October 15, 2018

If you have been rejected by friends or family,
by work,  or by any other person, or institution of
any kind,  do not take this rejection  into your being
to let it fester, and brew, within you.  I ask you to come
here, sit with Me.  Let us be still and quiet together; and,
let it be!   And The Holy Spirit says:  Rejection can be dif-
ficult, a hard pill to swallow, a bitter cup to drink; but, it is
important, not  to let rejection dr ag you to the brink of
despair,  or  isolation.   Once  you  sit  quietly,  and
let God's love  flow over,  around,  and
through you,  you will have
the  answers  to
the questions
within you.
Be at peace
this day, and let it be;
let it be that your actions begin,
within the light... and the love... of God!

October 7, 2018
See  Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

When you focus on: what others are doing,
what others are doing wrong, where
they are going, it is easy: to lose
focus on your own path,
to trip over obstacles
that you might otherwise
go around, or move, easily.
Focus on what you are doing!
And The Holy Spirit says:   The
temptation  to  meddle,  to gossip,
to pay attention to  what others are
doing, is a huge distraction!  This dis-
traction can lead you astray.  Pay at-
tention to your path every day; and,
let the other things, take care of
themselves.  Pay attention to
where you are going.
Pay attention to
the thoughts
you are
Pay at-
tention to the words
you are speaking.  At the end
of the day, this will produce a feel-
ing of comfort, a feeling of peace!

October 14, 2018
See  Jesus'  Sunday  Sermon

not be
Do not be
or anxious. Do
not  be  ashamed,
do not hide your face,
in any way; for, I love you!
Whatever comes to you, you have
the gifts, within you, to master.  If you can rid your-
self of the negative feelings, that crowd into your thoughts, and sit
with Me quietly, we will master, together, that which comes to you; and
it will be a celebration of our communion, of our love, of our joy.  And
The Holy Spirit says: Isn't it amazing, isn't it joyful, isn't it
wonderful, and isn't it to be celebrated
that the door to God
is always open
to you,
that you
have access
to The Creator
of All Things, and
The Creator of All Things
reaches-out to you?  Do not deny
yourself this opportunity and this honor.
Accept, embrace, and enjoy that, which is
yours, in the light, and for the glory of God!

October 13, 2018

When you are lost, or are in unfamiliar territory,
a good thing  to do  is to follow  the flow of a river;
walk by the river; go in the same direction the river
is flowing; and it will eventually lead you home, to a
friendly city, to a place of comfort once again; and,
during your journey,  you can also  be assured of
drink, and food, from the river, which soon be-
comes your source of life.  Let My love
be the river, which leads you
out of the unfamiliar
territory, into
the sanctuary,
which leads you
from darkness, into
light; for, while you are
upon the Earth, you are taking
a huge journey, and at the end, it will lead
you Home.  If you walk by My river, if you will be
with My river, you will be assured of drink, and food.
It will be a source of life.  I send you the river of My love,
draw near to it!  And The Holy Spirit says: If you will look
around you, as you walk outside: look-up at the sky, look-
down at the Earth, look all around at trees, and birds, you
will soon see the lessons of God: in the birds, in the rivers,
in the trees; and, when you draw so close to The Creator
of All Things, it is easier to hear The Voice within,
The Voice whish prompts your soul to sing!

October 12, 2018

So that you will not flounder, or wander in doubt, The
Holy Spirit has been sent to each of you, My children!
The Holy Spirit was not designed to go to just a few.
The Holy Spirit dwells within each of you!  Go
within, sit quietly, ask your question;
and the answer will come, and
the answer will be of wisdom,
and the answer will be filled with light,
and the answer  will bring you  confidence
to rise-up, and walk, day and night, "knowing."
And The Holy Spirit says: Come and sit with Me,
and I will provide thee all you need.  The world
might question your actions, or your words,
because they do not understand: the
decisions you have made; the
places you have chosen to go;
the things you have chosen to do; but,
if you go as I guide you, you will find courage,
and confidence, to do what you are meant to do; and,
all will fall into place, because you took the time to be still
and quiet, and let Me fill you with all you need to know.
Come, sit with Me, and let us go together in wisdom.

October 9, 2018

When you are where you are meant to be,
doing that which you are meant to do, you
experience a sense of comfort, and confi-
dence, in all you do; there is an air of joy
about you, because you are where you are
meant to be, doing that which you are meant
to do.   And The Holy Spirit says:   Even when
all the world tells you to go this way, or that way,
listen to your heart!  Sit quietly, and listen for The
Whisper, from within; for, it is from within that you
will "know," that which you need to know; and,
The Whisper will lead you
to exactly where you
are meant to be,
guide you into doing
exactly what you are meant
to do; and, because you are work-
ing together, with the guidance from
within your being, you will find a comfort,
and a confidence, and a joy, which are the pro-
duct of that which you carry within you.  Comfort,
confidence ... and joy ... these things are the fruits, that
you will bear, when you follow the wisdom, from within you.

October 8, 2018

You know that you do not want to become ensnared
in the energies of judgment regarding others; how-
ever My children, apply this to yourselves, as well.
Do not be harsh, upon yourselves.  Do not judge
yourselves, unkindly.  If you are dealing with
this issue, in any way, it is a sign that you
care about your spiritual life; there-
fore, do not judge yourself; for,
you are in the midst of trying,
of applying, of practicing.
Yes, what I AM saying is this,
if you are concerned about it, you
are already doing it.   You are beginning to
understand that you should not judge yourself!
Today, spend the day being kind to yourself.  And The
Holy Spirit says: You have embraced The One!  You have em-
braced the teaching, that all creation is One!  Following the teaching
that all creation is One, you have also embraced that judgment of one,
falls on all.  The step to be taken now, is to include yourself in the all.
Do for yourself what is good for The One, just as you do for others
what is good for The One.  You are a unique piece of The One!

October 11, 2018

You can make a determination, you can make a major decision
right now; no matter what challenge you are to face this day: be it
a challenge in the work environment, in the home environment, in the
weather environment, in relationship, health or emotional matters, you can
decide right now, to master the energies that flow toward you in a way of peace:
rejecting, and casting from you, all negative energies, and wrapping yourself in My
light, and My love; taking each challenge, one at a time, as they come, resolving the
issues,  taking care of matters,  with a heart,  with a body,  with a mind,  and  with a
soul filled with love!  If you will do so, come the end of the day, you will be in cele-
bration, for that which you have mastered.  And The Holy Spirit says: When
there is victory in a sporting arena, there is celebration and cheering,
because something is accomplished.  When you master classes
in school, when you master a trade, when you master
an art, when you master anything which re-
quires effort, sometimes great ef-
fort, there is cause for cele-
bration.  Make the
decision this
will master,
what comes to you;
and,  you will do so,  with
love; and, come the end of the
day, with the thanksgiving celebration,
you will rise-up, and give the glory to God!

October 10, 2018

No matter where you are right now,
you  have  the  opportunity  to  create,
and bring forth Heaven... onto the Earth,
for Heaven is near to you, Heaven is with
you!  Let the place where you reside: be
Heaven upon Earth; be peace, and joy,
and comfort.  And The Holy Spirit
says: You do not have to
wait, for eternity,
because you
are already in
the eternal process;
right now, the present piece of
eternity is with you; you are living it;
you are creating your piece of eternity;
therefore, let it be your intention to make
the space, wherein you reside, Heaven upon
Earth.  It is possible to do; therefore, create,
so that you, and  all around you, know that
Heaven resides, where you do reside!

September 30, 2018
See Jesus' Sunday Sermon

It cannot be said too many times;
therefore, I repeat, and repeat, and
repeat.  I will repeat until the children
of Earth not only hear, but know, what I AM
asking; what I would like for you to do, is to love
one another, and be kind, to all creation.   And The
Holy Spirit says: Many of you hear the words, very
few can take the words and bring them to life, by
your actions.  There will always be a few, who
insist on loving one another, and being
kind; but, until those of Earth
do so, they will
the result of being
mean-spirited, of being
self-centered.  The result(s) of not
loving one another is war.  There will be
peace, as soon as you love one another; this
should be reason enough, to love one another!

October 6, 2018

Whatever happened "yesterday," is the past.
Today, is the present!  Do not fritter it away.
Do not use this present piece of eternity, by
languishing in the past, by looking into to-
morrow; for, tomorrow will take care of
itself, if you embrace eternity, today.
It is a new day; you have the op-
portunity, to walk into this
new day, determined:
to treat the Earth
as The Garden,
it was intended to be; and,
to greet all inhabitants of Earth with respect,
kindness and love.  It is here.  It is with you.
It is the present piece, of eternity you call
today.  Use the opportunity wisely.  And
The Holy Spirit says: No matter what
you have done in the past, you have
a new beginning today, a new op-
portunity to set aside energies
that are less than light, and
love, and: embrace the
gifts, you have been
given; open the
gifts you have
been given,
use the gifts
you  have been given, and,
let it all be done, for the glory of God!

October 5, 2018

ing a grudge,
or holding onto anger, about
something that happened days, or years ago,
is tiring; it is like carrying around an anvil,
a weight you do not need; but, it is easy
to free yourself, so that you can feel
lighter, and better, so that you can fly;
and, The Way to release this heavy burden,
this unnecessary weight, is through forgiveness!
And The Holy Spirit says:  Quick,
think of a name,
someone that
you are un-
settled about,
or bear a grudge against.
Now that you have that name, for-
give, from your heart, understanding
that you are doing your part, in freeing
yourself.   Tear the anger,  and the hurt,
and the frustration, from yourself,  pull-it-
out and set it down;  and,  free yourself,  and
all others around you, one at a time, one a day.
Do this, and soon you will be able to say, "I feel
light, I feel better, here I come angels, I am rea-
dy to fly with you!"  This is how easy it is to feel
better!  Forgive someone today, in earnest and
from your hear; and, you will feel this way!

October 4, 2018

When you are driving your vehicle, and become distracted, looking
to the right, or to the left, or addressing a matter inside your vehicle,
it is easy to go in the wrong direction, to have a mishap.  It is necessary
to focus on where you are going, and what you are doing; and, distractions,
of any kind, can draw your attention.  Be mindful, because your body is your
vehicle, and you have a goal.  Do not be distracted.  Maintain your focus.  And
The Holy Spirit says: In the course of a day there are many distractions, which
come your way.  Maintain your focus on your path, on The Way, on the light.
If there are those, who come after you, it is important for you to stay the
course, so that you do not lead others off, in the wrong direction, be-
cause of a mere distraction.   To avoid all distraction, stay con-
nected with God!  Rise-up this day, make the connection,
and let it stay with you!  Walk, over the Earth, con-
nected  with  God,  connected  with Mother
Earth, and watch the miracles occur
all around you, because you are
the connector, betwe-
en Heaven, and

October 3, 2018

A new day is dawning.  Look!  See, there comes the light.
This  new  day  is  filled  with promise, and opportunity.
It is "a new start."  It is a cycle, repeated yet new,
over, and over again,  giving you  the chance to
do,  that,  which you wished you had done,
before you knew The Way.  And The
Holy Spirit says: Do not miss this
opportunity, because it is with
you; do not shake the responsib-
ility, of accepting the opportunity, for,
the responsibility is with you, too!  Welcome
this day, create the perfect day, because the oppor-
tunity comes with the light!  Look!  The new day comes!

October 2, 2018

When the city
becomes too much to bear,
take yourself out to the countryside, and
you will find Me there, more easily than it is possible to do,
with so many people surrounding you, with so many energies rampant
and free,  because out in the countryside,  it will be you, and Me.   And The
Holy Spirit says:  Oh,  it is easy to speak  with God,  to walk,  to talk,  to dance,
to sing, to have this conversation with God, and all the comfort and joy it brings,
when you are alone and peaceful, walking a path in a forest, by a stream.  Now,
it is possible to talk to God in a city, filled with people, and vehicles, and en-
ergies most chaotic; but, it is difficult.   Therefore, create a pattern which
you will follow, taking the time to remove yourself, from the noise; to
retreat, in the silence, where the song of the bird becomes a
symphony, and the breeze through the trees, be-
comes the whisper, you long to hear,
for, it is mine!

October 1, 2018

The best way to help another, who is
caught in a situation, of an unpleasant
nature, is to first drink from the chalice
of compassion; and, then proceed to the
chalice of understanding.  Then, you are
prepared to move to the state of pray-
er, and blessing.  These things ~ must
precede any action; for, the best
way you can help another, is
to bless them often,
in prayer.
And The
Holy Spirit says:
It is often the case
that the desire to help another
does not result in that being achieved;
and, help seems to resemble a misstep, rather
than assistance.  It is only because one begins
the desiring to help, without first drinking
from the chalice of compassion, from
the chalice of understanding,
and then, moving to
prayer, to bless;
for, every time
you bless another, it is
as  if  you  are  giving  them,
a  spoon-full  of  encouragement
a spoon-full of support, it is medication
for the spirit.  Do not underestimate the
power of prayer, the power of blessing.

to every man, woman,
and child, on Earth, everyday!
And at The Quiet Place, we conclude
our morning prayers with these words asking
God, what we should know, today: "Our Creator,
God, what is it that You wish for us to know, today?"

God says: