August 4, 2018

of others becomes
a worrisome, heavy burden.
The key to freedom is forgive-
ness.  And The Holy Spirit says:
The ways of the world encour-
age judgment, of others; and,
this judgment is not reserved
for special purposes.  The
world teaches you to
judge and judge
and judge,
the burdens
of judgment are heavy, and
bring a weariness to your body.
If today you recognize this truth,
in any way, rise-up, and shake
the shackles from you, for-
giving all things, in
the light of
so that you might
move, into the new day,
unencumbered in every way.

August 3, 2018

practiced consistently,
will chip away the rough edges
of any situation.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Rather than lamenting the situation,
the challenges, what you refer to
as the problems of the day,
bring your energy into
the circle, and let it be
the energy of kindness.
Listen with kindness, speak
with kindness, act with kind-
ness, and you will begin to alter
every situation, every challenge,
every problem of the day.  You
will alter these things,
because you bring
the energy of

July  8,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

see you,
I know you, and
today, I encourage you
to step from the riverside,
to jump down from the bank,
on which  you are standing;  and,
get into the water.  Once you make
the decision  to get into the water,  the
waters of My love will carry you to exact-
ly where you should be.   You will see, all you
are meant to see, within the safety of The Divine
Place, within The Waters of Life; and, The Waters
of Life shall carry you, and you will be safe!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Sometimes it takes a bit of prompting,
to move from a place of comfort, to take the next step
toward the goal; but, every time you take that step to-
ward the goal, you feel better, you feel stronger, there
is a feeling of fulfillment, for having taken the step.
Most of the time, immediately you are happy you
did, with no desire to return to the place
which once held comfort for you.
Be still, and quiet.
When you ask,
Listen with
your heart, and
listen with your eyes,
as well as your ears; for, God
is not limited  in how  the answers
will come to you;  but,  there is a promise
that, for those who ask, the answer shall be given.
Therefore, holding this promise close, rise-up and go-
out into the world, listening for The Whisper of God!

July  29,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Do not grant
access to your thoughts, to
negative energies, which will pollute
the sanctity, of your creation.  Be vigilant;
be watchful; be mindful, of what you are saying,
thinking, or doing!  Everything begins with a thought;
therefore, let your thoughts be pure. And The Holy Spirit
says:  Just as you are careful to check the ingredients
of a very special occasion cake, check the ingre-
dients of every special occasion thought you
make. Yes, you are the creator, of your
thoughts!  Do not give your power
away.  Guard the entrance
to your thoughts, by
day, and by

July 10, 2018

When you reach a point where you know negative
thoughts cloud your being, your life changes.
you catch negative thoughts quicker, so-
oner, and send them on their way.
Then, you begin to create
thoughts of light, all
during the day.  And The
Holy Spirit says: If you want to
alter your physical health, and your
spiritual health, quickly, go directly to
your thoughts.  Create  thoughts of light,
create  thoughts of love,  create thoughts of
compassion, and understanding.  You will not-
ice a change; immediately you will feel lighter,
less burdened; and, very quickly you will feel
healthier, and happier, and joy will return.

August 1, 2018

are safe!
You are safe, and
surrounded by My love!
Do not sit in a cauldron of angry
energy.  Do not stew, and brew hatred and frustration,
doubt, or concern in any way.  Come, float upon the sea of My love, and find peace.
And The Holy Spirit says: Do not use your power, magnifying shadow, and darkness.
Wherever you focus your attention, that place, that situation, that person,
and the energy created therein, is greatly magnified by you.
Therefore, recognize,
and see, the truth.
Practice, focus-
ing your attention
on the energies, and
the powers of light; send
shadow and darkness, from
you, and dwell there, no more!

July 31, 2018

Once you
reach the place
where you recognize
the temptations, for what they are,
celebrate!  Celebrate that you recognize the temptations of fear,
and doubt, and worry, and concern, of anxiety, of anger, and hatred.  Celebrate
that you recognize the temptations; for, within the recognition is the seed of mastering
the temptations; for, you cannot master that which you do not know.  Therefore, once
you begin to recognize the tempters, tell them so, stand firmly, in My light, and say,
"I know who you are."  Once this is done, you are ready to rise-up
with the sun, and begin to master these tempters,
one-by-one.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Your journey
upon the Earth
is a great ad-
venture.  You
are equipped
with many gifts
to assist you, as you
make your way along the path
that is your life, upon the Earth;
but, come the day when you recognize
the temptations, the shadow and dark energies,
that is a day to be celebrated, because you are not
far from mastering the energies, from sending them from
you, from knowing what to do.  Then, it all changes; then, you
walk upon the Earth as a master, "knowing," what you are doing.

July 30, 2018

can be, as
a boulder, block-
ing  The  Way;  but,
if you  set your mind  to
casting ego from you, to re-
moving it from you, it shall be
done; and there will come a sign
to you, when it is accomplished.
You will notice and you will see
that every name which pops
into your thought is free
of the debris of judg-
ment!  You will
be eager
to open
to those
you once
pushed away.
You will accept that
which comes to you, as a mission
for each day.  And  The Holy Spirit  says:
The journey into oneness ~ into unity ~ requires
that  you  set  aside:  pride;  and  ego;  and  arrogance;
and, all the things which comprise the feelings, and the titles,
the crowns, and the rings, of self-importance.  When it becomes
more important to open your arms ~ and let God's love flow ~ thr-
ough you to others ~ then, you are on your way ~ walking The Way!

July 28, 2018

the temptation
to complain about: how
everything has gone wrong; how
nothing seems right.  Take today: to
study the beauty of a tree, to brea-
the-in the gentle, sweet aroma
of a flower; to walk beside
the ocean; to hike
in the forest;
to play by a stream.
Take the time today to look,
and see the beauty that is the Earth,
place of your birth.  Look, and see.
Alter your perspective, and see the
beauty.  And The Holy Spirit says:
Focus  your attention on  the
beauty of Earth.  Leave
everything else alone.
Do  not  complain.
Do not focus on
what another
said, or did,
that was
in your opinion.
Focus only on the beauty of Earth, today.

July 27, 2018

you lose sight
of the truth, that every day
is an important event, then there is the temptation
to let the hours and the minutes of the day slip through your fingers.  Every
day, I give you, My child, is a day in which you are to create light, and love,
and peace, and all of the good energies, which bring balance and harmony
to the world.  Give each day the credit, and the glory, and the honor
it is due, by letting the world see the gifts, streaming through
you!  Here it is,  another day.  It is yours to create.
What will you do?  And The Holy Spirit says:
Rise-up, and greet the new day; for,
it is here.  What do you wish,
want do you want,
what do you de-
sire?  Okay,
now, make it
happen, create:
the day of your dreams;
the day of your heart's desire;
and, the day of your longing.  As God
has given this gift unto you, create.  Let
your creation of the day, be your gift to God.

July 26, 2018

Every day
you will experience
opportunity, opportunity to practice:
to practice patience; to practice understanding, and
compassion; to practice charity; to practice kindness;
and, this practice should not be limited to other people;
no,  practice being kind to yourself,  practice having pat-
ience with yourself, practice using compassion for yourself.
This day, practice, for yourself.
And The Holy Spirit says:
You have heard
of the saying,
"Do unto others,
as you would have
them do unto you."
But today, turn a new
phrase, do unto yourself,
as you would kindly do unto
others.  Do not limit your practice
of love, to things you do for others.
Turn this practice into something
that you also do for yourself!

July 25, 2018

have had
the example
of a perfect life
upon  the  Earth,
with you for a while.
The  perfect  example
is your Brother, Jesus!
Therefore, look toward that guidance, that life, to see what it is you are
to do, in every situation.  Stand in My light, and stay in My light.  Remain
connected with Me, at all times.  Doing so, will permit the storms, and up-
heavals, of the world, to rumble around you, without disturbing you.
Doing so, will allow the voices of anger and dissent and discord
to scream, and rage around you; yet, not disturb you.
The mark of being within My light,
and closely connected to Me,
is that the trials, and
tribulations of the world
do not touch you, do not prom-
pt you to anger, or take you away
with words of judgment, about others.
When you "are connected, with Me," you
turn-on the light; and that, which you see, is il-
luminated, in My wisdom!  And The Holy Spirit says:
In all times, stay connected to The Creator, and you will
not be disturbed, you will not be ruffled, you will not be moved.

July 24, 2018

One of the keys to happiness is understanding the teaching
you have been given.  Refuse to react to another's words, or deeds.
Let My love fuel your thoughts, and words, and deeds; for, if another
is caught in darkness and shadow, and their words begin to tempt you,
in any way,  it is easy to be drawn into the darkness, and shadow,  they
experience  every day.   And while there is temptation,  there is  always
The Way  to rid yourself,  of this temptation  every step,  every day; but
it must be your choice;  therefore,  it is you who must say,  "I  will  not
be tempted  into reaction  today."   And The Holy Spirit says:   Tend to
your relationship with God.   Tend to that which you are meant to
do.  Leave what others are thinking or saying or doing in their
yard, on their field, in their home, in their heart; for, it
is within yourself, where you must start to resist
reaction; and, "The Way," is to be pro-
active in letting God's love
flow through

July 23, 2018

you must give;
to receive you must
open your hands; do not
hold-on-to that, which you
believe  is  yours.   Open your
hand;  and,  let  it  go;  for,  in  the
release,  there comes "a freedom;" in
the release, there comes "the gifts;"  for,
it is a cycle;  and,  it continues,  and it flows
freely.  All that you need comes to you, and in
the coming to you, it waits, until you see anoth-
er in need, and then, you let it flow, through you,
to them!  Do not hesitate to try living the cycle of
eternal life, wherein, that which you need, comes
to you!  And The Holy Spirit says:  Be mindful not
to build barricades, or blockades, along the a-
venue which is meant to be flowing into and
through you.  Tear down the barricades,
tear down the blockades, and let that
which comes to you, flow through
you.  Let it go, release it, so
that it moves-out onto
the Earth, moving
into the world
created by
the touch
of God arriving,
just in time, through
you, through your hand!

July  22,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Recognize the gift
of  the  present  piece
of  eternity,  which  you
are experiencing!  Recog-
nize the power, held within
the present piece of eternity
which you are experiencing.
Recognize the peace, of
the present!
And The
Holy Spirit
says: The wise
live in the present.
From the present, you
can mend, and repair,
the past.  From the
present you can
prepare for
the future.
It is the
seat of
power, over-
looked, by many.
Understand the power, of
the gift, that is with you; and, use
this day, creating that which you wish to ex-
perience; for, it will exist, somewhere in time, forever.

July 21, 2018

Everything created holds the energy of its creator.
That which is created in love, holds the energy of love.
That which is created  in fear,  holds the energy of fear.
That which is created in anger or frustration or confus-
ion, any such energies, holds, and carries, within it,
the energy of anger or frustration or confusion.
Every thought you have is a creation, and
it lives.  Every word you say lives,
because it springs forth from
your creative  thought
power.  The deeds
you perform
bring more solidly,
into the dimension in which
you reside, your thoughts, and your
words; therefore, take some time today
to consider what you are creating.  At first
it might be a challenge, to alter your
perspective, ever so slightly.
Begin to create, using
the energies
of love,
and light;
and, that which
you create will bless
the Earth, and all eternity.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Holding
the words of God, close to you, remem-
ber, God created you, and God is love.  So, the
first energy given to you was, is, and shall ever be love.
Return to your original state of love, and you will find peace.

July 20, 2018

My child, you are upon the Earth right now,
watching the history of Earth unfold all around you.
You are taking an active part in creating the history of Earth;
and, it will be recorded forever!  Therefore, be mindful today
of your part in history.   And The Holy Spirit says:   Too often
it is the case that those who are taking part in something
very important, do not even realize it, until it is done,
until it is over, and then they look back and think,
"I wish I could have done that a different way!"
You are a part of something very important;
the something very important is creation.
Create, the best you can create today,
and you will make your mark upon
the Earth, and in the Heavens;
for, that which you create
today, is with you
to stay!

July 19, 2018

Over two thousand years ago, the new guidance, the new
direction, was delivered to those of Earth by Jesus.
The words He spoke, and the direction He gave,
are the guidelines, the keys, to a happy life
upon Earth.  They are the guidelines, and
the keys, to peace on Earth; for, if you
follow them, you will be "at peace."
Love one another has no qualifica-
tions, it does not mean to love only
those who are nice to you, who are
kind to you.   It means: love the arro-
gant, love the rude, love the challenging,
because the energy that you create as love,
blessing rather than cursing or mocking, in any
way, is the only energy which will decrease the ar-
rogance, the rudeness.  Be at peace this day, and renew,
remember, the teachings of Jesus, and understand they are the
guidelines to happiness, and fulfillment of your life upon the Earth.
And The Holy Spirit says: When someone gives you the directions,
the guidance, the support, and the assistance to accomplish
something that you wish to accomplish, you are grate-
ful, you are thankful, and you follow the directions,
and the guidance; and, the directions, and the
guidance, assist you, as you accomplish
the goal.  Be at peace this day.  You
have the directions, you
have been given the
guidance.  Rise- up, and
go.  Go-out, into the world,
and practice that which you know.

July 18, 2018

in a piece
of clothing, or
cloth of any kind,
will get larger unless it
is mended in time.  A gar-
den will become overgrown un-
less it is weeded, and watered, and
cared-for every day.  A relationship will
become stale, and end, without constant
attention.  The body without nurturing food,
kindness, and love, will whither away.  Focus
your attention on that which needs mending,
and weeding, and tending, and loving, and
do so, today.  And  The Holy Spirit  says:
Look  around,  and  see  what  needs
your attention today.  It might be
a person,  it might be a garden,
it could be a vehicle,  in need
of repair, or it could be cho-
osing good nurturing food
rather than something
you grab quickly,
without notice
or care.
calls your eye,
or comes to mind,
attend to it, today!

July 17, 2018

another confronts you
with words of anger, frustration, or ir-
ritation, resist the temptation to respond,
to react.  Choose to silently bless, instead;
in this way,  you will not join-in the energy
created by another;  because,  you will be
practicing  "The Way,"  to put an end to
that energy of anger,  or frustration,  or
irritation.  Choose wisely,  and you will
know peace,  when turmoil threatens.
And The Holy Spirit says:  It is true,  it
will take practice, and a good bit of
work,  and effort from you;  but,
if you refuse to enter into an
argument of any kind, you
will save your peace.
There is
no reason
for you to take-on
another's anger, or frustration,
or irritation.  Simply choose The Way
of The Master, silently bless for, and pray for
the one held in anger ... frustration ... or irritation.
Soon, it will melt away.  Soon, peace will kiss the day!

July 16, 2018

patience.  Practice
understanding.  Practice
compassion.  Practice these things,
and make them your daily action, until
patience, and understanding, and compassion
become part of the fiber of your being; and,
as this happens, kindness rules; and, there
is peace.  In this Way you come to know
how to love each one of My children.
Practice!  And The Holy Spirit says:\
The Way is not complex in its design.
It is so simple in its design, that many
desire to make it complex, believing that
it would be more significant.  That is not
the case.  The Way is love; therefore,
the prompting from God, The
Creator of All Things,
is simple, love
one another; and,
be kind to all creation.
Hold these teachings close, and follow,
and you will experience the peace of God on Earth.

July  15,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

You make a choice, or many choices,
every hour, of the day; and, the manner
in which you choose, creates the outcome
of your day.  Let your choices, of each day,
reflect positive energy!  Choose light, and
love; and, you will find peace!   And The
Holy Spirit says: Choose wisely; make
it your intention to reject any in-
vasion of the negative, into:
your thoughts, words,
and deeds; be the
creator of

July 14, 2018

are My child.
You were created
with the energy of love;
and, you were created to be
a  unique  piece  of  The  One!
There  will  never  be  another  you;
therefore, be who you are meant to be;
or, there will be a void, an empty space,
as you were created to be you.  You were
not created to be someone you admire,
or look-up to, or wish you could be.
You were created to be
who you are:
you are a child of love,
and you are a child of spirit;
therefore, go into this day, shining
with love, filled with spirit!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Be who you are.
When there is one piece mis-
sing, The One is not
It is important
to know "who you are
at the core of your being," and
let the love of God flow through you.
Walk over the Earth being the vessel of God's
love, and light, and peace; and, you will bring God
onto the Earth ~ with you, ~ every step ~ you take.

