Sunday Sermons
October 14, 2018
Do Not
Worry, Create
In The Light, And
For The Glory Of God

    I AM with you!  Yes, it is true, I AM with you.  I speak to you as easily, as one calling, from many countries away; and, you have the ability to hear Me, just as you would pick-up a telephone, and say, ‘Hello,’ and hear the voice of one you love, from many, many miles away.  

“I AM with you!  Speak to Me.  Speak to Me with your heart; for, I know what is written upon your heart.  I know the trials, I know the challenges, which come to you; but, in the knowing of these things, I also know, that nothing comes to you, that you are not well equipped to master.  It is your opportunity and honor, all at the same time.  I know, if it is with you, you can do it; if it has come to you, it is yours to master.

“Do not be worried.  Do not let your heart be filled with hurt.  Do not be discouraged.  Do not let the weight, of the world, weigh you down.  Do not let the words, of the world, bother your peace, disturb your comfort.

“When you are worried, there is chaos within you, there is a rumbling, and things are unsettled.  It stirs the peace, and it is difficult to rest; and so, I say unto you, do not be worried!  Push the worry aside and sit quietly with God.  In the presence of God all things melt away; for, worry cannot stand in the presence of God, for in the presence of God there is no worry, there is that present piece of eternity that is precious, and holy, and sacred.  

“It is very easy to slip into the place, where the things of the world, require attention; and, many times during the day, it falls to you to pay attention to that which you are doing, to that which you are called to accomplish; but, even in the completing of a task, there is a way to carry the peace of God with you; and, as you carry the peace of God with you, while you are accomplishing the task, that which you are doing is blessed, with the presence of God.  

“Think upon this.  If you work, if you create, if you accomplish, while you are holding the presence of God with you first, that which you accomplish is good, and filled with the light of God.  This is the goal: to be in the world, but not of the world; to be in the world, and accomplish wonderful things, but to let that which you accomplish be done in the light of God; and slowly, in this manner, Earth and Heaven begin to flow together!  Do not be concerned if everyone else is doing this.  Do not look around, and demand that everyone else be doing this.  Focus on what you are doing, and soon you will be doing this.  And in this quiet way, Heaven and Earth move closer and closer together each day, because of what one child of God is doing, in a sacred way!

“Do not be worried.  Do not be concerned.  Do not hold hatred or anger upon your heart.  Rise-up and walk into each day, with great anticipation, and joy, and excitement; and, let it be your intention to create whatever is yours to create, in the light, and for the glory, of God!”      

Sunday Sermons
October 7, 2018
On Your
Path, The Way
God Is Guiding You

    I AM with you!  Believe it.  Be still, and you can feel Me with you; for I AM with you to speak to you and walk with you.  You have the ability to receive help, reaching through the veil, into another dimension, with your prayer, your reflection, your meditation.  And once you reach through the veil with this call of invitation: answers come; decisions are made; and, The Way is made clear for you.  Believe, because it is true!        

“Once you establish conversation, communication, reaching through the veil, with your questions, or joyful delight, no matter what your position might be, continue to reach through the veil, and speak.  

“If you maintain this connection, if you can maintain your connection with God, you will never lose you way!  You might stumble, here or there; you might get distracted, and wander off course; but, when you are attempting to maintain a connection with God, you will be pulled-back to center, you will stay the course, and you will make your way over the Earth in peace.  

“One of the quickest ways to lose this connection, this focus on where you are to go, is to ‘follow the temptation,’ to pay attention to what others are doing, especially in cases where you believe others are wrong!  These rings of judgment; and, it is so.  When you are watching what others do and say, or don’t do, or don’t say, you are not watching where you are going.  Soon you either find yourself: following along in their path; or, stumbling over an obstacle, that you would have clearly seen in your own path, had you not been so absorbed in what others are doing.  Pay attention to where you are going!

“If one day you find yourself fortunate enough to find someone who wants to walk your path with you, then rejoice!  At that point, you have another who will support you, and encourage, that the focus stays on the path ahead of you.  So, now it is the two you.  If you are not looking all around this way and that, you see the obstacles clearly, and together move them aside, and continue, on your way.  

“Do not be distracted by a temptation into judgment of others, for you should be occupied with your own path.  This is The Way to live upon Earth.  This is The Way to have a good night’s sleep.  This is The Way to drink from a cup that is sweet, at the end of the day.  Encourage others to walk their own path.  Do not tell them which way to go, or what to do.  Simply repeat, ‘God will tell you!  Be still, and listen, and go your own way.’  Because, by saying this, you are showing: confidence, in the hand of God; trust, in that ‘what will be, will be;’ faith, that each participant will make it through, reach the goal.

“Every time you are tempted to pay attention to what others are doing or to speak-ill of what they are doing, remember this, and pray for it yourself.  When you are tempted to judge another, lift that name up to God!  Do not pray, that God do for them what you think should be done for them; simply lift their name up; ‘I bless you, in the light of God!’  In this way: you are silently supporting; you are blessing them, rather than cursing them; you are doing something good, in the light of God.  At the end of the day, you will not sit and ponder the words you have said, you will sit, and be in thanksgiving, for the words you prayed!  

“Bless, and forgive, and release all tendencies to judge.  Walk your path, alone or with another.  Keep your eyes focused, on where you are being led, by The Holy Spirit within you.  

“What a world it would be, if each inhabitant of Earth would focus on their path, would be still, and listen for the guidance from God, and then rise-up and follow!  The paths ~ would be aflame with desire, ~ and Earth would be a light in the sky!  Pay attention to where you are going.  Rise-up and focus on The Way.”    

Sunday Sermons
August 5, 2018
In The Garden

    I AM with you.  I Am with you to begin this day.  I will be with you all through the day.  I will be with you as you say, goodbye to the day, and welcome the rest of night.  This is all possible because: you believe in Me; you know Me; you found Me; you recognized Me when I found you, alone; you took My hand; you followed Me; you sat with Me, and talked with Me; you know Me!    

“Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, know Me; or, at the very least, are interested in: Me; My life upon the Earth; the miracles reported, that I did do, and statements I made, such as, ‘You can do everything I AM doing, and even greater things.’  This statement in particular seems to puzzle many of you; yet, for those of you who believe in Me, know what I said is true; yet, you find it difficult to believe that you too can do, all that I did do, while upon the Earth!

“It is interesting to feel the energy and the love, feel the life force, flowing through each of you; for you are so different, yet so alike.  Some of you, know Me, completely outside of any type of religious teaching; but, you know Me, you speak of Me, you are trying to understand and comprehend My teachings, My ways.  Some of you know Me, because, as a child, you were taught, by family, or friends, or teachers, by Sunday School classes, and sermons.  Some of you know Me, because I found you; and, recognizing Me in that instant, knew exactly what to do, you reached-out, and took My hand; and now, I walk with you.  It does not matter how you met Me, how you know Me, where you are in your understanding of Me.  Today, I invite each of you, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, to come, and walk in the garden with Me!  

“This invitation is not frivolous.  Each individual meets their time, the time of revelation and miracles; and, I tell you this day is your time!  But in order to see the miracle, and embrace the revelation, you must stop what you are doing, set-down the ways of the world, and come walk with Me in the garden, that is Earth.  Disconnect yourself from any connection the world might have with you.  Disconnect yourself from any hold the world might have upon you.  Say goodbye to friends, and neighbors, and family, letting them know you will return in an hour, or two, and come with Me.  Walk with Me into the garden.  Go where you will not be distracted: and, we will amble down a country lane; we will ramble over country-sides; we will sit by a stream; we will touch a tree, and breathe-in the beautiful scent of flowers; we will watch the birds flying, the squirrels playing, the butterflies, the insects; we will run our fingers through the soil of Earth; and, in this sacred peace, in this cathedral, created by God, we will walk, and talk.  You will speak and I will listen; you will sing, and I will sing along; and, when you dance, I too will dance with you; and, we will do this all day long; and, you will ask the questions, and I will answer you; and, when the hours have passed, and our day is through, you will walk back, amongst your family, your friends.  You will rejoin the world again; but you will never be the same, because of our time together, in the garden!  

“This is not an invitation that begins today and ends today.  This is an open invitation for every day.  And the more you find you can set aside some time to walk with Me, the more peaceful you will be, because: as you ask, revelation will come; as you open your eyes, the miracles will be apparent, and you will see them.  Come, begin today.  Come walk with Me, and talk with Me; come speak with Me, and sing with Me; come dance with Me, and be joyful with Me; for, your time upon the Earth is fleeting, and I AM waiting.”  

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
August 12, 2018
The Tempt-
ation To Gossip

    I AM with you.   I AM with you today to encourage you, in every way, to celebrate: that you exist, that you live, that you can breathe, that you can move from one place to the other, that you have the opportunity to create!  Celebrate these things; you are taking part in creation!  Today, create a day of perfection!  The opportunity is yours.  

“Today, I wish to address an issue simply, and concisely…  

“Resist ‘the temptation to gossip,’ to speak ill of another!  

“You might be surprised at the challenge this represents, as you move through the day.  It seems easy to say, ‘Okay, I will do that.  I will not speak ill of another today;’ but, in short time you will bump into your first temptation, when you see a friend, or a family member, or even an acquaintance, and the first thing they do ~ is throw-out a temptation to you, ~ when they begin, sharing with you, what they term ‘a secret,’ about another person.  What do you do?  

“There it is, the temptation to speak ill of another.  But if you set your course at the beginning of the day, and with determination say, ‘I will pick-up this challenge, and I will carry it through the day,’ by the end of the day you will be surprised at how many opportunities presented themselves for you to speak ill of another.  It is an exercise, a practice, that will serve you well.  And, (with) each temptation you pass by, resisting it well, you make the world a better place. 

“Do not speak ill of another!  Always add to the conversation, something that is uplifting, happy, pleasant, kind, compassionate and understanding.  And when you are alone, resist the temptation to create ‘seeds of gossip,’ within your thoughts.  See it for what it is, and turn your thoughts, just as you were able to turn the conversation with another. 

“Turn your thoughts to good, to happy, to kind, to understanding.  This practice will lead you to a place, of satisfaction!  You will find, it becomes easier and easier, not to take part in gossip, and not to create the seeds of gossip in your thoughts.  

“Focus your thoughts, and your words, on kindness, and you will be the winner, because your energy will be altered, in a most delightful way.  Resist ‘the temptation to gossip,’ today!”   

Sunday Sermons
August 19, 2018
Remember, You
Are A Child Of God

    I AM with you.  There is a joy when friends and family see each other after a long time of absence.  They quickly catch-up on anything they have missed, and move-on together, forging a deeper, stronger, move loving relationship, knowing each other better, with every exchange.  And this, is how it is, with you, and with Me.  When you have not called upon Me for a while, when you have turned away, for whatever reason, there always comes the day, when we are back together, the season of reuniting; and, we cover bases, talk about things that have happened in the interim; and, the more time we spend together, the deeper our relationship, the more understanding, the more comprehensive.  We are eternally connected.  We are one.   

“Today, I bring a reminder, something to help you make it through this coming week: with confidence; in comfort, joyfully continuing your journey upon the Earth; knowing who you are, what you are doing; having a better idea of your true worth, and value; you are a child of God, first, and foremost, and forever!

“Do not become ensnared by the trappings of the world, created by man; for, there are so many ways ~ to distract you ~ from the joy of living a good, and simple life upon the Earth.  ‘Success,’ is something that most desire to achieve; but, how the world sees success, and how God sees success, oftentimes are two different pictures.  The world will tell you that you are successful, when: you are making a lot of money; driving very expensive vehicles; traveling; living in a large house; important, when you are important.  You are important.  You are important: without money, without a big car, without a large dwelling place, without clothing, jewelry, or any other material object.  You are important, in the eyes of God!  In the eyes of God all you need do ~ is to let the love of God flow through you to others, ~ and be at peace!  That is it!  There is no yardstick for how much you make, or your own.  The only measuring stick, that can possibly exist in the relationship between you and God, is how much love and light, you are willing to embrace and let flow from you, onto the Earth, freely.  When you go about your day, knowing this, and feeling this way, you have ‘confidence,’ in anything you are asked to do, because the importance God has assigned to you, wraps you, in light.  

“The trickery of the ways of the world can be exhausting, because those who are willing to step on the ladder, and begin climbing, soon find that, for some reason: there is never enough money; somebody else always has a bigger or better or faster car; you are not living in the most expensive house, in your city, or state, or country; there is always a piece of jewelry evading your purchase, going to someone else.  It is endless.  It is very similar to riding on a merry-go-round, with all the participants, reaching for the gold ring, and rarely grasping it, holding it, making it your own. There is never enough to satisfy; there is always more to do, and more to get, and more to have.  But this is not the way it is, when you are living in the light of God.  You begin every day ‘knowing,’ who you are.  You begin every day praying for guidance to know where to go, what to say, how to live, basically; and, the answers are always clear, simple, complete in a few words.  ‘Love, one another!’  ‘Be kind!’

“Doing these things do not leave you empty, because in the process you are filled with the love of God.  Everything you touch, shines with the light of God, because you are a child of God, and there is nothing more important.  Take this message into the week with you.  Remember who you are.  You are important enough to have God’s attention, and love!  There is nothing else, you need!” 

Sunday Sermons
August 26, 2018
Let Cre-
ation Unfold
In Celebration

    I AM with you!  Celebrate this day!  If you find you have risen-up, not so eager to move, one way or the other; or, if you have risen-up, eager to go running-out into the world; no matter what state you find you are experiencing, you can still celebrate, that you have a day.  You can celebrate in your own way: you can celebrate in quiet; you can celebrate in song; you can celebrate in movement and motion; you can celebrate in stillness.  Let the form of celebration, be born, within you.  No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what you do, celebrate, in the way, that is perfect for you!   

“Every day is sacred.  Every day is uniquely a piece, of eternity; and, when you awaken to this truth, you realize the importance of every day, the importance of the eternal flow, and the importance of what you do during each unique day, and how it impacts, eternity!  Therefore, the early hours of the day are important, they are sacred, they are the time during which you set the course of your day. you make an intention, and then you head-out, along The Way.

“Do not attempt to tell others how they should celebrate the day.  Do not be dissuaded by others, in how you intend to celebrate the unfolding of a new day.  The perfect day ~ is complete ~ when all participants celebrate the day, sing of its sacredness, dance of its uniqueness, each, in their own way!

“I would like to give you something to think about the coming week; and, it does have to do, with celebrating, working, whatever you are doing, in a way that is uniquely your own.  Children show us this, the importance of this, when they find a page out of a book, and they take their crayons, and they color, and they make the picture in the book their own, by the application of the colors they choose.  The ‘end result,’ usually finds its way to the door of a refrigerator, or other place of prominence in the home, celebrating, that, which the child has created, in a way all their own.

“During the coming week you will see many individuals: working, and playing, taking part in activity, taking part in resting, reading, watching, eating, preparing; and, you will find that, during the course of the week, you might be tempted, into criticism, judgment of others, in how they do this, or that; but, it would be good to tempter your criticism, and your judgment, with the knowing, that they are doing the best they can, with that which they have been given.  Do not criticize, others, for doing good works, just because they do not do it, the way you would do it.  Do not criticize others, for the way they heal the sick, give food to the hungry, and drink to the thirsty, because you do not know them, because their ways are foreign to you.  When God touches the heart, of one who is willing, do not impede the good they will do, because you do not know them, or their ways.  Look at the fruit as it falls from the tree, and you will know!

“See the world covered with pieces of paper, and crayons galore, for the purpose of creation; and, every individual, making a selection, choosing the colors they would like to use, and creating a canvas that comes from within them, with colors tender or sweet or bright and bold.  

“Today, is a unique piece of eternity, and you are each unique pieces of God’s great creation.  Let the creation unfold, and behold, the creation of God!”

Sunday Sermons
September 2, 2018
And The
Love, Of God

    I AM with you!  What a joy it is to be with you, to be a part of each pursuit and to watch; to watch you smile, to hear you laugh, to know your ways.  For those of you who believe in this trans-dimensional communication, often referred to as prayer, be bold in your belief!  Reach-out, and take My hand; for, I too have walked the paths of Earth.  I know the ways of Earth.  I know the ways of the world, created by man.  I know the secret ~ of how to combine these ways, ~ so that you know them, you live them for a while, but you season them highly, and sweetly, and delicately, with the ways of God, to create a lifetime upon Earth, that is just perfect, for who you are.  Do not give-up who you are.  Celebrate who you are, for you are a child of God!     

“The topic of ‘being in the world, but not of the world,’ has been addressed, before.  We speak of it often, when we sit together.  How can you manage to do this, when God’s Ways say do this?  And, so on, and so forth.  But, I tell you, if you strip-it-down to its most simple form, The Way to do it is to take the presence of God with you, wherever you go!  Do your work, but do it in such a way, that it brings the glory of God to every day, and to those around you.  It is not necessary for you to preach, or to teach, being ‘the living word,’ accomplishes much more; for, when you are preaching, or teaching, it is possible for others to ‘turn a deaf ear,’ to that which they do not wish to hear.  But, when you are working, or playing, and leading your life, with the light of God shining through you, in every way, it is impossible for those around you to not see, The Word, living, in thee!  

“A picture is worth a thousand words.  You can see something, but to describe it requires much effort; and sometimes, in the description, you can select a word that perhaps does not quite fit.  But in the seeing, of The Living Word, it all works together, and each and every individual sees, by what you are doing, and in The Way you are doing it, exactly what they can bear.  It is much the same as when I chose parables to speak, because in this way mysteries were hidden in every layer of the parable, and those who were listening, took what they could bear, at the time, took what they could learn at the time, and it was just perfect, for them.  
“So, I ask you today, set your intention to go out into the world, and do it in such a way, that you are ‘in the world, but not of the world;’ you are doing what you need to do to sustain and maintain your life upon Earth, but it is seasoned with the love, and the light, of God!  This will bring you joy, and true happiness.  This will bring you wisdom.  Go-out into the world, and be the light, and be the love, of God!”

Sunday Sermons
September 9, 2018
Sit With
God To Begin
Your Day, Deliver
The Love Of God, As
You Create Your Day

    I AM with you!  I AM with you, as you make your way, through each, and every day.  What an experience!  What an amazing life!  You are upon Earth!  Do not waste one minute!  Do not take things for granted.  I understand it might be easy to do, when your plate seems filled with responsibilities, and work.  There might even be the temptation to focus on these responsibilities and work, to such a degree, that you cannot see the beauty surrounding thee, cannot take the time to hold a hand, to kiss a cheek, to extol the magnificence of a tree, to celebrate the song of a river, or a stream, or a sea.  Do not let these things escape thee.  

“What is happening right now is a piece of eternity.  It is your experience; so, what will you create from your experience?  Be still a while, and decide, how this day will unfold for you, what you intend to create, with that, which you think, and say, and do!          

“There is no better way ~ to begin the new day ~ than taking the time to sit in quiet, and pray, reflect, connect with God; for God is your Eternal Parent, and there is much you can learn by sitting quietly, and listening, to what God will say to you; but, in order to do this, you must make the space, take the time, and the initiative.  It will often be easy to say, ‘I do not have the time, I do not have the space.  My day is so busy, I feel as if I am about to run a race.’  It is especially on days which seem overwhelming, that you should begin, by sitting quietly, and listening, to what God will say to you.  

“In this time of communion with God, you will find you are preparing for a day.  And, this time spent with God will prepare you to create a better day!  You will probably ask God, ‘What should I do today?’  And I will tell you, in almost every situation, God will say, ‘My child, deliver My love, to all you encounter, today.’  And then, since there seems no other appropriate response, you will say, ‘I will do that today, God.  I will deliver your love today.’  And so, as you rise-up, and get ready to go out into the world, you find that the first thing you have done is to have a verbal agreement, with The Creator of All Things, that you will deliver love, to the world, and all it brings to you.

“When you begin your day, in this way, it alters your perspective.  You are less likely to be irritable, out-of-sorts, grumpy, because before you did anything, you had an encounter, with God, and the direction was clear, it came as a whisper within your ear.  ‘Deliver My love today!’  When those words are the first words you hear, it makes it clear, what you are to do.  Without hearing those words, or taking that time to sit with God, you begin your day in a hurry, in a flurry of thoughts, pulling you here and there and everywhere.  You are agitated before you begin, and any temptation to frustration ~ is easier ~ to ensnare you, to hold you, to set your day, going in that direction.

“During the course of any day, it is likely that you might run into individuals who are: a bit contrary, a bit contentious, a bit challenging.  This is possible; but, God has set your course already.  Deliver love!  Resist ‘the temptation,’ to join-in the contrariness, the contentiousness, the challenging of this, that, and everything else, and remember the guidance, ‘Deliver My love, to the world today!’

“The very minute you ‘react,’ to contrariness, contentiousness, or a challenging attitude, you are jumping into that bowl, into that pool, into that energy, and there is no good outcome.  But if you ‘take to heart,’ what God did ask of you, at the start of the day, you will stand in the midst of whatever others say, and smile, asking, ‘Did you see the beauty of the sunrise?’  ‘Did you hear the majesty of the storm last night?’  And simple questions like that, might stop the flurry, might take hold, all the while, you are delivering God’s love, refusing the temptation, standing in the light.  This might seem a rather dramatic presentation of what you might encounter during the day; however, it is good to practice, it is good to know what to say, in the event you encounter contrariness, contentiousness, or challenging attitudes.  If you are prepared, the answers will flow freely.  But because you took the time to begin your day with God, you are better equipped: to deliver love, to reject reaction, to be the bringer of light!

“I suggest ~ that you try this approach ~ to this day!  This day is just beginning.  You can create it, in any way.  You can form it to be a beautiful lesson, an encounter upon Earth, an experience of your lifetime.  You can make it simple, or you can make it extravagant, exquisite, sublime.  

You are the creator, of your day!  Welcome it!  Sit with God, then rise-up, and make your way over the Earth, delivering the love of God, to every individual you meet, and every encounter that comes your way!  Go out and deliver the love of God today!”  

Sunday Sermons
September 16, 2018
and Create
The Best Day

    I AM with you.  Yes, I AM with you!  You have another day. A new day is dawning upon the Earth.  It is an opportunity some do not have; so, make the best of it.  Be the best of it.  Do not stand, or sit, or sleep, waiting for someone to make your day.  Be proactive, rise-up, go-out, and make the day, for others.  Be the call, they have been waiting to receive.  Be the hand they have been waiting to take.  Be the love they feel they have been denied.  Be kindness, compassion, and understanding.  Be all of it.  Be open to it.  Go-out, and make this day, the best day it can be, because, it will be, exactly, what you create it to be.  Do not lose sight of the power you have been given, by The Creator of All Things.  No matter what is beyond the threshold of this new day, you can make it, the best day!  

“For those of you who are familiar with prayer, with taking the time each day to sit with God, to be still for a while, to feel the presence of God, you know how it feels to be enfolded in love!  And, many times, that feeling, of being enfolded in love, carries you through the difficult challenges of the day, holds you in such a place of peace, that you address the issues of the day one at a time, until you are done, still feeling the pieces of love, from Father to son, or daughter!  

“You know how good it feels; but, sometimes it is forgotten, that you too, can be the provider, of this feeling, of love!  There are so many in need of: a safe harbor, a sanctuary of peace, an ear to listen with compassion, a gentle whisper, inviting, saying, ‘Come, sit with me.’  

“It is good to receive love, especially the kind of love you feel, when you are in prayer, reflection, meditation!  It is extraordinary, when you can be the provider of this energy of love, the energy of creation; for, when you are being kind and understanding and loving, there is great creation happening!  The energies ~ are compelling, ~ healing.  Take the time ~ to deliver to others ~ that, which God has given to you!  Do not hold-back, because you feel you do not have the time in your busy day: to stop and give a call, to write a note, to drive a mile or two.  Do not let what appears to be inconvenient stop you, from delivering the love of God to others.  It will be the best gift they receive the entire day.  In fact, you can change the course of their entire day, with just a few minutes of kindness.

“Let all things go.  Release all bad feelings.  Let there be resolve, within you, that from this day forward: you will deliver love; you will deliver kindness; you will be understanding and compassionate for others.  This is a gift ~ that, when given to others ~ is received by the giver, over and over again, because that which you give, is always returned to you, in one form, or another!

“Let this day be a day of peace.  Create, this day to be a day of peace.  Cast all agitation and anxiety from you; and focus on peace.  Resist the temptation to read articles, or watch interviews, which are less than peaceful.  Let all those things go from you.  Often times, they are set to agitate you and to move you one way or the other.  My suggestion for you today ~ is to stand in the light of God, and feel the love of God, ~ and let it flow from you, to others, without hesitation, without reservation!  Be an open invitation, for all others ~ to come and sit quietly, in the love ~ you are creating!”  

Sunday Sermons
September 23, 2018
Our Father
Sent The Holy
Spirit To Guide You

    I AM with you!  Most often, you feel My presence, or hear Me, when you are quiet, and still.  It is not impossible to hear Me through noise, through chatter and clatter, and the clashing of wills; but it is easier to hear Me, and feel My presence, when you grow still!    There is always a place, the time is always the present, and the calling is constant, to come sit with Me: for it is in this, hour of prayer, this time of reflection, that you are led into a deeper friendship, knowing, with Me; for it is in this time, when we are together, that wisdom is passed ~ to you, ~ so that as you move through your day, you will know exactly what to do.     

“When I walked upon the Earth, more than two thousand years ago now, as you know, I gathered a group of people to be around Me, to watch My daily actions, to hear Me speak; and those I gathered around Me: watched, and listened, and learned, and grew in the ways of God.  There was a new movement, afoot, there was a new message being delivered to those of Earth, and the message was ‘love!’  This message was radical; and, those hearing it were astonished!  In fact, it was so radical, that only those ‘ready to bear what I had to say,’ came forth and followed Me, for the time was right for them.  And it was a sign unto them that, if the words I spoke touched their hearts, settled within their spirit, and felt right, they were the new appointed ones, the ones chosen to lead a wave of love into the new time.

“And the wave did grow, and those following Me, rode upon that wave, and grew in confidence, and courage, and strength.  And as they watched, the healings, they were told, to go out and heal, they were told to go out and feed the hungry, and give drink to the thirsty, they were sent out to do, what most thought would be impossible; yet, they somehow found the inner-strength, courage, faith, and belief, to go out and do it.  Therefore, it was done.    We were a group following the new command!  There was support within the group; there was courage and faith and trust, strength, within the group; but, at the end of My time upon Earth, that courage began to crack a bit; and when I returned Home, those who had found courage and support, together, began to doubt, and to cry, and to hide, and to worry, until Our Father, sent The Holy Spirit upon them, to resurrect their strength and courage, to find support from within.  It was a blessing; because as The Wind roared around them, and The Spirit was revived within them, they stood-up.  They stood-up, and stayed-up, from the support they received from within.

“God did not just send The Holy Spirit to resurrect the fallen, and those weeping in doubt, at that time.  God, Our Father, sent The Holy Spirit, so that you, too, will have support, as you make your way through every day!    This is the importance of finding time, during the course of the day, to take yourself to a quiet place, and be still: so that you can ask the questions, and know which way you are to go: so that you might not make your decisions, based on the clamoring of the crowd, but on the still, small Voice within you, which does not need to be loud.  It is The Whisper from within.  It is the gentle prompting.  It is the sacred calling, saying, ‘Come, walk this way!’

“As you make your way through this day and into a new week, do so with confidence, ‘knowing,’ that your support ~ is within you, ~ that within you is a guide book of wisdom, and it will not fail you.  Go forth this day, walk The Way, and believe that The Holy Spirit will guide you!” 

Sunday Sermons
September 30, 2018
On Love,
Kindness, And
Creating Peace, On Earth

    I AM with you!  I AM with you.  Do not let doubt, creep into your thoughts, because then you will push it away, and Me along with it; it, is believing that I AM with you.  You believe in technology, you believe in science, you believe in what you can see.  Oh, My brothers and sisters, one day you will understand you have it backwards!  All that you can see will fade away.  All that you can see will go to dust; but, that which you cannot see, lives forever, including your spirit.  You look in the mirror and see your body, and think that is you, and it is not.  The real you is behind the eyes you see, in the mirror.  I AM with you.  I AM with you; believe it; for, the day will come, when you will need to believe it; therefore, practice believing!      

“Today, I would like to say just a few words to you, which will help you.  You cannot go very far, in your daily journey, until you encounter a few people; and, sometimes, people will talk about how nice it would be to live in peace.  Often times, they talk about a scenario of peace, and what needs to be done to do this or that.  They create committees on peace.  They create rallies, where people march in the streets, waving banners, saying, and calling for peace to come now.  This is all a waste of time.  It is all a waste of energy.  You cannot ‘create peace,’ by marching in the streets, demanding that everyone else: do what you do, and say what you say, and think how you think.  

“The only way peace will come to Earth, is for you to love one another!  Why do you think, that I was sent to Earth to deliver that message, over two thousand years ago?  It is not given the importance, and the respect, due that one statement.  Love one another!  You make-up songs about it, you write books and stories about it.  You teach your children to be kind and loving to other people; but, your children soon look and see what you are doing, and then they too, give it little importance, little respect.  

“Until you can love one another, there is no need to go forward.  You can memorize the entire Bible; you can memorize all the books speaking about the glorious power and love of God; you can go-out, and: take meals to those who need to be fed, take clothing to those who need to be clothes; but, if you do not have love in your heart, all of the things you do, are tainted, with judgment.  

“This week use your energy, and time, to correct any (negative) thoughts you might have, replacing them with loving thoughts.  You will know the signs, watch for them.  If you are tempted to anger, understand, that no one can make you angry; that is something ‘you decide to do,’ on your own.  You must ‘choose,’ to be angry; and, once you choose anger, then you create anger, and it is yours.  But the responsibility for the anger is not with others, it is within yourself.  You must choose love, over anger.  

“Now, you can take any other negative energy, and replace anger, with anything else, and it is the same.  The day you realize that you are ‘the creator of your own reality,’ will be the day, when you are most eager to be loving, and kind!  That is what you need to spread!  That is what you need to go-out and do!  The world will recognize ‘the sign, in you,’ they will know you, by your love!  

“If someone assails you, or insults you, bless them; unless you want to be in their energy stew.  This is the lesson for this week, and you might think it trite, and simple; but, when you begin to think about it, you see that it is not so simple; because if it could be done easily, the world would be filled with loving people!  Take a look around, and see, how many ‘loving people,’ do you encounter each day?  Now, it is easy to love those who are nice to you.  It is easy to love family members.  It is easy to love good friends; but, that was not the direction, the direction was to ‘love one another,’ with no qualifications, loving your enemy just as much as you love your family, and friends.  When this is done, the world will know peace!”