July  8,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

see you,
I know you, and
today, I encourage you
to step from the riverside,
to jump down from the bank,
on which  you are standing;  and,
get into the water.  Once you make
the decision  to get into the water,  the
waters of My love will carry you to exact-
ly where you should be.   You will see, all you
are meant to see, within the safety of The Divine
Place, within The Waters of Life; and, The Waters
of Life shall carry you, and you will be safe!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Sometimes it takes a bit of prompting,
to move from a place of comfort, to take the next step
toward the goal; but, every time you take that step to-
ward the goal, you feel better, you feel stronger, there
is a feeling of fulfillment, for having taken the step.
Most of the time, immediately you are happy you
did, with no desire to return to the place
which once held comfort for you.
Be still, and quiet.
When you ask,
Listen with
your heart, and
listen with your eyes,
as well as your ears; for, God
is not limited  in how  the answers
will come to you;  but,  there is a promise
that, for those who ask, the answer shall be given.
Therefore, holding this promise close, rise-up and go-
out into the world, listening for The Whisper of God!

July  15,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

You make a choice, or many choices,
every hour of the day; and, the manner
in which you choose, creates the outcome
of your day.  Let your choices of each day,
reflect positive energy!  Choose light and
love; and, you will find peace!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Choose wisely; make
it your intention to reject any in-
vasion of the negative, into:
your thoughts, words,
and deeds; be the
creator of

July 14, 2018

are My child.
You were created
with the energy of love;
and, you were created to be
a  unique  piece  of  The  One!
There  will  never  be  another  you;
therefore, be who you are meant to be;
or, there will be a void, an empty space,
as you were created to be you.  You were
not created to be someone you admire,
or look-up to, or wish you could be.
You were created to be
who you are:
you are a child of love,
and you are a child of spirit;
therefore, go into this day, shining
with love, filled with spirit!  And The
Holy Spirit says: Be who you are.
When there is one piece mis-
sing, The One is not
It is important
to know "who you are
at the core of your being," and
let the love of God flow through you.
Walk over the Earth being the vessel of God's
love, and light, and peace; and, you will bring God
onto the Earth ~ with you, ~ every step ~ you take.

July 13, 2018

thing around you
will grow and prosper in the light of God
when you support, and encourage, and add understanding,
and compassion to your everyday list of things to do; for,
each act of love, and kindness, and compassion,  in
and of itself, is support, and encouragement.
When you create such a garden as this,
it blossoms, and blooms, and
nourishes, and sustains.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Play beautiful music,
speak beautiful words,
create beautiful thoughts, perform
beautiful deeds, and you will raise-up a garden
around you of these things of your creation; and,
this garden will support you and all around you;
it will support a nation, because you
were willing "to create,"
a garden of

July 12, 2018

is the natural offspring
of knowing who you are, at the core
of your being!  Once you embrace who you are
at the core of your being: you find strength, and courage; you
find the strength and the courage to announce to the world: in the way
you think;  in the words you say;  and in the deeds you do;  that you are,  truly,
a child of God!   As you come to believe,  and have faith in My love for you,  you find
the courage, and the strength, to do exactly that which you are meant to do.  Your jour-
ney upon the Earth is uniquely suited to who you are, at the core of your being.  You are
My sacred child, sent forth on a mission, and you have all you need.  And The Holy Spirit
says: The realization that you have everything you need within, brings comfort, brings
peace; but, you might not know all the power you carry within: until you sit qui-
etly, until you are still, until you breathe, so deeply, and so completely,
that you come to "know," that you are an unique piece of
The Divine One, and this will never change!

July 11, 2018

The butterfly
was once a caterpillar;
the soaring eagle was once so small
it could barely lift its head; the mighty oak
was once an acorn; the loaf of bread was once
a shaft of wheat.  You  have been given eternity.
What shall you become as you grow, as you chan-
ge,  as you continue  in The Light of the Son?
And The Holy Spirit says: Do not deny your
potential.  Accept that whom you are,
as a gift of God, and let the glory
shine  through  you!   Do not
hide it, do not deny it;
accept your des-
tiny; and,

July 10, 2018

When you reach a point where you know negative
thoughts cloud your being, your life changes.
you catch negative thoughts quicker, so-
oner, and send them on their way.
Then, you begin to create
thoughts of light, all
during the day.  And The
Holy Spirit says: If you want to
alter your physical health, and your
spiritual health, quickly, go directly to
your thoughts.  Create  thoughts of light,
create  thoughts of love,  create thoughts of
compassion, and understanding.  You will not-
ice a change; immediately you will feel lighter,
less burdened; and, very quickly you will feel
healthier, and happier, and joy will return.

July 9, 2018

There is an immediate cure
whenever you are feeling alone or rejected;
and the immediate cure comes from you, and the steps
you will take to renew the spirit, within you!  When you feel alone,
contact someone, give someone a call, make a visit, and bring some cookies,
or flowers,  whatever you believe  would please them.  When you feel alone,  cure
the loneliness by reaching-out to another.  When you feel rejected, cure the rejection
by reaching-out to another.  In the reaching-out you will find, that you have cured the
loneliness, and rejection, within yourself.  You fill the space ~ by giving ~ to another.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Whenever you feel  you are lacking love,  understanding,
kindness, let your first action be  to reach-out to another, and give them love,
understanding, and kindness. The first time you do it, you will be amaz-
ed; because in providing this for another, you fill your cup, as well.
It is an outward sign that all things are connecnected.
Provide what you are lacking, and
your cup will be filled to

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: