by-day, week-by-week; but knowing your destination is to return Home, mission complete.

“The Divine Plan is not rigid, it is sweet.  It has a place for every majestic mountain, every mighty sea, every peaceful brook, and every blossom on the smallest flower.  Minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, they each unfold, and complete their destiny, because they too hold the secret, the guide, the map within.

“Today, be as the river, flowing sweetly, watching the view, but not distracted, moving ahead to complete your destiny; and then, come Home.” 

Sunday Sermons
January 28, 2018
One An-
other; Prac-
tice, Being Kind,
And Being Humble

    I AM with you.  I AM with you, in the most perfect Way.  I know what is on your heart, I know what you wish to say; therefore, there is no clumsy communication between us; there is sweet communion, hearts touching, we are One.  

“‘Love one another!’  This is the new command, ‘Love one another.’  And even for those, who, sincerely try to love, all they encounter, this new command, seems to be present for a while, then slip away, even for those who are trying.  When you set your intention ~ to love one another, ~ it does make it easier!  It makes your steps along The Way surer, less likely that you will stray.  There is ‘a practice,’ which does make it easier; and, for those of you who are willing to ‘give it a try,’ I will step-out, and say, ‘If you do, you will succeed; you will make it through!’

“Set your intention to love one another.  That is the purpose, that is the goal; and then the next thing you do is to set your intention, to be kind!  That might sound a bit simplistic; but, it will work, even for those who are the most challenging, the most difficult to love, even those.  You will find it easier, to be kind; and, with practice, you will find, that you can be kind, to the most challenging, the most difficult.  It takes practice!

“When you find that being kind is coming easier, and easier, move into the action of being humble, setting aside the desire to talk about all the things that you have done, or do, or will do; and choose to lift-others-up.  Be humble of self.  Be quick to praise others; for it is in this way that they see what they are doing, or better put, what God is doing through them that is good.  And their focus soon comes on the good that is accomplished; and, you begin to raise-up a garden, all around you, simply, by being kind, humble, and eager to praise others, noticing it and pointing-out all that God is doing through them, lifting-them-up, and showing The Way!  

“Soon, you will find that being kind, works, in the most difficult of situations: that car that pulls-out, right in front of you, and then slows down, is no longer cursed, but blessed, and the kinder you, slows down a bit, and lets that car go first.  It is these every day temptations ~ that can lead you astray; ~ so, begin to practice kindness, today.  Being kind, and humble, will lead you to a place, surprisingly, rather quickly, where you recognize love!  What is love?  And somewhere within you, the light comes on, and you realize: love was in the act of kindness; love was in raising another up; love was in letting the car go first; and, all this will spring forth, from your willingness to practice being kind.

“If you will practice being kind, and humble, and eager to praise others, and all that flows from them, you will find in a matter of days, that you are coming closer to understanding all the ways ~ that love is flowing from you ~ to those, who you used to find most difficult to love.  Set your intention to ‘love one another,’ and then begin the ‘practice,’ which will lead you there.  ‘Be kind; and be humble!’”

Sunday Sermons
February 4, 2018
The Call, Which
Is Meant For You

    I AM with you.  Feel My presence; know, I AM with you.  Believe that I will guide you, encouraging you, to make the daily decisions, from a place of confidence.  

“When I walked upon the Earth, I was with many people.  Some of the people I encountered, I called to them, inviting them, to rise-up, and follow Me; and this invitation, always carried with it an action, on their part, which meant, they must leave all that they knew behind, and follow Me into a new day, making their way, trusting the word of God!  

“There were a few, that heard this call, and most of them did rise-up, and follow; because it was their destiny, and down, deep down, within their being they recognized it, and could not hide from it in peace; therefore, the decision was made, so that they truly might know, the peace within them, the peace that comes with answering a call, that you know is yours.

“Most of the people, I encountered, when I was living, upon the Earth, I touched with a message of love, and forgiveness, charity, hope, so that they might stay, where they were, delivering The Kingdom of God, every day, to those around them; and their adventure was just as shining, as important, as those who did rise-up, leave family, friends, possessions behind, and follow Me, because they, too, were delivering the new word, the new message, the new command.  They were delivering it to those around them, embracing it first, letting it unfold within them, nourishing it, and feeding it to those who would watch and listen, and see, The Way it was meant to be.

“Sometimes you are called to rise-up and go, go-out, and deliver a message of love, carrying light into darkness filled with hatred, and anger; and, sometimes you are called to raise-up your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, in such a way, that you are the living word of love, and, you nurture those around you so that they might be raised-up in the garden of love, and be well-prepared to go-out into the world, carrying this message every day!

“Only you, know, the call you are meant to answer, because it is written on your heart.  Do not stumble, to try, to answer a call meant for another.  Listen patiently, wait vigilantly; and with an open heart, answer the call, which is meant for you.  The call, The Whisper: might say, ‘Rise-up, and go;’ might say, ‘Raise-up your thoughts, and stay.’ But no matter, which you are meant to do, it is important for you to know, that I AM calling you, to fulfil your destiny, not the destiny of those around you, or those you might know, the destiny that is waiting for you, and you alone.”  

Sunday Sermons
February 11, 2018
The Way,
Live Life, As
It Is Meant To Be

    I AM with you.  And it is beautiful to watch you experience the opportunity, and the gift, of living life for a while, upon the Earth.  You have been created, and upon your creation, you were anointed to live forever.  Because you were created, you are, you will always be; and for this precious piece, this present eternity, you are upon the Earth, as it was meant to be; and you are not on the Earth accidentally, you are on the Earth, for a purpose!    

“If you make it your intention to seek to live a spiritual life, then do so with enthusiasm.  Do not be dissuaded by those who will say to you that it is impossible to do, or that they liked you better, before you awakened, and knew.  Refuse to be dissuaded, by the words of man, so that you can follow The Whisper, the still small voice within you, leading you over the land, over the seas, and up, into the high mountains, to experience the beauty of Earth, as it was meant to be.  

“Do not trick yourself into believing, that, just because you are doing great good, that your thoughts are of good, light, love, peace, that your words are kind, and compassionate, and understanding, and your deeds follow these words, that you will be loved by everyone, because this is not the case.  For those choosing to walk The Way, the spiritual path every day, they find that they are considered foreign, different, alien, out-of-place, they do not fit-in.  

“Do you want to fit-in?  Where do you want to fit-in?  How do you want to fit-in?

“Close your eyes, and picture for a while, if you will, a child who has fallen on the sidewalk, a tumble from a skateboard, or a crash from a bicycle.  Do you walk by thinking to yourself, they should not have been riding on the sidewalk in the first place?  Or do you go sit on the curb with them, and let them know, it is going to be okay, offer to walk them home, touch them with words of kindness, not reprimand.  Can you see yourself fitting in to that picture?

“What about the pictures of people, who seem and appear to be almost untouchable: the homeless, the dirty, the hungry, the needy, the sick, the diseased?  Do you walk past these, as well?  Or, do you stop, and embrace, and somehow, see the face, the face of God, in each being?  Do you fit-in to that picture?  

“It is very easy to discover where you fit-in.  If you try to force the piece of eternity that is you, into the wrong picture, you can crack open the picture already pieced together, or you can make your piece very uncomfortable.  For this reason, alone, you know when you are in the wrong picture.  You know where you fit-in.  You know where you are supposed to be.

“Choosing to walk The Way, and live the ways of the heavenly kingdom, The Dimension of Perfection, is often not ‘in favor,’ does not fit-in to the ways of the world; but it fits for you, as that is what you are meant to do.  You are not sent to Earth to bring the ways of the world, back, Home.  You are sent to Earth to bring the blessings, and the grace, and the light of Home, onto the Earth, into the world, changing the world, with your light!

“If you have chosen ~ to seek The Way, ~ to walk a spiritual life, then today I give you My hand, and I make this promise, you will never feel alone!  Find the courage to rise-up, and bring the light of Home, into the world of man.  Do not expect accolades, from the world of man.  Expect peace, from the hand of God!”  

Sunday Sermons
February 25, 2018
Part, And
Be At Peace

    I AM with you.  You are beginning another day.  Do not permit ‘the temptations,’ to walk-in, and sway-you, from seeing and acknowledging the glory, of another day.  It is a gift so often overlooked, in the list of things for which to be thankful; but it is the greatest gift you will be given, now, in the present, today; it is a new day.  Yesterday is done.  Now, in this present time, under the rising sun, you are given a gift, the opportunity, to do, that, which you wish to do.  No one will take this from you.  It is yours.  The day is yours.  What will you create?  What will you do?  Set your intention and follow-through.  From the rising of the sun, until the day is done, make it a day, of great importance, for you.       

“Close your eyes for just a moment, and picture this.  You see, on paper, a drawing.  The drawing is of a magnificent building, beautiful in every way, using stone, and glass, and wood here and there, to reach-up into the sky.  It is a glorious building.  You see it, as it is drawn, a blueprint to what is to be; and as you are watching, and looking, at this building, the paper is rolled-up into a tube, put into a sleeve, and handed to another person.  The next thing you see, with your eyes closed, is a big lot, a piece of property, vast in size, with a number of workers, moving here and there, digging a hole, a very big hole, excavating would be better at (describing) what they are doing.  

“You can stop, the picture, from rolling there; for I will take it up.  You saw the plan.  Oh, it was a divine plan, this building yet standing; and the plan was folded-up and put in the hands of someone else to bring to fruition.  And slowly, each worker, doing their part, adds bits, and pieces, to a building that begins in a hole, and ends a magnificent, completed, edifice, that began on the drawing board.  Now, each worker does their part, but they do not know, how it will end-up.  The worker, digging the hole, might not understand what the electrician will be doing; and, the electrician might not understand what the plumber is doing; and, the person, who installs the glass, might not understand what the one that is going to put the roof on is doing; but that does not matter.  The only important thing is for each person to focus on what they are doing; and that is the only way, the building, will be erected: all parts, and pieces, corrected, made just right, so the building stands upright, tight, and perfect.

“Doing their part, each worker, at some point, had to trust the architect, the one who drew the plan, the one who created the idea; and, as they trust the architect’s hand, in each minute situation, every angle of the building, their trust, and their belief, that the architect knew, what was best for the building, gave them confidence, and faith, to complete their part, and then watch the building rise.  When you do your work, such as this, there is a confidence, you go-in, do that which are meant to do, to the best of your ability, and then your part is through.  Some can even watch the building rise, while others move-on to something else, another project.  They might never even see, the finished building.  When you do your part: you are not worried; you are not concerned; you are not anxious; for these energies are actually a waste of energy.  Do your part.  Do what you are meant to do, and in confidence ‘know,’ you have done that which were sent to do, and let it go.

“I was sent to walk upon the Earth to do a mission, which I did.  It might be difficult for you to imagine, that you were sent to walk upon the Earth to complete a mission, a mission designed expressly for you; but it is true.  If I were the only one, who could do certain things, I would say, ‘Watch Me do this, but you cannot do it.’  ‘Stand in awe of Me, for doing this, because you cannot do it.’  I did not say this.  I said, ‘I have come to show you how to do it, and I pray you do it, because your life upon Earth will be easier.’  
“Forget, retaliation!  Mark that there was a time that it was necessary for someone to say, ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,’ but that time has passed, that is no longer The Way.  My message, spoken very clearly, would guide you to set aside the ways of retaliation.  I brought a message of love.  It is that simple.  Do not try to confuse the issue.  Love one another!

“God, Our Father, is ‘The Great Architect.’  And the hand of God moved, over the blueprint, and created The Divine Plan.  It is already a plan.  The end is already drawn and guaranteed.  All pieces, and parts, of The Plan, will move, and adjust, and correct, and modify, as it goes along; but the beginning and end are set.  It will be ~ divine, ~ because it is created to be divine, and you are blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a piece, and a part, of The Divine Plan!  That is enough right there, to know you are a piece, and a part, of The Divine Plan; and, in knowing that there should come peace, confidence.  Do not be worried, or anxious, or concerned.  Take the stones you have been given, and set them, straight, one on top of the another, and do your part.  Do not be looking right or left to see if others are doing their part.  Do your part.  Trust, that The Architect, knew exactly what was to be done, and chose wisely, those to do it.

“As you walk into this day, make it your intention, to concentrate on the perfection of The Divine Plan, to have faith, so that you might have confidence, for when you are dealing with confidence, you can go about your day, unaffected by what is happening all around you.  Do not be distracted, because distraction will bring you feelings of chaos, and confusion.  Focus on your part.  Make sure you have no feelings of retaliation, make sure you are creating love within your being, and let these things show.  As you move through the day, in this way, you will find confidence, and contentment, grow; and they grow into the peace of one who knows, they are doing their part, they are doing what they are meant to do.  Be at peace.  I AM with you!”      

Sunday Sermons
March 11, 2018
Eternal Life, &
Love One Another

    I AM with you.  Do not be surprised, that I AM with you.  Do not be alarmed, or concerned, that you hear Me.  I AM with you.  It is the truth; and, it is further witness and testimony regarding eternal life; for, when I did lay down My body, and move into My eternal body, My light body, the body that serves Me through all time, I did show Myself to you, and say unto those gathered, ‘See!  Do not be afraid!  You live for eternity.’  

“These things that pass between us now: your prayer, My answer, My presence with you, with your feeling it, and acknowledging it, just continues the testimony, and the witness, of eternal life.  I AM not dead; I AM living!  Therefore, understand this, for the message is important, it is vital, that you embrace eternal life; for, in this Way, in this embracing of eternal life, you will begin to live, as you have never experienced life on Earth before, because you have seen through the door, heard through the veil, and comprehend; and finally, will avail yourself of the joy, of understanding, and knowing, eternal life! 

“LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  How many times do you hear this?  Love one another.  How many times have your read it?  How firmly is it set within you, that that is the new command of the new time, ‘Love one another.’  How many times do you put this teaching into action?  How often do you practice, and then, can say, that you truly do, honor God in this way, that you pick-up the banner, and truly can say, that you are practicing, love one another?  

“It is almost impossible to do, if you restrict yourself, to the ways, and the rules of the world created by man, because from every tongue, and every hand of those around you, you will find an excuse, for not loving this one, or that one, or the other one; and, it would be easy to do; for you will have a litany of things, excuses, to use, for not loving them.  Whatever they did to you, whatever they said to you, whatever they did not do unto you, you will list them, as the reason, for not loving them.  And this is understandable, when you are working in the energies, and the ways, of the world; however, when you surrender, and walk into The Kingdom of God, as you are living on Earth, and feel, the power of God in you, it is actually impossible, not to let love flow through you to all others, because that source of love is coming from God, The Creator of All Things.

“Offer your hand, and your respect, and your kindness, to king and pauper, alike.  Do not be kinder to the king.  Do not be kinder to the pauper.  Let kindness ~ be balanced ~ within you.  Give it often, as it is a gift, which wraps you, in comfort.  It is pleasant to receive kindness.  It is a gift sent from God, through another human being; therefore, practice kindness.  Do not respect the king, any more than you respect the pauper; and, do not show the pauper more respect, than you would the king.  Keep your respect in balance; and, let the love and the light and the wisdom of God flow through you, so that all you think, and say, and do, reflects that you honor every individual.

“I AM sure there are many of you who already are questioning that which I have told you this morning; but, there are also many of you, who are using the light, and the wisdom, and the love of God to comprehend, fully and totally, what I AM saying unto you; for, in that state is the only way, that you can claim respect, as God respects you, and pass it on to others, in all you say, and do.  It is the only way that you can claim love, as it comes from God to you, and then pass it on, to others.  Take that which God lets flow unto you.  Hold it within you, so that you are blessed, and then let it flow through; for it is a gift from God, passing through you, touched by your blessing, which is added to it, too.

“While it is quite easy to read words such as these, you will find, that the only way it is easy to follow words, such as these, is to slip-on the cape of humility, and stand in the light of God; and, in that light, what will pass to you from the hand of God, will lift-you-up, and radiance, will fill the cloak of the humble, and you will rise-up.  You will rise in a level of consciousness, regarding how you should approach others, while you walk upon the Earth; and, in this way, you will begin to know the ways of God!”    

Sunday Sermons
March 18, 2018
build Your

    I AM with you.  I AM with you, and so, are the ways, of Heaven.  The ways of God are open to you, so that you might seek the truth, and know The Way.  These things are not hidden from you; but many who are not interested, because they do not see them, do not seek them.  However, those who feel the presence, without seeing them, do seek beyond the seen; and, unto them ~ is delivered ~ the wisdom of the unseen!  

“Every day, those of Earth, make judgments, without knowing all the truth; and, from the judgments made lacking pieces of the truth, other judgments are placed, set down as rules, obligations; and soon, when rules and laws and obligations are set in this fashion, the source judgment fails, and crumbles in the light of new truth; and, you must begin again.  To have all things stand, atop the other, you must have a strong foundation, a foundation set in truth, a foundation necessary to hold that which is yet to be.

“If you have ever driven by a construction site, the same route, traveling to work, or some other destination, daily, you see, the beginnings, and follow the building; but you will notice that, as the foundation is set into place, holes are dug into the ground, they are level, there is measurement, there is great care, setting-out, the foundation; for the foundation must be exact, and true, and strong; and all good materials must be set into this foundation.  If it appears that there is something lacking, or that which is used, might be inferior, to what is required, then you must undo, at that point, and reset the foundation, making sure it is the best quality, making sure everything is right, correct, and good.  The workers must have the intention of doing their best work; and those overseeing the work must watch and be vigilant; and, once the foundation is complete, all the shovels, and the hoes, and the equipment is gathered-up, and the workers, the foundations experts, leave; their work is done.  The foundation is now set, to hold the building, as it was conceived by the architect, to be constructed by the builders.  And so, you watch the building rise, one floor at a time, pleasing to the eye, reaching-up into the sky, each floor, set in place, by those willing to work, under the guiding eye, of the foreman, or the one who is watching over the construction.

“It is very difficult to build anything, atop, inferior foundation.  And this My brothers and sisters, is the same, as attempting to live a good lifetime, a lifetime which is fulfilling, with little, or no foundation, or the foundation that has been set in part truth.  A building will not stand atop a foundation which is crumbling.  It is not too late to reset your foundation; and if you feel there is something lacking, or something that might be of inferior quality, or just a component that is not there, do not be reluctant to start anew!  It is surprising, you might think, that this is what I AM telling you; but it is true.  

“Begin with a new foundation!  Dig deep!  Go into your inner-being and begin the excavation.  Move the debris; whatever you find, which would not make a strong, and healthy foundation, dig-it-out, put it on the stack of rubble over to the side.  Do not let inferior material be the source of your foundation!  You are in a place, in a position, where you can construct your foundation anew.  Let it begin with you!  Let it begin, within you.  Go today, start, dig, find what is not useful, or not superior, and put it on the stack, to be pushed away, to be thrown away.  Clean-out the area for the foundation; and then begin to build your foundation.  Do not build your foundation on former judgments, or thoughts, or conceptions, or things of the past, which seem to bear shadows, or some darkness.  Begin to lay your foundation, of all the things that are good, the things that hold truth, eternal truth, and set it straight!  Let your foundation be of love, and light, and peace, and charity!  Let no animosity sink into your foundation!  Let no bias, or hatred, be caught-up in your foundation!  Do not plant preconceived notions, which might hold some truth.  Let your foundation, be good!

“Spend some time this week, deciding how your foundation will look, how your foundation will be stronger.  Do not hesitate to cast to the side, judgments, which you believe were made with truth, but do not hold the light of God!  Let this week, be a week of building a new foundation, from which your new life will rise-up: strong; beautiful; reaching into the heavens; calling, by its very existence, those to come and see what the light of God has risen-up in the new day!  This week, rebuild, your foundation!”    

Sunday Sermons
March 25, 2018
You Are
God’s Family,
Love One Another

    I AM with you.  It is a source of joy: to be with you, to cross through dimensions, to touch, to feel; and in that way, come to know, that eternal life is real!  Do not get caught-up, in the failing of the body.  You live forever!  What you are experiencing right now, is a temporary piece, of an unending lifetime.  When you leave the Earth, you do not melt away, you flow into eternity, there to stay, an eternal being, created by God!      

“Do not put much faith, or gather all meaning, from the world created by man, because one day they will be throwing a parade in your honor, celebrating something you have accomplished, and the next, turning their heads from you, seeking something, or someone else, for which to throw the parade, or the accolade of the day; for it is possible to swiftly rise to a place of adulation, and then plummet, into a pit of despair.  This is what happens: when you place all your trust, and faith, and confidence in those around you; when you live, so that they might see your importance.  It is as if you must prove yourself every day, just so they will not turn their heads, or walk away.  Well My brothers and sisters, I will tell you this, the unconditional love, given freely to you by The Creator of all things, will never change!  You are loved, you have been loved, and you will continue to be loved.  There are choirs of angels singing, just because of you.  You are an important piece, of The Eternal Picture, The Great Plan, The Divine Plan; and your importance is not of the world, it is eternal.  You are a child of God!  You are of the family of God.  You are of the nation of God.  You are of the realm of God.  You were given life in The Dimension of Perfection; therefore, the source, and the core being, of you, is perfect, just as you are!  You do not have to climb a mountain, or swim an ocean, to gain the love of God; it is yours; all you have to do is open, and accept it; for, with the love, came the gift of Freewill.  Do as you will; but the Well of God is sweet.  Draw-in this love, and live, eternally, in the light of God!

“When I was with you upon Earth, I was told to deliver some messages, which would change the course, of the children of God upon Earth.  The messages ~ were vital ~ to changing the course, alter the direction, straighten the path.  At that time, there was a lot of isolation.  You were put in a box, and there you would stay: this is who you are; these are your people; do not go away.  That box over there, is a box for other people.  You were put in compartments; but this was not the plan of God, this was a theory of man.  And so the way you dressed, and the way your talked, and even that which you ate, set you apart from others.  It is very easy, not to care so much, about someone you do not associate with.  They are over there, you are over here.  It was into this arrangement, that I delivered a message of ‘love one another,’ clearly stating that: it is easy to love your family; it is easy to love those close to you; it is easy to love the one next door to you, because you are community.  Anyone can do that, without prompting most of the time; but, I was saying, ‘love one another.’  I did not say, love one another, but not that one over there.  I did not say, love one another, but withhold your love from those people over there.  The direction was clear, the words were few, so it could not be missed, ‘love one another.’  

“God’s love, flows freely, to all creation!  God’s love, flows freely to God’s family, to God’s creation.  You love, or care for, or at least have feelings for, members of your family.  What I AM saying, or what I was saying then, and continue to say now is, it is all God’s family!  It is important for you to love!  

“God’s family does not have lines of color, or language, or body shape or size.  God’s love flows freely.  You cannot say, we are all one, we are a body, without stopping to recognize this.  The message was delivered, so that you might adjust your perspective, and open more completely, and fully, to the love of God that flows freely to you, and all created.

“Be willing to open your arms to one: who looks different, whose dress is not like yours, whose food is not like yours, whose language is not like yours.  Simply, set it in your heart, that is the start; because, once it is settled in your heart, your hand will go-out, as a welcoming gesture; and you will not find a stranger, you will find a family member; and, you will begin to know The Ways of God.  The Ways of God are love!

“The greatest part about the story of creation is that creation has never stopped!  Creation continues, and it continues in you!  The story of creation continues in every thought you have, every word you say, in every deed you do!  The creation story continues, as the loose fiber of the cloak of Earth is drawn closer, where you recognize the family, the body, the creation of God.  Until you begin to see creation this way, you cannot understand your value, your worth.

“Place your faith, and trust, in the love of God!  The parade is thrown for you every day.  There is excitement, there is love; and, it will not turn away.  When the last piece of confetti falls, and the celebration seems to ebb away, in the world created by man, the celebration continues in The Dimension of Perfection, because it flows, eternally, from the hand of God!”   

Sunday Sermons
Easter Sunday
April 1, 2018
In Life,
Eternal Life

    I AM with you.  I live, and as I live, you too live.  We live together.  I did rise, so that all who followed Me and heard My words, would see, and know, and proclaim, from every mountain and every desert, I live!  It is not a game of words; it is not a game of swords; it is life, eternal life; and once you accept the teaching of eternal life, you are never the same.  Fear, goes out the backdoor.  Fear cannot stand, in the face of the truth, that life, your life, is eternal; so why would you be afraid?  The same holds true for worry, frustration, anger, misery.  Anything that keeps you from shining, with the glory of God, is trickery, denying you, that which is yours!  I showed you!  I did not say, I can do these things, but you cannot; I said, I can do these things, and so can you!  

“Do not buy-in to ‘the excuse,’ by saying, ‘I am only human.’  From this day forward, reject that teaching, of the world created by man; and sing-out, about the perfection that God created within you!  Go forth this day, and live, as I live; and be ye perfect, as our Father in Heaven is perfect.  Be ye perfect, oh lights of God, brothers and sisters!  Go forth, and live!  Go forth, and love!  Go forth in life, eternal life!”

Sunday Sermons
April 8, 2018
With A

    I AM with you.  Why am I with you?  I AM with you, so that you might make your way, over the face of the Earth, with more confidence, having the courage and the strength, to turn from darkness and shadow, and remain in the light.  I AM with you, so ~ you might have the courage ~ to do what you are meant to do, knowing it is your destiny, and seizing the opportunity, with enthusiasm, and often outright joy, to make your mark, and follow Me Home!  

“It all ~ begins ~ with a thought!  

“Many of you say this, you repeat it easily, you talk about the importance, of what you are thinking, and the following progression of that, would be, that you are creating with every thought, creating darkness or shadow, or light and glory.  The words come easily; but today, I AM speaking to you, to encourage you ~ to move into the place where you believe this teaching fully, ~ so completely, that you guard your thoughts, as you would take care of your loved ones.

“Every thought you have ~ moves from you, ~ into the world around you; and has the ability to make the world a better place, or a darker place, or a shadowy place.  

“Be vigilant.  What is living in your head, in your thoughts?  It all begins with a thought!  

“Murder, begins with a thought.  Hatred, begins with a thought.  Robbery, begins with a thought.  Adultery begins with a thought.  The list goes on, and on; but, the list for glorious, wonderful creation goes on, and on, too; and, it all begins within you; and, it is powerful!

“When you have one, or more, willing to ~ create ~ within their thoughts: love, understanding, compassion, generosity, kindness, forgiveness, you have changed a piece of the world in which you live, at the present time; and when there are those willing ~ to maintain their thoughts, ~ in such a way, ~ they make a difference every day, because vast amounts of love, and light and peace and charity and forgiveness, all these things are streaming from them.  

“This is how you bless the Earth and bless the people of the Earth.  It shows, when you are willing to do this, that you care about God’s creation, that it does not matter, who is around you, what country they are from, whether they are man, or woman, child, or elderly, you are blessing them within your thoughts, and these thoughts move from you, and have the ability to bump into others who are touched by a thought created by you.  It is in this way that you will soon see how powerful you are; and, begin to understand your role as a child of God upon Earth.

“When you walk into a room, which is filled with animosity, for whatever reason, you can alter that reigning energy, simply by thinking, and creating, thoughts of forgiveness, thoughts of permitting God’s love to flow through you into that room.  And as you move through that room, you will begin to notice the energy is changing; and, it is changing because of what you are thinking.  
Where are your thoughts?

“This week, guard your thoughts.  Do not permit access to your thoughts, do not give your thoughts to the thieves, who will come in the night, and rob you of your glory; for, given the opportunity, darkness, and shadow will move-in, take over, and give you every excuse, necessary, to keep you interested in thoughts of darkness.  Do not be fooled.  

“Be wise!  Be vigilant, because it all begins with a thought!  

“Hold your tongue, and do not speak, revealing your thoughts, until your thoughts are filled with the glory of God!  

“Bless the Earth!  Take care of your thoughts, and you will live in peace no matter what is happening around you.  

“Be vigilant!  It all begins, with a thought!”   

Sunday Sermons
April 15, 2018
Come, So Let It Be Done

    I AM with you.  And for those of you who will reach-out, and take My hand, life is changed, because you understand, and have faith, in the knowing, that I AM truly with you!  By way of The Spirit, I can remain with those who hear My stories, and hear My call, and choose to follow Me, as I show The Way.  You can follow Me, just as those who followed Me thousands of years ago.  As I called to them and they came, I call to you; and, those who choose to hear, and to answer the call, they follow Me too.  In this spiritual way, I AM still calling, any who will come to Me: to hear the words; to find peace; to walk upon the Earth, in a divine way.  

“Today My words will be brief, because the message is important...  

“During your lifetime upon the Earth: you will be tapped on the shoulder; you will be stirred, from within; you will hear the still, small Voice; or you will ‘know,’ what it is you are to do!  These tappings, and stirrings, and whispers, and knowings, will come to you many times.  Sometimes you will be able to push them aside, shake-them-off, and move through your ordinary day; but there will come other times, when there is nothing you can do, or say, which will change the situation, in any way, because you realize, from the core of your being: the tapping is for you; the stirring is moving you; the whisper cannot be denied; and, you find that courage, from deep inside, to follow!  

“These opportunities are golden; these opportunities will add to your spiritual strength; these opportunities will lift you to another place, a new way of living, living with grace!

“When you are asked to do something, which appears to be totally out of the realm of: sometimes, possibility; sometimes, the comfort zone; sometimes, doing something that is totally out of character for you; these are doorways to the mystical, to the miracles, which are all around you!  

“I speak to you today, to encourage you in every way.  Set yourself aside each day, so that you can be still, and listen!  Most days you will find that, that which you receive is a message from God, or Me, or The Holy Spirit, or your guardian angel, something to let you know we are there, we are there with you, in Spirit.  Sometimes it will be an answer to a question, sometimes it will be a gift of increased faith; but there will be times, when you will be given direction, which will lead you into accomplishing something that will change your life, and the lives of those around you!  Today I AM letting you ‘know,’ that these times are more important, than you will ever know!  

“Accepting the responsibility, and saying, ‘Yes,’ is The Way to begin!  And once you begin, following the course which leads to miracles, you will be eager, for the opportunity to show itself again.  You will find the wisdom, the courage and the strength you need, when you need it.  This is The Promise: You will have all you need; and, I add, you will have all you need to finish that which you were given to accomplish.  Let it be done, stand-up in the sun, and let it be done!”