July 13, 2018

thing around you
will grow and prosper in the light of God
when you support, and encourage, and add understanding,
and compassion to your everyday list of things to do; for,
each act of love, and kindness, and compassion,  in
and of itself, is support, and encouragement.
When you create such a garden as this,
it blossoms, and blooms, and
nourishes, and sustains.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Play beautiful music,
speak beautiful words,
create beautiful thoughts, perform
beautiful deeds, and you will raise-up a garden
around you of these things of your creation; and,
this garden will support you and all around you;
it will support a nation, because you
were willing "to create,"
a garden of

July 12, 2018

is the natural offspring
of knowing who you are, at the core
of your being!  Once you embrace who you are
at the core of your being: you find strength, and courage; you
find the strength and the courage to announce to the world: in the way
you think;  in the words you say;  and in the deeds you do;  that you are,  truly,
a child of God!   As you come to believe,  and have faith in My love for you,  you find
the courage, and the strength, to do exactly that which you are meant to do.  Your jour-
ney upon the Earth is uniquely suited to who you are, at the core of your being.  You are
My sacred child, sent forth on a mission, and you have all you need.  And The Holy Spirit
says: The realization that you have everything you need within, brings comfort, brings
peace; but, you might not know all the power you carry within: until you sit qui-
etly, until you are still, until you breathe, so deeply, and so completely,
that you come to "know," that you are an unique piece of
The Divine One, and this will never change!

July 11, 2018

The butterfly
was once a caterpillar;
the soaring eagle was once so small
it could barely lift its head; the mighty oak
was once an acorn; the loaf of bread was once
a shaft of wheat.  You  have been given eternity.
What shall you become as you grow, as you chan-
ge,  as you continue  in The Light of the Son?
And The Holy Spirit says: Do not deny your
potential.  Accept that whom you are,
as a gift of God, and let the glory
shine  through  you!   Do not
hide it, do not deny it;
accept your des-
tiny; and,

July 9, 2018

There is an immediate cure
whenever you are feeling alone or rejected;
and the immediate cure comes from you, and the steps
you will take to renew the spirit, within you!  When you feel alone,
contact someone, give someone a call, make a visit, and bring some cookies,
or flowers,  whatever you believe  would please them.  When you feel alone,  cure
the loneliness by reaching-out to another.  When you feel rejected, cure the rejection
by reaching-out to another.  In the reaching-out you will find, that you have cured the
loneliness, and rejection, within yourself.  You fill the space ~ by giving ~ to another.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Whenever you feel  you are lacking love,  understanding,
kindness, let your first action be  to reach-out to another, and give them love,
understanding, and kindness. The first time you do it, you will be amaz-
ed; because in providing this for another, you fill your cup, as well.
It is an outward sign that all things are connecnected.
Provide what you are lacking, and
your cup will be filled to

August 2, 2018

Often, the most profound wisdom
is heard  in  a whisper.  Often,
the  most  profound  healing
is  received  sitting  by  a
gently flowing stream.
There is no need,  for
raised voices or for
raging rivers; for,
The Whisper can
be heard in the quiet,
and the song of the stream
can be embraced in stillness.
Be still, be quiet, listen, and
be healed.  And The Holy
Spirit says: Some mis-
take loud voices,
for the truth.
They do not hear
The Whisper, because
they are not quiet.  Some
make the mistake of believing
that the power is found in the raging
waters, when the power is held in the presence
of a peacefully  flowing  stream.   Be at peace,  be still, and
you  will  hear  The  Whisper,  and  you  will  find   the  gentle  stream.

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: