August 26, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Do not
criticize others
for  doing  good  works,
for performing great deeds, for
healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and
quenching the thirst: of those needing, of those
lacking, of those who are poor.  Be mindful, that
you do not welcome the spirit of jealousy, when
you see others doing good works.  And The
Holy Spirit says: God sends many, out
to do the work, of
The Kingdom
of God; for,
Earth is of
The Kingdom
of God; therefore,
let the trumpets sound;
it is time to move forward!  Do
not question who is on your right, or left.
As long as they are "performing the deeds," of
The Kingdom of God, celebrate, and march forward!

September 1, 2018

in the world,
but not of the world re-
quires two things.  Use the talents
you  have been given to maintain a living
in the world created by man.  Use the gifts of
The Holy Spirit you have been given to maintain and
sustain your eternal life, in the realm of the unseen.
By using your talents and using your gifts of Spirit
you will be in the world, but not of the world.
And The Holy Spirit says:  It is easy
to lose your way
when you insist
on going your way,
alone, separate from
God's will.  You are filled
with  grace, and  light shines
from your face, when you make
the determination: to use the gifts
you have been given,  to illuminate
your talents, to show The Way, to
be The Word, to be The Light
unto the world.

August 31, 2018

Do  not be the divider, sep-
arating people, one from the other,
through thoughts and words and deeds of
hatred  and  anger,  of  grief  and  jealousy.
You are meant to be the light unto the world;
therefore choose rather to be the provider,
bringing light wherever you go, sewing
the seeds:  of love,  of respect,
of kindness, of patience,
of consideration,
of compas-
The world will know
you are My child, by the love
you carry, by the light you provide.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Whatever you feel you are lacking,
give that away, and you will soon learn the truth, there was never a lack
to begin with.  The lack was created within your thoughts.  Possessions do not bring
happiness or joy; for, you can find happiness and joy amongst those who have very few
worldly possessions.  Whatever you feel you are lacking, give, to another.  If you feel you
are lacking love, give love to another.  If you feel you are lacking kindness, give another
the gift of kindness today.  If you feel you are lacking  understanding,  and compassion,
give understanding  and  compassion,  away,  today,  in copious amounts,  and you will
find,  by the end of the day,  that by giving,  you have wiped the lack away.  Go-out
into the world, and be the light unto the world.  Let that be your mission, today!

August 30, 2018

have reached
the time upon the Earth
when the knowledge of all recorded history
is at your fingertips.  It is possible for you to know the answer to every question you have
about the history of mankind upon the Earth; but, this ability to know, all that has been
written, and recorded, has not brought happiness, has not brought joy.  It is a time
of great abundance of things upon the Earth; yet, there has never been a time
when the Earth has been so covered with lack, with need, with hunger, with
thirst of Spirit.  Choose first, the things of Spirit; then, happiness will be
yours.  Peace will be yours, when you live, and know, the unseen realm
of Heaven; and, it is possible, for you to do, while you walk the Earth.  It is
possible to be in the world, but not of the world.  And The Holy Spirit says: Sur-
round yourself with those of peace; for, within peace, you find true happiness, and
joy.  Do not be grasping for the things of the world, which will leave  you empty and unfulfilled.  The world created by man has never been so empty and unfulfilled.  Choose
first, the things of The Kingdom of God.  Choose first to make it your business to be for-
giving!  Choose, first  to make it your business  to be loving,
for the greatest commandment is all about love.
Set your course for the day,
and let it be a course
of forgiveness
and love.

August 29, 2018

The Word(s)
Jesus did say, for
He told you the truth!
He told you how to live each
day; He did not speak to humor you,
or to stretch the truth a bit.  He did not lie, when
He said unto you, You can do everything I AM doing, and even
greater things.  What does that statement mean to you?  Do you believe
it?  If you do, then rise-up, and go-out into the world, and do even greater things,
in His name!  And The Holy Spirit says: Do not be distracted by the ways of the world.
Let your attention stay focused on the love and the healing light of God.  Do not be dis-
suaded from your belief; for, within you, you know the truth.  And knowing the truth,
shall set you free, of: worry, doubt, concern, envy, frustration, greed, hatred, and
anger.  Take to heart, that, which you believe, and let your deeds speak for you.

August 28, 2018

Come and sit with Me for a while, My child.
Focus on My love for you.  Focus on My love
for you in such a way that all the thoughts and
cares of the world fall from you,  fade away,  as
we come, increasingly closer, and closer.  Draw
near to Me, for a while.   And The Holy Spirit
says:   Find that quiet place where you can
be still.  Focus your attention on your
eternal life, which springs forth
from The Creator
of All Things;
for, there is
healing in
the pool,
which is the lap
of God; and, there is
great comfort in the well,
which  are  The  Words  of  Jesus!
Sit in the lap of God, drink from the well
of Jesus, and let Me fill you, with My wisdom!

August 27, 2018

to forgive all things
will carry you far along
the pathway of forgiveness,
will open the door, will begin the process;
but, it is best not to become used to saying the words,
and letting it go.  When you say the words, let them ignite your intention
so that you continue the progress, and the process.  And The Holy Spirit
says: You will receive reminders, all through the day, and sometimes
the night, to assist you in the forgiveness process.
When you think of someone,
or some incident
which needs
or completion,
accept the message,
and say in earnest, "I for-
give."  Repeat it, with every
individual or situation brought to
your attention, simply, "I forgive."
Soon, after many repetitions, you will
find forgiveness is complete.  "I forgive!"

August 25, 2018

Today, be as one, with the creation of Earth.
Do not try to stop or slow the river.  No, get in-
to the river of My love:  and  ride the waves; and
feel the current; and let your blood, and the current
of the river move, as one.   Do not call the birds from
the heavens to have them come settle with you.  No,
rise-up, and fly with the birds of the heavens; and,
enjoy their extraordinary view of Earth.  Do not
walk through the creation without seeing, and
knowing, and a great celebration, that you
live, that you are a part of the creation.
And The Holy Spirit says: Look around
and see, the extraordinary stage
all set, for thee.  Take a deep
breath, and walk-out and
"know," who you are!
Walk with majesty
this day.  Walk
with humil-
ity this
Sit in
the sun, and
sit in the shade,
and look at what God,
The Creator hath made!

August 24, 2018

When you see
the beauty of Earth, you be-
gin to know Me.  When you celebrate
the beauty of Earth,  you draw near  to Me.
When you live in awe and respect of the beauty
that is Earth, you begin to learn My ways.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Do not let one day go by
that you do not look and see, celebrate
and  respect,  and  honor,  the
beauty, that is Earth!

August 23, 2018

and follow,
allowing your
Earth journey
to unfold,  one
step at a time,
leaving your
mark, tell-
ing your
And The
Holy Spirit
says: Be eager
to go forward; for,
right now,  you  are  in
the midst of experience;
you  are  experiencing   life
upon  Earth:  what  it is like
to feel,   to touch,   to taste,
to sleep,  to move from one
adventure  to the other.  It
is all a blessing. Once you
know this,  the path  you
take is a path of glory,
the path you take
tells your story:
with every
step, with every
thought, with every
word, with every deed.

August 22, 2018

Beneath every boulder,
every rock, every stone, and every
piece of debris, you are willing to move from
your path, you will find revelation.  It will come in the
form of a lesson, or a blessing!   Every time you are willing
to move: the boulder and the rock and the stone and the debris
your reward comes, instantly!   There, where once was an impedi-
ment, a challenge,  you will see  illuminated in the light,  that, which
you were seeking both day and night, a lesson, a gift.  And The Holy
Spirit says:   When you are willing  to do  the spiritual work  neces-
sary to clean the path ahead of you, you will find that, with each
boulder, or stone, or rock, or debris, you remove, you receive
valuable insight on: how you are to proceed; how you are
to live your life; how you are to gain happiness, and
joy!  The answers you seek are often hidden,
under that which blocks your way!

August 21, 2018

of forgiveness
is a very good elixir
to restore the physical body,
to bring you to a place where you feel
lighter, and more joyful.  While there might be many
things you need to forgive, do not be disheartened; for, when taken
one at a time, it becomes a sacred practice, a pathway to joy.  When taken seriously,
and practiced earnestly, it will restore excitement, for life upon Earth.  And The Holy Spirit
says: Do not be detained by the thought that there are so many things you must forgive completely, that you do not know where to start.  Almost daily, better said,
nightly, in your dreams, you are reminded of things, of situations,
of people.  Take that "sign," and go with it.
Do not push it away.
Do not save it
for another day.
Begin practicing
forgiveness; and, do
so every day.  It is easy
to think about forgiveness,
but it can be a challenge to begin
the process and the practice of forgive-
ness.  As your time might be fleeting away u-
pon the Earth, a suggestion would be, begin today!

August 20, 2018

Be kind
to yourself,
and others, and
all will be fine.  And
The Holy Spirit says: When
you practice kindness at all
times, there is little or no need to
ask for forgiveness, or to apologize for
thoughtless words, or deeds; for, in practic-
ing kindness, ones's words are filled with under-
standing, and one's deeds overflow with compassion.

August 19, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

too harshly.
Do not judge your-
self.  Do not become ensnared
by the trappings, of the ways, of the world.
Dance, sing, laugh, enjoy the life, you are meant to lead,
knowing, I love you eternally!  And The Holy Spirit says: While acknowledging
the responsibilities of living upon the Earth, it is possible to enjoy every moment, every
hour, every day.  Assuming the responsibility of life upon Earth is one thing, refusing
to be ensnared by the trappings of the ways of the world is another.  Walk in
the glory of God ~ knowing, fully well, ~ you are loved by God, and
you are upon the Earth for but a brief time.  Enjoy this piece
of eternity that is yours, and you will truly find peace.

August 12, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

Resist the temptation to take part in gossip, in
speaking ill of others; and then, take it one step
further, resist the temptation to think ill of others,
to fuel the seeds of gossip in your thoughts.  And The
Holy Spirit says: You will be surprised, at the end of the
day, how often you had to stop, and say to yourself, "I
will not do this.  I will not take part in gossip;" or, "I
will not think ill of others.  I will not create the
seeds of gossip, within my thoughts."  It is
well worth the effort to resist this
temptation, which diminishes
the glory, that is

August 18, 2018

It is important to learn how to give.
It is important to learn ~ how ~ to receive.
It is important to know that you can do neither
of these things, if your hands are closed, grasping things
you wish to keep for yourself, holding-on to the past, to the old.
Open your hands, and give!  Open your hands, and receive!
And The Holy Spirit says: Often there is the temptation
to cling to that: which you have, which you know,
to cling to the things of the past, to the things
that  are  old,  to the things  you consider
yours.  To experience  "the flow," of
creation:   open your hands,   and
give;  open your hands,  and
receive; that, which you
give, will be giv-
en, unto

August 17, 2018

Every single
individual, and/or situation,
is placed along your path for a reason.
Everything you encounter, you encounter for a reason.
Pay attention to that which you encounter along your path.
And The Holy Spirit says:   When it seems as if you encounter
the same challenge, issue, or matter, repeatedly, it is a sign.
It is a sign that, that issue, matter, individual, institution, or
situation, needs to be addressed with love.  Once it is re-
solved in the light of God's love, there
will be no further need of

August 16, 2018

Do not
the power of kindness.
And The Holy Spirit says:
Resist  the  temptation
to condemn, to judge
harshly, to punish.
Be  willing  to
open your
so it might mend,
and find kindness again; for,
in kindness much is accomplished.
In kindness health, and happiness,
can be restored.  In kindness, you
are showing the love of God;
go into this day,
delivering kindness.

August 15, 2018

You can see clouds of darkness and shadow upon the face
of one who is angry,  upset,  disappointed,  disillusioned,
frustrated, in any way;  but,  you can also see the light
upon  the face  of those  who are  at peace,  who are
forgiving, who are kind, who tend the seeds of love
in the garden of God, upon the Earth.   If today
you find your light has been dimmed by frus-
tration,  or anger,  or hurt,  of any kind,
resurrect the light, and let it shine.
Be the bringer of light this day.
And The Holy Spirit says:
It is interesting,
you can be
a rather gloomy day,
and then, out of the blue,
someone knocks on the door,
brings  a smile,  which  comforts
you,  and lifts you from the depths
of sadness, and sorrow, and frustrat-
ion, and  you feel the smile upon your
face grow, and you feel the light from
within you glow.  This is the power of
the light.  Be at peace, this day, and
resurrect your light, it will change
the life, the day and the hour, of
each person, you encounter!

August 14, 2018

The day is set before you, and it is good.
Let it be your intention to create a day
filled with joy, filled with awe, filled
with the realization that you are
upon Earth to accomplish
a goal.  Let this day
be accomplished,
and completed
in such a way,
that come the night
you can truly say, "It is
done."  And The Holy Spirit says:  It
does not matter how this day finds you;
or,  in what state this day might find you.
It is always possible to create thoughts of
joy  and happiness,  thoughts of gratitude
and thanksgiving, thoughts of love, thou-
ghts of peace, thoughts of compassion
and understanding, thoughts of
forgiveness!  Even when
the day finds you
unable to rise-up,
and perform physical
labor,  it is still  possible
to  create  the  perfect  day,
in  your  thoughts!   Be  at  peace
this day, create perfection, in every way!

