Sunday Sermons
December 9, 2018
Say Yes,
In Faith, Rise-
up And Follow The
Still, Small Voice, Within

    I AM with you!  For those of you who are willing to ~ accept this truth, ~ and move through the day, ~ making use of the gifts you have been given, ~ you will find that The Still Small Voice within will lead you places you have never been before; and, you will see the glory all around you, as you have never seen it before!  And as you walk along The Way, heeding The Voice within, watching for the signs, and following, you will see new horizons.  You will see the sun set from many different places.  Sometimes, these different places are exactly where you are, you are just given the wisdom of different perspectives from which to see, the new horizon, or the setting of the sun.  It is possible ~ to experience ~ all of creation ~ from exactly where you are, ~ as long as you are willing to rise-up, and follow, ~ that Still, Small Voice, within you!  

“It (is) has come to that time of year, (where) when many of you are making preparations for My birthday celebration, a commemoration, remembering ~ that I passed through a portal, ~ the body of My mother Mary, and moved onto the Earth, to walk, as a human being, a human being on the outside, the Spirit of God held, tenderly, and surely within.  And so, I would like to remind you of something, on this day, in the season of Advent.  I have said it before, but I will pare-it-down, so there are few words, with a powerful message.

“There were hundreds of prophecies made about My coming to Earth to show The Way.  There were many who heeded the prophecies, and waited, for The One promised who would come, and show The Way.  There was one young woman, who said ‘Yes,’ in response to a vision, an apparition, an angelic presence with her, who asked the question.  And Mary said ‘Yes.’  

“In the face of ridicule, Joseph too said, ‘Yes,’ after a dream vision, prompting him ~ to take the woman into his home; ~ as this event was flowing, from the hand of God:  

•That a group of men who had learning, who had studied, who had watched the skies, and knew the predictions, left the comfort of their home, and traveled many miles, because they were led to deliver gifts to The One who was coming to show The Way; and so, they did.  
•That a young couple, waiting for their first child, would travel, far, on a difficult road, to observe the law of man, to be counted, was an occurrence that made sure, that the Child was born, exactly, where the prophecy had predicted.  
•That a group of shepherds, on a hillside, all saw the apparition of angels, descending upon the Earth, to make the announcement of The Birth.  And, they all said, ‘Let us go,’ and so they did.  They left their sheep in the fields, in the hills, unguarded, and went, because The Birth was the most important thing to them.  
•That the Child was born exactly as had been told.  And, the shepherds came, and the wise men came, to see The Child born in a stable.  

“A dream vision ~ predicted ~ that there would be disaster, unless Joseph did arise from sleep and take the woman, and the Child, into Egypt, just as foretold.  And when it was time, the Child was carried out of Egypt, just as foretold.  

“I leave you with these few thoughts, with these memories, and these words.  It is often the (case that the) most inconvenient things happen at the most inconvenient times, in the most inconvenient way.  And these inconvenient occurrences prompt thoughts of dismay, cries of anguish and frustration, when all the while, they are sent to show The Way, to make a change.  And they call upon each of you, to rise-up, and follow The Still, Small Voice within, prompting you to do something that you would have considered impossible before.  And in the commitment, in the saying, ‘Yes,’ there come the greatest gifts of all: fortitude, and strength, and courage, and bravery beyond what you have known.  

“When you say, ‘Yes,’ you will have all you need, and the deeds you do, in this time of grace, will lead you Home!”          
"This is my command: Love
each other." . . . Jesus . . . John 15:17
The Promise
"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.
My Father will love him, and we will come to him
and make our home with him."  ... Jesus ... John 14:23
Holding these words in our hearts, we opened the door
to the every day Presence of Jesus, walking
with us ... teaching us ... The Way.
And, onto the mountain,
there came the words promised...

Sunday Sermons
November 18, 2018
The Message,
Love One Another

    I AM with you!    I AM with you and it is real!    You have access to Me, any time you choose.  When you call, be it a whisper, or a cry for help, I AM with you, and I will show you The Way!             

      “You have been given ~ all the guidance, all the direction, ~ you need.  And the guidance and the direction you have been given, will lead you to a place, a spiritual home, wherein you will be further nurtured, and sustained, and filled with truth and light, so that you might truly, know The Way, accomplish greatness!

“Before I came to walk upon the Earth, there was a group of people, who had been led out of bondage, who had wandered, who had searched, who were set apart, and often felt they were set upon, not only by other individuals, but governments, laws and regulations.  They felt displaced, misplaced, and so they kept to themselves, waiting for the promise, for The One who would deliver them, from the ways of the world.  They waited for one who would come, and correct all injustice, and make everything right; but slowly, that turned to a desire, to have a Messiah, that would come out of the clouds, and lay to waste all who had persecuted them, or made their life difficult in any way.  They were looking for a champion, with a great army, who would crush their offenders, and raise-them-up to take the seat of power.  You can imagine their disappointment when I proclaimed to be The One sent from God; and, rather than form a great army, to take over their world, My direction was to ‘turn the other cheek.’  Their thoughts roamed wildly in their heads, ‘We have turned the other cheek, for hundreds of years.’  I said: ‘feed the hungry, and give drink to the thirsty, and clothe the naked.’  And their thoughts again would roam, ‘We do this; we take care of our own.’  And, I added, ‘not just your own, but all people.’  I spoke to them about not being so concerned about removing a speck from another’s eye, when they could not see clearly, with a post, a huge piece of timber, stuck, or lodged, in their own eyes.  These things they were not willing to hear.

“Those I did reach, were hungry to hear, that a Messiah had come, and was telling them clearly, that they could everything I could do!  This brought them comfort.  While one group of people demanded more and more of the miraculous healings, creating wine out of water, and such; it became clear, that no matter how grand a miracle, performed intended to bring glory to God, there would be more requests, and more requests, for bigger and grander things; but, they still would not embrace the truth; and, the truth was simple; but, it required them to humble themselves, be still and quiet, and begin to create love, within their beings once again.

“I tell you it is not enough to love those who reside under your roof.  The direction ‘to love,’ encompasses those who might be difficult to love, those who might have insulted you in some way, but the refusal to do so is an indication that the ego is still in control whispering, ‘They are taking advantage of you,’ ‘they feel they are better than you.’  Or, it could be as simple as, you wish to appear better than they are, smarter than they are.  The ego is tricky; but, once you set aside ‘self,’ and make it your intention to do the will of God, loving the difficult becomes easy.  Being the deliverer of light, and miraculous healing, becomes a part of who you are.  You are the light, you are the love of God.  And, where the love of God resides, and where the light of God can be seen, there is peace, comfort, you are satisfied with that which you have, because that which you have, within you, is: The Mystery of God; The Presence of God; The Love of God!  You can do no better, than to know the ways of God!  

“Today, find your peace, in the ways of God!  Resist the temptation to wander, or wonder, and embrace the message, delivered over two thousand years ago.  ‘Love one another!’  Love is the answer!  Love is The Way!”      
Sunday Sermons
November 25, 2018
Begin To-
day, Live, That
Which You “Know”

    I AM with you!    I AM with you, as close as your hands are to your arms, as close as those you love.  I AM with you!  There is so much going on in the world today, which is unsettling, that I AM with you to bring you peace.  I AM with you so that you can feel comfort from within; and, feel that comfort, so securely, that it is as if you are being wrapped in a blanket of love.  I AM with you.  I AM with you to guide you so that you might surely know The Way.  I AM with you in the event you might stumble one day.  I AM with you to encourage you to rise-up, and continue along The Way            

      “There are some cultures, upon the Earth, that ‘live,’ that which they believe, more than they speak the words.  In these cultures of which I speak, they very rarely have towering buildings to make a statement of belief.  Their gathering places are humble, perhaps even under a tree.  They find no need to show what they believe in stone, and wood, and glass, or steel.  They show what they believe by what they think, and say, and do.  It is living acknowledgment, of the ways of God, bringing them onto the Earth: with every breath, with every morsel of food or drink, with every touch.

“At the current time upon the Earth, in the country wherein you reside, there has been a period of the celebration, of Thanksgiving, outwardly saying we are thankful, for that which we have been given.  And this Thanksgiving celebration usually has to do with remembering harvest times, bringing-in the food.  It has to do with thanksgiving: for family and friends, for warm shelter, for remembering Thanksgivings past, and consecrating the Thanksgiving present, the day they are celebrating.  But as all celebrations must end, or have a certain season or period, Thanksgiving soon flows into yesterday, and most of you move into the period of preparing to celebrate My birth, upon the Earth.  (There are) It is a number of days ~ wherein great preparation is made ~ for one day.  There is a lot of shopping and gathering, a lot of communication with notes and cards or telephone calls.  As a rule, it tends to be a happy time, for most.  It is a time when ~ hearts are tender, ~ and eager to love!  So, for this reason, I suggest the following, because it will be easier to do, during a time most are recognizing, as the time to love, and most are in good spirits, making merry.  Instead of reading further, or finding new information, or researching a topic, that you feel needs further pondering, stop what you are doing, and begin practicing what you know.  Begin to live ~ the words you know, ~ because I tell you this, ~ when you are living, love, just the action, just the participation, in the love of God, brings you to a place of deeper understanding of the love of God!  At that point you will realize, that there is no need to read about the love of God, it is within you; and, all you had to do was to move, the residue, and let it flow from you!  

“Acting upon that which you know, leads you to where you should be, along The Way.  Some of you, might be, putting-off the continuation of the journey along The Way, by gathering more, and more, and more information; but, there comes a time: when you must set aside the books, fold-up the directions, pack away the maps, and head-out on the journey, making a decision every day, based on what you already know, to be the living word of God!  Do not be distracted, by those who let their intelligence rule: by speaking, and talking, and reciting, or even composing and writing, new ways to look at the theory of God, and how the children of God upon the Earth should be doing, or could be doing, this or that or the other.  Resist that temptation, for a while, and live it: be the light; be compassion; be understanding, that all your brothers and sisters are on the path, returning Home, because the truth is ~ the minute you are born, ~ you begin the journey back Home; and, each journey is meant to be glorious, recorded-in The Corridors, of All Time!

“There is a place upon a shelf for the book of each child of God.  You are writing your book: by your thoughts, they are there; you are continuing the writing with your words, you will find all of them in that book; and, you decorate the pages, and complete the cover, with your deeds; for, there is not one thought, or one word, or one deed, which is not recorded in the book, of you!  

“Set your intention, today, to rise-up and follow The Way, by living what you know!”        
Sunday Sermons
December 2, 2018
To Meet Your
Destiny, To Hear God

    I AM with you!  My presence with you, is not a mystery, it is fulfillment of a promise, a statement made thousands of years ago.  I AM with you!  Heaven is with you!  Heaven is within you!  For many, it is possible to experience Heaven upon Earth, for Heaven is near to thee.  

“Do not permit, certain theories of intellectuals, who will lead you this way or that way, sharing with you, what they have learned, and how they have achieved, their confidence, in their intellectual ability (to distract you).  These thoughts and theories can crumble, when presented with a new set of thoughts and theories; and, on and on it goes, building sandcastles, which fall as a new tide comes up onto the beach, and takes it away.  The words I say to you, are not sandcastles, which can be torn down by the rising of a tide.  The words I say to you ~ are eternal, and eternally true, ~ and they will come to each of you, at the appropriate time.  Therefore, take that which is given to you, and apply it to you, your way, your course.  Directions come ~ to each one of you, ~ and the direction, when it comes to you, is perfect for you!  I AM with you!              

“You can say that My journey upon the Earth, began, with an angelic apparition, and a teenage girl, willing to say, ‘yes.’  The angelic vision, the apparition, was set in place, thousands and thousands of years before it happened; it was an act of God.  The affirmative response, coming from the lips of a teenage girl: came from her heart; came from belief; came from ‘knowing,’ the apparition before her, was angelic; came from a desire, to do, that which she was meant to do.  Therefore, without hesitation, this young girl, or this teenager, said without pause, ‘Let it be done unto me, according to Thy will.’ And the door was open, and My journey upon the Earth began.  Even before you could see Me, The Way was set before Me. My portal was the body of a teenage girl.  Her destiny was set, through her belief, and accepting that which she was told!

“Each and every one of you, hearing My words, or reading My words today, is given the same opportunity.  Perhaps it has already come to you; perhaps it is only a year or two away; but no matter when it comes, no matter what day it comes, you can be assured, the doorway to your destiny: will appear; it will come with signs, it will come with visions and apparitions, sometimes in your dreams, sometimes waking; but there is no doubt, it will come to you!  

“The question remains, until it is answered.  What will you do?  Will you let the distractions, of the world created by man, lead you from the doorway of your destiny?  Will you get so caught-up with the ways of the world that you cannot hear, or see the signs, that you turn your face from the vision of God, and wander into the world created by man?

“When you see the signs listen!  When you hear the Whisper be still!  There will be a soul recognition; and it will be especially strong, if you make a decision to begin preparing yourself!  Prepare yourself for the signs.  Prepare yourself for the visions.  Prepare yourself to be ready to rise-up and follow.  

“Each of you has a destiny, and each destiny is majestic and noble.  Prepare yourself, for the signs from Heaven.  The signs might come on the wings of a bird, the song of a stream, the strains of music, it might come from a voice of others, it could come from your heart.  You cannot count the ways, but you can set the course to be prepared, to read the signs, and hear The Whisper.  The ways of preparation are: to be more focused on God; to be kind and loving; to be understanding and compassionate; to be gentle.  And in these tender ways, you prepare yourself, to see the unseen, and hear The Voice of God!”   
Sunday Sermons
December 30, 2018
Be At Peace,
Know The Power
Of A Peaceful Presence

    I AM with you!  I can be heard, and felt, and known, by any but those who will open their hearts to experience My presence in their everyday lives, know life upon Earth in a different way, in a magnificent and glorious way; for, every day begins anew!  Every day brings a promise!  Every day holds possibilities; and the excitement of all of it is you have the opportunity to take that which comes to you, and create something, something new, something that has not been experienced before.  Do not give-up, or relinquish, the opportunity to create, anew; and this means having the faith, and the courage, not to run from that which comes to you, but to turn and face it, and open your arms, as if you know, the power that is you, as if you know, there is creative work to do!  Do not let the days of your life slip by, without seizing the opportunity ~ to create, ~ to create as only you, can create; for, there is much to do!  

“Most of you hearing these words or reading these words are in the midst of a time on Earth which gives you the opportunity to reconnect, in memory of My birth, upon the Earth; and, during this same time, there is: preparation of the closing, the ending of a year; and, the opening, the beginning of a year.  But it has become the practice, of those living in the world created by man, to experience this time in a rather chaotic fashion.  There is much expectation, there is much preparation, and the preparation very rarely has to do with prayer and meditation and peace, and more to do: with frantic searching for gifts, and wrapping gifts, and attending parties, decorating, traveling, all leading to one day, which seems to explode in its presentation, and then is over.  And as the dust settles, within somewhere you begin to wonder, ‘Is that all it is?’  I can assure you it is more, much more.  There is more to explore, but it is done within.

“The worldly way of preparing for Christmas can be: exhausting, tiring, wear you down, and fill you with anything but a sacred spirit of peace; and,  just as you begin to recover somewhat, from the frantic days before Christmas, celebrations for the new year begin; and, they too can be exhausting, leaving you empty, within.  

“You can always tell the importance someone places, on a particular person, or an event, by the way they prepare for it.  I ask you to begin to view these special times of the year, which come to you, in a more quiet way, in a thoughtful, mindful way; because, every day is just as sacred as Christmas Day!  And I can say this, because Christmas  is set forth to be a celebration, a commemoration, a day in memory of My birth upon the Earth, but I can assure you, I would choose for you to celebrate it in a different way, but I would also choose for you to celebrate every day, assigning every day, the sacred meaning it holds!

“I was not born upon the Earth, the way anyone expected.  At the very beginning, I was rejected by the world, no one would take us in.  There was no room for Me.  I was born on the ‘outer-edges,’ not well received; and this was not the arrival most had envisioned, or expected, but it was important it be done this way, quietly, outside, in a place that was sacred and sweet, untainted, by the ways of the world.  Everything about My conception and birth, was miraculous, a gift of the realm of Spirit.  And to make it all happen, required that I be surrounded with those who could see the angels, dream the angels, know the angels, and follow, as they were directed; but it was quiet.  It was all done in a sacred way.  This message coming to you today, is to prompt you, in a most gentle way, to take the journey within today, and restore peace, within your inner-landscape.  

“Peace is such a beautiful word, no matter what the language, the words used to say ‘peace,’ are beautiful, and they carry the energy of peace.  Therefore, say often, ‘Peace be with you.’  You can give no better gift than ‘peace.’  ‘Peace be with you.’  Set aside the ways of the world, set aside all your expecting, and longing, and hoping, and be still.  Prepare for the coming of a new year, quietly.  Let the new year come quietly.  Treat it ~ as a sacred beginning ~ to the continuation of your journey, upon the Earth.  Prepare yourself for the coming year, by establishing peace within; so that come the first day of the new year you can stand-up, and know, you are walking into the unknown, carrying ‘the power of a peaceful presence, that is you!’”

Sunday Sermons
December 16, 2018
Yes To Do
God's Will Is
The Beginning

    I AM with you!  As sure as the day passes into night, and night passes into day, I AM with you!  The form of communication we use to contact each other is advanced; yet, it is the most simple form, the wires connect with desire, and the hearts speak as one.  Fuel your desire to draw nearer to God, open your heart to receive the love of God, and the light of God will follow you, and be with you, and within you, wherever you go.  You will walk in the world, and experience the world; yet, you will be enlightened, from within; and, because of this illumination, you will move: free of doubt; sure, of who you are; confident, in the ways of God!   

“So often in the passed years, when we reach this time of year, I speak to you of the occurrences surrounding My birth upon the Earth.  I do so, because it is the perfect time to share what was really going-on, what was happening, beyond the historical dates and places, but more so in the hearts, and written on the faces of those who were taking part to make sure that I was born, that the prophecies would be fulfilled.  

“If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you have probably lived enough years to realize that saying, ‘Yes,’ to The Will of God does not guarantee that all things will be perfect for you, or more so than perfect, will look like, you thought they would look like, will unfold, like you hoped they would unfold.  No.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ to The Will of God often means that: you will meet resistance; sometimes, those around you, will turn from you; sometimes those around, you will gossip or speak about the things you are doing; sometimes you will have to go to great lengths to complete the task given to you.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ to The Will of God ~ prepares you, ~ for that which is to come.  It does not isolate you from what is happening; it shows you The Way in the midst of what is happening, because you have chosen to take the role of ‘an active participant,’ in the continuation of creation; and, when you say, ‘Yes,’ your role becomes less general, and more specific.  You are now not one of the people in the crowd-scene, you are one, of the main characters: given words to speak, things to do, and places to go.  When My earthly mother said, ‘Yes,’ she did not spend the rest of her life in easy fashion.  When Joseph proclaimed that his intention was to take Mary, and accept the baby as his own, this goodness of his heart did not guarantee an easy life for him.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ threw open the door to the fulfillment of the prophecies; but, saying, ‘Yes,’ was just the beginning.  There was more to do, much more to do.  But, saying, ‘Yes,’ opened the communications between Heaven and Earth, in such a profound way, that signs and visions were a part of the normal day.  That was the change!  They were living in a different way.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ guaranteed the fulfillment of the prophecies, through them!

“So, I speak to you today to encourage you.  Once you say, ‘Yes,’ to God, do not permit temptations to distract you, from that which you are intended to do.  Do not think, because certain situations occur, that you have chosen the wrong way, because:  you will experience Earth; you will experience tears and laughter; you will experience resistance, rejection, difficult times; and sometimes you will begin to feel alone, until you remember, and recall, you have something important to do.  The Will of God has been handed to you, and you have accepted.  The responsibility is with you; but, so too, are choirs of angels, surrounding you, directing you, The Voice of God whispering to you: ‘This is The Way;’ ‘Go over here;’  ‘Rise-up and move to a different place;’  ‘This person, who comes to you today, will be one bringing you the truth.’  This is the type of message that you will receive.  This is the type of guidance you will be given.  Saying, ‘Yes,’ will not protect you from the chaos of the world, it will prepare you to ‘Master,’ all that the world presents to you, so that you might complete your destiny, and return Home!”

Sunday Sermons
December 23, 2018
Do Not
Be Afraid,
Live Your Destiny

    I AM with you!  Let us celebrate, together, that I AM with you, and while we are celebrating our communication, our communion, let us also celebrate eternal life, living forever, in the glory of God.  What an amazing gift!  What an amazing gift this is, to be given eternal life.  Therefore, let us celebrate, our communion within the eternal life, which has been given to us by God!    

“Every person upon Earth right now, has a destiny to fulfill.  The destiny is written within.  Your soul knows your destiny, your spirit knows your destiny, and your heart beats with yearning, to fulfill your destiny.  Some of you might question, by saying, ‘Well, what is my destiny?’  Some of you might have an idea; but hesitate to say it.  No matter where you are, whether you know it, you think (you know) it, or you are not sure of it at all, I will assure you of it all.  Each of you has a destiny to fulfill, and each of you carries all of the gifts, necessary, to fulfill the destiny you have been given.  To know it more clearly, all that is required is to sit quietly, and ask The Holy Spirit to guide you to this knowledge; and, when you hear and know and understand that which is written upon your spirit, upon your heart, and carried by your soul, then you will have wisdom, and understanding.  Once you know your destiny, then it is time to watch for the signs, listen for The Voice within which will guide you, all along The Way.  Come the day that you embrace your destiny ~ it will be important to remember, ~ many around you, many very close to you, some loved by you, and some who love you will not understand your journey, your mission, your destiny.  Be gentle in your response to these rejections, because it is your destiny.  It is important for you to understand, it is important for you to follow, but others around you, no matter how much they love you or you love them, will not be able to understand, what you are trying to do, where you are intending to go.  The only way others around you ~ will understand your destiny ~ is to see you live your destiny.  That is the only way they will know it, because these things are within you, and how you show them, how you live your destiny, is the only way the world will see.  

“Look for your courage, and strength, and guidance from within, and then follow it; and, as you follow, the guidance from within, with every step you take along The Way, you will be fulfilling your destiny.  And then those who did not comprehend, or understand, what you were saying at all, will begin to see, because your destiny will be unfolding before their eyes.  When they see it, they will begin to know it.  Be willing to live what is within you.  Do not hesitate ~ to live ~ what is within you; because, by your living, according to the guidance of The Holy Spirit coming from within, others too see and know, and it is a powerful way to learn.  You can read every day, you can listen to speakers every day; but, until you see it, unfolding before you, you have an idea, you have a glimmer of what it might be; but, when you see it, there is no denying it.  And when you see a destiny, unfolding before your eyes, lived by another, it is the encouragement you need.  Others see, and are encouraged, by your destiny being fulfilled; and, as you live it, others are more likely to be, accepting and embracing their destiny, as well.

“Do not be afraid ~ to take that which is yours, ~ and follow it through, as you make your way back Home.  As I was destined to bring the great messages, and the New Covenant, to Earth, you too, are destined, to leave your mark upon the Earth, at a certain time, for a certain season, and return Home.  Your destiny is not of shadow and darkness.  Your destiny is of the light.  Find your courage and strength, find your guidance, from within, and then rise-up and begin, to live the destiny so others might see it unfolding, as you continue along The Way!”