Sunday Sermons
August 12, 2018
The Tempt-
ation To Gossip

    I AM with you. .  I AM with you today to encourage you, in every way, to celebrate: that you exist, that you live, that you can breathe, that you can move from one place to the other, that you have the opportunity to create!  Celebrate these things; you are taking part in creation!  Today, create a day of perfection!  The opportunity is yours.  

“Today, I wish to address an issue simply, and concisely…  

“Resist ‘the temptation to gossip,’ to speak ill of another!  

“You might be surprised at the challenge this represents, as you move through the day.  It seems easy to say, ‘Okay, I will do that.  I will not speak ill of another today;’ but, in short time you will bump into your first temptation, when you see a friend, or a family member, or even an acquaintance, and the first thing they do ~ is throw-out a temptation to you, ~ when they begin, sharing with you, what they term ‘a secret,’ about another person.  What do you do?  

“There it is, the temptation to speak ill of another.  But if you set your course at the beginning of the day, and with determination say, ‘I will pick-up this challenge, and I will carry it through the day,’ by the end of the day you will be surprised at how many opportunities presented themselves for you to speak ill of another.  It is an exercise, a practice, that will serve you well.  And, (with) each temptation you pass by, resisting it well, you make the world a better place. 

“Do not speak ill of another!  Always add to the conversation, something that is uplifting, happy, pleasant, kind, compassionate and understanding.  And when you are alone, resist the temptation to create ‘seeds of gossip,’ within your thoughts.  See it for what it is, and turn your thoughts, just as you were able to turn the conversation with another. 

“Turn your thoughts to good, to happy, to kind, to understanding.  This practice will lead you to a place, of satisfaction!  You will find, it becomes easier and easier, not to take part in gossip, and not to create the seeds of gossip in your thoughts.  

“Focus your thoughts, and your words, on kindness, and you will be the winner, because your energy will be altered, in a most delightful way.  Resist ‘the temptation to gossip,’ today!”   

Sunday Sermons
August 5, 2018
In The Garden

    I AM with you.  I Am with you to begin this day.  I will be with you all through the day.  I will be with you as you say, goodbye to the day, and welcome the rest of night.  This is all possible because: you believe in Me; you know Me; you found Me; you recognized Me when I found you, alone; you took My hand; you followed Me; you sat with Me, and talked with Me; you know Me!    

“Many of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, know Me; or, at the very least, are interested in: Me; My life upon the Earth; the miracles reported, that I did do, and statements I made, such as, ‘You can do everything I AM doing, and even greater things.’  This statement in particular seems to puzzle many of you; yet, for those of you who believe in Me, know what I said is true; yet, you find it difficult to believe that you too can do, all that I did do, while upon the Earth!

“It is interesting to feel the energy and the love, feel the life force, flowing through each of you; for you are so different, yet so alike.  Some of you, know Me, completely outside of any type of religious teaching; but, you know Me, you speak of Me, you are trying to understand and comprehend My teachings, My ways.  Some of you know Me, because, as a child, you were taught, by family, or friends, or teachers, by Sunday School classes, and sermons.  Some of you know Me, because I found you; and, recognizing Me in that instant, knew exactly what to do, you reached-out, and took My hand; and now, I walk with you.  It does not matter how you met Me, how you know Me, where you are in your understanding of Me.  Today, I invite each of you, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, to come, and walk in the garden with Me!  

“This invitation is not frivolous.  Each individual meets their time, the time of revelation and miracles; and, I tell you this day is your time!  But in order to see the miracle, and embrace the revelation, you must stop what you are doing, set-down the ways of the world, and come walk with Me in the garden, that is Earth.  Disconnect yourself from any connection the world might have with you.  Disconnect yourself from any hold the world might have upon you.  Say goodbye to friends, and neighbors, and family, letting them know you will return in an hour, or two, and come with Me.  Walk with Me into the garden.  Go where you will not be distracted: and, we will amble down a country lane; we will ramble over country-sides; we will sit by a stream; we will touch a tree, and breathe-in the beautiful scent of flowers; we will watch the birds flying, the squirrels playing, the butterflies, the insects; we will run our fingers through the soil of Earth; and, in this sacred peace, in this cathedral, created by God, we will walk, and talk.  You will speak and I will listen; you will sing, and I will sing along; and, when you dance, I too will dance with you; and, we will do this all day long; and, you will ask the questions, and I will answer you; and, when the hours have passed, and our day is through, you will walk back, amongst your family, your friends.  You will rejoin the world again; but you will never be the same, because of our time together, in the garden!  

“This is not an invitation that begins today and ends today.  This is an open invitation for every day.  And the more you find you can set aside some time to walk with Me, the more peaceful you will be, because: as you ask, revelation will come; as you open your eyes, the miracles will be apparent, and you will see them.  Come, begin today.  Come walk with Me, and talk with Me; come speak with Me, and sing with Me; come dance with Me, and be joyful with Me; for, your time upon the Earth is fleeting, and I AM waiting.”  

"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...