December 31, 2018

you mark the ending,
"the completion," of anything,  be it
a sentence,  a day,  a week,  a month,  a year,
make sure you create  the ending   to be glorious,
to show celebration,  of accomplishment,  or  to hold
the promise of that which is yet to come, built on that
which has been.  It all continues!  The end of the year
holds the promise of the new year.  Therefore, end
the year  in such a way,  that which has come to
the end  does not whither,  or fade away,  it
continues; yet, the significance of that
which has been, should be held
in the celebration of the
promise of that
which is to
And The Holy Spirit says:
Do not let this slip from your memory.
You create every second of your day, of your life;
and, there are times when your creation should be filled
with promise,  and celebration.   This is such a day.   Do not let the
opportunity slip away.  Set all things aside, and celebrate the promise, today!

December 30, 2018
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It is possible to joyfully embrace every situation,
every encounter, you have upon the Earth; but, to be
able to do so, requires that you be at peace!  When you
are at peace within, no matter what is stirring, or roaring
about you,  you can maintain your peace within.   Set
your intention this day to establish peace within
your  inner-landscape,  and  once  peace  is
established  within  you,  it  will  flow
from  you.   The  power  of  a
peaceful presence
cannot be
for, it shines
as glorious as the sun,
and  as  quietly  as  the  moon.
And  The Holy Spirit  says:   Do not un-
derestimate The Power of a Peaceful Presence!

December 23, 2018
See   Jesus'   Sunday   Sermon

Do not expect others, around you,
to understand your journey, your mission,
to know that which is written upon your heart,
and whispered to you, from within;  for, these things
are yours, and yours alone, designed especially to guide
you, and lead you along The Way, so you might complete
your destiny.   And The Holy Spirit says:  When you reach
the place  where  you  embrace  the destiny  that is yours
to fulfill,  then your perspective  for all things  changes,
because  as  you  walk  along The Way  fulfilling  your
destiny,  you see and know the ways of God, more
clearly; therefore, all things change for you,
it is as if you are seeing all of Earth,
and the world created
by man, a-

December 29, 2018

kind will lead
you into understand-
ing;   and,  understanding
will  lead  you  into  compas-
sion.   Judgment has no room
in  kindness,  understanding,
and  compassion.   And  the
Holy  Spirit  says: Today
let God's love fill
you in such
a way,
is no room
for judgment, there
is only The Light of Love!

December 28, 2018

Do not permit the gift of your love
to become ensnared,  by:  demands,
commands,  and  expectations!   Give
the  gift  of  your love, unconditionally.
Let it flow from you, freely.   And The
Holy Spirit says:  When you reach
the place where you know
the gift of your love
is meant to
without confine-
ment, there is a feeling
of lightness, you can breathe
deeper,  your  laughter  is  fuller,
and richer, your smile is more tender,
and you words are holy and sacred.  Let the
love of God, flow:  into,  through you and from
you this day; you will bless, all of Earth, this way!

December 27, 2018

Resist the temptation to diminish your journey upon Earth, by
falling into the entrapment of fear, and doubt, and worry.
Choose to look at your journey upon the Earth, as the
adventure it is.    Embrace every day, and go-out,
all along The Way, set to experience the ad-
venture of your lifetime; for, that is what
it is!  And The Holy Spirit says: You are
creating one of the greatest adventures
you will ever have  in  your eternal life.
It is your Earth experience as who you are
now!  Do not diminish your adventure by cloud-
ing it with fear.  Embrace the opportunity; for, it is here,
it is with you, today!  You are creating a piece of your eternal life-
time, today!  Choose joy, choose happiness, choose courage, choose faith!

December 26, 2018

not matter
whether you con-
ceive,  and  give  birth
to  a  child,  or,  conceive
and  give  birth  to  a  new
idea, or project,  that which
you create, is yours: and, re-
quires love, attention, and
guidance to reach its full
potential.  The same
applies to intent-
ions, and this
is the time
of year
for setting
good intentions;
but, for good intentions
to reach their full potential,
it is necessary for you to love,
nurture, and guide the creation
to reach its full potential.  And The
Holy Spirit says: When you conceive
and give birth to a child, or a new idea,
plan, or project, that which you conceived,
and gave birth to requires your attention, love,
nurturing,  and guidance,  all along the way  to fulfill-
ment of its potential.  Pay attention to that which you create!

December 25, 2018

complete joy,
and happiness,
you must under-
stand The Power
of Forgiveness, and
you must also understand
judgment!  To change the course of your day,
in order to live your life in a happier and more joyous way: begin forgiving;
resist the temptation to judge others; and especially, resist the temptation
to judge yourself.  You do not "know," what is going on within the heart
and the soul and the spirit of others; you do not know their journey.
What you can know ~ is the beauty of the gift ~ you give them,
when  you  forgive ~ and  resist  the  temptation ~ to
judge  them!   And  The  Holy  Spirit
says: From this day forward
let it be your intention
to bless rather than
curse.  When you are
tempted to judge another
let it be your practice to instantly
go to thoughts of forgiveness, and blessing;
and amplify your thoughts by saying it, "I forgive you.
I bless you."   Soon,  you will find the temptation to judge
is subsiding, and you are blessing more.  Joy and happiness
are connected with forgiveness!  Joy and happiness are con-
nected with a way of living that does not permit judgment!
God's love, wrapped in a human body, walked upon Earth
thousands of years ago.  He came to show The Way.
Now, ~  it  is  your  turn  ~  to  do  ~  the  same!

Christmas Eve
December 24, 2018

is time
to set aside
the  things  that
keep you locked in-
to place, prevent your
ascending; it is time
to set aside petty
and arguments
whether they be small,
insignificant, or grand and wide
in scope.    The size of  the  differences,
the arguments,  does  not  matter,  what mat-
ters is that you transcend these things, forgiving
all things in the past, and accepting the reality of
your eternal life, and therein live in glory!  Do not
permit your light to be diminished.  Rise-up; and,
tell your story!  And The Holy Spirit says:  There
are some days especially designed, wherein
it is possible, wherein it is easier: to set
aside the ways of the world
to embrace the ways of God;
to set aside your petty differences
to embrace the glory that is yours.  You have
been given the gift of eternal life, experience it, live it!

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says:
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