August 13, 2018

Do not let the ways of the world wear you down, or belittle you;
for, there is a piece of Me within you, waiting to shine through.
Be still, be quiet, and decide today, what you wish to create.
Your life is not through.  It does not matter, what the ways
of the world do to you.  You can stop, at any point, and
take a forward step, you can leap, or jump, or run
onto the path; and, the light that is within you
will illuminate The Way!  The rest of your
lifetime upon Earth begins today.
And The Holy Spirit says:
There is always
a possibility
that change is
just around the corner;
there is always change around
the corner.  Nothing stays the same,
all things change, as creation continues;
but, you can master each step, each phase
of the change, so that the outcome of the change
comes from you.  Today, make the decision, let the light
of God shine through, then you will know exactly what to do.

August  5,  2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

It is vital,
for your well-being,
to  disconnect  yourself
from  the  ways  of  the  world,
frequently, and walk into the garden
of Earth.  Sever all connections with the world,
and walk; walk amongst the trees, and the flowers,
and the streams.  Walk by the ocean, feel the sand
at your feet, feel The Wind in your hair, and re-
cognize all of Earth is My creation, includ-
ing you! And The Holy Spirit says:
Be one.
Be at peace.
Disconnect from
the  busy  schedules
of the world:  and,  walk
slowly, and silently, amongst
the creations of God; and, find
peace; and, be rejuvenated; and,
begin to live, as you are meant to live.

August 11, 2018

Each hour of today
you will write another chapter
in the book of your life upon Earth.
It is yours to create, so be mindful of
what you are creating.  And The Holy
Spirit says: You have another day.
What an opportunity!  In e-
very way, this is
your chance
to create
a chapter
in the book
that is your life,
that is, exactly what
you would like to create.
The page is blank; what will
you write upon it?  Let it be
joyful! Let it be happy! Let
it be wise! Let it be kind!
Let  it  be  thoughtful!
Let it be thank-

August 10, 2018

thing accomplished
is worthy of celebration.
Every thing accomplished brings
peace of mind.  Every thing accomplished
is one less thing to be concerned about.
Celebrate every thing accomplished.
And The Holy Spirit says: There
will come an hour, when
you will be called
Home; and,
in that hour,
before you
return Home,
there will be a piece of you
which yearns to repeat something,
to renew something, to relive something,
so that you might do it better, more completely,
and leave the Earth, knowing it was done so sweetly
that you are ready to return Home.  Prepare for your jour-
ney Home by doing that which needs to be accomplished today.

August 9, 2018

there is
so much to do,
when there are stacks,
and stacks of lists, and papers, and people,
waiting for attention, resist the temptation
to berate yourself for letting things slide.
Pick one thing at a time, and proceed.
Move forward, one-step at a time;
and soon, you will see
the deck is clear,
the sea is calm,
the sun is bright,
the sky is blue, and there
is nothing looming over you.
And The Holy Spirit says:  The song
for today is "one thing at a time."  The
rhythm is constant, one thing at a time.
The cadence is sure, one thing at a time.
Move forward today, one thing at a time.

August 8, 2018

I hear
your prayer.  Now, listen,
so that you might hear My answer!
Then, when the answer is set within you:
rise-up and go as directed, speak as guided.
In this Way, you will be 'a vessel of wisdom!'
And  The Holy Spirit  says:  When your petition
is held in your prayer,  the answer will come;
and then, you will be aware of the next step
you are to take, you will even 'know,' the
words to say, and the deeds, to make it
happen; for, you will be led, you
will be guided, you will
know The

August 7, 2018

one who is
not drowning
to rescue the one
going under,  And The
Holy Spirit says: Be still,
and quiet.  Seek sanctuary
often to refuel your faith, to
resist the temptations of doubt.
Be vigilant; and, stand in the light
you are creating; for there will come
a time, when others reach-out, and you
will be there, a beacon, a place of safety.
To accomplish this end: you must be ready;
you must be strong; you must sink your feet
into the soil of Earth; you must reach into
the heavens; you must connect with God.
Then, the strength and power of God
will be your fuel; and, the strength
and power of God will rescue
those who come to you.
And all you need do
is be still, and

August 6, 2018

Good intentions open the door to possibility.
Stepping-over the threshold moves you forward,
onto the path of accomplishment.  And The Holy Spirit
says: While good intentions open the door to possibility,
it is necessary to take the first-step, over the threshold,
into accomplishment.  Many open the door; few enter.
Step upon the path, and come to know, the glory
of accomplishment.  Today, open the door,
step upon the path, and let ac-
be your

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: